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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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it, the very first presidential debate, make sure you watch our special coverage for the debate and breaking analysis, lou is kicking it off at 7:00, at 8:00 p.m., neil cavuto is anchoring, i'm joining him with lou and our fox business political all-stars. do not miss it, it's going to be quite a night, right, liz? liz: absolutely, political anxiety over the outcome of the presidential debate or something much more real or sinister that has the markets very jittery at this hour? dow jones industrials down nearly 160 points, we have german banking giant deutsche bank showing cracks that the hour. hurting all banks and all indices. ahead of the drama on long island, live pictures on the campus of hofstra university, new york's largest private college where history will be made at tonight's presidential debate. we're told the candidates are
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about to make final walk-throughs, it could happen at any moment. they will turn off the cameras when it does. however, there are so many comparisons made about tonight's matchup, it's described as the super bowl of politics. a huge boxing match. the world cup. whatever your analogy, we know this, some 100 million people are expected to watch donald trump and hillary clinton go at it one on one. that would easily make it the most watched television program in history, including, yes, the super bowl. every aspect of the historic matchup covered. plus about the mylan ceo lie to congress or just conveniently forget a major point in her calculation of just how much her company really makes off the epipen? tragedy in the sports world, finding more about that and charlie breaks it on the deutsche bank sell-off. we're less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." breaking news, as
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i said, perhaps it's just the double dose of worry that has the markets moving lower. the election showdown for the agents. the most highly anticipated presidential debate in american history, but we've also got this, folks, germ's most prominent bank in serious financial trouble, some are calling it another lehman brothers moment. deutsche bank slumping to lowest level in more than 20 years, down more than 7%. it got hammered last week suggesting german chancellor angela merkel threw the bank under the bus saying the government will not step in to back the troubled lender? the u.s. justice department is demanding deutsche bank pay up, 14 billion to settle securities probes. weighing on the broader financial sector.
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it's the worst performer in the s&p 500 today. all 64 stocks in the red that make up that part of sector rotation. this developing in the last couple of hours. walt disney reportedly working with advisers on a potential bid for twitter. remember last week the microblogging company surged nearly 20% after reports that sales force and google were among the companies vying to scoop up the troubled social media company? as soon as the news broke, disney shares started falling. the volume spiked, stock started falling. widely held stock, down 1.63%. jeff sica was among the first to float disney as a suitor of twitter. fox business coverage, connell mcshane with the latest poll numbers ahead of the debate. hillary supporter robert wolf is ready to tell us how hillary
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plans to win tonight. i'm going to ask him what must he not do so she wins. trump surrogate john d. leval and ari fleischer how the performance and the substantive message of trump and clinton at tonight's debate you could shape the rest of the election. to the debate site, that stage is set. it's on the screen right now. t-minus 6 hours to the very first question from tonight's debate at hofstra university. so it's a monday night matchup, millions and millions of americans have been waiting for and never in modern day history has the general election debate featured such a sharp contrast in candidates. on the one hand, the first female to win a major party nomination, on the other, a reality tv star, billionaire businessman if elected would be the first to assume the presidency without having previously ever held elective office.
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with six weeks before the election, who is set to come out on top? the polls can't call it. close, dead heat, clinton leading trump by 1 point in the latest "quinnipiac poll." both sides jockeying for position. take it to connell mcshane at scene of tonight's highly anticipated political showdown at hofstra university. everybody is making the boxing analogies, like they're going to come out in satin robes or something? >> exactly right. ali-frazier, i don't think there is more anticipation for an event unless you talk about a debate. you talk about the poll numbers over the summer, the trajectories in every poll i would only add what monmouth university told us today and like the others, they see the race getting closer. big numbers, 46-42 clinton lead, as you see there from back in august, the race has
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tightened up. it was a seven-point advantage, now down to four. that speaks to all the polling data we've seen. we pulled one more nugget out of monmouth poll. that's 12%. there are 12% of the people polled by monmouth that said they are likely or somewhat likely because of the debate tonight to have an impact on the candidate whom they support. in other words, impact on their vote. what does that tell you? almost nine out of ten made up their mind and no intention of changing their mind. they like the rest of us are watching it for the spectacle. they know who they're going to vote for, watch, it enjoy it but i don't think they're going to change their mind. the 12% is the key number. we are coming to you live from the spin room. you hear the term in all of the debates and after the debate tonight we expect there will be a lot of surrogates, even the candidates in here spinning. i think there may be some of that going on right now.
