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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: a new fox news poll about to be released. trump pulling ahead in two key states. charles: three brand-new fox news polls in critical swing states released moments ago. in ohio donald trump leads hillary clinton 42-37. no republican national candidate -- presidential candidate has won the white house without winning ohio. it keeps going in nevada, 43-40, and gary johnson 8%. in north carolina, more good news. the fox news poll showing him
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leading clinton 45-40 percent. keith lamont scott officials say was carrying a gun and scott's family claims he was unarmed and he was reading a book. let's bring in former nypd commissioner bernard kerik. >> you have an officer that stopped this man. the officer is black, subject is black, he ordered him to drop the gun. he had a weapon in his possession. he refuses. at some point the officer opened
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fire. the family said there was a book. there was no book. and they did recover a gun at the scene. there were riots, tearing up personal property, government property, attacking innocents civilians and doing what these types of people .at everyone of these events, justified or not justified shooting. bottom line is we should be waiting before we -- for the evidence to come out before we make a decision. charles: coming on the heels of people spending all day looking at the video in tulsa where an unarmed blackman was shot by police and killed, and with the history and lingering animosity that seems to grow he single week in this country, how can we start to curb this? it feels like we have gone down
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this abyss, if you will. >> you know what, charles, the political leaders have to be truthful to the american public. this always good show to do this on. you guys are all about numbers. there is 350 million people in this country. they average on average 20 million suspect police interactions a year. okay? out of that you maybe have 1,500 to 2,000 officer-involved shootings a year. 500 or 600 involve questionable things. then we have three or four of these incidents and you have people in the white house and government agencies saying there is a systemic problem. i don't know what these numbers are. but it's probably 1/1000
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percent. you have to look at every one. every one of these events are different. they have to be investigated and they will be by the local, state and sometimes the federal government. and the internal review to the see what happened. charles: the bottom line is the public has got to be in a position where you hold back. we know these sort of riots. there are hinge that are sparked. they are not necessarily preplanned.e rioters, there waso made by mr. scott's daughter where she claimed he had a book. apparently that went viral. we know there are a lot of people when they see an opportunity, they take it. and that's another thing. >> i would tend to bet many of
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the rioters and the thugs tearing up property in charlotte last night are not from there. they come from outside. the instigators come from outside. we have seen this over and over. this an excuse to do this. charles: when i was growing up in harlem in the 70s, there was a lot of animosity towards the police and what they called the blue wall of silence. all these great cops. the majority of them, 99% letting the bad cops getting away with stuff out of a loyalty, a brotherhood. >> i don't it exists nowhere close to wait did then the internal affairs bureau and the training at the cops get today in the new york city police academy.
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it's pounded into them, elt thinks, integrity. and everything else. i don't think there's nothing like that today. you can't compare the police officers of the 60s and 70s to what's out there today. >> tonight donald trump taped and i event with sean hannity earlier today focused on the black community. and the question was brought up how to quell this kinds of thing. donald trump said let's bring back stop and frisk. very controversial. how do you implement a plan like that and make it so my 19-year-old son who has never had a fight in his life isn't stopped and frisked frequently because he likes to wear hoodies. >> people have a tendency to forget what new york city was like in 1994 when rudy giuliani took over. he reduced violent crime by
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65-70 per. homicide by 80-90%. an essential parts of that was the tool stop and frisk. the been factors of those big reductss of crime in the city were the minorities. charles: if you stop my son over and over again, i'm going to fight against the program. explain to the community even though you are benefiting, how do you get people to say okay it's not specifically based on race. >> it has to be transparent. and there has to be extreme supervision. if there are problems, there has to be a way for the community to go to the police and make complaints so somebody looks at the program. as long as there is oversight and accountability they will be okay.
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>> pro or con community policing? >> i'm pro. charles charles: * the victim scott from yesterday arrests since 1990. when it occurred no one probably knew about this arrest record. or does it give us a better sense of the kinds of danger police are in every day they put on the uniform? >> it gives you a sense of the danger the cops could be in and it gives you the background and character of the person that they confronted. maybe they didn't know, but at the time there was obviously a problem. now, you look at the guy's record and say this is where the guy has been before. this is what he has been doing. charles: i appreciate you coming on. everybody has a responsibility to respect the police.
