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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 16, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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at the end of the month. investors should locust on that. ma >> polls are tightening. the eyes on the debates coming up. and the centrist voters, people who decide the elections, we're going to see a difference in the polls. maria: and bison cheeseburger. we'll see you on sunday morning futures, "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: very much indeed. we've started the show in the same way are the new trumps rolls on and hillary playing defense and the polls show him catching up with women. it's friday. let's do it again. trump is campaigning vigorously, two campaigns and he's out front leading his opponent and it's showing in the polls. fox news shows a dead heat in the four-way race among likely voters. trump is leading in a two-way race, a month ago he was down
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so 10 in that two way poll. the polls confirm it, who is best for the economy. trump beats clinton, 51-44. more in a moment. hillary in trouble. back on the trail with a limited schedule. again, playing defense on scandal and the backlash to her deplorable comment won't go away. late polls show her trailing in ohio, florida, nevada, arkansas. this morning, television and social media are just full of jimmy fallon musing up donald trump's hair and the clinton campaign, i call it desperate. trying to bring up the birther movement. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> you say shocking things.
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i can't believe, but i'm trying not to. >> can i mess your hair up? >> the answer is yes, the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be an hour from now, i hope they understand. go ahead. donald trump everybody! >> how much would donald trump pay for that video i'd like to know. more proof on jimmy fallon, let him muss up his hair. what do you think of that? what down, everybody is talking about it and seen it a dozen times. >> let's get to your money, shall we? we're looking at a lower opening for stocks, but not that bad. the culprit is going to be the price of oil. look at that. now we've got $42 a barrel. the latest news here is that iran is exporting more than 2
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million barrels a day, up 15% from last month and that adds to the global glut. the story on gas, 2.18 is the national average. the headline from gas buddy. gas prices may spike in some parts of the southland because of a pipeline outage as much as 20 cents a gallon higher in some states. details are coming up. obviously, we're following apple closely. the iphone 7 hit the stores, actually hit store shelves today. the stock price amazingly up 12% just this week. that's a new 15-- nine month high 115 a share. the samsung galaxy note officially recalled. a million phones being-- people told turn off, don't use them. dozens of reports of fires. now, ashley the timing couldn't be better for apple. ashley: the planets have aligned for them. the galaxy, the samsung galaxy
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was getting rave reviews. and then we have the pr nightmare they haven't handled particularly well and apple comes out with the iphone 7, based on carriers, even though apple is not giving away the pre-order sales, but four to five times the iphone 6 so they're doing well. stuart: i think the pr disaster for apple-- for samsung, is the biggest help for apple, even though the iphone 7 sales are doing well liz: you're right and you know, the software fix samsung is talking about, powered down. people get really freaked out that the battery is still in there. you can't take that battery out of that thing. so they're doing a software fix instead. we'll see. stuart: how bad can it get. the latest fox news poll, trump and hillary neck and neck. clinton 41, trump 40. libertarian gary johnson 8. green party candidate jill stein 3.
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tom, the last time you were on you put trump's chances of winning around 25%. that was before deplorable comments and the medical coverup. with are do you put his chances of winning now? >> significantly higher. i mean, this is getting close to a jump ball race. you mentioned the fox poll. we've seen these battle ground polls move pretty significantly in favor, not only has he moved ahead in states like florida and ohio which are critical, but he's moved ahead and we had a poll showing him up in colorado, hillary clinton's lead in virginia, poll there 3 points. michigan 3 points. across the board there's been movement toward donald trump and this race has tightened up significant significantly. stuart: can you look within the overall numbers and tell us how independents are leaning? i think there's a big change there. >> independents have moved to trump. he's always been sort of leading with independents. his margin with independents had shrunk recently and he's soared of recovered ground with them and that's part of it. the other part is that he's consolidated his base. he's got more republicans
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coming home to him. he's recovered some ground with the college educated whites in suburbs, and quite honestly, you know, hillary clinton's had a bad knfew weeks and reflected in the polls. stuart: fox news poll when asked the question who is best to handle the economy, trump leads 51-44. now, there's, i think that, too, is a turn around and if the economy and prosperity becomes the key issue in the election, that poll shows trump looking very good. doesn't it? >> it does. that is one-- has been one of his strong suits, obviously, and the economy is the number one issue, jobs and the economy on voters' minds. so, right now, that's definitely playing to his advantage. i mean, obviously, people still view hillary clinton as having the right experience and right temperament and those are her strengths, but right now, you know, the way things are going, she's going to need to do something to change the trajectory of this race and get
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back on offense, otherwise, trump is nothing will slow his momentum, it seems. stuart: let me pin you down for a second. last time you were on, you said he got a 25% chance of winning. give me the percentage now. >> it's definitely 40, 45, i mean, approaching 50%, this race is now in many respects a jump ball and i think that's-- we're going to come down now to the debates and i think they're going to be significant. they will have significant impact, but this race is very, it's tightened up significantly. so, i don't know that trump's necessarily 50-50 yet. i think that clinton still has a slight edge, but we're getting there. stuart: whoa, tom bev vin, that's a headline for you. thank you for joining us from real clear politics. thank you. >> you bet. stuart: now, ashley, you've got details on key swing states and how the economy in those states could help trump. ashley: yes, absolutely. and another possibly strong point for donald trump. take a look at these, florida, income since 2008, since mr. obama went into the white house, incomes in florida down
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6%. in north carolina, down 6.7%. and look at nevada down 15 1/2%. so, when you're talking about the economy, who could do is better job and trump leading 51-44. when you're talking about overall states, key states, he could really use the economy to persuade voters. stuart: he's ahead, he's surged back to a lead position. ashley: yes. stuart: those states that you mentioned. ashley: and the economy is playing right into his. stuart: sure is. hillary, though, she's staying on the attack and called out trump for being a birther, roll tape. >> and again today, he did it again. he was asked one more time where was president obama born. and he still wouldn't say hawa hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. >> in a statement the trump
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campaign said trump believes the president was born in the united states. trump himself telling maria bartiromo earlier this morning, that he will address this issue at a news conference in the next hour today, next hour. you'll see it right here on "varney & company." liz peek is with us. i was shocked. if that's the best counterattack that hillary clinton's got, the birther movement. >> i know, here we go again. stuart: desperation. ashley: the amazing thing, she's desperate and her campaign came out and made it clear they want to get off this name calling and bashing of trump and get back to giving people some reason to vote for hillary clinton. they haven't heard that in weeks if not months. it's all demeaning trump and parring him down and it's not working. you would think they'd begin to pivot and sort of put-- . that's what trump did yesterday at the economic speech. he had things that people could
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get excited about and be positive about. that's where hillary needs to be and she's reverted back. i think she thinks that's going to bring out the black vote. i think she's panicked that the black vote is going to stay home. they were excited about barack obama, but they're not very excited about hillary clinton. stuart: that's why she came out with the deplorables quote because she want today convince everybody that trump's people are racist, therefore, black voters, vote for me, don't vote for them liz: you know what's striking about that. hillary clinton thought she wanted to get the g.o.p. voters, right? and you call them irredeemable and deplorable? >> and together. ashley: very unifying. stuart: anybody with a spiritual life you don't say everybody, irredeemable. >> that's true. stuart: less than an hour from now, we'll take you to washington d.c. where donald trump will hold a news conference again and says he will have the birther issue.
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no prompter, let's see how he performs. a angn angry protester rally screamed down obscenity and erasing chalk drawings, perhaps some of our older viewers will remember 1963, the original movement, mario savio. it's official, the government recalls a million samsung galaxy notes, don't plug them in, bring them back to a store immediately. do you remember when we dropped a galaxy note 7 in a bowl of water. well, we did that, now, right. got the water right there. i have here a brand new iphone 7. i'm going to drop this thing into a bowl of water. see? i did it. turned it on and put it in the
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>> i will pick up the iphone 7 out of the bowl of water momentarily. now this, the government demanding 14 billion dollars from deutsche bank to settle a mortgage investigation. pay up or else. check premarket shares of intel. it says it will make more money than expected. why is that? because the demand for pc's is going up. that should be good for microsoft. the stock should open up a couple of bucks higher. let's get to it, the new version of the iphone go on sale today. adam shapiro live in manhattan. see the lines, adam? >> no, stuart, you do see a bit of a line behind me, those are people who made reservations and pre-ordered the iphones and
9:16 am
come to get the phone. the walkup line you can't see is a small line. i've been here in the past when the new iphones come out, stretch down 58 from fifth avenue over to madison avenue. nowhere near that. it's a small line. they sold out of the iphone 7 plus. people don't seem to be the enthusiasm they've had in years past. but that stock is on fire. stuart: well said. it's up 12% this week, four days, actually. adam, we'll be back to you later see if that line improves. look who is here with the new iphone 7, i chucked the phone into a bowl of water. now, that phone has been in the water for i think about three and a half minutes. >> yeah. >> you want to take it out and see if it works. it will drip all over the place and don't worry. >> here we go. stuart: it works, still going strong? got to have one. >> it's water resistent. should last 30 minutes. and i looked at the fine print.
9:17 am
it's not covered. if you drop in something, in the toilet, you're meant to get it and not to go swimming it. stuart: how many dropped it into the toilet. >> a lot. and this is the gloss black that they have. stuart: i like that. >> this is selling out faster than the others according to the carriers so far because when people buy an iphone, they want something that looks new. stuart: sure. there's a big fuss about the no jack. let me have a look at this. there's no jack. so you have the lightning port on the bottom. you don't have the tradition head phone jacks. stuart: everybody says this is a disaster, a terrible, terrible thing, is it? >> no, because this comes in the box, this plugs directly into the lightning adapter and you plug your head phones into that. you'll keep it attached to your
9:18 am
head phones at all times and do that. what they're doing, they're pushing wireless for a reason, because they bought beats for a reason. they have the air pods and they have higher margins liz: they don't look very good. big-- sticking out of your ears. stuart: i've got to get to the galaxy 7. is that the biggest pr disaster for a technology firm in decades? >> it's close and a lot of it is because of the timing. when it first came out we said the galaxy photo 7 was the best big screen phone on the market, that's what i said and then this happened with the recall and even though people are going to be able to return them and get new galaxy note 7's next week, it's the worst possible time. the iphone caught up with the dual cameras on the back, water resistance and everything else and features. people who might have been on the fence might go towards this because of safety. if i were samsung, i would come out with an incentive people to
9:19 am
get people to the new galaxy note 7. but whether it's bundling the head set or something to get people over that hump. stuart: see what they do. stay there, mark, more in a moment. i want to talk about twitter. they streamed a nfl game for the first time last night. and he, by the way, calls it, the streaming thing, a missed opportunity. he will explain that. we have bill clinton's lavish birthday party, $250,000 for a flight by the way. where is the money going, by the way? more varney in a moment. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits
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to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> dollar general wants to hire 10,000 workers within the next month, supporting its continued expansion. how about that? the new york attorney general is investigating exxonmobil's accounting practices. twitter for the first time they streamed a live nfl game between the jets and the bills. mark spoonhour. you said it's something they could build on. >> there was a high quality picture. that's great.