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as for the candidates we haven't seen them at hofstra yet, liz, but expect them to for the walk-throughs. liz: that is a fascinating thing, the spin room. it will be a debate for the record books and hillary clinton is hoping she's left nothing to chance. guests are injured survivor of the 9/11 attacks and a domestic abuse survivor. she's hoping to show the debate is nothing more than her life long career in public service. if that's not enough, team is hosting 1200 debate parties in all 50 states as well as a web ad. what the web ad does is echoes the multiple media outlets who called donald trump out for lies. will that in the aggregate be enough? robert wolf is founder and ceo of 32 advisers, hillary clinton supporter. man, i've seen you so much on our, a i hope we're paying you
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by the word, robert. >> not being paid, happy to be on fox to be a well-balanced perspective as they always let me do. liz: you are backing the horse. glad you are here. back into this question, what must hillary clinton not do tonight to win? everybody talks about what must she do. what must she not do in order to really shake things up negatively for her team and for her position? >> well, i don't think it should be the next thrilla in manila, i'm an ali fan, let's hope donald trump doesn't come out in a satin robe. i really think that one, she has to be aggressive if he's aggressive with her, they have huge differences, but i think this is going to be a debate on security. national security and economic security. that's where the country is going to decide who's our next president. obviously, i'm supportive what the secretary has to say, and i think that there's a binary
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choice here, it's going to be much more clear who has more experience and who has more ideas that aligns with the american people. liz: when you talk about a binary choice, i know what you mean, when you look at what's happening, it does appear that a vote for gary johnson or jill stein, the independent and libertarians here ends up being a vote against hillary. she's losing those votes and they appear to be hurting her and not hurting donald trump. >> listen, it's interesting, we've had two elections in the past, the perot election which helped clinton, the nader which helped bush, and obviously hoping that the independent vote does not swing it one way or the other. if it does, hopefully to the secretary. but today, listen, it's the same election we always have at the end of the day, there's a dozen swing states and about 15% of the population that are independent that everyone will actually really fight for, and i think at the end of the days, the electoral map bodes well
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for a democratic. i think it bodes well to the secretary's ideas. this is a tight race, it starts at both sides in the low 40% and for the most part whoever gets up towards closer to 45-50% will win. by the chance for the secretary to get to 50%, i don't think there's a chance for donald trump. liz: he's the one to be gaining ground. as it pertains to tonight, the first couple of minute, there is the opportunity where the maximum audience attention and tunin will be everybody will be tching at that point. what about the primacy effect? they talk about this in courtrooms where courtroom lawyers do it, they have to get out the first zinger or great answer because that sets the tone for the rest of the entire debate is. she ready for that? >> i think there is no question that the secretary ready for this debate. i happen to have been with her recently -- liz: is she overprepared? so much talk she is
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overprepared and overcoached? >> first of all being prepared is a good thing. she has 35+ debates she's done. for the most part she debated better than the president, debated better than bernie sanders. yes, she's ready and overpreparation, you never know what questions you're going to get but it's good to be prepared. being smart is good today. liz: deutsche bank, i punched it up on the commuter, it is not doing well and a problem for the rest of the markets. you having run the ubs americas. deutsch is not getting support from angela merkel saying we will not help with capital. will they have to raise capital to pay off a $4 billion deal? the d.o.j. is asking for 14 billion. 4 billion would cause the bank capital stress. >> liz, there's no question, i mean, i was one of the executives the lehman weekend, this is a very tough situation for deutsche, i don't think it's a contagious situation.
