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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 28, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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gain after this week she is in certifies trouble. >> market with deutsche bank concerns wells fargo stay away from banks stick with xijzr exchanges if looking into financial stocks. >> tomorrow my final thought tuna in tomorrow you never know what we will say. >> see you tomorrow have a great day "varney & company" begins. stuart: i will take it thank you very much indeed now the clinton camp thinks election is all out befr media cheering her on think she won, good morning it was a buoyant jubilant hillary clinton hours after the debate was celebrating, eagerly answered reports shot of ball questions on plane had emergency feeding on wild held view she won the debate. this morning, the media picked up on that theme and they are piling on trump giving hillary clinton a free pass. no tough questions, pandering to their candidate nothing new in that look at this "new york times" says he is sectionist because he interrupted her
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during the debate. former headed of dnc howard dean suggestion using cocaine because he sniffled a huge crowd in florida last night picking up the pace, raised 18 million dollars in the hours after the debate, and today he will make three speeches in three different states, he is showing he has sam north america to bring out the crowds. in one hour goes to the capital of violent crime chicago we will take you there, that is at play trump fighting two opponents hillary and media we cover it veterinarian veterinari"varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: all right. we are going to slightly higher on market this morning, one fed president says economy can handle rate increase here
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we go again, one fed guy speaks we are all supposed to jump, tired of it you got to deal with it, oil, still sitting around 44, 45 dollars a barrel. i am getting bored i ask experts what happens if we drop below 40 bucks do stocks go down or supply numbers, we are on it something to care about nike, biggest sportsaway company in the world profit and sales good future sales look weak that is bad stock will be up, down slightly this morning down got it, here is i got it right. >> you got it. stuart: here is something real importance i mean this, deutsche bank instead of calling european lehman, the ceo says government help out of the question there are reports of a contrary, ashley is here seems to me the bottom line is this go to get bailout or don't they. ashley: initially government
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says no a plan in place make 25% up a depends on finish they have to pay the department of justice, in this country, i am sure, this was mentioned yesterday a lot of talk going on between berlin in washington back can havels saying talk about this, paribas didn't work so question is is deutsche bank vulnerable yes, does the government have to step in, probably, although they are in a difficult position. stuart: if they don't step in, you got a european banking crisis. ashley: certainly do beyonbeyon beyonbeyon beyonbeyon beyond german any. >> they've says for the first timeing 41 million dollars stock politicians forcing private enterprise to give up income money am i right. >> this banks skwirj would enforceel, unprecedented protection bureau cast more
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bonuses as it comes through there what itself happening right now is the banks have to adhere to dodd-frank remember that bank law, that says you have to -- at pay if accounting now represent contiguousal harm or failure to monitor risk that banker can lose pay this is what is at stake in this hearing that is coming up tomorrow in the house. stuart: that is right steshl not politicians forcing this although putting it out in public. >> it is -- laurels could rewrite dodd-frank rule. >> two days, after the debate, and media says hillary clinton won, roll the tape sn.. >> upset about his mic upset about some of the questions, will he do next two debates? and hillary clinton today clearly relieved. >> have today in north carolina a victory lap for hillary clinton. >> like a player going back to watch game films clinton was either to relive the debate, top democrats did day victory lap even as trump warned he
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will be tougher in round two interest gave hillary clinton's campaign a gift acting like a mass sociologicalnistic bully. >> you this see the print this morning katrina pierson with me in new york city welcome. >> great to be here. >> almost -- it really is not just the media. republicans also say trump lost hillary won you say? >> i say absolutely not, but if you are an establishment politician or media, you are looking for the candidate that presented themselves as protecting establishment, sounding completely controlled and scripted that is who won to them i tell you why donald trump won this debate most people that tuned into that debate tens of millions don't watch cable news on daily basis, all they had access to were ads what those people were looking for us do these candidates match up to those ads i will tell you, donald trump when he was asked questions not only did he give
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answers he defended himself hillary clinton did not. >> it was -- i think 84 million i think. >> 84 million. >>. stuart: do you think he will donald trump you are on sthooi of the campaign you know will he change his channeling for the next debate he said this was format almost like a town hall a lot of people said he came to the first debate not prepared in the normal way. and his strategy didn't work. will we see different donald trump in the second debate? >> i think the format being different is going to make it a different strategy, and a different interaction, going to be individuals asking in town hall format donald trump is at best when working with people. he likes answering the questions you know that is part of his criticism that he always answers questions that is not what typically politicians does most voters respect that particularly questions that are tough, most politicians like hillary clinton when asked about her he mails talking tpp did not
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answer outright or flat out lied that is what weem don't like. >> a different trump we will see. >> you are going to see same trump it is always the same trump. when he is in a different setting -- different style. stuart: will strategy change he did not really attack her until the latter part of the evening on monday night. >> absolutely different. >> he already said he is going to go on offense, trust me there is a plethora of opportunities we can go on from clinton foundation, to -- >> more -- >> absolutely. stuart: sunday october 9 to know hall format st. louis. >> first debate was about donald trump answering those questions that a lot of people have had, because of the negative ads to tune of hundreds of millions of dollars he defended himself responded to questions answered those questions hillary didn't, now he he is going on offense. >> we will see, sunday october 9 st. louis i am sur you will be there for that. >> i will be there. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. stuart: look at this live look at capitol hill where gi
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director james comey is getting ready to testify on terror, remember boston san bernardino, minnesota new york new jersey all of those incidents warning signs missed. >> and separately there is this. the the usual iraq immigrant accused of gunning down five people at washington state mall reportedly had a blog with photo posts of an isis leader on it. joining us now gorka authorize of deefg jihad they are dancing around this isis picture on blog are you prepared to call this islamic terror? >> i would be cautious i would say indications are there. so we need to know who exactly was killed the relationship to the individual, but yes, the indications are here we've seen this before with the boston bombers we have younger brother on facebook on twitter, putting up pro isis
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pro jihad images we have a case signals were there, and individual slipped through the nets. >> i find it interesting this was revealed after the debate. it is an isis connection, may be slim but isis connection we did not hear about that going into debate we heard about it afterwards, do you find that significant? >> i have to say stu i am very disturbed with how national security issues have been politicized lately if you look at e-mail data the dumping on consecutive fridays always frs we see dominates damaging to one of the candidates dropped one stance before long three-day weekend i think we are seeing in the last, politics creeping into national security. and it is not good for any of us. stuart: here is my question.
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if a red flag is raised, about somebody either coming into the country, you or somebody who is already here with isis connection what do you do about that, that person may or may not may not actually have broken any law, once you start to follow him, when do you stop? i do see authorities -- >> there is but think about it in terms of common crime, if bank robbers out there plotting to do a raid you don't wait until they are in the branch of the bank holding guns at the customers in the branch, you know, if you've got derogatoriry information on individual you have to surveil them initiative yp.d. has put in place human programs that help us to identify these people before they go violent unfortunately these are kinds of programs this administration -- >> politics. >> politics isn't it. >> right. >> right.
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stuart: you don't want to politicize national security but in this case it is politicized. >> i have been told by senior agents that when they are surveilling an individual suspect if he going to bes in direction of mosque they have to swist switch off mic video because they may get in trouble soars superiors say you can't do that you don't look for geohad it's inside an he is kapailian barbecue tent. >> i should not laugh thanks for joining us appreciate it. >> elon must have been funder of tesla spacex laying out planned for manned mission to mars could begin as soon as 2022 says human race needs to become a space bearing civilization to avoid going extinct, i should say sad news to report.
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former prime and president of israel shiel asimon peres died a massive stroke president obama and bill clinton will will attend funeral pope francis will not shimon peres was 93.
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. stuart: everybody knows mattress maker tempur sealy. that stock will be down really big, they are warning about that quarterly sale mattress business looking grim down goes that stock, amazon wants to compete with ups and fedex you can see that one coming a mile, amazon is going to open right there, very close to the all-time high 816 dollars a share. this one hillary clinton monday first presidential debate accused of donald trump engaging in racist behavior throughout his life watch
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this. >> donald started his career back in 1973 being sued by the justice department for racially discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to african-americans and he made sure that the people who worked for him understood that was the policy. he actually was sued twice by the justice department. so he has a long record of gaging in racist behavior. >> jesse lee pederson with us president of the organization called -- jesse welcome to the program good to have you with us sir. >> good morning, thanks for having me i appreciate it. stuart: do you think that donald trump is a racist? >> without a doubt, donald trump is not a racist. and it is interesting that hillary clinton after 30 years of knowing donald trump he has never been accused of being
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racist, and why is it now that he is running against hillary clinton that he is called racist? -- >> to rent apartment to black folks way back when early 1970s, that is evidence of a record of racism isn't it? >> no, it is not. you know, i have refused to rent apartments to certain black folks, in the country i am not racist there is no such thing as racism racist a word made up by race hustlers like hillary clinton and ordered in order to keep blavmz angck african-americans angry on plantation of the democratic party hillary clinton and democrats are desperate they know a lot of black folks do not like hillary don't trust her using that to manipulate
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black americans in order to vote for hillary. >> i want your take on this one united nations panel has ruled that the united states should pay represent praisinara slavery brought up police shootings in the united nations, what is your response to that? >> you know, personally i believe that we need to get rid of united nations, they are not the friend of this country. reparations is not needed in the black community or with black folk what is needed to rebuild family black people need fathers and mothers to get married and raise their children in the right way. black americans are suffering not because of reparation, lack of reparations or racism those who are suffering are due to lack of -- >> this country has done more than anybody for black people. >> jesse today, donald trump
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goes to chicago. do you expect him to say something like what you just said? to the people of chicago? >> well -- i hope he would speak about the family, i hope that he would talk about closing the borders down a big beautiful wall around borders illegal aliens coming into this country had a negative impact on the black community like no one else, are really appreciate the fact that he is going into the community and talking to the people and not their so-called leadership, we have been trying to get tropical storm do that for a long time. >> thank you very much indeed for joining is this morning you will be back that is a promise, thank you very much i appreciate it. >> have i appreciate that thank you. stuart: yes sir, microsoft yes, i do own some of that stock got it they are pledging millions of dollars, to train refugees to use technologies supporting white house united nations call to do more to support refugees microsoft
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will open around 58, media hillary clinton accusing trump of sexist behavior first debate they say interrupted hillary and you are a chav initiative, more after this. .
