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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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ashley: a lot more questions to be answered. ahmad khan rahami is in custody. the market checking it out loud. the dow off 104 points. quite a day already and it's just coming after noon. let's pass it on to neil cavuto. >> indeed the market nonplussed by all this and occurs at a time when most in new york are getting ready for this big shindig, this big powwow with the president of the united states and leaders of every major country on earth as new york readies for this. this was an battling more than 48 hours ago. but now it appears that ahmad khan rahami, the man behind these offenses behind police custody. adam shapiro at the very latest on how this is sorting out. the question that will come up a lot is whether he --
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reporter: neil, i'm sorry. ng today, but i think you are asking me how this is sorting out will pick it up there. as we know, mr. ahmad khan rahami was involved in the shootout. the mayor says one police officer was struck as mr. rahami started firing at the police officers bullet proof vest apparently saved his life. mr. rahami was put on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to hospitals where he is in police custody. police earlier this morning confirmed that they confirm that there is more than one person involved in all of this. confirmed on west 23rd street in manhattan when the first pressure cooker bomb exploded. as you know, 29 people injured, none of them died. another device on a half-hour
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later west 27th street. it did not dead eight and that presumably helped lead police not only to mr. ahmad khan rahami were all arrested and in the vehicle they were driving, the fbi says were weapons. they have not said they are suspects. again, the fbi government authorities have confirmed they believe there is more than one person involved. then there was the explosion on sunday evening at the train station in elizabeth, new jersey one mile from the last known address for ahmad khan rahami. that device did not injure anybody. they notified the police about it. they went in with a robot to disarm and that's when it exploded. the key suspect according to police in custody with a shoot
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out. five people, five men arrested sunday night. authorities have confirmed more than one person was involved in this. neil: thank you. new york governor cuomo was on the wire earlier saying today i believe we will find out that the bombing was being influenced by foreign sources. the president of the united states indicated that there is no evidence of that as at this point in circling nothing to indicate that this individual rahami was behind the multiple stabbing attacks in minnesota at a shopping mall there. is good. no one was killed. all of this in the meantime when down in, new jersey very near the worst fear of colorful little bit harder about what he saw. how does i'll just go down?
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>> i was sitting at my desk at my store and i heard gunshots to the left of me. i assumed they were gunshot in the way. and then i saw a man walking down the street to my right holding the gun in his hand. the police car pulled up in the man started to shoot at the police car. at that time, i went for safer ground and more police showed up and they followed him down the street. what i hear, i assume they apprehended him. neil: did you think or suspect this individual with police was in fact a guy? >> i had no idea.
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it happened so fast. but it never occurred to me. neil: with the brandishing a gun. >> he was walking down the street with a gun in his hand. the first thought had happened as he the police officer looking for somebody. when you fired at the police car, i knew that wasn't the case. neil: some people said in an area he was known as well but he did look familiar to you? >> not to me. >> how many police were descending on the scene? >> must've been a hundred. there's still probably 20 right outside my store now. the roads are totally quartered off around here. neil: what are people saying? you had to take in a lot today.
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they saying? >> i haven't talked to many people. neil: he looked like he was okay. that is rahami himself, but himself, the guy suspected behind these attacks. >> he went down the street. after the contact i had no idea what happened to him. neil: there's all this talk that he had held for conferences. nothing to indicate they are looking >> it doesn't appear they are looking for others in my area. right now i assume they arejust tracking the gunfire. trade do this all went down right outside your store. >> right outside my store. i guess he was about 50 feet away from me when he started shooting at the police car.
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luckily none of the bullets went through my window for my store. neil: i'm glad you're okay. i'm glad your store is okay in people in the neighborhood are okay. >> looks like it. neil: thank you very much. a former cia analyst tara miller on what now. obviously they look for accomplices, whether he could've had anyone assisting them. what he didn't? >> one of the first things law-enforcement will do now that they've apprehended had his go through his computer, his cell phone to see who he was in touch with and who may or may not thought about his plans and who assisted. who sold him the weapons used, materials. why weren't any red flags or suspicions raised. we can see by the success of how quickly they apprehended him that i have a feeling they will have more information for us in the next 24 to 48 hours.
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neil: so far authorities are not linking him at least to the minnesota mall knife attacks. he was in a. isis took credit for is that calling him the soldier of the linux day. no such bragging in this case. are we just isolating rahami to these attacks? >> the individual claims of affiliation and isis claimed the attack on its behalf. we don't yet have evidence that it is isis inspired. it just means that law-enforcement. they do have information they are by and radicalize. they are exposed to material online but never had any direct contact. they are inspired by an attack
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here at home so it is too early to say. at the end of the day whether or not the individual is affiliated with isis, acting on its own, we see with very small amount of materials they were able to detonate and have other devices in the middle of manhattan. that's traveling and concerning. the response in this case had been handled pretty well. you had an image within 24 hours and no fatalities. for a bad case scenario we have what could be a best case outcome. neil: mayor governor cuomo said i believe we'll find out this bombing was influenced by foreign sources. influences a loaded word that it could mean just galvanized her sympathetic to those foreign
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sources. somewhat ambiguous word was probably used intentionally. they were contact with someone overseas. the phone could embarrass contact via social media or online. it could mean there is no contact with anyone overseas and there was material absorbed over the internet or rather influence individuals. we don't know -- it's one of the things that my project works on a loofhis horrific materials offline and encouraging tech companies to take down content that violates their terms of service because it does inspire people who may have never traveled to the region who may have never met with isis and can still have an impact and also this could've been a copycat. you saw something in new jersey and new york. we don't know how linked or not linked space-bar. this happens in all sorts of crimes and they are inspired to do a similar cry within a short timeframe.
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it's too early to say that undoubtedly will have more information on this from n.y.p.d., fbi. they are the best in the country and the world and i have no doubt we will have more answers by the end of the week. neil: that would include the surveillance footage they showed at least additional players dragging stuff around in this pressure cooker around. he talked about copycat type events. it's very similar to the type of weapon used by the brothers in boston. >> exactly. the pressure cooker i remember talking on air and how they were going to need to do forensics to track the materials. they looked at previous crimes and documents and send method you were successful. that's why you see lots of groups with the same tactics all over the world. in this case they do forensics
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on the equipment itself. some reports of fingerprints of this apprehended individual on one of the pressure cookers and that's what helped in the investigation. not sure if that's confirmed that they will also review the cameras. new york city is saturated with cameras. and the n.y.p.d. and high security areas the private store friends. i saw video that was being filmed from a gym nearby that had video of the explosion going on. lots of video to mine through and this is why they had material sense in us all being reviewed right now as we speak. neil: lastly, rahami is asking board, but it did prompt a curious comment from hillary clinton earlier this morning that the terror threat is real. we need top venting of immigrants for the first time i can remember saying something like that. if he's been in the u.s.a. number of years, that expands
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how tough her bedding kits. >> well, you know, you've seen in these cases individuals who are citizens and individuals who are not descendents. one of the other key issues that was not mentioned in the statement is unique to have good setting and security of individuals come in. our country has produced strong bedding and security standards. at the same time you need to recognize the fbi and its resources to be a lot of track these individuals who are blind person's radar screen. if you have too many individuals to track and you can track them all the time constantly a better sense of suspicion come is a resource issue. part of the problem is more resources to intelligence a month for smit. i believe the individual was known to live for us in and that was the case in other attacks you've seen overseas than here. one of the problems is we ha them on person agencies in
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places like europe who are inundated with individuals on their radar screen and the resources almost like a supply and demand issue. you only have so many individuals in line for smit has so many people you can be tracking for various cards. neil: very interesting stuff. tara bowler. here's where we stand. ahmad khan rahami is connected with these new jersey seaside attacks in chelsea, new york and elizabeth, new jersey. he is not connect dead with the minnesota nicene attacks. nine people injured in not one. that is one isis as already taken about can claim responsibility for it and recognize the guy who perpetrate the attacks who was since killed by zealots who are trying to stop more. they call him the soldier of the islamic state.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. neil: is so interesting to look throughout the whole crisis and the apprehension of ahmad khan rahami. the markets are doing just fine. they are moving on. it might be that new market disposition. these guys just to move on or get used to it. this much is certain. that big advance that we head in the market has come down from where it was. meanwhile gary johnson is looking at this very closely. the libertarian presidential candidate.
