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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 27, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. >> stuarts stuarts right now. >> right on time thanks very much okay don't let media or moderator define debate result the future president on your screen in your home last night you judge who you want to be the next president of the united states. good morning, everyone. the media says hillary won, but schwinns has media been fair in this election? >> here is how we're going to break it down on prosperity revitalize enterprise growth clinton pushed government spending i score that one for trump security, trump blames clinton for the rise of isis, she said my plan to fight them
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is on my web site. trump won that one, the rest of the country trump clearly the change candidate hillary is a third obama term. let's go right book to the beginning, right from the start hillary attacked called him racialist sexist up fit for the oval office helped by moderator got it factually wrong seemed to favor hillary, trump's mistakes, missed opportunities where was the discussion of immigration, clinton foundation, obamacare, ties to wall street foreign policy disasters virtual nowhere to be found another mistake hillary gout. ated him he took a bit often off point we are not the establishment, "varney & company" about to begin. >> you've been doing this for
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30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now. >> i have been a scenarsenator. >> at least i have a plan to fight i didn't see iidn't see. >> you are telling the enemy everything you want to do no wonder you have been fighting unifies your entire adult life. >> we have no leadership and he honestly that starts with secretary clinton -- i am going to be blamed fostering that ever happened. >> why not. >> why not yeah why not. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers wishes when she residencies 33,000 e-mails that about deleted saabs releases them i will release. >> he has a loaning record of engaging in racist behavior, and the birther lie was a very hurtful one. >> when you try to act holier than though it really doesn't work you have seen me i have been all over the place, you
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decided to stay home and that's okay. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and, yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. >> she's got experience that -- but it is bad, bad experience. >> man he who can be pro vocced by tweet should not have fingers anywhere near nuclear codes. >> i would like. >> -- >> it is not accurate one at all. >> a politicians all talk no action, sounds good, doesn't work, if she wins i will absolutely support her. >> in a nutshell that was one minute 41 seconds, for 90 minute debate a few highlights there, lee carter with us. you conduct focus groups did that right during and after debate. >> you got the charts all the rest of it are you telling me,
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that hillary rodham clinton w-- hillary clinton. >> i am not telling you hillary clinton won i am telling you i think nobody chaeks mind people went in supporting trump leaving ro supporting trump people supporting hillary are supporting hillary weem not sure sure is not sure. >> you are famous for three lanes republicans independents democrats you watched the movement of three lines, as the they are debated issues what were independents doing where did they fall. >> in line with republicans as for a while i'm frankly quite surprised myself we did a group last night here in new york city with a lot of executives and media thiepz i think can go hillary clinton won in landslide on the other hand we ran groups over night with american voters ran independents really responded same way republicans did, and i honestly have to say, after watching this looking at feedback donald trump held his own i don't think he won, it
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wasn't best performance but he performed as expected, and i think he i is in the race. >> you are telling me different focus groups. >> um-hmm. >> different focus groups one was with the elites. >> yes. >> and loved hillary clinton. >> is that true. >> loved hillary clinton but -- really more importantly, more importantly did he say spiced donald trump that wasn't they loved hillary clinton they shot she did very good job cannot get handle what he is all about on the other hand overnight i sent to 1,000 voters is a survey in the field i got feedback from the folks and they said that they were still either supporting donald trump the way they had before or continuing to support hillary clinton, but minds were not changed last night, and that is not necessarily what i am seeing everybody else cover certainly not what i am seeing elites say. >> who you call it a tie overall. >> i would call it a tie. >> fair point hold on a second, i think we got more for you. >> one second i want a
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counterpoint to this is going to bring in chief operating officer of the trump campaign very high position you got there jeff. >> well, i am doing what i can to make america great again stuart. >> you heard me top of the who, i thought that trump made one significant mistake and that is missed opportunities. benghazi was not brought up immigration of all things was not brought up, disaster rows troern fill would you accept i know you are coo of his campaign, would you accept that that was a mistake? >> well there is only so much you can fit in 90 minutes also when she said oh, i have been to 100 countries, you know, we could have brought up, the fact that she went there to accept a check, for herself clinic foundation. >> didn't. >> there are topics that still are going to come up in second or third debate i have no doubt but i wouldn't say missed opportunities as much as this debate really showed the differences that we have a successful businessman that wants to do it different he focused on jobs the economy. >> you are right. >> she is --
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>> why spend all that time going off on a tangent with about bankruptcies? >> getting momentum with he mail scandal diverts attention to business practices off he goes he took bait. >> he is a normal guy like us very very smart one-would be of the smartests people i know. >> he doesn't like being attacked on falls premises he wants to put it to bed. >> the rest of us. >> you think will learn next doeb sunday october 9. >> i think put a lot of things to bed i don't think there is any reason those come up we look at her attacked so much as a 30 year politician, the fact she can let anything glance off her used to hearing all negativetivity about hers should one attacks him with with falls premises he wants to say that is not correct. >> you got together late last
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night to figure out what happened i can't knowed pointing finger to moderator. >> definitely seemed one-sideded a money i should trump crowd let hillary crowd cheer four times without a word allowed her to change topics but wouldn't allow him to do same definitely seemed a preference, in the race and that is what shows how great donald trump is he would say one versus two still held his own very well did great job. >> i want to get back to lee carter for a second your dial don't show about moderator do they. >> they don't we asked what they thought about moderator one of the things people said for the first 20 minutes didn't realize there was a moderator there one of the quotes we got back from folks, and, otherwise people did feel that he was a little bit tilted towards hillary clinton that was feedback that we got. >> okay. i think we covered it rat well from early going of this program, all right, i am going to digress to market because they are going to be opening in about 20 minutes' time u.s.
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stocks trading overseas went up shopperly during and right after the debate, the foreign traders apparently thought right lane hillary won debate they think that is good for stocks the gain however is gone, down 22 points, at the opening bell, deutsche bank don't forget that name that is the problem this morning, more on that later, your thoughts like twitter new reports maybe target of buyout disney can you see disney mickey mouse getting together with twitter that is being talked about, microsoft they also may be considering a bid 23 and change this morning, going back to politics, why not? the debate lester holt criticized for being too tough on trump, some say gave hillary clinton free pass no questions about foundation benghazi about about deplorables watchdog said holt flat-out failed he will make his case in a moment. >> martial you understand first game after death of
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pitcher josé fernandez, a deep, deep home run tears in ice to dugout an emotional moment. watch this. >> i don't care who you are who you work for how balanced to be in postseason that was phenomenal. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them.
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not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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. stuart: now here is company and here is a story you better be watching today it is deutsche bank, the biggest bank in germany, the stock is not this allow in 30 years comments running out of money under pressure it is eur lehman brothers. it is really spooked entire markets more on that later. no surprise, the mainstream media was he squarely in hillary's camp after debate give me media headlines. >> it is interesting, okay.
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let's begin with the l.a. times this is just a sample of the headlines "l.a. times" saying trump flinched under clinton's criticism this release is not over, let's take a look at "new york times," headlined there. >> how hillary clinton went from hesitant to scorching, scorching, and "washington post" trump versus clinton jabs put him on defensive in the first debate. >> that is it i think i know whose side they were on. >> i think so. >> the moderator now, from last night, here is lester holt nbc, roll the tape. >> this year's secretary clinton became first woman unemployment compensationed for president by major party earlier in month you said she doesn't have quote a presidential look, she is standing here, right now what did you mean by that last couple weeks, you are acknowledged what most persons accepted for years the president was born in the united states. >> i want to get on to things that are very important to me and that are very important to
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the country. >> i will let you respond upon i want to get the answer here birth certificate produced 2011 you continued to tell story question the president's legitimacy, stop and frisk ruled unconstitutional it stingseled out black and hispanic men. >> no, you are wrong. >> we are talking about burden earns have to pay yet you have not reid in our tax returns you are supported the war in iraq before invasion. >> i did not the support war in iraq. >> joining us is bret bozell watches media for everybody what is your opinion on lester holt and his perform last night. >> go . >> here is scorecard er asked trump a question about his taxes, and then challenged him on the answer. he asked him a question on stop and frisk, then challenged him and fact checked him on his answer, he asked him a question about the
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birther issue then challenged him fact checked him on the answer, he asked him a question about iraq challenged about/fact checked/interrupted him six times no i move over to hillary he not once challenged hillary clinton on anything. he not once asked her a tough question on policy every single one a softball question he not once asked her a single question about the controversy swirling around him on benghazi, on -- on the clinton foundation, on the e-mails -- on and on it went the to me it was stunning up to it we discussed this the media were working themselves it is usually somebody working -- the media working themselves into a frenzy very publicly, saying one must attack trump one must give a free pass thoirl and i've got to tell you that is exactly what they
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did yesterday. stuart: i think lester holt got it wrong he was flat-out wrong when i interrupted about the constitutionality of top and frisk said ruled are unconstitutional fact checked got it wrong that is -- >> this is why you ask a question and get out of the way you are not a paintrticipan it was candy crowley moment gets in you trouble tim russert would ask a question let debaters debate team packed about it yet he did it again i have got to tell you stuart it goes full circle back to the question why in the world do republicans choose these people? >> a good question, did republicans choose these people or did they say okay. i think said okay didn't they? >> they said okay but you know
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you are supposed to vet these people who do you expect somebody from nbc nbcitiban nbcitibank/msnbc in the tank completely for democrats sexual vajing republicans look you have the future president united states in your living room last night on your screen for 90 minutes you make up your mind don't take decisions from the establishment media not going to work for you, next case, the pharmacy guy who jacked up the price of lifesaving drug in the news auctioning off a chance to punch him in the face really here is the tweet, i will auction one/punch in the face to did he have my friend mike passed away leaves behind a young son survived cancer, says he will match donations
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quote to a point and will allow the hit to be recorded. more on debate lee carter coming back has dials second by second reactions of donald trump and hillary clinton the independents' reaction now that is telling you will see it in a moment. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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authortarian. . stuart: we are following stocks smith & wesson did not get u.s. army handgun contract stock down yesterday will open around 25 this morning, the justice department did award 20-million-dollar contract for not warded 20 million for local cops to get body cameras, that could be good news for taser they will be up a little the opening bell. now then let's get back to the debate, i say the independent voter is going to be heavily influential we have new dials how voters rack to speech debates red line republicans yellow line independents blue line democrats watch this. >> you decided to stay home and that's okay. but i will tell you, i have been all over, and i have met some of the greatest people i will ever meet within these communities and they are very, very upset with what their politicians have told them what their politicians have done. >> i think -- i think that i think donald just criticized
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me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. and i think that is a good thing. >> the independents seemed to be backed trump lee you did this you measured reaction am i right. >> that is what it seems like tracked right in line with republicans when donald trump was speaking they were right with him when hillary clinton was as soon as she within the on started to go on decline, i was really surprised i thought that he i thought that her performance would have won over independents last night it just didn't. >> was that we just showed a short clip from a very brief part of the 90 minute debate was that true throughout the debate that the independents went mostly with trump. >> consistently throughout the night, they went they went with donald trump a couple moments tough for him around women, in particular, there were moment when he said you are -- fighting isis entire
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live i think confused by that tort most part stayed with donald trump. >> did you grade or did they grade the candidates democrats gave what a+ to hillary, republicans a+ to trump is that how. >> a scale between zero and 100 ultimately is based on survey, and the dials we give them the -- >> democrats got a d, from whom we're looking at that graphic. >> democrats the graphic looked at. >> gave donald trump a d, i'm sorry. >> felt like -- thank you. >> whole night. >> i was -- >> moments away from the opening bell going to open lower this morning, one word for that, o two words oil and deutsche bank going to be down 20 trump he takes the fed to task last night he says we are in middle of a fat, ugly bubble, and ep blames the
9:26 am
politicized fed. >> we're in a bubble right now the only thing that looks good is a stock market, but if you raise outrights even interest rates that will crash down we are in a fat, ugly bubble better by awfully careful we've a fed that is doing political things.
