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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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all humans, men and women were created equal, the cause of liberty, life and pursuit of happiness, that will not die, the question is whether republican party will be the party that supports that or not. charles: thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: it has been a fantastic show, here is lou. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, i hope you had a good time with the presidential debate last night, it is now officially the most watched history, 84 million people tuning in. a record in the 60 history of televised presidential debates. we'll be qualifying that in a moment, it is not often you call a record a disappointment. but that is what happened last night, 100 million people were expected to opportunity it. it was 84 million.
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nearest but not final nielsen numbers, and nearly all of these viewers stayed with the debate for the entire hour and a half plus. but that was then, this is now, we're in postdebate terrory, trump and clinton on the campaign trail, trump spent the day criss-crossing the state of florida. the republican nominee will hold a rally this hour in melbourne, florida. some 70 miles southeast of orlando. we'll bring it to you live when donald trump takes the stage as we typically do. when the candidates are well hosting live events for us, and hillary clinton campaigned in the swing state of north carolina. but not before floating just a bri -- just a little bit about her performance. >> one of my favorite able players growing up, ernie banks, used to get so excited about going to play that he would say let's play too. i'-- play 2, i'm looking forward to the next debate.
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lou: the clear loser in last night's debate was moderator lester holt of nbc. he was decidedly aggressive when he challenged, donald trump, passive as he did not challenge hillary clinton. republican nominee accused holt of giving her a free pass about her scandals. >> e-mails, and all he didn't ask her about her scandals. he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal. that she destroyed. he didn't ask her about a lot of things, she should have been asked about, there is no question about it. >> why didn't you say anything. >> about her foundation. lou: we'll take up the issue of media bias, and who in our opinion and opinion of others, including our guest won that debate.
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if there were winners, among my guest, former reagan white house political director ed rollins, and pulitzer prize winning columnist, "new york post," michael goodwin. and tom moreno. the top story is the presidential candidates, returns to campaign trail after the debate. don't don traveling to re-- donald trump traveling to region of miami, little havana to court latinos. clinton and trump virtually deadlocked in both key battle ground state. the debate winner, for clinton. here is some of the high and low points of last night's at times ruckus affair. >> secretary clinton, yes, is that okay, good. i want you to be very happy, it very opinion to me.
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>> i have a feeling by the end of this evening, i'm going to be blamed for everything that ever happend. >> why not. >> why not, wh yeah, why not. >> typical politician, all talk, no action, sounds good, doesn't work, never going to happen. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate, and yes, i did. and do you know what else i prepared for, i prepared to be president that is a good thing. >> i will release my tax return against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33 thousand e-mail that have been deleted. >> woo, okay. lou: okay. the debate may have had a record number of viewers, but in terms of percentage of population, watches less than a quarter of the population last night did watch. compared to more than a third for previous record setting
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debate, reagan-carter debate of 1980. today 160 million homes in the united states, with televisions, back in 1980, there were only 80 million. i said at times, a debate of ruckus, but it was also at times, honestly, a bit dull. here to assess winners, loser, and lessons. joining me, great america pack strategist ed rollins, pulitzer prize winning columnist, "new york post," michael goodwin, fox news contributors, michael, who won? >> if you score it in terms of debating points, and demeanor, preparation. hillary clinton probably would score higher for most who watch. but on other side, donald trump had a very low bar, which was to not be a monster who could be dismissed, not to have a fit of any kind. not to do anything that would
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enable her to say, see, i told you he is unfit to be president. they both achieved much of what they had to, and i their i think there -- therefore i think there will be very little movement in the poll. lou: do you agree. >> totally, sold emdo you move your supporters away from you in debate, dialogue today as been interesting on his supporters, he missed opportunities he could have taken. not like he messed up. here we didn't talk about e-mails and benghazi, or the foundation. there were so many other things that people thought he could have got on her bbut you know, at the end of the day, he still in a good position to win this i think what she did, she calmed down some of her supporters who were worry a week ago. lou: gets a bit rested. >> yes, that helped. lou: rudy you'l rudy jewel
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guliani. call -- about lester holt, he blew it in judgment of rudy guliani. on the issue of stop and frisk. >> right. lou: it was a stunning moment, and it is stunning that we watched lester holt interrupt front times -- 41 times, donald trump and managed to sort of insert and very lightly touch a few words of hillary clinton's, some 6 times, that is just upside down. >> i was yelling at the television when stop and frisk issue came up, he clearly mess stated those facts. lou: this is a big deal, this is a police practice across the nation. >> upheld by the supreme court. lou: right, unheld by the supreme court, it is a big deal in new york. because of mayor de blasio.
