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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 19, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> i think that americans have been conditioned to this kind of activity and at this point, we take it when it comes. >> 90 points we're expecting on the dow jones industrial average. and great show. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. thanks for being here. "varney & company" is next. ashley in for stu. ashley: thank you very much. stuart will be back tomorrow, but we woke up this monday morning to words like in the heads lines, america no doubt on terror alert. the fbi releasing this photo about 90 minutes ago. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. he's the man wanted with links to the bomb bombing two locations in new jersey. police say he's armed and dangerous. overnight police took several in custody after stopping what they call an interest of interest here the verrazano bridge in brooklyn.
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and 15 miles, this one in elizabeth, new jersey, five explosive devices found near a train station there. one of them blew up as the bomb squad tried to disarm it using a robot. right now, authorities are searching a neighborhood in elizabeth, new jersey. bomb sniffing dogs going door-to-door, car to car. this is obviously, a fluid situation and news thick and fast and of course, we'll keep you up to speed with the latest. to recap. tloo he -- three locations seaside, manhattan and elizabeth, new jersey, within 83 miles of each other, eight bombs in all three went off and dozens injured and a big manhunt underway. yes, with all of this anxiety over terror, the markets, well, they're up. we're covering it all. a power packed three hours of "varney & company" begins now. >> ♪
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>> all right. let's get straight to the big story. bring in normal nyc commissioner, it appears there could be a foreign connection. thank you for being here, commissioner. as far as an international connection, that's not something we've heard up to this point. a little premature? >> maybe a little. the governor may know something that nobody else knows yet. i've got to give him credit for getting out there and getting in front of this right away. very aggressively, unlike some others, but, you know, time will tell. you know, there's still a lot of investigative work to be done. ashley: quickly, rahami, a lot of video evidence and we've seen the different angles. are you surprised they're able to track down an individual so quickly? >> no, i was on fox yesterday with ed henry and we talked about it i said they probably have the suspects within about
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24 hours. look, we have an enormous amount of technology that there's cameras everywhere and they've got one of the devices that still had not detonated. and that's fresh material for forensics. the phones probably came from all of the same place. you know, who bought the phones, how it they get them. these guys weren't too sophisticated from what i see. although-- >> how easy, sorry to interrupt, but you bring up, how easy is it to put together the pressure cooker bombs and could he be acting alone or likely need accomplices? >> now what? it's-- you could do it alone, but it's not that easy, okay? and so you may need some help. all the material, home depot, and your local grocery store. you can put all the materials you need to put it together. these devices were extremely
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dangerous. the same mechanism using the phone that they do in iraq, afghanistan, other places. ashley: given that, we're very lucky there's been no loss of life at least certainly in chelsea, which is a busy saturday night. do you find it strange where the device was left? >> i think that device had been put in the dumpster. i think they waited to create a major impact. those dumpsters are pretty sturdy and solid, that's good. i also give a lot of credit, i've got to get this out there to the nypd, the fbi and the new jersey authorities for their response for the investigation. they've done a tremendous job. ashley: this is something they train for obviously. it could appear to be one individual linked to three of the different cases. how vigilant should we be and is this something you're expecting to see? >> well, i don't think anybody-- you can't be naive about this at this point.
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whether it's london, whether it's the united states and new york city or some small community in new jersey, which we've now seen, seaside heights in south jersey, this is the world we live in and we have to get used to it. ashley: so we're going to get an extra thousand police officers on the streets today. a good deterrent, but let me put it this way, soft targets are just that, soft targets, not impossible to prevent. >> you can have 10,000 extra cops out there and still miss one of these things. that's why it's extremely important for the community, for our general citizens to be out there on the lookout. if you see something, notify the police. if you get a gut instinct about something, notify the police and let them look at it and let them handle it. sometimes, you know, we have these doubts. we have these feelings. political correctness gets involved and we wind up saying something. ashley: j just shout. >> and people look at one of
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these pictures and say, oh, i thought this guy was bad. ashley: commissioner, thank you so much. appreciate it. president obama taking aim at donald trump at a hillary fundraiser last night, quoting here, it's an infomercial, it's a reality show and more disturbingly it's tapping into some of our worst impulses as a country and on saturday night he addressed the congressional black caucus and said if black voters did not turn out for hillary clinton. >> there's no such thing as a vote at that doesn't matter. it all matters. and after we have achieved a tournamentout in 2008 and 2012, especially in the african-american community i will consider it a personal insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself for this election.
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if you want to give me a good send-off, go out and vote. ashley: a personal insult. it appears that hillary clinton is tied to this. >> it's disgusting what he said. when he talked about one america, not a black america, not a white america, one america. this president has divided like mow one has ever done before and here he is, seven weeks out from the election, calling on the african community by name to vote for hillary clinton to make sure his legacy is intact. can you imagine if language like that was used on the republican side? and yet, this president who is the most divisive president ever doesn't think there's anything wrong with that. one thing i would agree with him on, his legacy is in doubt when donald trump is elected.
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we can tell you we're going to erase most of the bad things that president obama's done, starting with obamacare. we are going to defeat isis, which we see again, the radical islamic terrorists have put our country under a lot of pressure. so, i know what president obama is saying. donald trump working with the republican congress is going to shatter the legacy of big government, overreach by government regulation, the misdeeds of the irs, the epa. you just go up and down the list. he's darn right, we're going to fix things in this country. ashley: but the irony here he's calling on the african or section, african-american community, sections of which you can argue that his presidency has let down very badly. >> well, when you look at the numbers and the data does matter. the number of african-americans living in poverty today, the deplorable situation in the inner cities, whether it's buffalo where i live or whether it's detroit, and how that--
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the african-american community is not getting the education they deserve which is the foundation for future success. look at shootings in chicago, you can go up and down the line and when donald trump says what have you got to lose, vote for me, it's unfortunate there's a lot of truth in that because the obama legacy is one that's not lifted up the african-american community that he was calling on now to get out and vote to preserve his legacy of failure. ashley: very good. we're already out of time. congressman collins, thank you for taking the time. >> always good to be with you. ashley: looks like-- turning to the markets, slightly open for the dow this morning despite everything going on here in the northeast with acts of terror. now let's take a look at oil. moving higher after the president of venezuela said that producers inside and outside of opec are close to a deal to curb out.
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37 cents, could be wishful thinking on behalf of the venezuelans. gas, by the way, nationally, 220, that's the national average of regular gas and joining us now is elizabeth macdonald and a different story down south where the gas leak, the pipeline is pushing up prices. >> it happened, 250,000 gallons from texas all the way to new york and serves 50 million people on the east coast. so you're seeing the gas price spikes up 16 cents. in georgia 10 cents in tennessee. trying to work fast to get this thing fixed. but it should be noted that this could be a temporary problem even though a number of states are seeing gas outages. they are he a running out of gas gas is 3.50. >> a little bit of perspective. >> some amazing video out of idaho. check this out.
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stunt man eddie braun, there he goes, over the canyon in a steam-powered rocket and hit it top speed of 400 miles per hour. it deployed parachutes and the same stunt that evel knievel failed to complete in 1974. that's quite a performance across the snake river canyon. wells fargo ceo john stump is expected to get grilled by lawmakers tomorrow over allegations that his employees created fake accounts in customers' names in order to meet sales goals. here is the question. will he be forced to remain? we'll talk about that and back to the weekend of terror. there are reports that authorities are concerned that there may be an active terror cell in the new york city area. congressman peter king coming up on that later this hour. and another potential terror attack, a man goes on a stabbing spree in a mall in minnesota, allegedly shouting about allah. asking his victims if they were
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>> let's take a look at the dow futures. shrugging off terror for a while. we're going to open up higher when the market opens in 15 minutes. isis claims responsibility after a knife wielding man injured people saturday evening. the attacker reportedly asking at least one victim whether they were muslim and retchferend allah. joining us is zuhdi jasser. this is the type of attack we have all feared. middle america, mall in the middle of the weekend. isis inspired. your thoughts? >> what we need to pay attention to, this attack occurred in an area where
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homeland security is dumping a lot of resources. 40 somalis that went to fight for el shabab and shifted over over to isis and care and others, islamist organizations had been attacking the cve counter extremism programs as being injustice to the somali community. what that should tell every american, the entire cve is not strong nuture. we're not concurring the identifiesment this guy had no violent pre curers, he became violent based on an islamist ideology and he asked the victims if they were muslim or not. it's about separating the world into the land of islam and we aren't going to do this and defeat these threats. these are not lone wolves. we're not going to defeat it until muslim reformers begin to counter and rather than have the islamist apologist groups continue to disarm our homeland security. ashley: that's great, but in
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reality that it? >> it isn't, because the political will isn't strong enough. because the platforms for muslim reformers who are realistic about it and tell our community we have tough love, countering theocratic ideas, us and them. media and government and other entities continue to be apologetic, this guy after how many attacks, his name wasn't put into most news reports until they had to put it in. i mean, how do we do this if we continue to treat my faith community like somehow we're combustible and treated so softly, you're never going to treat the disease. ashley: it's interesting, president obama on the fund raising trail for hillary clinton in new york today for the u.n. general assembly and yet, we've heard nothing from him at all about the bombs in
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new york and new jersey or the knife attack in minnesota. >> because ashley, the standard operating procedure for this administration is denial. it's 10-foot pole mark. it's the lack of admission that we are at war and this is a global ideology, isis, the media outlet took ownership because why? they put out the ideology and where it takes hold, st. cloud, belgium, san bernardino and they continue to say we're winning and we need a commander-in-chief saying we're responding in war. ashley: well stated, zuhdi jasser, appreciate it. back to the terror attacks in new york and new jersey, police searching for this man, ahmad khan rahami, 28 years old from elizabeth, new jersey. the feds says' armed and dangerous, if you have any information, call the fbi immediately. and wells fargo ceo getting grilled by lawmakers tomorrow,
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and employees at the bank, accused of opening fake accounts under customer's names in order to meet sales goals. coming up, a top industry watcher saying what they were doing won't be that big of a deal. more varney after this. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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>> wells fargo ceo expected in
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d.c. tomorrow to testify in front of congress about alleged abuse of customer accounts. but our next guest says it's been blown out of proportion. dick bove market analyst, why is this a storm in a tea cup? >> i'm not saying that, ashley. i put a cell recommendation on the stock the minute is came out. that's not an indication that i think it means nothing and i've also written pretty clearly there's a breakdown of corporate governance within wells fargo and that breakdown requires a complete revision of the human resources policies and a look at their underwriting policies and, you know, a clear look at whether their i.t. department has control systems in place that work. all right? so, that's not a small deal. what i'm saying, however, is that it is at this point still a victimless crime. nobody was hurt by it.
