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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: forget about it. >> from your lips to god's ears. stuart: it's been an extraordinary day. the markets have been moving and politics? wow, what a day. donald trump says president obama was born in america, period. neil cavuto, it's yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. all right, so you just heard and have seen what's going on this morning. hillaryand you you have hillaryd donald trump with key addresses to the media today. take a look. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurk in our country. [applause] barack obama was born in america, plain and and simple, and donald trump owes he and the america people an apology. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great again.
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[cheers and applause] thank you. neil: i point out that in the latter, that is donald trump's planned press be event, he kept everyone sort of dangling for a couple of hours before he made that short, simple, declarative sentence. but not before a who's who of military brass, medal of honor winners and the like dating back to the vietnam war, were singing his praises. brilliantly orchestrated or a way to avoid an embarrassing comment? you decide. right now we have former bush 43 spokesperson mercedes schlapp, democratic strategist jim kessler, and our own charlie gasparino. in a week he has been cleaning up -- that is, in the polls can be did this help or hurt donald trump? >> help, i think. he controlled the news cycle. what donald trump is not good about is trying to keep some stuff contained in his head and not going off script. but in many ways when he's on script, he controls the news cycle. think about what he said here. he had a bunch of military guys come out, they all said nice
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things about him -- neil: did we know that -- i was kind of caught off guard with this planned event, did we know that all these military brass were going to be there? >> i didn't think so, i thought he was going to put the issue -- but instead he got all this planned. neil: well, her campaign in 2007 was doing some weird stuff, not her. be that as it ray, it's history. jim kessler's a democratic separate9 gist here. he can't escape the fact, that is trump, that reporters are going to bring up in follow-up appearances and how aggressively he takes it on is anyone's guess. what do you think of the way he handled remarks today versus hillary clinton? >> so, first of all, i think he had great stage craft on this, but i also feel, look, he was leading movement for eight years. you just can't say change your mind and it's behind you.
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and, hook, he blamed hillary clinton -- and look, he blamed hillary clinton for this first. and be i was watching fox news beforehand, and they were saying that is a lie. and the reason why he blamed her first is, there's one reason: he's a coward, he cannot take responsibilities for his actions. this birther movement is on him and him himself. and, look, the more people are talking about it, the more ridiculous he looks. yeah, i think he had nice stage crafted that, but this is an embarrassing issue for him. neil: all right. i'll take it you're not a trump fan. [laughter] mercedes, it's all about moving at the margin, i think. you guys are all the political experts here, so i'll defer to you, but it's all about moving a few people who might have thought that his raising this issue in the first place years ago was racist. that's how the media presented it, i think that's a little extreme. having said that, he dials it back. isn't this part of an effort, maybe beginning with going to african-american churches and the like, to just peel off a little bit more african support than would normally be the case
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and to tip the scales in his fair? as some -- in his favor? as some cynics have said to women and particularly birth care and the rest, that this is a calculated measure to try to tip the scales in his favor. not getting a majority of the young women vote, not getting a majority, certainly, of the african-american vote, but just enough to tip the scales. >> okay. where trump wins is when he talks policy, and one thing that trump has been able to do effectively in the past several weeks is focus on the kitchen table issues like school choice, like childcare. those are -- that's what he's been able to -- neil: so put this one to bed -- >> let me tell you why -- neil: i don't know if it's put to bed here. >> well, i think it has been in the sense that it's finished, it's done, he's pivoting to what he needs to be talking about, the economy, the only one -- neil: [inaudible] >> he slightly did, and the media just grabbed onto it, latched -- >> well, he did say it. >> -- this is going to be the big issue that we're going to
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analyze and dissect over and over again. now, for a campaign six weeks out, the last thing you want to be talking about is the birther controversy -- neil: or maybe, no, no, i understand what you're saying, but, charlie, maybe it's going to come up again. they were already raising it, the washington post was bringing it up just last night. get it out of the way, but it does disrupt his momentum -- >> yes. it's a noxious issue. it was horrible when he brought it up, i don't care -- listen, i -- it is one of the worst parts about american, about donald trump's campaign, to suggest that the u.s. president wasn't born here when the overwhelming evidence is that he was. you know, but, you know, if you listen to his speech yesterday, and this is where -- neil: the one before the economic club. >> you will see that the kind of kitchen table issues, there is no comparison. this guy has a clue about growth, at least his advisers do. he's going to push a growth agenda. and guess what? if he goes back and mentions that every day, you know,
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birther issue will be there, and it should be there, but it'll be down on the list. neil: all right. jim kessler, maybe you can get a sense of this whole back and forth forth you hear from a lot of folks who say trump election or even improvement in the polls is going to rattle the markets. this was something that mark cuban had raised with me, and donald trump responding to that with our maria bartiromo just this morning. react to this. are you worried after a pretty quiet august, you're a pretty good investor, that we're in for a rocky fall? >> there's the uncertainty of the election. i have my trump hedge on. in the event donald wins, i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks. >> the problem with mark, he's not smart enough to understand what we're doing. he's really not smart enough, in my opinion, to understand what's going on, and he's a mixed-up guy. and i think this, look, i think that this plan is a great plan. we're in trouble. explain to mark we have $20
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trillion in debt, we have high taxes in this country, very high taxes. neil: what do you think of that, jim? >> i think mark cuban is right. if donald trump is elected president, there's enough people out there who think this guy is, you know, a little bit unhinged. i mean, that's what a lot of republicans are saying. i mean, that's what mitt romney -- neil: not as many, right, jim? not as many. so he's done something to the sort of quiet that restiveness. >> okay. i think the markets are going to look at this guy and say i have no idea what he's doing. >> short term. >> that's definitely one of the problems -- >> no, no, no, listen, i think the market's going to sell off, but let me tell you something, his plan will create growth. listen, if you're telling me that the markets are going to sell off forever when in the face of a massive reduction in corporate taxes, a simplified tax code, less regulations, you're telling me the market's going to sell off on that, what are you, kidding me?
