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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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reacting a certain way, the george w. bush thing, when he gave the look, it was so him. you won't want to miss it, stick with fox business for coverage tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, experts have it all. >> i'll be there as well. for now "risk & reward" starts. >> the countdown begins, four hours away from the first presidential debate, and tonight fox business has you covered. this is "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. donald trump, hillary clinton spurring off in high stakes showdown, nationally the candidates are neck-and-neck, the latest "quinnipiac university poll" they're tied in a virtual dead heat. trump at 46% to clinton's 47%. tonight's debate will have a major effect on about a third of all voters. fox business connell mcshane at hofstra university in new york. connell, what do we have to look forward to tonight? what are you hearing?
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>> it will be interesting, liz, good to see you by the way. i think we can make it through the next four hours week can make it a few more hours as the anticipation builds. we are just about at walk through time, we don't have confirmation that the candidates are doing walk throughs as they call them. this is the time we expect them to do that, where they are familiar with the environment. that environment, two lecterns, one moderator, simple as that, that's what it will be like tonight and the format,ou have six 15--minute segments for the moderator lester holt to work his way through. america's direction, america's prosperity and securing america. one thing to remember about tonight, liz, that's important is that you have no breaks. it's 90 minutes straight through with no commercials. just clinton, trump and moderator lester holt. there are questions raised about holt and his role in the proceedings, should he be a fact checker in realtime that has come up in the weeks
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leading up to the debate, and the clinton campaign has put pressure on lester holt saying he should fact check statements coming in from donald trump in realtime. others say that's not the role of the debate moderator, it is more simple. if they hear something that is not exactly right, throw it to the other candidate. say mr. trump or secretary clinton, what do you think and let it play out. the one thing we expect is giant ratings. huge viewership numbers. we piled up the top three debates of all-time and the powers that be or the experts looking in think the debate could top all of them reagan and carter of 1980, the there you go again debate, the famous phrase from then-governor reagan. and number two at under 70 million. the town hall format, bush, clinton and perot and a similar number just under 70 million for ford and carter in 1976.
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it's the 80 million, that's the number to beat, there are many people that think they will do just that. four hours to go. >> appreciate it there. after accusations of lies, the clinton camp lobbying for moderator lester holt to fact check trump? >> you have been pushing that hard the idea of double standard and saying it's up to the moderator to point out falsehoods, the debate commission is clear, they think it's the job of the moderator to get out of the way, just ask the questions? >> all this we're asking is if donald trump lies, that it's pointed out. it's unfair for hillary to play traffic cop with trump, make sure his lies are corrected. and also to present her vision for what she wants to do for the american people. >> but the presidential debate commission says no way. >> i think personally if you start getting into fact checking, i'm not sure -- what is a big fact, what's a little fact?
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if you and i have different sources of information, does your source about the unemployment rate agree with my source? i don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the encyclopedia brittanica. >> to political power panel, dennis kucinich and former republican senator scott brown, he has endorsed donald trump. good to have you now. >> good to be on. >> senator brown, should moderators fact check? >> first of all, i find it fascinating, liz, that you have hillary who has untrustworthiness numbers of 67% where, is the fact check there? unbelievable. i think it's up to the moderator to continue to say hillary, what do you think about that? donald, what do you think about that? and they can go back and forth. the moderator is not going to say i checked on such and such and it's wrong. it takes away from the free-flowing form of the debate.
