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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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somebody pamphlets, that was a good response. >> dry humor like monty python and dry like dry toast. this was more like dry toast than dry funny. >> i don't know. >> that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. [ bleep ]. i could be at work, at school, in my car! i could get shot anywhere! >> charlotte, north carolina bracing for a third night of rioting after the fatal shooting of a man by a police officer. i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton, the governor of north carolina calling for state of emergency, north carolina police nervously
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poised for a possible third night of violence. as the sun sets on charlotte, critics are questioning why the facts are not getting through protesters. >> they said hands up. he got a gun. he got a gun. pow, pow, pow, pow! that's it. he had no gun! >> mr. scott, as i said, exited his vehicle warmed a handgun. our detectives, through their investigation, recovered the firearm that the subject was holding in his hand when he got out of the vehicle. >> the man got out of the car and the book fell off his lap. >> we did not find a book that has been made reference to. >> a black man and black people gunned down in the street and we don't get justice. >> officer vinson is placed on administrative leave as we investigate this. there's a criminal track and a parallel investigative internal track to make sure none of our
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policies are violated along with our laws and the state of north carolina being violated as part of the criminal investigation. >> i'm asking our community, asking people here to please wait until all information is available. >> we not telling our brothers and sisters to stop. we're not going to tell you all brother you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't do this when we ain't getting no justice. >> time to change the narrative because i can tell you from the facts that the story's a little bit different as to how it's been portrayed so far. >> we're watching modern-day lynching. >> with me now, dallas fallen officer foundation president who is suing black lives matters for starting a race war. that's what the suit says. police sergeant dmytryk penny, he is here with larry klayman
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who is here. sergeant, why is there rioting despite what the police chief is saying about the case? >> the group of individuals have no intention of listening to reason. this is a group that's looking for black liberation. this is black lives matter. there's no cooperating. no type of interaction that you can have with this group of individuals, in fact, the aclu should be look at these individuals as considered a domestic terrorist hate group. that's what they should be considered. because every action that they're doing is a domestic terrorist act. even here in dallas. the black lives matter movement is responsible for five of our officers being killed. and we cannot forget that. this week we have the black police union here in dallas is having the intent of putting on a protest or a discussion with the nation of islam and the black lives matter movement, the same group that was
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responsible for killing our police officers. i'm principled in my beliefs -- >> i hear what you're saying, sorry sergeant. what proof do you have black lives matter is responsible for the deaths of the police officers in dallas and elsewhere? >> ma'am, the proof i have it was essentially a black lives matter protest that was occurring when the deaths happened. >> we also have -- >> i cannot believe this is happening right now. >> i hear you, larry, come in. >> as we set forth in our complaint, there are people involved with black lives matter, who a part of it, who threatened the lives of policemen, law enforcement and others. they can look at our complaint at freedom dot >> what do you say about the chief of police clarifying today the dashcam video does not confirm that the man fatally shot was pointing a gun?
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>> ma'am, what -- i don't directly comment on open investigations. >> okay. >> but what i can talk about is what is happening right now? we see in the narrative that this group has no intention, no intention of listening to what anyone have to say. that's what we're saying, government officials, you guys need to pay attention. we have officers' lives being endangered. more than 20 officers have been injured. somebody has to listen to what's going on, and right now it's not happening. you cannot negotiate with this group of individuals because they are domestic terrorist organization. >> all right, you know, prosecutors in tulsa, oklahoma charging a white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man on a city street, with first-degree manslaughter. this is breaking news, tulsa county district attorney filed charges against betty shelby who shot and killed 40-year-old
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terence crutcher on september 15th. dashcam video shows crutcher walking away with his hands in the air. what do you make of that development, sergeant? >> well, what i can tell you and as i've said, i don't comment on open investigations but what i do say is i would allow the criminal justice system to take place. i guarantee if they see any type of criminal act that that officer was involved in that that organization is going to take action and that's what we should be asking everyone to do is stand by and wait until the investigation is completed before anyone goes to the street and interacts and creates riots or -- these things are getting police officers hurt, they're getting them injured and we got to say something about this, we got to stop it. we cannot keep having protests and every time have you protests -- these are not peaceful protests, by the way. these are protests where individuals are getting into the street and throwing rocks at police officers and breaking
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windows out of the businesses and kicking squad cars. come on, now! this is -- >> do you think the american people are misled into the idea that these are protests when, in fact, as you said yesterday on the show they're actually rioting? >> absolutely. these are riots, these are riots, we have to call them for what they are. if we sit back and we say, okay, they acknowledge that they're going to put on a protest. when they show up, you know this is not a protest when everybody is wearing masks. so when they're wearing masks and ready, everybody is armed with something, bottles and rocks. listen, we need to have additional law enforcement, the national guard should have an emergency response team on call whenever the guys get ready to show up. you know what it's going to turn into. >> you know the black officer who fatally shot keith scott was identified as officer brentley vinson. we have former mayor rudy