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he joins us now with his thoughts on this. governor, what do you you make of what you have heard? >> first i am grateful that no one did die. obviously things are working up to a certain point the shooter in orlando apparently this was an individual that was known to law enforcement it is working to appoint as president of the united states i would love to get law enforcement input what i found having been governor of new mexico as these are a lot of really well-qualified people that care about doing things as well as they possibly can and doing things better going forward as a communicator in chief i would like to be in the middle of this to understand what suggestions they have going forward if in fact they did know about this guy ahead of time and where is
12:20 pm
the breakdown. is a question of more resources those resources should be directed let's take the resources away from regime change and war and put into protecting you a night and i here at home. >> that did not include homeland security 22 agencies i think it is corporate reorg gone bad the air of bureaucracy. melded into the fbi homeland security what do they really do why are there armed homeland security agents walking the streets now why are those black unmarked vehicles homeland security what do they deal. i think the morale is low
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within the department of homeland security and nobody knows it really they do and hank foxbusiness channel government does everything right business does thing rocks. they go back into to the way it was. and they do things better. and it know if government ever re-examined what it is that they do in our things really better from every organization's standpoint at the department of homeland security. i think it is just another layer of bureaucracy. spending more money than we have to spend. if you ever became president would you do away with the department. >> i would devolve those agencies back to where they came from in the first place. i think we can all recognize the fbi has been around a long time they've a great reputation and going forward this to be fbi driven 22 new agencies supportively with the
12:22 pm
coordination tell me why in the department of homeland security is absolutely essential to moving forward or really is it what i think we all may be believe in its just and it's just another layer of bureaucracy more money we should always be looking to make government more efficient. why is it that government makes the perfect choices and business doesn't. >> do you think governor, in light of these developments people are going to worry less about privacy and whether people are snooping on them as long as those same cameras or cameras that are on street corners the same that were caught ahmad khan rahami and they could catch the bad guys. >> nsa spying on 110 or
12:23 pm
collecting meta- data on all of us where they i would love to know how this guy was on the radar screen to begin with and if it's just the cameras that's one thing if it's meta- data that i would like to see government more transparent i would like to see all of us understanding better what the government is doing and understand better what the outlook is and how we might improve on this. as a citizen as president of united states i could really bring this about in a really big way. governor, great scene you can think you. >> always great to see you. my hearts are out to everybody in new york and dealing with this right now. will put. governor think you. when we look at what was actually used in the weapon of choice here was pretty crude
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>> breaking his continues. he has been captured. the 28-year-old treatment has been captured. he is now in custody of authorities. he was being brought out of what turned to be a short shootout. put into an ambulance with what appeared to be an injury to his right arm. rahami had been sleeping in the doorway of the bar. the last known suspect was in elizabeth new jersey.
12:28 pm
they did not find him there. instead he was found in this bar. in many ways it is remarkable. the bar owner said that there is a man sleeping in the doorway. they then descended upon the bar. and one of them recognized him. and remember that the picture of the suspect have been put out to everybody. the quick thinking officer recognized him. and from what we understand and are being told now. two of those officers were injured. both with non- life-threatening injuries. they appear to have shot back. the injuries are not confirmed. he is in custody and charges could soon be on the way. it's amazing how quickly this is all turned out. the authorities made use of our phones earlier today for the first time ever sending out an emergency alert.
12:29 pm
every smart phone here in manhattan was going off at once. >> and we helped them at the same time. >> we are looking at the candidates reaction to all of this. she was critical of donald trump for leaking conclusions. give to be cautious and careful we will see how she updates that very shortly. we keep telling about all of the devices that were found in new york and new jersey. some a little more sophisticated than a pressure cooker. to make the point the kind of stuff anyone of us could do at home. that's what worries at my next guest. johnny, good to have you. what do you make of the
12:30 pm
weapons that were used here and how sophisticated they were if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. we've been dealing with this since the ira. that's really where we cut our teeth and learn. you take items from your home and they can make a bell rang a light come on and you use that to employ an explosive. if electronic engineering that's what you see in your high school science lab. you can create a bomb. and to put it in even greater perspective. he employed about 20% of that. it was actually effective. you can do a lot of damage with these homemade explosives thankfully, we can find these
12:31 pm
things and we do have ways to prevent them. sometimes we find them by luck. we have seen similar type pressure cooker explosive device used. other bad guys are going to get ideas. this information is out there it's on the internet and you know that if this person was in contact with anyone overseas there definitely getting effective information. if you've ever placed the game mouth mouse trap the harder it is to find if you're not you are not using radio control or anything like that. in a simple loop circuit and make a bomb go off then and then you don't had as much control. he is a radicontrol.
12:32 pm
we all used radio remotes and controllers all the time. it is something we can combat against. one is most effective here if you see something, say something. and then the human intelligence. they were in afghanistan a year ago. and may have a reason to do something like this. there is no such thing as a complete lone wolf someone who wolf someone who woke up tomorrow morning and decided to blow up a corner. can we learn what is inspired people. we can do a lot to combat this. unfortunately like we say in afghanistan and iraq if someone is hell-bent and willing to put their own life on the line sometimes there is not much you can do at which point with to make sure that we find these people and bring them to justice. these are all images that we have or are of romney.
