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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 21, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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bartiromo, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast right now. investors focus on central bank. bank of japan leaving rates unchangedded overnight however it did announce policy move set ting global markets this mornin. futures indicating a gain at the opening of trading, 10 points higher in dow jones industrial average. checking trading in europe this morning, higher across the board. it really is about central inaction as you see, major averages there also higher, breaking news right now out of charlotte north carolina, at least one dozen police officers injured as riot involve deadly shooting. looting a global wal-mart,
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forcing it to close, more on the breaking news straight ahead on that shooting. rahami ordered explosives online . her claim to my opposition to radical islamic terrorism is a a recruiting tough. i'm much tougher than her. somebody gave her from madison avenue, why? because i'm tough? mylan ceo to face questions about skyrocketing prices of
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epipen. joe stumpf forced to resign over scandal. we will tell you about it. gasoline shortage hitting the southeast, maybe hope on the horizon, we will take you there. all the stories coming up this wednesday morning and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell and anthony scaramucci, louis mench. dagen: good morning. maria: good morning. dagen: today with that bandage on his right hand. he needed to wrap it around his head after elizabeth warren got done with him. maria: my favorite cover story is this one. [laughter] maria: i guess i'm on team general -- jen.
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dagen: the rumor is he was nninarou on her. maria: we are looking to the federal reserve in a decision not to raise interest rates and anything they say in the language will be focused by investors and also the bank of japan takes unexpected change overnight. anthony scaramucci with us this morning. will other central banks have any affect on the fed, do you think? anthony: i don't think so, it was a surprise from the bank of japan last night. having said that, the federal reserve in my opinion, not to make it overly political i don't see how they could move before election. they're enough trouble in terms of credibility because they haven't moved fast enough on rate cycles. maria: they're at bullets. thatt
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yellen when she was speaking in august seemed to indicate they might. they need to make clear. the market is not expecting it, then the market blows up. the markets have tightened for the fed because the 10 year is up since labor day. anthony: here is one thing you have to consider, any time that the market is saying to you that 60% of the market is viewing that their won't be a rate hike, that has never moved. in a situation like that they will cause disruption or volatility. >> do not provide their own october surprise to hurt the candidate of the guy at the top. dagen: whether it's indictment or rate hike. >> they're not going to be the ones to put the bad thing on the
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table. i would love to trust the fbi, does anybody around the table trust fiduciary duty -- fbi. maria: how does that happen? dagen: tsarnaev and omar mateen. anthony: they get thousands and thousands of these calls and it's super hard to swift through them and find what they think it's a needle on the hay stack. maria: let's not generalize everybody in the fbi. there are some fantastics agents out there. unfortunately james comey when he testified raised question if they're politicized. anthony: that's true. dagen: i think we can ask questions about it.
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maria: violent protests leaving dozens injured and after police shot and killed a black man in the city's north side. let's get to cheryl casone. she has the latest. can he recall cheryl good morning, maria, all of this breaking overnight at one point this morning protestors shut i-85 near the university of north carolina in charlotte. the crowd destroyed police cars, they through rocks at officers and hitting one in the face. protestors looted a wal-mart. all of this happening after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith lamont yesterday afternoon in an apartment complex. police say he did have a gun.
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>> as they engage him, he is armed with a handgun that we found on the scene as well. make eminent threat to them, because of that at least one of the officers fired. the officer who shot was a black police officer, we should mention. the community deserves answers. maria, we are continue to monitor any new developments. a violent night in charlotte again another officer involved shooting to report to you unfortunately. maria: very unfortunate and incredible situation. cheryl, we would come back to you as the news develop. latest on terrorist attack ahm remarks n khan rahami, bombing a place of public use, donald trump tackled terror on the
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campaign trail. >> over the weekend there were islamic terrorist attacks in minnesota, new york city and in new jersey. these attacks were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to proper vi -- properly vet. we have seen how it puts our citizens in great dangerous. let me state this very, very clearly and as you know, at least most of you know, i've been saying for for a long time. this just didn't happen like yesterday. immigration security is national security. maria: as terrorism remains top of mind for voters which nominee is best suited to fight the war on terror. i want to bring alexander smith, committee chair, good to see you alexander, thanks very much for joining us.
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this seems to be playing into what donald trump has been talking about since the beginning of his campaign. >> sure, i mean, that he is the one that's actually talking tough and calling things what they are whereas liberals from president obama to hillary clinton to mayor de blasio playing with language and semantics and holding back, that's not where the -- what the average wants to hear right now. the news coming out of minnesota, new jersey wand york shows what it's true. we live in dangerous times. look at the report from dhs that they gave citizenship to 800 people mistakenly from questionable countries. a lot to be concerned about and donald trump is absolutely wrong to point that out. maria: former extremist on the kelly file discussing the probability of another attack. watch this. >> i think that the extremist
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has been plan to go delay attacks in america until closer to u.s. elections. isis on their chat forms, not saying this chat with isis but on chat forms they have been suggesting that they would seek to influence the u.s. elections. i think that they would favor a donald trump because it makes it easier for them to radicalize others against america. maria: do you buy that? >> it is a scary thought. when you look at the history and pattern of terrorist attacks, terrorists tend to attack us for what we love. look at the orlando nightclub shooting, you see that they attacked us doing something that americans love to do which is to have fun on a weekend or saturday night. if you like at paris, they attack coffees where people were dining, the election is no different in my mind. this democracy and our right to vote is something that we cherish in this country. what i will say, though, however, terrorist might view the election, shouldn't influence our votes here in the
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u.s. here. it's time that we have leaders that we call things what they are and see threat as extreme and dangerous for our country. maria: i find it hard that terrorist talk about who they want to win. dagen: it's a talking point from the clinton campaign. she needs to go a heck a lot further so she can give confidence that she's tough on isis and terror here. one thing i want to point out yesterday, he's reading off of teleprompter. it's effective. when you have administration and democratic president that's concerned about language, he said point-blank, hillary clinton called half of my supporters in a basket of deplorables, she's willing to call you that but struggles to
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call -- i thought that was incredibly effective and taking advantage of her not being out there. maria: pretty extraordinary how long it took president obama to come out and discuss what took place, even though you noted it, he drove by 23rd street. >> this is generally disgraceful and donald trump's card, he has a good team of speech writers, that line immigration security is national security. it's really strong and jumps out at you. maria: you were behind the move to leave in britain. >> 100% and we don't have any problem saying look at the chaos in europe and we want no part. obama is worried about offending the feelings of the community
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from which this islamic terrorist is bringing. she was a part of it. she left the country. this is donald trump's strongest card here. anthony: do you think the talking point for them, hillary clinton, works? the islamist extremists want donald trump to be president? maria: i don't think so. anthony: one of the worst talking points ever. >> the trouble is also probably true. we do know these people are sophisticated. sophisticated networks, it's probably true but it doesn't matter whether it's true or not. it's going to hurt hillary clinton immensely because people are going to back donald trump over it whether it's true or not true. maria: sick of the corruption and sick and tired of the establishment. i don't think it is resinating. alexander, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. we will see you soon. coming up mylan ceo gearing up
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we are there to help. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... the last thing any patient really needs to worry about is how am i going to get here, how is insurance going to handle this? one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we as care managers want to take as much stress off the patient as we can. meet the care managers at ctca. my name is mena... collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at appointments available now. maria: welcome back, mylan ceo set to testify in congress today. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: mylan ceo expect today
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defend the price hike of the epipen device when she testifies before house oversight committee today and the price of epipen has risen from $57 for one pen in '07 to over $700 for a two-pack. that's in 2016. 500% increase, guys. there are new questions now surrounding gail, the mother of the ceo. required schools to purchase life-saving devices. wells fargo ceo john stumpf verbally attacked by senators for failing to take responsibility over phoney scam. they fired thousands of lower-level workers in the wake
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of the scandal but that's not enough for senator elizabeth warren. >> so you haven't resigned, you haven't returned a single nickel of personal earnings and haven't fired a senior executive, instead evidently your definition of accountable is to push to low-level employees who don't have a fancy pr to defend themselves, it's gutless leadership. she went on after this. that's what rent buffet but he declined to comment saying this, if i start commenting on that or anything else it will lead to too many paths, i will wait till november to speak about it to speak about it. he will wait after elections to speak about it. finally this, samsung notebook owners will replace galaxy 7's,
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that starts today. they have shipped 500,000 devices to stores enough to replace half in the u.s., and about 25% of note 7 owners have exchanged devices, maria, again because the battery can catch fire and burn down your jeep. maria: those pictures are incredible looking at the phones catching fire, cheryl, thank you. going back to the john stumpf story because yesterday you pointed out the quote from warren buffet. i tweeted it out. i think -- anthony: that was something that he said 25 years ago. you can lose money, that's no problem but reputation i would be ruthless. warren calls for resignation, i didn't realize it was senator warren.
