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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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about in the past. stuart: i'm wondering if hillary clinton repeats that word, liar, and i wonder if trump will react to. that neil cavuto will find out, because he's right there at hofstra. sir, it's yours. neil: stuart, thank you very much. we'll find out whether they each get negative with the other and try to bring their credibility and maybe alleged thick skins or thin skins into play on this one. hard to tell. this much is certain, we're about nine hours away from the debate that will feature a man and woman on a presidential stage, the first time in american history. you've heard some of the numbers on this event, that it could eclipse all over past presidential debate audiences. the record, of course, in 1980. of course, that was jimmy carter and ronald reagan when about 80 million tuned in. this is almost certain to pass that. it does have a little monday night football competition, but just to keep the candidates humble -- and we who cover them -- the record for all time
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was the wedding of charles and diana. 750 million people watched that. so there. just putting it in perspective. i don't know why i mentioned it, but i just felt compelled to. all right, we've got a lot going on here, because the polls, whether you looking at a two-person race or a four-person race, they're as tight as a tick, dead even. the latest from the trump national finance chairman. steve, you couldn't have, you know, a more heated poll situation going into this than the ones we're looking at. you've heard what a lot of the clinton folks want to do to your candidate, expose him as a liar and exaggerator, and if they have their way to complete the trifecta, a thin-skinned guy with a big temper. what do you think? >> well, first of all, we couldn't be more excited about this evening. and i don't think we'll beat the wedding, but it's going to be a huge turnout. [laughter] i think most people know what they're getting with hillary clinton. it's a campaign of no change,
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and this is going to be a great opportunity for the american public to see donald trump and understand. his campaign is about change, it's about national security, and it's about growing the economy. neil: all right. it's also about growing the kind of money that is drawn to a campaign based on a good performance. we saw mitt romney benefit from that four years ago after the first debate in which he scored a lot of blows against the president. a lot of people said he want conveniently. he wasn't so luck city in the follow-up debate, but he did raise a lot of money. are you optimistic that a strong performance by donald trump tonight will also help the campaign raise some money? >> i couldn't be more optimistic about that. we have had a huge online effort already in just a short period of time, in a few months we've seen over two million people contribute online. i think we're going to have huge growth in our online effort, and we're beginning to see a lot of people sitting on the sidelines calling us and saying they want to support donald trump. so with a strong performance tonight, i think it couldn't be going better.
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neil: steve, let me ask you about this push, it's been led in maybe the main stream immediate media -- media, a lot of others, the role of the moderator has to change, lester holt has to fact check the candidates. presumably, that happens to both. but they really want to target after what they call donald trump's consistent lies. what do you make of that and whether a moderator should be in that role? >> look, i think a lot of people attacked matt lauer unfairly. i think he did a great job on the intrepid. i think, clearly, donald trump won the debate on the intrepid, and i think he's going to win tonight, and it doesn't matter who the moderator is. i think it's going to be pretty clear when the american public sees the candidate of change is donald trump. neil: so, i'm sorry about my question wasn't clear. do you think that a moderator should do that, that a moderator should interject, correct the candidates? the candidate is making an obvious exaggeration? >> look, i don't think the candidates are going to make exaggerations, and the moderator's job is to keep the
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whole session going. it's an opportunity to ask questions and let the candidates answer and let the american public hear the answers, and they'll decide for themselves. and i think they're going to decide on donald trump. be. neil: when you are in planning sessions or discuss this with donald trump, i mean, to a man and woman they all seem to be saying the same thing for the trump camp, stay calm, boss. don't go, don't go nuts, don't let her get under your skin. it seems to be a prevailing view among trump loyalists. the trend is your friend right now. you've done this without making personal attks, without losing your cool. keep to that. do you subscribe to that view? >> look, donald trump's done an amazing job. he ran through the whole republican group. he knows how to do debates. he's listening to people because he loves taking advice and loves to listen to people, but donald trump knows what to do, and that's what you're going to hear this evening. neil: but, no, you raise a good point, steve. he ran through that crowd with a
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fair amount of criticism of that crowd, and it didn't hurt him. he won. so maybe he might figure who am i to hold back? >> look, i think you're going to hear about the policies of the trump administration, and and you're going to hear donald trump -- and this is a great opportunity for the american public and the people who are undecided that are going to come onboard with trump. we couldn't be more excited. it's going to be the all-time great match, and, you know, this is the first one of three, and i think we couldn't be more excited about seeing him. i'm thrilled to be there this evening, and it's going to be a great night. neil: do you think that there's more pressure on donald trump in the sense that he is a little less known to the american people than hillary clinton on public policy? >> no way. i think there's -- neil: despite the -- >> sorry, go ahead. neil: no, that's what -- you obviously disagree with that. >> yeah, no. i think there's much more pressure on hillary clinton. and you see this in the polls. neil: you might be shocked to find out they think there's more pressure on your candidate.
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>> well, they can think what they want, but let he tell you, there's nobody better with donald trump in pressure, and he's going to be cool as can be. neil: all right. is he aware and he's okay with some of these numbers they're talking about, 100 million viewers? i mean, that's, that's a lot of pressure. >> i think he's going to be upset if he doesn't beat the wedding, you know? [laughter] donald's used to a lot of people watching him. neil: i think the other one is 600 million for neil armstrong on the moon. might have a shot at that one. 750 million, like i said, for charles and diana. >> well, i think we'll be happy with 250 or 300. neil: all right. very gd. steve, thank you very much. good seeing you. >> great. thanks for seeing you too. neil: all right. charlie gasparino has a lot of news here. first off, there's a lot of talk what's going on inside that room. the lights are very bright, but much ado about mark cuban being in the first row.
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good luck seeing anyone in any row, the lights can be so bright this there. but there's been a little tit for tat between both campaigns on this, right? >> well, you know, yesterday it came out that he might, donald trump might invite jennifer flowers of bill clinton adulterring fame. that turned out not to be the case. this shows you how debate gamesmanship does matter, both sides looking to play mind games with the other. hillary clinton inviting mark cuban, both don't like each other. cuban's clearly in the clinton camp this year, and he's very vocal about it. but we understand that the trump camp -- and this is from sources close to the trump camp -- they're looking to invite ex-that lean mark geist and put him in the front row. if you know anything about him, he's one of those benghazi survivors. he's been somewhat an outspoken critic of secretary of state clinton for her role in the benghazi tragedy.
