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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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up next making money with charles payne. charles: good evening. we have major breaking news for you first the scott family releases a cell phone footage made by the wife of keith scott in the moments before and after he was shot by police. we've a short snippet for you. let's take a listen. >> don't shoot them, don't shoot them. he has no weapon. don't shoot them. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. he just took his medicine.
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come out of the car. keith, don't do it. drop the gun. keith don't you do it. keith, don't you do it. did you shoot him. did you shoot him? he better not be dead. he better not be dead. charles: last night we managed to see peaceful protest. police arrested that suspect earlier today. as for the video of the keith scott shooting the family was allowed to view it but it have has yet to be made public. join me now to discuss it
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all. on what we saw, as a civilian someone who's not an expert on how to analyze these things it felt like there is something there for both sides in this argument to cling onto if they want to continue. do you know what i'm saying? >> let me give you the law enforcement side. i watched it about ten times and then listen to it without watching it another ten times before i came onto your show tonight. one thing that jumps out to me here. at about the 462nd mark of the video you're going to hear two snaps that are not gunshots. it's clearly it's an extendable baton. one of the officers what i think happened here is there maybe may been a gun on the seat we will figure that out shortly. it will probably happen they will try to break the window. the second stamped sounds
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something hitting the window it may have agitated the subject further. it may have caused him to open the door or lunch for a weapon and that's from a law enforcement perspective. that's why i think what i think happened at that point. once the body was there. some are saying initially if you look around you could not see a gun and then later on there was a gun although i did see one of the officers wiping his hands is an indication that he might have have the gun on him and they moved him out of the way. those are good questions. safety comes first. it somehow fell out of the car.
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with no malicious intent at all. you want to secure the scene first. charles: you are a former police officer in senator criticism is mounting on the way this is being handled by the police chief down there citizens it would love to see that video even more so now that the family has released their version. you can clearly hear that the officers articulate to the suspect show us your hands,
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drop the gun, they clearly felt that there was a weapon what that weapon is still remains to be seen but as far as the mayor and the chief of police ago. the chief will do what is right by the code and the law and they will adhere to those rules and investigation. i think the smart thing to do is get all of the facts you can tell they started to get first aid to the suspect in securing him as well. you do have to wonder if you like there's more pressure to have more angles to this.
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imagine what might have happened and then take things into their own hands. although not conclusive. there's a couple different things that stick out to me. the wife of the shot victim she is saying he doesn't have a gun he doesn't have a gun from my count of cnet video is about 12 times in which the officer said drop the gun. you continue to hear that. there was never a dropping of the weapon. they caught the footage. we want to head integrity in this investigation. we want those eyewitnesses to tell us without being at least from a they don't show
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everything and they're pulling in there pulling out every tool in their investigation in this video is just one piece of evidence for it. charles: the central into this case. it did not show evidence. he also argued you take all of the evidence it will be clear it gives a good shooting. you understand both sides of this. and what responsibility does the public have an sort of quality quelling the would-be violence. is there more that the police chief could be doing. there is no more solid responsibility. it just hasn't been done.
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we had had riots. the night before was not. i'm glad you keep bringing up the point about the video. this is clearly brewing some degree of mistrust. if i was on the political research. let's let it speak for itself. they will figure it out. it is creating further divide between the police and the community. charles: hillary clinton has announced that she will be in charlotte on sunday. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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charles: the unrest in north carolina raises a lot of questions about how social justice protest should be allowed to go i want to discuss it all now with the attorney general of texas. thank you for joining us. first let's start in north carolina. i'm sure you've seen this video. how does that change anything if what's going on there and
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as an attorney general how do you howdy see the handling so far? >> is been frustrating to watch. we a similar event in dallas. one of the things i saw that worked really well we have groups like operation blue shield it was really effective. charles: there is a report out from the fraternal order of police officers that 70% of people arrested has out-of-state identification can something be done from going and wises allowed to happen.
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>> there might be legislation to deal with this it's jackie that these groups of people go around the country stirring up trouble creates right. and having a negative impact on the city that they go to. charles: i want to shift gears to the great state of texas. he wants to stop with the u.s. government program that provides services and aid to refugees saying and that that the must be balanced with security. what is the justification. what is the risk to our citizens. and we can't get the information. if you are willing to give that to you we will give you until september 30. we are withdrawing from the program.
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is it your opinion that that citizens of texas are a great danger with these. they came in through this program. we know that this is occurring other places in the country and we don't want to be in a position where we are reacting instead of having information ahead of time to stop it. you have come up again with the supreme court on the issue of voter idaho. here trying to get the laws back to where they were. how are you going about that they have tough of voter idaho laws. all were saying is when you vote please show a photo idaho.