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if you will, continue with that. >> what happened is -- >> that is just one so far. >> the case was taken to court by a federal judge who was biased in favor, she was removed from case by appellate. she found that the way the city used to, involved 10 plaintiffs, 10 people stopped, and there was some constitutional issues in some of the stops, she said there needs to be a federal monitor. but she was in no position to say entire program or stop and frisk itself was unconstitutional. many people think -- rudy guliani, i agree with limb, the cithim, the city could have prevailed it had appealed, the new mayor, bear de blasio chose not to appeal and accept the trial court judge's rulings and remedies which was intrusive and expensive oversight.
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lou: guliani said, in his judgments, trump should not even participate in any debate in which there is a moderator who will do what lester holt did. >> i would agree with that, but it is an audience of 81 million people, a loose o a lots of his people who watched and were more than satisfied, next one may not be 80 million . i would argue he needs to go make his case, the thing on stop and frisk, only thing people forget, and ray kelly and guliani said, so many of these bad guys did not carry guns, because they were worried about getting caught with the gun, so they left the guns at home, now they are not afraid, they left the guns in their cars and what have you,
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that is why they have so many shootings. lou: the issue. that she raised, calling the country a been of racist. -- a bunch of racists of. and no reaction, i thoughts this was incumbant on lester holt and donald trump as well to challenge that, what a statement. >> if donald trump is going to wait for lester holt to correct, hillary clinton, he will have a very long wait. and i think that is one of the lessons -- >> he is done waiting now. >> that is one of the lessons from last night, that high ha he has to go to debate, whoever the moderators are, but there is a issue that media biased is a very huge issue ahon among a lot of trump supporters, i get a ton of mail on it saying this election is a referendum on the media. lou: don't you think it should be? >> it should be that is to
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trump's advantage hooky ha. he has to recognize going to the debate it is not going to be a fair fight. >> last thing, she said i made a mistake on my e-mails, he should have followed up, you committed tol felony, fi violated all of department rules. lou: within the context, donald trump said he is not going to misan opportunity next time, he will go at her very hard. and we know what he says he is going hard. >> katie bar the door. lou: but the other thing, this election is not decides by a bunch of media elitists, and folks who are parts of the establishment, the national elites of both parties, this is going to be decided by the american people. it is heck of an election, a heck of a ca campaign.
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i can't wait for the next debate. i have to tell you, i can't wait from one day to the next with this happening in this election this is great, great politics, and that means that the american people are getting a discussion, and a debate about the issues that matter most to them. and in my judgment, largely because of one donald trump trump. >> absolutely. lou: ed, thank you. >> thank you. lou: we could be in for another government shut down. i am sorry to say. this weekend. senator democrats today block a stop gap spending bill required to keep federal government running, republicans makes recessions to get pressure passed including zika funding and more money for veteran's administration, but top democrats, including nancy pelosi and harry reid demand more spending, want more than $200 million to pay for flint water crisis, republicans want
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to help flint in separate legislations. also on capitol hill. fbi director james comey told senate lawmakers he remains proud of his investigation of the hillary clinton email scandal. >> my goal in this case was to treat people as it is in my career, fairly without regard to their rank in life this case of done in that way, decision was made the in that way. so i think to do otherwise would have been two teared, i am proud -- two-tiered, i am the proud of the work we did. lou: did you notice he was looking down when he said he was very proud of the work they did know with his agency. that reportedly now is consumed with disappointment and low moral. we'll see how it moves forward, catherine herridge said that is a bold statement, just 3 weeks ago that comey felt a need to issue an
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internal memo to fbi employees defending his decision not to prosecute clinton. saying that memo was issued because of the string of internal decent, the low moral after against not to recommend prosecution of hillary clinton. >> a lot more straight ahead. >> trump's aircraft is jump arrived in melbourne, florida, his first rally since the debate. appearances in miami, now in melbourne, florida. we'll be right back with that, much more, big night as we move on through campaign 2016. yes joorks sta !! stay with us. >> trump exposed clinton a biggest liability tie. >> hillary has experience, but it's bad experience. we have made so many bad deals. >> you almost can't name a good deal. >> a small club, billionaires, our next guest is a member, wilbur ross joins me next ahead.