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if that happens, buy it, buy the market. >> okay. >> that is the best pro-growth agenda we've had in eight years. it will -- long term it cannot sell off facing that. >> but let me tell you something, i've never seen a time when if a republican got elected president, people were worried sick that the economy would sell off, but that's happening right now -- >> no, because there is no doubt -- [inaudible conversations] neil: i do want to -- i'm sorry, charlie, but, you know, if memory serves me right, there was a great deal of skittishness about ronald reagan°. >> absolutely. neil: so history proves that, you know, people get ahead of themselves. but, mercedes, i do want to get your thoughts on this trump anxiety thing, and i couple it with what we were just discussing with all that military brass that was in that room singing trump's praises. is he overcoming that doubt, and is he positioning himself as the guy who, despite all the concerns and the rancor you hear, is easing military
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leaders' concern that he's not a nut, that he's not going to be a crackpot and that maybe the market's increasing stability in the face of polls that show him doing okay is a sign that it too is a little bit more sanguine about his winning? what do you think? >> well, i think for the most part when you look at the polls and the tightening of the polls, you're starting to see that donald trump's economic message -- and i think his national security message -- are selling. i think that he's now starting to put meat to the bones in terms of his policies. and be i think when he's focused on those topics, it really does show that he is willing to listen to his military leaders, to be able to listen to his economic advisers and make executive decisions. i mean, as much as people -- it hasn't reduced the anxiety. i think you're seeing more republicans starting to get onboard. obviously, the washington insiders, the ones that have played politics the same way for the last 30 years, they're not excited about donald trump. donald trump is coming in as an
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outsider to shake things up in washington, and that is what he's been running on. those republicans are uncomfortable. neil: everything comes down to that debate. >> absolutely. >> yeah. if he seems like a normal, rational human being -- which he's increasingly seeming like -- neil: that's a very good point. the way he's been presented is as a complete nutcase. he actually has a very low bar. if he just shows up and breathes -- >> well, ronald reagan had a low bar in 198 to 0, and he cleared it against jimmy carter. they thought he was this mean, dour person -- >> the danger about that, it was the a week before the election. one and done and then reagan, you know -- >> but i think -- >> i think the debates will matter for the first time since 2000 in this election. i mean, you've got a race that is tight as a tick, and -- neil: i will agree with you on that. i think the debates are going to be big deciders here -- >> for the first time. >> and i would watch the stock market. neil: yes, i would to. >> i agree with him, i would watch the stock market after the debate because it's
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increasingly -- in the face of the fed possibly raising rates, it's pretty stable even with donald winning. neil: and i may be overstating it too, and i don't like to glean market action -- >> right. neil: -- but that could be interesting to watch. thank you all very much. >> thank you. neil: by the way, the house financial services committee is beginning to open an investigation into this whole wells fargo thing and whether this thrusting all these accounts on customers there was on the up and up or had the highest blessings all the way up to the ceo's office. remember, elizabeth warren with our own peter barnes yesterday all but said that. separately, i should bring your attention to a meeting going on i think, guys, in the oval office, right? john kasich, the ohio governor, has yet to support donald trump. he's in that room also finding a way to push for trade. this is the best governor kasich can do right now with that white house backdrop, to talk about that asian trade deal, tpp as it's known. and he's talking about how he stands by that and thinks it will be beneficial and a unique
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opportunity to see the good for the american people and a unique opportunity to put country ahead of politics. so governor kasich is singing the praises of the trade deal that a lot of mainstream republicans want to see done, many other democrats. the fact of the matter, donald trump opportunity want to see it done. hillary clinton suddenly has done a reversal, so she doesn't want to see it done. but this all started with trump who said it is dead on arrival. wow. that's a guy who's dominating the political debate. more after this this. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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the trans-pacific partnership deal, that looks dead on arrival right now with the premier presidential candidates both opposed to it, even though a lot of mainstreamers in the republican and democratic parties are okay with the deal. it doesn't look like a vote is likely, maybe mt. lame duck session of -- maybe in the lame duck session of congress. kasich saying it's a good deal. donald trump says it's a sham of a deal, and hillary clinton -- who originally liked it in her secretary of state days -- is now as a presidential candidate saying it's a bad deal, and she wants no part of it. again, i did a double take when i saw, whoa, it's president kasich. it's not. all right, investors finishing out a crazy week, and a lot of it was driven by politics, but more by the prospect of an interest rate hike. and be i guess, connell mcshane, a little less of a possibility now what's the latest? >> it is. the odds are going down, neil, and it started with that calendar last friday is when we really started to see things
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change. the odds of a rate hike at next week's meeting was at 24%. so that was a week ago today. we're now down to 15%. now, remember, it wasn't very likely, even there it's a three out of four chance that they would not be going up last friday, but that is a pretty good move in one week. what has happened? well, this is kind of where politics meets economics. we'll talk about donald trump and what he said about the fed in a moment, but there's certainly an economic argument here to be made for not raising interest rates. we've had some data that's come in yesterday on the consumer with with the retail sales number, the industrial production number, all of the inflation numbers we've seen that would tell you this is not the time to be raising interest rates. you have no inflation, the consumer has been weak, the august jobs number was weak. so as we go forward with the dow at 18,001, you start to think about september. what about december? if we are only in those 12-15% chance in september, december's probably about a 50/50 right now. remember, the fed at the
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beginning of the year said they were going to do four hikes this year. there is now a chance if you take that 50/50 december into consideration that maybe they don't get anywhere close to that. so four this year is definitely off the table, obviously. now to trump. i was over at the waldorf-astoria yesterday when he talked about a number of different things, his own economic plan, but also this, the federal reserve. listen. >> the fed has become extremely political. i don't think they would do -- i really believe if it was a political decision or the right decision, they're going to go with the political decision every single time. >> so i know a lot of people, neil, feel that way, and trump has talked about it a number of times. again, there's been economic evidence over the last week, the consumer evidence that i talked about and some of these other comments beginning with lael brainard, the federal reserve official on friday, that make the argument now's not the time to be hiking rates. neil: and, by and large, donald trump got good press on those
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remarks. connell, thank you very much. speaking of that economic plan in which donald trump says he could our growth be up to 3.5-4%, by and large a lot of people that watched that, followed that said that eased a lot of their nerves about what he would bring should he get elected president economically. we have the president for the committee for a responsible budget on the details of that policy and what her views were of it. maya, very good to have you. to just see a smattering of the press, not across the board, those who say his numbers don't add up, but they appreciated them nonetheless, and he did a lot on the economic policy front with which he's most comfortable to assuage doubters, maybe doubters in that room. what do you think? >> i thought it was an important speech for donald trump for a number of reasons. one, it was a more disciplined, focused and policy solution-oriented speech than we had heard when he was talking about his economic plan, and i think that kind of laid out a
12:20 pm
framework and a plan with more detail than we'd seen before. number two and very importantly from my perspective, his previous tax and economic plan had been incredibly fiscally irresponsible in that it would have added over $10 trillion to the national debt, a debt that's already on track to increase by another $9 trillion over that same ten-year period if we do nothing. so that's a lot of debt. and his plan he scaled back significantly where he broughtz, and he laid out another option for offsetting some of those cuts with spending cuts. i do think the numbers don't add up, and i think they're overly reliant on economic growth, but i was very glad to see the plan moving more towards the area of fiscal reality, be not yet getting -- if not yet getting to fiscal responsibility. neil: yeah, he gave and he took back. he was originally talking about a top rate, to your point, about 25%. i think in this latest proposal
12:21 pm
