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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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other acts that are parroting his acts. i think they had the worst ratings on sunday night football in seven years last sunday. >> there are people who watch and don't even notice. they tune in and what? did something happen? >> have a great weekend. >> there you go, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. liz: only 46 days until the election and the latest fox poll showing a neck-and-neck race. this as new e-mail evidence reveals a government push to sign up immigrants before the election. and the wife of the allegedly armed black man killed by a black charlotte cop releasing
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cell phone shooting. this is "risk & reward" i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. immigration officials looking like they're working overtime to swear in as many immigrant citizens as possible before the election. my colleague peter barnes joins me with the details. >> reporter: the implication is the administration may be trying to swear in as many citizen voters as it calls to help hillary clinton. that's what two top republican senators are worried about based on this e-mail within the immigration service obtained by the senate judiciary committee. the e-mail from a manager in the houston field office and dated july 21st. it reads, quote, the field office due to the election year needs to process as many of their n-400 cases as possible between now and fy 2016 they are citizenship applications, the message to encourage staff to work overtime and the office would be opened on weekends to
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accommodate the extra work. immigration official told the processing push has to do with managing applications in a timely manner and officials are trying to deal with the surge in applications typical in election years. applications have exceeded expectations this year, in a letter to the department of homeland security senators chuck grassley and ron johnson, the agency should instead review old ones, that's because of an inspect aror general report that found that government does not have the proper records to prevent identity fraud finding the agency granted citizenship to 858 immigrants including some from high-risk countries who had been ordered deported. but applied for citizenship with a false identity and the agency did not catch them because their fingerprints were not in government databases, liz? liz: heck of a development,
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peter, and come from countries of national security concerns, right, peter? >> correct. liz: the rush to create new citizen voters? watch this. before bill clinton ran to be re-elected in 1996, his administration accused of rubber stamping hundreds of thousands of illegals as brand new citizen voters. all told, an estimated 1.3 million immigrants were quickly made citizen voters in 1996. that was triple than 1995 total, but back then, what happened was we saw a u.s. house subcommittee claiming that thousands of criminal background checks were rushed, letting in, quote, drug dealers, rapists and murderers, that's the quote from the u.s. government, they were sworn in as citizens and at that time the "wall street journal" reported --
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trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pierson joins me now. good to see you, katrina. you know, katrina -- >> nice to be here, thank you. liz: al gore said back then the democrats are at risk of running, a democratic voter mill, and the concern is that might be happening now. have you heard any talk about that? >> of course we've heard tk about that, this is the way the government runs things, reports in california where there is tax dollars going to nonprofit organizations who were tasked to get these individuals signed up to vote. and this is how your government works today, there is no wonder why people have lost all faith in the government. we have the inspector general's report that shows many of the individuals were from special interest countries, meaning hostile nations or terrorist nations for that matter, some of the individuals, which have
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ended up in law enforcement, liz, some have security clearances for crying out loud. we are not safe. donald trump's campaign highlighting these things from the very beginning. my question is was this intentional? is anyone punished are in? any accountability at the federal level how this process took place? the answer is probably not. liz: katrina, back then, democrats are arguing they were rushed to become citizen voters because the gop was threatening to cut their benefits. gore aide at that time complained that ins bureaucrats were hindering efforts to create a million voters by election day. i mean, what to you think the consequences of this could be? >> again, this is another opportunity to create more democrat voters. this election is extremely close and 100,000 votes could change it in key states. administration is pushing for
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100,000 more refugees, mr. trump was criticized when he said not just 10,000 refugees that the administration wanted to bring in. there were outposts bringing in tens of thousands of more. they're not telling american citizens where the refugees are going, they cannot be properly vetted and this goes to prove it. donald trump has been saying this from the beginning and only one that wants to f it. >> the point to that, the media doesn't report this, european media is reporting it. isis is embedding terrorists, sleeper cells throughout europe. that's a concern. let's shift to the next topic. the number of illegals who are supposed to be deported, the story at the top of the hour and yesterday. it's more than double the 858 initially reported. now it turns out the homeland security mistakenly gave citizenship to 1800 illegals from countries that pose national security concerns including terror hot spots.