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stuart: nike -- athletic wear
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company in the world future orders look weak the stock will be down a little bit, it is a dow stock could affect dow industrials. >> media continues to ask softball questions of hillary, roll that tape. >> -- >> may be -- and, the way he answer it had question about gender do you think women would be -- >> i think his demeanor his temperament you behavior onstage could be seen by everybody people can draw their own conclusions. >> well you see what we mean by softball questions, now look at this, "new york times" opinion, hillary clinton will not be man-terrutped, am i a
9:25 am
chauvinist if i interrupt a woman. >> bernie sanders was accused of being sexist, this is 20 years plus of debates, i mean should you know you are going to be interrupted in a debate right. >> what is sexism? tell me what is it? >> have you can't. >> talking down it is i'm sorry miss piggy thing comparing women to farm animals doesn't score well with suburban voters according to "the wall street journal" nbc poll not working for mr. trump to do that. >> i got that if i intaurp woman in a debate i don't think that makes me sexist. >> it doesn't make you sexist. >> miss piggy another story let's get to it. >> donald trump called the beauty pageant winner is mr. universe in 196 -- >> housekeeping because of -- >> is now what are we hearing about that woman. >> found out that she was back
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in 1998 accused of driving her boyfriend to a shooting, in when someone was killed boyfriend she was seen driving away with boyfriend person that was shot died. she wasn't convicted or indicted because of lack of evidence but then was accused of threatening the judge in the case, saying i know the president, i will have your job and i will kill you. >> wow okay that could be a problem. >> it could. >> we will be book opening bell moments away stay right there.
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od. helping the world keep promises. stuart: right almost right there opening bell couple of secondses to go. here we go bang it is 9:30 it is wednesday morning how are we opening this midweek trading session? we're up 11 point hire not a huge gain. the momentum is slightly higher. left side of the screen most in the green they're going up. let's check the s&p 500 in percentage terms, where is that going as we speak? i've got that one for you let me check the price of oil for you over hovering around 45 a barrel that's where we are right now 45 a barrel i'm bored sick with this. and ask you this a moment. deutsche bank big, big story here. they need i believe they need a bailout.
9:31 am
will they get someone? the market seems to be telling us yes they will. it is up 3%. wells fargo chief at john stumpf is forfeiting 41 million worth of stock because of that phony account scandal. more on that in a moment. the stock is up. nike will drag on the dow it is a dow stock a weak read on future orders is down 74 cents. amazon, another all time high, hey, look at that 1880 a share. it is the everything delivery service and compete with fedex more on that coming up had too. ashley webster is here. elizabeth macdonald is here and all together this wednesday morning. i'm gong around the block deutsche bank seem to be the stock of the morning. are they going to get a bailout? >> unequivocally absolutely yes if they need one there's absolutely no question.
9:32 am
they've got $60 trillion in derivative and 60 trillion so those would fail an make if it is not bailed out if it needs a bailout it would make the movement 2008 look like a day at the beach. >> will they get a bailout? >> i agree if they say they don't need one but if it turns out they do, they will get one. what is not clear is what do they do after that because they solve their company doesn't mean company becomes more profitable it is not clear what this bank looks like. >> so they don't go under. dan -- are they going get a bailout? >> absolutely are. the problem with deutsche bank having any type of difficulty going under would be monumental as they mentioned makes it look like nothing and it reverb rate across the world to get a bailout. >> if they get a bailout which italian banks gets it. endsless chain.
9:33 am
>> thanks to bait them out. big is global and it will continue that way until big banks are broken up. stuart: are we back to 2007, 2008? >> we are. stuart: on the cliff. >> again, and one of those of the nightmare of twaict -- 2008. stuart: supposing they don't get a bailout they don't get one and go under $60 trillion wort of what derivative and counterpairms don't get paid. that's a crash. >> big banks arpdz the world so what would happen is all of the big banks are close to insolvency systemic over the cliff. >> german banks are the stop to angela merkel could be stick as well. >> biggest bank if i don't mistake myself. another bank wells far egothey are going to claw back.
9:34 am
we have a dollar number taking $41 million off chief john stumpf because that have phony account scandal. a dangerous precedent but do we have new on this? >> i went through john stumpf's testimony to give again tomorrow. he'll be in for another grilling possibly along sign of elizabeth warren last week. nothing new in its testimony and clawback or what had to do in terms of mr. strump resigning nothing about that. so he's saying same testimony he gave last week. nothing new. >> nothing tomorrow. during our show. >> possibly frustrate legislators could be fiery tomorrow and house is routed did i and could be rowdier than senate. stuart: we'll cover it. thank you, liz. look at amazon you have to look at amazon. would you look at this they want to compete with fedex with a delivery network. 819 on amazon that's an all time high. ash -- ashley: saying we want to be able to expand our delivery
9:35 am
capacity at such a -- line isn't it? but secret isly they're trying to build a huge network. now question is can they do it? by the way they spend $11.5 billion on shipping alone last year that makes sense to put in their own infrastructure. but it is going to take a lot of -- a lot of money to compete request ups and fedex nothing for them. >> but since 1999 not suggesting it is bubble. but going up. >> amazon has all kinds of potential. this notion that it is beginning to run a fed tex on the side that is not something that you do. but all kinds of retailers that pick and choose with supply chain what can we do? that's what amazon is doing here and not ed exis ouching of course a vast amount of run to run. stuart:ings to double. doubled and triple, in fact, extraordinary. see what we've got here dow is up 49 point. early this thursday morning.
9:36 am
we've got the look at this mattress maker go to that one. this is a name everybody knows most people sleep on temper -- down 22%. they have a quarterly sales warning . go do that. even in mattress business don't do that. down you go 22% on temperisli work. color minded and new virtual reality ride they're trying to move away from killer whales stock is up five cents. ford motor company recalls 74,000 hatch backs. you've got that? for a leach release problem. hatch can be unlatched too easily while they're moving not funny. stock is below $12. not funny. nike share dragging on dow it is a dow stock a weaker sales down the road. how bad is it nicole? >> how about low test in five quarters for future sales and, in fact, with future numbers
9:37 am
that they see this slow growth happen happening. they say no longer going to put it into earning statement you have to listen to conference call like the analyst do in order to get a glimpse into the future from now on. stock right now is down about 2%. and they face intense competition, in fact, north america supposed to be so hot with footware and apparel facing intense competition from underarmor and basketball sneakers and like and also adidas. it has made a huge comeback. how about this stan smith wearing in the 80s and wearing this second with the superstar stripes on the side. i love them. i love them then and love them now. glad they brought them back. [laughter] stuart: good to see you. look at microsoflt yes i do own some of that stock. there you have it a multimillion dollar commitment to help refugees. now, is it anything to this and thanks to stock? >> no -- >> put all of these companies
9:38 am
together it's not enough money to move the needle for them but it does show you how big and powerful some of the companies almost acting it like governments here with you know talking in terms of these collaborative aid programs. >> are you still looking for microsoft to go to 60? >> i am. i hope it come back so i can get it back and due to 60 very soon. if market holds up 60 for next couple of weeks. >> it is time to cover oil. stuart: been saying it is boring around 45, 44 a barrel. goldman sachs cut its fourth quarter crude oil target price expected price it -- by $7 because they said there's a huge supply glut. so now it it is $45 a barrel. but i have to ask you let's suppose that oil drops to $39 a barrel. suppose it did. what do you think would be the effect on the stock market? >> well, i mean, the relationship had been comedown with the stock market or stock market has come down with decrease in price of oil but i don't think that's a fair relationship.
9:39 am
i don't. you have to look at the supply and demand equation and reality is ply is through the roof with oil right now, and it doesn't look like anything is going to change. they talk about production curtailing with some possible deals. there's not any deal and everybody knows that. so we have to look at what actual is and demand is and that is decent. >> quickly jack $39 a barrel oil equals what on the stock market >> i don't think it is any problem for stock market. worse of the punishment for earnings has already whatted let's remember that this began as a effort to cripple u.s. oil producers and our energy economy here. we're winning and they're losing. news right now is now they can't come to a deal with iranian to cut production our oil economy is okay, producers are doing okay. and we have rampant growth in solar and winds and supposed to go wrong for them is snot going wrong. [laughter] >> san francisco president john williams says that u.s. economy can handle a rate hike.
9:40 am
can it? of course the economy can handle rate hike. the markets may not be able to handle a rate hike but economy no impact on economy because fed was not here. they should be where they are anyway. so it is not going to make any difference. >> average feds fund rate, 5.5%. no one is talking about going to 5%. talk about going to half of that few maybe we can do 1% if you think that economy is too back for 1% guess what low rates haven't worked. >> that's true. might be in recession. i know. people get criticized. get on this program and saying this president said yes. this guy says that. does half dozen a week making statements all contradictly nobody knows what's goingen and we're supposed to stump -- losing thed they're not political. don't you ever say that. watch your mouth. >> be facetious and say gob to dan, thank you one and all. all goods stuff. check that big board where are we?
