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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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this will produce devastation for stateside pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia and so many others, were shale oil and shale energy and coal and coal production are critical parts of the economy. and i go to the coal areas and these are unbelievable people. >> welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. this is a startling development, folks. if you ever want to know to start different as between the two parties when it comes to looking at taxes and the size of govemen it bn amatally splle ui h midleofal of stistil obblygo ontose campaigns. let me cut to digest here. we are just now crunching the numbers and a lot of people have been doing this for the hillary clinton plan out that shows she will grow taxes by more than half a trillion dollars over the
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next 10 years. donald trump just talking about however his aggressive spending anano send taxes down. the cost of the trump then you are looking at is going to bust the budget. what is eye-popping here and we are getting a sense of the dramatic nature of this is hillary clinton calls for raising the estate tax from around 41st and now to 65% albeit to just a few people with over half a billion dollars. that would be the charles payne crowd. let me explain with rdb and talked about. hillary clinton wants to lift the present 40% to 45% and limit the roughly $5.5 million threshold to about $3.5 million. she wants to take that up to 50%
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with states of more than 10000055% worth more than 50 million begins 65% on the state with more than 500 million. we are still laughing a lot of folks keep two out of the $3 that they want. reversing that in only telling the government that it could take two out of $3. think of what they are philosophically saying. what are you about? at a certain point we will still let you keep about a third of what you burn and your heirs have learned in its perfectly fine, perfectly justified in all two and creates a good deal of spending without any curtailing the growth of entitlement or curtailing the growth in runaway spending or curtailing the growth in other parts of the
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government that are now growing at an 8% class. we are going to solve it by taxing the rich. not necessarily the rich. keep in mind millionaires tax going in to an effect that would guarantee that anyone owning over a million dollars to pay 30% there is the surtax already in place to pay for the affordable care act, for a lot of folks not so affordable. i bring this up and posit this after donald trump's remarks. through donald trump's remarks. we'll be following them. because it is very stark, my friends. i don't care if you're for donald trump. i don't care if you're for hillary clinton. this election comes down to the size of government. how big do we want it. if you want it big, both candidates will make it bigger. the difference is hillary clinton will make it a lot bigger. god bless her, she is telling how she will pay for it, by zooming you big time. a lot of people say this is millionaire's taxes. when we first started taxes in
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this country we started with a 2% rate, and then a 5% rate. then a 10%. rate. then a 70% rate. then a 77% rate. then a 90% rate. i mentioned that to mention this. it starts that way. charles payne. wow. what do you make of this? >> to your point, hillary clinton has put it out there. we already known it is her campaign is about us versus them. and them are going to have to pay. >> what would mark cuban think of that? >> his answer is same thing. does anyone believe that anyone with the wherewithal to accumulate $500 million or more is actually going to be allow it to be attacked by estate taxes. neil: interesting on assets. it is on your assets. essentially a wealth tax. that is moving target. >> not only moving target, moving philosophy that will ultimately come into play because they broached the idea
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repeatedly hitting our taxes. if you have a piece of art on your wall worth five million dollars, they will eventually try to tax that annually. to your point, hillary clinton and progserveses building giant president obama welfare utopia extraordinarily expensive. it is too expensive to maintain strictly from income from people's paychex. it is extraordinarily expensive to maintain with the high tax rates. the next level is tax assets. next level go into corporate income statements. the income statements themselves, fine a line that comes before the tax line for their contribution to the american well being. that is the only way they're going to be able to fund this welfare utopia. not unlike some of the european welfare utopias we've seen in the past. they're laying it out there. i is us versus them. neil: god bless her, she is saying how i will pay all of
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this. i will tax the people up the ying-yang. she says the rich will pay for it. we know that is moving definition. we know fair share is move definition. we were told, top rate 39%, that was fair share. did the surtax, to pay for the health care law. another few percentage points. military tax she will have and millionaires tax and another four percentage points. top rate, estate tax, 65%. albeit just for a few, a moving target. the argument they won't really mind. >> right. think about this, 3 1/2 million dollars and a lifetime of hard work, to lead to a family is not the end of the world. you're not a gazillionaire. that is where she is starting. probably not indexed for inflation. cautionary tail alternative minimum tax. there is an article went out years ago, 100 families were paying no taxes at all.
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the outrage! the outrage was amazing. so they come up with the alternative minimum tax to go after the 100 people. eventually started hitting 10, 20, 30, million americans. why? it wasn't indexed for inflation. this is the kind of thing that really people need to think about. forget about your envy of the rich consider where you may be one day where your family may be one day in terms of climbing up this ladder of success. and the ability to pass it on. neil: right. >> if i'm well think, this doesn't -- wealthy, this doesn't scare me. if i'm a tinkerer, just started a business, bought my third truck company of hauling things and i think i have a vision to eventually have 20 trucks. it scares me because i started something and i may not be able to continue it. neil: depends if you like your kids too. >> that comes out half -- neil: i know, seems like a nerdy way to open a show, folks. if you will indulge my inner accountant nerd, this is
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eye-popping because neither candidate. this is something i told both republicans and democrats on, charles on this fine show, neither candidate tries to grapple with spending, rein in the debt, control the debt that donald trump is hoping through tax cuts you will spur this dynamic economic growth. it might happen. cut people's taxes, ronald reagan you do create revenues, enough to get our debt under control? i don't know. i also see in this hillary clinton plan an attempt to pay for it by by zooming the rich. already we see definition what constitutes the rich. estate tax, that is $10 million and over estate. then it was five 1/2 million hillary clinton want to reduce it to 3 1/2 million. if it is not indexed to inflation that will encompass a lot of people. >> upper middle class. and you're absolutely right. and so that is an important feature here. but, it's, it, one much these
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things that you have really, you have two different sets of ideology here, two sets of philosophy on, philosophies on america. on one hand, essentially with hillary clinton what i'm hear something someone saying america has for the most part peaked. what we need to do now is divvy up the spoils in more friendly, fair manner. with donald trump is saying that america has more room to the upside. and if we unleash it, the right way, every win has a chance to prosper. when you score these things. they say his debt will add 5 trillion to the debt. hard to score that without understanding, if i keep more money in my pocket and i start to spend and invest. we have thing called velocity of money. it goes all around. neil: there is not a typical way to score that. >> you really can't. you really can't. neil: people try to use static accounting and could be very dynamic, but the danger signal here is that, up, up and away.