9:24 am
when you looked at the twitter experience how interactive it could have been. that's why we're saying it's a missed opportunity. up top the video, it wasn't curated or based on your friends. stuart: if i wanted to get on the twitter stream, the streaming of the game stopped? >> if you wanted to interact or follow someone back or interact with a tweet. i was taken somewhere else, another screen, and-- >> while watching the game. >> and the stream stopped. so i feel like that's the missed opportunity. stuart: i think the stock is going to open a little higher this morning. spo spoonauer. thank you indeed. stuart: this is interesting. bill clinton had throw a lavish party. $250,000 for some donors at the party and by the way, the donors will not be listed. liz peek has written on this. >> i've written about hillary
9:25 am
clinton's fun raising. she's raised half a billion dollar. this is going to the foundation. the clintons have seen with bon jo jovi, barbra streisand and steven spielberg's house. she's supposed to portray herself as the average american. she has been in the martha's vineyard and raised almost $500 billion. at one event in martha's vineyard, the campaigners rolled up the windows so it couldn't be heard what was said. stuart: why all of this and why all of this money? . you're here for the opening bell.
9:26 am
>> yes, i am. stuart: how are we going to open? we're down a little bit, but not that much. how about apple? let's go ahead and call it the stock of the week. up 12% since monday. that new iphone selling well and samsung's problems are clearly helping apple as well. the opening bell is moments away.
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>> it's friday, we're about to open the market for the last time this week. we have stayed largely above 18,000 for the dow industrials. it's been kind of choppy, up and down, but we've closed around 18,100. bang! it's now 9:30 eastern time this friday morning. where are we going? how about that? slightly, slightly higher in the first opening moments and now we're down. more stocks in the red than in the black. there's the dow 30. the market back drop is this, crude oil down at 42 a barrel. iran says it pumped out more than august and that adds to the glut. and down goes the price of oil to 42. apple very much propping up the dow this week and apple surged
9:31 am
by 12%, extraordinary, just since monday. it's opened ever so slightly lower. now, again, we're at 115 oil-- apple at 115. and let me tell, but gas, some parts of the country it's news. 2.18 is the national average, but a spike coming in these states, georgia, north carolina, tennessee, virginia, south carolina. that's according to gas buddy. there's a pipeline outage, it will cause a spike of 10 to 20 cents a gallon for the next week. my advice of course is fill her up now. the last county. the iphone 7 hits the stores today and the stocks rallied and the samsung recall is helping apple as well. twitter debuts live streaming of nfl games. can they make money on it. 3%. not bad.
9:32 am
the government demands from deutsche bank, i'm going to call it a shakedown. s&p 500 where is that in the early going, down .3%. the same as the dow. and how about the nasdaq? on the screen, yes, it's down. and who is here to cap off the week show us what's going 0 happen. who is here? ashley, liz, scott shellady, liz peek and anthony scaramucc scaramucci. the rest of the year, the dow will stay artificially high. is that music to your ears, scott shellady? >> it's truth to my ears, not music. i don't agree with stocks being at this level and who knows where interest rates will be. it's been prickly here because we've seen the markets move
9:33 am
around on rate hike rhetoric, and raising rates for sure by december. the market's been reacting to how we can make up reasons why to raise rates rather than the quarter percent interest rate itself. that's difficult to kind of manage that. stuart: tell me, is trump right, rates stay flat this year and the market stays artificially high? >> yeah, it shouldn't be the case, they should raise 25 basis points. you look at the wage numbers, stuart. in september, i think it's almost impossible politically for the fed to do that. so, i do think that mr. trump is going to be correct on this. stuart: if trump wins, i bet they raise rates in december. >> he's been saying that privately. in fact, before that economic speech, we were in a holding tank with him, and he says you know what's going to happen, fellas, they're going to raise rates as soon as i get in and we'll have to deal with the slowdown in the economy in addition to the changes in the compli. stuart: it's a politicized fed
9:34 am
in my opinion. >> apple hitting the stores today, around the block, start with you, anthony, buying apple at 115, are you? >> yeah, but we've been long-term holders of applapple. yes, you buy it, there's a great defensive mode. they'll continue to be a free cash flow generators at nine, ten times earnings liz: there's a back story to the apple selling out iphones. morgan stanley saying watch out the same inventory as last year, in 29 more countries. if you see stories about them watching out there's another story there. stuart: artificial liz: questioning it. >> i don't think you buy it on the good news, you buy it on bad news. and a mountain of good news with the new phone and-- i mean, anyway, a great company, but this is probably not the time. stuart: i think that's the line in the sydney, australia earlier, promoting the iphone.
9:35 am
we're told it's not as big in new york. ashley: completely different this year, not as many. stuart: and twitter, live streamed the first game. anthony, look at this, the stock is up. that implies, that's the way they make money. >> i think this is big for twitter. i watched the game on live scream, the hd quality was perfect and the game was fantastic and a good national game, but the reason why it's good for twitter, you'll stay on twitter longer and they will find ways now to resell the advertising. so, finally twitter has found a nugget of how to use their system, stuart, to start to create some advertising revenue. stuart: who would have thought, the nfl, they stream a game and up goes the stock, up 4 1/2, 5%. look at the big board, we're down over 100 points.
9:36 am
down 103 and barely above 18,100. i think it's the price of oil that's doing this because oil is all the way down to $42 a barrel this morning. the webster ratio, here we go. oil down a buck, the dow down 100 points. you're right again i've got to say liz: a nobel prize. >> i think that earnings estimates are coming down yet again and expectations for third quarter growth are coming down again. year after year, the expectations. stuart: scott shellady come in, what did you say? >> s those rates. where are these people getting information from? i'd like to have what they're having. at the end of the day, the economy. yesterday's numbers, stuart, were very weak, our production and manufacturing is very weak. what are we talking about raising interest rates. i don't like thome either, but there's no way that there's a call for-- >> you keep this guy on hold all week and on friday he explodes.
9:37 am
how about this, unilever is in talks to acquire jessica alba's honest company. i believe a billion dollars for it, that makes her a very wealthy young woman. and in the next month, they're expanding and the new york attorney general is investigating exxonmobil's accounting practices. in the sharp decline and the value of oil. it's one of their assets. look at intel, it says they will make more money than expected. looking into the future, they say more demands for pc's. intel up 3% on that one. we've got a big recall at fiat chrysler. the story plays, nicole. nicole: nearly two million vehicles being recalled. 1.9 million to be precise. and stock is 2 1/2%. being recalled. there are some fatalities in this one, being recalled, a possible air bag and seat belt failure due to specific devices. now, they did say that they're looking into aware of three
9:38 am
fatalities, five injuries that may be potentially connected to this particular condition. what names are we talking about? the chrysler sebring, the dodge avenger, the jeep patriot and specific years, go ahead and call your dealer in particular. but this is a big one. what kind of implications does this have, liabilities going forward? >> the implication the stock has gone down $6 a share, not great. nicole, thank you. the government's demands $14 billion from deutsche bank, hey, settle that mortgage investigation or else. personally, i think it's a shakedown, but-- >> well, it's a holdover from the mortgagebacked security crisis. deutsche bank is saying no way, no how 14 become. may go into the single digits in negotiations. and it's a matter to lend other banks, credit suisse and remember they threatened
9:39 am
criminal prosecution of j.p. morgan chase. and less than a third went to consumer relief. stuart: here is how it works. the attorney general says, hey, pay up or else. or else we will charge you with a criminal offense liz: rights. stuart: if we charge with bank with a criminal offense, nobody is allowed to do business with that bank. ashley: they are outs of business. stuart: all you've got to do is threaten and they've got to pay up, no choice liz: the money doesn't go a lot to consumer relief. stuart: it's the treasury. >> not for a conspiracy, but the same 14 billion versus the apple 14 billion, i'm wondering if it's tit for tat among the justices. stuart: how about this one, former speaker of the house john boehner joining the board at reynolds a tobacco maker. >> he's a smoker. stuart: yes, he was.
9:40 am
boehner was known to be a heavy smoker all his life. ashley: when paul ryan moved into his office, he said it was like an old rental car or somebody smoking all day. and sustainabilities, but he's the tobacco guy. stuart: let me ask you. i personally would not buy a tobacco stock. i just don't think i should be doing that. it's the only industry i would not invest in. would you? >> never have, never would. stuart: scott shellady, would you buy a tobacco stock? >> no, i don't have an interest in it not at all. stuart: liz? >> i don't have anything against tobacco stock, a legitimate business, but i just don't think it has a legitimate future. ashley: i don't think it's a good one to invest in. stuart: you're dodging the question. >> no, the trend is not their friend. stuart: last word for you, scott.
9:41 am
>> yeah, you know, those types of stocks, they're ticking time bombs, you don't know what's coming around the corner and you can't prepare for that. that's why i don't like them. stuart: they want to put oil stocks into a ticking time bomb because of climate change. >> you're right. stuart: i am right. liz, anthony, scott, and thank you for being here, gentlemen and ladies. and wall street that's you. >> big night tonight. two economists, one from ubs and one from snead capital discussing the economy and the stocks. stuart: nail em, i want growth nail em. >> i'm with you, stuart. stuart: the dow jones average as we speak, 11 minutes into the session is down 93 points. in my opinion largely because of oil. hillary clinton slamming donald trump. she says his rhetoric is dividing the country. here is question, will playing the race card help her shore up
9:42 am
the democrat base? sherrod david clark is next on that one. and donald trump is holding a press conference in about 20 minutes. you'll get it soup to nuts, that's next. ♪
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9:45 am
>> how about this just coming in? donald trump is making a pro-life pledge. what's he said? liz: he's launching a pro-life coalition. no medicaid funding for abortions. the question is will this bring out the evangelical vote? looks like real clear politics, evangelicals may not come out to vote for him and that's what real clear politics is saying. stuart: just came out.
9:46 am
hillary clinton continued to attack donald trump calling him a racist xenophobic, you know the deplorable comments, watch this. >> this is who he is. and so we need to decide who we are. if we just sigh and shake our heads and accept this, then what does that tell our kids about who we are? we need a stand-up and repudiate this divisive rhetoric. stuart: sheriff david clark is here and i want to welcome him back after a considerable absence. i like that hat. now, hillary clinton, it seems to me, is calling donald trump a racist in order to shore up her support in the black community. will it work? >> well, she's relying on that because it's worked in the past. look, black people are as diverse as any other demographic in the united
9:47 am
states. they're beginning to open their eyes to this monolithic voting for democrats, especially a presidential time. barack obama was an abberation, a lot different than she is, even her husband was more connected mostly to black people than she ever will be. she's a one-trick pony. only thing she can play. the on thing i can think of when she comes to mind is sinister. stuart: and over 90% voted for the black vote for president obama. what about hillary clinton this time? >> i'm not putting a seismic shift back to donald trump. he made the appeal and that hasn't happened. he went and talked to black people with respect. we can think our way through this thing and made it clear, give him a chance, take a look around the american ghetto.
9:48 am
things have not gotten better. look, she'll get a high number of blacks because there will be a lag time between the time of his message and it takes effect. but she's not going to draw the big volume. she won't get the number of black voters that barack obama did and even her husband. >> i'm going to run the video from arizona, the three police officers attacked. and you've seen it and viewers as well. why have the federal authorities said nothing about this attack or others across the nation? >> well, look, the united states department of justice looks at law enforcement officer with contempt and look at them with the enemy. it's open season police officers, everybody knows it in america except the white house and except the united states department of justice. this doesn't fit the narrative.