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you know, some people pay $25 that they shouldn't have paid, but they'll get that money back. to take this thing all the way up to the senate, and the house, seems to me to be an extreme reaction to what was actually occurring here. even though i don't own the stock, i think it has to be major changes within the organization. >> yeah, but, wells fargo sells itself as the-- you know, your friendly banker main street. we're not like the big guys, but the bottom line, they were taking money out of the accounts without the customers knowing and creating fake accounts in the customers' name. the debt to its reputation is pretty significant or do you think it will blow over? >> well, you know, i don't think it will blow over. i think it will have an impact on the company. i mean, we saw a company called fifth third, a cincinnati bank, run into this a number of years ago. and it actually took two to three years to straighten out the company's, let's say, corporate culture, so it became
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more service oriented as opposed to sales oriented and i think the same thing is going to happen at wells fargo. i think that warren buffett has to get back on the board and i think there has to be an outside organization that comes in and takes a look at all of the systems in wells fargo and i think there has to be some, if you will, to customers to get them back on track. we're not going to let you go. stay right there and talk about china banks. a pipeline leak leading to gas line spikes, states of emergency have been declared and gas prices in georgia have gone up 16 cents since last weekend and the market strugging off the terror attacks in new york, new jersey and minnesota, despite the higher open for the dow, s&p and nasdaq. the opening bell minutes away.
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>> the opening bell ringing in just about 40 seconds from now and given all of the events over the last 48 hours with the sphere -- fear of terror and devices, three of them exploding, one in new jersey, and one here in manhattan and one as it's trying to be handled by a police robot. obviously, having no impact with the peers on the market,
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headed into the trading week. it's a big week by the fed. we'll hear what they have to say on wednesday, and bank of japan meeting this week and central bank stuff and we'll get that. and let's get going. let's take a look at the dow 30 as we kick off the new week. as you can see, up 34 points, a lot more green than red. red means they're selling off and black unchanged. up 42 points. let' take a look at the s&p for you. up about a quarter of a percent. 21.45. and take a look at the tech heavy nasdaq and it's up 20 points, up 4/10 of a percent. let's talk about oil for you, venezuela saying you know what, there could be. and those comments are low though at 43. gas at 2:20.
9:31 am
that's the national average on regular, or as we said, it's helping the oil stocks, lots of green arrows as you can see on the energy sector. let's take a look at the gun stocks. ruger, smith & wesson, and vista, ammunition, and smith & wesson up 1 1/2%. and don't forget defense stocks, lockheed martin, ra raytheon, and most are edging to the upside as is the market. joining us liz macdonald, scott shellady and jeff sica, won't call him a perma bear-- just did. and in new york and new jersey with regard to terror? >> the model is this market is
9:32 am
and will continue to be for the future ignorance is bliss. as ominous as this event is and the potential of more terrorism, which undermines the stability of the market, this market has chosen to ignore everything except the fed. so, anything that comes out of the blue. if it doesn't involve interest rates going up or an initiative of the fed. the market continues to move forward. >> scott, let me bring you in, there's always a lot of bliss and ignorance, would you not agree? they're focused on the fed on the market. >> well, i 100% agree with jeff. number two, here is the problem. shame on me for waiting to listen to what the fed's going to say when they start off the year with four interest rate hikes in the cards. that's start to go get frustrated. yeah, this is ominous, i agree with jeff. there are a lot of dangerous things out there, but we are he going to strug off everything
9:33 am
waiting for people who can't seem to get their act together and that's the real danger. >> certainly it. that's right, i forgot, four rate hikes this year? forget about it. certainly we don't expect one in september, maybe december, we shall see. take a look at apple every day, holding its gains after reports of strong sales for the iphone 7, let's not forget samsung's bad press and the galaxy note 7. and do you buy it here? >> no, absolutely not. they got a very-- i don't want to think about it at all. they got a very good break from samsung. samsung imploded literally and apple has taken advantage of that. their numbers are impressive, but here is what we have to understand about apple. as goes the iphone, so goes apple. no innovation, continuing to roll out new versions of old predicts is not going to--
9:34 am
>> do you buy it on the dip? how low does it have to go? >> if we start to see apple at 92 or below, which is a long way off, to me it's more fairly valued at that price, but with no innovation, you're not talking about a company that can generate this type of revenue growth. ashley: one trick pony as they say. let's take a look at gas. right now, $2.20. that's the national average on regular, but the big news, down south, where they are bracing for a big spike in gas prices. >> now we're talking, it looks like six states declared a state of emergency in the south. ashley: state of emergency. >> georgia, alabama, carolinas, tennessee and virginia, saying, we're facing gas shortages here and the gas is spiking anywhere from 10 to 15 cents higher as much as 20 cents they're seeing. we're hoping it's short-lived, the pipeline leaks that started-- the pipeline that goes from texas to new york. 15 million people--
9:35 am
>> paying more up here? >> possibly. but the good news, gas is 3.50 in 2014 and it's trending at 2.20 a gallon. ashley: and take a look at the and dow up at this hour, 80 points pretty much where the futures said we would be. i hate to say that, but we'll stop meeting tomorrow and come out with rhetoric on wednesday and then we'll wait and see and be amazed with wisdom. gm workers, that was sarcasm. gm workers in canada will strike if the deadline for the contract is missed. that will threaten the engines that go into the gm sport utility vehicles. and in front of the senate banking committee, talking about the phony accounts scandal. dick bove says it's a victimless crime.
9:36 am
we shall talk to dick in a minute. awn firm says buy this, nicole joins us. nicole: we're taking a look at mattel. got an upgrade today from the analyst over there, thinking that the stock was at a seven-year low. right around a seven-year low since last october. it's been trading sideways and thinks it's undervalued and has a $37 price target and also, high hopes for a new tablet that they have for hot wheel, barbie and american girl doll. they think it's the rethinking of barbie and fisher price is going to help mattel and we'll have to see. stuart: way to go, barbie. okay. nicole, let's look at amazon shares. jeffrey tambore for transparent, which is amazon's show liz: amazon won six emmies, transparent three.
9:37 am
amazon started two decades ago as an on-line book seller, that's right. so, there's lots of love for jeff bezos and jeffrey tambore gave him a shout out. and he won for "transparent" and they had 16 emmy nominations and brought home six total. ashley: i've never watched it, have you? >> not yet liz: it's well-written. ashley: scott shellady, have you seen it? >> no, but i get the feeling it's loosely based on the federal reserve bank. [laughter] >> no transparency. ashley: let's look at this, the parent of the olive garden. and we have reports that olive garden's $100 all you can eat pasta, selling on ebay for $4,000. >> as an italian american, you
9:38 am
can't necessarily consider olive garden as italian food. ashley: you sound like justin, our executive producer who says the same thing on a daily basis. >> it's horrifying that most americans think that olive garden is italian food. it's not, it's fast food. good for them. if they can continue to build on this momentum. it's probably good for the darden chain and for me, that style of restaurant is catching a lot of traction, but i-- i'll never eat there. you're not going to see me-- >> scott shellady, do you like the olive garden. >> i hate to say, i've never actually been, but the publicity-- i haven't. the publicity they'll get out of this, i agree with jeff, it's fantastic. whatever they're not paying for it, it's fantastic and maybe some day i'll stop in or maybe i spend $4600 for the pasta pass. ashley: may be liz: and three half of those
9:39 am
and cracker barrel, panera, i like olive garden, italian fast food. >> that's blasphemy right there. ashley: more u.s. consumers than ever uncertain about the economy. as a result of the university of michigan's monthly survey. i would imagine, scott, you're not surprised by that, are you? >> no, i'm not. i mean, look, like i said this before. i kind of sometimes feel like rumpelstiltsk rumpelstiltskin. you look at the data that comes out from the government, everything seems to be at least missing by a little bit or a lot of it and that's the problem. we're not ready to do that. so i said before. the u.s. economy doesn't have an interest rate problem and the federal reserve bank has an interest rate problem and let's watch them squirm to get out of it. ashley: i want to go to dick
9:40 am
bove who gallantly decided to hang in with us. and dick, thank you for staying around. do you agree with that assessment, that we've got some real problems lurking in the chinese banking sector? >> yeah, i don't think there's any doubt about it. i think all of these empty cities that we talked about a few years ago were funded by loans from chinese banks and the chinese banks are now having difficulty collecting on a lot of loans in that country. the difference, however, between china and the united states is that whereas we hate our banks in the united states in china they love their banks, and therefore, the chinese government will provide the chinese banks whatever assistance they need in order to cut through this period. so, even though the chinese banks are likely to show, you know, relatively poor earnings for extended period, i don't think you have to talk about them as being in crisis. in fact, i think you're going to see branches of chinese banks, the bank of china already in new york city,
9:41 am
you'll see branches showing up in the united states relatively soon. >> the burning question of the day, i've got 10 seconds, do you eat at the olive garden? >> yeah, i do, i like the food. ashley: how about that? dick bove, how about that. scott shellady and jeff sicca. the big board, up nearly 90 points, as you can see, almost all the stocks on the down 30 on the plus side. america on terror alert. a bomb explodes in manhattan. pipe bombs in a new jersey train station and the suspect, ahmad khan rahami, 28 years old, considered armed and dangerous. we'll have more varney next.
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>> let's take a look at the big board for you. the market is moving positively 88 points on dow. there you have it, pretty strong stuff. we'll be looking at rates. general concensus they're going to do absolutely nothing. now this, federal and local authorities say the bombings in new york and new jersey are linked and believe there are signs of a possible terror cell with foreign operating in both states. stuart: congressman peter king, i know it's been a busy time for you. we said in that introduction there could possibly be an international connection. have you heard anything along those lines? >> yes, i have. that was a development, i believe, late last night early this morning. governor cuomo mentioned it publicly and i've heard the same thing governor cuomo heard.