12:33 pm
it does beg the question i wanted to raise with you whether he have to have help. getting the devices to the locales or detonating them. >> this is very interesting. the early reports i've heard they haven't released all of the information is that these were probably detonated via cell phone so if it was a cell phone the no he didn't have to be there within the line of sight. they were line of sight which means you have to be able to see it through the air in order to send the signal. that's more effective. if he properly employed cell phones then guess he could have calmed them up from you are. it would be interesting to get more information to see if he used the technology that's a little bit or sophisticated than what we seen in the last
12:34 pm
five or ten years but ultimately no he did not had to have that if he's in contact with the bomb maker he could've done this at home it's gonna be interesting he has to have a lab. in triggering this. you don't just put one of these together and you have it work right away. it takes a trial and error. it will be interesting to get more information he didn't have to. he probably did because of the amount of bombs he employed. he could've been working on this for months if not years. and if we have an idea that he was communicating with someone and why we haven't searched his home more. it would be interesting to see. neil: maybe they are doing that right now. thank you very much. i do want to go to linden new
12:35 pm
jersey. more importantly maybe what they are learning about the accomplice. i apologize they are just wrapping up. i don't think they mentioned anything about accomplices. he was brandishing a gun on the city streets. we heard from a litmus a witness to the attack. on more than a hundred before he was shot and apprehended. he's gonna be okay these attacks linked to him. including the beach resort community. it is not claiming credit for any of this. it is claiming credit for multiple stabbings animal in
12:36 pm
minnesota. the guy that orchestrated the attack has since been killed at the scene. on what we can learn about what went down and why isis is claiming that this guy is becoming a soldier for the islamic state. they identify with him. whether they were muslim or not. your listeners may or may not know is that it's home to the largest concentration of any place in the country. there is a largest concentration in minneapolis. this individual his father has identified him as someone who was somali and then migrated
12:37 pm
as an immigrant or refugee to minnesota one thing to keep in mind the person who was on site the law enforcement official off-duty a marksman. really underscores the value of having someone who is trained with a firearm available to respond. we have a large concentration how would you have handled that. one of the things i mentioned to my successor it is an new community. there is very little insight as to what is going on in this community and neil we already have been numerous people from this community either as recruiters or subjects being recruited to go back to somalia.
12:38 pm
some people may have heard about it. and they are trying to influence the committee in the u.s. more often than not they work on young men. and what are they appealed to about how angry they are upset. if you're coming from somalia to minneapolis and then the subject to the argument that you're now economically disadvantaged. through the lens of someone who has been here. that does not make a lot of sense. it's more about a religious assault for a fight. and there is worry about this not being going to the mall of america or some other place in minnesota. that's what happened in this case. i don't know what the understanding is. are there equivalents of
12:39 pm
that. is a it just an understood thing. there is no reason to interfere if you don't have to. there is clearly a concentration many of them are law abiding and trying to make a life for themselves. the bigger challenge is a community is very insular it's very difficult to penetrate. they are not as a simulated as some would like them to be. on this night no one's talking about it. he must have friends or contacts. they are quoted in the minneapolis paper this morning. he was in a student well-liked all of the usual stuff. it just goes to show you the danger and the difficulty of identifying and stopping these attackers. early on in the race he said that maybe you have to think twice about the muslims coming to this country. he still raises it a
12:40 pm
question. i think there's a difference it is a very difficult job. the system is not perfect. we will take a positive make sure that those systems are rigorous and as robust as possible. i think they could be a lot tougher. i'm just saying we should be naïve about allowing people to come to this country from areas of concentration without the most robust screening possible. >> we are learning from our heritage that the bombing suspect in new york was known to authorities. how he got on the radar we don't know. what you make of that and whether there was a failure to work on the intelligence data
12:41 pm
or to share more or maybe there was anything there to take the next step. in the coming hours and days and the facts unfold. the problem is growing we run the danger of that happening. he have to make the trade up between the security and privacy. it's hard to ignore the if you're dead. the multitude and magnitude. a larger number.
12:42 pm
it gives these guys a greater reputation than they deserve. the gift to call get to call it what it is. they declared war on us. we to be purposeful to say what you mean were not seen enough of that today. they want to increase the military budget. that would include going after terrorist. he said within the first 30 days he wanted a report from his top generals. a detailed plan to eradicate all of these elements. sadly you will see the effect.
12:43 pm
he turned the dynamics in syria because of the use of force i think there was a moment in time in syria and other places where had we been more aggressive and more declarative had we been willing to make more of a commitment we would be better off than we are today in terms of being proactive. it is getting a collective struggle to all of these developments. we saw something similar after the attacks there. the markets briefly shut down. are you surprised at all. >> complacency is one of our biggest enemies. anything in between we all stay focused on this as one of the most important threats facing our nation and we all need to rise to the challenge. i made the point that terrorism was coming to minnesota and it might be coming to the u.s. obviously.
12:44 pm
i was ridiculed for raising the issue by my opponent and others and zacharias the would-be 13th 911 attacker trained in minnesota. that came out after those comments. no one is immune. this is one of the greatest challenges of our time. we should take it to that level and be serious about it. we are expecting to hear from the new york police and what they know at this point. expected to address reporters as well. you name it they're all going to be weighed in on this and whether it's really over where this is just opening act. agemen strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. whether it's connecting one of or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. campuses.
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stocks are higher. 4366, gaining today. take a look also at the means that are related to the war on isys. the drones are higher. and of the likes. this is the war on isys. also keeping an eye on one of the ipos. this week has been a busy one.
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an active shooter. this is something that is certainly very topical. keep it right here. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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siriusxm's free listening event might be over, but now you can turn us back on with packages starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7746 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪ so call 855-874-7746 or visit to turn us back on. and up. taking you to new york city right now. we are supposed to hear from the new york police authorities and others involved in this investigation. it will also be there.
12:49 pm
the mayor kind of changed the language on this as well. we are told that this is kind of fluid now. it will be pushed back. about 40 minutes or so. all of this occurs at the same time were hearing that more than 800 immigrants were granted citizenship. it's still anybody's guess. it is just the kind of thing he has been worried about. governor, i want to ask if something like this could happen. i'm so glad you're back in the saddle. one of the things we've been concerned about a long time here in texas is the total breakdown by the federal government on any type of border security of illegals coming in. now we find out that they've
12:50 pm
given citizenship to over 800 people that they were trying to deport and through those ended up getting job clearances at airport. this is a total breakdown of the obama and clinton administration. they set a moment ago. complacency is our biggest problem that's why we can't continue them with clinton. here is another number that is just shocking. we are aware of this in texas. we been talking about it. 2015 they released 19,722 criminals here legally to the streets of our country. it included 208 murders 12,000 drunk drivers 900 offenders. these were people that we head in custody have been not charged but convicted of crimes in this country we just let them out on the streets of america.
