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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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gillian, i think especially since she does have such a platform on her show and others. it would be sow great if she would take one more look at what is trulily a by nary choice. charles: here is lou dobbs. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. 53 days until the election and it's clearer than ever the race many democrats and mainstream media once thought was all but over is now a nail biter. donald trump appears to be making the stronger case for the white house. exactly a month ago clinton held a nearly 7-point lead over trump in the real clear politics polling average. now clinton leads trump by 1.5 points. the polls keep moving in trump's favor. the republican nominee undoubtedly having one of the
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best weeks of his campaign. he's proven to have significantly more stamina than hillary clinton and he obviously relishes the political combat. he energized his supporters who are proudly wearing shirts embracing the deplorables label hillary clinton hurled at them as an insult. today trump outsmarted the mainstream liberal media that had been trolling him. trump told them there would be an event at his brand-new trump international hotel in d.c. and he would have a major statement. he took a half-hour of cable news programming and devoted it to military leaders who support him. the national media having a fit because they got played, and played so very well. two distinguished businessmen,
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peter navarro and former cia director ambassador james woolsey. diane black says it's shocking how hillary clinton keeps insulting american voters. the democratic nominee today wrote off the entire republican party with these comments. >> as the world knows i was a little under the weather recently. the good news is my pneumonia finally got some republicans interested in women's health. lou: democrats wonder why she is experiencing a decline in her support and falling in the polls. donald trump running circles around an outraged mainstream liberal media. the media assuming trump was going to address birther statements after he announced he had a major statement planned at
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his new ambassador hotel in washington. instead he introduced medal of honor recipients and a gold star mother, paul voice their support for trump. >> this election means so much. we do not need any more bureaucrat i can leadership from washington d.c. we need true leadership from the top. mr. trump has never failed in anything because he listens to his advisers, he listens to his people. for the last 8 years our president hasn't listened to anybody. lou: trump limited his remarks on the birther issue to this brief statement. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it.
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you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. lou: good for donald trump. he cable news network turned over their air to trump thinking they had played him. the full trump event was live, leading cnn's jake tapper to proclaim trump had just pulled the wool over the eyes of the entire political media. >> it was very clever on one level. on another level it does speak to the integrity of the trump campaign. they told us something was going to happen and it's not happening. lou: actually what he told them would happen would be a major statement, and it was.
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and it was even about the birther movement that seems to enthrall the national liberal media for some reason. politico was upset as well. 18 months into this cable networks are still letting them hijack them for free air time by promising a major announcement. the hill's jim roberts said this. once again the american news media gets totally played by trump. wall-to-wall coverage. we are all guilty. lou: no, you thought were playing him and you haven't figured out who is the brighter. the trump surge is creating panic among the democrats and the liberal media. fred barnes, can you believe the furious response on the part of the national media?
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they are getting exactly what they asked for which is to get slapped around with birther. >> and donald trump also got a lot of free publicity for his new hotel on pennsylvania avenue as well where the events took place. lou: what is the name of that hotel again? >> i think it's trump international. this was -- trump just walked all over the press. of course, he has nothing to lose with the press because they are not going to give him favorable treatment anyway. lou: shouldn't there be some embarrassment on the part of the cable news network? they were orchestrating it and marching in lock step, a choreographed around clinton campaign talking points. it was silly on their part. >> if you are expecting the mainstream media to feel bad
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about this and so on, i would say don't hold your breath. it isn't going to happen. lou: i don't expect much of them, believe me. >> you were right about the panic. it's particularly true among democrats. harry reid had one of his rants today and the congressional black caucus which is all democrats, one of them referred to trump as an arsonist. somebody who starts fires. lou: i know what arsonist means, fred, i got it. i may, a television journalist but i get. >> you said this was a great week for trump. this would have been a great week for any presidential candidate. polls came out that showed trump ahead in ohio, iowa and colorado. colorado hillary was ahead a few weeks ago by double digits.