9:49 am
that's why they don't focus on this. they've been apologists from criminals since they've taken over that administration and that pattern continues. i'm looking forward to donald trump selecting an attorney general who looks at the law enforcement-- local law enforcement officer again as an ally, and not with hostility. the sooner we get to january 20th and nominations in, the better off this entire country is going to be. stuart: real fast, sheriff. would you like the current attorney general or president obama to turn around and say, knock it off? would you like that? >> yeah, but you know what? after that they turn around and go into their cop hating rhetoric. kind of a mixed message. i rather we just get to january 20th as fast as we can. stuart: sheriff david clark, welcome back to the program. >> my pleasure. stuart: the women's soccer star megan rapino.
9:50 am
the dow is off. she kneeled at a game during the national anthem and the second time. u.s. soccer issuing a statement. the national anthem is a time to quote, reflect on the liberties and freedom that we all appreciate in this country. but they have got no rule that says stand up. ashley: make a rule. stuart: they should. here is the video everyone is talking about. jimmy fallon messes up donald trump's hair. did he know, trump, that he was going to happen ahead of time? was it planned? we'll ask. more varney in a moment. eel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house,
9:51 am
you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> can i mess your mayor up? >> the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be an hour from now, i hope they're going to understand. >> yes? >> go ahead, my hair-- >>. stuart: i don't know how many times i've seen that, but it's great. ashley: i love it. stuart: jimmy fallon musing up donald trump's hair.
9:55 am
come in jeff dewitt. steve hospitaling officer for the campaign. donald trump must have known that was coming. he didn't walk in not knowing that was going to happen. >> let's be real in politics, most of us won't walk into a studio if they know that was coming. that was off the cuff. that was jimmy fallon being jimmy fallen and donald trump is, as everyone knows him, he's down to earth guy. none of us in politics want to mess up the hair, but stuart, i would let you mess of my hair if i was there. stuart: no, you wouldn't. [laughter] and you don't touch mine either. and tell you what, here is what's happening right now. hillary clinton is holding a campaign event with black women voters. it's in washington d.c. looks to me like she's trying to secure her black voting base. how do you think that's going, jeff, with the attacks on the inroads that mr. trump is
9:56 am
trying to make with the black community? >> that's the arsenal, no proposals to put forward. she's trying to attack mr. trump's character. yesterday the same day you saw the jimmy fallon interview, he gave an economic speech about the future of america that one publication, newspaper said the best speech he's given yet, the speech he should gave every day until november 8th, about raising up minorities and hard working americans and giving a chance to succeed. before that a great policy speech about helping hard working americans with child care costs and she has nothing to offer forward except going around and race baiting and trying drum up support through these negative means. stuart: i just want to show everybody the new trump international hotel. it's in washington d.c. this is where donald trump is going to be speaking moments from now, literally.
9:57 am
i would then expect him to take questions. jeff, i've got a serious question for you. if he does q & a and we believe he'll do q & a. there's no prompter, no script. is he going to go back to the old trump off the cuff making sometimes outrageous statements? >> no, no, you know, i mean, he's off the cuff every day right now in some form or another. 's out there. we have him out there in the public, versus hillary clinton that just go to her billionaire fundraisers and barely accessible to the public. stuart: jeff, i've got to interrupt you and go to hillary clinton and she's talking about the birther movement. let's listen in, please. >> no, he isn't. he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country.
9:58 am
barack obama was born in america, plain and simple and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. so, my friends, there is no new donald trump. there never will be. donald trump looks at president obama after eight years as our president, he still doesn't see him as an american. think of how dangerous that is. imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world. imagine a president who sees someone who doesn't look like him and doesn't agree with him and thinks, that person must
9:59 am
not be a real american. donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states. [applaus [applause] >> we cannot become insensitive to what he says and what he stirs up. we can't just accept this. we've got to stand up to it. if we don't, it won't stop. he looks at a gold star family and sees them as muslims, not
10:00 am
patriotic americans. he looks at women and decides how our looks rate on a scale of 1-10. i look at america, i see everyone. i see our great diversity which is a strength not our burden. we know who donald trump is. now it's time for our country to show who we are and reject his divisive vision -- [applause] that's why this election is so important. as michelle obama said at the democratic convention when we go to the polls in november, the real choice isn't between a democrat or a republican. it's about who will have the power to shape our children's
10:01 am
lives for the next four years? it's also about the kind of country we want to be and what we want to leave behind for future generations. we are at our best when every person gets to share in our nation's progress and contribute to our progress. it is not just the campaign slogan, it is the guiding principle for the future we need to build. so americans -- stuart: hillary clinton speaking live in washington, d.c. a audience of black women voters. she has said essentially that trump distorts the truth, he's a racist, unfit to be the president. he's unfit to shape our children's lives. she has put the birther issue right back on her front burner. jeff dewitt listening to this and chief writing officer for the trump campaign. will you please respond to what
10:02 am
hillary has just said. >> you know, stuart so sad name one thing she just said that's going to make americans lives better. name within policy proposal name one economic plan. one thing for child care, one thing about the immigration topics that donald trump addresses that she refuseses to touch. all she does is sling slanderous lies to drum up this negative support in the country it is terrible. the wrong way our country should go and shows why she's not fit to be president an if you watch donald trump that's a positive message for america and that's what we need. >> we're going to watch donald trump in the bottom of your screen is there. you can see that is the scene in the d.c. is the new lux hotel that trump build out of the old post office building in d.c. and speak there momentarily and answer questions you'll see a lot of that.
10:03 am
now david is one of trump's economic advisories helped write the impact plan that we saw yesterday. i want your response to what you just saw there from hillary clinton who has put the birther issue and racism implied racism back at the front of her front burner. you respond. >> hi stuart, good morning it's ridiculous. it's a diversion from the real issue. they're getting bad growth numbers. they keep come out yesterday we saw industrial production and retail sells this morning already university of michigan shows a weak consumer confidence. and so clinton is really desperately trying to get focus on to this negative side of the debate. obama issued his birth certificate years ago. that issue is closed. and there's no reason to be raising it what they should be talking about is issues -- >> mr. trump is going to give a statement on the position on the birther issue if you like -- >> let's talk about coming up in a second. but ed rollins is with us you're
10:04 am
raising money for trump i know that. now, this attack line by hillary clinton, i believe it is designed to shore up her base -- speaking to black women voters at the moment, will it work? >> no. you have to remember -- [laughter] you have to remember one week ago today when she basically said that 50% of trump supporters which trump has 50 million people according to polls today supporting him 25 million people are racist homophobic and deplorable citizens of the united states so throwing heavy brick, sliding back with a miserable k. months campaign and starting couple of weeks campaign has shifted from not being about him to about her and her deficiencies so she's desperate. a woman for two years thought she was inevitable president and now she's struggling. >> elizabeth macdonald has been digging into this birther issue because ails is that way back i think it was 2008, that
10:05 am
clinton campaign then when running up against barack obama they raised the issue, the birther issue back then. did they not? >> it was not the clinton campaign they never raised the birth certificate issue but advisor named mark penn back in march of 2007 wrote a memo again a clinton advisor says you should question his lack of american roots to hold him back with voters. his boyhood in indonesia and hawaii give a limited sense of his -- show his limitedmen values. the other thing too is phillip burg deputy general did file the fist lawsuit questioning obama's eligibility questioning where he was born. he was clinton supporter back in 2008. >> because they put it on the table to some degree. >> clinton supporters not the campaign. >> i think we should talk -- mark penn was her principle strategist he made more money out of her campaign. he ran are that campaign. he was the key, key player.
10:06 am
so it's not just like some casual volunteer sitting in -- it was the pleer who scripted her, campaign from start to finish. got it. >> i think we should be talking about economic growth . if you want the key to this election and key to america's future in my opinion, grow the economy. let's get some prosperity out there. david is with us as you saw momentarily, now, he -- you helped write the plan. you were silting right behind donald trump when he announced yesterday that we could see you on call are a all the way through. now, summarize it. he wants massive tax cuts and hi thinks he'll get three and a half, 4% growth. that is his had position. >> that's right, and that's i think we can go above 4% in the early stages of it. remember, reagan's tax cut generated 8% growth in the article phases of it. and the reason for that is because the corporate tax rate right now is 35%. the u.s. simply can't compete in a world where everybody else has lower --
10:07 am
lower corporate tax rates so that would be lowered to 15%. that causes businesses to begin investing. and invest he everly higher workers and that gets the economy going. it's been a terribly weak with economy. >> but been immediate attack on that plan. that it was simply grow deficit that will be needed to borrow $4 trillion what do you say to that? >> sure, a whole group of people. a lot of them in washington who think that all of the money in country is washington's money. so as any kind of tax cut they think is taking money away from washington. well welcome reality is it stays in the economy and builds new jobs. that's the whole point, and so trump has an optimistic vision. >> so radically increase military spengtding on donald trump is -- and you're not going to touch entitlement, social security, and medicare, i don't know how you're going to balance the budget. >> right, but remember growth that comes out of the tax cut, and then we also have the penny plan that trump mentioned
10:08 am
yesterday. and also don't forget there's regulatory reform mass haddive trade reform and those all the create growth too. so count those in as part of the growth as -- and it adds up. it's deficit neutral. >> on left-hand side of jr. screen a gentleman in a hat i presume it says make america great again is not donald trump -- but somebody is going to warm up that crowd before mr. trump appears an makes his speech to that audience. i believe i saw a moderator sitting right there on the stage they'll be handling q and a session once that is finished. i have to draw everybody's attention to the state of the market. right now we have dow industrial down 115 points. that is the session low. remember it's friday, with barely holding on to $18,100. i do not believe that what's going on in the election i don't believe it today -- [laughter] different story yesterday everybody. [laughter] i don't believe that what we're
10:09 am
seeing on market today is anything to do with the election. i think that market today is dictated to bit price of oil. which has dropped substantially down now to $42 a barrel all the way down to $42. hicks historically not good for the stock market. infact, ashley webster ratio comes into play. oil down a buck. dow down 100 points and he's got it right again. >> thank you very much. just sends money. >> guy -- warming up i see that crowd warmed up there. that's in d.c., remember, there was an all post office building a giant building in tk -- along came the trump organization and a renovated it and turn it into a luxury hotel. i believe that renovation was handled by his daughter is that correct? >> that's correct. it was a bidding it was general service administration had this marketplace for a long time. a number of bidders trump wanted fair and square. it's a tremendous undertaking about a block from the white house. it is going to be beautiful it shall >> --
10:10 am
>> built it in two years under time frame. okay, liz. >> getting back to economic growth, harvard business the school, did a survey of their alumni. overwhelming majority of democrat and republicans said single barrier to growth right now, politics. they said it's a just government saying that court tax and regulatory policy are terrible. saying that business environment looks worse for small businesses. and it's going to get worse over next three years if things don't change. >> liz good stuff. i want to go to blake berman who is at that speech there in d.c.. and he has some advance knowledge of what had mr. trump will say. blake what will he say? >> well, we believe that donald trump will talk about the birther issue today as you i'm sure heard his comments to maria bartiromo on her program. i asked rnc spokesman a little while ago stuart, why trump would choose to jumple back into
10:11 am
this territory as he's been lauded over past several weeks on being on message and a he told me he wasn't going to get ahead of trump. just to say, though, you know, that this is, you know, really not trying to get ahead of trurp on this one stuart. but i do want to points out that not a teleprompter here for donald trump. that would be a departure from what has become the new norm as he's been using them in last several weeks here. but we expect trump to talk about the birtherrism issue and we do not believe because we're being held back from the podium we're not really certain as to if we'll be able to interject with any questions. >> thank you a very much blake that is something of a disappointment. we want withed to donald trump kind of unleashed no prompter no script and that's a rapid fire q and a we're now being told it is unlikely that donald trump will take questions. cal cameron with fox news say no
10:12 am
he will not be taking questions. i have to say i'm disappointed are you too ed roll sentence >> never know what donald trump will do. nobody speaks for donald trump and he can decide he's going to call on press people. that's the way it's been. my sense is today this is an important session. >> one seconds -- just changed again. [laughter] now we hear i've got this gizmo in my ear they tell you things like hearing voices but now voice is telling me that maybe he will take a couple of questions. >> he heard my comment. he does what he wants to do and bottom line is he doesn't care if they say this is a smart or not smart thing he's a confident man and not a question to be thereon at him that he can't answer. >> jeff dewitt you are the coo of the trump campaign. stuart: can you give us any information on whether or not he takes formal question withs? >> no, i think ed said it best. you know, he can always change his last minute on any of these
10:13 am
but again i think he's going to make sure that any questions are put to bed. by the time he's done so i don't know if there'll be a need for questions but everyone wants to let him handle this one. >> all of those were itching for a free raising q and a. every time he's done this is just fascinating because it is such a difference with established politicians especially president obama. you look at a press conference held by president an you'll take four or five questions in a half an hour and five, six, seven minutes to answer each question. not exactly sure what the president has said when he's come to end of his answer. donald trump, though, he will take what 15 questions in a half an hour. rapid fire -- >> president obama everyone had teleprompters at a rodeo in the dirt when he was standing in middle of a rodeo remember that? >> i did not remember that. >> sure. stuart: it appears that look -- drurp is about to make a presentation. and we're told that it will contain a statement about the birther issue.