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mr. geist, from what i understand, has been kind of close to donald trump in recent weeks, and that's why they're inviting him. i will say this, if this does come about, i will tell you, we've not yet been able to confirm this with the trump campaign. we're getting this from people close to mr. geist and the campaign, they're saying he's likely to attend. if he does do this, it's pretty interesting because it looked like it's a different donald trump. because the old donald trump would have gone for the low blow and invited gennifer flowers and turned this into a tabloid thing. if he invites mr. geist, he's basically putting up against mark cuban a war hero, somebody who is critical of the clinton administration, of the obama administration's foreign policy, critical of how hillary clinton who was president obama's secretary of state handled that foreign policy particularly as it relates to benghazi, and someone who's just not, you know, some sort of a troll. you know, mark geist is an american hero. neil: no, that would be a
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different kind of -- they denied -- right. they denied in the beginning they were even thinking of jennifer flowers or paula jones -- >> well, it was donald who said it. [laughter] neil: right. but we should be clear here that there are roughly 1100 seats in that room. >> right. stuart: a third go to hillary clinton's supporters, she can pick who she wants, a third go to his supporters, they can pick who they want, and a third are some of the students at the school, those who volunteer and those who are participating in a lottery. i think 7500 or 8000 students are participating in a lotry for those few seats remaining. >> right. neil: having said that, does the debate commission have any kind of a say if it gets to be, you know, deemed -- >> a circus? neil: yeah, a circus, yeah. >> i don't -- listen, from what i understand, and i'm not an expert at this, but i've made a few calls, you get to invite who you want. you don't -- i mean, you know, i guess if donald, if hillary wanted to invite a porn star to
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this to freak out donald trump, i guess they could -- the debate commission could say that's not appropriate, but it's up to, it's up to the candidates to pick who they want. and i will tell you this -- neil: all right. >> -- that if he's going with mr. geist, that's a pretty -- as much as i like mark cuban, he's not a war hero. that means that donald trump is changing. neil: no, no, you're right if that were the case. but good luck, those seen out there, the lights are that bright, it'd be hard to make out. maybe just knowing that they're there -- while i've got you, i want the latest on deutsche bank here. there's talk that it's in a world of hurt and that the germans might have to bail it out. we remember what happened eight years ago. what are you hearing? >> this is a bank in deep trouble, it has a capital problem. two things could happen with deutsche bank, or maybe a combination of both. some sort of deep pocket of investors, someone like a warren buffett would come in and buy shares.
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i don't think that's going to happen. or the german government, which is very protective of its banks, come in and do some sort of capital infusion. i will just say this, you know, here's where it gets political. if deutsche bank does run into major problems -- and i don't think it's going to be a lean-in moment -- but it'll crater the markets. the stock market's going down significantly in the middle of this election because bank stocks, you know, the overall market's very contingent on bank stocks. if that does happen, that's another economic positive for the trump campaign. neil: well, what's driving it today? fears that they're spreading -- >> yes. and bank stocks, remember, if you play the markets as we don't do, but this is the bottom line, a lot of these algorithms that shoot sell often shoot sell when banks get in trouble, and you start selling orr bank stocks x. that generally depresses the entire market. banks are considered contingent to the u.s. economy. if the banking sector's in trouble, the u.s. economy is considered weaker. now, obviously, this is a german bank. but remember, deutsche bank is
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one of these german banks that operate toes massively in the u.s. -- operates massively in the u.s. i don't think it's lehman, i hate the word lehman moment, but it does show you some underlying weakness in the banking sector. guess what? eight years after the financial crisis, after dodd-frank which is imposing tons of restrictions, the banks are still not that great. i mean, that's one of the cases that could be be made. neil: charlie gasparino, always a pleasure. >> have fun out there, my friend. neil: all right. indeed, we will. all right, thank you very much. and, again, deutsche bank and those u.s. operations are subject to dodd-frank even though it's a german entity. so remember that whatever u.s. operations are still subject to the rules of dodd-frank, hence the fear that this has some spin on financial issues, u.s. banking issues, much as we had eight years ago. too soon to tell, but it's obviously weighing on stocks. all right, there are a couple of candidates who are not invited to this shin dig tonight. they're the prominent independent candidates running.
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you already know about governor gary johnson. then there's the issue of jill stein, who many say is a clinton spoiler. then again, it's in the eye of the beholder. i think ms. stein would disagree. we'll ask her, because she's next. ♪ ♪ what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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neil: all right. welcome, everybody, here outside hofstra university where later on tonight we're going to see a man and a woman debating together on the same stage for the highest office in the land. we've never seen that in american history, and be we will see a lot of history being made in that very room tonight. now, a lot of people say how will this showdown and the two others that will follow and the one vice presidential debate, how will they affect the race?
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debates can turn things. we saw in 1980 a close race, after that debate, and ronald reagan's performance made famous by the there you go again, the incumbent jimmy carter, well, it took a close race and turned it in -- later on -- to a landslide. but my next guest has an impeccable record on this sort of thing. in fact, professor of the fine university called american university in washington, has correctlcalled races for 30 years. he has never been wrong, and he's here with this election prediction. with that, professor, drum roll, please -- [laughter] the winner this year will be? >> according to history, donald trump. might surprise a lot of people -- neil: wow. >> my system doesn't go by the pundits or the polls. neil: that's probably a shrewd strategy right there, but what grow look at in -- what do you look at? how have you compiled this uncanny track record?
12:18 pm
>> great question. i developed this system in 1981 by examining every presidential election since lincoln in 1860 guided by the theory that elections are primarily judgments on the governance of the party holding the white house. and from that i developed 13 key questions that could be answered true or false that gauge the strength and performance of the white house party. and the decision rule is six of the her teen keys, if -- thirteen keys, if they go against the party this power, they lose. six keys and you're out, and that's been right since 1984. this time there are, in fact, six keys against the white house party which is the democrats which suggests that a republican should win. but we have a contending counterforce this year that i've never seen before, and that is a precedent-shattering, unusual candidate in donald trump. neil: all right.
12:19 pm
i didn't really understand that, but i -- i'm kidding. but the gist of it was -- [laughter] that you look at 13 different issues, events, i guess, conditions -- >> right. things like the economy, foreign policy -- neil: okay. >> social unrest. neil: and six right now are not going the incumbent candidate's way? the incumbent party candidate's way? >> that's right. that's six and you're out. neil: really? that means even if there are seven that are going the way -- >> that's right. it's six ask you're out. a seventh is pretty shaky, so the verdict of history is definitely against the democrats. and, of course, this is a prediction, not an endorsement. neil: all right. now, could those conditions change based on a debate? >> no. i don't think they could change based on a debate, but they could -- actually, one could, and that's the third party. there's a tremendous amount of votes going towards gary johnson, libertarian.