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>> you know, dennis kucinich, good to have you on tonight, sir. some are in the media saying if you had in baseball or football, if you left it up to each other's team to call foul, you wouldn't have anybody watching the game, and i think the atlantic mostly said you can't sit there and act like a game show host. you got to get involved. if somebody is making a blunder. it's sort of like how marco rubio was strong in the debates when he called somebody out with a fact check. it's up to the candidates to be prepared. they look stronger that way. is that your feeling? >> it is my feeling. you're 100% right. it's a weak move on the part of the clinton campaign to start raising the issue of fact checking. in fact, as someone who is as knowledgeable as secretary clinton, is she would have every opportunity to be able to counteranything mr. trump says, and so -- inevitably have you
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100 million fact checkers out there. the american people watching this are making assessment of who's telling the truth or not, and sometimes facts aren't necessarily communicating truth. so it will be interesting, but if i had been advising the clinton campaign, i would have told them not to lead with that today. >> we're going to listen -- scott, i'd love you to respond to what trump's campaign manager, what they said this morning. roll tape. >> clinton campaign has clearly been gaining the wrath, talking to the media saying it's your job to make sure that donald trump is fact checked in realtime. i'm just surprised the campaign manager would try to lower expectations that dramatically for his own candidate. they know that campaign debates are not hillary clinton's sweet spot. >> is this part of hillary's campaign strategy? is this a way to discredit donald trump ahead of time? >> it's another tool in the
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toolbox where they are actually trying to create a narrative, very common for any campaign, especially the clinton campaign to put out through her surrogates, many of the media outlets and reporters, a way to attack donald trump and demonize him, quite frankly. i find it interesting, moment sum on trump's side. she's hurting. the polls are closing, she's losing the battleground states, i look at it as a sign of desperation. >> what do you think her strategy should be tonight? >> he should be not so dated and say hillary with, all due respect, i disagree with you, and bang, tell people what he wants. mr. moderator disagrees, bang, tell him what he wants to do. >> a poll shows clinton in the lead. this is out as well, congressman kucinich. the polls are out all over the place, what do you think? >> this election is going to go down to the wire, mark my several states where the outcome will be in doubt until
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the next day, and i want to go back to where this thing started, should the moderators be doing the fact checking? no! the media should not be in the middle of the ring trying to vigorously referee between the two or to tilt the scales on behalf of one candidate against the other. ask the questions and let the people decide. >> congressman kucinich and senator brown. what if the moderator were to fact xhek? critics say lester holt could pull a candy crowley and that could hurt the election for donald trump. >> you said in the rose garden, the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you're saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transfer.
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>> he did, in fact, sir, let me call that -- >> can you say that a little louder, candy? >> he did call it an act of terror, it did as well take two weeks ory so for the whole idea of there being a riot about this tape. >> next guest remembers it well. he was former presidential nominee mitt romney's economic adviser at the time. he's the ceo of hardy's and carl's jr., andy puzder, it was the sense that candy crowley derailed the debate. what do you think? >> it happened yesterday, and i hope i don't remember another one like that tonight. it was terrible. it seemed like she was trying to turn the debate towards president obama. those of us involved in prepares governor romney knew what she was saying is untrue, governor romney knew it was untrue. with the moderator and president obama claiming it was untrue, it shows exactly why
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lester holt and every other moderator should act like a moderator and not a referee and make the decisions. >> i want to be clear what exactly happened there, you were so close to back at the time. president obama did not immediately call benghazi an act of terror. he used the word, i think, terror in a broader discussion about 9/11, and the importance of freedom, and that's when he said no act of terror will shape the resolve of this great country. it was removed from the discussion of benghazi, right? >> absolutely, and candy crowley ended up apologizing for what she did in that debate because she was fact checked on it and she was wrong. and no moderator is going to know everything they need to know to get through the debate. they're going to know the questions they need to ask, understand what the candidates said about the questions, they're not going to have every fact at their fingerprints. candidates should be defending themselves. if somebody says something that a candidate believes is untrue, the other candidate should say so.
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it shouldn't be two against one no matter what side the person takes. >> and then on the flip side, what about nbc's lester holt? he's in a tough spot. is the thinking there that maybe possibly tried to avoid a repeat of how nbc's matt lauer was criticized earlier this month, matt lauer criticized donald trump for not backing the iraq war or basically trump's statements about the iraq war, what do you think about that? >> i think lester holt should do what journalistic instincts compel him to do. he should not subject himself to ethical position because there is media criticism of matt lauer. i think matt lauer did a very good job in that debate and should be proud of what he did. the fact that hillary clinton's campaign team criticized him was an attempt to send a message for other debate modrators. watch out.
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if you want to get invited to parties and have cocktails with progressive friends don't go after hillary clinton. i'm hoping that the moderators we have for the debates can see threw and get past it. >> the beginning of august, people were talking about trump losing in a mondale or barry goldwater wipeout. it's going to be linda slide. we have a major bank citigroup at odds of trump winning the election. here's what citigroup is saying. listen to this, andy, and mment on it. they're saying polls have started to tighten ahead of u.s. presidential elections, we expect a trump win would bring out higher volatility in gold. they also said this as a footnote the contest is increasingly bizarre. what do you think about this? >> are you going to play it? >> they basically -- can you hear me now, andy? >> i can hear you.