10:14 am
we believe that he is delayed in making that presentation because they're fixing the script at the very last minute bearing in mind what hillary hillary clinton hat said in her appearance in washington, d.c. i'm speck splating wildly but donald trump is late and i can expect that they are changing the script as we speak. jeff dewitt he's got to go he's the coo of the trump organization. so we'll dismiss you and good-bye to you jeff and thanks so much for your contribution this morning. >> thank you. stuart: now a look at the market off the low of the day down 120 points. i don't think this has got anything to do with what we're hearing from hillary clinton. or what we're about to hear from donald trump. an certainly got nothing to do with messing up his hair at jimy fallen thing. the market is all about the price of oil. right now, it is down at $42 per barrel. iranians they are pumping as much as they can, 2 million a
10:15 am
day. up 15% producing 15% more than they were in august. no real talk of a production freeze by anybody. that appears to be no longer on the table. they're all pumping. they've got this massive glut, of course, the price of oil keeps on coming down. that brings stock prices down. david, you're the financial expert here, am i right? oil down, stocks down? >> that's exactly right, and the world faces this challenge. there's plenty of the supply of lots of things, and the world is just not investing very much because the policies are not there. there's -- desperate crying out i think aired the world for policy change in the u.s.. and so that trade poles, energy policy, tax policy above all and that would get the world going. but right now world growth keeps getting slower and slower. the democrats really are trying to put a good face on this, that
10:16 am
oh, it's normal to be growing very slowly. well, it's not normal. it's totally out so from world war ii all the way through 2000. the u.s. average 3.5% greet and been averaging 2% that cost you millions of jobs that's what the country is feeling. "new york times" is adding out two days in a row these major headlines, talking about about how trump is the change agent. trump is the one that appealing to people in the -- in the you know in the middle of the country. >> that's why i'm surprised that mr. trump are would take this time. movement on the podium there and surprised health department take this opportunity to talk about the birther issue. 50*eu78 -- i'm surprised. >> black vote was key in seven states and margin of victory and turnout higher as a percentage versus white turnout in 2012. >> i think that gentleman and making their way on to podium
10:17 am
there i think are veterans. this speech was originally supposed to be about military issues. maybe they've rearranged it at the last minute but ed -- i've got to say i'm surprised that donald trump qowld go after the birther issue on occasion like this. why? >> he should it it's least of an efforts. obama bisquely voting population is african-american 3% of the votes was african-american. they did vote in greater number for the first time. they are very important constituency. republicans get better than they've done in the past but it's not our coalition. and i think to a certain extent we can't spend a lot of time worrying about how you create jobs that should help the community and trump is favored today in the new fox 51% to do a better job in the economy an points that you make earlier. one thing i was part of the rhode island began organization more revenue came into the tax because people pay their taxes and they were invest in their money, and it was just guy began
10:18 am
tick change and that will do it tben. >> i worked on the 86 tax act and said lower rates on a broader base so if you can get rid of some of the deduction you can lower the rate and get a much better economy. there's a payoff from that that's what trump is doing and it's explicit. that goal is to have the economy do as well as it did as reagan improved the policy. >> so surely with this audience if this is a military audience, a military members of the military are in that audience veterans or otherwise. surely it would make more sense to say -- to suggest clearly you're going to increase military spending. and you are going to restore prosperity to the united states. instead, we apparently are going to get a speech about birther issue i'm surprised. becauses that the old trump. >> gimp one great speech to rebuild defense of the country which is very important. problem that he had now getting much better on it is given three or four major speemps but
10:19 am
doesn't follow-up and distracted by other things. birther distracted more time and needs to march forward this is about economy. >> speech was very clear. he's speaking clearly in transparently about economic issues that was focused to q and a. that was quite a bit of q and a all focused on how do you get the economy going much better. i think that will carry over into the following week. stuart: i'm going to roll a quick soundbite from hillary clinton minutes ago where she was talking about the birther issue and linking to donald trump. because this is what donald trump is going to respond to momentarily. >> just yesterday trump again refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the united states. now, donald's advisors have the it mare temerity to say he's doing the country a service by
10:20 am
pushing these lies. no he isn't. he's feeding into the bigotry that lurk in america. barack obama was born in america plain and simple and donald trump owes him and a the american people an apology. >> that was hillary clinton moments ago. she has clearly had an impact on donald trump his presentation is delayed we think as they fix script to respond to the birther comnts. i've got ed that's a mistake total mistake. wins this exchange. >> birther issue is not an issue in three years and nobody cares and anybody watching on obama when he gets out of there to come in and start this economy moving forward. that's what we care about. >> this morning on maria bartiromo prime minister on fox business network 6--9d on this program this morning donald trump said i'm going to make a big statement about it later so
10:21 am
all planned may be rearranging scripted at the last minute but big is birther issue. i don't get it. i don't get that. >> i kind of get hillary clinton's strategy here. it's hooked with deplorable push and keeps narrative that any trump supporter is racist and have to say to yourself all right, he is born in the united states. we're sorry about that. hook the david duke that keeps that thought in the headline that, you know, any trump backer is a racist which is deplorable. to keep that headline out there. >> he's biting. >> well -- say david duke would not even be a factor if cnn didn't keep talking about him. he's doing a terrible campaign down there. he's going to get crushed as he did when he ran once before. and so we shouldn't pay any attention to david duke one of the other persons running for office. >> a for hillary clinton to get
10:22 am
away from office. nothing to create any growth or any new job. trump said that yesterday. and so they have -- a weak hand and so the only thing they can do is divert to other issues. i think what trump needs to do is keep talking about growth and the ability of the economy to go faster and create more jobs. that's the best thing for intercity, for minority communities, and that is a really strong message. i think he'll be making that. let's get through today, and see the whole message over the next few weeks. >> we shall certainly see. all right state to play is this, is 10:22 eastern time donald trump was supposed to begin his presentation. his remarks in washington, d.c. at 10:00 eastern time. obviously, he's running late. we're speculating and let's be clear we're speculating that he's adjusting the script of his speech to take account of what hillary clinton said about
10:23 am
birther movement and about donald trump just a few minutes ago i should say. she was speaking not too far away from where donald trump is about to speak and this is at the brand new hotel in d.c. which is -- luxury hotel that was the old post office building. now it's a luxury hotel. created essentially by the trumple organization. >> one thing that highlights is he stands for effective government. we've had a government that's been really ineffective bumbling in lots of areas. and so one of the trump hall marks is to make things work, and he's done that in new york city everybody around here knows that. and that's going on in washington, d.c. so you have a cabin he talked about about this yesterday. a cabinet that operating effectively obama doesn't and it would be a big change. >> now, we were expecting donald trump to take questions. we were expecting that the media will be right down there at the front of the audience. it appears that the media is not being allowed to go to the front of the audience so all of this
10:24 am
speculation that he may not be answering questions along comes ed rollins saying you can't tell donald trump what to do. if someone shouts a question he'll answer it. i think you'll right that's donald trump isn't it? that's the way he operates. >> who are people behind him on the stage there veteran -- what you're talking about. >> veterans. i believe so. >> foolish to not talk to veterans. >> got to include something -- >> i would think so. one of his great strengths clearly the military unlike the very similar to we came into office in 1981 military was diminished, planes couldn't fly and ships that couldn't sail half of the military was on food stamps and welfare and reagan rebuilt that and important part of his coalition. also helped the economy. an my sense is we're back to that kind of a stage again where we have world power and bairvegly rebuild your military had. >> slots bring everybody up to speed on the state of play in the election and the polling in the election as we head into this presentation from donald
10:25 am
trump. new u fox news poll released last night i think showed a dead heat in a four-way race i think that's correct it was 4242 or at least statistically a dead heat. that means that donald trump has recovered from a near 10 point deficit a month ago that's some comeback. >> this comes from ed henry who has been speaking to a source says, expect dr. ben carson to appear at this news event with donald trump. apparently to give him a little bit of cover on the birther issues since the clinton campaign and what we heard from hillary clinton this morning. so ben carson could now become a part of today's reaction or pushback if you like from the clinton campaign. >> a racial issue. >> yeah. legitimatizing a black president. >> i don't know why mr. trump has to respond to a totally -- issue. >> just ignore it. >> donald trump is said what
10:26 am
he's got to say about birther issue. many, many, many years ago why bring it back now just because hillary clinton is prodding him. a little bit more on polls, key factor here is ohio and florida must win states if you want to win the presidency last time i checked ed donald trump up by 5 points in two separate polls in ohio, and up by 3 in florida. >> in florida. that's a surge and a half. smg you start off the campaign six or eight states swing states. we now have six in play. that is a significant change here. the national polls are all basically trending towards him and equally as important about a week after the national poll usually state poll start catching up. hey doing -- this race is competitive across the burled board and if anybody would have said a month ago trump after labor day is dead even going into -- >> to make this race so
10:27 am
extraordinary -- gary johnson now is going to be on all 50 ballots an joe on 40. 50 with gary johnson we haven't seen that since 1966 back in that time. >> yeah. so to make it clear 14 states are coming into play states that have been in clinton's column and coming into the middle that means winnable that women's issue is playing much better. you know, trump has a big -- a big tax change that would benefit people who work, parents who work and that's -- that's going to play well in the national security issue is vital for all americans but especially vital in a lot of these swing states. we have left the military run down, and there's a big program in trump's plan an paid for to get it going much, much stronger. that's going to be critical to everybody. >> you know what we're going to do. we're going to take a break. let me update you on proceedings here. we're told that donald trump's plane landed a short time ago in
10:28 am
d.c.. he's on his way to the old post office building the new luxury are hotel from the trump organization. and when he gets there he will start to speak. we're going to be back and some money and show some commercials. respond please. become after this. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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stuart: we are down triple digits. and oil and stock prices. we are down a buck on oil, the dow industrials. they tied closely together.
