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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 27, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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friend peter kiernan. i am back. okay. that is the thing you where in your ear to let people talk to you. they say all kinds of things to you. neil cavuto's ifb never breaks down. i will ask him this. what does ifb stand for? neil: i have no idea. stuart: get on with your show. neil: if your ifb is out, how testy is that to your set? stuart: would you like me to tell you what it stands for?
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interrupt and feedback. we have so much going on, homeland security, and and the paper was or was not in order, and posting the debate, candidates, how they think they did, hillary clinton, and donald trump in florida tonight, this is a divide, average folks who watched it. among average folks who watched it, not across-the-board but the
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morning after it's reading donald trump said okay to feel the official price of a news organization, donald trump did not do okay. now to split the difference and settle this, the greatest presidential historian is not here. i worked on that for so long, how was that? >> i would cut your ifb not just because you don't know what the letters stood for. neil: i thought he was talking fbi. very good to have you, my friends. what do you think? there is a split not across the board, trump did okay. there are certain agreements that it is a right-wing site or left-wing site, skew to the left
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but some of these tracking surveys say a lot of people thought he did well and others in our community say no, un-debating points, hillary clinton was on tone, on message and he was not. what do you think? >> surveys clearly show clinton won the debate. what does it mean? we have to go to history for that. go four years ago, mitt romney won by a mile the first debate with president obama, remember? it even affected the polls, he actually went ahead of president obama for the only time in the general election period recorded by more than one or two polls. it didn't last. what happened was the debate creates a bubble for the winner of the debate, perceived winner of the debate and the bubble lasts from a week to 10 days,
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during the bubble it adds some points, don't know how many to the perceived winner of the debate and then disappears because there are three presidential debates, one vice presidential debate and all kinds of october surprises and other things that are going to happen. neil: let's say she had the advantage, particularly the last two thirds of the debate, she finished stronger but i could be wrong, how much would it move the needle? reminded me it is not just those who haven't decided who to vote for but rallying their respective bases. did hillary clinton rally a shaky base? his is more inclined to stay with him? >> if there were 100 trump supporters who switched to hillary clinton, i will buy you a really good dinner in new york. i will come up and by you.
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i am not coming and i am not paying. there weren't 100 trump supporters who switched. his people are absolutely dedicated, with him totally, they don't even acknowledge he didn't do well in the debate. as for her, she has had real problems energizing the base, she did some things last night that help with minorities, african-americans, suburban women, i don't think she did anything that would help with millennial's who are defecting to the third-party candidates in enormous numbers. she has got to get them back to win. the next picture, as i say this is a mosaic and other debates are part of the mosaic we are stumbling in the general election campaign. neil: is the professor still talking? i can't hear him. he is gone. >> i can take the rest of the
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show, i can do pie charts. neil: always good, as good a person as the issue. we were there for the popular debate, no interview, as much buzz and follow through. by sitting in the front row, he was telling me not to get the candidate nervous but to make a point. are you a democrat? >> i am an independent. neil: we were talking when donald trump -- you said favorable things. when did you -- >> after he got the republican nomination got to the point you have to learn these things and understand policy and different issues, and that goes with the
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job. it was not of interest, i started doing my homework. neil: how do you know it wasn't an interest? >> asking questions, before an event, what do you think of this? it wasn't of interest to me. neil: depending who you talk to, you think donald trump did well, she was immersed in the issues but republicans said she got apex because it was interrupted in fact checked donald trump. >> maybe he did. it is like basketball, you play hard you got calls from the rest. they directly answer the question. donald trump didn't answer the questions, waiting for response on what he would do about
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domestic terrorism and lone wolf. neil: business and economic questions, and creating bubbly. and veered upside down. >> he is a self-described counterpunch or, when you are throwing counterpunch is and they land your confidence grows, where they don't land you get flustered he got flustered. neil: was she too exacting? >> think about what you said. two candidates for president of the united states, asked a specific question. neil: a lot of people listened to the kennedy/nixon debates, nixon was more detail oriented and got his facts right but on other issues kennedy seemed to reach the heart which i am not comparing them.
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all i am saying is do you think his pitch resonated in a way this audience, traditional media the way we scored debates. >> if you were a donald trump fan you thought he did okay. you were already a hillary trump fan you thought she did great. if you were on the fence. neil: didn't move anyone on the fence? >> i think it did, she was very presidential, calm, cool, collected, she dealt with the issues and defeated him and he took the bait multiple times. she set him up with a question about not paying, we have the architect here. neil: he did answer, they did a lousy job or -- that is the way it operates. >> positively not. if i had disagreements, do i make sure they pay as a result
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yes. by averages -- neil: not going to pay it. >> never, one time. that is not me but we came full circle, and the balance of power and deterrence, allies and supporting treaties, talking about japan and north korea and china. he dealt with the issue of wanting our allies to pay the same way he dealt with not doing a good job as a contractor. one thing if you are dealing with an architect and don't like the work for the hotel, it is another thing -- neil: does that mean we don't honor a nato commitment, that is -- >> what he said. neil: did he raise a good point recognizing we can't keep that going especially when we as a nation are running up discipline to articulate that? >> it wasn't the right point to make.
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there is nothing more expensive to a country than war. nothing will start a war faster than when the united states doesn't stand as the most powerful nation in the world and everybody understand that clearly and if i had a choice -- neil: we are always putting -- >> we -- >> i wonder -- producing what we got. >> i understand your point. we want to get a return on investment but the greatest threat to our children is not an extra billion dollars or trillion dollars in debt. when you compare that to the threat of war, global instability, i am a firm believer in american exceptionalism, the we are the strongest nation in the world and have to maintain that position and even if we have to figure out our economy more in two things to pay for those bills even though they might
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shortchange us i will make that trade every time. neil: a lot of supporters are shocked, shocked they are in the battle they are. i don't know whether debate changes it but they cannot fathom the hillary clinton misspeak before union leaders, can't believe i am not 50 points up. do you share that, this doesn't make sense was the weakness on her part. >> i think it is neither. those circumstances i would have been angry and looked for change, i see where a lot of his supporters a coming from. you would think she would be if you points ahead but as things go on, he did not release any new material but that is going to hurt him.