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dagen: whether you like elizabeth warren or not, elizabeth warren handed him his backside yesterday and you know what and he deserved it because he did not come prepare. have you resigned, have you called back bonuses, you should be indicted. >> imagine we are all sitting here around the table agreeing with elizabeth warren. maria: that's the shocker. short break, the fed in focus for bank of japan. we will tell you what you need to know ahead of the decision. we will get that decision in 2:00 p.m. eastern by the way. details on how long the pain at the empty gas is expected to last. busy news this morning, stay with us
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maria welcome back, busy day for markets and global central bank, that's for sure. bank of japan making no change in interest rates. this coming ahead of the federal reserve decision today at 2:00 p.m. eastern. joining me right now jpmorgan steven, good to see you. >> great to see you. maria: the change is no consensus. the consensus is no change, rather, from the fed today. do you think there's a chance that they say something or do something that moves markets? >> there's a chance that they raise this month. our case is december. they talk about all of the pieces of the economy being in place, the jobs are looking pretty good and so we think it's probably december. again, doesn't really change our outlook on markets. we have been expecting this all year.
6:25 am
they should raise if the economy can support it. it does have implications about how we are investing across sectors and equities. maria: did you see the line of bill gross, better rate hike, it actually moves markets, a better chance because nobody thinks that the fed is going the move. anthony, you have a point take on this. anthony: one it's very unlikely because of what i said earlier, they've never moved when that's happened. second and we both agree on this, if they have a hawkish statement that will cause the markets to move anyway. dagen: there's been tightening since labor day. dow down almost 2% and the yield on the tenure has gone up a little bit. >> it's taken some of the pressure off of what they need to do and the market is for
6:26 am
december hike. today or december doesn't change a whole lot. we would be be buying any paulback because of it because ultimately we think it's a good thing. maria: yesterday bill gross, let's raise rates in september, market not expecting any -- there's a better chance of a fed hike tomorrow people than people expect. yes, he moves markets with those comments but at this point, what is that going to do anyway? what is 25 basis points? >> i don't think it does a whole lot. it probably shifts some of the composition of this year's performance away from the bond proxies that look so well and should be careful about buying those today either today or december and probably leads to reevaluation across some of the growth-oriented sectors. maria: those markets come in? >> we think the sectors come in a bit.
6:27 am
we think there's going to be a revaluation. there has to be a third quarter to date. if you look at technology, consumer discretionary, even health care, the areas with growth actually don't look expensive. dagen: i was going to say quickly bigger implications for a sudden move today would be political. whatever happens in the markets directly impacts potentially how people vote. you know, eight years it's not a distant memory and we remember what happened in september 8 years ago. it's not anywhere that but you don't want to cause market volatility so close to an election. anthony: good sign there's no recession on the horizon, do you agree with that? >> we agree. that was our call all year, we haven't seen the level of recovery or asset bubble that would normally cause a recession. maria: thank you so much. steven reese, jpmorgan.
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2:30 eastern time. we will take you live so do tune in to the fox business network. what president obama is saying who he is blaming for the escalating tensions coming up next. a suspected bomber in new york city and new jersey incidents now facing federal charges, emerging details of ahmad cheab rahami run-ins with the law. back in a minute. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank.
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maria: welcome back, good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. here are your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. invest objection, nonresponsive focus on global central bank action this morning. the bank of japan leaving rates unchanged overnight. however, it did announce unusual policy move. rate target for government bonds. the nikkei average in japan rising on the news up almost 2%. meanwhile now the focus turn to federal reserve announcing latest policy decision today at 2:00 p.m. eastern, most believe that the fed will not be raising interest rates today and that is why you're seeing another rally in stocks this morning. take a look. futures indicating a gain 70 points on dow jones industrial, 25 on nasdaq. take a look at the action in europe. higher across the board again, similar situation here. investors focused on very low rates and very few competitions to stocks when it comes to
6:32 am
yield, ftse, cac quarante all higher this morning. breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina, at least a dozen police officers injured as riots erupt following a deadly police-involved shooting. all of this after separate police shooting occurred in tulsa, oklahoma. two police shootings, people are reacting to this morning. on the latest on new york and new jersey bombings, the justice department charges ahmad khan rahami, he took inspiration from osama bin laden. president obama took a swipe at the republican nominee, listen. >> two days ago president obama said and very strongly said that he wants 120,000, 120,000 to
6:33 am
come in to the united states. we can't allow it to happen and it's not going to happen. >> this crisis is a test of our common humanity whether we give in to suspicion and fear and build walls we cannot turn our backs. maria: we are taking a closer look at tim pact of refugees around the world this morning. we will take you there. we will tell you what you're going to be paying for gas. coming up this morning fox news military analyst jack keane and also hillary's america's producer danesh. we kick it off right now with the latest on new york and new jersey bombing suspect. authorities are ve leased new
6:34 am
details of journal, adam shapiro in new york with the very latest. adam: reveal some of the convincing evidence the u.s. government possesses. investigators have recovered surveillance video that appears to show rahami in streets in chelsea, roughly 30 minutes before explosion and dragging a bag believed to have contain it had bomb that failed to explode on west 27th street. the complaint outlines rahami's purchases on ebay and other outlets of materials and chemicals prosecutors believed he use today make the bombs in june of this year, they also discover cell phone which one belong today rahami and another to a member of his family.
6:35 am
it includes, quotes condemning the united states and praying for allah not taking jihad away from him. the sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets, gunshots to your police, death to your oppression. rahami's father told reporters tuesday that he notified police in new jersey as well as the fbi just two years ago that his son may have been radicalized after several trips to afghanistan and pakistan. the fbi says their investigation found no ties to terrorism and that the father recanted allegations, we should point out that the fbi did not interview ahmad khan ra rami. one bit of evidence in the complaint. a video shot two days before the bomb on west 23rd street in
6:36 am
which you see him ignite a pipe bomb in his backyard. maria: adam, just to be clear, rahami's told authorities, my son is a terrorist? >> that is correct. he had been concerned about the trips after his son came back from pakistan that he had become radicalized and words that he had been in contact with people in the united states about explosives. but the fbi put out a statement saying that they found nothing after going over his travel records that would indicate he had ties to terrorism. maria: all right, adam thank you. we will get back to you as news development. i want to bring in four-star general general jack keane, good to see you, thank you very much for joining us. your thoughts on the latest new york on the new york and new jersey bomber. >> that's a stunning revelation, you have a family member do what we want family members to the and friends and coworkers to
6:37 am
identify somebody who has had a major disruption in their life if they become radicalized. you know, their behavior changes, attitude changes, speech changes even their dress may change as a result of it. and the fact that he traveled to pakistan, queta is the headquarters of the taliban, afghanistan taliban has a sanctuary and also in western pakistan. this is where the leadership of the taliban is and he spends almost a year there, i think actually over a year there. that alone should flag any investigators in the intelligence business that something may be going on with this guy. maria: right, he goes to pakistan, afghanistan and the father tells authorities, i think, my son is a terrorist. what do -- why do you think nothing was done? >> i don't have any idea.
6:38 am
the fact he was not interviewed is not defensible and actually a little bit more detail then as a result of it if the father is attributing his trips to afghanistan and pakistan as the cause of this disruption and radicalization in his life, then they should have examined in detail who was he visiting on the trips and once you saw queta on the list, believe me, that's a red flag. maria: that is incredible. all of the talk and zeroing in on mess steps on immigration. president obama is at new york and un and gave speech and calls for global cooperation on syria in final u.s. speech and i want to get your reaction on what he said yesterday, general, listen to this. >> the mentality that allows for
6:39 am
violence withimpunity the something we cannot excuse. it's not the subject of this summit, but we all know that what is happening in syria, for example, is unacceptable. and we are not as unified as we should be in pushing to make it stop. maria: do you agree, general? >> well, i agree that we are not as unified in making it stop. president obama's national security team, clinton, pinetta, dempsey and petreus came to him years ago to put pressure on regime so the momentum can change, but possibly top of regime and president obama said no. maria: why, i don't understand
6:40 am
this. why? >> the reason is this, he didn't want to do anything that would interfere with the deal with the iranians and the iranians were backing the assad regime. he didn't want to rattle that deal and put any pressure on iranians whatsoever. maria: incredible. >> we are up to 500,000 dead now. 2million wounded by this. where is the plan to stop radical islam which has morphed into a global jihad and expand -- tripled in size during our president's two term in office. tripled in size. maria: we know that iran is the biggest state supporter of terrorism so likely that much of the money that the u.s. sent to iran is going to support terrorism because they're on the side of assad and syria.
