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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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charles: i want to thank all of you for a fantastic show and here is the man himself, lou dobbs. keep it right here. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs. officials in charlotte north carolina tonight preparing for another evening of protest over the police shooting of a 43-year-old african-american keith lamont scott. who police say was armed and posed an imminent threat to officers. demonstrations were mostly peaceful last night but there is mounting pressure on officials to release the video of the tuesday shooting. earlier today scott wife release her own recording of the incident. in that footage you can hear rakeyia scott pleading with police not to shoot her husband.
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officers can also be heard yelling, drop the gun and she responds, he doesn't have a gun. scott was shot by officer brentley vinson who like scott is african-american. they will play the tape and among my guests jason colin and fred arts. also donald trump and hillary clinton took the day off from the campaign trail to prepare for monday's all-important presidential debate. the state high obviously some predict the first debate could drop a super bowl sized audience of somewhere around 100 lean people. i will tell you how both candidates are preparing and the clinton coverup continues. a federal judge today ruled that most of the 15,000 e-mails recovered from her server will be released but not intel after election day. if you think we do not have a problem in this country you are
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very much mistaken about the public's right to know. the president, the group seeking the e-mail slammed the decision saying the judicial process is quote absolutely corrupt and add to that the fbi. the fbi not immune from those allegations of corruption. it turns out that the fbi was we learned today that clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills and two other of her staff members were given immunity by the obama justice department in exchange for their cooperation in the now closed fbi investigation. that is, no testimony, no jail time but plenty of immunity. it's no wonder the fbi did not prosecute the case. our top story tonight, the family of keith lamont scott. he is the black man fatally shot
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by charlotte police. releasing video today that his wife recorded on herself on at the time of his killing. the video is the first publicly released footage related to the shooting which sparked three days at road tests and rioting in charlotte. the video includes officers repeatedly shouting drop the gun and pleas from scott wife and then gunfire. i do want to issue this morning. some of you may find this video disturbing. it is for grown-ups. >> don't shoot him. they'll shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he is not going to do anything to your guys -- to you guys.
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keith, don't let them break the window. come on out of the car. keith, don't do it. keith, get out of the car. keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith, keith, keith, don't you do it. lou: charlotte police officer and chief kerr putney refused to release any of that video held by the police of the incident, but said that decision no longer rests with his department. the investigation has been taken over by the state bureau of investigation and they will now decide whether to release those tapes to the public. i want to be very clear at the outset here tonight. it's inexcusable that video not be turned over to the public and
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there is something very wrong in our system when the police or the mayor, or the government agency that decide to not acknowledge the public's right to know, we have a serious problem that is compounding it very serious social problem. so, released a video. our first guest tonight addressed the fatal shootings by police saying the left, the black lives matter movement and progressives are trying to shoehorn any incident into a false narrative, namely that cops are are hunting black men. joining me now is wall street journalist manhattan institute columnist senior fellow and "fox news" contributor jason riley. chasing a day heavy with us. let's start first with this incident and the way in which in your judgment the police department in charlotte, the mayor's office has handled this situation. >> you use the term right to know that in general many parts of our criminal justice system
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are not open to the public and i don't know the proper way to conduct a homicide investigation is by releasing evidence piecemeal. i think that invites people to jump to conclusions when they haven't seen all of the evidence i think the goal here is to serve the cause of justice. i am as curious as anybody else what is on that video but i'm not sure releasing evidence bit by bit by bit is the best way for the police to do their investigation. i don't think listening to that video tells us anything about the protesters. they have made up their minds when they left their homes to go out and protest. lou: i have certainly never been one to say that it will orbit that is the purpose of the public's right to know what the purpose for the government agencies to release it because i don't contend that and i don't believe that would be the result but wanted to believe at this time it is we have made it very clear that government agencies and those that run them, the
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public does have a right to know in that right should be respected by all citizens. right now there is a breakdown with respect to the part of the agencies in their respect for the public and there's a breakdown in respect by many citizens for those government agencies. >> and to have anyone suggest paternalistically and patronizingly that the american people suddenly are such childish beings that we cannot be trusted with the truth, we have turned our government and the precepts of this government on its head. we will decide, public servants will do what we decided that the issue of this presidential race. the issue being fought out on the streets of charlotte and other places. >> paternalism is not the reason not to release the video. there are valid reasons and getting into the pressure of the
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mob. the police have to do their investigation. lou: this is not the pressure of the mob. i'm hardly a member of the mob. these are millions of americans that believe we are grown up american citizens and have the right to know what's going on and i will guarantee you that most of the people who live in charlotte north carolina are grown up big boys and girls who can handle the truth no matter what and king come to judgments and by the way withhold judgment based on what they know. two ignorantly deny them the right to know is to turn america's values on its head and turn the very idea of community on its head. this is outrageous what is being done by all of these government agents. >> we are living in a "big brother" world with these cameras and social media and how she was able to get her side out very quickly. you are right there not protocols in place and at least they are not uniform across the country department by department.