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they are states won twice by obama that hillary clinton has to win if she is going to be elected president. but the biggest insult was today when michelle obama was speaking in northern virginia trying to whip up support for hillary and the crowd was chanting four more years. lou: four more years and she is always saying it isn't about four more years of the obama administration. but that's precisely what it is. give us a sense here. today she came back to the campaign trail after being off recuperating from pneumonia in three days which has to be something of a record. and was just as nasty as she could be. that is -- and the campaign
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was -- i think extraordinarily flat and negative and she was more so. your thoughts? >> look, there is on one issue hillary clinton and her campaign feel strongly about using against trump and that is that he's a terrible guy web's reckless and vicious and dangerous. trump in the last few weeks has gone a long way to true mallizing that issue. he's got this mr. rogers personality. he's relaxed. he lets jimmy if land plu -- mup his hair. and it's the same old hillary. when he announced his economics speech the teleprompter didn't work and he joked about it. he got the text out and waved it
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around. lou: it strikes me that she is the same old hillary and people don't want to deal with the reality that she has never been likeable and is never going to be likeable. and trump seems to have a case when he says she has no new idea because there are no new ideas. >> this is why her campaign is saying to reporters, she has got to put together her vision for america. what are there, 8 or 9 weeks left in the campaign and she hasn't found her vision yet? hough four more years what we have gone through is quite a prospect to contemplate. we are coming right back. great to see you. we'll have much, much more. we'll be right back. donald trump says it's time to reverse globalism and put america first. >> american hand will rebuild this nation and american energy
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mined from american sources will power our nation. lou: peter navarro, a member of trump's economic advisory team joins us next. we'll talk about his ambitious plan to retore prosperity. and these abetween lynn junkies -- and these adrenaline junkies in the french alps. we are coming right back after these messages. stay with us.
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lou: president obama he listing the help of republicans to push his trans-pacific trade deal. governor john kasich met with him saying only china will benefit if the deal isn't passed. >> if we are not in there making sure free trade is established in the asian market, we'll be cut out. if you are frustrated about rules of trade that disadvantage
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america and jobs being shipped overseas, then you want to get this thing done. lou: joining me now trump economic advisor and professor of business at u.c. irvine, peter navarro. >> it's the first time i have met you and i have been watching your work for years. hough we are delighted to have you with us. i can't believe what you just heard from president obama. >> what i'm hearing is what obama is going to try to do is put the tpp on a bun the rider and try to force the government to shut down if it doesn't get passed. i think what this might do, actually, is help donald trump in places like michigan and ohio and indiana. the tpp as bad as it is on everybody, it particularly hurts
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the auto and yo auto parts industries. japan is just champing at the bit to get that thing passed, as is china. even though china is not a part of it. lou: they have become the target of it. >> but what china will do is use vietnam to put made in vietnam goods. lou: she'll not be outwitted by president obama. donald trump talking about fair trade and talking about not doing stupid deals. the tpp by any measure is a stupid deal and he's still pushing it. guys like kasich show up to be a prop for president obama. which means they are all props for the chamber of commerce and u.s. multi-nationals. meanwhile the u.s. continues to be the victim. >> one of the big themes of
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donald trump is this idea that we are going to be free traders but we'll negotiate smart. and the trouble is this is the 2012 south korea deal. lou: you are scaring me to death because we have only got two minutes. >> hillary clinton says it will create 70,000 jobs. barack obama says it's a good deal. we wound up losing 75,000 jobs and doubled our trade deficit with south korea. that's a poorly negotiated deal and it hurt our auto industry the worse. we can trade with southr south korea but do it in a way that's beneficial to both countries. lou: there has to be honesty in trade. since 1976 we have thanked consecutive years of trade deficits without interruption. we have a $13 trillion external
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trade debt as well. we have an almost $20 trillion national debt. >> the loop donald trump is trying to make in this country and consciousness is the trade deficits are from gdp growth. lou: anywhere from 1 to 1.5% of gdp growth is sacrificed as a result of these annual deficits. >> when you take your factories in michigan and move them to michigan, that subtracts from gdp growth. eliminate the trade deficit and reshoring that investment here. it's smart economics and new economics. >> you know we talked about that loss to gdp growth rate as a
7:20 pm
result of those deficits which subtract with the national savings rate as well. you don't hear a lot of economics professors who know this and understand it. is it because they have got contracts with corporations and institutions and associations? >> 1947 to 2001 we grew 3.5 per are. 2011 to 2013, 2.5%. lou: i want the 4%. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe hillary clinton's nasty attacks on donald trump reflect her desperation. look at the polls and being so far behind in so many of them. cast your vote on twitter
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@loudobbs. now, please roll the video. a group of thrill seekers pushing the boundaries of flight. watch as this team of daredevils jump off the mountain in the french alps, nosediving into the unknown. the wing suit pilots guiding themselves across the snowy landscape at sufficient altitude. speeds blazing and circling through the dangerously jagged mountains. the mountains are beautiful but that's a little too close up. don't you think? up next, donald trump keeps surging in the polls. >> new polls have just come out, and we are leading in many of the battleground states. we are going to win
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new hampshire and win back the white house and we are going to make america great again. remember that. remember that. lou: what about the electoral map? the electoral votes all important. i'll take that up in my commentary tonight. stay with us. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers.