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she showed a real in-depth command of the issues. lester holt asked a question, she answered, came up with counterpunch's, she responded and set him up. we 20 don't know that she answered all the questions. how could you equivocate tax returns and emails? donald trump -- what exactly -- >> her job to answer his questions. neil: the fact the moderator didn't even bother. >> think of what i said earlier. you have to own your mistakes. he has never done that. she did. neil: is a difference to say i made a mistake, a mistake like that would be far more pronounced. it deals with national security.
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>> she dealt with classified documents 100% in paper and hardcopy, she dealt with hardcopy, and documents deemed to be classified were up classified after the fact. neil: it is much ado about nothing. perfectly okay. >> i have installed 300 networks, probably -- neil: you were never secretary of state. >> i got through the fbi reports, delineated in detail how things happen, if you read the latest one that was 198 pages, specifically she asked for everything and hardcopy. neil: do you compare that with someone not releasing tax return? >> you can say that about anything but yes. i know the they are there.
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if i mess up i will find fault with hillary clinton on the emails. she has a horrible job. neil: you have a good read of people and where society has been, did get measured, good responses, but a traditional public official, well-versed, very smart on these issues, what people are not getting is they heard all those type of traditional things. >> it would not be that much to work to learn those issues and combine them with the threat he has. neil: you advised him for the next debate, it would be? >> i would give bobby night's advice, i love bobby night. neil: did you bump into each other? >> 19 years ago. >> i put in my book, he said everybody has the will to win but those with the will to
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prepare do well. donald trump has not done the preparation. neil: bobby knight says he comes from his gut talking about donald trump and she comes from a place of political expedience. >> i would not say that. >> if you combine those two together, you can't go with got forever. >> they are not scientific polls, hillary clinton got the better of donald trump, do you think it will make a difference, 37% across all of these, 30% saying they could move, should clinton, 18%, trump, furthermore, when asked about whether in the long-term it will
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>> we have the reversed arrival since the great depression, and we are in a bubble right now. the only thing that looks good is the stock market but if you raise interest rates even a little bit that will come crashing down. we are in a big fat ugly bubble. neil: when i was covering this i thought that was a high point for donald trump, the first 20 minutes or so, economic issues,
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the market was propelling it, and this notion that if not for the federal reserve keeping interest rates obscenely low for all these years we would not be where we are and this market like this economy is on that helium which is not good. something former verizon ceo dennis spiegel has raised on the show many times. on that issue, that was trump's sweet spot, what he knows the most about, the most comfortable talking about. on that issue, the notion of a bubble, what do you make of that? >> this is his area. a businessman, very successful, we all know that. when you think of what happened here, the fed has been off on gdp growth estimates for six straight years. underemployment, some brag about the improvement in employment
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rates, insignificant in my mind, still runs over 13%. he is at a standstill, where do people, particularly people saving for retirement, put their money, they put it in the stock market. why put it in the stock market, earnings estimates are off, we have overinflated stock prices. neil: interest rates down a little bit. >> take myself as a retired ceo. where is it now? it is in the stock market. it is not under 1% in savings. on this administration we have had historically last 8 years unbelievably low interest rates. neil: it doesn't generate much
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audience response. her eyes are glazing over with all this stuff. that was an opportunity lost. this economy, she brags about, is sitting on a house of cards. >> she says she will build on the progress of the last eight years. i ask what progress. there is no progress on the economy, no progress on health care. we 20 certainly different from eight years ago. >> different, yes. i see no improvement in this at all. neil: we could do a hell of a lot better, you are satisfied with one person growth, that is fine, i am not. >> if i am disappointed, he did a good job, if i am disappointed he picked up on a couple points, really drove him home and he didn't.
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as i listen this morning he is trying to be a nice guy. neil: not a nice guy, he got where he was and is not being a nice guy. >> i thought he did a nice job. neil: former verizon president and ceo and back to the moderator.
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>> >> i want to get the answer here. the birth certificate was released in 2011 and you continue to question the president's legitimacy as recently as january. you are perfectly free to release your taxes during an audit. i want to follow up stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in new york because it is largely singled out black and hispanic -- >> would you like to hear? wait a minute which i was
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against the war in iraq. >> the record shows otherwise. >> the record does not show. neil: not all those questions were entirely accurate. we can go into details but i have no problem with the moderator doing what he was doing as long as he did it to the other candidate. built-in bias, matt lauer -- colleagues at nbc, whether he was afraid to do that i have no idea but this guy does, he follows this, howard kurtz on lester holt. what do you think? >> i was struck by the clips you played because he went after trump again and again with follow-up questions, fact checking questions, 41 interruptions compared to interruptions of hillary clinton at 7. i'm with you, fair game questions, find to be aggressive
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and follow-up but no comparable follow-ups or fact checking efforts with hillary clinton so as the debate went on i am going wow, this is really unbalanced to one side. of the 20 you hear from surfing channels this morning, trump has more disproportionately presented attacks than hillary clinton and i, i'm looking at the benghazi stuff and emails in the clinton initiative and the foundation, just as many opportunities there if you want to go into detail. having said that, why don't you think he did that and was it noticeable that he didn't do that? people at home find themselves, didn't know this about trump, and never were made aware. >> i respect lester holt, he had a good career which is why i was so surprised, he kind of hung the back which was fine. on the emails for example, the
12:30 pm
only question lester holt asked hillary clinton about the email scandal was picking up on donald trump's point, mister clinton, you want to respond, that was it, no follow-up, no fact checking. don't know whether the backlash against matt lauer, a lot of people thought i didn't, was tougher on hillary clinton then trump, was a factor, don't know whether it was this drumbeat in the media that donald trump has more truth and exaggeration, if you do that and you are the moderator in a high-stakes event you have got to spread it around with the other candidate. i didn't see that last night. neil: lester holt is getting praise in the mainstream media today. he was too quiet in the beginning to your point. not much else. other moderators going unnoticed?
