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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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markets up across the board. [closing bell rings] there they are. clapping and smiling. david asman, melissa francis picks r pick it up here, "after the bell." david: easy money party continuing on wall street. stocks climbing into the close with the dow ending up triple digits, just barely. the nasdaq closing at new all-time highs. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we've got you covered on all the big market movers but first here is what else we have for you this hour. payoff in charlotte. violence erupting on the streets for the second straight night. what the city is planning to prevent similar clashes tonight. law and order is topic number one on the campaign trail. donald trump calling the violence a national crisis. what he says he will do to prevent situations like this. yahoo! confirming a major data breach affecting hundreds of millions of accounts. what personal consumer, customer information was stolen, and who they say is behind it.
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david: we need to get into that but back to the markets. the dow ending up just below that 100 point level. proctor & gamble, united tech, cisco leading the charge today. oil and gold following stocks higher. phil flynn of price futures and fox business contributor is watching action from the cme and adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. adam, nasdaq, setting its ninth record of the year. reporter: second in a row. we closed at 5339.5, essentially up roughly 40 point today. it was a great day for nasdaq. a lot of the big nasdaq stocks were in positive territory as well but five of the last seven days in positive territory. some of the big nasdaq stocks, some of the tech stocks that were pretty hot today. amazon up almost 2%. there was price target reset from bmo capital markets. they were saying that they're going to raise the price target to the hundred dollars a share -- $900 a share on amazon. another good day for jeff bezos.
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adobe up. visa up almost .2 of a percent. hewlett-packard enterprises up about half a percent. david. melissa: adam, thank you. phil, oil and gold also in the green today. both settling at two-week highs? what is going on with that? >> there's a lot going on with that. the oil market is still realing from triple drawdowns three weeks in a row. massive drawdowns the last two weeks. over 20 million barrels. that sets stage for higher prices but you can't dismiss what happened with the fed. it is happening with gold and all the other markets because the market is pricing in lower for longer. when you look at yield curve, everybody is saying we have increasing odds the fed may act in december, but if you look at next year, the odds of interest rate increases or frequency has gone down. that obviously means that the dollar is probably too strong based on expectations. when dollar comes down, commodity prices go up. you have to keep an eye on oil right now.
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there is the potential strike in norway brewing. if that actually happens, we'll start losing supply in the north sea. that means the rebound of u.s. inventories may take longer period of time, because if they do get a strike some of the tankers that would be bound for the u.s. might end up in europe. that of course would tighten supplies even more. back to you. >> interesting. phil, thank you for that. always fantastic. we appreciate it. david. david: as we mentioned another record for the nasdaq the day after the fed again gave into the is money doves by refusing to raise rates at all but former reagan budget director david stockman is not celebrating. >> it really doesn't have to do with the election. i thought the decision yesterday after 93 months essentially on zero bound was cowardly, clueless and catastrophic. the only thing this can do is inflate this hideous bubble we already have in the world financial system even more. and make the ultimate resolution
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or crash all the more traumatic. david: let's bring in today's market panel. scott martin, kingsview capital management and jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund. they're both fox news contributors. i love david stockman. i agree with what he says about the fed. he has been saying it for a long time, about the bubbles, he is sounding a little like chicken little, is he not? >> i think he is absolutely right, david. we know the fed is an instrument of politics. federal reserve officials are appointed by the president. david: no question. >> mandated from congress. what are we even talking about, david, in terms of our analysis of market? not so much new products or new innovations anymore -- david: when is the bubble going to pop, jonathan, quickly? >> david if i knew that, keep eye on high yield bonds. that is first indication. i wish i knew, but i know it will. david: scott, it is already, this policy is already indraing the pockets of americans, money they have in their pocket or bank account, if they're
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fortunate enough to have one are losing money. we had a segment on inflation how lou it is. in fact it is high enough so it is killing a lot of savers. >> savers are getting smoked, david. only way you make money in the market, or stocks, if you are bonds like john said, with high yield, taking risk you shouldn't be taking if you're in retirement. really distorting market. the fed is political. remember they promised us four rate hikes this year. when they had sting err of a rate hike last december, saw what it did to the markets they're afraid to do it ahead of november 8th. david: jonathan, there is another scary scenario. may not happen. they are buying at low rates to buy back stocks. they're paying out 112% of their earnings because of all money they're borrowing and paying back in terms of dividends and stock buybacks. that is dangerous, is it not? >> david, those are exactly the bubbles you're alluding to. there is no such thing as a free up are. just as economic policies in early part of 2000 influenced
