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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 16, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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thank you for watching fbn:am. lauren: thank you w that we are going to hand it over the mornings with maria. good morning, maria. maria: good morning, ladies, we are certainly celebrating that this morning right here. hi, everybody, good morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday september 16th, your top stories right now at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the race for the white house neck and neck. brand new fox polls out today. donald trump had edge, he has 46% support to hillary clinton's 45% support. in the four-way race meanwhile has 1-point lead over trump. 41% to 40%. it was a busy day on the trail for the campaign. donald trump getting some late night laughs while president bill clinton took a more serious tone on the daily show. >> i just want something -- what i think is important is the proven record of making good decisions and make good things happen. >> could i mess your hair up? [cheers and applause]
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>> go ahead. >> yes! maria: all of this coming up. donald trump's economic speech yesterday. we are breaking down the economic plan coming up. a scare in the heart of new new york city to report, gunshots fired after a man attacked a police officer, an update with the officer's condition, we will tell you what went down coming up. a massive recall with chrysler, 2 million cars off the road which are tie today at least three deaths. samsung recall now finally the response to the exploding batteries could be helping iphone 7 sales, the new device hitting stores today. why gasoline prices on the upswing very soon and deutsche bank still haunted by the financial crisis. the justice department hitting
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the german lender with a 14 billion-dollar fine over toxic mortgages. the stock continues to plunge this morning again, the bank says it will fight back. futures, meanwhile pointing to a lower opening this morning. a wild week for the market. take a look at where we stand right here. decline of 50 points in the dow jones industrial average. the stock plunged weighing on the banking sector in general, makes performances right now with the ftse squeaking out a gain. in over overnight, nikkei average in japan only market open edging higher. joining me to talk about lea gabriel and recon capital kevin kelly and wall street journal editorial page director james freeman is with us. good morning to you. >> good to be here. kevin: what a great week, governor pence yesterday and i
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saw you were at the economic club. i'm looking forward to hearing your take and talking about that. maria: thank you so much. on the ground seemed like a good reaction to the plan. we will talk about the economic plan yesterday and, of course, speak with donald trump. coming up this morning donald trump will join us at 7:30 a.m. eastern. you don't want to miss that. we will get into all of the issues of the day and why he says he can do better than 4% economic growth in the next couple of years. breaking it all down republican presidential nominee donald trump outlining his plan to boost the economy yesterday. he says he wus change our current way of thinking. watch. >> it's time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. we put together a plan that puts us on track to achieve that goal over the next ten years our economic team estimates that under our plan the economy will
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average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. maria: sounds good. let's bring in peter right now. former partner at goldman sachs, author of american mo jrk o and also supports donald trump. what do you think of over all the economic plan? >> it's fascinating to see how donald trump has matured. it's his third plan and come to focusing on what we should be doing and keeping business here and going away to being generous towards the 1% and more to the middle class. maria: do you believe that we could see 3 and a half to 4% growth? >> i believe this is an aspirational goal. i do think what it does it puts business to work and does encourage particularly small business to invest. maria: kevin kelly.
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kevin: he wants to bring funds overseas. he's talk about taxing the money at 10%. what i would like to see him do is towards the job number or stipulations about it for bringing it over. what's interesting about donald trump is he's talking about free trade a lot. free trade is move of goods and services without restrictions. he's attacking nafta which has those types of things. i'm curious to get your take on what what he thinks trade policies are, what is your take on his trade policy? >> honestly, if there's any place that donald trump rigs being all wet is in the trade area. his talk about china is great lade lines but there's no economic outlines, no economic outline without a strong relationship with china. it wasn't too long ago where general motors sold more cars in
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china than it did in the united states. they sell by 2.3 million cars in china. anything we do has to have a good strong healthy dialogue debate discourse but china is going to be part of our future. maria: he really is obsessed with nafta. look, i get you on the concern in terms of disruption over trade and are we going to see tariffs. that would certainly be a negative. it seems to me that what he's pushing any bad deal and making it better. he's a negotiator, he's a deal guy, maybe we could actually get a better hand on these deals. >> i actually think he could take an outrageous statement and back it down. if that's where we are, that's tir -- terrific. what troubles me when you have a concept of 35% tariffs as weapon, you don't take it out. maria: he didn't say that? he didn't say 35%.
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>> i think that's what so encouraging on the speech yesterday and lately he has not talked about a big tariff on chinese goods coming. he has not talked about huge tariff on ford when that he built in méxico. what he was talking about yesterday was really enforcing existing laws, bringing cases where china is cheating. i think for a lot of people are worried that he's going to start a trade war. now, certainly they were not big on the trade message. i'm not either. the big applause line was the 15% corporate tax rate but i think -- maria: that's the corner stone, 15% corporate tax rate. >> no question. i sit on boards and when you're sitting in a fiduciary role, it's almost impossible to look at 15% and say this is a great way to improve our business an induce us to stay here. >> i think that's where the 4% economic growth goal. maybe it is reasonable because you think about u.s. corporate
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taxes going from the highers in the industrialized world to among the lowest. we are not at ireland's 12 and a half percent but highly, highly competitive. >> i think the question is how quickly can that economic growth happen. so much of the plan -- how fast is realistic? >> there's a lot of assumptions in there. if we can do the small piece right away, small businesses are paying 15%, i think they're going to hire and invest right away. the cradle of job creation. he can get small business cranking -- kevin: you can get to that 4% that we are talking about and when special interest are able to push legislation in their favor and hurt small businesses that we are talking about because they have to navigate the red tape. maria: even more than taxes is the regulatory burden.
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when i speak to business people, they are more interested in rolling back regulations than they are actually in getting better taxes. businesses big and small complain about the regulatory environment. he wants to roll back like obamacare, dodd-frank and the ep a had a huge number of new rules and has hurt a number of industries. the epa rules. >> listen, i think every state ought to have a department of regulate sanity. there's too many obstacles to progress and they all lie in regulation that is are dated, ancient and need to be changed. kevin: you can't find someone in congress that read the entire dodd-frank ad. you talked about it in your book. i think if you look at dodd-frank over 22,000 pages of regulatory reform came out of that. who can navigate that? certainly not small businesses.
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maria: obama put 3300 new rules just this year. i mean, that's how many new rules. the economic plan in a nutshell, number one tax reform, number two regulatory reform, scaling back regulars and number three tapping into the energy space and number four redoing trade deals that are not advantageous to america. that's the plan in a nutshell. >> i think he's being much more mature about helping working families, you put that all together and it's a winning plan. >> if you want to mess my hair, you can. maria: i will take a pass. [laughter] maria: thank you so much. what did you think about that? it shows humility. >> she's very good in front of the tv and debates are tv news, we will see. maria: he was himself. kevin: he's relatable, she isn't. >> i actually like his hair that
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way. maria: republican presidential nominee donald trump will join us live at 7:30 a.m. eastern, so we will ask him about that, getting his hair all messed up last night by jimmy fallon. shots near hub new york city after three nypd officers attacked by a mean wheeling a meat clever. we are back in two minute's time. stay was. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. safety doesn't come in a box.
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maria: welcome back, three nypd officers were injured yesterday in an an attack involving a meet clever. cheryl casone with the headlines. cheryl: yeah, maria, in mid-town manhattan after tense moments, police opening fire on a man wheeling an 11-inch clever. that's a major hub here. he was confronted by an off-duty detective. the suspect led officers on a foot chase through mid-town before climbing on top of a police car and slashed the detective in the face. the police say the off-duty detective was in condition and has 6-inch cut in the face and the suspect critical but stable condition at a local hospital this morning. officials telling fox news the attacks to have no ties to terrorism.
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yesterday's incidents comes after nypd accepts down and he served as the police chief in los angeles for seven years. well, in business headlines this morning, fiat chrysler recalling vehicles which have been linked to at least three deaths. the effective vehicles in the recall include 2010sebring and chrysler 200 and dodge made between 2010 and 2014. the recall also involving 2010 to 2012 dodge caliber and jeep patriot and compass vehicles made in 2010 to 2014. in méxico the recall includes the 2010 chrysler syrus. here is the year to date performance. the stock is down year to date. and i want to give you a warning, if you're prepare to go
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drive in the east coast, colonial pipeline co closed this week due to 6,000-barrel leak that was found last friday. this pipeline, major artery delivering from the east coast. colonial anticipated pipeline close if for week but bad watter -- weather. colonial to restart pipeline next week. here is where we are at. 2.18 a gallon. enjoy it if you're in the rest of the country. here on the east coast we have to pay up or lu itle more. maria: thank you. alarming warning on state of banks, larry summers say banks are more dearnlings today than they were in 2008. that is next. as iphone 7 hits store samsung galaxy is yanked off shelfs by
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maria: it has been a wild week on wall street. markets coming off a big rally after a big day on the economic calendar but the week started after a huge selloff last friday comes of course ahead of the federal reserve meeting next week. my next guest says the fed does not want to shock the market, david joining us right now. david, it's good to see you. thank you so much for joining u. the fed meets next week the 21st, i think everybody agrees we are not going to see interest
6:21 am
rate increase. >> 20% likelihood as you see how the market is, fairly weak, not confirmatory for rate rise, unemployment numbers, inflation numbers, economic activity numbers and then you saw yesterday just the market believed that it's probably unlikely to occur. maria: do you think we are going to see a hike in december? are you respecting an increase this year or no? >> yeah, the bank is expecting an increase and every time we say that and we say that over and over again it's really dependent upon data that shows period of several months that the growth rates are sustainable and the factors that we talked about are going to increase, indicate robust economic growth and every time we have this conversation, for the last really 12 months we get to the meeting, we see that the data is simply not there. kevin: we are getting terrible data, though, that's getting mixed messages to the fed. we haven't hit inflation target. we met it on the jobs but they've been focused on the
6:22 am
globe, currencies. that's the bulk of our economy right there. services about 60 to 70%. one of the issues that we have noticed with the fed is that they look at the market, i think one of the biggest data points is where is the market this year, where's volatility, if we have a spike in volatility which we have now i don't think there's going to be a market move but come december, should it be low? will they raise rates and what would their guidance be because that's what set up volatility. do you think guidance going forward will be one and done? >> no, i don't think the fed has ever been in a guidance one-and one-and--done mode. this would give them much more ammunition. there's no history that they suggest they want to do it once and stop. i think you've exactly right. you're going to have to see other data and they do look overseas.