12:31 pm
you like what lester was doing, not like the matt lauer affair. >> their reputations are on the line, hyperpartisan criticism, i will do the same thing. hillary clinton, she had him on the defense of most of the night. neil: nothing to do with the moderator. i don't want to be clear, some of the interruptions, that holt got wrong on whether it was stop and frisk, unconstitutional, i am wondering if that is a danger you face when you as a moderator start weighing in and interpreting these issues? >> exact the right. we saw that four years ago, we saw that on the stop and frisk question, two things happen, for one, you are in the position of the mating the candidate,
12:32 pm
follow-up is fine but now it is lester holt versus donald trump and if your interpretation is off or they are disputing the interpretation then you become the story in a way most moderators don't want to be the story, they want hillary clinton and donald trump, the way in which they engage each other to be the main event. neil: howard kurtz, media does. in the meantime, look at what is going on, is this a hillary clinton rally? i will explain.
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[inaudible conversations] neil: zero no she didn't. yes she did. at one point in the debate to you microphone appeared to be done when he was trying to object even though debate officials said the microphones would be hard as it are always on for the full 90 plus minute of the debate. obviously hillary clinton not. he watched the debate very closely. it looks like hillary clinton is doing well. simultaneously what was going on with their futures trading largely in asia at the time. was there a connection in the fall of rally we see as the dow
12:37 pm
today about a follow-through from hillary clinton. not that they are big supporters of hillary clinton but they know what they are getting. it seems sometimes like an argument that you can't deny what is going on at these numbers. could that have been a factor. charlie gasparino, dagen mcdowell. >> people on the clinton campaign want the status quo even though the economy looks pretty lousy appeared worst recovery since 1949 at the very least. you had to bounce back in the future. the futures were down 30 points before the debate started and came back up about 100 points. the prediction market by the way, she gained four percentage points in terms of the batting on who's going to win the election come november. she was at about 69% before the
12:38 pm
debate up to 73%. i really quickly when a really quickly want to point out if you look at where the money has gone, finance, insurance and real estate have given her campaign almost $80 million. you have to go down to ninth place to find out how much donald trump has got those industries less than 4 million. neil: charlie gasparino, the mexican peso presumably hillary clinton and the prospects for trade and interaction with the mexican government would go on. what do you make of that and the markets of uncertainty. they must know as well that trade issues not with ending, there is a lot in hillary clinton's policies. >> hillary clinton's policies are more the same. if you like this economy which is pretty lousy on a lot of different levels, you vote for hillary clinton.
12:39 pm
i'm making that argument better than donald trump made it last night. one of the problems donald trump has a seamless prep by his team and had some of the best debate prep or is old boss, roger ailes. from what i understand, he ignored it and it showed. part of the market reaction that occurred last night was the guy who does and -- that sits there and talks about rosie o'donnell and some of the other -- i like donald. i think it's really smart. take the first 10 minutes out where he did really well. during the 80 minutes at times he came across as an illiterate. americans react to that and said he's not going to be president. that is what happened last night. neil: what do you think? >> just the opposite. i tried to watch it as never man, which i am. trump got off to a great start. most people tune in for the first 40, 45 minute actively paying attention.
12:40 pm
i actually watched it on espn. most people start to tune out or they lose interest or they go there to see much or something else. that was his best time. people then thought this guy is annihilating clinton. he could definitely be president. because he could be president, we're not going to have eight more years of the same old, same old. most every man out there says painfully maybe we'll get a change. >> let's talk a little reality here. people always have supporters. they created the hash tag trump one on twitter. she's always going to have her supporters. she definitely one. >> high percentages. >> meal, that is said to the polls showed the middle independence -- and one comment that he blathered after the
12:41 pm
first 10 minutes. either way, people watch the whole debate. they didn't tune out. >> i agree with you, charlie. there's a difference between having a dot in the background and pain act of attention. most people's attention span tune out after an hour. trance rail point this out in terms of the status quo. his hard-core economic policy he barely touched on. when you do talk more about cutting taxes and regulation. but then he will come out and say i'm going to do double on infrastructures and damon hillary clinton did. that is not conservative. investors get a little bit nervous. one of your main policies can't be dumping her infrastructure. neil: he's got to tighten up his argument and get right to the point. it's going to cost them if he does it again.
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i could be wrong, but we will see. meanwhile, donald trump now after the performance last night with the money guys, with the fundraisers. help or hurt. next. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah. and you're gonna fist pump to that? get out of my sight. (announcer vo) unlimited isn't a good deal if it's on a cutrate network. switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network.
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the >> im nicole petallides with their fox business brief. the dow up 1.5%.
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in fact, we have been trending higher all day long. not too far off session highs. up 124 points on the dow jones industrial average. s&p 500 up 12 bit the nasdaq also gaining technology leading the way as well as industrials. we are watching oil which is very volatile. up 4%. today it is down once again. down 3.5% today seem to interact in the s&p 500. saudi arabia and iran have indicated they are not going to decide on a comeback, and outlook this week while pakistan and algeria. chesapeake to the downside. one of the representatives of carl icahn step down as low as two other directors down 8%. the travel stocks are gaining and leading. keep it here on "cavuto: coast-to-coast" mark cuban. lit, and this obstetrician,
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>> she spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads on many, many of which are absolutely untrue. the only gratifying thing is i saw the polls come in today and it's all about money, after $200 million is spent in a major winning are tied. and i spent practically nothing. neil: he is in a tight race here before the debate, even though she is out spanning five to one. however, does it get more people to pony up some dough to help donald trump out or hillary clinton now. a gop fundraiser was at the big
12:47 pm
event last night. democratic strategists are pre-peer we will end it with you. i apologize. you're absolutely right. from your vantage point in ohio. hillary clinton is enough right there. will this change or fundraising wise? >> not necessarily. i have been neck and neck for the last several weeks. i come from northeastern ohio which is a pretty traditional blue-collar democrats were donald trump is playing incredibly well. hillary clinton is on all day everyday. priority u.s.a. as well throughout the buckeye state. i think donald trump always getting tremendous traction doing current media obviously which is why he hasn't spent very much in a traditional manner, he needs to be aware of the fact that there are other avenues.
