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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: the twitter poll, who is better to handle terrorism. 93%. clinton 3%. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. authorities tonight investigating three terrorist attacks that left almost 40 people injured in new york, new jersey and minnesota. the main suspect behind the bombings in new york and new jersey is in police custody. hospitalized after a shootout with police. the owner of a bar in linden, new jersey found 28-year-old ramadi * sleeping in the bar's entry. he pulled a gun from his fanny
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pack and. authorities believe rahami, a native of afghanistan and a naturalized american citizen acted alone. the islamic state is claiming responsibility for a stabbing attack at a minnesota mall saturday. a 22-year-old dressed as a security guard stabbed people and made references to allah and asked victims if they were muslim. off-duty officer jasonalco shot hadan. >> he clearly prevented additional injuries and heroic
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loss of life. having witnesses what he did, clearly a hero. officer ca -- officer falconer s there at the right time. lou: and did the right thing. we'll be discussing the threat of radical islamist terrorism. among our guests, kt mcfarland and walid fai walid walid phare. >> these attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals or families coming into our country. got to be careful. we have seen how failures to screen who is entering the united states futz all of our
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sit -- puts all of our citizens at danger. lou: hillary clinton on the other hand needs some original ideas. she was in new york taking a page from donald trump. standing in front of her campaign airplane in the hangar behind her presidential podium and to top it all off she now says the united states needs tougher vetting of immigrants. we take up the state of the race with two of our favorite politicos. ed rollins, and michael goodwin. our top story. more terrorist attacks on american soil from stabbings in minnesota to bombs in the northeast. federal authorities investigating whether the new york, knowledge attacks were a radical islamist terrorist plot. the suspect traveled to afghanistan a number of times and in turn showing signs of
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radicalization. rick leventhal is in new york's chelsea neighborhood with the report. >> this street has been closed since sat days eggs motion. the glass and detwice now being cleaned up. the investigation into the string of attacks and attempted attacks is only beginning. >> the suspect ahmad kahn rahami. several officers were hurt in the exchange of fire. >> at 10:45 this morning. two linden police officers confronted rahami in linden on east elizabeth street. they encountered him outside a local bar and there was an
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exchange of gunfire and he was then taken into custody. reporter: authorities believe rahami planted a series of explosive device in new york and new jersey. the first in a trash can in new jersey along the route of a military 5k run. then a pressure cooker bomb blew up next to a dumpster injuring 29 people, some by shrapnel including bbs and ball bearings. authorities told fox news all three devices were connected to flip phones and likely built by the same man. >> i have no indication there is a cell operating in the area or the city. as soon as we develop more information, i have no indication there is a cell operating here. >> a backpack with several more
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bombs, a police bomb squad robot detonated one of the devices. monday morning authorities released rahami's picture concerned about the potential of another attack. >> we activated a metsaging system used by our office of emergency management that allowed us to get information out to all new yorkers across the board. and it had an extraordinary effect. >> this is an example of what law enforcement does every day, they put themselves in harm's way to protect others regardless of the risk. reporter: the nypd commissioner jimmiy neil officially sworn in today. the general assembly started today. hundreds of dignitaries, including president obama in town. how it's been ratcheted up with lingering questions about whether rahami truly acted alone. lou: my first guest says the
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latest acts of terror point to the failed vetting process under the obama administration. kt, good to have you here. donald trump has called for extreme vetting. period. on those who would be coming to us from countries where jihadism is taking place or has a history of radical islamive terror. ways going on when we see these attacks have been growing with great frequency. it's truly remarkable. >> there has been an additional story. 800 immigrants who wanted to come here, they were going to be deported. instead of being deported, they somehow magically got citizenship. they were not vetted. they are from countries that are known sponsors of terrorism. donald trump was right at the
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very beginning. saying there is something going on here. how are they vetting people and giving citizenship to people who cannot be vetted. people who come into the country on legal advicas somehow stay and cause problems. lou: we'll be going through the inspector general's report that reveals hundreds have been given citizenship instead of being deported as ordered. but hundreds the previous years. we don't know what the total is. but they rise in excess of 100,000 people whose fingerprints cannot be found and who are suspected as being criminal illegal immigrants. i want to turn to isis claiming responsibility for the terrorism in minnesota. we were watching again increasing frequency, five this year, five terrorist events on american soil. >> the administration rights as a one-off thing or law enforcement.
