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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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time. think they're a little bit behind the curve at this point. [closing bell rings. yellen has to figure out what is her mission. her mission isn't worrying about assets. but where we are. liz: sean matthews, cantor fitzgerald ceo. market is -- david asman and melissa francis, "after the bell," guys. david: happy friday to you, liz. stocks ending the day in the red, wrapping up what has been a very volatile week. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell. we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you this hour. brand new polls show donald trump's support surging while hillary clinton's numbers are sinking. got a lot of pundits changing their tune now, saying trump has a real path to victory. this as trump tries to put the "birther" issue to rest. the latest on this controversy, may be far from over. i don't know.
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maybe we can put it to rest. we have new details on the pay for play scandal surrounding the clinton foundation. how millions in donations reportedly bought donors coveted trips to the white house. david: that is an expensive dinner right there. the dow was driven lower by shares of united technology, chevron and cisco. some bright spots though. for the first time this week apple wasn't one of them. oil tumbling as well today. phil flynn of price futures and fox business contributor watching action from the cme. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, how did the major averages end the week? >> we were up, david. despite all the volatility and triple digit moves in the dow, looks like we're going to end on an up note. there is the averages on an up week. apple did account for a lot of gain on nasdaq as well as companies that supply parts to the iphone. iphone 7 was a huge story. let me move to the banking news,
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in particular the bank scandal news of the week, starting with wells taggergoer. our senior correspondent charlie gas, they are debating whether or not ceo john stumpf to exit the bank amid the scandal. wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million if fines after regulators found it opened 2 million accounts without customers consent. let me talk about deutsche bank, the german lender here. department of justice ordering $14 billion fine related to an investigation of its mortgage business all the way back leading up to the financial crisis and role it played in the market meltdown. deutsche bank shares hammered today, off nearly 9 1/2%. it will be a busy week next week, the fed, boj, focus on interest rates. that's where we leave, guys? melissa: lori, thank you so much.
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oil down 2%, down over 6% for the week. phil, tell us about that one, sorry about that. >> no problem at all. tell you what. the oil price today under a lot of pressure. a lot of talk about resumption of libyan supply. supposedly exports will happen. i don't know if we believe it. we don't know who will pay. we don't know who is in charge of libya right now. that is downward pressure. cpi came in hotter than expected. that got the dollar rallying. oil traders don't like stronger dollar. it usually adds to downward pressure. melissa: you're watching a smartage on the east coast -- shortage. tell me about that. >> right now the colonial pipeline, they are in dire concern, two states declared a state of emergency to try to keep the gas lines flowing right now. this colonial pipeline, the restart has been delayed by over a week. it serves about 500,000 people in the eastern states right now. there is a lot of concerns that they are not going to be able to meet demand for these products.
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so there is panic buying going on the east coast right now. two of these states lifted epa regulations to try to make the gas keep flowing but if will be tight weekend for the east coast. >> wow, gasoline products, not gnat gas. phil, thank you. david: rocky week for markets and excitement is just beginning. next week we have fed rate decision. we have john petrides of point view wealth management. lenore hawkins, founder partner of marry taos advisors. there is a lot of mixed signals coming into the markets and the economy. some things look better, some things look worse. donald trump is putting a lot of volatility in the lap of janet yellens, saying if she wasn't playing around with central bank trying to get hillary clinton elected then we wouldn't have trouble in the markets we're having. where do you place the blame? >> fed came out, when yellen took over, this would be more transparent.
