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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: all right. you have this billionaire battle unfolding right now, and it's started here on fox business, no doubt it's going to continue as a number of black leaders, for example, are taking to microphones to protest donald trump and his taking back that whole birther thing, so it's not over, trish regan, by a long shot. [laughter] trish: indeed, it's not. thank you, neil. brand new polls showing donald trump's support surging and hillary clinton's poll numbers sinking. that's got a lot of pundits saying trump may now have an actual path to to victory, all this as trump tries to put this birther issue to rest. watch him here. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. [cheers and applause] trish: and the story, oh, not for hillary clinton.
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welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report," i am trish regan. in a two to-way match against hillary clinton, donald trump is now winning according to a new fox news poll. in a four-way match, she wins by just one point, sho he's beating her in a two-way, she's beating him by just one point in a four-way. this is officially what you can call a squeaker. joining me right i -- right now, trump supporter harlan hill and neil. >> rocha for democracy for america. both you guys were bernie supporters. >> that's right. [laughter] trish: it's interesting to see to how people my grit once -- my grate once -- migrate once bernie's no longer in the game what's your thought in terms of hillary clinton trying to have this birther thing live on and on? she said what trump did is a disgrace, what trump should do, for once in his life, is own up to his mistakes, apologize to the president and the american
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people, and she says trump's birtherrism stems from the same innate belief that led to discriminating against black tenants early in his career, can't be with undone. is she not going to let him put it to rest? >> i don't know what else the media wants from donald trump at this point. he's done exactly what he was supposed to do which he said this is a non-issue, because it's not. and the single greatest source of fuel for birtherrism in this country is the mainstream media. that's a fact. all morning -- [laughter] they've been covering it wall to wall. it's true. turn on cnn, you'll see it. and the truth is when you actually look at the facts, and this is not what they're saying, is that hillary clinton, she started the whole birtherrism movement, and it was -- >> not true. >> and it was her chief -- trish: oh, she did actually have a hand in it. i don't know if she actually originated it -- >> not true. trish: -- but she definitely had a hand in it. do we have any of that sound from way back when? you can't say it's not true,
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neil, when she was first campaigning against donald trump, her campaign put some of this out there, alluded to it initially. >> no, that's just not true. you don't have any sound of it because it's just not there true. there were a few deluded hillary clinton supporters way back in 2007 who started talking about this sort of stuff. but donald trump made a cottage industry out of doubting barack obama's citizenship during the vast majority of his presidency. this is a guy who emerged on the national stage in large part because he spent five years talking about barack obama's birth certificate. it's just nuts to think that, you know, this simple 37-second apology -- 37-second statement is going to satisfy be millions of voters who deserve an apology. >> i'm going to quote from mark penn's strategy memo from march 2007. he said barack obama's to background is diverse and multicultural. save it for 2050. in every speech hillary clinton should contain the line, "i was born in the middle of america"
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to draw a sharp contrast between her and candidate barack obama at the time. trish: so for you to say it's a few delusional members of the democratic party -- you know what? i want to move on from this -- >> there is a sharp difference in that reality. trish: i want to talk about her technique to try to get us all to talk about this over and over again, i mean, tweeting what she did, saying what she did earlier today. do we have a clip from the press conference? let's run this, because we got nothing in the way of actual policy, absolutely nothing, just a bunch of attacks on him. here you go, roll tape. >> for five years he has led the birther movement to de-legitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. barack obama was born in america, plain and simple, and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. [cheers and applause]