9:46 am
ashley: obviously, you know-- >> and there could be an international component. ashley: is there a real fear that there's some sort of terror cell in operation? we have one suspect that we -- that has been named and they're trying to track down. could this be a bigger cell? >> yeah, again, i don't want to use the word fear, the police and fbi are tracking down every possible component to this and there is a belief it's more than one person. they are afghan-american and that's the working premise right now and the fact that it's-- and the first time i'm aware of that of having attacks carried out same day, two different states and there's definitely appears to be that one group has done it, belief, also, there's more than one person and the fbi, especially in
9:47 am
nunl, wants to know everyone involved and make sure there's no further attack plan, no other bombs located anywhere and they want to get all of the individuals if there is a cell, whatever it is, to me, it's very clear there's more than one person involved. ashley: it's very difficult, congressman, we say this over and over again, when you're talking soft targets and talking about putting a pressure cooker full of bb's and shrapnel, ball bearings out in public, it's almost impossible to prevent, is it not? >> it's impossible to prevent once they get there and that's why surveillance is so important, why we have to find ways to stop these attacks before they happen. they're not going to be successful all the time, but success-- why the nsa is important, every bit of intelligence we can get. that means surveillance in the muslim communities, informants and find ways to find where
9:48 am
it's coming from and cooperation from the business community that people are buying certain items that can be used for explosive devices, and any type of detonation to report that to the police as soon as possible. ashley: next one, congressman. president obama was fund raising for hillary clinton in the wake of the bombings. he has not yet come out to my knowledge to address the attacks. listen to how carol maloney responded while she was on mornings with maria earlier. can we roll the tape? >> why do you think we haven't heard from obama yet? >> he's probably working on some very important situation for our country. >> what's more important than terrorism in the u.s., we're under attack, what's more important than that. what else working on. >>. >> he was fund raising this weekend. maria: working on important fund raiding for hillary clinton, that's right. ashley: i hope you could make that out. people were speaking at the some time.
9:49 am
the bottom line, should we have heard from the president by now? >> inexcusable. the president was not doing hard work. he was around to grammercy park to a fundraiser where he attacked donald trump. the president of the united states to be so close to a part of new york which was just attacked by terrorists and go through without saying a word or acknowledging it to deliver a diatribe against donald trump is inexcusable. the president has to speak out. donald trump was criticized for speaking out too soon, but somebody else not speaking too late. ashley: peter king, thank you. >> thank you. ashley: let's take a look at the dow 30, please. and how long have we got-- six stocks moving in the red and majority on the upside in early trade this morning. the dow itself, as you can see, up 109 points now.
9:50 am
so, strong start to the week and we'll see how it ends and what the fed has to say in the middle of the week. the big story we're following homeland security, for new jersey and new york city bombs are connected and the search for suspect, ahmad khan rahami. more varney continues after this. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean?
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. stuar stuart:. ashley: more action on the market. and what we call the chinese amazon doing well. and back to the big story, three explosions in the new york metro area this weekend. two bombs found in different new jersey cities and another two, one undetonated in manhattan and now, the fbi says they're looking for a man named ahmad khan rahami. and judge, does this mean, we can have calls again for increased surveillance of mosques? >> you'll probably hear calls nor more surveillance of mosques. the constitution prohibits investigating people on the basis of to what they belong.
9:55 am
but on suspicion, if they listened to every call made on every cell phone, which we know they do, if they capture every key stroke made on every mobile device and desk top, why didn't they know what's going on? they used cell phone and text messages? they have too much information, information overload and resource to focus on the bad guys. there are so many people involved in this they should have been able to pick up the chatter and plotting and the planning before it started. ashley: but from a legal point of view, could it be challenged if the authorities say, all right, we're just going to target mosques and we're going to put them under surveillance period? >> you know, yes, it could be challenged and-- . >> how does it sit with you. >> it will be challenged. well, any effort to surveil a group or a person because of their membership in the group is obviously prohibited by the
9:56 am
constitution. all italians, or all people born in great britain who became american citizens or muslims in new jersey. they can surveil people in any of those groups who the courts call a reason they can state about the human being, not the group to which the human being belongs. the idea of a fish net, like listening to everybody in a mosque, is expressly prohibited, but you will hear calls for it and it seems like an easy way to gather information ahead of time. >>, but we're at war. does that change anything legally? >> not officially, but we are, we're under attack. >> if the congress declared war, but the congress is reluctant to do that and the president is reluctant to ask for it and it may change when there's a different president, six or seven months from now. >> interesting, so, surveillance is not a big part into naming this suspect
9:57 am
they're trying to find. increasing number of cameras and again raises questions. is the government overreaching? >> the cameras in public i'm not crazy about them, they're not violating the constitution, they're in public places, we forget we're being watched, but we're on a public street and know this case not-- beforehand, but not afterwards. ashley: they work in london. >> more cameras in london than with anywhere in the world. ashley: i'm okay with that. let's look at the big board. what a way to start the week. up 113 points on the dow and that's because we're hearing from the fed. and we're hearing from the fed on wednesday about a rate hike. the market doesn't think we'll get one of the the big story, the country on high alert. bombs in new york city and new jersey, homeland security says they're linked. the search for suspect ahmad
9:58 am
khan rahami. hour two of varney next. might be the answer. a government-backed reverse mortgage stops your mortgage payments and gives you steady tax-free income. let the home you've taken care of, take care of you. turn your equity into a comfortable retirement, all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win.
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10:00 am
.. dream to the search is on for 28-year-old romani. besides taking his link linked to three bomb incident saturday morning. new york city, new jersey and seaside park new jersey. he's an afghan national. the governor of new york says there is a foreign connection. right now police also searched an area around the elizabeth new jersey train station going door to door with bomb sniffing dogs. overnight five explosive devices found near the train station. one of them blew up. watch this. that was not a controlled explosion. that was a robot checking it out and it blew up.
10:01 am
we have three locations within 80 miles of each other. a-bombs come at three when i've at three went off, dozens injured within 48 hours and investigators say they are all linked, that we are all over this story. our two starts right now. all right, let's take a look at what the market is doing. moving higher up 129 points on the dow at 18 to 53. let's take a look at the s&p. 2153. take a look at the tech heavy not bad for you. also up 35 points. the price of oil moving up things to venezuela same is going to be a deal and oil
10:02 am
moving higher. apple shares up again up 100 feet teen, up a quarter of a percent. the big tech names we check every day. amazon, facebook, netflix, go quit microsoft. all of them moving higher except for netflix edging down 1% this morning. let's get back to this man. 28-year-old ahmed khan rouhani. the fbi is looking for him in connection with saturday night's bombing in lower manhattan as well as the bombs and seaside park in elizabeth, new jersey. donald trump took to twitter over the weekend thing under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the play both good and defeating jihads authors sebastian corkery joins us now. do you think mr. trump has a point? >> i think he does, ashley.
10:03 am
it is enough anddevices. only one detonated at the marine corps five-mile run it was for devices. only one of them exploded and now we have the five additional type arms. this is simply not an aid group. this is an incredible opinion of the game. ashley: we've had nothing yet regarding these attacks on president obama. >> so strange. he's very, very quick to get on the campaign trail for hillary. that americans want their commander-in-chief to reassure them, to say that federal assets are assisting new york are assisting new jersey. it really is as if we have a commander-in-chief is absent without leave in ashley: we should not forget authorities investigating the stabbing of nine people at a
10:04 am
mall in minnesota appeared report to the attacker were shouting allah and asking if it is for muslims for attacking pete domenici on dead by an an off duty police officer. back to me very clear what the whole thing was about and the danger we face her mom and terrorist who come from somewhere else. >> way. nobody should be suppressed by any of these attacks. and israel since last september they've had scores of similar knife attack. many people killed or they actually call it a nice intifada. they end up being linked to isis and whether its ideological or operational. but we are seeing is every version of the classic guerrilla warfare. it is low tech, cheap but it brings great dividends in terms of the terror you end quote into the local population. they've upped their game. if the isis claim responsibility for st. cloud turns out to be true, they said they are 111
10:05 am
isis jihadist killed or arrested in america in the last 25 months. >> people i don't didn't understand that. this is the beginning of a sustained series of attacks? >> i think they do because if you look at what they are saying, what the bad are saying, if you read their magazine and listen to the propaganda coming out of the video shop, and a sailboat commentate the war to the infidel on his territory and find high concentration of unarmed civilians and that's what they're doing. look at the nice attacking france and the multiple attacks in brussels and they are actively encouraging to execute these kinds of attacks. ashley: sebastian gorka, thank k you. appreciate it. also hea that the way the uber jacking up their race saturday
10:06 am
night as people are frantically trying to get out of lower manhattan. liz: they are being accused of price gouging. some saw the regular charge to get out of there. people take the social media to complain. the uber suspended it. a couple years ago agreed with the new york attorney general that they would do this. people still complaining on social media. >> might be more to come on that. back to the election. at a new york fundraiser for hillary clinton, president obama said this in an impartial, a reality show. more disturbingly it is tapping into some of our worst impulses as a country adding if all you're doing is watching fox news and listening to a man reading the blogs churning out misinformation on a regular basis from its very hard to think you're going to vote for somebody that you've been told is taking the country in the wrong direction. you can't make you. tammy bruce, your reaction.
10:07 am
>> it seems as though he's talking in a way to his own base, do we know there's been a major change in course in the polls. now we've been in the swing states and they truly genuinely don't understand what's happening in this as a result of the disconnected the democrats of the american people. look at what the newscasters today, what you're reporting on the president is not that it is. and yet we know he can on other issues like police shootings and others whose they are right front and center. interestingly, the night of the chelsea explosion, he was making jokes about the birth certificate issued and how he's more concerned about terrorism in getting a lot of laughs. i think mr. obama presumes that america was accepting the nature. they don't understand why americans perhaps to want four more years of the same dynamics. >> he mentions rush limbaugh
10:08 am
when we talked about this many times on the show. 95% of the media are so pro-hillary. and yet he blames fox news. >> there's a natural pool of journalists a few years ago where we found 15% of them identify as republican or conservative. literally 85% in a democratic framework. we know the media is south and we see played out when it comes to the editing and censoring over the last few days. cbs editing that his wife did so, the cnn also -- cbs or cnn added a no founding fathers planes. we now see because the social media we can see this play out. there is still this resistance. they have almost every other communication method. fox news and. we are a variety of opinions on this panel, but it is a variety of opinion in the free discussion. ashley: as you were speaking, we
10:09 am
see some different looks of the suspect they are wanting. as you can see, somewhere he's completely clean-shaven there. you see another version there. baldheaded. it's interesting how different someone looks when they change. >> white house spokesman josh earnest and we are in a narrative battle with isis commented on terrorist attacks over the weekend. they project their representative fant about the mythology. the fact is for the people that got injured at the minnesota ball in chelsea. that was not a narrative. this would tend to kill people. it is a miracle no one has died. they're still talking about a narrative than what is islam what is it. ashley: strong leadership. we haven't heard from the president yet. 28-year-old ahmad khan rouhani. let's go to hillary clinton. she is speaking to reporters before she heads out on her
10:10 am
campaign. >> as they continue to respond to be attacked in new york, new jersey and minnesota to bring those responsible to justice. i've talked with mayor dubois see how. our team has been in close touch with authorities in new york. we know they are doing everything they possibly can to keep us safe in this dangerous situation. i've also spoken to the governor of minnesota. like all americans, my thoughts are with those who were wounded, and our brave first responders. this threat is real but so is our resolve. americans will not cower. we will prevail. we will defend our country and we will defeat the evil, twisted ideology of the terrorists. and the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield.
