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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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time. next up "making money" with charles payne, don't go away. . charles: for the second straight session stocks ended slightly higher after being up big, tomorrow the hotly anticipated fed statement in. the chelsea bomber's father says he warned the fbi his son may be a terrorist, but they weren't monitoring him. how do we profile potential terror threats? president obama speaking at the united nations today urging more nations to take in more refugees, including the united states. but first, less than a week away from the first presidential debate, and republican nominee says the debates may be rigged against him. >> it's a phony system. lester is a democrat, they're all democrats, okay? it's a very unfair system..
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charles: of course, over the last couple of weeks, donald trump closing in on hillary clinton in the polls. the latest monmouth poll has trump leading hillary by three points in the state of georgia and the nation remains divided on the bigger themes. apparently it's going to be the direction of america, prosperity and securing the country, securing america. my panel to discuss tammy bruce, robin brio and gianno caldwell. tammy, i like the monmouth poll that gives you a sense how divided this nation is. rural areas for trump, urban areas overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. and you wonder, one has the final way to unite this country. >> and, you know, unfortunately for us it's about the future for everyone's family. concern for the family, for our children transcends race, ethnicity. sexual orientation, everything. wait a minute, say we
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understand that there's differences politically that we'll have. but the fact is we want to be able to give our children a better future. that's why the subject matter covers everything, really, right? security, prosperity, things that make you believe that you can leave a better country for your children. this does not separate out when it comes to rural or urban. this is why donald trump is pulling ahead, even with women. women who happen to be white, women were supposed to be her bailiwick, here fire wall, that's not happening. she'll carry people of color in general. it's an important presidency of president obama, but overall the issue of the future that unites us. charles: gianno, as much as security, prosperity and the direction of this country should encompass all of us, the same tide would lift all ships. we have a very bifurcated nation, one that doesn't listen to each other. i saw an article where trump
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voters say they know zero, hillary voters know zero trump voters. we are completely divided. >> we are coming together, especially around the election. people who may agree with one another are coming together. when it comes to the debates, the overarching theme. debate, the national security, prosperity, the overarching themes are what donald trump has championed his campaign on. these economic populist message when it comes to trade which a group like the trumpocrats organize the democrats in ohio and pennsylvania to get the folks out to the polls. in this instance, i think that donald trump is going to do very, very well in the debates and it's about personality, it's not all about policy. this is where he's most comfortable. charles: robin, you are down in atlanta and you see this stuff firsthand. all of a sudden georgia, a purple state up for grabs. how does that work and reflective of the rest of the nation? >> absolutely.
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my perspective is that people want red meat to sink their teeth into. we are all our literature ready, going door-to-door, we've got hundreds of volunteers mobileized every day. we have 13 field offices here in georgia, and i want to point out that donald trump, i got an e-mail inviting me to the grand opening of their one office here in georgia. that shows a difference. charles: admittedly hillary clinton's campaign needs the offices and perhaps a lot more. there is overwhelming enthusiasm gap as witnessed by the crowds at his and her events, witnessed by the record-breaking small donations trump has pouring into his campaign. people have never donated to a political campaign before are coming at him. i understand what you're talking about from a traditional political playbook, but overall, don't you feel
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like you may need that and a lot more? >> yes, which is why we're investing in this, which is wh the dnc has resources here, which is why our ground game is better. that's how we win, especially as democrats. i want to point out i've been to a trump ramy, clinton rallies. the trump rally in atlanta at the fox theatre was one authority empty and no line to get in. i actually disagree with the statement. >> this monmouth poll we have among white voters over 50 and older. trump has 68% support. hillary is working to get millennials. trump's wheel house, the older americans, wherever they live go out of the 70% rate. millennials go out at 30% rate. you might win over a certain category of voter. this is where offices matter and where get out the vote matters but take a little issue, charles, with the notion we are severe divided.