12:20 pm
they've never gotten more than 1% before, and that always hurts the party in power when you've got a pesky third party. if she could persuade some of these younger johnson voters to go hillary clinton's way, that could affect a key. another key that could be affected -- not by the debate, but by real events -- is the foreign policy success key. if, in fact, the coalition drives isis out of iraq, that could be a foreign policy success. neil: now, of these so-called keys then, which are more influential, domestic, economic? like you said, terror, foreign policy that undid jimmy carter in 1980, what? [laughter] >> another great question. the secret of the keys that makes it different from all other forecasting systems is every key counts equally. and here's why that matters. all the other systems have some multiplier in them, like you multiply economic growth by some factor to get a prediction.
12:21 pm
the problem is those multiplierses change unpredictably every four years. but because my keys are all equal, i don't have to figure that out. but if there's a big key like the great depression, it triggers other keys like social unrest and midterm election losses. so the system, neil, is self-correcting. neil: what if the market is correcting as we're seeing today? does that have any effect at all on the discussion of the race? >> it could if it plunges us into a recession, but i think it's not going to happen in the next 45 days. the thing i do worry about that could change everything because it would be totally outside of history is what if the russians really are hacking into our electronic voting systems? you know, we're assured they can't do it. i'm not sure i believe that. neil: yeah. we didn't think they could do a lot of stuff they've since been able to do. >> that's right. neil: professor, thank you very much.
12:22 pm
>> anytime, neil. neil: all right. it's an interesting read. if he's right, then maybe people have to get ready for a president trump. hard to say. this much is not: the dow is down, and it's down a lot. there's another school of thought that says when the dow is careening at the time of the first debate, that that can have a pronounced effect on the party in charge of the white house, and it has worked two out of four times. there you go. more after this. ♪ ♪ you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or
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future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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♪ ♪ >> the argument against the ticket is, i think everybody knows they're not going to win. casting a vote, a protest vote for a third party candidate that's going to lose may well affect the outcome and may well lead to a consequence that is deeply, deeply troubling. neil: all right. i think my next guest might slightly disagree with that position that, the inference a
12:26 pm
vote for her would be a wasted vote. jill stein joins me now, the green party nominee for president of the united states. ms. stein, very good to have you. >> great to be with you. neil: do they know you're here, ms. stein? >> do they know what? sorry? do they know that i'm here? neil: yeah. >> i think i am the inconvenient truth. i'm the inconvenient truth because the majority of voters at unprecedented numbers are saying these two are the most disliked and untrusted candidates in our history. the american voters are clamoring for other choices and are demanding an open debate. so we intend to give them an open debate. neil: so when you hear tim kaine come on there and others have said as well that a vote for either you or, by extension, gary johnson as the libertarian candidate would be aasted vote, you say -- >> we say politicians, big
12:27 pm
establishment politicians do not have a new form of entitlement. they don't own our votes. they have to earn our votes. they've not been able to earn our votes, so they're now trying to intimidate people into voting for them, you know? we live in a democracy. we not only have a right to vote, we have a right to know who we can vote for. so we are virtually opening up the debate through facebook and through twitter. people can go to social media, they can go to my web site and our web media, dr.jillstein on facebook and twitter, and they can see through a new app they can basically watch us live inserted into the debate through this new democratized form of media that is social media and the open internet. neil: so is it going to be you answering the questions
12:28 pm
simultaneously asked of the candidates? >> so the way it'll work is that the candidates will each first answer the questions on the stage in the debate arena, and following trump and clinton then i will answer the questions, then we'll revert to the open discussion in which i will also take two opportunities to respond to the issues as they come up. so it will be a virtually liberated debate in which the american people can actually hear the real issues in front of us including, you know, why are we spending half of our discretionary budget on these or wars that are making us less safe, not more safe? almost half of your income tax is paying for these wars. we need to get young people out of debt. we bailed out the bankers who crashed the economy, it's about time to bail out the students. and we have a climate crisis on our hands that our campaign alone will actually provide a
12:29 pm
real solution to in the form o anmergency jobs program that also solves the emergency of climate crisis. so the real issues will be on the table in the open, democratized debate on our social media site at drjillstein. neil: very good. >> held around the country. neil: all right. i don't want to waste with our time questioning the hillary clinton people say a vote for you is wasted and denies her a vote and hands the white house to donald trump. i do want to focus on news today, if you don't mind, ms. stein, with rumors that deutsche bank is in a world of trouble and might have to be bailed out. you know, it has a number of u.s. operations here. there is a fear it could be a contagion, that our banks could suffer as well, and we could be looking at 2008. would a president stein refuse to bail out an american bank if it was ever on the brink? >> so let me say if we needed to
12:30 pm
bail out the banks, we would insure that the american people are getting a return on their investment. so the bailout toes of 2008 -- bailouts of 2008 were just, you know, handouts. they were, you know, corporate welfare on steroids to the tune of $16 -- neil: but what if you didn't know you could get a return on your investment, you just knew that a lot of depositors and those who had checking and related accounts at these banks would be losing all that money? you don't have any guarantees they're going to get their money back. >> yeah. right. so let me say there are more options than just bailing out the bank. the bank can be, for example, nationalized and turned into a public bank or broken up into smaller banks. we need to correct the problem and not just go back to the same problem of banks that are too big to the fail. because that's where we are. this failure of deutsche bank has been in the works for a while, and our own banks are
12:31 pm
more consolidated than ever, more risky than ever. what a president stein would do upon taking office is insist that we use what minimum capital requirements so that the banks are not taking really dangerous risks with taxpayer money. and if they do fail, we need to insure that taxpayers' interests are insured going forward. and in the process of that bailout. neil: i apologize for jumping in on you. dr. stein, thank you very much. very good having you. >> likewise. thank you so much. neil: all right. jill stein. i mentioned that today because if you look at the corner of wall and broad in a selloff right now, a lot of it isn't financial issues, a lot focused to be on the so-called money-centered banks. the big concern that deutsche bank is needing help from the government of germany, and if it doesn't get the help, it could go under. that is the fear. it might be overstated, but
12:32 pm
there's nothing overstating the selling that's accompanying those issues. could come up at the debate tonight among the premier candidates who want to be the next president of the united states. stick around, you are watching fox. ♪ ♪ this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. just like that, a moment turns romantic. so why pause to take a pill? and when you're having fun
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senator, good to have you. good to have you back on the air. neil: thank you, senator. appreciate that. senator cruz coming back in nepal, saying he will support donald trump. >> well, it was probably designed to help crews in the event he should run in 2020. he said he would vote for trump and endorse them.
12:37 pm
and then i think he has to find some way to recover from his dismal performance at the national convention. neil: you were very critical of that. you thought it promoted not the nominee and not the party. you think you read the writing on the wall for his future? >> i think there is a very bright, very aggressive than he wants to be president. i probably won't be around for the next cycle, but yeah, i think he probably thought this would be a way to save and how the more moderate and traditional conservative republicans.
