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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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. . >> monica can get a ticket? i digress. we'll have more on that. including a revelation, in fact ted cruz may be coming forward for donald trump. i want to get to this. this broke moments ago. "new york times" has obtained new video of charlotte, north carolina police officers shooting and killing keith scott. the video shot by the victim's wife, does not clarify whether or not he was armed although you do hear her say to the police officers over and over and over again in this video clip, that he is not armed.
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that he does not have a gun. this of course as family and protesters demand the police release body cam video of the incident. why haven't they? could that help clear things up? newly-released email from a top immigration official, saying immigration officials to work overtime to swear in and naturalize as many new immigrants as possible. so that they can vote in the election. is this an attempt by democrats to line up lots of new voters? to vote their side? we'll debate it. yahoo! data breach, worst in history, affecting 500 million user accounts. user information has been compromised. the company believes, quote, a state sponsored hacker is to blame. we have intel what you should do if you're hacked and what government should be doing to stop attacks on american companies and citizens. i want to get back here to our top story. we're learning that cruise cruise may come out -- ted cruz
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may come out and endorse donald trump today, as soon as today, three days before the first presidential debate. right now, as we speak, donald trump and hillary clinton are both prepping for this big debate. and, we want to go right now to our reporter doug mckelway who has more from d.c. with the details on this. doug, what are they doing right now to be prepared here ahead of such a big event? >> well, this is really, trish, a first experience for both of them. never has hillary clinton debated as her party's nominee. trump has never been a candidate for elective office. while both have extensive debate experience after this year, never before a tv audience as large as this one is expected to be, 100 million people. >> i think, i think both candidates face huge challenges tomorrow night because both of them are not well-liked by the american people. she's an accomplished debater but she has a style that is, off the times greats on people.
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he has never never participated in a debate like this. reporter: the other liability, format, 90 minutes and no breaks to for a bathroom break. that is challenge for trump. he always shared the stage with several other candidates. for hillary pneumonia diagnosis looms large. >> not an easy task to be thinking on your feet, standing with a tv lights and millions of people watching you and functioning at a high level for the entire 90 minutes. one of the questions that donald trump has raised about her is, does she have the stamina? and i think that if she is able to make it through the 90 minutes may help answer the question for some voters. reporter: as to preparation we also know that donald trump is shunning a sparring partner. he plans to study up on sunday. we don't know who clinton's sparring partner is, whomever it is he has to emulate two trumps. >> he can come on with a relatively, relatively genteel
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persona that is calm, or he could come in very aggressive and, you know, you know, be aggressive in a way you would not normally see a presidential republican nominee behave. so we're preparing for, for either, for either one. reporter: almost as important as the debate itself, is the spin afterwards. the candidates your row gates need to shape the narrative. spin room where all of that starts. trish, back to you. trish: doug mckelway, thank yoso much. here is more analysis on all of it right now, including the cruz news. we have lisa booth, washington cam pinner and democratic stratexist, joe trippi. first of all, lisa, your thoughts on ted cruz, who let's not forget, infamously went out there on stage to that big audience in cleveland and told them all to vote their conscience. he was booed out out of the plae
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but, you know, obviously was taking some kind of a stand there, refusing to endorse trump at that moment. he may now do it as early as today. is it going to matter, lisa. >> it is. perhaps his conscience has changed or someone has gotten to him. i imagine there is a lot of pressure applied to him since the republican national convention. if you remember there were articles and reports about robert mercer, who, ted cruz's single biggest donor turning his back on him after he gave that speech. it would be interesting to see who has gotten to him, what kind of pressure he has gotten that led him to this decision. i also imagine the fact that donald trump is doing better in the polls, i suspect leading into election day, if donald trump is up in the polls, you will see a lot more people come around but it is impactful because donald trump needs to improve numbers republican voters and can con sal date the conservative base with him like senator mike lee could help him if he is really close to winning, if he were to win, a