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lou: two thoughts on the incredible, shrinking campaign of hillary clinton. it's not just that she insulted millions of americans and calling them undesirable and irredeemable and having to take a few days off to get over her pneumonia. remember her campaign said she was using those days to organize her final argument for the presidency.
7:27 pm
>> imagine a person in the oval officen who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. imagine someone who distorts the view to fit a very narrow view of the world. donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states. lou: i thought that was autobiographical describing herself. mrs. clinton's idea of being an uplifting and aspirational candidate there, her final argument, if you will. such vitriol and nastiness and desperately awful behavior, probably the result of her falling poll numbers which are also eliminating her advantage in the electoral map as well. political gurus a month ago were saying her electoral advantage was unavailable.
7:28 pm
-- was unavailable. 13 states are in play, five of thoastles states were a month ago in her column. sphonl one of the states moved out of the couldup couple and that state is missouri, which is now leaning toward trump. trump's path to 270 electoral votes is widening by the day. if he wins every state won byrum any in 2012. every state romney won, plus florida, ohio, pennsylvania, that would give him enough electoral votes to win the white house. and he has broken into the lead in florida and ohio and his campaign is committing more resources to pennsylvania. he's leading in iowa and within
7:29 pm
striking distance in nevada. and trump is helping the party and himself as republicans and independents are gaining in voter registration all across the country. in iowa, registered republicans outnumber democrats by 20,000, while democrats are the biggest block. in florida democrats have seen their voter registration advantage cut in half from 2012. cut in half. republicans also narrowing the gap in north carolina and nevada. donald trump has had a strong week of campaigning. while clinton has faltered from the images of her collapsed, hiding the true state of her health and her deplorable and irredeemable comments that will be the stuff of trump attack ads until election day. all of her missteps and mistakes
7:30 pm
creating enormous opportunities for trump. in fact, i believe this is the inflection point in the campaign. and trump is now the candidate with momentum. and yes the best argument for the presidency. our quotation of the evening from steve jobs who said, here is to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square sholts. the ones who see things differently. they are not fond of rules. the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things. they push the human race forward. and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. thank god. we are coming right back.
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donald trump promises to reverse obama's executive if i ats and replace obamacare. >> our people don't even read deals. they sign whatever is put in front of them. take a look at what happened with obamacare. practically nobody in congress read it and what a mess we have. lou: this little kitten somehow fell out of an suv and landed in the wrong place at the worst time. fast traffic and low odds. we have the video for you and what happens next. stay with us. we'll be right back. [alarm beeping]
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lou: donald trump praising the women members of congress. he talked about that with maria bartiromo. >> hillary clinton was all talk, no action. she wants to come up with this plan and her plan was not a good plan. but she wasn't available for the last three days. lou: one of those members of congress on stage with donald trump. congresswoman diane black, a member of the house bint ways and means committee. congressman, great to have you with us. let's go to something hillary clinton said today. her illness and pneumonia give
7:36 pm
republicans a reason to worry about women's health issues. how did you react to that? >> we hear another lie from hillary clinton. i'm a nurse. i worked all my life to make sure we have good healthcare to men and women and children. and i worked hard to make sure we have the same standard of care in the abortion clinics as any other outpatient surgery center. but hillary clinton is bought out by the big abortion industry. let's look at obamacare. women are the ones who choose care for their tap his, they can't even find affordable quality healthcare because of hillary clinton who agree with obama. so i know what good healthcare is and we have hillary clinton just saying we are a bunch of despicable people if we don't agree with her. >> she made deplorable suddenly
7:37 pm
it's got a very pleasant connotation for most americans after she insulted after of them. and pitied the other half. let's turn to obamacare. it's in crisis. premiums are rising. they are going to rise more at the beginning of the year. there is the extraordinary spectacle of watching president obama begging insurance companies to support the federal government's healthcare plan which he authored. it's a disaster. we are down to exchanges. this is -- we are down to six exchanges. this is madness. >> we saw the single payer system trying to be implemented in the state of tennessee. hillary clinton had a part in didn't work in tennesse. i knew it wouldn't workn at the federal level. i said it will self implode and
7:38 pm
we knew that and we are seeing it now. my own state of tennessee will raise premiums for people by 0%. there is no way people can afford this. people go into the health departments now instead of the exchanges. the health departments even though they are on the exchanges because they can't get care and they need affordable quality care. once again another lie from hillary clinton. that's what we see one after another to after another. lou: i want to turn to another lie on the part of the obama administration. it turns out the department of homeland security has been sitting on a damning border report. you remember the house border security caucus, what's going on here and what are you going to do about it? >> i have been to the border. i was there and saw it and talked to the agents there and asked them what can we do.
