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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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repeat what the fbi says about the two men. they were seen near the site of a bombing over the weekend on west 27th street. it was a terror cell. that is the news of the moment. neil: we will be going to the fbi when the press conference ensues. a dramatic development in the financial world concerning hedge fund manager leon cooperman charging insider trading. issue with an investment the fund made before the sale of the natural gas facility. cooperman says this is about nothing, detailed analysis and recommendation of a former investment analyst who left the firm several years ago. cooper telegraphed to a war on the wealthy, might recall when he was last with us.
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>> there is a definite negative view of wealth and it is very concerning and if you have money today you are out of favor, no matter how much social good you are out-of-favor. neil: you have to wonder with tough news in the corporate world whether there is something to the notion that capitalism is having a rough week, the latest charges of leon cooperman, coming under the grill on capitol hill in a couple hours and wells fargo's ceo, did not do all that well yesterday safe to say, charles payne added up and wonders what is going down. charles: a tough week for capitalism, tough year for capitalism. it won't get better no matter who wins the white house. neil: donald trump is more anti-big bank than hillary clinton.
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charles: anti-big bank and wall street, wall street is not public enemy number one but in the top three. i read something, a survey that money magazine saying white voters, working-class voters blame their economic woes on wall street, capitalism is front and center, corporate america, smaller profits and a lot they brought on themselves. neil: the epipen thing. charles: this thing with wells fargo. neil: they ruin it for everybody, the government gets involved to punish the few. charles: this is the problem. when we have a solution to this it is a gigantic blanket, guess who can deal with it? the large corporations with wells fargo can deal with
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anything, the small community may be hampered by rules or speed bumps. we have seen the knee-jerk reaction, going back to the enron stuff, that is where london took business from america because it came became too tougher small brokerages. when i am down in my office each building at one point had 10 brokerage firms and three floors, and office and four or five places, businesses investing in small businesses and small investors, a beautiful thing. merrill lynch of the world, and the bottom line, the pendulum swings too far. charles: leon cooperman in 2007
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increased his position. i am not sure, a blank deal. neil: a large position, so the pipeline, they are claiming people on the inside, dealing in profiting handsomely. before he owned stock years earlier and people in wall street by stock, these kind of businesses because the bad company can have oversold stock like a great company, so the business end has nothing to do with value. when stock looks attractive you buy it if you think you can make
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money. neil: we have them, the ceo out to get wells fargo's ceo already growing so you can imagine it will get ugly. new york authorities are detailing the search for two additional individuals in the attacks on the new york metropolitan area. >> the purpose of the event this morning is to familiarize with rituals and customs of the holiday and provide a forum for security updates from the department. we did a little you and a. a small group in this room, we use the auditorium. mike osgood, a recap of hate crimes over the past couple years, and scott did an overview of response command. in my comments i gave a recap of the 23rd street incident from saturday night. and a recap of what we are doing
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citywide as far as coverage. >> a few moments ago we concluded -- it may be going on, we left early. neil: we will monitor this. the big news is they back into this, the search for two individuals who might have planned these devices in the new york metropolitan area in new jersey and elsewhere and the guy had help and may be more help than this but more details we will keep you posted the dollars with political news including the notion expressed by a top campaign official that this presidential race is tight as a tick, the electoral mess indicates just that. connell mcshane has been looking at that and has startling news connell: what hillary clinton's campaign manager is getting at is donald trump has a legitimate path to victory, the trump needs
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to win 6 or 7 swing states and that is a legitimate path. pay attention to this map, not look at red and blue or gray but look at the electoral college. you need 270 votes to win. that is -- 273 for the democrats and hillary clinton, significant need and one that would put her over the top, the 270 threshold she needed, things have changed. there have been changes in three key states. i will show you those and we will come back to this map and see how it reflecting the race, the first is new hampshire, live free or die new hampshire, four electoral votes in new hampshire. this is a lean state, look at the divergence, blue clinton, red is trump, pretty big lead for hillary clinton but the last
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part of the chart clinking coming down and from coming up, we are now calling new hampshire a tossup. ditto for colorado. we bring that up at the same one, two lines far apart but the trump line comes up, clinton comes down, colorado is in the tossup column. a little different point about iowa. this had been a tossup, look how close the lines are, crisscrossing the direction but at the end donald trump's redline starts to go up, hillary clinton's blue line going down. we have taken iowa out of the tossup column and made it a lean red state. back to the map, you start to see how the path to victory comes with donald trump, narrow as it is is out there. the the changes we made to new hampshire and colorado and if we go to the red column in iowa we will make that a lean red state and this is how fox sees the race, the electoral votes have
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gone down by 13 and hillary clinton is at 260, she only needs 10 to get there but still would be a favorite to get there but donald trump can do this without taking a state that is blue and turning it to his column, you can do it through the top, i go back to you, we talk about it so much, loss wins for trump, he has to win in florida, georgia, north carolina, if we give him states like ohio, no one has won the presidency without ohio, he is up to 247, plausible the trump wins in arizona and polling well in nevada. now with the race in this hypothetical it is so close that donald trump and the electoral college has moved ahead, not enough to put him over the top but leaves with those two states we mentioned. if he wins four votes in new hampshire and wins in colorado where it is closer, hillary clinton a slight favorite could put him over the top with only
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swing states, 277-260. the path is narrow but more plausible than it was last month. neil: thank you very much. this could explain hillary, a swing of 12 points in three days, referring to what happened in the state of ohio, battleground state carried the name, it is now until election day. and the importance of this. every team member, aggressively looking at the time to get aggressive they are not taking it lightly. the trend is always in front.
