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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 23, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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or call now to get started. live in your home and get the steady income you need. enjoy your family. your home. your life. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. discriminately. >>. . "varney & company" begins right now. >> thank you very much indeed, well they took to the streets, again, they broke a curfew shut down major highway it was relatively peaceful, however, charlotte's image has taken a hit. and around the world, america's image is again one of racial divide yahoo! world's biggest hack half a billion it's breached spate sponsored so the company says the stock will be down. that is facebook, facebook s exaggerated viewering time of ads that stock will be down sharply a military face-off between india and pakistan two
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nuclear powersed a odds for centuries we will tell you all about it, good morning as you can tell it is another jam-packed friday, first let's get to politics. how about this. mark cuban big time hillary fan will sit in the front row the presidential debate at ho hostra university. >> trump says monday will be humbling at will he pay 65% state tax of hillary what a jokes wealthy people do not pay they have army of lawyers to avoid it this is the latest tax the rich pledge an effort to bring bernie sanders are supporters into her camp, polls suggest that they are lukewarm they shies millennials with her between comedy skit wasn't funny campaign manager sending angry tweet about it didn't work pushed union support with angrier video has not gone
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down well not a good week fought clinton camp largely absent, resting and preparing for the debate. trump doing his compact opposite speaking every day around the country in a moment, kellyanne conway his campaign manager. fortunately we have three hours to go with all of this watch out, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ maria: you with an to say debt flat i will say up may be 2 points dow jones industrial average first thing this honoring how about price of oil a little bit lower, there is opec meeting ethics unique, big detail yada yada, 46 on oil this morning, the action not in overly markets it is individual stocks. facebook, will exaggerated time spent watching their video ads the big buy marketing people they are not happy about it.
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what is going on. >> without getting too cynical what they i did calculate how people looked at it only studied videos of three seconded or more in other words, if you looked at it a minute a second and half before moving on that wasn't calculated, an overestimate how long people look at ads, estimated by 60 to 0% boost being times weren't really they say they fixed error embarrassing for facebook advertising agencies cautioning it plain unacceptable. >> marketing guide can say you promised dp xamount of time it wasn't right i want money back is in a that could happen. >> how about yahoo! perhaps probably biggest hack ever, 500 million accounts, yahoo! said -- state-sponsored attack. >> yeah but not really seeing
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enough details to even ascertain whether or not russia china any country hacked we don't know who hacked, to what happened too watch this verizon saying we are going to evaluate this nice, and interest of our are shareholders and other entities and so this yahoo! may have learned about this hack in july when announced the detail bot by verizon for 4.8 billion the concern that is deal price could get cut down if verizon feels misled what senator blumenthal is saying. >> still has not affected stock price as you would expect it to has not at this point. >> let's get to politics, shall we this friday morning we have a special guest for you, kellyanne conway with us, trump's campaign manager, welcome back to the show very good to see you. >> good morning stuart always a pleasure to be with you. >> mark cuban in front prou monday night, invited by hillary's campaign what do you say to that? >> she is remember to invite whoever she wants i mean i think a typically monday night for hillary clinton spending
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it with billionaires don't particularly care for donald trump i hope this would be i hope this is -- >> [laughter]. maria: wait a second he is going to be sitting in front row an energetic guy i can see him jumping around not in debate but making presence felt. how do you feel about that because he hates donald trump. >> i mean -- funny faces it is a donald trump? a serious debate so commander in chief president of the united states, i -- look, i know the guy says celebrity she hangs out with celebrities langes out with billionaires i have met mark cuban here, here and began over years a perfectly fine guy it is if idea for antics to sort of get donald trump off balance, then when is she actually going to start debating issues has another new negative ad out again today, yet another. two short weeks after her campaign spokeswoman saying she is going to being more uplifting about optimistic so
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everybody sees hill hi's heart through noise another negative ad trying to populate audience i suppose with people may rattle donald trump you saw donald trump at debate 16 other would be aaspirants he is i mplakable. >> how byes he xrepg we sear she says response spur-of-the-moment kind of guy not going to win in front of 100 million people? of course, not he need not winning it a difference between spontaneous and debate stage i don't think locked in a cabin two weeks like other people are or concurrently cramming their heads with binders. >> he is brilliant man. >> who is playing the heart of hill. >> no won, we know hillary clinton very well, so those of us who are involved with this process feel confident, that we understand, hillary
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clinton's record, we understand her vision, we understand all of us how she performed at that nbc commander in chief town hall forum two weeks ago not best night i think a very typically debate performance, for hillary clinton, she is e-mails flummoxed did not see bernie sanders coming in primaries this year did not do well in debates against barack obama in 2008 never saw never anticipated our he comeback, in the last five weeks, so she is going look she is the person represents the establishment here, she has a record that you know leften holt donald trump i am sure will be able to pick apart hold her to account for. >> as donald trump very well knows, how you come across on television is extremely important. so i want to play a sound bite from hillary clinton, from earlier this week, i think maybe yeah earlier this week should he was dressing union members roll the tape. >> int settled this, why around the i 50 the points
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ahead you might ask? well, the choice for work being families has never been cleesh clearer i need your help to get don dew's rod to everybody nobody should be fooled. he proudly declared himself one hundred percent right to work. >> without any comment from me, how did that appear to you kellyanne conway. >> well there is the aspirational up lifting phony hillary clinton we were promised how it appeared to me a little bit separate i believe pride and awareness a bit of self-awareness who in the world tells comreem am i not 50 points ahead of donald trump. that was honest moment for hillary clinton once in a while we actually hear how she truly feels we heard a couple weeks ago called millions of americans about deplorables
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she cannot believe it is so be noting her running against donald trump for president of the united states can't get him out of her mind why did not she take that opportunity to just tell the union members what should he would do for them why is every subject predicate out of her mouth donald trump if that is the person you see in debate -- very much has head occupied by him. >> i want to run through latest we be ak poll trump narrowing gap with hillary clinton in virginia virtually tied in colorado is extending his lead in iowa, and in georgia. would you like to take some credor turning the old donald trump into the new successful donald trump? >> no, of course, not. but i am thrilled with the polls, and we are very thrilled with polls with mr. trump all day yesterday long day on road talking to voters again not locked in a cabin talking to voters so excite to go see the polls that we see on ground
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anecdotally also very i think viewers should be excited, stuart that the conventional way of politicizeing where you run negative ads against your opponent just you know you just hide from the voters, is not working. >> tied up in polls very up lifting. >> forgive me interruptings i with a don't breakaway for news and come back to you for a comment if i may with a we've got here is an internal obama administration e-mail suggesting that they speed up the citizenship of new people coming into america deliberately for election. >> why do that the generate more votes try to get the machine going rushing through these citizenship applications internally showing encouraging immigration officials put in for overtime to get more people on the rolls get them into the united states get them voting. >> kellyanne conway immigration is donald trump's issue what do you make of this? >> as he said just this week on stump, stuart immigration
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security is national security, and here it has been exposed why these folks are why the administration hillary clinton are very enthused to get citizenship for folks say because we care about people want them to have a great life they see them as voters donald trump is absolutely correct when he says democrats see people as voters he sees them as people you just, that is just a very startling astonishing revelation should surprise no won i hope earns pay attention to exactly what is going on. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you stuart. >> thank you very much indeed elizabeth you are waiving arms what -- >> 858 people -- terror pot spots criminals gained citizenship we don't know who people are -- >> speed up the process should he should be slowing it down given terror throat. >> they may be speeding it up for me. >> i am not -- he to totally different subject check out a pro basketball league in japan playing first game on a
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high-tech led court whole floor one provide screen, play with ball splays score puts on a great halftime show that is a first. how about tesla got a software upgraded to fix some problems with auto pilot the feature everybody is talking about cars cab regulate inside temperature when it is parked. tesla says it will saveli lizll lives of kids and pe stock you think changed. >> he french actor will have the home for russia blasting france saying country populated by embecils, ahmad khan rahami's father says he told gibb watch his son laser yoga warning signs missed did feds back off because they didn't want to be accused of profiling, more varin a moment. ♪ when it comes to healthcare,
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. stuart: why did big tech names that is where money is going amazon cost 800 a share yesterday kept going 804 open today, same with google or alphabet as i should call it, sales past 800 bucks a zhaer went to 815, up at 814, very close to allime highs. radical islamic terror theatre -- dozens injured bombings in new york and new jersey 49 dead orlando 14 dead san bernardino 3 dead from a boston marathon bottoming and each all cases, the authorities knew about the terrorists being here. did they dropped the ball, why here to explain, why is bernard carrick former new york city police commissioner, was new york city police
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commissioner 9/11; is that correct? >> yes. >> why we dropped the ball we knew they were there what kind of people they were didn't do anything about it. >> i think two primary issues here one fbi doesn't have enough manpower, you know, you have to realize they have 14,000 agents, in the country. we have 800,000 law enforcement state and local law enforcement officers. police officers, very few gi in comparison number would monitoring 1,000 may be more these types of the arbiters, constantly surveilling monitoring looking so when you have a target like this that you are looking at, you know, you can only put so much time into it. >> takes what 20 or 25 people agents, to do 24-7 surveillance for the suspects. >> exactly right if you are putting together surveillance teams, constant surveillance teams, you need 25 to 30 guises, to monitor one of these people so there is two
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issues, one the fbi needs more people. whichcome called for i totally agree. and second part is, they have got to bring local law enforcement into this they have got to bring the -- they are backing off, not just because they don't have resources, but because they are muslims, and have they been told to back off in the handbook they all have to abide by. >> not only in handbook but i have spoken to bureau agents, who have said, there is this politically correct thing not from the bureau but outside the bureau. from the department of justice, the white house, that prevents them really encourages them not to do certain things. stuart: when you were police commissioner new york city 9/11 after that tfrs like that. >> it wasn't like that further from 9/11 less vigilant we are less you know, more complacent we are, that is what happens,
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and unfortunately, for us, we don't learn until we get hammered. and, you know, unfortunately that is going to happen i think. >> do you think it would change radically if donald trump were president of the united states. >> i think it will i think it will. stuart: okay, about i am sorry we are out of time come back again soon will you. >> i think sir. stuart: you need more than 2 1/2 minutes. you will get it on this discussion. stuart: thank you very much sir, the uber, no let me start again liberal lunacy on another college campus here it is steines at school in california explain why words like will stupid and crazy are offensive. on video we will show you, hillary clinton lays out plans to raise the estate tax you die and hillary wants to make a bigger churning of your money the catch, does anyone seriously believe rich people stay estate tax. >> armies of lawyers to help them out back in a moment.