7:39 pm
because you will have the border agents in one area and another area they are bringing other people across. you don't have enough technology and enough agents in order to be able to stop it. we knew that. i'm not surprised that this report would finally say what we already knew. it's no surprise that the administration would try to with hold this report until after the election. lou: huge numbers of people coming into the country illegally. the numbers are phoney, the dhs is fraudulent and border patrol has been just -- it's despicable to use that word what this administration has done to that agency and the absence of border security in this country. >> when we were down there, the actual border patrol officers are frustrated with this administration.
7:40 pm
>> i get that. we have been at this since 2006. kennedy-mccain was the bill back then. this is irresponsible of both parties to continue the charade. donald trump says he will fix it. will he? >> i sure hope so. he's got a lot of thoughts on it. if we don't fix this, our country is gone. reagan said it, a country without borders is not a country. lou: will he fix it. >> i certainly hope so. i can't say what anybody is going to do. but i'm sure it will work hard as i know the members my own party will. lou: we better not hear about better ways from paul ryan because it's all bunk. we better hear about getting things done. >> let's get a willing narnt white house. i agree with starting with the border. we must make the american people
7:41 pm
secure. that's something we need to do for this country. lou: it's always good to talk with you. thanks for being with us. it's a good thing cats have nine lives. unbelievable. the tiny kitten narrowly avoiding being hit by cars and trucks. god bless the driver of that truck for not running over it. authorities say the kit' fell out of an suv but sustained on life bruising and -- with 8 of its lives remaining living happy ever after. we hope. donald trump says hillary clinton's foreign policy record is a disaster. >> it's the same attitude of arrogance and entitlement which
7:42 pm
explained why she has never taken accountability for the disasters she created all over the world, in libya, syria, iraq, iran. all of them. lou: donald trump's foreign policy adviser is ambassador james woolsey, the former head of the cia. stay with us. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. it's a performance machine. engineering... we are all in for our customers. with this degree of intelligence...