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>> polls are tightening, we are after labor day, ahead of the first debate, look at the polls next week after the debate, this has the potential to be a game changer. as connell mentioned the path donald trump has is becoming slightly more clear because he is becoming more competitive, clinton's drop in the polls, trump's surge. and hanging out in places like ohio and pennsylvania. president obama plans to campaign around pennsylvania, gearing up and rallying the obama coalition, facing enthusiasm and i have been playing around, you can play around with these different
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states and even if trump wins ohio, florida, iowa, one electoral vote in maine and nevada still below that threshold so that puts emphasis on pennsylvania which he can use to put this away but he is behind in pennsylvania. democrats have been doing well in that state for a long time. neil: it puts more pressure on both candidates for the debate. we learned from ronald reagan in 1980 the debates ahead of the general election, he won the debate with jimmy carter, resulted in a swing in the polls so we know how important they can be. as important this go-round? >> i think it is critical this time around. this is an unconventional race mother first time we have seen these two candidates head to head and both have a lot to prove. early voting starts soon after the first debate.
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there is a lot of pressure on clinton to make a closing argument, get reluctant voters to her side, ensues her base, she has done this many times before so i think the pressure is really on. trump really needs to show that he has the temperament and ability to go head to head with someone very experienced at this and a lot of questions independent voters may have and reluctant republicans. neil: thank you very much, following these developments, we are monitoring new york city, where officials are detailing, getting help from the fbi to unknown individuals showing up in closed-circuit camera image that might be, who might have been behind the bombing attacks
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in new york and the metropolitan area over the weekend was we had an image of them, suspects they cannot identify were seen in and around the chelsea area, 27th street in new york, they want to see what they know and what they discovered. we will keep you posted on that. two hours away from a decision on interest rate on the part of the federal reserve, that usually comes out at 2:00 pm eastern time. most of the markets do not think the federal reserve will move interest rates, douglas holtz-eakin says one way or the other investors want the party to continue, low interest rates. >> markets have gotten used to easy money. anytime the fed threatens to take it away we see equity selloffs, it is a mistake for the fed to be this low this long. at some point you have to rip
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off the rates to the party. neil: when you think about japan, taking a rate of a 10 year note, 10 year bond, a great deal of control over the markets to suit your will. what we have been doing with the federal reserve with 0 interest rates, where would we be without that? >> we would be in the same place. the fed did a fantastic job stopping the freefall, the best intervention in the financial crisis, they provided vast amounts of liquidity, everything since then, qe2 and operation twist, large-scale asset purchases, all of those were supposed to generate better growth and didn't. we have been running at 2% or lower year after year and the lesson is this isn't going to generate growth.
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the problem with the fed's they are in the tight tactical battle where they look at unemployment numbers, not quite strong enough to raise rates and they are in the loan ballpark, we have 2% inflation, unemployment under 5% for an it restrained period, they should have more monetary policy. neil: if the fed were to a great? >> you would see financial market jitters, that is not all we should care about. they are an important transition. neil: you are right about that. thank you very much. and locating nameless individuals, indicating the individuals allegedly located luggage on the sidewalk, and
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moved on. and potential culprits in this coordinated attack. anyone's guess.
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and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. neil: we are monitoring the press conference going on right now, something jermaine you need to know we will take you to it right away. they are looking for two individuals who might not be behind the attack but they were there the night of the attack, closed-circuit tv cameras showed them locating luggage on the sidewalk and removing an improvised explosive device in leaving and they want to know what these guys are doing and whether they were witness to an event, part of the event,
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accomplices to that event but this is growing concern that this was bigger than we thought, involving more than ahmad khan rahami. it grows as we speak. judge andrew napolitano says so it should when you focus on an investigation focusing on all-americans as we tend to do and surrender our policy. i wonder what we are learning about ahmad khan rahami. he is involved in explosive stuff. his own dad called him a terrorist years earlier. unusual ranting and raving. there is a lot there. there must be an algorithm. judge napolitano: he used his mobile device to photograph himself designating a pipe bomb in his backyard and others were there because somebody held the
12:22 pm
mobile device since he was visible, the fbi -- neil: should have gotten the attention, authorities say they are monday morning quarterbacks. i understand that you said when you are targeting or compromising privacy you compromise for all. >> i have been a harsh critic of the government since the it snowed in revelations in 2013 and one of the interesting emails he revealed, the head of the nsa to all 60,000 nsa agents. when in doubt collect it all. collecting it all meaning digital copies of every phone call, text message of everybody in the united states is information overload. it does not keep us safe. there is so much data that the nsa agents have no time to get into his cell phone to find the
12:23 pm
digital version of run through explosion in time to prevent the actual explosion. you take off a lot of things he did all of which were captured digitally. add to that round-trip tickets to pakistan, if the nsa put that together and sent it in a package to the fbi they would be in position to have -- neil: they were sidetracked on broader things? judge napolitano: there is no time to analyze it they have so much information. when they wrote the fourth amendment they require the government to focus on people under suspicion but the nsa uses a fishnet, gathering judge napolitano and our relatives who have nothing to do with this, clogging up the system and they can't get to the data about the
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bad people. the idea that surrendering liberty enhances safety is bogus, it doesn't work. it does give the them public the impression evidentially 20 stuff like this. thank you very much. the latest on the dow that doesn't know what to make of this. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class.
