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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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schematic lever placed tse bottoms combo we will guide you will be back to justice. >> fight terror suspects obtained on trade detained in new york is another bottom at load that a new jersey train station. good monday morning. i am nicole petallides. >> i'm cheryl casone and four lauren simonetti. new questions and concerns over the threat of global attacks as world leaders gather i meeting. nicole: on the campaign trail,
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president obama makes no mention as he stops for hillary in new york with the very latest from the campaign trail. cheryl: investors made for the latest word from the federal reserve which opened a two-day meeting tomorrow. we will tell you what the central bank is expected to pull the trigger. no reaction right now to the events here in the new york area over the weekend. the dow, s&p pointing to a much-needed open. nicole: oil with an up arrow up 1.5% pay 5%. tensions in libya to get that as well at the opec meeting. cheryl: palette takes front-end vendor. all the winners and losers from hollywood's big night. nicole: adrian peterson suffersp minnesota from the dominican attackers and a baseball the yankees fall short against the
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right talks to tighten the wild-card race. all the highlights. cheryl: at its 5:01 a.m. in new york on monday, september 9th teams. your first look at what they've been space-bar it's the latest breaking news and what to expect a day ahead. trade to the fbi questioned five people in connection with saturday's bombing in manhattan after fbi agents all over in the borough of brooklyn last night. the five people were the hot dependence of the vehicle. new york city police have blown up a second device found just blocks away where the bomb exploded saturday night. it was described as a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached to it. surveillance video shows what appear to be the same person within the two devices. >> whoever placed the bombs, we
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will find and they will be brought to justice. you have the finest police agencies in the world when you come to new york and we will find to clean up these explosives and they will be punished. >> 29 people were injured in the first device exploded. >> a suspicious package found in a trash can near a train station in elizabeth new jersey. that device is meant that pet. two men called police coming out of the package. statement police responded, checked it out and looked at it. they said they may throw him to examine even further. it could be suspicious and it could be a life bomb. cheryl: one day after a pipe bomb next to canceling a cherry
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5-k run. authorities was that the two incidents were connected. isis claiming responsibility for a minnesota mall ipaq. just as a security guard stepped security guard stabbed and injured nine people at the mall in st. cloud on saturday made one reference to allah before carrying out the attack. >> we are investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. there's a lot we don't know. we don't know at this point in time whether the subject was in contact with government had connections with, was inspired by a foreign terrorist organization. nicole: the suspect shot and killed by an off-duty officer. let's bring in bill galvin, former fbi assistant director in charge in new york.
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we would first like your take on what we see on three separate events. police looking for the connection. whether authorities looking for an investigation? >> i'm not a big believer so most of it to be done right now is different that were to be done at the undetonated ieds comparing architecture with other known ieds recovered and are exploded. it's all important to look at how the bombers put together in the device in the palm to go off in chelsea and looking at the bomb went off and the ones that were filed. no doubt in my mind sooner or later this will be solved.
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there's some protest against doing some careful with time. it's the right thing to do and not help resolve the matter right now. nicole: became the south because they actually caught someone moving in placing devices in new york so they came to be very helpful. the most recent incident in new jersey at the train station. five explosives and one that pack exploded as the robot was trying to gather data and take it out here in what can they still gather from that civics loaded? >> vacancy the architecture, how it was put together. the types of material and what it is used to detonate. so if you look at the unexploded
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devices in this case. everything they need to put that together again to give birth to the subject. cheryl: bill, we are now moving into you when we could be a dignitaries and leaders coming into new york city. what do you know about law enforcement plans as we move into this week? >> i've been part of it in the past and i know how intense it is with all the officials coming into general assembly. it's at night right now. not only did the dignitaries or members come to the general assembly, they also carry people. as the night air in new york right now. i have no doubt in my mind they'll handle it appeared
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cheryl: thank you very much. bill gavin, thank you gave him a hopefully talk to you later on in the show. trade to president obama speaking president obama speak in my status on new york and on wednesday he'll be speaking to the u.n. a fox news poll shows 50% of voters saying things in the country are so broken that i need a completely different kind of theater in charge of 45% think would be a mistake to panic and put an unsafe major in charge. the poll finds 45% of likely voters have a favorable opinion of clinton while 54% view her unfavorably. for transit is 44%. hillary clinton pushing hard to wind up with the millennial vote as polls show she's been losing support among younger voters. telling them how the agenda will help them.