12:48 pm
you're anytime a u.s.a. network, primetime, "dancing with the stars." you are not necessarily going to reach those kinds of audiences unless you make a media buy. neil: he has been doing something right. he's been getting away without having to do. does you have to start spending money and where is he going to get the money? there are indications he is not getting that. the >> well, i think you are right. people start spending the start spending some money in key battleground states. i'll be advertising in the world can't help it that product. i think about new coke and they put a lot of advertising and it didn't work. i won't go there because it is near and dear to my heart. i think mr. trump is doing fine. i was at trump tower 30 minutes ago and the phones ringing. there is a very he did and i think we will be very
12:49 pm
successful. the >> i think trump is fine. i do agree with you i'm not. there is a lack of money. i've talked to donors that are always active. neil: may be a good but it hasn't. the >> it hasn't hurt him. if they are not just about it it's not going to happen. the >> she is more of a burden because she is a lousy record she has to defend. she also has a compatibility problem. i don't she contacted last night. i think she was a policy hawk. i think she had new figures and facts and names that made her look look smart. it doesn't help move the needle on warming her up. >> i'm a democrat but i call it like a ca. that has been one of the consistent problems hillary clinton has had. she's got a trustworthiness problem. she did as good as i think she could do last night in the debate as far as trying too on
12:50 pm
one hand showed one hand showed a command of issues but at the same time not to live up with donald trump. a very delicate balance. the >> she did avoid the al gore trap. what do you think of that? >> i think mr. trump left a lot of points out there. for an analogy he could've had a few birdies and we got some cars. >> when you're at the trump tower known for speaking out about it. >> absolutely not. if anything, a lot of the team wanted him to be a little tougher runner. neil: why didn't he, if the reports are right, listen to him? >> not for sure they didn't listen to them, but mr. trump -- at this camp pain -- exactly. >> one thing he could do at the fundraisers take a good couple of clips on taxes and whatnot and you can say with your help
12:51 pm
xm on the dollars they can go to the finish line. take some of the good points from the debate and spin it to where you can raise money off that. >> two more debates. >> iraq obama started out lousy. joe frazier. >> wait until vegas. >> michael buffer well and that. neil: this is on free basic cable. thank you very, very much. the lundell's coming young people weighing in on the debate. by donald trump and hillary clinton might want to listen because they saw something a little different. ♪
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12:55 pm
as others thought? laurence simon at the end mother telling her. >> dayside read many side. the recent millennial fair and important demographic as they are the largest demographic of voters. a lot of them favor the third-party candidates. it is a real struggle for hillary clinton and donald neil: spray them in their favor. we hit the streets of new york city an hour ago to see how millennial stultified debates last night. who came out on top. hillary clinton by far the winner. but she didn't gain any likability points. >> as a hillary supporter i can see where america struggles with her likability factor. there is a distance that she asked. there is not the closeness you feel like with president obama. >> even saying i don't want to say something that has been there and kids either. hillary hillary is coming at you. you're a situation where you
12:56 pm
have to strike back. >> what does trump me to do and not sober? >> personally i think he needs to tone it down a little bit. kind of holding himself together because he is a smart business man. >> did you hear those strong words? the last guy lives in the united states but is from venezuela where the system is creating food riot and unrest in haiti compared donald trump to hugo chavez. unbelievable. neil: we all live in our own heads. thank you very much. lauren simonetti. you know nigel for roche with a lot of proponents in an early proponent of gasparino. he explained this debate not from the way you think.
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neil: we are awaiting a hillary in raleigh north carolina. peter barnes has the very latest. >> i suspect she will talk about the date and both of these candidates today trying to do what george h.w. bush talked about in 1980 after debates create momentum for their campaigns after a debate. no surprise on the postdebate comments playing up their own performance in playing down the others. >> some of your other republican counterparts in the primaries. how is this different? >> i've really enjoyed it. it looks like we did very well. talking about illegal immigration. >> we also have hillary clinton talking about the debate on her flight to north carolina today.
1:01 pm
take a listen. >> the real point is about temperament and fitness a qualification to hold the most important, hardest job in the world and i think people saw last night some very clear differences between us. >> of candidates are traveling to key battleground states today in the rest of the week clinton has the event in the airliner. job campaigning in florida today. clinton heads to new hampshire, iowa and oregon later this week. neil. neil: peter, thank you very much. a first debate is not an election or a trend make. after stumbling through a first encounter with then democratic nominee walter mondale. the second follow-up to change things significantly. who should know better than former reagan candidate advisor, ed rollins. >> thank you. reagan did have a bad first
1:02 pm
debate. most incumbent presidents don't do well. you know, my sense is trump didn't have a bad today. she had a good debate. probably the best of issues ever had it he can do better and will do better. the benchmark is he didn't do that well. there's a lot of things that said i made a mistake on my e-mails. he violated the law and the originals off of happiness kind of materials. what is your chief of staff take the to testify. neil: he kind of wandered off topic. he's got to fix it. >> is going to fix it and he now knows what it like. he didn't prepare quite the same way she did. >> i don't know whether he prepared his match. she knew what she wanted to do and she did and she had her touch point for constituency groups. african-americans on the police
1:03 pm
issues and what have you. he didn't lose any votes. the key thing here is an unconventional year. he clearly is the guy that can move the economy forward. >> did he gain any votes? >> i don't think he did. there is no operation, but all of her fans are very happy today. that is the key thing here. >> their symbol technologies got to knock the champ out. she didn't knock him out. so does not maintain the status quo? >> keep that momentum and a saboteur in the polls. i think at the end of the day again she's energized. the bottom line here is they told him he couldn't go in a brawl and she boxed in and she pivoted off of it. some pretty good shots in a basically got some shots on her. neil: how did that split same luck to you? >> i hate the split screen.