9:27 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. ..
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tree and to we are almost there. tuesday morning the day after the debate and cap and 67 seconds. opening ever so slightly lower. 9:30 precisely. there is a sense of direction shows it's going to be down. up. that is the trouble with trying to forecast the stock market. you can always get it wrong. at just a fraction of a percent down six points at this time. mostly lower for the dow 30. s&p 500 with a fractional loss to point you at 9%. just fractional. the nasdaq off and running on bear and we are done with really%. fractional losses for the three indicators. price the oil way down. 3% lower as a factor in the stock market this morning. back to $44 a barrel.
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microsoft reportedly may be in the bidding for twitter, disney. after that list as well. twitter back to $23 a share. a lot more in this one coming up. investment firm says amazon's 49 million prime numbers are worth $143 million in revenue over their lifetime with the company. that is why amazon is back up to 802 and an otherwise downmarket. here is the stuff that will sell the story of this day. the lowest level we've seen since the 1980s looking at a v. a judgment of $14 billion against it by america's justice department. some are calling at europe's lehman brothers. watch out. more and not in just a moment. the day after we bring an end. ashley webster, liz mcdonald marie c. i'm a very
9:32 am
the immediate market reaction. last night i was watching the futures and they went up on the theory that hillary had won the debate and hillary is good for the stock market. mike murphy, your comment on the initial rally. >> you are 100% correct. as with an aunt denied into the morning the market was selling off. that has less to do with the debate than it does the overall market sentiment. we've been in a market for the last several months. right now i think we are going to sell the rally market. any sort of rally that fell into that. that's a joke in candidacy. stuart: is in command of foreign traders thinking hillary had won the debate on stability on wall street and that is why they voted. that is why they bought stock last night. >> foreign investors want the status quo in the united states and hillary clinton as the establishment candidate for republicans and moderate democrats.
9:33 am
if you look at the spin that they got immediately after the debate, places like cnn which broadcast into europe, the response was scripted before they ever appeared. it was so pro-hillary that she got the response today. as we get more information it is unclear who adjust the market a little bit. >> donald trump said the stock market is a bubble fueled by fed chief janet yellen. he called her more political than hillary. this is right up your street. that's exactly what you've been saying amazement. >> it is corrected morning. you force money into one place. there is no bonds to buy. the 3% yield of the market. you create a bubble. what happened with deutsche bank.
9:34 am
the germans will bail them out so there will be a problem. if they don't, that could create a real big ripple effect and that could be the thing that create the market a selloff that they let them fail. stuart: peter morici comment if the fed create a big bubbl if he does something about it and that would be good for the stock market. what if? >> is going to be an adjustment when the fed raises interest rates. at an dissipate it will be very large. the stock market has done well with interest rates at 2% just as well with 3%. the real issue for the stockmarket is quarterly growth figures have now been reduced in terms of estimates and we've been looking for that recovery and quarterly profits for a while now. if it doesn't materialize by the fourth quarter, whoever becomes president in january is going to be dealing with a problem when it comes to the stock market. trade do you got that right,
9:35 am
peter. one investment firm has crunched the numbers historically on markets in the election. not sure i'm always in favor of doing that day, but this has the numbers. >> they are still churning it out. the downside to misleading to election day, the last three quarters of the time when it's positive. i'm not sure there's gridlock in between. i'm not sure how this is really relevant. >> it's a little bit different. everyone thought twitter monitoring things minute by minute. >> it's like the super bowl indicator. >> the forecaster i can tell you it's exactly that. thank you good >> i think we dealt with that.
9:36 am
>> get out of the classroom and they say stuff like that. >> look at this. now back to dead even. the dow industrials are up 1.4 points. that is it. a couple of sites to look pete smith & wesson. drop yesterday after they lost him a handgun contract a dead flat this morning at 25. the big drop yesterday. higher profit, higher sales of the maker for three bucks. mylan as pretax profit to depend them in the profit is 160 bucks. they told congress it was 100 bucks profit. that's a problem. nonetheless, dead flat. higher revenue but they lost money. the stock is down about $1.50 for it. the drugmaker moving higher after positive results for an experimental drug which helps
9:37 am
the immune system fight cancer. after nearly 10%. the justice department reportedly figuring out how much you can find volkswagen, how big a hit can administer without it going out of business? nicole, with the latest on that? >> you take a look and understand what volkswagen makes. the latest numbers here in the company had a net liquidity of about $32 billion as of june 30th. they are already now pay now $16.5 billion, which is a record in civil litigation. now they are also facing another 9 million in germany and so the department of justice wants to know what they did is a deceitfulness to hide their emission and basically here in the u.s. >> that story is not finished. what may be some big names in
9:38 am
the mix. microsoft and disney did both of those stocks including tighter as well. >> disney is a family, while some company. that is their image. >> you can look at the nfl. espn has been been a big thorn in the side. you have twitter coming out, brought testing the nfl and it got rave reviews and how you can pick up your phone, watch nfl games there. jack dorsey, ceo and founder of twitter is on the board of disney. he's publicly sad, disclose to users the sounding board a lot. twitter doesn't hog the growth in users that they need. disney needs a way to reach out to millennialist. >> a lot of news organizations use twitter. i don't offer that too is another competitor social media
9:39 am
platform. >> twitter could be a video distribution channel. >> i wouldn't count on it working out very well. >> when it comes to technology companies. social media is not what a monopolist as well. >> i don't think straight and then about 4:00 in the morning is a good idea for disney. but that's just me. >> maybe twitter chose to be at pixar. >> i'm all in the time. it got to get to deutsche bank. they're like another $14 million fine from the justice department and angela merkel at this point in germany and say you're not going to get a bailout. a lot of people are colonized europe sleeman. what do you say to that? todd horowitz. >> i think they will bail them out. in 2008 we decided to bail them out there to the sale and
9:40 am
unfortunately they are not going to let it go under. that's the only way we get the free market. >> visit the crunch of your entire financial system. truly do i think it's a tough position because she's been the one to get your act together. if deutsche bank goes down, merkel goes down and quite likely that euro -- >> you are ignoring the third option. angela calls up a rock and the justice department indicated fixed and it goes down dramatically. they don't want to put it out of business. i doubt they will one of the deutsche bank out of business either. liz: the $4 billion fine we are missing an option. germany could push the shed to merge with commerce bank.
9:41 am
those stocks have happened in august. >> the problem for the market if deutsche bank was under, you've got a crash enough. >> italian bank in spanish banks, house of cards. >> i want to thank peter, mike, so much stuff to cover. great, thanks very much, everybody. the market has turned around. now we are up 24, 25 points. debate number one in the history books. debate number two, sunday, october 9th. you realize that's only a week and a half away. the advanced look at that one, too. the mainstream media is a win for hillary. what does donald trump have to do to win next time? we are on it. ♪
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stuart: we are up 18.717. after debate. deutsche bank is a story this morning. we'll cover that throughout the day. american express has raised its dividend to 32 cents a share. it was 29 cents a share of 10%. a stock buyback or grab. that is why they are. not much but they are a period the obama administration suing the software comes to me. by the way, this company was founded by peter teal, the outspoken supporter of donald trump. the justice department is that company was racially discriminatory. what is that about? train for the labor department. a big powerful company. a lot of federal contracts were $340 million since 20 cap.