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>> you should resign. you should give back the money you took while the scan was going on. >> i start out today by accepting full responsibility. >> for response ability for establishing a culture that put people in an impossible situation would be to resign. >> your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low-level employees who don't have the money for a fancy pr firm to defend themselves. the only way wall street will
12:28 pm
change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive fraud. neil: he had another invite in the mail today, wells fargo's chief executive in front of the house financial services committee on september 29th. how should i do that, at a time when lawmakers are busy grilling fields of all sorts including mylan's ceo, very likely, whether the price of these epipens that were marked up, 500% and then some, whether that was just capitalism run amok to representative john mica who will be among those questioning the mylan ceo about all that. so much pressure, we come to find out the chief executive's mother was among those
12:29 pm
petitioning schools to have these. what do you want to find out? >> we are looking at a whole range of questions, the price gouging, probably get into executive composition, why we don't have a generic available. if you have competition the price goes down and we look at some of the things the administration did. it appears they blocked allowing importation of similar pharmaceuticals that could have brought the price down and cut deals on obamacare that jacked prices up for the consumer. neil: do you find it a bit disingenuous for the ceo to blame obamacare for this saying limited options left her with no options and a lot of people will end up paying this much? i could see a little more but
12:30 pm
taking an $80 epipen and making a $600 epipen goes beyond incredible. >> we are looking -- allowed this company to take advantage of folks and one thing clearly the deal that was cut between the obama administration and insurers and they let some drugs and treatment and other procedures sort of off the price control chart and that allowed and has allowed some of the drugs in part be to escalate balloons. we want to look at everything, why there is no generic available if they are dragging their feet on that how to get some competition into the market and if there has been price gouging by the executives for ripping off the consumer we will go after them too.
12:31 pm
neil: do you find a lot of your democratic colleagues who have been urging tougher regulations, saying that about wells fargo, a different case i grant you and in the case of mylan life and death matters businesses left to their own devices will gouge people and we got to do something about that. what do you think? >> government has an important responsibility, particularly in areas we can control to keep the companies straight and look out for the consumer. our job is to look out for the public, we represent the public, make sure they are not being ripped off. it is an important responsibility. by the same token we can put folks out of business with too much regulation. it cost $1 billion to bring a drug online. you want a fair return and we
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will have products available that will save lives but don't want to close down the market. neil: we will be watching. the same time there is a gas shortage to the southeast and that is where prices are surging, not nationally but there. the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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neil: forgive some folks in the southeast if they don't share in celebrating lower gas prices. jeff flock is in georgia. why it is not happening there. jeff: the ultimate in on time, gas doesn't sit around somewhere. it has to come on a pipeline. the big pipeline goes down like the colonial pipeline, there is trouble. we are getting word the colonial pipeline will restart wednesday evening. that is what several oil saying, it will restart by tonight but gas prices have spiked and continue to do so and they say it will take a while. look at the percentage increases in the southeast, georgia up 12%. a station in marietta, georgia went from $2.09 to $2.39 in the last week, north carolina up 8%,
12:37 pm
i tell you, look over here, they have regular gas, a lot of stations are like this, regular is here. if you want to be environmentally whatever this is diesel, that is bad because there is no diesel at this station. it is a mess out here but it is getting better we think. neil: drivers, do they know what is contributing to this? are they getting angry? jeff: for the weekend there was some panic buying but today,. you can get this from your car, this young lady is typing away. are you happy? she has gas, she is happy. it is better today than it was. we headlines over the weekend. neil: she might have found out the gas station carries fbn.
12:38 pm
thank you very much. cme group executive vice chairman here with us on the fallout from all of that. energy-related contracts are a big drama, maybe not. what is the fallout, a commodity of one sort goes up. what do you think? >> let me welcome you back, good to see you back and hope you feel good because you look great. neil: guarantee you know tough questions now. continue. >> i think when you look at the price in the southeast, they have lower gas prices compared to what we have in the midwest, because of the location of the product, it doesn't surprise me we have dislocation and price off of price where we have seen 5 year lows in the price of oil and the disruption, you will see
12:39 pm
a percentage. neil: is it a disproportionate reaction to the event in question? the colonial pipeline itself, not as if it was shutdown permanently. >> hard to believe it is associated with that especially with the oil we are getting out of this country alone when we continue to get it, no question a surplus of oil products around the world and more in the united states, one of those things, why do you think this happened? because it can and that happened. neil: a lot of times we don't understand the gyrations. you have a federal reserve meeting and it will not raise interest rates because it doesn't see inflation but if the consensus is wrong and they do, i would imagine the so-called inflation hedges or concern would prompt a run-up in the cme. do you see that happening?
12:40 pm
>> if we see a surprise today we will see some extreme volatility. the fed has lended more volatility to the market than any factor over the last several months. it is a surprise the 80% that they won't move. if you see the smallest basis point move you will see asset classes volatility go up all over because it is affecting the dollar, product, especially oil, you could see a huge spike in volatility, if the fed has any surprises in the marketplace. neil: a year ago if memory serves me right when federal reserve did not increase rates it will do on later in december there was disappointment the fed would somehow fall down the curve or was missing something, is there a possibility that reaction where the market says this is getting long in the
12:41 pm
tooth you are creating a bubble, inflation is out there, look what is happening. >> i do think what is happening is you are looking at people looking more at corporate earnings and fundamental factors associated with global markets, not what the fed policy is going to be in the united states or arounds the world, we are at zero levels, trying to figure out who they are sending to spend more money with people in debt, and around the world, this is one of those things the market eventually is going to stop watching the fed, look at corporate earnings or net returns and consumer sentiment at the utmost of people's mind. maybe inflation. neil: thank you, cme group executive chairman and president, thank you. donald trump is in ohio, another
12:42 pm
battleground state. you have been following what hillary clinton is doing, battleground state, battleground state, why that is the case and half a dozen states could decide this whole thing. these goofy glasses.