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giuliani questioning why black police officer lives don't matter? roll tape. >> why don't you take black lives matter for a moment. how come the black life of a police officer matter? >> does the mayor have a point? >> absolutely. they say black lives matter, i'm concerned about the blue lives in this situation, i'm concerned about black, white, brown, every officer that puts on the blue uniform to get out here and protect the public, that's the real discussion that we need to be having. we cannot allow police officer whose responsibility it is to protect the community to be afraid to police the community because they're going to be injured by the individuals who they're there to protect, and we have to find a way to stop that. the police officer that can't see it, the black police
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officers that can't see it are blind. >> thank you sergeant of police pennie and to larry klayman. to learn more you can visit critics warn and fear and say she may have spoken too quickly. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it's unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable. >> the hypocrisy is that coming off of the bombings suspect there in new york city where everyone said you can't rush to judgment, don't be so impettuous in saying anything, and what does hillary clinton do? this is about electoral patronage. >> to the tea party chairman niger innis and jammu green, he
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used the word that there was systemic problems with police officers in the justice system. you know some critics have taken that up saying maybe mrs. clinton spoke too quickly? >> there are systemic problems. >> the grand jury after grand jury said there is no systemic racism when the law system and the justice system. >> one of the problems we have elizabeth is we are talking about these individual incidents each time they arise as an individual incident. the rage that people are feeling that are protesting and contrary to what your previous guest said, there are many previous protesters, i've been side-by-side with them, that was a delusion that he put out that peaceful protesters are out there. the reason they're coming out is not just because of one incident. not just because of the two that happened this week. it's week after week, year after year of feeling that there's not trust between
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police officers and the african-american community, and we have to get to a place where we can talk about this outside of these individual incidents. it's about bias, about what the media does to create that fear of african-american men in the police officer, in all of us. >> how does the media do that? >> it's how you reflect african-american men, you know, certainly --. >> you mean in the movies or -- >> in the news, too. when crime is covered, there san overwhelming focus put on crime that's committed by african-american men. we know implicit bias exists. if we can talk about the root of this problem and talk about real solutions outside of just each individual situation, that's when we'll make progress, it doesn't come by getting in a corner and throwing blows in the way they think the previous guest was and filing a lawsuit against a group that just wants to say pay attention to this injustice. >> niger, respond to what jammu
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just said? >> i think your previous guest is magnificent. he is my new hero. i support him 150%, and for the killings that take place of black lives by police officers, they're exponentially small in comparison to the number of lives, black lives lost to crime, to criminals of all colors, but in particular black on black crime. you know blm and my friend jammu unfortunately push a certain type of white supremacy, and what i mean by that is that black lives somehow don't matter. you know, the three -- over 3,000 black lives that have been lost in chicago since president obama has come into office. they somehow don't matter unless they are taken by a white cop, and that's nonsense. if indeed black lives matter,
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then black lives lost by crime, which is exponentially higher, they matter. they grew up in the 80s when they had a murder rate of over 2,000 per year. it was after rudy giuliani and allies like my father roy inis pushed for putting criminals in jail that we lowered the murder rate and saved black lives. don't they matter? >> here's the problem, niger, when someone says injustice has been committed, to say no, don't pay attention to that, what about this issue over here? guess what? we can walk and chew gum at the same time, we can talk about the violence in chicago. if the media would pay more attention to president obama and my brother's keepers' program. >> in the streets of chicago where liberal democrats have controlled --
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>> this is not a partisan issue. niger, look, if you want to make this a partisan issue we're not going to get anywhere on this. >> yes, i want to tell you that democrats have failed these cities miserably. >> okay, go ahead jehmu. my facebook feed is filled with republicans and democrats who see these incidents happening over and over and over and it's painting everyone on the left and the right. and we have to have a conversation that is about what is at the root of this, not saying well, pay attention to black on black crime instead of these issues or you are not a patriot if you don't stand up for the national anthem. >> niger, i think what you're saying the lack of economic growth as alveda king said, if there are jobs -- maybe this is one part of it, maybe more jobs for individuals to be working instead of resorting to