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later credit cycle and real es stays implosion, you will see same type of thing. bubbles are being cooked. we don't know exactly where or when they will pop. melissa: donald trump unveiling plan to tap into american energy reserves later today. -- earlier today. take a listen. >> america is sitting on a treasure trove of untapped energy. some $50 trillion in shale energy, oil reserves and natural gas on federal lands in addition to hundreds of years of coal energy reserves. it's all upside for this country. more jobs, more revenues, more wealth, higher wages. and he lower energy prices. melissa: scott martin, i covered energy forever. he is singing my tune there. what do you think? >> i'm a big fan of it, melissa. exporting oil would be excellent. having actual energy policy favorable for workers. we destroyed a lot of energy
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supply and resources in this country by treating those sources so terribly. actually to have the benefit of the workers in mind and benefit of economic growth in mind is exactly what i think this economy needs to get going. melissa: jonathan, we don't want to put coal miners out of business as hillary clinton promised to do. at the same time, you know, more supply drives prices lower. there is always that ironic negative externality. >> of course. that is the free market. that's what we want, melissa. we want lower energy prices. unfortunately we have an administration so dead set getting energy prices higher. that is all the hatred against fossil fuels has done. makes it more expensive to use energy. any loosening up of these regulations not just good for jobs, it is good for the economy short and long term. it's a plus. david: we have more breaking news. this is troubling news. more trouble for yahoo!. the company confirmed a massive security breach by a state-sponsored actor of its service. this is hacking that has
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resulted in 500 accounts being breached. now, 500 million accounts, forgive me. that's a lot of information. somebody is sitting on a gold mine. how do you think that information is going to be used? >> well, david, there is a lot of stuff in there they could use. you could talk about personal information going to credit cards, things that are being open in people's names they don't even know about. yahoo! is in big problem here because you know, their content, a lot of visitors, a lot of new users created on yahoo!, those things are in decline. i don't know anybody that opened a new yahoo! email address since i was prom king. david: man. >> that thing is dinosaur. i know you have yahoo! email address, david or your moaning i was prom king, either way yahoo! is past. google and many son are the future. david: jonathan, 500 million accounts. there are a lot of prom kings and queens. verizon is about to complete the purchase of this division of
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yahoo!. who pays the price? out of 500 million accounts, there will be a lot of lawsuits. does verizon pay for it or go back to yahoo!? >> this is still being determined. this breach occurred we understand in late 2014. good news as i understand, at least no financial records specifically were stolen but david, you're right, given yahoo!'s impending merger with verizon raises a whole lot of questions. david: this could be albatross for verizon. >> there is -- david: could turn into an albatross. >> there is always breaches but who is the state sponsor her that infiltrated? that is another question for firms looking forward. david: another question. my bet is romania. that is just my bet. i don't know. guys, appreciate it. melissa. melissa: disney under fire for this halloween costume. some people calling it offensive. hmmm. okay. how is the company responding now? david: doesn't look offensive. new details emerging about the
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suspected new york city bomber and why the fbi is searching for two other men caught on camera. melissa: the city of charlotte in a state of emergency following another night of violence. law and order taking center stage on the campaign trail. what donald trump says he would do to prevent situations like this. >> our country looks bad to the world. especially when we are supposed to be the world's leader. how can we lead when we can't even control our own cities? they say a lot of things about rain. like how hard it's a-gonna fall. the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain too: when it roars. the all-wheel-drive lineup from dodge. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average
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david: state of emergency in charlotte, north carolina. north carolina governor patrick mccrory wrapping up a news conference moments ago in wake of riots that broke out in charlotte after a
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police-involved shooting earlier this week. here is the governor. >> as governor i firmly believe we can not tolerate any types of violence directed towards citizens or any type of destruction of property. those who destroy property or hurt other people will be dealt with, i want to make sure that the chief can do his job with the necessary resources. the national guard has been mobilized. general lusk has done an outstanding job during the past 24 hours in bringing members of the guard to charlotte. they have come from all over the state during the past 24 hours. david: now of course there is a video of the shooting. the attorney of the victim's family say they have not seen the shooting video yet but expect to later today. and says the footage police previewed or reviewed does not provide quote, definitive visual evidence of a gun. listen. >> my understanding based in talking with this family, he did not own a gun. he did not habitually carry a
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gun. as far as we know, we still don't know if there was or was not a gun even there. we have, there are witnesses who are saying that no gun was there. there are witnesses who say that a gun was put there. david: so we will see what happens, melissa. melissa: yeah. we have frightening new details surrounding isis. hear how some of their terror tactics are getting even worse. david: how? how? melissa: is that possible? plus terror remains a top issue on voters minds. hillary clinton questioning why she isn't leading donald trump by more in the polls? hmmm. what does trump have to say about that? >> now having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask?