12:51 pm
you have that as a backdrop to the now 858 people to be deported. i don't want it to be political. it has made it less safe at every level. the irony is that he was afghan born. he would not have been a part of this mix so it makes me wonder whether we have to go back a little bit and take a look at those who have already been naturalized here. and are not happy campers how do we do that. you go back to what's best for america first. we tried to stop the federal government from sending refugees here. the court said we could couldn't. why are we bringing in all of these people into america to
12:52 pm
begin with. we cannot medicate the whole world's population. secondly, we need to look at every aspect of homeland security and people coming here whether it's legally or that's why we need to secure our borders. we know that people are coming in. >> i spent a lot of time down on the border. it's a combination of a real wall we can do it neil we can secure the southern border. i know we can. we've been a great job here in texas but we need a federal partner. we do not have a federal
12:53 pm
government that works with our cities in our mayors and county and we don't have city mayors who are democrats quite frankly who are working with the federal government. >> he's not dialing that back. it's kind of a goal. like they were trying to step away. i think he was very clear in his speech a couple weeks ago. we are as i meant to say the old political saint used to be are you better off than you were four years ago. the question is are you safer. and the answer is clearly no. go down the list. and these are all people that they continue to turn their have the other way and just ignore. in large part i think it is
12:54 pm
because america wants to feel safe again and they don't trust hillary to do the job because she hasn't done in the last eight years. it might've been me just jumping on the remark that was maybe not meant to be. before she left for philadelphia this threat is real referring to the threat we sought because of the various attacks we might need tough that he of immigrants. i picked up on that as well. and the betting even through a legal process. she is leaking oil everywhere. she is losing now and battleground states. she is less support the jihad. they are stronger for trump. she realizes that he has a momentum i think she knows that she's heading down a losing path.
12:55 pm
they know this is too little too late. let's look at the last eight years of this in ministration. thank you very much. and they speaking right now this is what their colleagues in new york are going to outline. let's see if there's others. >> all of these guys are gonna say by the grace of god we stop this guy. it could've been a lot worse. but they stopped him on the basis of people one woman in her 60s saw something and said something. you don't necessarily feel
12:56 pm
totally safe and secure do you? as we are waiting for that i want to get your take on what these authorities are saying. the last non- suspect has been apprehended they were hoping to find them there.
12:57 pm
5 miles from his home. members of the board of education and our sheriff, and numerous department directors who are here as well. i know the office might still be here. they invite the president and thank them for the support the city was of war awarded a safer grant with more than $5 million in funding. twenty-one of those recruits are here today. and with the events that have occurred in the last 24 hours homeland security funding is more important than ever it is
12:58 pm
extremely important. as evident in our city over the last 16 hours. their ability to provide more effective service without the help of our congressional delegation. i would like to introduce them for a few words. when we were looking for a grant years ago for housing whether it be the hundred million dollar grant whether it was for a police grant under the bill clinton crime initiative. he was efficient and effective in getting that grant in today he's been extremely helpful in getting us the 5 million-dollar grant.
12:59 pm
the senior center form new jersey. let me congratulate the mayor and the fire chief and the members of the department as i always say these are competitive grants across the country and the competition is fierce. they are putting 36 firefighters to work after a depletion of firefighters matched by the municipalities i know many of you are here for a different reason. those of you who had covered these events i have made it a significant point to say that
1:00 pm
on that fateful day in september we learned it was local police and firefighters in emergency management that where the first responders on that fateful day and it is true today a decade and a half after that day when there is a new challenge that it is local police and public safety in the first instance whether it was that bomb going off or whether it is the bomb that went off in elizabeth because it was detonated appropriately by the authorities as they were trying to disarm it. the fact that that risk. who came first. it was the elizabeth police
1:01 pm
department in this community it is a is the elizabeth fire department. it is the local police and responders. .. having said that, adam shapiro and chelsea now. the latest in the pullout from all of this.
1:02 pm
reporter: i want to begin from the man who was taken into custody. his name of course, ahmad khan rahami. he is 28 years old from elizabeth, new jersey and police have identified him as a man of interest they wanted to talk to in connection with the bomb that exploded in as well as device that did not explode which was found on west 27th street. now that you see in the picture of mr. rahami, he has been injured in a shootout with release after citizens and landed, new jersey notified officers that they thought there was a vagrant and they tried to move had. he has been injured, but he is not dead. they will speak to his buddies in the hospital right now and is in custody. also in custody are five men who were arrested sunday evening. they were arrested and stopped on the expressway near the bridge.
1:03 pm
five men who the fbi has identified are the same family. they've not said if they are suspects, but the card which they were traveling according to government officials had weapons that it is they were able to identify the people according to different sources from the cell phone recovered from the pressure cooker bomb on west 27th street, which did not get made. they haven't made a connection as to who those five other people are or why they were, that they are in custody and are referred to as persons of interest. sunday evening a device found as well in elizabeth, new jersey. police tried to cut the wire on one of the five pipe bombs found in a back pack. a debt made it that it was about a mile from the location which is known to be the last home address for mr. rahami. trade to take direct very much. some of the intelligence they are getting any information on the suspect.
1:04 pm
>> thank you, neil appeared, neil. washington d.c. there's been a tight lid on information from federal agencies and that is a serious situation and continues to be. we were told through two sources who are close to the investigation that the surveillance video picked up saturday evening outside the first explosion in downtown manhattan were able to identify rahami in the video along with o other people of interest. we are also told the initi forensic review on the devices inside going through the partial device recovered in downtown manhattan and the other pressure cooker bomb that was complete that had not detonated. we were told based on the style of the device and how it was put together so the components come explosives, shrapnel as part of the debt nader they did appear to have been made by the same individual and in the last half-hour, there reports the suspects fingerprints were on the device.
1:05 pm
we were told by two sources that there are common links between the devices in new york city as well as these pipe bombs in new jersey but they would not elaborate. but also jumpstarted us today comes from two government sources. they describe rahami is someone who is not on a terror watch list that was not unknown to authorities. they said there had been prior contact with authorities that this is where they got a little squarely over whether that was local police, state police or whether in fact it was the fbi. this is someone who is known to them that the contact had been were told some time ago and not recent. but that would dovetail with the fingerprint information and by picking up the thread of the unexploded pressure cooker could so quickly lead to an identification and then unrest in new jersey this morning. neil: and part of that, to the note communication with those abroad. and thinking isis another
1:06 pm
elements. >> this is an excellent question the focus of the investigation of the new york governor said this morning there were indications it was possibly tied to a foreign actor or influence. the best evidence of that is going to come from what i would describe as the subject pocket litter. this is the information rahami hat on his person at the time he was taken into custody. they think a cell phone, whether he had an ipad, any other paper, calendar, contact book he was carrying on his person and they can map that out to see who he was in contact with. i would tell the viewers that these pipe bombs in the pressure cooker bombs are the kinds of recipes readily available on the web either through al qaeda or through isis. it is not clear at this point whether he was a follower of either of these groups and whether he is a sole individual though the evidence would suggest others at least provide support for the operation.
1:07 pm
>> when you talk about others might have provided support, friends of his, contact that is, as provided from abroad. all this questions come up. >> i do want to speculate to fire. we were told by two sources that there were two other individuals of interest who are in the surveillance video in the moments leading up to when the bomb was planted. in my experience that is someone providing material support. that is someone helping get the device to the location and providing some kind of transportation. we were also told based on how event unfolded at the timing and location that is highly likely more than one person was involved because you can't physically get from these different locations with that kind of speed. neil: great reporting as always. the former u.s. attorney general john ashcroft weighed in on all of this. is on their radar. if you think about it, the
1:08 pm
question becomes how much was on the radar and how much we knew. i don't want you to give away secrets on your attorney general, but when someone gets the point of making noise and getting your colleagues attention, what usually gets them there? >> well, there are a variety of things. obviously if they were involved with individuals otherwise involved in terrorist activities. some people have traveled overseas that have gone to terrorist training facilities. when we watched what happened in the boston marathon case, we eventually found out the individuals in all 10 significant overseas involvement people involved in terrorist activities and training. so contacts generally revealed that. although the nature of isis is to say to people you don't have to be a part of an organized directive attack.