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from my perspective, the u.s. banks are in great shape and what happens is mainly within the pan-european zone but more specific to germany, we have not been in a situation where a too big to fail bank has failed. the jury is still out. liz: we don't want to see contagion. robert wolf, 32 advisers, i hope we're giving you good food? >> well, i hope the makeup is working at least. liz: you look all glowy on long island. thank you very much. coming up, 100 million people expected to tune into watch e big one on one matchup. biggest since larry bird and dr. j. yes, i'm pushing the analogies, i'm going to have a bunch by the end of the show. jeff flock is asking the $100 million question. the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes. we mentioned the financials dragging the dow 30 lower. jpmorgan and goldman sachs may have nothing to do with the
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deutsche bank mess, they are the biggest laggards right now. taking a look we can see procter & gamble, apple and caterpillar are moving higher. we've got much more ahead as we talk about the markets. we talk about what's happening with the debate tonight. we're headed to the floor show. back to hofstra, much more. stay tuned. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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. liz: a bombshell development in the epipen scandal. it appears when mylan ceo heather bresch was asked about the steep price of the life-saving drug, she had her numbers wrong. >> i know there is considerable concern and skepticism about the pricing of epipens and many people incorrectly assume we make $600 off of each pen. it's simply not true. liz: she said what was true, she testified under oath, the company made $50 per epipen for the allergy situation that people depend on or a total profit of 100 bucks of the two pack of injectors. the committee was skeptical, they were very right to question the claims. turns out the $100 figure
3:18 pm
provided by mylan didn't include one crucial component, taxes. the "wall street journal" reports this morning the company gave congress revised profit numbers that account for the statuto u.s. tax rate, 37.5%. we're left with asking how much did mylan make on epipen two-pack? it wasn't 100 bucks, it was $160, 60% higher than what bresch said it was last week. check on the stock and see how it's reacting on the news. moving lower nearly 2%. so it's continued to get hurt badly. but down about 80 cents again. here we are at $41.26 a share for mylan. opec nations and non-opec nations huddling or maybe pushing each other's shoulders and shoving each other at the three day meeting in algeria. crude prices have rebounded on
3:19 pm
hopes that major producers would reach a deal to curb production that has weighed on oil prices for two years. traders at the new york stock exchange and the cme group have been looking at this. ira, i don't believe anything is going to happen. russia, the non-opec member is saying the five big russian companies are going to do what they want to do, they're going to continue to hike, they're going to keep hiking output. >> russia is not part of opec so what's the difference there anyways, and opec, what are they going to do? they're going to come in and doing grained thing. they can't produce any more than they're doing basically, they'll stop where they're at. the u.s. picks up the difference. they know that. liz: so price goes down. >> all can you hope for is they come for ingredient, that's the part for the market.
3:20 pm
an agreement that has no teeth to it, you get towards $50 ideally and the hedgers hit the market again. liz: the overall stock market, teddy, looking at weighdown effect, you can blame deutsche bank pretty much for this. am i missing anything here? looks like deutsche bank is scaring the bejesus out of the names which hurts the indices here? >> absolutely, it is large percentage of the s&p and brings back nervous rhetoric and concerns going back to 08 and 09 when we saw what happened to the banks. yet to see what will happen with deutsche bank. anything is possible, we're wondering if history is going to repeat itself. but back to the oil, the spike in oil and your other guest's comments. he's pretty much on the money because if you look at what the oil stocks are doing today, you would think they would all be
3:21 pm
up across the board but it's a very mixed bag, i think two-thirds of them were down on the day. the stocks are telling you that there's not a lot of teeth in this rumor about coming to some kind of agreement over the price of oil. liz: and i've been telling viewers that for quite some time. they will not and cannot get it together. if they do, i'll be surprised as anybody. we have a short squeeze, who knows? ira and teddy, good to see you. so much going on, you got to stay with me. up next, we're going to take you live out to long island where we've mentioned it, 100 million people expected to watch tonight's debate at hofstra. trump surrogate john j. leval, he is big stuff on long island. he's going to give us keys to 1-800 voter win. ari fleischer puts tonight's debate in historical perspective for you. boy, you can look back on
3:22 pm
history and see when how a television performance made or broke the presidential election. but what do potential voters think they will see from trump and clinton tonight? jeff flock, we sent him to the windy city to talk to people on all kinds of ferries. look at you on the river there. looks good. >> the named chicago water taxis, riding it all day, talking to commuters in the morning, underneath the bridge, the south street bridge. what is the pulse of the voter and what do they want to hear tonight? find out in a minute. stand by. the pursuit of healthier.
