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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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rahami was a bad father. he took long trips to his homeland. making money with charles payne is next. charles: 48 hours of terror in america has ended with a shoot out. he is a 28 native of afghanistan who began a naturalized u.s. citizen. he is currently in the hospital after he being shot by police officers. one of which exploded in the chelsea neighborhood.
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they claimed responsibility. new york city mayor did not mince words about the nature of the attack. >> we have every reason to believe it was an act of terror. there is still a long investigation. they address the issue of the terror network. i have no indication that there's a cell operating in the area. as we develop more information we continue to go. how can we protect america. michael baker and former fbi director ron has to it's pretty interesting that they're saying this is a lone
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wolf sort of thing. no evidence or signs of additional terror sales and yet these bombs were placed in a lot of different locations in a very short. of time i watched your twitter and social media stuff over the weekend. what is your assessment right now any american that travels to afghanistan with the passport there to be known by the other groups in afghanistan. as far as new jersey and new york. i would lean towards a probability of the cell because of the different
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locations that these things are at. could the fbi also have made the statement because they don't want to do anything to prejudice ongoing investigation? how they've come to this investigation so quickly. between the pressure cooker and the pipe bombs in the various locations? >> i think he is commenting on what the knowns our today. to be sure the fbi will be pressing and on the subject himself. and exploring every bit of digital media and technology every bit of evidence that they take out of the residence and anything associated with him to determine was there a confederate was there and ate an aider and abettor a better. how expensive is this or was it the act of one person. they will be building a detailed timeline.
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working this thing in every possible direction to give us the best possible conclusion that they can come to. charles: here we are once again. someone who went to high school here. and all of a sudden somehow turned against his country what are your thoughts on that. it's not something we haven't seen before. unfortunate reality is when i can a to stop in every incident like this. there are people out there at this point that still believe others are watching everybody's facebook. were not looking at them. there is a balance here. and that is always swinging back and forth and trying to find a way to calibrate.
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we do everything possible to minimize in disrupt. can we get it down to a closer to zero to give us more details. apparently this guy was known to the fbi. it's committed by somebody who was inhe fbi. it was a domestic abuse charge. the thing about this case it demonstrates that it makes a strong argument that we should front load translators to work with u.s. intel and special operators to the front of the immigration law and partner with law enforcement. nothing more powerful than having a guy bedded by vetted
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by u.s. intel question another afghan about what he did there. there would be some indicators there. of course with the presidential election is a harsher vigilant tone on that. great piece written by the new york city police department. and then jihad is a should. that process when it happens people know these folks intimately see the difference. this guy went from being the class count he was very quiet he started to voice in thai american sentiment. they've done for known for a long time with these roots going back and forth all the
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sudden change. how are they supposed to help with law enforcement. >> they need to pay attention. there are well written articles about the path to radicalism and we need citizens. let's say this is happening right now their coworkers are going through this process right now who with a call and what with would the follow-up be because again at some point it fades away. it's all about having enough money or resources to follow through. but something is going wrong here. part of this is the fbi guidelines and part of it is the resources and law enforcement resources. one of those the first the guidelines. if you have predication to start an investigation on someone and you have just basic information the
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guidelines require unless you can move that forward into a full investigation it sets it's at the deadline. and at some point you can have significant justification. you need to have more resources. the fbi stretch is stretch sin. surveillance resources are very finite. it takes two dozen people to watch someone around the clock and that's outside of electronic surveillance coverage. you're talking about steep incline. the american public i feel could be edging towards that sort of realization if possible what could a new compromise and be. >> again typically when you have something like this they go towards more security. that doesn't last very long.
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ron pointed out an important part in this. the goto reaction tends to be after an institute. the reality is what ron pointed to the abilities you have to had to jump through. in maintaining an investigation. that's one thing to be looked at. the important conversation to have. something says we have to have a conversation sooner than later. this one in minnesota as a man speaking of allah went on a stabbing spree.