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second higher sales at athletic footwear finish line i don't know that company have you heard of it. >> yes, in lots of malls. >> stock going to be unchanged, now hillary clinton has released a new part of her estate tax, okay she wants to take more from. >> 65%, brian is with us, what is that before getting carried away 65% object estates over 500 million dollars. >> yeah, but 50% on estates over 10 million dollars. >> this is a joke. >> if you are that wholesale you know exactly how to avoid these taxes there is no way to going to bring in revenue she is talking about, think of the timing here. >> smoke screen a political smoke screen tax rich we will get those people we will get them. >> by the way, the clintons
9:25 am
used estate tax dongz to avoid state tax as well they have property insurance trusts -- >> going to pay 50% -- that is what -- >> not the way the clintons have set up. >> -- you are right, think of the timing this comes a day after the fed cannot once again raise interest rates any weak day after growth in 2017, 1.8% shockingly bad we need growth they is talking about taxing very people going to help to get that growth going. >> won't pay taxes. >> -- >> right. >> she is talking about growing the economy more taxes on entrepreneurs who grow economy. >> trouble for two big names facebook exaggerating time users spend watching ads video ads advertisers not happy about that that stock will open 3 bucks lower, yahoo!,
9:26 am
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on trading session in 20 seconds time. we have negative news on two technology companies. i say unusually, these are stocks which have gone through the roof recently. [opening bell rings] moments from now, you will see them, catch it. there you go. we're off, we're running. we have a mixed bag to open up today. no clear trend. we're down nine for the dow industrials. a lot of red on the dow 30 that you can see on the left-hand side of your screen. they're sorting it out. there is predominance of down side move. quick check on price of gold. there are reports of nuclear and certainly military tension between india and pakistan. no impact on the gold market whatsoever. check s&p 500 which is also down, .2%. about the same percentage loss as the dow. nasdaq series of record highs for the technology rich indicator. it is down this morning, .2%.
9:31 am
amazon and google. those two stocks are on a tear recently, reaching record highs. amazon still above 800 this morning. alphabet only down .2%. look at facebook. they exaggerated the time spent watching their video ads. that meant higher ad rates. the big ad buyers not happy about this. we'll have more details in a moment, we're show youing now, down 2.50. half a billion, repeat, half a billion accounts hacked. yahoo! said a state actor did it. that stock is down 1 1/2%. we have a downgrade for twitter. saying that its value to advertisers may be weakening. what the devil is going on? the thing is up 14%. we'll regroup. i want to know what is going on with twitter. anybody know? ashley: no. stuart: we'll find out, problem is you. we have ashley webster,
9:32 am
liz macdonald, scott shellady, and jack hough. they have been inflating time people spend watching video ads. jack hough knows a thing or two. how big is that. >> i wouldn't call it fraud, if you talk about advertising fraud on internet, there is estimated $8 billion happens every year. how much is that? all the money disney makes from advertising to give you an idea. the internet is absolutely rife with the problem. it is job security for television, rife. you don't have this problem. stuart: so you put a video ad on the internet and you don't get the response the advertisers promise you, is that it? they make their own standards. in tv they have industry standards. those are decided by third party. in the internet they kind of tell you how many people are watching. ashley: you have to believe them stuart: you don't know, that's right. looks like they have been exaggerating time spent watching those video ads.
9:33 am
we'll watch that stock for you. we got a look at yahoo!. half a billion accounts hacked, just as verizon was getting ready to buy it. what do you make of this? >> well, when -- stuart: first of all, i don't understand why people knew about this, yahoo! knew about this two years ago. >> yeah. stuart: we're only finding out about it now? >> i think that is the question. you could say yahoo! needed to understand details of it before they released information to consumers, two years timing is a big deal. the that is brandish -- branding issue. liz: we're not seeing indication of that. it is half their users. stuart: if it is material they have to declare it. liz: half their users may be hacked. stuart: marissa mayer has another problem.
9:34 am
preventing your pet getting overheated inside of your hot car, how does that work, liz? liz: what they're also doing, this is a bigger story. trying to avoid the autopilot problem in their cars. what they're going to have is beefed up signals to the driver ifheir hands are removed. they will actually disable the car if you are basically ignoring warning signs in the car. this to avoid the bad publicity from the crashes, perceives crashed from autopilot. stuart: the other one from tesla, they're suing the state of michigan. they want to sell cars to consumers directly without going through dealership, is that right? ashley: they don't believe in dealerships. they sell directly through company-owned stars. they made application to michigan. they said no you can't do that, we need to protect the conassume through the dealership model. >> which consume remembers protected by car dealers? ashley: exactly. stuart: protectionism.
9:35 am
scott shellady you haven't made a appearance. fireworks from you. you want to come into the merck fan argument. i'm firmly on tesla's said on a this one. are you? >> absolutely right. i'm on tesla's side. it is michigan. where they make cars. i totally understand why tesla would be upset. yeah, i agree. i don't know why i shouldn't be surprised at all. stuart: surprises me is that tesla, despite rather negative publicity is holding at $200 a share, jack hough. >> negative publicity from the autopilot accident, look, here is what is going to happen. there will be people who die when cars start driving themselves. the bar is 1 1/2 million people a year who die from preventable accident. people are too dumb to drive cars. the future is driverless automobiles. stuart: what you say to our viewers. >> not them. the other guy. you get tired, you get distracted. in the future people will not drive cars because machines are
9:36 am
simply bert at it. ashley: does not necessarily reflect the views of -- [laughter]. liz: boilerplate. stuart: where are we now? we're down about 22 points. that what we've got. 18370. price of oil, $46 per barrel, fractional a change. not having impact on market. wells fargo mr. stumpf resigned from federal reserve advisory panel. largely symbolic move. could be worse to come for mr. stumpf. higher sales for finish line. >> >> marriott buys starwood. become the world's largest hotel chain basically. a million rooms in 110 countries. nicole, give me names of all hotel chains coming together under marriott's umbrella. >> this becomes the biggest in the whole wide world. look at names in particular. marriott brands include ritz-carlton, courtyard and
9:37 am
residence inn. we have graphic with some. names you recognize here. starwood has w hotels, westin, sheraton and st. regis. the two get together. marriott completes the $13 billion buyout of starwood. beats out company from china order to get this done. the loyalty programs will be really big deal. it will be a complex integration of these two. for right now they're keeping it separate. if you're a starwood loyalty program you have a deal with american express, delta, uber. if you're a marriott, you have the deals with chase and also united. but they are going to work to try to integrate the loyalty programs in time. stuart: finally ritz-carlton and st. regis, the great chains of this world coming together. that sounds pretty good. thank you, nicole. >> thank you. stuart: wait a minute. we have sold -- solved the twitter mystery. we know why they are 16% higher. ashley: there are reports, stuart, that twitter is getting some interest with tech companies with regard to buying
9:38 am
twitter. some names being kicked around, sales force, or perhaps google. stuart: that's it. >> as a result the stock is starting to pick up. stuart: that will do it for you. >> can only be a deal rumor. couldn't be the recent results. stuart: twitter's recent results? >> moving higher. momentum of this company is all negative. stuart: they're a vehicle. ashley: i think nfl thing is good for them. >> i think that ultimately they lack scale of facebook or google. they're getting crowded out by ad dollars flying to other very much use. stuart: up 17%. >> someone might buy it. stuart: that is just speculation. very important story. here it is. monsanto, they're buying the licensing rights to a company called crisper. crisper has process for modifying genes that give you produce that's not the technically gmo, okay? so distinction, between gmo and crisper gene. explain it. liz: everybody hates monsanto
9:39 am
for gmos, right. that is problem, certainly in europe. instead of swapping in an organism to change the dna of the vegetable, they're basically changing the dna of the vegetable itself, taking out a letter or two from the code. instead of introducing an organism and they're going into the vegetable to protect it from turning brown or duty, whatever. this is game-changer. >> so beneficial for some people around the world. we have to get over the overwrought debate about gmos. stuart: genetic engineering works. >> the alternative is starvation because there is not enough food. i will take the gmo. stuart: wait a second, scott shellady, scott, are you still there? i know you're hanging on here. >> i am here. stuart: i want a comment on gm os and genetically engineered food from you? >> obviously it is a hotpoint. we're having hard time exporting
9:40 am
that stuff, other large countries don't take it. liz is exactly right when she says monsanto not very well-liked. not well-liked in farming community, they charge you a technology fee. they are the tech company of the agribusiness. going from gmo, to gco, genetically changed organisms is a fantastic idea. that might be the world's biggest work around. liz: that means government can't say it is technically gmo. removes the gmo argument. stuart: bayer presumably still wants to buy them for $127 a share. monsanto's stock is down. what is going on? liz: antitrust. stuart: viacom's stock taking tax write-down on movie that hasn't come out yet. ashley: what kind of vote of confidence is that? stuart: explain. ashley: comes out in about four months. a movie called, "monster trucks." this thing was supposed to have actually been released years ago. summer of 2015. but they had problems with it getting pushed back, getting
9:41 am
pushed back. story of a teenager who discovers a creature given his pickup special powers. was supposed to be animated movie. after a while, this was put together by paramount's ex-chief president, who had a long conversation with his four-year-old son and came up with the movie idea. they're writing it off. writing down, 125 billion, million was the budget. they're writing off 115 million. >> i can't wait to not see this movie. why in such a hurry to take the charge now? maybe they're clearing the decks for some kind of transaction coming later. stuart: that is were why the stock is up. you're absolutely right, jack. my apologies to scott shellady we didn't bring into the discussion often enough. thanks for being there. >> no problem. stuart: to one and all, thanks indeed. check the big board. we're down but not that much. 35 points lower. 18,350. hillary clinton's attempt at
9:42 am
humor. tries to be funny. win millenial vote. it backfires. she goes back to attacking trump talking points. we're on that. later this hour i go through college campus diversity training. we'll tell you why one california university words like crazy or illegal alien are offensive. ♪ now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything.
9:43 am
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. stuart: all right. 15 minutes into the session, friday morning, down 42 points. that's where we are. the clinton camp, i'm going to say that they're trying to lower expectations for hillary's performance ahead of monday's debate. the clinton camp has got something to say about the moderator, lester holt, putting a little pressure on him. what is going on with that, liz? liz: the clinton camp saying
9:46 am
will lester holt or any debate moderator push back on trump's misstatements an fabrications. in other words, being against the iraq war and being for it. trump many camp is saying not have any moderator. i don't think the clinton campaign is for that. the name of the game is attack the moderator. stuart: clinton campaign, not seeing any that from trump but that is what the clinton camp is saying. videos that won't go away, one of them, between the ferns. a comedy sketch. hillary clinton took part. didn't go well. let's watch this. >> let's talk about trump. >> oh, let's. >> when you see how well it works for donald trump, do you ever think to yourself, oh, maybe i should be more racist? stuart: do you know, you think that was leading and very pejorative question? is an attempt to inject that word racism into the campaign? david webb is with us, sirius xm patriot host.