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the differences between her and donald trump. on today's agenda, hillary clinton meeting with japanese prime minister sharon stone a at the u.n. general assembly here in new york. just a few hours, front-end centers taking a storm for the first time it will be held in the large movements of refugees. they discuss relations. president obama scheduled a week after the u.s. and israel signed a new unprecedented security agreement and against the military $38 billion over 10 years. cheryl: global market action overnight as the day deal in the
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united states but can it a ship you did make a japan close to him this monday, but the hang seng gaining almost 8% increase the cost be a point a 2%. deutsche bank classic oliver 8% and the banks are to the downside down over 1%. we are seeing up there is across the board. for me in london of 1.5%. the german dax up three quarters of 1%. looking at u.s. features no, no reaction to the events we saw in the new york area. three different events currently investigated this morning. investors are reacting so far. the dow looking higher by 300-point there that stack up by 21 in change. to your point we have the sad, bank of japan and the world bank of new zealand. all of the interest rates front and center.
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taken a look at commodities. oil getting 69 cents. it just over 6% last week with the lowest close since august august 10. little bounce back here. possible opec meeting. goldstein skate parks. cheryl: nicole, obviously it's all about consent for investors. they will watch the federal reserve. policymakers open the two-day meeting tomorrow. right now only 15% chance it will hike the rate. the central bank statement at the end of the meeting is scrutinized for any clues about a future hike later this year. after this the federal reserve would be in december. professors also shooting him with dave barrett acted to expand monetary easing. all of this at this point seems to be a net positive sec futures moved higher.
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train to the estimate 20%. 20% n-november and 50/50 5% for december. five terror suspects in new york with an suv packed with weapons. more bombs discovered at a new jersey train station. the >> we will not allow these types of threats to disrupt her life in new york. nicole: and live report with breaking details. right now we see dow futures are up 85, s&p futures attend a monastic futures at 22. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ [alarm beeping] ♪
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cheryl: 5:15 a.m. in new york. the fbi is questioning five people in possible connections in saturday's bombing in manhattan after fbi agents pulled over a car. meanwhile a suspicious package in a trashcan near new jersey. we are watching all the headlines. a new fox poll shows things in the country are so broken that we needed a different leader in charge of 45% think it would be a mistake to panic input menses and later in charge.
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investors watching the federal reserve is policy makers open a two-day meeting at the statement will be scrutinized for any clues about every type. that seems to give investors a happy pill. check out your futures despite what happening in new york city. the nasdaq higher by 23. that is what's happened now. no explosive devices in new jersey. five people questioned by the fbi in connection with the manhattan bombing. perhaps she meant over the weekend. that's the very latest? >> this is where it all started this weekend. the first bomb went off but first i want to take you to new jersey.
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right outside of the city and multiple bombs found in a back pack or a train station. two men called police reporting wires in a pipe coming from a pat pack. one of those sides unintentionally sent off by police at the bomb squad try to disarm it. thankfully nobody was hurt and nobody was hurt in the seaside heights bob missile that exploded over the weekend. the bair did have this to say over day. >> they were multiples inside the backpack. one of the devices was being cut and as you've all heard the explosion occurred. the other devices i don't know what the fbi is doing at this moment, but they are trying to remove them. reporter: surveillance video all over new york city, especially in manhattan so they can see what happened from multiple angles.