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respect law and order. i grew up in a violent neighborhood and i appreciated when they showed up. >> and that neighborhood changed today. charles: new box polls released showing donald trump surging in key battleground states. states. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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charles: a new fox poll reveals donald trump is leading in north carolina. how will the candidates address this issue and what impact will it have. donald trump reacted by talking about american unity.
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hillary clinton had this to say today. >> i have spoken to many police chiefs and many law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as i am and deeply committed as i am to reform. why? because they know it's essential for the safety our community and our officers. charles: mercedes, let me start with you. i finds it interesting we had two police-involved shooting incidents. one in north carolina, one in tulsa. and yet north carolina is interesting in that thribs the state in my minds that might decide the next residents of the white house. what are the political ramifications from this? >> the issue of race relations has been a percolating for quite some time. we know that it's been one of the issues president obama has
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had a hard time tackling. i think this is being dragged into the next election, this next race. and it will be important to hear what the candidates, how they are going to address it. hillary clinton likes to put the blame on the police officers squarely. you look at donald trump and i think it's more an issue trying to figure out how you can create dialogue where both police officers and the black community can come together and figure out how we can solve these problems. there are so many -- there is so much history there that i think it is something that has to be addressed, something that hasn't been hand well in this past administration. charles: hillary chides donald trump for saying an explosion might and bomb too soon, but she really did shoot from the hip with these incidents without waiting for facts to come
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through. >> in order for her to win, she needs 90 plus percent of the black vote of african-americans. she needs strong turnout among that demographic. once again we have a week where people's sense of security and safety has been shaken. with the bombings in new york and the rioting in charlotte. i think a lot of voters will look at this and while they may have some sort of opinion about the cause of the conflict in charlotte, a lot of people -- very few people have tolerance for lawlessness. if you look at voters in north carolina. a third of the african-american votes are either evangelical or veterans. and they will be drawn to a law and order candidate like donald trump. charles: north carolina has gone
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through a large prosperous period with the banking sector moving down there. i think north carolina has become a must-win for her. it looks like ohio every single day is not within her grasp anymore. i don't know what happened there in the last month. and other swing states, it looked like we are locked. she even stopped advertising in. is her game plan to galvanize and go after the hispanic community, divide and conquer? >> yes. i'm never here talking about the easy issues for democrats. charles: you agree the gamebook is divide and conquer? >> i wouldn't say divide and conquer, by the many running up the numbers in the cities. but the risk for hillary and
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democrats in the south. because of the incident and the tragedy and because of the riots will just check out of the political system. black lives matter will just stay home because they see there is nothing for them. charles: i think both candidates should make people feel like there is some hope. 50,000 special ballots have gone out in north carolina. and so far the democrats have sent more in. a reversal of romney. is it too early to understand what may happen here? and how important is this state? >> early voting is incredibly important. that is good news for the clinton camp. with that being said, it's still too early. so much can happen between now and november. the debates will be a critical piece of where these undecided
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voters are going. for clinton where she has struggled is the fact that you have young voters and women who are really not -- she is having a harder time than president obama did in 2012. and i think that's what's hurting her. what's helping trump is you have independents supporting him by double digits. that's why it's so neck-and-neck in the battleground states. charles: you do not want to mace very special town hall. fox news with sean hannity sat down with donald trump. he promised to fix the inner cities and he called for stop and frisk police policies to be brought back. he wants to combat violence and crime in inner cities. here is a sneak preview. >> we desperately need jobs. we need the schools and the education.
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and especially the inner cities. can you say never, but certainly one of the worst stages in the history of the inner city. it's so unsafe. you walk down the street and you get shot or your child gets shot. we are going to fix the inter cities. the democrats have run them for 100 years, mostly uninterrupted. and you see what's happened. charles: you can see the entire special tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. the new fox news poll indicates donald trump leading in three critical swing states. nate silver predicted this thing is neck-and-neck. [alarm beeping]
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legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. charles: a brand-new fox news poll shows three critical swing states. donald trump has amazing
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momentum over hillary clinton with many call the king maker state. in nevada he leads -- he has a 5-point lead. this is among likely voters. everyone shifted from registered the voters to likely voters. for anyone who thought this race to the white house wasn't going to be neck-and-neck. nate silver himself now projects donald trump has a 43.5% chance to win over hillary clinton. today he predicted donald trump is just 6 electoral college votes of winning and less than 2 points away from hoik in the popular vote. i want to bring in our panel. mark, it's interesting.