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trish: ah, all right. so here she is, her one opportunity after having rested throughout the week -- which she needed to do. you've got pneumonia, you know, anything that she may have, and you need to rest. you need to get that rest, and we're not going to begrudge her that -- >> trish -- trish: but instead of saying here's how i'm going to fix the economy, take care of isis, all she does is go on about trump and this birther thing? neil, doesn't she have anything better to -- >> trish, the reason why we're talking about donald trump's long history of birtherrism is because yesterday he refused to take a position against it and, frankly, apologize for his long-stated history of denying barack obama's birth in this country. so that's the reason we're talking about it. frankly, you know, i think hillary clinton and millions of democrats all across the country want an apology from donald trump. >> we didn't get today at all. trish: does he owe america an
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apology for bringing these things up, harlan? is that what he needs to do to put it to rest? >> yeah. i mean, if that's what it takes to put this behind us, i think by being so quick with his speech today, basically two lines, he's signaling to the american people this is not an issue. he didn't make it an issue in yesterday's interview -- >> not an issue -- >> by asking it. why are they asking it? because they're trying to further be hillary clinton just as they did when she was facing bernie sanders in the democratic primary. >> it's not an issue, harlan, because it destroys his candidacy. trish: let me ask you this: poll numbers. neil, i mean, what happened to people writing this whole hinge off and saying she's going to win it? it obviously is not the case now. fox news in a two-way race has donald -- >> yeah, listen. trish: -- trump ahead by a point. >> it's one of the reasons why i've been talking for a very long time about taking this race very seriously. we have to take the threat of
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what donald trump represents very, very seriously -- trish: i thick that, you know -- i like this that -- i'm in some ways amused by this. i mean, i get it, the strategy that hillary clinton's team is putting forward, harlan, which is that he is so awful, you have to vote for her not because she's offering you anything different, not because she's promising to solve the problems in the world, but because he's so bad. i mean, i think it's a worthwhile strategy because, you know, fear sells, fear motivates, and she's trying to create fear around him. there are. >> that's right. she can't win on the merit. she can't win on policy. so what does she do? she drags him down into the mud and makes this a referendum on donald trump. and that is what they're doing. and when you look at the polling, the week that she performs the best, it's when they're having a conversation about donald trump's fitness to be president. and that's what they're doing again. it's clear that two weeks in a row she's losing --
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trish: all right. i'm going to see you guys in a little bit so save it, save it -- [laughter] save it up. see you in a short time. you know, as i mentioned, of course, you heard me talking about those polls, let me also show you these delegate maps which are starting to really shift. you've got a new set of swing state polls out which show that trump is either tied or leading in five critical states. let's go through them here. in florida he's now tied with hillary clinton. in north carolina he's ahead. in ohio he's ahead. you go right on down the list there. now, let's see -- can we bring -- there we go. iowa, arizona -- arizona he's actually up four points. this was a state that was initially thought to be going for hillary clinton. and let's move on here to the path towards electoral votes. you know, people said he's got no path, it can't happen, he needs 270, it's never going to happen. well, here you go. if he were to add to what romney
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got, 198, if he were to take iowa, nevada, ohio, north carolina, florida and maine, then he actually could be the president of the united states. maine is potentially a tough one for him. i want to go to pollster kristin anderson, ca columnist for the -- a columnist for the washington examiner for more insight into these swing states. fascinating to see. i think that there's a correlation that could be made, kristin -- and you tell me -- between the economic challenges some of these states are facing and the sudden surge now in donald trump's numbers? >> well, i think donald trump's had a pretty good week or two at the same time that hillary clinton has started to look like much less of a sure bet. if you're a voter who sort of views both of these candidates as someone you're not know they both have pretty high unfavorables -- the fact that the last week has been so bad for hillary clinton could certainly be tipping more and more people into trump's camp which is making him look a whole
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lot better and making his path to 270 a whole lot more plausible -- trish: just to go through some of those states again, we saw places like maine, nevada, ohio, florida, these are critical for him, some of which he's actually started to push ahead in. tell me about maine. what does he need to do in maine? >> well, maine is interesting because i believe it's one of those states where you also have some of the delegates apportioned by congressional districts. so it may not even be about winning all of maine, it may be about picking up one delegate there, in maine same sort of thing, you can pick up one congressional district there. and given the way this race is shaking out, i mean, it is feasible, you can put together a map that, oddly enough, gets them both to 269 which would send the race to the house of representatives. this could be a crazy race ahead of us. trish: ooh. wow, that would certainly administer drama to it all. new hampshire as well is a state where recently he ahas seen some polling -- he has seen some polling success, and he could
