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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good night. veveveveveveveveveves family contending with it. they have a much happier outcome. kennedy: who is in the lead in the crazy mixed up election. in a national poll clinton is ahead but trump is pulling ahead in crucial states. gary johnson won't be on the stage for the first critical debate. dr. ron paul will be here to explain the issues the world won't get to hear. put on some coffee. the night is young. how bad of a candidate is hillary clinton? she was dumb enough to ask this question. many of us already know the answer to.
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>> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? kennedy: why are you talking like that, i might ask. plus it gives donald trump a super easy question to answer. >> because she is terrible. kennedy: you are not 50 points ahead because people don't like you. it's not just you -- -- its am t just your sour disposition and your only governing principle is i should be more powerful. let's start with the lying. when james comey came out and said he wasn't going to recommend dmarnlgts the server scandal he still called you a big fat liar. >> i provided all my emails that ask possibly be work related. >> several,000 work related emails that were not among if the group of 30,000 emails
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returned by secretary clinton. >> i thought using one device would be simpler. >> she used multiple devices to send and read email. kennedy: then there is your health. people think you are lie being that, too. ken sorry. your power lust allows you to concentrate government control bin creasing taxes and increasing spending on entitlements and free college. you wants voters to be addicted to you and your legacy and statism. you steal people's money to buy them drugs. your statist love knows no bounds. and you feel obligated to impose
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your below thed brands of democracy to other countries. try the foreign variety when they are strapped to a bomb. up probably lie about those, too, and sugar coat your war mongering and being the world savior because you are the only person to come up with a novel idea of caring about children. people have soured on you, hillary. this is why you are not 50 points ahead in the polls. people can see through your shellacked bull crap. and we know your goal is to be the most powerful harpy on earth. enough about you. i'm kennedy. kennedy: she seems surprised she is not 50 points ahead in the polls. donald trump says she does have a lot of unfavorability problems according to the latest "wall
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street journal" nbc news poll. my amazing party panel will go over some numbers with me. gillian turner, michael malice* is here, and he's written a grealts book about north korea. rhon"reason" magazine edtoward t welch. hillary clinton pills surprised she is not 50 points ahead of donald trump in the polls. why don't you think she is 50 points ahead of donald trump. >> she has blown every single election she has ever run. she was ahead of bernie sanders by 50 points at some point. rick lazio by 40 points. she was ahead of donald trump by 10%age points. kennedy: she got a huge
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post-convention bump and he gave her the gift of several bumps in late july. >> at this point you could nominate anyone if they are a democrat and nominate michael malice as a democrat. as long as he said i'm a democrat, 85% of people would vote for michael mall is. michael -- michael malice. kennedy: we have seen so many people going for the tribes. you wrote a book about it. "declaration of independence." people don't like her because they think she is trying to consolidate for her. you make the argument that it's her secrecy that's so off-putting. >> when she got to washington she ran her healthcare office under secrecy.
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she is not capable of learning from her mistake. the other reason people don't like her is her sense of entitlement. when she ran against rick lazio, her campaign the had the mess thraj was a stoo stature gap. it was beneath her to be running against asitting congressman for the senate seat. trump is working hard for every vote. he's campaigning 24/7 like the crazy person he is. that reads. she thinks her victory is her due. kennedy: she makes the mistake. you talk about entitlement. that's what the basket of deplorables thing speaks to. the sense of entitlement, you are beneath me, you don't like me, therefore you are wrong and bad. what hillary is trying to do and she doesn't have a lot of time to do it.
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this is another way she is so off base. she can't connect with younger voters and independents. she is trying to reintroduce herself again. instead of reaching out to them, she is saying look at me. how many times does she have to do that? >> we have had the national polls going haywire. we have had swing states are not where we thought they would be. you said yesterday the pendulum could go back and forth and i think you are right. but her weakness with millennials and donald trump's weaknessr with college educated white males. those prevail in the swing states and on the national level. i think they both should be focusing there. i think they should be honing in on their weaknesses.
