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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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syria, what does it mean? >> it is all for show, they be light-loaded. it is heavy press, light attack. charles: captain chuck nash thank you. >> my pleasure. charles: lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, brand-new fox news poll out, shows donald trump leading hillary clinton in the key battleground states of nevada, north carolina and ohio. we'll take a look at those numbers with you in moments, there is a brand-new national "wall street journal" nbc news poll showing not all good news belongings to trump. clinton leading trump in that poll 43-37% among people likely to poll.
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and clinton has an edge, despite her health care setback, and scandal, and comments slamming trump supporters. trump, spent most of the day campaigning in ohio. he held a rally, before a crowd of over 2000 people, and hillary clinton talked to a group of 400 in orlando. that is her last event for the presidential debate this coming monday. the small crowds for clinton have become typical, she earlier this week gave a speech too 600 people in temple university in philadelphia. we will talk about that with ed rollins, randy evans. also, city of charlotte, north
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carolina, bracing for more protests after a black police officer shot and killed an armed plaque ma black man who ignored commands to drop his weapon, riots erupted nonetheless. stores were looted. vehicles set on fire. and 16 police officers were injured. charlotte shooting happening days after another police involved fatal shooting in oklahoma. tulsa police, responding to a call for a vehicle abandoned in middle of the road, video shows 4 police officers responding as terrence crutcher holds his hands up in the air, and walks away from officers toward his stalled vehicle. police say crutcher did not respond to their command, one officer used a stun go up. and another -- stun gun and theory, betty shelby shot him,
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the drug pcp was found in his vehicle. trump reacted to the shooting in this from a town hall with sean hannity. >> this is just happened, hands up, he was doing everything he was supposed to do. >> i saw it. >> everything. and a young policeman shot this man, i don't get it. -- you can come, i don't care where you are coming from, there was something real bad going on. >> he had his hands up. >> i don't know if she choked. he had his hands high, put them on the car, maybe she choked or something really bad happened. lou: this that town hall trump called for a nation wide stop to controversial stop and frisk policing practice. we'll take up the tough job, of policing in the nation with
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one of the countriy toughest scharfs, sheriff joe arpaio. he is joining us. our stop story -- top story, fox news polling 3 important battleground states, late else polls show donald trump polling ahead of hillary clinton in nevada, in north carolina, and in ohio. in nevada, trump has a three point advantage over clinton, 43 to 40. in north carolina, trump is polled ahead by five point, 45 to 40. >> in ohio, another must-win state for trump, there he is up five points, 42 to 37, survey polling likely voters. joining us, randy evans, a former senior advisor for newt gingrich presidential campaign in 2012. former reagan white house political director, ed rollins
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. great having you both with us. randy, these numbers, i have to believe tonight the trump campaign is thrilled with them including one poll in nevada that is within margin of error. >> i tell you what is thrilled is senatorial committee, when we started this it was said republicans would have to run their own race. it looks like they have to hold on to trump's coattails, nevada is an open seat, this is important, north carolina, ohio very important senate seats. donald trump is proving one very important thing. which is hard work does payoff in a presidential election, i will tell you, this is before the rnc ground trading has started -- ground operation as startzed. havstarted. you have these leads and demore the ground operation they have, you will see the leads solidify, ohio has already started to create a
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floor, i believe we'll see it stay steady. lou: ed, your reaction? >> i could not be more pleased. i think chaos that is going down there right now is going to help, the tragic shooting that took place, but idea you can have riot in streets and people talking about boycotting business community, is only going to antagonize supporters. we need to quit watching national polls this no longer is an national election this is a state by state election, the national polls gives you a trend of where people may be moving issue the real polls state by state. lou: battle ground, swing states no question. no one will ignore a national poll no matter. >> i'm just saying -- >> we're looking at a national election, i understand what you are saying, this is won state by state, but these polls will come at us for
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remainder of this election. >> i'm just telling you to not get overly excited about national polls that is a state by state. lou: go ahead. >> lou, i would say, by all indications, the nbc "wall street journal" poll looks like an outlier, you look at it as we do, you look at whole myriad of polls and polling data, it is a 6 point lead with um trump under 40. there is no real indication of voracity. lou: there are two outly eric holders, they are a-- outliers, they are attached to "wall street journal" and abc news washington post poll they tend to separate themselves from the pack. >> but critical thing you can watch the motion, you see, but i keep come back to point, what really matters of state polls, 3 state on board are positive for us.