10:32 am
and down 100 points. as oil fluctuates so does the dow, direct correlation, big news on individual stocks, iphone sales in the stores, stock is ever so slightly lower but it is up 12% since monday, that is a rally and a half for big-name company like that. why is it going up? the iphone 7 is well-received and competition, galaxies 7 is a disaster. that is all good news for apple on those points, just a fraction. this is washington dc, that is the podium and a brand-new trump hotel in dc made it into a luxury hotel for the post office building, waiting for him to arrive, not long ago, making his way directly to the podium.
10:33 am
we are told he will address the birther issue, that is what he told maria bartiroma, he will make a major statement on the birther issue. hillary clinton was prodding him again on the birther issue. watch this. >> just yesterday trump again refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the united states. donald's advises had the temerity to say he is doing the country a service by pushing these lies. no. he isn't. he is feeding into the worst impulses, bigotry and bias that lurk in our country, barack obama was born in america complain and simple, donald trump owes him and the american people an apology.
10:34 am
tammy bruce is with us, that is donald trump's motorcade at the podium, looks to me like hillary clinton grabbed the birther issue. >> he might in a big way, smartphone to mention it in passing, those words you are the comments because the campaign came out with a statement that the president was born here. she clearly is afraid to have a conversation about the economy, this is something no one cares about and mister trump should understand that. a brief reference moving into what people care about which is the economy and the state of our national security. of the one one more time. was it not the clinton campaign in 2008 which raised the birther
10:35 am
issue? >> drafted a memorandum raising the issues, it is a dead issue. no one cares anymore. >> she brings for the campaign that was positive, that is not what we just heard today, so much for that. >> she took half of trump's supporters are racist, homophobic, un-american, unredeemable, pretty severe statement. she was pounding the best dad they have done, i promise you it will create a movement across this country, the deplorables against hillary. >> the sweeping. hillary's camp saying we get squeamish republican voter who may not vote for trump way back when.
10:36 am
now the squeamish republican voter, am i irredeemable? one thing the campaign noted in this conversation when she was off for 3 days they are seeing independents and those bernie sanders democrats go to johnson and stein. this is so dramatic, there is an effort to shore up her own pace after the convention. they don't want to be called that name, who will be afraid, ultimately they will stay home, this is a remarkable misjudgment on her part. stuart: at risk of repeating myself, we were expecting a formal q and a session when the main presentation finished, we are informed the media has not been next to the podium.
10:37 am
there is speculation he will not be doing this. he pointeded out endlessly, he repeated himself, can't control donald trump. odds are he will respond some way or another. >> he does briefly reference it and go into more important issues like the economy, and only ask about that issue and if they move the media in front it will be her campaign that moves to the front and they will hijack the message today, it will be smart to avoid that. stuart: you are looking at a smart move by hillary clinton to push that issue which is a distraction from prosperity and foreign-policy, complete distraction that makes good political sense to push a good issue. >> economic growth would solve problems in the inner cities
10:38 am
where black people are really getting hurt awfully under this, what we saw today is trump is introducing to shore up his own base because the pew poll found one of 10 evangelicals may not vote for trump, they make over gary johnson. he needs to shore up his base. >> this is the new fox poll. the best polls, the best methodology, you have to have 90%, 93%. clinton has 81% of democrats, trump has 80% of republican, johnson has 80% of republicans, 4% of democrats.
10:39 am
if you have that 10%, 45%, can you get those voters to come back home? this is a good measurement. stuart: you have a super pac call deplorables? >> basically talks about the statement, and medal of honor winners. if you are calling us for a better america. stuart: a lot of people have embraced that label. a badge of honor. for her to say half of his support, 50 million people in this poll, 25 million people are un-american, i don't think so. >> to match mister rollins, washington post abc paul has
10:40 am
enthusiastic about your candidate, trump supporters 46%, hillary supporters 33%, certain to vote for your candidate trump supporters 93%, hillary voters 80. that is the enthusiasm gap. this was before the deplorables remark. let me confirm the dates. it was september 5th to eighth. maybe it overlapped a little bit. you are looking at an enthusiasm gap that is remarkable, 33% for hillary on very enthusiastic, trump 46, 93% sure to vote for trump, 80% of her supporters absolutely certain to vote. stuart: you have been on the insider campaign. >> i will go back to fox to give a commercial here, both these polls, the bottom line, you want
10:41 am
clinton or someone else, 50% one to someone else, same on trump. never seen this close to an election this unhappiness on the face of it. what has happened is trump is building his momentum, far more acceptable today. he will never be the mainstream republican who sits in washington dc but that is very small number. >> hillary is known, if you are inclined or able to vote for mrs. clinton you already know you will. if you are waiting, looking for a reason to vote for trump because he is to some degree an unknown, when you go into the voting booth, those undecideds are not going to say i will vote for hillary because you would have said that a month ago. if you are deciding in the voting booth you vote for trump, late deciders -- >> few people decide that anymore. voting by absentee or voting early at this time, going up in record numbers, usually 4% or
10:42 am
5%. >> we are 10 days away from the first debate and this is what is happening now. stuart: a little more on the trump surge. we had tom on this program, real clear politics, created average reputable polls as it moves forward day today. last time he was on this program was two weeks ago, maybe three weeks. at that time he said trump had a 25% chance of winning. i asked what chance does donald trump have of winning now? he responded 40% to 45% chance of winning. that is the extent of the trump surge. this is surely an opinion. a lot of this trump surge has to do with the deplorable comment friday night, and real problem illness that arose on sunday morning, badly handled, covered up, badly handled, those two
10:43 am
events where a catastrophic weekend and account for a good deal of the trump surge. >> 50% of the country does not think she is being honest about her health, that is a pretty serious -- he is sitting there with 70%, when you say 50% don't believe you are covering that up. >> the symbolism of that event, september 11th, reminder of the need for strong consistent leadership. what happens and is possible could happen again the symbolism of the person who is to be there with the spine to fight for is literally collapsing, subconsciously it might weave itself into the decision voters make, had a particular impact. if that happened anywhere else it might even have had less of an impact despite the seriousness of what happened. stuart: it did have impact. stuart: donald trump will be speaking very soon now. the market has come back because
10:44 am
the price of oil has come back. the industrial are down 60, 70 points. we were down 120. now it is down 70 and this is tied to the price of oil. oil is at $43 and change, it is down below 43, at 42 and change, oil is back up a little bit. a significant movement in stocks up there. the podium is ready to go and so am i. donald trump appear, we are expecting him to make a speech, don't know how long it will last but it will include a statement on the birth isy -- the birther issue. fox news reporting ben carson will play some role in the
10:45 am
presentation. liz: the birther thing and forces the trump campaign on its back heels about how having to answer questions, how racist is your coalition? vp nominee mike pence, there has been an onslaught of headlines where he was asked is david duke deplorable? he wouldn't answer, but for those headlines to be out there that mike pence refuses to say david duke is deplorable, that is the narrative, deplorable plus birther. stuart: the media thoroughly against you picking up anything that does your campaign down, you have a problem. i want your comment on the cbs episode where they edited out, bill clinton on camera says she has been fainting or words to that effect, fairly frequently, then said rarely.
10:46 am
cbs edited out the frequency word, edited it out. >> this is the kind of thing we only know because of new media, how quickly information moves because we did see the original clip before other people got their hands on it for the broadcast. as education for the individual we know these things happen, but to see it occur reinforced the fact that a new poll says the lowest number of americans trust the news media, 31%, that makes sense. this will make people be suspicious of what the media says and about hillary, this effort with her accusation regarding birtheris them, whether she is able to provoke him when it comes to the debate. he is such an unknown. can she control the debate by poking him? stuart: a little more on the
10:47 am
birther issue. democrats are coming together uniformly to push the birther issue. we heard president obama, wasn't a big event but some spray, tv cameras are there, they take up couple questions, the president response, supposedly a reporter shouted a question of the president responded about the birther issue. hillary clinton has raised it several times, the president has raised it. ashley: he was asked about it. stuart: why he was asked about it. the democrats coalescing around what i think is a distraction from the issue of economic growth and prosperity and donald trump looks like he is going to take the bait, not a good idea. >> a distraction only if you jump on it. what happened yesterday, the
10:48 am
campaign manager said he -- it is not in issue. his comments last night were no, i have not made up my mind yet, that keeps the story going. you have to be disciplined about your message, everyone has to do the same. stuart: he has been nailed down for six weeks, hasn't said a word off message. >> only takes one day to get off message. >> this is the opportunity to fix this and this is a great test of the person who will be next commander in chief, this will not abate for the next 5 years. this is going to happen to this man. republicans are better presidents because they are constantly asked on the issues which every president should be, constantly challenged and he has become a better candidate, this is his opportunity to show them i am not going to let democrats or hillary clinton control the nature of my campaign. >> he went to flint, michigan and called the pastor who
10:49 am
interrupted him, fox and friends, a nervous mess. he went off message, didn't look disciplined, he said that. stuart: you might be right, democrats are trying to see will he take the bait? if he can take the bait on the is ther issue maybe he will take position. >> people i'm speaking within the democratic party are confused how to handle the debates prep, if they have a strategy in moving in the this could simply be the strategy, this is what they will apply. stuart: the dow jones industrial average coming back, we are down 50 points, the price of oil has come back at 43, big change now, there -- down $.50. that is interesting. your webster ratio, here we go again, oil is down a buck, the
10:50 am
dow goes down 100 points. if it was down $.50 the dow is down 50 points. you are good, webster. >> i am sitting over here, the company in front of me. >> the entertainment hub of varney. stuart: put the camera back on. we are waiting for the tape of president obama, what he said about the birther issue, we are waiting for the tape and we will get it for you. also waiting for donald trump to appear, that is his new luxury hotel in dc, they converted the old post office building. you said it would be the most expensive hotel on the planet. >> pretty high price compared to
10:51 am
jefferson, 400 $600. i read in the washington post a big story. >> what a great businessman at this hotel, we are talking about it, this is greater marketing, he knows what he is doing. stuart: it is great advertising for the trump organization, he renovated that hotel for two years under time frame. liz: you have government subsidies. just a little footnote. >> how many hundreds are employed in washington in the framework of paying taxes, if we can get a return on these things like in any business you make that investment? stuart: the big news story of the day frankly, kicked off earlier this morning is the birther issue, hillary clinton
10:52 am
and probably donald trump moments from now. also president obama's front burner. i have a tape of what he has to say when somebody quoted the question. >> acknowledging the workforce in america. >> i have no reaction and i am shocked a question like that would come up when we have so many other things to do. fairly typical. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people are as well. my hope would be the presidential election reflects more serious issues. appreciate it, everybody, thank you. stuart: the president said he a surprise they brought it up.