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lot of republicans would feel awfully foolish for vocally against him. depends how things are going as this gets nearer. let me go to you, joe, to ask but the preparation strategy. you heard jennifer palmieri from the clinton camp how they need to be prepared for two different kinds of donald trump. which trump do you think we'll see on stage monday night? >> oh i think they're going to try to, he is going to try, i think to be sort of presidential, more, more reserved donald trump. the problem in a 90-minute debate like this, i don't think he can stay in character without both of them coming out. just my own belief. trish: 90 minutes do you think is too long? >> i think just think we're likely to see shades of both, is all i'm trying to say. by the way, that might work. might be better to answer one
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question more reserved and then go on the attack and be more rash and bullying on the other. that is dangerous for him. trish: well, hillary clinton could play the woman card again, right? >> sure. trish: lisa, sort of victimization mode, let's face it has worked pretty well for her before. if he comes out to aggressive, and looks as though he is cutting her off, being too pushy on tank, how be could that look. >> that is important but donald trump is strong and needs to stick to policy attacks and not get personal levels. if he keeps it on substance and policy, foreign policy, whether it is the economy, whether clinton emails or the foundation and sticks to those issues he can land some hits, he can be strong. he needs to stay away from the personal stuff. stay away from bill clinton marriage stuff, just stick to the policy in those attacks and not get personal. trish: do you think that she might try to provoke him though, joe, because she wants him to
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have personal attack? maybe that would be thedown fall in the debates, to be cautious of that kind of thing. >> both sides watching a lot of tape of debates from this year. and i think you know, you saw how carly fiorina handled him with some real, you know, she won, you know, and i think really hurt him a couple of times. so, i do think that they have got to be very careful but i also think, look, that both sides are looking at the tape, trying to look at vulnerabilities. what did bait him and what bait didn't he take and vice versa. he is doing that, looking at that, with her and bernie sanders and probably even the 2008 debates between her obama and john edwards. trish: funny we're getting word from the campaign they want her to talk as much, this is the trump campaign. apparently the strategy, let hillary clinton keep on talking and talking because the more she talks the more bored people get or upset with her.
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is that a strategy, lisa, that would pay off on monday night? >> i do. i think hillary clinton's biggest problem is herself. donald trump has a lot more to gain from this debate in my opinion and hillary clinton has a lot more to lose. hillary clinton comes in as sort of the front-runner of this race, the person who predominantly been the one leading in the polls. she also has a lot more experience. i don't understand why her campaign continues to feed information about all this training, bringing of psychologist. she set expectations so high and i think -- trish: maybe she is trying to freak him out? just a little bit. mark cuban in the front row, right? >> i think it is to her detriment. i think her campaign is built up. she is not a good debater. we've seen this in the past. ultimately set expectation so high she is incapable of meeting them. trish: it will be fascinating to watch. we'll be there. neil is anchoring on monday night. lou will be there, our whole team of fox business all-stars. make sure you tune in.
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thank you, lisa and joe. newly-released homeland security memo the administration urging employees quote, work overtime to swear in and naturalize as many immigrants as possible so they can vote in the election. i don't know, what do you think? is this an attempt by democrats to line up lots of new voters? what about the security risks? we just learned this week that there are nearly 2,000 immigrants who were supposed to be deported. instead they were made u.s. citizens. we're on this story, right after this.