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lou: and debate, hillary clinton, with some sort of mysterious but unexplained change in plan on the campaign trail, just doing nothing more than creating a situation, which people would think the worst for her. now she is not going to be on campaign trail until monday. randy. what do you make of it? >> look at the contrast. what an amazing contrast. on one hand, clinton campaign announcing she is leaving campaign trail days before monday debate. and trump campaign released schedule, following debate reflecting he is stepping up pace he will be in pennsylvania, and multiple stops, and then in virginia, then a total contrast in terms of energy level. of the stamina the pace of the election. it is telling to see how both campaigns did it today. one taking a few days off, one saying, after the debate,
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paysonly picks up. >> the pace picks up. lou: one thing he hous has done made clear, going to what randy said in his comments, this man is not going to be out worked, he is going to leave her breathing heavily at the side of the road at this pace. >> here is the woman she has been around politics for 25 years, there is no issue she does not think she knows or have a position on. why does she need 10 our day study sessions? and again, trump is not going to do, that he will perform, and effectively, and show you how to lead. i think we'll -- >> a lot of people breathing easier if you said donald trump would prepare like hell. >> well, i don't think that his style, you have to let people do what they want. and my fellow panelist here, newt gingrich for a lot of time, newt gingrich did what he wanted to do,.
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i had ron reagan we prepped him too much for first debate, second debate he did his own thing, he did much better. lou: it seems when you have an accomplished person achieved a great deal of their lives and smart as a dickens and worker -- ethics like donald trump. you are less likely to change your candidate. i don't know if i have heard of a man with more accomplishment achieved more, and who has done better, than donald trump and he was getting every kind of advice from every savant and guru and idiot in the nation, writing in news papers and broadcasting on television about how to do it now the thor way, now evidence is advising hillary clinton about how to operate. this says a lot. >>py plays on his own drummer.
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>> in his debate, preps are different. a lot like newt gingrich. surround yourself with really smart people whose job it is to challenge you, and toast you. -- test you, so at end of the day your ability to respond is based on fact you rehearsed hour after hour, with really smart people. lou: biggest, biggest if you will potential vulner bill tie for him during the debate. >> i think he has to have really composed night, in sense he articulates his message, he has down. lou: what is the bi the -- biggest threat of. >> if she entangles him in a stupid debate and he comes off too strong against her, he has to counter point it, but he has to run his own debate strategy. i worry about her trying to bait him, and he jump into that bait. >> i would say, avoiding a
7:12 pm
rick lazio moment. >> walking across the stage. >> you got it that is really you have to be so cog n of. >> i don't think either of you is envisioning a moment where they give each other a hug to begin or end. >> never can tell, trump has surprised my before. >> the format is interesting, with a question followed by two, two minute answers, and then a discussion of 11 minutes with two real pretty powerful personalities who think they know their stuff. lou: it should be great. >> interesting. >> it should be great. lou: randy evans and ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: on wall street it was a rally, stocks rising after the feds decided to leave interest rates unchanged for a while, dow up 100, -- 164, nasdaq u
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nas. a divided fellow reserve holding key interests steady but signaling a december hike at least janet yellen did, in her judgment, likely, whatever that means, we're coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> donald trump calling for tougher immigration policies, to protect all americans. >> now she is running, she is going to be so tough, she is going to be so tough. not going to be tough? not going it be tough. hillary clinton will not say the words radical islamic terrorism. lou: bill gavin is joining us next. >> this pilot about to get the scare of his life just moments before take off. we'll bring you the shocking video here next, we'll be right back, a lot more ahead.
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. lou: law enforce. sources tell fox that terror suspect rah hamm rahami is unconunconscious, unable to
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speak. they found a blood-soaked journal on ram -- rahami at the time of his arrest. hit fingerprints found on the undetonated bomb and cell phone trigger, new video showing him setting off a pipe bomb in his backyard, preparing for his attacks, authorizes also seeking two others. joining me now. the quick police work that was done. the quick work to relate the suspect -- locate the suspect then apprehend him is remarkable.