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pick up a few more votes there. i guess my question for you is why all of a sudden now? why is this shifting? why is it changing? >> i think it has a lot to do with this voter anxiety question, that a few weeks ago polling came out that showed you had seven out of ten voters who said they were anxious about the idea of donald trump president, slightly fewer about the idea of hillary clinton as president. but if you've got all of these stories about the sort of lack of transparency, the health issue that's bubbled up, people asking for more information on that front, suddenly this contest between someone who seems like more of a sure bet and someone who seems like a bit more of a risk, suddenly that risk starts looking more appealing if donald trump also comes with the side of really blowing up the status quo when he's in office. trish: i think it scares some people, right, this idea that you're going to have someone in there who is going to challenge the system in a way that really
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we haven't seen the system challenged. but at the same time, it also excites people. and so, you know, as we watch hillary clinton today, kristin, out there on the campaign trail really trying to push this image of trump as crazy with the whole birtherrism thing, it's most likely an appeal really to voters, independent voters to say, hey, you know, i'm the same one, i'm the one who's going to keep the status quo, and that's a good thing. so i guess at the end of the day it just comes down to whether people are willing to take a chance? >> i think it is whether people are willing to take a chance. and i think donald trump has done over the last two weeks, for instance, that trip to mexico where people debated how successful it was, but certainly if prior to that you couldn't have closed your eyes and imagined donald trump as president, once that trip happened, maybe there were some folks for whom that was easier to picture. and frankly, you know, with make america great again, there are lots of folks who can close their eyes and picture what that means.
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some like what that means, some don't, but with hillary clinton and stronger together as her message, that's unclear what that means for the average american: it's harder to close your eyes and realize what hillary's america looks like. that may be a risk. trish: thank you so much, kristin, good to see you. i want to check on the markets, not doing as well as they were this time yesterday, off near lows of the session, you've got tech stocks and financials today weighing on this market. let's take a look at oil here which is also serving as a drag on these markets. don't forget, oil was seeing a lot of upside yesterday. oil's about to close out down more than 2%. we're going to have a report coming up from the cme a little later in the show as oil gets closer to the close. donald trump, meanwhile, laying out a bold and ambitious economic plan he says is going to create 25 million jobs, grow our economy by at least 3.5% a year all while cutting taxes. how do you do that? we're asking legendary investor
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wilbur ross. that's next. there are two billion people
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trish: okay. donald trump, everyone, laying out a very bold and ambitious economic plan that he promises will put america first. here he is. >> over the next ten years, our economic team estimates that under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. our tax plan will greatly simplify the code and reduce the number of brackets from seven to three. the new brackets will be 12, 25 and 33. i will eliminate all needless and job-killing regulations now on the books, and there are plenty of 'em.
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trish: can he do it? can you grow this economy right now and cut taxes without running large budget deficits? joining me, trump economic adviser, wilbur ross. good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. trish: 3.5% growth, yet you cut taxes for everyone, and not just everyone, for corporations as well. >> right. trish: how do you get the growth out of that? >> well, there are a couple of things. trump has put forward not just a tax plan, but an integrated economic plan. you have to allow for the regulatory reform, the tariff reforms, the trade balance improvement and the energy unlocking. those are what help pay more it. pay for it. and governor kasich had an unfortunate editorial today criticizing the trade part. and i'm afraid he's simply wrong. trish: he's been very pro-free trade. trump's also pro-free trade -- >> so am i. trish: but we don't have free trade as far as you guys see.