10:11 am
and i've laid out a comprehensive plan to meet the evolving nature of this threat and take the fight to isis everywhere the threat is, in putting online. i am grateful to have support and advice from a wide range of bipartisan national security features who worked with both democratic and republican presidents. when we met together earlier this month in new york, one of the points they emphasized was the need to support state and local law enforcement who act as our first line of defense, making sure they have the resources, training and intelligence they need to effectively prevent and respond to terror attacks. this weekends events underscored how import matters. we should also launch an intelligence search to help identify and thwart attacks before they can be carried out. we need to work more closely with silicon valley and other
10:12 am
partners to counter terrorist propaganda and recruitment efforts online. and it is crucial that we need to build up trust between law enforcement and muslim american communities. in the middle east, we have to smash isis strongholds that accelerated coalition air campaign. more support for arab and kurdish forces on the ground and intent diplomatic efforts in syria, iraq and across the region. working closely with allies and partners to keep essays must be the top priority for next commander-in-chief. later today i'll discuss the threat from terrorism with president sese of egypt and other world leaders. most of all i want to say this to my fellow american. let us be vigilant but not afraid. we have faced threats before. if you see something or hear something, reported immediately to local law enforcement
10:13 am
authorities. i know we will meet this new danger with the same courage and vigilant. which is resolve, not fear. we will not turn on each other or undermine our values. we will stand together because we are stronger together in the face of this threat and every other challenge. i'd be glad to take some question. >> the person of interest in this case, no u.s. citizen. would he say to voters who see this as supporting drums approach to terror and immigration? >> well, it is true that a suspect of interest has been identified and we need to do everything we can to support law enforcement as they attract them down to determine. let us remember there are millions and millions of naturalized citizen in america
10:14 am
from all over the world. there are millions of law-abiding peaceful muslim american. this is the kind of challenge that law enforcement can be and is prepared to address, namely going after anyone who was brought the united states. i am absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tasmanian, for making sure we don't let people into this country. not just people who come here to seattle, but we need a better visa system. let's remember what happened on 9/11 did these were not refugees. so let's not get diverted and distract did buy that kind of camp and rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. this is a serious challenge we are well equipped to meet we can do so in keeping with smart law
10:15 am
enforcement, good telogen and in concert with our values. >> secretary clinton, the white house has labeled his attacks have given these events, but more specifically should be done and what should you do specifically beyond the president obama has done yet is the current plan enough? >> monica, the lone wolf problem is one that we have to in last last -- invest more time and resources in to combating. when i met with a distinguished group, national security experts as i said both democratic and republican industry should experience this comment they made a very strong point that the recruitment and radicalization that goes on on line has to be much more vigorously intercepted in
10:16 am
preventing. i have been saying this for quite some time and i believe it is an important part of our strategy. the other point they made is that the recruiters for isis and other terrorist groups look for people who online demonstrate the mental profile come to the level paranoia, the level of dilution, the level of disappointment that that is exploited by quite able terrorist recruiters. so we've got to do a much more intensive effort of that is why mentioned silicon valley and my remarks not only to take down everything we can to intercept and prevent radicalization had approved it. i think we're at the beginning of thought that there is much more we need to do. the government cannot do this
10:17 am
about the close participation of tech companies and experts on mind who can give us the tools and the best of those who are at deed to promote attacks like we've seen. hey, jennifer. >> are you concerned this weekend's attacks are potential incidents of the coming weeks might be an attempt by isis or sympathizers or any other group, maybe russians to influence the presidential race in some way and presumably try to drive to donald trump who was as you said before widely seen as perhaps being someone they would be easier to be against. >> i do want to speculate, but here's what we know i think it's an port for voters to hear this and waited making their choices in november. we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald
10:18 am
trump has been seized on by terrorists. in particular, isis because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. rather than a war against jihadist, violent terrorists, people who number in the tens of thousand, not the tens of millions. they want to use that to recruit more fighters to their cause by turning it into a religious concept. that is why i have been very clear. we are going after the bad guys and we are going to get in. we will not go after an entire religion devices except what is wanting in order for them to enhance their position. secondly, ...'s comments have been used on line for recruitment of terrorists. we've heard that former cia or michael hated donated a very clear point when he said donald
10:19 am
trent has been reused as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. we also know from the former head of our counterterrorism center, matt olson, that kind of rhetoric and language mr. trump has used is giving comfort to our adversaries. as i sat in my remarks, and the only candidate in this race who's been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. what does that mean? we worked with strategies to fight the terrorists that involve direct kinetic action. sometimes allies and partners that involve cap shared. i have sat at that table in the situation room.
10:20 am
i've analyzed this rasputin contributed to actions that have neutralized a enemies. i know how to do this and i understand how we don't want this to get even bigger than it already is. we are going to stay focused on what will work would deploy a strategy that will protect america, work with allies and partners to take isis down and have astrong counterterrorism effort of mine in order to try to defeat the ideology that stands behind these terrorist attacks. >> secretary clinton, donald trump has had a lot to say about your record on this issue over the weekend. under the leadership of apartment, americans have experienced more attacks at home that victories abroad. time to change the playbook at what is your reaction to that characterization?
10:21 am
>> like so much else he said it's not grounded in fact. is meant to make some kind of demagogic point. the facts are pretty clear that we still have challenges. that is what i've been talking about throughout this campaign. i am prepared to cover ready to actually take on those challenges, not engage in a lot of your response about reckless rhetoric, but to do the hard work has had to resort to put into place strategies for local and state law enforcement, for intelligent search, for that kind of preventive action we need to take care at home and to intensify our efforts to defeat isis. you don't hear it playing from him. he keeps saying it in secret as he has no plan. let's see what we could really do and what i've laid out is a path forward that will keep us safer cover protector country and go after terrorists to
10:22 am
finally destroy them. thank you. thank you, guys. ashley: doubtless hillary clinton before she jumps out of plane to head to temple university in philadelphia speaking to millennial side believe. someone of a rarity, given the state cannot want a rarity kindly given to state that no one has been going on in new jersey and new york with regard to the bonds. we always say donald trumbull take questions. hillary clinton taking questions there. there are parts of the developer detainee detainee bruce has the stature of the central parts of that reminded me of donald trump. we need to make our visa program stronger. it was an interesting change of pace for hillary clinton. >> i'm all for strong batting. >> she's recommended we have half a million new syrian records. let me tell you. i think we answered by president obama hasn't been around.
10:23 am
it seems as though this has left her to behave as though she's the president. the plane in the background. she takes the lead rhetorically. at the same time i was stunned. on one hand she is embracing the statutes responsible for decisions of the past hand-in-hand with president obama. we've had 11 times in new york's d. she is saying she's the one that's been involved. and say we've got to stop this before it gets better. in other words, you left me so i can make what i did before not get worse. transfer what was striking that this is a local attack. there's five people taken into custody we've got a major police operation happening right now. ashley: she typed about the call for intelligent searches. there must be a better role with
10:24 am
those the silicon valley to help with regard to recruitment and using social media. >> that clearly needs to be a part of it. there are 900 hundred investigations we know in the united states to see if the suspect is on the list that we have. we know there's at least 45 potential terrorists under 24 senate watch. we knew about him. this is about not taking action on the street. they talk very often about virtual action. if you like what has happened in the last eight years and what is happening today, then go for hillary. if they know, waiting need to take another direction. ashley: governor cuomo now speaking at penn state. let's listen to that. >> and appearance of trying to intimidate new yorkers. is there a link to foreign organizations?
10:25 am
yesterday there was no hint of any connection to foreign terrorists and. no group had taken accountability. no group had put out a statement and it was very early in the investigation. it still is early but there may very well turn out to be a link to foreign terrorist organization and we will find out today or in the coming days. i think it was semantics yesterday. some people call it terrorism. some people said it appeared to be terrorism. i believe it's all semantics. hillary clinton did: it is said donald trump called it that. the media loves politics and the silly season which is more like a crazy season.
10:26 am
my point of view as governor of new york, i just wanted people to know the facts commit to know the truth. new yorkers i believe can deal with anything. i'm a lifelong new yorker born and raised here that they want the facts and they want the truth and that's what i get sent. [inaudible] >> for the closed stations in nature were responding to the needs of the investigation to do it they had to do. when nature there's no structural issues. we've got a hate awareness with police as well as the new york city transit bureau we've had a height presents with other agencies the governor has online holding people there and keeping our eyes open it if you season did congress exempted. uniform presence is here right now.