9:46 am
she's been discriminated and he looks great in many asian applicants from your pool. however, the company uses an in-house referral is done and people are different minorities referred people. >> is the only trump supporter. >> is really powerful. look at how it's finally charged. they come up with the charges. it's difficult to see how they arrived that day. no program. no proof anybody if they would discriminate against the shed. >> the first presidential debate obviously over. let's look to the second. 12 days away. karl rove is with us. my opinion last night was trump missed a lot of opportunities to raise a significant issues. i take it that he'll learn from
9:47 am
what i call a mistake. >> yeah, but let's hope he learns the right thing. he missed a lot of opportunities. you're right. for example, for example, one precious cybersecurity came out, it's nice to hear you've been so concerned about cybersecurity. wish you were concerned to set up private e-mail server. here's the point. last night the biggest thing he failed to do particularly after the first 20 minutes is that i'm the candidate of change. i'll change the economy. but you know what, he needs to pay a bit more to what it is he will do. when he does after in the next today, he better understand that it is a light touch rather than have a touch and pay the two then what he would do in place of that. but people need his reassurances that do the job you simply slashing and burning her is not going to prove to them that the job.
9:48 am
stuart: you are not a trump guy. >> i'm a dispassionate observer. are you a trump guy? you're a dispassionate observer. stuart: no, i'm a passionate observer. i'm a free market in liberty. you've observed the scene. do you believe that trump is a very, very fast learner and he's learning on the job and the learned a lot from last night? >> we are who we are. it is hard to move candidates off of who they are. they better caution about it. but that other thing they better caution about its gestures. if you turned off the sound hillary was looking saran and trump you could tell the further the debate that i was getting angry. he took his finger and was going like this. he would point at her. rather than being open like this are reflected like you are right now, he was angry.
9:49 am
he has a tendency to buckle his shoulders, which is okay. but when he leans in, it makes it look like he's angry. he's got to be careful because a lot of the communication is nonverbal. i wish you'd been concerned when he did that. it's better than if it's done with open gestures into the moderator rather than directly to her. stuart: what did hillary do wrong? >> hillary failed to tell us what it is she would do. she had a couple points where she came close to it, but she has got to tell people i'm reasonable change. at the same time she's saying he's not worthy of the office and i represent some form of reasonable change. trade to trump is still on a roll in the polls. >> this debate is not going to change trajectory of the race. in the history of these things as they very really -- one instance where you're likely change the trajectory of the
9:50 am
race. otherwise it reaffirms that. the race is close and it will remain closed. stuart: rove, you are all right. it's very much. check the the dow 30 in the left hand side of your screen moving a bit more green and then there was a few minutes ago. up 22 points. the debate moderator, lesser holes some say he gave hillary a free pass like under e-mail scandal for example. only briefly mentioned. judge napolitano next on this. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. with it, i earn unlimid 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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stuart: you could say hillary clinton got a pass on a controversy at the debate last night. you can also say donald trump to bring up the e-mail scandal. watch this. >> that was more than a mistake. that was done purposely. when you have your staff taken the fifth amendment, taking the fifth said they are not prosecuted. when you have set up the illegal server taken the faith i think it is disgraceful. believe me, this country thinks
9:55 am
it is disgraceful also. stuart: judge andrew napolitano is here. seems donald trump on right after it there. he gutted out there. >> and she succeeded in turning around and making him defensive on his use of bankruptcy. the fact members of his staff took that which is an absolute constitutional right. all kinds of people take all the time. this actually deleted dirty 3000 member e-mails as reprehensible as that is is not the way to attack her on this. use it to protect national security secrets. descent state secrets to people hyped by the russians. people probably died as a result of your failure to maintain state secrets. that's the attack on her. the speaker warned libya, nothing about her line five times under road. he dropped the ball on all of that.
9:56 am
lester holt in my view did not adequately pursue that. but he did not take the opportunity to go after her singular vulnerability, which is the wide spread reception under democrats that she is unworthy of trust and belief. stuart: he did resurrect the burger issue in cap data. >> that burger issue is a nonwinner for him. the people who believe president obama was not warned in the united states a very small group and they'll probably vote for him anyway. the way he addressed that in my view harm can by saying she started it. stuart: there's no comparison between the earth or issue in the e-mail scandal. they looked like they were an uneven keel. >> the e-mail scandal is a series of felonies espionage, lying under oath, destruction of
9:57 am
evidence, obstruction of justice. the burger issue as reprehensible as it is is not a crime. >> we will only find out the truth about the e-mail after the election and that is a disgrace. >> it's also a disgrace she was not given pushback on this. but, the first of three debates. we will see where the other to go. >> you'll be back in our third hour at 11:00. check the big board hired the day day. the dow was up 40 points. 18134. the day after the debate. clinton called trump a racist, sexist. trump does it down. he did not say "crooked hillary." instead, it sees that she is just a politician. i will discuss that at the top of the hour. my take coming out.
9:58 am
. . . mentioned.
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10:00 am
look at how they went after each other. clinton renewed her attacks calling him a racist and sexist unfit for the presidency. she attacked throughout, smiled throughout, brushed past the email scandal in the moderator let her do it. a race on the police, she said everyone is violent. this morning her campaign chair told fox they were very happy with her performance. trump did not show the fight that he showed in primary debates, no insults, no crooked hillary. instead he called her a typical politician. he mocked her plan to fight isis which she said was on her website. that is why you have been fighting isis are your adult life, he said. he went on, the president's
10:01 am
ideas left no money for rebuilding the nation. the moderator interrupted trump, he did not press hillary, fact checking, stop and frisk, he got it dead wrong. one last point, missed opportunities, donald trump did not get his message across on key issues like immigration, muslim migration, hillary's ties to wall street and hillary's millions of voters as deplorables. remember, ronald reagan lost the first debate to walter mondale in 1984, president obama lost his first debate to mitt romney four years ago, this debate, i am calling it a tie. what does trump have to do with debate number 2 which is two week the way? the second hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. we will get to politics but now breaking news, the latest read
10:02 am
on the economy about consumer confidence. liz: the highest since 2007, beer than expected reading on consumer confidence coming as 104 so basically we expected to be drifting down. this is the pulse of main street, watching the action. stuart: the market has a bounce on that. and $809 a share. a lot of worry, and >> of deutsche bank is left to fail, there is a real worry of
10:03 am
contingent in 2007. german president angela merkel in a difficult position because she is preaching financial responsibility and fiscal responsibility to the greeks and anyone else who would listen and to turn around, a failing bank put her in a difficult position but she doesn't prop it up. could be a real house of cards. really put risk -- stuart: if she does back it out they have to bat out the -- liz: they have elections in 2017. liz: let's move on, back to the debate. another look at both candidates last night, launching attacks, going at each other. >> hillary had experience, but it is a bad experience. >> a long record of engaging in
10:04 am
racist behavior. >> you have been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about the solutions right now? all talk, no action. >> i know you live in your own reality. by the end of this evening i will be blamed for everything. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them i will release, i will release my tax returns. stuart: senator jeff sessions is a republican and a trump advisor from alabama. my point this morning, donald trump missed a lot of opportunities, he didn't bring
10:05 am
up. >> i had difficulty of getting hit with a question, negative type question, quick answer, and pivot to advance the agenda you want to talk about and spent too much time, explaining. stuart: long time bankruptcy, if hillary -- >> 300 and this is and four had difficulties. stuart: why did he spend so much time explaining that? >> i have never been through a debate, this, that or the other. a lot easier sitting back your criticizing somebody who is a businessman who is not a lawyer or politician, who hasn't been through 40 years of government spin. hillary clinton before the debate, there is not an issue she will be asked if she has a practiced answer.
10:06 am
he is correct to say too much talk, >> he is a fast learner. in the next debate in the next two weeks. >> he can do a better job of pivoting. and >> hillary clinton, represents, the washington international power of status, and the perfect representative of it. and he will cut down on crime
10:07 am
and violence. that is what they saw in him, they saw strength last night. >> a senator from the great state of alabama. and engage in -- the only debate i ever attended, 5 different events today, he has been preparing -- isn't that smart. let me ask you this, did not his polling numbers surge in the last 10 days he has been traveling throughout the country, maybe she spent too much time preparing for her sweet debate. stuart: thank you.
