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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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childhood cancer awareness month. one of my former producers and his wife lost their son to leukemia. lou dobbs with special guest republican nominee donald trump. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump our special guest tonight. our show features decidedly bold percent nalts with anti-establishment views that are already changing the future. joining us, the man who led the british out of the european union, the leader of the independence movement and strong supporter of donald trump. nigel farage is with us. there is a lot to talk about. including the city of charlotte resembling a war zone.
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north carolina's governor declaring a state of emergency. an extra 700 law enforcement officers will be on the ground tonight in the hope of avoiding riots and chaos that have overwhelmed charlotte over the two nights previous. but strangely, the chief of police says tonight there will be no curfew. disturbing video emerged showing dozens ofview rioters brutally attacking officers and by extenders. a white man dragged and beaten by the mob as he begged for mercy. we'll have the latest details for you on a city unable or unwilling to maintain law and order. to protect lives and property. is charlotte the new normal. i'll take that up with donald trump tonight. also tonight. brand-new swing state polls show
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trump narrowing the deficit in colorado and virginia and pulling ahead in georgia and iowa as well as nevada and ohio and north carolina. but trump is ahead by 7 points in georgia, ahead by 7 points in iowa as well. that is bad news for hillary. listen to clinton shout her way through a speech to the laborers international union of north america. >> having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. lou: we'll have reaction from donald trump himself in moments.
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also joining us for political analysis is matt schlapp and eboni williams and i'll be talking about european parliament member nigel farage joins us. the rioting and violence in north carolina. the governor declared a state of emergency. the national guard has been deployed in that city. the city racked by racial tension and racial violence following the shooting death of keith lamont scott. an african-american man shot by police officer brentley vinson who is also african-american. charlotte's police chief says he plans to show the video of the officer-involved shooting to the man's family. but he says he doesn't have any plans to release that video to the public. that in my opinion is utterly wrong. for there to be accountability,
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there has to be a clear and shared understanding of the truth in this country. we are all americans, as americans citizens we have a right to know. -- no matter how unpleasant or distasteful the truth. we don't want weak-kneed local police chiefs and mayors deciding what we'll see and what we'll hear and what we'll know when civil unrest overwhelms a community. in oklahoma * we just learned the city of tulsa is doing the right thing. the district attorney there directed his staff to file a first degree manslaughter charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black citizen. an unarmed terrance krimp who was shot and killed. not armed when he was shot down by the police officer. there has been no stronger defender of law enforcement over
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the course of this presidential campaign than donald trump. there is no one demanding key call justice including accountability to officers who violate the rights of citizens. donald trump has taken the lead on almoster issue and idea on the agenda of this year's election campaign. whether it's job creation, economic imroat, restoring prosperity for all americans, a foreign policy built on a strengthened and expanding military force, a policy with one priority, defined by his slogan, america first. joining us on the phone is republican presidential nominee, donald trump, and mr. trump thanks for being with us. let's turn to charlotte. the prospect for yet another night of violence that i city. i must say at the outset, your
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call for unity stands in marked contrast to those of others in this country who have yet to give their voice to that very central quality. >> thank you very much, lou. there has to be iewnify and we don't have unity in our country. we have a very divided country in many ways. we don't have unity, we don't have jobs, we don't have education. we need things like jobs and education or it's going to only get worse. lou: in the city of tulsa tonight, in the district attorney there charging the police officer who shot and killed a citizen, charging first degree manslaughter. it turns out he was unarmed. your reaction to that charge. >> you know mr. is no bigger supporter or defender than the police. but i looked at it and i
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couldn't understand it. there was nothing i could see that would lead me to believe that was a good situation. it looked like she did something very wrong. whether she comoakd which happened. people choke. maybe she choked or she couldn't handle the pressure. something went very, very wrong. but it looked like that man did nothing wrong. he walked his hand up slowly. put his hands on the car. i don't see how they could have possibly shot him. we can all understand how that could have happened in terms of the action taken by the prosecutors. lou: rudy giuliani, one of your principled principle -- one of r principal advisers. he said to make certain the system of justice works and there is a withholding of
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judgment. and that there is a presumption of innocence that applies to citizens as well to police officers involved in these kinds of confrontations. >> rudy is 100% right. he's been an early endorser. he not only was a great mayor. he's a very popular guy. we are getting big crowds. i'm in pennsylvania. we have a massive crowd. but when lou dobbs calls, i delay my speech, i can tell you. you know i mean that, too. rudy has been just a fantastic guy in so many ways. he's a big believer in stop and frisk and you take a place like chicago which is out of control, 3,000 shootings so far since january 1. 3,000! this is like -- i'm talking about from january 1.