10:27 am
you probably have this week the highest security and put these presents avarice and bold. the ipd has increased forces. the federal government has an crazed homeland security forces. we have additional state police. given the u.n. general assembly parts what's going on over the past couple of days. probably the highest security president that we've ever seen in this area. [inaudible] >> we have no reason to believe that there are any other devices from this situation and individuals. let's be honest. i'm governor of new york every
10:28 am
day i believe we have to be in a state of readiness. we know new york is a target for terrorism. queen of the frequency of terrorist attacks is increasing globally. it's all over the country. big cities, small cities. all over the globe. so be vigilant. be on constant guard and just assume that there could be a terrorist attack at any time, anywhere. i think that is the most part course to take and that's how we operate. we have no specific information on everything else in this episode. [inaudible] >> nothing new that you haven't heard. [inaudible]
10:29 am
>> we are going to outline short we -- i don't want to get ahead of tom pendergrass, but we are going to outline shortly a new plan part of which will be new security measures. next few weeks. thank you very much. ashley: that was new york governor andrew cuomo speaking from penn station, talking about the possible ford connection that we've seen in new york and new jersey. it is still too early that he says maybe there is a link. that's all he would say about that. he also talked about the height and police presence in new york and the highest security president ever assembled. let us not forget the u.n. general assembly with the world leaders there in new york right now including the president. all of this happening at the same time. safe to say there's not a lot of
10:30 am
police presence on the streets of new york. cia officer mike baker. from your live, from what we've seen so far, we've got one guy out there. they brought some other people in for questioning. do you believe this is bigger than one person? >> i think it would be naïve to there are sympathizers operating in some coordinated fashion in new york area. the details of which have to be brought up through the course of the investigation which is what they are working on with the arrest of the police
10:31 am
but on the other side comforting point is we are disrupting and
10:32 am
prengting a -- even great or number. >> and mike i would imagine that the unexploded devices are are a treasure-trove of information with regard to, you know, fingerprints and those type of thing they should be able to get intel from that, right? >> absolutely. look, and you know even the devices that do go off, they provide a great deal of information through the forensic work that's done. but you're absolutely is correct when you, you know, pick up a backpack with with unexploded devices in there, you know forensic guy and bomb techs are at work immediately. and you can gatt or a tremendous amount of detail about the, you know, the devices and then subsequently you know the operational leads guiding you to people that are involved in this. >> mike thank you for your expertise appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right quick check on the board for you markets meanwhile dow is up 103 points at 18,227. take a quick check of oil for you now up more than --
10:33 am
about 2%. right around 44 bucks. there it goes. believe from venezuela that oil price situation will be stabilized by producers in and out of opec i don't know if that is going to happen but market seems to believe it and oil is moving higher. six states by the way down south trying to prevent a gasoline shortage. this because of a broken pipeline that runs from houston to new york carries gas to much of the southeast and east coast seeing prices there for regular gas going up overnight some 15, 20 cents in some places. get become to the terror attack in minnesota, new york, and new jersey. could play right into the hands of donald trump. republican from wisconsin congressman shawn duffy here congressman thank you so much on a day that's remarkable news in so many different ways. but i would imagine donald trump from the outset has made this a big part of his campaign. strength and get tough, not to always politicize these --
10:34 am
you know terror attacks, but it does play into his hand, doesn't it? >> for americans we have to recognize our hearts go out to all of the families who are victims of these attacks. but we're in political season as well and we have to ask what impact does this have on american electorate and donald trump has come out and has been tough on terror he wants to address the threat and you compare that to hillary clinton and barack obama. seven and a half years ago isis didn't exist and we have button down or secured iraq and afghanistan because of the failed policy in iraq with drawing in troops and then putting this vacuum arised in isis to inspire jihadists from around the world right here in america to come after american interest. and from where i come from we reject philosophy this is a way of american life. we want a president to address the threat and eradicate it to feel safe in our city streets and i think donald trump has
10:35 am
been mast ireful in u ho he's talked about it and shows a real -- real language of leadership that he's going to address this threat. >> we have heard mog to this point from president obama. >> and this is status quo, he often goes silent when you have a terror attack but if you have gun violence in america he has no problem coming out and calling out you know law enforcement early on. and speaking of law enforcement you look to minnesota attack an you can't say enough about law enforcement whether they're on duty or off-duty but you have a cop who is there -- in the mall who had a weapon on him and protection countless lives were saved because of a brave man who wears the uniform stood up and took out the threat. >> we've always said too something like that an attack at a shopping mall in middle america, minnesota, neighbors state of yours, that will send fear through some people and your message to people out there? >> well, we always middle america think of new york and l.a. and orlando. but no one is safe in america and so we want to elect a leader
10:36 am
who is going to eradicate that threat and what you said earlier we have to be religion lent and weary and watch because it's all of us standing together to see threats rising and call on law enforcement and make sure we take them out. >> stay there two seconds crossing reporting illegal immigrants granted citizenship. liz what do you got? >> internal homeland security audit send 858 immigrants brought in mistakenly mistakenly granted citizenship. they came from country of national security. they were high on list of countries that have committed immigration fraud got in here via fake name and birth date. 848 and got so far this is internal audit from homeland security. >> wow. your thoughts on that again a farm to control our borders and no matter what form it is. it seems we don't have control of who is coming into this country. >> that's right we don't have control and comes back to the conversation that we've had
10:37 am
about refugees from syria. you see attackers now the alleged attackers, one is from afghanistan. the other from somalia. this is a real threat and we want to verify those who come into our country are here to live american dream and be peaceful, hardworking folks. >> can i give you a footnote there's been talk that you hear from people in washington that we can properly screen people coming from the countries of interest who may be a stretch of us. they find the reason they were this problem, they were using old paper faced records where they couldn't update the fingerprint. so you know, what does that tell you about the thought that they can -- the properly screen? ashley: let me bring in someone former detective rod wheeler something we talk about a lot this morning. there are so many soft targets almost impossible. we have a big, big police presence in new york right now. biggest ever said governor cuomo, but can we really protect ourselves? reporter: you know i think we
10:38 am
can but a combination of law enforcement working with a number of communities across the country. but you know, the bottom line ashley with all of this is that we have to address that for what it is. and until we start calling this tri. terrorism domestic terrorism or related toughs international it doesn't matter it's still terrorism. we have to call it that. we have to deal with it proarpghtly. now, one of the biggest concerns we have in washington, d.c. just today is our train system. the amtrak that goes between d.c. and new york. you know, that's a huge concern for us because from what we see yesterday with what happened in new york, they could have planted bombs somewhere along railroad tracks and you know yourself ashley, a lot of people between d.c. and new york utilize the amtrak. so we're very concerned about that. and here in d.c. we're under a state of heightened alert as well. >> and i'll ask you ron a lot of people we've heard nothing from president obama. no -- comment on what was transpired over last 48 hours and let us
10:39 am
not forget on what happened in minnesota and mall there. a lot of big stories breaking it feels like we're under attack and president hasn't said one word. >> well, you're right, an you know what i'm not even so sure if i want to hear from president obama right now. because this is the serious situation facing this nation and let me tell you and viewers know this, you know, these terrorist they don't really care about our federal government right now. and that's obvious. that's why they're doing what they're doing so 50*eu78 not really worried about not hearing from obama we have topnotch law enforcement folks out there trying to capture these people. we've got a new president coming in soon so we have to deal with what we have with right now ashley. ashley: that's perspective i want to change gears to a different story now. shawn u duffy is still here. you're on the house financial services committee an we're going to have wells fargo on the hot seat -- you know, these practices of taking money from people, creating fake accounts just to hit sales quota and bonuses.
10:40 am
we asked banking analyst earlier about this and when you can listen to this -- >> it is at this point still a victim isless crime. nobody was hurt by it. some peed paid $25 that show shouldn't have paid but they'll get that money back. and to take this thing all the way up to the senate this the house seems to be an extreme reaction to what was actually occurring here. >> he's missing the point. correcting folks that lost 22 out of their accounts so not a victimless crime. so i think the leadership the a wells fargo is what they can to figure out systemic problems. oftentimes lower level folks who were implements these policies but i think it's important when we look to protect consumers that we hold those who violate those protections to account and so we're going to do an investigation i do oversight committee in the house, we're
10:41 am
going to look at that, senate is looking and i think we hold theming to the so it doesn't happen again. >> good like to hear that appreciate you being here. all right, take a look at the big board for you market is just humming along this morning. dow is up 8 points. up 115 points one this morning and dow in there at 18 to 10. all right let's take a short break and we'll be right back.
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ snots >> i'm adam shapiro live on west 23rd street in manhattan. i'm going to step out of the way. this is still an active crime scene as fbi and police continue to search for evidence after the explosion of what had pers to have been a pressure cooker bomb on saturday evening. a nationwide man hunt, the fbi now looking for this man, we're going to show you the picture of ayman khan rahami 28 years old. he's wanted in connection with the explosion here on west 23rd street as well as explosion saturday morning in new jersey. the explosion sunday evening in new jersey police have not said if he's connected to all etho they have raided his apartment in elizabeth, new jersey a mile from the train station where five pipe bombs were found. more after this.
10:44 am
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10:45 am
>> all right nice pop for gm shares as you can see. morgan stanley upgradesing stock and stock right up around 32 up more than 3%. by the way and update on that looming gm strike in canada. autojune president says it is early in talks but he's, quote, very encouraged.
10:46 am
maybe it happen. we'll see. president obama seen on a the campaign trail stomping quite a bit for hillary as we know from the washington examiner byron york joins us right now i take it from comments over 24 hours it appears his legacy is tied that is to hillary clinton winning, right? >> oh, absolutely. you know, he gave the speech to congressional black caucus, and he said basically look i'm not on ballot anymore. but all of the progress we made is on the ballot and he would take it as a personal insult if african-american voters did not vote for hillary clinton to extend the obama legacy. you cannot be more intertwined than that. >> it is interesting, though, because we minced this earlier there are sections of the african-american community world documented of not doing well under his presidency. but he's saying i don't care. you blankly have to vote for the democrats. >> well, you know, for president
10:47 am
obama black americans voted for president obama official, they turned out in very large numbers. and they voted in the mid-90%. and you have to remember what hillary clinton is trying to do an so far not doing a great job of it so reassemble that obama coalition of minority of young poem people and women and doing well with women voters. ore two groups she's actually trailing where president obama was, his performance level in 2008, 2012 extremely for her to get not only percentage of the minority vote but the turnout where it was for president obama. >> and byron let's not forget just one week away now from the very first debate will trump surge continue and how critical is this debate? >> surge is going on. i just checked politics average of national polls with hillary clinton's leads is now 0.9 points. remember it was about 8 just a
10:48 am
few weeks ago. so clearly that -- that surge is continuing. there's kind of a question whether toward end of this week people will kind of tune out and withhold judgment until after they see the debit on monday night. a week from tonight. so the polls may not tell us much in next few days but clearly trump goes into this debate having made enormous progress from where he was a month ago. >> all about undecided the independents because those trump vote for trump, and same for hillary is trump winning that battle right now? >> so far he's doing pretty well with independents. now, this was something that can kind of deceive republicans sometimes. a lot of republicans thought romney would do well with independents but people used to be republicans and they got sick of the republican party started calling thmses and winning votes didn't expand the base so we have to see ere trump is on that. but right now it does look like
10:49 am
he has won consolidated republican votes much more than he had in the past. remember they were a large number of republicans who were not onboard with him before. plus, expanded it among independents. >> the election by the way 7 weeks from tomorrow. ashley: amazing it is coming around byron york appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: now this explosion in barcelona spain, apartment build hg 15 injured. one woman dead. the entire building evacuated. no word on what caused the blast. but a gas leak could indeed be the culprit that's in barcelona, spain. here at home search for new york and new jersey suspect ahmed khan rahami the latest updates after this.
10:50 am
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> now, this donald trump presented with with a plaque from families he calls most forgot opinion many america. just listen to this. >> all across this country, dining room tables have an empty seat at the family table buzz our government abandoned its duty and failed to enforce its basic will will laws.