9:41 am
ten minute into the session up 30 points. kind of bland 18258 how about this? new orleans scramming its sanctuary city policy. local cops can now help federal authorities enforce immigration laws. judge napolitano on that coming up. elon musk planning a manned mission to mars says this is only way to save human race from extinction. a bright future for you. [laughter] >> extinction, i promise we'll be back. we're winning.
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stuart: all right. a placid stock market.
9:45 am
city of new orleans scrapping large parts to sanctuary city policy. now with this will allow local authorities to fen force federal integration lawings what does andrew knapp napolitano think about that and new orleans has become a magnet for illegals. that's why they get rid of sanctuary cities. what do you think? >> well, it's a local decision, the federal government apparatus for enforcing federal u law cannot do it alone. impossible for feds to enforce federal law so they encourage corporation of the locals but they have to enforce federal law or no we won't. >> nothing to encourage local authorities as we enforce immigration laws anything but. >> that's part of the public policy of this justice department. sending a bunch elected in november you may see a different public policy, however, the decision to help by locals to help enforce federal law or not
9:46 am
is a local decision. new orleans is decided to help. >> you approve of this. >> i don't care as long as it stays a local decision. locals have the right to do it. in the obama years it is going the other way more and more cities are becoming sanctuary cities this may be first to go the other wie way during president obama's term in office. stuart: we've got fbi director james comey testifying on capitol hill right now talked about missed red flags related to recent terror incidents. but you know hospitalling ago he was asked about donald trump and russia. what's that got to do with -- >> so here's the background, this is the house judiciary committee run bit republicans who are upset about the mountain of evidence of mrs. clinton's guilt an the decision of the fbi not to prosecute. the democrats say this is political because the tbe is already made their decision. so after a republican asked the question about why didn't you
9:47 am
prosecute her? democrats ask questions about her adversary. donald trump. now, this is the first time i heard this question, combny is fbi investigating kecks connections between donald trump and vladimir putin we don't deny any investigation which had is the appropriate answer. >> but john has made his point and asked the question. >> absolutely made his point put a finger in eye of the republican majority because that's the last thing that con seen this meeting to hear. >> i'm going to shock you judge because this -- >> not the first time. i'm in favor and supporting president obama. >> what? stuart: going through congress gone through bill, gone through congress allowing relatives of those people killed on 9/11 to sue the saudi government. president obama says while he has vetoed it. now, the congress wants to override that veto. i say let that legislation be
9:48 am
lee toed and get rid it because i don't to see it an you say. >> i think you have a legitimate fear of americans being sued in foreign court to retout american government. in retaliation. i say that 9/11 was a unique event. i say that basic principle of american law is where there's a wrong, there's a remedy. federal government has here heretofore denied remedy and we have a rare relationship to saudi arabia even though involvement is strong and profound. you're going to love this. i say is let some plaintiff find out in a courtroom what had the government is repized to let the fbi find out what makes sure an intent of saudi involvement in 9/11. >> nobody has more sympathy for victims of 9/11 than i do. nobody, period. i was in new york at the time. i know with what it's all about. >> within the through. but i don't want to open up box about lawyers sifting u through
9:49 am
every american. that's what will happen. >> you have a legitimate fear. this is a policy decision. do we want 9/11 victims to have this notwithstanding outcome or so unpleasant that we want to bar their right to seek a remedy for the wrong? bottom be line is this is probably first time in his presidency president obama will have a -- veto overwritten. >> so yet again we agree. >> no. >> yet again -- we don't agree but we disagree. >> disagree agreeably. [laughter] >> agreeably. henry the fourth, part one we think on the hair. >> protested too much. >> have you finished? tomorrow will do biblical quotes. [laughter] please. >> which version of the bible -- >> here question go again. stuart: check the market dow
9:50 am
entertaining at the very least. i say just a slim majority of the stocks are in the green column that meant dow is up 40. now this too. man who shot up a mall in washington state, five dead. had pictures of an isis leader and iran's supreme leader on her blog. warning science, missed? we'll deal with that in a moment. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> every day we talk about amazon. it's closed at a record high 4 of the last sessions. right now it at another high 8:. to few minutes ago at 824 and amazon is moving. how about this one. elon musk unveiling plan to send humans to mars because he thinks hule rays human race is going extinct a long way away. but he says look, ultimately he wants humanning to be interplanetary species and self-contained colony on mars in 50 to 150 years so big time
9:55 am
frame going to cost an absolute fortune calling for a private deal to get money for all of this. he says, though, not too many people will want to head to mars at fist but on a bright note plenty of jobs. >> ultimately i'll buy stock if he sells tesla cars nothing to do with mars. >> nothing to do with tesla, move along please. more details. now this fbi director james comey on capitol hill, he supposed to be asked about terror and u how he may have missed signals with some terror attacks in america. in fact, he's being asked about hillary clinton's e-mails. joining us now is republican from pennsylvania. congressman, he is supposed to be talking about missed signals and i have a question about that. we have had cases where people have committed terror attack it is in america even though they're already on parking lot radar screen. but what are we supposed to do if a suspect does not break laws
9:56 am
you can't arrest him. how do you stop him? >> you can continue a further investigation and kablght that individual and let them know. and to answer some questions. however, in some questions you have to admit it's a fine line between do you tip them off that one is being watched or do -- you sit back but make sure that had they're being oarved i don't think in this case they were observed as they should have been. stuart: we don't have enough people. 20 to 25 people to put surveillance on one person if it's 24/7 serious surveillance we don't have those people. >> but we're in a position where we cannot afford to do this. we're starting -- we waive dollars and cents around here in d.c. question step over dollars to pick pennies up. but i would rapt rather
9:57 am
sacrifice areas to cut and we can make sure law enforcement has people to follow these trusts because we don't want the alternatives. stuart: we just had a terror expert on the program said if an fbi agent is following a suspect, and he goes near a mosque, fbi guy has to turn off his cell phone just incase he records anybody getting close to a mosque. can't have this congressman, can't have it. >> no way this is ridiculous and this shows about how sympathetic this administration is. concerning muslim extremist, and let the fbi, let the lote and state law enforcement people do their job. they're very good at it. i've worked with them for 18 years they know what to do. take handcuffs off and let them do it. >> tom thank you so much for being on the show today that was clean opinion an we leak it. thank you sir, much obliged. happening now, or i should say momentses from now donald trump he's going to take the stage in chicago.
9:58 am
his possible topic stop and san francisco. frisk and take you to the scene of where the podium is. hour two, coming up next. ..
9:59 am
10:00 am
lab stuart: moment from now unless he is very late you will see donald trump addressed the crowd in chicago. the black on black crime, the city that has been run entirely by democrats for 50 years. recently trump has gone at the issue of law and order. he is in favor of stop and frisk which is not unconstitutional as lester holt mistakenly said, trump said he can bring jobs to the black community with strong economic growth and asked black voters what do you have to lose by supporting him? the new york times report, the biggest jump in violent crime
10:01 am
since the 1960s is meat and potatoes for donald trump. after chicago he goes to iowa and tonight wisconsin, three speeches in three days, three speeches in three days. the media insists hillary clinton won the debate and this morning the media insists and suggests it is winning in november, their candidate has it made, they are celebrating. stay right there. you are about to see trump live. the second hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. happening right now on capitol hill on the left-hand side of the screen janet yellen about to testify to congress, federal reserve president said the economy could handle a rate
10:02 am
increase. that is what he said. what will she say later? on the right of your seen the senate floor debating, trying to override the president's veto of the law that gave 9/11 families the right to sue saudi arabia for the 2001 terror attacks. when donald trump starts to speak in chicago we will take you there. a very active hour. check the big board, two minutes into the session on wednesday morning, the dow is up 45 points. the price of oil $45 a barrel. another high for amazon stock, reportedly want to complete directing fedex and ups, $5 higher, age 21 right now. nike is a dow stock dragging the dow down a little.
10:03 am
future orders for nike product week, down it goes. donald trump is called sextus, interrupting hillary during the debate. >> lamed for everything that ever happens. why not you it did collapse. >> that is called business. >> donald thinks climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese which i think it is real. >> i do not say that. >> my husband did a pretty good job in the 1990s, about what worked and made it work again. >> the single worst trade deal ever approved. stuart: okay. the new york times has an opinion piece titled hillary clinton will not be man interrupted. the former president of the los angeles chapter of the national organization for women, now, on your screens right now. >> don't say that too often. it was a while ago. stuart: if donald trump is
10:04 am
sexist, if he interrupts his female opponent in a debate. >> it is called a debate. hillary wanted a safe space, she made a lot of money with cattle futures, maybe she invested in diapers recently, not quite sure. this is competition for the most powerful job in the world. she has to be protected from donald trump? he has opinions, this is an exchange, it is white-collar debate. it is not called a conversation or town hall. this is an exchange and i think -- stuart: the new york times knows this. >> they are looking at the numbers of women who are going to vote, they want to reinforce this notion and this is all they had, she called him a racist on that stage which is beyond the pale, calling him sexist, they have to do this because there -- they don't have command of the details, they can't win on the
10:05 am
issue so they are trying to cast him as unfit for the office when the biggest accomplishment he has and i say that with a draw, he did accomplish something, he smashed their narrative that he is a hitler who can't go to the white house, they know he smashed it, he presented himself well and they have to call him every name in the book to make this work. the fact is he has an opinion and won't be walked all over. he has enough respect for hillary at all feminists should demand as women that we be treated as everyone else is treated. we can't say we can be president but you better treat me like an infant because i can't handle what you have to say. of the one she got a drawback from the name-calling, he called a beauty queen a beauty pageant winner, that is a very -- a terrible thing to say frankly. nasty names to rosie o'donnell and said she deserved it. i don't you should say things like that. >> we all would agree in normal course of a dinner conversation that would be considered rude
10:06 am
but donald trump is a triage surgeon in the er we need when we might not make it to the next day. if you are being rushed to the emergency room you won't take a poll about the opinion of the man that is going to save your life but i'm not electing a husband or boyfriend or brother or man i want to take my daughter to the pond, we are electing a man who will get us to the next step. that is the issue. they want to make it about matter in some fashion. that is irrelevant in the context of saving this nation. donald trump is a decent man, hillary has known him for decades, she didn't seem to have a problem associating with him then and all of us sometimes have a day when we might want to have said something different. this is the man who will get into the rehab we need to be in so our families, mothers, sisters, daughters and ourselves will have the next day so we can fight against that. that is donald trump, not
10:07 am
hillary clinton. as a feminist to push that card and worked on her campaign, her husband's campaign in 2008, 1992, so long ago, i reasoned her taking this approach and using women like footballs with this dynamic. stuart: good stuff, happen to agree, just crossing the wire, minneapolis president, says the us economy has room to run. liz: more confusing statements whether they will raise rates in december or when. stuart: another of these fed people speaking publicly, no impact on the market. all talk, no action, jump when these people make any mention, i am tired of it and we are up 29.