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we have confirmed he asked at least one person if they were muslim before he assaulted them. >> they have become heroes once again. what is the role. joining me now is steve rogers
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and rod wheeler. we saw police in linden, new jersey do the same. i just had an fbi expert on saint that after six months after drop investigations that can keep slipping through. what can help them. >> we really need more resources on the federal level and that something unfortunately i don't think that the the obama administration has provided. you hear that all across the country. we see where the ball was dropped so to speak. case in point we were following that guy for a. of time but the resources ran out. the resources ran out. until we get leadership in this country that's willing to put forth the amount of resources necessary work in a
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continued to lose these types of individuals. let me tell you this guy rahami. is that the last one walking around. there's a lot of other individuals like that that we really need to be going after right now. >> his ex was contacted today. the guy went and came back. every time he came back home he was different had more animosity. he never thought he would cross the line. it looked like he must've been brainwashed. how do we find out if something was wrong. the local cops can get. the federal government if they send the resources who can build these little
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intelligence units and gather it and collected we may collect it we may be able to prevent a lot of these things. an individual like the one in minnesota they should be treated as military combatants. the battlefield is here on our streets. i know there is a territorial thing. we want the federal government to bring in local law enforcement i agree with you guys but how realistic is it that it will happen? >> attic i think it's very realistic actually. let me just say this. i heard my co- panelist make a statement earlier today.
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he's 100 percent on point. he said we are at war in this country and i could not have said it any better than the way he said it he's right about that. what does that mean? were at work in this country that means isis and all of these other groups whatever you do about it. i think what my colleagues are saying is we have to have the resources to stop these individuals in their tracks. if we don't do that we are going to repeat what happened in manhattan yesterday. according to the mayor's office. he's been with them for 20 years. he was wearing a vest. he served 25 years. we want to give him a shot a shout out. law enforcement this officials have confirmed that the
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a 28-year-old afghani immigrant was taken into custody today. he was suspected of carrying out the bombings in new york and new jersey. catherine harrison joins us with the latest. what are we learned about his travel history? >> we had been able to confirm through two sources today that the suspect rahami traveled to afghanistan at least three times over about a six year timeframe and the last trip was in 2014. we were told at the time this did not raise a number of red flags with the fbi because he
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is originally from afghanistan and he maintains family contacts there. the fbi is now going back to that travel history and looking at who he met with and traveled with in the region to see if there may be any flags as to how he got radicalized and if there was any kind of connection to what happened over the past weekend. >> earlier today the fbi said he was not on the radar but there was an incident a few years back . we were first to report that there was this prior incident. what we now understand is related to a domestic dispute we were able to confirm two sources this afternoon that the fbi then did an investigation. they pursued that lead it. there was not enough to sip pursue it further.
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with the withdrew or recanted those claims. >> i also want to ask you how the physical evidence at the crime scenes. >> that surveillance video it's the same signature if you well. the explosives also the shrapnel in the method of detonation. and then the fingerprint on at least one of the pressure cooker devices. all that came together to lead to this somewhat quick identification. the thing that has our attention is at that the fbi was quick to say they felt they were not looking for additional suspects at this point that they were keeping an open mind. they want to interview they are calling them not suspects they are calling them
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witnesses. it's kind of the building out of the case and the network. who he was communicating with and whether there was evidence whether he was radicalized online, during his trips overseas thank you very much. as we mentioned this week it was a lone wolf attack. it is clear there is a lot of people in this country willing to attack us. the big question is how. let me start with you. you were the former policy advisor and felt like hillary clinton was distancing herself from president obama talking
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about a tougher vetting process. particularly when i've been doing this. i'm not sure if i heard the comment that way. in response to any attack. we need to do a better job of vetting anyone who is coming here. you also had to look at it. what he think were doing now that might be lacking. look at the news report we heard today that certain immigrants had been able to come back. we didn't keep great records of their fingerprints. we need to have that responsibility for immigration and deciding who comes into
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the country. there need to be shared lists and we need to share those also with our european and other allies around the world. >> i think the biometric stuff is great. but a place like syria can they make this point that is investigating where the radicalization started. is it really important a lot of people say it was very anti- american or the numerous trips back to afghanistan. you can be radicalized to the internet where you can be radicalized through the mosque. they are under taliban control. they would engage them they would ask them to do things.