9:47 am
i get the feeling word, racist has lost its sting because it is used far too often. >> if you overuse it, use it in ways that when it doesn't really matter or apply, of course you lose the effect of the world. all this is, stuart, with hillary clinton and the "between two ferns," it is bill clinton blowing the sax on arsenio haul. that is what it is. stuart: didn't work. >> has a few days off. getting ready for the debates. she needs to be injected on the conversation. on one side, vox, talking about its as great interview. sarcasm alert. she hasn't done any real interviews. other side saying she regrets doing it. frankly the american voter doesn't care about two ferns. what matters, getting press and doesn't have effect. stuart: i disagree. there were 23 million views of the between the ferns, 23 million.
9:48 am
i think reaction was largely negative t wasn't negative. hillary looked a little taken aback. at end they put in ridiculous charges of trump against racism. >> you see those 23 million views have to translate into something. example, you were doing a story about twitter and value of its stock. well, if you're trying to use advertising, you're trying to sell to buyers, purchasing power. twitter is having a problem, because people who are using it by and large have less purchasing power therefore is fails. purchasing power versus voting power. if the views don't translate into something, like watching cats falling off a piano. it has no effect. stuart: if you're going into television that situation, trying to shore up millenial base, young woman base, african-american base, i don't think it worked. i don't think shy has the personality to carry through on television. that is a huge negative in politics today. >> it absolutely is because the first thing a politician, stu, has to do, make a connection to
9:49 am
the person. agree or disagree? you and i are having a conversation, if i'm not that interested in listening to what you have to say, which i always am, if i'm not you haven't made the connection. hillary clinton doesn't make that connection to the millenials but yet the older white gentleman, bernie sanders did because he could make the connection, so 23 million views doesn't translate to action, to voters. she has got a problem. stuart: i think we dealt with that david webb, thank you. >> we'll see you soon. stuart: stuart: left-hand side of the screen, another lifetime high for amazon, just keeps going up. 807 as of right now. check the overall market, we're down 43 points in the early going on wall street this morning. if you look at the left-hand side of your screen, there is an awful lot of red right there. only five stocks in the green. that means overall preponderance of selling this morning. stocks on the whole, largely a little bit lower. i have some breaking news for you. donald trump releasing new names
9:50 am
for his possible supreme court picks. he is about to release them. ashley: we're told he is going to release them at some point today. stuart: mike lee. ashley: senator mike lee. margaret ryan. probably a lot of judges n we don't know. edward mansfield. most of are judges operating in court of appeals. iowa supreme court another one, keith blackwell, justice of the supreme court of georgia. listen this, is a list of 10 potential candidates among those that he says he will be looking at. stuart: who fills the supreme court vacancy is a big deal. ashley: huge. stuart: donald trump is getting out in front of it. ashley: 4-4 right now on each side. stuart: got it. we're short on time. it is three-hour show, we're short on time. back in a moment.
9:51 am
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9:55 am
illness. >> illegal aliens. >> honestly we're all basically illegals because we're not from here. >> i want to die. >> i just want to die. >> i just want to die. >> i of course i wouldn't say it if i knew someone was -- [inaudible]. stuart: i don't wish to be insensitive but that is a load of rubbish. gillian melcher is with us, always original. she brought the story exclusively. explain what on earth is going on with the youngsters. >> not just cal state northridge. this is bunch of universities using inclusive campaigns. they insist it is not word policing but making student more thoughtful about choice of words. when you thought students explaining why this word is offensive and you wouldn't use it like crazy, it is language policing. stuart: it is. on camera they're being ask, why is crazy a wrong word to use, or hate speech?
9:56 am
who you're saying it to might know somebody who is crazy. >> is crazy. which i wouldn't call someone with mental illness crazy but you could and not be offensive. but i think bigger thing here, this is something happening across colleges and universities. it's policing language in a way i think really challenges the opportunity to explore ideas on campus, engage in free speech and discussion. stuart: absolutely. >> that is what is underpinning this whole thing. stuart: is it widespread? you brought this from cal state northridge. that is one example. >> sure. stuart: could you duplicate that in 100 or 200 or 300 other colleges in america? >> quite a few of them. we're getting records. we got that video as part after records request. i have seen ones from university of nebraska, lincoln. university of northern colorado where they had a whole list of words, actually put all over campus. one student ended up writing free speech matters. they took the sign down and put it up, this was site of a bias-related incident.
9:57 am
cal state northridge, what we also saw them putting up words offensively offensive, derogatory words against women. trying to promote the words were offensive, they printed them in all caps and hung them around campus. like if any other group would have done would be super offended. they got a bouncey ball pit like at mcdonald's for college students. if you're at college, you can be expect to not use obviously offensive swear words and can play in ball pit. ashley: i went to cal state northridge. never got a ball pit. stuart: gillian, thank you. check the big board please. dow jones industrial average is down 36 points. got it. mark cuban, billionaire, adamantly, he dislikes trump in the extreme. well, he will be the in front row at the debate monday night. and cuban -- it is at hofstra university. he is calling it the humbling at hofstra. the microsoft cloud helps us
9:58 am
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10:00 am
stuart: how you come across on tv is very important in politics. you want to show justifiable righteous anger? well don't do what hillary clinton did this week. speaking to union members through a satellite hookup, she seemed just plain angry. why am i not winning by 50 points she asked? the tone was harsh. why are you yelling at me? that is the first thing came to my mind. union members to whom she was talking not likely to respond angrily and frustrated candidate. suppose you want to humorous can be very good tactic. remember ronald reagan promising not to hold his opponents youth and inexperience against him in the election that. that was funny. hillary clinton in comedy show, "between two ferns." she wanted to appeal to millenials t wasn't funny.
10:01 am
it generated into a low-rent attack on donald trump. in a week where she larry appeared in public. they became her public face. polls she she is losing ground with union members and young voters. polls only show her three points ahead of trump with women. she is behind in iowa an georgia. the visualism imagine tells the story. donald trump knows that better than anyone. second hour of "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ stuart: eboni williams is with us. is audience hearing this? >> you've got mail. >> what happens if you become pregnant? are we stuck with tim kaine for nine months? how does this work? >> i could send you pamphlets that might help you understand. having said all this why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask?
10:02 am
claim. will the choice for working families has never been clearer! stuart: i was surprised by that. taken at back to some degree when i see that on my screen. ebony k williams is with us. she will give us more objective review. >> mrs. clinton, mrs. clinton. start with two ferns. stuart: please. >> candidates that struggle with likability and percent that ability ratings. whatever you think of his policiespresident barack obama is fantastic at this. he is very funny. doesn't take himself seriously on the shows t works for him. hillary was trying to duplicate it. that is not her personality. she is not not funny public campaign. stuart: they were angry at the episode with the host. they didn't like that.
10:03 am
what is your reaction to the angry hillary addressing union workers? >> i will put my legal hat on. hillary clinton ask also a lawyer. at one point she was a trial lawyer. one thing we learn when we're in trial advocacy training is to lower your tone of voice, especially as a woman. that high-pitched, high register thing comes across as a yell, never bodes well t really gets your message loss. stuart: is that 6:00ist? >> no it is a communication strategy. i have a background with this and trained in this and as legal trained trial lawyer. ashley: she was not talking to jury. she is taking on as the unions. she tends to have this loud, shouting tough demeanor. >> it is not good. if you're charging the union workers to be accountable for your lack of success in the polls. ashley: very aggressive. >> that is not the way to play that. stuart: we first read verbatim. we read what she said in the printed form. didn't make that big of a deal.
10:04 am
we weren't going to use it. then we saw the video, put that on, because that's different. i have never seen her look like that before. >> that shows power of messaging. stuart: shows power of television. you have to control your image on television. you have to be very careful. i know that. now earlier, president obama defended the hillary's character on abc's good morning america. so watch this. >> there is a level of mistrust and caricature of her that just doesn't jibe with who i know. stuart: well, what do you make of that? a level of mistrust in her? >> well, unfortunately for hillary clinton president obama's endorsement is not all she needs to win the election cycle. if it was up to him, perhaps. but these numbers haven't moved, stuart. that is what she has to be concerned about. the numbers haven't gotten better over course of very long election cycle. we're six, seven weeks out. that is a problem. i think they're very concerned. maybe a little desperate, perhaps. stuart: you're right.
10:05 am
her numbers with millenials, young people, and women have not improved. >> they have not improved irk in fact they deteriorated. >> trustworthy numbers gone down just a tick in the most recent polling of that,. president obama needs to be out there more for her actually. he is doing pretty well in his base right now. he and michelle obama are probably the best things hillary has going via surrogates. stuart: got it. thank you very much indeed. we broke this news last hour. donald trump about to release more possible supreme court nominees. ashley, we can confirm at least one of these. ashley: there was a list of 10 names. the one we've confirmed, senator mike lee, which is interesting because he is not a trump guy. in fact he was a ted cruz guy. stuart: yes. ashley: we got this message from his communications director saying, quote, senator lee, already has the job he wants which is why he is campaigning to represent the people of utah again. this new list has not changed senator lee's mind about trump in any way whatsoever.
10:06 am
stuart: ed rollins, with us, trump supporter, raises money for donald trump. he is with us this morning. do you think mr. trump is making a play for ted cruz voters going for mike lee? >> i think he is. bottom line he doesn't need to talk about supreme court justices at this point in time. he did that drill earlier when he laid out his lists. he at this point needs to talk about jobs and economy, better than hillary clinton and who is on his cabinet or court is not relevant. stuart: is he trying to shore up republican support down vote? >> i think key thing he has to invigorate his own base. he is doing much better among republicans. there is still a few republican out in the wilderness that will probably not come in. at this point, independent voters will be key to this election as they always are. he has to talk about the jobs and economy where people give him great credit. stuart: first big deal is debate on monday night at hofstra university. as of right now hillary clinton has cleared her entire campaign schedule to prepare for that. also, i want to bring this to
10:07 am
you your attention, ed. mark cuban, he has got a seat at the front row on the debate, right in front. he is not a trump supporter. just got a front row seat to watch hillary clinton overwhelm donald trump at the humbling at hofstra monday. it is on! >> i hope he behaves better than he does at his own basketball games. he is bad boy would like to be president himself one day. he will not intimidate trump. it is kind of a tacky technique. be like if the trump people put monica lewinsky in the front he row to distract hillary. you don't do that to certain extent. stuart: ed, hold on a sond. kellyanne conway, trump's campaign manager, who you know well. >> i know. great talent. stuart: she addressed the mark cuban presence at the debate monday night. roll tape.
