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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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day. theirs is war story that deserves to be told! from mexico city, i'm oliver north, good night. . good evening everybody, i am lou dobbs. shows donald trump is leading hillary clinton in the states of nevada, north carolina and ohio. >> we'll take a look at those numbers with you in just moe moments. there is a new polls showing not all of the good news belongs to trump. clinton leading trumps 43% to 37%. >> clinton's foundation scandal
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and e-mail and health care and comments which she slams trump supporters as deplorables. trump spent most of the day campaigning in ohio. he held a rally of a crowd of 2,000 people in toledo by comparison, clinton talked to a dprup abo group of 400 people. those small crowds for clinton had become typical. she earlier this week gave a speech to 600 people at a temple in philadelphia. >> we'll talk aboto ed rollins
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the city of north carolina, bracing for more protests after a black police officer shot d killed and armed black man ignored command. riots erupted none the less after that shooting, stores were looted and vehicles were set on fire and 16 police officers were injured. the charlotte shootings happening days after another police shooting in oklahoma. tulsa police say they were responding to a vehicle in the middle of the road. video shows four police officers responding as 48-year-old terence crutcher holds his hands up in the air and walk away from his vehicle. police say crutcher did not respond to the command. one officer used a stun gun and another officer, betty shelby,
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shot him. trump's reaction to the shooting and this from a town hall with shawn handy. >> he was doing everything he was supposed to do and a young policeman shot this man. i don't get it. there was something really bad going on >> i don't know if she choked or he was walk to the car and he puts the hands to the car. maybe she choked or something really bad happened. >> in the town hall trump calls for a nationwide stop to the controversial and policing practice, that's when an officer is empowered to stop an individual and frisk for any other contrabands.
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joe arpaio is joining us tonight. these latest polls show donald trump pulling ahead of hillary clinton in nevada, north carolina and ohio. >> in in evidence, trump has a three point advantage, 43% over 40%. >> ohio, another must win state for trump, there he's up five points 42% to 37%. >> joining us tonight, randy evans, a member of the rnc rule committees and adviser for the campaign of newt gingrich and
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fox news criminal inteontribut.s >> it is great to have you with us. i have to believe that the trump campaign is thrilled including the one poll in nevada that's within the margins of error. >> if you remember when we started this, looks like they have to hold onto trump. in evidence is an open seat, that's going to be important, north carolina and ohio is both important senate seat. donald trump is proving hard work does pay off in a presidential election. i will tell you this, this is before the rnc ground operation started. when you got these kinds of blades and deploy the kind of operations they had, you will start to see it solidifying. >> your reaction?
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>> i could not be more pleased. >> those are three critical states and north carolina switching back and forth to obama. all the chaos is going on now. tragic shooting that took place and picking sides one way or another but the idea of riots on the streets and people talking about taking your business elsewhere is only going to antagonize other supporters. you need to watch national polls. this is a state by state election so the wall street journal or the rest, national polls, it gives you a trend where people are moving. >> no one is going to ignore a national poll though. >> we are looking at a national election. i understand what you are saying but this has to be one state by state.