10:08 am
i want to know who looked most presidential last night. joining us for the entire our town hall editor katie pavlovic is welcome to the show. >> thank for having me. stuart: who looked presidential? >> they both presidential but hillary had the upper hand on this one, donald trump repeatedly interrupting her when she went after him, she perf into interrupting her and he couldn't let her have her say. stuart: you are a trump supported. >> generally pretty neutral. i'm a conservative but generally pretty neutral. we won the performance last night? >> i wasn't disappointing, i just went think off of what the senator said about him not being a politician or having quickwitted answers. and ready for controversial
10:09 am
issues, and bad actors, and from the russian, the easy response would have been yes, madam secretary, i am sure the russians had no interest in your unsecured private email server that contains top secret classified information. time to let that one go by, the easy answer to give, that should be more prepared, it is okay to study, what you should do before a debate despite who you are, whether a politician or not. stuart: agree with you wholeheartedly, breaking news at wells fargo. are they going to clawback the money the executives would do? >> some pay certainly from retail banking unit toasted who walked off with $120 million severance pay, the word is that money will be clawed back is indeed executive compensation to wells fargo's ceo john stumpf if
10:10 am
he comes back to congress this week answering questions. stuart: this is the board of wells fargo saying you give some back, not the government or the justice department. ashley: creating allegedly more than 2 million accounts to meet sales quotas and bonuses and so on. stuart: trying to take money back. next case back to the debate, some critics of donald trump point out sniffling during the debate. watch this. >> perhaps we will talk about that later. the country is in deep trouble, the best ever at it. we have to renegotiate trade deals, let me give you the example of mexico, defective agreement, why hasn't she made
10:11 am
the agreement. >> notice trump sniffing all the time, coke user? that is something else. >> people were not questioning hillary, >> you weren't allowed to talk about it, being a cocaine addict simply because he decided to snivel a little bit, it is a nervous habit, maybe he has allergies, the seasons are changing in new york. stuart: this is television, the president of the united states in your living room, don't do that. >> first lady michelle obama said there you go, we go high-end issue 2 is donald
10:12 am
trump's brother fred has the way from alcoholism, tough things to say with mister trump's brother. stuart: how do they lead? stuart: howard dean who wrecked his political career by screaming outrageously is now accusing donald trump of being a cocaine user, a new low. >> the number one killer of americans outside car accidents in this country. for him to make light of this by saying and accusing the republican nominee of being a cocaine addict. stuart: got to move on, severe flooding in iowa, thousands of people evacuated in cedar rapids, the storm dumped a lot of rain, the cedar river will crest at 30 feet today, one of the worst floods in history and it has seen a few. a professor who accurately predicted the outcome of the
10:13 am
last eight elections says trump is going to win. he still thinks trump is going to win? after the debate last night, he is next. >> doesn't have the stamina, doesn't have the stamina. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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10:16 am
stuart: i will get back to that wells fargo story, the board is tying the company, taking back some of the money like kerry olmsted who were involved in the fake account. >> creating 2 million fake account. nothing to do with a scandal, stuart: elizabeth warren scored a lot of points, made $200
10:17 am
million for that stock that went up during the scandal. i they taking some off of him? we don't know how much. next case our next guest accurately predicted the outcome of the last eight elections. he has been saying trump is going to win this one. alan liftman is with us. after the debate last night you still think trump wins? >> i think there is a real possibility he is such a precedent shattering candidate that he is going to break patterns of history that my prediction system is based on and become the first candidate in all of modern american history to go against the year where his opponent clearly should be losing. a generic republican would win this election but not necessarily donald trump. you saw a lot of his history breaking patterns on display
10:18 am
last night. stuart: like what? history breaking patterns on display last night? which history breaking patterns from donald trump were on display last night? >> number one, the only candidate in decades to refuse to release his taxes. and running as a successful businessman and you can't judge his record without seeing his taxes. stuart: is that a plus for donald trump? >> a huge minas for donald trump. a lot of problems telling the truth. and arguing with the moderator when his 2002 interview on the iraq war, he thinks we should go in -- his opposition didn't cut it, huge mistake. doubling down on that and
10:19 am
arguing with the moderator is the meaning of women. consistent over time, saying hillary clinton doesn't have the stamina to be president. stuart: why do you think he is going to win? >> what we have got here is two great historical forces clashing. on the one hand this is a year in which the party holding the white house should lose, they don't have their sitting president running. they had a huge loss in the midterm elections, they have a pesky third-party candidate. they don't have a big foreign-policy triumph. they don't have a domestic triumph. they have a relatively non-charismatic candidate in hillary clinton. there should be a republican the year but donald trump, you have a candidate who is so far outside the historical mainstream that he could break the pattern. we have the irresistible force
10:20 am
meeting the immovable object. stuart: 20 seconds. still saying despite his mistakes you are still saying trump wins november 8th? >> i am saying trump is predicted to win, a big caveat on that, if he performs again like that he could break the pattern of history. stuart: thanks very much for joining us, we will have you back for the second debate. donald trump did indeed blast hillary on foreign-policy last night, blames her for isis, says she has been fighting them her entire adult life. trump also called out hillary for backtracking on her support for latest trade deal. we will be back but watch this first. >> you want to approve transpacific partnership. you call the gold standard. you called it the gold standard, the finest deal you have ever seen.
10:21 am
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stuart: give you a sense of the market. the positive consumer sentiment report, and we are 26 stocks up, and 3 are down. and $44 a barrel, down two, down 3%, and stocks are up. it hit $811 a share, keeps on going, trump blasted hillary over her support for the
10:25 am
transpacific trade deal, listen to the exchange last night, roll tape. >> now you want to approve transpacific partnership. you called a gold standard. you called it the gold standard, the finest deal you had ever seen. >> that is not accurate. i know you live in your own reality but that is not the fact. stuart: you live in your own reality but that is not the fact. hillary did call tpp the gold standard of trade deals. listen to this, roll that tape. >> tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open three transparent, fair trades, a kind of environment that has a rule of law and level playing field. >> goes right over everybody's head, tpp. what on earth is that?
10:26 am
>> trump gets a lot of poll with voters who vote for democrats for labor union folks and rust belt, in 2012, working for barack obama was a proponent of tpp, now she is in disagreement with the president and in agreement with donald trump as being against it but this goes back to the old argument that hillary clinton will say whatever she has to to get elected and the only reason she disavowed tpp was in the primary elizabeth warren and bernie sanders were pulling her to the left and she had to do something to make sure she won that primary which is wo get elected primary and that is what she is doing. stuart: two bombs going off in germany, this is happening overnight, they are calling them targeted attacks, one went o at a mosque, the other went off in an office building nearby,
10:27 am
police say the attacks were related, the bombs were homemade, no injuries, that happened overnight in germany, trump is blasting hillary clinton for isis, she helped create it, a power vacuum in the middle east, a four star general's take on this in a moment. >> you are telling the enemy everything you want to do. no wonder you have been fighting isis your entire adult life.
10:28 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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10:31 am
douglas macarthur would like that. stuart: donald trump criticizing president obama's strategy for isis. roll some more tape please. >> president obama and secretary clinton. they would have been better informed if they left 10,000 troops behind or something more than that. >> george w. bush, >> the former 4-star general general jack keane. will come back, good to see you. was she factually accurate when she said george w. bush was the
10:32 am
president who said when troops would leave? >> he did put in play the timing of the group's departure, but not the number one, that was to be resolved sometime after he left his administration. general lloyd austin, eventually central command, he had a force of 20,000. and negotiated down to zero. is there a cause and relationship to isis? yes we do if we had our forces in there, even half of what general austen suggested we would have had the intelligence and counterterrorism force as soon as isis raised its head as a terrorist force inside
10:33 am
baghdad, they would have been stomped on like al qaeda had been defeated in 2007 and 2008. i am absolutely convinced there is a relationship between know troops in iraq and the formation of isis as the entity we are dealing with today. stuart: mister trump took hillary clinton to task on the iran nuclear as well. watch this. >> you look at the middle east, started the iran deal, a country ready to fall, they were choking on sanctions, and a major power at some point. stuart: was donald trump right in linking hillary clinton to the iran nuke deal, by president obama. >> the secretary of state, this
10:34 am
was the foreign-policy objective of the administration to create a new relationship with iran and the means to do that would be this nuclear deal which is criticized by people, a political candidate here with some justification. what we wanted when we sat around the table with the iranians was told that we will only negotiate to all the infrastructure to support development of the nuclear weapon and we said we won't do that so what we found ourselves in, we agreed to a deal which would allow them to have a threshold capability in ten years, in 15 years actually have a weapon. the very thing the nuclear deal was supposed to prevent. why insist on keeping their nuclear infrastructure? some degree of uranium, because they intend to cheat, they intend to cheat, they always have and they have the means to
10:35 am
do it because we love them the means in place, they won't weight 15 years if they are not cheating, they will cheat. stuart: most of the people around the table in new york and shouting at the tv last night, were you? >> no. it bored the daylights out of me. stuart: honest answer, we will take that. general jack keane, former four star general, appreciate you being with us. i am going to say last night's debate, i call it a tie but in the media you would think hillary won hands-down. nbc news, clinton studies up for debate and it pays off reuters, in first face-off with clinton, trump struggles. the economist said a win for hillary clinton, the first
10:36 am
presidential debate. strategist lisa with us, no surprise, neither you nor i expect the media to say trump won. >> even if it was a decisive win for trump that is not what we would be reading in the headlines, that is the way the mainstream media plays it. he won the first half of the debate and she kept him on the second part of the debate, landed two strong blows on trade and awesome -- the working-class americans. he spent too much time defending his businesses and didn't need to do that. he should have used that to go after her particularly -- stuart: there was a moment where hillary appeared to be playing defense about the email scandal. she diverted him to going off on a tangent about his business practices and bankruptcy. he wasted a lot of time on that. >> when i was watching the exchange on cyber warfare i was waiting for him to go after her. how in the world can she
10:37 am
possibly leave the new frontier against cyberwarfare when she had an email server less secure than gmail, most definitely hacked by the russians, by iran and the chinese. how in the world can she lead this frontier when she put our national security at risk. stuart: a missed opportunity. as donald trump says today that he held back on hillary after hillary attacked him on the women issue. watch this. >> when she hit me at the head with the women, i was going to hit her with her husband's women and i decided i shouldn't do it. i didn't feel comfortable doing it. i think i did the right thing, not where the point. i didn't feel comfortable with doing it with chelsea, chelsea is a fine young lady. stuart: katie pavlovich is here, lisa booth here, you are on
10:38 am
camera. like it or not you are first. he did not hit her, hillary, with her husband's women because chelsea within the room. >> i don't think he should've gone there. the personal attacks, there were many great policy things to hit her on and should have turned to her about the clinton foundation and hit her on the clinton foundation and those shady dealings. stuart: we can get it. what do you think? should he have held back? >> it would not have played well for him. donald trump taking the moral high ground on that issue. so much he could have gone after politically which failed to do, that was a real shame, missed a lot of opportunities, the clinton foundation and her private email server. stuart: hold on, got to get to the markets. we are heavily on politics but
10:39 am
we dabble in this. oil is down, sharply so and stocks are up, not as much as they were but oil is down 3%, the market is up 34 on the dow. iran and the saudi's dashing any hope on an output freeze deal, that is why oil is down. all of them lower. the drillers and the oil companies themselves. we have much more on oil, the energy sector and trump's energy policy just a few minutes from now with the father of fracking, harold him, will be coming back. the teammate of fernandez remembering the life of a young man, gathering on the field and on the ground, the very special moment, the first-inning, a leadoff home run by his teammate d gordon. >> started to look like the d
10:40 am
gordon of last year. to write -- it is gone! he hit it out, the marlins have won nothing lead. [cheers and applause]
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: the mets were in that scenario. "varney and company" start at 9:00 eastern. here's what you missed last hour, karl rove on trump. >> he needs to pivot. last night the biggest thing he failed to do after the first 20 minutes, he said i am the candidate of change which i will change the economy, but you know what? he needs to pivot more what it is to do, when he goes after in the next debate, a light touch rather than a heavy trench and pivot on what he would do in place of that. the reassurance he is up to the job, simply slashing and burning her will not prove to them he is up to the job.