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you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here.
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everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. david: today very interesting one at united nations. iranian president hassan rouhani set to take the floor.
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israeli eliminate yahoo! spoke earlier. , israeli president benjamin netanyahu. david lee miller at the u.n. his david. reporter: hi, david. this is the first time we heard from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. today the prime said iran remains greatest threat to israel. remains greatest threat to the region as well as the world. the clock was ticking on the 15 year expiration date for iran nuclear agreement and he warned that israel would never tolerate a nuclear-armed iran. listen. >> with the nuclear constraints on iran one year closer to being removed, let me be clear, israel will not allow the terrorist regime in iran to develop nuclear weapons, not now, not in
4:20 pm
a decade, not ever! reporter: iranian president hassan rouhani also spoke today. he praised that nuclear deal and he says that it has actually helped to improve the iranian economy. he did warn the u.s. to fulfill its obligations under this agreement, known formerly as the joint comprehensive plan of action or the jcpoa. the speech seemed part of a broader effort to lift all u.s. trade restrictions on iran. listen. >> translator: any failure on the part of the united states in implementing it, would constitute an international wrongful act and would be object i had to by the international community. any failure in implementing the jcpoa will further erode the credibility of the united states in the world.
4:21 pm
reporter: just a few moments ago iranian president held a news conference. he took opportunity to urge them to invest iniran. the irrinnian president did not make mention of the $1.7 billion that the u.s. transferred to iran. obama administration says that is unfrozen iranian assets being returned. some allege it was a ransom payment for the release of u.s. hostages. david. david: what is incredible we paid them off 1.7 billion, they still dump on us. they can't stay bought. that is their problem. david lee miller. thank you very much. of the melissa. melissa: a win on wall street. dow seeing biggest two day gains since july 11th this is another nasdaq all-time record close. this is the nineth of the year. thank you, federal reserve. david: law and order shifting directly into focus in the election as the nation struck in
4:22 pm
fear over violence and terror. both say they know how to fix the current situation. we have the latest details on the new york bombing suspect. what types of important signs were missed leading up to the bombing? >> it is clear from this journal that mr. rahami was receiving inspiration from the isis spokesman, mr. adnani. this is a new era of terror. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing.
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melissa: the new normal, rush limbaugh believe extreme rioting is becoming a regular thing under second term of president obama following deadly riots in charlotte. >> he is axiomatic there will be rioting or massive public protests or threats of rioting or threats of unrest every time the cops every time the cops have to draw their weapons. melissa: rod wheeler, former d.c. homicide detective, fox news contributor. i love having you on about these things. i feel like you're a straight-shooter. i don't always know what you're going to say. what do you think about this one? in terms of the charlotte shooting, this just happened yesterday. i think the police need to release the video that everybody is talking about. melissa three things need too happen. if you want to avoid having riots in your city. i was out in ferguson and baltimore.