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engaging in crime, go ahead, niger. >> of course! when you have big government liberalism that makes black folk into eternal victims, you can have a predictable lifestyle. you have a predictability of high crime rates, high taxes, no businesses, failing schools and that is a big recipe of failing government. >> we've got to leave it there, thank you niger and jehmu, appreciate your thoughts there. tune to fox business monday night for the first presidential debate. it all starts with lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, followed by debate coverage with neil cavuto right here on fox business. next up, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani blasting president obama for not reminding protesters of an american constitutional tenet, that americans, especially cops, are presumed innocent. our own judge napolitano reminds us of our constitutional rights right after this. don't go away. when it comes to healthcare,
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. liz: breaking news, wells fargo ceo john stumpf resigned as a representative on the federal advisory council. he has been reappointed to that high-level council. it's basically bank ceos and other officials who regularly meet with the federal reserve and advise the federal reserve board of governors. this comes after mr. stumpf has been criticized for the fake bank account scandal at wells fargo that has rocked that bank. so basically they paid $185 million in penalties, the bank said it fired 5300 workers, he was subject of a scathing bank hearing, the senate hearing, rather, where senator warren took him to test, we'll be
5:20 pm
following that story as it comes in. innocent before proven guilty one of the basic tenets of legal system, former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani saying president obama not showing leadership by stressing it to the country. roll tape. >> the president of the united states should have said that yesterday. president of the united states should have given people teeny bit of a lecture on constitutional law that would presume people innocent and that same presumption exists for police officers as everyone else, in fact we should give police officers a little bit more of the benefit of the doubt because they put their lives at risk for us. liz: joining me fox news senior judicial analyst one of my favorite people in the world, judge andrew napolitano. judge, are the protestors and rioters ignoring violent tenet of the legal system by assuming policemen are guilty? >> they probably are, you can't expect a mob, which is animated by a lot of different things to follow the niceties of the law.
5:21 pm
mayor giuliani is correct, and the president probably should have used his bully pulpit to put his arms around people rather than to divide him, but the innocent until proven guilty cuts both ways because it applies not only to the police officer whose behavior is being protested with violence, it applies to the driver who was killed on the side of the road because he had a gun or a book and the police aren't sure which, but as a matter of law, the mayor is correct and in my view as a matter of leadership, the president was derelict. liz: interesting to think of it that way. mayor, and you bring up the point, the cops are innocent until proven guilty. that's an important point. in michael brown case, judge, it was found the term hands up don't shoot, that was never said and maybe -- it was found that maybe mr. brown didn't have his hands up. i don't understand why the
5:22 pm
narrative is out there, and can any court ruling, anything be done to set the record straight? >> the narrative is out there emac because people use the tragedies to further their own political agendas. we know that much of what we were told about the michael brown case in fact never happened. there were two very, very, very thorough investigations there, a state and a federal one, and you're quite correct, many of the things that the crowd was told occurred at that scene there was simply no evidence whatsoever. we don't know exactly what happened in north carolina because we haven't seen the tapes yet and because an investigation has not occurred. but we do know there is tremendous animosity towards the police, and we do know that people are taking advantage of that animosity in order to further their political goals, the violence is destroying property and destroying lives as well. liz: that's a good point. presidential candidate donald
5:23 pm
trump reacting to the shooting and the protest saying reducing crime would be a top priority of his administration and praised former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani's stop-and-frisk program, roll tape. >> rudy giuliani did a great job as mayor, and they straightened things out with stop-and-frisk, and it was used further by bloomberg, and now they recently -- not so recently but fairley recently, they stopped it. liz: what do you think about stop-and-frisk, judge? >> i think the courts were right to stop it, i think the constitution prohibits the police from stopping people on a hunch, but it does authorize the police to stop people when they have articulable suspicion about the person, not about their race, not about gender, not about location, not about which groups they belong, but about individuals. if the police confined stop-and-frisk to humans as to
5:24 pm
have they have the articulable suspicion, there would be no constitutional problem. that's been the law of land for a long time. sometime they stretched it and sometimes that has made us safer but it has also violated the liberties of those who were improperly stopped. liz: judge, chicago has stop-and-frisk, and you know, problems still continue in that city. that's basically bedeviled by crime for so long. the reasonable suspicion to do stop-and-frisk as you pointedoud, that's a lesser standard than probable cause, correct? isn't that where the problems come in? >> chicago has a lot of problems, one is the absence of leadership. the other is the absence of guns owned by law-abiding people, but you are corrects articulable suspicion permits a temporary investigatory stop. the investigatory stop has to be based about the person on the stop. not on the race or group to which they belong. probable cause is a much higher
5:25 pm
standard, it is more likely than not that that person committed a crime. that justifies not only a stop, that justifies an arrest. liz: thank you, judge napolitano appreciate your insights there. breaking news, fox has confirmed that the nypd special victims unit is looking into claims that anthony weiner had an online chat, relationship with a 15-year-old teenaged girl. federal investigators issued experience for his cell phone and other records. now the former congressman told yesterday, quote, i have repeatedly demonstrated terrible judgment about the people i have communicated with online and the things that i have sent. we'll be following that story for you. next guest says over the past couple of years race riots have become too common place in america, and he's saying that this administration's race-baiting is responsible.