6:41 am
>> absolutely. this 150 billion-dollar windfall they're going to get they will use that to sponsor proxies and hezbullah. they're on the march and that money will continue to enable then to accomplish their objective. maria: general keane, what is the answer? he wrote an op-ed, stop the killing. president carter said that this is the first step to solving syria's issues. >> he's right, stop the killing but he's naive to a fault when he believes that the russians, iran aibs and the syrians are going to stop. the cease fire they are gaining secretary kerry just like the russians do in ukraine, they try
6:42 am
to make territorial gains. yesterday the russians bombed, russian aircraft bombed a 31-truck convoy that had been waiting for weeks to bring humanitarian aid into people who are being systemically starved to death, they blew the convoy away. that was targeted, intengal and as part of genocide operation that's going on. the only way you stop these killers from doing the killing is you have to them stop and there's no cease fire that's going to do that. this takes force and it's been going on for centuries where you have thugs like this that are killing the people, the only way to get them to stop doing that is force. maria: so we are not being forceful enough? we are not going in and taking the guys out where they are? >> there have been reasonable things put forward to do something about this.
6:43 am
safe zones and no fly-zones are a way to start. now we have russia in there and more complicated. but we can't be ringing our hands like the president in the un and appealing everyone to stop it when he has no policies, no policies whatsoever to do anything about it. maria: general office a pleasure, we so appreciate it. >> good talking to you, maria. maria: coming up gas stations in the south running on empty, shortage might be here to stay for the near future. nike's gift to you will tie your shoes for you more on the tie-laceing in departments near
6:44 am
you. back in a minute. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, we are watching markets today. looking at a higher opening for the broader averages, take a look. highs of the morning, up 72 points. of course, it's ahead of the federal reserve decision that we are going get today at 2:00 p.m. eastern widely expect that had we will not see any move in interest rates. we are keeping an eye on shares of fedex. better than expected eastern negotiation the fiscal first quarter. the company also announcing it is going to be hiring more than 50,000 employees for the holiday season. a lot of seasonal hiring going on right now. also watching shares of nike, highly-anticipated self-lacing shoes available for season, fans can get into the hyperadaptive 1.0 in selected retail locations by appointment. nike has not revealed the price of the shoe.
6:48 am
ties itself. gasoline spikes across the southeast, some states running out completely. jeff flock is with the latest to give us a sense of the prices in georgia. jeff, good morning. jeff: at the racetrack in north of atlanta and a lot of people around here seeing this very thing the gas pump bag, that's only the diesel. that's true of a lot of stations with only some that they are out of. take a look at pictures from the area. fortunately the lines have not materialized as they get the pipeline on track. take a look at the numbers on the prices. we have had a huge price spike here in georgia a penny in the last day was four cents up yesterday and now almost 30 cents up in the last week as people perhaps you see back here live people taking a look at what they're paying for
6:49 am
gasoline, maybe other people a little bit shocked. i want to take you on the latest of the pipeline, take a look at what it looks like. it's been described as the jugular vein. here is the good news that should be back on pumping today after about maybe a quarter of a mile bypass. you're upset for what you're paying for gasoline this morning? >> not really. jeff: you have to pay more. maria: coming up, business begins in high school. how one company is developing entrepreneurs even before they graduate from high school. we will tell you about it next. back in a moment.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: entrepreneurial skills. joining me right now the founder and ceo of build and one of the programs graduating students is here with us as well. natalie joining us. ladies, good to see you. >> thank you for having us. maria: we often talk about
6:54 am
colleges and how kids get support but it really does begin in high school because to help a child as they're in high school, particularly underprivileged is really going to give them what they need to excel in the next years of school. tell us how the program works. >> young people in high school are not prepared for college or the world of work and so what we do is we give them the skills and the mind set to be prepared for college and their careers, this is particularly true in low-income communities and so we partner with schools. maria: tell us your experience? >> i had an amazing experience with build. we don't have the resource that is other students may have, build gave us the skills and everything that we needed to make sure that we were successful in adult years. maria: what kind of skills are we talking about, susan? >> six-course skills that we feel are critical for students to be successful, collaboration,
6:55 am
problem-solving, innovation, self-management and by teaching young people how to start businesses, they learn all of these amazing skills while in the program. maria: and it's high school. >> and it's high school and starts at ninth grade. it's never too young to have an entrepreneurial mindset, by starting a real business, they are on a completely trajectory. maria: tell us about the skills, natalie? >> i felt like i didn't need anyone, which was a challenge for me. when we were placed in groups, oh, my gosh, i can do this by myself. this is all me. i realized that you do need help from people. maria: you need to understood --
6:56 am
understand team work. how do you understand communications? >> having to present ideas on your business and stand up in a panel of judges and present in ninth grade return on investment on the pieces is critical. the students have to work in teams, you have to learn how to communicate with colleagues at a very young age and negotiate and communicate. maria: this has resinated throughout high schools, what kind of success rate are you having? >> so we are targeting students that many other success programs would not. 97% of our high school graduates have gone to do high school and gone to college, so what we have found is this is really resinating with people because we are teaching skills they need. we started in california, dc and boston and we launched in new york two weeks ago. maria: wow, congratulations, we appreciate you telling us about it. >> thank you so much for your time. maria: susan and natalie.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
most people believe that the fed held off. it is expected to rise about 75 points. checking the trade in europe. gains of one and a quarter percent. under breaking news out of charlotte north carolina. violent protests they started the roaring rocks. dudley police involved shooting. causing chaos. blocking a major highway it
7:01 am
comes after a separate police involved shooting this last week. the justice department has filed charges and he ordered explosives online. he took in some -- aspiration from osama bin laden. >> clinton doesn't see u.s. people to serve subjects to roll over. they don't want you to have a voice. i am your voice i promise. i will be the greatest voice you have ever had. the very latest on the race to the white house. new question over hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. we will get to it straight ahead. she said he was trying to teach his class lesson but it
7:02 am
is a teacher who got education. details on the study that says they make losing weight harder a new report on millennial top role models. but who who is the number one inspiration on that list. that is what you heard. it's all coming out. joining me to talk about it. a good show so far you guys. how does jennifer aniston when? >> broke up that marriage she did. they eventually ended.
7:03 am
and jennifer aniston another busted up. he was a parting like a horny single guy according to the new york post. >> have to she went from that. the other way other girl gets dumped the same way she got dumped. if you're on team jen you understand this. if you're on team agenda you understand this. so much going on. of course we laid it off with angelina jolie filing for divorce.
7:04 am
dr. ben carson is going with us. that is all because of central bank action. the set is good to be announcing likely that its holding it's holding interest rates steady today. they are concluding a two-day meeting today. at this as the bank of japan takes the initial step overnight setting rate targets. >> unfortunately they're having a huge effect. until they really start to normalize i don't see them not having a big form factor for asset prices go. i think people were happy that they did not go further into negative territory.
7:05 am
was a big role in japan overnight. they're basically telling you that they will manipulate the rates if you will to get a targeted interest rate that they think will be better for their economy. that is why you see in the rally. i get i think this is a lot of smoke if you well at the end of the day we have to get back to a normalized economy with less central banking manipulation. that in and of itself is disturbing. if still shoving it into the economy. you can't release all of those assets into the marketplace. what well gradually happen as those bonds a sponsor start to mature they have a seven-year duration on the balance sheet. i will take seven years for them to unwind it.
7:06 am
>> you have a fed that is almost fully in control of the economy. >> they bailed out the president and the congress. you would not be in the situation that you are right now. >> people want to see fundamental policy changes. to get to the breaking story another police shooting, violates protesting overnight. protesters destroyed police cars, they threw rocks at officers. there are reports of looting at a local walmart. police shot and killed a black man in the north side. congressmen think you so much for joining us. it is good to have you. your reaction first off it to the protest that we are seen this morning in charlotte? >> i think seven years ago the norm in the united states it would've been give police the
7:07 am
benefit of the doubt. give them the 24 hours to answer the community's questions instead now we have the worst possible results if they are right and innocent they still have a dozen injured police. if they are wrong there is already a predetermination rather than let the police and the law enforcement regulate itself. give them that 24 hours to hold their own accountable because police do make mistakes they do things wrong from time to time you and i both know more often than not the facts are in favor of the police's actions not in favor of somebody who is presumed innocent and wrongfully killed. this is really destroyed that relationship we need to have it with police which is give them the benefit of the doubt and hold them accountable.