6:23 am
they really are concerned about markets, i think, one of the reasons they won't go is because of market volatility and all indicate that had people were having doubts about their continued commitment to low rates which i think it is absolute. if they are going to go, they will try to go continuously. they have been through the one and done and that was a bad action. >> i take your point about how we shouldn't expect rate rise this month. shouldn't there be a rate rise when you look historic expensive bonds, this is really a tax on savers isn't it, and isn't it time for the fed to stop punishing savers?
6:24 am
>> that's not their goal. >> in terms of the impact. >> the impact here has not been nearly as devastating. 38% of the bonds are negative rates, we don't have them here. savers here are still being paid. our level of economic activity at 2 and a half percent is greater than all markets, say, china, you can't look at the market and say it's punishing savers. maria: it's not a policy, unfortunately that's what they are doing. they do look overseas. we have to ask you about the deutsche bank story because the justice department is hitting the bank with 14 billion-dollar fine that stems from the financial crisis but the latest problem on the bank and how important should we be viewing the deutsche bank problem? >> it's one of negotiation and the fed -- i'm sorry, and the doj on this issue has negotiated settlements with all of the other banks starting with a
6:25 am
higher number. issue specifically with deutsche bank has to do with reserves, they have 5 and a half billion dollars of euros, it's a significant matter for them and regulators and scary for the market. maria: listen, you have instincts on this. just because you're a banker doesn't mean that you know more, do you think deutsche bank would get taken out? >> i don't have an opinion about that? i certainly think that it's a linchpin for the european economic system and having them be healthy and leading role in the economy is going to be important. kevin: if anything, deutsche bank would issue more bonds which they did last time when they got in trouble. maria: it's a german jewel.
6:26 am
>> you're exactly right. there historically been these negotiations, none so big and public, however, it's an unusual response. maria: look, i remember what the imf said, deutsche bank is the riggest risk to the financial system. kevin: that's because of exposure. maria: you just said they look overseas, they have to be focused on this. >> the work that was done in the u.s. to do bank reform, recapitalize banks and having getting rid of bad assets, four to five years ahead of where the europeans are. the recent actions in regulation on ecb has really propelled them to do much more and clearly a major focus on what's going on in europe. that said, by being a few years behind there are grauter risks because of the stage we are in economic recovery. maria: don't forget what larry
6:27 am
summers said, he said in an article that banks are no less riskier and may be more than in 2008. >> they talk so much about how they care about systematic risk and they do stress test and they don't think it's adequate, they demand the banks not issue dividends and so forth. yet, they think nothing of pulling 14 billion out in a fine. maria: that is such a good point. you're right. >> the rules go out of the window when they wanting to to go to the atm. kevin: you have seen fed official say banks are too big now or even were bigger than before. maria: in the face of all of this, david, you to allocate capital and actually invest your client's money.
6:28 am
tell us how you're allocating right now? >> right, although we have taken down the amount of equity that we have for clients, we are still well above targets and more aggressive than fixed incomes. so we do believe the emerging markets in brazil and other place s in latin america are going to recover and present an opportunity. we have seen low rates move to the emerging markets. they've done extraordinarily well indicating that people are gaining confidence there. when the emerging markets do that, it's a signal that people can expect continued growth in the developed marketed as well. so our clients are over weight. now people are investing, post august, putting more money to work. net inflows in the way that we haven't in the last three to four months in the summer. that to me indicate that is people are looking up the next
6:29 am
12 to 18 months and acting on our belief that -- specially for wealthy clients that this is a time for the next 12 to 18 months that we can expect nor normalized markets. >> a lot of banks are coming forward saying that these low-interest rates are actually hurting their profit margins, what's your take from your perspective? >> there's no doubt that the net margin is deeply impacted by these policies and we are all obviously watching our expenses as a result of that. nonetheless, our belief from a sort strategic standpoint the fed doesn't have lots of options in terms of raising rates significantment when they do it's only because of this clear data. we expect a benign environment here and we expect a continued and long benign environment in europe and asia. maria: if donald trump gets in, do you buy the market or sell it? >> i really can't say. maria: david. [laughter] maria: you're no fun. >> i think we are picking at one data point.
6:30 am
one of those things that if economic policies are clearly favorable in terms of getting investment to really change which i'm skeptical about for both parties, then i can imagine wanting to buy the market. maria: good to see you. coming up the case elliot try today bring, finally getting day in court after 11 years. the millions of dollars at stake as 91-year-old hank is still fighting the same lawsuit after 11 years. dollar general to add 10,000 workers on the retailer's plan to expand. we will be right back. and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this,
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. maria: good friday morning. i am maria bartiroma and it is friday, september 16th. the race for the white house neck and neck, hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail following her breakthrough recovery from pneumonia. >> i will never be the showman my opponent is and that is okay with me. >> i just wanted to say it is always a lot of fun when you come up and people don't have the teleprompter, look at the way i melded into the teleprompter that just went off. who else could have pulled that off? who else? maria: one hour from now donald trump will join me to discuss
6:34 am
the economic plan and campaign trail in the latest on trump. dramatic images out of england, flash flooding, two weeks worth of rain falling in just hours, take a look at that. 11 years later hank gree trial finally underway, you will hear from his attorney, david boyd in studio with me today and an official fence on recall, the response to batteries could be helping apple iphone 7 sales, the new device hitting sale today, shake shack coming to a flight near you, celebrity national cheeseburger day, markets look like this after a wild volatile week, expecting a decline this morning, markets have worsened in the last 30 minutes, dow industrials expecting to open down 88 points, deutsche bank has been hit with a $14 billion fine from the justice department, stock slumping on the broader markets,
6:35 am
in germany down better than one present as deutsche bank shares plummet again, nikkei average in japan, holidays across the board with the exception of the nikkei. hank greenberg's trial underway, new york attorney general eliot spitzer filed charges in 2005 accusing greenberg of accounting fraud, 91 years old facing civil charges of orchestrating a $500 million transaction to conceal financial difficulty from shareholders. greenberg's lawyer joins me, good to see you, thanks for joining us. we have spoken a lot, this case is 11 years old. explain why you're going to argue allegations of politically motivated and why this is going
6:36 am
on. >> eliot spitzer said for a number of people he was angry at hank greenberg for criticizing regulatory regime, served subpoenas after that and began a crusade against hank greenberg and that case is continuing. the case has been stripped away of almost all its major allegations but still going on. maria: 7 of 9 charges were thrown out. >> all of the charges that allege accounting fraud affected aig's net income, those charges involved billions of dollars and have all been thrown out. they asked for $6 billion of damages. what they are trying to do is get in junction relief, and order that says hank greenberg is 91 years old, can't serve as director of a public company. he hasn't done it for 11 years
6:37 am
and has no plans to do it. maria: extraordinary, when you look at the performance of aig he took the company in market value. >> $100 million market value to a permanent $40 billion market value. maria: he ran the company very successfully and has been trying to have the case thrown out for years. the court says there is enough evidence to proceed with a trial. how do you refute that evidence? >> the court said they made allegations that entitle them to a trial and new york law you can support your allegations with hearsay, what people say other people said but when you get to trial you have to have evidence and the government doesn't have evidence, not a single witness will testify they talk to mister
6:38 am
greenberg about anything improper. maria: the star witness, james freeman is with us, the op-ed ahead of the wall street journal, why is this a star witness? there is no evidence there. had he spoken to hank greenberg? >> never spoke to hank greenberg about this transaction, never had an email exchange, there was not a document, not a conversation, he has no admissible evidence what the case is about. maria: eliot spitzer was the judge, jury and executioner when he was running this and now we see it has gone from him through andrew cuomo, eric schneiderman is investigating the trump foundation. is and he involved with the clinton foundation? >> i am not sure whether he is or not. maria: in terms of bringing politics why investigate the trump foundation now? why continue this?