2:19 pm
>> so am i, but free trade is a slogan. free trade is not a reality. and be just like all jobs are not created with equal pay, not all trade works equally well. trish: what do you think the biggest problem with trade is right now for us? >> the deficit. kasich says, look, trade growth builds the economy. that's only true to the degree that it doesn't incur a deficit. economics 101 -- trish: in other words, if you're selling more than you're taking in, that's a good thing, but if you're taking in more than you're selling, you're in that deficit -- >> exactly. economics 101 says that trade deficits are a direct subtraction from gdp. period. end of story. so the fiction that all trade is equal is simply wrong. trish: so hillary clinton's campaigning on this idea of, you know, more freedom, more open borders, more free trade. trump is being seen as the
2:20 pm
antithesis of that. in some ways, wilbur, it feels as though the republican party -- which had always been so much in favor of pro-trade and it's something that certainly has benefited businesses perhaps at the expense of workers -- it feels like things are getting kind of flipped. >> well, it has benefited businesses instead of workers. what happens, gross domestic private investment other than residential is now one-half a percent smaller relative to the economy than it used to be. why? because of offshoring. what companies used to do was build productivity here by putting capital into the businesses. productivity's going nowhere. lately it's been actually going down because what they're doing, they're moving the whole factory offshore -- trish: but they're doing this because there's this pressure from wall street. i'm a red-blooded american capitalist, but at the same time all of this, and i think many folks right now are sort of questioning where capitalism on
2:21 pm
steroids is really the best thing in that it encourages companies to go looking for the cheapest source of labor. maybe not the best source of labor, but the cheapest source of labor because you've got to cut, cut, cut, cut your budget. >> right. but it's more complicated than that. since our tax rates are the highest of any of the real, serious industrial countries, cutting the the taxes changes the incentive to go offshore. under the trump plan, only taxing at 15% versus 35, do you know what that means? 30% more return on post-tax return on investment at the same pretax dollar than you had before. that's a huge difference. and that will have a huge impact on corporate behavior. trish: i agree with you. i think it will have a major impact. i'm curious though, i mean, ireland's a step further, 12%. >> right. trish: where does the 15% number, where does that come from?
2:22 pm
>> well, it's donald's policy, so you'd really have to ask him. but it certainly gets us down to where it's competitive. trish: and i think a lot of companies would want to stay here. >> the only two countries that have a higher tax rate out of the whole 170-odd in the world, do you know what the two countries are? chad and the united arab republic, neither of which is any kind of an exporter other than oil. trish: do you think hillary clinton understands the economy? >> i don't think she has a clue. i really don't. if she did, she wouldn't be taking the positions that she has been taking. for example, on trade she supported china's entry to the world trade. terrible thing. he supported nafta. terrible deal. she supported the south korea biparol lateral. terrible deal. bilateral. terrible deal. she boasts that the one multi-national agreement that came before her when she was in the senate she voted against, and that's true. and you know what that agreement was?
2:23 pm
the central american free trade agreement, and that's the only one of those that we have a positive trade balance with. [laughter] trish: great. so you're saying the only deal she didn't want to do -- >> was the one that benefited the u.s. so how much understanding does that show? trish: wilbur, it's so good to see you. as always, thank you. >> good to see you, trish. trish: wilbur ross, everyone. hillary clinton's back on the campaign trail today after resting up most of the week, but instead of campaigning on policy, she's going on the attack. can that really help her? you've got voters out there that are hungry for actual change that want to know how we're going to get it. my next guest says hillary clinton's campaign is falling apart at the seams. we'll see you right back here in two. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in.