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more government and trying to find money to pay for it frantically? >> again, it is, there will come a tipping point where we're going to stop our ability to grow. two-ways. hillary's plan will stop businesses from being able to do research and development and kind of investments it takes to continue to make the new iphone. if we continue to layer on the debt at some point we'll pay a trillion dollars a year to service the debt. neil: not a penny of this is going to that. i do want to -- i know i get emails, a lot of people say rich should pay more. rich should pay their fair share. fair enough. where is the money going then. if you rate the rich, that is a moving target. used to be multi-hundred million nays like charles and billionaires, but now as low as 3 1/2 million. and then, for the surtax to kick in, a million. you see where this is going. that definition is changing.
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then you have to say at such a point they have an obligation to give it to us, not to their families, to us. >> can i make one quick point? this was tried in france, the millionaires tax. really. and it was a unmitigated disaster. neil: who was the actor, french actor -- >> gerard depar dough. became a russian citizen. he has citizenship in five countries. he is big enough to live in five countries. he was furious. a lot of people were furious. it was unmitigated disaster. they pulled it back. neil: to your point, mark cuban, some of these others, they're pretty shrewd. >> you can leave your money to a foundation, everyone is leaving their money to the gates foundation or something else. there are going to be ways around this. neil: warren buffett, big proponent of hillary clinton and government, got bless him, where is he giving all his money when
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he goes? to the bill and melinda gates foundation. if he loved government you give it to them. he realized if you want to give more bang to your charitable buck, give it to bill and melinda. they do a good job. one. biggest proponents of government, telling people when i go it ain't going to the government, i'm going to bill and melinda. >> i will lend my reputation to the "buffett rule" and other things to take money from the person may want to bo from a three-truck operation to a 10-truck operation. that is sad. neil: if you could stay here, buddy. i know, my buddies in the control room are saying, well, there go our ratings. [laughter] but i'm telling you folks, i want you to be aware of this. flash, trillion dollar hillary clinton thing. i said to myself, self, they're talking about taxing assets. how will they prove the assets? what irs agent is going to believe you it is not a picasso?
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it is a velvet elvis? they're going to want to check that out. they will want to go into your home. they're going to want to make sure that it is just a velvet elvis and not picasso. you see where this is going? this is big government run amok. and you don't pay up, i'm telling you, they will shut you up. stick around.
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neil: all right eyes on charlotte, north carolina, tonight. they're trying to avoid what happened last night. you've seen these images and video. it was, for a while, it just had, just total panic and hysteria. they're trying to avoid that tonight. without installing installing a
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curfew. they implemented almost everything else. connell mcshane. reporter: significant developments in last 90 minutes. we know there is a video of the keith lamont scott video he shooting, but the chief says he has no plans to make the video public. he has seen the video. it does not definitely show mr. scott pointing a gun, which had been one point of contention this story is unfolding. also news on the violence you were referencing in the streets last couple nights which we'll talk about in a second. more on the video. want you to listen to what the charlotte mayor had to say about it on "mornings with maria." >> our policy has been that the active investigation is still on going we do not release pieces of evidence. we want to have everything in place to complete the picture and make sure the investigation has highest integrity. we also, following wishes of the scott family who want to see the video footage first. they will be seeing it today i understand.
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reporter: all right. so the family the rest of us will not, at least not yet. that seems to be the plan. in terms of these protest, pictures from last night, police say nine civilians were injured. 44 were arrested at all. one much nine injured, critically-injured man was shot, you may have heard about that, as neil says no plans for a curfew. we'll see how the evening unfolds. as it unfolds there is no avoiding shooting of a black man in tulsa, oklahoma, in middle of a presidential race. we have these new comments on violence you saw here live on fox business from donald trump. watch. >> the people who will suffer the most as a result of these riots are law-abiding african-american residents who live in these communities where the crime is so rampant. it is their jobs, housing markets, schools, economic conditions, that will suffer,
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and the first duty of government is to protect their well-being and safety. we have to do that. reporter: so trump also says we're living in what he called in those pittsburgh remark as wounded country. we look bad to the rest of the world, neil. even asked how can we lead when we can't control our cities? so we'll watch charlotte of course very closely tonight. neil: thank you, connell. thank you very much. of course americans have a right to protest. but people in the charlotte area also have a right to kind of go about their routines, right? that was robbed from them last night. what about tonight? charles payne on that, the other flip side whose rights are getting trampled on. >> law-abiding citizens rights are getting trampled on. also the peaceful protesters being overshadowed. what i'm seeing more and more in some of these cities are planned events, candlelight vigils, these things are overtaken, overtaken by the agitators, the
12:20 pm
opportunists, the people with just crime that runs through their veins. you can overwhelm the situation. doesn't take an army to do that. so, it mu dells the whole thing and it makes it more complicated. even a lot more heart-breaking. neil: i guess they nixed the idea of releasing the tape of the shooting that prompted all of this, and showing family members which might be wise to begin with. but if you say never, doesn't that breed even more suspicion and concern and potential violence? >> i don't think it is never. i felt like listening to the police chief's press conference, he seemed fairly agitated. reporters were pushing him around pretty good. he wanted to answer all questions. will be interesting to see what the victims family says, particularly his daughter who sparked a lot of this with her social media comments. that social media went viral. neil: what if there is no gun? >> it is really difficult thing.
12:21 pm
even if there was a gun, some black people say north carolina is open-carry state. is there different law if white guy is walking down the street with open carry versus a black guy? neil: good point. the thought he was brandishing the gun, not putting it down. others say it was strapped to his ankle, he never you touched it. >> some say it was a book. neil: yeah. >> this is devastating. i wishing we were in a country where we could give each other the benefit of the doubt, where, certainly where the police, who protect all of us, i think obviously they deserve the benefit of the doubt. and we need to have more patience with this kind of stuff and, unfortunately that is not where we are right now. neil: let me ask you on personal level, we chatted before. what do you tell your own kids. when they go out, how do you advise them, what? >> you know, my kids are, have been taught to listen to authority and, i got to tell
12:22 pm
you, i'm just, i'm just so thrilled, i'm not as worried about them, particularly my son who is 19, he is in college. and my son has never had a fight, neil. now it was different for me. when i grew up in harlem, my mother, she had to sit us down. where i have some issue with rudy giuliani said black parents need to talk to their kids. he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, they do. especially urban cities. first thing they tell you, stay away from bad people in the neighborhood. you know who they are. stay away from them. they will get you in trouble. as you get older, respect authority. there is not 8-year-old black kid in this country who would disrespect their teacher and not pray that it gets back to the mother or father. they will pray. if that note makes it home you disrespected a teacher, unfortunately the street changes things, and as these kids get older, particularly the boys, 12, 13, puberty kicks in, the
12:23 pm
single mother can not control them anymore. you can only pray that what you have taught them to that point can override the urges and you draw from the street and bad elements. it is a hell of a fight. it is a hell of a fight. neil: tonight we'll see. maybe there have been conversations like that to avoid what happened last night. we'll have more after this. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. a combination of see products..