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and stop and frisk is something they should absolutely be doing. and doing it quickly. they also need more police, and they need lots of other things including help and jobs and they have to work on the whole community. obviously everything is wrong. but stop and frisk is very important for them. >> i want to turn as well to foreign policy very quickly. meeting with -- you met with president sisi of egypt. i heard from egyptian representatives that they were thrilled you took the amount of time you did for that discussion and they felt very strongly it was a productive meeting. what from your view? >> i thought it was very productive. he's a fantastic guy. he took control of egypt. i thought it was a great meeting. we met for a long time, actually.
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there was a good chemistry there. you know when you have good chemistry with people. there was a good feeling between us. i enjoyed that meeting the other day. and i learned a lot. and perhaps he learned something. but i'll tell you he took control of the country, he has gone the the terrorists out and wiped them out. we talked about that. he took a tough approach, much different than our approach, i can tell you. and he did pretty much wipe them out. and you have to choice. they don't have the problem there. they were having a tremendous problem before. so he's donev a very good job, and we had a very respectful meeting. lou: the debate is upcoming. your opponent is taking four or five days to prepare for that debate. what are you doing and how do you feel going into it? >> i'm out on the trail. i'm right now in the philadelphia area.
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i was in north carolina. we have been to ohio, we have been all over the place. we have been doing a lot of work. we were yesterday inio, going to north carolina and virginia saturday for a big rally. we are getting rallies with 20,000 to 25,000 people. and i'll be doing that saturday night in virginia. i think it's roanoke. and i'm also working on preparation which i believe strongly in. but i have seen people prepare so much that they get up there and they can't speak. you have seen that, too. where they lock themselves in a cabin for three weeks and don't want to do anything else. you have to be yourself. you have to go up and you just have to do it. so i'm have much campaigning. at the same time, i am prepared. lou: as you suggest, the president of the united states seldom has the opportunity to
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take on one challenge at a time. donald trump glad to have you with us. we are coming back with much more. stay with us. donald trump building mow men number latest battleground polls. and hillary clinton wondering why she isn't doing better. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? lou: matt schlapp and eboni williams joins us next and we take you on a high-flying ride this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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lou: with just a few days until the first debate, donald trump's path to winning the 270 electoral votes for the presidency becoming clear, about not easier. trump taking the 24 states romney won in 2012. that's the first condition. that would give him 206 select early to votes of the 270 he would need. needing 64 to clinch the white house. trump's first target becomes florida with 29 electoral votes. them ohio with 18, them trump has the advantage with the average polls.
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in trump can pick up pennsylvania as well, he wins. that's right. everything that romney did in 2012 plus pennsylvania, florida, and ohio and donald trump becomes president of the united states. right now clinton is slightly ahead in the polling there, but without pennsylvania trump has another way to win through virginia, nevada, colorado, iowa, new hampshire or wisconsin. most of those states obamacare yesterday with only modest margins in 2012. right now every one of them is a tossup state right now. that's the reality that now faces both candidates. joining us, the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and attorney and fox news contributor, eboni williams. first, eboni what do you think
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of our map there? >> i hate to say i told you so, lou. i have been telling you donald trump was uniquely positions to take this electric early to map and do different things with it. but seriously. pennsylvania being in play like this for the republican nominee. not a lot of people would have thought that last summer. mercedes wouldn't steal it. >> that map belongs to america. it puts a smile on my face. the democratic talking points about how the road is so slender. the fact is because donald trump is actually talking to working americans which the republican party hasn't been able to do since ronald way began, we have a big chance in wisconsin and michigan and ohio and iowa. i think we are in a good position to pick off some of these states.