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lou: joining me now ambassador james woolsey named senior advisor to the trump campaign, chairman of the foundation for the defense of democracies. jim, it's great to have you with us. let me turn to the issue of an alliance that has obviously been formed between china and russia working in concert against up s. interests and asserting their own, whether it be the south china sea, the bam particular sea. wherever it may in the world. we don't seem to have a response to that or so many other challenges to u.s. power. >> they are working together. russia and china are. more in the interest of the
7:47 pm
united states. the chinese are in part want to go keep their sea lines for oil open. that might be modified in time if we can work on them on energy program and get their appetite for oil down. lincoln when he was a little boy said the old farmer next to them said i don't need much land, just what adjoins mine. that's russia. it keeps shouldering everybody aside in order to take whatever is next to them in the next time. lou: under this president, he's without question, history will regard hims the american president at least who lost crimea and perhaps much more in the final five months of his
7:48 pm
administration. the challenges that face any president will require restoring the military budget as donald trump promised he will do. how quickly can it be done, and is there an open tight in both parties to do so? >> well, one has to take some steps to cut through the bureaucracy. steps and wilgd a prototype aircraft that used to take a relatively short time, a year so two, now take a great deal longer. there is just a lot of bureaucracy and a lot of delay in getting things done. there are institutions like the defense advanced research agency working time to time out at lockheed. they have done some amazing things and done them quickly. lou: they have been doing them for 0 years. when we look at what's going on,
7:49 pm
there seems to be an explanation and rationalization toward progress and reacting to challenges. what is it going to take to break through the nonsense and get the job done? >> i think a president and a secretary of defense who really want to get our military forces in great shape and build whatever is need and are willing to take a lot of give and political stings in order to do it. the reason this is going to be hard. it's not just building aircraft and ships and so forth. it's preparing for what one russian military scholar calls a contact-free war which is cyber and electromagnetic pulse, and all of that, which we do some parts of rather well, but we have not noted how veiler inable we are, not only our military
7:50 pm
but our civilian struck a * to some of these new types of threats. lou: if folks are not paying attention to how vulnerable we are and how much the russians, the chinese and others, including romanian rogue operators are exploiting those vulnerabilities, then we are in worse trouble than any of us imagine. we are in less trouble because you are work on national policy for donald trump. we appreciate you spending some time with us. come back soon. on wall street. stocks fell after what was a volatile week. the dow jones industrials down 89 points. volume on the big board picking up to 4.8 billion shares. markets, however, ending the week higher overall. the dow and s & p up 1%. listen to my reports coast to
7:51 pm
coast three times a day on the salem broadcast network. donald trump keeps rising in the polls stressing he will be a president for all americans. >> i will work to bring us together as one american people. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one flag. right? lou: mike gallagher, tammy bruce, take up the trump excellent week. stay with us. when i was diagnosh pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped
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lou: our online poll last evening, we asked do you believe corporal america has far too much influence on politics and public policy? 92% of you say yes. that should give some hope to those in washington. mike gallagher is with us, and tammy bruce. both fox news contributors. family in the studio in new york. thanks, tammy. let's start with what could these folks be imagining? the cable news networks get
7:56 pm
played for fools, i'm not saying they are. i'm just saying they get played for fools by donald trump and have a fit that they got played for fools. >> it exposes them. if they were reporters interested in the news and weren't going with the agenda there would be nothing to be upset about. this is an example of the fact when they go expecting to in this case move along the hillary clinton agenda, they get not even played, mr. trump has an ageneral today he wanted to accomplish and he accomplished it. lou: they are not interest thinkers because they wouldn't have had the idea about the birther move. at the same time. >> he infuriated the media so much he got them to delete the videotape from the event today. he controlled hillary and got
7:57 pm
her to tweet that honoring medal recipients is disgusting. people love seeing the media on these stops we are taking be infuriated. this is why trump is wing and probably why trump is going to win. lou: you can see the frustration in hillary clinton's face and hear it in her voice today. she is looking at these polls and has got to be wondering what in the world awaits her. we watched the electoral map close down for her a bit and open up immensely for donald trump. this is a new deal, a deal that the savants and gurus don't tae into account.
7:58 pm
>> hillary is looking bert and sounding bert and coming become a little bit refreshed. she said she wanted it to be a more positive message. that lasts 10 minutes. lou: that long? >> maybe minutes. the "new york times" has a story out talking about the tsunami of brief and the panic within the clinton campaign. that's why these campaigns matter so much. you will finds how these people will behave under this kinds of pressure and what they are made of. >> journalists are admitting they don't want to be objective when it comes to the republican nominee. journalists are actually saying it. journalists who made their bones being october objective are throwing objectivity to the
7:59 pm
wind. the media that has blown it. lou: these are the elites. this is the establishment that donald trump is running against. showing itself, validating his campaign, his candidacy by their arrogance and patronizing attitude toirtds citizenry they should be representing. we'll see how all this plays out the next few days as we are pushing what, another week here, and we'll seal one of those presidential debates, can't wait. mike gamike gallagher, thanks fr taking time. that's it for us. thank you for taking the time to join us. ed rollins, kt mcfarland among our guests monday. until then we would like to you
8:00 pm
have a really nice weekends. good night from new york. [♪] anthony: "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing, i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. volatility has returned to wall


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