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i can't get my salespeople as well. so what have you actually limit the growth of companies because they face this tax later ron and
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i think about how to keep this company allies. these taxes kill small business in america. the second point i would make is if we went and tax 100% of the wealth of the "forbes" 400, the top 400 richest people in america, we can only run our government for three months and then what do you do after that? because there's nothing left. sure into these are static numbers. 3.5 million, who cares. i remember it used to be a big deal when i was a kid. i am revealing my age here. when he spoke of homes go into $100,000. the same with the idea of someone who earned her a household earning $100,000. again, much more common. if a static member adjusted for inflation. we've learned that from a lot of
12:30 pm
folks that they are in these higher taxes. unless this is adjusted more than a few will be paying that deal. >> family farms. it is easy to have a family farm with millions and millions of dollars, especially as urban areas sprawl and the fireman becomes worth more. people get caught in it. the key here for me is if i were to start a business, i work for a company. but if i had a grocery store or a car wash or a laundry -- a dry cleaning place where like i said a lumber yard, i would hope that i could pass that down to my children if they wanted to do it. and these kinds of tax is keep that from happening. the whole idea, all these taxes, all these liberal dream is that we've reached our peak appeared
12:31 pm
we can't make anymore, so now we have to spread it evenly. every time we do that, we limit the ability of the economy to grow. it is not a fixed pie. you have to leave the money in the system. one of the key things is the reason the u.s. economy is growing so slow today, even though we have strike in the cloud of smartphones and tablet democrat genome and 3-d printing and all of these great technologies, we are robbing those technologies by taxing and redistributing the wealth that they create. that's why the u.s. economy is growing slow. i heard you make a point earlier that neither candidate right now has really talked about cutting bending. if we don't cut spending you'll never be able to raise your taxes high enough to pay for the government. speenine it is fair to say
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over the weekend. besides learning after the fact that his dad had met the guy was a terrorist, besides the repeated trips to packet and in afghanistan, his wife suddenly leading for the attacks. then there comes this bloodstained journal that the guy behind a copying input on the internet. including references to and what a lucky, others, death to americans, isis, praising the fortunate shooter and on and on. my friend james woolsey, former cia director is so much more whether there is an algorithm because it was all-out air. >> the algorithms may not catch it, that they can narrow the field a lot. >> why were they able to narrow this one? >> they are not being used as
12:37 pm
well as they should be. you and i have a lot more material in the jaws of google and amazon and so forth and we are in what they did national security agents me. the publicly available data treated with the right algorithms can narrow things down amazingly. probably the biggest native supply from a perfectly open source is. train to what i've heard from other people as we are monitoring to many people, doing too much that we are not able to fine tune this. >> well, monitoring people where you can't utilize very sophisticated data operations of what we were just talking about can be hugely manpower expense
12:38 pm
to. you can save a lot on the manpower by following publicly available data on what is being thought where someone is striving to comment saturday. the algorithms are getting more and more sophisticated. neil: he was apparently part of what they call curious chatter. he was making a lot of noise on the internet, phone calls, talking to neighbors, friends, other people wanted to avoid him. so he was out there. he wasn't exactly shy. it begs the next question, who also thought there that we are not onto? >> anything both groups of terrorists coming from the aces side of things and it won't be too long. we've seen in the past will be starting to get them from the shiite died of things because it
12:39 pm
is just too tempting for iran to leave us alone in the midst of a situation like this. they will try to trick by one making the other look like he's doing it whereas it's the first one. there's a lot coming on us i'm afraid. neil: donald trump says you have to be on top of this stuff, you have to be quick. hillary clinton says next thing i know you're backing mr. trump. that is very different type of strategy that we are missing that either one could exercise? >> i think what we are missing is being able to let the publicly available data do the job for us instead of so many men standing around with automatic weapons and so forth. in some as that can be useful. it's not money well spent.
12:40 pm
they'd be a lot better off spending the money spent in algorithms and getting things slimmed down so they are only moving after a subset of the terrorists instead of just standing around and guarding against everybody. neil: ambassador james woolsey, thank you again. how to avoid problems tonight in the city named charlotte. ack? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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neil: you are watching engineman not in yahoo! -- benjamin netanyahu lecture in things like human rights and again ignoring countries that abuse the most aggressively and targeting countries like israel. the president of the united states one meeting only
12:45 pm
yesterday after essentially writing up or to a billion dollars check to help over the next 10 years on how israel handles it settlements. so he was using this opportunity to fire back. meanwhile, we've got hillary clinton prepping for the big debate on monday. off the campaign trail for the second time doing just that. then the multimillion swing state search here. blake burman has the latest on how the numbers are getting the boat. >> hi there, neil. a tale of two polls for both of these candidates at least when he looked nationally and in the swing state. to start nationally as hillary clinton had good news according to latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll that has a rep six of her donald trip. when you see the third-party candidates are factored in. however, post-labor day when all
12:46 pm
the pollsters say, what really matters is the swing state polling and that is where the good news factors in for donald trump. look at three states according to the latest fox news poll in nevada, and north carolina. trump over clinton 43-424 points. it's successfully chosen the last 10 consecutive presidents. move on over to ohio. trump is at five. 42-37. that is a state president in the last two elections. going down south north carolina, trumped up again over clinton by five. what appears to be carrying trump by the independents come anywhere from 17-20 points. as you mention, why hillary clinton is not. he is in pennsylvania, public and private events.