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lori: i am lori roffman with a foxbusiness brief, stocks staged a total turn around and lost most of the gains to the fed decision, looking for a no rate hike. oil surging better than 2% on a
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neil: i did not realize until i was listening to liz claman that warned buffett's and just a passive observer, he owns a lot of stock. liz: he owns 500 million shares. that is what he owns. 500 million shares roughly and roughly 10% stake, the largest -- we have been picking up the phone like everybody else, i was able to reach him late last night, he was wide awake, had come from raising money for hillary clinton in nebraska. i reached him and said we got to ask you are the largest
12:48 pm
shareholder, haven't heard anything from you, and i have to turn you down. if i start talking about it, that will lead down a bunch of different avenues. handling these scandals come in all different ways, has come out in total support by clayton holmes, all kinds of questions how they were hard selling, their shareholder meeting around captain clinton. and won't talk about anything after the november election. can only assume even though he would not talk about it, and if he is not -- neil: and sorry to interrupt you. >> november 10th is when he will
12:49 pm
be ready to talk. >> was not entirely out of character for the financial crisis, a huge state, 20% stake in moody's, the ratings agency, aaa rating. neil: we were chatting about insider trading, cooperman and testifying in an hour, not a good day for the wells fargo chief, not a good week for capitalism. >> with the government is trying to do its job, our job is to protect the public, sometimes they wake up and say let's go with the machete and get out there but in certain cases like mylan, 50 million americans suffer from food allergies that are fatal or can be fatal and
12:50 pm
all kinds of questions about what this company has the ability to do. price hikes are not illegal especially when you own a monopoly. neil: whatever you inc. of the health care law it is dependent on that. liz: like blaming the prison for inmates who dug a hole underneath because they build the wall too high, they built the fence too hi, you can't blame the prison. neil: which she is going to do later on. if only you could get him on the phone. neil: a lot more on that. more signs iran doesn't respect, that shouldn't be news but what it is doing and the message it is sending will surprise you after this. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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>> i said never will the government give you money, never saw this happen. neil: never got that cash. >> don't think so. they let us go. neil: he was held in iran captive for the better part of three years acknowledging the obvious, it was ran some that the cash paid and secured his release and no other way to look at it. it was ran some, $1.7 billion, the state of wyoming, looking more closely at iran, that country it's muscle and they
12:55 pm
have been adding a lot to that armament collection. what do you think of what the pastor was saying? it was money that got me out. >> if iran is in the drivers seat this president has given them enough money to fill the car with gas for a long time and they are thumbing their nose at us. the president before negotiating with iran should have secured the release of the hostages, that should have happened first but iran as the president said at the united nations is able to work with other nations, chosen to work with russia and iran as a launching pad for bombing missions in syria, strengthening bashar al-assad and russia. neil: whatever you said is not ran some. we avoided a war here.
12:56 pm
that is the right thing to do. they are playing like a fiddle here. what do you think? >> they are playing the president like a fiddle, flat-footed during this part of the world, this has been feckless around the world, our enemies no longer fear us. our friends don't trust us because the president says one thing and does another which is why we are seeing additional aggression by vladimir putin but we are seeing increased activity in north korea, china, the president sees a trip there, seeing at all around the world with iran, syria, continuing to project weakness. the next president no matter who it turns out to be, and the president has made the situation
12:57 pm
worse. neil: thank you very much, good seeing you. neil: waiting to hear from the federal reserve whether interest rates go on or stay unchanged. is that the best possible outcome? maybe not. after this.
12:58 pm
i'm not sure in
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tree into the millionaire investor mark cuban is weighed in on this sec charges come insider trading charges saying that it's pretty much bogus. definitely which. a six-year-old trade straight out of the show. williams, we should say the fcc is saying mr. cooperman was purchasing securities in the atlas pipeline partners in advance of the company's sale, asset sale to natural gas processing plant. he was getting inside information on not. he says it's bogus.
1:01 pm
and now mark cuban pretty much tweaking he believes the guy or not the government. donald trump meanwhile in ohio as donald trump is waiting to hear from the federal reserve although he says the federal reserve is way too political. my next guest agrees most expect not to raise interest rates. mr. trump is proven right. scott, you are firmly convinced it's a political institution. >> i am. the fed chairwoman obviously appointed by the president is sending to keep in mind. the fed has a chance to prove it. they have a chance to hike rates in front of one of the most controversial and most watch elections and probably our countries history to hike rates ahead of an election and a strengthening but meandering economy but also one that is the party moved up as your member in december they did hike rates up
1:02 pm
to zero and promised more interest rate hikes in 2016. the economy has not changed that much since last year but they've been so reluctant to hike for fear of helping donald trump and hurting hillary clinton. tree into you could make an argument that they're just concerned about rattling the markets. that is probably an even worse reason because you are doing the markets bidding here. if certainly wouldn't be the first federal reserve open market committee to heed the markets wishes. >> no, that's true. i would argue that really caught fire with ben bernanke the previous chairman to janet yellen. i agree with your point that the funny notion because should the fed really be concerned about the stock market? they say they are, the janet yellen has taught about a reaction and biotech, things that the fed does not have in their mandate. neil: i agree with you. it's not only the fed did
1:03 pm
congress would harp in the early days of the bush administration with this rescue fund and the markets tank almost a thousand points. they get back together, revoke, approve it in the market still falls over the next few months and an additional 6000 points. why do we play this game? >> at the testing to figure out why they are playing. i agree with you. in reality we want growth. we want normal policies. we want markets to operate on their own now without government stimulus in fed intervention. look what happened with japan overnight. the crazy stimulus where they've lost complete control of children in the play yard in the markets have shown they've been wrong. neil: they are paid in a government dictated rate on a 10 year bond, the equivalent in japan. that's goofy.
