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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

6:00 pm said immigration bosses to push and to swear in as many new citizen voters as have of the election. they will bring the latest as we get it. next up is making money with charles payne. don't go away. charles: we're breaking news for you tonight. betty shelby the police officer that fatally shot the man in tulsa. has been charged with first-degree murder. earlier today chief said the body can footage does not contain evidence that scott was in possession of a firearm. it does not give me absolute, definitive visual evidence
6:01 pm
that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun. i did not see that in the videos that i had reviewed. so i can to you though is when taken into the totality of all the other evidence supports what we have heard in the version of the truth that we gave about the circumstances that happened. charles: former homicide detective is with us now. gary, felt like coming into today the video it would be definitive proof because a police chief came out with such conviction over the last couple of days the family is apparently looking at the video right now how do you see this playing out with everyone on pins and needles down there. >> i can discuss anything about the case at this time.
6:02 pm
can you tell me if you thought it was misleading at least initially when the police said the definitively this was a good shooting and it did not have a bullet --dash macbook. i'm in a position to discuss the with the audience of the world were to leave that to the investigation. i'm not here discuss that. let's discuss this. we've seen two nights of writing a lot of people are anxious there have been some calls in the community that perhaps everyone should see the video. i'm not sure how that would interfere with the investigation but would that be something you think understanding the area and the tensions would be a wise decision? >> i think it goes back to what people believe and see in my line of work or my past line of work i know people thought they do a very in a
6:03 pm
lot of things are up for interpretation. right now it's all guessing is in it particularly when you have the family that was insistent that the victim have a book? >> is on their investigation. it will reveal the evidence in the findings of the case. let me ask you about the area. i'm shocked that this is going on down there i know this is a state that has done extra- narrowly while you have the research triangle you've a lot of banks down there. as i've done evidence and i've looked into this there have been incidents down there is there something unique going on between the police in the black community down there. >> it's no different is no different than any other city in the united states. it is no different than any of the police departments or communities.
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they have a problem. communication problem. a lot of barriers stand on both sides. and this is what were in the seat for the next days. people are to come in there and have their opinions everybody wants to help everybodw. something that we have to understand is that were looking for consistency when we are trained to help a problem. 50% of the time everybody comes in everybody does a good show and then a leaf but nobody is consistent with dealing with the problems and issues of race, communication and relationships how do you make sure it's a consistent effort. you've all of these people together the spot spotlight is shining on the situation and you could direct where goes from here? >> do you see the people they are non- traditional leaders of the committee.
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with to reach the people that are not seated at the table not often seated at the table or maybe never seated and these are the people that i get a b can be in the streets each night. i had been in the streets until 2:00 a.m. people i wish to see in the streets supporting and suppressing violence are not there but then we come out and now we talk about it but at some point in time with understand the efforts that you believe that you are doing may not be the efforts for the energy that we need in that direction. we to build relationships. with understand what really is going on. if it's a problem between the officer and the young black male let them have a conversation. let them talk it out let them come together. my concept is also and we go to these communities speak to the people talk to the people allow those people who have never have a voice at the table to also be our leaders in the community.