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lou: i want to update you where we are in this election,
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poll numbers, projects by real clear politics, you see donald trump has arrived at his rally in me melbourne, florida. estimated 5,000 people in the crowd, let's listen in quickly. >> it's going to be the kind of government that you have been looking for, for a long time. [cheers and applause] lou: bring you up-to-date quickly, fridays into the ewell -- 42-days hillary clinton 2.s ahead of trump, 46-44%, trump gaining on clinton in electoral vote, the margin for clinton is now the narrowist of this campaign, in her column 188. compared to trump's 165. the race right now with almost
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as many votes as she has in toss up column, she has 23 vote advantage. imagine that. 185 electoral votes up for grabs. toss up as of right now, joining us now, billionaire investor wilbur ross. one of the world's leading private equity firms, trustee for trump victory committee, fresh off the debate trail. i guess. we go to donald trump in a moment to see where he is going with his initial words, what did you think? >> i thought he did what everyone hoped he would do, came across as a mature, solid citizen, not argumentative, not bomb pastic. i think he did with economy part, very good job, drawing the contrast between himself and hillary clinton. lou: one of my favorite moments, he -- he said to
7:21 pm
hillary clinton, is tha that -- >> to call you secretary clinton. lou: i want you to be happy that is important to me, let's see how happy he is now. >> as good a pitcher as he ever was, at that age, we send our deepest condolences to his wife and family during this very painful time. our country also lost one of our truly great american icons. the king -- the king arnold palmer. i was always very proud to call arnold my friend. he was a truly great man. his legendary accomplishments on the course, are well-known. his fearless style of play, his love of the fans, and his working class charm made him
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an icon to legions of americans. his accomplishment off the field was probably even greater including his charity work, and all of the thousands of lives that he has made better. arnie was a symbol for america, he will be sorely missed. lou: donald trump talking about arnold palmer, legendary golfer, the icon, i was privileged to know, thanks to wayne high zheng go, a terrific man, arnold palmer died at the age of 87 in state of florida, the nation. the world, will miss him, jose fernandez issue the 24-year-old, i mean, amazing star pitcher, for the marlins, dying in that terrible boat crash down there.
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will bir awilbur as we listen to donald trump connecting with folks in florida, and campaigning hard in florida and also north carolina. >> he has turned that around. do you think he will be able to do what he say high would do, put these states in play, and win? >> i think they are in play. that is clear. and i think he has done a -- the closer we get to election, the more america american momentum -- importance momentum becomes. he will be tougher next time. >> a difficult assignment, he has to be tough and strong and clear and focused, he has to remember he is debating a woman, that is a real disadvantage i think for any man. >> it is, but, i think mission last night was not to win and to over we overwhelm. mission was to convinces
7:24 pm
american public he was a safe choice against someone they don't like. >> i said i don't think he is -- i think he will continue his trajectory, i don't think he lost any momentum here. >> i don't either, i think some of the strea the extremists would have liked more red meat, but i don't think that was his mission for yesterday. lou: i think you sense the same thing i did, after the debate. in hofstra, i mean, the crowds wanted you know total victory. they were red meat is a nice way to put it. this to be a cage match. they did not quite get that. -- >> no, i don't think it was what he wanted to do or some have done, i think he will be more aggressive next time, though. lou: wilbur ross always great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you so much. be sure to vote in our poll,
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did last night's debate claimplechange your mind on who you will vote for on november 8? everything at roll video, one mammal not afraid to hang 10, watch this dolphin, woe. sprang out of a waive wave, landing on the back of a teenager surfing off of the coast australia. that adds spice to surfing. the co dolphin lands on surfboard with such force his nose jabs a hole, despite a sour back -- soar back, he still loves dolphins, and can't wait to get back on the wave. up next, donald trump said, that hillary clinton boosted
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by debate moderate or lester holt. >> i thought she was -- i thought she was very bad in the first half. when they were asking normal questions. and they asked unfair questions, she got better. lou: holt's biased the subject of my commentary, next. stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on the first debate of the general election. hillary clinton last night referencing fact-checking three times during the debate even calling on fact checkers of the universe to quote it to work and as moderator lester holt swung into action and boosted the democratic nominee by challenging trump on his answers six times while mrs. clinton went unchecked altogether. >> i will let you respond that i just want to get the answer. the birth certificate was announced in 2011 you continue to tell the story and question
7:31 pm
the president's legitimacy and 2012, 13, 14 and 15 as recently as january so the question is what changed your mind? there is an audit of your taxes. you are perfectly free to release her taxes during an audit so the question does the public right to know outweigh your person --. >> i will tell you i will release them as soon as the audit -- lou: lester holt gave the democratic nominee and pass. mrs. clinton was impressed under various scandals and was impressed on the various issues the clinton foundation to pay-to-play allegation benghazi her handling of classified information under e-mail scandal. this is how mrs. clinton was pressed on her use of a private e-mail server. >> he also raised the issue of your e-mails e-mails. you want responded that? >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. if i had to do it over again i would obviously do it differently.