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to hear arguments on whether they should be allowed in elections guess what i have to show a photo idaho. it's a way to protect against fraud. it is used everywhere. everybody knows it. it's very odd that somebody it has worked nearly flawlessly and they don't have any example of that that their tardiness with that. it's amazing. i really appreciate you taking up the time tonight. coming up donald trump and hillary clinton our buckley down buckling down ahead of
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>> where is hillary today they say she's practicing for the debate. some people say she's sleeping. mark cuban will be here are the nominees. gearing up for the speemac down. we want to discuss how this can happen. boy, let me start with you.
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it sort of breaking is here donald trump the cruise endorsement and of course and maybe it was a coincidence but donald trump extended his left list of potential supreme court justices. you have a lot of this. you used to have a lot of different types of voters. it's actually a smart move on the campaign to show that all is branch. it's a great conservative it makes a lot of sense. they've been going up d down. it's offensive. although there are three debates. he might be able to tap have the momentum to take the whole thing.
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>> what he said that debates don't move the needle in this case kind of getting at the debate strategy away and makes trump look a trumpet look a little bit more powerful. and it's anyone's guess which a trumpet you are going to get. hillary has made a huge amount of mistakes. if she continues to go with the old school play book she will continue to get circles run around her. believing that he is not qualified but that's not enough. she is to tell people what she
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will do for president in the united states. people don't think she is on us. people think she's robotic. and she's part of the problem. those are clearly huge hurdles. stop playing a lawyer and just talk straight to the american people. tell them why she cares. and why she wants to be president. she may be experienced but she's not qualified. if she wants to look at how she's going to govern look at secretary of state. e-mail server at her house. ben ghazi. the fact that as she's running for president she doesn't even tell her bp that she has pneumonia. i think the worst thing she ever did was taking secretary
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of state. she's trying to run it when we have national terrorism on the forefront. she's running on a record that is poor. there was over a dozen hearings on ben ghazi. no evidence of wrongdoing was found 2800 e-mails. i will ask you. does donald trump his line of attack if you will is it about the things were talking about right now. the e-mails and all of the sagas that have gone back to when bill clinton was governor of arkansas. does he sell himself to the american public it's more than a successful businessman. what i think is can happen on monday night it's a battle to become what they're really searching for. as a smart fighter. they want to be led and led by a smart fighter. donald trump said he wants to prove he's not a dumb fighter. not just a haymaker and not
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someone erratic. he needs to prove that he has some substance to go with the style and prove that he is a smart fighter. she is to convince everyone that she's not a smart went. that she is qualifications from the past. and really really a hard time connecting with voters. that kind of backfired on her. we will see. everybody has adjustments. we can have our big bowl of popcorn too. the top aides got huge gift from the fbi. the question is why. we will discuss it next.
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charles: new developments about hillary clinton's use of a private email server to handle classified information. cheryl mills has been granted immunity for her role in possibly obstructing investigators in helping investigators obtain clinton emails. the news just keeps coming. it doesn't go away. it gets worse. reporter: reporters pressed the f.b.i. on the immunity deals. >> the president has a lot of confidence in the ability of senior officials at the f.b.i. to make decisions based on their judgment, not on politics.
6:31 pm
>> the chairman is traveling. the f.b.i. shared the documents to show five people got limited immunity deals from the justice department. mills got her deal in exchange for the f.b.i. access to her computer. >> i'm losing confidence in the f.b.i. the fact that they let hillary clinton's chief of staff also be a witness and immunity recipient and sit in on hillary clinton's interview is just shameful. reporter: the remaining deals went to the i.t. specialist bryan pagliano. and edgar samuelson who decided what was government business and what could be destroyed. and paul combetta from platte
6:32 pm
river networks. the clinton campaign released a lengthy statement accusing congressional republicans of overblowing the issue. it came after three aids had already given full interviews to the investigators. today a federal judge announced the majority of emails recovered by the f.b.i. vest nation won't be released until after the election. charles: it turns out there are more emails apparently the state department found an astonishing number hillary clinton hadn't turned over? >> i have a few of them. these are new documents released today by the f.b.i. at 5:30 on a friday afternoon. that's a time slot traditionally reserved for when you want to bury bad news.