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katrina, we've got senator ben sasse of nebraska saying, quote -- i mean, are you seeing that on the campaign trail? >> absolutely. these are the things we know about. imagine what has been happening that americans don't know about? this is one of the issues of transparency that mr. trump wants to bring to the forefront because the bureaucracy is so big and completely careless, we have another candidate, hillary clinton, who wants to bring in 550% more of the refugees knowing we cannot vet them and as you mentioned, the european governments are reporting and even our own national intelligence is telling americans we cannot vet the individuals because there are no fingerprints, no records for the nations, yet hillary clinton is running her campaign on bringing in tens of thousand of more. i can guarantee you the refugees are not resettled into the communities of the
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politicians, they're going to go into the suburban areas, the inner cities, this is why we have so many people struggling today because we have the democratic party that is insistent on creating new voters rather than doing what they're supposed to do, that is to represent the people. liz: to your point, fbi director james comey said you can clear the database until the cow comes home, that's a direct quote from james comey. new video showing the fatal encounter between charlotte cops and keith scott. this is video from scott's wife. it is disturbing, we're going to show it to you later in the show. after criticizing donald trump for calling the new york city terror attack and bomb too early, hillary clinton had this to say on the charlotte shooting tweeting --
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yes justice, yes, bridging divides, but katrina, is mrs. clinton rushing to judgment because cops and the police force in charlotte is saying wait combustible situation, we've got to complete the situation because it could cause more chaos. >> absolutely. of course, she rushed to judgment because it would suit her narrative. and it's truly unfortunate the videos are coming out, more and more evidence will be released and then we have to let the system run its course. and mrs. clinton also referred to the bombings in new jersey and new york. it's just that the other media outlets left that off of her statement as they continue to replay it. there is a double standard here in the media. mr. trump wants to be honest and up-front with the people, he says what he thinks and means what he says, unfortunate we have a candidate rather than addressing the problems, the underlying issues, the intrinsic problems to focus on the symptoms and use that to keep our nation divided.
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and, you know, liz, a nation that is divided cannot stand. liz: thank you for that point, because i think it's an important one. and i think the country is looking for unity candidate. that's what we hear in the polls. next up, the candidates will have the first debate mondays, fox business is all over it. here's donald trump saying hillary clinton is resting up for it. >> where is hillary today? they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. liz: so what is mr. trump's strategy going into the debates, katrina? >> mr. trump is looking forward to the debate. this is something he's been waiting for from the very beginning because he has a vision, something we haven't seen in politics in this country in a very long time. not just hot air of hope and change, this is actual hope and change, this is a change in the policy. mr. trump wants to get out there and tell all of america who will be watching what his
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vision and what he wants to do for the country. liz: is he going to be nice? is he going to bring up her health issues? >> i think mr. trump is going to be mr. trump. and if she hits him, he will hit her back ten times harder. he's going to be true to himself. he's definitely prepared for it debate and hillary clinton is the status quo. he's going to point this out. hillary clinton has been on the front lines of every problem we have in this country, whether it's the failed public education system, whether it's nafta, tpp, she called tpp the gold standard, today she said she is against it. she propelled the senseless wars, amnesty and propped up the banks that put so many consumers into massive debt. mr. trump is going to point that out and show you how he's going to resolve the problems. liz: we have ted cruz saying he's going to support trump. trump was tough on ted cruz,
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called him lyin' ted cruz, now he's in support of donald trump. what do you make of that? >> i think it's fantastic, mr. trump welcomes all of the republican endorsements and ted cruz did give his support to the nominee, we're happy to see that. at the end of the day, this such bigger than ted cruz and donald trump. this is the future of our country. this is what's going to happen to the next generation of our children. this is supreme court. whatever happens in november will never be undone, we have to come together and support mr. trump, if we truly want a conservative supreme court justice, if we want to reform education, and if we want to take the corruption out of government. liz: thank you, katrina pierson, trump spokesperson, appreciate your time. tune in for complete debate coverage monday night starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time with lou dobbs followed by neil cavuto live from hofstra university in new york. all here on fox business. next up, most of the hillary e-mails, a big chunk of
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them recovered during the fbi's investigation will not see daylight until after the election. a judge today approving the delay and guess where the request came from? obama state department. we've got the details. plus a new report, the fbi gave an immunity deal to another top clinton aide. this time cheryl mills, who's got judge andrew napolitano to weigh in on that, after this. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do.