10:08 am
meanwhile, donald trump is critical of the federal reserve, he says there is a big fat ugly bubble because of the fed. >> only thing that looks good is the stock market, that is crashing down. we are in a big fat ugly bubble and we have a fed that is doing political things, the day obama goes off and leaves and plays golf, when they raise interest rates, we see bad things happen. the fed is more political and secretary clinton. >> former republican congressman ron paul joins us now. this is one of the few occasions you flat out agree with donald trump, am i right? >> at least there is a bubble
10:09 am
out there. it will cause a horrendous crash, i conclude he is very cautious and not raising interest rates and maintaining the policy of that. there is a huge bubble and it is difficult because this was created not this year. it was created a decade ago. we have been doing this for a long time. the conclusion of all this, mismanage and economy by manipulating interest rates and monetizing depth. we reached that point but not ready to admit that but trump understand it would be horrendous, it would crash. >> do you agree with another premise for donald trump that janet yellen has politicized the fed and bailing out president obama's failed economic policy by printing a ton of money and getting interest rates down to
10:10 am
0? you think janet yellen has really politicized the fed? >> absolutely. any federal reserve chairman, that is what they have been doing all the way back to nixon because it is contrary to evidence to him and johnson, they manipulate the fed and the fed capitulates to the president in power and low interest rates in the short run is like taking more beans than anybody feels better, delayed and delayed. stuart: i don't want to take on the great ron paul, back in the 1980s i remember the fed chair putting the discount rate up wonderful point in one day, set off a gigantic recession, nobody wanted it to do that, it flies in the face of the politicians but he got inflation out of our society. that was a success going against the politicians. >> we never changed monetary
10:11 am
policy. that was paul volcker, the chairman i speak most favorably on. 1982 it was all reversed and we went back to spending, deficit, monetizing the debt and running up the welfare state, it never changed, they did that to a degree all along, they always came along, they took the punch bowl away, they had it for so long, they were addicted to it, but it has always been the most major time when they did this, paul volcker in 1979-1980, interest rates squeezed it out, but we never changed anything. our concept the federal reserve managed our economy. stuart: are you going to vote for trump? >> i don't need ten second. no. stuart: libertarian gary johnson. >> if he were a libertarian, a true libertarian as opposed to the nonaggression principle and
10:12 am
didn't have wealth on the ticket i would consider it. stuart: miss stein? >> i like her policy, she has the best foreign-policy. she thinks we shouldn't he -- stuart: do you vote for her? >> i won't vote for her because if you care about economics -- stuart: that only leaves hillary clinton. >> it means you pick the best thing of all the people and try to put it together in a concise philosophy called libertarianism and promote liberty rather than intervention and authoritarianism. stuart: a pleasure to have you on the show. we appreciate it. donald trump labeled a sexist over comments about a venezuelan utes queen. next we talk with another beauty queen, a trump supported. we ask is trump sexist? later on former governor howard dean suggests trump sniffling during the debate could have been caused by cocaine use. doubled down on those comments
10:13 am
which can you believe that? there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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stuart: we are up 16 points, go nowhere market this morning. we have amazon going through the roof again. it is around 820, 821, the big stock point of the day. news on blackberry, everybody remembers up a little bit, $8 a share, what they are doing is outsourced, someone else will make their smart phones and manage in the management business various devices, they are up 46, blackberry like
10:17 am
little keyboards. the failed presidential candidate howard dean think there is something up with donald trump's sniffling during the debate. like this. >> our country is in deep trouble. we have to renegotiate our trade deals. let me give you the example of mexico, a defective agreement. why hasn't she made the agreements better? stuart: he did sniff a lot and it was annoying but here is what howard dean tweet theed. notice trump sniffling all the time? coke user? he stood by the comment in an interview with msnbc. watch this. >> he sniffed during the presentation, that is something users do. he had grandiosity, something that is a problem. he had delusions, not talking
10:18 am
about being crazy, but he was smart not to pay taxes and deny he said it in front of 100 million people, he thinks he's won't get caught. that is foolish. stuart: dear lord. >> this is coming from a man whose political career endeded because of a wild swing he couldn't explain. it shows the desperation at this point of democrats, let me tell you about mister trump's background, his brother freddie died at the age of 43 in 1981 because of alcohol abuse, he promised his brother and his brother insisted that he not take drugs or drink alcohol because it will destroy your life and since that day he has never touched either one. many people object to the nature of taking drugs but when it comes to mister trump, he doesn't drink and doesn't do those things. the american people should know
10:19 am
there is a reason for this. it shows you, when talking about accusations whether it is harry reid on the senate floor falsely accusing mitt romney about taxes, you have this bizarre accusation, the american people are seeing why the democratic party was so ably and focused, capable of destroying the american culture because of how they think and what they do. this is an example of that and it is a shame. stuart: another subject related to the debate, letting a beauty screen, former miss universe, the woman who hillary clinton referred to as a victim after donald trump called her miss piggy, look who is here, trump supporter and miss wisconsin 2005 melissa young, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. you worked with him, is he a
10:20 am
sexist? >> absolutely not. i never witnessed anything like that. that is not my experience with mister trump, he has been nothing but an absolute gentleman. stuart: would you say calling any woman miss piggy is out of bounds? >> yes. i think that remark, i am sure he regret saying that but i believe that is out of bounds. stuart: how did he help you? you won in 2005. how did he help you? >> how did it help me? in tremendous ways, and the sisterhood of pageantry is
10:21 am
wonderful, the people you get to meet -- stuart: how did donald trump help you personally? >> he helped me personally in my life, meeting him was a wonderful thing but learning from him, watching him build these empires, a wonderful man in my life, i think he is ill a few years after standing on the stage at miss usa, he reached out to me, sent well wishes to the hospital, i had been fighting for my life. my home care continues, well wishes and supporting me in that way. he called me personally on the phone to check on me and see how i am doing, checked on my son and said if i ever need anything he would be there for me and spoken about it, this is
10:22 am
something he did in private and has always been a gentleman. always been a wonderful man. with other women around me as well that i witnessed, being in his pageants, he always treated women with dignity and respect. stuart: we wish you well. we hope you are doing well. keep in touch, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me. stuart: next case, the united nations, they said the us should pay reparations for slavery. we will tell you why. more varney in a moment.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
stuart: the mattressmaker temper
10:26 am
seeley,' to get as well, big mattress company, shares down 22%, they issued a quarterly sales morning, down it goes big time. it is official, top brass at wells fargo forfeiting millions of dollars, this is fallout from the phony account scandal, $41 million -- >> $19 million, after overseeing that unit where they were created. stuart: essentially this is treasure from the politicians, the board of wells fargo, giving back some of that money, made it during the scandal. be change changing rules for all bankers. stuart: political pressure, see how that works out. check the big board, now we are up 10 points, more varney after this.
10:27 am
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tree into in just a few seconds will find out how much oil we have in storage literally five seconds away. this could make a difference to the price. currently $45.50 a barrel. we got the number i believe. >> anybody coming in? this is a fourth straight weekly drop in oil inventories. the combat action and crude. oil at 2%. stuart: we've got less than storage which means demand is pretty strong. after 4571 of a dollar barrel as we speak. scott shalit -- scott shellady at the cma. i want to ask this. just oppose oil breaks down the dirty $9 a barrel. just suppose it does again.
10:31 am
what happens to the stock market? any idea? >> it goes down. i don't think that's a hard one to answer appeared in 2008, 2009 the oil industry was responsible for hiring all those people. if we see them going out of business again, folks leave the market and that's very bad for the economy. i hate to say this, we are between 35 and 55 but there's more of a chance of that happening because there isn't any more good news out there. we are not exciting the market. if the market becomes immune to good news or in a quantitative easing arthritis that, that's the problem. you see the same thing happening in oil in vice versa. stuart: there is a relationship between the two. scott shellady, thank you for joining us. our next guest was the first member to support publicly donald trump. republican from new york,
10:32 am
congressman chris collins with us now. welcome back. good to see you again, sir. now the media believes trump lost the debate and hillary clinton assert my very buoyant yesterday and today. are you a little bit worried about your endorsement of trump and his winning in november? >> not at all, stuart appeared i can tell you his comments on trade alone is why he won that debate when he had her defending the indefensible which was nafta which is devastated jobs in ohio key state pennsylvania, key state new york and michigan. on the trade issue of trade issue alone, that is where donald trump did himself a lot of favors. frankly right now if you look at the electoral map and you throw ohio, north carolina and florida into the category which is doing just fine, he is one state away from being our next president.