7:08 am
we will see if we hear from president obama on this. it took a long time to hear from him after the new york and new jersey bombings that we now know were islamic terrorist -related. ahmad khan rahami is now facing federal charges. the charges filed included weapons of mass destruction in a bombing in a place of public use. are we doing enough to combat this threat. were really not. just the other day when we discovered that almost a thousand people were given citizenship when in fact they were ordered deported that did it happen it tells you how broken the system is. there is a presumption if you will that you do nothing rather than the recognition that we all had after september 11 the people come to our country 99 percent for the right reason but we need to find the 1% that shows signs that there can do something wrong.
7:09 am
the lack of predictive cleaning if you will this is a great case where the father reported his wrongdoing they have plenty of notices. it all of the indications that this is somebody that they needed to keep an eye on and they clearly did it even when he left and went for a year apparently with further radicalization. don't you and everybody in congress bear some of the responsibility for not closing the visa loopholes that allow five of the 911 hijackers to overstate their visas in their country. were still waiting to track people to come in. they overstayed their tourist visas. were two years out from tracking these people. don't you and everyone in
7:10 am
washington bear some of that responsibility for not fixing that? >> i appreciate the question. the answers those of us who had pushed for it and turned over huge amounts of money to do just that the pass laws. the only responsibility we bear is that we find ourselves unable to hold this administration accountable to obey the law. this is one of the problems that i think we are all facing in washington is the american people are upset because the executive branch does whatever it's wants to do regardless of what the law says. or what the funding for these things are. i opened up by saying how does congress be more responsible when the administration said
7:11 am
oops we lost a bunch of documents and we made citizens at of nearly a thousand people. >> we talk about this every morning because it feels like every agency has become politicized. the fbi going right up to the line but not crossing it. no recommendation of any conviction here. government documents show hundred 94 donors reported to boards during her time as secretary of state. that makes up 40% of all appointments made. she was giving her donors jobs in government are you concerned with how the clinton foundation donors impacted her decisions as secretary of state? >> i'm concerned because this is part of a pattern. it's one that we saw in arkansas and then we sought when the renting out the
7:12 am
lincoln bedroom. most of them may not remember that in fact if you are a big donor you got to stay in the white house this is a continuation there is no question that there is a reward for giving into the clintons to their personal gain. this has been going on a very long time and that's part of what we have to find ways to stop. in the next 49 days of the american people have to make a decision do they want to trust the clintons based on the track record of repeatedly not telling the truth and not playing by the rules and quite frankly selling out the best interests of the united states in return for benefit to the family. >> it seems to me that there is a racial dimension to this. i have to go through all of the procedures and yet these illegal immigrants who should be deported have been given
7:13 am
citizenship ahead of legal immigrants like me and while i care what you say about the executive branch and feels like of the republican congress is not fighting back couldn't you have done more? couldn't you have stopped these appointees for me to appear. this is one of the challenges. you get people on the air who say this time to time. in my book watchdog what i tried to lay out was the scandals but i also laid out the fact that congress needs to give itself more tools and use those tools. today we are going to have the irs commissioner to try to answer for how he in his opinion botched rather than deliberately lied to congress. as a hearing a good tool? not particularly. his congress in a position to
7:14 am
make changes absolutely and we have to take responsibility. they're upset because congress hasn't done its job but congress hasn't given itself the tools to do it. great to see you as always. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward. and the report questioning the
7:17 am
safety of our tap water. according to a report from an advocacy group chromium six was found in drinking water. it could affect more than 200 million americans. it is the same metal that was made famous by erin brockovich. in the movie that was based on the lawsuit that took place in california that she championed years ago. they reported health oblems and cancer that they blamed and contaminated water from a power company there. the epa said it is evaluating the data in the research more information not released until next year. >> a new study finds did not help you lose weight. researchers say that dieting results lost significantly fewer pounds over that time than those who did not use a tracker. activity monitors might not change our behavior in the way that we expected it was
7:18 am
published in the journal of the american medical association. we all know it's important to save money. even people who make big bucks have something to put away for a rainy day. nearly half the people that make between hundred thousand in and nearly hundred $50,000 a year had less than a thousand dollars saved in their bank account and about 18% had no savings. american airlines finally introducing the uniforms after 30 years. more than 70,000 workers unveiling their luck today these are all going on the planes today. they continue to update the brand after the merger. it happened back in 2013. this is the first time that american has updated the outfits for their cabin crew. i like them. they look professional.
7:19 am
i like the fact that the women aren't trolley dollars from the 1970s. they look like professionals. hillary clinton will face off in the first debate on monday night. this is it. we will talk to the man behind the debate. most of us look up to the parents.
7:20 am
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built for business. >> most millenials want to be like facebook. a new global survey. 40% of millennial look up to mark zuckerberg as a role model. they have a more of a entrepreneurial spirit. they say they want to start a business are being self employed within the next ten years. there six times more likely to start a business. get this 11 countries including the u.s. were surveyed are you surprised to hear that millenials value mark zuckerberg more than their own parents i am not surprised at all. they all think there could be millionaires. the problem with the survey if
7:24 am
to get up early and work you decide to do the work. everybody that is a chief executive officer gets up before 5:00 in the morning did they know what they're in for. they want to avoid nine to five jobs. they don't want to get up in a traditional work situation and go to work nine to nine to five. they want her own schedule. you can be working 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. how hard do they think he works. if you're working in the start up your sleep and at work what did you say to me. in the break that i put on instagram it's a work ethic. they work 80 hours a week to
7:25 am
prevent them from being in a 40 hour a week job. will see as it changes. you're punching a time clock and having to answer to some jerk about your gps report. they do have a vested interest in the internet. tom's tires pours and another $15 million from democratic groups in an effort to sway millenials. what are your thoughts. is he can move the needle for millenials.
7:26 am
i think that's a drop in the bucket in terms of overall presidential money. they should be in the tank. the fact is a young people young people don't vote. we never talk about the spear compared to any other age group. they're going to have to stop dreaming about mark zuckerberg annexed to get down to the polls. exactly. i love that video. any excuse to play that howard dean video. you said they should be in the tank for hillary. they saw it happen there and they're mad. bernie sanders must be pretty upset. he could be the democratic nominee tomorrow if it keeps going this way. we will see if that will take place.
7:27 am
i think they probably would. it's hilarious how undemocratic they are. the dnc like a bunch of kings they pick who they want and that is your nominee america. yesterday hillary clinton was quoted on the campaign trail seen my health is great there is more still to come. there is a bigger battle and store next week. the outrage after a teacher makes this video she is stomping on an american flag. she makes a part of the lesson. back in a minute.
7:28 am
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maria: good wednesday morning everyone. it is wednesday september 21. your top stories. investors are focused on global central bank action today. they left interest rates unchanged they announce an unusual policy move setting a rate target. the average up almost 2%. this coming into the federal reserve decision. most people believe that they will hold off on raising interest rates. markets are rallying in the indicate a gain of about 80 points. we will have full coverage of the decision in the news
7:31 am
conference which will follow beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern today join us on the foxbusiness network. the best performance and index in germany up one and a quarter percent. breaking news at a charlotte north carolina. a police shooting at least a dozen police officers injured as riots erupted following a deadly police involved shooting. protesters causing chaos. they're black in the major highway. forcing it to close. all of this comes after a separate police involved shooting. the first debate less than a week away. they are detailing how he is --dash mike how she is preparing. >> i'm in a do my very best to communicate as clearly and fearlessly as i can in the face of the insults in the attacks and the bullying and bigotry that we have seen coming from my opponent.
7:32 am
i can take it. take a look at how they could shape up the wild race. shocking images of a teacher stomping on an american flag. he said he was trying to teach his class a lesson. the average ahead. the nfl quarterback will donate $1 million to communicate. it will tell you about it. it's all coming up. the race to the white house heating up and heading to the debate stage for the first time monday night. it's the big event and well likely be the first impact to who takes the white house. i had been at this i
7:33 am
understand it's a contact sport. but i'm not can it take about what he says everybody else in his attacks on others it's something we can't tolerate. he is press secretary. former press secretary obviously under president clinton think you so much for joining us. let me go through the next rules that the team has come up with in terms of this first debate. what can you tell us about how you came to these rules.
7:34 am
a long time ago we decided that that highly regulated format where they get 30 seconds to respond. to have a really serious conversation about the future of this country. it means that they have to get away from their soundbites i think they want those. what are your topics. he's gonna focus of broadly on three themes and then the community in america. it gives him a lot of room to ask questions that most americans want to see discussed. we want to hear what's can happen to kind of raise incomes for americans especially in places where places haven't seen the real growth in their income we want security policy.