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the field office due to the election year needs to process as many of their n-400 cases as possible between now and fiscal year 2016. it goes on to say, if you have cases in this category or other pending, you are encouraged to take advantage of the overtime, if you can. now some top republican lawmakers are demanding answers saying this is not the time to speed up the process especially since a new report released this week shows more than 1800 people who were supposed to be deported were accidentally given citizenship to the united states of america. joining me right now with some analysis on all of it, manhattan institute fellow and the author of, war on cops, heather mcdonald. good to see you. do you think they are vetting people the way they should be right now? >> they have plausible deniability, trish. they have norman rockwell, they are citizens and let them vote in the first election but there
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are no question demographics is destiny. the hispanic population is pro-big government, pro-big government programs. trish: you think this is all a ploy to get hillary clinton in the white house? >> well i, you know, i'm not going to read their minds but certainly the effect, if they can really get a lot of numbers there, certainly favors her. but again, they may feel like let's get them out there so they can vote. no question, california, effect after large immigrant population for politics. trish: have we not even on both sides an attempt to try to win in hispanics exactly for that reason, therefore you can be in charge of government? i mean this is, this is part of the reason why the republican party tried to embrace this issue as strongly as they did a document years back. and we continue to see republicans trying to make inroads there. donald trump is kind of turned that all on its head of course
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but you know, there is a recognition it will be very hard to win the oval office if you don't have the immigrant population? >> sure of the republicans keep wanting to believe there is a strong conservative small government streak among the hispanic population which is the overwhelming share of our immigrant population. i think that simply denies poll numbers which would show again a strong support for bigger, higher taxes and bigger government. trish: at a time like this, when we are struggling with the terrorism we see right now in the world, when we are struggling with who is coming into this country and people made it abundantly clear, members of the administration made it abundantly clear it is impossible to vet, certainly anyone coming in from syria or other locations in the middle east, are we running some risks okay, do this really quick? get everyone done before the election? >> this is a agency that is not had a great track record in being able to figure out who is
2:18 pm
who, that is for sure. so, i think that they, they better be sure that they have got the personnel to do this, and there is a risk certainly of the terrorism but the bigger issue is certainly the political impact i think. trish: that is crazy. heather mcdonald, good to see you. >> thank you, trish. trish: more analysis, democratic strategist and supporter harlan hill and head of democracy for america. what is this speaking up process to get people voting for hillary clinton. >> doesn't matter what i think. we saw the email. they clearly wanted to speed up the process to get as many people into the system before the election. they indicate this was politically-most straighted. the clintons have a long track record of doing this. read the reports when they did this in 1996 to secure bill clinton's re-election. so nothing surprises me anymore with the clintons. trish: neil, do you refute that?
2:19 pm
>> every election year, every election year there is a up tick in the number of permanent residents who want to become citizens. this is not an easy process. it takes -- trish: why do you think that is? why do you think that is? is it because whatever given party is trying to do sort of the american utopia thing? >> no. trish: are they doing this for political reasons? >> no the, reason why people want to be citizens is because they believe in the american dream and chance to vote in the election. why they go from permanent resident to vote. trish: utopia thing. you think this is all on the up and up? >> yes. i think what is going on in the emails is just a manager saying hey, if you, if you want to make sure these people get naturalized you need some overtime in order to do it, do it. we should be welcoming people into this country, not trying to kick them out. trish: the republican party had been trying this, harlan. marco rubio, this is a big platform of his.
2:20 pm
we, we have seen a number of republicans really try to push for more immigration. one of the reasons for it is, is because they feel, strongly they can't get elected. that the demographics are not on their side. is donald trump changing that line of thinking? >> well i think that he has to. the republican party to be brutally honest is facing existential crisis. and they need the millenial vote and they need the latino vote on this side of the, you know small government, efficient government, that platform that the republicans have been pushing. you know certainly alienating those demographics is of grave concern to any republican that wants to see another president in the white house. trish: primary play, do you think, harlan on donald trump's part? he really did alienate you know, large parts of the population. maybe because he needed to in this field of 16? now we're seeing him move to the center? >> yes. my only concern he is tacking to
2:21 pm
the center a little bit late here. some. comments that he had, had made, i think have been taken out of context really. he didn't say that all mexicans are rapists. and yet that is the narrative. >> yes he did. that is exactly what he said. >> he didn't actually. >> he said they are criminals and rapists. trish: a fair point, a lot of stuff taken out of context because it sound so good on its own. let me ask you about millennial voters, neil, where are they with hillary clinton? why aren't they more excited by her? >> way more millenials are voting for hillary clinton than voting for barack obama. question of whether or not they will vote in same numbers in 2008 and 2012. but i think she is making good strides in the right direction on this. frankly -- trish: sanders had them. sanders had both of you guys in fact. now one is clinton and one is trump. fascinating. in of itself, a conversation we'll save for another time. in other words, can she get the turnout from folks like you,
2:22 pm
neil? >> i think she can because she is actually putting forward an agenda that will work for people like me in their 30s, talking about paid family leave. that actually matters to both men and women. when she is talking -- frankly for folks in their 20s, thinking about college how they pay for it. donald trump has zero plan how we deal with the crisis of student debt in this country. hillary clinton has one. >> you know what hayes plan is? to stimulate the economy. what we've seen is flat growth for the last eight years that is obliterated the middle class. you go to middle america -- >> same way it hasn't worked over and over again. >> neil, we can continue to double down on the failed policies of this administration and frankly a lot of failed policies. >> go back to reaganomics. >> or you can renegotiate the trade deals repay trait a lot of american jobs. repay treat a lot of corporate profits overseas. two trillion dollars. what is hillary clinton's plan for that? she wants to raise taxes. it will never come back that way.