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or ignores it and doesn't want to talk about it. yet at the same time isis declared they opened a second front in this fight and that's in western civilization in europe and the united states. and they don't have to be here to do that. here able to reach with social media over the national borders and find these people who are disaffected. they inspire them and train them online and terrorist acts are committed. and we are not even looking there. lou: in a stroke, it's a surprising stroke because it will bring together the president of egypt, al-sisi in this country. what do you make of it? >> i think it's a significant thing. trump has talked several times about supporting those people in the muslim world who come out and speak out against terrorism and extremism.
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he mentioned sisi by name. it's significant for trump to look at a future world leader. sisi would be the centerpiece of an anti-terrorist strategy. and it's smart of sisi, too. the obama administration insisted on muslim brotherhood participation in the new government he created. a strange moment. now there are strained relations between egypt and the united states because president sisi would not do what president obama wants him to do. he seems to have that trouble with foreign leader. >> i met sisi right after the so-called coup. i do think it's curious he's meeting with both secretary clinton and donald trump.
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lou: kt mcfarland. great to have you here. there is much more straight ahead. stay with us. terrorism in this country has risen dramatically under president obama. donald trump says our failing leaders invited the threat. >> obama and clinton have toppled regimes, displaced millions of people, then opened the door to isis to enter our country. lou: the republican nominee says it's time to get smart in the fight against terrorism. this stuntman is hoping to go out in style, accomplishing a childhood dream. we'll bring you the amazing video next. we'll be right back. stay with us. what powers the digital world? communication.
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lou: both presidential candidates today fought over who would be the toughest on terror in the wake of weekend terrorist attacks across three states, putting national security back in the forefront of campaign. >> the kind of rhetoric and language mr. trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries.
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>> hillary clinton is a weak and ineffective person, and i will tell you if you choose donald trump, these problems are going to go away far, far greater than anybody would think. lou: joining us tonight ed rollins, pulitzer prize winning columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin. michael, a contest of tough candidates. today hillary clinton started talking about tough vetting. it sounded like an echo of donald trump and his extreme vetting. >> i was struck by that part you played. much of her speech was that donald trump is reckless and he's a recruiting sergeant for the islamic state.
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and the country should show more patience and courage and not demonize muslims. i would argue we have been doing that for 15 years and it's not work. which is why i think trump's message of extreme vetting and taking the fight to the islamic state is not res -- is not resonating. lou: the president saying everything is fine because they lost half of their caliphate in terms of geography. meanwhile, the attacks are unrelenting in europe and this country. >> we are fortunate on two fronts. one, the person who did this was not very competent. he could have been and killed a lot of people. and we have an extraordinary police force that tracked them down quickly. but the comparison between
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toughness. she has never been tough. this whole rhetoric by the democratic party to get rid of guns. as harry reid said. we'll continue to have incidents like this. we need to back law enforcement and make sure the people coming into this country are not basically lou: i'm not patient any longer with the discussion on radical islamist terrorism. i want to kill them. i want to destroy them. i want to do exactly what president obama promised three years ago. if you want to degrade them first, fine. but then destroy them. this is madness to continue to perpetuate what is a 15-year war against radical islamist terrorism. and we hear it work it way mindlessly into a presidential campaign. >> there is no doubt that the
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recruitment is strong precisely because they have territory in iraq and syria makes them look like winners. even though if they have less territory than they did two years ago, they still have territory they control. that's a first in modern times. for president obama the fundamental mistake is to let that continue and not have obliterated that before it got started. that would have made them losers and harder to recruit. >> what do you think of hillary talking about tougher vetting? who knew the very idea that her campaign mocked as unserious would be here replicating his exact prescription. >> she is in deep trouble. she has totally lost her momentum and they know they can lose this thing and they will change their rhetoric but they can't change their motivation. to michael's point we can't win
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this battle by drones alone. we cannot win by air power alone. we have got to put troops in these places and hunt them down and kill them. lou: before we put another troop on the ground. that president, that commander-in-chief better tell us what the deal is, put it straightforwardly to the american people and the united states congress itself. we have an imperial presidency and the last thing the american people want is a continuation of the i am pee -- of the imperiou, imperial presidency that's so destructive under this presidency. it's staggering. >> you can talk to anybody in the military and they will tell you you have to deal with people on the ground. you have to have clear orders. but you are not going to take these guys out with drones. >> it may not.