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. trish: do you know the average american family has actually less money, less in the way of income coming in than they did all the way to the 1990's? i mean, this has not been a good ride for americans and, you
2:27 pm
know, the blame is surely there's enough to go around. it's not just barack obama who is responsible for that but past presidents as well. it has certainly been a challenging 20 some odd years. one of the things that people want more than anything, harlan, right now, is economic security. i mean, it used to be that you could go to high school, maybe didn't have to graduate from high school but you could get a good job in america, you could support a family, and that really was the american dream and that no longer exists. i mean, do you think that there is a place that we can get to in society where we start to restore some of that and maybe you need a little bit more education, but you should have some kind of pathway to being able to have a successful financial life, a comfortable
2:28 pm
financial life, how do you do that?for a lot of my peers. i'm a millennial, they did all of the right things, they went to college and gotten degrees, they think that they have a path to success but they're graduating from college with enormous debt and no job prospects. and even if you have job prospects median under obama has been flat. even if you do everything right in this country, that's still no guaranty that you have a fair share. trish: this is one of the reasons why so many millennials including yourself and our friend niel who is joining us were supporting bernie sanders because both of you said this system is to rigged and unfair and so much corporate money involved in all of this that it makes it difficult for all of us to get ahead. niel, which is what i find interesting now. you're on hillary clinton's
2:29 pm
side, you're campaigning for her. do you really that she can change that in the way that bernie sanders had promised? >> here is the reason why i'm hillary clinton's side. elections are choices and the choice is between hillary clinton and a billionaire who has made his money over six bankruptcies and screwing the people that work for him. trish: how do you think that she will actually change the economy? you're at wilbur ross, he does not believe that hillary clinton actually understands the economy. >> number one, we need to do what harlan was talking about, deal with student debt. donald trump has no idea to deal with student debt. donald trump talks a big game about infrastructure development, but he has no plan to get it done. that's -- trish: i find this amazing where everybody keeps cite sizing for not having a
2:30 pm
plan, not having a plan. harlan, i listened to what she says, she's out there, the first time in days campaigning but she's offering nothing in the way of a plan, she's only offering an attack on donald trump? harlan: that's right. if we are going to talk about policy, hillary clinton has been on the wrong side of trade for decades. she supported nafta during the 90's, she supported ttp over the last decade. she called it the gold standard and now because she's running for office and the electorate is against the trade deals that disadvantage the middle class in america, she's saying that she opposes it. donald trump is actually better positioned than she is to appeal to labor and union voters because she's going to re-- he's going to repatriate these jobs in the united states. >> that's ridiculous, harlan. you don't believe that. trish: i mean, union workers and this is one of the reasons,
2:31 pm
niel, you're looking at the swing states starting to swing for trump, these are people who have lost their jobs to méxico and china. as harlan says, she's not very sympathetic to that since he's been on the other side of the trade deals. >> and donald trump has been on the other side of exporting deals across the world. trish: she -- he's a businessman. if you're running a business, you're going to do what's best for you and the business. if you're running the country, you want to do what's best for american citizens. >> donald trump is going -- trish: to really think about positions on trade where he is just thinking to himself and how he is going to make the most money. >> donald trump has consistently done whatever is good for donald trump and low anybody who gets in the way. that's what i feel is going to happen in the president.
2:32 pm
how do i enrich myself and the family and the american people gets screwed over in the process, it's oh well, that's what he has done his whole career. trish: a good talking about. >> it's true. trish: ego alone, the guy should want to see 3 and a half percent gdp growth. do you see that? see, i told you. if it comes to 4%, there will be balloons and everything. >> we agree that donald trump has one heck of an ego. it's only worked for himself. trish: i don't know. i don't feel -- i'm talking to about it later. americans deserve it and need it. >> she has talked about it. trish: the new apple iphone sale. these things are going like hot cakes. check out the lines.
2:33 pm
investors, they love it, of course, today has been a challenging week. meanwhile not a good week for samsung, recalling one million galaxy note 7 smartphones because nearly a hundred of these things have caused fire and exploded. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships,
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trish: one month low today on a report more oil than expected will hit the market because of increase in iranian exports. we wanting to to jeff flock with the latest. hey, jeff. jeff: they are really pumping and the market is washing oil. closing down 2% and, you know, what can you say. oil is just not -- there's too much oil out there for what we need. ironically gas prices are head it had other way for a couple of reasons. take a look at the average gas price right now. 2.18 a gallon partly because the colonial pipeline that goes from the gulf coast to 13 eastern states or services 13 eastern states for gasoline is shut down because of a leak, consequently there's a squeeze on gas right
2:38 pm
now, so overall gas prices could be shooting up, spiking in the short-term. the oil stocks, they move with oil pretty much down today. trans ocean down big, diamond offshore down big as well. no good news for oil prices here at the cme in chicago. trish: thanks so much. jeff, we are off the low recession, however, a bit of good news. apple going on sale today and already the black color version is sold out, apple success contrast to phone maker samsung which is recalling a million of note 7 phones because they're actually catching fire an exploding. not good. joining me right now with the latest is our very own adam shapiro who is outside a new york city apple store. how is the line there, adam? adam: the line is actually kind of small.