7:32 pm
lou: and that was that. i was holt's reference to her in a scandal for which the fbi director called her careless over handling of classified material and declared her a liar six times. that was holt's soul challenge of hillary not only the issues but for the night. in summation no doubt lester holt was decidedly anti-trump in the tank for clinton and holding her hand through the evening. polls failed to question hillary about her scandal and fail to follow upon her answer. holtz gave clinton an easy pass. the mainstream liberal media has shown its bias throughout this election and dimensions that were unimaginable. it is incredible where we are now with the absolutely aggressive bias of the liberal national media and just to be clear things are going to get your easier for trump and he understands that but the effect of the left-wing bias on the mainstream media is so obvious
7:33 pm
that more nights like last night will seal the deal for donald trump all to the benefit of our nation. so don't complain too much. the benefits may be profound. the quotation of evening come this one on donald trump and his question of hillary clinton about has she done a lot in her 30 years of being in the public sector? it reminded me of one of trump, clinton and my generations philosophers. jimmy buffett who said, people who think too much before they act don't ask too much. something for you younger folks to think about but not too much. we are coming right back. trump stands tall on the debate stage and delivers a simple message to hillary clinton. you are to blame. >> i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well actually i have thought about this quite a bit.
7:34 pm
i have a plan defied isis. >> you are telling the enemy of thing you want to do. no wonder you have been fighting isis your entire adult life. too kallie rydell and mike gallagher join me with reaction to the presidential debate and this daredevil is going way up for a spectacular view and mike any other baby paid to video and much more up next after this quick break. we will be right back. stay with us.
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van joining me now "washington times" columnist kelly riddell. it's good to have you with us host of "the mike gallagher show" on salem radio network. mike gallagher ghadafi with us. kelly let me start with you. this lester holt thing is turned into a bit of a wildfire. your judgment of his balance or bias? >> while i gave him an f rating. lou: let me write that down. >> that's a fail. just for the fact that you know i knew he was going to be tough on donald trump. i think we'll expected that but not too tough questions on hillary clinton is just inexplicable and trying to fact check donald trump on the spot. he did six follow-up questions with him and none with hillary clinton and he interrupted donald trump 30 times and he only interrupted clinton 19 times. i think i was a bit naïve going into thinking maybe lester holt might be fair tonight and was
7:39 pm
very disappointed by the way he ran that. there was not allowed to be any laughter or applause during that debate and there was for hillary clinton so he allowed that to happen as well. >> i had the same level of naïveté. i get that the mainstream medias in the tank for hillary. so transparent now they are not even pretending anymore. the ceo of may see universal came out today and praise lester holt. matt lauer learned his lesson. you don't dare challenge mrs. clinton on tv. make sure you push her across the finish line and lester holt did what he was expected to do. lou: and perhaps even order to do by management because comcast is now pretty well definitively established as a left-wing organization across all of its properties. but at the same time lester holt
7:40 pm
i think was actually intimidated by hillary clinton as well. the clinton campaign it seems to me kelly prepare the battlefield they conditioned for what was to be a moment of combat by sending in heavy artillery saying we want to fact checking and we want this we want that an implicit order was for everyone to challenge donald trump and the national liberal media and they did need to fact check her at all. >> they also put put forward the put forward this narrative of this false equivalency that you can do great hillary clinton and donald trump on the same point because donald trump is so crazy and he's such a lunatic that he doesn't deserve to be compared with her. this is what the liberal media is out there doing. lou: calais it's reinforcing. the need to repeat their nonsense and their venom i think is probably the wrong approach. >> lou on line poll after on line poll shows that people thought trump one.