10:33 am
pennsylvania could be that state. nevada, iowa and new hampshire can be those days. he's competitive in wisconsin and michigan, please know congressman has been successful. he's pretty much right there today. he's got the momentum behind them. hillary is dropping like a rock good wishes got her happy face on now i have no idea. stuart: what about new york state? you're a congressman from upstate new york. it looks like a lot of a lot of upstate new yorkers for donald trump. the city itself, long island, the wealthy suburbs outside of new york, that is clinton country. how does that balance out? t. think trump would we new york state? >> quite frankly i don't think he's going to win new york state. he will carry my area with 60% of the vote. half the population lives in the five boroughs. that's where the fire and police
10:34 am
live but i will tell you it would be very, very difficult on the other four boroughs with eight to 10 million people who seem to be locked in the new goes straight democrat. i'm not going to put new york state and play up pennsylvania is in play and what hillary said on trade lots of add-in for donald trump which takes them to the tory. stuart: upstate new york is an truly dire straits. i have some property in the lower tier and i'm told every single new york state county lost at least 10% of its 20 euros and 30 euros. 10% of them left the state in a decade of 202,010. that is a mass exodus of young family creating people. that is devastating for upstate new york. >> there's a reason they call our airport the runway of two years because we are sending our children off to texas, to north carolina and other states for this job opportunity.
10:35 am
our children and grandchildren now have to get on an airplane to go visit them. so yes, we've been devastated. we lost congressional representation of the result. we lost two more states in the last census. we keep dropping and it's a sad day for all of us who want her children growing up in western new york. the business climate in your changes we are the highest they've business friendly state in the nation and when the jobs are gone, our kids are gone. stuart: chris collins, thanks for joining us. >> always good to be with you, stuart. train to get the of the united nations demanding america pay african-americans reparations for slavery. a warning that the country -- our country has not yet confronted his legacy of racial terrorism. pastor from first -- the united nations wants money paid because
10:36 am
of police shootings. you're from dallas. five cops were assassinated in dallas. when you think of the united nations? restrain yourself. >> well, while the united nations is at it, stuart, i would like some reparations from the british people are what king george did to my forefathers. let's go ahead and start paying out to everybody. let's be serious. there is racial injustice in our country. my denomination has issued a policy for its role in segregation. how do you calculate the financial penalty for injustices that my great-grandfather committed against somebody else's great-grandfather. this term reparations is just a nice sounding word for shakedown. >> in a heartbeat. we actually have liberals and
10:37 am
our country who think we need to be more subservient to the united nations. one reason trump is resonated with so many people as he is saying i'm running to be president of america, now president of the world. stuart: there's all kinds of changes here. this is a critical moment for all kinds of alliances and relationships in ways of doing business. there's a feeling in the country that enough is enough. what we are doing is not working. not producing the right results. time for change. that's a very big picture statement. >> it is. i think it is time for change also in our attitude towards law enforcement. you mention those five officers in dallas that have been one block from where we are. to try to save these holy shootings in charlotte were the result of racism is absolutely ludicrous. the cold hard truth is this. it goes to the dems would be
10:38 am
alive today if they had simply obeyed with the police told them to do. this is in the case of racism. it's a case of lawlessness. again, the american people are sick and tired of political correctness. they want a candidate who will stand up and tell the truth. stuart: what is the feeling in texas? there is some suggestion that texas could go democratic this year's election. you're shaking your head. not going to happen? >> it's not going to happen. the newspaper here that the inverse republicans typically endorsed hillary clinton and they are losing subscribers by the drove for doing that. texas is going to be solidly in the trump can. trade to robert jeffers, always a pleasure. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. see you soon. how about this one, you've probably heard this before. space that elon musk is releasing details of how his company plans to take even been on mars.
10:39 am
how is this going to work? >> they need to build a much bigger engine rocket -- rocket engine called the rapture. 42 of these engines will be used on one rocket. the first humans on his plan would be leaving in 2024 would arrive in 2025. right now the cost is prohibitive per person. this rocket will take up to 100 people plus baggage. i don't know if there's any open at storage. he tried to bring the ticket down to 200,000 per person. the other problem here is a one-way ticket because i don't know how easy it is to get back for a day or two errors. he admits there's not many people to sign up for this, but the good news is there's plenty of jobs available. he uses this as a way of getting
10:40 am
publicity for tesla. ashley: it is literally pie in the sky. he's doing the test on the reusable rocket that's been reasonably successful even though in that episode last time. however, he's one of these characters that people love. stuart: i'm unwilling to dismiss the man. ashley: not very good on deadlines, are you? stuart: he's good at making headlines. look at the coverage we've given to what looks like an impossible dream. liz: if he comes up with a knockout battery that's a game changer, that's a headline. stuart: how about the big word. we turned south. now we are down eight points on the dow industrials 18,220.
10:41 am
david clark, frequent and favorite guest on this program has actually made and is himself this week. so doing an unruly passenger on a plane is here next to tell us what and how he did it.
10:42 am
ashley: remember, "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here's what you missed. sebastian gorka on terror and missed red flags.
10:43 am
trade to be built on a politicized national security, but in this case it is politicized. >> i have been told a senior agents when they are surveilling an individual who is suspect here in america, if he goes in the direction of a mom, they have to make a decision. they have to switch up the video because they may get in trouble themselves because their superiors say you can't do that. you don't look for jihadists inside episcopalian bar-b-q tents. you look for them in mosques. we have to be honest about that. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's...
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stuart: no wonder recover amazon all the time. it keeps on hitting record highs. a 25 a moment ago now it is a 23. this comes out. our next guest often in the headlines for his comments. today at milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is in the news not for what he says, but for what he did. this man took action. judge david clark is with us. and a manhandled somebody on a plane. tell us all about it. >> this goes to the cabin over
10:46 am
like it was his private jet moving up and down and i are sitting in different these beauties and talk to kid, cursing and swearing. very intimidating for the passengers of flight crew on the plane. i did what was in the day to take action and i just had to pick my spots. i did one have to be grappling with this guy for an hour after i'd moved in so i waited for the perfect time and then i did but i did. stuart: you did what you did? you got to give us details. they just like them or get them on the ground? >> i used reasonable force. when i told him to sit down, he would become, he wouldn't come as i shoved his face down into the sea, pinned him against the seat and put one arm behind his back, told him to stay there and not a racist recess -- resist arrest. i told them to radio for police. when they boarded i asked the officer who came to me, give me your hand has.
10:47 am
she did and i handcuffed him and turned him over. i did more about jurisdiction of nonsense. i worried about protecting people. stuart: sheriff, you're missing part of the story. maybe deliberately. was he not making racially charged remarks to other passengers into you? >> welcoming you did to me specifically after he pinned him down. use profanities at one point, what the blank are you going to do about it. he did say to me you are one of those kind of stuff one. what are you give me a break on a black eye. we don't care about color. we care about the law. stuart: what is going to happen to them? >> he was charged with several misdemeanors in the charlotte north carolina area. he's been given a future court
10:48 am
date. he has to return october 28th to be arraigned. stuart: next time i fly out what you next to me. i want you right there. >> that's an interesting thing. one of the questions we have is wherever the air marshals. it would've been nice to have an air marshal that could act me a break could have have backed him or her up. like i said, very frightening for for passengers. stuart: belfast, donald trump about to speak in chicago. i'll call that murder capital u.s.a. i think he will talk about stopping frist. you're very much in favor of that, are you? >> it is constitutional. she was wrong, she knows that and it was not affect this. they increased by 80% and i'll stop questioning as did all categories of violent crime decreased 75%. it is a fact event keeps
10:49 am
law-abiding but people in the american ghetto and it's very appropriate he's doing this in chicago with other mayhem and carnage going on in that great city. stuart: can i take the other side of the coin because i think i can understand the resentment of luck folks if they are stopped, frist, questioned by police officers. there is due cause to do that to them. at the same time i would expect a level of resentment from black folks if this is happening in their community. you take the point? >> there's a lot of quiet support for activity in the black community but they can't come out and say it because i'll be excoriated by other black racialist. i understand it, but the courts have ruled on it. in 1968, the united states supreme court is the law of the land and this is a proper tool to control crime. let's figure crime under control and it starts to drop, guess
10:50 am
what happens? stop, question and frist goes away. got it. stuart: sheriff, glad to hear about the takedown. we will see you again very soon. thank you very much. quick check of the market. down 18 points. early this morning when fred presidents of the u.s. economy could handle a rate increase. didn't make any difference in the market at all. down 60. more from donald trump is going to speak at a moment in chicago as we said moments ago, one topic likely to come up is stopping frist. we will take you to chicago. you will see this in a moment. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot,
10:51 am
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ashley: we are monitoring a lot of raking is. fbi or james called me, you can see him testifying about missed warning signs leading to terror attacks in america. a lot of the questions are about a hillary e-mail scandal. we are listening and for fireworks. janet yellen testifying on bank regulations. no fireworks there yet. we are listening so you don't have to. in the senate they are debating an override to the president's veto of the 9/11 bill that allows the families to sue saudi arabia.