1:09 pm
you can be part of an inspired attack. wherever you are, take responsibility, close quote and do what you can wear you out to be disruptive. i don't think that it is essential that they have links that are specific or identifiable. it is clear that some of these in individuals that have been on the west coast and then rodino and may have been part of what happened in early and go self initiated under urging by isis if you can't come back and join the caliphate, the thing you do is be disruptive and to strike terror wherever you are. >> you might have heard, isis took credit for the minnesota staffer who injured nine people. not this guy in the new york metropolitan area. what do you clean or not? >> well, there is more to be learned obviously if we are at the earliest stages of this
1:10 pm
investigation. as kathryn said in her report of the kinds of things that were done for consistent with the kinds of recipes and plans laid out by the international terrorist organizations on the web, you have to wonder whether it was accidental that an individual who employ those techniques and followed the recipe was somehow doing it without relationship to the organization. that would be hard to believe. neil: the fact that in this case rahami allegedly was imitating the tsarnaev brothers, the pressure cooker, what do you make of the similarity of that planned attack in these planned attacks? >> well, i don't think there's any conclusion that can he drawn from it. but if the outline of how you do this is provided on the specific
1:11 pm
websites that relate to the terrorist movement and various people go to this website and decide to select those techniques, it may or may not be an imitation. this is a tragic circumstance. it points to the necessity of our being alert. i am delighted that citizens tipped off the police to sub in that was suspicious and resulted in apprehension. it illustrates the fact that law enforcement simply too to function and that the american public has to be a part of safeguarding his liberty. obviously, our law enforcement officials are the first to arrive on the scene. they are the people who now are literally an academic of assault against law-enforcement officials in the united states if we are in a tragic setting where after 9/11 my enforcement officials were heroes and now they've become targets.
1:12 pm
that is really damaging to our ability to remain secure as free people and within a community community characterized by liberty and freedom when the people who enforce the law that allow us to have freedom our target and that is a tragedy. >> we are running into all of this. you mentioned in new york a 60-year-old woman who did notice this pressure cooker is drucker as odd. she alerted authorities. we really got on top of some of that could've been a lot worse. i am wondering, too, your thoughts on this. we've been so worried about some big that might still happen that we lose sight of the fact that it could be something small and look relatively crude by comparison. we don't appreciate some end like this that can do a great deal of damage. >> well, and some masher that as a result of the additional character that isis brings to
1:13 pm
the operation. not to say we need to ignore what was once a threat with al qaeda. they have to be sensitive to attacks planned, orchestrated, funded, financed from overseas. but the isis mentality is that you cannot come back to the caliphate, which is the territory, the geography that world in the middle east and iraq were evacuated the area and moved him to set up their own state so to speak, if you can't come back and supported their come at the direction is to do things on their own initiative. so the singular initiative are initiative by people around the world not directed in planned on the grand scale represents an additional kind of threat now that's important for us to safeguard against our law enforcement officials need the assistance just like a new jersey people averted my enforcement offi individual who is sacred and refuse to move and he was
1:14 pm
apprehended. new jersey -- new york, the same thing with the report by the alert lady saying this is not right. we shouldn't have to move to live in safer neighborhoods. we can live in safer neighborhoods if we understand its herbicide ability between the citizenry and law-enforcement to keep our liberty intact by making sure we have security that is a joint operation between the citizen and my enforcement community. i think it's a privilege to be involved. i'm obviously involved in the law-enforcement community. i'm the chairman of the law enforcement officers memorial fund designed to highlight the value of law-enforcement and protecting the liberty and freedom of the united states of america. >> john ashcraft, thank you very much. good seeing you again. we are getting a few more details on the apprehension including the fact that he's
1:15 pm
going right now. >> the suspect was not on the radar of local law enforcement, but the fried chicken place that the family owned, we have code enforcement problems and noise complaints. when they open in 2002, they were in the business for 24 hours. neighborhood complaints regarding a congregation of people as well as noise thought the city council in 2009 in order to pass an ordinance closing the restaurant at 10:00 in the evening. the police had to enforce the ordinance at which time the suspect's father and two brothers took the city of elizabeth to court and in october 2012, the courts ruled in the city's favor that we were capable of closing a facility at 10:00 in the evening of the quality-of-life issue.
1:16 pm
[inaudible] speenine -- are those sites still active and what can you tell residents? >> i can play the restaurant is closed. regarding the people who live here, the town is extremely safe. the businesses are open. the trains are running. the schools are open. people need to continue and move on with their daily lives. [inaudible] is >> here is my view. when i say terrorism, anyone who floats a bomb in any place that can harm individuals commit to me that's an act of terrorism. whether the terrorists and is self inspired, whether that terrorism is court needed with others remains to be seen. i think anyone who takes a bomb and ultimately puts it in a public place, i think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand you are looking to do
1:17 pm
harm to others. to me that is a method of terrorism now. we think of terrorism only as al qaeda and i suspect to me this and another thought is an an act of terrorism. we will find out whether it is court needed and inspired by with others, how it developed whether the person developed any views or tendencies inspired by terror groups. and of itself is an act of terrorism. [speaking in spanish] >> senator menendez saying it's an act of terrorism. you can quibble over is inspired from abroad. hillary clinton seemed to touch on that thing in the threat
1:18 pm
isn't real, going on to say that maybe we need some in the grants. first time i've heard that out of everybody. lounging around this summer. we've got charlie gasparino here. the afghan border, u.s. naturalized citizen. he is connected to all of these developments in seaside and new jersey. not to minnesota, but enough places that it seems inconceivable he was all by himself. >> and he was an obviously. he was inspired at the very least. i was speaking with senior law-enforcement official before this happened a couple weeks ago. the federal government don't want to give too much at because it's an off the record briefing. here is what they worry about. they worry about homegrown lone wolf type terrorist, people that
1:19 pm
are willing to extract minimum damage. not maximum, but minimum would cause a huge scare, which they stayed. they're also worried about what the nice vehicles. according to this gentleman, don't want to use his name, the cedar lined person officials represent the federal government says that keeps them up every day and he tells me here at the obstacles. they are here. we can't help it. we know they are here. they are hand cut some law enforcement is exactly what we can do. i can tell you this. the notion that you can't racially -- not even racially -- profile a potential target of an investigation can test these guys. they cannot profile. they have to go through so many
1:20 pm
bureaucratic loops to really focus on somebody that it prevents them from taking serious action earlier than they would've taken. neil: is what they discovered in somalia. to go in there, just to weed out potential elements was deemed racist. >> think about san bernardino where people have suspicions. that was more culturally. this is what trump if he sees on message resonates sometimes. the notion of political correctness which began at universities where you couldn't face her bank has permeated our culture for a our culture from there to the media to hollywood, to now law enforcement. neil: in that case, wasn't the idea you can seek out the population because it keeps to itself? >> it didn't stop them from seeking out the mafia. rudy giuliani did not focus on
1:21 pm
immigrants from lebanon when he was looking at the italic and lafayette. let's be clear here. it helped those bringing out a nefarious criminal organization that was bad for the country. we are going to reasons why they were quite terrorists, that they were pretty close. they killed innocent people as well. that is the sort of conundrum here that law enforcement faces. they will tell you they cannot racially profile in ways that are so commonsensical. the guy from afghanistan, he do that seems to be radicalized. a guy this has some pain and has permeated our government. think about major hasan, the fort hood killer. what he was saying for years predating the actual act was absurd. and that army because of protocol and political correctness has infiltrated the
1:22 pm
entire culture of the army. that guy couldn't have been stopped before it is too late. the same thing happening here. at some point, bill deblasio is going to have to explain why new york city law enforcement which used to have a very potent antiterrorist squad cannot point to mosques anymore and infiltrate mosques to see who is saying what. neil: what you think trump says on this? right away to look at what's cautious and later kind of said what he said not to the same degree. >> i think he was 100% right. this doesn't take a rocket scientist. use all ball bearings of the bomb. he knew that they want. you want to inflict maximum damage, kill people. they cut through skin. they blow people's heads off. we were just really lucky it avoided that. the minute you saw ball bearings and there is a second time and it was a pressure cooker bomb like they did in boston.