12:38 pm
he gets a feel of the far right. >> yeah, i guess we'll have to see. i trust he will be around for a ride of humor presidential cycles, senator. let me ask you about debates. bill clinton high-pressure affairs. a lot of people say the pressure is on the republican nominee because this is unlike some of debates he has had a canal. just one-on-one for 90 minutes and he has never had that. if you could offer any advice, what would it be? >> just do as he has been doing the last 30 days. in other words, a presidential candidate and someone who can handle his job. obviously, hillary has been around for 30 or 40 years.
12:39 pm
there may be more facts on how the government runs certain area is created is a challenger, outsider and i believe people are looking for an outsider. if he conducts himself as he showed, he will be in good shape. >> you know, i can remember senator bill clinton was trying to get you angry in your debates. i guess that is always the goal to get the other guy upset, to agitate them. candidates have tried it with donald trump and it doesn't hurt him when he gets angry in the nomination process. the different game i guess in a general eletion. but why does that matter? in other words, should it matter if a candidate gets angry? >> it is how they get angry and what they get angry about.
12:40 pm
you know, i'm donald has a few of those. but you know, it is a very tense debate over an issue and that upsets him a little bit. again, he does need to stand there for 90 minutes and take it all if he's not telling the truth or if he is putting on the footboard and we are trying to get under the skin in the first minute. neil: interesting. we will watch closely. senator dole, thank you very much for your service to this country. >> okay, neil. i will be seeing you. neil: very good. senator bob roll.
12:41 pm
we've been looking at this roughly 137-point selloff. we are not ignoring it. there's a whole school of thought that says the market is down on the night of the debate. and so we can debate in the past. on the day of the debate it is always damaging for the party to control the white house. i don't know who gathers these statistics, but that sounds like one of the more asinine parallels i've ever heard. still haven't got it, a lot of the time it turns out that on the day the dow was down, the candidate representing the party and the white house does in fact. go figure. we are back right after this. if you have medicare
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of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. >> nicole qaeda leaders do not business or at the lowest at 102-point. down 134 points in the dow jones industrial average 18,127. two weeks of gains for the market. continuing the last. you can see the market down across the board. the nasdaq down 40. although that is the one that proved oil of 3.3%. opec countries also meeting in algeria hoping occurs that he had this as the 10 year bond, by
12:44 pm
the way. 1.57%. also watching fires are now saying that they won't let a different country. at least not so for now. deutsche bank, all-time recordes low doesn't have the capital foa the department of justice battles. n save money on almost any sort of loan. i consolidated my credit card debt with a personal loan. i found a new credit card with 0% interest for 15 months. you just shop, compare, and save, and it's all free. go to lendingtree right now and start saving.
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neil: well, and started with colin cap are next in an outcome in kneeling up the national anthem and then it spread to
12:46 pm
other players than other teams. you saw, for example a number of washington red skinned players dressed in their face into the air. obviously, whenever he started has now gone viral. we even see soccer games, men and women, all dizziness. what is going on? bridget allen will read into where this is going. the former nfl super bowl champ again. >> hello, neo. >> you probably saw officials in charlotte released this video and they wanted to use a lot of the friction. i don't know if they compounded it because it has been conclusive. it did lead to another night of road test and it did lead to more scattering protest in the national football league. what do you think of those? >> two definitions here
12:47 pm
regarding the nfl players, we've had as a culture the desire for every generation to stand with the next generation. we're giving our kids out that there's a better way working through the christian values work ethics and other people that we can become better. we have an ideology that's not the non-by these very wealthy young man that our country is not available until the airport. they come from being poured to being wealthy and for some reason does. we look at our personal actions and decisions and greystone now we can be a precedent for the last eight years, guys. let's get over it. where a country that has arrived and we can do what we want to do
12:48 pm
if we adhere to the values they give people a success. that's what we need to be teaching us that have been opportunity we had. neil: you know, i wondered what she think bobby knight was saying. i don't like it as a patriotic statement or lack thereof. i just see it as a distraction for my team and winning again. it is a distraction and save that for whatever you want to do off the field. on the field you should be focused on the game and only became. when you think about? >> i look at it differently than bobby knight. i look at it as immense to my parents coming generations before me, who did very well in the 60s. we led our country in terms of mayor hp agree with the race that was an industrious move
12:49 pm
forward ended to me as an insult to say that i raised is now being put down by a stronger more powerful white race. we can succeed if we believe we can or will be victims. i'm going to ask lack americans out there who believe in this country and our values trust in the conservative values, trust in the message of black americans like you are or not last and not to carson and allow you to teach your young kids to get them to believe in the american dream. it's time for us to understand the democratic party. their vision of the black man in the streets of charlotte, baltimore, all these places where young people are now not educated. they are ignorant. they don't believe in our country anymore. they are making decisions that are not good for a nation are good for themselves. let's buy into the conservative
12:50 pm
message and white americans give black americans a chance. give us a time to give this country back. the next four years we have a presidency in the history of mankind and they are free to be the success they want to be. neil: thank you very much. former nfl super bowl champ. we appreciate it. >> thank you come and kneel very much. neil: is always interesting hearing for spec is. that's the first time i've heard that. let's take a look. almost entirely dominated by financial issues and fears of another meltdown. they might be overstated. today they are alive and well. like so many others who are big debate that i understand it is going to go down in about eight hours. stick around. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
12:51 pm
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neil: welcome back, everybody. it looks like a lot of red rocks is there in livestock supplements out her day. i did that myself. even from here, just how i roll, and america. take a look at all of these developments. what is driving all of this? >> well, today's actions is about angst. deutsche bank and the department of justice here in the u.s. angela merkel, the german president saying we are not going to back up or give any state aid. concerns about the dangers they faced billions of billions of dollars of charges related all the way back to this mortgage-backed securities. i can't believe i said that.
12:55 pm
this is setting up some concern among the financial sector all around the world that also dragging down the market here. in a nutshell that makes sense. >> it did make sense, but i wonder if the appetite for this appetite for the scots are that it have been all over again. you know, what it triggers. fears of a contagion in meltdown. are we ready for that? >> it only takes someone to sneeze and then all the sudden here we are. deutsche bank's issues are as they can earn. there is $14 billion fine that the feds want to lay on them here in the united states. deutsche bank's bottom line, but most of the banks that we now, the large ones are well-funded. really a little bit of panic out there, but no reason to believe we see any gain close back in
12:56 pm
2007-2008. neil: fingers crossed my friend. ashley webster following that. deutsche bank, that others follow. remember some nervous ms. and banks that were sort of reeling under the pressure of real estate loans that went bad and that it quickly spread worldwide. no indication what is going on there is happening here or what is going on with germany. the fears are out there. it is the fall and it is time to u.s. presidential election. didn't we just do this eight years ago? stick around. fox business is on the march.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: it is finally on tonight about eight hours from now. it goes down. a man and a woman on the stage, first time in american history we have seen it. the pressure couldn't be more pronounced in the polls show this race dead even. late ermine with the latest on those polls and the pressure going into this evening. >> you to stretch it for me for 10 minutes. this came out the embargo. the university this afternoon and there are several of them show this a virtual dead tie between hillary clinton and donald trump. you see the margin by 3.5%. according to the poll, 75% of voters watch tonight. the debate will change their mind.