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: one thing donald trump and hillary clinton agree on is no-fly know by when it comes to guns. >> we finally need to pass prohibition on anyone on a terrorist watchlist from being country, if you're too dangerous to fly your too dangerous to buy a gun.
10:45 am
>> i agree and a lot of people want to give certain rights to people on no-fly list, i agree with you. stuart: big on guns and the second amendment, what did you make of that exchange? >> the idea the terrorists watchlist should not buy guns is a great idea, we don't want terrorists buying guns, the problem in the debate, and there are millions of names on terror watchlist and no-fly lists, and as a result of using the no-fly list to regulate guns. the aclu and the nra agree on this issue. they really do. the nra agreed you cannot use no-fly lists when you process american citizens, they take down the list and cleanup the list and then you talk about preventing people on the watchlist from buying guns but you can't do it, people who have been on this list were on it for
10:46 am
tween 9 years, millions of dollars later trying to get themselves off of it and no affiliation with terrorism whatsoever. stuart: i was surprised to hear that level of agreement, that was total agreement, no-fly know by. >> there is a lot -- stuart: trump could have made something about hillary's position on guns, supported by the nra, could have done that. one moment, breaking news, hillary on her plane, speaking on the plane, listening please. >> i have to say i was thrilled i got a chance to lay out middle-class economic policies and profamily policies i have been talking about throughout this campaign to all the viewers. i felt positive about it and one thing that popped into my head, one of my favorite baseball players growing up, marie banks, so excited about going to play.
10:47 am
and i am looking forward to the next debate and the one after that. >> what were the most critical moment? >> viewers got a chance on policy, policy gets lost a lot of the time. and laying out plans for strong roads, and no offer for my opponent, and -- a huge debt to
10:48 am
the wealthiest of americans, >> what about the way he kept interrupting, and how he answer the question about gender, do you think he answered that? >> i think his demeanor, his temperament, it is seen by everybody, on several occasions, making charges and claims were demonstrably untrue, offering opinions that i think a lot of people would find offensive and offputting. he can run his campaign and present himself however he chooses but the real point is about temperament and fitness and qualification to hold the most important, hardest job in the world, and people saw that tonight, very clear differences. >> are you concerned donald
10:49 am
trump will not show up for the next debate. >> gets to decide what to do? >> in st. louis in las vegas, >> donald trump, and go after personal matters. >> he can run his campaign however she chooses. i will continue to talk about the american people. layout specific plans. he talks down america every chance, call the the third world country, talks in such dire,
10:50 am
dark terms. the best problem solvers in the world, diversity is a strength. and i'm excited about helping pool our country together and set goals on infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, clean energy and take on climate change which by the way is not a hoax made up by the chinese, and do everything i talked about and you should know by now when i set my mind on something i keep going, i don't quit, whatever the static, whatever the incoming is and that is what i will do for the american people. >> what about his stamina? what about his stamina? >> the microphone is not having a good night. stuart: that is on hillary clinton's campaign trail, on the ground in white plains, new york before she takes off going to north carolina. i was intrigued with one of
10:51 am
those questions when a questioner said are you concerned that donald trump might not show up for the second debate? >> donald trump hasn't said anything but mayor rudy giuliani said, quote, if i were donald trump i would not participate in another debate unless i was promised as a journalist, ignorant, incorrect fact checker, he was upset with the questions nbc's lester holt asked and interrupting trump. stuart: that was pejorative. >> he has to come prepared and if he is not prepared he has to be ready -- not bringing up topics. stuart: respond to what she just said. ashley: she looked very buoyant, jubilant, clearly believes she won the debate and i think she was more composed and stronger in her statements than i have seen in a long time. stuart: she was buoyant, she
10:52 am
believes she won and -- that is the word to use. you are coming off of a debate, 14 hours ago, you won it and you are out there feeling good. >> looked better too, looks better than she has in months. stuart: i have with us the man i call the father of fracking, harold hamm, he is on screen, he is a trump supporter. welcome to the program, good to have you with us again. you are a trump i, the father of fracking, how come energy independence and allowing us to go get what is ours, why didn't it come up big time last night? >> i would have felt better if you started out saying i was the father of horizontal drilling. the energy renaissance is about that. that makes me angry. let's start there. and back up a little bit. talk about the energy plan.
10:53 am
this is no surprise to anybody, she wants to come back with a solar energy plan, 500 million sovereign pounds, let's look where those are made, they are not made in the us, all these jobs are going somewhere else. the primary place they are going is china, 56%. the cost of this is $205 billion. the reason they are located somewhere else, they don't have the largest field in the world. they don't have that. developed in america. this is the silliest energy plan ever dreamed up by anybody. stuart: why didn't i hear more about that last night? why not? >> you will get a chance to hear more about that is the debates go on, that is the first shot
10:54 am
over the bow, that will come forward, let's talk about it. very shallow energy plan, experimental in nature, costly, very dangerous game and continues to feed foreign oil, we will be on oil for the next 50 years. whether we like it or not, we don't continue feeding terrorists and as we run out of oil and gas in america, and defeat terrorism around the world. that goes into this energy plan. stuart: i want to segue to the part of the debate where they did discuss energy. roll tape. >> we can deploy half 1 billion solar panels, having of clean energy to power every home. we can build a new modern
10:55 am
electric grid. that is a lot of jobs, new economic activity. >> she talks about solar panel, we invested in a solar company and that was a disaster, look. i am a great believer in all forms of energy, putting a lot of people out of work, energy policies are disaster. stuart: that was where hillary clinton referred to the half billion solar panels you mentioned earlier. are you saying howard ham, the father of horizontal drilling, got it right this time, that hillary clinton has a totally unworkable energy plan? >> yes. i am calling it silly, the silliest thing you ever heard of. trading good american jobs in the us, china, japan and around the world. we are not creating those solar panels, we have been outbid in all these foreign countries for solar panels, and they did not
10:56 am
have the marcel shale. this is created in the energy renaissance. stuart: what do you say to the environmentalists who say you go get the natural gas, go get the oil that it is on our territory, and you mess up the climate is what do you say to your critics? >> i will say we are going to be as far as transportation fuels i don't see solar panels on the new airplane she is flying around, i don't see solar panels on these 18 wheelers going down the road. for transportation, for the next 50 years, 80%, we are feeding the middle east like we have been doing, terrorism over there. we have the cleanest fuel and a world of it, 200 year supply around here, largest gas field in america. stuart: 200 year supply? we will take it, the father of horizontal drilling, i am determined to get it right
10:57 am
because i know who you are, thanks for joining us. out of time, back in a moment.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: the first debate, it's done. lessons learned. now it's on to sunday, october the 9th. yes, the next debate is less than two weeks away. well, last night was trump's first one-on-one at this level. it was hillary's umpteenth. he's a fast learner. next time he may do things differently. item one, don't take bait. hillary goaded him. she seemed to get under his skin. item two, stay on point. don't be distracted. last night just as trump was scoring points on the e-mail scandal, hillary diverted attention to his business record. we didn't need to hear from him a detailed explanation of his bankruptcies. item three, make sure your issues get an airing. immigration, muslim migrants, hillary's chronic foreign policy
11:01 am
disasters and her race racist, sexist, deplorables comment. americans want trump to press the point. as for hillary, let's see your vision of america's future. is it really more of the same, all government all the time, a third obama term? stay there, please. we have a lot more to reveal about that debate last night and the vice presidents' debate that is next week. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ >> first, we have to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. that means we need new jobs, good jobs with rising incomes. >> but we have to stop our jobs from being stolen from us. we have to stop our companies from leaving the united states. >> we also have to make the
11:02 am
economy fairer. that starts with raising the national minimum wage and also guarantee, finally, equal pay for women's work. >> under my plan i'll be reducing taxes tremendously from 35% to 15% for companies, small and big businesses. that's going to be a job creator like we haven't seen since ronald reagan. >> the more we can do for the middle class, the more we can invest in you, your education, your skills, your future, the better we will be off and the better we'll grow. >> and, hillary, i'd just ask you this. you've been doing this for 30 years, why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? for 30 years you've been doing it, and now you're just starting to think of solutions. stuart: well, as you can see, they clearly went at each other last night, and the economy was a very big topic for discussion. so that's where we begin this 11:00 hour. peter kernan's with us, former
11:03 am
goldman sachs partner, he's the author of that book, "american welcome back. >> great to be back. stuart: the economy was discussed last night. am i characterizing it correctly? i thought trump went after -- go for private enterprise and growth, and hillary was all for fairness, redistribution, all government all the time. is that a fair characterization on my part? >> i think tax and spend is fair, and i think donald trump did his very best during the evening when he was talking about the economy. but there are only four ways you can play, you can attack, defend be, ignore or sell. he spent way too much time defending. he should have been on the attack and selling his program with much more vigor than he did. stuart: okay. i have to get a technician because my ifb has just come unhooked, so i can't hear anything that anybody is saying to me. [laughter] come around the back whilst i ask another question to peter kernan -- >> by far, the best answer i've
11:04 am
ever given. i'm very sorry. >> the best in the business. [laughter] stuart: now then, it seemed to me that when i was watching the debate, and i was watching futures. and i noticed that futures went straight up when it appeared, to the traders, that hillary clinton was winning the debate. does wall street want hillary to win? >> no, i wouldn't look at it in terms of a political choice, i would look at it in a sense of is this more of the same, are we looking through the rearview mirror -- low interest rates for a good, long time, accommodation in the fed, and i think the market likes that. we've come back almost all the way from that fed bump, and i think what you're seeing today is a very clear indication the markers are up a whopping tenth of a percent. [laughter] okay? yawn, thud, dull roar. nothing here indicating a hillary victory. stuart: that's a fair point. stay there, peter. got you for the hour, i believe.