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it is easier to grasp when it comes to the distinctive vision, when it comes down to it, i believe we americans have overcome a great deal -- charles: i'm glad you said that, then there feels like there's a problem with the idea that somehow your prosperity will come at my expense because we do agree, everybody wants security, prosperity, everybody wants the direction of the country to be moving in the same direction, it's so polarized -- >> that's the narrative of the left. the left is it's the 1% take everything. >> you are right. >> this group is take from you, and that is what the left always likes to push. the fact of the matter is americans have found that not to be the case, we're all in the same road, heading to the same dream. somewhere further ahead than the rest of us but going to be there based on their own terms. >> that's the rhetoric, especially in the african-american community where people are taught this white person is going to take something you from or you won't be able to earn your way up,
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because they got all the power and influence. charles: do you think donald trump is tapping into that, gianno? >> donald trump has tapped into a lot of things, voters are coalesced around him. he has the base of voters who will not leave him no matter what. charles: we know who the core voters are. his campaign by actions taken over the last two, three weeks since kellyanne conway came ounderscores the fact he can't win it with core supporters and made a serious effort to go beyond that. is that message resonateing? >> i believe it is. the economic populist message which he ran on initially got him independent voters. we see the new area of democrats saying i can't trust hillary clinton, i might want to see what donald trump is saying. charles: we have the reagan democrats in the primaries as well. >> true. charles: people registered with the democratic party switched over in time to vote. >> absolutely. charles: robin, it bothers me when i look at the numbers, i'm
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a numbers guys, i crunch them and talk to people. how much responsibility does the democratic party bear for the traditional us versus them. this has been the campaign they rolled out and to a certain extent with hillary clinton and her deplorables comment echoed the same theme, it's always us versus them can. your party run on some sort of campaign of unity of uniting everyone? >> she's running on a campaign of stronger together. and donald trump honestly, in my opinion is using the dick cheney playbook of scaring everyone and fear, that it's all doom and gloom. but our message is positive, and we're trying to unite the country and the party. charles: i'm glad you caught yourself, our bleep button, we don't have a three second delay there. having said that, tammy. there will be a major task for the next president of the united states to weave everyone into a comfort zone that you are included that hey, it's not just going to be my supporters
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now, the deplorables comment, we'll have a lot of trump people worried if hillary wins this thing, it's going to be completely shut out. >> i got a pushback on twitter when i said i wanted her to do well at the debates. i said i believe trump can defeat her at her best. charles: you don't want a low bar for mr. trump. >> when he wins, i want his victory to be fair and sure so that everyone can know that this is something that was done legitimately, because that's going to be key to bringing everyone together. that's why a mandate in this dynamic is important as well. i think it is going to be fair, i want her to be healthy, take care of herself, i want her to be the nominee and he's going to win here. >> very, very quick, a year ago it was all lives matter with hillary clinton, yesterday it's black lives matter today it's -- charles: let's leave it there. you don't want to miss "mornings with maria," sitting down with former clinton white
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house press secretary and co-chair of the commission on presidential debates mike mccurry. starts at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning on fox business. details are emerging about the alleged new york and new jersey bomber raising questions about whether this could have been stopped. lot of people say yes. we'll be right back. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet?
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the alleged bomber's own father said he had his own suspicions, he told authorities. listen. . charles: i want you to take a listen to what the fbi said about their knowledge of the alleged bomber. >> there's nothing to indicate that currently he was on our radar. we had a report of a domestic incident some time ago, that was the allegations were recanted and i don't have any other information, we'll keep digging. charles: all right, this begs the question, how do you profile a potential terrorist and take action before they commit these acts of death and destruction on a large-scale? joining me now, former nypd officer and private investigator bill stanton. bill, a lot has been made every time this kind of stuff happens. a couple things here, and i
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want to go through them one by one with you, first and foremost, donald trump saying we have to stop being politically correct and we need to start profiling. he was on with bill o'reilly. how does law enforcement go about doing their job using profiling? . >> there are absolute ways to use it. racial profiling is a bad word but basing someone's race as part of an overall profile, you would be remiss not to. charles: what percentage of that would play -- in other words, if you're in a neighborhood, there's tickly new jersey where the neighborhoods are gaining larger and larger muslim populations, you have that as a base but you have a whole neighborhood. where do you go from there? >> you have the neighborhood, looking at nationalities and religions and the temperament of what these people do. checking social media. looking at associates.
