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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and first responders who were injured. it makes those idiots who were against the police more idiots than they already did. melissa: that's a bonus. "risk and reward" starts right now. elizabeth: wells fargo ceo hammers by senators. john stumph secured by elizabeth warren. he denied soccer straighting the fraud. take a listen to this very heated exchange. >> mr. stumpf, the wells far go
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vision and values statement says we believe in values lived, not phrases memorize. if you want to find out how strong a come numbers ethics are, don't listen to what its people say, watch what they do. so let's do that. since this massive year's long scam came to light, you said repeatedly quote, i am accountable. but what have you actually done to showed yourself accountable? have you resigned as ceo or chairman of wells far go? soot board -- >> have you resigned? >> no, i have not. >> have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars you were paid while this scam was going on. >> this was by 1% of our people. >> my question is have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars you were paid while the scam was going on. >> the board will take care of
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that. >> have you returned one nickel of the money while the scam was going on. >> the board will -- >> i'll take that as a no. have you fired senior single executive. i don't mean a regional or branch manager. i'm asking about the people who actually led your community banking division or your compliance division. >> we made a change in our regional banks. >> i'm not asking about regional managers or branch managers. i'm asking if you have fired senior management. the people who actually sled community banking division, who oversaw the fraud or the compliance division who knead sure the bank was come lying about the law. >> no. >> you haven't resigned, you haven't returned a single nickel of your personal earnings. you haven't fired single senior
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execute write. so evidently your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low-level empes who don't have the money to hire. >> p.r. firm to defend them. wells fargo has been if famous for cross-selling. it's one of the main reasons wells has become the most valuable bank in the world. wells manages cross selling by the number of accounts a customer has with wells. other banks average 3 accounts by customer. but you set the target at 8 accounts. every customer of wells should have 8 accounts with the bank. and that's not because you ran the numbers and found the average customer needed 8 banking accounts. it is because quote, 8 rhymes with great.
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this was yourrationale in your 2010 annual report. cross-selling isn't about helping customers get what they need. if it was, you wouldn't have some squeeze your employees so hard to make it happen. cross-selling is all about pulling up wells stock price, isn't it. >> no, cross-selling is short hands for deepening relationships. >> let me stop you right there. you say no? here are the transcripts of 12 quarterly earnings calls that you participate in from 2012 to 2014. the three full years in which we know this scam was going on. i would like to submit them for the record, if i may, mr. chair. these are calls where you personally made your pitch to investors and analysts about why wells far go is a great investment.
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and in all 12 of these calls you personally cited wells fargo's success at cross-selling retail accounts as one of the main reasons to buy more stock in the company. let me read you a few of quotes that you had. april 2012. quote, we grew our retail banking cross-sell banking ratio to a record 589 products per household. a year later april 2013. we achieved record retail banking cross-self 6.1 products per household. april 2014, quote, we achieved record retail banking cross-self 6.17 products per household. the ratio kept going up and up. and it didn't matter whether customers used those accounts or not.
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and guess what? wall street loved it. here is just a sample of the reports from top analysts in those years. all recommending that people buy wells far go stock in part because of the strong cross-sell numbers. and i would like to submit those for the record. when investors saw good cross-sell numbers, they did while this scam was going on. that was very good for you personally, wasn't it, mr. stumpf. do you know how much money in stock holdings wells fargo gained while this scam was under way. >> it was not a scam. cross-sell is not a scam it's a way of deepening relationships. we have been through this. do you know how much the value of your stock went up while this scam was going on. >> all of my compensation --
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>> do you know how much it was. >> it's all in the public filing. >> it is because i looked it up. while this scam was going on. you personally held an average of $6.75 -- of 6.75 million dollars of wells stock. the share price went up by about $0. which comes out to more than $200 million in gain, all for you personally. and thanks in part to those cross-sell numbers that you talked about on every one of those calls. here is what really gets me about this, mr. stumpf. if one of your tellers took a handful of $0 billions out of the cash drawer they would probably be looking at criminal charges for theft. they could end up in prison. but you squeeze your employee to
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the the breaking point so they would cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. when it all blew up, you kept your job, you kept your multi million dollar bonuses, and you went on television to blame thousands of $12 an hour employees who were just trying to meet cross-sell quotas that made you rich. this is about accountability. you should resign. you should give back the money you took while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated by the department of justice and the securities and exchange commission. this just isn't right. a cashier who steals a handful of 20s is held accountable, but wall street executives who almost never hold themselves accountable. not now, and not in 2008 when
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they crushed the worldwide economy. the only way that wall street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds. when a tough new laws to hold corporate executives personally accountable, and we need tough prosecutors who have the courage to go after people at the top. until then, it will be business as usual. and at giant banks like wells fargo it seems cheating as many customers, investors and employees as they possibly can. thank you, mr. chair. liz: we'll have more reaction after this.