it's 33%, but for those in that top bracket, they should dial back their expectations, because he will limit their writeoffs, etc. having said all that, he says it's going to help create this economic boom that will translate into this great growth. jack welch is convinced of that, but we all know that growth can solve a lot of problems, can deal with wiping away deficits, maybe taking a stab at this debt. but that kind of growth, what do you think? >> yeah. i wish it were true. i think the campaign is overly wishful in arguing that it would be true, and here's why. when we've had higher levels of growth in the past, one of the main reasons was we had demographics on our side. the baby boomers were in their prime working years. what we should have been doing at that time was a lot of things he's talking about, reforming the tax code -- neil: right. >> -- but also reforming our entitlement programs, and we did not. and that is a huge missed opportunity that is going to hurt us and is hurting us
12:22 pm
already now because those baby boomers are moving into retirement. that means must costlier promises will have to be fulfilled on the entitlement side and slower growth. so when we're talking about growth rates increasing by 75% or more from where they are right now with demographics working against us, i'm afraid that's just not realistic, and we certainly shouldn't be banking on it on these fiscal plans, because if we do have plans, that would still add trillions of dollars to the debt -- as this one in all likelihood would. that actually brings down your growth rate to those higher levels of debt would harm us economically and slow growth, and that's exactly what we don't want to be doing. neil: even if we get a little bit more, it would be better -- >> all would be better, that's right. we need growth to fix problem, but we can't grow our way out of this program problem. neil: maya, thank you very much. for those who aren't steeped in this stuff, more growth, better economic growth just to state the obvious here, means more people working, businesses thriving and more taxes coming
12:23 pm
in to uncle sam which does a lot of good unless they spend it all crazily, and piss it all away. that's a big concern. all right, in the meantime here's the proof you need that donald trump must be resonating. there are fewer and fewer of these no-trumpers. but here's another sign, his campaign is taking in more money. the read on that after this. ♪ ♪
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neil: all right. you know, donald trump has already been doing better in the polls. look at this latest fox one. in a four-way race right now, it's as tight as a tick. they're essentially tied, he and hillary clinton. when you take the other two out, which is telling in and of itself, he leads. bottom line, in one battleground state after another he's either narrowed the gap or he's lead anything states like ohio, florida, north carolina. what is going on here?
12:27 pm
well, very, very few now of the so-called never-trumpers out there, and very few now doubting that it's worth their money to commit money to the trump campaign. nick port on that part of the -- noel on that part of the story. >> good to see you, neil. neil: are doubters getting off the pence and putting their money -- off the fence and putting their money where their increasing hope is? >> well, i'll tell you what, when republicans can smell a victory, it will lead to money. and you've got to admit, for once i actually feel like the republican party is starting to unite. as trump moves up in the polls and starts acting presidential, he's meeting with leaders in mexico, he's going down to the disaster areas in louisiana, he's got a great childcare plan, he's got a fantastic tax and regulatory plan, this is starting to mold him x people are starting to say, hey, you know what? this guy is actually coming together x this guy may actually pull it off. the swing states, neil, are so important. ohio and florida.
12:28 pm
and, you know, this is going to tell donors, you know what? either i'm going to get on the trump train, or i'm to going to be left behind, and for what, you know? all it stakes is the stroke of a check, and a lot of these bundlers are just about at the tipping point to where they can see a path to victory, neil. neil: you know, it can be fleeting though. remember mitt romney had this brief halo when he did so well in the first debate with barack obama, then he didn't seize on that for the second or third debate. that was the conventional wisdom. and he lost his chance to take advantage of the new money that was coming in and the new excitement that was being expressed within the republican party. so aren't some of those guys who are still not, you know, giving money cognizant of that and concerned about getting burnt again? >> oh, you're always busting my bubble. [laughter] i was on a roll. neil: i know, just doing my job. >> you know, neil, yes, that's true. it's true. but i think a lot of people are
12:29 pm
starting to look at him as a whole -- look, his very first deal he did that really showed people about how he would govern was the pick of mike pence, a true conservative, a true conservative that, you know, reflects the republican party platform. this is something that didn't even endorse him, you know? neil: that's true, you're right. by the way, if you catch what chris christie said, i think on msnbc, that he thinks -- i'm paraphrasing, that he would have been the running mate had it not been from the bridgegate scandal and the attention -- >> you know, possibly so. i like chris christie. he knows how to govern, to get things done. i really like him, i like him personally. but i've got to tell you, it may have been too much for the ticket. you did have the bridgegate scandal going on. it's unfortunate, but it may have overshadowed -- and trump had enough of his own negative going on: at the time, you know, it may not have been the best pick. so christie may have been right. but overall, pence was a solid choice. and any conservative that will,
12:30 pm
you know, that was going to wonder how's trump going to govern, this is a beautiful pick. and look who he's got on his economic advisory team. he's got stephen moore. stephen moore was the founder of club for growth, if you'll remember, before pat toomey took it over. and, you know, he is nothing but, you know, low-tax and less regulation. so he's got some champions underneath him. if this doesn't constitute somebody getting off, you know, the fence to write a check, i don't know what it would take to unite them. neil: that's interesting. and all these big military honchos today to try to buttress support that he's not going to be, you know, crazy in there on foreign policy, at least with their backing. we shall see. noel, good seeing you again. thank you very much. >> thanks. neil: all right. well, you know, apple is on fire with this new iphone be 7, but that on fire is the reason why samsung is not. after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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only at td ameritrade. neil: deutsche shares plunging, the united states is funding $14 million going after apple for $15 billion. whether that is a trade partner, this is the same white house
12:35 pm
criticizing donald trump for inviting a trade war by putting tariff for taxes that are manufactured abroad. ford promising to make vehicles in mexico, donald trump said i will put a 35% tax on those vehicles sold in the united states. this is a trade war too. samsung, iphone launches, very strong, crowds are big today and the official release of the iphone 7. >> we will get to the business of the iphone, we want to talk about samsung because that is something we have to deal with, different video from all over
12:36 pm
the world of these samsung galaxy smartphones catching fire, 90 reported cases in the united states and that is why the consumer product safety commission ordered the recall yesterday of these phones, 1 million in the united states, and by september 21st, it could cost samsung something like $5 billion. samsung globally had 22% of the smart phone, apple has 11.8%, and the first day of delivery, we were there when the door opened on fifth avenue in manhattan, people were in line and to the cheers of apple store employees come a lot of excitement but in years past, the lines were much longer. people ordered their phones and
12:37 pm
time to pick up their phone like a reservation in a restaurant. iphone 7 still available, you won't get the jet black model. neil: people have to wait until november or december, thank you very much. apple had a big run on this, samsung's problem up 12%, charles payne on what that means and what that is telling you. charles: it is great news for apple. apple has gone nuts. the schematic sauna, revolutionary, the offense of lines, this is mana from heaven for apple. neil: apple is surprised. charles: who knew? neil: that is what did it. charles: this was almost a
12:38 pm
nonstory. apple stock ripped it a little bit, everyone put it on pause, we will see what happens later. the watch is so/so. we are going into neutral space. this has worked out. neil: take a close look at the dog of the day, a lot of people have given up on samsung, their node 7 blowing up on people, people -- apple and samsung in this particular case lost too sin. charles: competition is great for everyone including the consumer and this is a battle that will go on and on and it will go beyond these phones. samsung just bought an appliance company, the internet of things which a couple years ago ge was trying to sell the company, jcpenney is selling appliances again because the battle broadens, the phone is part of this battle, samsung, one of the world its largest conglomerates. it will interesting to see how
12:39 pm
this plays out over the next three or four years. charles: a refrigerator, do you really need that. you may not know that. charles: mine will be run out, you open it up. the chip replacement. the midnight snack. neil: thank you very much. we are that close. jack welch is going on the never trump camp. mark cuban responding to donald trump saying he isn't smart enough to understand pretty much anything. cuban just challenged him to something, that is what billionaires do. after this. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that.