6:06 pm
>> think you very much i appreciate it. charles: rod, you heard gary mcfadden interesting concept bringing people to the table who normally aren't there. we know that there are sort of people who had influences that aren't elected officials who may not be known to the public or the media is a step in the right direction? >> obviously if you bring people to the table who traditionally had not have a seat at the table it's can help but i must say that the people in the city of charlotte and ferguson in baltimore they have to take responsibility for their own communities as well. let's look at chicago and these other communities the crime is out of control. it's easy just to appear and say everybody needs to come to the table everybody needs to have a voice in this but again people have to take responsibility for their own
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community and they need to clamp down on some of the craziness that's going on in their own community in and let me tell you burning down to local businesses clearly is not can help the situation. >> this is something we've seen it played out over and over again. it's not recent we saw the complete burning down of other neighborhoods that never really came back. the community there some of these things start off as peaceful visuals. what should be done with them. i'm thinking some of the video that i saw i thought i saw hate crimes last night. young black men should there be a major crackdown on the people who take advantage of these situations even more so than normal. >> they should be immediately arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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let me say this to you also charles, the police are not at fault it's the political leaders that are at fault who promised so much to so many and you just said this over all of these years and have not delivered the help they need. there is a reason why we have these problems. no excuse for violence. but when they year in and year out premise of people that are being affected very negatively by their policies and the poor cap that has to go out on the street and help protect these people are caught in the middle. we have chaos. that's exactly what the police chief says. everyone wants that. it ultimately comes down on them. i personally think that they should of clamped down on clean down on this sooner. this is can have harsh penalties for the things i saw last night that might curb this when it and make to a
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certain degree at the same time it may even agitate the situation. here's the bottom line we can have a community in chaos we have to abide by. if they don't like the last than the run for political office and they change the loss. you don't throw rocks at police officers. i'm not making excuses for the police officers but at the same time the community has to take a certain amount of responsibility for what is going on in their own community and you can't lay that at the feet of the police department. i really appreciate it. the peaceful demonstrations that turn ultimately violence we've seen in charlotte was seen across this nation. were in the final stretch of the presidential campaign. what does it mean for this because all the sudden this is a major topic. stick around.
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introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. charles: north carolina has become a very critical battleground state. how does the racial unrest and really racial policy across the country impact the election cycle. 58% of white support donald trump. there is a lot of division and it's growing in this country particularly in cities across this nation. tamra, here's the thing. all the sudden this is like wow. it's in our face. we've seen things from ferguson in baltimore and others but this one i think is a little surprising in the sense that charlotte is in chicago. it's not ferguson is a boomtown what is happening
6:14 pm
here? >> i think we have seen the moral fabric of our society as a whole not collapse but slowly start to fall apart. we had have loss of lots of homes we've have loss of education we've have loss of family values all the things and issues of the left in the right our issues of the american people. in order to fix this we have to come together and we have to say we are neighbors. we are friends we live next to each other. charles: those things that you're taking talking about those are the consequences of the left the left has not only created this, i can play bush i could do all of the things we need to get past the blame. until we get past the blame of
6:15 pm
the past and who was fault it is whatever the heck you want to blame. how do we come together as americans and how do we resolve this. it is not one thing it's not just not respecting authority is not just education it is all of these issues insane working to fix it. >> donald trump has been talking about unity and he has been talking about family values and rebuilding those things that are fractured and a broken. the fact of the matter is donald trump has been preaching unity and bring everybody up to the same level. it's a very stark difference. most people see they don't want to go outside and night.
6:16 pm
someone who has worked in the inner city for a decade they been afraid to come other homes for their entire lifetime. we have to fix that. it's never been to the magnitude it was in north carolina last night. that was a severe attack of the city itself and its own occupants. their attack attacking their own local economy. we need someone who is a law and order candidate to put a stop to this stuff. charles: is there something special that should be done or communicated to the black community specifically to this or do you see some sort of blanket solution? >> one of the reasons why they're so upset with whites is because most of the time and a lot of the inner city all they see it or each other. the only time they see a white person is a white cop and it's not for anything good.
6:17 pm
in their hearts. and so we have to fix community relations. to make sure that our kids are getting an education. we can't afford books we can send them to a museum and give them experience to write about. in the neighborhoods that are afraid to see cops. i'm talking about the people that are afraid to see cops. every time they see a cop it's because they're doing something wrong. >> this is the most insane thing i've ever heard. >> a lot of the times let me tell you something in inner-city and in public housing process there in their patrolling. their patrolling and a lot of
6:18 pm
times they are looking for things that they should be looking for because we have constitutional rights. we all had rights to have a secure home. the list goes on and on. charles: we have more on the latest in the north carolina situation. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the policies he put into place ultimately brought down klein -- crime. think of how many families these policies say from the worst heartache imaginable. we need an agenda to make our city's sake i can. we have to make our cities safe again. charles: that was donald trump to react to the current unrest
6:22 pm
in north carolina. he he's got that back today saying he was only referring to using the in chicago. the incident and others like intolerable. take a listen. >> there still so much we don't know about what happened in both instances but we do know that we had two-point -- two more names to add to list its unbearable and it needs to become intolerable. >> they are speaking about this and i thought there would be more fireworks both seem to take a very measured approach. i think you are right. it's very sensitive to both campaigns. as can be a pivotal
6:23 pm
battleground state. they're both courting the african-american vote right now. they have to be very measured in their words. what i would say is that we do need to come together and unify as a country and they are both stronger together. look at the national solutions. i don't think that's the right way to go. they need to be sorted out at the individual and community level within the police department's adding another layer of bureaucracy which sound like hillary clinton solutions are i don't think that's a way to move forward. >> in now the family have been speaking. do we have the statement. let's listen in.