12:47 pm
clinton has taken the day off due to pair for the debate with a little while ago asking them what they feel might be important for the debate. a 30 question survey that trump says he wants feedback on. interesting. neil: that is interesting. thank you very much. how does this jive with what is going on right now? hillary clinton can't understand it. take a look. >> having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? well, the choice for working families have never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. neil: why was she shouting? i think it was a video to a union group. anyway, scott rasmussen on the state of the race right now. you know, you have a
12:48 pm
battleground state where all the sudden donald trump is making headway. then you get "the wall street journal" poll that shows national issues got a comfortable lead. so dissect all of that. >> verse about, you shouldn't take even a fox news poll is the absolute gospel truth. all the data we've seen in the last few weeks, donald trump is consistently gaining ground. the national polls overall are tightening and showing swing state strength. when you look at ohio, he's doing better than mitt romney ever day. romney and the entire 2012 lead one pulled by one point so donald trump is outperforming him. north carolina and ohio combined are two of the three battleground states that are absolute must wins for donald trump. if he gets florida, ohio, north carolina and nevada an important
12:49 pm
state in this poll is important because it begins to show some other paths to victory to get the last remaining electoral votes you need. the trend is far more than the details in the poll about turnout are especially revealing. they show hillary clinton is having trouble getting enthusiasm among traditional democratic groups in donald trump is getting a lot of enthusiasm along working-class whites. neil: the other thing donald trump has been going on is he's narrowed the gap. but again, i remember there are times when the electoral map looked one way and the election day quite the opposite. he looked like a competitive battle between jimmy carter and ronald reagan a week before the election he had the debate and it was a landslide. you see anything or either candidate that would change things that dramatically? >> absolutely. we are in a situation where both candidates are viewed of favorably by a majority of americans. both candidates as summer of 40%
12:50 pm
or 42% another 15 or 16 or 18-point.they are of people who loathe both candidates. they don't like donald trump. they don't like hillary clinton. partisans may have a hard time accepting it to the people who don't like candidates will decide the election. because of that, something like a debate next week, something like situation in charlotte and the terror attacks we saw new jersey can have a huge effect. when you are not committed to a candidate, small things get you to turn away and switched sides on the moment notice. i expect this to be very volatile. it may be close at the end but it wouldn't surprise me to see either candidate open up a significant lead. neil: thank you. great chatting my friend. so was loretta lynch, the attorney general at the united states briefly addressing what was going on in charlotte. largely wrapped that up right now.
12:51 pm
obviously the governor of north carolina to bring in the national guard, which he did and they will be out in full force tonight. they hope to avoid any problems tonight without installing a curfew. the mayor of charlotte, governor of north carolina, keeping the peace, something the rental lynch wants to see as well. stick around. ♪
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12:55 pm
keeping ni on that and trying to keep the peace. all of this happens at a time when what you saw going on a chart last night, i'll show you the scene again. you may not be the only one watching. last night there was the famous footage they didn't like as many people are pointing out, stuff that was even possible in the united states. looting going on in the stores. picture yourself demonizes. picture yourself trying to recruit people. this desn't illustrate the point at all. but if you are isis and you're looking at disgruntled individuals, there is a lot whether it was justified or not. a guy worries about his. ron desantis of colorado -- that is a recruitment vehicle. >> i will tell you.
12:56 pm
those images were troubling and disturbing and i think when the incidents have been it's important to get the fact that these have not happened here. if you take to the streets in protest, that cannot involve a light blue demon assaulting other people. i think it creates a culture of mayhem. if there are people just against the country, that would be a place where they'd be able to congregate. >> i would also be of route that isis would try to reach out to. they are very effect about that. do you worry about that? >> reaching out to them doesn't even have to involve brokering a meeting between some recruiter in some of the day. it could simply be exposing people to different propaganda on the internet, social media site and inspiring people to take aside in their own hands of the state. definitely a problem and isis
12:57 pm
has proven themselves to be pretty sophisticated at capitalizing people who have some underlying issues. neil: yeah, you are right. i apologize for all this breaking news. thank you very much. jesse jackson on what he hopes to avoid tonight. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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1:00 pm
neil: all right. protesters out in full force in charlotte, north carolina. some were genuinely protesting the shooting of a black man. many were looting like this store here. it was happening all over charlotte. so what about those business owners right? what about residents rights? those who freely recognize we live in a country where you're free to protest, but are you free to trample on others who just want to get by? to congressman robert pittenger, congressman from north carolina. there was a lot of looting going
1:01 pm
on. where do you separate the right to protest to the rights of others who want to live? >> neil, very good question. begs the question today, where is the spirit of martin luther king? we cherish his legacy. we honor him every wednesday, every february of every year, because this man had a great concern for our countries. he had a great concern for the african-american people. he did go to the streets. he did demonstrate peacefully. frankly, where are leaders today? where is our president? where is the, you know, the leaders and pastors and others? there should be 20 or 30 african-american leaders on the streets calling for calm. calling for peaceful demonstrations. i'm really saddened with lack of that type of leadership. neil: they brought in the national guard, congressman, to deal with tonight. hopefully not a repeat performance of last night. it seemed to me hearing local
1:02 pm
authorities talk to the press a little while ago, that local authorities kind of call the commands here. the national guard helps out. but, what is the order of order here, if you will? i mean who is in charge of keeping the peace tonight? >> well, charlotte-mecklenburg police department are in charge of keeping the peace and state will play a supporting role. but frankly we all see anger. we all see the animus from these individuals. this didn't start two nights ago. this is 50 years of failed policy toward the minorities in this country. beginning with the great society. the great society has turned into the disenfranchised society. these people are angry. they are mad. look at economic growth today. we're 1.3%. 15 million people are under employed or unemployed. look at birth rate in the african-american community. neil: congressman, there are
1:03 pm
many poor areas, areas of high youth unemployment, particularly african-american youth unemployment. they don't go to this extreme. so, isn't that sort of like dismissal of poor people, that they're going to riot? >> well i think in the case, when you listen to them, i did last night for about 3 1/2 hours. i heard their reactions and they're angry, and they're mad. i think what this did, the shooting kind of lit it up. and what is quelling inside. yes, it is contained, but there is deep concern. we hear it frankly in the financial services committee hearing all the time, about the racial disparity in this country. so, you can't separate it. you can't say well, it is not pervasive around the country. failed policies of this administration have left these people outside of the loop. failed educational systems. we have to have a economic
1:04 pm
system that brings people in, that builds jobs. there is such restriction on job growth today. they can't even get a good job. that is what i'm begging the question on. the failed policies have contributed to it. neil: we've had two democratic and republican presidents alike. we have had poverty unfor the nately. congressman, thank you very much. very good having you. with me the reverend jesse jackson. you have heard obviously, reverend, welcome to you. congressional black caucus, others, urging restraint, urging peace. they're frustrated. they're angry. if you had to advise protesters who might be coming out tonight, what would you tell them? >> you know, i would urge us to look at context of this. these public executions are a lot to take. it is walter scott. of the it is baton rouge. it is, in the case of tulsa, oklahoma. that is fueling this.
1:05 pm
and we seem -- neil: even in some cases if he had a gun and brandished a gun, we don't know, would that make a difference to you? >> at least in the case of tulsa, they released tape quickly. neil: you're right about that one. >> in the case of chicago they delayed the tape 14 months. that led to rebellion. in the case of charlotte there is suspicion they're covering something up. so you have this cloud of public, kind of legal lynchings. that is deeply emotional and people react with their gut. one thing for neighbor on neighbor to have a shootout. but when the ultimate authority with the gun and the badge has authority to be the, the arresting officer, the profiler, and the executioner, that is a lot to take. neil: even when the officer is black? >> whatever the color the officer may be, no one has the right to kill anybody. neil: are you outrage as well. >> if in fact you're in the military and somebody put up their hands and you shot, in the military you would be prosecuted. even in the army.