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>> so you haven't resigned. you haven't returned a single anyone of our personal earnings or fired a senior executive. your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low-level employees who don't have the money to pay a fancy p.r. firm to defend themselves. elizabeth: we just played a video of elizabeth warren grilling john stumpf. we have chief economist jerry bowyer. when we watch this and you listen to it. and i have seen it twice now. people don't feel safe if they have bank accounts at wells fargo. ways your reaction? what did you think of senator warren calling the bank boss
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gutless, demanding he step down and demand he be possible kietd. >> i loved everything about it except seeing her say it. it was cathartic seeing him attacks this way because there is a lot wrong with that company. they have serious problems with the accuracy of their accounting system, et cetera. but i'm not sure why she is the person to do this. if he should resign, and i think she should, she should resign, too. liz: why should she resign. >> over the fact that she is the mother of the consumer protection board that didn't catch this. as she said, people have known for years. elizabeth: i hear you. there is no shortage of laws and
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rules. but there is a shortage of enforcement. would you feel safe if wells fargo opened up a bank account in your name and forged your signature and ruined your credit score and you couldn't get a mortgage or car loan? would you feel safe? >> i would not feel safe with john stumpf in charge of my money and i wouldn't feel safe with elizabeth warren regulating the bangs. i don't trust either of them. i trust good analysis and good wisdom. when you have a ceo with this much concentrated power. he's the chairman and the ceo. that means he's his own board. ceos work for the board and he's the head of the board. he's got conflict of interest with his board members. elizabeth: that's a good point.
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>> they have problems that go back for a long time. liz: the board is suppose to be overseeing the ceo, but he's both. this stock doubled during the time of the fraud. people are upset, they feel scared if they have their account at wells far go. they don't know what people are doag behind the scenes. and the thing is, i hear exactly what you are saying, i understand it. $185 million is the fine. $5 million goes back to the consumer. that's it. they make $5 billion a year in earnings. what do you think of the fines? >> i think the fine should probably be higher. but as you are asking these questions, am i a depositor or investor. in terms of getting hit with extra fees, you are still insured.
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but as an investor, with the idea of caveat emptor. i don't want the government in charge of this. liz: you are saying common says. if they had common sense at this bank it wouldn't have happened. shareholders have to assert themselves. john stumpf has to be accountable to someone. he's either going to be accountable to demagogues like elizabeth warren other adult supervision of an american publicly traded corporation. who is the adult supervision? the shareholders. elizabeth: there is no enforceable say on pay. i hear what you are saying about the shareholders. but the board of directors, that's a good point. >> if a company doesn't have a goode good structure, don't invest in them. we stayed away from them.