10:53 am
i thought it was hillary clinton who brought it up. >> march 2007. >> i don't care where he was born. i care about when he was in the white house. stuart: yesterday donald trump was asked about the birther issue and would not say president obama was born in the united states so the campaign from hillary clinton picked it up, ran with it big time and ran with it again earlier this morning. that is what you are seeing. we are waiting for donald trump and i bet he is adjusting that script. that is all you got for me? he is adjusting the script. >> i don't have anyone talking in my ear. you have great advantage over all of us. stuart: he will be on prompter. you got to have a script.
10:54 am
>> prompter's are not up there. the old cue cards we used to have. liz: can he get back to the growth story, they said when you look at it you see the left saying president obama inherited a recession. a bad recession with carter, harvard alumni saying it is structural, politics are getting in the way of economic growth, it is a structural issue and monetary. stuart: returning america to prosperity, and grow the economy blues not simplistic but that is the way it is. who has the growth plan? donald trump has a growth plan. not sure hillary's will work. >> many of them in tossup
10:55 am
states, 13 of them have below economic wage income growth reverting back to 2008. stuart: florida, north carolina, nevada and ohio where income is down 2008, trump is cashing in on that end up in the polls. >> he is distracted with the birther. stuart: if he responds all through this day to the birther issue, hillary clinton has taken the political lead and taken the political initiatives. >> 10 days from the debates. stuart: dow jones industrial down 60 points, down 60, 18,145 and the price of oil is $43.54.
10:56 am
am i right? are they changing the script? is that what they are doing? i am sure the speech was prearranged. >> i assume they will talk about veterans affairs. stuart: they have been standing on that stage for an hour and that is a long time. >> i run a super pac, i have nothing to do with the campaign. things you learn very quickly he will learn very quickly, you're running a campaign you got to be on time and when you are in the white house, bill clinton was in a very timely, you need to be on time, a bunch of reporters and cameras come you got to be on time. stuart: steve cork is economic advisor to donald trump, helped write the growth plan. you got to be a little disappointed if donald trump walks out and addresses the birther issue instead of the growth issue which he spoke about so well yesterday, got to
10:57 am
be disappointed. >> this is what i have to say to the american people. time to get out of the dugout and start playing ball. the things that really matter to america, our economy, our growth, jobs, reducing unemployment, improving education for the poor, those are things myself and fellow economic advisers focused on and that is most important to the american people. this is a distraction. stuart: you are right so why is he doing it? >> let's wait and see. at the end of the day we all know mister trump has settled this issue. he feels somewhat justified in sharing the fact that mrs. clinton's desire earlier in 2008 to say i don't know, not about me and later come on like some kind of advocate, it was a dog fight for her in 2008 and we are getting back down and talking
10:58 am
about stuff that doesn't matter. it is about jobs, dummy. we know that. stuart: steve moore, another advisor to the trump campaign has told us frequently on this program that if you put in place donald trump's tax and regulatory reform plan you will get, he did this, 4% growth in the next 5 years which i hear applause. i will ask my question later. i hear applause, waving of hats, could be they have seen donald trump off in the wings, not sure who they see but they are applauding, standing up. could this mean the event is about to begin an hour late? who is on the sidelines? that is general flynn, chief of military intelligence, a trump supported even though he is not only a democrat but is about to warm up the crowd. listen to what he has got to
10:59 am
say. maybe he is talking about trump. >> big round of applause for our pows. [applause] >> a couple things before i introduced donald trump and make some remarks and we will have some speakers behind me, individuals and he rose behind me making some comments about what it is they believe and the direction this country needs to take with solid leadership. the first is the notion -- stuart: blue ribbons behind general flynn, they are winners of the congressional medal of honor.
11:00 am
they may be speaking a little later but they are the heroes of america, the men who won are men and women the highest honor for valor on the field of battle in the united states and they are on that stage and we should pay them do respect. let's see. we have donald trump coming up shortly, not sure exactly when he is going to speak. we may be hearing from congressional medal of honor winners before donald trump. we better take you to the stock market which is going back down again, we are off 81 points, 18,131. price of oil is down $31 a barrel and we are waiting for donald trump, 43 on oil, down 80 on the dow industrials. liz: somebody holding a t-shirt, the basket of the deplorables.
11:01 am
hillary clinton sees it as a political liability trying to recast it. he says people feel government let them down, the economy let them down and desperate for change nevermind that under president obama the number of unemployed and underemployed grew and lower to middle class deplorables see that and no it. stuart: what was on that t-shirt? >> something about the basket of deplorables. stuart: proud to be in the basket of deplorables, that should sell rather well. stuart: general flynn just said as soon as he is finished, he will hear from donald trump. he is warming up the crowd, military crowd, it was supposed to be a military, will be converted into something to do with the birther movement.
11:02 am
a different point of view from the rest of america. >> i brought something with me a couple times and once or twice, not a bad average. stuart: i am going to say i think hillary clinton scored a political win so far this morning because she has diverted attention towards trump and the birther issue. she made statements, followed them up this morning, pretty sharp edged and she is now leading politically and trump is falling. i'm going to say that is at this moment before we hear from donald trump something of a win for her and i'm sure you are going to agree. >> three times in 10 years, i do agree with you, self-inflicted wound by donald trump. bill o'reilly was on america's newsroom and that he is the one that brought this up, and reintroduced it into public
11:03 am
discourse, trump should have put it away, that i'm satisfied the president was born here, let's move on to talk about my vision for the country. i know that is what ed rollins would have told him to do but he didn't do that because donald trump is incapable of pivoting longer than 48 hours. you always come back to who you are in real life and his real life is a showman. and you have to stay tuned. that is not how you run a country. stuart: voting for hillary, i am getting you there. stuart: baby steps is taken from what movie? what about bob? bill murray.
11:04 am
>> i haven't thought about that movie in 100 years. stuart: i am really digressing. i have been on the air for an hour waiting for donald trump. wait a second. i believe he is about to make an appearance, there he is. okay. let's listen in. [applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you very much, everybody. nice hotel. under budget and ahead of schedule. isn't that nice? now it is a great honor, this is
11:05 am
a brand-new ballroom and we only see a small piece of it, but this is the hotel completed, we have our opening ceremony in october, something very special, and honored to have our first event. such an honor to have our first event for medal of honor winners. they are the finest, to get so many endorsements from the medal of honor winners is incredible. [applause] >> they have more courage than i do. such an honor to have this particular ceremony be the first ceremony.
11:06 am
when the hotel opens officially it will be one of the great hotels anywhere in the world and i want to thank the general services there who have been spectacular, spectacular people, tremendously talented people, all of the workers, all of the construction folks, all of the managers, hotel staff, amazing how good our country can do, we have put in tremendous amount of work and energy and money, and i really believe this will be the best hotel in washington. it may be one of the great hotels anywhere in the world, really honored to have this as our first event. [applause] >> i am pleased to be here with two medal of honor recipients and six flags and general offices and a tremendous amount
11:07 am
of talent, generals, general flynn, the room is stacked with generals and talented people and leaders. i love leaders. the great people represent 120 flag and general officer endorsements. 120. [applause] >> and that number is going up rapidly. now 17 medal of honor recipients in addition to a tremendous amount of very brave people. in addition i am honored to be joined by the many veterans that are supporting us throughout the room. thank you very much for being here. [applause] >> i am also honored to have a gold store wife, jane horton,
11:08 am
here, jane is with us this morning. where is jane? please stand, thank you, jane. [applause] >> incredible. jane lost her husband in afghanistan on september 9, 2011, such an honor to have you here. i hear so many things about chris and he was a winner. thank you on behalf of the country. it is incredibly humbling to be in the company of these real and true heroes which i have the privilege to introduce our first
11:09 am
medal of honor recipients, mike thornton, a retired united states baby seal. a recipient of the highest decoration. the medal of honor. vietnam war, in addition the recipient of the silver star, bronze stars and purple heart. i am proud to have him on my team, such a great honor for me and also fellow recipient bob patterson who likewise has the medal of honor who is also here who has 17 medal of honor recipients and they have all endorsed me for president of the united states, and generals and many generals have become friends of mine. we seem to have a big chemistry
11:10 am
together but even generals admit there is something special about medal of honor recipients. if i might ask you to just say hello, say a couple of words and thank you for being here. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. this is all about getting the word out. i have known mister trump since 1986. when it wasn't fashionable to support the military in 1986 some great people like donald trump and both of you, he supported us in that period of time. ladies and gentlemen, the medal of honor works around my neck, i do not deserve a medal, never will deserve a medal but it belongs to every man and woman who ever served our great nation.
11:11 am
ladies and gentlemen, freedom is not free. [applause] >> right now is the most trying time in my life which is likely very short. i have been around almost 70 years but this election, we do not need any more bureaucratic leadership from washington dc. [applause] >> we need true leadership from the top. mister trump has never failed at anything because he listens to his advisers, listen to his people. for the last eight years our president hasn't listen to anybody and that is the reason we lost cia directors, secretaries, many many general officers dropped are re-signed
11:12 am
because of his leadership. we cannot stand for four more years of leadership like that. we need somebody who is going to lead from the front like donald trump. [applause] >> thank you very much for having us here, god bless you, god bless america and god bless donald trump. [applause] >> i'm supposed to introduce bob patterson, my good friend for 45 years. >> can't admit the army is better. i am here to tell you something. i spent 26 years of my life defending this country. after that i spent 17 years
11:13 am
taking care of those veterans i served with and still serving because i worked 17 years for the va before finally retiring, i saw the country take a turnaround from where it was. we used to be the shining star and we are getting dimmer and dimmer and dimmer all because of all the bureaucrats in washington dc. it is time we send somebody to washington that knows how to say you are fired. [applause] >> the gentleman i'm going to introduce is the ceo and president of the united states, mexican chamber of commerce based in washington dc, held service, served on many
11:14 am
commissions under presidents nixon, ford, reagan, bush, entered the military in 1964 and has numerous awards and decorations including silverstar, 5 bronze stars, and purple heart. [applause] >> what bob just did to me made me older than any people up here. mister trump, thank god for you. [applause] >> being a vietnam veteran and serving all the way through the iraq and afghanistan war in the department of defense and
11:15 am
chairman of reserve forces, for half of the military, 15 years ago and national guard and reserves, they couldn't use the va, they were still part of the reserve national guard unit, the next president of the united states, donald trump, will fix that. i also would like to say deplorables are also deployables. ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor for me to be here supporting the next president of the united states who will lead from the front, who has the kind of leadership we lead, not afraid to make that decision. ladies and gentlemen, i am honored to meet donald trump.