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. liz: president obama vetoing legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia over its alleged ties to the 9/11 terrorists who carried out the attacks. congressional supporters of legislation say they are confident they can succeed in
5:17 pm
overturning the president's veto. the obama administration had until midnight friday to reject the measure or would have automatically become law. next up, the state department convincing a judge to delay the release of some of the almost 15,000 new hillary clinton e-mails until after election day. this is breaking news. meaning some of the messages recovered during the fbi investigation won't see the light of day until after november 8th. joining me by phone, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. tom fitton is calling this absolutely corrupt process, do you agree with him? >> well, we don't know the reason for the delay emac. on its face it does appear to be corrupt when. fbi director comey on july 5th, the same day and at the same time he revealed he was recommending that charges not be pressed against secretary clinton said that the fbi
5:18 pm
recovered thousands, plural, of work related e-mails, we had no idea how many thousand. 14,000+, nearly 15,000 work related e-mails that mrs. clinton and her people failed to surrender to the state department as she was ordered to do by several federal judges, which the fbi found after going through all of the e-mails. the question now is what's in those nearly 15,000, and why won't the american public be able to see them until after election day and unfortunately won't get a satisfying answer to that. liz: judge, because you're an expert and watching and terrific government watchdog, what do you think is going on behind the scenes here? >> i think that the state department has succeeded in persuading a federal judge that even though or just because the fbi has obtained these, doesn't mean they should automatically be released to the public, that if the state department needs
5:19 pm
to go over each e-mail to see if there is anything in there that is confidential, secret or top secret, and that's the essence of the tom fitton complaint. they should have done that before this. but what was revealed in court today that really set off tom and the rest of the judicial watch legal team is a revelation by the state department that they removed many people from this assignment, reviewing all of her e-mails, intentionally slowing the process down, now, again, i don't know this is being done for a corrupt reason that is hiding a ticking time bomb, a political time bomb from the public until after election day or if the state department has legitimate manpower problems, but that revelation today came in an unacceptable time and the judge bought it. liz: wow, judge, on a friday night this is happening. >> never stops, but it does seem to break on friday night. liz: exactly right.
5:20 pm
i'd like to shift to another topic, fox news confirming hillary clinton former chief of staff cheryl mills and two other staff members granted immunity in exchange for cooperation. in the now-closed fbi investigation into mrs. clinton's use of private e-mail server as secretary of state. house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz telling the associated press -- again, these are three cases of immunity that are in addition to two others we already know about, including the i.t. guy who set up the home servers. judge, i didn't know the -- who is giving out the immunity? >> it actually is not immunity. immunity is an order signed by a federal judge which bars prosecution forever on the subject matter of the immunity, and it can only be given in
5:21 pm
order to induce or compel a person to testify before a grand jury or trial jury. there was no grand jury in this case, since there was no indictment, there was obviously no trial jury. what ms. mills apparently got was the following; since we don't have a grand jury, don't have a subpoena, we don't have a subpoena, we can't force to you turn over your laptop. if you voluntarily give us your laptop, we promise not to use anything in there against you. apparently that's what was done that. is not immunity, that's a limited agreement not to prosecute. justice department apparently did that with ms. mills who is in a very unique situation, she's not only a witness, she's also secretary clinton's lawyer. they apparently did that with theor four people as well. three of which we didn't know about until congressman chaffetz revealed it today. liz: what do you think the government wants out of cheryl mills? >> whatever they got out of
5:22 pm
cheryl mills did not result in enough evidence to persuade them to seek indictment of mrs. clinton. emac, the prosecution was tainted from the beginning, they didn't they were going to find a way to exonerate mrs. clinton but cheryl mills was at the center of all the e-mailing activity and the establishment of the private server. she was mrs. clinton's lawyer, counselor and chief of staff in four years that mrs. clinton was the skrachlt so she obviously knew a great deal. it is very, very bizarre that a human being can be a witness and a lawyer in the same case. liz: that's strikeing. >> that is what happened. liz: that is striking, judge, and the clinton foundation is at play, too. this is so unusual what's going on. i appreciate your insights, judge napolitano, and i hope you have a good weekend. you've been working hard. >> you as well, see you monday. liz: breaking news, yahoo! sued
5:23 pm
over the data breach that saw an historic half billion accounts hacked. that's the biggest hack ever. the suit says yahoo! committed gross negligence connected to the breach, led by a new yorker who says his personal information was stolen. also the wife of the allegedly armed black man killed by black charlotte police officer released video of the shooting. we will play it for you next.