7:41 pm
you mean the one vehicle where people got to vote? it's a metaphor for the election. going to be difficult to stop his momentum. he didn't do anything to disrupt his momentum last night and i don't think. >> i think you're exactly right. he can now hit her on all those items. he knows now that the moderators and going to ask the tough questions that he has two jump in and take on the clinton foundation and take on her e-mails take on benghazi take on the paper play. lou: outpitch anderson cooper will be tougher than lester holt was but that may be my naïveté lou. lou: showing considerable venom when it comes to mike pence as well so i think the stage is set for a contest and donald trump has now gotten permission i believe from voters to do what
7:42 pm
he must. i may be wrong about that but his team will of course decide it all i guess. but this is just ridiculous what we witnessed and it was historical. i have never seen bias in my entire career as flagrant as that. kelly riddell and mike gallagher great to have you both with me. thanks so much. roll the video please. we are going to show you one daredevil and may have found a "stairway to heaven." look at this. watch this thrillseeker climbed up a tower successfully as you see there. look at that. in the midst of all those clouds he's dangling and climbing over 1000 feet on a rusty steel ladder to the top of a russian television tower. his view of scared by the thick clouds but enough to let you know where the ground is. this thrillseeker spinning around on a perilously tiny platform and hanging around the edge of that platform for a while.
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you know, the russians, they have problems too. amazing. up next donald trump says he showed great restraint last night in his debate with hillary clinton. >> i was going to say something extremely rough to hillary, to her family and i said to myself i can't do it, just i just can't do it. it's inappropriate and it's not nice. lou: well what about next time? what will the strategy be? we are joined by congressman tom moreno one of the congressman to endorse donald trump. he's our guest here next. stay with us. incredible bladder protection in a pad this thin, i didn't... ...think it would work, but it does.
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lou: wells fargo in the midst of a scandal over sales practices. 5200 employees fired and the ceo will forfeit tens of millions of dollars in stock awards ceo john stumpf will return $41 million in stock awards to other executives as well to do so including executives who have been separated from the company. joining me congressman tom moreno and member if they close close -- house homeland security judiciary in foreign affairs committee and one of the first to endorse trump on
7:48 pm
capitol hill. congressman good to have you with us. let's start with the big issue here which apparently is the big loser and that's lester holt the moderator of the debate. your reaction to it? >> i expected that and i was disappointed because i thought the change in position given the fact that it was a different forum that you hit the nail on the head. every time a moderator does that donald trump picks up tens of thousands of votes. lou: and we are also dealing with the reality that i never thought we would see. people are actually saying donald trump should he hitting harder and he was too constrained. did you ever imagine we would be hearing such words about donald trump? >> no but that's why he is where he is at today. a majority of voters out there like what donald has to say. he says what's on his mind and he doesn't worry about being
7:49 pm
politically correct and as i said before you today -- before how's it been going with governors and being career politicians? not so well. lou: by the way he is announced since last night he has raised, his campaign has raised $18 million. there was a certain reflex on the side of his his supporters and we don't capitol hill another issue is brewing and that is the potential shutdown of the government again over a stopgap funding bill that is in the air now. where do we stand and what do you expect? >> i expect something will be passed. we have been working hard in the house. as usual things are jammed in the senate access harry reid does not want to cooperate a negotiated he wants to keep those senators as long as possible so many republicans are up for election this year and he doesn't want them to get out there and campaign.