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♪ liz: t-minus five 1/2 hours now and four minutes. can tonight's debate sway people? if they're going to thinking they would vote for one person can they be moved to vote the other side? jeff flock on the streets of chicago, chicago wants are very tough, hardy types.
3:27 pm
they make their decisions based on facts right? they will wait to see what happens to know, correct, jeff. reporter: well, maybe so. the reason we got on water taxis to get commuters, native chicago wants, people from other places. this tends to be a democratic town a third of people maybe still could be swayed. that means 2/3 actually pretty solidly made up their minds. that kind of reflects what we saw today. it will be very hard to change some people's minds tonight. take a listen. >> we will see the truth come out. i think hillary is experienced. she is a beautiful person. she really cares and donald is donald. reporter: does that worry you at all, that part of the personality? >> no. i think that is just who the man is. i think he simply talks in that manner. he is used to being a ceo and used to saying what he wants to
3:28 pm
say. reporter: you said your wife doesn't want to watch the debate? >> no, she doesn't. >> why? >> it feels too much like reality tv to her. reporter: this whole campaign has been too much like reality tv. emphasize the point a lot of people already made up their minds. one woman told me, about secretary clinton's health that bothered her. i don't care if she is dead, i'm voting for hillary. i can't stand trump. there are people that feel the other way as well. interesting to see. people are watching for the spectacle. we'll see. liz: kind of turning into that. we were making all kinds of analogies. larry bird and magic johnson. i came up with mike tyson and buster douglas. >> i was thinking joe lewis and max schmelling. liz: haven't heard that name in a long time.
3:29 pm
thanks very much. suffolk county attorney says donald trump can defeat hillary clinton in the first one-on-one debate matchup. he will tell you how, next on "countdown." don't go away. before we get to politics we must tell you what happened in the world of sports overs weekend. rising star miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boating accident early sunday morning. they found the 24-year-old's boat at entrance of miami harbor. it was upside down at the end of a rocky jet at this. they found it shortly after 3:15 a.m. these are developing details. two other killed in the accident. we have this, golf legend arnold palmer died yesterday. palmer was largely responsible for transforming the sport of governor, making it more accessible to the masses. palmer was the first professional golfer to earn one million and $7 million in prize money.
3:30 pm
he had a drink nailed after him, half lemonade and iced tea which i drink all the time. he is fourth on list of retired athletes behind michael jordan and date beckham. has estimated net worth of $675 million. arnold palmer was 87 years old.
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♪. >> go after my mother. >> i won the lottery born 63 years old, looked up saw my mom. my mom is the strongest. >> she should be running. you're the lying guy up here. you're the one. i have given my answer, "lyin' ted." i given my answer. >> don't worry about it little marco. >> hearing about it big don.
3:35 pm
don't worry about it, little marco. liz: will presidential nominee donald trump act any differently. john j. la val one of most prominent republican party members on long island. chairman of the suffolk county gop and trump surrogate. have you been part of coaching him? >> i haven't been coaching him. we speak. he is in great spirits. it will a big night for donald trump tonight. no question in my mind. the donald trump you will see donald trump we saw at commander-in-chief debate. the donald trump went to mexico. the donald trump speaking at rallies delivering a very, very clear message about putting americans back to work and making our families safe again. and he is ready to go. this is his stage. this is going to be an exciting night. that is why they're talking about 100 million people watching. it is excitement that he and his followers have brought to this campaign.