2:23 pm
it will never come back. trish: harlan and neil, thank you very much. you're not going to generate growth by just raising taxes. we all know that. i want to get to another story. newly-released memo from the department of homeland security. officials acknowledge that refugee fraud is, quote easy to commit but hard to detect. and that quote, bad actors have exploited our refugee system. all this just a week after the obama administration announced it is increasing the number of refugees our country will take in next year to over100,000 people. we got intel on that. dr. sebastian gorka is in the house. we'll see you next. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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trish: department of homeland security, officials admit refugee fraud is easy to commit but hard to detect. comes one week after the obama administration announces increasing number of refugees
2:27 pm
our country will take in next year to over 100,000 people. joining me right now with his thoughts analysis on it all, world-renowned terror expert and author after best-selling book, defeating jihad, dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, good to have you here on very important day. this is significant. our own administration saying bad actors are let into the country through our refugee program. what do they mean by bad actors? >> people who have flags raises on their files because of associations, things said, travel movements, if you look at mr. khan, the bomber here in new york and new jersey, going home is one thing if you're from central asia but hanging out in quetta which is the hotbed, home of radical jihadi islam in the region, that is another issue. look at the statement that you read, it is easy to commit refugee fraud.
2:28 pm
hard to detect. so we're going to let more of them in. let's just let that sit for a second. let that sit for a second. more people that can potentially play the game and play the refugee scandal. trish: why do you think he is so determined to allow more refugees in. >> like your previous guests i will not try to look into their minds and try to predict what they're doing. it is part of an ideology. borders are bad. former secretary of dhs, homeland security, saying borders are bad. trish: and yet you look at this lack of borders that we're seeing right now in europe, and it is very clear, i mean this is the video, you can see of the refugee struggles they're going through right now overseas. it is very clear they need some borders there because bringing in over, over a million muslim migrants into germany has just resulted in sheer chaos. >> not only that the champions, or if you wish, if you will the european champion of more and
2:29 pm
more refugees, asylum-seekers, chancellor merkel just said what? i wish i could turn back the clock. if she admitted this is national security problem from the e.u. then why are we multiplying our intent to do it here? isis said they will exploit the refugee schemes and we know the brussels bombers exploded the refugee and asylum system. trish: you want to be inclusive, you want everybody to come to america to live the dream. we all benefited. >> i'm an immigrant. i'm an immigrant. trish: very recent immigrant. >> exactly. but emotions don't make the for good national security. national security is a very hard-headed practice. it is done on a cost benefit analysis, cold and calculated. what is good for the nation. emotions are good for charity, picnics and things like that, not for national security. trish: but, would that have put someone, for example, like yourself and your family in question? would you maybe not have been
2:30 pm
able to come here if we were more obsessed with quotas at that time? >> look, i was interviewed. i had to take various tests and interviews. i didn't hang out in quetta for my holidays, if you know what i mean. trish: in other words look where people have been. >> -- life. look at khan, who made anti-american statements, then homophobic statements. hangs out in the hotbed of taliban terrorism and his father's says he is terrorist? excuse me. trish: where is law enforcement. >> right. trish: dr. gorka, good to have you in house. >> thank you, trish. trish: after a third night of protest in charlotte the city's police chief announces he is in favor of releasing the police body cam video of the shooting of the black man there. the governor of north carolina is expected to speak on issue a few minutes from now. will the police release the video? why don't they? we'll have that next.