6:24 pm
just released and just continue to pray for us. we appreciate the entire community in the world. we are getting ready to go to war. thank you so much. many people have seen the video the police officer involved in that sheeting. let me go to jessica and charlie here. it's really a tough thing. i was hoping that it would be much more in the rearview mirror. a big complaint is that president obama has spent so much time on fighting and relitigating the wars of yesteryears that he has
6:25 pm
actually made things worse. >> we see that the polls actually show that. and probably even going to decades before that. i understand the complaint. we have a situation right now were 88 percent of the community thinks there not be treated fairly by the police force in america. what i would like to say about the statements that they have made on this i would like to hear more about the violence in the unrest in charlotte this doesn't help. there are people here that had real concerns. people on the other side people who say all lives matter to the exclusion of understanding that they accomplish that. muddies the water. you can talk about the violence in all of the other things but we can also talk about solutions where people aren't on edge. were talking about economic
6:26 pm
solutions. most of them feel like the golden days are gone. and the great opportunities are not around. school choice is a great way. they are lining up to get into these charter schools. i think donald trump to his credit has been advocating that the last couple of weeks. they feel like they're not being treated fairly. >> we have to get to the root of the problem. we have to leave it there. it is something else when these parents into the and the kids are allowed to do that. it is like a godsend.
6:27 pm
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charles: social media playing an amazing role in this election
6:31 pm
cycle and the protests. we saw keith lamont's daughter go to the internet sparking outrage in a video that he went viral. during the riots we had a twitter user glenn reynolds and his accounts was suspended. causing an uproar in conservative circles. let's talk about social media and if they are the new king makers of it all. i thought you would be here with us, buddy. charles: social media is the new kingpin. what are the rules of the road for them? >> i think the most important rule that you can have as a person in the news is not to
6:32 pm
give your opinion when you are seeing videos breaking at that moment on twitter and giving it as the full truth. share what you know is legitimate and be honest by the. and try not to expose the ugly side of what you might be feeling at that moment. just play it out and show what's going on for everyone to sit there and see. charles: there is always a race to be the first one to breaking news. but the nature of social media is a knee jerk thing. people are getting shot and showing themselves getting shot. everything millennials do, it's instantly on social media. what's the role of social media as the guardians and gatekeeper. >> it's impossible to gai -- toe keep what goes out on social media. it's a broadcasting network.
6:33 pm
i suddenly have my tv network. that happened without a producer, without a filter. that's what leads to what we are seeing in charlotte. charles: the glenn reynolds tweet be he was suspended for three hours. do you find what happened was justified for twitter? >> run them down, even instapundit says that wasn't the right word. if you are going to ban people based on every inappropriate comment on there, it will be a very, very long day. >> it's a bad choice of words. but there is an incredible double standard. how they go after instapundit.
6:34 pm
i see tweets about killing police officers. i took six screen shots where people said violence is justified, police officers should die, and nothing is done. their accounts are not suspended, they don't delete the tweets. what it is is a leftist way to censor speech. they go after conservatives who night cross the line, but protect liberals in a bubble. why are they not going after isis with that intensity and vigor. >> they do go after conservatives more than liberals. charles: is there something with the folks with large followings to know they are influential? do they bear any sort of responsibility for the things
6:35 pm
they put out on to social media? >> they bear a responsibility to themselves. what they are not putting out is a lie or exaggeration of the truth. i do that with my twitter. i make sure i bring the truth from my perspective. don't put hoaxes up. don't try to become a celebrity and capitalize on it. i think that's what i am personally responsible for as a twitter user. charles: i have got aways to cap up with my man. nasdaq ending the second straight session with a new high. can a consumer come to the rescue? that's what the fed is saying. stick around. ♪
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charles: we are less than a week away from the first presidential debate. we'll take a look at how the candidates are preparing.