10:08 am
mark cuban in front row, monday night, invited by hillary's campaign. what do you say to that? >> he is welcome to invite whoever she wants. this is typical monday night for hillary clinton spending it with billionaires who don't particularly care for donald trump. stuart: that was a good line. spending it with billionaires who don't care for donald trump. >> her new tax policy will take a big chunk of their money. stuart: you're not buying that? >> i'm not buying that. stuart: there isn't a single mult my millionaire or billionaire pay a dime of estate tax? >> i never worry about billionaires and millionaires. i assume they can do well for themself. stuart: i take this seriously. hillary clinton says i have 65% top tax rate going against super-rich. they will not pay the tax. it is window-dressing. >> it is a political campaign. she is struggling with certain base. i think problem here, and, as fellow guest here, the beautiful communications expert there
10:09 am
said, at the end of the day this is campaign in chaos. she thought she was inevitable nominee. stuart: that is strong word, ed rollins. chaos? >> chaos, absolute chaos. talk to anybody around it, she is very upset. her inner circle is very upset. they, she can't understand why she is not way ahead of donald trump. the worst thing to do in a campaign to have dispain for your opponent and not treat them with respect they deserve. to certain extent she underestimated her primary opponent. hue can the socialist from vermont give me at real run. billionaire, celebrity tv personality, how could he be challenging me with my inevitable background, you know -- ashley: inevitable background. >> they thought they were going to be president. stuart: we got some more news on how donald trump is preparing for the debate. what have you got, ash? ashley: couple little interesting nuggets if you like from the trump campaign on the debate and hillary clinton. it is their thinking that the longer she talks, then she really starts to lose people.
10:10 am
they also believe, so their theory is, let her talking. she will lose more people as she goes along. other issue picked up going through hours and hours of tape. she is well-polished and well-rehearsed on first question but weak and vulnerable on all follow-up questions. stuart: comment, ed? >> there is some truth to that. she is a policy wonk. she will basically devote way more time than she probably needs to get ready for this debate. i would imagine she would be fatigued by time she gets there. trump basically watches fox. does his thing. play a round of golf. go in there do what he does all the time. he is entertainer first and foremost and very good unwith. he understands television very well. this is television show. he is not going to flinch in any way, shape or form. 90 minutes before, 80, 90, 100 million people, wow, bring it on. stuart: ed rollins, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. stuart: stay there eboni, we have more for you. big board, down 50 points about
10:11 am
the low for this day. how about the price of oil? not that much movement. at 4dollars a barrel -- $46 a barrel. down 20 cents. valvoline, went ipo. make mote tore oil and transmission fluids. i grew up on that stuff. another record high for amazon. it was at 807 a few minutes ago. now at 802 awfully close to all-time highs. alphabet, $814 a share. facebook exaggerated viewing time of their ads. market doesn't like that. take it wn% at 127. president obama still wants to shut down guantanamo bay before leaves office. our next guest says the president misled the public on that and is putting american lives at risk. we have this, leaked email from immigration officials. they're rushing to turn immigrants into u.s. citizens before the election.
10:12 am
how about that? more varney in a moment.
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10:15 am
stuart: an email from within the administration shows immigration officials have been rushing to make as many citizens, as many immigrants citizens as they can before the election. ash? ashley: turns out shameless effort to generate more votes for hillary clinton. let me just show you this. this was from internal emails in the immigration service. let me show you this. the new field office, due to the election year needs you to process as many as n-400 cases that is citizenship cases as possible between now and fiscal year 2016. get going. they're encouraged to apply for overtime to get more people pushed through the system and in theory more votes. stuart: answer me this, liz, if those new citizens voting republican do you think the administration would be rushing to make them citizens? >> no, this is what clinton was accused of doing.
10:16 am
stuart: bill clinton. liz: didn't the department of homeland security said they mistakenly gave citizenship to 850 people from countries of concern like terrorist hot spots? stuart: yeah. liz: why are they rush r rushing this. stuart: if they were republicans would they be doing this? ashley: no. >> you have to ask the question why airport republicans make a broader play for this base? stuart: okay, catchy title, disgraceful gitmo exodus. how president obama, the author says, misled the american public in an attempt to shut down gitmo and putting americans lives in danger. steve hayes wrote the article. he is with us this morning. make your case, steve. go. >> good morning, stuart. to start with the president misleading the american public that is not disputable. what the president said at beginning of this year he was releasing low level individuals and only a handful returned to
10:17 am
the fight. his own director of national intelligence put that number closer to 200 guantanamo, former guantanamo detainees that returned to the fight. even the "taliban five" were senior taliban officials. there are many other high level al qaeda operatives the president released or transferred. knows this. when he says in an interview he is releasing or transferring low-level individuals and only had a handful returned to the fight, we know that that is categorically false. stuart: why is he doing it? there is a enormous opposition to him doing this. we know that they're going back on to the battlefield to kill americans. we kw is. so why is he so committed to doing it no matter what? >> remember, closing guantanamo was a key part of president obama's case for election in 2008. this was the argument he made. we're going to take the united states on a different path. george w. bush has done this. we'll reverse most of george w. bush's counterterrorism policies and
10:18 am
we're going to close guantanamo. he comes in office, second day in office he issues an executive order mandating guantanamo be closed within a year. he faced reality. people told him, look, mr. president, that is not really feasible. what he is doing now, taking terrorists who remain there, who are the worst of the worst. people who could have been released without maybe causing us much danger, they were released 10 years ago. the people who remain in guantanamo today, are there for a reason. and president of the united states and his administration is rewriting the threat assessments provided by the military and intelligence professionals about these detainees in order to release them. stuart: now that is going to be part of his legacy. i've been very harsh, maybe too harsh, about his legacy. i'm saying his foreign policy is largely a failure. his policy on terror has not been widely successful.
10:19 am
his policy on domestic recovery shows the worst recovery from recession since world war ii. am i a little too harsh, you're smiling. >> i don't think so. stuart: i don't want to be real harsh about the president of the united states of america as he comes to the end of his term. am i too harsh? >> no. it is important to tell people exactly what happened. i would say in your assessment of his terror policies you are far too generous. it isn't that they haven't been successful but they're a total disaster. look what the president said running for re-election in 2012, al qaeda is on the run and al qaeda decimated. basically suggesting that the jihadist threat was over. we now know isis has grown exponentially. they have amassed territory around the world. and this has been far, far from a success. it has been a complete failure. stuart: okay. plenty of material for donald trump on the monday night debate i suspect? >> no question. stuart: weil watching you steve hayes, on "special report." >> thanks, stuart. stuart: good luck.
10:20 am
see you soon. now, how about this? bill and hillary clinton buying another home in chappaqua, right next door to the home they have already got. it is over a million bucks. how about that? we'll tell you all about it. it is a compound essentially what is coming. donald trump sending a strong message to colleges, lower your tuition fees or you won't get a tax break. >> if universities want access to all of these special federal tax breaks, and tax dollars, paid for by you that they are going to make good faith efforts to reduce the cost of college.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
stuart: eight-month high for go pro-stock at 17.06. what is going on? they have a new drone. it is called the carl ma, 800 bucks.
10:24 am
they have got a new water proof hero 5 camera in time for holidays, 17 bucks, almost on go pro. how about twitter? that is shock of the morning. up 20%. ashley: long been seen as acquisition target. it has not fulfilled monetized potential. there is reports close to acquisition or at least bidding on the company. names being put out there, sales force or google. big tech companies that may come in and buy twitter. stuart: big names like that, they get involved, up goes the stock. 21%. nice gain. ashley: yep. stuart: new this morning we're hearing the clintons are buying the house next door to the one they already own in chappaqua. ebony k williams said she would tick around to discuss this issue. >> i promised. it is friday. of course. stuart: it is a compound. >> it is. don't you hate neighbors hogging all the space and drop a mil to make it your own space.
10:25 am
stuart: i thought they were dead broke? >> this is again where hillary disconnects. can't read the temperature. own the fact you are very well i think. you made a lot of political manuevers to make that case. people have more respect. ashley: three homes over a million. >> over three million dollars. stuart: first thing this morning we learned that hillary clinton is raising the estate tax. >> allegedly. stuart: take more, they want to take more from rich people. but chelsea is not going to pay a dime in estate tax when her parents go. don't want to speculate. they will not pay this. liz: clinton's protecting chappaqua property put it in tax-free trust that avoids state tax. what is happening. she is losing millenial. quinnepiac, millenials, 33%, down 48% in august. millenials like bernie sanders plan, tax the rich. that this is a play to keep millenials in house. stuart: won't work. rich won't pay for it. >> donald trump talking about a
10:26 am
child care program, looks for many in the middle to be very appealing. she has to show even more leftist and progressive economic plan. ashley: buying 5 million-dollar home. liz: slamming entrepreneurs to create jobs for millenials that need them. stuart: to be precise, 1.6 million. ashley: thank you, 1.16. stuart: yes. >> lowbrow. liz: she's broke. stuart: stop lghing. you're all right, eboni. thank you very much. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: this, yahoo! confirming that massive hack, information on 500 million accounts stolen. they're blaming a so-called state sponsored actor for it. conservative targeting by the irs, they targeted conservatives i should say, may have cost mitt romney more than 8 million votes in the 2012 election. coming up this hour, someone who was targeted by the irs. >> i am a born free american
10:27 am
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10:30 am
stuart: check the market. we're down about 407 points. mostly red amongst the dow 30, mostly lower on the market today. we've got yahoo!, 500 million accounts hacked, supposedly by what's called a state actor. there is more bad news for yahoo! today. liz: yeah "the wall street journal" reporting that verizon wants to buy yahoo! for 4.8 billion, telling "wall street journal" it was only notified two days ago about the hack. they have limited understanding of the breach. and now the question is, did yahoo! disclose this incident which happened in 2014? how much did they disclose it in their sec filings because the argument on wall street right
10:31 am
now, it is material to their earnings to have a half bill of their user accounts, half their user accounts, hacked. stuart: i don't understand why the stock is down only such a little when they have liability problem of huge proportion i would have thought. liz: little info who is the state actor is, china, north korea, russia? people question whether a state actor did it. yahoo! needs to give more information. stuart: it is down 2% right now. here is a story rising military tensions between india and pakistan. last week militants attacked an indian army post killing 18 soldiers. jets landing on highway. a lot of speculation that the country is preparing for something much bigger between the two countries, consistently enemies. former cia officer mike baker knows a thing or two about this. this comes out of the blue. we are told it's a big deal. i'm not sure i get it.