10:54 am
>> joining us is brenda sparks your son was killed by an illegal immigrant you remember at the event this is pain beyond description and suffering. can you tell us what happened to your ?on j my son was taking his girlfriend home on his motorcycle and he was just -- had just made a turn, and he was going between 25 and 35 miles an hour under the speed limit. it went in the illegal who entered this country was working illegally while driving illegally made an illegal left hand turn into my son. my son was in the hospital for -- four weeks fighting for his life and ultimately lost it september 8th of 2011. >> was the person who -- who hit your son -- was he charged with any crime? >> yes, he was charged with -- >> vehicle homicide -- manslaughter yes, and he got after everything was all said and done he got three years unsupervised prohibition and
10:55 am
that was it. of killing an american. fnlings served no time in jail and is he still driving on the road? >> he continued to drive for the company delivering those newspapers on the same exact route until -- september 26th of 2011. and then continued working for the company on a different route and pled guilty for murdering my son in june of following year of 2012 so yes he's helicoptering to drive. >> what happened to eric's girlfriend? >> she thankfully there was a car in the driveway where this gentleman was turning into, and that car saved her and so she had -- a severe concussion she was hospitalized overnight and some pulled muscles and legments but she's better now. >> so -- dealing with survivor guilt. >> so pablo rodriguez prior citations right? >> yes, three prior citations
10:56 am
all three times heas cited for driving without a driver's license an talking on his cell phone while driving that's why he was pulled over twice. and then making an illegal left hand turn into the traffic same exact thing he did to my son and killed him. >> you met with mr. trump, right? >> yes, many times. >> and you feel like he's responding to what is going on with your family and others across the country, right? >> he's the only one that has cared about us at all. he's the only one that's reached out to us. he's the only one to ask us to tell him our stories. >> brenda our hearts go out to you and your family. thank you for joining us today. we hope you come back soon. thanks again. >> next up we're going to do a quick check of the markets. dow is basically pup about 90 points, and we're continuing to follow, to follow this developing story bonds in new york city and new jersey.
10:57 am
a man hunt for this suspect ahmed khan ram rei and expansion to new york. hour three of varney is next. don't go away. if you have medicare
10:58 am
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11:00 am
ashley: after a weekend of what we now know for sure is terror. america waking up with a distant 30 days. our bombs exploding and nine men have good luck look at the timeline. a lot of moving parts. saturday morning from a seaside park new jersey come a bomb goes off in a trashcan on the board but moments before the start of a 5-k race in honor of marines and sailors. thankfully no one injured. 12 hours and 83 miles away 29 people injured and another five valve four blocks away did not
11:01 am
explode in last night in elizabeth, new jersey, 15 miles outside of new york city, five bombs found at a train station. one went off as the bomb squad using a robot tried to disarm it. about the same time, police took five minutes of custody in brooklyn near the bridge. they were driving a vehicle of interest. this morning, but said announcing ahmad khan rahami links to all three incidents. monitor now, double drums foreign-policy adviser will be talking to here comes our three of trend seven. -- "varney & company." >> i would think it would be naïve to tell their terror cells are support cells operating in some form, some coordinated fashion in new york and new jersey area. >> you could have 10,000 extra cops out there. they could still miss one of these things. that's why it's extremely important for the community, for
11:02 am
general citizens to be a hair on the lookout. other material, home depot and local grocery store. you can put on the material you need to put it to get there. >> there is belief that it's more than one person. they are asking americans and that is the word premise right out here the fact that it's been a text area and two states. the first time i'm aware of having the attacks carried out the same day in two different states. ashley: more information on the subject. ahmad khan rahami. we learned last half hour he was not listed on any u.s. counterterrorism databases could violate ferris, fox news terrorism analyst joins us now. thank you. in your opinion, is this an act of self or immobile? >> in my assessment and this is different from the investigation, this is a way.
11:03 am
a number of individual jihadist are in touch with isis are not in touch with isis. what we can assess now if these were attempts in manhattan and new jersey. that looks to me like the greater new york area, which means somebody at some level have given instructions are guided that anybody who has a connection with the movement should try to do some thing. it could be an individual in other cases. ashley: do you fear more coordinated attacks? >> is the most difficult question. it's not going to stop until the goal is reached. of course if we deploy forces, if the public is under attack with the demise that can derail the plan. stuart: donald trump calls himself the law and order candidate. i would imagine this place went into that. does it not? >> of course month after month
11:04 am
in his foreign policy speech, national security speech command their assent and route it a teenager would realize there is something wrong. the facts are becoming more and more efficient around the nation. basically this is reflected also in what is happening in europe. he is trying to say we need to change what is wrong in our national security policy. ashley: we haven't mentioned what happened in minnesota. we solemnly swear that i saw was in macon iron. but about how america appeared a terrorist attack on a shopping art and it happened in minnesota. a man of somali origin making references to allah, asking people if they were muslim and stabbing eight, maybe nine games. this is the kind of thing that puts real fear into middle america, does it not? >> ashley, yes. what he says or doesn't say us with any jihadist would do. in that case in minnesota who is
11:05 am
part of the network for what worries me is the fact if any of these individuals is not on our radar screen or any of our lifetime and the one that isis would like to mobilize. >> it so difficult to prevent. in this day the internet and social social media, anyone who's disaffected in some way, they're very vulnerable and it's difficult for a sudafed. >> before being dead, not every person becomes a child is otherwise would be dealing with hundreds of thousands of people. mr. trump has been talking about a very serious vetting project, trying to stop that. that is where the battle is right now. ashley: we have to leave it there. walid phares, as always thank you so much. appreciate it. check the big board despite all that's been going on. the dallas of 90 points.
11:06 am
as you can see, how about oil. oil reader from venezuela same we are going to get some production coordination between those in opec and outside opec. i think it is wishful thinking, but the market is buying it right around 44 bucks a barrel. donald trump's economic adviser joins us now. steve, welcome. terrible day in new york. by the way, i was with donald trump saturday night. we refined from oklahoma city. we gone to the oklahoma iowa state football game. we got the message right before donald trump was about to talk to a great crowd. we didn't exactly at that time. somewhere around 7:00 eastern are so. we didn't know what was happening. we suspect dead and he went out and he was criticized for saying
11:07 am
this may be terrorism and now it turns out he was right. we've heard nothing from the president. fundraising for hillary clinton. >> your question about the linkage between terrorism and the markets. i don't understand it. terrorism we know from what happened in 9/11, the liquid has been to the stock market. it crashed after that. there's a reason we call it terrorism because they are trying to terrorize americans. terrorist attacks are just attacks against american people and the things. they are attacks against our financial system. god forbid this escalates and we see more of these because there's no question it's bad. if you are an investor and look at what the american economy we will look like and that's what investors do. they look ahead. you look at a future where we have terrorist incidents all the time. people are safe going to shopping malls or church or wherever it is.
11:08 am
that is a very negative in tact. ashley: we've had other people in the show saying all they care about is the sad and the fact the fed is meeting this week. they know they're not going to do anything. everything else doesn't matter, just money. >> at the hanford session. wave a wand and somehow the stock your book on. that's completely wrong. whether wrong. let us face raises interest rates or doesn't in the medium term has no impact on our faith. ashley: they announced on one day. for a couple days and the market will migrate. just look at the history of this. here's my point and i said this to stuart many times. the problems with u.s. economy are not monetary. who's got a problem with fiscal policy, tax policy, regulatory burden. those are the things that are strangling. we put in place how much? trans-economic plan five years
11:09 am
4% growth. that's like adding another texas to the u.s. economy. it's a big deal. ashley: we hope you are right. >> everyone should be a thank you so much. appreciate it. we are monitoring to active scenes in new york city and also in elizabeth, new jersey. america on terror alert. the manhunt continues for someone. we'll update you throughout the hour with all the latest developments. donald trump been heavily criticized by the way for saying the word on before was confirmed. meanwhile, cnn editing out the word on current hillary is response. don't believe us? we are all afraid to ask. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows the exact what is going on, but boy, we are living in a time. we better get very tough. we better get very, very tough. just tap in.
11:10 am
we will find out. whenpneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it.
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11:13 am
>> i must tell you that just before i got off the plane, abe bomb went off to new york. we are living in a time. we better get very tough. we better get very, very tough. just tapping. ashley: that was donald trump referencing the explosions that just happened in new york. he was heavily criticized for calling a big amen before it was confirmed. hillary clinton asked a similar question. listen to her answer. >> i've been briefed about the bombing in new york and new jersey. obviously, we need to do everythi we can to support our first responders.
11:14 am
[inaudible] >> well, i think it is important to know the facts about any incident like this. that is why important for first responders. ashley: wait a minute. it's minute. it's a bit difficult to hear someone talking on a plane. donald trump says we've been informed about the bombings. hillary clinton comes out in says we've just been informed about the bombings in new york and new jersey. the first question from a member of the media. is an criticism for calling again before he knew what it was. i just don't understand it. if nothing else completely encapsulates the difference between covering donald trump and hillary clinton, there it is. >> donald trump is briefed on the plane.
11:15 am
hillary clinton is briefed on a plane. donald trump statements getting off the plane about a bombing is outrageous. her statement is measured according to the network then they attacked donald trump for doing exactly what she did. and by the way, donald trump was right. ashley: was right. it gets even bigger. cnn rears the liquid statement. the gaslight, they take out the word bomb completely. roll the tape. >> obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders. we have to let the investigation unfolds. >> is a reaction to the fact donald trump -- [inaudible] >> well, i think it is important to know the facts about any incident like this.
11:16 am
that is why it's critical to support the first responders. ashley: first we have cbs editing out bill clinton's frequent issues, talking about his life rarely. and now we have this. at some point you just really -- these are news organizations. it's difficult when they do this kind of stuff. >> they are 100% in the tank for hillary clinton. it was "the new york times" that brought up john mccain in 2008 and his further situation. it was cindy blumenthal from hillary clinton who brought up truck obama has yet they had donald trump relentlessly. every reporter was fair and the airplane. every reporter, every network heard her call in a bombing in one minute later take this gratuitous slap at donald trump and no one reported it. ashley: listen to this question.
11:17 am
a reporter asking hillary during her q&a this morning in white plains. >> are you concerned this weekend's attacks are an event in the coming week might be an attempt by isis sympathizers or really any other group may be influencing the presidential race in some way and presumably try to drive votes to donald trump. ashley: did hillary write that question? how did this play into hillary's narrative that donald trump is a puppet of. >> right. i guess these terrorists have these make america great again that they are wearing again. it just goes beyond the pale. this is a trump rally going on except a blowout people doubt. ashley: we haven't finished yet because there's so much material.