7:35 am
but we hope that these debates actually given the american people what would be the differences between a donald trump presidency but that's what these debates need to be about. we do have any control over the debates. we leave the content of the questions solely up to the moderators that we pick. we try to dictate to them what should be in the content of the debate. and we just hope that they do a good job. we just hope that they had dignified and thoughtful conversations about the future. people were upset because they are looking at you former press secretary in you are the cochair of the presidential
7:36 am
debates. our that is that fair to donald trump. has been a long time since i've been involved in politics i have a whole different career now. i try to approach this who is the former chairman of the republican party does we don't wear red or a blue hat. at that one party or another. and i had contact with the democratic party they don't get to write the rules. the formats in the places where we have these debates are really designed by the commission to give the american people what they need and that's the way we approach the job. have the people who have come up with these rules have they donated over the years to the clinton campaign that is what is being spoken about on social media. everybody on this commission
7:37 am
there's 16 members i only know the political affiliations of about eight of them because some of them were former members of congress some of them had been active in parties. we are entitled to participate as individuals in the prodigal process but when it comes to the work of the commission we have to be thoroughly nonpartisan and that's a way it approaches its work. let's talk about the decision not to have the alternatives on the stage. he won't be on stage monday night. gary johnson should be on the debate stage what do you say? >> governor johnson knew almost a year ago that he would have to get to 15%. we aounced in a required by law to have what we call
7:38 am
preestablished objective criteria for these debates. we set the number at 15% and some members thought that was too low. there is some precedent for 15% and that seems to be a reasonable number here. if your leading candidate for president of the united states got to be able to get one out of six or one out of seven citizens to support your candidacy. they have governor johnson below 10%. the message to his supporters and they are very outspoken is to get governor johnson up in the polls. two more debates. in if before those debates he reaches a 15% threshold he will be invited to participate. he will still be able to get on another debate these are
7:39 am
the rules. we apply the criteria before each of the debates. we've settled now on the participants in the first debate and also the vice presidential debate there are two more debates after that. mike, talk to us about what the candidates should be doing. this is gonna be can be a super important night. anything can happen in this will or court dictate what happens in november. what is your advice for the candidates. it's my role to give advice. i've been on the other side because i worked for president clinton when he prepared for his debate in 1986. as part of me that says don't over repair just think about the vision that you want to lay out in front of the country. people are so anxious to hear how is the next president can impact their lives and their family and stepping back and
7:40 am
being visionary and talking in a broader sense about with the work of the campaign. we have got all of this moving in news that's happening more terrorism fears. or shootings. do you think it's more important to bone up on policy and make sure you understand what's going on all over the world so that you can say i want to put boots on the ground on real specifics are this is why i'm to be better for your family sort of a vision. these debates are not like being on a great sunday talkshow or show like this. they are really to step back and to talk more broadly about the general subjects the things that matter most to the american people there is
7:41 am
plenty of time to talk about the headlines of the day is as the campaign goes on day-to-day but these debates ought to be about something that is broader and more educational and more visionary. where are we going to go as a country. people are very concerned about the direction of this country. they want to know what will be different if one of these two people will be elected president. i think we will have done a good job. the ratings are gonna be incredible. this is expected to cut into monday night football. i think the falcons and the saints on this one coming up on monday how the do people argue to be watching? >> in the course of four years
7:42 am
there's about a thousand nfl football games but there's only three presidential debates. they will be able to tape the football game and watch it later i think it will have an extraordinary audience and i think the nfl will suffer through the fact that they're up against a debate on monday night. i think more people are interested in making sure that they're watching that debate to understand what's going on in our country it's good to see you. coming up. chicago hiring hundreds of police officers after seed a spike in violence. we will take you there. >> one high school teachers controversy the curriculum calls for stopping on the american flag. the shocking lesson sparking outrage next.
7:43 am
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maria: welcome back. chicago planning to hire hundreds of new officers. good morning maria. the chicago police department is planning to have more than 500 additional officers hired this as a city struggles to deal with the dramatic rise in violent crime. more than 500 homicides this year. chicago currently has about 12,000 officers. this morning there is outrage and a lot of questions where a history teacher stomped on an american flag. which by the way is home to fort bragg and one of the country's most patriotic communities. one angry parent said it was a gut punch that was for the military kids at all go to that school.
7:47 am
finally do you ever have a hard time choosing dry one hot dog or hamburger. now you don't have to pick you can have both. >> he has patented a hot dog wedged inside of a beef patty. didn't really matter. now they're looking for people to pony up ten grant. it sounds like it could be a while before it's available but if there's some kind of random food story i a mere girl your girl i will bring that story. >> i have to go back to cheryl story. >> he was heavily tried to make a point but do you need
7:48 am
to stamp on the flag to talk about that. he was a schoolteacher and he was trying to demonstrate what the first amendment means. there been a lot of legislation where congress has tried to desecrating the form as a free speech. he was one of the justices that voted with the majority to allow the burning of the flag to be protected under the first amendment. even though he found it repugnant it still protected speech. >> and on that you can go there and then ever want to stamp on the flag again. sure it's part of the first amendment. do you need to stamp on the u.s. flag. more troubles for colin cap or nick.
7:49 am
it leads to death threats. we will tell you but that's next. we are back in the moment.
7:50 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:51 am
7:52 am
welcome back. the national league wild card race heats up and there's not much time left in the regular season. converted to you. it's one three baseball teams
7:53 am
fighting for two spots at the wild wild wild card race. it's a nose to nose race down the stretch. in los angeles last night the giants tried to snap a three-game losing streak. they started the pitcher but a little bit of discomfort in the groin. he dislocated his pinky. and they belted a home run. two nothing the giants are winning. the mets lost. only two teams get into the wild card game. he has received death threats as a result of his protesting
7:54 am
on the national anthem. they stated if the life were to be taken. if something like that was to happen you proved my point. it will be loud and clear for everyone white and happened. granted he said i don't want that to happened but that's a realization of what could happen. transparency where every donated dollar goes. they had reached a deal with legislators. in north carolina this will heat keep him from finally for bankruptcy. among these they are among
7:55 am
those . it was in durham, north carolina. the most hated man in college basketball history. it's a miracle to get the deal done. he needs a better public relations person. he is have different failed investments. he spoke with reporters about 15 minutes. and then it got serious. they started pushing the cause. it scares me. a little bit played for sympathy. i was just can ask you that.
7:56 am
do you want to talk to somebody because it seems pretty serious i get what he's saying. there are some pretty serious comments. neither speemac college kids do the same thing. high school as well. it makes people very angry everybody loves football and you just made it political. they take the criticism. the right to watch something else also.
7:57 am
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this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:00 am
almost 2% that is best perform in asian markets ahead of federal reserve decision today, the fed is concluding a two-day meeting most people are expected fed not to raise interest rates, the press conference and statement after the meeting will be as important. >> futures higher opening shy of the highs of the morning dow jones industrial average expected to open up 65 points, we've got full coverage of the fed decision janet yellen's news conference kicking off 2 pm eastern join us on fox business network for the latest are from that meeting trading in europe hire across the board there as well, although off the best levels, cac quarante dax off better than 1% ft 100 in london up a
8:01 am
quarter of a percent breaking news out of charlotte north carolina at least a dozen police officers injured riots erupt following deal offed policed shooting chaos looting a walmart blocked mainly highway focusing that highway to close after separate shootout in tulsa, oklahoma last unique justice department filing against ahmad khan rahami saying he ordered explosives online took spriergs from osama bin laden donald trump focused on terrorism threat in latest attack on hillary clinton. >> hillary is all of a sudden going to get tough, the debate comes and sheem say i want strong borders, i believe she meant the term extreme vetting salved she's got extreme elevating the reason it is not going to happen because there are special interest donors like it when businesses move
8:02 am
out they own businesses innovative mexico really lots of advantages but to do that no advantage for our country, no advantage for our jobs. >> very latest from are trail this morning the under pressure mylan ceo bresch to as if he questions over sie rocketing price of epipens after wells fargo co stumpf faced calls to ripe as he testified yesterday in front of elizabeth warren senate banking committee a gasoline are sthorj hitting southeast my be hope on horizon we will take you there all stories this hour joining me to talk about it all fox business network dagen mcdowell the wall street league host anthony scaramucci, and louis, busy morning. >> busy. >> sure is a lot going on joining the coveraging this morning former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson is with us recreate producer of the dormant
8:03 am
hillary's merck dinesh with us you don't want to miss a moment stay with us as we kick off this hour, about those with a market that is expected to open higher futures indicating a rally at opening of trading, ahead of the federal reserve decision, coming at 2:00 pm eastern bank of japan took that unexpected n targets for government bonds, central banks are look being at bank of japan but you say the markets are now calling the bluff. >> i do, and you can see the yen strengthening this morning it was weakening now strengthening several hours later so i do think markets are predicting that rates in general will go up into 2017. just has to do with overheating of wages in the u.s. economy, so the good news here maria a i don't see a recession on horizon many have said the same thing my guess we don't get right headache until after election december likely. >> december. >> my opinion. >> yeah do you think, i this i
8:04 am
the comments they are making more or less telling investors they are going to raise in december is that what they are trying to signal. >> i think a hawkish statement today will cause a further rise in short-term rates here going into that. >> in the bag for obama administration, economy would be in the toilet if not for the fed. >> we haven't seen any fiscal policy at all all monetary breaking news overnight at least 12 charlotte north carolina police officers injured in protests following officer-involved death of black man demonstrators destroyed marked police officers police fired tear gas into the crowd police in riot gear across the highway trying to contain riot some protesters heard yelling "black lives matter", joining me right now is former republican he presidential candidate dr. ben carson, dr. carson, once again, the shooting of a black man, was -- has occurred, this was done by a black police officer what is your reaction?