1:06 pm
neil: i can definitely understand your anger, but i don't see the same anger, maybe not by you but by others hundreds of black kids killed in chicago and black on black crime, that dwarfs what we're seeing here. >> if it is white on white, sandy hook, orlando, doesn't matter what the killing is. neil: black on black crime bother you? that is out of control. >> what concerns me there is we ignored the report which says, increasingly apart, as a nation and impact of suffering and poverty. neil: so happens in chicago annoys you? >> in chicago you have eight communities with 25% unemployment. and 40% on less of poverty. guns and drugs and jobs out. that is a disaster. there has been know -- neil: that is all black on black crime. >> doesn't matter the color. ultimately there needs to be a policy conference on violence,
1:07 pm
causes and cures, and racial disparities which are substantial and very open, and suffering as well as a plan for reconstruction. we can not keep limping along -- i watched the football players speak out, kaepernick and others on the television what is happening in charlotte. on the football field, the reason why black and whiten gauge in combat and shake hands, the rules of public, the referees are fair. off the field rules are not fair. they're inconsistent. everybody knows it. but we're doing a lot of talking about lately but -- neil: protesting, reverend, when people instead of exercising act to freely protest are looting stores and stealing things, there were dozens of cases of that last night, is that right? >>o. but,ne othe ggesloots st wk wathe nk, at h 00 pple. il: at'sot wt i' lkinabou i kw yore n talng abt.
1:08 pm
neilis se tang itoo r is tt rit. >> ibanktykeakintoo r. neiltheye gog in tha having a field day. don't switch subjects, reverend. i respect you. are you saying do you find what happened last night got out of control, when so many, when so many started attacking structures, attacking police vehicles, breaking into stores? many of them black-owned businesses, is that fair? >> well it is not fun. let me put it this way. when people, dr. king said riots are voices of unheard. when you get the -- never get justice and fairness you have these rebellion. you look at rebellion, w rebellion, not just acts. neil: i think with all respect, reverend, you are really making a slap at all poor people, all poor african-americans who don't do this, who don't respond like this, and you're -- >> people are responding in different ways. for some people --
1:09 pm
neil: you're saying because you're poor disadvantaged white man somehow deliberately disadvantaged you do this sort of thing when in other locales don't do that. that is painting -- >> i don't know if it was black, white, in sandy hook, in orlando, for example. we have become much too violent a society. we've become much too violent period. there are layers of, there is intraviolent relating between white on white, black on black, brown on brown. when the police literally, and camera becomes the conduit of justice, shoots someone with their hands up in the air, again, that is wrong. and those who do it should face the full weight of quick justice is. neil: you seem to all 680 cases we've seen in the past year-and-a-half where blacks were shot by police, were all that way. were there not some that were legitimate, where a gun was involved? the case of keith scott --
1:10 pm
>> shooting people in the back is not legitimate. neil: if that reverend, careful, careful, you always say don't generalize. if that happened 680 times you are absolutely right. it did not. in the case of keith scott, if he had a gun, you're right right, we don't know for sure. north carolina is open carry state that allows it, are you saying people shouldn't be carrying guns around in that case? it is provocative. >> i think we should ban assault weapons, we should have background checks. open carry guns is risky and very dangerous and very wrong. but when you're looking at walter scott, shot six times. the police lied, with him lied. you come right back, the eric garner choked to the death and police looked on and line. neil: you think that is common practice? >> we see it more every day. neil: we see a lot of cops getting shot. do you at the same rage about that. >> you don't see a lot of cops getting shot but they shouldn't get shot. i submit to you, go a step further. we need to review the commission
1:11 pm
report on the 80-nation and suppression that is happening running its toll on people. neil: see what i'm saying reverend? >> this is -- neil: you're upset when people are shot in these instances you mentioned but you aren't when it happens to a cop. >> that is not true. as a matter of fact -- neil: have you protested rallies when it happened to cops? >> as a matter of fact, unless you ban assault weapons you can't protect -- neil: that is not what i asked. same rage when it involves a cop, white or black? >> immediately baton rouge we responded when that took place. we also know that they tried to associate the killing in baton rouge and dallas with "black lives matter." in fact, these were military people trained who saw an injustice and they felt their resolution what they have been trained to do which is to shoot. which we didn't agree with. let's move toward remedy and analysis here. at some point in time this, this
1:12 pm
gap, and this has a big lawsuit in north carolina was tried to disenfranchise black voters. they lost the lawsuit. that's kind of high-tech stuff. neil: who is trying to disenfranchise? >> no. that's what the lawsuit says. they said it was precise in the attempt to disenfranchise black voters. neil: you look at it, if you're going to vote, should you show something to prove hour you are, white or black? >> the law said voter i.d. neil: i don't want to about into that. >> you have to go into it. if blanks are overcharging people and that is looting, blue-collar looting, people trying to take your vote away. extremes. let me ask you this. >> well -- neil: i am agreeing -- >> if i'm on this side of the table. you're over there. i look at banks looting on one hand. neil: so you feel that other looting is justified to respond to that? >> it is, all this is part of the general climate. banks are looting. neil: you can't possibly believe that.
1:13 pm
you're a man of god you can't possibly believe that. >> believe what? neil: justifying banks are looting and you have a right to loot in response. >> i'm saying there is climate. neil: what do you think happened in tulsa, clear case, guy put up his hands and was still shot, no riots in tulsa so far and in charlotte they're going crazy. >> in charlotte there is not enough confidence in the police officials. neil: what if they're showing victim's family and tape shows that he might have had a gun hypothetically. >> they have not shown it yet. neil: but if they did, if they did -- >> that is hypothetical. neil: no, no, you just said something. >> he is dead and he has a right to have an given the laws of that state, cover-up amounts to the attempt to circumvent laws and justice. neil: you don't know of a cover-up. they want to get the tape to the family before they show anyone else because the family has
1:14 pm
right to see it first. >> they haven't gotten it to the family yet either. neil: by end of the day they are supposed to have it. >> how many days later? how many days later? neil: if the family comes out and we've seen the tape urge peace, what would you say? >> i would urge peace too but peace is -- neil: you're not. you're justifying what they did last night. >> peace in the presence of justice. quietness absence of noise. many people are quiet -- neil: quiet in tulsa, what is wrong with being quiet in tulsa? they're taking all this in. >> different people have tolerance levels. i submit there is, the fact here it is charleston nine. i thought trump said yesterday, why give this guy, the set the bombs off, why should we give him you all this nice treatment because a muslim, but guy killed charleston nine got due process that is the american way. the guy oklahoma city got due process.