6:24 pm
every time we talked about polls. you are one of the trump surrogates who acknowledged polls without anger saying they would tighten up, and you predicted this would happen. so everything is going according to your script. >> i'm glad we have that on the record. there are a lot of polls focused on registered voters and a lot of that is junk. likely voters is much more accurate. from the fox news poll. august, hillary clintonned a a 23% lead. in nevada, a-point lead and in ohio it's 3 points. that's call for the clinton campaign to pull out the re -- the reset button from russia because she has a problem if she is that low with women right now.
6:25 pm
charles: how important are the debates going to be? >> for those who don't sit around playing electoral college chess like mark and i do all day. what nate silver said is fantastic news. but trump has the momentum. if he wants to keep the momentum going he has to stay on message and keep jamming home he's the agent of change and he will shake up the status question. look, the other question is, let's just say everything goats right for trump. what state could get him over the 270? i'll go in colorado. charles: i'm going to north carolina. >> north carolina has to be guaranteed. i'm guaranteeing north carolina. charles: my number is 271 for hillary clinton.
6:26 pm
with the question mark and florida. the more recent poll shows her at 5%. that's going back and forth. knowing what we know and knowing the candidates are sitting on a bunch of money, how do they martian thei --how do they martr resources? >> nate was right on the money in '08 and 2012, but this is a different race. he's not going to spend a fraction on ads that hillary clinton will. she'll have to dump a lot of money into pennsylvania and north carolina. but states like virginia, and north carolina like a beachhead. she has to keep trump from
6:27 pm
picking off states like pennsylvania. he will have a blitz of rallies and he has a better ground game than people know. charles: i have gout on record. it wasn't good enough that you have been right. now you are going to make a prediction that nobody is predict and you say virginia for trump. charles: we'll take a look at the upcoming debates. both candidates are preparing. but what issues will resonate more. there are concerns for both and both want to take advantage of it. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> i think it goes without saying. it's the most highly an is paid the presidential debate ever. both candidates are preparing for that big day. hillary clinton is an experienced debater but she never faced anybody like donald trump on the debate stage. a clinton spokesperson said the clinton camp is concerned, and said we are not sure which donald trump will show up. then there is the question whether they will discuss the issues americans care about. syria, iraq, libya. on the trump side temperament with respect to being commander-in-chief. clinton's health and donald
6:32 pm
trump's tax were way down at the bottom of the list. most never trumpers are fading into the woodwork, you are coming back out. >> i think we have to beat hillary. our big issues will be the economic ones. trump had a good plan he put out there and taxes and regulations. charles: on the personal side there is an underlying game of pushing each other's buttons. how do you see that playing out, gina? >> my background is psychology. i prepared many candidates for debate. in these situations mr. trump has several things going for him. one is momentum.
6:33 pm
and when you tell the truth you don't have to remember what you lied about. hillary doesn't have that advantage. she has to be hour to keep all our lies straight. but one of mr. trump's disadvantages is he's a man. if he comes on too strong he can make her look like a victim. so there is a lot of psychology at play in this debate. charles: the democrats are saying there are two sets of bars. one set high for hillary clinton, the experienced politician. one set low for donald trump who will be allowed to make gaffes. >> they are being evaluated differently, that's true. i'll tell you the trial lawyer, this debate monday night is going to be an exercise of reaction. this will be about how donald trump and hillary clinton compose themselves and scale
6:34 pm
their reactions to one another. hillary says she don't know what to expect. but also donald trump i'm sure is not completely certain as to how hillary will project herself. i expect her to be different than she was in 2008 because that was not successful for her in the past. charles: a lot has been made over the moderator, lester holt. i'm not sure how much control he will have over this, particularly if they start to go at one another and what embedded ideologies he will have. how important is the role of the moderator knowing the moderator in 2012 might have cost mitt romney the presidency. >> i think it's key that trump and the republicans lay out the moderator should not be an active participant fourth other side.