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so, like nate silver came out yesterday and said that the statistically the race is too close to call. he does a very good job and got in at 42% chance for trump. this is a very, very close race. and whether it's the electoral college or the popular vote, it could go either way for either candidate. we're in a dead heat, tonight's debate is going to be incredibly important and should be a monumental historic night. >> andy, it's going to be about themes, broad economic themes. i'm not sure, the question is should hillary clinton get bogged down in policy details and at the same time, feels like the year 2000 when al gore was -- and his campaign was thinking, why am i in the ring with this lightweight? that kind of attitude or michael dukakis saying why am i losing to this guy, george h.w. it does have that feel, right,
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andy? >> it has that feel. if donald trump can look presidential tonight and come off as somebody people say, you know, i can see this man as president of the united states, i think he's got a very, very good chance of winning. hillary clinton, hillary clinton has to maintain her energy. people are looking to see whether she's got the stamina to get through the debate. and i don't think people are that focused on technical answers to technical questions. i think that will pass, it will be a gotcha and the next day everybody will forget about it. the impression people are going to walk away with is whether he's got the discipline to be president and she's got the energy. >> andy puzder, thank you very much for your time. "lou dobbs tonight" kicks off special presidential debate coverage at 7:00 p.m. with interviews with trump's vice presidential choice mike pence and coach bobby knight, live from hofstra university on fox business. tonight's debate, 90 minutes, no interruptions, critics say that's not to hillary's advantage.
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one of trump's senior advisers joins me from hofstra next. don't go away. >> represent inmates -- [ coughing ] >> excuse me.
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to represent inmates. [ coughing ] >> excuse me, sorry. [ coughing ]
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every time think about trump, i get allergic. >> can i get some water? liz: a test of stamina? tonight's hour and a half long debate means no commercial breaks, no breaks for the candidates either. some on the gop side say that could hurt hillary. tim kaine says it is donald trump who's at a disadvantage. >> he can't get away with like doing the 15-second thing and then walking away not taking questions which is what he likes to do. it's 90 minutes mano-a-mano. liz: joining me from the debate hall, trump senior adviser boris epshteyn. good to see you, do you think hillary is going to have a tough time mustering the stamina to battle it out for an hour and a half straight. >> this is part of the test to be president. donald trump has the stamina, the energy, the background, the judgment.
5:20 pm
hillary clinton has shown not to, to failing the d.c. bar exam to be inconsequential senator, tock a terrible secretary of state. so we are very confident going into tonight's debate. liz: what about tim kaine's comment he's going to have to handle rapid fire questions coming back at him from lester holt and maybe mr. trump would have a hard time with that, what do you think what mr. kaine said? >> i don't think much of what he says, it's funny he tries to get his spanish in there to pander for the hispanic vote because the clinton camp is so concerned we are gaining with hispanics and african-americans. just another work by senator tim kaine. liz: clinton has the lead in those areas. >> she does, and we don't need to win them to win the election. we need to do well but don't need to win them. liz: the clinton camp was granted a specialized podium to make up for the height difference.
5:21 pm
is this a sign that the clinton camp is unsettled here? >> no, it's fine. in terms of from us, we don't care. is the clinton camp unsettled? of course they are. running circles in their heads, swimming lapse, the mark cuban thing is another example. the clinton camp -- liz: sounds like campaign bravado, boris. >> look at the polls in iowa. we're up 10 in iowa, between 2 and 4 in colorado. cnn poll shows up 5 in ohio. nationally we're up. liz: donald trump has repeatedly said he's going to play nice tonight. not always the case though. take a look at this sound from the republican debates. roll tape. >> you're the liar, you're the lying guy. i've given my answer, lyin' ted, i've given my answer. don't worry about it, little marco. >> let's hear it, big don. >> i'm at 42 and you're at 3.
5:22 pm
so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> you started off over here, you're moving further and further, pretty soon you're going to be off the end. liz: boris, are you going to see that donald trump tonight? >> you'll see donald trump -- liz: no, no, listen to the question. are you going to see that donald trump? you'll have to wait and see, you will see donald trump answering questions on national security, on the economy, on issues that matter to america. liz: my question is, is he going to react emotionally if he gets tripped up by a question. will he step up and say and start doing personal attacks like he did in the past? >> i don't think so, i think he'll do very well in the debate. liz: that's not the question. have you heard anything he's going to take off his gloves and go after mrs. clinton. >> i have heard he's going to take off the gloves? no, he's going to go after her on the issues, five people
5:23 pm
surrounding her received immunity, including cheryl mills. >> have you talked to him today? >> have i today? no, i spoke to him yesterday. liz: okay, what is his frame of mind? >> i've been hearing this beautiful setup all day long, it's beautiful here. liz: what's his state of mind? >> looking forward to show the american people why he's the one who should be elect and would be elected. >> boris, has he been going through debate practices? >> he's been doing well practicing. liz: has he been practicin with somebody opposing him? >> he's been practicing for the debate fine. liz: has he been practicing with somebody opposing him. >> all right. liz: do you have the answer? it's okay if you don't have it. >> what i'm telling you is it doesn't matter how the practice goes, what matters is he's prepared on the key subject. liz: thank you boris epshteyn, the weekend leading up to the
5:24 pm
first presidential debate. we have a number of news organizations and they're saying that donald trump lies. they're using the word lies. is that media bias or is it true? we've got evidence here. you're going to want to watch this. >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to, always, always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you gave yourself, that you always tried to. jimmy carter said i never lied to. >> you you're asking me have i ever, i don't believe i ever have, i don't believe i ever have, i don't believe i ever will. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common.