1:01 pm
there was somewhat of an impact on their decision. a much tighter race nationally. let me show you from quinnipiac university in bloomberg each put up polls today. one of them hillary clinton at one point. donald trump by two points. research then. but then you move on over to the swing states because that is where the race will turn one way or another and to stay till or clinton had been banking on for a long time now come in a lot closer than they had in weeks or months ago. in colorado, donald trump leading in that state by one point, 42-41. hillary clinton not there at eight, nine points this summer. pennsylvania, of 12 or 13 points earlier this summer. her lead is down to just one point. part of the reason tonight is so important and we have a picture we want to show from inside the debate hall.
1:02 pm
just about every debate it seems that the candidates and course they want to be standing at the same side so as not to project one image or the next. we believe hillary clinton on the left. donald trump on the rights of the air each standing and that will appear to the audience at least with the podium at about the same height like about local. interesting nonetheless. we will get to the issues later tonight at 9:00. back to you. neil: those things matter, don't they? thank you very much, blake burman. for donald trump, the quest is not only to win over a passionate base and they are certainly passionate and certainly rapid, but gpl off a few independent we are told are still skeptical or for that matter unsure, undecided. there are many people who are still alive. but there's the issues of women voters to buy a march don't trip
1:03 pm
over. a tribe senior adviser. depending on the poll and depending usually on the education of the women voter for the bat round, where they are, that is beginning to move. it's not a given mr. trump has lost its vote. what are you hearing? >> i think we are seeing a movement for good reason. we are getting away from this narrative that is so unfair for the past year that mr. trump will somehow anti-women. the truth is the more the public has had a chance to move away from the primaries and take a closer look at two candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton, they look at the record more closely. this is someone who's been a champion. going back to the 80s, trump tower in the 80s was a one man. his chief lawyer i can tell you as a lawyer myself is very hard as a woman and his chief lawyer was a woman.
1:04 pm
when you look at the maternity plan, childcare plan he put out, and you see women start to think maybe this is the right candidate to me and not at all hillary clinton. neil: are you surprised that women have been recoiling reaction they due to his language or coarse criticism of opponents and that is why we are told mr. trump has to be on best behavior? he can't be criticizing or personally saying anything nasty about hillary clinton if for no other reason than not to alienate women voters in particular? >> no common meal. that is then the outrage on women's behalf for the past year. women say mr. trump as his daughter said as a naval opportunity offender. i kind of liked it that he gives it to us sometimes in those debates the same way the primary debates we saw the same way he treated carly p. witchery rand paul. he treats us as equals and isn't
1:05 pm
that all were asking for. neil: you mentioned the car of the example and is famous for saying look at that face. he said he was not trying to say she was unattractive, but that is how it was interpreted. >> that's too bad for the people who interpreted. it's a shame people fall to interpreted that way. this outcome of the grimace she looked unhappy or angry. it is sad that people misinterpreted his remarks the way they do. that says more about the person than it does about mr. trump. this is someone who is a champion of wom with amazing beautiful daughters with a tremendous success story. who could speak more to the way he treats women then i thought that and tiffany. >> you raise a valid point, but it does get to another point about having a man and a woman on a stage and whether there is extra pressure on donald trump
1:06 pm
and how he interacts in treats hillary clinton as a woman. i only mention because as you know, did lazio got in a heap of trouble when he says that is the new york senate race. when you think of that? >> well, i hope that's not the case. i hope hillary clinton would want mr. trump to treat her just as he witchery bernie sanders if you are the one on that stage. we don't want to be treated differently. that is what feminism is all about. so i would hope she would respect to be treated and i don't think women viewers are really caught up on that. we are here to listen to policy and seat of the best candidate is for us and that is certainly mr. trump. >> if you get a chance to rise mr. trump, would you tell them? >> be ourselves.
1:07 pm
be authentic, speak to us directly and just keep bringing home that method that is god knew this fire. the american public would have a percent behind you we don't need you to do anything dif than you have them. that is who we love and support. neil: thank you very much for taking the time. >> banks, neil. neil: now from the daily collar comedy executive editor. look at polls. you look at them when it's the two of them going after each other. yet when all the candidates including governor johnson and jill stein, donald trump has a slight edge, meaning the third-party candidates actually helped him. they seem to take more votes away from hillary clinton. you agree with that? >> it seems like the polls show and my sense is independents are truly independent and earlier thoughts of independents were somehow going to be an answer to
1:08 pm
donald trump on the right is completely wrong. they go in every direction and clearly it's wanting hillary clinton. the head-to-head match ups are tight. the space is growing enough that hillary's campaign can't be downplayed and expect patience. they are genuinely worried the election has become a real race. neil: let's talk about one of those candidates, jill stein i was speaking with earlier in this broadcast. she's as offended as governor bill johnson that they are not on that stage tonight. normally i stand for the third-party candidate not invited. it hurts their poll numbers not been part of this. then what is the fallout? >> well, the fallout for them as it will hurt them in terms of not being there. the truth is neither of those candidates will be president of the united states. when it came down to the task of the debate commission and ultimately what is good for the american voter, it is essential one of the two people who's
1:09 pm
going to be president of the united states be up on that page. gary johnson when he has some support, he's wounded himself in the past couple weeks as some of the things he has said in the press and as a result, you know, in his attempts to become part of the national conversation he hasn't done himself any favors. neil: you know, i did talk to jill stein about an hour ago. a consistent argument as americans are being robbed of a wider bridge today. that doesn't surprise me. i want you to hear how she said. this is jill's time on her not being invited tonight. >> the inconvenient truth because the majority of voters at unprecedented numbers are saying these two are the most disliked and untested candidates in our history. the american voters are clamoring for other choices and are demanding an open debate. neil: what you make of that?