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supply from nigeria coming into the market. oil prices are down, gas prices could be on the rise because the colonial pipeline which services 13 states on the eastern seaboard has a problem. it is shut down, gas prices could be on the way up. $2.18, same as last week. a little more than it was a month ago. we will be back in a second on the foxbusiness network. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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>> the problem with mark, he is not smart enough to understand what we are doing. neil: mark cuban was critical of donald trump when he was with us a week ago. mark cuban not letting that go. tweeting a few months ago, and the plan is gibberish. or donald trump did. regulations too high. that is their money. $10 million to the charity of your choice, and their substance. there you go. what are you going to do? >> whatever you want to do. neil: jack welch sent a message,
12:45 pm
he was critical the never trump movement can't give up. take a listen. what do you make of that? >> i didn't like him taking the pledge and walking away. the comments trump made about his wife, i can understand the reaction to that but he made a pledge to seaport the nominee and i am disappointed they backed away from it. neil: could you support ted cruz again? >> i would think twice about it. neil: you think republicans have to get on board, you may not love donald trump but that is your position? >> i am voting for a republican at the top of the ticket. i look at the policies of republicans versus democrats and i am all for jobs. i thought trump at the club, i thought he was presidential and
12:46 pm
substantive and his comments were first rate. i love his tax plan, tapping deductions on the wealthy and it is important that we have a policy that trump outlined today that we will have people nitpicking it all over the place but at least it is not more of the same which i have watched for eight years the squeezing down of this economy, the choking off of climate change being the number one priority, it is not the number one priority, terrorism, we got to get a country that is growing where everybody has opportunity. neil: the way to get that is have the rich foot more of the bill, they have not been paying their fair share. >> we have been raising taxes steadily. neil: when they say fair share,
12:47 pm
return to 39.6, what do you worry about with that? >> you can't keep sucking incentive out of the system. the wealthy are paying their fair share. we have to get more people into the pot with growing wages and the way we get growing wages is create more jobs and be more competitive. neil: the liberal argument is raise taxes on the rich, get a $15 minimum wage going, if you can't do it by market forces, forcibly crunch it. >> we tried this was we have no economy. we are growing at 1.5 to 2%. we have too many people out of the workforce. the lowest participation rate. these things are real. people are out of work. people are looking for a policy
12:48 pm
that drives growth in america. we will get it, have a shot at it. we know more of clinton and obama, obama liking regulation and taxes, we know that, we tried it for eight years. neil: we come off of that and it is working. >> to stop it. neil: why are you yelling at me? >> you are trying to rile me up. i just know -- neil: we both had heart operations. >> i hope you get 21 years like i have had with mine. neil: thank you for your kind words and support but i have to ask you this, barack obama in philadelphia, the press coverage of donald trump that he gets away with saying outlandish
12:49 pm
stuff. i look at the same thing and i see a lot of rough coverage, how do you think the media is harsher on hillary clinton? >> you watch morning joe, you get three hours of hating trump. you watch sean hannity at 10:00 and get one full hour of hating hillary clinton. neil: cnbc is in the tank for hillary. >> i don't think that. i don't notice that. neil: you shut your head the other way. i never noticed that but i do notice the country is sick of the media driving -- neil: you think trump can pool this. >> he has a 50/50 shot. neil: for the record, get some facts on this poll, the cuban/trump back and forth,
12:50 pm
donald trump did go, finished at the wharton school of economics, transferred for two years, the notion that he never did is wrong, he did. in the meantime, trump has been marked over fast food. jo piscopo is here to criticize anyone on that after this. [alarm beeping]
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
neil: i love stuff like that. i really do like stuff like that. humor helps. it does help and who knows that better than my buddy jo piscopo. it helps. what did you think of that >> he did it to me, get hairspray, stuff i put in there. neil: he does this a lot, comes at a time when he is being made fun of quite often and lately over his eating habits and junk food. in new jersey when john corzine was criticizing chris christie it didn't work. >> you know donald trump, i know donald trump and he has a sense of humor. he is a good guy. people don't understand was when you meet him personally like
12:55 pm
that. neil: don't know about the humble. >> he is always like that around me, doing nonprofit work but jimmy fallon -- neil: thought it was very self-effacing for trump to do it, what was the group that was dumping water? there is a history to that but does he need to do more? hillary might not be known for a great sense of humor but she can be funny but she is very guarded, very uptight. >> donald goes on doctor oz which was brilliant because women watch the show, listening to kelly and conway who is so great. that is all he has to do is go to the debate, so exciting, can't believe we are here, every morning on the radio, not just donald but a big movement of
12:56 pm
tens of millions of americans. neil: do you get a sense that it is working? to hear the white house tell that he is trivializing the -- don't think there is anything wrong with it but don't criticize someone else for being on the same show. >> exactly right and it is working. from my fine -- donald trump can win today. we will see what happens with the debates but right now today it is a slamdunk. in swing states it is amazing. i had senator scott brown on, you tell me to take him out, he is running a triathlon this weekend and i talked to charlie, charlie looks like one of those guys, judge bench pressed rhode island. i'm charles payne, i am doing business. my neck is too thick.
12:57 pm
come on. taking you to the gym. charlie should open the show that way. neil: a sub sandwich, we will explore that.