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think of it this way, charles, the radical islamic terrorists are the new organized crime mafia. we did not condemn all italians when we had organized crime. we looked at social clubs, followed them. we shouldn't be ashamed to look for the bad guy, where the bad guys congregate. charles: having said that, though, if you saw one in the street, if you saw -- if any of these more recent terrorists who have committed these acts, is there anything that could have possibly given it away, normal actions? i know we hear from people around them, they're sullen, quiet, anger, they grow beards. anything like that? with a long beard, you can say anyone with a long beard is jihadist? . >> no, you cannot. that's where the pendulum swings too far the other way. good old common sense, you hear what people say. people put their whole lives on social media. some of the associates put things out on social media.
6:17 pm
that's a flag, and now even though we identify it, it's hard to do. what do you do once you identify? charles: so now the fbi may have had this guy in their grasp when the father call them. we'll get more information, more details, we know similar situations, whether it's orlando, san bernardino, felt like thaerp in the grasp at one point. i know money is an issue, how does law enforcement follow up so these guys aren't released back into the world to commit these crimes? >> good point, screening. there's a process with the cia. i'm friends with a couple folks in the cia where they're able through an interview process to detect deceptions, and that to me is the best way to do, it interviewing and not just taking them at their word where they say are you radicalized, no. okay next. detecting deception, they could say to a high amount if they're
6:18 pm
lying or not, being deceptive and then you follow up. charles: the bottom line is let's face it, we are naturally through some form of profiling as individuals all the time. >> it's not a dirty word. charles: bill, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. charles: coming up, we'll bring you the latest details about the man suspected of planting the bombs in new york city and new jersey when we come back. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces.
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not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. . charles: we have new information about the man suspected of planting multiple bombs in new york and new jersey, here's what we know. the suspect's father said he contacted the fbi two years ago and told the agency his son is quote doing very bad. suspect became a naturalized citizen in 2011. took multiple trips to afghanistan and at least one trip to pakistan. the suspect tried to get a visa for then-pregnant wife. the visa was denied because pakistani passport was expired
6:22 pm
and told to wait until the child was born. his wife eventually made it to the united states but was detained in the uae, after the bombing attempts and attacks, she is en route back to pakistan. law enforcement sources told fox news that a notebook found in rahami's included references to anwar al-awlaki before returning returning to afghanistan. joining me morgan ortagus and jaleel. a lot of combination about the similarities now. we have a guy who had animosity against america according to
6:23 pm
his high school sweetheart but felt like it went into overdrive with the frequent visits in the middle east and getting married in the middle east. >> right and married to someone from southeast asia and pakistan. i want to say first to everybody working in the fbi and law enforcement officials. this is a tough job. in join of last year, sequestration was affecting them and the equivalent of shutting down three field offices which is massive for them. that's no excuse if they're missing things and don't have people on the radar. i want to shout out to law enforcement and the fbi for the tough work they do every day to keep us safe. we're seeing a pattern here, the boston bomber in newark and orlando either had a green card or american citizens or immigrants and radicalized overseas and came back. what we need to hear from the fbi is we see a consistent pattern here and what are you doing to stop this, to fix it? what are you doing to address something we've had how many incidents over the past two or
6:24 pm
three years with the same pattern. charles: that being said, his father said he reached out to the fbi himself. his wife was attacked, i think the son attempted to stab his brother. you know, in fact, general things that some people would be in jail for and he was able to slip through all of those cracks? >> it's a great point. i think this is a tough what morgan is saying. this is such a problem we're facing here. the issue that we're at a failure to address is the difference between law enforcement on one side and intelligence on the other side. i want to clarify, that people don't understand the difference between the two. intelligence, we talk about intelligence, talking about threats and indications warnings outside the united states. looking at china, yemen, saudi arabia, all the countries we perceive as being adversaries. give you an example, charles, the fbi looking to build a criminal case and the rule of