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nonetheless, this poll would be the remainder of the election. >> i am telling you not to get overly excited of national pole. >> lou, i would say that by all indications, the journal poll looks like an out liar. when you look at the whole merit of poling data we have coming in, it is really a six point lead with trump under 40. there is no real indication of any kind of -- >> there were actually two out liars. the other is the abc news washington post poll and most of them tend to separate themselves from the pack. >> the critical thing is you can watch the motion and you start to see but i keep oncoming back to the point what really matt er e
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ers is there are three states that's in the board tonight and all is important. >> hillary clinton with some sort of mysterious but unexplained change in plans on the campaign trail just doing nothing more than creating a situation where people would think the worst for. now, she's not going to be on the campaign trail and won't be back until public until monday. randy, what do you make of it? >> look at the contrast? on the one hand, the clinton campaign announced he's leaving the campaign trail before the debate on monday and trump campaign released his schedule following the debate. he will be in pennsylvania and headed to virginia and a total contrast in terms of stamina and the election. one is taking a few days off and one is saying after the debate,
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the pace only picks up. >> your thoughts here. this man is going to leave here breathing heavily at the side of the road at this pace. >> my issue on -- here is a woman that's been around politics for 25 years. there is no issues that she does not know. why does she have these eight or ten hour days study sessions. trump is not going to do that. he's going get up there and perform effectively and show you how to lead. >> you got to let people do what they want to do. >> when we had ronald reagan, we
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prepped him too much and the second debate, we let him do his own thing and he did much better. >> as a work ethnic like donald trump, you would be crazy as you can be to try to change your candidate. i mean there is -- one of the great things about this and this is what you can measure this campaign by. i don't know if i ever heard of a man more accomplishments that achieved more or who has done better than donald trump and he was getting every kind of advance from guru or plain idiot in the country writing newspapers or broadcasting on television about how to do it. now, it is the other way. now, everybody is advising hillary clinton how to operate. >> well, he plays to his own. >> and his debate preps a lot
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like newt gingrich. surround yourself by smart people whose job is to tell you constantly telling you and test you so that at the end of the day, your ability to respond is based on the fact of rehearsing hours after hours with really smart people. >> biggest, potential vulnerability for him during the debate. what does he have to watch out for? >> real compose and articulate his message which he has down. >> what is the biggest threat to him that's posed by hillary clinton in the debate. >> if she entangles him in some kind of debate and he comes off too strong, he has to run his own campaign and strategy here. i worried about it.
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>> that's the kind thing you have to be cognizant of it. the dynamic of the debate stage is so different than the primary debates. that's what he got to watch out for. >> i don't think either of you is envisioning a moment of this. >> you cannot tell. >> the format actually is kind of interesting if you think about it. you have a question followed by two-minute answer and facilitated discussion of 11 minutes with two really powerful personalities who think they know their audience. that should be interesting. >> great to have you here. >> donald trump calling for immigration policies to protect all americans. >> now, she's running. she's going to be so tough, so
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tough. not going to be tough. not going to be tough. hillary clinton won't even say the words "radical islamic terrorism." >> bill gavin is joining us here next. this pile is about to get the scare the -- this
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law enforcement sources tell fox that the terrorist suspect, ahmad rahami is currently unconscious and unable to speak with fbi. a journal that was found on remain rahami at the time of his arrest praising bin laden, a new video showing him set off a pipe bomb in preparations for his attack. authorities are seeking two unknown gunmen removing a pressure cooker bomb suitcase in
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new york to possible associates so the manhunt is on for those two. joining me now, bill gavin, bill, it is great to have you with us. the test here, my goodness, the quick police work that was done. the quick work to locate this suspect and then apprehend him. it is remarkable and kudos to everyone. yet, we find out that he had been interrogated and invests gated by one equation to afghanistan. what went wrong here? >> lou, i don't know if we can say something went wrong. when the father came forward and said he thought his son to be a terrorist, that came out as an angry exposure, that fits into this equation some place.
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>> here is a naturalized citizen. when he goes to afghanistan or pakistan and he comes again, he starts to become more in the practice of h is religion. he grows a beard and starts wearing the garment. there is no way in this whole world some law enforcement officer or an fbi agent is going to say because of that, we need to give him a closer look. that's not going to happen. we need to be political correctness in this country is going to kill all of us anyway. we have to think about this person's right. >> it is going to kill us if we don't stop it cht. >> earlier, i misspoken on the issue of stop-and-frisk. he's supporting it as a device and tactic for police officers and fbi and everyone in the
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country as a way to deal with these suspected terrorists and to stop tragedy before it can occur. >> trump also is saying he's supportive of profiling. on his page, common sense says why in the world would you not profile if you are told or given a broad description of an individual, why would you not profile? it makes so sense and you mentioned political correctness will kill you, this is one where it seems that political correctness will kill you. >> you are absolutely right, lou. >> when i look at profiling, the problem is when you look at profiling, they're looking at individual profiling and profiling is find an abroad sense in terms of situational profiling and you need to be able to look out there. >> let me give you an example.