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
neil: the birther issue, did donald trump put it to bed? blake berman with the latest details. >> it was donald trump who was the most public figure in the earlier portion of the decade pushing forward that birther theory as it was called and it was trump today himself who tried to put it to rest. he had an event in washington dc which was supposed to focus on veterans and veterans that support him but after comments he made in an interview to the washington post in which he would not say if he believed the president was indeed an american born in the united states trump
1:01 pm
brought the issue up after telling maria bartiroma this morning he would do so. he brought the issue up and tried to put an end to the whole thing. it was trump earlier. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. >> reporter: through applause with his supporters but the clinton campaign just put out a statement in the last few minutes reads in full, quote, trump's actions today were
1:02 pm
disgraceful. after 5 years of pushing a racist conspiracy theory into the mainstream it was appalling to watch trump appoint himself the judge of whether the president of the united states is american was the sickening display shows more than ever why donald trump is unfit to be president. before trump made the statement president obama and hillary clinton commented on it. the president for the most part once again laughed it off while clinton tried to keep it front and center as a campaign issue. >> i am shocked that a question like that would come up at a time when we have so many other things to do. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> reporter: just down the street at the white house a while ago press secretary josh earnest was asked if the president would look for an apology from donald trump, he says he doesn't think the president cares for one at all.
1:03 pm
he clearly wants to get past this issue from many years ago. neil: every news network waiting for that. thanks very much. mark cuban and donald trump are still clashing over donald trump's plans to get the economy revving up. are you worried after a pretty quiet august, you are pretty good investor, that we are in for a rocky fall. >> there is the uncertainty of the election. i have my trump hedge on, no doubt in my mind the market tanked. >> he is not smart enough to understand what we are doing, not smart enough to understand what is going on. neil: do you think mark cuban will let that go unanswered? minutes later offering this up, donald trump's $10 million,
1:04 pm
interview for four hours on his plan that will go to charity. reagan's budget director, author of the new book trump, just as an e-book. the world has changed. you default into trump a little bit, donald trump's overwhelming virtue, hillary clinton does not carry a 30-year-old bag of bad ideas, hillary has establishment ideas how to fix the coming economic and foreign policy crisis, trump cannot possibly be worse. not a ringing endorsement. >> praising with faint damn. neil: not as bad. >> he is doing a wonderful thing stirring up the status quo, a 30-year-old bag of deplorables, ideas and policy in records and
1:05 pm
not her supporters but we have a fed that is out of control, that is punishing the area between the coasts because if you are a wage earner your wages are not keeping up with inflation but the fed has a 2% inflation target and the more you try to keep up or stay at the list competitive you become. neil: he hates the fed. >> he is doing a great job. he called the elephant in the room. neil: what would he do as president? >> what he said yesterday in his economic speech was pretty encouraging. it was brilliant in some ways, productive procapitalist rhetoric we have heard since jack kemp. neil: you like big tax cuts. >> i am worried about deficits. the idea that we cut taxes 4 $.6 trillion over ten years should not be shocking, there
1:06 pm
are $42 trillion built into the baseline so that is 10% but the difference is it won't come back and grow because they already got more growth on the baseline then we will get. neil: that alone would bring 3.5%. growth is everything. >> growth is everything but you have to deal with the spending side of the equation. where i fault them is to suggest entitlements can be addressed. how can that be? we spend 2 $.7 trillion a year on medical and retirement entitlements. we have 2 mainstay it and we don't have to hurt 40 million retirees who don't have other sources of income but there are 10 million retirees who have a lot of -- neil: would you do it imminently? >> the idea you give people 10 years of notice is wrong, social security will be insolvent by
1:07 pm
2026. i would point out there are 50,000 millionaires closer to 30 today, they don't need the checks. neil: this is something people pay into. >> the answer is almost every one gives back more on the present value basis from social security than they paid in. if you take medicare and social security together it is $400,000 of lifetime benefits today, taxes paid in $200,000 for the average wage worker, the next generation and current generation supporting the last one. this isn't going to work as demographics get worse and worse. the other thing i would say is trump is being misled by people who say we have to rebuild the fence. we have a $7 million defense budget which is bigger than the best 9 countries in the world, we have plenty of the fence. neil: we waste some of that money.
1:08 pm
>> the pentagon is the swampland of waste. you shrink the thing, not add. neil: tax-cut alone would get the economy going, rev it up? using the ronald reagan example. they got the economy booming. the wrap against ronald reagan at that time, a lot more money came in but they spend it like crazy. >> you are dealing with a rosy scenario. without going into details the baseline overestimates gdp under current policy by $11 trillion. revenue, taxable income, if we do everything they are suggesting by way of tax cuts,
1:09 pm
stimulation of energy, cracking down in china, barely going to earn back the excess revenue in the baseline. you have to cut, can't pretend it is waste, fraud and abuse and one penny on the dollar will make a difference. it is one penny on the dollar, not a fair statement. he is talking about $600 billion of spending in discretionary areas, not entitlements, not defense. 1% of that $6 billion a year we spend every 13 hours in the federal government. neil: surely we could cut the 1%. >> that is the beginning. neil: you have to start somewhere. one thing the turns hillary clinton off is she will keep adding to the spending. it is paid for by taxes on upper income. >> not even close, ceos like $10 trillion of new deficits building, the next president
1:10 pm
will inherit 20, adding $30 trillion, gdp, obviously built in $30 trillion right now by the middle of the decade, gdp, $34 trillion -- 140% so the point is yes, let's stimulate the economy, shrink the government. i would rather see the payroll tax cut and corporate tax eliminated entirely. if we really want to give a jolt to business and hiring and productive work, better than the income tax cuts, either one would be better than what the incumbent regime would propose. neil: have they reached out to you? >> we have been in touch. neil: i would think politically he would avoid you like the plague.
1:11 pm
interesting. is trump out now. it does make you think and get both parties back to reality. we have some reagan memorabilia that will be put up for auction. are you interested? >> absolutely. neil: you are very cheap, going very high on this. neil: hillary clinton just hitting trump on the whole birther issue again but it is what she said that is not going to go unnoticed.