1:23 pm
if you don't have to be a rocket scientist. that's the whole thing. why the democratic party is so politically correct on this issue, they are so afraid to say the word terrorism, they are afraid to call it like it is. >> is a terrorist act. where it comes from i have no idea. >> andrew cuomo said that too. neil: he went on to say i believe we are going to find out the bombing was influenced by foreign sources. no democrat i know of. >> he also said we have some information that leads us to believe it already. is listening, if the democrats have to -- i hate to see the politics, but that's what it is. you can already see msnbc coming to a bomb if they can hillary stayed.
1:24 pm
he said we are very lucky. we are very lucky at the bombers -- that this guy is would've killed more people. the left is trying to rationalize that. number one very weak on the economy as an adult trump should talk about last week. they are very weak on national security and terrorism. neil: he's been relentless on the latter. we will have a bot more for the press conference from authorities who may share in her nation. after this. they are coming out right now. as we are waiting for them to come to the microphone here. obviously, they know more than they are letting on. this goes beyond this one. >> you would think no one guy can set up a bunch of bombs by
1:25 pm
himself. he has to be radicalized and have some sort of instructions. neil: let me go into this. is >> carlos gomez, ben tucker. and as gibson from the city council and das office. john miller and bill sweeney from the fbi. it's been an extremely busy two days. obviously many people have worked tirelessly, relentlessly and seamlessly in this investigation into the bombings that occurred in new york city and new jersey. today our efforts were successful. thanks to the brave police officers from the wind and new jersey police department. they captured this dangerous individual, someone right here. he's doing so we have to police officers that were injured in linden, new jersey and i wish their best and hopefully a speedy recovery. this is another example of a law
1:26 pm
enforcement does everyday. they put themselves in harms way to protect others regardless of the risk in this all started on saturday. they went down to the scene at 23rd street to see the devastation from the blast and the response by not only n.y.p.d., the fbi, atf, tarpon, ems, they weren't -- they all went. for my first day on the job, my first day on this job is certainly not my first day on the job. so proud of what i saw that day. the work that was done and how it was done together. all the agencies and the level of cooperation was impressive. we are joined today as i said by the assistant are in charge of the new york fbi office. so do the some details about the investigation but you do need to understand this case is very much active. our primary focus has been to
1:27 pm
identify and apprehend the person responsible for these crimes. now that we have the suspect in custody, the investigation can focus on other aspects such as whether the individual acted alone. before turning this over to mayor deblasio, want to offer my personal thanks it works exceptionally bringing the individual to justice. it's a pretty tough way to start my new position as police commissioner. as i've always been proud to be a member of this agency in new york city police department. mr. mayor. >> thank you very much, commissioner. i want to say her first responders and the beginning of the situation performed with extraordinary skill and courage. n.y.p.d. and now the agencies can now the agency's domestic partners of the federal partners. i want to thank them all. i also shared deep concern for the officers in new jersey and we are hoping they'll have a speedy recovery. this is a situation where we
1:28 pm
have rapidly unfolding information. you will hear some for months now. i'm sure we'll be a lot more to say in the coming days. as per usual, there's some big i will talk about. we will do our best to tell you what we can give you. i want to also note up front i received a call a few hours ago from president obama. he wanted me to tell the people of new york city how much she admired the resilience of the people of new york city, how are people handled this crisis from moment one with strength and resilience. i was so impressed people are back to business yesterday and today. in addition, the president offered congratulations to our first responders for all they had to. we have come as i said, a lot more information coming in all the time. we have so much more information obviously and even had a few hours ago based on the information we have now. we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror.
1:29 pm
we will be going into some detail and there's still a long investigation ahead, but now we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. in addition, want to note that because this is an ongoing investigation, all new yorkers remain vigilant. any given point, new yorkers may find a piece of information, here conversation, see something that could aid the n.y.p.d., fbi and our nurse. we want all new yorkers to be vigilant to provide the information at any given point in time. call 18577 tips with any information you have. we activated earlier today a messaging system used by the office of emergency management that allowed us to get information out to all new yorkers across the board and it
1:30 pm
d an extraordinary effect, also reached many people the metropolitan area. we were able to reach all of our police officers simultaneously because of the technology they had now as well. that is something that proved to be helpful in this instead, putting everyone on alert and a mutual way. there is still information that we will need going forward. i want people to be patient because it will be an ongoing investigation. i want people to be vigilant. as i said, even though they suspect is apprehensive, i said over the last 24 hours we will have a very strong in visible n.y.p.d. presence because of this and obviously because of the united nations general assembly. you will continue to see throughout the week a strong visible n.y.p.d. presence from our critical response command and strategic response group. you will see happily trained officers and well armed officers.
1:31 pm
you will see people in the subway. you'll see bags being checked, bomb sniffing dogs. that will continue throughout the week and we want that high level of readiness of course for the n.y.p.d. i ask all you lurkers come akin to your vigilant and continue to share information with blood horse that. i want to thank assistant direct or sweeney for the exceptional work in the great cooperation of the fbi on this matter. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> good afternoon. since the last briefing we provided you yesterday, hundreds of personnel from new york and newark, new jersey along with the n.y.p.d. predicted bureau have been working around the clock developing and attracting mates and doing surveillance footage, and employing investigative techniques and executing searches. based on our evidence collection and support by other analysis,
1:32 pm
interviews conducted at residences in elizabeth, new jersey and perth amboy, new jersey. additional leads followed as well. turn to the public for assistance, initially using more recent photo of rahami. short time agos, he was arrested in linden, new jersey. two officers were injured apprehending him.