6:39 am
will this help him become governor? >> one of the problems you have is most attorney generals want to be governor and there is a danger the political ideas influence, you saw that with eliot spitzer. we wouldn't have had this case if you did not have the politicization of the attorney general's office. maria: how is hank doing? 91 years old still fighting. >> he was with me when we opened on tuesday, he flew to argentina to meet with a new president, still working and it is a shame he has to be burdened with these political charges from decades ago. maria: how long will the trial go on? >> three months probably. a lot of other cases, 350, 400 cases in addition to this so
6:40 am
only 3 days a week, it will probably last three months. maria: we talk about the politicizing of government agencies but also have things like deutsche bank, any thoughts on that? >> i don't know about that particular thing but the level of governmental fines is very troubling. the government is using its power to extract huge amounts of money that in many cases are not related to damages done. nobody likes banks because of financial problems, the government is using its power in troubling ways. i don't know about the deutsche bank thing personally but i have seen a number of examples of significant government overreach. maria: and important point you made, appreciate you joining us today. david boyce joining us today, we invited eliot spitzer to join us but he declined our request,
6:41 am
coming up, delta coming together with shake shack to celebrate national cheeseburger day. how to score some free burgers and you will soon be able to binge watch your favorite hbo show on another device. we are back in a moment, stay with us. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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maria: markets lower this morning, futures indicate a decline of 80 points, a volatile week, a couple names, time warner, hbo announced he will bring it streaming channel to sony's playstation you, the service will be available for $15 a month, dollar general in focus as the company plans to hire 10,000 additional workers, this is part of dollar general's expansion plan including opening 900 locations this fiscal year. flash flooding causing widespread disruption in parts
6:45 am
of england, cheryl casone he has more. cheryl: quite a mess, in southeast england, a post heatwave storm dumped half a month after rain in some part of the country overnight, power knocked out to thousands of homes, highways are closed, buildings are flooded, landslide from the torrance rain causing a train to derail causing scary moments for passengers was another train traveling in the opposite direction struck it with a glancing blow but officials say there are no reports of injuries. the iphone 7 on sale around the world, some people have been in line for days to get one but apple warning many iphones were sold out, purchases are hard to get but the consumer product safety commission has taken the galaxy node 7 from samsung, the recall out of the company at hand saying consumers should stop using the phone, power down the recalled galaxy node 7 over
6:46 am
fire concerns, samsung was pursuing a global recall effort but it wasn't going so well. samsung expects to have the new devices at most retail locations by september 22nd. finally, in case you didn't know it sunday is national cheeseburger day and delta has something planned, to serve shake shack burgers on flights from jfk to lax, coupons are given to all delta one business customers on select flights, if you want to observe national cheeseburger day, go out and buy a cheeseburger and watch some football. maria: we will take that advice. the week's top moments from "mornings with maria". >> donald trump and i are both free traders. the simple truth is 20 years on it has been a much bigger winner for our neighbors to the south. maria:
6:47 am
>> it is about global competitiveness. we agree competition globally, hillary clinton has helped engineer and run it, good luck with that. why is donald trump the republican nominee? people are willing to hand controls to somebody who hasn't been in government. >> doesn't seem like people out there care. >> president obama is so fearful he will be replaced by donald trump that he is pulling out all the stops to help mrs. clinton get elected even sacrificing the rule of law. >> candidates are who they are, they project that image, the sensibility throughout the campaign. hers is borderline paranoid. why did she have a private email server? why didn't she tell us about her diagnosis? she didn't want us to know. >> another pattern of deception you get from bill and hillary
6:48 am
clinton. the clinton foundation needs an investigation. >> 90% of america won't know what aleppo is that 90% of america is not running for president of the united states. was an aleppo day going to happen? with 100% certainty it was going to happen and before the end of this campaign there will be another aleppo day. maria: could it be you are not resonating? >> could it be i am not on the top line? if mickey mouse were on the top line mickey would get 30% of the vote because he is a known commodity but mickey is not in the ballot in all 50 states. >> it will she support to the supreme court? that is an important issue. the next president gets to reshape the entire supreme court, trump said he wants 9 scalias. even justice scalia wouldn't want 9 scalias but the idea of 9 gallias should not be surprising to a lot of people.
6:49 am
>> and outrageous claim on both sides to win. maria: explain how brigade works. >> we want to help people express themselves. i have been surprised, we have a lot of fractured millennials and you might think the audience would be less, donald trump is leading on the platform. >> we are trying to create -- every time trump attacked hillary. maria: tell us the bringing game you told us during the commercial break. >> every time bernie sanders offered something for nothing you have a drink from somebody else's beer. maria: products are designed for women by women and have a stylish look and practical way for women to carry their guns. maria: from burger king, chito's chicken fries.
6:50 am
>> the champions right there. >> who cares? what i care about is happy birthday yesterday so we have red velvet and blue velvet and more importantly the blackout. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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6:53 am
maria: debunking the myth around the economy, my next guest is doing that in the upside of any quality, good intentions undermine the middle-class. joining us is arthur and founding partner, good to see you, thanks for joining us. how is it undermining the middle-class? >> i don't think it is under my middle-class. if you look at the growth rate, employment has grown three times
6:54 am
faster than europe and japan, grown at incomes 15 to 30% higher, the highest wage economies, one of the myth is responsible for slowing middle and working-class, the opposite is the case, i explained both phenomena, why the 1% is growing so fast and why middle-class incomes are stagnating. if you see an example forward moves its production to mexico, economists on both sides say don't worry, entrepreneurs are coming to put you back to work and compete with each other and drive wages back to where they were, there is a lot of capital on the sidelines, interest rate 0, capital not a constraint. they look and see printers moved to california, outsourced to china, and designing products for workers that work in mexico,
6:55 am
where is the entrepreneur coming to put me back to work and raise my wages? the core argument, the binding constraint to grow the talent and entrepreneurial risktaking, the manufacturing economy, capital and savings, a big wide-ranging impact. >> one way to address income any quality is have the pie grow bigger instead of slices to redistribute that. ways of doing it, free trade, donald trump talking about that but regulation should help as well. topics you touchbase on in the book, what about donald trump's plan? >> the case of corporate taxes i have the same proposal, it will not have much effect. i disagree with them in part but not fully, can't make for $20, same with innovation but you can
6:56 am
innovate and make it, that will kill you in the long run. in the case of trade you have to have free-trade. you have to have free balanced trade, makes no sense to let germany and china and mexico dump their savings into the united states as opposed to buying goods that balance trade, no use for their savings, not a manufacturing economy and if you don't put that money back to work you will get slower growth, higher unemployment, lower wages, makes no sense to allow that piece of it but you can restrict that without restricting travel. >> entrepreneurs in this economy are not necessarily creating new businesses, pouring lots of manufacturing workers but another problem, not enough entrepreneurs, we see high profile ones in silicon valley but new business creation, this
6:57 am
has not been a strong era for that. >> if you divide between high potential, we have been successful and the mom and pop doughnut shop, that piece has slowed down and would be valuable. maria: thanks so much. before we get to break let's get to the etf report. maria: the big winners, technology select spider fund, look at this, 3.numb 1% since friday on track for the best week since may, driving that gang with apple, 15% of slk. more "mornings with maria" including donald trump coming up.
6:58 am
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> good friday morning everyone. this morning it is 7:00 a.m. on the east coast this friday. the race for the white house not and neck. in the four-way race clinton has a one point lead over trump. >> i don't know where to begin we are leading in so many polls. >> i always said this was good to be a tight race. it didn't matter. it matters who registers to vote and who is motivated and
7:01 am
mobilized to turn out to vote. hillary clinton facing a new question over the disclosure of her diagnosis to her running mate. >> details on the new billboard soaring above times square. the new zika virus threat. the latest developments they are coming up. details on his new job coming up. jessica alba and her honest company eyeing a sale. markets this morning look like this. it's expected to open down about 75 points. the banks in europe. it has been hit with a 14 billion-dollar fine from the justice department. it is weighing on the broader market. in asia overnight the average in japan the only market open
7:02 am
for trading. solving problems in the workplace. go ahead make my day. we will help you get ahead. all of the stories coming up this morning. great show so far you guys. i think the big question is why does the government keep putting forward this witness who unanimous in the federal appeals court. i don't understand how this happened. they are trying to shake down companies because they are afraid to settle. they're in a spot where they have to pay up. we are more on that and a lot more coming up on donald trump. donald trump will join me in less than 30 minutes from now.