1:15 pm
we shouldn't suspend due process. neil: would you arrest, reverend, those who got so violent that they set fire to vehicles, they set fire to retail establishments? they broke in and looted those establishments, would you say, you are disgracing the message of dr. king and i will not support that behavior? >> you're disgracing message of dr. king if you don't do justice love, mercy. don't pull dr. king make him cover-up. neil: that is not what i asked. you went one step too far there. >> dr. king, rioting in l.a., when it hits that point, extreme, voices of unheard. there are people lose it at some point in time. neil: you condone their losing an justify what they did? >> can you imagine for a moment, if this had black police shooting white folk in the back. neil: what would your response be. neil: it would be the same. >> you're not he telling the truth. neil: you're not telling the truth. reverend you're not telling the truth.
1:16 pm
you are apostle of martin luther king. >> and jesus christ. neil: who advocated peaceful protests. you are justifying what happened when a lot of those people went way beyond. >> i still advocate peaceful protest. you didn't quite answer my question, if this many whites shot in the black by blacks what is your response. neil: i wouldn't break into macy's. i wouldn't break into any store. i would peacefully protest my rage as my right as american. my right as american. but you are being very color-blind about it, right? you are taking the side of -- >> you think everybody would take a pattern of white, as opposed to calling it retribution and why would blacks shoot whites, you would think it is as peaceful. neil: if i generalized about races the way you just did about these incidents with police shootings, you would be all over this. >> it is not generalization. these are specifics. walter scott. neil: you're saying all 680 cases of these shootings were that way. you're saying without even
1:17 pm
acknowledging all of violence, black on black crime in chicago, and saying it is no big deal. i'm not going to pay attention to that. >> well in chicago you have 3,000 shot. you have 500 killings. neil: what have you said? >> awful lot and preach ad lot at funerals, source of pain. neil: where is the rage over that? >> the rage has been expressed, one rage expressed when they covered up the killing of a kid laquan mcdonald, 14 months and people responded by voting state's attorney out. responded with ordered disciplined political process. some may respond and some may not respond. neil: fair an balanced critic to needless violence wherever it is. >> of course we are. neil: reverend, thank you -- >> you had this many white people being shot by black police, what do you think the response would be? ,. neil: the same but peaceful. >> right. neil: okay. more after this. when it comes to healthcare,
1:18 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. neil: so much going on. hillary clinton proposing at the top level, a 65% estate tax. it is part of a plan to dig up another half trillion dollars plus over the next ten years to pay for a lot more government. trish regan has been crunching some numbers and she's discovered what defines wealth goes down, the tax on it keeps going up. here we be. what do you think? >> she must be hoping a lot of billionaires die off in next 10 years. neil: she has a lot of billionaire backers. >> she does. she does. basically, there are the billionaires and then there are those that are millionaires, you know $10 million is a lot. she wants tax on them to go up to 50%. you know, neil, there is something i believe sort of anti-american about wanting to
1:22 pm
tax prosperity like this. you know, americans, they don't begrudge people success. they want to see people succeed. they want themselves to succeed. and they want to know there is an opportunity there and the government isn't going to stand in the way and say, you make more money. we'll take more money. neil: i give hillary clinton her due. at least she is trying to pay for big government. she knows it is a lot. someone told her we need a lot more money. so go after dead people. >> why not cut spending? there are other ways. neil: i both candidates, trish, they don't have a grand plan to get the debt under control. you and i know it is eating us alive and our kids alive. >> you are so right. i was talking to someone this morning about this very issue. we're not hearing a lot about that at all. we did in the previous, in the previous elections. neil: going out of control. >> it is growing out of control and there is no sustainable future there. donald trump the other day, before the new york economic club did talk about just cutting a penny off of every dollar spent.
1:23 pm
that is exciting. neil, you brought this up. i appreciate this. i think this is very important thing. you have said why does spending need to keep on increasing alongside gdp you? think about a household, right? if you're lucky enough to earn more money in any given year, do you need to increase your spending as a household to correspond with the increase you get in your salary? of course not, right. why does government feel like they need to keep increasing their spending? neil: government is growing at three times the inflation rate. that is unsustainable. >> it is unsustainable. but this, you're right, this is her attempt at some fiscal responsibility. just keep penalizing the wealthy. penalize success. and that is how you will pay for all entitlements. neil: fewer and fewer people, whether half or not -- >> what is that "atlas shrugged effectively. neil: i'm look more than shrugging. trish roche, thank you very much. her fine show half an hour there or abouts. some people think i was very
1:24 pm
rude to the reverend jesse jackson. if you feel that way i apologize. but i guess i was rude to the reverend jesse jackson. i don't like these predictable responses. this is why we keep repeating the same actions. we'll have more after this. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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1:27 pm
>> can you imagine for a moment if this many plaque police shooting white folk in the back, what would your response be? neil: i would -- >> no,. neil: it would be the same. >> no you're not telling -- neil: all right. that got a little heated, a little nasty. bottom line, reverend jesse jackson saying he can understand why people would react the way they did in charlotte. there is anger there. there is something called poverty there. it is expressing its rage there. i disagree. i don't think anything justifies looting and burning buildings, many of them minority-owned. many of you saw that. reacting to that. to the "washington examiner"'s
1:28 pm
susan -- on that. susan, almost justifyies another very violent night in charlotte. and i worry about that. >> well, that was a great interview. jesse doesn't back down and neither did you. i thought it was a good discussion. but you know, it is interesting, your interview with congressman pittenger a while back where he talked about there not being any real leadership which a lot of people are looking for in the situation like this. and i think that that really provides an opportunity for either of the presidential candidates to step in and kind of become a leader and talk about this in a way that you know, includes solutions and, doesn't negate the legitimate concerns of people in these communities have about police shootings. and we haven't seen that really. both candidates have kind of talked about it a little bit, but neither has really dived into to discuss it an talk about solutions. neil: you mentioned a good
1:29 pm
point. donald trump i think came the closest to at least tackling it. i want to get your reaction to this. donald trump on what's going on here. >> many americans are watching the unrest in charlotte unfolding right before their eyes on the tv screens. others are witnessing the chaos and the violence first-hand. our country looks bad to the world. especially when we are supposed to be the world's leader. how can we lead when we can't even control our own cities? neil: what do you think of what he is saying? >> well, it's a great message but it is missing, like i said, it is missing solutions. that is because the solution is going to be really comply he indicated, and tough, and involves not just what the government can do for us but what these individuals communities and families in these communities can do for themselves. it's a tough issue.
