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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 20, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we are seeing this time and time again. this is not a knock on the f.b.i. great we respect for them. charles: there is clearly something wrong and i think the american public would love to put everything on pause until we can figure it out. here is lou dobbs. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. 49 days until the election and donald trump is doing what he has done for the last 15 months. he's taking unfair advantage of his opponent. he's outworking her by a large margin just as he has with each of the 16 candidates who competed against him in the republican primary campaign. he held two rallies in the north carolina while mrs. clinton took the day off from campaigning. her staff says she is preparing
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herself for next week's debate. trump taking the battle to clinton and obama, blaming them for permitting and fueling home-grown terrorism on what he called a failed clinton-obama immigration policy. >> these attacks were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to openly vet and screen the individuals coming into this country. my opponent has the most open borders policy of anyone ever to seek the office of presidency. lou: tonight we are learning much more about the suspect behind the weekend bombs in new york and new jersey. it turns out the f.b.i. had investigated ahmad kahn rahami two years ago after his father told them his son was a terrorist. but the father later retracted the claimant f.b.i. said it was
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unable to connect the son to any terrorist group. we'll have a full report tonight. also president obama meade his 8th and -- made his 8th and final address to the united nations. our president used much of his speech to criticize the man who wants to succeed him. donald trump. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. so the answering not be a simple rejection of global integration. instead we must work together to make sure the benefits of such integration are broadly shared. lou: john bolton, ed rollins, and co-host of the five, kimberly guilfoyle.
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our top shorey, the search for answers in this weekend's terrorist attacks. it turns out two years ago bombing suspect ahmad kahn rahami was arrested for allegedly stabbing a sibling during a domestic dispute. when police responded rahami's father claimed his son was a terrorist. but the father recanted his statement saying what he meant was his on was hanging out with the wrong crowd, including gangs. reporter: today was spent cleaning up and replacing doors and windows damaged in the saturday night explosion. we have surveillance video of rahami pulling a rolling bag believed to contain the two pressure cooker bombs.
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the father of terror suspect ahmad kahn rahami said he feared his son had been radicalized add one of two trips overseas to pakistan and afghanistan. he says his son turned violent stabbing his brother. the f.b.i. did open an inquiry known as a guardian file and interviewed rahami's father and other family members. but sources say rahami was not interviewed because he was incarcerated at the time. and the agency says she found no ties to terrorism. and sources say his trips oversea had been thoroughly scrubbed. rahami is still hospitalized after being injured in a shootout and has been charged in that incident facing five counts
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of attempted murder and held on $1.2 million bail. one of the officer injured in that shootout was released today. >> this was terrific police and investigative work. it's a testament to the level of sophistication our law enforcement today brings to investigations like this. reporter: tuesday the homeland security head toured the area. >> i don't know who feels vulnerable about this kind of attack. this is the age we live in. it's a part of life at this time in history. >> officials are examining rahami's phone and computer records to see if he had any help in building weapons of mass destruction but say at this point it appears he acted alone.
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we are learning he carried a handwritten handbook with references to anwar al-awlaki and usama bin laden. agents tried to question him in his hospital bed, but so far he's not cooperating. lou: these most recent attacks bring to 15 the number of terrorist attacks on american soil since september 11, 2001. most of the attacks on while president obama has been in office. five of the attacks taking place this year. to assess the rising frequency of these attacks and president obama's broken promise to destroy the islamic state, joining me john bolton. ambassador, great to have you
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with us. thee attacks in minnesota, new jersey, new york. john miller, the head of counter-terrorism saying it's a part of life. have we come to that that our law enforcement officials are saying this is part of american life? >> sure, it's just like the weather. it's like knocking over the local starbucks. it's a terrible thing but we have to learn to live with it. if we don't have a debate about this war the terrorists are waging against us, we'll lose all hope here. i think the american people see this for what it is. i think they understood from the get-go these bombs in new jersey and new york were part of a terrorist activity. i think they are heartily sick of the unwillingness of the obama administration to understand or describe the ideology we are facing. i hope with this debate coming up next week, it's about american security in part.
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lou: at the same time, many of the prominent democrats in this country are calling for more syrian refugees. the president wants to raise the number to 110,000. hillary clinton wants to bring in 550% more than the president. and the mayor of new york city within a day of these attacks is calling for more syrian refugees to come to this country as the f.b.i. acknowledges we are incapable of even vetting them. >> it will only get worse if we do that. in obama's speech at the u.n. in the midst of 50 minutes of platitudes. you can see the logic that lead him to this. he described the world as divided between the 1% and the 99%. we are not only going to equalize income in this country, we are going to do it worldwide
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in large part by letting people go where they won't. this ways they describe as the borderless world. let's have that debate, too. lou: it seemed that he was advocating such a borderless world and a yo -- a soup -- a sl approval of his performance in office. he's incapable of self-analysis, judgment and critique beyond his own ability to glorify himself. >> let's be grateful we have a perfect president. it's not often you get that. he criticized countries around the world and criticized the united states. lou: 11 times. >> he's the only one who seems to be immune from criticism. it's clear that hillary clinton shares the same world .