7:03 am
we get more on economic plan that he gave us detail about yesterday. our top story right now a new poll showing a one point race. clinton has a 44% support number right now. gary johnson has moved up to 8%. jill stein out with 3% support. support. good to see you scott. i think you thank you so much for joining us. your reaction to those polls. obviously the election is not tomorrow as a good sign that donald trump has the momentum. using that over the last couple of weeks. i think it's based on the
7:04 am
health concerns coupled with her lack of transparency. donald seems to be more focused dental villager delivering a lot of meat to his proposals. >> i think one of the biggest things resonated yesterday it appeals to the business community especially. do you think that will resonate with the business community and do you think he will gain more voters in regards to that? >> it's not brain surgery. potentially non- governmental stimulus. we have the highest in the industrialized world. we can be competitive at 15%. allow for accelerated depreciation in investment tax credits to jumpstart the economy. you will see a real uptick in
7:05 am
jobs creation and just a feeling of wanting to get out there and getting government off your back it really is onerous. couple that and compare that to hillary clinton's plant which is basically an extension of what obama is doing it is night and day. they should have their have examined. >> donald trump has have a great couple of weeks here. we had expected all along that he will have this continuing cash disadvantage can you give us a preview of what you are expecting as he closes it out here in the next couple of months is he can have the funds for advertising and doesn't have does he have the turnout operation to make this a race and when it. >> i 121 races and i've done a
7:06 am
lot of the grassroots stuff. it's interesting i'm not sure if he's get a need at the amount of money in the hillary clinton is in a neat because he is a different type of candidate. he i was a obviously has a personality that as you saw he's just letting his hair down literally and having some fun. in terms of the ground game there is a lot of grassroots folks who say don't tell anybody but i'm a donald trump. those are the folks that are actually getting out and mobilizing unlikely you are seen in a lot of previous races. i've said this on your show many times i do still think it is donald trump's to lose. it is been reflected in the polls. and do you think he has changed his demeanor to think that's helping.
7:07 am
that is a donald trump that you and i have always known. they're finally coming out. i think he's been more relaxed he's more comfortable in the spotlight just run in the u.s. senate race you kind of freak out now and then he has been badly on them i would he's been on kind of an island. it is disconcerting but what i've seen over the last couple of weeks as a donald trump that we actually had known from the beginning. >> donald trump said he wants to increase funding for the military. number two and three in the selection for voters' national security and foreign policy. we haven't heard much about the sequester. what do you expect donald trump to do about that he
7:08 am
basically placed the blame on congress for the sequester and what can donald trump do to allow the military to continue to grow. >> is another i by president obama. we were told they were to get a select committee together and really hammer out these very real problems. as you know it's a job of everybody. and what he's get a do as he's going to go in and actually get everybody in a room and figure it out because as you know they have the transfer authority within the military that allows them to actually adjust and adapt to the various funding sources they have. they gave it to the faa and allowed them to shift funds within the system. we need to increase our
7:09 am
military we need to increase the spending and prioritize what our needs are. you can just continue to get equipment and machines that we don't need anymore. we to go in and streamline and consolidate. and then go out and put it where it is needed. and then go out and put it where it is needed. she is refusing to say when she actually told her running mate about her pneumonia diagnosis. listen to this. my senior staff knew and information was provided to a number of people look, it was an ailment that many people just power through and that's what i thought i would do as well. i did not want to quit campaigning. on sunday tim kane said he found out after hillary's
7:10 am
collapse. do you think she should have told her running mate earlier? >> when you're sick you do try to power through it you don't really realize of course she should've told her husband and her family and then should've chose it is an extension once again at that lack of transparency that people see and they don't quite trust. in the back your mind you're saying i just don't trust her. it is evident obviously in the polling and the way things are so close. >> i want to get back to your question i'm actually hearing from more deplorable's who are coming out of the closet. is there anyway to measure or have an expectation about how many people that might be. i will tell you it's interesting people are coming out of the woodwork.
7:11 am
in identifying and trying to demonize a certain demographic it was actually great for trump i think it just spotlighted and made people i'm tired of her elitist behavior and actually try to divide us as americans. we consider ourselves americans who care very deeply about the direction of our country. it is a democrats hillary clinton trying to divide and demonize and then motivate her own particular base to get out and vote for her. maria: senator it's good to have you on the program as always. donald trump will join us right here. stay with us for the interview about 20 minutes away. new fears about the zika virus.
7:12 am
and then from economic plan. donald trump will join me on the race to the white house. you don't want to miss it. back in a minute. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:15 am
according to the new study it has been found in fluid around the eyes of some adult patients. new light on how it affects healthy adults. in addition to major birth defects. it is characterized by a small head. exxon is being investigated by new york state. they are looking into the oil giants accounting practices and why it hasn't written down the value of its assets despite the drop in oil prices. and shareholders about the risk of climate change. there is a stock in pre- market. it's actually moving a tiny bit higher. no response exxon this morning. john weiner seems the right man for this job. he is joining the giant.
7:16 am
they will serve on the boards governess committee. they are talking to jessica alba about buying her honest company for more than a billion dollars. they sell disposable baby diapers they are generating about $300 million in annual revenue. with the focus on the the hair-raising appearance on the tonight show. donald trump will join me to break down his new economic plan. you don't want to miss it.
7:17 am
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welcome back. the u.s. soda lobby is taking on the city of philadelphia. they pass a new one and half% tax on sugar sweetened drinks that contain less than 50% juice. they are spearheading a lawsuit which is it tempting to block the law from taking effect. they talk a little bit about that. what is your take on this. you have a huge lobby. the distributors all of them. they don't want us to succeed.
7:21 am
number one we arty have a sales tax by the state they already consider a federal mandate which is the nutritional program tax. and then there saying that this is something that is a legal 33 states already taxed soda drinks. they have never really taxed so there are couple of issues. will it present prevent the consumer. will the tax by the city of philadelphia will survive. there's a great deal of questions. there saying look. but the beverage association has put $10 million into this lawsuit. i'm not so sure they're good when it.
7:22 am
that was overturned by state appeals court. could be see the same thing happening here. legally they have the deep pockets. even more than that there now can you say this say this is a bit much. if you want to put money into the educational system don't do it on soda. it's already taxed. in any other context there would be a human cry about this. the research and what people are saying is that it really is and can impact consumption so why is this so important. >> it's really the concept.
7:23 am
although it might not alternately do that. they don't want anything to doing with their sales. once they get one and half cents. went does it end. it hasn't been earmarked for education. once they start this who knows where the money will actually flow. >> why do you say it will be paid for by lower income families? >> especially with sugary drinks. it's one of the reasons why he didn't get as far as he wanted in new york. this falls distance proportionately on the bottom half of the income scale. especially if it's true that they don't drink any less. the whole idea is your federal
7:24 am
estate tax. i want to get to this other topic with you. there is a sinking millennial tower. people were allowed to move into this building even after it was determined. this is an expensive high-end building. they're trying to recoup their losses. who's responsible for this. they had estimated it would sink about 6 inches. it's arty some 16 inches. the issue how do they get approvals for this one.
7:25 am
as is the normal way of building a building? there needs to be a criminal investigation onto what zoning board in planning board it is obviously a problem in any planning board. if they do at this point the developer is still liable for any continuing damage that you suffer. >> we will see will see you tomorrow night and sunday night. there is more up next.
7:26 am
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appointments available now. whenpneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it. maria: good friday morning everyone. it is friday september 16. issue number one the economy details it. they trust trump more in the economy than they do in
7:29 am
clinton. not one single idea that she has got will create one net american job or create one new dollar. if there can pit americans against each other. how the retail giant wants to help you look good. they are making changes to their recipe. >> markets under pressure today. we are at the worst levels of the morning.
7:30 am
hit with a 14 billion-dollar fine. the stock is slumping this morning. the index also at the worst of the morning. in asia over night most overnight most markets were closed with the exception of japan. it edged higher by three quarters of 1%. donald trump set to hold a news conference later today. following the major speech on the campaign trail. we do have the first fox news poll. it was taken after hillary clinton referred to trump supporters as deplorable. it it shows shows that she is
7:31 am
now just a sliver i have of mister trump. forty-one-40. it actually inches into the lead 46-45 when the voters are only given two choices. the polls are coming out and were leading in so many polls i can type where i begin. it's a good feeling. we are leading nationwide with cnn. we are leading in north carolina florida and we are having a lot of fun. trump says events like that in big rallies are how he's getting his exercise these days.
7:32 am
in an interview where he also shared results from a physical that seemed to pretty normal and trump said when he looks in the mirror he sees a 35-year-old. >> tom brady is a friend of mine. i'm with him and i feel the same age as him. even if he loses in november it was a 60 year leap. it's where they can have a campaign event. i like that he feels 35. >> you want to see that. with delicate this campaign and say while this is hard work.
7:33 am
donald trump is getting join us momentarily. in the pages in the journal what you want to hear from donald trump right now. you heard it in the new york economic club speech yesterday. you didn't always say on the campaign trail. they can have better days ahead and for present economic growth as a is a national goal. great message. one of the greatest things he said was re- patriot in cash from overseas. you have a superstate to intervene between private contract contract. that will help jumpstart the economy. it is a cornerstone of this tax plan that he has released. donald trump unveiled his economic plan yesterday and calls for $4.4 million in tax cuts.