11:18 am
president obama talking about -- the gift that keeps on giving. president obama says structurally we've become a polarized society and if all you're doing is watching auxin is the most into rush limbaugh does a lot of the permission on a regular basis. what is interesting to me about that and this has been kind. 95% of the media is liberal. they are giving hillary a pass. have the countries being fooled by fox news and rush limbaugh. >> this is the first president in history who has ever singled out one network for relentless attacks. i don't think anyone's done that before. fox's fielding network that doesn't march lockstep with this administration and the candidate you're supporting. he cannot stand the fact that he
11:19 am
cannot control the narrative that fox news. nevermind rush limbaugh. stuart: -- ashley: a very good point. i promise we won't edit any of that change the meaning. i'm very sarcastic today. the 30 stocks that make up the dow jones in estoril average. as you can we are hovering right above 100 points of the doubt. not a bad way to start the week. we'll see how we finish it. america on terror alert. the manhunt for ahmad khan rahami. >> it sounded like fireworks but a thousand times stronger and it shook everything. like if i was in iraq in a bomb dropped. they say a lot of things about rain. like how hard it's a-gonna fall.
11:20 am
the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain too: when it roars. the all-wheel-drive lineup from dodge. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average of $6,400 in savings on select 2016 journey crossroad models in dealer stock.
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11:24 am
ashley: will get more on that. let's go to the president speaking right now. >> i've been monitoring the situation closely and receiving frequent updates from 19 and i've been briefed again a fbi director called me and governor cuomo and christy as well as mayor deblasio. we've seen what was apparently a pipe on goa for new jersey and seaside park where it could have seriously injured or u.s. marine to inspect tatars who were therefore erase. the bombing in the chelsea neighborhood of new york injure. we are extremely fortunate in grateful nobody was killed. or is go out to all of those injured. we want to wish them a speedy recovery. i especially want to commend all the outstanding police and first responders in new york city and new jersey for their extraordinary professionalism a quick response was surely
11:25 am
prevented even more people from being hurt and ensure people got assistance quickly. the investigation is moving rapidly and as this ipaq semolina to the fbi and law enforcement to provide details. everybody is aware at this point that there is a person of interest who is the focus of the investigation and the fbi can give you further details in terms of how that is preceding. i told governor cuomo and governor christie that they'll have all federal support as they move ahead with investigation and working to keep the people of this city and of this region safe. law enforcement is asking for the help of the community. to everybody in this region, i want to repeat what we've said before. if you see something suspicious you need to say some thing.
11:26 am
contact local law enforcement. in the meantime i asked the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation. a mixture of air and the hat he with the cooperation taking places between the fbi and state and local law person officials. they are moving smartly on this investigation. it does not help if false records are incomplete information is out. try to as much as possible stick to whether investigators say because they actually know what they are talking about. meanwhile, the united nations create an additional workload for new york. given the meetings we also have particularly high level of resources to help as needed. we'll make sure everything works together as one team to get to
11:27 am
the bottom of what happened to find those responsible and make sure justice is done. meanwhile, while all of this is going on in new york and new jersey, where focus on the stabbing attack at a shopping mall in minutes a day. at this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened in new york and new jersey. our attention there is on the people who are injured and we are very grateful and no one lost their life. thanks to the quick action of a brave off-duty police officer, the suspect was killed and we avoided or people being heard. i had the chance to speak with governor dave this morning. i assured him we will provide all the assistance he needs in the investigation. the fbi is investigating the minnesota incident as a potential act of terrorism. we will direct the full resources of the federal government to make sure the investigation goes forward
11:28 am
aggressively. finally, i want to take the opportunity to reassure the people in this city, this region and americans across our country better counterterrorism professionals at every level, federal, state and local are working together around the clock to prevent attacks and keep us safe. they are the best of the best. over the years they've thwarted many plot and saved many lives and we are incredibly grateful for their service today and every single day. we will continue to lead the global coalition and destroy isis which is instigating a lot of people over the internet to carry out attacks. we will continue to go after them. look to get out the leaders in infrastructure. they are continuing to lose ground in iraq and syria and
11:29 am
later today i'll meet with prime minister a body of iraq to discuss the need to sustain that momentum. as a takeover -- it helps to undermine their ideology which over time will make it harder for them to recruit and inspire people to violence. we are going to continue to enlist tech companies and religious leaders to push back against online on tents and all messages of hate. at moments like this, it is to her what terrorists and violent extremists are starting to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people but they also want to inspire fear in all of us. and disrupt the way we live, to undermine our values. even as we have to be vigilant and aggressive in preventing senseless acts of violence, but also making sure we find those
11:30 am
who carry out such acts and bring them to justice, we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure we don't succumb to that fear. there is no better example of that than the people of new york and new jersey. i was speaking to governor cuomo and governor christie and mayor deblasio. one point they all made his folks around here don't get scared. they are tough. they are resilient. they go about their business every single day. that kind of toughness and resoluteness in the recognition is that neither individuals nor organizations like isil can undermine our way of that's the kind of strength that makes me so proud to be an american and
11:31 am
that is the kind of strength that will be absolutely critical. not just in the days to come, but in the years to come, by showing those who want to do us harm that they'll never beat us. by showing the entire world as americans we do not and never will give into fear. that's the most important ingredient is asked if eating those who would carry out terrorist attacks against isis. thank you, everybody. as i said, you will be receiving ensure ongoing briefings from the fbi and local law enforcement in terms of the details of the investigation. ashley: ballas president obama speaking for the first time in the bombing incidents in the stabbing at the shopping mall in minnesota same to terrorists and violent extremists want to create fear and undermine our values. we will not do that. we will not give into that fear.
11:32 am
he also made a point of the season is suspicious and reported immediately. he also praised the bravery of the off-duty police officer that could very well have saved lives there when he managed to stop the person who was stabbing as many as eight, nine people in minnesota. he's offering all federal support both new jersey and new york. governor cuomo and christie. that is the president became dared, saying he understands the u.n. is sending work and that new yorkers are tough and resilient, but also aware. i want to get back to the arrest of the suspect in the bombings had a shoot out. liz: ahmad khan rahami now an as day. in linden, new jersey just southwest of elizabeth, new jersey where ahmad khan rahami and his family have a family owned business, a chicken restaurant. an officer has been insured.
11:33 am
he took a bullet to his bass and what happened is i saw him walking down the street with a gun in his hand. he then aimed the gun, took 46 shots of the police car. a possible explosive device. the bomb squad has been called in and also -- >> did someone call and reported the police just drive by? liz: that's a good question. he was possibly shooting at passing cars. this happened or the linden, new jersey train station. again, ahmad khan rahami in custody right now. ashley: thank you very much. let's bring in thomas mcinerney. he's here. i'm assuming you heard what the president had to say. what are your thoughts in response to these events in the last 48 hours? >> after that report by the president of the 320 million americans are less than inspired about his interests.
11:34 am
there is a connection between minnesota and new york city and new jersey. it is called radical islam, not violent extremism. that is our problem. the president and his administration to include hillary rodham clinton have not identified the threat and they are all brought together by this ideology. mr. trump said it this morning around 7:30 or 8:00 as i recall. he has identified it at all. ashley: by the way, we are looking at live scenes from the income and new jersey with the captain of a shoot out before the capture of the suspect rahami. that's the picture you see on the left-hand side of the screen. is it your belief this individual was part of a salad you expect more attacks in the near future? >> well, i don't quite have the
11:35 am
specifics, but i think it is. he was trying to become a martyr, a shahid. that's why he started in the street with a pistol without being undercover like this. he wants to go down as a martyr. that is the ideology that we are fighting and that's why it's to identify it right away so we understand what he's going to do. those details will be coming out. i do believe it's part of a cell. i don't think minnesota is linked to it. minnesota is linked to radical islam and being inspired by isis which took credit yesterday. the mayor in new york city did not even call it terrorism yesterday when he knew right away when the policeman on the scene in the chelsea district and you could see there were ball bearings and shrapnel they are that it was the case of islamic terror. ashley: how would you approach this?
11:36 am
>> i would let the american people know that we have now been attacked again as in florida, chattanooga, san bernardino, orlando. we are being attacked by radical islam and i as president will effeminate in two to three weeks the capital rock the demos will in the middle east they will lose the caliphate and it will send a note to every muslim person in the world that it's the end of the caliphate. and then i would take the handcuffs off law enforcement to go after the sources of this evil in the united state and it would be very ruthless on it. the fbi deputy director in minnesota is still calling any potential terrorism. my god, he was yelling out. he was asking at least one person, are you muslim? i would go after it and i would go to mecca and medina and then
11:37 am
say where are the five guys who are putting out that counter this type of evil ideology? you started it, now you fix it. ashley: the attacker in minnesota came from a fairly sizable somali community there with regard to the number of refugees brought into the united states, you stop it immediately to find a proper vetting process. >> absolutely. stop it. hold them accountable. hold the muslims in my mama, that is where they are getting this inspiration. same thing in minnesota. get to the mosque and eliminate them. the same problems in san bernardino. that is where this evil hatred is coming from. ashley: general, hillary clinton talked to some reporters before she took off on a campaign trip
11:38 am
and she mentioned on more than one occasion the silicon valley and the government needs to work hand-in-hand with those social media platforms to try and find a way to stop the recruitment and radicalization of these terrorists or potential terrorists. is that really doable? >> i think it is. there are ways we can do it. we will not talk about the specifics, but they could see the language and they could do that, start that. they need to be part of the team. this is a counteroffensive we ought to be working i going to the saudi's and say where are those that are challenging this evil ideology by the way helped create. fix this problem. where are those words coming from because only the muslims can fix this. they are looking at it in different directions. what is their ideology? the quran, the sayings of the
11:39 am
prophet and sharia law. those are the things we are facing. this is what is inspiring those people. they must fix it. ashley: let's go to adam shapiro and the chelsea district where the explosion took place saturday night. what is the latest from there? >> i'm going to step aside the camera and show you this is still an active crime scene. the fbi continues to sweep the area. earlier they start looking for more evidence. some of the shrapnel that was part of what was believed to have been a pressure cooker bomb. it did start here at 8:30 on saturday night and i found another device which did not explode a few blocks from here on west 27th street good police have said the belief and this was confirmed by fox news katherine harris as well as the fbi that more than one person was involved with the situation on west 23rd. they then identified mr. ahmad
11:40 am
khan rahami as the person of interest they want to speak to in connection with this. surveillance video connected to a man who screams to be mr. rahami. to pull a device that may have been in a pressure cooker bomb that did not detonate. with the police and fbi have confirmed to fox news and fox businesses they believe there was more than one individual involved in this although they have now reported that mr. ahmad khan rahami is in custody. they did arrest five other people on sunday night. those people are described as persons of interest. people have been taken into custody and they are also drawing a connection perhaps at the explosion saturday morning at the marine charity run that did not take place because of a bomb which went off. they also are looking to connections between mr. ahmad
11:41 am
khan rahami because he is from elizabeth, new jersey. a mile from the train station for a backpack with five pipe bombs was found in sunday night one of those devices that it has police tried to disarm it. west 23rd street remains an active crime scene. police and fbi suspect there could be more than one person involved. five people have been arrested sunday night in addition to mr. rahami who was taken into custody. ashley: thank you very much. back to elizabeth mcdonald to go back to how this individual, a big manhunt. this thing done very quickly after they basically made him and put his photographs out there early this morning. he's already in custody. liz: new yorkers in new jersey that i thought and smartphone notifications that they were looking for someone and put out his photo.