10:55 am
that bill coming later this afternoon. donald trump making the marks in chicago and a moment. we expect them to talk about stop and frist. chicago now known as the murder capital of america. three minutes away. trump spokesman katrina peterson declaring victory for hillary. >> if you are an establishment politician, you are looking for the candidate that presented themselves as protecting the establishment, sounding completely controlled and prescriptive. i'll tell you a donald trump on this today. most of the people that tuned in for that debate, tens of millions who don't watch cable news on a daily basis. all they've had access to for the ads. do these candidates match up and i will tell you donald trump, when he was asked a question, not only did he give the answers, but he defended himself. hillary clinton did not. stuart: i think it was
10:56 am
84 million. you're on the inside of the campaign. will he change his strategy for the next debate? it's a different or mac, almost like a town hall. people said that it came to the first debate not prepared in the normal way and his strategy didn't work. will we see a different donald trump in the second debate? >> the format being different will meet a different strategy and different interaction. these are individuals asking questions in a town hall format. donald trump at his chump at its best and is working with people. he likes answering questions. part of the criticism is he or his answers questions and that's not what the typical politician does. most voters respect that particularly when it's those questions that are tough. most politicians like hillary clinton when she was talking about ecb's, she didn't enter the question how writer she flat out lied and that is what people don't like. e's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
10:57 am
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stuart: 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 a.m. in california. donald trump will address a crowd in chicago momentarily. one of the topics that could come up is of course stop and frist. chicago is the poster city for black on black crime. also the city run entirely by democrats for 15 years. trump tells himself as the law and order candidate. he mentioned it over and over especially at the debate the other night, monday night. good enough as we wait for aj doug ando, senior trump adviser and peter navarro, chump economic adviser. donald trump has gone to lots of different communities in america. but not i believe specifically to the hispanic community. he may have but i don't think he has. your hispanic. what is his outreach to hispanics?
11:01 am
>> stuart, he was in the hispanic community yesterday during a town hall with local latino leaders here. stuart: that of the cuban community. i got that. what about the mexican community? >> the little havana community for mr. trump joined us as a melting pot of the nino -- latino ethnicities. a young guatemalan young man who's now an attorney and has a tremendous success story and is a very big trump supporter. he's from guatemala, venezuelan immigrant. so it wasn't only the cuban-american community. stuart: can you tell me, give me a check give evidence that he is in fact increasing his share of the hispanic vote? >> is at 34% and the most recent "l.a. times" poll a few days ago. the authority higher than mitt romney or john mccain ever would be. stuart: that is one poll from "the l.a. times," a daily
11:02 am
tracking poll. to use the same idea and father time. s. is one poll of 30%. any other suggestion that he's raising his share of the hispanic vote? >> if you have been up at town hall yesterday where there were several hundred latinos included latinas out type hoping to get in for a glimpse of mr. trump where the diners are erupted into cheers of david trump as reporters there tweeted themselves. you see the groundswell of support in the community. stuart: hold on for a second. a lot more for you. peter navarro is with us. they agreed to a very di we are waiting for donald trump. peter navarro is a senior economic adviser but is also an economist. i've got to ask him about what may be one of the biggest stories these days for a long time and that is deutsche bank. stay there, everybody. i'm not going german on you. just asking a question about a
11:03 am
german bank which is indeed come a deep traveler looks like it has to have a bailout. it'll be the layman of europe. what you say, peter? >> it's going to fail if angela merkel doesn't come in in and provide support to it. she's between a rock and a hard race. she's been on her high horse with italy, with grease steady and there will be no intervention. she punish those countries issue made them do all sorts of things that will make them look or that if she goes and this is deutsche bank. on the other hand, that bank is going down. it will be a ripple effect. what's happening now is there's no confidence in banks. you will be able to do the business that needs to do and people are so enough stock stuart: the stock is actually up this morning. i think it's up on the ground that they do it. >> if you look at the
11:04 am
chessboard, that's a roaming choice. said that is what is going to have been. she's unfortunately the last person to realize it. >> i wanted to bring it to our audience's attention. the >> there's no exaggeration here. deutsche bank is pivotal throughout europe in terms of landing. stuart: the biggest one. peter, another one for you. hillary clinton at the first presidential debate. she criticized trump for his trickle-down theories. watch this. >> we also need to have a tax system that rewards work and not just financial transactions. the kind of planned the donald has put forth would be trickle-down economics all over again. in fact, it would be the most extreme version, the biggest tax cut for the top% of the people in this country that we've ever
11:05 am
had. i caught a trump of trickle-down because that's exactly what it would be. that is not how we grow the economy. stuart: advisor to the trunk campaign. your response. >> that could foundation for they bring in williams of dollars for the pay to place a and trickle-down to the poor in africa. donald trump's plan to cut taxes is part of an overall plan that covered relation unleashed energy sector and balanced trade. the mission is to grow our economy. that is the mission. it's going to do that very well. we've been stuck in less than 2% growth real gdp for 15 years. zero growth in the average household income. what donald trump wants to do at the comprehensive plan that is like going back to the 1980s. this is a whole new globalized world.
11:06 am
we don't think macro on this issue. we don't think about how we can get a business going again and stayed here in michigan rather than mexico. we will keep doing what were doing. it's more of the same and probably worse. they increased regulation and keep those bad trade deals coming. stuart: all over the world, government has to raise taxes at all central banks have printed money. i think we are in a mass. the only way out is to stimulate private enterprise attacks got. that's my opinion and i think it's shared by donald trump. >> it's an informed opinion because where we are stuck now it's everybody in the beltway says about the budget you've got a raise taxes or cut spending. the third way, the smart ways to grow. if you double your growth rate in the economy, choice of dollars of revenue and i'm not just pointing that out. that's what wilbur ross and i found out.
11:07 am
stuart: you've got to get donald trump to speak more about growth and return to prosperity. >> rabbit holes and misdirection in being taken down with the new cycle. we are fighting through that. we are going to do that. we need some help from the press. here we are giving us somehow. tell msnbc and cnn should do the same thing please. it is crazy. the american people are hungry for a discussion about dobbs, growth, trade and national security and we are not getting mad. shame on us that works. stuart: can you imagine the difference in mood in america .4% or 5% growth? instead of the negative mood now, you would have opportunity, vitality, life. stuart: i am doing it for you.
11:08 am
now we are waiting for donald trump. he's in chicago. he was on the podium they are. any moment now you will see him. trump is being criticized by the media. allegedly being sexist or until liquid in the debates because he interrupted her. what you see now is a beauty queen who we also have a nasty comments about. aj doug otto back in again, please. i want to talk about the fact donald trump did interrupt hillary clinton on our six or seven occasions and "the new york times" says that takes in a sexist. what is your response to that? >> it's a debate, is it not? did hillary clinton not make statements that warranted a rebuttal? she should have and could have and are brought to man as she did on a few occasions. this is the debate. tranter brings up the question whether sexism and why is familiar times pushing this
11:09 am
obscure line that if a man interrupts a woman and a public debate, he is a sexist and he is at fault. what is going on here? >> "the new york times" endorsed hillary clinton. they are grasping at straws. they've been doing this all year to portray on the contrary while his platform is incredibly pro-women in his bed -- he's been promoting them into top positions in his organization. stuart: hold on a second. i see movement at the podium. can you put that up? this is mayor giuliani who is about -- he's going to warm up the crowd. can't see him, but areas. that is mayor rudy giuliani, the man his mayor of new york city on 9/11. a huge supporter of donald trump travels on the campaign trail frequently throughout the country. rudy giuliani is right there.
11:10 am
it is rudy giuliani who is very big on stopping frist. i don't know whether he introduced that is mayor of new york, that he is big on it and he's a big supporter of donald trump and donald trump is going for stopping frist. remember, this is chicago. this is where there have been literally thousands of shootings this calendar year and literally hundreds of deaths. it's usually black on black deaths and crime and murder that is taking place. the speeches right there in the middle of it. we expect donald trump to address stop them first and i believe rudy giuliani is warming up the crowd to that effect. we are going to break away and take you back there when donald trump starts to speak, you will see it. stay there and hang on with us for a second. back to the fbi director james comey on capitol hill talking about homegrown terror attacks recently.
11:11 am
a lot of the questions so far have been about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. we'll take you back to that when i start talking about terror. wells fargo chief john stumpf has to give back because of the phony accounts scandal. he testifies before the house on friday. judge andrew napolitano went to be here on this program very shortly. right now you look at wells fargo $45 per share. yes, he's making an entrance. here he is. judge blocks and unprepared. how about that. take a seat. we'll join you. we'll take a commercial break here in a moment.
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
>> you didn't tell your customers you are sorry. do they have a right to be insulted? >> they return the millions of
11:15 am
dollars you paid. >> 1% of the big part of your business is part of a fraud, but that doesn't rise to your level. >> have you resigned as ceo or chairman of wells fargo? >> you promise to pay the back every single dollar these people work early the next 30 years? >> i've been on this committee for 30 years now. he'd done something -- not in a good way. stuart: that was a rough sampling of the question directed and the fury against them and i commend of wells fargo. there's been a decision made by the wells fargo that he's going to repay $41 million worth of stock that he would emerge. judge napolitano is with us. let me say it.
11:16 am
the whole idea is the politicians pressure a private company and force them to the top executive to give back some of his pay. with the politicians that force them. it was the board to force them to give pakistan. you hit the intrusion of politicians good >> at the improper use of government power. there's two political hacks who operate a government that does $20 trillion but is still paying interest on debts incurred by woodrow wilson and they are telling >> always been at the of politics. >> obviously it has a role. i deny that them to see a bank. if the board decides -- stuart: thou shalt not bolded bank. -- bully a bank. >> that is the inverse of what it says. you only may do the following
11:17 am
and among the following 16 powers in article i, it is not thou shall bully a bag. here is the argument that i would make. i think he will probably agree. pretending to be big government. if the board decides he is not worth the 41 million he was even stock options, even though he's done a job because of this particular series of the bed, which happened over the years. that is a board decision. they should make it as decision, not one made out of fear that the government will come after them if they don't do with the political hacks and the government want. get real. the supreme court makes it very difficult for congress to target a particular taxpayer and regulator. stuart: so what.