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maybe we need or that the people know what to expect when the shooting happened in how soon does the body cam are or police cart camera how soon should expect to see that. the goal of the police department is deserved the interest of justice and drip by drip we are leaving evidence like this is a reality television show. we have to be sure it's going to serve the interest of -- lou: you talk about this new world we are in. this new world is a lot like the old world and in a much earlier day. there was a time when a community with 150 people. do you think that word didn't travel much faster than in the interregnum between this new world? of course it did. people had clear ideas of one another. they talk to one another. they gossiped freely, openly and they were asked to sit and judge and the judge by a jury of their peers. this is not something that is beyond us.
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this is not something we are capable of. this is something we have allowed to be taken away from us and we have to bring it back. >> we are living in a situation now where there's a lot of pressure on police and it's very dangerous lou. if we are going to start by not giving law enforcement the benefit of the doubt you're only going to make the streets more dangerous. i don't mean you. i mean a person. lou: what will be seen by people is a police officer remember police officers having to use second judgment. >> the family and the lawyers who have seen this video say it's inconclusive. in this case it's not certain. it's not certain that showing the video would help. lou: every american and certainly the community of charlotte has a right right to say that video in the know what's going on at the idea that we can have. >> grand juries made in secret.
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there's a reason for that and i think the police may have a good reason for not releasing this video. lou: if they don't have good reason they can construct one. i have no problem with that. just as the attorney will have its way through them talking about the broader community and our right to know what's going on because only with full public knowledge of what that incident looked like and how it felt on what it sounded like and the horrible that resulted. will it give us a basis to make judgments that are free and fair and which have to be made by citizens, not in a way word and adequate means who have to be led in one direction and information denied them. i think we all have to come together on that. >> i can assure you -- lou: flip me start by asking what he think the process is like that's underway now click.
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>> hillary has to bring this up and will side with people who want a video released i believe and we will see what happens with this issue is going to enter into the race not only this issue but the what it also. i think we will see that come up and monday nights event. lou: i hope both candidates. >> hillary will see this as a play for young black voters and it will resonate. lou: i see it as a play for grown ups acting like adults in this country with the information available to them understanding the choices of the law enforcement officer and our law enforcement officers as you said correctly tremendous pressure in the split-second judgments that have to be made. i don't think they're many of us who would want to trade places with them. its eyes good to have you here. we are coming right back. we have a lot more for you, much more to cover tonight. please be with us for all of it. stay with us.
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donald trump preparing for the all-important first presidential debate, so is hillary. the difference is donald trump going back on the campaign trail tomorrow. >> where is hillary today? they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people say she's slipping. lou: we will talk about all that a more with the next guest fred barnes in these two skydivers taking their game of catch to new heights. the incredible video for you and the incredible video for you and it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. en a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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lou: he promised he wouldn't and he did. president obama vetoing legislation that would allow families of victims of the september 11 terrorist attacks to sue saudi arabia. the president says the bill would hurt u.s. national security as it has been 14 years since. the president ignoring the rule will of congress and the congress and aligning himself with interest that are not directly interested in an american interest. congress unanimously backed the bill on both parties vowed to override the veto and we will see what happens.
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mitch mcconnell and speaker ryan say they expected to be successful which requires a two-thirds majority. minority leader nancy pelosi said she will fight to override that veto. joining me executive editor of "the weekly standard" "fox news" contributor fred lawrence. fred, great to have you here. first on overriding the veto. why does does the press and keep aligning himself with every interest of that of america? >> well i'm afraid i will have to disagree with you on that. i don't think it's a legal issue in congress i understand why it's popular and why the veto will be over but this is an issue of diplomatic and national security. what we need is a president who will push the interest of saudi arabia diplomatically and otherwise. lou: so you are voting for john? >> i don't know what trump is on this. what i think is obama --
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lou: i'm just saying at some point, this president has to do one thing that is in support of american interest in the american people and i mean all of the people against forces of the line themselves against us and my god this is the perfect opportunity. >> i see why you said trump. i think if trump is present from port push the issue with the saudis saudi's and not make it a legal issue. you want the supreme court to decide this? the president and his administration and the state department defense department need to push it because 9/11 victims do have a point. lou: they do have a point. they are americans and they should have their way in my opinion but i'm just a simple american looking for simple americans who would support american interests. ted cruz came to his senses.