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they would be better communicating. my god over just the last week, we had friday, we're going to hike. monday, maybe not so much. you keep hearing them come out with conflicting reports. david: totally. >> the last fed beige book, there was the word flat was used 56 times. david: my goodness. >> yellen says there are more reasons for us to hike. 56 flat times? i don't really think so. she is not doing anything to help calm the markets. david: john, politics, how much is the swings in the political, the political campaign causing swings in the market? >> i agree with lenore, the open mic policy out of the fed caused a lot of volatility and as we have 51 days until the election and everyone watching polls quite closely, i think more of a trump advantage in the polls, you will see markets swing to the downside. clinton rise in the polls, markets goes to the upside. market doesn't know what to make of trump. that is -- david: not necessarily they dislike trump, not sure what he
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would do as president. >> that's exactly right. david: all right. melissa. >> apple fans lining up for the release of apple. iphone 7. some models already sold out. adam shapiro in an apple store in new york city with the latest. how many did you get for yourself? >> i didn't get one. i have 2012 iphone 5. i'm what they call a ludite. i will probably wait for the 8. talk about iphone 7. they sold out for iphone 7 plus in preorders, all colors. jet black one has been sold out. the stock at the highest point in nine months but it closed down today about $115, just below $115 a share. that stock is up about a little over 9%. so apple of course enjoying the excitement around the delivery and launch of the iphone 7 and 7 plus. perhaps not as happy about all this is samsung, a big competitor. samsung controls 23% of global
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smartphone sale market whereas apple has 11% of it. but samsung has trouble. as you know there is 2 1/2 million unit recall of the galaxy note 7 because the batteries catch fire, one million here in the united states which have to be returned to samsung. they say they start delivering safer phone starting september 21st. it will cost them $5 billion this recall. so apple, they're not happy for the other company's discomfort perhaps but they are happy about themselves. look at video this morning. we saw people in line at 8:00 a.m. not the lines we've seen years past. this was not around the corner. people went in at 8:00 being cheered by apple employees, those people preordered their phones. they had may reservations starting at 8:00 to pick up phones. of course there were just walk-ins. people could walk in base model phones available in silver or rose color. those people were fewer than years past. as i wrap up, give you an idea, apple will not release first
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weekend sales numbers. last year when they introduced 6s, 6s plus, they sold 13 million in the first weekend. if they're around that, we won't know until they file their earnings report. back to you. melissa: adam, thank you so much. john and lenore are back with us. john, let me start with you. how do you parse through what he just said? there were a lot of conflicting things he highlighted knowingly. on one hand can't get units sold out. you can't get black ones, blah, blah. on other hand isn't what we used to see where people sleep on street forever. they manufactured same excitement outside. they don't want to release all the numbers. what do you really believe? >> we have the situation every september with apple. they always short supply so it looks like they have run out fast. melissa: right. >> but you know the big issue here was the samsung on the fire because the galaxywas a very strong product. melissa: it was great. >> the fact this iphone 7 was an evolutionary, not revolutionary really had given samsung a chance to capture
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market share from apple. this is gift for steve jobs from apple. now they have a window over very low hurdle rates off weak iphone 6s sales where they can grow. talking about next september, new iphone 7s. 10-year anniversary of the original iphone which will be a home run product for apple. melissa: lenore, i just can't believe to happen to samsung. not long we were doing video of testing it under water. people really starting to like it better than the iphone. and then can bloom. >> they riley handled this poorly. samsung should have really handled it taken a play out of the tylenol playbook to address it very quickly. the way they responded to this, they acted like they didn't care that much about the safety of their consumers. tim cook should send samsung a basket of muffins or fruit at least. what we saw this week was apple actually increased its market
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cap about the size of costco. melissa: wow. >> thank you, samsung. melissa: thanks, guys. appreciate it. david? david: win one for the gipper. personal items from ronald reagan. jellybean, remember that? melissa: yeah. david: not everybody does. nancy's pearls, autographed chunk of berlin wall. it is up for auction. we'll tell you how you can own a piece of presidential history. cool. melissa: the war of words continues in the battle of the billionaires. why mark cuban is offering to pay donald trump, this so ridiculous, $10 million, what he wants for return. some attention i think. david: this as trump tries to put the "birther" issue to rest. the latest on the controversy that may be far from over. howard kurtz was at trump's campaign event today. he will join us with his take. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias, that lurks in our country. barack obama was born in
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david: both donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail today as new fox news polls show trump and clinton in a one point race among likely voters. blake burman standing by at trump international hotel with details. couldn't get any closer? reporter: no, the new fox polls, david show a tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump. the nationwide polls show the same. out of nowhere ceilingly last 24 hours whole so-called "birther" issue. you remember it was donald trump
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in 2011 who was the main public figure of the "birther" issue, those who questioned whether or not president obama was born in the u.s. it was trump who repeated many of those questions, insisted that the president release back then his birth certificate. well today this whole issue reignited once again when trump yesterday, then, and now the republican nominee for president, did not answer whether indeed he still believes that the president was born in the united states. so today at an event here in washington, d.c., trump held an event that was supposed to focus on veterans and he talked about the "birther" ise and pulled a complete 180. this was trump this afternoon in washington. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the "birther" controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean.