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you have to penetrate the to be secure rhetoric. but if the people want that view to continue and if they want open borders and want no screening of terrorists by all means elect hillary clinton. lou: she has not even mentioned in the aftermath of these terrorist attacks her oft repeated promise to give amnesty to all illegal immigrants within the first 100 days of assuming the presidency. >> if the country is defined as anybody between our borders, then we don't have a country anymore. you can see the reaction across europe. they disdain that because it's nationalism. we are beyond that in the obama team and so is hillary clinton. >> that attitude is beginning to
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change in europe and particularly eastern europe since it's been abandoned by both the european union and the united states, there is an awakening even perhaps in germany where angela merkel is saying whether sincerely or not, that she might rethink her migration policies. >> her collapsing polls might be an incentive to that. >> she has 6 of 16 governments within the provinces of germany. an extraordinary day on capitol hill. congress focusing on fraud in our banging industry and the corrupt or inept leadership of one particular bank. lawmakers on the senate banging committee excoriated wells far go's chief executive officer john stumpf in his role in a
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massive banging scam and its tolerance or perhaps leading it. more than 5,000 employees were fired by the bang because they illegally opened 2 million fraudulent customer accounts and issued fraudulently credit cards to customers who had not applied for them. th -- the bank's board fired no one in top management even though top management aloud that corrupt culture to continue. senator warren calling for stumpf to resign. >> you should resign. you should give back the money you collected while this scam was going on and you should be investigated by the department of justice and the security and exchange commission. a cashier who steals a handful of 20s is held accountable, but wall street executives who almost never hold themselves
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accountable. lou: stumpf denied the massive fraud was orchestrated. but he acknowledged he head have acted perhaps sooner to stop what he wanted congress to believe were spontaneous practices in the bang's retail operatio >> i accept full responsibility for all unethical sales practices in our retail banking practices. and i'm fully committed to fixing this issue, strengthening our culture, and taking the necessary actions to restore our customers' trust. lou: two weeks ago regulators fined wells fargo $185 million in the scandal. the federal reserve took no action at all. the controller of the currency seemed reluctant to act.
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we are coming right back. please stay with us. donald trump says he's the man to create jobs and create wealth for the american people, all of them. >> my whole life has been about creating jobs. thousands and thousands of jobs. hillary clinton has spent her career destroying jobs. she'll raise taxes, i'm lowering taxes. lou: trump's growth economy and strong national security. ed rollins joins me next. and this man in for a big surprise from some unexpected but delightful guests. we'll show what you happens up next in the video. we have much more for you after these messages. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz.
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lou: more good news for donald trump as he gains against hillary clinton in key battleground states. new hampshire and colorado have been moved from leaning democratic to toss-up category. trump making big you strierds in iowa. -- big strides in iowa. and trump released a campaign ad called "movement."
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>> it's a movement within not a campaign. its leader, donald trump, builder, businessman, success. doing what others called impossible. dreaming big, united for family, jobs, country, defined by freedom, standing together, pushing ahead. leaving the past behind. changing our future. together we'll make america great again. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. lou: i'll be interviewing donald trump here tomorrow evening. please join us for that. joining me now ed rollins. ed, first the campaign ad -- >> it's a great ad it's bring us together and fix the problems facing america. get people back to work it's a good message opposed to the negative ads repeat over and over again by hillary. i think he's got momentum.
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he's way ahead of where anybody thought he would be at this point in time. this is a dead-even race. his voters are intense, her voters are not intense. lou: a lot of attention has been on converting the intessity to votes. >> i think it's going well. you know, i'm an organizational guy and i believe in organization. you definitely need organization if you don't have enthusiasm. he has a an even thousands -- hc voter. more and more republicans and democrats are saying to me, you know, i didn't think you were right. i'm with you. i'm going to vote for him. that tells me a lot more than polls do. but even all the polls are positive going his direction.