7:21 pm
i'm not going to sign up for anything from any leader who doesn't first go to the american people and congress of the united states. we have wasted so many young lives. we have wasted so much money. we have wasted the potential of this country and major issues. and for us to continue that is nonsense. you have got to be tough. but as donald trump says first and foremost, we have got to be smart, and we need smart leaders now. and i personally think he's the man. >> if you are going to put americans first as he says, one of the ways to secure the homeland is to defeat them there. hough but that's not axiomatic. what's important is we no longer sap our strength and hemorrhage precious lives because of some unformed, unshaped idea of a world that has never been brought to the
7:22 pm
attention of the american people nor a leader who sought the approval. this is a country that need a modest morning policy. not what we have seen over the last two administrations. with that i get to say thanks fobeing here. >> thank you. lou: that was ed's rebuttal. >> two of us agree on position. you have a minor adjustment you want to make. it's your show. i see the big sign that says lou dobbs right behind me and i have great respect for that. lou: i appreciate that. i have respect for both of you even when we don't necessarily agree fully. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. are you surprised hillary clinton is joining donald trump
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in calling for tougher vetting? follow me on twitter at lou dobbs. and follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." one man paying whom and t -- pag whopayinghomage to evel knievel. it's the canyon evel knievel fails to jump. the snake river is one of the most magnificent in the country. up next. donald trump says president obama's immigration policies are putting americans in grave danger.
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>> we learn another 850 immigrants from dangerous countries slipped into our country and granted full citizenship despite pending deportation orders. these are people who were supposed to be deported, and they were given full citizenship. they made a mistake. lou: that's the subject of my commentary coming up next. please stay with us. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions?
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and pull lou: a few thoughts on time
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quickly flying by and how quickly? well, 50 days from the election. trump is up in the polls, hillary is down and effectively tied in most of the national polls and battleground state polls. now it's the democratic turn to worry about the appeal of their presidential nominee and hillary must be worried herself because she returned to the campaign trail channeling donald trump today, look at this trumpian
7:29 pm
imagery, the democratic nominee standing in the podium with her airplane at rest in the background. now, i don't know if she told donald trump thank you for the staging and listen to her new trumpian idea and language without credit mrs. clinton lifted an idea and a few words from mr. trump following the series of terrorist attacks in new york, new jersey and minnesota. >> i am absolutely in favor and have long been an advocate for tough vetting, so let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. lou: campaign rhetoric. when did that start that tough vetting and why did her campaign call trump's proposals to do just that unserious?
7:30 pm
and tough vetting sounds similar to donald trump's extreme vetting. there's not a dime's worth of difference in the rhetoric of the two now. she's adopting trump's position clearly. that's fine, just admit it. people will think more of you for being adaptive and here is a word we don't say often in connection with the clinton campaign, they'll think you're honest and we promise we won't be diverted from the failures both yours and obama in securing our borders, joint refusal to enforce immigration laws, the syrian refugee crisis that both of you did nothing to prevent. all of this is a new dhs inspector general report reveals that nearly 860 immigrant who had previously been ordered to be deported were instead granted
7:31 pm
citizenship. those individuals from so-called special interest countries, likely jihadist countries according to data provided from the inspector general. all because their digital fingerprint records weren't available at the time, whatever that means. fbi director james comey last year warned of gaps in our ability to adequately screen refugees entering this country. if president obama wants a 30% increase in the number of refugees brought into this country next year while hillary clinton has called for a 500% increase in syrian refugees alone, what happened to that tougher, tougher vetting process, mrs. clinton? what happened? it's very clear that hillary and mr. obama have no idea how to
7:32 pm
run a government and that she has no intention of each trying. hillary hasn't mentioned in a while her plan to give amnesty to illegal immigrant in first hundred day ifs the country is mad enough to elect her. the rest of us shouldn't follow her poor example. credit trump for his ideas, credit him for his values, credit him for favoring our middle class, working americans and small business over corporatives and globalists and putting america first, credit him with the desire to make this country great again and be sure to help him do so in every way you can. saving this republic is in my view urgent business and as i said, time is flying. 50 days till election day. our quotation of the evening, this went from general george
7:33 pm
s.patton, watch out when i rule out one of his quotations. this one on winning, he said wars may be fought with weapons but they are won by men. it is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory. we are coming right back >> no stranger to daring jump, he's open to go make a big splash in upcoming video. we are coming right back after that and a lot more after these messaging.