11:05 am
noticeably absent from last night's debate was any discussion of hillary clinton's multiple controversies including benghazi, the clinton foundation and that deplorables comment. charles hurt is with us, "washington times" political columnist. you know, i think to some degree you could say that she got a pass. you say what? >> i think that she certainly did and, you know, he clearly went out there and missed a lot of opportunities. and at one point the, the most disappointing point for me, was when he had successfully turned the question about his taxes into a discussion of the 33,000 deleted e-mails, but after putting out two lines went back to talking about his taxes. wait a minute, you just magically made that disappear, why did you bring that back up? but that said, i take a slightly different view in this regard. i think that last night was, the onus was on hillary clinton. things are not going very well. the trajectory is bad for her
11:06 am
right now. she needed to change the trajectory, and she didn't do that. she didn't do anything explosive that i think will change the trajectory. but moreover, he wasn't as prepared. he left a lot of hits off the table or, you know, left them out there. like you said, he's a fast learner, and there's plenty of time to get back at those things. stuart: so you're looking forward to sunday, october the 9th. he'll learn from his mistakes, and he won't give her a pass on the key issues like immigration, muslim immigration, all the rest of it. >> i don't think we have seen someone enter the political realm who is as fast a learner as donald trump. stuart: fair point. now, listen to a question that was posed to hillary clinton. it was just moments ago. her plane was on the tarmac about to take off. she came back in the plane, took some questions. here's one of them, and i want your reaction afterwards. roll tape. >> you concerned that donald trump will not show up for the next debate? are you concerned that he won't show up?
11:07 am
>> well, i'm going to show up. he gets to decide what he's going to do, but i will be there at wash u in st. louis and then after that in las vegas. if i'm the only person on stage, well, you know, i'm the only person on stage. stuart: i don't know where it came from. where does -- where was the idea ever raised that he might not show up for the second debate? >> because every single reporter on that plane covering hillary clinton thinks the race is over. this is how delusional the political media gets, especially, you know, covering the clintons. they actually think that it was such a knockout against -- stuart: do they really? >> i really do think that. stuart: you're inside the media, you know what's going on. >> i've covered presidential campaigns for 15 years -- stuart: they think it's all other? >> oh, yeah. talking to people last night, again, okay, the guy isn't a poll bished politician, but that's what everybody loves about the guy, that he's not a polished politician, and he says things that are imprecise and
11:08 am
stupid, but the polished nature of her, they think that's, oh, she's being so great. i think most people are watching that thinking this is appalling. stuart: okay. let me roll some more tape. this is donald trump on "fox & friends" on the fox news channel earlier today calling out media bias. roll tape. >> well, he didn't ask her about the e-mails at all, he didn't ask her about her scandals, he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed. he didn't ask her about a lot of things that she should have been asked about, i mean, you know, there's no question about it. >> why do you think that is? >> he didn't ask her about her foundation. why? i don't know. i mean, you know, i didn't think he did a bad job, but i didn't -- you know, when you look at it, you watch the last four questions, he hit me on -- >> boom, boom, boom. >> -- on birther, he hit me on a housing deal from many years ago that i settled -- >> 1973. >> -- with no recourse and no guilt. he asked me about that.
11:09 am
that's a beauty to be asked. stuart: that was not so much media bias as moderator bias that he was really upset about last night. >> yeah. and i think he makes, he has a very valid point there. but, you know, you're running for president, mr. trump, this is a big game. you can't, you know, you can't complain about the ref, you have to go out there and make those points. if he's not making the points against her, you have to go out there and make 'em. and i honestly believe he will improve and do better next time even though i don't think he did that bad last night. stuart: okay. charles hurt, thank you very much, sir. appreciate you being here. look at amazon, please. why not? another all-time high today. it's reached $811 earlier, back to $810 now, up another 1.5%. watch that company go. look at wells fargo. the board there is considering clawbacks, in other words, taking back some of the money that they paid to the ceo, john stumpf, and also another person
11:10 am
at wells fargo who may -- >> [inaudible] stuart: that's the name, thanks. she was in charge, essentially, of that whole division when they were doing these fake accounts. but look at wells fargo, it's only down ten cents. i'm astonished by that. how about american express? they're raised the dividend, they've got a new stock buyback program. it is one of the leaders on the dow industrials, up 55 cents, 63 on amex. we have much more ahead on the debate. we'll focus on national security with one of donald trump's foreign policy advisers. >> see, you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. no wonder you've been fighting, no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life.
11:11 am
upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at
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11:13 am
>> she's telling us how to fight isis, just go to her web site. she tells you how to fight isis on her web site. i don't think general douglas
11:14 am
macarthur would like that too much. stuart: donald trump blasting hillary on her plan to defeat isis. by the way, she said that plan was on her web site. lost in all of this was the moderator, lester holt, who did not bring up benghazi, the conflict in syria, the migrant crisis, specifically muslim immigration. really not mentioned at all. joining us now, ambassador james woolsey, former director at the cia and a trump senior advise arer. why didn't -- adviser. why didn't donald trump bring be up benghazi, the red line in syria, immigration and the foundation? these were all foreign policy things, he didn't bring them up. >> this wasn't the foreign policy debate, this was the domestic one, but they are interrelated. one very interesting thing just broke within the last day, i think, too late for being -- stuart: what was that? >> there's, apparently, some 7,700 encounters according to a breitbart report that quotes
11:15 am
material from the justice department and bureau, some 7,700 encounters with terrorists inside the united states in the calendar year from july, last july to this past july. stuart: encounters with? >> and here's the point: a lot of that has to do with hezbollah involvement with drug cartels. and it has -- it's on borders, a lot of it, and we have, we don't just have an occasional person from south america smuggling something across the border problem, we've got a hezbollah problem. the world's most ruthless terrorist organization funded very fully by the iranians operating with the international drug cartels, helping them, helping them move things into the united states. stuart: you're a trump policy adviser. why couldn't you get that out there last night? >> the break was after last night. stuart: well, why couldn't you get benghazi out there last night and the red line in syria? i'm not being critical of you
11:16 am
and mr. trump, but a lot of us were shouting at the tv screen, come on, donald, you've got this. >> i usually just shout at my gps. [laughter] it would have been great to have raised several of these, and i think he probably very much has in mind bringing them up on the foreign policy side of things. what is interesting, and i think this situation with the 7,700 encounters today is the interrelationship between foreign policy and domestic. i think that's one of the big things that's wrong with the pay-to-play business and with the clinton foundation. makes the united states function like a banana republic -- stuart: that hurts, mr. ambassador. that hurts. >> that is not what we're about. we're not about, directly or indirectly, selling access to our senior officials so somebody can go back to their king or dictator and say i sat with the secretary of state.