4:27 pm
i know a little bit about these things. three things need to happen. number one communicate with the community. don't stop communicating. the police chief has done that. i think he has done a great job communicating. number two the investigation needs to be very transparent. it is what it is show people what you got. there is nothing wrong with that. the number three, the investigation needs to be swift and fast investigation. police chief made it clear yesterday in a press conference, he in fact saw the video the decedent had a weapon. i believe that, melissa, because i'm going to tell you, you will not have a police chief after major city come on national television say he saw something he did not. so i do believe there was a gun there. i think other witnesses could have been mistaken what they saw, but again i think the community needs to just weight, don't have any knee-jerk reactions and let the process play out. melissa: what do you think about, we saw the family's attorney just a short time ago. >> right. melissa: he was perpetuating that theory we saw on social mead you yaw saying that, they
4:28 pm
think the gun was placed there later. what do you think about that? >> yeah. that was a bunch of baloney. this is 2016. police officers don't carry around, contrary what some people have you to believe, let me tell you i've been a cop a long time. cops don't carry around extra guns to drop when they have a shooting. that doesn't happen anymore. did it happen in the '70s? probably so. not in 2016. that whole narrative was made up. it kind of supports their theory. let's wait until the facts come out and stick to the facts and circumstances. >> candidates jumping on the political bandwagon weighing in on this one. donald trump saying he thinks stop-and-frisk would work. he kind of walked that back, he was talking about in chick specifically. but what do you think about stop-and-frisk in general? what is your opinion? >> stop-and-frisk, we used stop-and-frisk for many years. there advantages to using that in police investigations. we got to be careful though.
4:29 pm
when you're out there and you stop individuals you got to make sure you have a justifiable reason for stopping them in the first place because if you don't, melissa, what you are going to have is community members saying this is only agitating the situation. so stop-and-frisk can be one tool that's used but i don't think it is the end-all. real quickly, the bottom line are failed economic policies. melissa, i've been saying this for the longest, failed economic policies of this administration, people don't have jobs. the schools are horrible. and guess what? it led to riots in our cities across the country. melissa: that is what sheriff clarke said in milwaukee. tougher problem to solve. it is about economics more than anything else. rod wheeler, always insightful. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you, melissa. >> we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it is unbearable. >> there is no compassion in
4:30 pm
tolerating lawless conduct. crime and violence is an attack on the poor, and will never be accepted in a trump administration. our job is not to make life more comfortable for the violent disruptor but to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent trying to raise their kids in peace. david: presidential nominees responding to the rioting in charlotte. so who is response will resonate more with voters? guy benson, political editor. fox news contributor. noelle nikpour. republican fund-raiser. richard goodstein, democratic strategist. guys, you hear that, donald trump is more on law and order side. he is trying to appeal to the african-american audience as well. >> you have to balance these things. you can have your heart go out to the families of people who were killed and we're still waiting on details exactly what did and did not happen. and that's important but you simply can not tolerate rioting
4:31 pm
in the streets and looting and violence. those images on television are very upsetting to see. i think make a lot of americans sad but also angry. so i think in terms of the tone of two, i see where hillary clinton is coming from but there ought to be bipartisan condemnation of the rioting, that should be unequivocal. david: right. richard, one place she is trying to come from, holding on african-american base, even a 15% take of trump by that base would be enough to really hurt her. is she going too far though? might she alienate people that want her to be tougher on law and order. >> hillary's response is typical. it is measured. it is calm, in contrast to donald trump talking about stop-and-frisk. about how drugs, he said today were responsible, utterly baseless. utterly racist. obviously hasn't given up the "birther" stuff. you ask a good question. can donald trump in the face of his own republican kind of
4:32 pm
leadership calling him a racist, get to 15%? doesn't look like it in the polls. and i don't know that this, little too little too late for him now. david: maybe. >> we'll see. david: noelle, 15%, noelle, may be enough actually to really affect the election, right? >> yes, it is enough to affect the election. if you got to realize, i really feel like the african-american vote is up for grabs. i don't really feel like -- david: when you say up for grabs, you don't mean any chance donald trump could get majority of it do you? >> i feel this. i'm not sure if he can get a majority. i think he can actually get some votes in this community and i'll tell you why. he has got somebody, he actually has a solution. he has mayor rudy giuliani and under mayor giuliani new york had bun one of the best cities around. he didn't tolerate a lot of this mess. didn't tolerate rioting and there were consequences. there are a lot of cities like chicago and detroit have really bad, black on black crime.