7:21 pm
lou: in the national media which is anti-trump, left wing, liberal. it's as if the people writing those stories and editing them have no faith in what they are saying because they know them to be -- >> it's also boring. as a guy who reads 14 news papers. i'm bored with them. there is nothing new. he's a strong leader and you can't take that away from him. he's been successful in whatever he did. at the end of the day she has not been successful. lou: she took the day off. she is not going to be working tomorrow in florida. and the rest of the time her staff says she is preparing for a debate that's still next week. >> he's preparing for the debate by meeting people at two rallies. he will campaign right to the time. he will get out of his car with
7:22 pm
the knowledge he has and take her on. he's not a guy that will be prepared in a traditional way because he's confident. and we'll see. lou: at the united nations today our dear great leader standing before the general assembly talking like a neoliberal one worlder, taking into account 11 instances in which he put count united states. who is this man and what does he think he's doing? >> he began his administration by his tour of the world in which he apologized for america, and he will ends it by apologizing for america. and we don't need to have anybody apologize. we just need a leader. we failed in the 8 years middlely that he happens been here.
7:23 pm
obamacare is failing by the day. lou: he's holding court like's an arbiter of global progress, indifferent apparently to the fact he failed through two terms of his presidency. it's truly minds boggling to witness. >> he will go down as one of the weakest presidents either. the quicker we get to the dedication of his library, the happier i will be. lou: do you believe hillary clinton will work as hard as hillary clinton if she were elected president? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. not much attention being paid to the work ethic of these two candidates and their stamina and their ability to campaign effectively. follow me on twitter and
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facebook and been adventurer getting a surprise visit he will never get. two humpback whales and a gang of sea lions. he was completing his 22 pushup challenge the middle of the ocean. it's a social media campaign raising awareness of ptsd and the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. what a wonderful image, what a terrible thought. done are is feeling confident about this chances of winning this november. he says hillary clinton is unelectable. >> america can never elect a president like hillary clinton who apparently thinks descent american citizens are a bigger
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threat than radical islam. can't do this. anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country. remember. lou: the state of the race, the subject of my commentary coming up next. please stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on donald trump again outperforming hillary clinton. the democratic mom fee holding no public events, and instead calling into a radio show and she talked on a conference call with nation national security advisers. but a campaign to reassure anxious democrats about their candidate's lack of energy and stamina. clinton's campaign manager today sent a memo to backers reassuring them that clinton has a stronger path to 270 electoral
7:30 pm
votes. yet recent polls show the democratic nominee losing support among key groups. the latest fox and quinnipiac polls shows her advantage among millennials has shrunk to a single-digit lead. also under performing among hispanic voters. while trump is performing just about as well as romney in 2012. even though all the gurus and savants predicted he would under perform romney's numbers. trump also getting a boost from donors. joe rickets, the biggest backer of the anti-trump movement during the primaries has reversed course. the billionaire rickets is himself a strong personality and a critical ally now planning to
7:31 pm
donate some million dollars to help trump win the white house as the republican nominee is within striking disanswer of clinton. we are watching big money write bigger checks to boost trump. while republican congressmen and senators are stepping up for trump. with just 7 weeks until election day, momentum is building in trump's favor. our quotation of the evening, this on work. from thomas edison who said, quote, the three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are hard work, stick-to-itiveness and common sense. when it comes to hard work it
7:32 pm
appears a light has gone on, but not in democratic headquarters or the hillary campaign headquarters. we'll be talking with kimberly gill the foil. we are coming right back. stay with us. donald trump says hillary clinton's failed judgment have propelled the islamic state. obama and clinton want even more refugees in america. can a president trump stop the alarming influx? tony sayegh and mercedes schlapp join me next. this daredevil isn't content with a rooftop view. a lot more to cover after these quick messages so please stay with us. what powers the digital world. communication.
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lou: donald trump today criticizing hillary clinton ever so gently. he called her out on taking yet another day off on the campaign trail. trump tweeted this. hillary clinton is taking the day off again. she needs her rest. sleep well, hillary. see you at the debate. including today, clinton has had at least 15 days off since the first of august. compare that to donald trump who has had 6.
7:37 pm
joining me now spokesperson for george w. bush mercedes schlapp and tony sayegh. mercedes, let's start with, there is no contest on work ethic and drive, is there? >> i worked on two presidential campaigns. i can tell you, candidates, they work their tails off. they go to multiple events. it clearly shows donald trump has made it a point to insure he's hitting those battleground states. to hillary's advantage is the fact she has got barack obama and michelle obama and joe biden which brings a bit more enthusiasm to the democrats who would probably prefer to see a barack obama over hillary clinton. lou: what you said is she is being carried by three other people plus an endless number of surrogates, and we are supposed
7:38 pm
to be impressed by that? >> the democrats are impressed by that. lou: not according to what i have seen. the turnout at her rallies is miniscule, and the turnouts for trump is thousands of of people. >> in the latest round of polls, one of the advantages trump has is among enthusiasm of their voter. people who want to come out and support them. hillary clinton made a very bad kals in my assessment. you see a lot narrowing going on in iowa, florida and joe. she is running out the clock. that strategy is the failure and recipe for disaster. when her health is legitimately called into question. it's rigorous to run for president. lou: i get the feeling you all wish her really well. >> as a human big most certainly do. and i want her to recover and november 9.