11:42 am
there was a shootout near the london train station. linden, new jersey is just southwest of elizabeth, new jersey where the suspect's family owned a fried chicken business and they report their that they were basically advice of local authorities. the police officer has been injured. in other words, an eyewitness saw the suspect looking down the street with a gun his hand. he aimed the gun and took nearly half a dozen shots at a police car. the officer who was injured took a shot to his arm at best. he does not have life-threatening injuries. possibly an explosive device on the scene where he was arrested. the bomb squad of police found have been called in. ashley: wasuspect shot or injured? trade or there have been reports that he has been injured or we don't know that for sure. if he's been taken to a hospital will track those reports for you. he may also have been shot and
11:43 am
is en route to a hospital. ashley: the good news is he is in custody. but there is a belief out there that he was not a number. if you are still there, i wanted to ask you, we live a very free democratic society. we enjoyed all those freedoms. the very nature of the society we live in excess vulnerable. there's nothing you can do about that. >> that's absolutely correct and i agree with that. what we can do is take the handcuffs off like mayor giuliani did in new york city which he had great relations with the mosques and had people inside the mosques. you can start identifying when they are god and identifying them in the community. we are going to find out there is more than one person that helped him.
11:44 am
as we start working our way through it, looking at his friends, he could have done this by himself. i don't know exactly what it is, but it is called the patterns of behavior and we need to let our police work these patterns of behavior and let the local community kind of played out who these people are and help us identify them. as mike flynn said this morning, he said we need to start acting, not react in. right now we are in a react emoted week to get out in front of this problem before it happens again. ashley: i understand we have detective steve loomis with us from cleveland. thanks for joining us. i believe your head of the police union. is that correct? >> yes, that's correct. ashley: he says we need to be in to be in the front foot. we can't just react to these
11:45 am
things. what can the law enforcement community do is able to cut down these types of attacks that are quite frankly random and difficult to prevent. >> it's another to be in the same stages the general. he's absolutely right. we need to react and be there in using the information we gather and not reactive and that is what we are right now at a local level across this country. deplorable. ashley: how can you do that? you've got personal rights, privacy rights and so one. should not be pushed aside in the effort to keep track of people who may do us harm? >> the general would be better to answer that question. that's a little bit above my pay grade. i'm here to listen to the intelligence that we get any
11:46 am
street-level and then we need to have the personnel and toots on the street gethe information we need to have and let out some of the leads they get from various intelligence agencies community. .law enforcement, federal or local level. we need to talk about things because they think you will find that people community want to live in peace. they do not want to see this. you want to help law enforcement we are just not well situated at a local law enforced that level to get out there and get that type of information. we get it from our police partners at the federal level since state levels and we need to work together to react to that. ashley: the problem is i think we saw this in the same bernadino case.
11:47 am
people are afraid to say some thing because they fear that they are. ray says, that someone is that suspiciously in a search community that they are hesitant to come forward. the >> yeah, i agree with that. we see that time and time again. god forbid you point at a certain person with a search skin color or certain religious belief. you are going to be labeled very quickly. that is the responsibility of the media. the media plays a large role and allowing those stereotypes to go on and that is unfortunate that hinders us at a federal state and local level. there's a lot of problems out there and we see some very big was. ashley: what is your advice to the public, detect this? if they aren't sure about some didn't, what is the first thing they should do?
11:48 am
>> contact your local law enforcement and make it known to them what it is you see and what you believe you are seen. if you see some income to say something. it's a great slogan. i don't know who made it out. in this day and age, you can't sit on your hands. you have to say something to somebody about it let the professionals, federal, state and local level investigator and that of those things we are seen that may be a prelude something absolutely tragic like we saw in new york and new jersey. ashley: jesse and video from abc in new york. that was the suspect could be great there. you see him on a gurney been loaded into an ambulance following a shootout with police in linden, new jersey. one officer at least within this saved by his bulletproof vest.
11:49 am
there is the suspect right there. >> by the way, it's a testament to live testament to laud sportsmen the false narrative out there. the guys on a gurney going to a hospital. those officers took the appropriate level of action that they needed to stop that threat, get him on the ground and now they are getting him medical attention. that is something that is very seldom reported and that is unfortunate as well. ashley: search worth pointing out. detectives found a thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. judge napolitano with us now. he says the surveillance issues we talked about earlier of mosques in people very worried to speak up for fear of being labeled a racist or for racial
11:50 am
profiling. >> you know, we live in a free and open society in which the government is restrained in the constitution and follow the constitution. things have actually worked a little better. instead of downloading information, it should focus efforts on people assume there is a reason for suspicion. what it downloads information public it does a good time to dig into. ashley: to not be seen as targeting one particular section. if you take it from everyone. i'm trying to play devil's advocate. the >> i know that. it's not a question of violating everybody's rights as opposed to just a few people's right. you trusted individuals here and you don't target groups. when you begin targeting groups, you will lose the nature of freedom that we have in this country because whenever the
11:51 am
politician decide they hate or fear a particular group, that group will be targeted. when a person is targeted because of their behavior, the constitution is working. the government can use the tools available to it. ashley: you have a suspicion about someone but they haven't done anything. different following someone who you believe -- it's a fine line. >> it is. but the constitution requires that line. they find that people and keep the rest of us free. the government needs to remember. its job is to not only keep us safe. it's to keep us free. but it's in the constitution. anybody who's ever worked for the government, we all took the same oath, which is to uphold the constitution. it's probably easier for the government to access in download information from its computers that are attached to internet
11:52 am
service providers and telephone switching stations. it would be more difficult for the government to have entered the community where these people live and find out who is up to no good. ashley: judge, hold right there. local officials appear to be speaking. let's listen in. >> the officers appeared to be okay. we have three officers taken to the hospital. one for the fragments of the vehicle. the other was shot in the vast and one of our officers have high blood pressure. he's been evaluated as well. >> for stress? >> yes, i would say stress. the >> the beginning part of the story, how did this all start? >> about 1030 caught this morning we had a call --
11:53 am
[inaudible] the owner of the bar -- at that point the officer was approaching him with a gentleman picked up his head, the officer noticed -- [inaudible] the officers said show me or he is. he pulled out a handgun and fired a shot at the officer. they were preparing him to be removed from the scene. the fbi is on the scene. that is something the fbi -- we're just assisting. >> the gun was recovered?
11:54 am
>> as far as i know, yes. >> any other weapons or bombs? [inaudible] >> so after he fired at the officer he said walking down the street? he may guess that is correct. [inaudible] he was firing his weapon is permanently. >> in the one who got shot in the chest, did he actually hit him? >> thank you. the other officers sustained some shrapnel injury. we are hoping it will be okay.
11:55 am
[inaudible] ashley: we are just listening in to authorities in linden, new jersey where the shootout happened with the suspect, someone. it appears that one officer was shot, but was saved by his bulletproof vest. this began around 10:30 this morning when police received a call from a local business owner who reported someone slumped in front of the business. officers responded. they get there, rouse him as one official put it. he lifted his head up and realize he looked very similar to the manhunt for mr. ahmad khan rahami. at that point the suspect pulled out a gun and that is when shots were fired. immediately after the bodies previously, no one killed. it's unclear whether the suspect
11:56 am
himself was injured. we thought had been loaded in to the ambulance. trade for the police put out an identification of the car he was driving a 2003, a blue honda civic. it did happen very quickly. the fact that there was minimal and jury is striking, meaning no fatalities. connected to the suspect so far. ashley: former n.y.p.d. detective tom raskin joining us. thanks very much. i just said to elizabeth mcdonald on the side it all happened very quickly. i'm so impressed with how quickly they named the suspect had a pretty quick order he's now in custody. >> the police were lucky in certain ways in this investigation that some of the evidence that led to the suspect now was not detonated and they were able to take the evidence out the bomb on west 27th
11:57 am
street which led to his fingerprint, led to the cell phone, digital and forensic evidence into his bed that allowed him to start following members of his families last night is probably evidence or information they gave from the family probably let him today. excellent police work all the way around the tri-state area. ashley: based on that, do you believe this is a disgruntled individual acting on his own were part of what other people call it terror cell? >> is a terrorist. if he was inspired by something else, that will come out as time goes on. i don't think it matters what his cause was right now. what matters is no one was killed in any of his attempted bombings. police identified the suspect and have him in custody at this point in time.
11:58 am
in less than 48 hours. ashley: my question is are there others who are friends of the individual who has not been taken into custody in iraq you something right now? >> that is what the fbi in the gatt after the ipd and state authorities now look at. they look at anyone he may have had contact with. it wasn't like anyone was harboring him. as we know for the press conference in new jersey beaches showed it appeared he was almost homeless and that he was sleeping on the street and that is what led officers to head. ashley: detective comic thank you so much. just to recap. so much going on in the last 48 hours. the big news of course is the authorities believe the person responsible linked to the three bombings in new jersey and knee-jerk, someone has been captured -- ahmad khan rahami
11:59 am
has been captured. liz: that is where the family business in elizabeth, new jersey. what is interesting here as they talked about the speed of that, but also about whether or not there is another cell out there. they seem to say yes. ashley: an international connection good governor cuomo talked to reporters this morning that you can't rule it out. liz: 30s are still investigating the existence of a cell that is out there. ashley: there you have it. obviously a weekend full of terror ended up again with the pipe on it went off and would've done a lot of damage had it not been for the fact of the 5-k race under a marines and sailors was delayed. liz: they are collecting evidence to the end that data type on this file. fingerprints and telephones connected to the end that native bob on west 27th street. look into the altercation.
12:00 pm
ashley: a lot more questions to be answered. ahmad khan rahami is in custody. the market checking it out loud. the dow off 104 points. quite a day already and it's just coming after noon. let's pass it on to neil cavuto. >> indeed the market nonplussed by all this and occurs at a time when most in new york are getting ready for this big shindig, this big powwow with the president of the united states and leaders of every major country on earth as new york readies for this. this was an battling more than 48 hours ago. but now it appears that ahmad khan rahami, the man behind these offenses behind police custody. adam shapiro at the very latest on how this is sorting out. the question that will come up a lot is whether he --


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