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there was an epiphany or medication or something and he decides he will vote for donald trump. how readily available is that medication and can make it to certain people we both know? >> look, lou don't begrudge ted cruz finally doing the right thing. lou: i don't at all. i applaud him. i am wildly excited about it. >> look how gracious donald trump was in response. lou: he is running for something and i'm not. >> of course he is but that's where you do. you don't want to say it's about time fellow. lou: but it's past time fellow. you know what you can do when you are not running for something? >> love f-bomb cruz and trump did. lou: i do applaud donald trump for so doing and it's what you would expect of a president. i have another problem though and that is the judge deciding
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that we don't get to see all the e-mails before the election. you and i can't disagree. it's a corrupt fbi. it's a corrupt administration. >> it's totally possible to do. >> other companies can hire tens of thousands of people. we will declare a holiday for the state department so they get through. >> they're obviously slow walking this thing. lester holt in the debate ought to ask hillary clinton. you said you want all your e-mails to come out. why do you urge the state department to get all of those 10,000 e-mails out by election day. lou: you have the judge now saying that would be such a burden for the state department. of course, please.
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it is corrupt. the judge is corrupt and either that or utter fool. either way the americans interest is not being served in justice. justice is being denied. hopefully not at the voting booth come november 8. there is a lot of accounting to be done. >> that's the problem with the whole e-mail issue with everybody getting immunity. people got the immunity so no one is being blamed for this. lou: wait, wait somebody is responsible. it is president obama and it's his justice department and loretta lynch as attorney general and his fbi director who is doing exact way obviously what he is told. >> he's certainly not securing justice in this case. lou: i referred to that very simply, he is as much to blame as president obama, loretta lynch hillary clinton and a
11:23 pm
whole bunch. >> i think the fbi has been saved by this. i think hillary needs to ask why. he said nothing illegal was done , then why are the five people working for you need a legal -- need legal immunity? lou: thank you fred warren's. it's always great to see you. are you going to be at the debate? >> i think this will be a debate that will be remembered mainly because trump will win. lou: it will be one for the edges. be sure to vote in our poll. the question is who do you think will win monday night's debate, donald trump or hillary clinton? who would like to hear from you and they will have the results an hour before the debate begins so we will share those with you monday evening. our broadcast against as usual at seven. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs tonight man facebook an instagram.
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go to "lou dobbs tonight." list everything @lou dobbs tonight come. please world of video to skydivers would give serena williams around for her money. watch as the fearless daredevils jump out of a plane at 15000 feet and a tricky game of catch while freefalling at 150 miles an hour or 120 depend on how you calculate. the thrill seekers use a special ball to make sure that doesn't fly away. more outrageous news from the obama administration. earlier this week we learned the department of homeland security had given citizenship citizenship to enter people who should have been deported. the administration now rushing citizenship applications to swing the election and doing so in writing. that's a subject of my commentary here next.
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lou: a few thoughts on the clinton obama political machine trying to affect the outcome of
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this presidential election. it has become axiomatic that republican elites won't open but is to provide cheap labor for their favorite folks in corporate america and democrats want those open borders for a different reason, and to bring in more voters for democratic candidates. today we know the latter part of the axiom has been proven true and internal obama administration e-mail shows immigration officers being ordered by their superiors to rush through as many citizenship applications as possible before the presidential election. the e-mail was just disclosed to "fox news" by republican senators chuck grassley and ron johnson. both are chairman of the committees with oversight in the homeland security department. the e-mail from the chief branch , the chief of the branch of the houston office and customs and immigration services one of the biggest processing centers in the entire country.