1:30 pm
look what happened when you were talking to jesse jackson. it is really hard because everybody takes a side in this. and it is hard to come to a middle ground. and like jesse jackson was saying, it is so emotional. people see the shootings, it is raw emotion just takes over. but i think another issue no one's really talking about, who is coming into these communities? who is doing this looting? are these people in the communities or outsiders coming in and causing these problems? that is whole another issue here. and it takes away from the whole, you know, the underlying problem, which is that these communities need help, they have been stuck in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness. neil: susan, where i disagree slightly with that point, and you raise a sound one, that we equate this sort of behavior with poverty and disadvantaged.r disadvantaged act out the way they did in charlotte. >> exactly.
1:31 pm
to that point i was saying, who are people coming in here to these communities and rioting and hurting people, shooting people? are these actual residents doing this? you hear a lot of talk about outsiders coming in agitating and causing these problems? just to promote the cause here. and that's absolutely damaging these communities even further and needs to stop. and i think that needs to be under discussion too. who is behind all of, all of the rioting right now. is it the actual resident? they're the ones being harmed by this. the businesses, safety issue. people are getting shot. this isn't helping the community. neil: to your point, they have a right to, you argue, you obviously american god given right to protest but these people have the right to live and conduct their business, and go -- >> not conduct these violent crimes. nobody has that right. neil: all right. thank you. susan, thank you very much. sorry for shuffling things around.
1:32 pm
you were a good sport. >> good to listen to interview. neil: we're getting a little more news how hillary clinton is outspending donald trump. bang for the buck she is getting, maisch less than you know, maybe a lot less.
1:33 pm
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1:35 pm
neil: just look at that. you would think that with
1:36 pm
hillary clinton spending five times what donald trump is, that she would be in polling heaven. well she's not. she is losing number of battleground states. gop donor john tatum. charlie gasparino here. charlie you know something of the thinking at clinton camp, what they're hearing. they seem to be calmly dealing with this on the surface. >> i've been talking to, i guess you could call these people clinton operatives, people that give a lot of money with them, deal with hillary clinton and her top people every day, doing this last couple days. this is distillation of what i found. they're pretty confident in the end her ground game will prevail. they still can't believe donald trump doesn't have major ground game presence in a lot of battleground states. they obviously do. they think that is worth a couple of points. dollars to doughnuts in tight election, even as things are tightening up in the states that will help them prevail. the other thing they think, neil, her performance during the
1:37 pm
debate. they're putting a lot, a lot of their momentum going forward on her doing very well. here is what i hear. they are preparing for a sound bite debate with donald trump. that trump is going to attack them not on issues. we know he hates prep but he does like to throw zingers out there. he will hit her with every zinger known to mankind. they're prepared to bombard her with sound bites, zingers, attacks. the thing is, they believe the sound bites are designed to trump up news and basically steal the news flow. what they want, what they desperately want is donald trump not to just, gin up some news and be provocative but be overly provocative, say something that gets him in trouble, that be the news story coming out. debates. coupled with the fact of her masterful knowledge of facts and data and policies. one other thing i will point out, they are really concerned about the moderators. now there has been some stuff
1:38 pm
about lester holt and all these moderators being democrats. donald trump stated that. what they're worried out not they're democrats, but they're worried moderators somehow don't press donald enough. get scared or intimidated, but don't press him on factall stuff he may flub. they are key -- neil: charlie, i love you to death. i hear you correctly the left is concerned that it won't get fair treatment by moderators in the media? >> let me just, what they're saying is this, and they are looking, and that's what they're saying. not saying i agree with them. they're saying this. saying trump has a way intimidating moderators. they believe he intimidated matt lauer doing a softball interview. they are worried that lester holt and these guys don't hold his feet to the fire on some of the wild claims that he makes from time to time.
1:39 pm
like -- head of isis. neil: that is the rap. see if they can get his goat and media tough on him in his outlandish claims in their opinion an maybe hope they're not equally tough on us. what do you make of that, donald trump has to do knowing that might be part of the gameplan. >> well i think that mr. trump's going to have an outstanding debate. you know, i would like one of the questions to be about secretary clinton's tax plan of 65% for estate tax versus mr. trump's plan. and also look at some of the other capital-gains taxes and so forth. so i hope, i can't wait for monday night. i can't wait to be in the hofstra with you and mr. gasparino. neil: to charlie's point, john, there is hope that he either explodes, they suck him into making factual mistakes that
1:40 pm
they hope a moderator seizes on or media follow up days seizes on to show what a dope, all of that. that seems to be what they're doing. >> that is it pretty much. >> that is their forth and long strategy but, you know, neil, look at money being spent. secretary clinton spending $36 million slated in florida. mr. trump spending about 700,000. but he is up in, he is up in florida. ohio, she is spending over 20 million in ohio. he is spending less than 2 million the. neil: you raise a good point. i think, charlie, what they're plan something their ground operations are going to is going to seal the deal. >> what they know from the conversations, all these clinton people said it. they know she is not a very emotional, not a person who connects. and that is a problem during the debates. donald does connect. sometimes he connects too much as you know. but she doesn't. and they are worried that her purely analytical technocratic
1:41 pm
approach makes her look like computer and computer that might lie to you. that is the problem that they have. very low, very high negatives. not a lot of trust for her. they know that. >> i agree. this is an unconventional campaign and we have an unconventional candidate. and i think mr. trump's going to connect on a personal level. neil: we shall see, guys. >> with millions of people watching. neil: all right. charlie, that is the same thing they said about you, unemotional, doesn't connect. >> you know me. i'm an automaton. neil: as we look out, look at stocks. i think they still like the decision on the part of the fed yesterday not to tighten rates. we'll have more after this. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business
1:42 pm
and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
1:43 pm
>> i'm adam shapiro live on floor of the new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. stocks enjoying another day in the green. you can see the dow jones industrial average up 120 points. s&p 500 up 15 points, and the nasdaq up 45 points on relief for a lot of investor that the federal reserve kept interest rates where they are. no one expecting an interest rate increase until december. some of the stocks driving today the gains, united technology up 1.2%. cisco up 1.2% after announcing a deal with they will jointly develop products using each other as offerings. boeing and airbus, boeing on news it received permission to
1:44 pm
sell licenses -- licenses to sell aircraft to iran that would be $50 billion deal for boeing and airbus. tesla to the positive side, getting ready for october 28th of reveal of a solarcity solar roof panel. more after this.