11:18 am
>> the members of the board, i don't know who they are are afraid of their own shadows that they are doing it out of fear. if they are doing that, verdi paid him. >> i hate to cut hate to cut off the power described. donald trump going to the podium and we are going to carry this. he's talking to the people immediately in front of him. he's going to make its way to the podium and you will hear what he's got to say. this is chicago. let's listen in. >> so we have a very interesting race. we've had some amazing days. i love the debate. i love the process. something very beautiful about this process. the american way, but a lot of different ways. there is nothing like what we are going through. it is very exciting. and to have so many polish americans on my side, then friends of mine for many years. i've had so many friends.
11:19 am
they been so loyal to me from poland. have lived in poland, but mostly from. the polish people are great people. and if i get elected, we take care of all the people. but we do have a very, very special place because polish americans, what you've done for this country is really incredible. i don't think frankly people know the great sacrifices you've gone through and frank and the whole group had done an incredible job. even just come into this building and seeing how well organized everything as, how beautiful is, how you open it up to the community is just amazing. i want to congratulate you and i want to thank you. [applause] i just met many of your leaders and representatives than crass.
11:20 am
i had a would say a few words about poland and my thoughts on poland and what is respect to the polish americans and i will read it off a little bit to you. it is very important. to me it's very important. unbelievably important community. i am honored to be here with the polish american congress and i pledge to you a trump administration will be a true friend poland into all polish americans. and i have to tell you -- and i don't think you people will be insulted and if i say we are going to be friendly to everybody. you heard about the right? we are going to be a friend to everybody. if they don't like me, they will
11:21 am
end up liking me. i will be a threat even when they don't like me when we produce because we have politicians who don't produce. it's very simple. poland has been such an incredible friend to america and since the founding if you look, of our great, great relationships. strong ally for freedom. during the cold war britain kept the flame of freedom under communist oppression and it was a peak in an poland provided 28,000 troops total over the years to assist the united states in a -- afghanistan. 28,000 troops for afghanistan and iraq in the hardest spot regions. plenty of suffering. plenty of suffering. one of the things i wanted to do is mention in your very head of the chamber of commerce, anna.
11:22 am
stand up, cannot. very important. [applause] who is going to poland tomorrow but she said mr. trump, would it be possible for you to say something about small business in particular because people want to open small business. i said well, the most important thing we can do his taxes, but maybe even more important than taxes or regulations because the regulations in our country have become so horrible, so cumbersome, so bureaucratic that it's really becoming almost impossible to open a small business. whether we are dealing with polish americans are anti-american, it's a horror show. also whether we do a small business or big business, it's very hard. almost impossible in many cases. we are going to make sure people come into the country or people are already century, and they're
11:23 am
going to be a would open their business and also are cutting taxes massively. the thing that amazes as we are cutting business taxes tremendously first mall business because we want jobs that were going to have a job growth like we've never seen. i'm very good for jobs. in fact, i will be the greatest president for jobs that god ever created. i can tell you that. very strong on jobs and the economy. i built a great, great company and some of the most incredible asset in the real date assets anywhere in the world. and i understand putting people to work. if you would've told me this would've happened, i think the mayor of new york who has been so incredible as a supporter. we've had such great support. it was a great mayor. i think rudy would understand this very well. some people in the audience during this massive tax cut and
11:24 am
yet in my opinion, almost 100% of the time, people that want businesses are starting businesses are much more excited about regulations being cut because the regulations are making an absolute. the taxes are terrible because it is so high, so onerous that they really make it very difficult. i think they're more excited about the massive cutting of regulations. you need some regulation for safety, for environment. will be cutting trim and not of red tape and regulation. i would never thought they were more impressed with that but they consider that to be more important than the cutting of taxes because in one case you know the kind of money we're talking about any other case other case is a little more you don't know but they are very excited. we will take care of that situation and i think you and all the people you represent will be very happy, okay? [applause]
11:25 am
now as president, on her poland sacrifices for freedom. we are committed to a strong poland, very committed, totally committed. and they strong eastern europe as it will work for community and liberty. campaigning for his wife, bill clinton attacked poland saying democracy is too much trouble, which was an interesting statement. democracy is too much trouble. for poland apparently because he disagreed with poland's opposition to bring in refugees and yet his wife wants to bring refugees for area at a rate of 550% or then obama who's bringing in by the thousands and thousands and thousands. so bill clinton make that statement and all of the time i'm talking about we can't allow
11:26 am
people to come into this country from other parts of the world that we don't know who they are, where they come from, what their intentions are and you have a look at what happened, whether it is new york or san bernardino orlando. frankly you can go outside of the country very nicely also. paris and nice and all the different places. look at what is happening in germany. it's a disaster. bill clinton will make a horrible statement concerning poland. so poland is one of the only five nato nations, countries that actually paid 2% of gdp to provide for their defense which is great interest in because i've been talking about it. so many of them are delinquent. they are in default essentially. poland is up to date and what
11:27 am
happened as soon as i walked in, the whole group says rep today. they were very proud of it. that's the polish people. that's it. you crowd. so we want nato to be strong, which means we want more countries to follow the example of poland. if every country in nato made same contributions of poland, all of our allies would be more secure and people would feel better, even better will about nato. we will work with poland on strengthening nato. when i am president of the will strengthen nato and we are going to bring nato and get nato in ultimate terrorism. remember six or seven ago when i was asked by a reporter what i think about nato, i said it's absolute because it doesn't cover terror. who was a big screenshot saying it obsolete. about three days later the top
11:28 am
elite doesn't cover terror. the saving thread. a few months after that on the front page of "the wall street journal" and this is probably four or five months ago. they are starting a new terrorism division. which will be run by a very good person actually. they didn't give me a lot of credit for that, but they did put my name in the article and say that i brought it up and i do believe i didn't bring it up strongly and loudly. i think it's a great thing that they did. the contributions of the polish people to america have enriched every aspect of our lives and will be honored if i am in the white house. the polish people will be honored. they deserve it. [applause] so i'm asking for your vote. i never thought i'd say not been
11:29 am
watching these guys all their lives. we're going to make things good. who will make america great again. i am asking for your vote and i'm asking very importantly your friendship and partnership. we are going to work together and we're going to start now. we'll have a big tree in november, a tremendous victory and we're going to have a trump administration that is going to get things done, that is going to lower taxes. hillary clinton who i happen to believe is grossly incompetent by the way. i just feel she's grossly in competition. hillary clinton is going to increase taxes. she didn't pass the bar exam in washington d.c. a lot of people don't know that. i happen to believe she will be very, very bad for her country. i think it would be worse than
11:30 am
four more years of obama. it would actually be worse and it won't be great for the people you are representing, but most importantly of all be great for the people of our country because we have a chance to make america great again. we have a chance to make america greater than ever before. whether it is tax, whether it's trade, whether it's regulation regulation, so many things we are going to do but we are going to spur growth and we are going to spur growth in the right direction, not the wrong direction so i want to thank all the folks i met today and all your leadership. i will tell you i will never let you down. it will be an amazing thing that is going to happen in november 8th. when i was right in the middle of brexit because i was in europe and have a lot of property in europe, i own a lot of great property in europe they asked me the question, they said
11:31 am
mister trump, what do you think of brexit, will it pass? everybody virtually was saying it won't. obama said no way, he campaigned against it as you know, that is probably the reason it passed. when i heard that i told two of the newspapers, he is campaigning very much in favor of keeping it the old way, the way it was which was a disaster. if he is campaigning i'm going the opposite way of him. what happened? that was two days before, saying brexit is going to happen, it
11:32 am
was amazing what happened. when the union decided to get out they forgot what i said. they totally forgot. as you know, the person most in charge that really this was -- he formulated the whole idea and other great people. he made a speech a month ago that was incredible. now they are calling me mister brexit. in a way we are very similar to what happened over there. we want our independence back. we want our freedom back. we don't want to take people into our country we don't want, we don't want to take people into our country that possibly have very bad intentions, we have so many problems, almost $20 trillion, doubled under president obama, $20 trillion. in 7 years, when he gets out of office, it will more than have
11:33 am
doubled, what have we gotten? nothing. we have roads that are collapsing, highways and bridges and tunnels in a horrible state of repair, hospitals and schools that are disastrous. in our airports, third world, you go to dubai and qatar, china, different places, you see airports come of the most incredible things you have ever seen. you go into laguardia in new york, you go into kennedy, lax, newark airport, these are like third world airports, third world equipment. this is the united states, it is going to end. we put $6 trillion, 6 trillion, through gross incompetence, we spent $6 trillion. and $6 trillion, we could have rebuilt our country twice, we
11:34 am
built things over there we don't build for our own country and it is bombed and droid. we run things differently, we are going to be tough, have a depleted military, we have to build up our military again, we have to build up our military, something that is very beautiful and very good and great for all people. including my really great polish-american friends. i want to leave it by saying i am with you, i agree with you, there was a room full of incredible representatives and as they were talking i am saying you don't have to sell me. everything you are talking about, what is not to agree with? the great thing about what took place in the meeting we just had is you love this country, you love our country. you want what is good for the
11:35 am
country. we are all in the same bag. i want to thank your leadership, everybody in this room. i hope i get every single polish-american vote in this country. if anyone is on vacation come back immediately. [applause] >> one about the polish people when they go on vacation they usually go to poland, right? i know. and it has been a great honor. thank you very much. stuart: donald trump addressing the polish-american congress. we thought he might get into stop and frisk, it being chicago. he did not. one thing that caught my attention, he quoted bill clinton, former president bill clinton talking about poland, then went off on what bill clinton said. before we go further, you
11:36 am
checked out what did bill clinton say about poland? >> polish-american's and the country of poland, he was speaking about the muslim migration into poland and the polish people being overwhelmed by it. bill clinton said what do you want? give me an authoritarian dictatorship to keep foreigners out, why are you rejecting mass muslim migration? basically democracies too much trouble, you want to vladimir putin like leadership instead, the us helped poland to be a free country. stuart: that is what donald trump quoted from bill clinton. democracies too much trouble. and how we in america, he in america, wants to keep out muslim refugees. liz: bill clinton made the statement in the context of what was going on in poland with mass
11:37 am
muslim migration, democracies too much trouble, what do you want? an authoritarian like vladimir putin? stuart: spend some time on small business. ashley: saying the need is to cut regulations for all types of businesses, difficult for businesses especially small business with the regulation and a strong nato caught my ear. we have gotten this impression that nato doesn't pay their fair share, and very important such as poland. stuart: i thought he sounded a little under the weather, just a little. he has two more major speeches, so see how he goes. liz: he is speaking in chicago right there. stuart: he goes on to iowa in wisconsin, 6:00 tonight. a man appears under the weather. on a related note, someone trying to take new orleans off the list of america's sanctuary cities.