4:33 pm
and what you need to give african-american communities, what you really need to give is a solution to this. you know, a stop to it. to make cities great again. this is one of the things he can do. david: i've been here 30 years. i saw 2200 murder rate, 2200 murders a year rate in the late '80s. i've sign it come down under 400 now, large part due to policies giuliani put into place. in the large-scale, when americans look at this, when the majority of americans look what is going on in charlotte, don't they want that kind of solution, the kind of solution brought here to new york? >> well i think the results in new york speak for themselves. they were excellent. now whether you get into specific policing tactics, which of those are appropriate, which of those are lawful and constitutional, that is separate debate. people clearly i don't think want to see this type of rioting. something they don't want leadership on either side of the aisle to abet in any way.
4:34 pm
david: richard, you can't fight numbers in terms of the success that rudy giuliani had. 2200 murders a year. that is what we were facing here in the early '90s. and it came down dramatically to less than 400. largely because of the policies rudy giuliani put in place. >> where rudy giuliani was not a mayor, in every other city where the murder rates came down as well. david: but,. >> no, no. with the exception of david of chicago, baltimore and washington, which are spiking, no question about it. david: milwaukee. there are a whole lot of cities. >> nationally. david: milwaukee up 80%, richard. 80% spike in violent crime. >> talk about a few cities. i will talk about most of the country where murder rate is near historic lows. david: law and order is big issue. melissa: hillary clinton questioning why she isn't beating donald trump more in the polls. trump has an explanation for it though.
4:35 pm
>> having said all this, why aren't i 50 point ahead you might ask? well the choice for working familieses havehas never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled! >> why isn't she ahead by 50 point? >> because she is terrible. she has had a terrible record. everything she touches is bad. melissa: new "fox news poll" shows trump leading in three battleground states in north carolina, trump leads clinton 45-40. swing state of ohio, trump leads clinton 42-37. in nevada, trump closely leads clinton 43-40. guy benson, monica crowley tweeting that hillary clinton seemed certifiably insane in that video. that video is kind of worrisome? what do you think the way she is screeching there? >> i would not call it certifiably insane. melissa: no. >> i would call it not pleasant to listen to.
4:36 pm
i wonder, strange to ask this question, is she getting worse in her delivery? she has been a public figure for 30 years and she can not deliver a speech it seems like to save her life sometimes. i mean, i will for once perhaps, completely agree with donald trump. hillary clinton is not winning by 50 points or even five points. because she is a terrible candidate who people do not like and people do not trust. this is not a mystery. melissa: yeah. noelle? >> there are two things that are coming up and there are two issues on the forefront, that is national security where she has, you know proven what she would do. she was secretary of state. did a miserable job and a lot of people's eyes and the others when you're looking at trust. and she is proven with the email server, with a lot of other things going on and with health. her own vp didn't know she gnaw pneumonia. looking at two things right now leading up to the election. why you're seeing a bump in the polls you're having mistrust on her side and national security has come into play. this is going to, you know, bode
4:37 pm
well for trump. melissa: richard, what she said in that video reflects what i hear from a lot of people on the left which is they can't believe she isn't way out in front? do you share that tent meant? are you surprised she isn't way out in front? >> clinton campaign from the start, melissa, we polarized country. we have pendulum swings after two terms. right track, wrong direction. people want change. so in the face of all those things which should argue for trump, she is actually ahead in pennsylvania, new hampshire, wisconsin. i mean talk about battleground states trump has to win, he is way behind, eight, nine point i think people have to be asking why is he not ahead. yeah look, it will be close. polarized country. no two-ways about it. melissa: guy benson he makes a good point there, generally after eight years, we are kind of a population that likes change for sake of change. country is built on the back and forth, ying and yang. >> yes. melissa: there isn't one party in power forever and ever.