1:04 pm
>> don't forget in europe and japan they are buying corporate debt, too. not only government debt, day by debt of corporations to say just go out and create all that debt that will stimulate the economy. i don't buy it. neil: scott martin, thank you very much. you've got a wonder for wescott insane. let's say the fed hikes interest rates. it would be half a point. is that so onerous? is that so awful? )-right-paren says no. let's take a chill pill here. the market columnist now with me to gauge getting all hot and bothered about nothing. >> i don't think there's any risk of rapidly rising rate to high levels. we are paying a lot of attention because we are in the news business here there's not going to be a big increase.
1:05 pm
>> they are worried about the trend. a quarter-point, half a point. you know what i mean? >> i agree. watch the tenure. 1.7%. that is where you'd really start to see this without we were getting a lot of inflation through the system and the interest rates at the five and 10 and longer, though start to rise dramatically. that would have that would have been a factor that affects the mortgage rates and bond market. to be honest, i hate to disagree with your previous guest, but i don't see any strong case for raising rates anyway. there is very little inflation. the atlantis that now cast -- they've been cutting about a month on what they predict the third-quarter gdp growth is. the sad -- to be honest, the fed wants inflation. the biggest danger is deflation, which has been incorporated.
1:06 pm
neil: i kind of agree unless you want to talk about the bubble building, but that gets back to the markets and i agree with you. the one thing i agree is whether they create bigger problems kind of where we are now and it does nothing. does that send a signal. these guys don't even eat their own pudding. >> i think it's to start calling this a full employment rate. what you have to see if sustained wage inflation coming through. everyone remembers -- everyone remembers the early 90s, the bank of japan when the bubble burst, they cut interest rates and then they were premature in raising it and they never went out of the deflationary cycle.
1:07 pm
i do agree with you that if there is inflation is in asset prices and not is of course the big problem. they are not seen rising wages and prices in the stores, but they see a rise in price for earnings on the stock market and the question is would you do about that and what do you do about rising corporate debt levels? but, there is no perfect solution. the last thing they wanted to just kill the economy, putting into another recession or another slowdown. neil: good catching up with you. thank you very much. >> in the meantime, this whole issue is among the many issues donald trump has been putting all this power in this agency, this group that no one can control. it's now out of control. what he's been saying on terror and hillary clinton's problem. the bottom line is reviewed to agree or disagree, you cannot ignore the events he has made in
1:08 pm
some key battleground states that have that now looking potentially doable that he could wind up costing. whether you are worried now now seeming to have a shot. >> it felt like a race to the problem. donald trump has been more measured and restrained. the african american community is coming up with unimaginative school choice proposal. this is a year where change does matter. and frankly, hillary clinton feels and acts more like a status quo candidate and i think that mr. trump said damage. neil: some of the campaign folks up in the clinton organization getting frantic year.
1:09 pm
they can't believe that either your point of view, they think they should be bashing him and they are not. would you make of that? >> will love -- neil: i'm sorry, kevin. gina. >> those of us who have been watching how donald trump does politics, how he does this predicts that typing might happen now. now mr. trump is actually winning in six days that obama won before. definitely things are tightening. the democrats kind of grab instant people last-minute the bottom line is some of the republican voters in key swing
1:10 pm
states. it's not surprising to those who thought this might happen. >> we are just waiting for trump to explode. he's going to do something embarrassing that a debate. you will do some thing that will confirm your opinion that he is a volatile not safe candidate. the sabbathday hangs on? the debate? >> i hope democrats are ready for that. hillary will be prepared. but will she be inspired? the biggest challenge hillary clinton has is to inspire people to want to vote. if she doesn't get people excited about her being the president, this is an opportunity. one thing we know for sure, donald trump has inspired the electorate in ways we haven't seen because he's talking about something different. i have major problems with personal and old speared hillary clinton can't match is ultimate
1:11 pm
insult. in other words -- neil: real quickly, if you could advise donald trump, your guy in this race, what would you tell them for the debate? >> made prepared them, for debates before and i'm sure mr. trump is considering psychology there. that's my background and that's where i will focus into a wall. i don't think she'll be able to do it. 20% of blacks commit 32% of hispanics. neil: he's not carrying that many blacks. no way. >> 20% of the numbers i saw it today. neil: i don't know. we'll see. thank you very much. i appreciate it. you didn't hear it for me, but there is a debate and we are live on long island. spn we start at 8:00 p.m. and we are there all the way -- who
1:12 pm
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1:16 pm
in the meantime, fbi is trying to find out who these two individuals cited here. the point in midtown manhattan of the explosion this past weekend whether they were just part of it, witnesses to it. adam shapiro with the latest on what were lucky not. >> yeah, neil. that may bring up to speed on those two guys in a second. the complaint against ahmad khan rahami reveals the evidence the government possesses against rahami. they've uncovered surveillance video which shows rahami on the streets roughly 30 minutes before the explosion on west 20 heard street and dragging a bag to leave to contain a bomb that failed to explode on west 27th street. the complaint outlines rahami's purchases and other outlets of materials, chemicals, ball bearings and electric igniters. prosecutors say he used to make
1:17 pm
bombs between june and august of this year. identification from several cell phones which use in a terror plot and another belong to a family member. police recovered the journal in monday new jersey. it includes quotes condemning the united states and praying for all it to not take jihads away from him. this quote appears to elude god willing the sounds of the bumblebee hurt industries. death to your oppression. in the journal are references to distractions of terrorist leaders to attack nonbelievers who shot and killed 13 people in fort hood, texas and osama bin laden. post on social media hungry username afghan cave 76 linking to the jihad murders and then. but even not address 786 belongs