1:04 pm
i don't like the idea of the commission that the determination. when i was running reagan's campaign the bottom line is the two campaigns ought to be a little sit down, all about them, the networks. neil: why don't you like the split screen? >> uis have to be guarded about all that sort of stuff is supposed to your answers. you can do it occasionally but when it's on you constantly afflict every nuance basically distracts from the presentation and the presentation is what's important. neil: you always remind me that the smarty-pants moderators and journalists who decide who wins and loses the debate, but they don't appreciate the things folks at home do. differently than the media type. tighter polls than the other case of the establishment. folks at home are watching these debates differently. >> in the case of hillary she's
1:05 pm
been secretary of state and first lady of the country. trump they wanted to see a guy who could be president and have in and have them a living at the next for years but in this country. i think clearly the things that matter to this country or the economy, fighting isis had been a strong leader. he wins that battle and is to talk more about that. when an obviously, everyone assume because hillary was the first potentially woman president should have overwhelming support. she's having a very serious problem among young women. i think to a certain extent a lot of her appeal last night as they appeared young women basically what strength in the economy and they don't want to be patronized. neil: today can i with a affinity for beauty pageants and stamina questions? >> some of these young women look at him like a father figure or grandfather figure. at the end of the day -- again,
1:06 pm
a long ways to go on this campaign. it's campaign. instead evening will be dead even next week after it settles out. they both better than hard. neil: thank you. ted rowlands, former reagan candidate advisor. admitting hillary clinton certainly does have experience, the problem trumps says is that it's bad experience. take a look. >> hillary has experience, but it is bad experience. we've made so many bad deals. she's got experience, but it's bad. whether it is the iran deal you are still in mob authority gave them $150 billion whether it's the iran deal and anything. you almost can't name a good deal. she's got experience but it's bad experience. they can afford to have another four years of that kind of mixed earrings.
1:07 pm
neil: former opposition leader nigel farage. you have an interesting take say no other how smoothly you do in a debate if you look like a candidate that's outdated and the policies you advocate are sort of dismissed. it doesn't matter how smoothly you do it. >> now, it doesn't. what this really comes down to if hillary is the continuity candidate. if you're happy to live like this in the u.s.a., you think everything is just going well, then hillary is your candidate and that's what she did last night. if you want change coming about for donald trump. that's what this is about. i would say there were three of these and i don't think anything that happened last night frankly will change the minds of undecided voters. there was no phrase.
1:08 pm
we've got louisiana to come. maybe there will be a knock out in one of those debates. didn't hillary looked composed, with singapore's great? but it's not about that. people sitting at home across the state are asking themselves which of these candidates is going to make me safer? which of these candidates is going to make me a little bit better off. neil: we do a lot more debating in great britain. the back-and-forth in parliamens including yourself more and are well seasoned at this. this is a new territory for donald trump. does it hurt and that he isn't up to that debate? >> well, i did a big debate two years ago i had of the european election against deputy prime
1:09 pm
prime minister nick clegg. in the first debate i was the one that had done this stuff before. by debate to a debate to have us in on my toes. i was on my heels. i was relaxed. i noticed last night that he threw about as criticism going back to the 1970s of various accusations of what his companies may or may not have done. my advice to donald trump would be very simple. you've gone over this hurdle of the first debate. next-line when she taxied personally, ignore her. just ignore her. speak to the ordinary american people. if he does that by the end of debate three, he will be the winner. neil: i think a lot of the time he was on defense, she was getting his coat and she sort of knew how to get it. i don't know whether it's an american or british expression. never let them see you sweat.
1:10 pm
in the next debate, what would you tell them to do? >> on tax, where she did surprise him a little bit, i point out in 70 years old. i paid a lot of taxes were the last 50 years to deal with it. rush it off. spend five seconds on it. on the racism point and there's no doubt she will come back to this again and again and again, making a somewhat ridiculous but in a way quite windy and accusations, the way you deal with being called racist when you are not asked to say look, the only people that say i am racist or those who are prepared to confront the immigration and then move on to your territory. don't defend. listen, she has been well briefed, well-trained. she is a professional career politician. she is good at this stuff. don't let her dictate the agenda frankly ignore her criticisms
1:11 pm
and speak to a bigger audience. that's what he needs to do. you know, he came out last night on were dead and given her massive experience overhead of the series, that's not a bad place to be. neil: no knock as to your points. thank you very much. nigel farage. a good read of things not only technology, but well beyond how far we want our government to do. does donald trump ever get to that point? mark cuban says he does not.
1:12 pm
1:13 pm
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>> i would say donald charms comes from its got that at some point to that substance. if you combine us together, that's what i wanted whatever supported him. you can't just go with god forever. neil: that's when he left them. >> at some point you have to go beyond your got. we are talking about the future of the world here. were talking about the leader of the free world. >> you're willing to entertain donald trump and you've gone back two dimensional. >> that's one way to put it. we have two candidates. one who understand their place in the world. one has come up in originated their own. and another who has told what
1:16 pm
not to say. neil: i have a feeling my next read. doing so much more these days. you might've heard about mark cuban was saying maybe an agitator for donald trump. the donald trump didn't get that across. stumbled his way through. posting to indicate it was sort of like a split verdict. what about you? what did or. >> i did learn a lot in that debate. i don't think the question that were important. they went the philosophy questions of how you're going to run the country. do you believe the to believe them the private sector are reticent than you can give to everyone or do you believe health care is a right. do you think government should be run in health care. are the kinds of questions i
1:17 pm
would like to understand. you can draw those sorts of things. i'm at the end both sides are saying my person doesn't lie as much as your does seem to be the date argument i'm not. i think we've got two capable politicians from that perspective. they're both capable of misrepresenting what they said are what they did why they didn't do. we are stuck is to alter aguilar power with less taxes. that's redistribution. i think the only way you can have the american exceptionalism was had for hundreds of years. >> shareholders from the press and i think a lot time. many times -- trump was doing
1:18 pm
that effectively and then he wouldn't stop talking. he wanders. not saying he'll are quick and didn't do the same in a couple moments of far fewer. i don't know if that's a good or bad thing. i don't know how people would hold onto to it if their emotional and intellectual level. where the heck i should >> the worst ceo is a thousand times better if you pardon issues going to present a much more cheering. she's a trained in hard and entrepreneur and schooled in the ways of capitalism, the abyss will hand, the market economy and the private sector. i think instead has to be in more ways more and find that my view of wanting to keep government small, keep our
1:19 pm
liberties hide and provide opportunities for everyone as opposed to more of the same continuing ratcheting up of marchers and more regulatory government. you've got a good question here. a lot of people are asking, is his inability to articulate -- he's buried in effect says that he articulate over and over. you wonder what going on. that may have a mirror or death mirror or destiny listen to his talks? sometimes you got to wonder about that. >> you acknowledge the mistake origin have a great outing. i don't know how you per se going before the public and the reporters were also hard. you crack is how to deal with that. we hear talk that he didn't heed a lot of advice was hidden.
