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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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sanders, the man she vanquished for the democratic nomination, she obviously wants the passionate support that supporters gave him. michelle obama higher poll numbers than the president of the united states, higher poll numbers certainly than hillary clinton. but it helps to have powerful friends like that. all right. trish regan, take it away. >> break right now. a potential major win for the families of the 9/11 victims as the u.s. house of representatives as we speak debate whether or not to overturn president obama's veto of the bill allowing families to sue the saudi government for its alleged role in the attack. the senate just voted and they voted to overturn the president's veto. now it's in the house. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone. this is the "the intelligence report." look at the debate on the floor of the house of representatives whether or not they should overturn the president's
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actions months after the redacted pages from the 9/11 commissions report revealed that some of the 9/11 hijackers were in contact with and received support or assistance from individuals that may be connected to the saudi government while they were here in the u.s. we're going to get to the implications of all of it in just a minute. first, turning to politics, donald trump has been hit with a firestorm of criticism by the clinton campaign for treatment a form miss universe who says trump shamed her over weight gain after winning the crown. alicia machado teamed up with the clinton campaign to take aim at her former employer in a newly released commercial. >> what were the names he called you? >> miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine. >> all to your face? >> yes, all the time. >> that was really normal for him. >> you are the new miss universe! [cheers and applause]
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[speaking spanish] . >> of course you also saw her there on the "today" show talking about how difficult her experience was with donald trump at that time. how much will a controversy from decades ago affect his standing with women? gina loudon joins me as well as former miss america kirsten haglund. you know, i actually remember this, i remember it well because he held some kind of press conference in a gym where he had her working out. she was on the bicycle or the treadmill or something and he was talking to reporters, invited reporters in there at the time to talk about the need for her to lose weight. you know, kirsten, you're a former miss america. there it is.
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the cameras around, and she's exercising and trump brought everyone in saying okay, she needs to lose weight. she looks great to me. it seems a little extreme to say a woman like that needs to lose weight, but he made quite a spectacle of this at the time, kirsten, any idea why? >> certainly, you can tell from the comments he said about women before, he thinks of them in this way. it's so much about weight and appearance and their looks, and you know, i'm not for hillary clinton, i'm not supporting hillary clinton, i consider myself a conservative woman. so i'm not here just to attack donald trump. what i am concerned about is when i was miss america my platform was raising awareness of eating disorders. i struggled with anorexia for a long time. since the broadcasting shaming her on television caused her to struggle with anorexia and bulimia and people don't understand it is comments like this, the social construct that women are only worth their
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weight in a job that can lead to the dangerous illnesses, and i don't know about her background, there is probably a lot that's going to come out. this is more about his view of women. he's stuck to -- >> hang on, let's call it what it is, it's a beauty pageant. >> it's so much more than a beauty contest. >> there was talent, there was talent, 40% of your score, there was interviews, 30% of your score. the miss universe system is known for pretty much bringing a beauty pageant. there is no talent involved there. knowing that, gina, to a certain extent, if a woman signs up to compete in miss universe, is there an expectation? this is a business and your business is how you look, should she have seen this one coming in any way? not that we excuse the public shaming of her, i think this could have been done a little more discreetly. should she have had obligations
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to watch the weight? >> actually, this is sort of a very blown out of proportion story. we're taking all of this on hear say from a 20-year-old story. nobody wants to see women ever scorned, especially for things as sensitive as weight. there's no proof this happened. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, i'm going stop you there, gina. in fairness to all sides, tonight run this howard stern clip where it certainly doesn't look or sound good. here we go. >> you whipped this fat slob into shape, i don't know how you did it. i see all the diet plans, everything else. god bless you, you whipped her into shape and held the pageant together, congratulations. how did you whip her in shape? >> she went from 118 to 170. >> and you got her to 118, didn't you? >> she is probably 145.