7:19 pm
and kudos to everyone, yet we found out. that he had been intergated. and had been investigated by the fbi, on least once. in full knowledge of his trips to afghanistan, what went wrong here? >> i don't know if we can say something went wrong. when the father came forward, and said he thought his son might be a terrorist, that came out of an angry exposure between the father and son, he later recanted that. that pit fits in this,. he is a naturalize u.s. citizen, he goes to afghanistan and pakistan, and comes back, he is more fervor ant in practice of his religion, grows a beard, and wears the garment. there is no law enforcement
7:20 pm
officer that will say, because of that we need to give him a closer look. that could not happen, political correctness in this country is going to kill us u all anyway. lou: it is going to kill us if we don't stop it and quickly, the good news is, we have an opportunity to do that earlier, i misspoke on issue of donald trump stop and frisk, i should have said he supports stop and frisk as a tactic for police officers. the fbi, everyone. in the country, as a way to deal with these suspected terrorists, and to stop tragedy before it can occur. trump also saying he is supportive of profiling, on its face, common sense said why would you not profile it
7:21 pm
if you are told, given a broad description of an individual, why would you not profile, it just makes sense, you mentioned political correctness will kill you. this is one where it seems it would kill you. >> you are right. and when i say, i look at profiling, problem is when folks look at profiling, they are looking at individual profiling. profiling is fine in a broad sense, in terms of situational profiling. you need to be able to look out there -- >> kno -- right now, in many parts of this country, publications and news outlets, never hear a reference to race for a suspect at large. you will note hear he or she is african-american, caucasian, asian, whatever their race or ethnicity might be. it has reached a such a point of mindlessness that law
7:22 pm
enforcement agencies are not releasing the names of suspects, they are holding because, they do not want their to be any association with this ethnicity because of the type of name, a spanish surname or whatever it may be. we've reached a real level to be of true danger do public safety in so doing. >> you are absolutely right, the pendulum always swings on the clock, we're at a point in our civilization in culture in united states that pendulum has swung so far off center it will be extremely difficult for us to recover from doing something like this we need to electric at what people are doing. we -- we need to look at what people are doing, we need to profile from a situation at stand point, not -- because someone is, you know of someethness tie, that you need to profile, but if you have someone walking through an airport in a hot summer day, dressed in heavy clothes, you
7:23 pm
need to aible aibles -- able to find out why. it makes sense we're lock lacking common sense these days that will be the date of all of us. lou: bill gammon, let's hope note, we appreciate it. >> i agree thank you so much. lou: breaking news, united states is investigating whether the islamic state fired a chemical rocket at our troops in iraq. a u.s. official tells fox news a base 25 miles south of mosul came under rocket fire, mosul held by the islamic state, traces of a mustard agent in view of some was present when the rocket hit. none of our troops were injured we're told, they do have chemical women ops explossure suits -- chemical weapon exposure suits.
7:24 pm
if confirmed this would be the first chemical attack on our forces in iraq since they returned in 2014. >> vote in tonight's poll, is there any amount of money that hillary clinton could spend in your view that would be sufficient, sufficient to get ho her elected president? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, we would like to hear from you, and facebook, and instagram. links, at a pilot, watch his very close brush with death. unbelievable. this happened during an air race in nevada, by lot was stopping to check his engine, another plane at 60 miles an hour, missed his head by centimeters -- slashing his
7:25 pm
plane, he is eager to fly again, my guess is he wants to fly. up next, hillary clinton promises tough vetting of refugees, donald trump said, she will not deliver. >> state department, administers, refugee program. hillary clinton had the chance to put needed protections in place, she did not do it. >> subject of my commentary coming up next. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: a few thoughts on obama/clinton push to bring more refugees into the country, and rising backlash against those who would leave our borders open. the state of texas said it had enough. texas today announcing it will withdraw from federal government's refugee resettle
7:30 pm
aresettlement program, governor saying that program is riddled with serious problems, that pose a threat to the nation. end quotes. governor slammed federal government saying it lacks capability or will to destinguish dangerous from harmless. this came hours after state department spokesman john kirky admitted that refugee program could be exploited by radical eslambic terrorists. >> i -- islamic terrorists. >> i would not debate the fact that there is potential for terrorists ton to inserts themselves in the population, we've seen that. lou: state department spokes is not first official to acknowledge a potential throat to america, fbi director, comey, last august said we
7:31 pm
can't get them as we should. and director of national intelligence, a month av that, said he would not put it past islamic state to infiltrate refugee flows, saying its are quote a huge concern. in europe, border officials there for over a past year warned that radical islamist terrorist, islamic state terrorists are already masquerading as refugees and entering europe with the masses of refugee, and yet president obama calls for a 30% increase in number of refugees to be allowed into this nation, on 110,000 in the next year. mrs. clinton calling for a 550% increase in syrian refugees. only trump is making any kind
7:32 pm
of sense on issue of border security, and entry of refugees and illegal immigrants into the nation. we have no idea, who they are. no idea where they are within our country. we have permitted obama and clinton to invite disaster. and they are planning to raise the scale of that potential disaster, and doing so, without your voice being heard. your vote cap cast or counted, do you have it if your power to change that, by voting for donald trump on november 8, otherwise, if you think about it, your vote, well, it won't change a thing. will it? in our power. that is a good thing. now quote of the evening, i thought mark twain would be appropriate into first presidential debate. he is here is what twain said about the facts that two candidates are boning up on quote -- get your facts first,
7:33 pm
then you can distort them as you please. we're coming right back with much more. >> donald trump wants the u.s. government to get a lot smarter. and to be a government by the people of the people, for the people. >> only people clinton has ever served are the special interests and her donors. lou: a day at the bipartisan fobeach for this dare devil turns to something different but death defyings inbelievable jump and a lot more, straight ahead, we'll be right back.