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you can always vote by not investing in that company. elizabeth: we'll be watching the stock performance and whether this bang loses customers. forget 10,000 stirrian refugees. just a day after a terror takedown, president obama urging the u.s. to accept refugees at the u.n. but in bigger scores, bigger numbers. we have the details for you. is hillary being tougher calling trump supporters deplorables? walid phares will be with us. your car got rear-ended
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president obama pushing to have more refugees going to 10,000 to possibly more than 100,000 refugees including from syria. we understand the terrorist attacks are about the immigration insecurity in this country. we get it. trump says we have a history of not being able to screen who's coming in. >> attack after attack from 9/11 to san bernardino to orlando, we have seen how failure to screen who is entering the united states puts all of our citizens in great danger. immigration security is national security. now obama wants to bring in as two days ago, an additional 110,000 refugees, and hillary wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees. liz: a new report says we have 1
5:23 pm
in 5 syrian refugees already in the new york area. walid far else is with us on the phone. let's set this up. we relationship tell jones officials in the united states and overseas saying syrian refugees themselves see isis terrorists in the refugee flow. what's your reaction? >> the ngo foundation has made statements and shown pictures from social media and facebook that isis and other jihadists are infiltrating the migrants into europe. this has been established. i don't know whyhe administration isn't look at limiting the numbers, but deeng ideological vetting? and i agree, this is a strategic mistake. elizabeth: the viewers out there who have been called deplorable wrongfully.
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they say we pay taxes to be safe. we have hundreds of thousands of records on immigrants and refugees. they are seeing that the f.b.i. director james comey says we -- what are we going letting immigrants in when they are not screening them overseas and they are not properly vetting them here? >> let me begin with kuwait, uae, saudi arabia, these countries are mostly arab muslim. they are saying they cannot vet them. they are their neighbors and they cannot vet them. they are saying we would rather have a free area in syria where the refugees would be directed to. and that area already exists in
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the northeastern syria. what we don't understand is the strategic stubbornness of the administration bringing these large number ofs by explaining how this will benefit syria and to prove to our citizens how can we vet them. in both directions it's a failure. liz: germany and france, throughout the european union, they are dealing with sleeper cells. that's a fact. the head of isis, the leader, instructed and ordered terrorists to hide as refugees. take a listen. >> mr. al-baghdadi is getting young men and saying join this refugee flow and get to a country x and we'll contact you there on a secure site. there is no doubt about it. liz: what did you make of
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senator mccain's remarks there? >> on this grounds he's right. a majority in congress is right. there is clear evidence that isis and al qaeda and other jihadists expressly asked their supporters and anybody who supports the ideology to do that journey. and the jirn has been done. we are the only government -- we have the only administration going against the current and god knows why. elizabeth: the fingerprint data, hundreds of thousands of u.s. records missing fingerprint data, people who are supposed to be deported tore committed crimes here. donald trump called out hillary clinton for being tougher on his deplorables supporters than isis. >> the president of the united states or my oh point and both
5:27 pm
won't even say the words radical islamic terror. in fact hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. right? liz: let's see if that's true. take a listen. >> we should also launch an intelligence surge. we need to work more closely with silicon valley, and it's crucial wee continue to build up trust between law enforcement and muslim-american community. to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables [laughter] right? the rapist, sexist, hem oh foik,
5:28 pm
xenophobic, you name it. liz: americans are generous and filled with charity and they want to help refugees. but when they see comments like that, they have got to think to themselves, is hillary more focus the on going after trump supporters. of course, they are not racist. >> over the past 8 years we heard more narrative coming from the administration to both the president and the secretary of state and then leading politician secretary clinton, more emphasis on the islam phon it's only -- the islam phone. it's only recently she realized there are americans concerned about that so she is adjusting politically. liz: we have new information on the bombing terror suspect. it turns out he did travel to afghanistan and pakistan where
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we'll keep digging. liz: the fbi is deluged, saying the suspect in the new york-area bombings not on the radar screen but there are new reports that ahmed khan rahami traveled to afghanistan and pakistan multiple times, including a yearlong stay in 2013. one of rahami's brothers posted radical material on his social media accounts including this quote -- and even rahami's father says he called the fbi about his son. the question is why wasn't he on the fbi's radar screen? we have a counterterrorism task force member, steve rogers, you're a trump adviser as well, right? >> yes. liz: rahami's own father told the fbi he thought his son had been radicalized. take a listen. >> on the fbi, they check it. [inaudible]
5:34 pm
. liz: okay, so what happens behind the scenes, steve, when intelligence and our law enforcement, they get a phone call, they see the guy's been traveling to terrorist hot beds and the father calls. you can give us any insight as to what happens? >> to begin with, the fbi is overwhelmed. they are overwhelmed. they get thousands and thousands of calls like this. i'm sure they did follow this up and reach a dead end, if there's no corroborating evidence or more information for them to conduct a long-term investigation and surveillances, they have to look at priorities. and believe me, it's so, so costly and manpower intensive. but one way that the fbi and our federal government can perhaps fill that gap is to get that information about people living in these neighborhoods for local cops. i said that for two years. get intelligence information -- liz: how you do that.