11:17 am
that is not what we're about. stuart: i want to roll some more tape from last night where donald trump said, look, nuclear proliferation, that's the biggest threat to our national security, not climate change. watch this. >> i agree with her on one thing. the single greatest problem the world has is nuclear armament, nuclear weapons. not global warming, like you think and your president thinks. stuart: you're a former director at the central intelligence agency. is he right? >> yes, i think he is. i think it's proliferation of nuclear weapons, and we have helped proliferate by signing this ridiculous agreement with iran a year-plus be ago. so i think that underlies the whole situation. you may find the next time there's a crisis in the middle easts, let's say four, five, six years from now that instead of one country quietly sitting over
11:18 am
in the corner and having nuclear weapons, israel, you've got four or five countries having nuclear weapons, and some of them that are on opposite sides of disputes like sunni/shia that have lasted well over a millenium. stuart: you're about to leave our studio, walk up to trump tower and advise him on how to handle foreign policy on the sunday, october the 9th -- >> the organization knows i'm available whenever they need -- stuart: you're on your way. >> i'm not going to go stalk him. stuart: the correct former address, i believe, is mr. ambassador, is that correct? >> whatever. anything works. [laughter] stuart: you're great. james woolsey, everybody. thank you, sir. all right, look at deutsche bank. now, this is a company that's right in the middle of the market action today. that stock price, $11, that's the lowest it's been since the 1980s. deutsche bank is in serious, serious trouble. they may have to pay a fortune to american authorities, they
11:19 am
may need a bailout in europe. some people are calling it the next lehman brothers. lehman of europe, that's what they're saying. we're following it, obviously. we're continuing our coverage of the debate, of course. we've got a look at hillary's attack on trump, his background, his business practices. and jeff flock, he's at a diner in chicago. he's talking to people who watched the debate. we'll see who they think won. but first, watch. >> in fact, donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said back in 2006, gee, i hope it does collapse, because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. well, it did collapse -- >> that's called business, by the way. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot,
11:20 am
who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
>> donald was very fortunate this his life, and that's all to his benefit. he started his business $14 million borrowed from his father, and he really believes that the more you help wealthy people, the better off we'll be and that everything will work out from there. in fact, donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said back in 2006, gee, i hope it does collapse because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. well, it did collapse -- >> that's called business, by the way. >> he has a long record of
11:24 am
engaging in racist behavior. stuart: all right. now, we do not have the numbers yet, but it's highly likely that tens of millions of people tuned in to the debate last night. here's the question: were any of those people who watched the debate swayed this their vote? in their vote? did the candidates suggest, make 'em change their mind? jeff flock at a diner in chicago with the full story. what have you got, jeff? >> reporter: as always, this is anecdotal, stuart, but i am surprised at the number of people who we talked to today, trump supporters who thought hillary clinton won, clinton supporters who thought trump won. just kind of a weird melange of things. i don't know that minds got changed. there are people that are staunchly, for example, staunchly hillary clinton supporters. you thought mr. trump did what last night? >> just made us look stupid. made everybody, because he
11:25 am
doesn't know what he wants to say, and he says the wrong thing all the time. so we don't need him as our president. he's unstable. >> reporter: nothing changed your mind. >> nothing. >> reporter: let's try somebody else. thank you. just try somebody else, because there are some people that we talked to undecided. i don't know that they made up their mind. aisha is a labor attorney. you watched. >> i did watch. >> reporter: and your impression was? >> donald trump kind of fell apart towards the middle, and hillary held it together pretty good. i still don't know what either of them want to do with our country though. >> reporter: is that right? you didn't like the debate. it didn't answer questions for you. >> no. it sounded like a childhood fight. >> reporter: that's the overwhelming -- thank you, appreciate it. that's the overwhelming sense here, that both candidates left things on the table. people wanted to hear things from both candidates they didn't get. it was a disappointment, i think, overall to the people we've talked to. [laughter] stuart: all right.
11:26 am
you'll be on the air all day long, i can see it coming. thanks so much, jeff flock. here's what's next, donald trump calling out hillary clinton on the e-mail scandal but no follow-up from lester holt. judge napolitano is back, he's next. >> that was more than a mistake, that was done purposely, okay? that was not a mistake. that was done purposely. when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the fifth, i think it's disgraceful. and believe me, this country thinks it's, really thinks it's disgrace beful also.
11:27 am
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and gives you steady tax-free income. let the home you've taken care of, take care of you. turn your equity into a comfortable retirement, all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win. stuart: i didn't catch a mention of the foundation. i would have thought that'd be right up there on the list of donald trump's priorities of issues to get out there. well, judge andrew napolitano is back, glutton for punishment that he is. why no mention of the foundation? i would have thought that was a golden opportunity. >> who knows why not. we recently learned that the fbi, in fact, is not investigating the foundation. even though there are serious, serious, credible, demonstrable allegations that the foundation
11:31 am
received substantial financial payments in return for favors conferred upon those who gave the payments by mrs. clinton in her official catty as secretary of state -- capacity as secretary of state. isn't that even enough to have been mentioned last night, to have challenged her whether it's lester holt for not raising it, whether it's donald trump for tailing to capitalize on it because it again goes to the issue of mrs. clinton's credibility. who knows? as you point out, silence, radio silence on this. stuart: there was a lot of issues which are donald trump's issues which were not raised all the way from benghazi to immigration, to muslim immigration, it's a long list, and we're going to get to it in a second. do you think maybe donald trump was afraid -- and that's the wrong word to use with trump -- >> yes, wrong word. stuart: -- reluctant to attack? >> i can't get in his head. i was surprised that he allowed her to control the ball, so to speak, and that he took the bait every time she put it out there.
11:32 am
and that has created the impression this morning that he was ill-prepared for a one-on-one with a person, candidly, as smart as mrs. clinton. stuart: yeah. and that, in fact, dropped the ball. >> yes. stuart: in the debate. >> yes. stuart: i hate to be the one who's saying this -- >> mrs. clinton, isn't it true that your husband's friend gave $143 million to the foundation after he sold a uranium mine to vladimir putin and you authorized all this as secretary of state? what? [laughter] she's got to explain it. silence. stuart: next time around it's not a classic debate, one-on-one -- >> what are the rules next time? stuart: it's a town hall. is that right, liz? >> that's correct. citizens asking questions. >> the candidates walk around. stuart: yeah. that's a very different format from the one-on-one debate -- >> is chris this one?
11:33 am
>> it's martha raddatz and anderson cooper. stuart: that's a different format. you would have thought donald trump could get zingers in more. you know what they need? they need a prosecuting lawyer. if donald trump was a prosecutor or a lawyer, he'd be much better at this, wouldn't he? >> well, i suggested -- this obviously fell on deaf ears -- that the trump team pick someone to interrogate mrs. clinton, the clinton team pick someone to interrogate mr. trump, and the two chosen pick a third moderator. and i volunteered for one of those role, as you know. [laughter] stuart: i bet you did. how about this? what about this? what about no moderator at all? >> that's what donald trump wants. that's lincoln-douglass. we've not seen that in the modern era. stuart: no, we haven't. back in that era where they were running for the senate seat in illinois -- see, i do know my history -- >> that is quite incredible. did you learn that at the london
11:34 am
school of economics? [laughter] stuart i can't get a word in edgewise on my own show. way back then all they had was a timekeeper. >> right. stuart: they just went at each other, and these debates went on all day hong. >> yes. in front of audiences that came and went and had picnic lunches and strained to hear because there was nothing high-tech about them at all. but it produced some of the greatest clashes of ideas in american history. it was, it wasn't the sort of zingers that we thought -- well, we didn't hear the zingers last night. stuart: not really. >> he did not use the zingers that i'm fairly confident -- stuart hillary clinton did. she called him a racist and a sexist, and she went all the way down that one. >> he did not adequately reply, and he's suffering for it this morning. stuart: usually we're discussing the constitution, but right now we're discussing last night's debate and the next one that comes up on october the 9th. >> i think that's a sunday. stuart: it is. judge, thank you very much, indeed. we appreciate it. all right. staying on what i'm calling
11:35 am
hillary's free pass, leslie marshall is with us, fox news contributor, a well known, way left of center democrat. ain't that right -- >> oh, i went from just lately -- [laughter] you're my witnesses. stuart: well, on the left-hand side of your screen during this interview you're going to be seeing some of the issues in which we believe hillary clinton got a free pass. they're going to be scrolling up. basket of deplorables, for example. i can't read it fast enough, but we'll keep on rolling it. she got a free pass, leslie, she did. she got a free pass. and in many respects, it's trump's fault. why didn't he raise the immigration issue? why didn't somebody raise the benghazi issue? she got a free pass. >> i don't agree with you there, and the reason is for what you just said. stuart: i knew that. >> donald trump had an opportunity we mails. i think he got blindsided when she said i'm not going to make any excuses for that. i was wrong, it was bad, wouldn't do it again. one, two, there were three
11:36 am
categories they had to stay within. those are the questions that were posed within those categories, and i will go to vegas with money and bet that all those issues that are scrolling will be brought up by people in the town hall, donald trump and moderators. we have two more debates to go. stuart yeah, that's a fair point, and the town hall format next time around very different. >> very. stuart: very different. because although you can control the crowd to some degree can, they're going to ask the questions that they want to ask, and that's the way it's going to be. >> yeah. stuart: you think that hillary won last night? >> hands down. can i say -- stuart: hands down? >> yes, hands down. let me tell you why. not just why. you know, years ago in the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney -- and i am a democrat who supported barack obama. and i, you know, easily went on television on this network and said he lost. i mean, mitt romney, i felt strongly, won that first debate. it changed in the second, and i really feel that hillary clinton won that debate last night. she didn't interrupt. i wanted a dollar for every time
11:37 am
donald said "i," she didn't mention enforcements which don't make a difference. i felt she was very presidential. stuart: we had lee carter on the program. she runs focus groups, and they run the tape of the debate or run it live in front of focus groups, break them up into republicans, democrats and independents and track their reaction. the reaction of independents was really interesting. most of the time they tracked with trump. they said that they believed -- the independents believed they were with trump, they liked what he had to say. i think that's very interesting. >> yeah. but you have to remember we have 11% right now, at least so say the polls and you know those change daily, that say they don't know who they're going to vote for. and i don't always believe those people. then if you look historically when people go for independents, and i know people say look at ralph nader, but when people go for independents, on november 8th there are going to be people that sport gary johnson and jill stein that are going to say i
11:38 am
can't bet for a horse that has no chance of winning this race, and they're going to go democrat. stuart: i think there's a fair number of people -- i'm not going to put a number on it -- who don't want to admit publicly that they support donald trump. there's a lot of trump shaming going on in america at the moment, so i think that trump's standing in the polls is depressed by maybe two or three points because of the shaming of voters who don't want to say i'm a trump person. >> to that point though, let's look at the polls. barack obama was only up by, what, .7, not even a full point against mitt romney. to me, i just keep looking at that map, i keep looking at the electorals, and that's why i really feel that she will win on november 8th regardless of the predicters, regardless of the polls and even focus groups. debates are not going to swing a lot of votes in either of those directions. stuart: i don't think many votes were swung last night. >> no. stuart: i may be completely wrong about that, but the way i looked at it, no, i don't think so. i spent more time shouting at the screen. did you? oh, you wouldn't --
11:39 am
>> no, i did. one thing that governmenterred me, i -- bothered me, i thought donald got a free pass when he said one of the biggest problems with our economy is we've got to stop this outsourcing. i'm tweeting, yelling at the screen, hillary, how come this is made in mexico on the side? stuart: liz macdonald is laughing at me because she can just see me shouting at the tv -- >> i've heard you throw things in your office. you wanted to, i bet. stuart: that's a private matter. [laughter] leslie, you're totally wrong, but you're all right. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. [laughter] stuart: hillary clinton continued her attacks on donald trump, this time on the issue of race. watch this. >> it's really unfortunate that he paid -- he paints such a dire, negative picture of black communities in our country. >> i do want to bring up the fact that you were the one that brought up the word "super
11:40 am
predator" about young black youth. t you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs and you have to ask? maybe that's why i always make sure to... ... "bring up the costs associated with your services." i know. transparency about costs. just one way edward jones makes sense of investing.