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>> cell phone video just released. it was a man shot by a police officer. we will show a bit of it now. it is disturbing. it is difficult to watch. >> don't shoot him. he has no weapon.
5:27 pm
he has no weapon. don't shoot him. them. he didn't do anything. he doesn't have a gun. he just took his medicine. keith don't let them break the window. come out of the car. keith don't do it. keith get out the car. don't you do it. keith don't you do it did you shoot him. he better not be dead. i know that much.
5:28 pm
i'm not to come at you i'm in record though. he better be a lie. liz: and that was most of the video. what are your first thoughts crystal? >> heart mentioning to watch a man lose his life on camera. my second thought is that video leaves more questions than answers i fear again for the people in charlotte. i think it is like a rush to judgment. i don't know about you there's gaps in the video it's hard to see it and like the chief of police said that's why he's not going to release the police cam videos it is just get to create more frustration, more violence from black americans in
5:29 pm
charlotte who are outraged at the video that we just saw but then they are rekeyed the same violence and hate on innocent people in charlotte how is that social justice? liz: the video doesn't capture on video the moment of the shooting. what are your thoughts about how this changes the narrative or what effect it will have. i think it's can have a violent effect on the narrative. it will further punctuate the violence that has become the face of black american charlotte that police gone down on unarmed black men. we know that's just not true. conclusively we don't know there is a lot of evidence according to the chief of police that keeps scott indeed have a weapon and i know north carolina is an open carry state but the reality is you can have a weapon you can't
5:30 pm
threaten a police officer with a weapon. we don't know what has happened. the important question we need to ask ourselves as a country and be prepared for the answer is this why is it that you had guns police officers armed and unarmed black men always colliding and a really bad recipe. what is really causing that and let's be honest about what is kling people in chicago in urban cities across the country. i'm tired of liberals telling me that's deflecting that's rhetoric. it's very much related because the reality is while there are bad police officers out there all too often the face of violent crime, guns and homicide are black men and by the way did we mention that keith scott has a rap sheet that's pretty long. he served seven years in jail if it turns out --dash he turned seven years in jail.
5:31 pm
five different charges of assault with a deadly weapon. so this wasn't a quiet family man liz: the debate is do you shoot people because you're scared it's such a difficult debate it so heartbreaking and how do you stop it from escalating and getting to that point. it should be noted i can at least ten times the police said drop the gun i heard the commands. i don't want to say the police sounded pretty definitive that they saw a gun and they ask him several times drop the weapon we are telling you again and again. his wife yells out the officer doesn't know what that means.
5:32 pm
as a country it hurts me when i see black men gunned down in this way and i feel like all too often i'm coming on your show or another show talking about this. but like donald trump says police are not the enemy we need to have an honest discussion about this. and maybe had them apply there is discussion to be have about that but why are guns always finding their way into the hands of the young black men. liz: that's a tragedy as we move into the weekend. it's a difficult situation. we think thank you for your insights again. they're bringing you the first presidential debate on monday. he plans to be nice that's why ask katrina pearson about how he is trying to be nice. ed rollins here to talk about the game plan next up they are
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>> i will be very respectful of her. i think she deserves that. i'm going to be nice we will
5:37 pm
have something that people are going to respect as a debate. we will see how it all goes. liz: they do have a history of some pretty tough attacks on the rivals. given my answer. let's hear it. so far i'm doing better. you are moving over further and further. with me out now ed rollins. what do you think. do you think they will pay --
5:38 pm
play nice for the entire night. there is big differences between the two. a president is a decision maker. every day they are three to four decisions head to make. i grew up in the toughest group. how to do make those tough decisions every day. i would basically stay on a very high level. she has been around the game for a long time. it is going to be about temperament. i made sacrifices also.