7:39 pm
but she has not helped herself by receding from the headlines, especially after she took off most of last week. lou: the drudge report todayened a picture of her was focused, mercedes. there is a question about nearly egg she is doing now, and she can't even get out on the campaign trail. i respect your view that she has got compelling surrogates. but the fact of the matter it's her name on the ballot and why should any voter pay attention to any that? >> i think hillary clinton is placing her bets on a strong debate performance next week. i think she feels she can pull some of those undecided the voters to her camp. she is a very skilled debater. for donald trump this will be an interesting challenge. it's just not what he's done for the past 25 years. he got plenty of practice during the primary.
7:40 pm
i think i do expect him to see policy specifics and donald trump will need to be ready for that. if he comes across as a calm temperament that could have much sell. but i have to tell you, i think for hillary clinton, it's not only the run out of time strategy -- lou: what's not going to work, i don't think it worked well for her to take six days off to prepare for a debate. you are talking about raising to an artificially high level tore her performance. people will expect her to recite chapter and verse frommer trade agreement ever signed. >> the fact that she is putting all her eggs in one basket is a risky strategy. donald trump as overperformed in almost he single debate instance
7:41 pm
she has been involved with. the media and the elite have totally gotten it wrong. the american people don't evaluate these debates like they are oxford or harvard judges looking at debate it's not point forpoinpoint -- it's not point-for-point analysis. lou: i do do that. i will score it accordingly. great to see you, tony. thanks for being with us. roll the video. one thrill seeker bringing new meaning to the phrase hanging out. look at this. what's wrong with these people. watch this daredevil run along the edge of a skyscraper in morocco. and this is what he does with it. hanging by his fingers. just four of them, actually. he's holding on with one hand. he says he does it for the
7:42 pm
adrenaline rush. just so he's got a good reason. that's all i ask, and there it is. up next, donald trump says we need to prioritize national security when dealing with the refugee crisis. >> we cannot have these people come into the united states. we don't know who they are. we know nothing about them. you saw what happened two days ago. we cannot continue these policies. we have enough problems in our country. lou: more than enough, perhaps. pastor mark burns joins me next. and my co-host, kimberly guilfoyle. stay with us. we'll be right back. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: joining me now, pastor mark burns, a trump supporter and well-known and much applauded supporter of donald trump. great to have you with us, pastor. let's start with some of the issues that are facing the country right now. donald trump has met with two heads of state, president
7:47 pm
el-sisi of egypt and president pena nieto of mexico. he seems to be moving forward on that track and acting like there is nothing to it. it's interesting to see a candidate doing that, a man who has had very little foreign policy experience by his own admission. forging straight ahead. >> it's absolutely amazing it's donald trump being presidential for the whole world to see. right now the whole world is under attack by terrorism. the whole world is under attack. and now so many heads of state are again a candidate to see someone who has yet won the official race, but to be respected and to be, you know, welcome in as a candidate,
7:48 pm
meeting with other heads of state, it's remarkable. it's showing that the whole world understands a strong america is a safer world. and i believe that's why donald trump is doing that. lou: donald trump expressing to president el-sisi that the united states under his presidency will not only be an ally of egypt but a friend of egypt. that's an important message particularly given the way the current administration has treated egypt and many of our allies including israel in the middle east. >> that just shows his strong leadership and presidential stature and why he is the leader for america in such a time as this. he understands making friends, it's easier to become friends and walk hands in hands and side by side, unifying countries who
7:49 pm
were at odds with each other it's easier to become friends than maintain enemies. this is prove why the country needs donald trump. >> within the country, reaching out to the african-american community, community in our inner cities, reaching out to hispanics and doing better, outperforming anything that so-called political gurus thought possible right now doing as well or better than romney in 2012 among hispanics. and making inroads within the african-american community as well. are you surprised at all by that? >> i'm not, lou. i knew donald trump before -- when everyone was calling hip the racist, bigot, xenophobic, i knew the real donald trump. and that's why i could stands in full authority declare hog this person is as a real character.