6:33 pm
it's 200 panels of f.b.i. interview summaries. some of them are heavily redacted. we asked the f.b.i. who authorized the release on a friday and he said they were made public when they were posted on the web. but that what's they said on the labor day release. so if the f.b.i.'s position is they are trying to be as transparent as possible, dumping these documents on a friday afternoon is not helping their cause. charles: why did the f.b.i. grant cheryl mills immunity. shelby, there was state department 2,800 emails. hoik never turned over. this document dump that catherine just talked about. but the immunity is worrisome.
6:34 pm
that might have impacted the investigation. >> the bigger story is what emails are not going to come out which we'll never see, and that could have a lot to do with cheryl mills. cheryl mills got this immunity deal. we'll never know if she destroyed documents or obstructed information. and she also may have hid emails from huma abedin, another aide of hillary clinton hoffa sill 8ed the quee requests to the state department. charles: i saw an email where hillary clinton's emails are low and the foundation is low. but her honesty is high. >> hillary clinton lied so many
6:35 pm
times with this email investigation. she told the u.n. at the presser i did not receive or send classified information and the f.b.i. said that's not true. we found 110 classified emails. so that's one of many, many lies that she told. i would a couple recently saying director comey should resign. he lost the confidence of the american people. this has been a total sham investigation from the begin together middle to now. where are hillary clinton's texts while she was secretary of state. did the f.b.i. even review her phone records to see if they texted classified information. i reached out to them and they are stonewalling. they won't answer that question. >> jim comey is a lifelong republican.
6:36 pm
he ran the justice department for george w. bush. he's a professional of impeccable integrity. charles: he's not up for election. i want to give you the light platform to explain to the american public how hillary clinton a candidate you are backing is qualified for the job should have our -- engender our trust that she is up for the commander-in-chief role when this keeps happening. >> what keeps happening is the f.b.i., an institution i and the american people trust, the director of which i and the american people trust is releasing in a very responsible and orderly manner its investigation. charles: it doesn't alarm you cheryl mills had to get immunity. >> it's an ordinary step. if you believe the f.b.i. director rigged this, then everything you hear is going to sound wrong. i don't think that happened.
6:37 pm
charles: the last two days have been really ugly. i'm going to tell you what's going on. and the feds, they have no clue. but i'll fill you in. you don't want to miss it. charles: new information shows
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the recent wave of economic data hasn't helped the market. i think that this market needs good news to break out from here. my daily market commentary comes out every single morning. in the meantime, you don't want to miss "wall street week." i want to give you a sneak peek. >> i think you get out of harm's way as quickly as you can monday morning. these markets are dangerous. these bubbles are unstable. there are a few robomachines left in the market driving these mark totes insane levels. all we have to have is one unexpected black swan including donald trump's election and the whole thing will come unwounds. there will be no bid below it.
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charles: it appears officials are working overtime swearing in as many new citizen voters as possible before the november election. senatorial ron johnson disclosed an email from an immigration field office that reads, the field office needs to process as many of their n-400 cases as
6:47 pm
possible between now and fiscal year 2016. joining me now to discuss, gillian me mehcher and gina lou. there are 22 states you must be registered 22 days or sooner to vote in. four are swing states. >> this is a terrifying glimpse into a clinton administration. rather than court american citizens, this administration would rather use people for their votes. this is what a lot of us have been afraid of and suspicion of before this dehumanization of the american voter, and a racist component to it. this is using people already in a vulnerable position who are
6:48 pm
trying to immigrate here. i live on the border, charles. 9 out of 10 of those detains in san diego are let go if they just say the word asylum because obama sent them a script and told them to do it. charles: there are are some unsavory aspects to this. >> i think there is more to this story. there is a white perception trump is anti-immigrant across the board. this is n-400. people who have been living in the country a very long time following the law point by point by point. if you were applying for an n-400. you have to answer questions and go through background checks and you have to answer things like are you a communist or habitual drunk art.