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the other thing that's ironic. one thing i'll guarantee you. he will do a heck of a lot better than mitt romney did. all these people who preach if donald trump kept talking to these average americans he would be blown out in this country. there isn't anybody saying that anymore. lou: you talked about the unique vulnerabilities of mrs. clinton. but we look at it as a new unique opportunities. another way to look at that. pennsylvania isn't cooked yet even for mrs. clinton. let me show you one reason why. if we can go to the live pictures of mr. trump, right now campaigning an is in pennsylvania chess term township. when he said to us he was putting up a speech for a few minutes to talk to us.
11:20 pm
he wasn't kidding. let, listen in for a moment. >> i will be your voice. i'm going to be your voice. [cheers and applause] people who just want a secure. people who just want a secure community for their families, good schools for their kids, and a good-paying job to support their loved ones, that's what they want. we'll bring security to our african-american community and to our latino community. we'll bring security and we'll bring jobs, and education, and care, and medical, we'll take care of the people of our country, all of the people. lou: a straightforward appeal to all americans. hispanic, african-american, asian, white, it doesn't matter. he talks about all americans. do you know how long it's been
11:21 pm
since we had a president who talked about all americans? everyone has got to feel better hearing that. >> i don't know how much it's going to take so to speak, but i will give donald trump this, he has been on message like i have never seen from him the last two weeks. literally this morning he spoke many times today, this man has been on message like nothing i have ever seen from his campaign. and i think he will get something from that. lou: matt, you get the last word. >> this is why he will do well in the debate. this is a candidate who wants to win. he's getting better and better and better. the reason he's doing better is he's staying on message but doing it more effectively. i'm confident how he will do monday. lou: i got a big kick out of a release from the republican national committee talking about the superior debating skills of hillary clinton, the massive
11:22 pm
amount of preparation time she is putting in. how she is basically an irresistible force being built up in some sanctuary. and poor little donald trump who has never debated at this level, who is not a professional. the expectation game is being played hard. but the republican side i can assure you fun to watch. matt schlapp, eboni williams, thank you for being with us. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, do you believe, the question now is why hillary clinton isn't 50 points behind donald trump. just asking. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook. links to everything at*. breathtakingfootagefromthefrench alps. .
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lou: a few thoughts on
11:28 pm
anti-establishment sentiment rising in the last seven weeks before election day. americans trust in political leaders has been steadily declining over the past few decades but a new survey shows that trust has now hit historic lows in this country. according to a new gallup poll only 42% of us have a great deal or a fair amount of trust in our political leaders. that's a decline of more than 24 points since the 2008 election. it's been a rough ride and it's no surprise americans have lost trust in our elected officials. americans are simply fed up with the status quo. our political leaders special interests or k street while ignoring constituents. we saw that play out today on capitol hill. the house oversight committee voted to hold hillary clinton's i.t. aid in contempt of congress, you know the one who helped wiped the server and helped her avoid well any kind
11:29 pm
of accountability for her e-mails many of which were destroyed after she failed to appear at a hearing last week. contempt of congress sounded right. it sounds like a big deal but ask former attorney general eric holder what it really means. nothing to him, certainly that there were and won't be any consequences just because you like to congress in the united states? what's the point here really? truthfully the principle point is congress is no longer a co-equal branch of government and congressional investigations grab a day or two of headlines for the members but then lead to nothing remedial or of consequence to the subjects of those hearings and investigations. americans want results from our political leaders, not leaders who are unwilling or unable to address problems and create a new reality going forward facing hard-working americans from our broken immigration system, our
11:30 pm
borders to the economy, congress can't answer what is the answer which is why donald trump is gaining momentum right now. >> this is a movement and we are taking our country back for the people. the washington insiders are panicking. they are very concerned. they are looking at what's going on with the polls and they are saying what is happening? we are going to replace our failed and corrupt establishment with a new government that serves you, your family, the country. you are going to be happy. lou: it is as donald trump says a movement based entirely on one man standing up as the voice of the people treat people who have been ignored by washington for the past three decades and deserve far better end soon. our quotation of the evening this one from thomas jefferson. jefferson said quote i have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may
11:31 pm
be trusted to govern themselves without a master. we are coming right back. donald trump taking on political elites and the establishment and all who defend the status quo that is crushing our middle-class. my next guest says america and indeed the world has had enough of establishment politicians and their stagnant status quo. >> what we are seeing over the western world and 10 and 20 years is this political aristocracy that has taken over and as the clinton family in america summed that up rather beautifully. lou: my guest demand who wanted the -- out of the european union nigel farage joins us and faraj joins us enisa the trump presidency is about to begin. this flat bed truck has a tough time with this barge in the laws of physics.