11:16 am
[applause] >> i probably did this on purpose. this next fellow is a personal friend, i have immense respect for him. he won his silverstar in korea when the north koreans tried to take over our location at the agency. he is a special warrior, major general, my honor to introduce major general as our. [applause] >> thank you, we do go way back. i don't go back to the korean war. i was awarded the silver star. after 40 years serving this nation in uniform and four combat deployments i have become
11:17 am
convinced that our nation needs a multidisciplinary interagency approach to defeat our enemies and secure a long-term path to victory. in that sense what we need is fresh thinking, innovative approaches and strong leadership, my privilege to spend quality time with mister trump on and off the campaign trail over the past few months. i have been extremely impressed with this gentleman's stamina. if any of you are privy to the schedule you would be totally amazed at what he has been able to do. [applause] >> in addition to his stamina i have been impressed with his intellectual curiosity and his raw intelligence and his energy and enthusiasm and his temperament which he has the right temperament to be in the white house.
11:18 am
[applause] >> but the thing i am most impressed with is his love for men and women in uniform and support he is going to give them from the white house. [applause] >> i can guarantee you there families may get home and will not be in vain in addition to billions of taxpayer dollars we spend supporting them and that is why i stand donald trump to be the next commander in chief. [applause] >> it is my pleasure to introduce, comrade in arms, a naval academy graduate, class of 74, commanded a guided missile frigate, destroyer squadron,
11:19 am
executive assistant to our naval commander, naval forces europe, endeded a brilliant career as executive director of strategic plans and policy and covered russia, africa and nato so my pleasure. [applause] >> thank you, everyone. we are a group of national security professionals who dedicated our lives to the security of our nation as deplorable as we are. we are not a political group but we are a national security group that has chosen to support a political candidate. the series of discussions you are listen to mister trump have. stuart: i will break away to bring a special guest on the program, congressman jason j fitz, who has been hearing hearings in congress, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. stuart: here is what we have
11:20 am
seen so far. hillary clinton has pushed forward the birther issue and it appears donald trump is about to address that issue again. we have been saying that could be a win for hillary clinton because she is directing the course of the debate. what say you? >> it get her off message as well. he has a severe credibility problem, a problem with her stamina and ability to become the president of the united states and she is talking about a birther issue. does anyone care about that? i think donald trump will put this behind him, he should have put it behind him along time ago, put it behind him, move on but makes her look silly and petty. stuart: are you going to allow her to put the email troubles behind her? >> she created this problem. we have a duty and obligation to follow one of the largest breaches of security in the history of the united states state department. of course we are going to pursue it. the seminal question is why are all these people who worked for
11:21 am
her having to plead the fifth? with a case that is not going to be prosecuted shouldn't she be telling them to look into the camera and tell them you know what you just tell the truth, tell the truth. stuart: judge andrew napolitano said senator grassley has seen the emails the fbi had and he says they are earthshaking but we can't see them ourselves, voters can't see it. how are we going to get to see these emails? can senator grassley stand up and say this is what is in them? >> that is why we issued a subpoena. we appreciate the fbi putting out unclassified communication at this point, unclassified documents, why aren't they putting out all of them? they should be available under the freedom of information act. when congress asks for them they won't c the manned should not reject personal identifiable information, that is not
11:22 am
classified information. put it out there and they should have done it in a while ago. be stuart: and the stonewall, our viewers are frustrated about all this, clearly a scandal, we can't get to the bottom of it and nobody pays the price. >> i come to a different conclusion than the fbi director about intense but when the fbi director testifies and tells us he didn't look at it, whether or not hillary clinton lied under oath, we have a duty and obligation to pick up that baton and get to the bottom of it. we are self-critical in the united states, that differentiates us from the rest of the banana republics out there. we look at these things in order to fix them and make sure they get better, not worse. stuart: i don't know which side of the fence you are on, you are republican but don't know if you are with trump or luke want to trump. >> i have endorsed him. i was originally encouraging marco rubio but donald trump is our nominee and compared to hillary clinton, my goodness. stuart: would you like to see
11:23 am
him abandon this birther thing, put it to rest in a couple sentences and get on with the business about prosperity and growth? >> exactly. this notion hillary clinton has somehow -- she has put all the spotlight back on donald trump, all the networks are covering and looking at donald trump which is exactly what he needs going into -- stuart: is the birther issue that keeps coming up -- >> i wish he had dismissed it a long time ago but shame on hillary clinton for bringing this up again. really? all the things in the world that is what she thinks is wrong? come on. stuart: one other thing we are saying on this program. >> you don't lack -- stuart: i think the biggest political mistake of this entire season has been hillary clinton and the deplorable statement. >> absolutely. that is so offensive to so many people and she said it with such
11:24 am
vile. just watch the tape, she really does believe it. stuart: trump supporters have grabbed that label. there are deplorable t-shirts, adorable deplorable, that is a win. that turns it against hillary clinton and makes humor out of it. that is a win. >> she should have never said it but she does believe it and you watch the video of her saying it and it is very frustrating. we have to talk about real things and she is out there trying to demean a whole section of our population, trying to divide us instead of unite us. that is the difference. stuart: will donald trump when you talk? >> unquestionably he will. earlier the poll numbers -- we haven't voted for a democrat since 1964. we are a little smarter than to
11:25 am
switch for hillary clinton. stuart: what do you make of his surge? 5 points up in ohio, 3 points up in florida, double digits in arkansas, four in nevada. >> people are looking -- ed knows better than i do but people look for authenticity, energy and excitement. hillary, who are the hillary democrats? what do they stand for? not the energy you saw with barack obama. people want authenticity, they don't want somebody from washington dc, they don't want a career politician. when you go to the heartland and talk to people who work second shift late at night, they went somebody who will look out for them, put america first and make the country great again and that is what donald trump communicates. stuart: go back a year, 18 months, did you believe we would the republican party who has a radically different foreign-policy, radically different immigration policy,
11:26 am
radically different tax policy, did you see this coming? >> i thought there is no way donald trump is getting through these different hurdles along the way but what is amazing about donald trump is he has attracted millions of new people into the system. in nevada where i campaign with marco rubio for days on end he got twice, double the number of people who showed up at those caucuses than there were four years ago, double. bringing millions of new people into the system. stuart: hold on one second but i want to explain what the audience is watching. on the left-hand side of the screen you can see donald trump, military people have two congressional medal of honor winners, silverstar winners and that is general thomas mcinerney, a good friend of this program. with the air force. we are waiting for donald trump to speak, he is scheduled to make a major statement on the
11:27 am
birther deal, he will be speaking momentarily and you will hear what he has got to say. there was question whether he would answer questions at the end of his presentation. at first we were told it would be a formal news conference answering questions from the media. now we are told the media has not been allowed in the front row to get there questions and immediately. then we were told you can't control donald trump. if somebody shout out a question he will answer it. that is the state of play. we expect a 10 or 15 minute presentation from donald trump and maybe the answers to some shouted questions. i have to ask you this is am i going to get the that is not me. are we the people going to get to the bottom of the email ing before election day? will you lead us to the promised land? >> i won't drivers investigation based on the political calendar but i won't slow it down but i shouldn't be speeding it up. it will take its own trajectory. it took years in the making to make this mess, it will take years to unravel it.
11:28 am
i would like to get to the true center, that is why hillary clinton should tell her employees stop pleading the fifth, tell the truth, there is no risk of prosecution but that tells you a lot. stuart: the risk is the stuff comes out, that is the last thing you want. >> it didn't get a lot of attention but it was flat river networks people, people contracted to do this, said there is some shady expletives and wanted to insert a fictitious email into the system to try to cover up something. nobody believes the low-level it people woke up after she left office and decided to delete a bunch of emails. seems to us a little bit of a correlation to mister kendall and cheryl mills having a conference call and a week later all these documents get destroyed.
11:29 am
destruction of federal records is a violation of law but when there is a preservation order and a subpoena in place and the fbi director believe there is no intent. stuart: inexplicable. >> it doesn't make sense. if we have a duty and obligation -- stuart: most viewers, most voters have the minutia of legalistic rambling, it went over there heads until your hearing when you have a guy who smashed the cell phone with the hammer. that image of a hammer used on a cell phone resonated, that told the story more than anything else. >> this with mister cooper. he had the guts to answer the questions i gave him a lot of credit for doing that. he has no background or experience, same day she started her senate confirmation, no dual authentication, no encryption, not the head of fish and
11:30 am
wildlife, we are supposed to believe there were no vulnerabilities. didn't even know -- they are putting it in. stuart: at that hearing, brian did not show up, you subpoenaed him. why not issue an arrest warrant? can't you do that? >> they don't give congress handcuffed. i can't >> in the world i live in, subpoenas are not optional. now, we have a hearing wednesday, we're bending over backwards to give him a chance. if he wants to plead the fifth, he can plead the fifth. but when you have an immunity agreement, why aren't they singing like song birds? it's not an optional opportunity. stuart: it's possible we're going to see him on thursday? >> we're going to have another hearing. stuart: donald trump is about to speak, and we are going to listen in. here we go.
11:31 am
[applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you, everybody. please sit down. thank you. this is such an amazing honor, and the difference is we want to all get back to work, whether it's building our military or building our country, we have to get back to work. we have a lot of work to do. we've been very much left behind. speaking with the admirals and the generals and all of the military people, we talk about the word depletion. military has been badly treated in terms of its equipment and the money being spent. and this is a time where we need our military perhaps more than ever. when you look at the number of ships, you look at the number of military personnel, you look at the numbers are setting records for all-time lows. we can't have that. there's a world out there, and it's not nice to say, but there are a lot of very, very evil
11:32 am
people heading up some potentially very strong countries. we have to be prepared, we have to keep our country so great and so strong. and that's why to have all of the support from so many generals, so manied admirals, people -- so many admirals, people i respect so much. they're smart, they're tough, they know what's happening. and i believe this them totally -- in them totally, and that's why the fact that they believe in me is one of the great honors of my life, so i want to thank everybody. [applause] now, not to mention her in the same breath, but hillary clinton -- [laughter] and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean.
11:33 am
president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you very much. thank you, every -- thank you. [applause] stuart: that is it. if that's not a surprise to, i don't know what is. that is a surprise. that was virtually three lines. he said, referred to the birther issue which has been raised by hillary clinton earlier this morning and last night, he said "i finished it." president obama was born in america, now let's get on with the business of making america great again. >> couldn't have been better. stuart: that's all he said. >> that's all they can play, you know what i'm saying? stuart: i guess so.