7:34 am
mister trump think very much for spending the time. it was good to see you yesterday. now the clinton campaign put out a statement saying that your latest revision would benefit you at the expense of millions of hard-working folks across the country. i want to give you an opportunity to respond. there is nothing much they can say. they are raising taxes and very substantially. they say og its oh gee it's like you to work. that's the way politics is. hers is a major tax increase. hers well close up new business one of the things i have seen when people say what are you most surprised at at this whole situation. i tell you one of the things
7:35 am
is the fact that were going with the major tax cut and were also going with the major reduction of regulations. in and going run from business to business and even homes they're more excited about getting rid of the regulation than reducing taxes from 35% to 15%. if you would've told me that two years ago i would not believe it. i will tell you they are more excited about the regulations that this massive tax credit. just in the last 12 months. he has created a major industry and one that for lots of consultants and professionals i hate to say this because the lawyers well had to get involved but they're doing very well because of it the companies had to hire them to get on entangled from this web of nonsense that they had put in.
7:36 am
it's a very negative industry because it holds back our countries are countries of jobs and growth. you actually included new information in you also talks about trade and growth. you updated this tax plan i made it very much more detailed from what it was. we really lowered the rates if you think about it. we are bringing the corporate tax from 35 down to 15% companies our leaving the country they really like what i'm doing with the money that's offshore.
7:37 am
they are leaving our country so that they can get their money. there's almost no way of bringing it back in. only is the tax to height because they have to give up massive amounts in the neighborhood of 35% clip to give up an additional 35 percent. the bureaucratic process they deal with their show a lot. the paperwork and effort they have to have to get this money back into the country is almost not worth it. it's a disaster. maria: president obama only has a couple more months in office but he still try to tried to push tpt. the president has enlisted john kasich and to help him push for the asia-pacific
7:38 am
trade agreement. they seem to be reaching across the aisle as president and how do you plan to work with democrats regarding trade. >> i will fight tpt. you get all of these different countries that's too complicated. you can't get out of those deals. they go from one to another and back here. if someone defaults i like one on one. we make individual deals and individual company -- countries. we give them a 30 day notice. we terminate the deal. they come back and they behave. some are good to us and some are bad to us. as you know china will work to come in through the back door. but they're watching us very closely and if it is good they want provision and if it's good they're going to try to
7:39 am
come in through the back door and take advantage of us there. they always take advantage of us. it's 5,000 pages long. night guarantee you there probably aren't to people too people in our country that read it. they read every, and believe me it's good for others one of the things that they don't have is a manipulation clause. a devaluation of money clause. the monetary devaluation as a single greatest tool these countries have been using over the years to just kill us. you can a name china a constant manipulator. and that's how they bs. every time were about to compete they devalue their money.
7:40 am
our manufacturers get to do business with america if they see high tariffs. are we to see new tariffs in place. where there's cheating we have that ultimate weapon. i have many friends that are manufacturers. in the 70s that is how crazy it is. these are great manufacturers. they don't even want that to happen.
7:41 am
do you want them to be able to sell to 1.3 billion people. they want to sell to the $1.3 billion. it's very easy. there can want to do it. they had been sucking us dry. we had rebuilt china the money that they've taken out. it's like living in a third world country. take a look at our airports and our roadways. and we owe $20 trillion and by the way we are $1.7 trillion to china they take the money out we of the money. we all them a lot of money. maria: you see the communication advisor. you said president obama was in fact born in the united states i remember when this
7:42 am
went on and you are very successful in making sure this issue was front and center. he said hillary clinton's campaign first raised the issue that she raised the issue first to then smear the candidate in her very nasty campaign for president. can you clarify the stance on this. i will make a big announcement on it today you'll be happy to hear on budget exactly on budget and about a year and a half ahead of schedule. that something you don't hear from government. when did she bring it up. >> she brought it up during the campaign. it was 2008 and it was brought up and i was the one that was
7:43 am
successful in getting them to release the birth certificate. i will have a big statement made today at the hotel i'm very proud of. in a amid be making a major statement on this whole thing. she is one that started it she was incapable of finishing we will have a big statement and i hope you will be watching. we know that obama now he was born in america we have to keep the suspense going. you watch the statement. i think you'll be happy. >> the story really struck us about eye vodka. that same reporter spoke with chelsea clinton and she ask
7:44 am
chelsea clinton questions earlier this year. did you speak to her about what happened yesterday and how she handled herself. it is a dying magazine. >> was a friend of mine who was a great moment one of the legends in that industry and since her passing it's gone downhill and now it's like a useless magazine i was actually surprised she did it because she thought the person was a nice person. who wants to read that anyway. she did it to be nice and i heard the person was really rude to her and everybody loves her. she feels so strongly about child care and she was attacked by this rather non-
7:45 am
intelligent by this reporter. welcome to the world of a trump. >> she handled herself beautifully. this is a magazine that is a dead magazine. shouldn't even do it. let me ask you about that. the viewers want to know you said you're gonna strip all of the deductions and now this is a deduction for child care in families it's getting high marks and resonated with families but how do you pay for it? >> i am simplifying the tax plan and everything. we were in philadelphia we have an amazing group of people in many of them were women that we talk to and around table. maria you have to see what these people are going through
7:46 am
with childcare. it's impossible for them. they're not people of wealth. in many cases there barely making it. we have to help them. i had simplified the tax plan greatly or we might as well not have a country. yet to see how they're living into the problem that they head with childcare. it's incredible. i think we've made a very good case is a slight complication to the plan but when you see these incredible it's bigger than their mortgage. the one do you think this is
7:47 am
resonated with women what do you think this plan has sent with regards to the impact on women. we had been called by so many people in hillary clinton wasal. all the sensuous to come up with this plan and that's not good plan. and then she wasn't available for the last three days. she was caught by surprise. this is something that has been very close to my heart and she was pushing for this before i even run. she said if you run you have to do something about women in their childcare situation. >> she has kids herself. there is a report that new yorkers are leaving new york in droves for other states
7:48 am
because of high taxes in 2014 more than 126,000 new yorkers fled the state. how do you plan to make it affordable for new yorkers and can you take new york. >> maria, if i moved to another state florida i would save tens of billions of dollars and the reason i don't do it is one simple reason i'm loyal to my state but they have to do something with taxes because not everyone is like me. they have to do something. the taxes in new york are killing the people here. they are the wealthy people they are leaving and they're their saving millions of dollars a year. new york has got to get going. maria: have you spoken with the mayor about this. >> he knows the problem you
7:49 am
have to if to do something with taxes in new york. i was with him at the very famous morning where hillary head heart her difficulty we stood together for a long. of time i told him and he understands not like he doesn't understand it unless they cut taxes you can do lose a lose a lot of people from new york. has he doing we have a great opportunity a few years ago having to deal with upstate new york and taking our energy out from under our feet and they never seized on the opportunity and we have unbelievable poverty upstate. other states did seize on it. you look at ohio and others and they took advantage of it. we didn't and now with the oil prices being so low is not the
7:50 am
same opportunity but new york had an unbelievable opportunity that the environmental gangs really stopped them from doing that and it's really one of the saturn sadder things i've ever seen in government. it's one of the key parts to the economic plan. your plan's tax reform. scaling back regulation. in making sure that trade deals are advantageous to america. if that plan goes through their theirs can be a market selloff. listen to what he said. >> i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks. i literally had put on more than a hundred% hedge that i will put on stronger.
7:51 am
>> he is not smart enough to understand what we are doing. i have none of for a long time. he sent me so many different tweets and calls me although i say not over the last couple of months. after send you all of the tweets and conversations. he's a mixed up guy. i think it is a great plan we are in trouble explain to him we had $20 trillion in debt. we have high taxes in this country our country is much like new york but in a much larger scale. they're leaving this country they're moving to other countries they are losing --
7:52 am
leaving for lots of reasons. they are leaving because they can't get money back that is their money. and people have to understand that. and most people understand it. it would be huge but what about the entitlement. are you can do anything about social security and medicare isn't that where much of the cost is? >> with a contract based on social security. we are not going to do that. we have a contract and were not gonna do that. mister trump we have the debate on the horizon. we are in countdown mode. how are you preparing. i had 11 debates and i really
7:53 am
loved the process. our lives have been a big debate but i've never debated professionally and some of them are virtually professional debaters and yet every single pole have me winning every single debate. i will prepare the way i prepared for the other debates. you're preparing all of your life for these. i've seen people and you know the people i'm talking about because you've seen it to and i've seen them prepare and blocks themselves in house and talk to nobody and take no calls and do nothing for weeks and they get on the stage and they freeze and they choke and their horrible. i've seen it that way very
7:54 am
often they have so much knowledge crammed into their head that they can't speak maria: do you feel like you have to bone up on the issues? >> i feel like i'm highly underrated on foreign policy. they like to say a statement. that wasn't really much of a statement. it was probably the first time the word iraq was ever mentioned to me in the capacity. it's one of those things. that was many months before it started. somebody that told me about it the other day sean hannity said you used to argue me. the way obama got them out of the work was a disaster because you have to surge you
7:55 am
have things stabilized as much as you could over there. it was a disaster. they used to argue all the time he brought that to my attention the other day. that was before the war started. i made a lot of good decisions. today that is the right decision. if we took the oil you wouldn't have isis. they fuel their growth with the oil. the oil that isis has we could've head. now they have this. this is among the finest oil probably in the world. so we destroyed libya they go
7:56 am
in and pick up the oil. these people have no clue what they are doing. i really think were very good on foreign policy. maria: rudy giuliani and chris christie are around you all the time. are they helping you prepare for the debate. oftentimes they will be there and we've other people there i feel very good about the debate. i loved the whole a debating system. i think if you'd of asking me when i originally entered the race what was the biggest? you have it would've been that you have these debates coming up now i feel very comfortable debating maria: who do you think should play you at these practice sessions.