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>> she gained 55 pounds, she ate a lot of everything. >> he definitely went on the attack there, gina. there is proof he did go after, he invited the press into the gym to watch her exercise. i can just say -- >> can i just say something? the first thing i did when i heard this, i called my close friend who was first runner-up in miss usa, she said mr. trump has never been anything but extremely supportive of all of the girls and all of the people she knows -- >> i've heard very different things from people in the miss universe program. >> if i could finish, she also said that the organization itself sets the parameters of weight, and when this particular contestant went over her weight, she asked mr. trump for help. he came in out of compassion to help this woman. and if people are so concerned about the story, why aren't we looking at the women hillary
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has repeatedly bullied. paula jones and gennifer flowers and people like that where we know there's a history with these women. >> all of that is legitimate and i agree the way the clintons treated women was horribly. this is about our children. i care and work with children who look to people in the media. look to our future president to set our standard for how you treat women. you and i and gina you're a beautiful woman even what people consider a beautiful weight is subjective from kim kardashian to gisele. it's not about weight, it's about character. >> the last thing you got to get to is questions, the motives behind this woman coming out now. i mean she's done a spread in cosmopolitan, she's been all over the cable tv shows. they had the commercial ready to go, so it was very deliberate, gina in the timing. in other words, hillary clinton brought her up deliberately
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during that debate and they had a whole shebang ready to go, and we're witnessing it right now. >> yeah, hillary wants to distract from the real issues, her illegal e-mails, illegal server, 33,000 missing e-mails, all of her different health issues. the scandals that belie her entire campaign, obviously, hillary would rather talk about just about anything else, and if it's a completely manufactured scandal, hillary is going to push it off in the american people. they're smart than this are. >> thank you so much. we've got another story break right now. the house is about to vote whether to overturn the president's veto of the 9/11 bill just after the senate overrode obama's veto of the 9/11 bill. that vote was 97-1, only senate minority leader harry reid voted no. you can see where the consensus on this one.
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fox news correspondent doug mckelway at the capitol. looks like the president is out of luck on this one, an overturn on the veto at the house? >> i don't think anyone was surprised at the senate. what was surprising was the margin of victory, 97-1 with harry reid, the obama loyalist voting in conjunction with the president here and moves onto the house where they're expected to take this up later this week and expect a similar result. the bill allows survivors of 9/11 and their families to sue foreign governments that are found to be complicit in terrorist acts here in the united states. it was borne from the belief by some, by many who believe the saudi arabian government may have at least been tangentially complicit in the planning or financing of the 9/11 attacks, but the bill made for strange bedfellows on capitol hill. who could imagine that senator
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richard blumenthal, liberal democrat from connecticut who represents many 9/11 families would vote against the president in this case. that's what he did today. >> i deeply respect the president, and the reasons he has given for vetoing the justice against sponsors of terrorism act. but i urge my colleagues to move swiftly and soundly to reverse the veto so that these families can have their day in court. >> opponents think that jasta sets a bad principle, retaliatory measures against u.s. soldiers stationed abroad. the saudi royal family who is very, very quiet because they think this is a domestic issue is undoubtedly very hurt by this, very angered by this. they have considered themselves
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a loyal ally in the fight against terror along with the united states, oftentimes sharing data and intelligence with the united states, and opponents of the bill say that u.s. citizens already have recourse to sue foreign governments if the state department has designated those foreign governments. a state sponsor of terrorism such as iran. in this case, saudi arabia does not fit the bill, so the real drama is not what's going to happen in the house, but how other governments outside of the united states will perceive this legislation. trish, back to you. >> doug, thank you so much. all right everyone, so should victims be able to sue a country for its role in the terror attack? the president says no. judge andrew napolitano says absolutely, yes, he joins me now with all of it. there is a gut reaction, you can't help but have to this. you think about the tragedy that all the families lived through and if the saudis had any role or any connection to the terrorists and let's not
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forget there were the 28 pages redacted. the 9/11 commission report came forward with that, and indicated there may have been correspondence between some of these terrorists for 9/11 and the saudi government. if they had any inkling, shouldn't they be held responsible? >> absolutely. basic principle of american justice where there's a wrong, there's a remedy. sometimes in state court, sometimes in federal court. when the government uses politics and diplomacy much of which is hidden in order to bart remedy which is what happened here, innocent people are not able to seek damages. doug mckelway's report is absolutely on the mark. if the federal government declares a foreign government, a state sponsor of terrorism, then an american victim arguably harmed by that foreign government can sue the foreign government in an american court. but if the federal government intentionally shields a foreign