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kennedy: a new national poll shows hillary clinton has a pretty good lead over donald trump, according to the "wall street journal"-nbc news poll clinton is up 6 points over donald trump. yesterday we talked about three states that showed donald trump in the lead of those key swing states of north carolina, ohio and nevada. so we have a tale of two polls here. what should the candidates be looking at. what should we be looking at? >> it's a tale of 12 polls. what you want to do is find the apples to apples comparison. they are one of the big five the commission on presidential debates chooses tore averages out to get into the debates. clinton has a 6-point lead, the last one they did, she had a 9-point lead. it's actually tightening.
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according to jill stein, she is losing support right now. there is a left of center freakout that hillary might lose. that's bad news for hillary. donald trump is really close. hillary has benefited from losing a percentage point of jill stein's support. she has got to go to the millennials who are going libertarian. kennedy: let's talk about some groups the candidates are doing poorly with right now. she is beating donald trump by 80% with african-americans. do you think he should be focusing in urban community? >> when he shows up in front of black audiences the white audiences say he's not a racist, he's talking to black people. there are only a few states trump has to flip.
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if he gets nevada, ohio and florida and north carolina, he will still come short. he will have to flip something like colorado or pennsylvania or wisconsin or michigan. if he can't flip any one of those. >> he cut her lead in half from 10 to 5. colorado, that was a solidly democratic state. now there are a lot of tossup states that are either slightly leading one way or the other. >> if the debates go as we all think they do, there will be a heavy national security-u.s. foreign policy contingent to them. i think the big thing here, she just has to do what she does. she is pretty good at debating. she has to be consistent and have her k. game. but he has a big leap to make here. kennedy: both major party nominees reacting to the violence in charlotte.
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with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. kennedy: the violence in charlotte, north carolina has become the latest big issue on the campaign trail. as you may have seen police and
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rioters began battling on the streets tuesday night, started after cops shot a guy who may not or may have been armed according to whose account you believe. hillary clinton weighed in. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police in these encounters. it's unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable. kennedy: when asked how to stop violence the black community, trump told a fox news town hall that he supports the controversial police tactic of stop and frisk. >> i would do stop and frisk. we did it in new york. you have to be proactive. kennedy: trump clarified his stance and said he was referring to chicago with stop and frisk. but the point is the same.
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the party panel is back. a lot of lib tear yabs have an issue with this policy. even mayor bloomberg said i was yong when i disagreed with that judge who in 2013 said it violates the fourth amendment to stop and frisk people. >> stop and frisk is an anti-gun measure. carrying guns is a constitutional right in this country. in the case of new york one out of every 500 or 1,000, a small number of the people who were stopped and frisked had guns. new york has more restricted gun rights than north carolina or some other places, too. bill bratton who initiated this thing said at some point stop and frisk, you start creating diminishing returns. when you start giving them a lot of police. you arrest a lot of people who
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need arresting. then it became harassment. >> the murder rate went down without stop and frisk. kennedy: stop and frisk ended and some of the violent murder did go down. >> the president is not the president of local city police departments. kennedy: that's something i wants to talk about. i talked about it on "outnumbered." both hillary clinton and donald trump are saying we hav have tot national standards on local police forces. i think that's dangerous because of the clear connection between national police standard and militarization which is what people are supposedly protesting. the conservatives like to say they are for the constitution. as soon as the fourth amendment comes up they look at other way. but the thing is, what they are trying to do is, they are trying to say once i'm president things
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like charlotte won't be happening. something similar happened the in ferguson and the republicans had the biggest share of the house of representatives since 1928. it's totally going to play into donald trump's hands. donald trump came out against is sister sole.sister solja. >> it highlighted something i have been feeling for a while. i think her approach is to treat this at the national level. for her that's systemic racism or whatever wants to call it. for him it's more treat the symptoms approach. >> do you any either one worked? >> i think there has to be a mixture. i don't think it's one or the other.