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. trish: breaking right now, we've gotten word the governor of north carolina is set to speak there live in raleigh in north carolina any minute. he's going to be speaking on the protests and the controversy surrounding the shootings of keith lamont scott. we're going to bring you that just as soon as it begins. it's all happening, of course, as the "new york times" obtained video, new video that was shot by the victim's wife on a cell phone. it shows the shooting of her husband.
2:35 pm
and doesn't actually show the shooting, it shows what was going on around the shooting. you do not see the police actively shooting him. it's actually rather ambiguous, though you do hear from her and you hear the shots going off, and she's yelling in the video saying don't shoot, don't shoot, he's not armed. she says, you know, he's just taken his medication, he is not going to hurt you and, of course, then you have the fatal moment when he is shot, and you hear her reaction. pretty difficult stuff to watch. anyway, last night's protests were mainly peaceful, protesters could be hurdchanting, we want the tape. tape was the body cam video showing the black officer open-firing and killing mr. scott. both the mayor and the police chief say they want to release the video, and it's just a matter of when. fox news correspondent rick leventhal is in charlotte with
2:36 pm
the latest for us now. rick? >> reporter: trish, on the video, you first referenced shot by scott's wi, you hear her yelling don't it, don't do it, presumably at her husband and you hear police officers yelling drop the gun repeatedly before they began firing, and then there's the other video from their body cameras and dash cam, and yes, there were calls from demonstrators again to release the video, unclear if and when that might happen. last night's demonstrations far calmer than past nights when people looted and rioted and broke doors and windows and did a lot of damage in uptown damage in the business district. last night the national guard was on-scene, hundreds along with state troopers helping local police keep the peace and a midnight curfew will be extended and likely through the weekend. they made an arrest this morning of someone who killed one of the protesters allegedly during the protests. surveillance video allowed them
2:37 pm
to find the man who shot the other demonstrator, that man is now in questioning. but again, as we've been discussing, there's a lot of talk about this video, the body cam video will be released, when it will be released and we heard the police chief talk about it earlier today. >> one piece of evidence will never, ever make a good case. i know the expectation that video footage can be the panacea and i can tell you that is not quite the case. there are a lot of other factors that have to support and corroborate which you might visually see. but the process is painstakingly slow sometimes. so i ask for your continued patience as the state bureau of investigations conducts their thorough investigation, because it's going to take some time to piece together everything that has happened. >> reporter: scott's family was allowed to watch that police body camera and dashcam video yesterday afternoon and
2:38 pm
returned a statement that reads in part while police did give him several commands, he did not aggressively approach them or raise his hands at members of law enforcement at any possible. it is impossible to discern what, if anything, mr. scott is holding in his hands. when he was shot and killed, mr. scott's hands were at his sides, the family says, and he was slowly walking backwards. police said scott was armed, they recovered at the scene and believe the officer's actions was justified. trish: let me ask you about that. he was out of the car, sounds like the last video taken by the wife he wasn't willing to get out of the car and they were going to have to get a baton and break the windows, she's begging him keith, i don't want them to break the windows, get out of the car. what's the thinking on that? did he get scared and got out and got shot? >> it's unclear. they have other witnesses they are interviewing who they have spoken with who according to
2:39 pm
the chief yesterday supported the police officers' account version of events. it's not clear why mr. scott would have stayed in his car or gotten out of the car, why he would have had a gun in his hand. he does have a criminal record, he spent six years in prison in texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. he has a history of gun convictions, perhaps he didn't want to go back to jail. that's unclear. what we know is there is some video, what is apparently not clear, in the video you can see him holding a weapon. trish: all confusing and a lot of questions still. rick leventhal, thank you so much. i want to point out to the viewer, we're waiting for the governor of north carolina. there's the live picture, he'll be addressing a lot of the questions right now. especially as to whether or not we're going to see the video of what happened from the body cam. joining me now with thoughts on all of it, former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler.