7:50 pm
the clinton campaign this panic mode. they see the handwriting on the wall and the fact of the matter is more and more african-americans are. they are done with being taken advantage of and being taken for granted and the failed policies of minorities. donald trump when he came on the scene, he did not pander. he simply just laid out the facts and said these are the failed policies of the democratic party you have been supporting and i have the solutions. not just for minorities, but for americans all of us together. lou: all of us together. he made it clear he wants to restore prosperity to this country, and he under lines it every time. all americans. it's nice to hear. pass tore, it's always good to hear you. thanks for being with us. pastor mark burns. >> thank you, lou. lou: the dow up 10 points.
7:51 pm
nasdaq up 6 points. volume down to 3 billion shares on the big board. a quiet september trading day. gasoline prices in the southeast surging after they fixed that pipeline. the average price in atlanta up 31 cents from a week ago. donald trump says hillary clinton is tougher on american citizens than she is on radical islamist terrorists. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable and i are tree deemable. -- and irredeemable. lou: kimberly guilfoyle joins me next.
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is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at . lou: in our online poll last night, we asked you, are you surprised hillary clinton is joining donald trump in calling for tougher vetting now? 64% of you said no, you aren't surprised. apparently people used to donald trump leading the way. and hillary clinton following. joining me co-host of "the five" kimberly guilfoyle. great to have you here.
7:56 pm
>> great to be with you. lou: donald trump said today that she is perfectly willing to attack his supporters while not being capable of even mentioning the name of radical islamist terrorists, he's right? >> right, she's clearly identified the enemy as she sees it, a deplorable basket of people that support change here that's effective for this country. she's willing to go ahead and demonize hard working americans that are fed up with barack obama and his failed policies, yet she will not correctly identify and call out radical islamist terrorists. do you see a problem with that, lou? lou: i see more than a little problem with it. and i see another problem, that is a national liberal media that is trying to ignore the fact that she's basically taking off time from the campaign trail to nurse something -- i'm not sure what, maybe it is, you know, a lack of self-esteem in her ability to deal with a debate with donald trump.
7:57 pm
but she's also, i think, raised the bar immensely for herself, people are going to expect her to be hugely prepared to be at the top her game when she meets trump. as we know, he's unpredictable, won every debate he's been in. >> he's undefeated. lou: and i think his count's pretty darn close. >> he was the last one standing. lou: out of 17 folks. >> yeah, she has to -- lou: i don't know where that goes as far as the public reacting to it. >> she has to bring the house down on monday because the expectation is so high, she again yes is taking a time-out. let's see, is she preparing? what's going on? she's resting up. he's made that suggestion but she's probably worried about debating him because he is unpredictable and tenacious, he's not going to let her have a free pass much it's a pivotal point for this election the performae monday night. lou: very little mentioned of
7:58 pm
the health issues that are driving all of the headlines over a week ago, do you think that issue is behind us? >> no, i don't. i think that that's an issue that remains firmly with her that really as we see in the poll numbers it did damage because people were uncomfortable and concerned about the state of her health, and i think, you know, deservedly so. this is not something people are making up out of thin air. she was sick, she had pneumonia, seemed unsteady, stumbled on her feet and routinely helped upstairs when she has to do things, do stairs, there is something wrong there, i don't know if it's a perception issue or a fatigue issue, a vision issue or a combination of factors, but she doesn't seem steady on her feet or healthy or well. that is a concern. if it was john mccain, you would see people up in arms about it. they were questioning whether or not he was healthy enough to serve this country? as it turns out, he sure was, he's still going.
7:59 pm
lou: absolutely. that is inconvenient to the narrative that the national liberal media would like to spin up here. donald trump getting a lot of support now, you're seeing donors step up including joe ricketts, adelson stepping up, $5 million today. this looks like a turning point in that part of the campaign as well? >> yeah, i think people can smell it. they can smell victory. they can smell that the republicans can take the oval and can take congress and they like the looks of things. and it's smart. you hate to not put it in at the last-minute when it could make a crucial difference especially in the battleground states when it is gang ground. open up your wallet. lou: i'm going to use that. the oval, oval, kimberly guilfoyle. we thanks for being with us, donald trump among my guests tomorrow night. we'd like to have you join us for that as well, it should be a fascinating discussion. thanks for being with us
8:00 pm
tonight. good night from new york. . kennedy: tonight, wild new details about the suspect in the past weekend's bombings in new york and new jersey. are his trips to the middle east clues to radicalization? the party panel is here to discuss. plus hillary clinton appears to be hemorrhaging support for millennials. where is the under 30 crowd going? here's a hint. not to donald trump. if you use a big bank, check your statement, the ceo of one of the biggest apologized for systematically ripping off his own customers. we'll tell you how. grab a notebook. time to get schooled. the afghan born new jersey bomber has so many people scratching their heads you think we'd have collective life. how does the man who received


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