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using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting .. .. >> just this past weekend days before the first presidential debate not one but for these organizations led with headlines calling donald trump a liar. a week of whoppers.
5:28 pm
scope of trump. here is the washington post. it reveals a bleak view. and here is politico. the week of misrepresentations. she was the one that wasn't truthful. listen to what hillary said. at that using one thought using one device would be simpler. >> it was allowed by the state department. liz: only a couple months later hillary said this. it was a mistake and certainly not do it again i make no excuses for it. >> what do you make of the media coverage it is pretty
5:29 pm
unusual for them to use the word lie like we saw in the headlights. this is coming right before the first presidential debate. many people think it is untrue. they haven't been able to call them on it. that has changed. particularly when they finally said. they went on to fabricate a story i thought of this it was very fascinating. when they were asked about the most recent fabrications that been the party affiliation she was asked about that wasn't that a lie wasn't that a
5:30 pm
publication she said no i don't think he was aware of the reservation. i'm frankly glad that the press is more heavily scrutinizing this and calling him on it when he says something that is patently untrue. >> yesterday cnn hosted hillary clinton's campaign manager about an e-mail a document that was just made public on friday. 2014 the outside can pewter firm that managed the private server they were asked to start erasing e-mails. the hillary cover-up operation. it certainly thought he was covering something up. they said to the world that there was no case here.
5:31 pm
they did not had evidence of wrongdoing on hillary's part. this is the perfect example of what's going on here. the republicans in the house aside or selectively leaking documents for the purpose of making hillary look bad. >> this is can be hot button issue for hillary clinton tonight. he did say mrs. clinton was extremely reckless. the term on friday night. that's an issue. i'm not it's not someone that was working on the campaign. but was a subcontractor contractor. i'm not really sure. but the basic point as the justice department investigated this i'm sure
5:32 pm
they were aware of this latest leak from the gop about the worker and then the less they concluded that no reasonable prosecutor would. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. that is a talking point also. the polls also show that there is a lack of trust frankly in all of the presidential candidates. it's something that both of the morgan had to address. you can see them really addressing the american people. it's exactly what they will
5:33 pm
do. a record number of people. i'll add eyes on the candidates. like the time they lost during the debate. we will bring you some of the all-time highlights that's after this. don't go away. >> we have a question right here. how has the national debt personally affected each ofss your lives. ve. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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liz: a record number of people expected to watch tonight's presidential debate it safe to say the candidates will be watched very closely for any blunders. we are taking a look back at any of the memorable moments. they may have cost the election for the former candidates. we have democratic strategist there. first up in 1984. at the 73-year-old made a witty response about his age. i will not make age an issue of this day. my opponent's youth and inexperience. what do you think that really
5:38 pm
help decide a debate winter. we know these two candidates. they don't fit our parties perfectly. this is a lot more show than substance. a memorable mistake that's what will be talking about 25 to 30 years from now. what's happening is 25 million people fell out into the lower brackets. people are really hurting out there. they have the economic policies to grow the u.s. economy. so is it just going to be the one liner or is that just a distraction.