3:36 pm
liz: so i'm hearing you say you do not see him doing any kind of repeat performances likes of what we just saw back during the primaries? >> i think the candidates, they're going to critique each other. they're going to certainly criticize each other. donald trump will talk about hillary clinton's record that will be predominantly the difference. he will speak about her record. he will speak about her past performance as secretary of state, as a u.s. senator from new york. and he is going to lay out his plan. you know, he is talking about the issues that the americans are most concerned about. we need to fix illegal immigration problem here in america. we need to bring jobs back to america. it is crazy we are feeding people in other countries, we're building homes overseas yet americans are homeless and children go to sleep hungry. that is the america he n liz: okay. so it is incredible though, knowing all that needs to change we wake up today, americans woke
3:37 pm
up today, see a whole host of panoply of polls that are dead-even. they are basically neck-and-neck. they woke up to the things you just talked about. everything from a shooting in houston. we're seeing almost daily shootings, bombings here in america or stabbings when they can't get hold of guns. they can start to see, we have airstrikes in aleppo and race relations at five-decade lows. how important is it for both of these candidates, but since you're a trump surrogate forum donald trump to weave in what he thinks will fix the situation not simply what he thinks about the gut reaction for the situation because we all know its simply awful? >> the problem is getting americans back to work. that is the problem here in america. every american wants to raise their family, a roof over head and meal on the table. they want pride. that is part of the american dream. that has been stripped away from a lot of people. a lot of people are underemployed. that makes for very unhappy society.
3:38 pm
you see these race relations. you see what is going on. we need to put americans back to work. we need to make our community safer. we need to stand with law enforcement to make our communities safer. donald trump has repeatedly spoken to those issues. hillary clinton has been silent each and every time she speaks. she doesn't even have press conference. he is there. he is in america's living room talking to the issues most important to families. liz: okay. >> these are tough things to talk about by the way. but he is willing to talk about it. he is willing, he down want to be politically correct. he wants to theit right and that's what is important here. that is what america will see tonight. liz: hillary has had fewer press conference, we're really sensitive about fact-checking, leading up to this tonight she has taken questions from the press on several occasions relatively recently. not a lot, certainly she has. meantime, see you tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you, liz. great to see you. liz: john john lavelle.
3:39 pm
suffolk county gop chairman. ari fleischer knows how hard it is to prepare for debates like this. he will talk with us about the way the debate will be shaping the mind of possibly 100 million voters. as we first report ad year ago, twitter is open for a sale but now looked like another bidder has jump manied into the soup here. disney reportedly interested in the social media company but the big question remains, will anybody pay top dollar for struggling company, that charlie gasparino you has covered and way off its highs for all time. >> tonight will be a huge night for twitter this election or debate will be tweeted live by everybody. i guess the verdict of the debate will be in before any network. i hate to say it. that is what will go on here. social media will render verdict whether donald trump beats
3:40 pm
hillary clinton vice versa way before we get on there. everybody will be tuned into twitter. we're irony of it all. people watching it and twitter is not making any money. all its various metrics. liz: everybody is going on this thing and it can't make money. >> this is the rub. cnbc had a report a couple days ago which essentially mirrored what we reported over a year ago. twitter want to sell itself. it is shopping itself to various places. that is not new. what is the rub here all these places from -- that was kind of a new name they through in there which i was surprised by but not just that googles with we reported has a lot of money. you could see them doing some sort of strategic alliance. they already have a strategic alliance. comcast is another name. it is media company. that makes sense. disney is another recent name. bloomberg is reporting this. we should point out we could write a story a day who is
3:41 pm
looking at twitter. everybody is looking at it. the question is why isn't it getting done? i will tell you this it's a company that is very hard to sell because you're inheriting a lot of bad stuff. this is a company not making any money. you will have to pay a hell of a lot of money. $30 billion. liz: first fact global checking exercise involving who knows how many people and instantaneously on twitter and they can't make a money. >> finance annual street colludes and what is going on with the political word. this is tweeted election. donald trump tweets like case sy. he moves the election based on his tweets as people like me and some others move markets on our tweets. he has much bigger following obviously. tonight everything he says, everything hillary says will be debated and fact checked on twitter. that won't move the needle for them making money.