8:05 am
>> well, you know, unfortunately these things continue to happen, and about what we really need to ask yourselves is there something that we can do to keep this from happening, are there some policies that we can look at, recognize that the police are trained to use lethal force if they feel their lives are in danger. but may be there hays time to look at that for instance in oklahoma where you had the woman police officer who was telling the man to stop, and he kept moving toward his vehicle. where, of course, she would then begin to believe that he has a weapon in that vehicle. whether he does or not. but if she can stop him, from getting to the vehicle, by using nonlethal force you don't have that situation, i mean i think they see are things to talk about. and, you know, people get into their corners say no, no, no we only can use lethal force, the fact of the matter is police officers are people
8:06 am
just like everybody else. they have a duty to protect us but he else this have a duty to protect themselves so we have to be reasonable and the people who are out rioting need to understand there is nothing about rioting that is helping the situation, they are just making themselves look like hood lumz. >> note helpful at all. >> to be clear in north carolina, the black man was armed. the black police officer says that you know, they thought that he was reaching for the gun. and then the tulsa she kept you are right the police officer saying stop stop stop he kept walking toward vehicle she makes assumption he is going for a gun the police are scared, so they are using force. >>, of course,. of the and if we don't allow police to protect themselves, who is going to become police officers? and if we don't have police officers what is going to happen to our society? so you know, this is a problem that really requires the
8:07 am
highest level of interest, and we really need to do something about it we can't just continue to do the same thing and let it continue to happen, because it is going to k exacerbate the situation, the rioths are going to get worse the police and military are going to have to react even more strangely chaos is going to ensue, now is the time. to put the finger in the dike let's not wait untfurther. >> the bottoming suspect ahmad khan rahami authorities releasing details of the terror suspect bullet riddled journal brian is in newark new jersey has the very latest brian good morning to you. reporter: hey. good morning maria ahmad khan rahami is now facing o multiple state and federal charges, this morning, for those bombings in new jersey and new york. including the use of a weapon of mass destruction, attempted murder, and the use of a bomb in a public space. now the federal complaint
8:08 am
details how surveillance video was a in this investigation one point capturing, rahami polling two bags 7:28 pm saturday night chaelz manhattan an hour before the bomb went off, in that neighborhood, we have learned rahami bot bomb-making materials on ebay as early as june. authorities also found a handwritten jurnl on rahami included references to american radical cleric about al-mali al-maliki. >> parade osama bin laden. good we'lling the sounds of bombs heard in streets gunshots to police death to your oppression the unexploded second pressure cooker bomb in chelsea had 12 fingerprints matching rahami a relevant cell phone also contained a video showing rahami laughing while igniteing a defies two days before the bombing, now meantime rahami's wife she is
8:09 am
reportedly levity the country, a number of weeks before the bombing to pakistan has been detained byauthorities on way back to united states in united arab many ritz rahami's mother are reportedly left for turkey three weeks ago has not come back, born in afghanistan 28-year-old american made at least three trips to afghanistan even a 13 month trip to pakistan, friends say rahami's demeanor changed after trips subpoena's father said he alerted fbi in 2014 he feared his son had become radicalized said his son was violent hitting his mother and stabbing a brother. >> -- fbi -- >> okay. >> check, on -- >> what is going on? >> [inaudible conversations]. >>. >> fbi says they interviewed rahami's father and
8:10 am
interviewed others did not interview rahami and all his trips to the middle east at the time. clearing with no signs of terrorism. >> thank you, brian, as brian reported, his wife and his mother left, days before or weeks before, in the case of the mother, they left town, before this happened, former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson with us this morning reports are suggesting terror groups maybe waiting to strike until it gets closer to election talk to you about both points number one, what should be done in terms of his family that they left should we believe that they didn't know anything about this? >> and now there is a report saying that let's wait to strike america again, until we get a couple more weeks until election what do you think? >> well, i do believe that there are many, many terror cells in our country one of the things that impressed me when i was running talking to some sheriffs down at the borders they were telling how many people are coming across that border who are not
8:11 am
latinos, they are people who are coming from sudan, and iraq and various places those people have infill traitdz our society are waiting to do horrible things, but when i was practicing men one of the things i always said in the laboratory or operating room when something didn't work, i said, it is not a failure if you learn from it we need to learn from these situations. the father reported to the fbi. . that his son had become radicalized a couple years ago, and we still didn't do if i go about it. we need to say what is the breakdown what is the problem and we need to fix it we don't need to have a commission, and talk about it for the next two years we need to fix it right now. >> dr. carson, you don't think this is an incredible situation here? this guy was a searching for bomb materials on ebay. he was incredibly radicalized went to countries that are known to have links to terror, all of these things combined report to fbi, by the way, we
8:12 am
should give the father full credit we are al saying members of the community need to help us and assist us this guy's father actually was that standup guy and, yet, with all of these signals coming down, the fbi still didn't look. >> yeah, i mean what does it take do you have to go out and say i'm a terrorist i am going to kill everybody right now here are my weapons what does it take for them to actually move, and this is what i am talking about. we love to talk about things, and discuss them, and have joint commissions. but we've got to learn how to do things this is one of the things that you surgeons do some are criticized because they say just want to cut, no. they want to deal with the sways, they don't want to endlessly sit around and talk about it. >> precision. >> easy to say you are in charge of yourself you are not in charge of a vast
8:13 am
bureaucracy that is impossible to change and move. >> i wouldn't necessarily agree with that, some of the surgical procedures extraordinarily complex involves dodds of people so moving simultaneous in the same direction has to be coordinated by primary surgeon. >> in materialize of integration goes back to what is missed at the brurd. >> ounl the border is-- obvious border is a huge issue a lot of times we detain theme at board ice comes along and says now must release them. and they tell the sheriffs, you can't even warn the people around you, that you are releasing them until they are -- >> almost like they are people in our government who actually are on the other side, you know i don't want to think that. >> -- >> but sometimes it seems that way, we -- a loss of common sense.
8:14 am
>> you are right. >> is quite large. >> it sure is dr. carson always a pleasure to hear from you this you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> see you soon dr. ben carson. we'll be right back.
8:15 am
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is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at >>. . > . maria: welcome back, wells fargo cemptio john stumpf faced off yesterday he is facing closeto calls to resign during heated testimony on expect a hill peter barnes with details in washington.