6:35 pm
they should make sure the questions are there and stick to the time limits. but let -- let mrs. clinton and mr. trump. >> a good moderator should be in place. but if you are a strong debater, you can make sure you have got a positive result even if a shady or corrupt moderator. charles: if you feel like the whole world is watching and the moderator is not helping. you talked about how points is for donald trump to keep his cool. this would put enormous pressure on him, wouldn't it? >> i think it would. i'm sure his team is preparing him well for that. and i doubt if that will and problem. the biggest problem will
6:36 pm
facebook they try to ask the question that undermines hillary clinton wouldn't know or donald trump wouldn't know. those are the kind of gotcha questions both candidates need to be prepared for. charles: at this stage of the game, are there any more gotcha questions out there? >> i think there are still gotcha questions out there, and i think we have seen that as we watched both candidates go through this role. i think that's what the moderators are going to be looking for to see how deep the knowledge is. charles: let's hope the moderators aren't trying to make news. coming up, stocks rally to the close. the feds kept rates unchanged. we'll break it down with our economic panel. please stick around. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody.
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charles: just how divide is america? we'll talk about perceptions of black and white community and what's going on. is this something -- blam
6:40 pm
charles: fed chair janet yellen announces they will keep rates where they are. but she did hints at a possible
6:41 pm
rate hike in december. i want to go to my panel. you pr questions to janet yellen you brought in the political ramifications. donald trump has been vocal about this fed being in the tank for president obama and hillary clinton. were you satisfied with her answers? >> i got what i expected to get, which is she said pretty emphatically that the fed is not political and not playing favorites in this election. i believe when she says they don't talk about politics in these meetings because we get transcripts of the meetings. they come with five-year delays. but we would be able to see that if it showed up at some point in the future. i don't think she is lying about that. one point i wasn't satisfied about. i asked if if the fed would center raising rates before the
6:42 pm
election. i think november is off the table. if they are going to move rates, it will be in december. charles: it was george h.w. bush to blamed the feds, and specifically allen greenspan for not lowering rates during the recession, and he said that caused him the -- cost him the election. >> when you look at when paul voal canner ran the fed, he suffered the equivalent of what janet yellen faced today. there were redactions in the transcript. this what else i heard from people inside the room. not even the transcripts reel truly reveals what goes on inside the room. even they are scrubbed a bit. charles: there is a lot of
6:43 pm
dissent and different readings on the economy. what i thought was intriguing is the fed put out a revision of what they see the economy and inflation doing. how do you go from the gdp going from 2% to 1.8% and then see it growing? >> it's double-speak. they sided the economic activities picked up from its modest pay. and household incomes and growth was expands. so why not erase? this is what i don't understand about the fed. charles: their words or actions? the fact they didn't raise or which one is a better reflection? >> it doesn't matter what they say, it only mat wears they do. they may raise in december.
6:44 pm
charles: john, what i finds interesting with this talk about the mutiny, if the fed does not hike rate in december, you have got four new voting members coming on. you have got two more hawkish members. maybe janet yellen gets a better grasp and control of the federal reserve and maybe this pushes rate hikes further up. >> she does have a committee next year which is going to be easier for her to manage. i don't know that i -- she definitely faces a lot of division. i don't know if i would call it a mutiny. when paul volcker faced a mutiny, niece were governors appointed by ronald reagan. he threatened to resign over hire dissent. >> i have got to call time out
6:45 pm
for just a second. if you look at the dot plot, she could have had a much more damaging dissent from the doves. we haven't seen a governor dissent since 2005. i think three others do have dissented which hasn't happened in years. and there were three who called for rate hikes this year. charles: all we need to know is there is a lot of dissention within the federal reserve. we can talk about this all day, but we have run out of time. thank you very much. in the meantime, the death of another black man at the hands after police officer bringing anger and rioting. how divide is america? we'll discuss the perception and reality next.