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this has quickly led to five persons of interest arrested in brooklyn overnight. all driving in a car sometime overnight. at least five were being questioned downtown at police headquarters. they were considered persons of interest. we can shape a city full of cameras running from the scene in credibly nobody was killed in chelsea sec that power the explosion on a busy saturday night around 8:30. two witnesses reported seeing somebody on west 27th street a few bucks directed here. but that may have contained the other bomb in chelsea that did not go off. it may have contained a bomb.
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video shows to recommend removing a white bag that may have had the pressure cooker. the timing couldn't have been any worse. so many important people in this city. but at the busiest and toughest security weeks anyway for the n.y.p.d. has gotten more complicated adding a thousand more police officers and governor cuomo has called this terrorism. let's listen to this. the >> it depends on your definition of terrorism. a bomb exploded in new york is obviously an act of terrorism but it's not linked to international terrorism. in other ways can we find out if this connection, et cetera. reporter: of course a lot of people were hesitant to call this terrorism initially. it's not been tied to any groups at this time. they're time. they are just saying what he said if it i'm in new york city
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it's an act of terrorism in this morning to get a look at how much worse this could then. you have two bombs in chelsea, bombs and mrs. smith. this could've been so much work. tried to rob schmidt, thank you for the latest development. cheryl: politics front and center at this year's emmy award. >> if you have a positive campaign, the voters will make the right choice. jimmy, that was a joke. get out of the car. cheryl: hollywood takes on the gop and donald trump. the big winners at the report. vikings running back adrian peterson suffers knee injury. we will have all the nfl highlights. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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>> you're driving? >> came in between jobs right now. did you know you can make $12 an hour driving for uber? >> and trying to get to the emmys. >> are you nominated? what is that like? cheryl: the former gop presidential candidate jeb bush opened the show as a uber driver. julia louis tries taking aim at donald trump saying that while the touring company of politics and make mexico pay for it. the next big winners were came up from five affects the people versus o.j. simpson. "game of thrones" has taken home three awards by the people versus o.j. simpson won five awards including best limited series. a huge night for first-timers
5:25 am
took home the first emmy for her outstanding actress a drama. >> my beautiful cast and crew, i love you guys. my family, thank you so much. i feel so lucky to be on the show that puts women at the center. cheryl: best lead actor for his role in mr. robot. now look at the latest from the world of sports. packers taking on the vikings in minnesota on monday night football. green bay jumped out to an early seven to nothing lead. did i say monday that the wall? the second quarter to tie it up. featuring peterson coming up and grabbing his right leg after a short gain. he's scheduled for an mri later
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today. the vikings come up with a key interception to hold onto the win. taking on the indianapolis colts and make a much closer than anticipated with a three-point lead. the broncos defense came up to further pics. the colts came back with a touchdown drive to make a three-point game again. the defense close to that with another touchdown. ships the ball and chain right takes it in for the score. her husband 34-20. coming up from the latest on the investigation in saturday's attack with five people detained in an suv. bottom signatures seen one explodes. we will have those details. you are watching "fbn:am," your first luck at morning market and breaking news.
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>> whoever placed these bombings, we will find and they will be brought to justice. nicole: breaking news this morning. five terror suspects detained in new york in an suv packed with weapons as police try to disarm a bomb in station. cheryl: good morning, in for lauren simonetti today. violent attacks raising new questions and concerns over the threat of lone-wolf attacks as leaders gather in new york city for united nations assembly meeting. nicole: in the campaign trail hillary clinton and donald trump
5:31 am
respond to attacks and president obama makes no mention of them. cheryl: investors are waiting on the latest word on interest rates from the federal reserve. we are going to tell you if the central bank. not worried about terrorism it looks like. nicole: take a look at oil. gaining one and a half percent at 43.65, tensions in libya, possible opec meeting and giving it a boost. cheryl: japan as well. we are looking at politics because they were front and center. we are going to have all the winners and losers from hollywood's big night. nicole: running back peterson suffers knee injury but didn't
5:32 am
stop minnesota and in baseball yankees fell short against the red sox as cardinals to target race. we have all the highlights. cheryl: a lot of sunday football. 5:01 in new york. welcome to fbn:am, first look at morning markets, breaking news and what to expect for the day ahead. nicole: fbi is questioning 5 people in connection with saturday's bomb negotiation manhattan this after an fbi pulled over a car in brooklyn last night. five people from elizabeth, new jersey were the occupants in new jersey. it was described as a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached. investigators say surveillance video shows what appears to be the same person moving those two devises.