4:16 pm
president barack obama was born in the united states, period. reporter: so donald trump there trying to put the issue to bed. however, as you might imagine there was instant reaction from the clinton campaign. here is what they said, quote, trump's actions today were disgraceful. five years pushing racist conspiracy theory into the mainstream, it was alpaughing to trump to appoint himself as judge whether the president of the united states is american. this sickening display is shows more than ever why donald trump sun fit to be president. before he made the statement, president barack obama somewhat laughed off the issue while hillary clinton still very much considered this a serious campaign issue. >> i'm shocked that a question like that would come up at a time when we have so many other things to do. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie.
4:17 pm
there is no erasing it in history. reporter: also today, david the first lady, michelle obama hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton, for the first time. she was in the northern virginia area, not too far away from where we are here in d.c. she very briefly weighed in on this issue saying, of her husband, and i am quoting here, barack answered questions with example he set going high when they go low. david? david: blake burman, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here is howard kurtz fox news media analyst and host of "mediabuzz." howie, thank you so much for joining us. okay, the media across the board, all of us included everybody got played today. it was like that day when you had all the reporters chasing hillary clinton in "scooby-doo" van, reminded me of that. trump was so clever. all the hype and buildup. i'm not going to answer the question. then he comes out and watched like hour plus infomercial where
4:18 pm
he has everyone come out and say how much they love trump and so fantastic. he walks out in about 10 seconds, he says, guess what, it's over he was born here. mic dropped. leaves the stage. what is wrong with what i just said, howie, set me straight. >> no, no. he didn't take questions. i knew something was up if you were there. it was worse, all the press in the back of large ballroom. he couldn't have heard questions if we shouted. melissa: screamed them. >> nobody forced the cable networks to stay on it. military men praising trump. hotel infomercial. this didn't come out of nowhere. trump put himself on a box on this, started outreach to the african-american community, "birther" issue, lingering effects were hurting him. so rudy giuliani and his campaign manager and kellyanne conway said in separate interviews, trump believes barack obama was born in the united states. press bringingp you got to say it, you got to say it. so he said it.
4:19 pm
melissa: you don't think that was orchestrated, he is intentionally not answering, building suspense for today like today? you don't think media -- genius in is camp pulling off bait and switch. >> they thought they would ask the candidates questions. i interviewed him yesterday. we didn't talk about this you will see that sunday on "mediabuzz." i don't think that is clever, that they planned series of weeks. melissa: i'm not sure. here is the flip side of it, how does it play if you didn't watch it today? because we know the press can take the headline make it say anything they want. trump comes out and reluctantly admits the president was born here? is there, can it be twisted so it backfires on him, if you didn't watch the actual thing develop all morning? >> i don't think you have to twist it to say it has been five years and finally he said on camera, what a lot of people thought he should have said there was no credence at all to
4:20 pm
the conspiracy theory. look, trump wasn't doing this in a low-key fashion. his first words as you just played were, hillary clinton started this in 2008. well there is no evidence that hillary clinton herself talked about warm obama not being born in the u.s. some people supported her may have spread that around. that guaranteed that this is going to go on for several, several news cycles. i don't know how much that helps trump. clearly he would like to move on talking about issue, "birther" thing. it had become a serious distraction for him. i don't think he put it to rest today. melissa: you don't think so? >> i don't think so because of the jab at hillary guaranties more news cycles. melissa: maybe what he wanted though, i don't know. we'll see. we'll see. david: meanwhile there is a battle of the billionaires going on. take a listen. >> after a pretty quiet august, you're a pretty good investor that we're in for rocky fall. >> there is uncertainty of the election. i have my trump hedge on. in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks.