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i don't think a national policy for police training is solve this. kennedy: i think it's about control. and my knowledge is right. you are that much closer to living in a police state and that is not acceptable, no matter what the tone or tenor is in the national conversation or because of events that are unfolding. monday's debate is shaping up to be an epic battle between hillary and the donald. but first, we haven't even elected the next president and the election is already hurting the economy. brian brenberg breaks it down next. thwow, it's nice.ew 2016 chevy malibu. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology,
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kennedy: if you are frightened about the prospects of the 2016 election, you are not alone. companies are keeping their wallets shut and playing wait and see. nearly 20% of the s & p 500 companies are reporting the 2016 presidential election has been bad for business. they call it a giant red flag. joining me, brian brenberg. let's discuss a lot of people are really worried. they freaked out by the election. they don't know what's going to happen. how is this affecting business? >> if you don't understand what the rules of the game are going to be. what is the tax and regulatory policy, you don't want to put a lot of money at risk. you have two candidates in this race who nobody believes has a
5:23 am
plan to turn the economy around. the fed said they expect the economy to grow next year at 2.8%. that's the third time they downgrade their forecast. you look at clinton's plan. is she going to do anything to turn around growth? no way. trump also has a lot of policies around trade and immigration that could wreck the economy. >> those are variables. i don't think he will follow through with mass deportation. but he could start a trade war and that could be bad for business. you points out he's going and taxes and at least his policy talk about regulations, that's good. my worry with hoik is she is talking about taxing squall street, taxing the billionaires and make these people pay their fair share. she'll tax these people, then counts on this income, and they will have spending programs.
5:24 am
they won't stimulate the economy, then the billionaires are going to leave and the middle class will be stwuk his enormous tax bill and it will further cripple the economy. >> she announced she wants to raise the top estate tax rate to 65%? what do you think people are going to do when you are levying that kind of rates. kennedy: they will do what the clintons did, they will have foundation and trusts and shelters because that's what rich people do. >> she is raising taxes on the rich, she is not bake in how they will respond to this. it's no surprise like businesses are sitting on the sidelines saying do i want to get in now? do i want to put a lot of capital in this when you know she is coming after that money. kennedy: banks aren't lending money and billings aren't hiring new people. manufacturers aren't investing
5:25 am
in new equipment. they are not building new factories. all the thing that should be happening to lift economic growth. 1.8%. >> it's totally rational on their part to do this. how can you blame anybody forethought investing. i have to create a policy environment that's friendly to those sorts of things. neither of the candidates are talking about that. that's why you see so many people sitting on the sidelines. business investment is low. kennedy: it's like going on a first date wearing burlap and not brushing your teeth. >> that's a great example. kennedy: coming up, i'll talk to ron paul about the crucial libertarian issues you will not hear in the presidential debate. a new and glorious "topical storm." will this golfer lose all his endorsement deals because of his
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built for business. >> t-minus 4 days until the first presidential debate. gary johnson didn't hit the 15% poll option. these are just some of the issues we'll miss out on. defense spending. number one. military spending. number two. they both want stronger surveillance states. issue number three. the war on drugs.
5:30 am
and the reason we lock up more people in cages than any other country. here to weigh in is dr. ron paul. welcome back, dr. paul. defense spending. we won't hear about trimming the military on these debate stages. >> you will hear something about defense. they think if you call it defense you can spends unlimited and nobody can challenge it. you mention how much we do spends. i don't think there is as country on the verge of invading us. the neocons would like us to think china is on the verge of attacking us. but they need an enemy and they work their will through the global war on terrorism to build up fear and the media helps them do this. i guess what who wins out.
5:31 am
the military industrial complex, they always seem to do this. both major parties are arguing over who is going to spend the most on militarism. something this country is not in much need of, needing more money there. we could have more money spent on defense if we reoriented our policies. kennedy: perhaps reorganizing the military. and smarter cuts and consolidations. either one of these candidates seems interested in talking about that. let's talk about the surveillance state. as we have spoken throughout the week on this show. whenever there is a terrorist attack here in the united states or abroad, the instant reaction is more people, not just politicians, but more people want the united states government to spy on more people who are citizens of the united states. hillary clinton and donald trump, they are not good on the nsa and spying, are they? >> no. and what makes things worse,
5:32 am
this has been a continuation of a bipartisan policy since 2011. people said this is dangerous, we have to sacrifice our liberties to be safe. the purpose of government is not to keep us safe. the purpose of government is to protect our liberties and it may involve some foreign policy. the whole idea that we should sacrifice our liberties so they can keepage tag it with the global war on terrorism continues forever. even though the orders of the . it's going to be really very slim. a lot less likely than getting struck by lightning. but if you talk to the general public, you have got to make us safe. kennedy: look at the he roaftion our civil liberties since 9/11. we are less free and we are less safe.