11:30 pm
parter eats quote the field office due to the election-year needs to process as many of their 400 cases as possible between now and fiscal year 2016 the e-mail goes from july 21. he goes on to say, if you have cases in this category or are pending you are encouraged to take advantage of the ot if you can. it's the end of the year crunch time so let's get crunchy. isn't that cute when bureaucrats talk like that? that's kind of fun. at a time when the department of homeland security should be vetting reviewing citizenship applications they are actually ramming them during pushing people out to the polls as fast as their little hands possibly can. homeland security has a proven aussie track record in processing cases under even normal circumstances. just this week were reported on
11:31 pm
the dhs inspector general's report 1000 people from so-called special-interest countries, i.e. those with high rates of radical islamic terrorism, were granted citizenship when those people actually were criminals and should have been deported. but not the obama way. a newly disclosed e-mail also contradicts an assertion made by homeland security an agency spokesman james mckinney told the "washington times" quote we adjudicate applications as well as educate and inform of the benefits of citizenship irrespective of elections. obviously except in election years when they want them to be voting as quickly as possible for whoever it is that has rushed their application through, in this case democrats. none of this is by accident of course. it's b we have all known for years but now it's obama who has put it directly in our face. the democratic party's
11:32 pm
presidential nominee hillary clinton wants open borders and a boosted their efforts to rubberstamp as many applications in time for the november election, a surge in citizenship will certainly help democrats at the polls in the this all sounds familiar that's because it is. the bill clinton administration did exactly the same thing right before the 1996 election. tens of thousands of people were given expedited citizenship processes despite criminal records or without going through proper background vetting. on the new finding senator grassley wrote to the dhs secretary saying quote we sincerely hope history is not repeating itself and quote. that's kind of nice and quaint but of course it's nonsense. of course it is exactly that. history repeating itself echoes the same people are in charge. the democratic party and the clinton cartel are still the
11:33 pm
ones manipulating both votes and history. now our quotation of the evening, this one from mark mcclinton on the american way and that includes not putting up with police chiefs mayor's family members or anyone else who says we the american people don't have a right to know and know everything. she says this. quote, the word equality shows up too much in our founding documents for anyone to pretend it's not the american way. so please don't let little fascists tell you and me what we can see or hear or handle. we are grown-up americans and public servants understand we accept nothing less than our rights and their respect. we are coming right back. even hillary clinton made president obama talks a little bit too much. here he is saying she needs to fix or her unlikable factor. >> there's a level of mistrust
11:34 pm
and a caricature of her that just doesn't jibe with who i know. lou: which hillary clinton will show up and how will she do? dawn and lee carter joins me next. this daredevil taking a high-risk walk on the wild side. we will show you the amazing we will show you the amazing stunt she pulls off in the is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner
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lou: we are going to be talking
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about this and we want to show you where we really are in the electoral vote. this is guesswork treated this is where we are and where these two candidates are. donald trump is trailing hillary clinton but i just 36 electoral college votes. according to realclearpolitics donald trump is ahead in all of the states that romney won in 2012 except arizona, georgia and north carolina. those states by the way are too close to call. trump does have some work to do there and he is working hard. but trump is also neck-and-neck or with a slight edge over clinton and states that romney lost to obama in 2012. those states are florida, iowa, michigan, pennsylvania, nevada, colorado, wisconsin, virginia and even new hampshire and maine
11:39 pm
11 states. remember promised he would put states in play and he has. clinton is 70 electoral college votes short of winning right now. trump is 106 votes short and that's why monday is so awfully, awfully important to both of these candidates. joining me now to be ph.d. radio talkshow hosts -- coach don darren jono. i laid it out as clear as i know how to lay it out. this is tighter than anyone could possibly imagine and trump right now he looks to be in a very good position. >> if you look at any trendline hillary clinton is on the he has done exactly what he is needed to do. he has been on message and motivating people and acting like a leader he's been talking
11:40 pm
about the issues that are the most important to people been no she is on the decline and he is i was tempted to but it's been dismissed by the national liberal media. what agree, couple of things there is point about the electoral college i because
11:41 pm
pennsylvania sometimes disappoints but surrogates and mrs. clinton is having trouble in the president bill clinton. some the principle surrogate, that is president obama, had been doing pretty well. right now and it may be because
11:42 pm
looks like he is losing his popularity rapidly. >> there's no question. when we have heard them on immigration. he is not capturing he being president obama. right now people want leadership. people are afraid and they want to hear reassurances and plans about immigration. they that they are going to be safe and you get the last word. who is going wasn't any guys like romney and some of these
11:43 pm
other do you think? >> donald trump always looks got to be having a good time and you have to be wanting to be i lied daredevil speed walk into this. what in the world looks to me like she's off been a properly named the craziest female will
11:44 pm
new reports president obama didn't consult military leaders before us
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lou: joining me the chair the military marine corps university author of "the new york times" best-selling book. great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. lou: that served this debate. donald trump, what he must do. he has been very clear at america first is the brand of his foreign-policy. what else must he do to sell that policy to america? >> while i think he is doing it already. he is being very explicit that we are at war. this is a man who understands that we are at war and having met him a couple of times the other thing that is clear to me as he wants to win this war. he wants to take political correct us out of this threat assessment. no censorship and none of this we can call a jihadi a jihadi. he wants the wartime president that vanquishes her most.