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>> sure >> let me give you an example, right now in many parts of this country and publications and news outlets you will never hear a reference to race for a suspect at large, he or she is african-american or asian or whatever their race or ethnicity maybe. it reached such a point of mind lessness that law enforcement agencies are not releasing the names of suspects that they are holding because they did not want any association with this ethnicity because of the type of name or whatever it maybe. we have reached a level, we have reached a real level of true danger to public safety. >> we are at a point in our
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civilulation -- we need to look at what people are doing or profiling from a different standpoint. because of someone's ethnicity and you need to profile because of that. if you have somebody walking on a hot summer day and dressed in heavy clothes, you need to find out why. it only makes sense. we are lacking common sense these days and it is the death of all of us. >> lets hope not and lets hope that people take advantage of the opportunities that's there and make sure it does not happen. >> thank you. >> follow me on twitter at lou dobbs and like me on facebook and instagram. link to everything at lou >> the one pilot turbulent of
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the least of his concern. watch this closely. unbelievable. this happened during an air race in nevada. the pilot was stopping to check his engine when another plane moving about 60 miles per hour missed his head and injured this man, he's eager to fly again. being on the ground is the less place he wants to be. what a close call. up next, hillary clinton is promising tough vetting of refugees but donald trump says he won't deliver. >> the state department administer the refugee program, hillary has the chance to put the need and protection in place and she did not do it. >> that's the subject to my commenta commentary, coming up next, stay was, we'
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a few thoughts now on the obama/clinton push to bring more refugees into this country and the rising backlash against those who would leave our borders opened to who ever wants to enter our country. the state of texas says it had enough. >> texas announcing it will withdraw from the refugee program. governor abbott says the program is riddled with serious es of problem that posts a threat. the texas governor's announcement came hours after state department's experience john kirby admitted that the
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refugee program could be exploited by radical islamist terrorists. >> we have seen that in some of the refugee camps whether they try to insert themselves in to population >> the state department spokesperson's not the first official to acknowledge the potential threat to america. fbi director, james comey warned of gaps and screening refugees saying we cannot vet them as we should. >> james clapper a month after that, more than a year ago said that he would not put past the islamic state to infiltrate refugee flows, it was a "huge concern." >> in europe, officials there has warned radical islamic terrorists are already masquerading its refugees.
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president obama is calling for a 30% increase and a number of refugees to be allowed in this country. 110,000 refugees over the coming fiscal year. >> 40,000 of which from the near east and south asia. >> meanwhile, only trump is making any kind of sense on the issue of border security and the entry of both refugees and illegal immigrants and to our country. we have no idea who they are. no idea where they are within our country. >> we have permitted obama and clinton to invite disaster and they are planning to raise the scale of that potential disaster and doing so with our voice being heard. your vote being cast or counted. of course, you have it in your
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power to change all of that by voting donald trump on november 8th. if you think about it. your vote won't change a thing, will it? >> it is in our power. now, i thought mark twain is appropriate as we head into the first presidential debate. here is what twain had to say of the two kand dacandidates are bp on. "get your facts first and then you can distort them as you please." we are coming back with more. >> the rise of isis is hillary clinton's foreign policy legacy. >> obama and clinton want more refugees in america. can president trump stop the alarming influx. >> tony and mercedes is joining
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donald trump criticizing hillary clinton ever so lent