1:12 pm
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. neil: donald trump, i want to keep it short, the president of the united states was born in the united states but she is not
1:15 pm
letting go, tweeting donald trump has spent years peddling a racist conspiracy undermining the first african-american president, he can't just take it back. the syndicated columnist murdoch, what do you think? >> hillary, wants to take it back, took it back are now says he can't take it back, which is a? it is amazing she is wanting to go back to this and the deplorable people. neil: being the first african-american by challenging his authority to be in that office -- >> everything the democrats a is racist. they have nothing else. hillary can't run on the clinton/obama economy which is charging had at 0.95%. neil: is it fair to stop some african-americans from thinking about donald trump? >> democrats are terrified because for the first time a republican nominee has done something we have been begging
1:16 pm
them to do which is ask for black votes for you won't get 100% of them, won't get 60%, if you get 15% to 20% you win the election. he goes black to neighborhoods talking about how his plan is good for black americans and asks for their support. a few polls put him at 18%, 19%. he will get some. neil: he will be lucky to get 5. >> if it is a tight election he gets 10% or 15%, that could make the difference would rather than let that happen they scream racism every day because they have nothing else to offer. neil: he also has outreach to women. my view of this and you follow it more closely, he is not expecting to take off everybody but if he can get enough in favor with women on this childcare provision and african-americans he might close
1:17 pm
the deal. >> if the election is as close as it is now, who knows what the third-party candidate. neil: why is that happening? is that her tumbling? >> her stumbling the last three weeks and he also has been very focused, more or less turned off his twitter account and been giving specific policy solutions based speeches on the economy, immigration, fighting terrorism, school choice, has gone to a couple charter schools in black neighborhoods, he talked about childcare the other day, very specific, concrete, generally limited government proposals, his popularity has gone up. neil: the debates are everything, they want to get under his skin and make fun of him or something. what does he have to do? >> i don't know what degree he is practicing, out to do a lot
1:18 pm
of debate prep and stay positive and talk about solutions, she is good about bringing up racism and xena phobia and he talks about things he wants to do to get this barely crawling economy up and running and let americans go back to work. neil: she has gone to the point of embracing her inner nerd which may or may not be real where that is what she is going to expose to the american people in the next 53 days. will that work? i can't out pizzazz and entertainer like trump but i will be the nerd showing i am on top of these issues which will that do it? >> she can show she is bright and understand command of detail, nobody doubt that but command of detail about bad ideas, she can go in detail about these awful ideas to raise taxes, spend more money, regulate like crazy and get involved in global warming policy and tremendous point by point understanding of that but they are bad ideas that won't
1:19 pm
get this economy thriving which it desperately needs to do. neil: someone told me eq windover iq. very good seeing you. in the meantime as we are talking, samsung dealing with more fallout with phones that blowup, they have a recall going to the government has a recall going and iphone sales are soaring. a textbook example of how not to respond to a crisis after this. with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis.
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1:22 pm
neil: the iphone 7 is available to the public today. waiting on some apple store lines to get your hands on that shiny black model. that is delayed and so popular. stock's light downdraft is down
1:23 pm
10% this week. samsung not having the same we, market share is at risk because for all smart phones, samsung with a variety of phones under the galaxy umbrella control the market, when out of four phones out there globally, apple has one out of 10. if you think about it samsung has done everything with this crisis but critically had a phone in the note 7 and all the phones of late. can it come back? a lot of people are leery of having the phone. >> under promised how bad this was and the fed had to step in and say you can't bring these phones on planes, can't leave them in the car, cars are setting on fire, it is a series major concern for samsung and they are paying the price.
1:24 pm
beneficial recall because they underplay how bad they are. neil: do you know what they offered if you bought the phone? they are telling people we will swap it out, give cash. >> if you bought the phone before september 15th which was this week they will give a replacement phone. they don't have enough phones to replace the ones that are being returned. and the difference in price, they will give you a $25 gift certificate which for the risk of having a pocket low up is not enough. it doesn't seem like enough to make consumers happy, maybe not. neil: another fellow who owns a galaxy phone. his phone was elevated, blowing up in his pocket, that could
1:25 pm
make everything anxious about owning a samsung phone. >> never had anything this scale. they have been one off with recall stuff. there has never been anything like this. they are taking a hit. the galaxy note brand should just die out to replace that. it means exploding phone in your pocket, who wants to buy that? neil: what is important is the camera. i thought it was a superior camera. the larger model has a great camera, don't know how significant it is. this is my only bonds with young people. it is a big edge for samsung. >> no one want to carry around a
1:26 pm
huge thing, they just want to carry a huge thing, it has had the better camera for so long for now apple jumps in, their new phone has two cameras built into it for extra fidelity. another thing counting against it. neil: the smaller model doesn't. >> it is a better camera but not extremely better. >> we will watch how it goes. the cofounder, very smart guy. jack welch has been in the news beginning with his appearance on fox news. has a message for the never trump, get over it and has a message for ted cruz, i am so over you. what is going on here? how is this happening that donald trump is overcoming the doubters including arguably one of the greatest ceos the country
1:27 pm
has ever known. we will debate it after this. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. . . there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants.
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1:30 pm
neil: all right. jack welch has a message for all you never trump percent, including you, ted cruz. get over it. what do you make of that? >> i didn't like it. i didn't like him taking the pledge and then walking away. now he was obviously piqued by the comments that trump made about his wife, so i can understand some reaction to that, but, he made a pledge, as -- neil: to support the nominee.
1:31 pm
>> support the nominee and i'm disappointed they backed away from it. neil: would you think twice about ever supporting cruz again? >> i would think twice about it. neil: all right. that's the message. and probably trump supporter carl higbie agrees, never trumper, jonathan hoenig probably does not. jonathan, you have long been on record saying trump's not your guy. is hillary? >> unfortunately she is, neil and i'm sorry to see so many capitalists like jack welch fall in line behind trump because i think they will give capitalists like jack welch a terrible numb. i would like to think donald trump is capitalist alternative to hillary's socialism. but he is not. on issue after issue he is specifically anti-capitalist. i would rather blame hillary when the economy collapses for socialism than -- neil: he is for cutting taxes. she is for raising them. >> neil, he is against american exceptionalism. that is not my estimate. that is what he said proudly on
1:32 pm
a tv interviews not too long ago. neil: i thought he said he wants to make america great again. >> he is for trade tariffses, neil. neil: that is what sticks in your craw. carl, that is something that bothers a lot of conservative, the tariff thing, promising 35% tariff tack on cars that ford makeses in mexico and tries to sell them here, and that starts bad stuff. you say what? >> a lot of people say it can, but the fact of the matter he is trying to level a playing field. we have $800 billion trade deficit. why shouldn't america make on these things? the other countries are making out for years. to people's point i can't vote for donald trump is not a capitalist, the guy built multibillion-dollar industry. tens of thousands of jobs of the you're votes for capitalism,. >> so did warren buffett i'm assuming you're not going out for warren buffett. that is the danger once again, neil, donald trump to most people represents capitalism.