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lou: donald trump's chances of winning in november rising according to nate silver, "new jersenow predicts trump has a 42% of winning white house, silver not only one with i increase in his view of trump's chances. clinton's campaign manager, robby mook also giving trump a 40% chance of winning issue he wrote, trump's path to presidency is no longer a pipe dream it is clear and real. joining us tonight, radio talk show host, adriana cohen, and charlie spease . great to have you. let's start with the rising prospects, three battle ground
7:38 pm
states, to trump's advantage. not even envisioned a few months ago, what do you make of it? >> it is incredible momentum that donald trump is showing, he is charging his way, not only to debate but to the election. it is got hillary clinton's campaign manager, robby mook, spooked. sending out alarming messages to his team and clinton supporters, that hey, donald trump could win this. we say, average national polls show this is a dead heat even in critical battle ground states. lou: ed rollins admonished us all, said do not worry about national polls, but these bat open ground polls are -- battleground polls are where real action is. >> that is right. lou: are you impressed with trump's performance? >> i am impressed with his performance, but more
7:39 pm
surprised by how bad hillary clinton has done. trump's numbers have not really risen in these states, but what happened her numbers had the bottom fallout with a terrible two to 3 weeks. lou: you sound like you are still got a born against trump -- not a born against trump yet, you are still hanging in there are for romney and never trumpers. >> i am a never hillary person, i hope that donald trump is bring onboard that 20% of republicans who are not with him threa yet. lou: that is still pretty high right now. but nonetheless he is bringing on independents, like no one i -- i don't know i should not say no one. he and his team did expect. he would draw well among independents that could be the difference, couldn't it? >> yes, and democrats as well, we've seen that throughout the primary. so many democrats have
7:40 pm
switched party afil arkansas -- affiliation just to vote for trump, we saw that in my state of massachusetts, and also in ohio. lou: in massachusetts serve a democrat. >> you know what is interesting, i am all over the state, and i barely see any hillary yard signs or bumper stickers, during the primary, would see ber bernie sanders. donald trump does have support, but even in swing states with strong performance in nevada, ohio, north carolina, and michigan. you know with ford announcing they will -- >> i have to turn to charlie quickly. you talk about you want to be persuaded. the fact is that donald trump is persuading americans, they are moving in his direction.
7:41 pm
in the debates you want to be impressed. what does he have to do in your judgment to impress us and what is his greatest threat from hillary clinton when they stand on that debate stage next monday evening. >> big advance think that -- advantage that trump has is that expectations are low for him, he has to show issue competencety, up to spied, on pied, on a -- up to speed, with a coherent answer. lou: what scares me about that, do you want answer like one of the something would be brewed up by moronic team of republicans and democrats that have been in the us hous white house over the last 4 presidential terms? i got to tell you, i don't want any part of them, i want something new, fresh, original and bold. and modest to be honest. modest.