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government from declaring it a state sponsor of terrorism as we did with saudi arabia, the innocent injured cannot sue. after today if the president has veto overturned, an innocent victim of 9/11 can sue the saudi arabian government. >> why does the president want to seal them? >> that's the $64,000 question. you can ask george bush and barack obama. the united states federal government has a bizarre secret relationship with religious fanatics who are uber wealthy who run saudi arabia and we have permitted them literally to get away with murder until today. >> so we're afraid of the relationship with the saudis? >> here's the case, the president is afraid that americans who cause harm in other countries will be sued there, that they will not be free to leave, that other countries, particularly saudi arabia will retaliate by changing their domestic laws,
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and that is a legitimate fear, but it doesn't override the right, the moral and constitutional right of 9/11 victims to seek damages against the government that might have caused it. they have to prove their case in a courtroom. >> the redacted pages and i think i can quote you exactly what it is, indication that maybe the saudis were involved because it says while in the u.s., some of the september 11th hijackers were receiving support and assistance from individuals connected to the saudi government. that's what they want to know, were they or were they not connected to the saudi government? >> the american government under president bush and president obama will not answer that question. they will use the discovery process where lawyers gather information and a jury here in lower manhattan, to give us all the answers. >> seems fair to me. judge napolitano thank you so much. fbi director james comey in
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the hot seat on capitol hill grilled over investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server and the revelation her former chief of staff, cheryl mills got immunity, a visibly irritated james comey firing back over allegations his investigation was anything but partial? how could it be, right? you got a little conflict i would think given who james comey is working for. that's next. >> this organization and the people who did this are honest, independent people. we not carry water for one side or the other. you can call us wrong but don't call us weasels. we're not weasels, we are honest people. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight...
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. trish: fbi director james comey getting a grilling on capitol hill today. he was questioned on a whole host of topics. the fbi's response to recent
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terror attacks on our homeland. the hacking of the dnc, and why the fbi granted immunity to hillary clinton's former chief of staff, cheryl mills? watch. >> we, as congress and the american people, are troubled how such gross negligence is not punished and why there seems to be a different standard for the politically well connected particularly if your name is clinton. trish: following the hearings and joins me right now with some of the highlights. blake, got kind of testy out there? >> reporter: it did throughout the morning, this was a nearly four-hour hearing earlier today. the fbi director jim comey says cheryl mills a top aide to hillary clinton was given an act of production immunity, that's what it's called so investigators could get her laptop. republicans questioning why the blanket was afforded to mills and why investigators couldn't just get the laptop by issuing
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a subpoena. they also wondered why mills, a witness in the case, allowed to act as legal counsel to clinton during the investigation? separately congressman jim sensenbrenner said comey had no choice in the classified information. >> i would be in big trouble d should be in big trouble if i did something like that. there seems to be different strokes for different folks on this, that's what americans are concerned about. i think there's a happy hand coming from someplace else. >> reporter: comey said if one of his own colleagues had done the exact same thing, they would be disciplined, but like clinton would not be prosecu prosecuteed. comey defended his department throughout the hearing. >> this organization and the people who did this are honest, independent people. we do not carry water for one side or the other. you can call us wrong, but don't call us weasels, we are
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not weasels, we are honest people. >> reporter: don't call them weasels, trish, he got that point across today. congressman trey gowdy responded by saying it wasn't just the fbi he knew. back and forth all day long. trish: plenty of people at fbi that are very upset about this for sure, they think that they didn't give them a fair shake in this. blake, thank you so much. i want to continue this conversation with michael. comey works for lynch and she works for the president. the president would have to have some self-preservation instinct where he doesn't want his own secretary of state getting blown out of the water for all of this. this is a reflection ultimately on the administration. when you got the administration effectively investigating itself, i don't know how you possibly get a fair outcome?