4:21 pm
>> the problem with mark he is not smart enough to understand what we're doing. he is really not smart enough to really understand what is going on. he is mixed up guy. and i think this, look, i think that this plan is a great plan. we're in trouble. explain to mark we have $20 trillion in debt. we have high taxes in this country, very high taxes. david: never really tells you what he feels about people. melissa: yeah. david: back and forth continuing now between cuban and donald trump. mark cuban responding with tweet this is afternoon. here is this one. $10 million to the charity of your choice if you let me interview you for four hours on your policies and their substance. there are ground rules. melissa: four hours? david: you can't mention clintons or discuss anything other than details of facts of your plan. no one else in the room to help. just me, you and broadcast crew. deal? david: so far trump hasn't responded. i hope he does. that would be fun. melissa: mark cuban wants to be
4:22 pm
on tv. he is mad that another billionaire getting all the attention. four hours. david: who doesn't want to be on tv? melissa: fair point, might have friend. that is why i love you. americans are not looking on the bright side. why a majority of voters believe the country is going to hell in a hand basket. donald trump is reeling in details of his economic plan. can "the donald" change the minds of voters? economist peter morici sound off. that is coming up next. >> under this american system every policy decision we make must pass a simple test. does it create more jobs and better wages for americans? remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in.
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and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. david: donald trump presenting his economic plan in new york this week. a key point of which is to reject president obama's multinational trade agreements including of course the trans-pacific partnership. this as the president enlisted ohio governor and former republican presidential
4:26 pm
candidate john kasich to sell it. pp to the american public. university of. to sell tpp. this is the establishment, mike bloomberg with op-ed and tom donahue, chamber of commerce in favor of it. pp establishment saying trade and and who is right. >> donald trump is right. a lot of automation going on in manufacturing. a lot of factories in the world do not have workers. i like workers here. david: they say they're losing jobs being automated out of existence. not because of trade, because of automation. this is happening the same week
4:27 pm
where we heard ford motor company is moving all of its small car manufacturing down to mexico. what is the truth there? >> well, we've always had automation. but we had mechanization on the farm. do we give up the agricultural industry. we still employ people on the farm even though one farmer can do the work of 10. likewise, one factory worker may do the work of three. he will earn a lot of money. it will be a high-skilled job and makes sense for america. also this huge trade deficit we have with asia. we have to borrow money, mortgage future, sell assets. look at all the real estate in new york owned by asians. david: that's true. >> do we want to go down the path? what you got the establishment doesn't want to lose its grip. hillary clinton represents the status quo anti. these folks don't want to lose their grip on a scheme they enjoyed for so long. david: she at one point said tpp is the gold standard of trade deals. now she is against it.
4:28 pm
trump says within five minutes of taking office, if she is elected, she will be in favor of tpp after making a little tweak. is that the way you see it going down, if she is elected president? >> absolutely. she wrote an op-ed in a may newspaper during the primaries indicating she pretty much had same trade policy as donald trump. at same time alan blinder of princeton, one of her formal advisors basically took the bloomberg tack. hillary said i'm not going for it. pp until it meets my high standards. sounds like bill clinton on nafta, the same scan. while hillary was secretary of state, we got the u.s.-korea tree trade agreement the pilot of tpp that cost us 100,000 jobs. david: it cost a lot of jobs. quickly, china, i know it is not a part of tpp but they are protectionist like crazy. we let all their goods in. should that change quickly. >> absolutely.
4:29 pm
we need to control a better deal with tariff. 45% tariff suits me. according to the world bank its currency is woefully undervalued. david: peter morici. good stuff. appreciate it. melissa: new york sendoff for a new york icon. police commanders lining up in a traditional walkout to bid farewell to new york police commissioner bill bratton. finishing his second stint in the post today. he thanked the people of new york and comes of nypd and the new york mayor in his retirement letter. real loss for us here. david: it is. he kept us safe for a long time. melissa: really has. david: a stan against common core. the drastic measures parent are taking to fight this curriculum. melissa: the race for the white house couldn't get much tighter. the new numbers have democrats on edge. >> hillary clinton did this to herself in a very tough week for her campaign that was self-generated between the "basket of deplorables" gaffe
4:30 pm
and then the new amonia matter. and that was, that was a lie of omission, no question about it. you both have a
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or visit to turn us back on. and up. david: well the candidates are in a dead-heat according to a new "fox news poll." donald trump closing the gap on hillary clinton in a four-way race, trailing her by just one percentage point. when it comes to head on, well the republican nominee leading clinton 46-45%. of course within the margin of error.