1:10 pm
americans are being denied a choice that they might welcome but they'll never get the opportunity. >> i do think voters want outside actions. this is a commentary on why donald trump has succeeded in spite of everyone's best efforts to stop him. the republican party itself republican party itself is very reticent while donald trump take the voters differently. if you are looking at politics over the last 20, 30 years and then can we keep getting bush and quit than someone like donald trump comes along. that is very different than what was seen among traditional politicians. third-party candidates have a place but in order to get on this issue have to earn a place in the numbers suggest they haven't done that. neil: you know i never thought of it that way. it makes a lot of sense that maybe a rebellious choice is already there in the form of donald trump. thanks very much. good chatting with you. okay, the rate for robber wolf.
1:11 pm
not only does the g president obama, very ), but behind the scenes he's quite an active player involving the likes of hillary clinton. not only supporting her, even advising her. he pooh-poohs that, but the bottom line is you really want to know what is going on with democrats. at least chat with robber wolf. we will after this. if you have medicare
1:12 pm
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neil: you know, this guy is respected on the right and the left when it comes to hillary clinton being really respect you dare. of course he's the former chairman and ceo. very big in the financial community today. very much someone you rely on if you're a democrat running for president of the united states or the case of barack obama you already aren't and are looking for a really cool golf partner. robber wolf with me now. >> great to hear. i'm so glad -- neil: i remember that opinion on duration. you are confident it will be hillary clinton about the parade. to hear from a lot of people, they cannot believe they are in this kind of a fight. when you say? >> i'm confident that i'm not overconfident.
1:16 pm
we started 42% every election and we fight for that but both battleground states in swing states. they are called battleground for a reason and we've been looking into sides and whoever wins the middle will win. i'm hoping that the secretary. neil: do you think they underestimated donald trump were the rage that follows that he has had a cord and she just doesn't appreciate it are worse than al gore moment by dismissing it so much that he could come off at the condescending one tonight. >> i don't think that anyone can underestimate donald trump. i mean, he went through 16 republican candidates and relate to job bush's place that's kind of the voice of the republican party. i don't think that anyone is
1:17 pm
underestimated and that there is a strong base behind them. leah secretary clinton supporters just think we have a stronger base plus the independent to missouri side. it depends on the pole and a lot of you seem to be swinging to mr. trump. does that worry you? >> like i said come i never take anything for granted. certainly there's been momentum i donald trump side. at this point i think mccain was beating obama in iowa to win out there. and although there's an election in this day, i think we will do very well in the swing states. we will do well in colorado and nevada and virginia but there's no sure thing. neil: you are right. those races are also steady.
1:18 pm
you mention how mccain did in the financial meltdown. there is a lot of people looking at deutsche bank today than it might be a german bailout that we can revisit all that. are you worried about that? >> i'm definitely worried about deutsche appeared when i ran ups and we were going through our difficulties, and you know, when you don't have enough underpinning capital, there's certainly a situation where you need to raise money and equity. i'm not concerned for the u.s. the u.s. space and strong situation today. they are well capitalized committee of the other. neil: you don't think this would be something -- in other words, even at deutsche bank is well capitalized, well-funded, german government feels differently. you think of deutsches were on the brink of should be rescued in the same should apply to any u.s. bank? let's say if hillary clinton as president should we rescue of
1:19 pm
money center bank in a world of hurt? >> as you know, we spoke a lot before the lehman weekend. that is that you all week and it felt like. i am in support of the resolution authority. big banks cannot be bailed out. there is a living will for a reason and they have to be wound down. neil: the vast market conditions are such that you have time to breathe or think. >> i agree with you. we used to speak, uni. it is tough to make a decision day one. i don't think although i've not for supporting the bank but it's too big to fail, i certainly am not saying that they won't bail at a bank. we just don't know. we've never nationalize the bank before. to go do that i think would be incredibly difficult for this country.
1:20 pm
tranter robber, thank you for much. are you going to be in there watching us tonight? >> i'm going to be on shows with you all today with fox business and fox news and i'm looking forward to supporting the secretary and making sure we get her voice out. neil: i look forward to that. good chatting. >> thank you as always. tranter robber was saying we are making reference to deutsche bank. bank of america if you live. right now there are reports that they don't have enough money on hand in case everything hits the fan. whether that be their undercapitalized to the the point it could be like it was eight years ago and the start of the contagion. but it seems to be that they are not as well-funded as u.s. banks are. the so-called living will. in other words, what they can do if everything goes bad it once doesn't seem to indicate they have as much cash on hand at u.s. counterpart and the fear is
1:21 pm
they could get bought out or worst bailed out or worst lead to a new contagion. probably unjustified, but eight years ago it was unjustified before it happened. stick around. second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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neil: the suspect in the mall shooting, remember the one north of seattle back late friday night. that guy is going to be a rain today. remember at first they said in hispanic. turns out he's from turkey. was there some islamic connection to authorities there? it comes at a time and a lot of people are scared because that was almost a week to the day after a similar attack in a minnesota mall in which nine people were stabbed and on we
1:25 pm
go. we've got the former u.s. ambassador to belgium. i imagine the so-called life-and-death security issues will come up tonight. there is no easy answers you've told me, but we keep seeing these scary incidents play out. how big of a deal to think it will be in tonight's debate? >> i expect donald trump to raise the issue. the fear of the foreign. if you look at the incident, it should not be relevant. so far there's no indication of terrorism in the turkish-american community, if donald trump was going to say again that got too been turkish-american immigrants, we might as well start throwing out the ceo of coca-cola. i guess dr. oz, his crew were last week publicly has to go. a bunch of the princeton
1:26 pm
university faculty for turkish-american from there you go again with the entire community. >> a lot of people look at muslims, and again at whether something donald trump said that these attacks are always muslim inspired. you say what? >> style, they are inspired by people trying to hurt the united states. we have to have security, but it is wrong to say if muslim terrorists as it is to say an abortion bombing was catholic terrorism. it is criminals. it is terrorists who happen to be muslim or catholic or happen to be jewish and radical jewish terrorism. but it isn't because they are muslim, because they are catholic or jewish and we know that. it's not a serious debate as an important democracy. we know the importance of immigration. i am the son of an illegal immigrant. my father's and 27 months in the woods of poland. he came here without a nickel.
1:27 pm
i ended up becoming a u.s. ambassador, lawyer and contributed my share. we know the importance of immigration. neil: but we also know the importance of policing our borders. she has not addressed the fear out there that omni security issues, donald trump pulls better. maybe responded to the fear that is not there. but these do not appreciate the magnitude of this. you had to advise her, what would you tell her to do? >> well, i couldn't agree with you mark. it's hard to be enthusiastic about some team. when you explained jeh johnson and barack obama at the borders protected and they're looking a serious close late, get a little blood in you and start saying there's nothing more important than our borders. we are never going to risk a single human life. but we don't see that sight in her, whether it's the washington
1:28 pm
redskins showing writer hillary clinton. it is time to see some site. neil: gano, what happens is just when you are think you are top of a problem allowed into this country, it occurs when we hear we were mistakenly granted the defense 800 who had not completed their paperwork properly. in the end they would've gotten that approval anyway. it's hard to say. but it is this narrative that we don't have this problem solved and it does feed an argument to that she is clueless on this. >> well, government confidence is an important issue. i firmly believe the importance that the proof of the confidence is that we have remained safe. take a look at these. these are among the most generally apply to police departments. they were american as can be. they had anger issues on other issues.