1:33 pm
thoughts are with them. hope for quick recovery. we will continue to conduct investigative activity to make sure we understand rahami's social network. for that reason i do not plan to answer specific questions about our techniques or our knowledge of the devices other than that we directly linked rahami to devices from new york and from saturday in new jersey. the work of the first-responders, law enforcement personnel and contributions of an engaged public have been exceptional. >> thank you. we'll take some questions. a lot of questions. see how many we can get in. we're here to talk about charges and to -- [inaudible] >> so obviously a lot has happened over the last 40 or so hours. i want to add my comments to those of those, the people standing behind me.
1:34 pm
condolences to the officers and victims in new york. i believe there is going to be a charge lodged based on the shooting of the officers in linden, new jersey, by the local prosecutor there in union county. while that is pending and the defendant is, held, you can expect the u.s. attorney's office here and perhaps the u.s. attorney's office in new jersey will put together a comprehensive system and thorough collection of allegations as make sense. we're not rushing against each other to bring charges. we're all racing together to catch the perpetrator here. now that has been done. we'll take a care and a lot of time if we bring charges federally in manhattan district court do it in a way careful and thorough. thanks. >> do you have any knowledge of mr. a -- a hahn any training oversees?
1:35 pm
>> we have no knowledge bit investigate continues. >> are you ruling out last night what happened in elizabeth as to this incident at all? >> we're not ruling anything out. the investigations take a while. the evidence collection at different scenes takes some time. we're not ruling anything out. >> who was in the car? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> could you speak to whether there are cells now underinvestigation, anything that -- [inaudible]. >> sure the question about cells i have no indication there is a cell operating in the area or in the city. the investigation is on going. as we develop more information we continue to go. but i have no indication there is a cell operating here. >> for swing -- [inaudible].
1:36 pm
>> i believe it was a help. i don't know that for a fact myself but i believe that's what initiated the call to the linden pd, but you would have to confirm that with new jersey. >> why was he still in the area? [inaudible] >> no, i don't have any information on that at all yet. >> commissioner, for the fbi, they invested a lot of money -- [inaudible]. what were you able to use for facial recognition or surveillance cameras that you developed that -- [inaudible] >> i won't comment on the types of tools we used other than to say that the tools in the city are fabulous. they're exceptional. they're necessary. i leave the other comments to the commissioner. >> so a lot of technology involved in this but a lot of good old-fashioned police work between the fbi and nypd and members of the joint terrorism
1:37 pm
task force. this happened 50 hours ago. we had the suspect in custody. tremendous job by all involved. the alert system is very helpful to the police department and the fbi and this and other instances also. it gets everybody involved. a sense of shared responsibility. there are 36,000 of us. a number of fbi agents. get everybody in the city engaged to help us keep it safe this is the way to go in the future. dean? >> the pressure cooker, how did -- [inaudible] what did you gain from that pressure cooker? was there any -- >> bill? >> i won't comment specifically on something from the pressure cooker that led us somewhere. any piece of evidence that we obtained a piece of fragment, something whole is worthwhile. i will leave it at that. lisa. >> was there any thing about the
1:38 pm
particular day on saturday that you know of? >> lisa, that will be all part of the investigation. what the motivation was. we don't have that yet. that will be part of it as we go forward. >> [inaudible] was mr. rahani on a radar at anytime? do you have believe there are any other followers or bombs that your actively looking for or this investigation -- >> bill. >> i, i don't have information that we're actually looking for any kind of device at all. we keep all options open and the investigation is open and we'll see what we see. >> [inaudible] >> nothing to indicate that he was currently on our radar. we had report of a domestic incident some time ago. the allegations were recanted. i don't have any other information. we'll keep digging. >> mayor de blasio, was governor cuomo invited here, are you working with him? and [inaudible]
1:39 pm
>> yes, he was invited. yes, we're working with him. obviously we got together at the site yesterday and spoke to the folks in the community. a lot of close coordination with the state, with the federal government, et cetera. and i think we're all, you know, you can see the results of this combined effort. as the commissioner said, including people very deeply helping us get to the solution here has made a huge difference. so high level coordination. >> why didn't he come? >> you can ask his team about that. [inaudible] >> is there any answer -- [inaudible] >> i do not. the question was about radicalization. i dot no have information yet to show what the path of radicalization was. your first question was about a record. to be honest, i currently do not recall if there was a record. i have to get back to you.
1:40 pm
>> it was remarked by donald trump who said law enforcement officials should probably go back to some type of profiling in order to prevent things like this -- [inaudible] >> i think we're right now are addressing a specific crisis and i think even though that is perfectly fair question, i don't think we want to talk about partisan politics at this point. i would say, i'm very, very proud of the work of the nypd and the fbi and the way they have so quickly found this suspect and kind of cooperation that is going on. i have a lot of faith in law enforcement and how they do things right now. >> commissioner, mr. mayor, what new yorkers want to know right now are what the chances are there could be another device and what they should be looking for as they -- >> so, marsha, at this point we're extremely grateful we
1:41 pm
apprehended the suspect out in linden, new jersey. as i say we have to be in a state of alert in new york city. we are the number one target in the world. as far as this investigation, working again with the fbi, i'm a lot, i'm a lot happier today than i was yesterday. so i think all new yorkers should feel secure that the nypd and all other law enforcement agencies in new york city will continue to keep them safe and continue in this investigation to make sure that we get to know who was involved, and why. which are the important things. >> let me add to that real quick. marsha, first of all, there is no other individual we're looking for at this point in time and that's very important to answer your question. second, vigilance is called for. and it is very, very important if people see anything unusual, you particularly unattended package that they report it immediately. call it in or find a law enforcement officer. so, i think commissioners is exactly right.
1:42 pm
we are very, very appreciative for all the men and women who did this work to get this suspect but we want to remain vigilant. >> rich lamb. >> did anybody help in the apprehension itself and are you glad the suspect survived the apprehension? how valuable is that to you? >> the apprehension, myself, i am definitely much more relieved than i was last night. the fact that he survived is excellent both from investigative value and the fact he is alive. >> do you know where he is or has he been living? >> i can't tell you who he is. we have to buildout the picture and i don't have enough knowledge in my head. >> [inaudible] >> in new jersey most recently. i would have to go back to look at address history. i'm not in a position to do that right here.