1:20 pm
part of that was the kidnapper beyond defense. always be an offense. turn every question around two central theme. would you make about? >> i would argue that it's fair. i can't tell you how many times i want to be in my candidates audio mind and actually doing the debate for them. we don't get a chance to go do that and we are given two choices here. neil: i didn't want to jump on you my friend, if you had to devise an trend advisor to the next debate, what would you tell them? >> i'd have them memorized the 20 key points he wants to get out. 15 of them will be what i'm going to do in five of them are things you need to avoid another candidate and i would just drill all of those home and every answer would get back to this and drive those key points and i
1:21 pm
would stay on message. she doesn't answer the question. you know, i think a lot of people can see through that. he's not giving answers either. he's defending accusations. i understand what he is saying because i've been in business and i have dealt with lawsuits from people. i have dealt with pr issues. i have dealt with hiring and firing folks. i know what that's all about. he's just not articulating those issues very well and he needs to crack this. neil: i remember. you didn't like the question you didn't answer or would get a one-word response yes or no. people did know how to handle it. so quick and to the point. we will see what happens. a lot is on the line with the last debate. always a pleasure. >> thank you. neil: both candidates are pushing their prescription for the u.s. economy.
1:22 pm
we are going to take a look at the element in the room. debt. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> our country has tremendous problems. we are a debtor nation and we have a country that needs to rose, new thomas, bridges, airports, schools, new hospitals. and we don't have the money because it's been squandered on so many of your ideas. neil: that was a strong point early on in the debate, but donald trump was warning about this debt yet she did respond by saying his pencil neck to death worse over the years. the responsible failure. what do you think? >> file, the one in after the first debate, we are not spending a lot of time talking
1:26 pm
about the policies discussed and in particular there was a discussion of fiscal policy and there should have been. take the biggest areas of our budget. social security and health care make up half of our budget, make up over three quarters of the spending growth we will see over the next decade and how much time is devoted, zero out the discussion on that issue. the fiscal issues are real. yes we have trillions and trillions of dollars at that at record levels. neither candidate has a plan that would address the debt and donald trump in fact you did ring it up has a plan that would enlarge the data trillions of dollars. neil: he didn't spell out how much it compromises you, even when it came to discussion of nato and the three or four members including ourselves and the roughly 30 others who are not. we can't be so cavalier thinking
1:27 pm
they are not helping us out because we are essentially a rogue nation. then he would drop the ball. >> i think that's right. he's acknowledged that federal debt weakens up economically and from a security perspective. both of those are very true and it threatens our economic growth, long-term prosperity of the country and our security policy all along the way. when he hasn't done is put forth a plan that would help bring that debt down. even if we do nothing. take the candidates promising the site. we are going to borrow $9 trillion over the next 10 years. we have to have a plan to stop adding that of a plan to make it worse. schaub has proposals that would add to the debt. hillary clinton on the other hand barely mentions the issue. we've got to find a way to make it more of a center discussion because it affects so many gift cards. neil: when you describe how you
1:28 pm
will get the entitlement programs and the candidates do that at least an election year. i had a quick question to ask you because those who are proponents of tax cuts say yes, i'm boring myself and asking you have to account for that in the beginning. but then dynamic accounting takes over because the stimulative effect of this type of solution price than the way they do traditional government spending. for example, hillary clinton. what do you make of that? >> i beg to differ on the topic of dynamic and static scoring. it is fascinating. there we are. but i think the main thing is cutting taxes, the right kinds of taxes to promote it helps grow the economy. but it doesn't do is grow the economy so much that it will pay for itself. you still need to find a way to
1:29 pm
cut spending off the cost of those tax-cut. furthermore, some of the assumption campaign really unfortunately are because of one major factor, demographics. the aging of the population has really got out ahead of us. we didn't fix entitled programs. social security and medicare is going to balloon are spending even further and make it much harder to grow the economy. what we need is policies that will help promote growth. infrastructure spending is a good idea. looking at certain regulations that there's a lot of things we need to do. one of the keys of growing the economy, getting our debt under control. we have to be realistic that we are not going to increase growth rate by 75% or 100% which is that the estimates are calling for an instead have realistic assumptions about growth but also make the real choices that leadership retired about what we will do on spending and revenue
1:30 pm
and get them into alignment which is good for the overall economy. neil: i agree. a more frank discussion of this and politicians think. >> if somebody tried we might be presently surprised how well it voters are to pony up and make real choices. neil: tomorrow we will have the discussion of money supply in what it to be a seriously come with a job. i appreciate it. neil: he opposed the iraq war. the questioners saying he didn't. we say he did. does any of this matter? after this.