5:35 pm
>> they could declassify some of the classified material. liz: you're saying the fbi should share that information with local cops. >> yes, they share it with regional and joint terrorism task forces. cops are in the neighborhoods every way. liz: that becomes a turf war. >> before 9/11, cia wouldn't share what fbi and the military, and george bush put together the national joint terrorism task force. liz: i understand but the turf war between the fbi and the cops. >> i hope not happening today. we could fill the gap. liz: next up rahami was arrested in 2013 for stabbing his brother. a grand jury let him walk despite warnings he could be dangerous. is our system too quick to give people the benefit of the doubt? >> yes, and we're at war, there's no question about it, and we have to change the rules of engagement and the rules of engagement mean if you see something, say something and the police have to take immediate action. we saw a classic example of that in linden, new jersey, the alert went out.
5:36 pm
liz: hold on. so the alert went out on all of our cell phones in the new york area. >> sure did, and i got it too. and -- liz: like an amber alert but for terrorists. first time that happened. >> with his picture. somebody from linden in a store makes a phone call and says they saw something suspicious, that was the terrorist sleeping in a hallway, and the linden police officer goes there and recognizes this guy. liz: they probably got tips from other individuals. the mother and another relative, help me out, was it his sister or wife, the mother and the wife, the wife of the mother left the country days before the attacks. more stuff coming in on this guy as it develops. >> we need intense vetting that donald trump is talking about. you leave the country, you might want to vet him coming back. liz: thank you so much for your time. to a dramatic new jersey takedown, we've got it caught on tape.
5:37 pm
[ gunshots ] . liz: coming up, the witness who shot this video joins me to talk about the terror suspect takedown. and donald trump facing liberal backlash for saying we need to profile, like israel does, in the wake of this weekend's domestic terror attacks. elite special counterterrorism force agrees. he joins me to talk about it next. don't go away. >> our local police, they know who a lot of the people are, they're afraid to do anything about it, they don't want to be accused of profiling and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. in israel they profile. they've done an unbelievable job. do we have a choice? look what's going on? do we really have a choice? we're trying to be so politically correct in our country, and this is only going to get worse. more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that.