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does it mean it couldn't have radicalized in via the internet. you've hundreds of intelligence that had lost their job. they serve with the u.s. who could be brought into the front to the front of the line of immigration and partnered with dhs. the radicalization. somewhere along their people really know we always say see something, say something. we know someone has been radicalized. and maybe it's only a matter of time before they strike. what is the course of action? >> the truth as the individuals most likely to identify a problem and that is
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a problem. it's an enormous lift to convince families they are working a little hard. it's one area that we needed to extend more resources. the best chance. those are the best individuals we have. a distinctively different attack. hillary clinton seems to be hardening her stance. donald trump is saying i told
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>> there have been islamic terrorist attacks in minnesota and new york city and in new jersey. these attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals
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or families coming into our country. charles: the terror attacks this weekend sent political shock waves into the presidential race. the bomb in new york city was designated as a terror attack. he told steve coolsy this morning america must get tougher on terror. >> we are going to have to do something extremely tough over there. >> like what? too knock the hell out of them. we are not knocking them. we are hitting them every once in a while. we are being very gentle about it. we'll have to be very tough. charles: hillary clinton spoke to the press delivering a more hawkish than usual tone about tracking potential terrorists. >> this is the kind of challenge law enforcement can be and is prepared address, namely, going
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after anyone who would threaten the united states. i'm absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tough vetting for making sure that we don't complete people into this country. charles: president obama did not give a public address until hillary clinton had spoken. but obviously we are not doing enough to keep americans safe. so now voters will have to figure out which one of these candidates can do best. on twitter i have got a poll. hillar -- donald trump is pollig higher than hillary clinton on terrorism. when donald trump told steve doocy we are going to not hell out of them, the liberal media took that as you have got an
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afghanistan-born suspect. do we launch bombs over afghanistan in retaliation. >> no, and i don't think that's what he amendments. he said we'll take the fight to isis in collaboration with allies oversea. when we talk about the homeland, hillary clinton's biggest fear is the ghost benghazi past. she can be tied to obama policies that have prove on make america and the world less safe. today, charles, even barack obama's home seattle security department released -- palm's homeland security department said some of those who entered the united states
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lied on their applications and are being deported. charles: for her to use if the words "tough vetting" is probably as hard as obama saying "radical is stlam" but she did it. >> you saw her shift in terms of stronger vetting. but she is proposing four more years of the same obama policies. voters are scared and i am patient. she decide to jettison the current status grow plan. this could be political advantage plan for donald trump. charles: you have got the obama administration saying this is -- what we are seeing are signs of desperation because isis has lost a lot of grounds, we are circling, we'll take mosul soon. for someone who had to stay up at night thinking about, where do you keep your citizens safe, what do you think? >> what i learned early on is
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before you come out and say things and rabble rouse and throw fuel on a fire, you need to be intelligent. it 79 not about being first or fast it's about being accurate with a plan. this is the history of his life. what's your plan, donald? this is a guy who doesn't have a plan. he has been failing at his businesses his entire life. more importantly, she has went in situation room. she knows what it's like to deal with generals. charles: yet, the fight goes on. it's the longest war we have ever had in afghanistan. he's a very successful businessman so i don't want the bring that part into it. you follow the media. the media jumped all over donald trump for the things the mayor is saying now. in retrospect he's right.
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>> you saw the tv reports at the time when she was going on. bomb, and a metal container. no gas lines around. it was pretty easy to do. cnn edited out hillary clinton. it's the first in her statement saying these were bombing as well to criticize trump for using the same kinds of language. today a bloomberg reporter asked a question, do you think the russians may be involved here in an effort to get trump votes? this was an actual question at a press conference to which hoyle are you pivoted and said this is about trump's rote rick. i don't think isis needs any motivation. charles: the market stocks giving up big gains. we have a lot of check data particularly on housing. we'll be right back.
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actions has failed miss aably. understandably they have no clue how to get out of this predicament. there were some bright spots. but the second you want to watch this week is housing. the housing market index saw a surge of optimism. all facets of this report moved significantly higher. meanwhile the second quarter mortgage borrowing surged to 440 billion. ttomorrow we'll get news on housing starts. my favorite one is toll brothers. new york has seen a lot of tear yoork attacks in recent years.
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charles: . saturday night my wife and i and another couple went to see angie stones and bb king in times square. during the show she expressed love for barack obama. that wasn't your particular celebrity shutout. despite the narrative that blacks are angry with obama, that does not transfer to love.
6:48 pm
the restaurant owner came into participate in a charity event with eric trump. this guy talked with so much enthusiasm about helping donald trump become president. the enthusiasm gap is underrepresented by likely voters in these polls. the neighborhoods within walking distance of chelsea, i have got to tell you, this time a square was the most crowded it has ever been since new year's eve. i appreciated the calls and emails i got from my friends over the weekend. but i wasn't afraid and i wasn't afraid. terrorism lost saturday night.