6:46 pm
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6:49 pm
charles: a big question. how divided is america. we know there is hype but we also know there is a reality. katie, it's nice having you in new york city. i'll start with you. generally you are down in miami. when these things happen, the perception of what happened, why it happened, we hear if you listen to black radio. one of the things you will hear is you had a guy who bombed new york and new jersey and got in a shootout with cops and was able to be captured without being killed. why can't that happen? >> it's fact-specific scenario
6:50 pm
for each encounter. i'm not saying it's okay what happened in tulsa or charlotte. but what's the i am post looting? the violent crimes against property that happen, does it necessarily do a disservice to the black lives matter movement? does it undercut their credibility? charles: it's dumb to burn down the only drug store or supermarket in your neighborhood. we have seen over 50-60 years this has had a negative impact. businesses move, investment moves and often they never come back. >> i grew up in charlotte, north carolina, it breaks my heart to see this. charles: is charlotte a divided community? >> i have to say to some extent it is. before this man was killed, charlotte was already having
6:51 pm
racial tensions. they were protesting around night clubs they said were discriminating against black guests. charles: i had bernard kerik on earlier. he walked us through numbers that put into perspective some of these things. when i go to the mall and go out and about i pay attention. i see a nation that for the most part lives in harmony with each other. some wonder if this is a progressive talking point more than a reality. how do you see it? two words account for this. identity politics. the obama administration continually focused on our differences than how we are the same. you can barely wake up out of bed in the morning without hearing about some kind of division.
6:52 pm
you don't see that on the other side. in this election i hope people will look back at a reagan administration where 40% of blacks were raised to the middle class. and they need to look at both parties and see who is capable of making systemic change in this election. i think if people elect hillary they will get more of the same division and sad outcomes. charles: eboni? >> i was shaking my head at dr. gina. i love her dearly and we talk all the time when she is in new york. but black people and white people see this country differently. to deny the truth of that and blame that on partisan politics is absent of reality. until we have more empathy, walking through this world and each other's experiences and lenses --
6:53 pm
>> we are going in reverse right now. charles: as a prosecutor, you see firsthand the people that come through the system. >> i see victims. i see defendants and i also see victims. charles: is that something a lot of people are missing, the actual victims? >> absolutely. think about the looting that's happening. it's in the backyard of these african-american community. and the people that are the victims are the people that invested in the community. >> violence is the language an unheard people. why you are seeing this is because you are seeing people very frustrated and it's not right. charles: looting is the language of an opportunist who can make the situation a lot worse. dr. gina, i'll bring you back later in the week. they are giving me the wraps.
6:54 pm
we have breaking news about foreign policy. russia has sent a battleship, their only battleship in the area. we have reports about gas being used by iran. we have major breaking news here. we are going to give you the details. we are bringing in captain chuck nash. we'll be right back. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here,
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even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. charles: we have breaking news, a pentagon official announced isis fighters may have fired a mustard agent on a u.s. base in mosul. if confirmed it would be first chemical attack to forces in iraq since returning in 2014. joining me captain chuck nash. we have seen pictures and how horrific it is that it has
6:58 pm
been outlawed. too horrific, even when countries are at war with each other. what would be implications if proven to be true? >> just one more case, where isis they slowly kill children in front of their parents and burn people alive. them resorting to chemical weapons is something our troops likely prepared for it. they have special suits, you step up through mop levels, you can from regular uniform up to where you are wearing hoods and gloves. you are prepared to deal with it. mustard gas is very insid very insidious. you don't feel the effects from 2 to 2 4 hours this is
6:59 pm
bad news stuff. charles: it was outlawed by the world in 1925. the other question, where did it come from? could it have been stock piled in syria or from iran. with speculation that could be a source.>> or it could have bet over from massive stock piles is a saud sawed -- saddam hussein had. he used it against iranian troops during the iran-iraq war. tens of thousands were killed, and more than that, that are dealing with permanent injuries, it gets in thes repier rahe -- respiratory system and your eye eyes. charles: russia, sending their only aircraft carrier to
7:00 pm
syria, what does it mean? >> it is all for show, they be light-loaded. it is heavy press, light attack. charles: captain chuck nash thank you. >> my pleasure. charles: lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, brand-new fox news poll out, shows donald trump leading hillary clinton in the key battleground states of nevada, north carolina and ohio. we'll take a look at those numbers with you in moments, there is a brand-new national "wall street journal" nbc news poll showing not all good news belongings to trump. clinton leading trump in that poll 43-37% among people likely to poll


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