10:32 am
>> comes out of the blue here because we're all fixated on campaign, election coming up. this is good example coming up, crises, hot spots around the world. we're facing more crises, flashpoints than we have in a very long time and this situation, if you look at the potential for some major escalation to kick off, india, pakistan, right now in the current tension is one of them. it is all about the kashmir, disputed region. india for a long time has held that pakistani government has allowed, promoted, supported militants in the kashmir region to go in and attack india in an effort to reclaim that territory. recent attack last week sild 17 indian soldiers at one of their important bases. previous attacks killed other indian soldiers. indian government says now the
10:33 am
sometime for strategic restraint is over. they vowed to retaliate. pakistani military claim the military maneuvers are exercises. they're both nuclear armed allies of ours. have we heard anybody in the government, i'm sure they're having private talks, anybody in the senior management of our government talking about this issue and requesting maybe a conference or some ability to scale this back? no. stuart: whose side are we on? who is our friends, india, pakistan? >> we walk a very fine line here. we like to think of them both ideally as our allies. we tilted in the past towards india. then we tried to regain pakistan's trust. we worked very closely quite frankly with both. we have good relationships behind the scenes with our intel services with both. pakistan, despite the problems we have with them now, have been important to us in the war on terror. they don't, they don't feel if
10:34 am
they get the credit they deserve. stuart: they have? >> they have. stuart: former cia guy says they have helped us? >> we have bagged a large number of important terrorists in part because of pakistan intel or military assistance. that doesn't mean they don't play both sides of the fence. they do. we have to understand that. every nation acts in its own best interests. we have to do the same thing. so we work with them to the degree it supports our national interests but we have toking pragmatic and understand what they do sometimes is not in our best interests. it is in theirs. pakistanis walk fine line being somewhat supportive of our program here in the u.s. and insuring they don't lose control of their own population because they're angry seen as puppet of the u.s. stuart: 20 seconds, pakistan is a nuclear country. it is an islamic country. do we know where their nukes are? >> well -- stuart: question for the cia. >> we do.
10:35 am
that, should that give us comfort? no. do we pay more attention to pakistan than we should because of the nuclear weapons? yes. stuart: do we have a plan to go get them? >> source, methods and things really in general terms public doesn't need to know b we are highly concerned about the nuclear arsenal in both countries, let's put it that way. stuart: by the way it is nuclear. >> nuclear. stuart: not nuclear. nuclear. >> nuclear? thanks for having me back and we'll talk strategery. liz: can't misunderestimate him. stuart: latest fox news polls showing millenials shifting support away from hillary clinton. look at north carolina. looks like a big gap. it is. voters under 45 prefer hillary 46 to trump's 32. but that gap is narrowing. hillary losing ground with millenials.
10:36 am
nevada, hillary losing by three points among younger voters. 42-39. the gap there also narrowing. we have with us the co-chair of trump's campaign in michigan. welcome to the program. good to see you. >> good morning. it is so wonderful to be on the show. thank you for having me. stuart: is it really? is it really wonderful to be on the show? >> it is truly an honor to talk about millenials and donald trump. stuart: well you're a millenial. >> i am. i'm on the cusp. stuart: you're on the cusp but what's so good about donald trump and his plans for millenials? >> i think what is more interesting that hillary does not have a plan which makes it increasingly attractive for millenials to move towards donald trump. stuart: that's it? hillary is bad and the move towards trump, that's it? >> i think that those individuals who are millenials that are moving towards donald trump and they are moving as you already proved, they want to see somebody that they can trust, somebody that they can rely on, somebody that will
10:37 am
speak the truth and speak with candor. they're looking for somebody that understands technology or some basic tenets like email and servers. stuart: speaking of which, hold on a second. i'm going to run a little clip from the comedy show, "between two ferns," that was supposed to be funny. i believe it was supposed to be aimed at millenials. watch this. >> i'd love to meet the person who makes your pantsuits. >> oh, really? the. >> for halloween i wanted to go as a librarian from outer space. >> i think that would be a good look on you. stuart: okay. now that got 23 million views. what's your opinion? >> i enjoyed it thoroughly. my husband and i watched it three times last night. and circulated it amongst all of our friends. my thought is that hillary is trying to appeal to millenials. she is trying to be one of us. funny, humorous, relatable, but
10:38 am
in the end it just shows more insincerity and more laughability on the part of the trump supporters. she is really, really, really not fitting the bill with millenials. and that is going to show in the polls. and that certainly will show in november. stuart: thank you very much for appearing with us today. we appreciate your presence. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. have a wonderful day. stuart: thank you very much. big tech stocks, they were the big movers this week, several of them hitting all-time highs. nicole at the new york stock exchange, an update please. >> let's take a look we saw several all-time highs including amazon and google and mastercard, visa. just to name a few. facebook is pulling back. twitter is flying off the shelves today. up 21% on possible takeover talk. some names been mentioned have been sales force as well as alphabet google. facebook is pulling back because they overinflated their ad
10:39 am
views. yahoo!, that will continue to watch as we talk about the fact they have had a massive data breach of 500 million accounts. and so that is the move that we're seeing there. as far as week, amazon real winner, alphabet up about 2% this week. they're both real winners year-to-date. those are the week to date. tech under pressure but pretty stellar. nasdaq hit records two days in a row. pulling back today. stuart: technology looking good. twitter especially good up 21%. what a gain. >> apple number one this month in the dow. stuart: so it is. thanks for pointing that out, nicole. check the big board. it just drifts lower. that is what is happening today. drifting lower, down 55. a report by the american enterprise institute says the irs targeting of conservative groups could have cost mitt romney as much as, as many as eight million votes in 2012. effectively handing the election to president obama.
10:40 am
that is a dramatic statement. we have one of those targeted conservatives for you next. ♪ when you're close to the people you love,
10:41 am
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10:42 am
♪ ashley: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed in last hour. former nypd commissioner bernard kerik. >> you know what, stuart? i think there's two primary issues here. one the fbi just doesn't have enough manpower. you have to realize they have 14,000 agents in the country. we have 800,000 law enforcement, state and local law enforcement officers, police officers. very few fbi agents in comparison, number one. number two, they're already monitoring about 1000, maybe more of these types of targets, okay? constantly surveilling,
10:43 am
monitoring looking. so when you have a target like this, that you're looking at, you know, you can only put so much time into it. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: irs commissioner john koskinen facing impeachment hearing for targeting conservative groups prior to the 2012 election an action which american enterprise institute says cost mitt romney as many as eight million votes. we have tea party president and old friend of this program, becky gerritson. well welcome back. >> thanks for having me. great to be with you today. stuart: that is extraordinary number. i had not heard it before this week. aei said that messing around by the irs, interfering with the election, cost mitt romney five to eight million votes. did you know that? >> i hadn't heard those numbers but i believe it. stuart: that is enough to throw the election because barack obama won in 2012 by five million votes. if it had been eight million you suppressed, then it threw the election. >> absolutely. stuart: i'm shocked at that, quite frankly. are you? >> if you look at 2010, the
10:46 am
tea party was rockin' and rollin', and we did amazing things during that election. all of sudden we're targeted by the irs and the numbers declined within the tea party. our activities were stifledded. stuart: it has been some sometime since you've been on the program. so some of our viewers will not know what happened to you. give me 30 seconds, tell me. what happened to you? >> our mini organization, overrd by the irs for our conservative views. the irs refused to give us tax-exempt status that we were allowed to have, and wanted to see outrageous information from us that they were not entitled to have like copies of every speech. they wanted to know what books we were reading, who our mentors were. what were the contents of our prayers. these were some of the questions the irs was asking, which intimidated many groups and in fact shut down some groups. stuart: did you have to go through a lot of form filling, telephone calls, engagement of lawyers?
10:47 am
did you have to do all of that? >> you know what? as soon as i found out what the irs was asking, i got on the phone with the american center for law and justice, realized what they were asking was unconstitutional. so i did not give the irs any of the information that they wanted that was unconstitutional. however, we did sue the irs in 2013. in 2014, our case was dismissed because the attorney, the judge said, the irs is not targeting you anymore. you don't have a case. well, we appealed that. and in august of thiyear, a three-judge panel in the court of appeals gave a scathing opinion against the irs saying that they have not stopped their targeting. they have been lying, and we can go forward with our irs case. stuart: how do you feel now? because john koskinen, there was an impeachment effort, doesn't look like it will be successful. i know you won in court but john koskinen is not probably going to be impeached. how do you feel?
10:48 am
sum it up for us. how do you feel after the ordeal? >> i really wish we could hold government people accountable for their actions. what he did, what happened under his watch was unconscionable and he should be out, but, big changes at the irs will not happen until a couple of things happen. if we win our lawsuit, that will be a huge win and that will really help. also revamping our tax code is a big one. and just reducing the size of the irs. those are things that will have lasting impact for conservatives and other political people. stuart: becky, i regret to say i've got some breaking news. i will break away from you. but again, thanks as always for being on the program today. we appreciate it. thank you. >> you bet. thank you so much. stuart: new poll, and i believe it puts hillary clinton way out front in -- ashley: marist poll, having her seven-point lead now, 48-41. i have was looking at breakdown. according to this poll, african-american voters 93% for hillary clinton, 3% for donald trump. latino voters, it's a little
10:49 am
closer, 74-16 among latinos. women vote, 58-34% for hillary clinton. stuart: do we have any understanding of comparison with the previous marist poll. ashley: that is what i was looking. stuart: that is what i'm looking at. if that is seven point now that is pretty solid gain at this point by hillary clinton. ashley: it is. stuart: and 93% of black support for hillary clinton? ashley: 3% for donald trump. latino voters it is 74% for hillary, 16% for donald trump. liz: what was women's vote? ashley: 58% of women for hillary clinton. 34% for donald trump. stuart: i would have to say that is an overall win for hillary clinton. ashley: yes. stuart: maintaining her lead amongst african-american voters. strong amongst latinos. strong amongst women if she is getting 58%. trump at 41% he has not gained much ground.
10:50 am
liz: it is about turnout who shows up at the voting booth. stuart: monday is the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. this is the super bowl of politics. could get 100 million viewers. likely be, well it could be a big, it is not going to be a decider for the election but we're going to discuss it, believe me. facebook, turns out they inflated exactly how much time video, people were watching facebook video. big companies who advertise on facebook are not happy about it. the stock is down. ♪
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> does that sound like she is in touch with you? who do you think is out of touch? who do you think is out of touch? does that sound like she is in touch with pennsylvania? does that sound like she is in touch with you? having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? stuart: they said it. please indulgence, of course on this friday. next hour we're going to have more of this speech by the way from president obama back in
10:55 am
2008 when he was campaigning against hillary. he obviously changed his tune a little bit. we're on that. right now our producer christine telling stuart all about that and everything else that is coming up at the top. hour. chris wallace will be joining us, the first presidential debate is on monday. a lot of talk about the roll of the moderators and he is going to be moderating one of the debates. so we'll be talking to chris wallace. we're talking to general jack keane about u.s. troops back in iraq. juan williams will try his best to defend hillary clinton's proposed 65% death tax. he is a brave man. plus donald trump leading in ohio in the latest "fox news poll." we'll be talking to a congressman from ohio about which groups are actually turning to trump. by the way, here is what trump campaign manager kellyanne conway told us about the debate preps last hour. stuart: how he is preparing for the debate? we hear that he is a spontaneous kind of guy, spur of the moment kind of guy. he is not going to wing it, is he in front of a 100 million
10:56 am
people? >> of course not. he need not wing it. there is difference between spontaneous and being yourself at the debate stage. i don't think he is locked up in a cabin for two weeks like other people have been or currently a cramming their heads with microchips and binders. stuart: the debates, if so, who is playing the part of hillary? >> no one is playing the part of hillary. we all know hillary clinton very well. so those of us who are intimately involved with this process feel confident that we understand hillary clinton's record. we understand her vision, her lack thereof for the country. we understand, we all saw, all of us, stuart, how she performed at that nbc commander-in-chief town hall forum two weeks ago. that was not her best night but was typical debate performance for hillary clinton. she is easily flummoxed. she did not see bernie sanders coming in the primaries. did not do well in debates against barack obama in 2008. she never saw or anticipated our comeback in the last five weeks.