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, lou: joining me right now analyst waled fared. great to have you here. >> thank you, low. lou: five this year. we have seen a steady increase since 2013. >> lou, this is a wave. we want to read what has been happening in new york,
7:38 pm
manhattan, new jersey, the new york area and in my modest assumption it's because what's happening in new york. we have the united nations assembly, you have all the leaders and a message of intimidation and message that isis and other jihadists in the united states are going to say we can hit the united nations and where other leaders are. lou: president obama talking with leaders and representatives saying the caliphate is half what it was, therefore we are making immense progress and we are now in the correct side of history as he points out. is he, are we? >> the caliphate is half what it was because it lost more so in syria, let's see what's going to happen, reach capitals in mosul and raqqa, if we have another
7:39 pm
president that's a more challenging thing, the caliphate is an outreach and now isis has outreach in 36, 38 countries, more important for us it has an outreach as fbi said all 50 states. lou: how big a job if donald trump if elected or hillary clinton if elected, how big a job is it to restore american power, to restore some sort of support for our allies in the middle east because we have disrupted far more than we have built over the course of the last two decades? >> lou, as you know, unfortunately we have abandoned as the united states our allies. our most important is israel, we had a lot of tension. we have abandoned egypt to the muslim brotherhood. we have to start from somewhere
7:40 pm
and i think egypt should be a good start. lou: and president sicy meeting with donald trump and with hillary clinton. do -- what do you expect to come of it? >> mr. donald trump mentioned the king of jordan as potential partners and allies, this is big, major change of what was before. sicy was criticized by this administration, not by congress but by this administration. lou: criticized, by the way, because he would not do what president obama said which was make the muslim brotherhood part of his new government. that's about as extraordinary and arrogant gesture as any country can make to another to try to dictate the makeup of the government that you're creating. >> this is against the course of history. 33million egyptians, the largest group of humans rose against the
7:41 pm
brotherhood before he does any decision, he backed them. i think we should have backed him and we didn't. lou: and it's going to be interesting to see how this history unfolds because so much depends on how well the next president deals with all of the many challenges and tests an threats from the middle east and northern africa. the world extends beyond that to russia, china and beyond and this hemisphere as well but settling to do there. walid phares thank you for being with us. returning with another terrifying stunt. you have seen him before. watch this, yes, that's right. he's that crazy dare devil who like to dive out of hotels and unfortunately for us he attaches
7:42 pm
gopros to his head jumping 40 feet below in laguna beach and trespasses hotel properties to do exactly this. there we go. one more time. up next donald trump says hillary clinton isn't it to lead the country. >> the president of the united states or my opponent and both won't even say the words, radical islamic terror. in fact, hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. lou: trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson joins us next, stay here we will be right back. iveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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7:47 pm
it's a rigged system and i've been saying for a long time and the news is as dishonest as anybody there is. [laughter] lou: joining me right now katrina pearson, katrina, do me a favor, keep him out of this racket, the news business is tough enough without having him get into it. he's exactly right. he called it a bombing, he didn't hesitate and he's done it before. why the backlash now is in the national liberal media, as phoney as it can be, what do you make of it? >> well, you know, they try, lou, they try to make this narrative that trump, you know, is jumping the gun here but, in fact, he simply referred to the bomb, the explosion as a bomb and you know what's interesting, so did hillary clinton. the reason why this isn't such a widespread on her end because cnn edited the video that they are using because at the same
7:48 pm
time they were criticizing mr. trump for using the word bomb when, in fact, hillary clinton said she was briefed on the bombings in new york and new jersey so when cnn posted in website or issued replays, they cut out the entire first sentence. this is why there's a huge double standard here. lou: donald trump is actually honoring the intelligence of the american people, not dismissing it or devaluing it. but he said, bombings, that's exactly what everybody in the country was thinking. who do these people think they are that they have to have someone's approval before they use the english language and a little common sense. i have to tell you the left-wing media in the country, they're out of their minds to continue this nonsense and the clinton campaign, did you see her explanation of what was going on last night? i mean, it was -- i don't know what kind of medication she was on but it wasn't flattering to
7:49 pm
her or what she was trying to communicate. >> well, there are two alternative realities here, one that you and i and everyone else lives in and those that the liberals live in. you know, this was exactly what mr. trump said it was and if you were there and heard the explosion, you could look on twitter and people were using the same words because there's a problem in this country and it has to do with radical islamic terrorism. this is exactly what this is and, you know, what's even worse, now we are hearing from the white house who says this is a battle of narrative, meanwhile we have bombs and guns and knives being used. lou: jihadist countries, radical islamic terrorism and the campaign, the hillary campaign calls him unserious in proposal and yet she's calling for tough
7:50 pm
vetting now, what's your reaction? >> well, like you said, she's calling for that now although she's not mentioning the 550% increase in syrian refugees which our own agencies have told us are infiltrated by isis. this is a politician, this is what happens. she is part of the problem. we are talking about an individual who was on the front lines when it comes to iraq, when it comes to libya and creating the vacuum that has launched global terrorism, not just middle eastern terrorism but global terrorism. hillary clinton is at the root cause of the problem, so, of course, mr. trump wants to solve that problem because you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. it just makes sense to have extreme vetting, you to ask yourself why this did not occur post 9/11, he wants to stop the influx of isis infiltrated refugees and pay attention to those who are traveling to countries like afghanistan and
7:51 pm
pakistan, these are common sense reforms. lou: thanks before if with us. >> thank you. lou: up next donald trump says president obama is to blame for the rise of the islamic state. >> iraq has essentially been taking over by iran. he got us out the wrong way and isis won. great job president obama, great job. great job. lou: we will be talking about that great job on the part of president obama. we will be talking to congressman here next, stay with us, we will be right back.