5:39 pm
>> is a different comparison. debating and 2016 is much different than debating and other times. real-time reviews in under 40 characters at a time. you don't just end the debate. these things are happening people are talking about it as it does. you're right it is a country who doesn't love their candidates so much. the big thing about that it is like the hardest thing to do. in both secretary clinton and mister trump have a lot of stuff they would like to avoid and they would like to put that on each other. they want to reiterate that. it will be really on top of mind for them especially trying to prove what to do for the american people. >> this feels like 1988. hillary cannot under estate
5:40 pm
donald trump. listen to this. al gore appeared to evade george w. bush's personal space because he thought he was a light weight and that he shouldn'be in the haim arena with them. >> if i can get positive done on the behalf of the people that is with the question in this campaign is about. can you get things done. and i believe i can. >> right there it seemed like he was trying to intimidate bush there. are we can see anything like that tonight. don't underestimate donald trump. >> hillary is a little bit arrogant she never underestimates her own smarts. she thinks she is a lot more versed in policy. but donald trump has something
5:41 pm
she doesn't which is a communication with the people who feel like they've been cut out by the very kind of people that hillary was out lecturing for quarter million dollars. >> it's true. she does have more policy and political background and knowledge that is their resume but he's right. donald trump is a showman. this is a different dynamic. there was understanding of the republican base of understand. it is a democrat versus a republican and donald trump in donald trump has never done this before. his never been up against a hundred million eyeballs. it will be about broad seed and economic growth and how to turn this country around not policy. thank you so much. one of the themes tonight securing america.
5:42 pm
this is new evidence shows the new york bombing suspect is not a lone wolf after all. the family of sympathizers. we should go after and look into terrorist family networks. will hillary clinton say the same thing tonight. james joined me from the debate next don't go away. comes, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. it begins from the the second we're
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liz: welcome back. we've been tracking a very important story. is developing right now.
5:46 pm
attention does remain on tonight's debate. but we have new evidence showing that the new york terror bombing suspect may not have been a lone wolf. try to buy a family of sympathizers. we want to go to the panel first. let's talk about one of the themes tonight. security is a big issue. they're back with me now. and i think what we are seeing is a real change in the polls where people see two shootings over the weekend. we see what happened in new york city. national security is a huge issue right now.
5:47 pm
the approaches are very different. they like to talk about access to the weapon tree. i think there are different approaches. they need to be very clear about how it happens you guys are to be back in the second. i'm so glad you're here with us. all of that family. they either knew or enabled their radical belief is donald trump right should we also look at terrorist family networks as well. i think if the look at both.
5:48 pm
that is not contradicted by what donald trump has said. i think the key thing we have to do is use meta- data and huge amounts of data which are publicly available on large amounts of data. and what judgments you are gonna make. it is a sense of the profiling. profiling based on behavior. that can be in a huge help.
5:49 pm
it has some similarities. we have a lot more data available now. there is intense behavior of profiling. two days before the bomber a family member's cell cell phone video camera was used to film him testing bombs in his backyard in his new jersey residents. >> that's often the case. you want something on your side who you can trust. it's one reason that it can work.
5:50 pm
various companies are doing this in a very sophisticated way. hillary clinton's aid studied the personality. my next guest has some insight. he joins us next. you push
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>> a new report ascending personality. they are saying things like trump is stunningly self-absorbed. uninterested in others clearly
5:54 pm
has sociopathic qualities. my next guest said hillary's personality is it perfect either. you said i think that they have outbursts when pressured. i would use the word brittle. if you notice at the benghazi hearings that outburst which has become legend now what difference does it make how these poor folks perished in shows that under repeated questioning because she is imperious in nature and brittle she can then become a little bit explosive or irritable when she is the least likable. it's like at those moments that she seems to be the one that other authors describe is demanding. i think donald trump might be able to elicit that.
5:55 pm
>> have you noticed any kind of tendency for that. i compared donald trump in the past to mohammed ali. with the punishing jabs in a little bit of comedic relief is a formula necessary here to take her off of her game. it is okay after each of those answers for him to observe that wasn't answered. i had been a journalist for 30 years ask a question i want to get the answer for the viewer i'm thinking of the viewer out there. if i'm tough on a guess it's because i'm speaking of them. in the past hillary is prone to giving incomplete answers.
5:56 pm
she doesn't directly answer questions and i can be frustrating. they can use a kind of guide. to help journalists who may not be up for this but still haven't answered my question. he can observe it doesn't seem to me folks that that question was answered but i leave it to the viewers and then i move on to answer his own question. i think that repeated jabbing can get under his skin. if you can be alternately applicable. it could be really winning formula. that is not for tonight. he can be self-effacing. thank you again for the time.
5:57 pm
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liz: don't forget to tune in tonight for the first presidential debate. next up making money with charles payne. >> this is arguably the most highly anticipated debate in history and it's just hours away. he is at ground zero. fill us in. this debate for so long. in the last few hours i can feel like even more than that. as a candidates themselves are set to arrive. what was seen from the campaign all day long both sides his expectations game being set


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