5:39 pm
i wonder how he will show the world that he does have the temperament to be president. my sense is the vast majority people haven't paid a detention to the republican primaries but i think they well for this one. at the end of the day this is when he went to mexico and a lot of people didn't think he could stand on the same stage. has this been taken in consideration and that when the scandal broke in the '90s that hillary clinton's approval ratings went up and some say 60% because she was perceived as a victim. that was a lot of years ago. i think most women especially young women are more than willing to get up and fight
5:40 pm
for themselves. my sense is when i can a deal at the past as we are the present. she was a decent first lady. she now has a lot of others. as she said who do you want to answer at 3:00 in the morning. what happened. she has a tendency to get into too much detail. she knows every fact and figure. she doesn't need to worry about the details. they don't think she's honest. because of the foundation and the e-mails and all the rest
5:41 pm
of it. and somehow it just to make herself likable again. 60% of the country say that they are going in the wrong direction. and more of the same obama policies. obviously obama will play a big role. play a big role. ever pretty good right hook. there's still a chance. how long ago was that. hillary clinton announcing as the entrepreneur small business to leave to your family. they are saying it's the best way to redistribute and establish wealth. we have the details after this. don't go away.
5:42 pm
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hillary clinton proposing of dropping 65% tax rate for the very wealthiest americans. it is the best way to redistribute wealth in america. the power panel with me now. liz: the clintons use the property trust to put their ho and also insurance trust to avoid estate taxes.
5:46 pm
is that fair what they are proposing? >> first of all the change in the tax effects only .2%. >> is it fair to do tax rate when the clintons avoid estate taxes with property insurance trust. i don't know what the details are. i think this is one example of raising taxes. back to 2001 the rates were raised by a republican congress. this affects a tiny portions of americans this is not a tax on the middle class. let's turn to you kevin the
5:47 pm
government has wasted $1.2 trillion over the last decade and overpayments out of net medicaid. medicare. they want to take basically $1.5 trillion out on the u.s. economy after the next decade. why not stop that waste first before you take another nickel of the u.s. taxpayer money. >> the clintons don't care about that. we want to this rule. it is just another example of them doing. they are not to the next president. the plans would add trillions
5:48 pm
those are just that analysis. it creates economic growth. basically the net startup and growth. in the history of the country. that would create two thirds of jobs. he have the estate tax. or is it a good thing. >> that's incorrect. liz: that's not incorrect. it affects people who die with
5:49 pm
the estate largest. >> i push it you're on the show but having studied that's because these policies have taken money out of the u.s. economy and wrecked job growth. you're right. most the time were talking about his people with assets and the family farms the people that had worked hard all of their life. they've tried to they tried to make a better life. they think there's not enough of them to vote. they are trying to enact policies that are detrimental not only to them. >> you ask about the small business growth.
5:50 pm
you criticize over and over again. any government spending. how else do they do it. kevin and lauren thank you so much have a good weekend. about how she is going to debate. >> why my 50 points ahead you might ask. ♪
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>> foxbusiness it will will be bringing you our first presidential debate. we have hillary ades saying prep interface to donald trump. it's hillary who is going to have the issues who well have the problems. keith apple with me now. what do you think she is up against with mister trump. the authenticity of a man who can summer -- summit righteous indignation is the way the storefront to profit for her and her husband.
5:55 pm
in getting back to business in a real way. not in a way that is pay for play. how do you think hillary clinton should prepare for a debate in donald trump. i think she should say i'm not doing at the debates. i don't know that debating donald trump is something you can plan for great success it's like getting in the ring with mohammed ali. if the rodeo clown and one person. in a way if i had been advising hillary clinton i may have said say that he is a reality tv show. and simply don't debate. i think she could get hurt and hurt badly. donald trump says things that are true.
5:56 pm
he can say things that are unfettered the naked truth. he may stop at some point and say listen i want you to be able to tell me now that in fact you didn't steal money from the united states government because i've been in business a long time. to me what you did looks like theft and frankly i think if it weren't for your political connections you be indicted right now and likely in jail. and i mean no offense by that. thank you so much for your time. we will be right back. the microsoft cloud helps us
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6:00 pm
500 million accounts. it will be bringing to you life. neil brings it up with a follow up in the early hours. up next making money with charles payne. charles: good evening. we have major breaking news for you first the scott family releases a cell phone footage made by the wife of keith scott in the moments before and after he was shot by police. we've a short snippet for you. let's take a listen. >> don't shoot them, don't shoot them. he has no weapon. don't shoot them. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything.


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