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everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. go lou: in our online poll last
7:53 pm
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7:55 pm
night we asked do you believe hillary clinton's nasty attacks on donald trump reflect desperation being behind on so many polls? that number is quite large, 97% of you said, yes, and 3%, i will not explain. joining me tonight congressman french hill, great to have you with us. there's so much going on here. donald trump today saying that all of this is because donald trump, these attacks, terrorist attacks with increasing frequency because of weak leadership in washington, specifically president obama's.
7:56 pm
he's talking about the need of extreme vetting. we passed a bill that would call for enhanced vetting of everyone coming from syria and iraq, i support it had bill but also introduced an additional bill that said any country that has high risk as designated by the department of state should have enhanced vetting which i define as the fbi director tells us these people present no risk to our country. lou: right. on the case of the fbi, the director saying that all of the countries that are jihadists are islamic terrorism as donald trump has said, should be extreme -- those immigrant should be extreme vetting for the united states, makes perfect sense. iran, iraq, all of these countries. the deal with iran, i keep hearing everybody in this administration talk about what a great deal it is meanwhile iran
7:57 pm
and its officials are saying they are going to counter every move this administration and any u.s. government makes. >> their deal has embolded in iran and instead of support the people in iran we chose to negotiate with iran and just last week president obama said that they had to give cash to the iranian government, euros and franks, true-hard cash because we have no ability to wire transfer them money to settle a long ago settlement. lou: how much on currency of unmarked in the middle of the night? >> we are giving money to the sponsor of terrorism. lou: no statutory thowt. the president assumed power that he does not possess.
7:58 pm
>> he says it's because of sanctions but we find evidence that he has wired money for humanitarian purposes and to comply with the iranian nuclear deal which we had no obligation to do. lou: so this president has -- seems to be his want, do whatever he choses to do irrespective of law, regulation or traditions or values of this country. >> i think the main issue is that his negotiation with iran was ill-suited, it has done nothing to get back to victims, $45 billion that's been adjudicated in courts, people since the 1979 revolution and now we have had 50% increase in incursions between naval and snubbing their nose at the united states. lou: is it the united states or a leader that they have decided
7:59 pm
objectly is incapable of leading and has no stomach to assert the national interest? >> the president of the united states represents our national interest. lou: i know he should. i'm talking about the man who is there. >> what the house of representatives wants a president that we can work together and reverse policy mistakes. lou: it's a full day's work to get that? >> indeed. lou: congressman, great to have you with us. thank you. time now for a few of your comments. timothy commenting on facebook, donald trump is the only candidate that will address the problem of radical islamic terrorism. god bless donald trump and god bless donald trump, amen. hillary hits trump with false accusations, he hits her with her career of failures and lies and robert posted on facebook, trump is the guy america needs to get the nation's economy moving again. if hillary wins, we lose. that's it for us tonight and we
8:00 pm
thank you for being with us. join us tomorrow night, embassador john, pastor burns among my guest tomorrow. goodnight from new york. [music] kennedy: tonight americans on edge after weekend of attacks. are we safe and how do we balance freedom and security? the panel here to answer. plus donald trump and hillary clinton, they're each weighing in on accusing the ' re being weak on terrorism. we have new fox polls on who voters think is more qualified. gary johnson isn't going anywhere. he's not on the first debate a week from tonight. all that and so much more. let's roll. [music] kennedy: a suspect in custody in the bombings of new york and new jersey, people on edge in and out of the region so even with some resolution it's not only too close to home for


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