10:57 am
so, she is, look she is person who represents the establishment here. she has a record that lester holt and donald trump i'm sure will be able to pick apart and holder to account for. we make every vehicle to be eye-catchingly beautiful. we make them to be exhilaratingly agile. we make them to be meticulously engineered. and for the cla we also made it...for this. ♪
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11:00 am
stuart: have you met anyone who says, nah, not interested? i'm not going to watch that debate. [laughter] i haven't. it's shaping up to be the political debate of the decade. a super bowl-sized audience is expected. three days to go, and hillary clinton's camp is lowering expectations. that's a deliberate tactic so if she doesn't do well, they can say it was expected. and if she shines, they say hillary, the come-from-behind fighter, the trump killer. hillary has spent much of this week prepping and is on debate lockdown this entire weekend. her campaign is also pressuring the moderator, nbc's lester holt.
11:01 am
they're sending him a message: don't press hillary the way you did, matt lauer. and trump? he's campaigned every day of the week, and he'll be speaking again tomorrow in virginia. debate prep? he says he's a spur spur of the moment kind of guy. will he really wing it in front of 100 million people? monday night, 9 p.m. eastern, we will find out. chris wallace, the fox guy who moderates the third presidential debate, is with us this morning as the third hour of "varney & company" gets rolling. ♪ ♪ >> where is hillary today? well, they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. [laughter] stuart: can't help himself, you know? he can't help himself. >> yeah.
11:02 am
stuart: hillary clinton is, indeed, in full debate prep mode. she has no events scheduled this weekend, she's prepping for the debate. mr. trump is still campaigning. i believe he's going to be out in virginia tomorrow. and look at this, now just take a cursory look right at that. this is the latest poll which shows hillary clinton up by seven points nationally. that's quite a poll. now, the last time that poll was taken -- that was last month -- hillary clinton was up 15 points. now she's up 7 points. come on in, chris wallace, fox news sunday host, the man who will moderate the third presidential debate. chris, we've just seen this poll. looks to us like trump is narrowing the gap with hillary clinton. she still has 48% support, the same as she did last month. it's trump that's come up as opposed to clinton who's gone down. what do you make of this poll? >> well, i think that there's certainly -- you can't make too
11:03 am
much of any one poll, stuart. you've got to look at a bunch of them. that's why these averages of polls, i think, are so much more effective. there's no question that the gap is tightening, that he's doing better. and a lot of them she is going down. that's the one thing i think may be a bit of an outlier here. but she clearly has a lead, and she clearly has a lead in a lot of the swing states. you know, it's fascinating, it looked for a while like virginia and colorado she had put out of reach. she was up double digits in both, and then i saw a poll yesterday saying she's only up three or four points in each. and, of course, any of these polls are going to be out of date after monday because that will certainly, if not dramatically reshape, it'll certainly alter the race to some degree. but as we go in, she's got a lead, she's got an easier path to 270 electoral votes than he does, but he's definitely tightened it, and in a couple of the swing states like ohio, he
11:04 am
may actually be leading. stuart: chris, hold on for a second. i've got breaking, developing news on how mr. trump is fracturing for the debate. -- preparing for the debate. >> a couple of interesting angles coming from the trump camp, saying they're trying to tell the candidate, mr. trump, to let hillary clinton talk on and on. they say that is when she starts to lose viewers and supporters, when she continues to talk and talk. secondly, they say that they know that she's very polished and well-rehearsed on all the questions, the first initial answer, but she starts to stumble on all the follow-up questions, and they're focusing -- stuart: so that's what they're doing. >> some of the theory, yes. stuart: any comment, chris? i'm sure you heard that. >> yeah. i think there's a little bit particularly in the first one of spin about that. you've got to remember that some of the things that they're telling us are things they may believe, and some of them are things that they kind of want to put into our head or put into the heads of the opponents. the clinton camp says exactly the opposite which is they hope
11:05 am
trump talks and talks, because a they think after he gets through his lines, that he begins to falter a bit. i will tell you one thing that i do believe is the case, and that is that i've heard from sources in the trump camp that they understand the fact that, clearly, she is going to have more facts and be better versed in a lot of these issues than he is, but they want to try to turn that around on her the way that barack obama turned it around on clinton in 2008 when she talked about the fact that she had more experience in a lot of these issues than a new, young senator like barack obama and that trump will, in effect, echo obama and say, well, look where all that experience got us, you know? it got us into iraq, into obamacare and try and turn her greater experience into a liability rather than an asset. stuart: now, the moderators are under a lot of pressure here. hillary's supporters want the moderators to fact check trump. i don't think you want to do
11:06 am
that when you moderate the presidential debate be now, do you? >> well, look, you know, i know my colleague, our colleague matt lauer took a huge hit and a lot of criticism that he hadn't fact-checked trump during that commander in chief forum. that was an interview, so it was only lauer and trump on the stage. well, there's going to be another to perp on the stage in the debate -- another person on the stage, and that'll be hillary clinton. it goes both ways. one of the best questions i can ask is somebody says something perhaps questionable, is to just say to the other one, well, what that? and let them do it. i really, to a large degree, take a minimalist view of this. nobody turns in to watch the umpire during a baseball game, they tune in to watch the players. [laughter] and my feeling is, you know, i want to see them debating and fact-checking each other, not me doing it.
11:07 am
stuart: unless the umpire steps right into the middle of the game, which has happened in presidential debates. i want to bring you one more story, we broke this earlier. donald trump is about to release more possible supreme court nominees. senator mike lee, a ted cruz guy, we know is one of these trump nominees or who he would nominate if he were president. what do you make of this, chris? >> well, i'm a little surprised. he already put out, trump did, a big list of very respected conservative jurists and public be figures as potential supreme court nominees. this certainly will help him with the cruz/lee/tea party wing of the party to the degree that he is trying to build up support, you know, and unify the party going into the first debate, but you might see hillary clinton go after that and try to take some of the positions that mike lee or ted cruz has taken over the years, a lot of which are certainly conservative and socially
11:08 am
conservative and try to use those against trump. it's kind of an interesting, and i must say, a little bit surprising thing for him to be doing two days before the debate. stuart: how would you describe your condition, chris? nervous or focused in advance of the presidential debate? [laughter] >> impatient, i would say. stuart: really? 100 million people are going to watch you, chris wallace. >> oh, please don't do that. don't do that to me, stuart. [laughter] stuart: okay. 50 million are going to watch you. [laughter] >> well, that isn't a lot better. here's the point, on the one hand you really want to get going. it's a big assignment, a big responsibility, but on the other hand, you really can't. you want to see the first debate, see what's talked about there. and if we were talking a week ago, they hadn't had the terrible bombing in new york, we hadn't had those two african-americans shot and killed in tulsa and charlotte, and that has dramatically changed what i suspect are going to be lester holt's questions.
11:09 am
so, yes, you can do a lot of preparation and spade work, but you've got to be nimble and focus on what's hot and what's on people's minds as you go into that debate. and in my case, it's not until the 19th of october. stuart: chris, i would be a bowl of jelly, but that's another story. [laughter] be sure the tune in, "fox news sunday," join chris. he's going to sit down with the republican vice presidential nominee, governor mike pence. and with joel benson, hillary clinton's chief strategist. that's 2 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. check your local listings for sunday morning air times. chris wallace, thank you very much. much more ahead on this ram. a military faceoff between india and pakistan. they are two nuclear powers. they've been at odds for centuries. that's a developing situation. hillary clinton laying out plans to raise the estate tax. when you die, the government could be taking a much bigger chunk of your money. there is a catch, of course, and we'll tell you what it is. first, we've uncovered a
11:10 am
clip from president obama, then-senator obama, in a speech to pennsylvania voters in 2008. it really slams hillary clinton. we'll play you that through this hour. >> does that sound like she's in touch with you? who do you think is out of touch? who do you think is out of touch? does that sound like she's in touch with pennsylvania? does that sound like she's in touch with you? >> no! >> now having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. there are two billion people
11:11 am
who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business,
11:12 am
and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
11:13 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ stuart: the pentagon wants to send 500 more troops to iraq. this is all part of a campaign to retake mosul. by the way, 6,000 troops are already in iraq. joining us now, former four-star general jack keane. i thought that we did not have the presence of combat troops in iraq. i thought the president said, no, they're not there. and i thought i'd heard hillary clinton say we're not going back to iraq with boots on the
11:14 am
ground, but apparently we are. >> no, the president is correct. the mission that these troops have, stuart, is train and assist. now, we do have some direct combat troops there that are special operations forces that do have a direct combat mission, but that is a very limited mission and only done on special occasions. the overwhelming majority of all of these troops -- and you're correct, this number will top out about 64, 6500 when these 500 get there, is to train and assist the iraqi security forces. that's their mission. yes, they could be in combat, and some of them have been, and some of them have, unfortunately, been killed. but their major missioning is to help the iraqis fight and fight effectively. stuart: can you give us a progress report on that mission to take isis? we understand that it is making some progress. >> yes, most definitely. they've largely taken most of the terrain back that began to be lost on january of 2014.