2:40 pm
rod, welcome, good to have you here. >> sure. >> what do you think? you get protesters saying look, we want to see the video, we want to see the video of the shooting from the body cam. why not release it? >> they should release it. i've been saying since the shooting occurred two days ago, no reason not to release it. i think it's more reason now to release the video. why do i say that? because when you look at video that i've watched about three or four times now that the wife had taken of the incident, it's pretty clear to me, and i'm very objective, trust me, as an investigator, it's clear to me that mr. scott got out of vehicle with something in his hand. apparently that something looked like a gun, whether it was a gun or not, we don't know. the police chief said it was a gun. it looked like a gun. look, when you're in a situation like that, trish, and you have more than one police officer, you've got two police officers, saying drop the gun, drop the gun, apparently they thought it was a gun, and if that is the case and this guy
2:41 pm
doesn't drop whatever it was in his hand and they decide to use lethal folks, guess what? that's considered a justifiable shooting. trish: is there a way to shoot without killing someone? could they have shot him -- i understand it's a scary moment, but it almost feels as though, they are trained, right, to be able to shoot and not kill. could they not have shot him -- >> in the leg or something? trish: yeah, and been able to disarm him in some way, why shoot to kill? >> no. that's the way we're trained. we're trained to shoot to kill for a reason. typically, the bad guy that has a gun, he is going to shoot to kill. we are trained to respond accordingly. bad guys don't shoot police officers to wound, they shoot to kill. they don't shoot anybody to wound, they shoot to kill. that's why we're trained to do that. we use tasers and that technology has been successful in certain circumstances, trish. when you have a guy, not
2:42 pm
knowing anything about who the guy is and gets out of a vehicle or wherever he comes from and has a weapon in his hand, that can kill others, you have to treat that accordingly, and you have to use lethal force. trish: what should he have done? gotten out of the car, and whatever he was holding, let it go and say i don't have a gun. that's his wife on the tame. you hear her yelling at the officer saying don't shoot, he's not armed, he doesn't have a weapon, he's not going to do anything to you guys. she mentioned he has a traumatic brain injury and just took his medicine. i don't know what that would signify saying he just took his medicine, she said he's not going to harm you, he just took his medicine. they don't recognize her on the film. they are completely so focused on the situation at hand, rod? >> they probably did hear her and did recognize that, and, you know, in their minds. we take that into consideration, but at the same
2:43 pm
time -- excuse me, whether or not this guy had just taken his medication, had a traumatic brain injury, it's unfortunate but he had a gun in his hands. he needed it to drop the gun. trish: you really think he had a gun. >> absolutely. trish: that's what the body cam will prove? >> absolutely. i think he definitely had a gun. one last thing, trish. the wi this guy, keith, don't do it, don't do it. if you listen up to the point the police officer shot, her volume increased, keith, no, no, no! don't do it! and then the cops shot. i can't think of any other things the police officers could have done in the situation, trish. trish: it's not entirely clear when she's saying keith, don't do it. you don't actually see what's going on, so you could interpret that differently and think she wants him to get out of the car because she doesn't want him to bang in the windows. look, i don't know, i think there's a lot of questions, i
2:44 pm
absolutely agree they ought to be releasing that video. so good to have you here, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you, trish. trish: a quick break, we are going to be back as the north carolina governor addresses the public on this issue right after this. see you here. the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's
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2:46 pm
closing down, closing out the week there, you can see down 4%, oil declining on a report that saudi arabia is ready to cut production in a bid to stabilize prices but only if iran agrees to output freeze. marriott closing on $13 billion acquisition with starwood hotels and resorts, creating the largest hotel. starwood, w, westin and sheridan. we're going to be right back with the governor of north carolina who is speaking of course on that shooting that happened down there in the aftermath in charlotte, north carolina. see you back here after this.
2:47 pm
everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is.