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
neil: all right. i want to take you to raleigh, north carolina, where hillary clinton is addressing a crowd here boy buoyed by her debate performance last night. >> do their best. that is the basic bargain of america and i was really proud of christine. >> we're proud of you! >> thank you. thank you. [cheering] and, i think her, her patience at duke regional are in for a treat because not only the skills that she learned here at wake tech, but that personality, that get up and go personality, is going to mean a lot to the people she has taken care of. christine, thank you, and
1:35 pm
godspeed. [cheering] now, i have to thank, i have to thank dr. steven scoot, president of wake tech community college! [cheering] all the administrators, the faculty, and the students of wake tech. [cheering] now, dr. scott told me that the enrollment is about 73,000. and -- neil: we'll continue to monitor this. if she makes comments on the debate. it always bothered.meghan mccai. she wanted to hear the whole thing. we're pressed for time. >> i did not. neil: she is obviously feelings wind at her back. she gotten a great deal of praise for her debate performance, not across the board. you were not jazzed by either candidate. >> neither bottom policy specific.
1:36 pm
talking about isis, rehashed the past and bringing up howard stern and whether or not donald trump was for invading iraq when it came to talking about "black lives matter" and race relations in this country. nobody had any policy specifics. i thought it was really, really underwhelming. neil: how did it connect on emotional level though? i remember when barack obama debated your dad in 2008, your father got high marks on substance and policy and positions and especially the foreign policy debate but barack obama seemed to jell with young people. >> thanks for bringing that up. neil: well, i'm sorry. you know what i mean? we, grade these debates on different levels. >> yes. he is definitely wins when it comes to emotion and anger. there were certain times she was talking where i had party last night, get angry, bet emotional, come on. she seemed so scripted almost like she was robot because she obviously memorized.
1:37 pm
neil: who was saying that at your party? >> inhad a lot of people over last night. yelling at tv. neil: about her? >> about her to get more angry and mad. this specific person. neil: so you have friends, fair and balanced. >> i wanted across the board. i have libertarians at my party. i wanted to see what the reaction was. neil: just the way you roll. >> just the way i roll. neil: do you think they're make-or-break? >> i thought so, could you have missed it, you didn't miss much. i thought if a big moment happened, if somebody baited other person saying something stupid. if there was rick perry oops moment maybe, you could have missed that debate and it didn't make that much of a difference. neil: donald trump should hope so, a lot of groups say he didn't bring his "a" game. started off fine, veered off course. that is always subjective, i grant you. >> he wasn't being asked the same questions he was. i would like her asked about benghazi and email scandals and
1:38 pm
asking about questions about her face. i would like him to interject more. if you're going to hit president or donald trump on her face, you have to ask hillary clinton about "deplorables" comment. you have to play fair. i don't think lester holt necessarily did. neil: that is good point. brought up affinity for beauty pageants, ladies watching, know what you're dealing with and comment he made about a pageant official who gained weight or what have you. >> this morning. neil: did it resonate, did women watching that say that isn't a nice thing to say. >> he needs college educated white women voters like me, i thought he handled it really well. when the miss universe contestant gained a lot of weight. why are you talking about a woman's weight. isis is using chemical weapons
1:39 pm
against our soldiers. i don't want to rehash about -- neil: i thought last night why are you getting in this discussion. there are more important things to worry about right now, than my beauty pageants and whatever i said in the past about women? >> really low-hanging fruit for hillary clinton. she baited him into it. again he said it again this morning which is making some waves on the internet. neil: surely, make -- meghan he must have been warned, don't fall for that but again and again, not a lot of the time but he did and not to do the same for her. >> it wasn't a home run for him or her. i was expecting a lot more from him because he had done so well in the primary debates. quite frankly he was baited into talking about stupid things and bringing about sean hannity. look at my howard stern interview. so many things are rehashed in the past so often. we did not accomplish anything in that debate last night. neil: so he felt that, you think that he was on defense too
1:40 pm
often? >> i think he was on defense too often. she baited him into things, he said we have more important things to talk about. i don't want to talk about women's fiscal appearances. bringing up rosie o'donnell. who cares? people haven't cared about rosie o'donnell in a long time. i'm sick about that fight between them. that fight happened in college. it's a long time ago. i don't understand why we keep talking about things like that instead of economy and foreign policy. i would have liked a lot more on foreign policy, rosie o'donnell and donald trump had a fight? >> they keep having fights. neil: meghan, thank you very, very much. meghan mccain. we'll monitor hillary clinton event in north carolina. bottom line, she is feeling pretty good. relaying that to the audience as she was on her plane. we'll see how long that lasts. after this.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
reporter: i'm lori rothman live on floor of new york stock exchange with your business brief. what a difference a day makes. the stocks are rallying. dow jones up 132 points at the moment. technology, as a sector up .89 of 1% on the s&p 500. let's break out some headline technology companies starting with yahoo!. shares up 2 1/2%. six democratic u.s. senator asked embattled yahoo! ceo marissa mayer give them more information about why 500 million user accounts were hacked two years ago and why we're only finding out about it
1:43 pm
recently. amazon another outstanding stock today. shares up 20% year-to-date. jpmorgan increasing the price target to $1000. shares up better than 2% today. the close should be another record close. its 19th for the year. let's get you back now to "cavuto: coast to coast."
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1:45 pm
neil: all right. back to hillary clinton in raleigh, north carolina. i want to dip in because she i think is talking about her opponent in that debate. >> just how we treat each other. the respect we show. the kindness, the love, that we show. [cheering] and i'm well aware that not something you put necessarily on a campaign website but i've been talking about it because, i think we have got to reassert our fundamental connection to each other. you know when my mother was in first grade she never had any food, and her first grade teacher noticed in those days they brought a bag of food and sit in the classroom and eat it. my mother never had any food. that first grade teacher noticed
1:46 pm
that, and began to bring extra food but without embarrassing her, she would say, dorothy, i brought too much food. would you like this sandwich? would you like this milk? and it wasn't until she herself was much older that my mother realized that that teacher fed her for that school year, something she didn't have to do. but her love for her student, her recognition of a child who wasn't well-taken care of meant that she stepped in. then when my mother worked as a made -- neil: that obviously did not apply to her opponent donald trump who she called a racist, sexist pig, words to that effect. that was not the political debate. with me 2016 libertarian vice-presidential candidate bill weld. governor, good to see you. >> neil, good to see you.