5:33 am
so there is not a correlation between compromising your personal liberties and your freedom and being safer. it's been shown to be a fallacy. let's talk about the war and drugs. this is one where both candidates have been prickly about legalizing drugs and marijuana. the criminal justice system was turned upside down during the first clinton administration. >> too bad they don't look at our history in the 1920s. there aren't too many people out there campaigning to prohibit alcohol. but the people have been conditioned to go along with this drug war. the whole thing is, i see a possible i sign on this. there is some nullification going on. the states are defining the
5:34 am
federal government -- people are defying the federal government. when i was running for congress and taking this position, people thought it was the strangest thing in the world. but today you can win a seat in congress saying this war on drugs is foolish and we need to stop it. maybe both alternative candidates would take a position of less militancy on drugs. kennedy: we'll be watching the debate with you in mind. coming up, what questions do you want the moderator of monday's debate to ask hillary clinton and donald trump. i'll hit the streets. stay with me. [alarm beeping] ♪ ♪
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the issues libertarians want to hear about in monday's debate. if you could ask either of the montana candidates one thing during the debate, what would it be? >> i would ask trump to drop out. >> i want to know what hillary is hiding. kennedy: emails or health? . . . everything. what kind of underwear are you wearing? >> how long will it take to build a wall? >> how she can put up with this [bleep] campaign. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. kennedy: what would you ask? >> i would ask where is my car, i'm running late. kennedy: do you think third party candidates should be allowed in the debate? >> no. kennedy: i see how it is, no, i have no idea. should they let gary johnson in the debate? >> why not? they don't get 15% they don't
5:39 am
get on. kennedy: do you think that's fair? >> very. kennedy: what is a libertarian. >> fiscally conservative and socially liberal. >> ways aleppo. kennedy: do you think donald trump had more fun at prom or hillary clinton. >> the donald. kennedy: who do you think had more fun at prom, hillary or donald. >> hillary of course. kennedy: who had more fun on prom night, hillary or donald? >> how would i know. i didn't have a prom date. kennedy: what advice would you give hillary or donald before the debate. >> i would get healthy quick. i would tell donald trump she is going to irritate and agitate. it's kennedy of the kennedy show on the fox business network.
5:40 am
the kennedy network. kennedy: now we know what sean hannity thinks. let's check in with the party panel. victory goes to whom? >> i think donald trump will get the victory while the press will declare the victory for hillary clinton. >> she will get her ass kicked. he will come in with jokes and she'll smirk and he will get in her head. >> she is preparing every single day. i find that crazy. kennedy: is it a bad strategy for her. for her? i think it's probably good for her in the sense that she seems to do better the more time she has to like kind of massage through things as evidenced by her response in the aftermath of the chelsea attacked.
5:41 am
the first go round was not so good. success one of better. what he has to do is focus on national security. present a plan to combat isis. i think that's a home run for him and he can do it so easily. people will feel like they have been given some substance. kennedy: if he changes the game independents might perk up. north korea. it is called the herm it kingdom. yesterday someone in the tight fisted regime revealed how many websites the nation as. the answer is 28. michael malice, you spent a good deal of time in north korea. what do you make this story. >> we like to laugh by the but realize the person who aloud this to be exposed to the world was probably sent to the concentration cam.
5:42 am
number two, this is a good thing that they have 28 websites. no one in the country has electricity. but the fact they are realizing they have to even gang with the rest of the world. it's one thing to be like we don't know what's going on. but once you realize they have food in china and clothes in south korea. why are we living like this. hopefully, core re-a will fall. kennedy: they had one website called "friend." >> that's not a joke. kennedy: that's not a joke. >> when i went to cuba in 1998, the thing that struck was the complete stranglehold on information. human beings starve when they don't have information. especially in the port city of havana. it's so unnatural it's heartbreaking and unnatural.
5:43 am
it's a nightmare. kennedy: gillian would you go to north korea with michael? >> i would like to go, if you have a way in. it's easy to laugh at this because these websites are ridiculous. but they have 20-25 million people and a handful of a thousand have internet access? but they love to talk about free internet access to those 28 websites. a computer if you want to own one cost more than half your annual salary. kennedy: more death and dying than we thought possible. thank you for being here. cool. coming up, is hillary clinton dumping tim kaine as her running mate?