6:25 pm
law, custody of chain of evidence, all that other good stuff. when it comes to intelligence agency, here's a perfect example of something that does happen. have you nsa analyst listening to a bad guy in yemen, while he can collect on that yemeni target, when he starts talking to someone in the united states, it's no longer an intelligence operation. it's the fbi. this is the disconnect that we have between intelligence and law enforcement and it's got to be fixed. charles: we thought we learned our lesson after 9/11. i want to read the statement from the fbi with respect to the suspect's father. in august 2014, the fbi initiated an assessment of ahmad rahami based upon comments after a domestic dispute that were subsequently reported to authorities. fbi conducted internal database reviews and multiple interviews none of which reveal ties to terrorism. and yet, mustafa, the father
6:26 pm
said he straight-out told the fbi, i think my son has become a terrorist. >> and when they looked at it, looked like a domestic thing, he stabbed his brother and then attacked his step mom. so when the complaint went and somewhat recanted it. one of the things i want to say based on what morgan said and we talked about, look, about 15,000 fbi agents nationally. we have more border patrol agents than fbi agents and so we may need to rethink about how we look at national security and invest in resources that we need today rather than fight the wars that we really don't have. that's a much bigger conversation that we need to have in our country. charles: we'll have that, morgan is a there is a bureaucratic problem at the fbi, connecting the dots from multiple agencies because they're slipping through their fingers. i know they're strained but they're slipping through. not like we're asking them to
6:27 pm
investigate and look under rocks, they are coming into the office. the father called. is there something that needs to be done within the fbi? >> i can't say that for certainty. we need to hear more, go to the hill and hear more so congress can judge. charles: thanks, guys, senator elizabeth warren and colleagues grilling the wells fargo ceo on capitol hill. should he resign? wells fargo does business with one in six americans, you could be a victim. we'll be right back.
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charles: the senate banging committee grilling john stumpf. >> you haven't resigned, you haven't returned a single nickel of your personal earnings, you haven't fired a single senior executive, instead your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low-level employees who don't have the money for a fancy p.r. firm to defend themselves. it's gutless leadership. charles: warren is calling for stumpf's resignation. a lot of fire works in that room today. where do you think this goes? it has implications across the board.
6:32 pm
particularly many people are bitter about the ball street bailout. >> i heard if there were a hearing where senator warren were to stand out, it would be of the chief executive of a big bank and that's what happened today. you heard her grill john stumpf over his decision to fire 5,000 employees and the employees felt they needed to key eight these bank accounts in ordinary -- to create these bank accounts to keep their jobs. hillary clinton said she is deeply disturbed over what unfolded. charles: hillary clinton wrote an open letter to customers. she did vote for the wall street bailout which effectively helped all these companies.
6:33 pm
where does donald trump stand on this issue right now? >> on enforcing the laws, rules and regulations that are on the books. you have to look at what laws were broken. >> we have a culture where 5,000 300 employees go after customers and higher ups don't know anything about it? >> the answer is not more regulation. it's smart regulation. making sure the regulation in place now is pen forced. but making sure you don't have overregulation so banks aren't forced into doing things the wrong way.
6:34 pm
>> you think dodd frank is overregulation? >> i'm starting to feel sorry for bernie madoff. his mistake was he robbed rich people and he's spending the rest of his life in jail. clearly if you just rob middle class people, there is no personal consequences. the conclusion i have come to is we have a dual system of justice in this country. there is one set of rules for the rich and powerful, the people with political action committees, and a separate set of rules for the rest of us. and this will become a continuing issue in the united states and this presidential campaign. >> i wonder if hillary clinton spoke about this in those secret speeches to goldman sachs. this is part of the reason donald trump is doing as well as he's doing.