5:26 pm
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>> just know that all white people are doubles. all white people in white cops are devils.
5:30 pm
>> he's calling all white people devils in the question is is is becoming more commonplace president barack obama has not commented on the recent shooting but here is the president after police shootings in the past. >> there's a large history been stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. that's just a fact. they are also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial's -- racial disparity. we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting
5:31 pm
with individuals primarily african-americans often poor in ways that raise troubling questions. >> the past comments. and the legacy. we have the author of the book race pimping. the author kevin jackson joins me now. they are angry. what do you say to them. i say they need to wake up and understand what is really happening the sad part about this let's just look at the last two shootings they could've been avoided if these guys had surrendered. the guy in tulsa had some drug problem or something like that. and maybe he wasn't coherent. and i don't believe he deserved to be shot. there are things you can do to
5:32 pm
mitigate the issue. in both instances i think they certainly try. it helps these guys do a very difficult job that most people would not want to do. the tulsa police officer is now facing a manslaughter charge. it appears that he have his hands up when he was shot. >> there are different things about that. i don't want to comment about it except to say i'm willing to wait and see what happens but i will say this one of the officers tased the man and the other one shot him. i believe it was a situation where they weren't in imminent danger. he could've been reaching into the car imac and a jump to conclusions and that's what we had been trained to do in the black community is to jump to conclusions and the police
5:33 pm
around every single time. in the overwhelming i'm talking about the percentile that you can't even name when police interact with blacks nothing happens. we get our ticket or are warning or we go to court or what have you. the idea that they are being targeted and what barack obama states not only is it erroneous but it is dangerous. liz: there is a recent study by a harvard professor he found no evidence of racial bias in fact he said they are less likely to shoot nonwhites even though they interact with them more often. the professor who did the study he is black. he said it was the most surprising finding of his career. what do you think of that. >> he was actually looking to validate the narrative that they had been setting. he found out that it's not the is not the case. that is a problem. what this amounts to his overt racism it's racism.
5:34 pm
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personal support from godaddy, you'll join millions who have gone from idea to success. start your success with a $2.99 dot com domain for the first year at godaddy dot com. liz: welcome back. facebook mark zuckerberg and his wife into invest $3 billion to tackle all
5:38 pm
diseases by the end of the century. my next guest said he should be looking into terror online especially facebook. so facebook do you think they have a lot of terrorist activity on it. is it your thinking that he doesn't have his priorities straight. the noble gesture on his part to put $3 billion out there the practical matter is that our own government is close to $50 billion every year to do the exact same thing probably a hundred billion dollars being spent globally by governments indeed it would be much better served going after the ritz of radicalism of
5:39 pm
helping the movement of operations. it's done by isis. so your contention is that they should be spending the $3 billion on keeping terrorists off his own facebook network? >> i think he has the ability that a lot of smart people have. they put in place programs that deny isis and al qaeda and others access to the website. once one of the users had put down. there has to be ways that the organization can go after that. our own government wants to do that. it is a big slow bumbling bureaucracy. he is a guy with a big organization and he could start using it. we also had stunning raking news. it was thought that
5:40 pm
200 million yahoo accounts were hacked. it's more than double that. 500million accounts that is hass -- half of its user base. the government was behind it. what was taken and stolen so who do you think is behind this. do you think that it is a way to fight terror. i do. we will start finding out as the forensic analysis starts going.
5:41 pm
indeed this is a case again where our own government got off to a very slow start and cyber prevention and security. it was doing a lot more. once again i think they need to lead and cyber security. when we look at cyber attacks like that one thing we ought to be doing when we determine who the culprit was they can help us come up with systems and programs to be offensive not just defensive. we had breaking his prosecutors until cycle, -- tulsa, oklahoma he said he shot him. we are monitoring the situation we will bring you any new updates. next up liberal hollywood back on the attack. it hits the air waves. taking aim right at donald trump.