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lou: tonight nigel farage the former leader vidya k. independence party who recently made the case that the same anti-establishment forces behind brexit will lead to a donald trump victory come november. farage telling reuters quote i think rex it is the first kick
11:36 pm
back against the establishment. it's not a british event, it's not a european event it's a global event and i think it has implications for every western democracy. in the case of america absolutely. we are delighted to have with us tonight the former leader of the uk independence party member of the european parliament nigel farage. nigel it's great of you to be with us and let's start with brexit itself and what we are witnessing. all of the gurus who use slate without too much trouble proved again wrong if they can be. we are seeing the uk economy moving ahead, strengthening even as the european economy is listless at best. >> here we are with three months and we have had restaurant figures, hotel figures and industrial production figures every indicator. actually the uk economy is
11:37 pm
growing helpfully while as you say where the real problems are on this side are within the eurozone and they are going very badly. lou: the republican party elites most of them are in favor of the status quo because that is where they are invested invested and where they retail the best. the democratic party itself is absolutely committed to a status quo that is of its making and the presidential candidate mrs. hillary clinton, obviously one of the architects of what is a disastrous status quo in this country yet the national liberal media here will deny those frames of reference. they will also try to bring criticism of donald trump because he dares to point out we have 94 million americans not working that we need to restore prosperity for all americans. he won't play games with identity politics. you have to be, your mind has to
11:38 pm
wonder at bit at what you are witnessing across the pond. >> not a bit because what i'm witnessing across the pond is exactly what i saw here during their brexit referendum. i saw political class of the big parties backed up by the big multinationals, backed up by a predominantly the liberal media and the desire that things simply should not change so actually i see what's happening in the states and very much it's a mirror reflection of the kind of thing that happened here a few months ago and i will tell you this, project fair which is what we were told we do. bradley, everybody in brexit project fair against trumps candidacy i don't think it's even begun because it's perfectly clear to me this campaign has gotten momentum. he has the big m going with him and he will get dire predictions
11:39 pm
and awful things will happen to all the american the trump becomes president. i would just say that people don't listen to the experts. don't listen to the vested interests speaking for themselves objectively. look at the two candidates that you have got in this election and ask yourself the question. do you want things to stay exactly as they are or do you want change? lou: and that is exactly how donald trump is framing it, i contest between globalism and the consequences of this globalism, this particular brand of globalism or do you want to have a country, americanism in place with capitalism driving a prosperous future. i have got to ask you, you caught mrs. clinton's attention when donald trump introduced you. i haven't heard your assessment
11:40 pm
of her as a candidate. >> well i was always told that it was a very good thing in life to be judged by your enemies and if mrs. clinton is now my out loud sworn enemy i must be doing something right. look, she represents so much that has gone wrong over the course of the last couple of decades. these political elites who work pretty much hand in glove with the giant multinational businesses where frankly the relationships between money and politics are so blurred that in the minds of many people frankly it begins to look corrupt. she represents a kind of politics that is enough, you and the states and the fear meddling endlessly in the middle east getting involved in the military complex in situations about which we have very little knowledge and frankly we make things i think quite a lot worse. and she represents a kind of
11:41 pm
privileged elite that pretends at election time that it represents their aspirations but actually it's about self. so i think hillary clinton is a truly awful candidate. frankly i think the worst i have ever seen in the states and if she were to win this presidency, all the same bad things would just continue. lou: nigel sharard, -- nigel farage thank you for joining us and we hope you will be back soon. nigel farage amongst other things a man who has established himself in history as having led , for having led the united kingdom out of the european union. please roll the video now. this track in russia struggling with its heavy load of metal pipe, the tractor-trailer loaded