6:35 pm
a huge part of the segment of this population feels like they have been left behind. we need to have smart rules with no loopholes. >> would you say the rules should include someone going to jail? or the incestuous relationship between washington, d.c. and wall street. it's like owning a farm. washington keeps wall street alive so they can milk that cow. it's a reciprocal relationship and nobody ever goes to jail. you look at the history of the clintons. >> charles, i found it interesting today that every single one of those senators, other than elizabeth warren, had received contributions from the
6:36 pm
wells far go pac. and she was the toughest questioner. charles: gabby, let me ask you, hillary clinton of course she sent out this letter and expressed sympathy. she has take and lot of money from wall street as a private citizen. how can she assure the public she would be a true honest judge, sort of have their back versus wall street's back? >> it will be difficult for her to do that because she almost is the personify kaiption of this relationship between wall street and washington. hillary clinton has given speeches to wall street executives and accepted money from a number of these people. they bolstered her campaign operation in terms of fundraising. so her to say she would crack down on big bangs as president. voters take that with a grain of salt.
6:37 pm
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i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. charles: president obama is calling for more refugees to be accepted up to our nation.
6:40 pm
charles: 2016 has been the year of bio technology stocks. the vast majority of these companies didn't make money. but that continues to be the case. but something interesting is happening that makes that even less relevant.
6:41 pm
major pharmaceutical companies have aging blockbuster drugs on the market. people are leg longer but we are also less healthy in so many ways. so the deal calling for trash for tobira therapeutics. this company has two treatments in phase two of treatment for non-alcoholic hepatitis. which is the last chance to reverse damage to the liver before it becomes cirrhosis. it's simply the result of americans becoming fatter. most of the losers are in the sector as well.
6:42 pm
so on that note, i continue to think that interest at pharmaceuticals one day will have a major session where it's up several hundred% in just one day. but until that happens i will remind you it's a high-risk idea. management guidance for the full time. adeeb he, being on top of the bottom lines. by the way, paging security varney. microsoft increasing its buyback program. crude up in the aftermarket. the opec, they do something akin to a freeze in algeria. the fed is meeting tomorrow, i'm predicting no rate hike. the "new york times" will start
6:43 pm
a more aggressive reporting when it comes to donald trump. they declared war on the republican nominee. it's a very specific moment, the launch window.
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6:47 pm
agenda of the reporting news after the "new york times" waged what appears to be an all-out war on donald trump. they vow to aggressively call out trump's lies. the editor says our investigative work on trump's tax breaks has been hard hitting, but we'll call a candidate out who actually lies. why the deliberate shift from traditional journalism? joining us, adam, there has never been any question over who the mainstream media tbaiferred respect to to political ideology. but this year it's become almost personal. >> it has. the "new york times" not surprisingly is favoring
6:48 pm
secretary clinton over the conservative alternative. i want to share with you experience. we'll talk about honesty and truthfulness. we have a gender gap, an enthusiasm gap and honesty gap. last night in st. petersburg there was a square-off between charlie crist and a maverick republican david jolly. charlie crist was talking about how fond he is of secretary clinton. he said her experience and strength and her honesty, the audience which was split down the middle roundly and universally booed. the american people actually get and they don't believe what the secretary has said because i think she has been unwilling to share what she doesn't want to share, and she hides what she
6:49 pm
doesn't want to discuss. charles: i think the media, the mainstream media, the last straw was last friday when the overarching theme from the media, the narrative was we have been played. donald trump played us again. and it seems like they vowed it will never happen again. >> they did get played. but donald trump has a very casual relationship with the facts. i think they should fact check hillary clinton. when you look at the email scandal, they have give -- she has given every explanation possible. they should also fact check harry reid who in 2012 did the same thing to mitt romney was a proven lie that he paid no taxes whatsoever. the media should hold politicians accountable. charles: but do you think they should make it personal?