3:42 pm
will not move the needle. that is the problem disney and all these places have. i will say this, liz. someone will buy them at some point. i can't imagine with their market cap being at what is it now, $20 billion, something like that you will pay a premium something like $10 billion premium? are they going to do below market merger? that's what i would think, right? and how is that good for shareholders? if you notice the stock isn't up beyond 20 bucks much. liz: 23. up 3.25 right now. the fact, what i find fascinating at its highs it was more than $70 a share. and when it ipod it spiked up to 26. it is really or so, where it ipo'd. >> based on the disney thing bloomberg wrote about. liz: bloomberg got that. disney is widely-held company. people don't seem to like that.
3:43 pm
disney is down 1.25. >> i find it hard to believe, what company has cash to spend the cash? google can. google has strategic alliance with twitter. why do they need them. my tweets go out on google, when you google my name you see my tweets. liz: @ gas marine snow. >> this is not huge story. per rellow, weinberg, investment banking, they're in final throes of merging with a smaller company called tudor pickering. why do we bring this up? we cover wall street. guess what? these two boutique firms used to advise on some major deals they are having a hard time making it. that is why you see mergers here. tell you what, liz, donald trump, whether he gets president, a lot will depend a human being or whether he calls people's mothers names, you will see regulations roll back and
3:44 pm
see firms like that make more money and tudor pickering. everybody is hesitant of donald trump they're worried about him, but they shouldn't be, based on his economic proposals. liz: good to see you, charlie. >> see you tonight. >> what is your analogy? >> you know -- catfight. the catfight in hofstra. liz: how original. >> yes. liz: closing bell -- >> hammering in hofstra. liz: 16 1/2 minutes away. clinton-trump debate tonight, we told you could reach legendary status. first televised debate back in 1960, when charlie and i were glimmer in our parents eyes. >> i was not born. i want everybody to know that get it straight. liz: boy did things change. former white house press secretary ari fleischer tells us whether tonight's debate will be one for the record books, but different way. ari is gunning he is coming back. "countdown" coming back. stay tuned.
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ liz: s&p down 17. we're keeping an eye on the market but we're keeping an eye on this there is a detail you may not know about this historic moment on your screen. 56 years ago today the first-ever televised debate was held between then democratic senator john f. kennedy and republican vice president richard nixon. that debate had a major impact on the outcome of the 1960 election. and here's the detail.
3:50 pm
while those listening on the radio thought nixon absolutely won the debate, those who watched it live on tv picked kennedy as the winner far out, all the way. could tonight's presidential debate be just as historic from television perspective? joining me, former press secretary under president george w. bush, ari fleischer. ari, i heard this all over again and again, style over substance. talk about how this debate could be different from all others. many have been televised again. >> the biggest difference many americans uneasy about the election. you have higher number of undecideds, there is no incumbent in power. with the president running for re-election, he was always for him and he won, i was always against him and he lost this is open race for the presidency. it has more impact. liz: we're looking at stage right now. it is daunting, intimidating. the lights will be on.
3:51 pm
the big issue nixon versus kennedy. nixon started to sweat. he mopped his brow. you can't hear someone mopping your brow if listening on radio. you only hear substance. people who saw it, he looked nervous and pasty. he was sweating because of the lights. al gore side a lot during the first debate against george bush, that hurt him in certain regards. these errant movements and facial expressions people make. how important is that for donald trump who you support as i understand it, to not roll your eyes or look bored or what you? how is he being coached the. >> i have said there a lot i don't like about donald trump but i will vote for him over hillary any day. it is style versus substance. when people vote they vote on basis of policy, ideology, sense of honesty, likability. all of that gets put into a mix. for some voters 75-25. for others 25-25-25-25.