1:47 pm
neil: no chance you will bevite. >> we're plodding away and hope to get at debate two or three at presidential level. neil: i was talking to gary johnson yesterday. it was a pity, ross perot, invitinged to the first debate and he was invited. later on he soared in the polls and ended up being the best independent candidate we saw of the century. but it doesn't look like you guys will get that chance? >> no, i spend less time thinking about percentages than i do about messaging. the thing that sticks in my mind we do have an offering that neither of the other parties does. that we'll be way fiscally conservative and responsible as we were in our states. nobody can say that isn't true. and we're going to be socially inclusive. that democrats are not sounding very fiscally responsible these days and republicans are certainly not sounding very socially inclusive and welcoming. we think that we speak for a
1:48 pm
majority of the people of the united states. neil: so you are more fiscally conservative, socially, on some of these other issues. liberal i don't know if it is term. >> welcoming. neil: welcoming. but you're not going to get that chance unless your poll numbers go up. typically after debate you're not invited to, independent candidates numbers drop even further. are you afraid of that? >> as i say. not my department. i saw a cnn poll this morning that said mrs. clinton won the debate. more likely to vote for the candidate, mrs. clinton, 32%, donald trump, 18%. neither candidate, 47%. if that holds that is pretty big what they call in the business world an addressable market. neil: if it is not addressable by appearing at a debate, do you guys increase your ad buys? >> yeah. we keep raising money. we're raising a lot of money through web fund-raising. not as much as the big guys but, you know, you can, most of our push is in social media. we're reaching about 50 million
1:49 pm
people there. the spike on searches for gary johnson went through the roof last night as people were seeing, you know, the manifestation of the two party candidates there. neil: he seems to be acting out his own debate on line ifer there? >> no, inthought mr. trump was shaking his headway too much. sniffing way too much. i don't know if it is antihistamines, i don't know what it, he sounded like he had something going on in his head. not mrs. clinton. she was on her game. she never took off her game face and never stopped smiling. i listened to in north carolina, about kindness and civility. three cheers for that. neil: doesn't apply to her opponent. >> i'm not sure it applies to the two party system practiced in washington. that is part of my beef these days the two parties want to kill each other, like the two campaigns want to kill each other. gary and i don't want to kill anybody. we want to people to listen what we have to say.
1:50 pm
neil: part of what you want to say, might appeal to your audience, modern day lincoln-douglas debates, you and senator kerry. what is the appetite for that today? >> lincoln-douglas style we asked each other questions and swung away. i think there you really take the mettle of the candidate. i think that would be preferrable than having a single moderator control the flow. it was a bare knuckle brawl, although john kerry and i kept it within bounds and i think it was very informative. neil: i got the impression with you two you didn't hate each other. >> no, not not all. neil: you were not trying to embarass each other. you didn't question his service. or question your background. >> we were both at 75% in the polls. we had no reason to attack. neil: interesting we live in age where negative attacks they do help you but it is fleeting, right? >> i think that's right.
1:51 pm
sometimes you're surprised. i thought the swift boat veterans for truth attack on senator kerry in 2004 was going to go nowhere. the guy is legitimately a war hero. he turned his pt boat around and rammed the shore and jumped out and killed the guy single handed, you can't get around that but -- neil: did your people say to you at time, make a big deal of that? >> no. they would have known better. neil: you wouldn't have done it. >> they knew that. neil: he didn't go for the jugular with you. as you had with some republicans? >> i'm not sure either of us had a jugular at that point. neil: now it is a prerequisite. >> as i sate the two campaigns seem to want to kill each other. that is good for heat. it is not good for light. if you did put the libertarian ideas, you know, some restraint on military intervention. immediately filing a balanced budget, those are ideas that are unknown in washington right now
1:52 pm
because of the partisan, poisonous atmosphere. they would be good for the capital. neil: you have to get a chance to say it before a lot of people. governor weld, thank you very much. when we return, vice-presidential candidate, still monitoring developments with hillary clinton. we'll have more after this.
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
>> our country's in deep trouble. they're taking our jobs. it's very important to me. you're wrong. neil: all right. you know, a lot of people are making fun be of the sniffing with donald trump last night. they latch onto the most outlandish stuff. howard dean tweeting this: notice trump snorting all the time. coke user?
1:56 pm
if a republican had said that about a democrat, would it get much play? i don't know, but come on. i'm that way with chicken wings. if the sauce is really hot -- no? >> oh, yeah. neil: you're going to note the analogy. thank you, doesn't apply. who knows? it is what it is. this debate is now memory, and they're already focusing on what not to do for the next debate. i guess sniffling will be among the things to be on guard for. trish regan, what a country. we're going to go to a break, i apologize. but when i come back, i'll be asking trish regan that same powerful statement -- [laughter] only with a question mark. what a country. after this.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
>> one down, two to go! [cheers and applause] [laughter] neil: all right. hillary clinton in north carolina pleased with her performance last night in the debate, referring to the fact
2:00 pm
that still two more to go and a running mate debate, the vice presidential candidates, of course, up next. bottom line, she feels the polling wind is at her back. in the meantime, to trish regan to take you through the mid-afternoon. trish: indeed can. yeah, we'll see how that goes. hitting the campaign trail after a bruising first debate, i'm trish regan, hillary clinton in the critical battleground state of north carolina be, you see her there in raleigh hoping to capitalize on her debate performance as donald trump participates in a round table discussion in miami after touting his performance on "fox & friends" this morning. you're looking at a live picture of him there in miami. here he is on "fox & friends" this morning. watch. >> one thing i got out, i think, really the best was immigration, illegal immigration. the police, law is and -- law and order, and maybe the thing i got out best is trade. >> trade. and jobs.


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