2:39 pm
i have been here in years past for iphone 7, for instance, the 6 had a much longer line and 5, the line on fifth avenue, 58th, street the line to fifth avenue to madison. it was just really behind me. as you take a look at the video when the store opened at 8:00 a.m., those people in line were actually people who had preordered their phone and happened to have a reservation. they were assigned a time at which point they were to show up to get their found. as you pointed out, trish, they have sold out completely of the iphone 7 plus but the iphone 7, they still have the base model except for the jet black version. so you're going to have to wait till november in you want your choice of jet black or any of the 7 plus colors. this is doing wonders for apple's stock which is at a height it hasn't seen in months. the other thing that might be helping sales forrics phones is the samsung.
2:40 pm
now, there's video of note 7 catching fire and yesterday the consumer product safety commission ordered the recall of one million of these phones here in the united states. it's two and a half million globally, but those phone potentially could catch fire, they want them returned to get a new one starting september 21st, but this could cost samsung $5 billion. so today the news is for apple and it's all good for apple and in a provers way the problems at samsung may be helping. trish: that's intensely bad pr for a company. that's something that, you know, frankly hard to recover from because people -- i have an iphone. i get nervous when this thing is up against my head. if i were holding a samsung -- adam: samsung globally, they have 22, 23% of the total smartphone market and the critics of these -- trish: 33% you said?
2:41 pm
adam: 23%. trish: 23%, that's a big chunk. adam: yeah, apple has 11%. trish: hahs a big chunk, this may cut into it. adam, thank you so much. "the new york times" blasting donald trump's economic plan this morning saying, quote, offers very few details. but to that i say, nonsense, up next, my intel on why this plan -- regardless of what you think of either politician, why this plan is far more detailed than getting any credit for. that's next. o be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city.
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trish: here we are bouncing off the lows of the session. we are down 88 points. we have been down more than a 100 just a short time ago. financials are lower today. the justice department is asking deutsche bank to pay $14 billion to settle claims in missold mortgage back securities. the german lender say it will fight the request. take u look. finances down across the board. goldman actually down about 1%. wells fargo up 1.7 but deutsche bank by far the worst. new data showing that consumer spending increased, higher rent and healthcare costs and gas prices, latest economic data the fed is going to see before next meeting next week. we will be right back on my intel on why hillary clinton needs to start offering details
2:44 pm
and how she's going to fix the company. >> this business brief is brought to you by (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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2:46 pm
certainly more than what we typically see from politicians and i can tell you it's a lot more than what we have seen from hillary clinton. so instead of a whole bunch of dreams and giveaways, we actually heard some substance, some policy substance in the way of tax plan and the way of regulation, regardless of politics and regardless of what you think of either politics, any 101 will tell you, lower tax and less regulation should unleash growth. heck, even jfk cut taxes, it doesn't need to be political, you need to do what is right for the economy at any given time but, instead, mrs. clinton's plan is pushing for more taxes, more tax brackets, she wants eight instead of 7 and want to bring 43.6%, confusing as ever, good news for the accounting companies. bad news for those who are
2:47 pm
trying to figure out what they owe on the taxes each year. that said, she has not been terribly specific about a lot of her ideas. overall the theme seems to be we should give a whole lot of stuff away, freebies, to sum up the difference between the two economic plans, on the one hand, you have handouts. mrs. clinton is offering handouts, donald trump is offering opportunity. big difference. that's today's intel. see you back here in two. link'sd network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> why do you want to join the cia? >> i would like to help my country make a difference in the world. >> deputy director of the nsa offered me a new position. >> can you tell me anything about it? >> you know i can't.