8:17 am
reporter: never seen public lashing of executive like this in 25 years in washington, d.c., scenarios both parties sclamg a bank opening as as 2 million deposit credit card accounts but approval or authorization. >> you should resign, you should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated, by both department of justice are and securities and exchange commission. you know, this just isn't right. a cashier a handful of 20s venl but wall street executives almost never who will themselves accountable. >> scenario warren called stumpf gutless and he scrambled to explain what went wrong saying he was deeply sorry should have acted sooner to stop the practices. >> i accept full responsibility for all unethical sales practices in
8:18 am
our retail banking business. and i am fully committed to fixing this issue strengthening our culture, and taking the necessary actions to restore our customers' trust. sfloovment two weeks ago regulatory fined in the scandal blaming dishonesty employees they were caught in internal audits more than 5,000 workers in all. maria: peter thank you peter barnes the latest there next another hike for mylan only this one is capitol hill the details asongress prepares to grille ceo heather bresch over price hike of the epipen. >> gas shortage creating heartaches for drivers in the south that's next. ♪ this man creates software, used by this bank,
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maria: welcome back mylan ce-- heather brestop of face questioning on capitol hill over sky roting pen of epipen device another has solution kings emergency medical services created the epikit as turn to epipen designed to be used by medical professionals only joining us ems james, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: tell us about epikit how did kings ebb county come up with this is. >> we looked at four years ago rising cost of the epipen, and
8:23 am
we looked at for more efficient cheaper alternative and we came up with a kit which is syringes band-aids. >> we talked to recognize symptoms of -- and medicine inject in patient. >> heather bresch talked so much about the fact the bureaucracy that is why it costs so much everybody has to get a take and why she had to raise the prize hundreds of percent how come this kit so is much cheaper than epipen. >> well, one it is we use standard tliez we juice just hard case, and we have a couple syringes in there cost of kit 15 dollars the cost of adrenaline between 5 and 10 dollars per vial if you put
8:24 am
two together you are kind of looking at total 25 dollars. >> is this working? have you field-tested it having good success? >> oh, having great success we started a pilot project in about 2013, and we had about 110 users for king county, 30 different ems agencies about 4500 personnel when we trained. and since then we are averaging about 140 to 150 applications of the kit a year. as compared to the -- the epipen prior to our kit using 40 pens a year. we changed our protocols a little bit to match the current guidelines from the -- the doctors that are providing care for the patients in the community that have reactions or allergy reactions we lessened our guidelines on that.
8:25 am
>> jim, how do you get this kit to everybody in the country, there is ability to mass-produce this thing? and to -- you know, make it easier accessible for parents, et cetera? >> well we are -- our goal is to have this kit available for prehospital providers this is what kit was designed and dwelled for, we have procedures in there for fall save two providers need to looks at the drug to make sure the o dose is right patient needs it our kit is really for prehospital or providers for emergency medical services. >> do you think there is any way that you could dwoep go further put investment money into developing something a consumer could use at home this is a for a million professional about terrific but 15 bucks seems contributorily walk around could we go further make it feasible for self-administration? >> well, again, our goal is
8:26 am
for ems providers where we've really concentrated efforts on. we have not looked at the public market and i think that is a market that we don't really want to get into right now. >> why? >> well, i think for reason of kits designed for prehospital providers, and training that is done for prehospital personnel we have not looked into the public sector. >> causes of the regulations before wu let you go is it a regulatory issue? >> it is not a regulatory issue it is just the way how we developed the kit, and the training to go with it which was specifically for ems providers. maria: thanks so much we appreciate it we will be watching. >> thank you very much. maria: are thank you juror joining us more questions surrounding hillary clinton's time as secretary of state the latest headache for the campaign ahead of monday night highly anticipated debate
8:27 am
gasoline prices about spiking southeastern u.s. seeing that now what you need to know as region struggles to get a grip on gasoline shortage that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local
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8:30 am
right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. investors focus on global strer bank action market rallying bank of japan left rates unchanged overnight the doj announced up unusual policy rule they set a rate target for government bonds, take a look at nikkei average stocks rallied on heels nikkei up almost 2% in japan, this coming out of the federal reserve decision today, most believe the fed will hold off on raising interest rates, no action but what janet yellen says in press conference will be as important, in terms of market impacts futures indicate higher opening dow jones industrial average expected up 60 points full coverage of the fed decision janet yellen us. >> conference 2 pm eastern, so meet us here watch it on fox business network, checking trading in europe higher across the board, would er off the best he levels no doubt, but, nonetheless, up about 1%, in paris and germany a quarter of a percent london on ft 100 breaking news right now out of charlotte north carolina at the very least a dozen police
8:31 am
officers injured riots erupted following deadly ploifld shooting protesters cautioned clooz looting a local walmart blocked a major hey after a separate shooting in tulsa colombia last week. now the latest, in the new york and new jersey bombings justice department filing charges against ahmad khan rahami saying that he ordered explosives online, took inspiration from osama bin laden. donald trump focused on the terrorism threat in his latest attack on hillary clinton. >> i am not running to be president of the world. i am running to be president of the united states. hillary clinton is the vessel for all of the global special interests seeking to run our government, and our lives. maria: very latest coming up from the campaign trail, plus, google takes on siri the search giant what it is doings over artificial intelligence. >> glooen prices spiking some
8:32 am
stations say they are running out of fuel completely. jeff dplok in lat anta georgia the very latest where he saw that take place, good morning jeff. reporter: ticking up since we last talked maria as you see perhaps now 2.39 at this station more on price in a moment first running out of gas, that is the does aem tank right here right on the ground before us that is empty at this station many across southeast take a look at picture on pipeline we hope we are getting positive information about the play on today, we are waiting, for word from the continually pipeline company that they have restarred that key pipeline they have got a quarter mile bypass around the rupture in that pipeline, so you know we hope we get good news on it today, price up 14%, just in the last week from 2.09 to 2.38, you say what sir? are price? it is what it is, just happy
8:33 am
to have it. >> i don't have issues -- he in this area. >> -- >> okay. >> it has been fine, yeah, a lot of station gas luckily, i have heard about other areas of the country it has been more harder hit. >> got you good luck to you all you got to do is pay more. >> right. >> there you go, that is, i think, the headlined on it what this has done to national average, has begun to kick that up as well we have been headed down because of the return from the summer blends back to the regular winter gasoline a lot of places, well, usually that prices come down as a result of that. now ticking up. maria: on sist happening now for sure, thank you. we will check back jeff flock this morning in atlanta turning to the election with less than one week to go, before the first presidential debate, a new report says government documents show nearly 40% of state department appointments under secretary hillary clinton were given to clinton donors 194 on state department advisory boards
8:34 am
donating to clinton's foundation, or her campaign. the practice is not illegal, it is raising questions about how clinton foundation donors influenced the state department, again, that pay-to-play. we want to bring in creator producer of the documentary hillary's america dinner d'souza thank you so much for joining us your film getting a lot of talk, and praise for pointing all this out what is your take on this hillary clinton actually giving jobs to donors. in government. >> i think that these latest reflections are part of a continuing pattern what the person shows is the way in wisconsin clintons sort of do business. they have essentially taken, public policy, and foreign policy and made it a matter of access if you have money,they are willing to trade. and so it is a very bizarre phenomena essentially the clintons are selling public policy. and you have to understand that that is how they
8:35 am
accumulated this normal personal net worth from zero to couple hundred million dollars on government salary what is the product this they have been selling they didn't start a business they don't they didn't invent iphone their product is public policy, very scary thing to contemplate. >> just talking chatting during the commercial break, here, about elizabeth warren hearing, where elizabeth warren was hammering john stumpf i am not defensivelying johns sorry wells fargo that was horrible thing wells fargo did creating two million phony accounts you were so aggressive on him we haven't heard peep out of her in terms of these kinds of things supporting hillary clinton there are knew pay-to-play questions right now observer former president bill clinton. in january 2014 president clinton received 260 thousand dollars for a speech that lasted less than an hour. for the fragrance foundation months after that speech, the clinton foundation helped fund an effort to in haiti to have farmers grow lime project came
8:36 am
at time high lime prices hurting profits across pr fume industry nontalked about by elizabeth warren. >> remarkable, to see the clintons have not only made money, off canadian billionaires who want mineral rights, they haven't just made money off rich people they figured out how to make it off the poorest of the poor a lot of aide money designated for haiti hillary clinton's brother got on the board made money out of haiti mining contracts clinton foundation, has gotten all kinds of benefits out of haiti, this is actually a very tawdry picture of using trouble spots in the world some of the most spratly poor in the world to benefit the clintons er supplementary also to benefit their foundation which has gone from zero, to 3-billion-dollar, donations. >> dinesh that story bill clinton speaking fees on front page of the "the wall street journal" today bill clinton
8:37 am
speaking fees overlapped with foundation business related to fragrance, paid by the fragrance industry but was a related to business, that -- that fragrance industry later benefited from in haitian project charities haitian project all this we tend to walk into the weeds, into morass with this because details are so -- complicated the relationships so complicated. is it resonating with people who might be on fences who to vote or go for president? >> i think it can if it is expressed in the right way, look we have obviously have a presidents high public efficiency who were wealth, jfk was wealth man, fdr was wealthy but they obviously did not make money off the presidency. or off high public office. no one would accuse reagan or bush or even jimmy carter of having come to the government in order to get rich. the clintons in this sense are in a league of their own going book to the arkansas days
8:38 am
continuing when in white house selling lincoln bedroom selling presidential pardons for cash, there is a kind of accumulating picture here for anyone who has eyes to see. >> dinesh do you not think the headlined for this speech should be it stinks? because that is what most american voters are going to think about this corruption, we haven't talked about the fact the clinton foundation itself appears to be a scam, didn't they give out less than 10%, of the actual money to charity and the rest is paying for fees. so essentially you are just paying them, about about. >> compensation. >> at the. >> 6% away. >> 6%. >> foundation the foundation is clearly a charity front. it is really a way for them to accumulate for themselves if you look at bill clinton speaking niece in the normal range of other former presidents until hillary became a powerful senator when secretary of state speaking legalese quadrupled he has to
8:39 am
700,000 dollars for single speech the speech itself pure rubbish but by and large what people are paying is paying for something that they wanted hillary as secretary of state to do, and the speech was kind of dw disguised form of bribe. >> mainstream media is ignoring this entire thing if you were campaign strategy for donald trump what would you recognize to get this message out there to american people more broadly? >> i think the ways to use the reaganite approach of using clear and anecdotes i would do a campaign as begins with poor haitians protesting outside clinton foundation hey bill hail hillary where is the where is the haiti earthquake more than? and then i would go on to show that a great deal of money wasa hillary were in a positiveings to interp it very little of that money got there. >> we will leave there it dinesh thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you.