1:18 pm
to account. pull up that photo of the two men the fbi now has on the page where you find the most wanted list. they want to seek these individuals and talk to them or the surveillance video these two men taking the pressure cooker bomb out of what appears to be a suitcase and putting it down and then taking the suitcase. that's why they want talk to them. neil: wild stuff. we are monitoring this whether these individuals get into this. >> the place of public use and destruction of property for the chelsea bombing. as well as for her the bombs allegedly planted in seaside park in elizabeth, new jersey. the first case to proceed will be the federal case brought yesterday in manhattan federal court. we have filed a risk with the
1:19 pm
u.s. marshals service and we expect he will soon be brought into this district. charges led to considerable evidence the fbi and n.y.p.d. was able to gather in a short period of time and the evidence shows a premeditated act of terrorism. the evidence includes 12 fingerprints recovered from the undetonated bob on the 27th street location in chelsea including the pressure cooker, duct tape and the cell phone. surveillance video of the rahami near the 23rd street on 27 minutes before the explosion. surveillance video of rahami walking with the briefcase just minutes after the explosion or block south. license plate reader show in a car tied to the residents entering manhattan through the tunnel about two hours before the explosion and maybe manhattan two hours after.
1:20 pm
i hand written journal at the time of his arrest talking about other things. jihads, pipe bombs, pressure cooker in the sounds of bombs in the street as well as laudatory references to him were all lucky and osama bin laden. this weekend as you well appreciate, the american way of life was attacked in everyday routine were shaken in chelsea in seaside park. this has been classically american and what we have come to expect in our city for new yorkers. care for the big guns, calm amidst the chaos and law enforcement action. thanks to that response, rahami will face terrorism charges in the court of law. let me turn to what we came here to talk about showing in some ways the diversity of our docket. sometimes law enforcement does i
1:21 pm
was so proud as we saw this week. sometimes sadly law enforcement does not and that brings me to today's case. excessive use of force in prisons we believe has reached crisis proportions in new york state. we've taken aggressive action. neil: the upshot air is ahmad khan rahami, there's a lot more to the case that he was behind this than what's earlier. they are also learning from the reporting there was a lot of times that this was someone you might want to pay attention to, whether it eats the anti-used, frequent trips abroad, pakistan not just for a week or two but the better part of the year. his wife leaving the day before. his father saying a couple years earlier he expected his son was a terrorist. enough to show up on him once radar. the national security correspondent sarah carter.
1:22 pm
what do you make of this. i don't want to follow on the sensation and be a monday morning order back is certainly enough size to at least looking at this. what you make of that. she spent the 13 months in a hub for al qaeda should have been a signal enough for law enforcement. it appears and i don't have the facts before me. katherine harris reported earlier today with fox that there is a possibility that they never interviewed him or maybe they did. i mean, the fbi hasn't responded to me on those questions yet. the other thing that's important is the lack of information sharing. we had these fusion cells that are supposed to be working in concert together. the local police departments, the one in the communities
1:23 pm
providing the first-hand knowledge of everybody within their own communities do not know what is going on in their own communities. there is this lack of communication between the fbi and others in the local police department that could keep an eye on it. for crying out loud, he used a pipe bomb in his backyard two days ago and someone else was filming it. whatever happened to the five people the fbi pulled over on the bridge that night? they still haven't answered those questions. neil: all of that stuff you are dead on right. i'm worried about the communication. that is one big problem before 9/11. now we have homeland security and the idea is everyone will be on the same page. now we have allegations that the nsa knew and sent out warnings to the fbi and neither the fbi didn't receive them or ignore them. here we go again. >> that continues to happen.
1:24 pm
the same thing being told in paris that they were not sharing information and sources with their local officers. this has become a problem. september 11th and people thought if we built dhs, if we start communicating, we will see this again. unfortunately according to law enforcement officials from speaking to in local law enforcement as well as the fbi, there is still a significant problem with information sharing and unfortunately the rahami is not an anomaly. there's many more out there. the >> you worry about that. very good reporting on all this as always. in the meantime, the general getting very obsessive when it comes to president obama. that is not new. the issue that is galvanizing them. it is not obamacare. it is not his middle east
1:25 pm
policy. it is not what he is demanding they do when it comes to racial issues. this one is weird, but i'm telling you, this one is big and one they could win.
1:26 pm
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1:28 pm
>> it was a mistake for those tapes to be a race. >> we know it was a mistake, but they were erased after he duly issued subpoena. >> you know how to dish it out, but she don't undertake it. we issue a subpoena we expect you to comply with it. when you destroy documents under subpoena, somebody has to be held accountable for that and that starts with you. you provided false testimony to this committee and the oversight and government reform committee in you should be held accountable for that. neil: that went well. john koskinen for the third time before this committee. they want to impeach him. is that he's ignored them and ask him to dismiss them and not provided information enough and
1:29 pm
the committee chairman lies to them enough that enough is enough and they think you should go about targeting conservative groups and the irs not being forthcoming and they say it's time to go. it's an uphill battle, but we will keep an eye on it. right now we are keeping in mind the legal battle. 21 states what the obama administration numeral on overtime pay. right now over time would kick in at $23,000. this would go all the way up to $47,000. bottom line a lot of businesses will cost them dearly. south carolina attorney general. alan wilson, good to have you. where does that stand? >> i am so happy to be joined with 20 other states around the country led by texas and nevada. another overreach by this administration.