7:50 pm
lou: paul ryan has complemented donald trump on his performance. is this the republican party coming together including of all people paul ryan who has been beyond passive/aggressive? >> whether it does or not i'm glad to see, i was appalled when he made that statement this morning and i'm glad to see most are getting on board but you know something that voters don't care about the establishment and they are doing just fine without the establishment here in d.c.. lou: this issue of the establishment versus the middle-class, working men and women and their families in the republican party going in this direction certainly took the democrats by surprise and appreciation by the neck and people. >> look at the endorsement by i.c.e.. lou: immigrations enforcement
7:51 pm
endorsing donald trump. the law and order candidate they go hand-in-hand acho to shoulder. tom marino thanks for being with us. up next lifelong democratic politician andrew stein. democratic politician says he's voting for john. we are coming right back. >> i think the country is in trouble. i think that our economic growth is too slow, that our military is being decimatedama's cuts in sequestration. i think that our support for israel has not been a strong and i think that donald trump understands all this. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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. lou: my next guest is a lifelong democrat. andrew stein. he says he's most assuredly voting for donald trump. in his recent "wall street journal" op-ed, stein blasts the democratic party. he said i believe my party has become the party of the elites and moneyed class end quote. great to see. >> you great to see you, lou, thank you, pal. lou: in new york, this is not -- this is not news, the democrats are moneyed and elite. why does this weigh on you now? >> well, look, donald -- the
7:56 pm
economy is so bad, growing at 1.5%. donald is pro-growth, he's for cutting marginal and corporate tax rates, he's for building up our military, which has been decimated by obama and sequestration, and you have to be crazy to allow tens and tens of thousands of immigrants that we can't vet into the united states. i have two boys and i'm worried about them in this kind of atmosphere. lou: it is amazing, isn't it, to see last night's debate in which all of the issues you're talk about, they did not arise, they weren't questioned by the moderator, lester holt? >> well, lester holt was very biased, i mean, in reality. he asked donald six tough questions and he asked hillary nothing about the clinton foundation, nothing about her server, so it wasn't fair. lou: and ted cruz and paul
7:57 pm
ryan, you know, complimenting donald trump on his debate performance, and talking about the party as a united organization. i mean, do you see this happening? are we seeing this party at this stage with 49 days to go until election, they seemed to be coming together? >> as jfk said victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. i think paul ryan and ted cruz can smell the fact that donald is going to win this election, and they're unifying around him, and he's going to win because he's presenting an alternative to the last 7 1/2 years, which have not been good. lou: a change election. people have various views who won the debate last night, but this debate is only one of three, it's not going to be determinate, we know that, because historically, they never are, no matter how the
7:58 pm
reaction settles. but we're seeing also this collision of the left-wing media and a republican nominee who is representing the middle class, working men and women in their families, small business, the republican party can't be dismissed as a bunch of corporatists. it's quite a different thing and looks like donald trump is succeeding in creating a referendum on the national liberal media and overwhelming bias. >> that's the thing that's interesting. the elites as you go around manhattan they can't believe that donald is doing so well, and it drives them crazy, but he's doing so well because he's talking to people, real people in language they can understand. he's talking about bringing back jobs, talking about the problems in the inner cities. well, you know, the democrats have been in power in these major cities for, you know, 100
7:59 pm
years, and -- lou: can you tell me how hillary clinton could stand there last night and act as if she was the agent of change, not donald trump? it was one of the most preposterous performances i've seen. >> hillary clinton promised she was going to create 200,000 jobs in upstate new york. when she left office in the senate, it was a minus 8,000 jobs. now promising 10 million in the country. she doesn't know how to create jobs, and mr. trump does. donald knows how to create jobs. he's done it before and will do it as president. lou: you're supporting him? >> 100%. lou: great to have you with us, andrew stein. tomorrow night, van hipp, randy evans, join us for that. like every night, there will be tremendous excitement and great bright lights of knowledge. please be with us.
8:00 pm
good night from new york. . kennedy: tonight donald trump and hillary clinton each claiming victory after last night's big debate. let's face it, neither scored a tko, what does each candidate have to do to win over undecided voters? body language expert tanya ryman to tell us when the candidates look nervous, confident and how to know when either was fibbing. the tsa does an amazing job at airports, right? lawmakers want them in charge of security at bus stops and train stations too, they're going to man handle the hobos. return to your seats. it's about to get bumpy. it was the big first debate that lived up to billing, and despite having landed early effective blows, donald trum


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