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charles: yahoo confirming 500 million accounts western hacked in 2014. they believe it was a state-sponsored actor behind the breach. the f.b.i. continues to investigate that situation. the federal reserve bank much franc --bank of san francisco se ceo of wells fargo has resigned from the federal reserve advisory council. the fed said expect a surge in household wages any time now. at some point higher wings must kick in if we are going to have
6:40 pm
real economic growth. 56,500. but we are way below the peak set in 1999. on that note, i should point out disposable income has never been higher. people co-could go out and spend that extra cash. savings are so low he lifted the great recession. what does the fed know that we don't, and what happens if borrowing and spending does pick up. joining me now is aaron gibbs. the fed painted a rosier picture of the economy than anybody perhaps on main street sees.y st comes to wages? >> they are seeing wage breaks. but we are concerned that we are adding 180,000 jobs a month and the unemployment number isn't moving at all which is unexpected and unusual because it should be going down. we are looking for more and more
6:41 pm
people to come into the employment market. charles: that seems like a disingenuous or antiquated thing. we see now where if the numb jobs number, we should see a major, major move in wages. why hasn't that happened? >> it's because of the participation rate. >> everybody who is either under employed or who got out of the employment market, once they are back, that's when they will see the push. that's ultimately why they didn't raise rates in september. charles: that's happening right now, with inventory rebuilds. >> it's expected in december.
6:42 pm
charles: if it doesn't happen in december, it may not happen for a long time. i do want to ask you about these traditional ways that you use to measure the economy, most economists. the phillips curve. unemployment rate goes down, inflation rate goes up. that hasn't happened. what is so skewed about this recould are you from past recoveries. >> the big answer is energy, oil. oil is trading in the mid-$40. when you take oil out of the inflation you see a slightly normal type of inflation. charles: will the rally continue? >> absolutely. not only is the economy getting back slowly. but it is getting better and we are looking at good earnings growth. corporate earnings are expected to recover for the quarter and
6:43 pm
next year. that combined with the fed note raising rates. the market goes up. charles: i want to give you a sneak preview. my monday individual stockman, former budget director under president reagan. >> we have to have a house cleaning at the fed. there has been a coup d'etat. they have taken over the entire financial system. charles: hillary clinton and donald trump bubbling downn ahead of the presidential debate. we'll discuss their game plans next. why pause to take a pill? why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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charles: in four days it's expected 100 million viewers will watch both major party candidates face off for the first time. the question now is what can we expect? donald trump obviously will have a chance to see the momentum that he has. and sort of make his pitch to the american public that he has the knowledge and temperament to be the president. and hillary clinton will have to find a way to shed that status question d.c. image. she was off the campaign trail again today preparing for the debate. peter, you wrote an interesting art cal. you have been a donald trump
6:48 pm
supporter but you have been critical of how he has been campaigning. >> he has to win over suburban voters. especially women. which means he has to pivot and immigration, healthcare and so forth. just saying i'm going to replace obamacare with something great is not enough. not when hillary has specific prescriptions. suburban women like solutions. charles: lisa, donald trump dominated in the primaries and was mostly himself. he was charisma and charm and said things people wanted to hear. he was completely not p.c. he's reading the prompter and he's staying on message and it's work out for him. which one of the donald trumps has to show up for the debates. >> you can be both. you can still have a personality and show there is a nuance to the things you are saying.