3:52 pm
it is up to voters to watch candidates and judge. for hillary she has to be more likeable. she needs to come across somebody where voters say she is not the typical scripted person i always thought she was. she has a personality. i kind of like her better. for donald trump, it is just the opposite. he needs to come across as more scripted, more discplined, more focused, less bravado so at the end of the day people say about trump, i actually could see him as president of the united states. he is not the creature of the caricature that i thought he was. that is the difference. liz: we earlier in the show showed a whole bunch of tiles where he lashed out during the primaries during those debates. look, politicians and pundits are out in full force. alan colmes on his fox news radio show just spoke with senator liz warren of massachusetts. here is what she said and her impression what she thinks donald trump has to do tonight, et cetera. let's listen.
3:53 pm
>> look, trump is a thin-skinned racist bully. and he has built his whole campaign around that. but i agree with you. i think the problem is that expectations are so is low for trump that if he just doesn't burst into flames right there on the stage, that people are going to say, huh, well, he seems like a normal person. he's not a normal person. liz: we would expect her to say that. however, ed rollins said earlier today on this network, donald trump doesn't have to win it. he just has to tie it tonight. meaning just maintain being calm, cool, collected. what do you think about that? >> you know i think number one what elizabeth warren just did is everything that people don't like about donald trump? name-calling, nastiness, people say stop it? i wish trump would stop that. so i don't like elizabeth warren doing it either. i do think the threshold is different for donald trump in the sense that it's a change election.
3:54 pm
and many voters that he has a problem with are college-educated voters almost looking for an excuse to be able to vote for donald trump. socially unacceptable. so many people are against him with college educated groups. that if trump can just give them a reason to say he is not as bad as i thought, that is rollins's point. that is where trump would have the advantage tonight. hillary, on the other hand, what she has to really show you all those people who don't think she is honest, trustworthy, likeable, can she convert them? that i think is harder sell than somebody who has to don't it down a couple notches. >> a lot of converting needs to happen if people grab votes. i think you will watch picture in picture the saints game. >> and twitter. liz: saint-falcons, twitter. ari fleischer, former white house press secretary. fox business has it all beginning with lou dobbs 7:00 p.m. eastern. followed by neil cavuto 8:00 p.m. neil will take you through the pregame into the debate and into the postdebate
3:55 pm
spin room connell showed you at top of the show. everybody who matters will be in that spin room and neil's on it. keep it here on fox business. never tune us out. we'll be right back. stay tuned.
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liz: we need to tell you the dow just hit session lows moments ago. we lost 167 points with two minutes left. we're down 161. a lot going on. disney is a dow component. it is moving lower on the news it might be a suitor for twitter. jeff zika was a year to call it. disney could be suitor to get twitter to the altar. what makes you this sense that it will come through? >> first of all this strategy twitter seeming to move toward, which was they weren't defining how to monetize their model and disney really needs that level of communication to, for distribution. they're not the only company
3:59 pm
that's interested in twitter by the way. there are other companies interested. but they seem to be a very strong suitor. liz: markets hate this news, the deutsche bank news. it's a tough time. everybody is jilt terry about that and the elections. speak to the audience what do they need if they care about their money, and who doesn't, from the candidates? >> first of all we have a market that has been propped up, the acceleration in the market, the more the fed is involved, the better the market seems to do. we've had six quarters of earnings declines. so, the market hitting 15 consecutive heights with six quarters of earnings declines. what they need to be listening to today is how she is candidates, how they feel about the central bank. how they feel about the fed. how they feel about the fed artificially suppressing interest rates to prop up the market. and the bottom line is if
4:00 pm
there's any conversation about the relevance of the fed, that is going to make a difference. [closing bell rings] liz: something tells me they might not put the fed up front. guess what? we hit a new low, down 170 points and falling this is session lows folks. let me give it to david and melissa. they will parse all of this, "after the bell." david: liz, thank very much. the stocks are selling off into the close. dow, s&p, nasdaq tumbling for second is day in a row. we're at session lows. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we got you covered on the big market movers here's what else we have for you this hour. a few hours before donald trump vases off against hillary clinton in their first head-to-head matchup. polls show they are locked in a dead-heat. the pressure is on with voter is


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