1:33 pm
how could a capitalist, someone who wants to call the head of ford motor company who simply likes to do business who likens trade to rape. this is what donald trump is all about. >> trying to incentivize people to work in america. keep manufacturing in america. neil: i know what you're sayingl that. part of capitalism is recognizing globally the world is your oyster, and that you can't be so territorial about it, if it is still helps those companies and their domestic operations here to be everywhere around the globe? >> some of the other things he is proposing are capitalistic too. he willower the corporate tax rate. lower tax rate to bring money back into america. that is why the people are leaving because we have 35% corporate tax rate because it costs to much. neil: that alone separates him from hillary clinton, doesn't it, donald? >> you want me to support
1:34 pm
donald trump which donald trump to support? we know he changes his perspectives on every issue again and again and again. i think damage here, neil, is long term to the country. capitalism is only think that can save it. trump compromises moral principle. donald trump is not for capitalism. he might advocate if it suits him to the moment. he likens trade to rape. this whole notion he wants to bring back job, how does that differ from democrats who want to create green energy jobs? just a different form of controlled economy and donald trump is just a different form of collectivism. >> donald trump wants private sector jobs. donald trump wants private sector jobs. this green energy stuff is all federally subsidized with money we don't have. neil: carl, do you ever worry you don't know quite what you're getting with donald trump? his positions change. everyone evolves. i understand that on the left and the right. but he had a tax plan during the
1:35 pm
primaries was 25% tax rate, now 33% top tax rate. still below and still changing. some people feel you can't put stock in that because his stock, his views will change? >> yeah, i think donald trump has changed a couple things and you know everybody changes here and there but the fact of the matter is, we're dealing with a guy who hasn't had a 30-year political career. he is learning as he goes, sometimes unfortunately but for the most part i think he is on level playing field. he understands what he can and can't do and what needs to be done. >> can i make a point, neil? not just that he is willing to change on small details. he is willing to change on the basic moral principles. i mean talking about trump changing tax plan. a decade ago he wanted one-time wealth tax on the super-rich to pay for social security medicare, medicaid. this is a man with pragmatism. sorry to hear jack welch talk about affinity to pragmatism. anything goes. principles aside. very dangerous precedent for this country. neil: you argue your points eloquently. i want to thank you both.
1:36 pm
meantime some boomers are very, very upset something david stockman just said, presumably that that generation has to take a chill pill and dial backpack, well, their entitlements. none of them are happy but all taking their medicine, next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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1:38 pm
reporter: live from the floor of the new york stock exchange i'm lori rothman. weak oil is part of the problem. show you oil in a second. let's look at the winners and losers on the dow jones industrial average. united technologies as one of the big losers. say they will deliver fewer pratt & whitney engines than earlier announced. cisco also a loser today. unitedhealthcare is up though and intel is the top winner on the dow with gains of about 2% right now. intel predicting revenue will come in over 15 1/2 billion dollars on increasing demands for pc. that is better than what wall street was expecting. look at oil now. it is down as opec is increasing exports. that is obviously bearish, 43.05 is price of a crude barrel. exxonmobil down on weak oil. also on word that the new york ag is investigating its accounting practices.
1:39 pm
time to get you back now to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:40 pm
it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. >> fed is becoming extremely political. i don't think they woe , if it is the political decision or the right decision they will go with the political decision every single time. >> he hates the fed. >> i think he is doing a great job. finally called the elephant in the room. he finally said -- neil: what do you think he would do as president? >> i think what he said
1:41 pm
yesterday in his economic speech was pretty encouraging. i think it was brilliant in some ways. it was the best sort of pro-capitalist rhetoric that we've heard since jack kemp. neil: so jonathan hoenig notwithstanding david stockman says, that's what separates donald trump from hillary clinton. that on that issue, on the fed, enough already. i don't know what a president trump would do to change that. fire the fed or get rid of the fed. easier said than done. one delineating difference between the two, stockman saying that i like trump more than than i do hillary clinton seems to dislike both. seems to dislike her more. "bitter boomers" who dislike everybody. charlie gasparino, steve leeb, lizzie "wicked" macdonald. on nip tant, guy in charge of all things numbers, charlie brady. what do you think he is saying first off, about the fed?
1:42 pm
>> his point is well-taken. back in 2000 the overnight lending rate is 6 1/2%. by 2003 is down to 1%. stayed there for a year. neil: argument it had to say there. rates held too low too long, caused housing bubble and created mess we're in now. neil: you agree with that. >> i agree. i have the computer there. neil: how would we determine interest rates? >> market. neil: market do it. >> not so much interest rates. i mean he does have, they do have a problem. if they start raising interest rates, dollar goes through the roof. who knows what happens to our manufacturing, et cetera. their big problem they have no idea, which no one does. but if you're going to broadcast it, that hey, we have no idea what we're going to do, we're going to go to the next meeting an maybe flip a coin. or we'll count votes and somebody will flip a coin. neil: doesn't ron paul, who is early critic of the fed, does he want congress determining
1:43 pm
overnight lending rate or any of this stuff? what is the alternative. >> what he wants, by the way, i nominated steve as trump's fed chairman. >> i can't do worse. neil: that prompted them to get rid of the fed i don't know what -- >> everybody here could do better than i. >> ron paul wants, you know, at some point get rid of the fed. you know, he doesn't say that he wants to get rid of it i am immediately. he wants more congressional oversight and more scrutiny of the fed from a legal standpoint. i don't think he says congress has to approve the overnight lending rate, stuff like that. it will be a phaseout of the fed. neil: couldn't banks the world over manipulate the whole process? >> yes. you keep interest rates this low, we manipulated the process. i will say this, there is no alternative to the fed. neil: for the time-being. could i switch gears. there is so much going on. i agree with you. stockman said something
1:44 pm
interesting about boomers which we're all in that category. one thing, charlie, that was interesting, we have to wake up and realize we can't keep the entitlement thing running. that social security will go bust. so we have to means test this stuff right now. when i raise the point a lot of people are angry, they feel they paid into their entire lives. they will not be happy. he acknowledged that, but we have to do it. >> that essentially turns it into welfare when you do that, when you means test it. it alienates the millions of people that paid into it. neil: it is what it is. look at numbers. >> social security crisis, never a welfare crisis. neil: he did lump in all entitlements. we have to step back. >> last thing that they start cutting. >> this is the problem, yeah, this is why it is the third rail. when you government gives so much, right, you see it in venezuela, when the government is always stepping in and pulls back. neil: very good point. >> you will have real problems. voters aren't going to like it. >> there is massive entitlement waiting to be create, let's be clear.