1:45 pm
with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. neil: all right. stocks continuing the rally. nasdaq in and out of record territory. so obviously it would seem the markets are quite happy with the
1:46 pm
federal reserve delaying of a rate hike. maybe november, december, who knows. but not now. they like that. economist brian says don't get crazy yet. you might be getting ahead of yourselves. explain, brian. what do you see? >> if you look at the economy, right now the stock market's happy because loose money continues but where will the growth come from in 2017? the fed yesterday when it said it will keep rates steady also said, look, the outlook for 2017 is 1.8% growth. i don't think anybody should be smiling. long-term picture is no better. market is up because loose money continues. long term picture is still really, really weak. neil: now i got to wonder, delayed hike will be costly one, right? i think, let's say they start hiking in december, hypothetically. then what? >> what the fed really wants to do, they want to have a steady stream of hikes on a regular basis. just like they were talking about for 2016.
1:47 pm
that is the whole problem here. they had a huge credibility issue this past year. the reason they're waiting, probably until december is because they want to make sure if they move they can stick with it. that's a real indictment of economy we have right now. it is so weak the fed has to take the utmost precaution to make sure it is not undermining its own credibility. i think the fed not moving really has to be interpreted we're not out of the woods yet. >> that is very, well that is very brilliant, is what it is. if you think about it, we're celebrating a fed that said we're not out of the woods. we're celebrating a federal reserve that has key concerns about the pace of recovery and strength of it. that is kind of weird, isn't it? >> we shouldn't be talking -- the fed is trying to do its job. you don't need a conspiracy theory. they're trying to do their job. they look at inflation and economic growth. what they see in the data, we just can't move.
1:48 pm
we know they want to. they have been signaling like crazy for months. neil: i'm so is glad you said that. people assign sinister political motives. they're needs. i don't think they're political beefs. i think they're looking at this in the balance saying now is not the time, right? >> they're pointing a huge arrow at administration. guys, if you want the economy to grow you have to start asking tough questions about tax policy, about regulatory policy. neil: good point? >> they actually said these things. nobody is listening to that take focus off the fed looking at low growth numbers. the fed's hand are tied. what is the federal government doing about this? what are our policymakers doing about this? the answer is nothing helpful right now. neil: well-put, brian. >> great to be here. neil: amazon over $802 a share, all-time high. that is reflection, obviously we're still buying stuff. amazon chief beneficiary. all-time high for amazon. not all retailers benefiting
1:49 pm
sharply. certainly amazon is. what a ride. better that 13 bucks. later what is going on in charlotte. what could happen tonight and the role of social media igniting it and keeping it going. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud,
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we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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1:52 pm
>> no, no. neil: you're upset when people are shot in these instances you mentioned but you aren't when it happens to a cop. >> that's not true. as a matter of fact. neil: have you had protests and rallies when it happened to cops? >> as a matter of fact, unless you ban assault weapons you can't protect -- neil: that is not what i asked. do you have the same rage when it involves a cop, white or black? >> immediately in ton rouge we responded when that took place. we also know that -- neil: all right. i apologize if i offended some of you.
1:53 pm
i know reverend jackson was not pleased but my point there is whether some, not all, some, very decent people, i include the reverend in that group could use a situation like this to make bigger statements that are just in their narrative wrong, false? security expert peter alison says those in leadership positions have to be careful. what do you think what he was saying to me, very close tone dooring the kind of behavior we've been seeing in charlotte? >> i'm with you on that, neil, 100%. there is nothing to feel sorry b at the end of the day we have to be very conscious of the fact we're in a different mode with respect to communication. social media is a platform for a lost cowards and people that don't want to stand up or have any level of accountability to flame the fire and act as an accelerant to situations like we see in charlotte. we have to understand that the people we're seeing in charlotte right now, they're not protesters, neil, they're rioters. there is no level of accountability, especially stuff
1:54 pm
going out on twitter and facebook trying to recruit people to show up there to do damage like we're seeing on the screen. neil: we'll probably see it tonight. the question is now, with national guard there and other authorities there, it could be even more tense, so what do you see happening? how would you advocate those trying to allow those who want to protest an american right not to stamp on the rights of those around with businesses or live their lives in the charlotte area? >> you know what, neil? at end of the day there is gross disparity between protesting an rioting. the people that started out in charlotte started out in a protest mode. it certainly turned into a riot. you do not have the constitutional right to do what is going on now. the police have every right to do what they're doing. furthermore, this is the thing, neil, you and i talked about this before. if we're not careful, we'll start seeing tanks rolling down main street. why would people in charlotte, any other community be offended when they start to see the national guard rolling up in tanks when you're destroying
1:55 pm
your own town? you're not achieving everything. message to everybody doing, you're doing absolute hely nothing. you're achieving nothing. neil: for protesters, flip it around and what they have got to do? especially a lot of them, especially the person who got shot, we don't have that. wrong place, wrong time. what do you advise there? >> pro the protesters perspective, imperative they get somebody. this is in any community, that they elect somebody, not necessarily big talking head, but elect somebody that will be representative of their emotions and feelings and viewpoint to the public sector, to the mayor, to the police chief. and sit down and have an intelligent conversation based on fact. one of the things that the police department is going to have to do. they will have to show the video. have to let the public know what they know. like we saw in ferguson, neil. we saw it in baltimore, saw it again in dallas, the longer you hold back from letting the
1:56 pm
public know exactly what happened, the more you are allowing these people on social media and other people to flame the fire, to continue with he violent protests. neil: you know, any predictions for tonight? >> yeah. actually i, you know what? i'm very concerned about tonight. because i feel that the city of charlotte is so concerned with the optics, neil, of bringing in the national guard, of continuing to have a curfew, they're so concerned with the optics they're pulling back. unfortunately, unfortunately, if something happens, there is going to be the mayor and police chief and other public officials that will have to be accountable. neil, to these people, these store owners who things are being demolished. who is accountable for that? neil: well-put. those people have rights too. >> absolutely. neil: paul, the security brief host. >> neil, good to see you back. neil: thank you. preparing for tonight, after this.
1:57 pm
they say a lot of things about rain. like how hard it's a-gonna fall. the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain too: when it roars. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average of $6,400 in savings on select 2016 journey crossroad models in dealer stock.
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neil: all quiet in charlotte another day, looking at another market, nasdaq, let's get back to basic human concerns and whether we can all keep the peace, forget saying prosperous, stay well. trish reagan. trish: well put. i want to get to the other big story, hillary clinton out with a brand-new plan to tax, tax, and tax some more. she went to raise the tax estate rate to expand our government and create more welfare programs for those in need at the working taxpayers expense, welcome to "the intelligence report". hillary clinton's progressive agenda on full display with a call to raise the top estate tax, 65%. her campaign changed its previous plan which called for


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