4:34 pm
what is to blame for clinton's big drop? here we have a democratic strategist and erin elmore, a trump surrogate. mustafa, is it hillary doing things wrong or trump doing things right? >> well i think she had a difficult week but national numbers are not as important. i think his gain he made in florida, the gains he made in ohio are probably more important. what is more concerning to trump numbers i saw in texas, a state i'm from -- david: mustafa i love you dearly but you're not answering the question. something is responsible for trump beating or going up against hillary and gaining momentum. is it him doing so much right or her doing so much wrong? >> look i think she had two difficult weeks but donald trump just entered into a bad week with this it abouter movement that he just happened and now publicly speaking again, you will start seeing him fall. he had two weeks he basically didn't tweet very much and his campaign was doing the work. but now that he is back out
4:35 pm
there -- david: is "birther" issue over? donald trump in three sentence, eloquent three-sentence speech today that is it, it is over, i'm not a "birther." is that a it or cling on? >> showed contrition. handled perfectly, other than the slight dig at hillary i think it is over. david: the press will not let it die. the press wants it to continue, don't they. >> of course they do. what has donald trump done wrong here? he has showed contrition. done right thing. the poll numbers are rising. not only is he having good two weeks.has horrible two weeks. with he renamed her diva of deceit. numbers will continue. david: let me talk about the "deplorables" comment of hillary clinton. hillary retracted it since. >> not really. david: do you think she made a mistake by labeling 25 million americans as deplorable, as irredeemably deplorable? >> look at difference.
4:36 pm
hillary said it within the next day she came out, said i'm sorry. david: it was scripted in, two different speeches. do you think it was a mistake for her to have said it in the first place? >> she shouldn't have said it. david: i'm asking about you? you think it was mistake. >> i agree she shouldn't have said it. i think it was a mistake. donald trump saying five years. david: when she says it twice in scripted speech, do you believe her when she says she regrets having said it in first place? >> only regrets impact it had. she was giggling, everyone in the audience were keen. no, american people are talking about, talking about americans firefighters and police officers and just hard-working americans want change and want a good job. whoops, now she is sorry. david: melissa. melissa: we have breaking news right now. a live look at donald trump. he is arriving in miami. the republican nominee is in the key state to meet with haitian community leaders right now, arriving in miami, florida.
4:37 pm
you can see that. going to quote hell in a hand basket. a majority of americans, 57%, believe that's where the country is heading, according to a "fox news poll." erin and mustafa are back with us. erin, setting candidates aside, just looking at the mead in the country in general, maybe that brought us to the point we have these candidates, for 57% to say something as incendiary, one of the boxes you have to have check, are things good, bad, hell in a hand basket. they get their pen out and x that! that says a lot, doesn't it? >> american people tend to be dramatic, i know i do. melissa: yeah. >> that is not a good sign. i think donald trump is the candidate we need and why he is doing so well. people are tired of business as usual in washington. they want the changes and jobs and america safe and great again and secure our borders and get rid of isis.
4:38 pm
that is why they think it is hell of a hand basket and trump is here and successful. melissa: mustafa, 7 out of 10 don't like the way government is working. 47% are dissatisfied. 27% are angry. how can hillary address that as part of the current administration, she has president obama on the trail with her? she has to thread that needle been a part of it, wanting their support, but letting voters angry and dissatisfied, as a result make up majority, seven out of 10 know she is the answer, how do you do that? >> i mean, look at president obama's approval rating. it is almost near 60%, highest it has been for any sitting president. so -- melissa: you say it is not him. it is the rest of government, not him? is that it. >> no, look, those are the numbers, but the public is just frustrated with the system not working for average americans. and we really have to begin to change that.