11:49 pm
lou: he has talked with president pena nieto of mexico and is done so with these and i think talking to folks who i know are aware of the conversations they had as adults and it sounds so promising. this is remarkable for a presidential candidate who has never had public service experience to take the lead in this way. >> not only that, somebody that has no background until recently in national security, very successful businessman. this is why i said yes when he reached out to me when he asked me to talk to him about national security now he has got people another reason people like general flynn's's former charger of the defense intelligence agency and expert in the region. this is a man who seems to be catching up rapidly and is
11:50 pm
having great effects with their partners who need to be reinforcing. and he is also comd immigration policy and national security talking about the threats whether it the emigrating to the this country are coming as refugees from countries but said i tajada some radical islam and mexico who is conjoined to illegal immigration and the transport of the majority of supplies of the most dangerous drugs into this country. >> i think it's potentially one of the most viable things he has done. i've used the word complaint in a good way because of in the past immigration has been mostly represented as s.w.a.t., jobs and maybe drugs. mr. trump has expanded that. he said it's not just about jobs and drugs come is about national security. it's about jihad is coming across our border. lou: let me be clear wasn't using template is a pejorative
11:51 pm
at all because he is conflated another issue that is childcare and elder care to come up with a very positive program but needs needs -- makes all the sense of the world and he's only one that i've heard you that before. his capacity to go beyond the narrow silos of these issues that represent challenges is helpful to an approach to solving them. he is about solutions. >> think about the fact that he has done this positive conflation in just the last two or three weeks. what is he going to do in the next month or two? >> or in the next few days, monday night. it's great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me and happy birthday for tomorrow. lou: new york's attorney general eric snyder announced a big settlement with the trump organization. are you ready? $50,000. that's what it is.
11:52 pm
in 2014 trumps hotels were hacked and 70,000 credit card numbers were stolen. no word on whether mr. snyderman is going to go after you yahoo! as we learned hackers stole the data of 500 le in people in 2014. snyderman got his 50 grand. let's see what he makes yahoo! cough up. we will see. up next on some calling for unity in the wake of the rights in charlotte. pastor robert jeffers discusses the need for unity in his nation and charlotte in particular here
11:53 pm
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lou: in our online poll we asked what do you believe is the real question clinton is 50 points behind trump. 77% said that is the real question. we'll see how that it works out beginning with monday night. joining us, pastor jeffress. let's start with the tragedy and terrible times the community of charlotte, north carolina are going through. your thoughts? >> lou, any time life is lost, a
11:57 pm
life that god created, it's a tremendous tragedy. but the cold hard truth is if both of these victims of police shootings, if they had obeyed the police they would be alive tonight. it's a responsibility of all of us who are leaders, whether clergymen, sports figures or the president of the united states. we ought to be encouraging people to obey law enforcement officials. i remind me congress grow nation of the words of romans 13. law enforcement are the ministers of god meant to administer justice. and you need to do right. if you do what police ask you to do, 99% of the time you will be just fine. lou: we have colin kaepernick and the nfl commissioner calling on them to act out against our
11:58 pm
flag and our national anthem. we have hillary clinton made disparaging negative remarks about law enforcement this president had throughout his term. it was only donald trump who stood immediately and talked about unity. and that made me feel good that we have a person as close as he is to leading the country talking about unifying all americans. he talks about all americans when he talks about restoring prosperity. it's strange to me it's taken this long for somebody to be talking about all of us at the same time rather than trying to talk about dissimilarities rather than commonalities. >> that's right. you had hillary clinton disparaging half of americans who were supporting donald trump. look at the contrast between obama, clinton and donald trump when it comes to this police issue. i'm one block away from where
11:59 pm
five dallas police were shot and killed earlier this summer. obama came to our town a few days afterwards and he embraced black lives matter instead of giving unequivocal support for police. donald trump will take the side of police. and if there is a question he will urge calm instead of unrest. we need a leader like that. lou: he made it clear he will demand equal justice. the debate monday night, i know you have got a certain bias in this. how do you expect that debate to go monday night? >> there are people who think donald trump ought to be locked away in trump tower with binders of information. that was a disaster for ronald reagan in 1984. he was filling his mind with facts and figures. and he looked flustered.
12:00 am
donald trump will be himself and he will be great. lou: you can take a cue. we appreciate that, pastor. thanks so much. be with us monday for our special coverage of the first presidential debate. good night from new york. [♪] >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing. i'm carr. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. we recently marked the 8th


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