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trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. . trish: all right, everyone, north carolina governor pat mccrory is addressing the media about the fatal police shooting that happened most recently and, of course, the aftermath of what happened in charlotte as we have seen two nights of violent protests there in the streets of north carolina. in fact, one resulted in one person being put on life support. talking about the weather issues that they're struggling with right now. as we wait for him to get to the meat of this press conference. let's go to rod wheeler. rod, a lot of newseing created this afternoon in part because the "new york times" got ahold of the new video that
2:49 pm
was shot on the cell phone by keith scott's wife, in which she pretty hysterically is demanding for the police to not shoot at her husband. it's pretty tough to watch. you know, what's your overall reaction to it, you mentioned to me you've seen it several times now. your thoughts? rod wheeler if you can hear me, thoughts on the "new york times" video. we're going to go to rod in just a moment. i believe his audio is not connected to mine. again, this came out, you can hear the wife of keith scott saying he doesn't have a gun, don't shoot him. he doesn't have a weapon. he has a tbi, a traumatic brain injury and says he's just taken his medication, and that he is not going to hurt them, but on the other hand, you hear the police yelling at him, screaming at him to drop his
2:50 pm
weapon, to drop the gun, and so it's clear they see something, and as much as she's insisting he doesn't have it, it seems as though they really do believe that that's in fact what he had a weapon in his hand. rod wheeler is with me along with pete hegseth. we were discussing with rod, pete, that officers are trained to shoot and kill, and one of my questions is whether there's another way to do this, perhaps in a way that does not result in the death of one of these guys anyway. the governor is saying important stuff on this situation, let's listen in. >> when we arrived at the guard headquarters yesterday in charlotte, before they were deployed out on the streets of charlotte, and i just was so impressed with the professionalism,ith their willingness to do their job, and, of course, with their follow through, and i think the rest of the nation, the rest of the state saw the valuable tool that the national guard is for
2:51 pm
our country and for the state of north carolina. what they did upon extremely short notice last night under very, very trying conditions in supporting the police department of charlotte was, i think, just a role model for guards in all 50 states, and i just like to personally thank the general for his outstanding professionalism of his team and all your commanders for the work that they've done. i've been notified by the chief that we anticipate them still wanting to be deployed through the weekend. i've committed whatever resources he needs, and i will follow his directive. and again, thank you very much to the national guard. i was just -- you saw people hugging them, them hugging back. it was the best of america that we saw. i'm proud of you. i'm very proud of you.
2:52 pm
i'd like to also thank our highway patrol, our troopers. again, we're not giving the number of troopers that we sent, but we sent a lot, and they're still there, and they're sleeping right now getting ready for another night. i hope some of them are sleeping, they're all on cots in charlotte at this point in time, and i again like to thank colonel gray and his team for the incredible work they did last night in protecting the highways, in protecting overpasses and also protecting infrastructure in and around downtown charlotte and throughout the city, and our men and women in black and gray, i thought did an outstanding job and to you colonel gray and frank perry, my secretary, i'd like to thank you very much for your leadership. i'd like to say as the mayor stated earlier today, thank the members of the charlotte community and the neighborhood leaders, a city close to my heart since i was mayor there for 14 years. we saw the best of charlotte
2:53 pm
last night. we saw the best of charlotte on very tense situations where we had community leaders and members of the clergy step in between the guard and some individuals that were not wanting to engage in a peaceful process, and wanting to cause trouble. they're diffusing, community leaders defusing the situation is the best of charlotte and best of north carolina, and we're going to need you in the coming weekend as we come to a friday night and saturday night as the mayor and the chief of police said, we need the community leaders as much as we need and more the public safety officials. so i want to thank my hometown of charlotte for helping in that effort. there are some things that still concern me. first of all, as i think the chief of police stated, there are some groups that are coming into our state that are here to
2:54 pm
cause anarchy and not respect our law or respect our property or to respect our citizens. and i'll say again as i said the other day, this state, this governor, and the city of charlotte will not tolerate the destruction of property, the harming of individuals and especially attacks toward the men and women of law enforcement and the men and women of our national guard, and that also the men and women of first responders, the firefighters, the medics, putting themselves on the line to deal with a very, very difficult issue, and i say that very strongly to those individuals who are coming into our state and some who live in our state who want to cause harm to our basic society norms and our democratic process week will not accept it, and we will not tolerate it, and again, i appreciate those citizens who were also stepping in and saying this is not the best of america. in those types of behaviors of destruction and hurting other people. i'm also very pleased that the