6:50 pm
>> to me it doesn't feel as personal. i think donald trump has taken his fair share of backs at the press and said crazy things about them. i'm no fan of the press. the press, they don't know what to do, and they are trying to figure it out as well. charles: they better figure it out. we have our first debate. lester holt will be under a tremendous amount of pressure. we hear about fact checking during the events. matt lauer was called to the carpet because a lot of things went over his head or he didn't seem interested in fact checking. but do you think they can be impartial? >> the new york times? certainly not. i would have to say this is personal. they are on a mccarthy-like whip hunt against donald trump.
6:51 pm
you saw the public editor of the "new york times" call out her tone newspaper for not lending any coverage to chris wallace's interview of hillary clinton dug which she aggressively misrepresented facts about her private email practices. then earlier this month you had an editor reminding reporters not to editorialize on social media. the "new york times" and mainstream outlets need to be focused on fairly covering both candidates, not pursuing this witch hunt against donald trump. it's not just the "new york times." msnbc had a chryon saying he falsely claimed the clinton campaign started the birtherrism issue. but didn't make any mention of sidney blumenthal pushing that
6:52 pm
issue during the 2008 campaign. charles: president obama urging u.n. leaders to allow more refugees into their countries. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives
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is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at charles: more and charges against ahmad kahn rahami. an official said he will be charged with using a weapon of mass destruction in relation to the bombing charges. president obama pled for global
6:56 pm
cooperation to help the international pandemic of refugees. >> extremism will continue to be exported joaferred seas and the world is too small for us to simply be able to build a wall and prevents it from affecting our own societies. and together now we have to open our hear and do more to help refugees who are desperate for home. charles: democratic billionaire announce a $500 million investment to specifically address the needs of migrants, refugees and host community. here to help break it down, just a whole lot of things. news coming out, the f.b.i. increasing the charges against the terror suspect, weapon of mass destruction. how dramatically does this change things? >> they are bringing charges
6:57 pm
against him now is the right thing to do. he hasn't started cooperating. as far as i heard his miranda rights have not been read to him yet. there will be federal charges against him. but he did actually get involved in a gun battle with federal and state and local officials. we'll see how the legal battle and legal process will work out. in terms of refugees and immigrants. more than half of its small businesses in new york city are owned by immigrants. to mention that george soros is contributing $500 million to help this plight of refugees, i applaud that. charles: what do you say to americans who are concerned these major terrorist incidents
6:58 pm
that happened in this country have against refugees or the children of refugees. do they have the right to be concerned and demand much tougher vetting or putting the refugee program on hold? >> you are confusing refugees with immigrants. name one refugee or child of a refugee who carried out a terrorist act. charles: the country of origin are all questionable and have been infiltrated by terrorist groups. >> trump's wife is from slovenia. we are talking about modern-day history. do you care about the american public who may be concerned enough to say let's put this on pause? >> absolutely. but i don't care about fear mongering by people like done there are and his son.
6:59 pm
they compare refugees and women and children to a box of skittles. charles: it was inartful but i think he was trying to make a mathematical equation. does the american public have the right to say we are not sure about people coming into this country. >> they clearly have a right to be concerned. my dad was born in pakistan, he's an american citizen. i was born in the united states. i spent years working as a double agent with the russians. to put everyone into one basket of skittles or deplorables is just as unfair and un-american. let me just say that. the larger question which i think ways you are hitting on. something is clearly broken here. we have a nexus of terrorism from boston to san bernardino to fort hood, new jersey and orlando.
7:00 pm
we are seeing this time and time again. this is not a knock on the f.b.i. great we respect for them. charles: there is clearly something wrong and i think the american public would love to put everything on pause until we can figure it out. here is lou dobbs. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. 49 days until the election and donald trump is doing what he has done for the last 15 months. he's taking unfair advantage of his opponent. he's outworking her by a large margin just as he has with each of the 16 candidates who competed against him in the republican primary campaign. he held two rallies in the north carolina while mrs. clinton took the day off from campaigning. her staff says she is preparing


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