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>> two points. number one is that the fbi director comey has a 10-year appointment, and is supposed to be independent, but he was placed in an impossible position by attorney general loretta lynch who revealed herself to be a political hack when she met with bill clinton on the tarmac in phoenix, arizona june 27th, and later said of course, well, i can't participate in this, so comey was called onto make a decision whether or not to seek an indictment, which is not really his decision. he's not a prosecutor, he's an investigator. his investigation showed facts on the basis of which no rational judge would dismiss indictment. trish: that's important what you are saying, no rational judge would have dismissed an indictment. she should have been indicted. >> well, it showed she could have been indicted under
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section f of the u.s. code on the basis of the facts that comey alleged in morning press conference or press briefing that he made about that. the second point i'd make is that you say president obama is protecting his administration. obviously, he wants to see hillary clinton elected as his successor. you know, did he tell loretta lynch to meet with bill clinton? the meeting was not publicized by either in advance. was that the first meeting they had? trish: this is going to continue to haunt her, is it not, on the campaign trail? >> as comey pointed out in his -- i believe it was july 5th, statement. secretary clinton told a number of untruths, inaccurate things
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or lies in the course of the investigations and the press questions about this, and comey laid that out pretty solidly, you know, and now we see suddenly that there's information that approximately 1,000 e-mails between secretary clinton and then-ci director david petraeus which ducked questions about benghazi interestingly enough in the months of september 2012, those e-mails were deleted. they were all about yoga lessons, right? and chelsea's wedding. trish: let me tell you, if you were a ceo on wall street and decided, or just an average banker or trader and you are investigated and deleted all your e-mails. my goodness, you'd be in a whole bunch of trouble, would you not? >> you would be and might be looking looking to move to a country that doesn't have extradition treaty with the united states of america.
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trish: michael, good to see you. thank you very much. you can hear more from bob goodlatte who is on at 4:00 p.m. on fox business today. we're going to be right back. a whole lot more to cover. see you right here.
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>> hillary clinton there she is in new hampshire. campaigning. she's not there yet. she will be campaigning at the university of new hampshire. and guess who she will be campaigning with? bernie sanders is off the charts popular in new hampshire. they had been reluctant when it comes to her. they have really been on the fence about supporting her. they feel a little robbed. she needs their support because there are a lot of worry right now about voter turnout. this is what is happening in the democratic party right now.
2:29 pm
boriepstein. good to see you guys. first if you let me show you the new numbers out. there is a new gallup poll and according to gallup only 69 percent of voters say they are certain they are going to vote in this election. and even more alarming only 65 percent of democrats say they will vote in this election. it's the democrats we really see this problem. you're talking about a 12-point dry here. some of that and the democrats are millenials. they are not as energized as they were maybe 2000 and eight. it's something i think hillary is trying to address. intense barack obama on the stump with her.
2:30 pm
i think they're pulling an electric that we haven't seen. i don't know if the numbers i think the race is tightening. i don't think it is based on an electric that we've seen before i don't think it is based on an electric that we've seen before i'm not sure if i'm going to vote. it is is down from the 81% voted in the last four elections. similar problem there with republicans. if you look at the primaries it's very interesting in this case. we have a very significant loss. what does that tell you. hillary clinton is a candidate
2:31 pm
that evokes enthusiasm. >> i said this before. we went into the debate on monday night and basically i think the bart was pretty low for donald trump. and not screw anything up too badly. because there seems to be a very large portion of americans that don't want to vote for her. they're looking for a reason. how much work does he have to do now to sell bring in those folks. they were disenchanted with the performance on monday night. he actually did very well. is that because his base is out there? >> the key is the issues.
2:32 pm
it's all about the issues. she's a candidate who's been around for so long you talk about trade you talk about jobs that somebody who is bringing proposals on everything. he didn't have quite the fluency he was underprepared and uninformed. and that showed first impressions matter. the first impressions are important they are worth a lot of enthusiasm. number two, he answered questions in a way that were incoherent. piece by piece she let it out.