4:38 pm
>> hillary barely leading right now. she is running against donald trump who never really run for anything before in serious way. and people thought it was not going to be close. didn't look like it would be close in august. now it is. i would say this. he gave a speech yesterday i believe where he emphasized this point. if you vote for hillary clinton, nothing in this country will change. and give the right track wrong track numbers we just heard about, that is a potent, closing argument i think for donald trump. melissa: yeah. we got to leave it there. guys, thank you so much. david: dramatic new video of the explosion that rattled new york city over the weekend. you can see people walking down the street, nice opening, beautiful saturday night, when a bomb goes off. all hell breaks loose at that point. fox news's bryan llenas with the latest on the investigation. brian? reporter: hi, david. fbi agents are sitting by ahmad rahami's hospital bed waiting to see him. he is unconscious and unable to speak to federal agents since
4:39 pm
this whole bombing happened. he has been in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound. fox news learned that rahami's wife asia rahami arrived back in the u.s. from a flight in united arab emirates. she went to visit in pakistan in june. she is cooperating with authorities. she is not considered a suspect. we have new surveillance video when people were running for their lives when the bomb went off in lower manhattan as nypd deputy commissioner john miller said there is possibility there could be more suspects. >> we're open to any possibility that the he acted alone, that there were others involved. that he could have been inspired by a group. enabled by a group, directed by a group but we're just not there yet. reporter: handwritten journfalls recovered from rahami after his shootout with police show he was follower of al qaeda and isis. notably, appearing to reference abu mohamed al-adnani, the isis
4:40 pm
spokesman killed in isis who called followers to attack in the homeland and not to travel to syria. the investigation is also focusing on his family and whether they knew about the plot. investigators found a video on relative's cell phone, showing a palm my laughing while testing a incendiary device in family's backyard two days before the bombing. the father had said he had no idea his son was planning an attack. he went to the fbi in 2014 warning them that his son could be a terrorist. authorities looking for two unknown men. they took a second pressure cooker out of luggage and then ran off with the luggage. police say they're not suspects. we want to talk to them. by the way we want to get the bag because that is evidence. david? david: how to know how they couldn't be suspects when they took a bomb out of a bag but that's what they're saying now. brian, good stuff. melissa? melissa: disney breaking ground with a new animated film. the movie is causing controversy before it hits theaters. david: trouble with this one. melissa: plus if you're getting
4:41 pm
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melissa: breaking news right now, tulsa police officer betty shelby is charged with first degree manslaughter in the shooting death of terrence crutcher. he died on september 16th after being shot by that officer. they are charging her now. that is the news, david. david: travelers on both coasts having hard time getting to airport due too new construction project as new york's laguardia and l.a. international airport. why all the construction? how long is it all going to last? robert gray standing by at lax in los angeles with details. good to see you again, robert. reporter: hey, david, thanks so much. my advice there be patient. it's going to be a few years.
4:45 pm
what is going on here, of course you have record air travel. travelers already know they will have to be patient waiting in lines or security lines. now just getting to the airport is becoming a unto itself, particularly here at lax, and as you mentioned at laguardia as well. you have major arteries coming to and from the airports. some cases like laguardia, going past the airport they are getting snarled closing down lanes due to construction. they're building people pell movers and on sight garages at lax that should alleviate some issues. people in the grand central parkway famously in new york couple weeks ago, widely abandoning taxis and walkingingo the airport on the parkway because of such a backup and worried about missing their flights. you can see a little bit of construction on walkways. there is 1.3-mile loop that goes past all nine terminals at lax.
4:46 pm
it is taking upwards 45 minutes or more for taxis to get all the way around here. they're estimating 50% of travelers are taking cars here now for the first time this year, you have also got uber and lift legally picking up folks. this is an uber right behind me. you have all the extra cars here. in fact only dozen or so days this year have we not hit what was the peak day of auto traffic last year. they're experiencing far more carts coming into the area snarling it up as i mentioned it will be a while. this $14 billion construction project here. nine billion at laguardia, estimated to go at least another five years, maybe as many as seven, particular here in los angeles. david. david: on this coast, not just laguardia, it is also jfk. jfk is many ways is worse getting to and back from. it is tough. robert, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: disney pulling this halloween costume off shelves representing a main character
4:47 pm
from their new movie, muani? is it? i can't believe i don't know about this movie. he is samoan. the move coming in response to a backlash some people call the costume racist. david: come on! come on. melissa: i'm sure we'll see the movie. david: please, please. does that mean the samoans who are in nfl are racist? i don't get it. donald trump stopping at one of philadelphia's most famous spots for cheesecakes. if you ever had philly cheesesteak, it does make your lips bleed thinking about it. gino's the name of the place. when he asked about prep for monday's debate is going, this is how he is going. >> what debate prep are you doing right now. >> i'm here. >> democrats for trump. democrats for trump. democrats for trump. >> democrats for trump. >> democrats for trump. we're going to do well, huh?