1:29 pm
we haven't had that 9/11 kind of incident. the countries that were lax in their security, belgium, then change that today. belgium is more secure than the united states on monday in. you can't get into their airport without being checked before you get into their airport. security is generally up your bonus takes be made? yes. do we have to hope they don't cost us? of course. so far and you can never feel secure, so far confidence has worked out. neil: those responses in the airport actions only after horrific acts. >> the lessons we learned 9/11, belgian didn't learn. when i was there, there were two metal detectors that i saw in the entire country. my embassy in the airport. i could walk into the prime minister is office. collagen is a very different place today as we are. neil: sadly. ambassador, thank you very much. always good chatting.
1:30 pm
that might be one issue that comes up tonight. his national security an issue? whether that is justified or not is in the eyes of the beholder. what about the role of the moderator? should the moderator correct mistakes on the candidates make them by defending what you read in the mainstream press. yes donald trump, not so much hillary clinton. is that air, balance, right or is that all that much to do about nothing? right after this. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man,
1:31 pm
who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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. .
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1:34 pm
♪ >> governor reagan, again, typically is against such a proposal. >> governor, there you go again. i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [laughter]. >> tell me what is your philosophy and what is your position on issues but can you get thing done? and i believe i can. >> took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact, sir. let me call it an act of terror. >> can you say that a little louder, candy?
1:35 pm
>> he did call it an act of terror. neil: every time i see that last one, candy crowley was technically wrong on that, but it didn't seem to matter. certainly disrupted above romney's momentum. but it comes at a time when people are pushing tonight's moderator, big debate, lester holt to do a lot of fact-checking. we let the moderators -- joe piscopo says a lot of debates will not be settled who is factually right or wrong, whether they got it right or wrong but style, how you connect with people watching on emotional, not intellectual level. joseph, good to have you back. if you had to advise the candidates trying to do their homework, get their facts right, memorize all these issues what would you tell them? >> humility. i think humility is the whole thing. not to toot our own horn neil, on the radio, conservatives should talk about the inner
1:36 pm
cities. for almost three years, that donald trump much to his credit gets at podium of convention in cleveland, inner sis. donald trump guys you might want to do that, i hope i didn't offend anybody. donald trump does regret speech. hillary nails donald, tries to nail donald on specifics, neil, donald has to pull a reagan and do this, there you go again and smile an be humble about the whole thing. that will go miles for him. neil: yeah, but reagan already used the there you go again. how far do you go claiming i'm not knee deep in details? trump's greatest strength is his passion and in your face. >> that's right. neil: kind of delivery. >> that's right. neil: if he stresses that to the detriment of basic facts, he could be in a recalled would of trouble, right? >> no. i don't think so, neil. the great point that you make, he sidestepped it. if show goes in and starts doing
1:37 pm
the policy wonk bit, he sidesteps it around uses trump personality. smile, don't attack her. on any level. don't attack her. i think that is stay very humble about the whole thing, neil. i'm really feeling it. so exciting being out here, man. new york, new york. the whole world is watching. this is like the super bowl out here. it is like very, very exciting. if they stay very cool tonight. if donald will stay cool, it will be great. neil: now, i know politically where you're coming from. then there is issue of hillary clinton. a lot of people say embrace who you are. you are a policy wonk. you know this stuff in and out. don't try to pretend to be something you're not. do you you agree with that? that she should embrace the substance, the edge that she has on issues, whether really into all the weeds that she seems to master? how would you advise her? >> you know what? she has got to come out with some substance. isn't it ironic you have to say that about the other side.
1:38 pm
neil, you know what? i speak on behalf of most of my radio listeners. we're not hillary haters. there is no hate. may the best person win but donald doing after policy after policy, after substance and substance, things that matter to you and i, we don't know what hillary stands for. tonight she should step up, tell america and the world what she stands for because we don't know. neil: a lot of people don't know what trump stands for. do you apply the same to him. >> no. listen, he will go in rescue inner cities. he is talking about trade. he is expense the tpp. that whole pacific rim, that whole disaster going to suck jobs away from america. bring jobs back to america. we know that hillary is for all those big, big programs. and you know exactly where donald is standing. i think, i mean i know, look i know donald. i like him. and i know he is very hum pell. i'm telling you, said this,
1:39 pm
what, donald trump humble? he is humble guy. he is a good guy and he will show that tonight, i really feel that. neil: we shall see. i put you down as maybe on hillary clinton. joe piscopo, always good seeing you, my friend. >> always a pleasure. thank you, neil, my friend. neil: joe piscopo. it all comes down to style, not as much what you say and how you say it, doesn't it? stick around. hofstra university, you're watching "coast to coast" on fox business. ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits.
1:40 pm
fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
1:41 pm
reporter: good afternoon, everyone, lori rothman live on the floor of new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. the dow posting triple-digit declines, close to the worst levels of session. investor anxiously await the big debate tonight. deutsche bank weekend reports suggesting that the german government refuses state aid to the troubled back. that european bothers and spilling over here to u.s. deutsche bank down 7%. u.s. economy, home sales slipped and that seems to put pressure on major homebuilders with the exception as you can see there of kb homes, shares gaining almost 1 1/2%. oil prices historic today. spiking up more than 3 1/2% on
1:42 pm
renewed hopes opec may curb production. get you back to cavuto.