11:38 am
the next guest being a thing to worry city serves as a magnet for illegal immigrants. jeff landry is with us now. i believe mister attorney general, that this would be the first city to drop that status as a sanctuary city, correct? >> it would be the first major city, we have an equivalent reversing their policy, and a new sheriff took over, we push through legislation that failed in the house, a way to defund cities or municipalities or counties or parishes engaging sanctuary city policy, one reversal, we would love to see a major city like new orleans reverse course. stuart: did you have a problem with illegals going straight to new orleans because of sanctuary cities? >> the problem is we have a problem with illegal immigration in this country. american citizens had been
11:39 am
victimized by illegal immigrants, many of them come in. he committed a number of to several weeks ago we had a fire chief killed in the line of duty, driving a bus and arrested multiple times, traffic violations and major crimes. we see this time and time again, law enforcement officers were prohibited from collaborating with isis so we disport those illegals inside the country and inside our community. it is a public safety crisis. stuart: is there anything to stop you doing this, we won't be a sanctuary city, what is stopping you from not being a sanctuary city? >> what we did it had a tremendous amount of cooperation with congress, representative gaudi, through their committees,
11:40 am
put pressure on the administration recognizing federal grants going to these cities, we have sanctuary city policies that could be in violation of federal law and if you are in violation of federal law you can have your funds withdrawn or withheld and that is putting pressure on these cities to reverse course. stuart: the federal government under president obama, you can be a sanctuary city and get federal funds even though you don't get federal funds because of what you are doing with immigration. is that accurate? >> the department of justice through a consent decree, it adopts sanctuary city policies, the pressure was put on myself, representative tray gaudi and representative culberson, the garment of justice reversed course and substantively changed
11:41 am
policy. stuart: jeff landry, attorney general of louisiana, thanks for joining us, see you again soon. now we just showed you donald trump speaking before the polish-american congress in chicago. he resurrected a statement from bill clinton earlier this year. we found the soundbite from bill clinton, we are going to play it for you in just a minute and you will see why donald trump went off on what bill clinton said in front of the polish audience. back in a moment. my dad gave me those shares,
11:42 am
you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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nicole: your foxbusiness rate, these averages turned negative reversing earlier gains following a move in oil, get the oil inventories to drop, we are seeing oil moving higher, let's look at major averages, the dow is down 22, s&p down 5, nasdaq down 15, winners and losers include caterpillar, home depot, on the upside, nike after its future orders were next. ab in bev and s&p miller make it official, shareholders approve the deal. in the meantime molson coors benefit with all-time highs because they get the beer to satisfy regulatory hurdles. you can see them up 1%, a new high. we are seeing the vicks, the fear index up a little bit
11:44 am
slightly and oil gains. more "varney and company" start at 5:00. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> we have to know what we are doing. right now our police in many cases are afraid to do anything. we have to protect our inner cities because african-american communities are being decimated
11:46 am
by crime. >> implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. unfortunately too many of us in our great untry jump to conclusions about each other. stuart: that was the candidate discussing race at the presidential debate monday night. our next guest says he is sick of all the race rhetoric, that everyone is avoiding the real problem. come in, allen west, national center for policy analysis, executive director, why are you sick of all this? what is wrong? >> what they continue to do especially on the case of the democratic party, the progressive socialist left, they up you skate, deny the real issues, we need to talk about the restoration of the family in the black community. i was born 1961, 75% of the households, 24%, you can trace
11:47 am
that to apology from lyndon johnson, the government provided checks, they did not have a man in the home. stuart: what is your solution to that problem of children out of wedlock or without we do parents? what is your solution, is it withdrawal of the welfare state? >> jason riley wrote a great book, please stop helping us. the black community was stronger on the issue of segregation when you had families, communities that were standing up, better education opportunities, that is the important thing. stuart: if you presented that to an african american audience and said none of this is over, it failed. no more money or programs, would they vote for it? >> when you talk about the equality of opportunity as
11:48 am
opposed to quality of outcomes, when you look at the black community from a principled basis, not a party basis, conservative in nature, is about faith and family, was about the individual responsibility, and in the case of my family with four generations of military service, it is about service to the country. when we have the principal discussion, you get back to restoring the urban communities and ending this 21st century economic plantation which happened over the last 50 years. stuart: the united nations says america owes black people reparations for our, quote, history of slavery. >> one of the most insidious things i ever heard. at a time when you have a black president elected and reelected, you are on your second black attorney general, a black national security advisor, black head of homeland security, we
11:49 am
continue to have this mentality of victimization which my father was born in 1920, served in world war ii, all the rights and privileges. he did not talk to me at 15 about getting a check from the government, he talked to me about serving this country, being the first officer in the family, if you set the bar high, dismiss this globalist agenda, this is the same thing -- england rejected for the european union. we don't need the united nations getting involved in our internal domestic policy, with national sovereignty. stuart: you got it in at the end, well done, nicely done. allen west, favorite guest on the program. breaking news on viacom. don't know what it is. ashley: controlling shareholders, in reuters, two companies to merge, both
11:50 am
companies form a committee to look at the possibility of making it one company, that is a big developing. stuart: it sure is. viacom, cbs, thinking about getting together. it is a go nowhere day, we are half up, half down on the dow industrials, it is down 18 points. you got to look at amazon, we do this every day, what a company, look at it now. $853 a share. liz: $400 billion in market value. stuart: here is where we go next, the prospect of the mall shooting in washington, that guy, he had pictures of isis leaders on his blog. what does that mean? next.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
stuart: to the washington mall shooting that left five people dead the accused shooter, a turkish immigrant, reportedly had a blog with photos of an isis leader on that blog. he had the isis connection. would you call this islamic
11:55 am
terror? >> absolutely. and islamist which is a political movement. when are we going to get this right? we have a guy who not only was posting islamic ideology, had been in court for domestic violence, has a public footprint and was told by a judge he could not carry a weapon after that, he is not on the radar. homeland security focuses on violent extremism. we need to focus on jihadist and. this guy should have been under surveillance electronically, possibly a wiretap based on his previous court appearances, we are missing the boat completely. how many times does this happen? stuart: he to interrupt this train of thought, i have news from secretary of state john kerry who is going to stop all contact with russia if the russians don't stop what is
11:56 am
going on in aleppo. you have a connection there, this is your part of the world where you are from way back when. what do you make of this? it sounds like john kerry is almost powerless at this point. you say what? >> he has been asking the intern for the foreign minister, sometimes he will say things out of protestation between 2 weeks ago he handed what they felt was a cease-fire in the democrats in congress are putting for the serious sanctions bill against the assad regime. i thought we had the sanctions down but they didn't and the white house is working this last weekend to stop them from sanctioning assad and the flow of money, they are playing both sides publicly, they say they are anti-russia but behind the scenes, the tools of the russians and assad. stuart: they are calling the shots in your former homeland, you served 11 years in america's
11:57 am
navy. thank you very much for your service, appreciate it. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: if you were watching a couple minutes ago donald trump attended the polish-american congress in chicago and talked about bill clinton who insulted poland. he was talking about this. >> look at the problems in ukraine. poland and hungry, two countries that wouldn't be free if not for the united states decided democracy was too much trouble and they want vladimir putin style government, don't want to deal with outside problems. stuart: the outside problem is the influx of muslim migrants which poland doesn't like and that is what trump picked up on. liz: the prime minister of poland wanted an apology. the polish voter comes out, they are important in the swing vote in illinois, ohio, michigan and pennsylvania. stuart: stuart: they are swing states in
12:00 pm
a population that votes. ashley: makes a good point, trump picked that up, that went under the radar. stuart: you watched it live on "varney and company". "varney and company" is now out of time. neil cavuto has a couple hours to spare and is with me now. it is yours. neil: we are watching what is going on in washington, the united states senate, chuck schumer is speaking, the latest democratic senator to bolster the president of the united states and say he will vote to overdehepridt've o families to sue saudi arabia for that government's purported role in the 9/11 terror attacks. separately there is a little drama behind the scenes, senator bob corker of tennessee is carving out a separate measure that will fine


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