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. >> israel does it, and israel does it very successfully. >> they do it at the airports. >> well, they do it. when they see somebody they'd like to talk, to that they'd like to look at. maybe open up their satchel and look what's inside. they do it. they don't like to do it, i don't like to do it, but you have a woman who's 87 years old in a wheelchair from sweden and we have to look at her, when we have to look at somebody else. it's ridiculous. liz: donald trump saying we need to profile like israel to keep us safe at home. my next guest is a member of the israel elite special ops unit. aaron cohen. why do you agree with mr. trump? why is profiling necessary? >> because you can't take down a murderer unless you can bl a mosaic of the potential behavior and dress patterns and skin tones, the same way the
5:42 pm
fbi profiles serial killers and rapists. in israel week built a mosaic, put together exactly what the profiles of potential murderers would be, and found out that the profile of somebody who's about to commit an act of murder, liz, is just as red flagged as somebody who has committed an act of murder. if you look at footage or the actual b-roll of ahmad walking down the street. you have 230 -- take a shot at it. 230 pound, dark olive skinned, unkept beard on a mid to early 30s, clutching a cargo bag or army sack in a predominantly gay and lesbian neighborhood in the middle of the morning or the early hours of the morning. those are red flags. those are the types of things that we would look at in israel, and the same way we would profile terrorists and
5:43 pm
criminals profile their targets. so it's just a question of who does the job better? >> here in the united states, it gets caught up in debates about racial profiling. what happens in israel? does israel -- go ahead. >> israel has got a tough, tough country to deal with. the leadership in israel, people think that everyone is pro-bibi, he comes from special operations community, very strong on the community side. let me say this, israelis are very tough on their leadership, but they're not only tough on their leadership politically, they're tough on leadership because after the first terror hijacking on an airline in the late 70s it was the last time an israeli airline was hijacked. the israeli people went you better fix this, make it so our airplanes aren't hijacked. we demand of our government. that's what the israelis did, and they're tough. what ended up happening is israel put together a profiling
5:44 pm
program but it's not racial, it's behavioral. liz: there it is, that's it. so how come the u.s. can't get a behavioral profiling system enacted here in the united states? there it is, that's it. go ahead. we need to take -- liz: what are we doing wrong? >> well, bill is right, the profiling systematically happens at the airport. profiling and undercover elements, there's a lot of off-duty police in israel, all the armed security guards are framed differently. these aren't 30 cents an hour guys. the profiler is fbi, quality trained security agents. we need to hand the airport security over to the fbi who are the profiling experts. team up with the israelis to figure out how to blow this out to all the airports and start treating law enforcement like men and women and using the off-duty officers as force multipleers as well as the
5:45 pm
conceal and carry permit holders. there is 15 million in the country. look at shooting in the mall in minnesota. nra certified instructor, we empower the citizens to protect us and have to do that here. liz: tough part to get the citizens. >> it's a tall menu but we have thousands of vets still. >> thank you so much for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: yesterday he was america's most-wanted man, imagine if he showed up in your backyard. it happened to my next guest and got police takedown on video and they're here to talk about this video next. [ gunshots ] what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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[ gunshots ] >> he's down, he's down, he's dead, he's dead. [ bleep ]. liz: he was the most-wanted man in the country yesterday and the terror suspect wound up in my next guest's -- right around in his backyard. terror suspect ahmed rahami hospitalized after a wild police shoot-out. angel padilla and peter hammer responded to a call of a man on the steps of elizabeth street bar in new jersey. rahami opened fire injuring the two. one officer has been released from the hospital, the other is still being monitored by doctors.
5:50 pm
witnesses turned amateur -- witness-turned-amateur video journalist david and david ayres caught it on tape. you shot the amazing video, what is your reaction to videotaping it? weren't you worried about getting shot yourself? >> no, not really. i mean we were in the corner, we didn't take our hands or anything out. we had the camera out to the side, i wasn't worried about getting shot or anything like that. liz: david was it shocked to see the reports and the terrorist right in your neighborhood? >> i wouldn't call it a shock, but you kind of know what's going on in the news and stuff like that, so i guess a shock in our neighborhood because this stuff doesn't happen around here, but not a shock overall. liz: derrick, i'd like to turn to derrick, you are the manager of linden autobody. was that close to the scene of
5:51 pm
the shooting here? >> yes. liz: you were one of the first to catch the picture of the terrorist on the stretcher. we have channel 7 catching it moments after. what was your reaction to seeing who this was for the first time? what was your reaction? >> from the beginning, kind of just been in awe, that we finally, that the police were finally able to catch him, especially seeing him shot and being apprehended. once again, i don't think we've said it enough. by no means are me and dave any heroes. it goes out to the police department, linden police absolutely. >> absolutely 100%, police department all over the country. >> everybody that serves this country, and puts their life in danger to keep us safe. really, they're the heroes. liz: david, i want to be clear, i want to be sure our viewers heard you? >> those police officers all
5:52 pm
over the country are our heroes. we should be elevating them. liz: which one of you -- david, are you friends with one of the injured cops? >> i'm a friend of angel padilla's, he just came to my shop about 10 minutes ago in great spirits asking about a cheeseburger, we are happy about that. liz: i think you were worried it could be a hostage situation, right, derek? >> yeah, at any point, obviously, he was armed at the time the police took him down, but we're a community, very tight-knit community, and to have this guy roaming around the streets with a weapon, you know, it was obviously a scare for everybody that at any point he could have come into any one of our businesses. liz: david, you did the community a service, you showed what happens in an american neighborhood when a terrorist
5:53 pm
comes in there and police have to take him down. my next guest says she's copying trump's tough talk. he has the proof, that's next, don't go away.