1:30 pm
it's a bad policy to begin with but an unconstitutional a legal power grad. that's where the states are pushing that. neil: the administrations and others argue these overtime rules were in effect years ago when it might have made sense to have it around $23 at inflation that time has pushed it to the level they are advocating now. you say what? >> what i say is there's a right way to do the right and a wrong way to do the right thing. if the right thing to do is change or inflate to raise the wage, it should be done to the legislative process did this administration is circumventing the rule of law. the power grab of article i of the constitution. members of congress who represent the state should have the ability to opine and debate these issues. this administration is completely ignored the will of the people and wants to implement policies that are devastating and catastrophic for small businesses. i have read recent reports that
1:31 pm
pay nearly 44% a small businesses will be adversely impacted by this rule. they are saying they would have to cut back on workers, this sounds a lot like the health care law. tell me what's going >> the hundreds of millions of dollars in compliance calls for small businesses have to pay to go from first off a lot of people are taken off salary positions because the business can afford to pay them a salary time and a half beyond that threshold and they will be put on hourly positions. people are no longer going to come and go at work when they need to. this is an arbitrary and capricious act by this administration and they haven't taken into account that is there's many businesses around the country have been wasting. it's going to be extremely onerous for compliance costs. it's going to hurt the very people they're intending to help
1:32 pm
in south carolina 90% of the businesses in the state are small businesses who can't afford to comply with this unconstitutional mandate. >> watch closely. attorney general, thank you for taking the time. >> thank you very much. neil: the last hedge fund billionaire leon cooperman went fast among some of these comments about the government without taking political sides if it's not a good environment for rich people. they are a target. sure enough he is. the sec filing and insider trading charge. he says it's bogus. mark cuban thinks it's bogus. the charges on and our charlie gasparino is here.
1:33 pm
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1:36 pm
neil: what is it that you saw the grilling of john costin and the irs commissioner moments ago at a hearing in which you call for impeachment and the wells fargo chairman getting his head handed on to him on a plate. embarrassment that now maybe about an hour or so. the mylan ceo who's going to have to take the fire on this whole epipen sticker shock to john duncan, a member of the oversight government reform committee will be sending back
1:37 pm
here into a lot of questioning. very good to have you. >> thank you very much. glad to be with you again. >> let me get your first take on the price of these happy parents jack up over 500% and then some. but it's obamacare committee affordable care act that took them so suddenly unaffordable. >> well, that's certainly part of it. obamacare has caused medical costs of every type to shoot up all across the board and in my home state of tennessee, blue cross blue shield has requested 62% increase in premiums. neil: 500%, 600%. would you want to ask? >> it's ridiculous. i want to ask her to justify increases and what has caused that because to go -- when they
1:38 pm
by the german company that was producing the epipen, they were charging $100. now they are charging $600. that was in 2007. this probably only been about 25% or 30% inflation. most of us feel it is totally unjustified. anytime the federal government subsidizes anything ,-com,-com ma the cost just explode. anytime the federal government gets too involved in something to regulations or whatever, but costs explode in the drug business is a perfect example of that. >> i don't doubt that. i'm as free-market capitalist as you can be. but i hope you don't let her get away with saying this is the presidents fault of obamacare's fault. they ran up the prices that this is a different standard. free market and those who put a great deal of time and attention into their product, a bad name.
1:39 pm
>> i will tell you that if we have a true free-market and medical devices. they wouldn't be more than just a tiny fraction of what they are. i started to say the drug business, the fda made getting drugs to market in medical devices to market so that there was averaging over a billion dollars to get a device or medicine to market. so the drug industry ended up in the hands of a very few big giant that is driven up the cost of unbelievable times. >> they are spoiling it to everybody. wells fargo yesterday, maybe this one today. not a great week for capitalism. sarah, thank you very much. >> okay, thank you. neil: we've got about 20 minutes until the fed decision. after this.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
neil: we are 20 minutes away from the latest decision on interest rates ahead of the stock that dallas given up almost 100 points. the bank of japan to the doj do what they are calling yield curve control. they will target the ten-year
1:42 pm
treasury note in japan and 0%. that offered a huge sigh of relief among the banking sector today because you'll have a steeper yield curve that creates a better interest margin of return and therefore more profitable for banks. that is why the banks are today. wells fargo were wells fargo with ceo john stumpf going in for round two to testify before the house financial services september 29th. gold miner shining ahead of the federal reserve. commodities have 13 bucks an ounce. right now, we will get you back to "cavuto."
1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> there is a definite negative view of wealth and it's very concerning. i think if you have money today, you're out of favor. no matter how hard you worked know matter how much you have to do with it. neil: leon cooperman. that was the year and a half ago. if you're wealthy, people suspect that dean. the sec is breathing down his neck thing is guilty of some insider trading. he's arguing not. it comes at a time with the wells fargo ceo getting scrutinized. had mylan getting scrutinized. charlie gasparino, what is going on? >> i used to say this was a liberal thing to attack.
1:45 pm
a bipartisan attack. neil: very early on, he too. >> you've tapped into this. republicans tapping into the wells fargo thing. i think we need to delineate serious. let's be clear. mylan had essentially, they own the market. that is not something you can't mass produce. because of fda regulation they essentially had a monopoly. do you blame them? lets the more people build those stakes. it's like a chair. i'm sure someone has a patent on the chair. epipen is the same thing. i believe wells fargo is dodd-frank. i believe that closed out certain types of businesses for wall street and then they forgot about these other ones.