6:49 pm
he needs to be himself and have command of the stage. they will have 100 million people tuning in primarily to watch him. he needs to be funny, he needs to be entertaining. but he needs the demonstrate a level of knowledge because as you mentioned before, he needs to and the questions regarding temperament and judgment. he needs to demonstrate he's a mature and polished campaigner and candidate in answer something of these questions and demonstrate he has done his homework and able to get some substance and policy there. >> this could be the pitfall for hillary clinton. if she goes out with an agenda to poke, poke, poke, she wasted the entire opportunity. >> i don't think that's what she is going to do. she is going to try as best as she can to be focused and herself which is as policy wonk. >> donald trump said he doesn't
6:50 pm
want lester holt to fact check him. charles: at the commander-in-chief forum she was the robotic, you know, not happy looking hillary clinton. and that overshadowed her knowledge and that's why people thought donald trump won that evening. >> we can't know what's going to happen. and we don't know how they will react standing next to each other. so standing up there, watching also the physical dynamic. donald trump has to be careful. he's a big guy, she is a smaller woman. he's not going to ask her to sign a piece of paper. but we have to make sure he's temperament alley staying there. that's what she is winning on, temperament, qualifications and effectiveness. >> mr. holt on the fact checking
6:51 pm
and truthfulness, i don't think i have ever seen a candidate lie as much as hillary clinton has. >> you haven't seen donald trump? look at the fact checks. >> she deleted tens of thousands of emails using software called bleachbit and lied about it. charles: hillary has an honesty problem that's out of this world. peter, on that stage, should donald trump focus primarily on the economy? he's doing extraordinarily well on the economy. it's all about our wallets and pocketbooks at the end of the day. if he's going to win those suburban voters so he can peel off a state like pennsylvania. his real problem and advantage is hillary clinton is likely to be robotic. she'll get into great detail. she may come across like jimmy carter. he may be able to take advantage
6:52 pm
of her. leadership is about setting things and establishing goals for competent managers to execute what you want. like him or not, that's what barack obama did and he got what he wanted. charles: you do not want to miss "lou dobbs tonight." we are talking about donald trump. that show starts at 7:00 p.m. on fox business. coming up. the presidential candidates and cash. it's pouring in. the last mile of this race will be powered in large part by millions.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
charles: hillary clinton's
6:56 pm
fundraising dash in august paid off. she raised $59 million. and donald trump brought in $42 million and he didn't take any time off the campaign trail. take a look at this breakdown. that's massive cash. you are talking about a billion and counting. this is going to be one for the record books. mieca, you are in the money-raising business. everyone are downplayed the money aspect of this but apparently it will play a role the next 50 days. >> like the world series it's been a nervous breakdown of 9 innings. trump is doing so well. hillary is outspending him 2-1. $100 million in $200 increments. 97% online. he's out there and it's
6:57 pm
resonating in the polls. he's up in the rasmussen poll. he's resonating in swing states. he's up in ohio, florida, north carolina * and iowa. he's taking his message to the people and that's reflected in the fundraising. charles: you don't want to say, hey, i wish i had spent the last $2 some, $30 million. traditionally it was the democrats who got the small donors and the republicans had the deep money pockets. but the use of this cash from the get-out-the-vote things, that makes a difference. when you examine these polls of registered the voars and unlikely voters. the democrats think they can use that big war chest to make that up.
6:58 pm
>> hillary clinton has only held 5 campaign events. a lot of these liberal progressive donors and grassroots members are frustrated at the clinton campaign for running their campaign like they would in the early 90s, relying on these fancy fundraisers with elite billionaires rather than taking their claim to the people. only 24% of her donations have come from people giving $200 or less. 61% of donald trump's donations are people giving $200 or less. this reflects an enthusiasm gap. charles: sheldon, you raised money, the hook with people that were iffy. >> absolutely.
6:59 pm
people smell victory and they want to be part of a winning team. charles: your first choice, ted cruz. a lot of rumbling ted may come on board. >> i heard the same rumors. he's very vulnerable in the senate race in texas. leadership has been upset with him as well as major donors. he may be seeing the light. charles: there is the mercer family, theling between the two. that would be interesting. >> kellyanne conway. charles: it's amazing to me. as the never trumpers throw in the towel, they bring a certain amount of prestige with them and some of them bring deep pockets, too. >> donald trump could benefit from that. he's running a lean campaign. but there is a lot of effort that needs to go into this get out the vote. he's not very popular.
7:00 pm
she is not popular. to get people out who might be holding their noses to vote, that requires money. charles: we appreciate you watching. lou dobbs with special guest republican nominee donald trump. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump our special guest tonight. our show features decidedly bold percent nalts with anti-establishment views that are already changing the future. joining us, the man who led the british out of the european union, the leader of the independence movement and strong supporter of donald trump. nigel farage is with us. there is a lot to talk about. including the city of charlotte resembling a war zone.


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