4:39 pm
she is, she is likely to be the person to change it because donald trump can't be trusted with a basic simple day-to-day things. for him, when somebody says something he overreacts. to a tweet he starts attacking people. and that is not -- melissa: if you don't like the way that government is running, then maybe you like that. i don't think that address this is specific issue. erin, if the idea they don't like government and the way it's working, then you say, hillary clinton is the change agent. how could she? she has been in government for 30 years? >> she is career politician. just four more years of barack obama. there is no change there. to say hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy as mustafa is basically saying, she is proven to be liar time and time again. oh, it is just dehydration. it is -- melissa: he didn't say he was honest and trustworthy. he said she was steady. she could be trusted. here donald trump seems like he is all over the place. will treat anything and do anything and that you may want change but what you will get is danger? mine donald trump learned a lot
4:40 pm
throughout this process certainly. see a difference in him. he hasn't reacted with the same kind of vitriol he used to. he learned a lot. this politics 101. you only get to run for president once in your life. melissa: or if you're hillary clinton a whole bunch of times. got to go. thanks, guys. >> look, yesterday minister took him off the stage and he tweeted some awful things about her. he has to learn to think. donald trump is same person he has been entire life. oldest man to become president. melissa: we got to go. we let you get in the last word. david: he got in his last lick. education a big part of the campaign. more american families are choosing to homeschool their children. a dislike of common core curriculum appears to be one reason why. fox news's doug mckelway has details. doug, how do we know common core is one of the things behind this? reporter: we can't say for sure it is, david, but there is lots of evidence pointing to it.
4:41 pm
back in 2012 when the education next organization first polled americans about common core standards, 90% had a favorable opinion of it. this year the number sunk to 50%. in addition 55% of the americans are dissatisfied with u.s. education as a whole. that is the highest gallup ever recorded since 2000. year by year more parents are turning to homeschooling. in 1998 only 1.7% of the school age population was homeschooled. by 2002 that number increased to 2.2%. by, by 2006 it climbed to 3%. by 20113.4%. anecdotal reports from homeschooling associations suggest common core is playing a big part of that. >> first week of school we get the rash of calls from all over the state, people saying oh, this is not what i thought it was. this is not working out. this is not working for my child. what do i do to homeschool? >> i still think it's a little too early to tell if we can
4:42 pm
really hang it on common core. this general sense that parent don't have a voice, what is taught in their child's classroom, led more and more parent look for options that really allows them to customize and to tailor an educational experience that works well for their children. reporter: another barometer of school colleges having students take remedial education to get them back up, indication public schools are not doing their job. david: 37% of high school seniors are prepared for college in terms of remedial education. only 37%. it is not just common core raising concern about public ed. reporter: there are a lot of other factors. parent who want to incorporate religion into their child's teaching. too much federal control which limits local parental input. immigrants fluent with english.
4:43 pm
there is easy access to online courses. these are driving the exodus to homeschooling. david: doug mckelway. good to see you. doug, appreciate it. melissa. melissa: take them home tonight. how you can get your hands on rare memorabilia from the private collection of ronald reagan. david: oh. ♪ the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship
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melissa: a glimpse into the personal lives of ron and and nancy reagan. hundreds of items from the private collection of mr. and mrs. reagan will be up for auction next week. fox news's rob schmitt at christie's in new york with the details. what do you have for us, rob? reporter: oh, a lot of stuff, melissa. 700 items here. you can see it all starting tomorrow. most of the stuff that will be here was actually in the white house with the reagans. let me show you right behind me
4:47 pm
here. that is a dining room table and dinnerware they used in the white house. some great stuff. as we go to video, you see a living room set and salmon colored sofa. that was with the reagans for years in the white house and governor's mansion. these came back to l.a. after the office. actor rex allen gave him cowboy boots. the story goes they made a campaign appearance together. reagan admired allen's boots and he is him a bear. a autographed piece from the berlin wall. many remember that line, mr. gorbachev, pull down this wall. a bulgari ring for nancy reagan. takes you back to the very popular presidency and iconic love story that was ronald and nancy reagan. an author we talked to who interviewed ronald reagan many times, says this auction will attack a lot of people from
4:48 pm
around the world. a lot of people give ronald reagan credit as one of the people that helped end the cold war. >> 100 years later you see abraham lincoln. he immortal. isn't that beautiful, marble, 100 years from now here will be the man that saved the world, that saved mankind during his era. that's only going to make his memorabilia more valuable. reporter: for es of us not in new york city the auction starts on-line on tuesday. if you are in the area you can come to christie's wednesday and thursday. all the proceeds go to charity, to the ronald reagan foundation. melissa: that was our question. we were wondering where the money was going. david: was wondering if it goes to the family. more controversy surrounding the clinton foundation, yes, even more. a new report claiming that donors to the foundation received coveted enat this invio white house events.