4:48 pm
>> he wasn't put here, i promise you that. david: what a lucky fine that was. cheese steaks in philly -- melissa: getting near dinnertime. let's get one. chemical weapons in hands of our enemy. what that means for u.s. mission in iraq. lt. general thomas mcinerney is here with his take on that. that is coming up ♪
4:49 pm
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david: u.s. troops in the middle east under attack. isis suspected of striking at u.s. an iraqi forces with a chemical weapon. the terror group allegedly firing a rocket at an american airbase in mosul which may have carried traces of a mustard agent. here is lt. general thomas mcinerney, fox news military analyst. what can you tell us about this? >> david, my initial assessment it was probably an accident. it wasn't planned to do that. we had chemical, maybe this chemical mixed in with normal conventional weapons and it got fired off because the first test was positive. the second test was negative. and when you fire chemical weapons, cws as we call it, you do it in multiples, many many so you create cloud effect. david: i see. you need more than one. you need two to get desired result? >> precisely.
4:53 pm
david: what are we going it do about it, that's the question? >> well we're going to do with we normally do, nothing. david: yeah. >> but -- david: forgive me, general i think of that line in the sand that president obama talked about in syria if assad came out with chemical weapon. he used a chemical weapon again and they walked all over the line. the line disappeared. >> great minds think in parallel, david. i think of the same thing. now, it could be a signal that if you do make a major attack on mosul, be aware that we have chemical weapons and isis we're going to use them. i don't think that's you true. there going to have a lot more problems. but i do think and believe that they see the end is near. it is really near if trump is elected president. david: now, it used to be, general, that the united nations was a body that looked out for these things and sometimes they would actually put together coalitions to fight against the use of chemical weapons and so forth.
4:54 pm
here's what bebe netanyahu, the prime minister of israel said about what has happened to the united nations recently. >> the u.n. begun as a moral force, has become a moral farce. david: reaction to that, general? >> did he say u.n. or u.s., david? david: he said united nations. >> i know, i'm teasing you. the fact is they have become a moral farce as have we, as have we unfortunately. that is why we have such instability over there, and why this caliphate has existed for 26 months now, when it should have been shut down in weeks once they declared it. david: general our reputation has suffered tremendously over the past few years as we have allowed people to walk over our lines in the sand. how difficult is it going to be to build that up again? >> well, i think it is going to
4:55 pm
take proper leadership. and all this, if trump comes in as president, he has to tell the military, i want the caliphate destroyed in 30 days. don't tell them how to do it. don't put all kinds of rules of engagement. i want it destroyed in 30 days. then that act alone, david, will send a signal that will ricochet through the russia, through china, through north korea, that america is back and means business. david: lt. general mcinerney, who has come out in favor of donald trump. lt. general, thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. david: melissa? melissa: caught between a fern and hard place. instead of staying in bed, hillary clinton chose to make a very important appearance. >> i would love to meet the person who makes your pant suit? >> oh, really. >> for al wean i -- halloween i warranted to go as librarian from outer spares. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation.
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>> as secretary, how many words per minute do you type, and how does president obama like his coffee? like himself, weak? >> you know, zack, those are really out-of-date questions. you need to get out more. >> what happens if you become pregnant, are we stuck with tim kaine for nine months, how does this work? >> i could send you some pamphlets that might help you understand. >> this has been a lot of fun mrs. clinton. we should stay in touch. what's the best way to meet you, e-mail? >> she looks thrilled. hillary clinton making time for funny or die between two ferns. this is the day she was diagnosed with pneumonia. >> not a good day, the director of the talk show telling the "wall street journal" the conversation was 90% improvised. i believe it. >> i don't know, i feel like her responses to his jokes seemed like somebody else would tell her, when she said give
5:00 pm
somebody pamphlets, that was a good response. >> dry humor like monty python and dry like dry toast. this was more like dry toast than dry funny. >> i don't know. >> that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. [ bleep ]. i could be at work, at school, in my car! i could get shot anywhere! >> charlotte, north carolina bracing for a third night of rioting after the fatal shooting of a man by a police officer. i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton, the governor of north carolina calling for state of emergency, north carolina police nervously


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