11:15 am
so it's been a three-year journey for the iraqi security forces and their government to retake that lost territory. this is the last major piece. this is the second largest city in iraq, so strategically, obviously, very important. they will take this city back. how long it takes will depend completely on isis. does isis want to stay and fight with thousands of fighters, or will they depart and leave after putting up some resistance like they have done elsewhere so they can preserve those fighters for another day, we don't know that answer. stuart: what we want as isis leaves, if they leave mosul, we want to see white flags or guys with hands in the air. that's priceless publicity. isn't that what we want? >> yes, certainly. we want a total military victory. we'll get that. but what will remain, and it's like pulling off a scab here, the political problems in iraq that drove and permitted some of
11:16 am
the success that isis achieved -- that is, the sunni/shia divide and also division among the kurds -- those issues are still there. the political issues are as great in iraq as were and are the military issues. and our state department has not addressed these, i think, to the degree that they could be. the military has done a very good job in helping the iraqi security forces, albeit some of us think it could have gone a little faster. they are going to get the result that they want, but the political result, that is a long way off, and we have let the iranians have far too much influence in iraq. stuart: there are reports that there are troop movements, pakistan and india. it's a military faceoff between the two. are we going to -- are we in for a weekend of surprises? could this thing flare up? cause that would be a very big deal. >> i don't think so. what we have had is four gunmen stormed into an indian army brigade headquarters and killed 18 indians who were in that headquarters. normally what happens here, and
11:17 am
this is a terrorist organization that is trying to provoke the indian military to overreact. the indian government is very disciplined. they normally do not overreact. they use diplomacy and political/public relations to get the word out what took place and how horrible this is, etc. i think they will be true to form here, be disciplined, and they will not respond militarily. stuart: let's hope, because both sides have nuclear weapons. general jack keane, as always, thank you very much, sir. appreciate you being here. >> good talking to you. stuart: president obama defending hillary clinton's character in a new and recent interview. we, however, have uncovered some campaign footage from 2008 where then-senator obama called out hillary. we'll play it all for you next, but just check this clip out. >> does that sound like she's in touch with you? who do you think is out of touch? who do you think is out of touch?
11:18 am
does that sound like she's in touch with pennsylvania? >> no! >> does that sound like she's in touch with you? >> no! >> now having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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11:22 am
stuart: president obama defends hillary clinton's to character in an interview with robin roberts on abc last night. watch this. >> there's a level of mistrust and a caricature of her that doesn't just jibe with who i know. stuart: okay. now, if you remember, senator obama -- way back when, 2008 -- he struck a very different note towards hillary clinton when he was running for the presidency during the primaries. now watch this. >> senator clinton is the same person whos has taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate, democratic or republican. this is the same person who took money from financial folks on wall street and then voted for a bankruptcy bill that makes it harder pennsylvania to get a fair shake. this is the same person who
11:23 am
spent a decade with her husband campaigning for nafta and now goes around saying how she was opposed to nafta. [applause] is -- does that sound like she's in touch with pennsylvania? >> no. >> does that sound like she's in touch with you? >> no! stuart: my, how times change. the president looks a great deal older now than he did in 2008. i guess the presidency truly ages you. but, b -- liz -- politics changes your opinion on character dramatically. >> yeah. you know, negative campaign memos leaked from the barack obama campaign, we don't know who leaked them, back in 2008 show barack obama and the campaign was questioning hillary's character back then so that she would do and say anything to get elected and things like that. >> it was a bloody primary in 2008. they both came out of that bruised and bloodied, let me tell you, and i don't think there's any love lost between the obamas and the clintons. stuart do you think it changes the voters' understanding of
11:24 am
politics and appreciation for politics and respect for politicians when you see a dramatic turn-around -- >> no. stuart: -- in opinion? eight years ago hillary clinton was not a very nice person -- >> right. stuart: -- from senator obama. >> now she should be leader of the country. stuart: now she's the best qualified person to become president. >> the question is, hillary clinton is doing a bear hug of barack obama's policies which 60 of the polls, the people polled say the country's in the wrong direction. that's a tough one. stuart: listen to this, i've got breaking news. it's the ap breaking this. they say cheryl mills has been given an immunity deal in the fbi investigation into the e-mail scandal. that's according to an unnamed congressman. >> that's exactly right. everything has just been put out. it's interesting because we know bryan pagliano was given the same deal, the guy who put in the private, the e-mail server into hillary clinton's chappaqua
11:25 am
home. cheryl mills has come up many a number of these e-mails, and a lot of these questions were how much -- where did the line from the state department cross into the clinton foundation, if you remember, and the whole pay-for-play scandal. stuart now, i don't know the meaning of the granting of immunity. i don't understand that, i don't know what that means legally, but it is a development in the e-mail -- >> to me, i always thought it was self-incrimination, that she'll be willing to talk to authorities, but you're not going to come after me. >> and then bryan pagliano, who had immunity, didn't testify before congress. stuart: true. >> he didn't show up. stuart: i wonder if we'll get a full answer to the e-mail scandal before the election. i still don't think we will, but maybe this is an incremental move, tweel see. in a moment, we're going to discuss bringing coal jobs back to america. reason to this. >> hillary clinton wants to put the coal miners out of work, ban hydraulic fracking in almost all
11:26 am
places and extensively restrict and ban energy production on public lands and in most offshore areas. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. a combination of see products..
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i'm. stuart: top clinton aid cheryl mills has been given an immunity deal in the fbi investigation into the clinton private e-mail server. that's according to an unnamed congressman. cheryl mills, immunity. i'm not sure the legalistic ramifications of this, but it appears to be a development in the e-mail scandal. we're on it. donald trump telling voters he will bring back coal jobs to pennsylvania. now, the state of ohio also is in coal country, and joining us now, congressman bill johnson, republican from ohio. congressman, there's a lot of skeptics out there who say you can't bring coal mining jobs back. how's he going to do it? >> well, absolutely you can bring coal mining jobses back. we've got -- jobs back. we've got a lot of coal mines in eastern and southeastern ohio. the infrastructure is there to transport that resource to market, to produce coal-fired energy.
11:31 am
stuart, absolutely coal mining, coal jobs can be brought back. stuart: it's not price competitive with natural gas. >> well, now, i can -- i have to admit that oil and gas is having an impact on the coal industry, but the oil and gas industry cannot provide all of america's energy by itself. coal is still the cheapest, most reliable form of energy that we know of, and there is a place in our energy profile for coal. and that's what donald trump is trying to say. if we have coal, if we have oil and gas, if we have nuclear, and if we let the market drive solutions and alternative energies like wind and solar, then we've got an energy profile that rivals and surpasses any other country in the world. stuart: now, a recent fox news poll showed donald trump leading hillary clinton in ohio, your state, by five points. can you tell us which constituent groups are leading
11:32 am
the trump charge in ohio? >> absolutely. we just talked about one of them, people that live along the river that are dependent upon coal and the energy renaissance that's going on there for their jobs, for their livelihoods. you know, hillary cln intoonly leads women in ohio by three points. women across the state of ohio, stuart, are concerned about safety and security for their children. they're concerned about a world that is being made more and more dangerous through terrorism. and they see hillary clinton as untrust wore to deal with that -- untrustworthy to deal with that, whether it's because of her mishandling of the benghazi situation or whether it's mishandling our nation's classified national security secrets. they see donald trump as the more viable alternative. and even in union households, which used to be very, very fertile ground for democrats, those people recognize that donald trump and his economic
11:33 am
plan to really get the private sector economy moving again, that's going to provide jobs for their members. so there's a whole swath of people across ohio that's pushing donald trump to victory. stuart: a lot of people are surprised at his five-point lead in ohio, because governor kasich, a republican, is flat out, it appears, against donald trump. if the republican party in your state, is the republican party in your state really split between trump people and kasich's solid republican, basic ordinary republicans? >> well, i don't see that split on the ground. 17 of my 18 counties voted for donald trump over our very popular governor, john kasich. and as you know, i was one of john kasich's very early supporters. but when he closed down his presidential campaign or suspended the campaign, it was very clear to me we had one alternative other than hillary clinton, and that was our nominee, donald trump. so i don't see that split on the ground. that may be a perception in some
11:34 am
people's minds, but the republicans that i talk to both republicans and independents, by the way, independents are going for donald trump in ohio by 15 points. stuart: andhill hillary's lead among women in ohio is only three points. that's another surprise from the state. you want to explain it? well, i can tell you that as i just mentioned, women are concerned about security, about terrorism and the safety for their children, sending them off to school. women are concerned about that. my wife, leann, is co-chair of the women more trump campaign all across ohio, and she's talking to women about why women matter and how important it is that they understand how the policies under a trump campaign, or a trump presidency is going to provide them and their children opportunities unliking what hillary clinton will -- unlike what hillary clinton will bring to the table. stuart: all right. congressman bill johnson,
11:35 am
republican from ohio, thanks for joining us, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. still on the election. speaking to union members through a satellite hook-up, hillary clinton seemed -- well, i'm going to say just plain angry. she asked the crowd, why am i not winning by 50 points? listen to the tape. >> now, having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. he proudly declared himself 100% right to work. stuart: okay. joining us now is juan williams, the author of the book, "we, the people," and he's the co-host of a terrific show called "the five" on the fox news channel. >> thank you very much. stuart: admit it, juan, you were shocked when you -- >> that was terrible. the tone. she was ill-served by her staff, because she's in a remote
11:36 am
location trying to deliver a peach to a large group of union members -- a speech. i understand the import of what she was trying to say. she said all of you need to have an intervention with people who don't know donald trump doesn't pay contractors and all the rest. but the way she came across, i think it played to conservative caricatures as a shrill woman, belting out, screaming at her huan-- stuart: i didn't say that. >> yeah, so? stuart: you brought up the sexist -- >> you think i conservatives haven't talked about her voice? [laughter] oh, gosh. stuart: you responded to her. >> i told you it was terrible. stuart: absolutely, it was. >> i see. just telling you what i saw makes me a sexist? stuart: she's shrill. >> i said that's the way it came across, stuart. what do you want me to do? stuart: bottom line, wouldn't, in politics today, you've got to be a tv performer. donald trump is a magnificent tv performer, and hillary is not. it should not be a factor in the election, but it is. >> of course it is.
11:37 am
and, you know, he has always experience from "the apprentice," i think it was 14 years, and he has charisma and presence. physical presence. stuart: he's pretty good on tv. >> right. but the question is, and i think this is for a lot of people -- [laughter] you're not voting for a reality tv show star here. you're voting for president of the united states, and do you believe he has the capacity. stuart: look, this is going to be my first election that i've ever voted in. and in america, everywhere in the world, you're voting for the presidency, you're going to put that person on your tv set every day for four years. you've got to watch this, you've got to look at this for four years. how they appear on tv is very, very important. >> okay. stuart: and hillary's behind on that. >> yeah, i would agree on that point, but i would not say she's behind -- no -- stuart: i think he's dragging her down. >> most people understand what's most important is the success of our economy, staying out of war, not befriending dictators like putin. stuart: okay.