2:55 pm
police department has, my understanding, has made an arrest of a suspect in the shooting death of an individual during the protest two nights ago, i'm very pleased to see someone in custody, there were a lot of false rumors out there regarding an individual in law enforcement being involved in that shooting. sadly, some of the interviews were broadcast on national broadcasts that i saw, and that's irresponsible that you allow such false information to be on the air, which again stirs up tension in the state and in the community and in this nation, because i'm convinced and very much trust that no one in law enforcement was involved at all and glad they arrested a suspect based upon a lot of video evidence and other witnesses and i commend the police department for doing their job in that area. i just want to let you know based upon most recent conversations literally in the
2:56 pm
last hour with the chief of police, the chief of police again has requested that we continue to have the national guard presence and the presence of the sbi and the presence also of the highway patrol, north carolina highway patrol, through sunday. and if it comes earlier and things calm down, maybe many of these men and women can come back home and help us with the rest of the state. we'll do anything we can in the state of north carolina to support the city of charlotte and keep it safe, and we'll fulfill the obligations. i want to let everyone know in the state that this does not come without a cost. in fact, we've had some costs due to flooding of about $81,000 at this point in time that we'll be pulling out of the emergency funds. we have costs because of the colonial pipelines, rupture of about $185,000 out of our emergency fund, and then at
2:57 pm
this point in time, as of today, the charlotte costs to bring the guard and the highway patrol and lodging and meals and things of this nature and transportation, at this point in time is up to $287,000. so the state of north carolina is incurring these costs but that's exactly why we have reserves is to deal with emergencies and this is an emergency that i signed onto and i committed to helping the great city of charlotte. the elected officials and especially the public safety officials in the city, and we'll continue to fulfill that obligation. i do want to let you know of one other issue or two other issues. i do want to let you know that the state bureau of investigation has initiated the investigation regarding the initial shooting that drew the protest. i do want to let you know that they've actually been working
2:58 pm
on this for several days and up to this point in time, they've identified and interviewed they believe most of the critical witnesses, so that's just to let the public know that they're working very hard, however -- trish: all right, you've been listening to the governor of north carolina talk to the media about the challenges of the last couple of days in north carolina. tonight go to our two guests, rod wheeler along with pete hegseth. one of the points he made there, rod, was that they have some anarchy groups coming into north carolina, he said this is not something we will tolerate. he was very proud of charlotte last night for the quietness, you could say, compared to the previous two nights and we're not going to tolerate the two groups. who's coming in? what are they trying to do? >> groups from other areas, other states. we saw the same thing in baltimore. down in dallas, they had groups from the black lives matter and
2:59 pm
the other groups that came in there, they were just causing problems. i applaud the governor for making sure that those groups are dealt with appropriately, and they're going to arrest them if they start trouble, and you know what, trish? they should. those folks have nothing to do with what's going in the city of charlotte. trish: pete, is it not a little crazy, here we are dealing with these issues as a country in such a way that i don't think we have seen, when you think about the riots and the people taking to the streets and the violence, i don't think we've seen since 1960s which is before my time, but you know, this is the kind of stuff you read about in the history books and it's happening right now? >> time of such consequence where a nation has a clear choice after such a missed opportunity of the first black president who could have and should have brought communities together as opposed to reinforcing divisiveness and you got cops in impossible situations where they want to go home at night and they are making tough calls, and community targeted even though
3:00 pm
oftentimes the statistics or facts don't bear out the way many accuse. tough situation, the election, there's a choice, and it's playing out right before us. trish: indeed it is, more intel come monday with the big debate. see you there monday night. pete, rod, thank you so much. liz claman sending it to you for the final hour of the day. liz: i want to let viewers know, we are keeping a very close eye on the situation. looking for the 2:12 long video. we'll check it, make sure it's appropriate to you and get it to you. we are watching the markets very closely. you got to believe that big tech is the center of attention at this hour as the markets wrap up a winning week but to the down side, no now records for the nasdaq, the dow and the s&p lower after three straight days of gains. one tech titan dealing with hear message of epic proportions, facebook billionaire mark zuckerberg under fire from


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