6:49 pm
carrie we know the goal of terrorism is to keep us indoors and keep us afraid. but some people are concerned we may become too indifferent with terror and learn to live with these kind of attacks. >> the thing here that we have. this particular attack, it was so different than what he we had to deal with 15 years ago when 9/11 happened. this attack we didn't see on tv en masse. there wasn't a loss of life but people were injured. it was also relatively cleaned up so to speak in terms of the suspect being captured. and we had the situation in minnesota where the suspect was killed very quickly. here people while they may have been scared for a moment. in the same light things seemed to be handled rather quickly.
6:50 pm
charles: eric, if you saw the guy from louisiana and his wife, their enthusiasm, i have not seen this enthusiasm since the 2008 run of barack obama. >> the campaigns are very similar. you look at the primary campaign of the democratic primary. you had bernie sanders with the energy and enthusiasm. i think one of the this that donald trump -- the reason why we'll are so enthusiastic about him is he's not politically correct. we don't accept terrorism in this country. we want to understand who these people are and why they want to kill us and make sure they are not able to enter the country illegally. and determine the reasons why they want to assimilate to this country. charles: until we eradicate the threat, do we cower in fear?
6:51 pm
>> i think we address the problem. we are always going to be fearful. but i think we address the real problem. there are people here that want to kill us. there are people that are homegrown that want to kill us. it's not enough to say we want to educate society about what we are doing wrong. we are the greatest nation on earth. we need to understand people want to take that away from us. charles: carrie, who do you think this weekend's event might have helped most, hillary and donald trump. >> it seems to have helped donald trump. a big problem with hillary clinton is she supports bringing in more refugees into this country. and the vetting system as much as the administration wants to say it is solid, still people have a big problem with it, and hillary clinton as far as she is concerned, people are not that enthusiastic.
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let the home you've taken care of, take care of you. turn your equity into a comfortable retirement, all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win. >> with america on high alert, the department of homeland security declaring 850 illegal immigrants from countries of concern were mistakenly granted citizenship we'll pending deportation orders. the presidential nominees are reportedly meeting with egyptian president sisi along with others. also ukraine's president. what can we expect from
6:56 pm
candidates? robert. 858 folks given sit acceptship when she were supposed to be deported. that doesn't engender confidence in a period of thin confidence anyway. >> it's inexcusable and it highlights how tough it is to vet these folks. i ran a rule of law program where we bring afghan law students and lawyers here to america for training. even though we had full cia state department and defense folks on the ground in kabul, it was extraordinarily impossible to vet them there. it's nearly impossible to vet them. they are putting cells in among the refugees it's a very dangerous situation and this latest mishap only continues to undermine confidence in the administration. charles: this seems like an
6:57 pm
extraordinarily high number. i think people are happy the department of homeland security came out and let us know about this. but now what happens? who are these folks? >> this is the problem with the bureaucracy. the u.s. government does some things well and doesn't do other things well. we see a major flaw in the way the homeland security was making sure people on a deportation list weren't admitted in another way. luckily the government discovered it and corrected it. it hasn't been linked to terrorism. but it seems some of the people on the list did get access to airports. one is a law enforcement official. those things are going to be corrected.
6:58 pm
we need to learn from mistakes. charles: the bottom line is we got lucky with a major miscue and mistake. donald trump scored major, major points with us meeting with the xican president. hillary clinton doesn't want that to happen. she has got a who's who list. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall during secretary clinton's conversation with sisi. our relations with egypt are at a rock bottom low compared to the past decades because this current obama administration and while secretary clinton was there were seen by the egyptian military and government as having thrown the bar under the bus. and then we did this pivot to sisi and we haven't been his ally.
6:59 pm
the egyptians have weapons agreements. significant arms agreements with the russians. the russians haven't had a relationship with egypt since nasir days. this is secretary clinton walking the dog back and create some distance between her and the obama administration. charles: i don't think it's a coincidence this poll numbers improved dramatically after going down to mexico and meeting with the mexican president face to face. how important are these meetings beyond the optics. >> trump will look presidential. this is a tough spot for hillary clinton. president obama and hillary clinton sided with morsi and the muslim brotherhood. it highlights clinton's weak foreign policy record and it's
7:00 pm
bad for her. charles: the twitter poll, who is better to handle terrorism. 93%. clinton 3%. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. authorities tonight investigating three terrorist attacks that left almost 40 people injured in new york, new jersey and minnesota. the main suspect behind the bombings in new york and new jersey is in police custody. hospitalized after a shootout with police. the owner of a bar in linden, new jersey found 28-year-old ramadi * sleeping in the bar's entry.


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