1:45 pm
these millenials, hate to get back to millenials. they're not paying back student loans. they're working as baristas after getting fine arts degree from -- >> oshkosh. >> oshkosh community college. a lot of them. if you look at numbers, they're behind on their loans. and -- neil: bailing them out. it is not a sign -- >> i don't know how we'll do it. neil: not to compromise your social security? >> yes. >> too many other ways besides mean testing. >> you paid into social security. neil: why knot curb the growth of it? >> when social security was created, life expect tan say was 65? now it is about 80. so, make retirement age 70 or 72. >> antiagism laws. people get fired when they're 60. neil: we heard this argument. >> lizzie, you make a really good point. then the real answer to everything, why can't we grow this economy. >> yes. >> that's the key to it. grow the economy. neil: charlie, one thing i see happening though, no one is
1:46 pm
talking about the big elephant in the room right now, that is all the entitlements and they're dwarfing, i didn't check stockman's numbers but he sees eventually our debt getting to 140 or 150% of gdp. most of us it will get up to 30 trillion from 20 trillion now by the end of the next two-term presidency. that is uncontrollable. >> worse than that because i hate to bring, don't make fun of me. neil: i was talking to charlie. >> i'm sorry, neil. >> he will get more bitter. neil: go ahead. >> entitlement spending, especially these things are off budget items. they can't be cut. we're at a point where do you do, default on the debt? neil: you're very good with numbers. would you just, you know, paul ryan was just trying to control the growth of medicare, throwing granny off the cliff. >> he was right. neil: he had all the hell to face controlling growth, from 8% growth to 6%. could be wrong. >> cutting growth.
1:47 pm
that was interpreted as cutting benefits. neil: will to do it until it explodes? >> not until there is crisis. nothing will happen until there is a crisis. >> there will be a crisis. i can see one coming sooner rather than later. >> government book cooping, the real fraud how nancy pelosi and how they bankrupted social security by spending money in there. that is what makes people really mad. all the money taken out of paychecks has been spent. >> doesn't get me started. i went from a democrat, a liberal democrat to, i would say fairly conservative when obama turned a trillion dollars over to this woman to get us out of the great recession. neil: when did you stop being a liberal? >> nancy pelosi did it. neil: you made nancy look like reagan. >> maybe. nancy pelosi, when obama turns over nearly trillion dollars stimulus to get the economy going to nancy pelosi, maybe $10 got spent on infrastructure. >> totally dour note, this is incredibly wealthy country.
1:48 pm
if we do some stuff with the tax code, repatriate money corporations have, you can do a lot when you have growth. i think we can get entitlements under control when we have growth. if you have one party, one party control, which i think if donald trump gets elected you will obviously, if he doesn't, you probably won't, you will have entitlement reform and tax reform. >> also have growth. and infrastructure. >> harvard business school just did a study. they found the one thing standing in the way of growth is politics. >> yes. >> and millenials. >> millenials too, yes. but regulation, politics and, we have so much to spend on that could be great. infrastructure, pipes that are 100 years old. neil: did you hear what i said about lizzie having final word. >> lizzie, talk, say something. >> china! neil: there we go. a lot of you harken back to the days of ronald reagan. sadly the gipper is gone but a
1:49 pm
lot of stuff he used to own and used to wear is up for auction. all my fellow boomers are cheap as hill. they will not be bidding. just been hanging around in the studio, it could just disappear. you have to look at the stuff. it is outrageous. phenomenal. >> underwear? ♪ guys, what's happening here? hey nicole, this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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1:52 pm
neil: do i have real goodies to show you, for you ronald reagan enthusists out there, rare opportunity norfolk auctioning stuff at christie's, private collection of ronald reagan goodies. we have the regional director for christies on some of what those items are. go through some of them. very good to have you here. >> thank you. neil: you have a tough act to repeat.
1:53 pm
>> that was amazing. neil: you're a very low-key guy. kidding aside, this interests me, reagan boots. these were worn and gift he got from home? >> rex allen, the singing cowboy. it's a great story, what happened was in 1980 reagan is out on the campaign trail and i is at a whistle stop and rex allen there on the mic introducing as he was then, governor reagan. neil: right. >> and, and the president looks down and goes, i like your boots. and rex turns around and goes, if you win, i will get you a pair. and, apparently the president never forgot that offer. and i tell you, it was mrs. reagan had to follow up with rex and kept saying where are the boots, where are the boots. where are the boots. neil: get out. wow. got them with the presidential seal. >> and in august of 1981, rex and a representative from tony lama boots met up with the president on summer holiday and
1:54 pm
presented him with four pairs of boots. this is one pair that the president never wore. neil: he never wore these. >> never wore these ones. neil: got them in 1991? >> 1981. neil: i thought when you said '91. it was his presidency was over with. does that hurt value, that he never wore them? >> no, i don't think so. neil: really? i would bid on them but now that i hear -- >> you should. neil: estimate of value is anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000? >> that's right. neil: wow. now, we've got the bar napkins. >> that's right. neil: what makes these so interesting? >> i think what is great about this is that, they come straight out of the bar and i think this little epithet -- neil: reagan's personal bar? >> yes. from the bel-air home. is that the drinks are always on the house with the rages. that is quite a -- reagans. neil: said that with tip o'neill. let's have a drink. in days both sides talked to each other.
1:55 pm
>> it was nice bar, well-stocked. neil: he knew how to make any drink? >> yeah. neil: cool, cool. now value there is 200 to $400? >> i think that is quite democratic. neil: yeah. >> anybody can vote on this one. neil: it is a bid for the people. this one is interesting to me. this is clock was from frank sinatra. what is the story behind that one? >> this is personal gift from bank and barbara sinatra directly to the president to commemorate the inauguration in 1981. it has this great little, great little quote in the top of the lid here. good morning, mr. president. neil: now it was, did reagan use it in the white house? >> it was in the private quarters of the white house. neil: okay. >> sat on his desk. neil: very cool. that gives it more value. when i see them using it i think, the boot, i don't know. >> interesting thing about the sale, 95% of the lots were selling were in the white house. neil: okay.
1:56 pm
cool. last but not least, this pillow from 1984. this was the landslide. >> entire country minus minnesota and district of columbia. neil: district of columbia. who gave him this? >> this is from ray stark. ray stark was the president's agent when he was in hollywood. neil: this money goes where? >> this money goes to the reagan library. neil: is there more stuff coming eventually? >> this is it. neil: really? always say that about jack kennedy stuff and more jack kennedy stuff pops up. this is it? >> this is it. this is the last chance. we're on view this weekend. neil: very good. >> 20 rockefeller center. neil: i look forward to it. you by yourself were better than whining baby boomers. they have didn't have ability but it is worth nothing. >> comes from being australian. neil: we love australia here by the way. >> i know. neil: thank you. >> thank you. neil: we'll have much more after this, including update on the markets there. these goofy glasses.
1:57 pm
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neil: all right. you have this billionaire battle unfolding right now, and it's started here on fox business, no doubt it's going to continue as a number of black leaders, for example, are taking to microphones to protest donald trump and his taking back that whole birther thing, so it's not over, trish regan, by a long shot. [laughter] trish: indeed, it's not. thank you, neil. brand new polls showing donald trump's support surging and hillary clinton's poll numbers sinking. that's got a lot of pundits saying trump may now have an actual path to to victory, all this as trump tries to put this birther issue to rest. watch him here. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. [cheers and applause] trish: and the story, oh, not for hillary clinton.


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