11:38 am
how about the estate tax? we learned this morning hillary clinton wants to take a much bigger chunk of the money that comes in from very wealthy estates. >> true, yep. stuart: this is nonsense, juan. >> oh, yeah? why's that? stuart: very rich people are surrounded by an army of lawyers -- >> correct. stuart: -- who will get them out of that's fit tax payment. so -- that estate tax payment. so this is a political smoke screen. >> no. stuart: oh, i'll beat up the rich -- >> no. because they're surrounded by that army of accountants and lawyers who protect their assets, i think it's important for us to say, you know what? we are not going to cement the income gap, the wage gap, income inequality in american society. so when hillary clinton says if you have more than $10 million when you die, you're going to be at 50% -- >> i'm sorry. >> more than 500 million -- stuart: they won't pay it, juan. what's the point? >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, juan, can we talk quickly? the gao found $1.2 trillion in
11:39 am
overpayments the government made. why not stop that first, then go about taxing people? the government waste there, $1.2 trillion in overpayments on medicare and medicaid earned income tax credits, that's over the last decade. >> i'm all for stopping any kind of fraud -- >> why not do it first? >> no, no, no. what you've got to do -- you can't use that as an excuse -- >> yes, you can. why? no, not about government taking too much money and wasting it. >> no -- >> $1.2 trillion! no, then you're treating taxpayers as a rounding error. >> are you going to say you have a chance to succeed, and the rich are going to pay their fair share -- >> the rich do pay their fair share. >> no, they don't. >> yes, they do! the top 20% of income taxpayers -- >> a moment ago stuart made the point -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: can we hold on a second? >> as stuart just said, the rich are protected by their lobbyists -- >> it's just outrageous. >> -- and the poor are never -- [inaudible conversations]
11:40 am
the reason bernie sanders and donald trump succeed, especially with working people -- >> you don't care about $1.2 trillion -- stuart: wait a minute. >> no one speaks for them. >> no one speaks to the u.s. taxpayer. stuart: can question get something really clear here? you can raise the estate tax on the so-called super rich, they will not pay it. do you understand that? >> yeah. do you understand we can change that? stuart: okay. one more thing. we do not tax wealth in this country, we tax income. the people who are truly wealthy will not be taxed by hillary clinton or anybody else. >> no. stuart: you can crawl up on the top of the mountain and say we're taxing the rich. it's not true. we will not tax the rich. that's why rich people vote democrat these days. do you know that? >> you're a status quo guy. you think that the rich will always have their way, and i agree, you know? he who pays the piper calls the tune. stuart: i'm just surprised -- >> there are people who can challenge, and we're in a change intersection election, and you should be on the side of the
11:41 am
working man of america. stuart: i'm so surprised to see democrats working people in this country, trying to convince them they're going to mak pay, and they know perfectly well they will not. >> no. they want to change the direction that says the rich protect their assets and the middle class has to pay. stuart: what? is that what hillary clinton is saying? >> that's what i think bernie -- and by the way -- >> the middle class has to pay? >> oh, no. when you come to international trade deals, what is trump saying? trump says those deals benefit the -- stuart: wait a minute, do you understand? i don't mean to be condescending. >> no, please do. make the point. stuart: rich people to do not make estate -- >> and you are stuck in that mood that thinking that change is not possible. stuart: high income earners pay tax. not wealthy people. there won't be a single billionaire in this country who pays a dime in these higher estate taxes, not one. and they will all vote for hillary clinton. it's a political smoke screen to convince working people that it's fair.
11:42 am
i'm going to be fair. that's nonsense. she is not fair, she's not going to tax the -- >> they are voting for hillary clinton because they believe that donald trump would sink our economy -- stuart: no. >> yes, they have a self-interest. self-interest. >> no. self-interest? stuart: because she will not tax them. >> we're talking about donald trump who says he's a zillionaire. you don't get the change is possible. you know what? the pitchfork brigade is coming to your house. [laughter] stuart: out of time. i believe we're going to hold you over. >> you are? okay. stuart: are holding him over? good lord. >> more pun for us. stuart: say there, everybody. more fireworks momentarily. [laughter] this is a great show.
11:43 am
11:44 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. banks around the world with loose monetary policy, that gave a boost to stocks over the past couple of days, but today we're taking a breather, though the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p are all still posting gains of more than 1% for the week. the dow down about 50 points right now. take a look at some of the winners and losers, exxon and dupont to the upside despite the fact oil is pulling back after several days of gains. we're also keeping a keen eye on yahoo!, the biggest cyber breach in history, that is what the company is facing, 500 million
11:45 am
accounts roughly back in 2014, that stock is down nearly 2%. and we're watching finish line, a specialty retailer on athletic apparel, athletic shoes, that has moved to the downside, but we'll keep an eye on foot locker and nike because finish line did have better than expected sales. much more "varney & company," a pretty exciting discussion there. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim.
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only at td ameritrade. but with your determination, and a domain, website and personal support from godaddy, you'll join millions who have gone from idea to success. start your success with a $2.99 dot com domain for the first year at godaddy dot com. so what else is new? humm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got.. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll. stuart: if you're just joining us, you missed a splendid argument between myself and juan williams. it was so good, so heated,
11:47 am
that -- put me back on camera, please. [laughter] >> don't let anybody else talk. stuart: we decided to extend, so i'm going to give you 30 seconds of my position and my opinion. it will be followed by an extensive lecture from juan williams. >> yes. stuart: here goes stuart varney. hillary clinton this morning announced plans to raise the estate tax, the death tax. she will take up to 65% of the estate of very, very wealthy people. i say this is absolute nonsense. no wealthy people pay estate tax. they've got an army of lawyers to help themselves and never pay a dime in estate tax. what hillary clinton was doing was a political smoke screen. hey, i'm the person who is going to beat up the rich. i'll take it off 'em. look at us, we're on your side. that is nonsense. they will not tax the rich, and that's why the rich vote democrat. be juan williams, your response. >> i think you just damned the rich, and i would never do that
11:48 am
because i respect people who make it on their own in this country, especially people who work, work their way all the way up and are not given a silver spoon by their mothers and fathers and especially by taxpayers and expect taxpayers to support them and be sure that they cement the so-called income inequality gap in this country. you should make it on your own. this is america. and, stuart, all you're doing is defending the right of the rich to pass down their riches to the indolent, lazy, rich kids for the rest of time. [laughter] stuart: are you done? >> well, i don't want -- you know what? when i properly thrash you on your own show, i feel bad about it because, you know, i know you're a defender of the rich. that's fine. uart: okay. >> but i'm going to tell you, the rich will not stand for all time. the pitchfork brigade, to quote pat buchanan, they're coming to this studio. forget your home. stuart: i'm laughing because i
11:49 am
actually like you. [laughter] i am going to take 30 seconds as a rebuttal. >> oh, wait a minute! you're changing the terms of the debate. this is like trump on monday, folks. yeah, go right ahead. stuart: that's my camera -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. who paid for that camera? stuart: this is something that juan does not understand, and he doesn't understand why i have such passion for politics and economics. point number one, in america we tax income. it is the income tax. so the heaviest taxation falls upon those people who are earning a lot of income, income earners, strivers, people like myself who came here with nothing, want to make a fortune, and we did, and we do not like to pay 60% tax rate. who we do not tax is the wealthy, those people who are established wealth, sit on it and live on it. wealthy people, therefore, vote democrat. strivers like myself vote republican because they will lower our tax rate and let us keep more of what we have earned.
11:50 am
you've got 20 seconds. >> no, i -- listen, i happen to think that the working man in america, the striver, is who we need to protect as a society in terms of our policy. so i'm all for going after the super rich who create their foundations and corporations that, essentially, you know, just hold onto the money. so i'm with you on that point. but let me just tell you, if you think that the rich will always be protected, we've seen great societies fall on such theories. >> i can't believe this argument. >> what? >> i'm astonished. stuart: astonished. >> you know, the u.s. government has more saints in it than the catholic church, did you know that? they're so state of the art on their tax saying and spending -- taxation a spending. stuart: will you ever come back? >> i don't know. i must -- it makes the blood, it's good for the heart. [laughter] stuart: juan williams, everyone. a good man. have to break away because i've got an update on the situation in charlotte. police say moments ago that a suspect is now under arrest in
11:51 am
the shooting of a protester. they also say they have multiple angles from dash cam and body cameras but have not decided when to release those shots to the public. okay? that was just announced in charlotte. we have this for you as well. an internal obama administration e-mail shows immigration officials literally working overtime to swear in as many new citizen voters as possible before the election. we have details on that in a moment. ♪
11:52 am
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: just a moment ago we brought you the story about the immigration department, internal e-mails show that the immigration people are are speeding up making u.s. citizens out of immigrants, people who come to this country. they're speeding up citizenship. why are they doing that? fred barnes is with us. he's with the weekly standard. i know why they're doing it, because they're going to vote democrat, that's why they're doing it. am i right or am i right, fred barnes? >> that's certainly my assumption. and it also shows one other thing, they're very worried about the outcome of this election, and they ought to be worried. i mean, when you look around right now, stuart, you see that all the, all the states that romney won in 2012, it looks like trump is holding onto those and gaining in three or four or more of the states that obama won.
11:56 am
and so people like nate silver who puts all these debates together and comes up with conclusions says hillary is just at the 272 mark for electoral votes, and if she loses one state, new hampshire, she'll lose the election. stuart: this is really astonishing. who would have thought just a few months ago that hillary clinton would be in trouble right before the first debate and was holding onto, barely holding onto 41, 42% support? who would have thought that? >> well, i didn't. [laughter] stuart: nobody. no, nobody. >> and the debate, this debate's going to be very hard for her because trump doesn't have to do much. i wish he -- i hope he watches reagan's debate against jimmy carter in 1980. reagan just played gentle defense, you know, and then carter would make some charge, and he'd say, oh, there you go again. he wasn't provoked, and people just saw him, you know, that guy's pretty good. he wasn't an extremist. stuart: but you've got to be a good tv performer.
11:57 am
i mean, donald trump is a fine tv performer, but we have some videos from this week that show hillary clinton not a great tv performer. do you think -- i mean, it's not a very good thing to say, but performance on television could swing this election? that's not a good thing to say. >> well, i think it's a fair thing to say, however, because it's true, you know? you hear the hillary people say, well, she's going to show that he doesn't know many details. he doesn't need to know details. [laughter] ronald reagan, when he tried to be a detail guy in his first debate in 1984, he bombed. stuart: yes, he did. [laughter] >> you can talk about the big picture. stuart: fred barnes, i'm sorry it's so short. i had a furious argument with juan williams, that's the problem. >> i enjoyed every second of it. [laughter] stuart: thank you, fred. there will be more "varney" after this. when it comes to healthcare,
11:58 am
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stuart: normally at this time before we introduce neil and his program, we are talking about i am trying to calm down from a furious discussion about socialism and capitalism with our good friend juan williams. it is over, you can catch it on facebook. it is yours. neil: i wonder how you could treat people, we have a lot going on. and when it comes to releasing the tapes of the shooting of keith lamont scott. listen to what the police chief said on the issue. >> why not release the video? as i said before my job is to


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