8:40 am
>> denin d'souza joining us more americans counting themselves out of the middle class stuart varney has a thing or two to say about that will we in on s so-called economic recovery that is next say hello, we will look at google's plan to take on siri, stay with us. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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. maria: welcome back 45 minutes away for opening bell for wednesday, take a looks at markets we are off the best levels of the session, nonetheless we are expecting a rally at opening of trading up about 56 points on dow jones industrial average. ahead of results of a two day fed meeting, later today. microsoft shares rising raising quarterly dividend 8% to 39 krns a share announced 340-billion-dollar to being buyback program microsoft stock up nearly 30% year over year shares of alphabet the account of goingl unveiling answer to apple siri the assistant called alo part of messaging app google says it can help you make plans, find information and express yourselves in chat we will watch those today recovery? what recovery what ceo of top polling company is saying about compromise i right now joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney, to weigh in i feel like of you said that you asked that
8:45 am
question before. >> we have been on this for years and years and years! recovery? what recovery? 2% or 1% growth just doesn't make it, what you are referring to maria from gallup, they look at people, and say are you in the middle, in other words, do you identify as middle class? back in 2008, 61% said yes middle america that is us we are middle class. today? 51%. so during the course of the so-called recovery we dropped 10 points in the people identifying as middle america, middle class people. that is not a recovery. by any shred of that is not a recovery. we also had word probably national institute of retirement security, 40 million households that is 45% of american households have absolutely zero saved for retirement. >> no i.r.a. no 401(k) no company pension plan nothing
8:46 am
nada nothing, 40 million households nothing for turment, where is the recovery? why is it this isn't this major issue in this election? >> the moment it is tier or race relations about about deplorablesetsets should be rush to prosperity it is not. >> president is twig out of five days before election to campaign for hillary, so he is not focused on where the recovery is and how to create jobs, but he is going to be focused on hillary, who takes off two out of five days? just saying. >> i mean what i would like to ask a quick question, stuart, you do known a longtime experimental attacks to exponenshal that is what happens when people are wrong on facts, so do you think this will ever become part of the narrative in the election the middle class, and the staving of the middle classifies.
8:47 am
>> -- middle class. >> i hope it is will it become an issue in the election yes, i think it will, because some point it does come down to money. that is what fox business is all about, after all, doing very well, it is all about money, so i do believe that at some point in the next 48 days, we will get to the issue of prosperity frankly i think we should have been there already. >> dagen one of the topics that is one of the topics of the moderator american prosperity right. >> choice comes down to stuart, do you expect the government to take care of it? you haven't saved for retirement do you expect government to be there do you expect deposit to take care of your health care that is really the choice personal responsibility and self-direction, versus falling back on uncle sam letting somebody else deal with it letting somebody else's tax payer dollars take care of it. >> one hundred percent right dagen do we want more the same a third obama term? more government, all government all the time? more of the same for the next four or even 8 years, i think
8:48 am
that would be a disaster for america, as a united country as prosperous country i think a disaster i want growth to me soul issue that counts is economic growth because it is prosperity that is the glue that binds us together. >> it absolutely is you are right stu number one issue right now what we need see the see you in 10 minutes "varney & company" begins top of the hour every day 9:00 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria" race to white house sparking debate over illegal immigration one are former undocumented immigrant turned her story into the american dream. back in a minute.
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. . maria: welcome back there are more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states, right now, our next guest share sharing her experience includes climbing the corporate ladder at goldman sachs earning 6 figure salary after being an illegal immigrant want to bring in right now julisa author of my underground american dream my true story of an undocumented grant became wall street executive great do have you on the program thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> title siays it will all what should viewers know about life as undocumented immigrant. >> very tough as undocumented immigrant constantly facing challenges every single thing you do has bigger consequences every time behind wheel of a car breaking a law we are not able to get drivers' licenses going to college an education,
8:53 am
is way more challenging because there are no resources for us, financial aid so it is very, very difficult existence of full of sacrifice to be sacrifice unimaginableable things for an opportunity to be -- >> is it emotional -- an emotional story because of what you just say going through all these things in daily life, first off how did you get here. >> i came when i was 11 years old be reunited with parents with visa something people forget in the every undocumented immigrant crossed the border we tend to focus on that part of the issue a lot. >> so you had visa then you just stayed. >> my veez ae expired when i was 14 years old. >> and -- >> that is when i became undocumented immigrant you talked about a skoir moment working at goldberg received a letter from irs that your social security number did not match their records tell us that story. >> yeah, it was scary day to for me getting that letter thinking everything is going to be over now, and i got that
8:54 am
letter from irs, because i pay taxes, undocumented immigrants pay taxes we have paid over 100 billion dollars, into the social security fund over the last decade, so there is the rhetoric that immigrant don't pay taxes is not true because we do pay taxes. >> how able to stay even though visa expired. >> because i was undocumented, i did get false documents to be able to work at goldman, and that is how i was able to stay. >> obviously gold north american didn't know. >> correct. >> and you were worried every time mail came you didn't know what was going to happen next. >> yeah every day, every day, i was scared but that would be the last day i would be able to pursue my dreams and bishz ambitious it would be over the only choice i had to life in order to be here. >> lucky to get a job at goldman sachs. >> yeah i was lucky but also worked really hard to earn that job, so the papers sort of -- having the documents but really was my education, and
8:55 am
my hard work, that earned me the job and that earned me every promisiotion that i had. >> i am glad you mentioned that, i expected that you worked really hard to get that job, to actually move up the ladder, obviously immigration reformer top issue let me ask you about nominees in light of all this hillary clinton has commanding lead over donald trump latest fox news latino poll clinton 66% compared to trump 20% among latino registered voters do you agree with this what could donald trump do do you think to close this gap does he need to reach out to latino community or does latino community need tee explain to both candidates more things like your story. >> i don't really think there is anything donald trump can do to earn latino vote there is certainly nothing he can do to earn my vote he has for a year, over a year demonized
8:56 am
the community the policies he is suggesting would be dangerous harmful to our economy building a wall, deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants really harmful to the economy and latinos we care more about than just invocation we care about having jobs health care we care about living in a secure country. >> were you given with a services were you getting in terms of government services. >> i never wanted government services. >> but you could have. >> maybe frankly undocumented don't even acquittal whole point we don't have papers, therefore, we don't qualify for a lot of services. that are available to people who are documented. >> we contribute to the system we receive very few benefits. >> did legal immigrants get mad that you had this job at goldman sachs maybe a job perhaps that could have been offered to them. >> yes, 17,000 people apply for job at goldman sachs. 00 people get it every single year they definitely could
8:57 am
have o chosen any other candidate the reason i got the job again because i have qualifications to have that job, and i hope to create jobs, my team was two of us when i first started by time i left goldman our team was 8 people. so not only do we -- i think this rhetoric we take jobs, is incorrect we create jobs we give of our talents to make our economy and country better. >> a great story, my undergrad american dream, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> final, also panel come right back. stay with us. [alarm beeping] ♪ ♪
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>> thanks to our panel. anthony scaramucci, dagen mcdowell and "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: a riot in charlotte after a black police officer shoots a black motorist. law enforcement say he had a gun, and relatives say it was a book. and america's racial divide on display in north carolina. good morning, everyone, we will have more on that coming up. first this, ahmad khan rahami, the new york bomber, is now an election issue. he has linked immigration and terror. trump has seized on this, hillary clinton wants to move past it. now, rahami made trips to pakistan and afghanistan. he was radicalized there.


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