6:49 pm
>> he's married to an immigrant. your whole line of thinking makes no sense to me as a voter. we don't even ask people if they have ties to terrorist organizations. >> that's simply not true. >> how can he be anti-immigrant when he has a wife who is an immigrant. >> applications for thisds of naturalization are up 14%. charles: we saw the memo saying we want this done before the election. do you think there is something disingenuous about this? >> my assumption is immigration has been a huge issue this election and there always widespread expectation the policy is going to change after the next president is elected if
6:50 pm
it's trump. i can understand hustling to try to get them in. charles: gina? >> i think it's time to look at our border issues in a hard way and say something needs to change. i haven't shared hillary say anything new or different from what obama has done. what obama has done is threaten the security of the country. and using immigrants tore votes is a whole new form racism. >> let's not forget about the almost 900 people who were here who were supposed to be kicked out and said they were given citizen zip. it might be a time to hit pause and reorganize the department rather than going full throttle. >> these are the people who have done everything right. and to politicize them and make a point out of them or demonstration out of them when they are after he frayed the rug its going to be pulled out from
6:51 pm
underneath them, it's unfor the gnats and sad. charles: we are coming down to the wires. both nominees prepare for the faceoff of the century. we'll look at how they go into these debates. the latest polls. the momentum and what's at stake. we'll discuss it all next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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charles: can you feel the electricity in the air? three days until donald trump and hillary clinton take the stage in the first presidential debate so let's talk about it. we are in the home stretch and we have momentum. according to some the latest national polls hillary clinton
6:55 pm
is up by six points, 45-39 in gary johnson hanging in it joel stein at 4% and a landmark event is around the corner. while the national polls have been going hillary's with the last couple of days the state polls from the swing state polls have gotten tighter and tighter in favor of donald trump. adriana cohen and gina loudon as well as boyd mathis. gina let me start with you. this is one of those anticipated events. i care member and longtime certainly in politics maybe ever. >> yes it is and if you go back and look at the 1960s which was the first televised debate between kennedy and nixon we have learned from back, that people who watch debates are the most compelled by the person with the biggest personality and whom they deem has most integrity, completely different from how people perceive things when and i can only listen. a wealth -- this will play to
6:56 pm
mr. trump's -- that hillary clinton has hired a psychologist to corner trump psychologically into what she hopes is unfit from an emotional standpoint so she will try to trap him that. he will have to be ready for some. tough situations that she will try to put them in. charles: some people are worried about the moderators and in this case lester holt. from everything i know he is highly respected but the mainstream media and the war against donald trump throughout the entire process how comfortable are you that it's going to be fair? >> i think the most important thing for mr. trump and secretary clinton as well as to be less concerned about the moderator and less concerned about their opponent and more concerned about what is going to differentiate them. the american people already know what these people are against. so the differentiator is going
6:57 pm
to be what are they for and what is their vision. i don't think it will be a big problem in terms of who is moderating or what questions are being asked or answered. the most important thing for mr. trump is to say here is my vision. america i'm going to fight with you and mrs. what we are going to actually do. people are looking for principles and policies for mr. trump and he needs to be ready to do that regardless of what the questions may be or where the moderator might take the discussion. hillary has to be on defense and a lot of those things. the polls that you mentioned in those states will create increased pressure on secretary clinton and in the past she has struggled with that in terms to how to go about getting the momentum back so will be inresting to watch. i don't think the moderators going to play a big role. charles: adriana hillary has a problem. she looks a bit robotic at times and sometimes she is seen as angry and sometimes she is seen as sort of the nerd who can
6:58 pm
explain policy but then she has also got the track sho overcome. >> 's she certainly does. one of her biggest hurdles is america doesn't trust her. democrats poll after poll during the primaries the majority of her own party don't even trust her. she has a like a black ability ability -- a lack of likability and a trust issue. >> a couple of months ago she started to do better but it comes out when she gave the video with the union this week. it was ugly and it was scary. it was like oh my -- she's coming unglued. >> i can't listen to that for four more years. i can't listen to a screen like that. charles: during the g.o.p. primaries donald trump for the most part had wide support that what he did have problems with was carly fiorina and everyone is going to wonder if hillary can tap into that somehow and
6:59 pm
have them make that mistake because that's his hurdles to bring women particularly white-collar educated women over to him. >> there a lot of people that secretly want donald trump to annihilate hillary on so many things but she is a woman that cannot -- everybody is going to tune in. everyone is mainly tuning in to see what donald trump is going to give. charles: erd has his core supporters. this is about him going on -- be on the core supporters. >> is to create independence and the disenfranchised democrats that bernie bandies supporters over to his side of the aisle so he has a delicate balance. he has to judge string if you don't want to come off too strong and too aggressive where people say you are bali so soviets to treat hillary clinton with respect.
7:00 pm
chars: everyone who knows donald trump in person says he is a normal guy. >> is fantastic fantastic. you meet him in person and his children everybody is really great. if he can just stay cool, collected. . good evening everybody, i am lou dobbs. shows donald trump is leading hillary clinton in the states of nevada, north carolina and ohio. >> we'll take a look at those numbers with you in just moe moments. there is a new polls showing not all of the good news belongs to trump. clinton leading trumps 43% to 37%. >>


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