5:33 am
>> whoever placed these finds, we will find and they will be brought to justice, period. you have the finest police agencies in the world when you come to new york and we will find who planted these explosives and they will be punished. nicole: 29 people were injured when the first device exploded, thankfully nobody, no deaths to report. cheryl: right, new york is on high alert this morning because also last night you had this, a suspicious package found in a trash can in elizabeth, new jersey, at least five devices were found in a backpack, two men called police after discovering wires and a pipe coming out of that backpack, listen. >> elizabeth police responded, checked it out, thought it could be a bomb, called the bomb squad who sent a drone to examine it even further. drone indicated
5:34 am
that it could be suspicious and a live bomb. cheryl: well, the fbi says that there are no injuries and law enforcement personnel are on that scene right now processing all the evidence. this is coming one day after a pipe bomb exploded in seaside park new jersey that canceled a charity 5k run for marine corps, veterans. isis claiming for attack minnesota attack. made one reference to allah before carrying out that attack. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism and i do say potential. there's a lot we don't know, we do not at this point in time know whether the subject had connections with or inspired by
5:35 am
a foreign organization. nicole: suspect was shot and called by an off-duty officer. cheryl: former fbi assistant director here in new york and good morning, bill. i want to follow up with something that you said a few moments ago on the show. you said because of un week the situation for authorities is going to be a nightmare. can you give us for me dales about what you meant from that statement? >> a lot of officials along with security forces and keeping track of all of these people through state department diplomatic security and throughout the intelligence agency is really a very, very difficult proposition. they stay at different hotels, different venues all over not just manhattan but others as well. it is a very difficult thing to get to move around city in a safe and secure manner.
5:36 am
the city, manhattan shuts down to get these people around and they are targets for someone with crazy ideas. nicole: no doubt. we are so thankful from all the security around new york. i wanted to ask you about the con sis eveningies and incon inconsistencies between what occurred in manhattan, new jersey, there's been talks that this is not international related, these might have been created by people from america, home-grown, your thoughts. >> i don't think there's stuff facts, sub -- substantiated facts. the way isis recruits as oppose to al-qaeda, isis recruits people through twitter, through social networking so you don't know who these people have been
5:37 am
in contact with trying to do some of the acts committed over the weekend and ied's that were recovered. cheryl: if you see something, say something. we get ads about the subway system f there's an item left, report to authorities. once again they are potentially could be victims to home-grown terrorism. >> i couldn't support to concept more. the police departments, law enforcement agencies have so many sets of eyes themselves, 8 million additional sets of eyes to bring something to the attention in the situation when don chelsea, somebody saw something. they should come forward and bring to the police. when, in fact, they put a picture up of the individual
5:38 am
they have a camera, somebody can identify that individual. that's help for the police department. be not afraid. step forward and help the police. cheryl: former fbi assistant in charge in new york, thank you for expertise this morning. we certainly appreciate it. nicole: thank you, bill. new fox news poll saying voters saying things in the country we need a different leader in charge, 45% say it would be a mistake to panic and put an unseasoned leader in charge. the poll finds that 45% of likely voters have a favorable opinion of clinton while 54% view her unfavorably. for trump, it is 44% to 54%. cheryl: staying in politics, hillary clinton pushing hard to win over the millennial vote as polls show she is losing supporter among young voters, telling them how her agenda will help them, clinton running mate say differences between her and
5:39 am
donald trump are vast. also on the agenda today, hillary clinton going to meet with japanese prime minister abe on the sidelines to have annual meeting of the un general assembly which is getting underway here in new york. nicole: president obama attended a manhattan fund raiser for hillary clinton at dnc, the president did not comment on the saturday attacks in new york, new jersey or minnesota. instead he slammed donald trump and fox news say the election is close because of misinformation and that it's hard to think that you're going to vote for somebody who you've been told has been taking the country in the wrong direction. that's the reason why we haven't had a woman president. cheryl: well, let's get you caught up on what's happening with the global markets. now, we were looking at the nikkei markets, japanese market was closed monday for holidays, hang seng riseing and kospi up
5:40 am
point 82 percent. nicole: dax in germany up three quarters of one percent. czech republic taking a look at u.s. futures, investors not really shaken by events. look at the dow pointing higher, s&p up more than 9, investors shaking off the news of those explosions. nicole: very latest on the cme, likelihood of fed rate hike wednesday, december 54.7%. we are not seeing over 50% until december. let's check out commodities as the dollar is coming out of two-week high.