7:57 am
i just hope it's a very good-looking person. let's get to these polls. this is showing a tightening race. it shows you are gaining momentum to what do you attribute to gaining this momentum. he pulled ahead at 46 percentage points. you factor in third-party candidates gets 41% and green party jill stein is three percentage points how do you plan to pull comfortably ahead. >> i think is doing more of the same. we the great room of people and i got a lot of credit for getting up with the teleprompter that was defunct so i have to wing it at the beginning and ultimately it went on. i think i handled it well.
7:58 am
you're standing in front of a group of your friends and killers that interview you all the time. you have a teleprompter that was put in by people that didn't know what they were doing i think their speech it really went well. i was very will received. a terrific audience its tax cuts and things that they want to hear. things they want to do to break -- to bring into the country. right now they are so horrible that businesses that have been started a long time ago are starting to fold up. i think you did a very good job in detroit with the pastor i was watching you live. >> you handle that very well. she put out a facebook post.
7:59 am
>> i don't get into it. it worked out well. flint has such a horrible situation what happened there. maria: the epa never took responsibility. it's the opposite right now. it is exactly the opposite. and they did it in the opposite way. final question mister trump you appeared on jimmy fallon last night. he said could i just grab your hair and mess it up. i'm going to new hampshire i would really appreciate it if you didn't do too big of number. i will tell you one thing my
8:00 am
hair is my hair. it is mine. he did a little bit more of a number that i thought. maria: i guess you have to do things like that. he have to make sure that people know that you are human and i wonder how hillary clinton would do was something like that. i have to tell you this she was great about it. i said look i have to make a speech in a little while. we have fun. people were talking about it. and then there was dr. oz. you think of that and you feel the same. i don't think i'm 35 years old but i feel the same in terms of my health as if i'm 35.
8:01 am
you some yesterday. i went from there to new hampshire. my schedule is a much more vigorous schedule than hillary's schedule. my schedule is a much different schedule. and that's why can spend much more money on advertising. were leading in north carolina. we have polls come out in colorado. that's not someplace where
8:02 am
republicans lead. i love colorado. i always feel like i would win in colorado. we are doing very well. i had spent a tiny fraction of the money that she has spent. on political shows i don't. >> let's say were tied in a lot of people recognize that. is it about the map but there are numbers of stories today that just came out today. in some of the others where they said while the map has really opened up for trump. i've been saying this is can happen. connecticut is not a state that ted cruz or anybody would have dinner at. they would lose by 20 points. i'm tied in connecticut.
8:03 am
>> and that is why pennsylvania was so important. i'm just starting my pennsylvania push. i'm just starting my pennsylvania push. i think were doing really well. i'm spending a fraction. we've raised a lot of money by the way. is it more important to spend that money on negative ads and talk about the conflicts at the clinton foundation are more important to spend money on ads that have you talking about your policy. people know she's a very ineffective president. you would remember this when she was running for new york state and she was running for
8:04 am
u.s. senate. and she said she was gonna bring the jobs back to new york. she was a disaster. it was a i am intellected what
8:05 am
8:06 am
good for american people for united states they try to put that like a madison avenue thing go to madison avenue try and associate him with russia, ant putin that is their line but i don't think people are applying it i will tell you other thing people are buying is love the idea of us getting along with russia, i think, you know getting along with russia where you go together knock out yooes is good thing not bad thing, but they come up with all sorts of sound boutiques because ysound bites the world you look at how poor and ineffective hillary clinton has been, she has been a to let ineffective senator, she has been truly -- you have to look at record secretary of state, and she is the one that started the whoshl iran deal you mentioned before the iran deal one of the but manil dumbest ever made never seen a deal to stupid deal made now
8:07 am
they feel empowered embold ended sending boats wrapping around our destroyers making all sorts of s gueflying planes close to our planes like going to shoot out of the air we made a deal with them giving them back 105 billion dollars we gave them -- s 50 billion dollars we gave 1.7 billion dollars in cash whoever heard of that. >> right. >> and now they feel emboldened taking advantage of us pretty sad to see she would be a disaster, before -- four more years of obama. >> thanks for time we appreciate you joining us. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks we will see you soon donald trump, joining us right now on the telephone, pollster carter joining the conversation, with us right now, also with us from washington is fox news digital politics editor co-host. i will tell you whats debuts sunday looking forward to debut thank you for joining
8:08 am
us. >> good morning. >> your takeaway chris reaction to donald trump. >> well he feels good doesn't he. he is the polls tightened hillary clinton has had a hideous week, that was kicked off with problems e-mail stuff like that clinton foundation, and then, lying about pneumonia health problems we are-witnesses hillary clinton at low ebb the bottom register of her poll as trump holdsz gains a little bit of ground race tight ensup you know i hate to say it but we this is sort of where we starred this is about where the race was when trump won the nomination back in may. he wins, and the race is close he trails by a little, but slightly, we went through big ups big downs now back to where we started hitting the homestretch. >> at a fact of couple of weeks lee carter tell us what you have seen in terms of polling what is it what does trump do that resonates you thinking goes move the needle for him.
8:09 am
>> we have certainly seen polls tighten up within statistical margin of error donald trump has gone back to disciplined message much more focused, focused on issue issues that matter most even when being critical of hillary clinton in attacking other people it is in a much more tasteful way than it had been for a while those attacks he is miking as you notified sort of shipping from her being croaked now being infefr something that is really interesting, to me, because that that is one of the things a lot of people say she is experienced i like that but if you are experienced ineffective, that is going to be a problem. >> i am glad you are bringing up the polls because right now the recent poll says people trust donald trump better when it comes to the economy, and every time we get to election people say the economy stupid vote pocketbook, and so do you think that can carry forward do you think that is the critical issue, come november. number one issue most important economy and jobs he
8:10 am
wins every single time on that he used to win also on immigration, and national security lost those but strong on jobs you know at the end of the day people want to know what is going to impact them day-to-day i think that if they feel he is one able to do that that is the guy they are going to vote for at the end of the day. >> we have seen the polls tightening but as debates come we are likely to see gary johnson notonstage, do you expect a big change what direction do you expect them to go once we see two people become more prominent. >> you know, i think that what we're seeing is whether or not they are in the race not really changing numbers all that much some ways i have heard when you look down you break up the numbers, a lot of bernie sanders voters have gone to gary johnson i think ultimate could hurt hillary clinton more than it could hurt donald trump that is really, really surprising you wouldn't expect that to happen. >> chris i guess building off that figure out where these may be some evident former sanders voters becoming gary johnson voters i usually look
8:11 am
at libertarians kind of natural republicans may be this year against system some kids like to smoke weed attracted to that part -- who are these people now for jobs where do you see them breaking? >> so polls consistently show how much worst hillary clinton does in a four-way race in two way race has consistently done better, four-way race does worse, why? and we look at there, who are these supporters who are the people that are gravitating that would be with hillary if they had to do chicken or fish you got to pick don't have a menu options two choices why more beam leave hillary when they are given the choice. who are those folks in answer is a lot of millennial voters yes a lot of are younger voters, but also, a lot of college educated, white males, traditional part of the republican coalition so really what you have in this election is about 20% of the o
8:12 am
electorate may be more that is dissatisfied enough would be the choose a lot of people right now say they are sporting gary johnson would or got john horizon or jill stein are not going to vote for end up choosing one of the mainly party candidates the end what always happens how this goes september ain't november we will see where those people shake out hillary clinton is going to neither votes to make it work. >> what is the group that he needs to get that is most important right now? that unable is it women african-americans what is it? >> i think women, i think making a really big play towards women right now with the child care corroded he has been talking about there, and what is interesting to me is he is winning over married women not single women, married women it is starting is to work needs more of those i think that is where, he is also i think, he is -- this most recent poll likely voters means people registered before we are seeing influx in key
8:13 am
swing states registering republican probably for donald trump as well. >> good to see you. thank you so much programming note chris stie walt sunday fox news channel perino airs 5 pm this weekend through election day do join, dana and chris, still to come investors watching deutsche bank massive proposed from justice department has stock sinking haurth european markets one thing not sinking hype over iphone 7 live pat store new york city iphone enthusiastics get hands on the latest device we will take a look in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. overnight. maria: welcome back iphone 7 hitting stores some have been waiting for this one,ed a a.m. outside apple store new york city giving us the anticipation good morning. reporter: and good morning to you maria you know, the anticipation of the phone might be i don't want to say letdown of the crowd but in years past this crowd would has been much larger about it global preorders in 28 countries there aren't as many in line but still plenty of them take a look at the doors open 8:00 a.m. the people went
8:17 am
in who had preorder reservations and you should know they sold out of the apple 7 plus in all colors, apple sold out of those phones in apple 7 jet black modeled sold out on back order there are people in line we had fortunate to speak to one of them andreas francis told us why he decided to stand in line this morning. >> i was third only last year it was way long, this year i think it is -- >> worldwide preorders backlog. >> broken his old phone, why he was here this morning now let's talk about some of the numbers here because apple stock is rising on news they sold out of these phones the other thing you should know, is that bernstein put out a note last week that a price target 125 dollars, not going to release apple will not release totally number first weekend sales for the iphone
8:18 am