11:42 pm
with metal pipe trying to board the barge but as you see it did so with a miscalculation. the truck inadvertently pushed the barge out at the same trying to load aboard it. the driver did, however not quickly, managed to jump out of the cab before the truck submerged. there is in this i think an implied, well sort of consolation. we are not the only ones who do foolish things in this country. even the russians try to keep up with us and some things, and there it is. my gosh. up next the pentagon wants to send 500 more troops to iraq but you may be wondering how did they pick the number 500? the danger to our troops nonetheless is rising.
11:43 pm
military officials confirming that an islamic state rocket fired at a u.s. base south of mosul did in fact contain a chemical agent. ambassador john bolton joins me. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now.
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lou: join me former u.s. ambassador to united nations nations american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton and also "fox news" contributor. it's great to have you with us john. let's start with where we are. united nations presence 11 times managing to if not outright insult at least to imply less than one would expect a person to do with his home country before the united nations but coming up with no broad agenda or vision for the future for the globalists that he swears he is part of aunt tillie wants to leave. >> i was quite surprised. i think this speech was ended -- intended to be a swan song at the u.n.. it was pedestrian. he spent a lot of time talking about american politics which i think is decidedly unpresidential. certainly criticize the rest of the world too but he criticized us a lot which he likes to do. i was more surprised than anything else by the reaction.
11:48 pm
lou: indifference? >> exactly. they used to give him thunderous ovation in the hall was nearly silent. what it shows as they understand he is coming to the end of his term. they may actually be tired of being told how imperfect they are along with americans who are tired of it. they are looking forward to seeing what is coming next. lou: use the lecture in chief. >> thank god he is perfect, you know? thank god. lou: more reassuring he showed he had above average intelligence and capability. he has no legacy to put before the american people a positive constructive dimension. he is mediocrity as you say it fast. i think mediocrity would be flattering frankly to this man in his almost eight years now in office. >> i think his record internationally is going to be a lot less than what people expected to one highlight of speech is he latched himself to
11:49 pm
the iran nuclear deal. this is his biggest achievement in his own mind comparable to obamacare. that agreement is failing now and it was a debacle for the united states. he wants to be judged in history by what the nuclear deal means. he is in deep trouble and he should be. lou: this country is in deep trouble too because of the construction of the deal of the largest state sponsor of terrorism and it's truly a sad thing to note that this his largest domestic achievement which is obamacare is unwinding before us and imploding with great cost to millions of berrick and end to all of us as taxpayers and the iran nuclear deal may well arm one of our principle adversaries in the decades ahead. >> it is cause chaos in the middle east and as you rightly say this is the largest funder of terrorism in the world and has been since 1979. about two create a nuclear arms
11:50 pm
race in the middle east. our close friends in israel and the number of countries they are deeply worried about it and he doesn't see the danger, doesn't see it. lou: i talked with all top at the outset of the broadcast ambassador and he is preparing for the debate and a. how do you think he and hillary clinton will fair? >> i think this is going to be the most interesting presidential debate since the series started in 1960. i think it's two completely different personalities, two different approaches to government and i think it's going to be potentially the dispositive moment of the entire campaign. lou: for that dispositive moment , according to our sources the ratings expected for monday night's presidential debate you have probably noticed that more than 100 million americans are expected attend.