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>> on tuesday november 8 it will make one of the most important, the most important decisions they only get this many famous people together. the crisis or a waste -- racist abusive coward.
5:46 pm
liz: donald trump getting movie stars with about 26 other celebrities bashing at the republican candidate. they encourage americans to vote. what is your take on hollywood's attack here. i don't know what they want. to them on open borders and 550% increase in syrian refugees. they want more shootings at gay gay nightclubs, what do they want. that is who they are backing as opposed to donald trump. she is i can to protect the border. she was increase syrian refugees.
5:47 pm
there is no vetting of these refugees. they are killing us. how do we know who they are. we don't and these celebrities seem to want to just jump on that bandwagon. it doesn't affect them. also one of the latest threat needs celebrities that has threatened to leave is amy schumer. i'm glad he didn't leave. you're the same could buy it leave. i will pay for your flight and that on your plane. i think it is the same narrative that the liberals used every four years about every republican. you throw word out there and
5:48 pm
they have nothing else against donald trump. they can't go after them on anything. they just say he is a racist. and then the media just steps in to those. and we to figure it out. >> you certainly are in the minority out there. we appreciate your time. thank you again. nancy pelosi express out reach. guess what you know those 10,000 syrian refugees and that we have already accepted guess his district has not taken any of them by 20% of these refugees say it's right here in the tri-state area. the details next. i don't go away.
5:49 pm
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>> they slammed the door in the victims of innocent terror. we do not strengthen our security we weaken ourselves in the fight against isis. liz: that was former speaker of the house nancy pelosi. passionate about accepting refugees with open arms. but the congresswoman thinks keeping refugees out but trays are countries of value then why has that california district she represents how the they take a zero of the ten to 12,000 refugees placed in our country this year. maybe our panel test the answer to that.
5:53 pm
what do you make of that? >> i don't think because san francisco hasn't taken refugees and that would be an indication that nancy pelosi is not like we should all be very concerned about the greatest humanitarian that we've seen since world war ii. they are escaping violence and persecution. i don't know if it's a decision-maker on this. in a conversation that said don't allow them to come into camp san francisco. it's also a very crowded city everyone i know who lives there lives outside of it. i think it would be a shame if it took away from the humanitarian crisis and the role that the u.s. can play in welcoming in families who are escaping the terrorism.
5:54 pm
>> refugees are the one fleeing violence. liz: there been several terrorist attacks there is a concern there. >> i think it's important to note that they have handled this really differently. seen at the border literally watching 8,0009000 people a day crossing. they had been a lot more cautious. i think if i have conservator viewers is one thing a lot of these are women and children. these are people that need something. they fear that they're going to get slaughtered. the democrats refusal to acknowledge that there is a potential security risk and their solution of the government.
5:55 pm
forty-seven democrats were against this last year. all of them expressed concern about the security risk that they pointed out with accepting this refugee flow in. i want our elected officials to take this issue seriously to make sure that the betting is strong to make sure it takes about two years for a refugee to be resettled here. that doesn't mean we undermine our american values and say were only going to let some people in and no one in from this religion. there is a wait to be responsible about this. and then there's a way to dog the issue. the terrace to have committed attacks here naturalized citizens they are here on business or tourist visas.
5:56 pm
>> a lot of the ones we've seen even though they've come from abroad have come as children. it's really been a domestic rental civilization process. they've grown up in the united states. it's a huge threat. what i think is important is that it barely ever gets talked about. we've seen this as is a big government top-down issue. i think we need to be getting churches and communities and organizations to partner. you can sponsor a refugee and take that family and and build the ties liz: thank you so much for your conversation. we are learning that the scott family his relatively shot in north carolina they had reviewed the video of the shooting with police. they have yet to comment. we will keep you posted on the breaking news. we will be back in two minutes don't go away. like sue suggested.
5:57 pm
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liz: breaking this. an e-mail that came by
6:00 pm said immigration bosses to push and to swear in as many new citizen voters as have of the election. they will bring the latest as we get it. next up is making money with charles payne. don't go away. charles: we're breaking news for you tonight. betty shelby the police officer that fatally shot the man in tulsa. has been charged with first-degree murder. earlier today chief said the body can footage does not contain evidence that scott was in possession of a firearm. it does not give me absolute, definitive visual evidence


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