and 7 plus to give you idea, last year, with the iphone success and success plus it was 13 million units sold over the first weekend, so if they have sold out, as we believe they have, this kwob a very good weekend for apple. not, of course, good weekend for the purpose samsung one-million gallon actiony note 7 phones ordered recalled by yu tates government because of the problems with batteries catch fire if you got a phone before september 15 galaxy even, you bring it back to the store they will replace it with a new one september 21st. got to persistent out one other thing when you see the people going through the crowd, of apple employees, i have wondered only 25 years old, about either apple found the fortunate of youth or product engineering but very excited back to you. maria: thank you, coming up the first person to know hillary clinton was sick was her running mate tim kaine right? may be not the possible vice president may have been left
8:19 am
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♪ maria: mary poppins and "dirty harry" coming together to help your career dealing with conflict in the workplace you may not think about looking to "dirty harry" or mary poppins for solutions may help with bosses coworkers, columbia university professor author makie conflict work thanks for joining us. what are movies having in common. >> they have in common two characters that we are familiar with who have a clear idea of what they want, and think don't re bother with they are omega sort of set sights sand move forward try to achieve their goals, that is one of the strategy we found in research is particularly effective, sometimes, in situations it works. >> sometimes but i mean what is better should you be working alone focus on what your good at or better to just work with a team. >> right, so with a we found
8:24 am
is that people at work, who can do both in fact can be sort of demeanor near aing dominate when they need to be a team player, under certain conditions, but sometimes realize i don't need the conflict this problem i am going to move off on my own when more adaptive to different situations they are happier at work healthier at work tend to quit less, so it is just better to be adaptive. >> sounds like you advocate advoiding conflict but military some organizations being a team being part of a people is really important conflict is inherent my question this is when you are in a conflict do you advocate shooting the person or singing -- >> depends on conflict. >> i like that. >> we don't dwoi advoiding it quite a great source of energy i see conflict wiguests we to
8:25 am
emphasize in conflict an opportunity if you use energy to achieve goals may be for the organization or team as a whole, or your needs at that time is. >> it crucial when conflict happens put yourselves in other persons shoes what is best way. >> again, it depends conflict tends to evoke anxiety in us emotion if we feel getting really heated, and kind of losing control of the situation, absolutely hopes to take a break, think a little bit about what you want to do in the situation, and then sort of respond, but people that are used to in being conflict a lot of times they develop strong tend seize some adaptive some i don't knowic do the same thing all the time. >> is it a lot of companies emphasize team building, also talk about having one set of rules that apply to everybody,
8:26 am
consistence i am wondering does this suggest different management style depending on the person i am thinking of for example look at "caddyshack" scarel aspectler operating on his own destroyed golf course probably would want him, being more a team player. >> yeah, again, it depends sometimes if it is useful everybody needs to engage with the team you need to be able to work out with with work with people constructively there are times important to proceed on your own you realize engaging team is going to slow things down, or not effective or there is too much disse dissent you media to being a unilaterally we can't all do that sometimes managers need to take reins do it yourselves. >> greet advice good to see you next donald trump slams hillary clinton on iran the highlights from my interview with republican nominee, also, december barbecue season may
8:27 am
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...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at stabilize. . maria: good friday morning everybody welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is friday, september 16 your top stories right now
8:30 am
8:30 am on the east coast, the race for the white house neck and neck donald trump has the edge in the head-to-head matchup in the four-way race clinton has one-point lead over trump, trump coming off major economic speech yesterday, and telling me moments ago, about how he plans to handle the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. >> well i am going to fight tpperson of interest love trade i don't like deals 12 countries that you get all of these different countries too complicated you see arrows if somebody defaults don't know how to default them i like one-on-one make individual deals, with individual countries, if they don't behave we terminate them a 30 day notice like in business that we temperature inmarminate. >> latest coming up in the program deutsche bank still halted by financial crisis justice department slapping
8:31 am
the german learned with 14 billion dollars fine, over toxic mortgages plunge premarket affecting brewer broa markets fighting back. >> futures lower selling began in europe continuing in u.s. dow jones industrial average expected to open down about 60 points this morning, and in europe, deutsche bank is really weighing on markets take a look at german dax down 1 and a third percent cac contact in par is down better than 1% ft 100 london down a half of 1% in asia overnight most markets closed exception japan nikkei average edged up /4 of one percent sunday national cheeseburger day just saying celebrating on the set with "mornings with maria" what you dmoo he had to know coming up moments ago in interview with donald trump he slammed hillary hillary's record comments coming as media seeks more transparency on pneumonia drgs.
8:32 am
>> look how poor ineffective hillary clinton has been totally ineffective senator, one of truly you just have to look at her record as secretary of state. and she is the one that started this horrible iran deal you he mentioned before. the iran deal is one of the dumbest deals ever made i have never seen a deal so stupinside my senior staff knew and information was provided to a number of people, and look. this was an ailment that many people just powered through and that is what i thought i would do as well i didn't want to stop i didn't want to you know quit campaigning. maria: joining us right now california congressman javier becerra chairman of the house democratic caucus good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks mar. >> first your reaction to donald trump calling hillary clinton ineffective in terms of foreign policy and her leadership.
8:33 am
>> he should wake up, learn about history, know the accomplishments that have been made over the years, know that today, iran is not producing the same type of nuclear energy and nuclear bomb capability that it was before hillary clinton brought together an international team to try negotiate an agreement to sop that nuclear bummed by iran should he learn the facts. >> what about tehran deal sir? because it feels like ever since u.s. others did that deal with iran they have been getting more empowered hunt aing taunting our military men at sea, what is your take on iran's behavior these last six weeks? >> i would say look at history they have been doing that a long time. >> it didn't get worse after nuclear deal. >> no, now look at history they have been doing that quite sometime in fact what empowered iran was the fact in 2003 u.s. invadeed iraq created a document in iraq
8:34 am
today the leader of iraq is a allied close ally of iran that is as a result of the war fought in iraq, certainly got rid of saddam hussein, but we should have known that much better what was going to happen as a result of doing that, and so today, iran is a far more powerful regional player in that area as a result of what happened in iraq. >> your a former pilot. >> i mean i think what we are seeing from military from our the defense that iran has ramped up, how aggressive it is being towards our military now, of course,, you know we are seeing our military also sort of test the waters so to speak i find it surprising that you say that you are not really seeing you don't believe there is al increase in aggression towards our military from iran since this deal has been in place. . >> -- the aggression would come if there was outright military action, they are testing us always tested at us way russia testimonials us
8:35 am
sending subsincere close to u.s. shoreline. >> i found it will you don't see hill more on attack regarding putin when putin does work so much with iran with china. >> yee, that is a very good point i think she could i think trying to stick to some facts about what we are going to do to make country better there is enough to criticize conestoga on roms with putin one of them deep, deep dealings with some shadedy businesspeople from russia as well i think that is going to continue to come out show that, donald trump probably very friendly toward russia not just because he thinks it because he -- owes finances to them. >> what about dealings on rue rain yaum sale hillary clinton agency saelt sold 25% uranium soon after, the russians, paid bill clinton her husband for speeches and they donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the clinton
8:36 am
foundation is that a conflict. >> clinton foundation streelt straight from u.s. government what u.s. government has done is far different from what a foundation would do i don't see relationship between two. >> relationship would be that she sold the uranium and then very soon after, about they donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation, you don't think that is a conflict? >> it -- if there was some violation of law or if there is some policy that we enacted that can show that it was it was tainted or swayed by donations then would i listen to you but there is nothing that shows there is any interaction between a donation to a private foundation, and u.s. government's policies. >> so in other words, selling uranium that was the policy and then very soon after they gave the clinton foundation more than 100 million dollars. do you not think that looks how about the appearance of conflict does it looked like pay-to-play. >> so if you are telling me u.s. never sold uranium
8:37 am
telling me russia never purchased uranium perhaps we could get closer to finding some kind of connection but these are things that go on all the time that you are saying there is some connection with a foundation that does private activity no relationship to the u.s. government, i don't see the connection. >> james. >> congressman james freeman from journal enthusiast focusing on quickly wondering if it does bother you that the donations from the canadian mining entrepreneurs who benefited from the deal were not disclosed by the foundation, as the clintons promised president obama that they would be? >> i -- i have not familiar with that james so i have to -- get more information before i could comment on that. >> but -- for just a second i wands to get your take -- donald trump saying yesterday he thinks ought to be a national goal 4% economic growth. do you think that is a good goal for the country? >> i do think would be a great goal for the country just as i think a great go a will to say
8:38 am
every american treerj should graduate from college with four year college degree a great goal as well those are kind of goals that donald trump has, he is going to defeat isis with greatest plan secret no one knows because he knows more on that our u.s. generals he said that without ever backing it up is to 4% growth that would be phenomenal last time we had it under president clinton good economic greeting won't be with president trump will be with president clinton again in the future. >> mr. trump is blamings secretary clinton for starting of bitterer controversy told us that he is going to address it later listen to what he said last hour i want your reaction to this. >> can you believe, the president obama was born in the united states right now, can you clarify your stance on this. >> well i am going to make a big announcement on it today, probably during my first speech, at my new hotel. we have we are opening as you knowen pennsylvania avenue the old post office.