11:51 pm
that's more the "monday night football." >> i'm not going to be watching the football game. lou: ambassador thank you so much. it's great to have you with us. up next the city of charlotte brauchli two nights of violence. donald trump told me earlier what we need now is unity and leadership. coming up, the director of african-american outreach joins me. stay with us for that and more. we will be right back. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. thwow, it's nice.ew 2016 chevy malibu. let's check it out.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked you, is there any amount of money that hillary clinton could spend that would be in your judgment sufficient to get her elected the presidential? 93% said the answer to that is no, there isn't that much money. joining us now, the trump campaign senior adviser for african-american outreach. she has known donald trump for 13 years. she appeared on the first season of the "apprentice." it's a time of great tragedy, a time that is difficult for you especially. but this is a time that's difficult for all of us. we are seeing the repetition of the same conflict and same issues time and time again in
11:56 pm
this country which seem to only have worsened under this president. >> i share with you both my brother and father were murdered. when i see this happening in our community, it makes me sad in a way i can't even describe. my heart goes out to this family because my family went through this when my brother was murdered and having to stand in front of cameras and answer questions and try to get answers from a system that truly is broken. lou: do you have those answers five years later? >> unfortunately no. we have to come together as a country because in parent should have to bury their child. ever. verb. i look at my mother who still grieves he single day the loss of my brother, the loss of my daughter to gun violence. lou: donald trump and i were talking about the 3,000 people who have been shot in chicago this year.
11:57 pm
we did not talk about the 3,600 people who have been murdered there. democratically controlled. politics do play a part. it seems at once unseemly and critical to understand what's happening. we are watching a mayor in charlotte who is talking about not enforcing a curfew. her police chief who is african-american doesn't want one even as the governor talks about a state of emergency in a city overwhelmed by violence for two nights in a row. it's stunning that we are not as rudy giuliani said, letting the justice system work. holding back. instead of watching african-american youth and professional provocateurs exploit the moment. it's so difficult to contend with if we don't have a cornerstone with which we can rely and that being our justice system.
11:58 pm
>> i spent the day in my home state of ohio with mr. trump and listening and talking to him about how concerned he is about what is happening in this country, and to listen to the vision he had to make sure we do have a way to address the tensions that are real in our community with the police, and those who they are seeking to serve. mr. trump really does feel a way that you will know that if elected, he will bring certainty that we can rebuild trust between the african-american community and the police. and that is important to him. i have listened to him also. he's very, very concerned about young, african-american men in this country. and the fact they are such a significant high level of unemployment, lack of opportunity, a lack of jobs. you mentioned chicago.
11:59 pm
65% of the youth under 30, unemployed and not in school. unacceptable in this country, and it has to end. >> a city that has been led by democrats for years and years who think the program is the same thing as a paycheck from their own work, their own hands to help create wealth for themselves and for the community. it is so frustrating to see that the same problems persist as in 1965 when the war on poverty began. and what doesn't work? and what doesn't work is not gig people mobility, freedom of choice and giving them the opportunity to work at a job and create wealth for themselves and their families. and it's so great to hear donald trump talk about prosperity for all of us. >> absolutely. for everyone. lou: thank you so as much. come back soon, would you? >> any time. lou: and better days. >> thank you. lou: september is national
12:00 am
childhood cancer awareness month. one of my former producers and his wife lost their son to vevevevevevevevevevevevevevevevs family contending with it. they have a much happier outcome. kennedy: who is in the lead in the crazy mixed up election. in a national poll clinton is ahead but trump is pulling ahead in crucial states. gary johnson won't be on the stage for the first critical debate. dr. ron paul will be here to explain the issues the world won't get to hear. put on some coffee. the night is young. how bad of a candidate is hillary clinton? she was dumb enough to ask this question. many of us already know the answer to.


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