2:51 pm
there's something going inside the government that's really wrong and i can't ignore it. i just want to get this data to the world. i feel like i'm made to do this and if i don't do it, then -- i don't know anybody else that can. trish: the new movie about edward snowden is opening today, oliver stone portrays nsa employee as the heroic whistle blower. the movie calls for president obama to pardon edward snowden, a new house intelligence committee says snowden betrayed its country and the majority of the documents he stole were defense secrets that had nothing to do with american's privacy, joining me right now pete, good to see you, pete.
2:52 pm
>> good to see you, trish. trish: what do you think jordanians the premise, basically presenting edward snowden as a hero? [laughter] >> listen, i watch it had trailer, it looks like a compelling movie of fiction, you know, they're going to take every aspect they want to highlight of edward snowden and deemphasize all unconvenient aspects that he did that came out of the intelligence report. there's no coincidence the report came out yesterday that points out the vast majority of what edward snowden stole, stole from the federal government had nothing to do with surveillance and everything to do with defense and he flees to places like china and russia and we don't know who he is giving that information to. listen, obviously the government was oversurveying more than they were being honest with the public. this is not a simple whistle blower gets caught up.
2:53 pm
man decides to betray his country and leaves with secrets and he's trying to get pardon. trish: i agree with you, he did a horrible, horrible thing. as an american, you have to have -- the government should at least have some expectation and patriotism, but the reality is, the got guy in there, he went to work, you know, for the cia and nsa, how do you get a job like that when we know his background? i mean, he had gotten fired for another position and got picked up at the nsa, how does that happen? >> it happens because people can lie. people can work their way through a system. they can exaggerate, a lot of his background is exaggerated. in fact, in the film, makes it looks like when he was going through basic training, you did multiple weeks on broken legs, she had shin splints but they're not broken legs. there was clearly exaggeration and misinformation from edward
2:54 pm
snowden and the film per trailer proving that he's a patriot. the real patriot in the film is edward snowden. trish: oliver has mys oint point of view and i ran into him last night going to bill o'reilly's show. edward snowden wants a pardon from president obama? >> of course not. i don't think hillary clinton would want it to be her first move. remember, a lot of the things are won in that way. think of che gevarra. they're pushing right now when they think they might have a moment at tend of the obama administration to bring him home. otherwise he has charge that is will lock him up forever as a trader if he ever comes back.
2:55 pm
they're trying to leverage, good on the house for pushing out the facts. you should never let a movie make us decide specially when it's so false. trish: i remember talking to keith alexander, first interview, he did with me right after the edward snowden news broke and, you know, ultimately one of the things that general alexander said, former head of nsa, that he really felt that edward snowden was a spy working for the russians. that's his belief. he may have been a plant by the russians. he may have been a spy. >> and he would know. look at what's happening in russia right now. look who is protecting him, look where emails leaks are coming from. you can't point it all to snowden but where there's smoke there's often much fire.
2:56 pm
sorry, ed, you can stay in russia or find in a prison here but i'm not interested in the movie version. trish: thank you so much. have a great weekend. let's check on the markets. up 91 points. for all the volatility we have seen in the few days, what do you know the dow and s&p a little changed for the week, hanging onto slight gain. that's always nice, right, of course, a definite wild ride, we are going to take a quick break and be right back.
2:57 pm
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trish: samsung is finally recalling one million galaxy note 7 smartphones after nearly one hundred of those phones have caught fire and exploded. you're looking at a version of it here. that's a phone that actually did start to explode. i mean, why did it take so long to do the recall? are they finally doing it because iphone 7 is selling out? i'm going to be covering the topic tonight on special report. tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern on
3:00 pm
fox news, i sure hope you watch and i sure hope you like my facebook show page at trishintel, or trish under score regan. have a terrific weekend. see you at 6:00 p.m. liz claman. liz: we have an insane hour in the campaign trail. donald trump is expect today meet with haitian community leaders in miami at any moment as first lady michelle obama is on the right side on your screen to make her very first campaign appearance for hillary clinton. that's in virginia. the clinton campaign is insinuating donald trump is racist because of the birther issue. trump's response, president obama was born in america, period. so we are taking it away from that to the battleground states, ohio and florida appear to be jump balls at this hour.


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