11:34 am
is that how it works, ed? >> that's perfect. they can debate whether he was born in brooklyn or queens -- stuart: but this' it. that's politics. you address the issue, you do it in three lines and walk away. is somebody asking questions? are they shouting questions? no. he's just standing with the people. >> just on the side of stage. stuart he was surrounded by congressional medal of honor winners, a silver star winner and a couple of -- and tom mcinerney, fox news contributor, and it was an impressive military backdrop to what he had to say, but he didn't address the military -- maybe one line. all he said was about the birther thing -- >> well, he said he was privileged that these military people have given so much service and are supporting him. stuart: and we heard from them. i can see some of the people in the crowd holding up the t-shirt. i'm in the basket of deplorables, is what the t-shirt
11:35 am
says. >> yes. stuart: and ed rollins, who supports -- you've got a trump pac that's all about -- >> we have a big ad coming out today, we're going to spend a couple million dollars on this ad many four or five states, and it takes her word, and then it takes good american firefighters, police officers, mothers and talk about the real values of taking america back again. stuart: i think he missed an opportunity to promote economic growth and the return of prosperity with his economic plan. i think he missed an opportunity to point out some of his ideas for going forward in this economy. basically, all he said -- and it looks now like the event is over. there were no questions. reporters were shouting questions, but i don't believe he answered -- >> he didn't. stuart: i saw him standing set right almost at the back of the podium there. so he didn't answer any questions. it was just this, the birther issue. he said, i finished it. president obama was born in america. now let's get back to the
11:36 am
business of making america great again. you think that's the way to handle it? >> perfect answer. stuart: perfect answer? >> absolutely. just leave it at that. stuart: steve moore is here, economic adviser to mr. trump, helped write the economic plan. he didn't deal with the economic plan at all, never mentioned growth or the economy, it was just about the birther thing. are you satisfied? >> well, i'll tell you, first, i've got to give a shoutout to all my fellow veterans and thank them for the blanket of freedom -- stuart: hold on a second, steve. i've just got to interrupt you, because i've got this from "the washington post." be here's how they are -- here's how they are covering what donald trump just said. quote: trump admits obama born in u.s. but falsely blames clinton for starting rumors. [laughter] will you address that, ed rollins? you're the one who told us about the clinton campaign way back in
11:37 am
2008. >> well, the bottom line is her chief strategist, mark penn, basically put a memo together laying all these sorteds of things out -- sorts of things out. the washington post and "the new york times" are never going to give this up. they've going to keep hammering. he made it as clear as you can possibly make it. this is not an issue to me. i said three years ago, let's move on. and it was the way to handle it. stuart: that's extraordinary. >> having read the paper every day for 40 years, it's not a surprise for me. stuart: but you've never seen a more rabidly anti-trump newspaper in america, ever. there's nothing like the washington post. >> i can tell you how anti it was reagan in the eight years i served ronald reagan. stuart: i'm going to read this again, trump admits obama born in u.s., but falsely blamed clinton for starting rumors. james wall city is with us, the former director of the cia.
11:38 am
james, i know this is not your turf, i understand that. but this is so outrageous in my mind, i want a comment from the man who used to run the cia. speak. [laughter] >> stuart, this is not my turf. [laughter] i find it not easy, but reasonably doable to get inside the heads of dictators and terrorists, but trying to get inside the head of american politicians, let me tell you, i have never byrne successful at -- been successful atta that. i've worked on two political campaigns in my life, eugene mccarthy in 1967 and headed up the anti-war movement at yale in '67-'68, and then i helped my old friend john mccain back in '08. that's it. and i've served in four administrations, two republican, two democratic. stuart: and you are now an adviser -- >> i'm not the right guy to get inside the head of politicians
11:39 am
and why they do what they did. stuart: this is from the new york times just coming in with this: donald trump backed off further claims president barack obama was born in the united states, period. donald trump backed off birther claims. what else have we got? >> well, it's interesting, our reporter, blake burman, said the reporters were shouting at him as he was leafing the stage, the the questions were why have you changed your mind. it's unclear whether obama -- whether trump could hear them. but he went off to the side of the stage. but those are the questions. stuart: so that issue keeps on resurfacing, and you don't think they'll ever let it go? >> i think it's a dead issue. i think it has been for a long period of time, and nobody's going to walk into the voting booth and say, oh, donald trump said that about obama three year ares ago.
11:40 am
stuart: james woolsey, the prelude was an array of military heroes, congressional medal of horn winners and generals -- honor winners and generals and military people. how do you see that as part of the campaign, good for the campaign, solid stuff? >> oh, i think it's good for the campaign. these are remarkable men. they've done a great deal for the country, they've -- they had successful careers, many of them, in the military as well as performing the acts of heroism that got them the silver star and the congressional medal of honor and others. so i think it can only be to the good from mr. trump's point of view, that he has endorsements of those sorts of individuals. stuart: it looked very impressive. when i hear congressional medal of honor speak, you know it means something, because those guys really are exceptional. >> absolutely. stuart: yes, sir. james, i'm sorry we couldn't bring it towards more your turf,
11:41 am
but thanks very much for sitting with us all this time. we do appreciate it. >> here's the good news. he's endorsed trump after your third try of a campaign, you're going to be on the winning side this time. [laughter] stuart: nice one, ed. good stuff. all right. now, let me recap the markets, the dow was down 120, now down 78. donald trump, you just heard it, he has put the birther issue to bed. watch it again. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it, you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great
11:42 am
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11:44 am
resumption of supply from libya, also from nigeria. a lot of oil out there. take a look at thegas prices though, we've got a pipeline shut down, and so gas prices right now according to aaa about $2.18 for the average gallon of regular, that compares to about $2.18 this time last week, and last month it was $2.12. a lot of people think gas prices could be on the rise. we will, of course, continue to watch it. more "varney" is coming up in just a moment. i'm jeff flock at the cme in chicago with the fox business brief. running a business is hard.
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stuart: with the price of oil at $43 a barrel, the dow jones industrial average is down 76 points. that's what's been happening on the markets for about the past hour. donald trump moments ago said that he had just put to bed, finished the birther issue. to be precise, he said, he said: president obama was born in america. period. now let's get back to the business of making america great again. so that's it. donald trump has appeared. now this: the left says a person is guaranteed certain rights, and this is what the left is saying, that we are guaranteed -- individuals are guaranteed certain rights. our next guest says to guarantee a person something, you have to take away from another. our rights are at risk, so says john stossel, host of the great show, "strossing."
11:47 am
welcome, stossel. >> thank you. we'll cover that tonight. stuart: yes, you will. first of all, i want to ask do we have a right to health care? >> no. stuart: do we have a right to education? >> no. stuart: do we have a right to housing? >> no. stuart: do we have a right to food? >> no. stuart: and the left says we are? >> it sounds cruel, and that's why the left says, yeah, you have a right to these things, these are basic rights. but the rights that we have, all those things if they are a right, right to free health care, that means you've got to force some doctor to treat somebody or take money from someone to pay someone else to give them health care or education. the rights the constitution talks about are the right to be left alone from the politicians, from the state. free speech. a right to practice your religion as you wish. a right to be safe from arbitrary searches and seizures. stuart: what about guns? do we have a right -- >> a right to carry a gun, to bear arms. stuart: to bear arms. we do have those rights.
11:48 am
>> those are the rights in the constitution. stuart: why does the left want to invent these new rights? why do they want to do that? >> it's good, it feels good. the u.n. says you have a right to time off with pay, and people say, oh, that would be good. people don't think about how these things are paid for or what the unintended consequences are. and so we keep getting new rights. and now the students say i'm entitled to a free education. stuart: and not to mention a free space -- >> a safe space. [laughter] stuart: is this the nature of the stossel show tonight, all about rights in. >> rights at risk and who's better or worse, trump or hillary, and we'll debate that. stuart: as a newly-minted american citizen, that's right up my street. >> you newly minted? >> brand new last year, november. stossel, what time is that show? >> 9:00 tonight. stuart: on which business
11:49 am
network? we'll be be watching. thanks very much, indeed, sir. now this, trump continues to surge in the polls, yes, he does. new fox poll, he now leads hillary clinton when it comes to the economy 51-44. that's some win. joining us now, jon taffer, bar rescue host. all right, jon, you've been in trump's corner. what do you make of this? in particular, you're the guy who gets inside small businesses. how do small -- you see these people. how do they feel about trump and his growth plan? >> well, when we hear things like business taxes going from be 35% to 15%, it's hard not to have people's ears pop up, their eyebrows come up. i mean, that is a powerful and dynamic change to our entire environment, stuart. stuart: are you -- >> that impacts dollars we spend on equipment, on employees, on new locations. that's a game-changer. stuart: you're one of the few people on television who will
11:50 am
come right i out and say, you know, i'm in trump's corner on this one. you are saying that, are you not? >> i am. you know, to me, when we take a dollar from the government and put it in the private sector, that dollar goes to people in some way. i want to see more money go to people. stuart: okay. how about the mood of the people? because you talk to them all the time. you're out there. i mean, you're doing these bar rescue programs all the time, i know it. are they angry? people are angry about the way america is at the moment? >> they're not only angry -- yes. they're angry where we're going. but there's a negativism right now that, stuart, that's really powerful. and most people are voting out of dislike and hate because they dislike the other side rather than love their own. this is not a positive political environment. i think it's hitting us and rubbing off on us all. there is a negativism out there. but i'll tell you something else that's interesting, i find that many, many people that secretly say they're going to support
11:51 am
trump don't talk much about it. stuart: i'm the other way around. i think positively about this election because i want growth, i want prosperity, and that's the way i see our country going again. that's what i want. so i'm going to vote from the positive point of view, not the negative point of view. but, jon, would you hold on for a second? i know you're gearing up for another "bar rescue" season, and we want to find out what you want to make america -- american bars great again. that's the theme, and i know it is. [laughter] we'll have more after this with jon taffer. thanks, jon. >> hi, i'm jon taffer. bars are the backbone of this great nation, and i promise to make america's bars great again. in this time of uncertainty, only one person can shut this mess down, me! the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: that's jon taffer, "bar rescue" guy. he's got a new series x it's all about -- what is it, make america's bars great again. hold on, jon. i've to got another clip. here we go, roll tape. >> and, yes, i'm interested in building a wall, a wall full of beer taps. it'll be a fantastic walking.
11:56 am
am i feeling the bern? hell, i'm tasting the burn of overcooked burgers, and we're not going to take it anymore. stuart: you're jumping on donald trump eat coat tails, are you not, jon taffer? [laughter] >> look, stuart, he got a lot of mileage out of that birther issue, didn't he? he took it til the very end, and we all watched that press conference with great anticipation for revelation, and instead he put out military supporters and used that platform brilliantly, did he not? stuart: well, i think so. i think he brought it to an end, but the media's not going to let him bring it to an end. if you listen carefully, all the questions shouted at him were more about the birther. >> well, the fact of the matter is we were all watching him bring that issue to an end. he created a moment that's memorable. and memorable moments change voters' minds. and that was one of 'em. stuart: when does your new series start, because i want to watch. [laughter] >> sunday night, 10:00.
11:57 am
spike tv. stuart: which one? >> spike tv. 10:00 sunday night, this sunday night. new season of "bar rescue," stuart. stuart: and it's bar rescue all over again with sort of a political theme in the promos, that's it? >> we can't get away from politics these days, can we? stuart: no, we can't. jon taffer, good man all around. we'll see you later. stuart: we will have more varney for you after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: well, well, well, if you ever want proof that the webster ratio -- >> oh, it just changed. stuart: -- is absolutely perfect, this is it. the dow industrials down 77 points -- >> 76, yeah. stuart: the price of oil, 77. the webster ratio actually
12:00 pm
works. [laughter] i mean, get this man a raise. >> thank you very much. stuart: forget about it. >> from your lips to god's ears. stuart: it's been an extraordinary day. the markets have been moving and politics? wow, what a day. donald trump says president obama was born in america, period. neil cavuto, it's yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. all right, so you just heard and have seen what's going on this morning. hillaryand you you have hillaryd donald trump with key addresses to the media today. take a look. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurk in our country. [applause] barack obama was born in america, plain and and simple, and donald trump owes he and the america people an apology. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get


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