1:43 pm
neil: welcome, everybody. we are getting some word now who is going to be invited by donald trump. this was in response to hillary clinton inviting the dallas mavericks owner mark cuban,
1:44 pm
presumably to get a front row seat. i don't know if the front row seat he has been invited. just as our charlie gasparino reported and john roberts, mark geist, survivor and marine of the benghazi attacks, as will karen vaughn, a gold star mom, who lost a son. general mike flynn, general keith kellogg, bruce lavelle, the general director of the diversity coalition. there are 1100 or so tickets open to each campaign. hillary clinton get to invite a third they want. the rest go out to student volunteers and those who participate in a lottery to get the opportunity to sit in on this historic occasion. we've got rnc head of hispanic communications. helen, maybe you help me out with this. maybe you are not privy to the
1:45 pm
guest list period but is it true that mr. trump is seating at least some of these people? >> there is no question that mr. trump is going to be seating some of these people. and for sure, when we look at this list, it says so much about who mr. trump is and what it says about his temperment. when people talk about temperment for leadership, many of us look to our medal of honor recipients, we look at our retired generals and veterans and they see someone in mr. trump who can lead and lead the nation in times of great stress and duress and these folks have been out on the battlefield. they know what it requires. they see in mr. trump the leader that we need to deal with the issues today and who will call a spade a spade. if it is islamic terrorism, he will call it what it is. that will best prepare him and military to deal with it in the way that is proper. neil: do you think who you invite or who each side invites is meant to psych out the other candidate? or did i had it just -- did it
1:46 pm
get that way with cuban invite of mrs. clinton. >> democrats are trying to be less serious and provoke any way they can. it didn't work this time. they tried to invite mark cuban to make a big deal out of it. but at the end of the day, the trump campaign and mr. trump is serious candidate. he is taking this seriously. he is taking this election seriously. he is inviting, honor to be invited to witness such an important historic night, those who have given it all for our country. and these are our veterans, our generals, our medal of honor recipients, gold star moms. these are people who really deserve the opportunity to have a front seat, to witness democracy at its very best. they're going to see tonight and you're going to see tonight a donald trump who is presidential, a real leader who will speak on issues and he will not engage in pettiness of debates as they sometimes can
1:47 pm
be. neil: now comes at a time when some people thought that there was a move by mr. trump or those close to him to invite the likes of paula jones and a host of others, gennifer flowers to really make hillary clinton uncomfortable. do you know if there was any truth to that? >> you know, to the best of my knowledge there wasn't any truth to that but what i can tell you, she was, none of those ladies that you mentioned were givenetl not be attending tonight. neil: i see. okay. let me ask you a little bit one of your important jobs, that is outreach to hispanic latino communities. the rap against mr. trump as i'm sure you heard he is not getting them in the numbers he should. that might be changing. some of these latest polls, for example in pennsylvania seems to indicate he is making inroads there but not enough. what do you say? >> well, i'm glad you asked that. there are a couple of things about this campaign that is so
1:48 pm
important and one of the things that we see, mr. trump is treating all communities like we're all americans. that is very important. we are hispanic but we're americans first. all issues he is talking about are issues that resonate in our community as well. we care about jobs and economy. we care about school choice. we care about religious freedom. we care about who will be the next nominee to the supreme court. what we are going to be seeing in the next few weeks, you will see mr. trump reaching out in very personal way into the communities. that will make a major difference but the democrats have taken the latino, hispanic vote for granted. they have always pandered. you know, it is not working. you see that it is not resonating. on issues such as immigration reform hillary clinton has flip-flopped on every side of that debate. hispanics see that. neil: all right. >> univision came out with poll a week ago, there is a little more than 20% of the hispanic
1:49 pm
vote that is persuadable. we're after that the vote. we're fighting for every vote and each and everyone. neil: the head of rnc hispanic communications. first time a man and woman on a stage vying for the highest office in the land. stick around. ♪
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
the sovereign countries and united states and their personnel located around the world t would be a slippery slope. but the deal is, their numbers were overwhelming in the house and senate to do just that, likely he will be overridden. first time this president's veto has been overridden. woman trying to make sure that is what happens, terry strata. she lost her husband on 9/11. she is leading the effort to hold the saudis accountable. terry, good to have you. >> hi, neil. neil: have you got indication this is vote is imminent? >> oh, yes. it will happen this week. as of now we believe we have votes to override it. neil: assuming you do and numbers look just like that and you do, what is the first thing you do? >> what is the first thing we do after we override? neil: yes. >> we would be celebrating the families, we would be happy. this opens up lawsuit to go
1:54 pm
forward. we filed the lawsuit in 2:00. this is decade we've been holding them accountable. we would be thrilled with the override. neil: i was not very clear. by that you would sue saudi arabia and first demand more documentation. explain whatou would do. >> discovery would take place. the more documentation comes to us. power of subpoena is in place and we can subpoena more documents and we move forward with the lawsuit. neil: the saudis not might be so forthcoming, right? they might not recognize this in their country and they might just stall you. so you made as little progress as you made thus far. it is huge to get you've done to this point. saudis would say we don't recognize this. >> i'm not a lawyer. i don't know how the whole thing will pan out. neil: neither am i. >> i do believe there are deadlines that have to be met. that happens in i lawsuit. there is only so much stalling
1:55 pm
they can do. at some point they have to address what we're accusing them of in the courtroom. neil: we look at saudis, the mystery surrounding 9/11 as friends. they're friends in the region. this suit with the best of merits compromises that friendship and might hurt us in that the region. what do you say to that? >> i say they hurt us a lot on 9/11. i say they murdered 3,000 poem. i think we keep looking at this a little backwards. we should not be overly sensitive how we may or may not hurt their feelings once we hold them accountable for 9/11. they murdered my husband. they murdered 3,000 people, men, women and children. they were vicious that day. they were brutal. they need to answer to that. neil: do you think this should come up at the debate tonight? >> yes, i do. i think that it should. i know both candidates said they support the bill. if they were president they would sign it. so this is anti-terrorism funding people. it is very important to the
1:56 pm
future of our country, to our safety. so i hope they do talk about it tonight. neil, we should pay close attention how fully vetted this bill was. it was introduced nearly seven years ago. it came out of the senate judiciary committee twice without objection. it has been voted unanimously out of the senate twice. now out of our house of representatives. we worked on this bill to satisfy every question being, rose by the white house. these questions were asked and answered before this bill could ever come out of the senate. holds were put on the bill. questions were asked. they were all answered. neil: very good point. >> now it is time to move forward. neil: all right. and on that you have agreement from no less than nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. >> yes. neil: two different political birds. >> yes. neil: you had a lot to do with that. terry strawed today, more after this.icy >> thank you. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy.
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neil: boy, you couldn't have a more dramatic backdrop for this debate. poll after poll that shows this
2:00 pm
race is dead even, an electoral contest that shows this race is virtually dead each, and so much hitching on how these candidates perform tonight. trish, i don't think we've ever had an environment quite like that unless you go back to 1980, and probably even further back. trish: yeah, i would say you're probably right, '80. but, gosh, nothing quite to this extent with so many people engaged, i moon, really gearing -- i mean, really gearing up for tonight, neil. it's going to be something. i'll see you there. [laughter] neil: excellent. you're on. trish: here we are just seven hours away. countdown begins here from tonight's debate, the host critical, the most important event of this this election so far. you've got 100 million viewers that are anticipated to be tuning in for what is sure to be an epic clash in politics and personality. welcome, everyone, i am trish regan, welcome to "the


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