5:44 am
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kennedy: i know you were told there would be cake. but we have news and sweet and creamy absurdity. you don't need cake. you are trying to get to your bikini weight. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. in a desperate attempt to be funny and relevant hillary clinton tried to follow in president obama's successful comedic footsteps. did she pull it off? zach is really funny. >> as secretary how many words per minute did you type and how does president obama like his coffee like himself, weak? >> those are really out of date
5:48 am
questions. >> any regrets over losing the scott baio vote? >> not a one. who is going to be next. >> i would love to be the person who nation your pants suits. for halloween i want to go as a library from outer space. this has been fun, what's the best way to reach you? email? kennedy: i'm not a huge hillary fan, but i did have high hopes she could pull it off. she game off glib and glum. and kind of [bleep]. what a great actress. uncharacteristic. topic number two. that's it. sometimes you need to turn off your smart phone and enjoy a beautiful moment. hopefully when you are too
5:49 am
absorbed in making a snapchat video you have a grounded boyfriend who can gently reminds to you close the app and smell the roses. >> can you -- thank you. i mean, just enjoy the moment. here. here are some other scenarios. i'll help you. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday ... kennedy: squawkity sidewalkity sidewalkity. we were going to play that last one ovary charred nixon's funeral.
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we were told that would be important. rock mining is cool but it has disadvantages. this is an augmented climbing system from the university's game research lab in find. this qualifies for research grants in finland. they say you can retrofit any rock climbing wall with the technology. so keep an eye out the next me you are at the grand canyon. i much prefer rock climbing pong over the original version. not just because you get more exercise. but i found ole atari game was a little too violent.
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right in the kisser. right where i like the. topic number four. wilm. what's wrong with william. there is a guy named wiln. he had a problem in his yard. a black bear wandered on to his domain an couldn't get to leave. he tried talking to it in a condescending annoying voice like a puppy. he tried yelling at it, then he settled on the dumbest trick of all. bottle rockets. do you want to take a nap? who are you running from, buddy? that's just the wind. bear.
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bear! kennedy: he eventually admitted he had in fact fed that bear. as if that guy weren't already annoying enough. he also has young children. en black bears are known to kill people. watching this video i have never rooted so hard for a bear and a quick and dirty mauling in my whole life except for one other time. i feel so much better. topic number five. i want to thank scott singer for sending us this story. dogs are excellent at playing. they play fetch, they roll over and play dead and play poker and painting. they now upped their game and dogs are moving to professional
5:53 am
sports. quite some time ago we showed you this video. those are doctors. check out these little critters ripping it up on the green. there they are. four! good shot. look at that backswing. the internet rumor mill is some guy out there is dressing up these guys in funny little costumes. that couldn't be further from the truth. this is the twisted work of a demeanted scientist breeding dog creatures to even slave the earth. and they are already coming for us.
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not good. if you have weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" you can tweet me @kennedynation and use mash tag "topical storm." coming up, viewer mail. like this one from david. re-minds me never to get on your bad side. you are a lacerating aficionado. the microsoft cloud helps us
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i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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kennedy: as comforting as a rocking air on a cliff. here is yo viewer mail. mark kicks off the festivities with, smile, kennedy, you are not a 95-year-old woman beaten up by life. michael asks, people don't really take you seriously, do they? michael if you have to ask, the answer is yes. joe feets, reminds me not to takes financial advice from you. kennedy: reminds me to take $50,000 from you. i swear i'm good for it.
5:59 am
keep your coursing veins on the other side of the country. i was told there would be nobody analysis. jody successes try a differently color, it might help with the moronic show. david writes, kennedy, go to prom with me? >> david if you were in high school, i would enjoy that because i could teach you stuff. my worry is you are older than i am. thanks for watching the show. facebook is kennedyfbn and email
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at lou will be on at 7:00 p.m. eastern followed by "cavuto: coast to coast." at 8 prime minister, you know . good evening everybody, i am lou dobbs. shows donald trump is leading hillary clinton in the states of nevada, north carolina and ohio. >> we'll take a look at those numbers with you in just moe moments. there is a new polls showing not all of the good news belongs to trump. clinton leading trumps 43% to 37%. >>


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