5:41 am
losing over 6% last week and gold gains almost 8 bucks at 13.17. cheryl: only 15% chance the fed is going to high rates but will be scrutinized for any close about a future hike. after this week the fed's next meeting in december so they will hear bank of japan. they're expected monetary, all of this is baked in what we are seeing in the futures market this morning. nicole: you know what else on wednesday, we are going to hear from mylan ceo, two ceo's who are going to be grilled. wells fargo and mylan. we have investigation of saturday's attacks as five people are detained in an suv. one actually exploded.
5:42 am
>> we will not allow these type of people and these pipe of threats to disrupt our lives in new york. nicole: we have a live report, checking out u.s. stock market futures, all the markets gained last week, take a look right now. dow futures 81, s&p up 10, nasdaq futures up 20. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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nicole: 5:45 a.m. in new york. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. this comes after fbi agents pulled over a car on a highway last night in brooklyn. we will have -- five devices in it and one exploded. a new fox poll finds 5% of voters thing in the country are broken that we need a completely different kind of leader in chañ while 45% say they think it would be a mistake to panic and put an unseasoned leader in charge. policy makers make a two-day
5:46 am
meeting tomorrow. central bank statement at tend of the meeting will be scrutinized for any clues about a rate hike. hike for wednesday, likelihood is over 50% in december. that's the key. let's check out u.s. stock market futures right now. right now dow futures up 80 and s&p 10 and nasdaq up 20. cheryl, that's what's happening now. nicole: these exemployees i have device that is were found in new jersey were covering that story and then you have five people being questioned by the fbi and possible connection with the manhattan bombing over the weekend, a lot to cover fox news rob is live in new york's chelsea district with the investigate. rob. >> that's right and good morning to you, we are here in chelsea in central new york city in manhattan but we are going to start 13 miles away in elizabeth, new jersey where a backpack was found by police, two men actually near a train station. a backpack that had a number of bombs inside of it.
5:47 am
let's go to that, two men calling police saying that they found wires and a pipe coming from a package in the trash and one of those five was unintentionally set off by police as a bomb squad try toddies arm it and thankfully in this case nobody was hurt. the major of elizabeth had this to say overnight. >> elizabeth police responded, checked it out and looked at it, thought it could be a bomb, called the union county bomb squad who sent in a drone to examine it even further, the drone indicated that it could be suspicious and it could be a live bomb. >> it was, in fact, a live bomb and caused the situation causing delays in and out of the train station there coming into the city. it's going to make a mess of the monday morning commute, of course, back here in chelsea surveillance video has led police to make quick leads in this case. five persons of interest have been found.