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
david: daily caller reports that 200 donors to the clinton foundation who gave a total of $216 million since 2009 to the cf, were granted mess tinning just seats at one or more white house state dinners. does this play into trump's charge that the foundation was pay for play? financial whistle-blower charles ortel with his take on this all right, state dinners very often have political contributors there. why should that be any different from what we see here? >> this is very different because, yes, it is customary
4:53 pm
for people who make political contributions using after the-tax money in regulated ways to bargain for favors from the politicians they help elect. this was money routed through a foundation where owners get tax deductions at federal, state, local levels, you're not supposed to use the foundation for political partisan purposes especially outside your authorized purposes. this is far outside of the authorized purposes. david: very different than a political contributor getting next seat at a state dinner? >> yes. david: all right. the real for me pay for play investigated more than it already has, foreign policy, places like russia or haiti, interesting that trump visit iting with haitian leaders in miami or iran or other places, whether foreign policy was actually changed when secretary of sta accommodate clinton donors. am i wrong on this? >> i think that is fascinating work. that's why we really need for the american people deserve to see our entire property, all of those emails that were generated
4:54 pm
during the time. david: you say our property. it is ours. it is not her emails. it is our emails. >> as if she took a helicopter home for weekend or four years and gave it back at the end of the term. we need to see all those emails. we have every right to see all those emails. if we could see them all certainly i guess see what you're talking about. david: one more sliver of the clinton foundation stuff. we find only 6% of the money it received in 2014 went to charitable donations. only 6%. do you make anything from that? >> i do because first of all that is what they declare. they never had independent trustees or new audit, legally complied audit. what they say happened. nobody stress tested that. david: aren't they required to an official audit. >> absolutely this decision by snyder is so troubling he would not make -- david: schneiderman, new york attorney general who is investigating, has inquiry about the trump organization but not about the clinton foundation? >> right. it is crystal clear.
4:55 pm
new york our laws are tougher than federal laws and they absolutely have to have an audit. they have never had legally-complied audit ever. david: charles, good to see you thank you very much. melissa. melissa: shaking it off. battle for late night vote as hillary clinton prepares for her turn on "the tonight show." >> he always has been so nice. one thing i always wanted to ask him, can i mess up your hair. i said it is important to you? he says yes. look i have to snake a speech in a little while. don't could too big of a number. we had fun. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare.
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i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? >> can i mess your hair up? [cheering] >> the answer is yes but the people in new hampshire where i will be an hour from now, i hope they will understand.
4:59 pm
go ahead. [cheering] [laughter] >> yes! melissa: wow, it is real. that is that. donald trump having a laugh with jimmy fallon and allowing the late night host to mess up his otherwise perfectly curved hair. hanging out over there. i will get it back. david: no, there was still a strand. hillary clinton's turn to go viral. here is shot at democratic nominee, sitting with fallon on tonight show. during taping of her appearance. n august she let jimmy kimmel take her pulse. remember that? i don't think that will happen again. melissa: opening a jar of pickles. david: what do you think it will be this time? has to compete with donald in some way? melissa: interesting question more people talking over the weekend about the "birther" thing or hair?
5:00 pm
david: good question. my guess it is the hair. it is the hair. everybody is wonder about that. the hair and the tan. melissa: yeah. can't get enough. david: very, very strange. melissa: we can't get enough. of the. david: have a wonderful weekend. "risk & reward" starts now. >> having a few days to myself was actually a gift. i talked with some old friends. i spent time with our very sweet dogs. i did some thinking. you know the campaign trail doesn't really encourage reflection. and it's important to sit with your thoughts every now and then. and that did help me reconnect with what this whole campaign is about. >> hillary clinton sure knows what her campaign is now about. it is about attacking donald trump on a years old "birther" issue that donald trump himself brought up.


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