1:43 pm
>> what if anything that you found on him just proves radicalization or motive or intent. >> no, not right now. >> "new york times." >> mayor, on the emergency alert, do you think about how that was helpful in case given he was caught in new jersey? given this is the first time it had been used for a manhunt purpose like this, how was that decision reached and will you use that in the future. >> several questions there, obviously. we think it's a very valuable tool. we think it created a lot of focus and urgency. our law enforcement colleagues, including our colleagues in new jersey will be able to fill in the blanks exactly what the positive effect was. what we know definitely right now it definitely contributed to the successful apprehension of this suspect. this is tool we'll use in the future in similar situations. there was obviously a imminent threat. there was appropriate situation in which to use it. i think it is another example of the innovation going on with
1:44 pm
nypd and oem that there was a way to reach people, different from the past. no more wanted poster on the precinct house wall. this is a modern approach that really engaged the whole community. yes, we will use it in the past. i think the reason it was used in this case was the specific potential danger and it made sense to do a very broad alert. >> [inaudible] >> i'm going to let chief boyce talk about that. >> to answer your question we identified, well we have a video of two persons who picked up the bag, took the device out of it, and then walked off with the bag. we went back to see where they came from. they looked like they were two gentlemen strolling up and down seventh avenue at the time. we have no information that would link them to this at all. however we still want to talk to them obviously. we're considering them witnesses right now. once they picked up the bag,
1:45 pm
they seemed incredulous picked it up off the street and walked off with it. we'll put their images and get them identified. >> can you clarify based on the [inaudible] >> that is all going to be -- right now what we need to have and as we go forward in the investigation that is part of what we do. we're going to talk to family, talk to friend and see what the connections are. this is part of an investigation. >> you're not actively seeking an accomplice? >> we're not right now actively seeking anyone. >> [inaudible]. is there indication that, somehow -- [inaudible] >> yes. good question. it will be determined once we speak with them. difficult to say right now if they at all inadvertently even pulled the wire. that is something for us when we talk to them going forward. can't say that now because i don't know if they played a role
1:46 pm
or not. >> are you confident now saying that the undetonated pressure cooker was a device? [inaudible] did this arrest solve the incident in central park. >> with central park, we're back to that, from what we have now, what we know now, two separate incidents, two different devices wholly different and couple months apart. we're always rethinking central park because this is still open case. the other question i can't answer for you. mr. sweeney might be able to answer that question. >> can you say the undetonated pressure cooker was in fact a device? >> i'm not going to say that. i'm not describing the device and how it would work. >> [inaudible] are they still in custody and can you describe whether they could potentially still face charges? >> five individuals from last night are not still in custody and i'm not going to discuss
1:47 pm
what they could face in the potential future. >> for mr. sweeney or the commissioner, did the suspect make any statements during or after he -- [inaudible] >> the question is about did the subject make any statements during the apprehension today? no, not that i'm aware of. but new jersey and team from jttf are out there so that will continue as well. >> how valuable were surveillance cameras identifying rahami. most of the time that gets captured on video surveilance. as we go through the investigation, as we continue gather more surveillance video it will help us move forward with this case and make sure that this suspect, the subject is brought to justice and pays the maximum price.
1:48 pm
>> two more questions. >> yes. i asked -- [inaudible] talk about potential criminal terrorism and what criteria -- [inaudible]. >> so, in understanding how to reach a terrorism charge in a criminal investigation, you have to understand the difference between a bomb going off on a crowded street in new york city is terrifying act. whether that is act of terrorism requires that you find out who did it, which is something we didn't know at the early stages of yesterday. and then why they did it in order to meet the statutory requirements. the basic definition of terrorism on the federal law side is the use of fear, violence or intimidation or the
1:49 pm
threat of to achieve political or social change. from the outset of this case our first priority was to understand who was behind it and to identify that person and bring that person into custody. our ability to see through the rest of that optic which is, why they did it, what was behind it, and whether it was terrorism, required us first to understand who did it. the searches conducted last night, the interviews being conducted today, the broadening understanding about the suspect who is in custody right now, for the shooting of a police officer or police officers, is going to be the part that brings the elements forward that will eventually result in a charge. and it will be laid out in those charging documents. so that's, that's kind of the process piece behind your question of how do you get from
1:50 pm
there to terrorism. and the amount of progress that was made in 24 hours, between the work of the jttf, the intel team, some extraordinary work by the detective bureau in terms of surging the number of people to do the video canvas in the immediate area and then expand that out in concentric summers to develop elements that brought us to the identification of this person were all the steps to get us there. so, that's a question that as bill sweeney has said, it will be part of the investigation but those pieces are still being gathered. >> [inaudible] >> jttf, have you -- won't announce trade secrets. can you say what you thought the explosive on 23rd street and seaside park are somehow linked? or what are the -- [inaudible]
1:51 pm
>> question is about how do we link the device in seaside park to the device in jersey. the only thing i can say about how we do that is through evidence and analysis. i can't go beyond that. >> thanks, everybody. thanks, folks. neil: all right. we've been following this closely, in case you want to know. ahmad khan rahami, naturalized citizen according to officials did not appear to be part of a cell at this point and they're not looking at this time for additional culprits about the attack. they're are semantic talks about whether this constituted terror. one point-blank, ironically bill de blasio himself said this looks like terror. what is the issue of terror, if you're terrified, i don't know, it got kind of goofy. they're relieved they got the guy but so many questions we're not getting answered. >> they didn't answer just about 90% of the questions there.
1:52 pm
you know, i dot expect them to give away the whole story before -- we want them to catch this guy or whoever else is with him. clearly can read between the lines. they're looking for more people. they know, now feel comfortable it is terrorism which i found fascinating the way john miller, who is a friend of mine. john miller, new york city -- neil: accomplice right now. so they're obviously -- but. >> they didn't say that. they said they don't know if he has accomplice. we don't, they stopped short saying there is active search for accomplice. they said there is a lone wolf. neil: that is gets tricky and where they can say so much and they can not. >> this fits isis pattern. isis inspired pattern. neil: inspire a lone wolf. >> inspire lone wolf. do something to kill as many people as you possibly can. this is where it gets insane for people like me and you and people want to speak in clear
1:53 pm
english on this issue, john miller, former journalist, law enforcement, act of terror involves if there is political incentive, motive to do something, basically what he said to extract people, kill people, if there is political motive. if you put ball bearings in a bomb which they knew this was, you're extracting maximum damage, you're going to make a statement. it is done. it is terrorism. the fact they won't call it terrorism shows you they're addressing this issue with one arm tied behind their back as far as i'm concerned. neil: seemed to be treating it like a crime you know. >> that is one arm tied behind their back. neil: buddy, thank you very, very much. the dow turned negative right now. a lot of this could be this. a lot could be oil turning south more than we thought out of venezuelans admitting that they have a lot more oil that is opec generally there is demand that is weighing on stocks, which had been up triple digits. i'm sure this matter is not helping matters either after this. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
1:54 pm
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we have a black market and that black market exists because our laws and regulations can't serve a legal market. neil: wouldn't make a difference in cases like terror? >> you're right. he was a naturalized citizen. he came when he was young from afghanistan. i think it's a separate issue from the issue that we are talking about, but when i hear the solution for something like this is to build a wall, that is too simplistic, we are solving the wrong problem, we are giving people the impression that this is as simple as building a wall. but you're right, this is not an immigration problem here, this is a problem of terrorism and home-grown terrorism. neil: you were very kind.
2:00 pm
>> good to see you again, niel. neil: same here, carlos gut i gutierrez. >> a lot to think about. trish: the suspect in new jersey bombings is in custody after a violent shootout with police in new jersey, authorities are trying to determine whether the 28-year-old suspect rahami was a loan-wolf attacker or connected to isis. we are also getting reports that fingerprints were found explosives linking him to events. hi, i'm trish regan. we have a lot going on right now. a lot of information coming in as we speak. five people still in custody right now as persons o


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