11:41 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. after two days of selling, and we saw the dow down about 1.5% after those two days, this is the morning after the presidential debate. we are seeing up arrows this morning, dow up 85 at 18,108. the s&p also gaining as well as the nasdaq which is up 31. taking a look at winners and
11:42 am
losers, 27 names with up arrows including american express and ibm. apple coming under pressure, disney another potential bidder for twitter which has gained over 20% this month. watching car rental shares getting hit after the avis/budget executives made cautious comments, both of those stocks selling off, down about 5%. and then there's caesar's casino. they reached a deal with their creditors, but the stock is selling off in a big way, biggest selloff in a month, down over 13%. fbn am starts at 5 a.m. don't miss it.
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11:44 am
>> it's really unfortunate that he paints such a dire, negative picture of black communities in our country. you know, the vibrancy of the black church, the black businesses that employ so many people, the opportunities that so many families are working to provide for their kids, there's a lot that we should be proud of and we should be supporting and lifting up. >> i do want to bring up the tact that you were the one that brought up the word "super predator" about young, black youth. and that's a term that i think was a, it's been horribly met, as you know. i think you've apologized for it. but i think it was a terrible thing to say. stuart: okay. now, that was just part of the debate on race last night, and the candidates discussing the black community. let's bring in larry elder,
11:45 am
salem radio nationally syndicated tv host. larry, what's your response? >> i did. well, they both, of course, talked around the big problem. you expect democrats to do it, but you would hope that maybe with this kind of stage donald trump might finally say the truth, and the truth is the biggest problem facing the black community is not racism, it's not bad cops, it's fatherless homes. 73% of black kids are raised without a father in the home. that's up from 25% back in 1965. and this is a product of the welfare state. 60 years of incentivizing women to marry the government and allowing men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility. now, i understand why hillary wouldn't want to say that, but let donald trump say it. for once, tell the truth about what's going on in the black community. stuart: well, do you think that the vote, any minds in the african-american community, were they changed last night at all? do you think? >> i don't think so because donald trump should have talked about the fact that under obama
11:46 am
black poverty is up, black net worth is down, black home ownership is down dramatically, black equity is down dramatically. the so-called wealth gap between an average white household and a black household has not been this wide in 25 years as a result are of the policies of president obama. burdening job creators. my father used to clean toilets, and he told me i never got a job from a poor person. you take away the taxes of a rich person, they're going to spend less money on hiring people. donald trump should have made the economic 101 argument. he had a chance to do it, he failed to do it. stuart: next one, larry. hillary was talking about the recent racial tension in america especially concerning police officers. roll that tape. >> lester, i think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. i think, unfortunately, too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. stuart: jump to conclusions about each other.
11:47 am
it sounded a bit like she was labeling a lot of america racist. how did it come across to you? >> she was. and it's nonsense. according to the washington post, there were 965 people killed by the police last year, less than 4% were white cops shooting unarmed black men. if you throw out the number of people killed by the police for justifiable reasons, most of these involved a suspect who had a weapon whether it was a gun, whether it was a knife or resisting arrest, and you are more likely to be injured by lightning. there were 400 injured by lightning last year and, therefore, you are more likely to be injured by lightning than killed by a cop unjustifiably. furthermore, murders are up in 25 of the 100 largest cities, and that's a function of demonizing the police officers who are pulling back, and the bad guys -- mostly young, gang-related people -- are aware of that, and as a result, other black people are being killed. the very people that hillary purports to care about are being
11:48 am
injured by maligning cops and, therefore, cops saying, okay, i'm not going to be proactive. i'll just do 91 is calls -- 911 calls, and that's all i'm going to do. stuart: in the last two elections the black vote has gone way more than 90% for the democratic candidate, president obama. do you see any evidence to suggest the black vote will not go quite so heavily for hillary clinton this time around? >> i was hopeful, and hopefully, donald trump will do something this these next two debates. again, because overwhelmingly the reason black people voted for obama -- not because he's black -- it's because he's a left-wing democrat and black. primarily, they thought he was going to improve the economy. and as i've just pointed out, the economy, by most measures -- and don't go by me. tavis smiley had an interview with you, stuart, i remember it. even he conceded that by most of these metrics the black economy has receded. not improved, receded.
11:49 am
stuart: larry, stay there for a moment. seems like hillary clinton was taking a page right out of barack obama's campaign book. slam the wealthy. continuing the talk about fair share. we'll discuss it in a moment, but listen to this. >> everybody's doing their fair share. pay your fair share of taxes. >> we're going to do it by having the wealthy pay their fair share and close the corporate loopholes. what i have proposed would be paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
>> everybody's doing their fair share. pay your fair share of taxes in order to get out of paying their fair share of taxes. >> we're going to do it by having the wealthy pay their fair share and close the corporate loopholes. what i have proposed would be paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy because they have made all the gains in the economy. i think it's time that the wealthy and corporations paid their fair share to support this country. stuart: it just drives me absolutely nuts. come on in, larry elder. i know you're still there. [laughter] hillary clinton is very wealthy herself. do you think that she is going to pay her fair share? [laughter] >> what does that exforexpressin even mean? it's rhetoric. the top 1% already pay 39% of all the federal income taxes.
11:54 am
if slapping a tax on rich people would make the economy prosper, what happened with our friend francois hollande in france when he jacked up the taxes on rich people? rich people left the country, he got far fewer revenues than he thought, and they repealed the tax. it doesn't work. you are burdening job creators and hurting people at the bottom. stuart: are you the only sane voice in southern california? [laughter] it sometimes seems that way. thanks very much, indeed, larry. go ahead. >> i was going to say, they truck to sacramento, the movie entry does, every year to get tax breaks for their industry, but they don't realize the same kinds of tax breaks deter other people from being profitable as well. stuart: mr. elder, welcome back. good to see you. >> >> nice to be back. stuart: nice for you on wells fargo. the labor department is reviewing their overtime and wage practices. they're doing it because several lawmakers -- notably senator
11:55 am
elizabeth warren -- said, hey, go get 'em. peter kiernan was with us when he were looking at the hearing on capitol hill where they were grilling mr. stumpf of wells fargo. it seems to me the politicians are going right after them. >> i'm theming you, this is just the beginning of a daily onslaught. there is a class action by former employees right now, and i really lay at the feet of the board of directors. they've known about this for three years. they're the ones with fiduciary -- stuart: warren buffett owns 10% of that bank. he's got to have a proxy on the board. where are they? >> no question. he did not hesitate when it came to cleaning up solomon five years ago. he has got to be hour tied. the board's got to do their job. it involves clawback and maybe change because either you change people in these organizations, or you change people in these organizations. stuart: they announced this morning they would clawbacks --
11:56 am
>> and $124 million -- >> the thing is, you know, she wasn't terminated. she resigned. so maybe it's -- >> retired. >> 17 million in unvested stock options, whatever. but they walk away with 100 million. stuart: i don't care. they're taking money back from executives, and now the politicians, the government is saying, hey, we're looking at your wages and overtime practices. do they want to take down that bank? does elizabeth warren want to take them down? >> no, but i think she sure has been waiting a long time to deliver some of the lines she delivered that day. you leaned into the punch, wells fargo. you really set yourself up. stuart: last time it was a senate hearing. thursday of this week it's a house hearing. >> yeah. stuart: so we're going to hear this all over again. >> well, i hope he came more prepared than donald trump. he was completely unprepared the last time, and i have to say the buck stops here, and all this corporate speak does not get it done. here are the ten things we're doing right now to fix it. stuart: 30 seconds, but i want
11:57 am
to ask you about deutsche bank. they've got serious trouble. angela merkel says maybe we will not be wailing them out -- bailing them out. >> this is such an important bank in europe, they probably should not be allowed to fail. on the other hand, my guess is what's going to happen is a major equity infusion, whether it's a rights offering or a cocoa-type equity deal. there's no way -- i've talked to some people. you don't go in and negotiate with the department of justice. they say 14, you say 8? ceos say that's not how it works. they say 14? it's highly likely to be 13,9. stuart: ouch. more "varney" after this. ure ope we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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stuart: i have to get a technician out there. my ifb has become unhooked so i can't hear anything. plug this thing in and ask
12:00 pm
another question to my good friend peter kiernan. i am back. okay. that is the thing you where in your ear to let people talk to you. they say all kinds of things to you. neil cavuto's ifb never breaks down. i will ask him this. what does ifb stand for? neil: i have no idea. stuart: get on with your show. neil: if your ifb is out, how testy is that to your set? stuart: would you like me to tell you what it stands


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