7:42 pm
>> that seem -- is the talking point that he will use to excuse a lack of depth, if there is one, let's hope here surpriseed and pleased he comes in and knows a little bit about foreign policy. lou: i just want him to whip her is that fair. >> yeah. lou: what do you want to happen? >> yeah, i think donald trump will have a strong performance, look how he did during all of the debates with the g.o.p., he had 16 competitors, he wiped them clean. lou: yeah. >> with that, good too have you, thank you so much. we'll work on you charlie. roll the video, some daredevils cannot get enough, moment a thrillseeker jump off that california cliff into the -- little tiny space. a rocky nook with the ocean
7:43 pm
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lou: officials in charlotte, north carolina, urging calm after violent protests over the shooting of keith lamont scott, a black man, who was shot by a black police officer. the chief of police in charlotte is also african-american. police are adamant that scott posed an imminent deadly threat to police officers, nonetheless, rioting went on. >> police have very different versions of the fat fatal confrontation, police officers said they were serving a warrant, they noticed a man, unrelated to their case, 43-year-old keith lamont
7:49 pm
scott. >> mr. scott exited the vehicle armed with a handgun as officers continued to yell to him to drop it he stepped out opposing a threat to the officer, officer, fired his weapon striking the subject. reporter: police chief said that officers gave scott multiple clear intrukd up instructions to drop the weapon. >> you kill us like we are pawns in your chess game, like your lives don't matter. reporter: chief called for calm while taking issue with version of events that a woman claiming to be scott's daughter posted on facebook. >> it is time to change narrative, i can tell you from the facts that the story is a
7:50 pm
little bit different as to how it has been portrayed, so far, especially through social media. reporter: the officer named in the charlotte shooting is also black. >> it don't matter, whether black or white, he was in blue. reporter: protests started peacefully, but it escalated. shutting down interstate 85, and inflicting injuries on more than a dozen police officers. >> we understand there may be continuing protest this evening, i have spoken with many community and faith leaders, we're calling for peace. we're calling for calm and dialogue. reporter: protest organizers are also calling on demonstrators to remain peaceful as they reconvene here in marshall park, a park close to local government center, and charlotte police headquarters. in charlotte could nort,
7:51 pm
north carolina, fox news. lou: jonathan thank you very much up next, billionaire george soros has a lot of missions that are left-wing inspired. he wants hillary clinton elected, no matter what. he wants european refugee crisis to be accepted as the new normal, as we put it. he wants my next guest defeated. he has put his money to work to do just that. we're joined next by america's toughest sheriff, sheriff joe arpaio, we'll be right back. stay with us. to take care of he? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do.
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comcast business. built for business. lou: in our online poll we wanted to know if you thought hillary clinton would work as hard as president as donald trump. 95% said she would not. joining me, joe arpaio. sheriff, it's great to have you with us. i want to get your reaction to ways happening in charlotte. a black police chief, a black police officer who shot and killed a black suspect. we are watching riots. one of the pieces of sound that accompanied the have iio was one man saying the fact that he's a black police officer, he's wearing blue.
7:56 pm
the message being clearly nothing can be donning make any sense. >> they want excuses to cause cash and on the streets. these thugs doing whatever they can, stealing merchandise. they should be locked up, thrown in jail for any type of crime. i don't care how little it is. put them in jail, forget politically correct garbage everybody talks about and send a message we couldn't tolerate these riots using the shooting as an excuse or race as an excuse. lou: 1 police officers injured. looting. police cars damages. the mayor talks like this is some sort of sa of seance.
7:57 pm
it's like she is at a sensitivity training session. it makes no sense at all what she was doing. >> you know what, that's the problem. police chiefs have to report to mayors and city managers. thank god the sheriff only reports to the people. all these cities had the same problems. we need some tough mayors out there in these cities and straighten everything out on the streets and help donald trump. i know he will do that, i guarantee you when he becomes president. it will be a different philosophy in the government and patrolling the streets. lou: he says he's the law and order candidate. you realize we haven't heard about law and order in this country for a long time. he might have bent first to reacquaint us all with the expression. >> he was wayback. and he predicted what was going
7:58 pm
to happen. last july i supported him. right from the beginning he was talking about terrorism, talking about the border, talking about the drug problem. i guess what he said is proving true this year. >> and you uncanny knack for raising issues that subsequently dominate headlines. >> he's got common sense. you have got to operate on common sense. that's what he has. because it is common sense. come on. it's a no-brainer. you should be cracking down at the border to keep tear rights out and the drugs and everything else. common sense. lou: very few people ever talk about the fact that that border is the entry point for methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, and instead they want to talk about open borders. i want to talk about george
7:59 pm
soros coming after you personally, trying to defeat you like the dickens. going after you just like barack obama did with his politicized justice department. how's the fight? >> i'll tell you something, it must be worrisome for that guy. i don't think it's just the open border. i think there is another issue they are concerned with this sheriff, i won't get into it. but i have other evidence so they want me out of office for other reasons, too, not just my policy on locking up illegal immigrants. lou: we'll have to get you back soap so we can press you on what that might be. great to have you with us. we wish you all the best. thank you very much. my good friend and "new york times" best selling author his -
8:00 pm
lis weihl * showing how far some candidates might go to become president and she'll exceed reality. the former leader of the u.k. independence party joins me tomorrow. kennedy: some shocking new fox news polls shows this race is anything but over. and the number of states for clinton and trump up in the air. the electio he -- the first debt five days away. should the new york bombing suspect be crete treated as an enemy combatant or criminal. hillary clinton still ahead of trump in national averages.


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