1:46 pm
i've known them for a long time. he's an honest guy based on everything they know. he was already -- neil: he was already a large stakeholder. he bought in on a hunch. >> insider trading is sort of obtuse. let's hear what he said. neil: here's what i'm worried about. you and i talked yesterday. let's say they are all sinners here. i don't believe they are. people are going to pounce on not and regulate up the yen yang and take out the good with the bad. i believe there is far more good than bad, but they will all lead. >> capitalism in itself is good. there are people involved in the capitalist system who are bad.
1:47 pm
it is a minority. if it was a majority of the world would cease to exist right now. you have to remember and we should break this out. what happened in 2008 was in a fraud. i saw the movie the big show at the other day. it wasn't a fraud. it was a massive screwup. people believed their own bs and did some pain on the banks -- so remember, what happened in 2008 wasn't fraudulent for the most part. >> the government pushes and there are some who will be more than happy to run with it. >> the government pushed a lot of these guys in. if it wasn't for capitalism we would be in the stone ages. it's created more wealth and done more good for more people than the catholic church ever has.
1:48 pm
neil: it creates a lot of travel. >> the u.n. is anything but capitalists. those are socialists. that is because of communism and socialism. the u.n. is a socialist. neil: i just did that because nothing can them riled up more. he can't make it to little italy. the feast is going on. >> they have salads. neil: they do? okay. let's take a look at this right now. the dow up 42 points. 12 minutes from understanding whether that's days. that's in the interest rate decision is . get ready. bring up the costs associated with your services." i know. transparency about costs. just one way edward jones makes sense of investing.
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
neil: the fed decision moments away. charles payne got a handicapping mess. unlikely hike, how do you tell your clients to handle height? >> and away would be great. i can't wait for them to get to a hiking cycle. we are behind the curve. the market shock whether we sold off would actually be a good thing because if they did hike, i would be concerned in a sense that they said they were going to be data dependent. other recent data we would use. 151,000. a lot of weakness of the manufacturing economy. neil: wasn't the markets panic attack?
1:53 pm
>> a lot of people get it wrong. what does that change? the rationale behind it that i think is wall street. if the fed were to somehow see a rosier economy but somehow it is, the confidence may still enjoy wall street. not that 25 basis points because honestly it changes nothing. it won't deter anyone from not buying a house or starting. neil: you realize were doing a big special. >> insane the rationale is wrong. neil: i think it's the psychology of it. when we hiked them last summer, now we thought that was over with. but they set in motion a cycle. that changes their psyche. >> exactly.
1:54 pm
you join the world the decisions will be predicated on evidence in the evidence is really sloppy and you still make this move, you lose a little of credibility that you have. overall the way behind the curve is you should've started this a long time ago. neil: we will find out very, very soon. fed decision coming very, very soon. stick around. or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
1:55 pm
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when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. neil: all right. it is at this point in the show where we say that just joking, it's tomorrow. no, it isn't. it is about three minutes away. trish regan will have great special coverage in the next hour. everyone seems to think they do nothing. i can't even imagine what happens if they hike. they're not expecting that. trish: they have telegraph ad lot, right, neil? they try to telegraph. they don't like to catch the marketing -- markets off-guard. at some point they have to raise these things. we keep saying that. they missed every opportunity. i would suspect they probably
1:58 pm
aren't moving aggressively today. but i think traders will respond with a little more reassures. you're looking at market up 26 i should point out. if they do not get the rate hike, you could he see a little bit of a pop. we shall see. the big question, what is the language. with will they say about the november and december? neil: charlie brady who lives and breathes this stuff. he is mike a mensa guy, "rain man." trish: i like that, "rain man". neil: he was saying there is 58% bet that they move in december. do you buy that? >> i think they want to wait for the election to get out. neil: i agree with that. they do want to move. they communicated that over and over again. the number overall are looking better, unemployment 4.9%. however you know this as well as i do, those jobs are not great jobs. they are not paying a lot of money.
1:59 pm
we don't have ton of inflation. wages have gone nowhere for last 20 years. neil: they can afford to wait. i swear, charlie brady giving me these statistics. if you know, that charlie is surrounded by eight monitors around his head. that is a long time. trish: that is an interesting stat to watch. people are placing bets what they think the fed is going to do. those change, those shift. futures are an important indicator. they are indicating maybe something happens this year. probably not today. but again we need to watch carefully. we'll have the information in just about a minute. neil: you're going to do it. you will take us there. trish: i sure will. we'll know more within the next 40 seconds or so. thank you, neil. neil: you bo. thank you, trish. trish: i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, welcome to a special edition of "the intelligence report." we're seconds away from the big decision out of the fed. we're looking at a market trading up just about 30 right now.
2:00 pm
the fed is expected to leave short-term rates unchanged but traders will look for clues whether or not a rate hike will come before the end of the year. people are watching language very clear to see what janet yellen and company indicates. peter has got it. >> no rate hike today, trish. no rate hike today. the fed is he tooing up one rate hike before the end of this year. by the end of this year. says the case for raising quote has strengthened. the vote to keep rates unchanged was 7-3 with three fed members dissenting. that is a huge dissent here. they wanted to raise rates today. they wanted to to today. and the fed's own economic projections new today, see one rate hike this year. that is down from two hikes in 2016 from the june projections. the fed forecasting now,


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