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josh bre gently, trump tweeted this. hillary clinton is taking a day off again, she needs to rest. sleep well hillary, see you at the debate. >> including today, are you ready, this is worth taking note of. she has had 15 days off since the first of august, compare that to donald trump who has had six. joining me now, former spokesperson for president bush and strategist and republican campaign fox news contributor, tony, it is great to have you on the show >> lets start with there is no contest here on work ethnic and drive, is there? >> i worked on two presidential campaigns and i can tell you as you know lou, the candidates they work their tails off and they go to multiple events and
11:37 pm
donald trump is making a point to make sure he's hitting that battleground safe. >> with hillary clinton, she's got biden and president obama and michelle obama which brings more enthusiasm to the d democrats. >> she's being carried by three other people and plus an end less number of surrogates and we are supposed to be impressed by that? >> well, the democrats are impressed by it. >> the turn out as rallies as meniscule. >> we are seeing here is trump has double digits among enthusiasm of their voters. people who want to come out and support them. hillary clinton made a bad calculation in my assessment. it shows a lot of navorrrow goi
11:38 pm
going on. she's running at the clock. especially now, when her health is legitimately called in for question. we all wish her well. it is rigorous running for president. >> i don't get the feeling that y'all are really wishing her well >> the reality is she has not helped herself by receding the headline. >> i don't know if we got that here, it shows the headline on the drug report under a picture of her was focused, mercdes, there is a question of everything she's doing now. the fact the matter is, her name is on the ballot and why should any voters pay attention to any of that. >> i think hillary clinton is placing her bets on a strong
11:39 pm
debate performance next week. she feels that she could pull some of these undecided voters as she's able to show her detames ad details and policiepolicies. for donald trump, it is an interesting challenge, we don't know how he's going to perform next week. he got plenty of practice during the primary. i do expect him to see the calm donald trump. donald trump will need to be ready for it. if he comes across with a calm, temperament, that could very much sell. >> the other thing that's not going to work in my opinion and tony, i like to hear from you as well is i don't think it works well for her to take six days off to prepare for a debate.
11:40 pm
the bar for her performance. people are going to expect her to recite every verses. >> what if it fails? >> if fact that she's putting all of her eggs in one basket, it is strategy. >> donald trump has over performed in every debate instance in which she's been involved with. the media and the elites have totally gotten it wrong. it is not point for point analysis. >> by the way, i do do that. >> well, you are special, lou >> you are very special, lou >> i saw the movie, i am going to score it accordingly. >> mercedes thank you for being with us and good to see you tony, thank you for being was. >> thank you. >> look at this.
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what's wrong with this people. watch this daredevil and he finds this skyscraper in morocco and then, this is what he does with it. hanging by his fingers, just for of them. he's hanging on only one hand. this is going to shop him. he does it for the adrenaline and rush, just so he got a good reason, there it is. >> some daredevils just cannot get enough. watch the moment of a thrill seeker jumping off this cliff and plunging into the water, it is a rocky with the ocean below, just enough motion to -- to make this an experience he can
11:42 pm
recover from. >> diving into a dead of sharp rocks. the online sensation famous for his dangerous antics and shows no signs of falling down. >> billionaire, he has a lot of mission, they are all left wing inspired. he wants hillary clinton elected no matter what. >> he wants the european refugees crisis to be accepted as the new normal. he wants my next guest defeated and he's putting money to work to do just that. to do just that. we are joining next with joe
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in our online polls, we wanted to know if hillary clinton will be working as hard as president if she was elected as president as donald trump. >> 95% of you said no, she would not. joining me now is joe arapio. it is great to have you with us.
11:47 pm
i want to get your attention on a black police officer shot and killed a black suspect. we are watching riots. one o f the pieces of sound that accompanies the video of what was going on was one man saying, the fact that she's a black officer, he's wearing blue. >> the message is being clearly that nothing could be done is going to make any sense. >> they don't want anything done. they want excuses to cause carnage on the streets. these thugs and doing whatever they can stealing, merge neuroscien merchandise. put them in jail and forget about the political correct garbage that everyone is talking about. we'll not tolerate these riots that's going on and used in the shooing as an excuse.