8:39 am
>> we're going to be carrying that news conference, congressman he said that during the during the primary season when hillary was running against president obama, she was the one who first raised it is he even an american citizen. >> i feel like i am in a sandbox trying to get my kid out of the playground just not acting right have you ever heard anyone use more mes and is in a sentence than donald trump? when it doesn't go his way it is their fault they took my marbles that is where i got -- kicked sand in their face really interesting this guy everything is big going to make big announcement what he is going to say come on, he can't admit that he was at a grand wisdom afterward on birther movement unwilling to say it himself all campaign people are willing to say he knows president obama was born in u.s. donald trump can't utter those yordz because donald trump would have to admit he was wrong. >> kevin kelley. >> my question to you in regards to donald trump-russia
8:40 am
this was set by precedent that hillary clinton had when secretary of state in you march of 2009 where see that hinted to president angeles national forest lavrov we want better ties with russia what is how can hillary clinton attack donald trump, for you know, talking positively about trying to improve relations with russia. >> kevin if you don't see the difference between trying to have good relations with a large country power country with nuclear weapons to make sure that nothing in the world leads to nuclear armageddon i am not sure i know there is a big difference between having policy where you try to reset at the relations which having gone so you are see if you can make it happen obviously it hasn't worked well but that is very different from a guy who wants to be president has deep pocket tie os to some of the stayediest characters in russian business now he wants to become president.
8:41 am
much money are russians into donald trump in -- >> what is -- oi the character who are those shady characters? >> read what is going on. >>, no tell me. >> you don't know enough as soon as donald trump gives use tax returns he is unwilling to disclose we can probable give you specificity who those investors are, i wish i could name them for you as well but all we know that a lot of business that donald trump does is -- is enabled by the business investors that come from russia because donald trump is unable many cases to boro from u.s. banks because of bad record when it comes to default and -- bankruptcy. >> congressman what do you recommend hillary do about this trust issue putting all thank you know speculation aside, we see the polls we know that a majority of people do not trust her they don't think she is trustworthy, what does she need to do to this whole liar thing off of her? >> you know i had a chance to see her last night, after she
8:42 am
had spoken at congressional caucus institutes hispanic celebration event i said great to see you after really strong i said i hope you are able to get back out there, and just talk one-on-one, because everyone i talked to always said gosh it is great when you get to speak to her directly, you see that everything trying to portray is absolutely untrue, and so i know it is tough with only 53 or 54 days to go to go out talk almost one-on-one with folks small groups she does so well all stories about who she is portrayals untrue come out that untrue this is where they connecting well so the more able o to talk directly to exto, it helps. >> we will be watching that congressman good to have you on the program thanks so much. >> thank you. >> congressman javier becerra. >> shares of deutsche bank taking a hit what massive fine could mean for banking sector are there other companies on the horizon that could be hit with something like this, then call it a hiring spree massive expansion plans could see
8:43 am
dollar general at 10,000 jobs one month back in a minute. ♪ (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go.
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. . . maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a friday, markets looking o lower well off the lows of the morning take a look, we've seen a little bit of a rally, dow jones industrial average now stpd to open down 40 points investors keeping close eye on deutsche bank this morning bank is facing now a proposed 14-billion-dollar fine, from u.s. justice department, the massive fine to resolve a problem a problem into margin securities. >> dollar general planning to hire 10,000 workers within next month as part of dollar general aggressive expansion including opening 900 locations this fiscal year race to the white house donald trump set to hold a press conference less than two hours a preview what to expect when i asked about campaign's statement on birther controversy with president obama, listen.
8:47 am
>> hillary wrote it up during the campaign it was 2008. and it was brought up to a -- she brought it up and i was the one that was successful in getting him to release his birth certificate i am going to have a big statement today at the hotel. maria: stuart varney will take us right now join us to talk about trump's announcement live stu what do you think. >> i see danger there, you know for the past what is it 60s weeks, trump has been very much on message, very much on the teleprompter a new trump not going off on tangents at the press conference today will be off prompter off crypt when he does q&a now going to delve into this birther issue i think dampening there let's see how he does what surprises me democrats hillary clinton launching attack on trump about birdher movement seems
8:48 am
tangent asking you economic growth child care growing economy all that is on the table now, the hillary clinton camp goes with the birtherish find that strange -- may be. >> neighbor they want to change the conversation. >> yes, wouldn't. >> you yeah because economic plan is resonating right. >> yes, it is. it is the only plan that i have seen, that is going to give us growth. that i think will give us growth, that is what need to return to process pierity growth is start of the grease that is lubricates our machine brings us all together that is what i think. >> absolutely watching that 10 a.m. i know you are going to take it we are going to be watching "varney & company" see you 10 minutes. >> "varney & company" begins every day k a.m. reaper after "mornings with maria" join stuart taking that press conference that donald trump is doing live, up next big business of burgers latest trends have sector heating up ahead of cheese burgh day which is sunday.
8:49 am
8:50 am
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8:52 am
♪ >> welcome back did you know sunday is national cheeseburger day celebrating it ahead of sunday with famous doughnut cheeseburger from burger bistro in brooklyn, the chef and owner of the burgerer bis itro good to see you. thank you for bringing in
8:53 am
brurz do you usually get reaction increase in business when you have a national cheeseburger day. >> probably 30% increase in business from saturday to sunday even though sunday, we will see about 30% increase saturday and sunday. >> wow, what do people usually eat. >> we have a burger concept you can kind of get anything from a bison to lamb, to tamous doughnut berrying beef burgerer glazed doughnut american cheese,fried egg and bacon. >> nothing more american can cheese cheeseburgers. >> it is egg and cheese bacon. >> everything. >> watching dinner in one meal. >> absolutely. >> -- busting with excitement do i try this? >> how did you come up with that. >> i will let you know. >> ooh.
8:54 am
>> look at you. >> love it! . >> wow, okay. so that is egg and cheese and bacon and burger. >> american cheese on friday. >> how about a napkin is this is something people wanted i want everything. >> you can come in, see if pineapple blue cheese bacon egg cheese on doughnut so customized up to you what you are in the mood for. >> let's talk bison far second you said one is a bison burger. >> first one. >> bison is the new healthy red meet high in protein low in fat cholesterol, so healthier alternative? >> a big push in last couple years is bison wasn't on menu three years ago a push started to increase on menu increase probably 10 to 15% making its
8:55 am
way towards -- where almost taking over colby. >> bison more of expensive than beef 9 dollars a pound bison steak prices range 24 to 26 dollars a pound that has not been an issue in. >> no, people are willing to pay premium for the heater meet and knowing that it is being raised properly and free range people are willing to pay 14, 15, 18 dollars for burger knowing healthier option. >> healthier side. >> harlt side definitely trendyed up price of meat gone down bison gone up 10 to 12% over last year. >> now talking about healthy trends gluten-free other options. >> definitely a trend towards gratuitien free vegan, the items we offer in all restaurateurs. >> veggie burger for me,do you want to try a bison. >> i do i do like to i want to
8:56 am
know is bason taste different than regularly burger do it. >> here we go. >> what do you think about bison did you notice a difference on bison versus kobe. >> difference in texture. >> just as good though. >> thanks. >> just as good. >> how business. >> great, great can't complain. >> all right. thank you so much for about joining us, final thoughts from all-star panel when we come right back, thank you. ♪ safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation.
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8:59 am
and one of them says what he's thankful for most is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. no matter who you are or where you end up in life, with the right financial partner, progress is possible. ♪ >> welcome back. our all-star panel. james freeman. >> first off, i thought when you interviewed the man calling donald trump the wizard, a cheap shot. and hillary, not a lot of tangible achievements there. >> and i'm long the cheeseburgers. head out, nothing more american and the market is going to stay volatile until earnings season
9:00 am
at the end of the month. investors should locust on that. ma >> polls are tightening. the eyes on the debates coming up. and the centrist voters, people who decide the elections, we're going to see a difference in the polls. maria: and bison cheeseburger. we'll see you on sunday morning futures, "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: very much indeed. we've started the show in the same way are the new trumps rolls on and hillary playing defense and the polls show him catching up with women. it's friday. let's do it again. trump is campaigning vigorously, two campaigns and he's out front leading his opponent and it's showing in the polls. fox news shows a dead heat in the four-way race among likely voters. trump is leading in a two-way race, a month ago he was down


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