5:48 am
they were found driving in a car overnight, the fiduciary duty pulled them over, they knew who they were looking for, they were pulled in brooklyn overnight and being questioned downtown. they're not being called suspects at this time. just persons of interest. so much video of that explosion popped up because there are cameras all over new york city and it was documented from so many different angles, people terrifying running from the scene, nobody knew what what was going on and nobody were killed and 29 people were hurt on chelsea between sixth and seventh avenues, two witnesses report, somebody who they said looked like they didn't belong in this neighborhood dragging a duffle bag where another bomb was found, a bomb that did not go off, the two saying that the bag wassing being dragged and two men seeing in the video opening up the bag pulling up a white bag that may have contain it had bomb. the timing couldn't be worse
5:49 am
with the un convening the week. another thousand officers brought in to help secure new york city. let's go to a sound bite here from governor -- i'm sorry, mayor bill de blasio. >> this was an intentional act, i want to reaffirm what i said last night but again, we do not know the motivation, we do not know the nature. we are not taking any options off the table. i want to be clear about that, all possible theories of what's happened here and connections will be looked at. >> governor of new york and the mayor would not. cheryl: thank you very much for the live report. nicole: great job. coming up, politics per front and center at this year's emmy awards. >> here is what i know if you run a positive campaign the voters ultimately will make the right choice. >> that's funny -- >> jimmy that was a joke. get out of the car. nicole: jeb bush as a choffer.
5:50 am
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>> yeah, i'm in between jobs now. you know you can make $12 an hour driving for uber. >> i did not know that. i have to get to the emmys. >> are you nominated? >> yeah, what's that like? nicole: jeb bush, former gop presidential candidate jeb bush opened the show as an uber driver with chauffeur hat off.
5:54 am
veep has turned down the wall between comedy and politics and promise to rebuild the wall and make méxico pay for it. the night big winners hbo's game of thrones, award for outstanding drama wheel the people for versus oj simpson won five awards including best limited series. sixty-eighth emmy award was a huge night for first timers, tatiana took first award for outstanding act trez in a drama. incredible writers, my beautiful cast and crew, i love you guys. my family, thank you so much. i feel so lucky to be on a show that puts women at the center. nicole: congratulations. cheryl: let's move from
5:55 am
hollywood to sports, packers taking on the vikings. 7-0 lead before vikings quarterback connected with rudolph in second quarter to tie it. running back and reign peterson came grabbing right leg, he had to be helped off the field. he's scheduled for an mri on right knee later today. with two minutes left in the game, vikings come up with a key interception. 3-point lead at the start of the third quarter. broncos defense came up big with 23-13 lead. the colts coming back with a touchdown drive to make it a 3-point game but the broncos defense closed it out with another defensive touchdown. super vol mvp miller strip it is
5:56 am
ball. there you go. now holds the top spot by one game. with that win, st. louis is just one game behind san francisco for a wild card spot. and the cowboys really won yesterday. nicole: the giants. we are going to hand it over to mornings with maria, let's take a quick look at futures, we did gain last week.eeing stocks higl gaining this morning. right now dow futures up 80, nasdaq up 20, you're watching fbn:am.
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cheryl: thank you for watching fbn:am this morning. a lot of breaking news to cover. nicole: no doubt, maria bartiromo will be all over it for the next several hours. mornings with maria begin right now. maria: thank you so much, ladies, hi, everybody, happy monday to you, thanks for joining us. terror in the u.s. i'm maria bartiromo, monday september 19, here your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. in
6:00 am
the east coast. one bomb detonating in elizabeth, new jersey. the town major spoke out last night updating residents on the current threat. >> all of the residents and any businesses have been evacuated. there is no residential housing in this immediate area so there are no residents being threatened and the businesses have been evacuated. maria: this coming after a series of attacks over the weekend. a bombing in new york city and the stabbing attack in a mall in minnesota. the new york explosion not linked to international terrorism we are told but isis has claimed responsibility for the minnesota stabbings. although that's unconfirmed, in new york several people in custody right now after police stopped a vehicle of interest. these threats coming as the world's leaders are in new york city. new york deploying one thousand


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