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. liz: after a tightening in the national polls, critics say hillary clinton is pivoting to sound more like donald trump. take a listen. >> we're going to have to do something extremely tough over there, okay? >> like what? >> like knock the hell out of them. >> in the middle east, we have to smash isis' strongholds with accelerated coalition air campaign. liz: with me now, my power panel, former mccain campaign adviser ford o'connell, and taryn rosenkranz. taryn trump says knock the hell out of them, hillary says smash them. do you see a similarity? >> i see what hillary has been
5:57 pm
saying all along providing the steadfast leadership and tough talk to keep american's safe. liz: what do you think, ford? >> basically she's been saying for the longest time that trump's a hot head and i'm experienced one, that might not cut it in this tight election, she's using stronger language and calling for tougher vetting, when in reality is, she's proposing four more years of the same obama counterterrorism policies, and that's basically what's going on here. look, americans are scared and if they decide to jettison the status quo on the terror plan, guess what, political advantage, trump and the clinton camp knows this. liz: polls show donald trump is gaining, people were talking about a mondale or goldwater landslide. looks like hillary is talking tougher about terrorism, what do you think? >> i think she's talking
5:58 pm
tougher after yesterday's unfortunate, horrible events. that why you're hearing the tough language. the truth is republicans, democrats, independents, every american has to ask themselves in times of terror that we're experiencing, who's going to keep us safe? is it a man who makes erratic comments who's unqualified and can't keep a steady hand, or is a woman who has a long history of outstanding record on foreign relations. >> go ahead, ford. >> the truth of the matter is hillary clinton is in a bind. she can't criticize obama's terror policies for fear of losing minority voters. she has to find something else to blame trump and using the stronger language. if she goes against obama's policies and jettison's them, she's going to lose the election. liz: taryn, we had josh earnest, the white house press secretary, saying this is the narrative about terrorism. how do you say this is a war of words when have you people beheaded, when you have people
5:59 pm
burned, when you have people knifed, when have you people hit with shrapnel, how do you say this is a war of words? how do you think those people are going to take that kind of argument? >> donald trump time and time again makes me fear, one of the biggest reasons i'm voting for hillary clinton is the fear in me is that he plays right into the hands of terrorists, and i think that's what we're talking about here. donald trump has shown his erratic behavior, he's fundamentally and temperamentally unfit to be president. liz: final word, ford? >> i think basically terror is -- the obama policies are playing into the hand of terror. i don't understand how you have a global terror network that extends into the u.s. that's why they want to keep the policies and more happy with hillary clinton than donald trump. liz: yeah, that's the thing, we've been saying -- hearing, be courageous, vigilant for 15 years, taryn and ford, you got to admit we have the networks spreading. thank you so much for your
6:00 pm
time. next up "making money" with charles payne, don't go away. . charles: for the second straight session stocks ended slightly higher after being up big, tomorrow the hotly anticipated fed statement in. the chelsea bomber's father says he warned the fbi his son may be a terrorist, but they weren't monitoring him. how do we profile potential terror threats? president obama speaking at the united nations today urging more nations to take in more refugees, including the united states. but first, less than a week away from the first presidential debate, and republican nominee says the debates may be rigged against him. >> it's a phony system. lester is a democrat, they're all democrats, okay? it's a very unfair system.


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