11:48 pm
>> 16 police officers injured and also sorts of damage, looting and police cars and police cars damaged. the mayor talks like this is simply some sort of thing in my opinion. we'll in fact and enforce laws and protect life and property. instead, she's having a sense of activity training sex. it ma section and it made no tense of what she's doing. >> the sheriff thohas to report the people. all the city has the same problems. >> we got to get some tough mayors straighten everything out on the street and help donald trump. i know he will do that. i guarantee when he becomes president, he will be a different philosophy in the
11:49 pm
government and patrolling the streets. >> we have not heard about law and order a lot in this country. i think he's the first areacqua expression. >> yeah, he was way back. >> and he predicted what was going to happen, last july, i supported him right from the beginning and talking about terrorism and the border and the drug problem and i guess what he's saying is proving true unfortunately. >> then subsequently dominating headlines. >> he's got common sense and you got to operate on common sense, too. >> that's what he has. because it is common sense. come on. it is a no brainer. you should be crack ing the border and keeping the drugs
11:50 pm
out. >> some very few people ever talked about the fact that, that board is the point yor methamphetamine and marijuana and heroine. i want to ask george coming after you personally throwing his money in the maricopa county and going after you like barack obama did. how is the fight? >> i will tell you something, i don't think it is just the open border? i think there is another issue that there are concerns with this sheriff, i have other evidence. so they want me out of office for other reasons, too, and not just my policies on locking up illegal immigrants. >> sheriff, we have to get you
11:51 pm
back so we can press you on what that maybe. >> it is great to have you with us. we wish you all the best, thank you very much >> thank you. >> tonight, my good friend, new york time, best selling author and colleague and coming out, she has a new book, "the candidate." it is a must read and it shows us how far some candidates will go. we recommend it to you highly >> donald trump and hillary clinton covering american citizens than she is on radical islamist terrorists. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than islamic terms. she called americans that support your campaign many of them deplorables and ir
11:52 pm
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you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. in our online polls last night, we asked you, are you surprised that hillary clinton is joining donald trump and 64% of you said no, you are not surprise. apparently people are used to donald trump leading the way and hillary clinton is following.
11:56 pm
joining me now is our cohost, it is great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> donald trump said today that she's perfectly will to attack his supporters while not being capable of mentioning the name of radical islamist terrorist, she's right. >> she identifies then enemy a she sees it. she's willing to demonize hor hardworking americans that are fed up with obama's policy. >> do you see a problem with that lou? >> yeah, i see more than a little problem with it. and i see another problem, that's a national liberal media that is trying to ignore the fact that she's basically taking off time from the campaign trail to nurse something, i am not sure what.
11:57 pm
maybe it is a lack of self esteem and her ability to deal with a debate with donald trump. but, she's also i think raised the bar immensely herself. people are expecting her to be at the top-his game. he's unpredictable. >> he's undefeated >> that's right. >> this counts pretty darn close. >> well, he was the last one standing. out of 17 folks. >> i don't know where that goes as far as the public reacting to it. >> she has to bring the house down on monday. the expectation level is so high, she's taking time out so lets see. lets see what's going on and he's resting up and he made that suggestion. she's probably worried about debating him because he's unpredictable and tenacious and
11:58 pm
he's not going to give her a free pass. it is a pivotal point. >> do you think that issue is behind us? >> no, i don't. that's an issue that remains firmly with her that you see in the poll numbers. it did some damage and struck people and concerned of the state of the health. this is not something that people are making up. she was sick and did have the pneumonia and she seems unsteady and stumbled on her feet and routinely helped upstairs when she had to go and do things. so there is something wrong, i don't know if it is fatigue or vision issue or a combination of factors. she does not seem steady on her feet or well. that's a concern. if it was john mccain, you would see people up and arms about it and request whether or not he
11:59 pm
was medical think or not to serve the country. as it turns out, he sure was and still going >> that's convenient to the narrative that the national media would like to spend up here. donald trump is getting a lot of support now. you start to see donors stepping up and including joe rickets and this looks like a turning point in that part of the campaign as well. >> yeah, people can smell victory and smell that the republicans can take, you know the oval and can take congress and they like the look of things. it is smart and you hate to put it in the last minute. >> spend it now. >> the oval. i like that. i am going to use that. kimberley, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york.
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