2:33 pm
that is part of his trump. >> she's a robot. and you have a clock and you have a moderator moving you on you need to be strategic about what you're saying and when you're saying it otherwise you wind up and sean hannity eight times and not getting to the important stuff. i'm confident that it will do that. trish: we've a fox news poll coming out later this week. some of the data i know you're citing its internet pulling. it's not scientific. i think his base is still with him but he has a lot of room for improvement and he needs to focus and work hard between now and the next debate.
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a panel of experts says the united states owes african americans reparation for racial terrorism.ealthier maybe they should spend some time over in saudi arabia. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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>> the house is voting to override the veto of a bill allowing families to sue saudi
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arabia for allegedly packing the attackers. it comes after the senate voted earlier today 97-one to override the veto. if it does support this move it could become law immediately during his two terms in office he has never had a veto overridden by crisis -- congress. watch very carefully. well have an answer very soon on this one. more protests erecting after the fatal police shooting just outside of san diego yesterday. it is a un panel. it is a form of modern racial terror stating contemporary police killings in the trauma it creates a reminisces of the racial terror lynching of the past. the u.s. i was money to african-americans for past injustices.
2:39 pm
making money host charles payne who said no to reparations. you actually purchased did that this would be a big topic. >> the media went crazy particularly on the progressives in the black lives matter crowd they raked me over the coals big-time but is becoming an issue. does the u.s. go african-americans money. >> the notion of 40 acres has stood out for a long time. if to go back to 1865. after the march to the sea. he told the black community a special order. they were to give each slave or former slave 40 acres and they carved out 400,000 acres of land and blacks started to settle on this land then he instructed his soldiers to help out with mules and
2:40 pm
things. a year later after lincoln left the order was rescinded. it has lived on in the black community. they feel like they are deserving of something because of slavery in the aftermath. >> you think about all we have done you think about getting into college in college is making acceptances and allowance so they can make sure they have a diverse population. companies that really want to have diverse workforces has some of that been made up at all in the way of society going out of its way to bring in more minorities.
2:41 pm
this is before they saw how much i made i'm not a fan of affirmative action programs either. money has been poured into poverty. >> let me ask you this. so my ancestors have nothing to do with slavery why should i be penalized. one thing we all can admits that there's a certain amount of racism in this country and it does harm people to a degree. we've come a long way. >> all americans should be proud of this. if you think about global conflicts in this world we watched yugoslavia dissolve into massive war. we see what's going on in the middle east that goes back to the death of mohammed.
2:42 pm
america in our constitution which glues us together is such such an amazing successful thing. as you decide we've come so much further. in no ways historically we have a black president finally. we've come so far despite everything that is going on in some of these communities. we've come so far and yet now were talking about reparation. >> it's a ridiculous thing. i think it's time to move forward and figure out how we all make as a nation. america we are we're still of the greatest country in the world but the world is nipping at our heels.
2:43 pm
and make sure to tune in and watch charles on making money only right here on fbn. they climbed back $41 million in compensation for its ceo over the growing scandal that the bank opened up millions of phony accounts. is forking over the money enough should be criminal charges that should be enacted. we will be right back here.
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trish: check out the reverse of the market. is closing out tire. they will limit production and november. they denied reports that they asked the government for a bailout. national eye movements. they're expected to call for the media companies. they were pushing for this.
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it's can be right back.
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trish: this is justcoming to us . suspected shooter is in custody right now after a shooting incident there in south carolina at an elementary school according to our local fox affiliate
2:48 pm
there. the deputies said the suspect was taken into custody after the shooting at this elementary school. it's according to the sheriff's office. it happened just before 2:00 p.m. according again to the lieutenant there in the sheriff's office. it looks as if there were injuries reported. they could not confirm how many actual people were shot. this elementary school you're looking at it is located at near lake hartwell is highway 24 which is nearby. it was actually shut down near the school as emergency crews came in to respond you can see what may be some of those officers there crossing the
2:49 pm
line. apparently county deputies are assisting with the situation helping to clear the school right now. they were staging at townsville baptist church. and parents have been called to pick up their children. they are being transported from the school by bus to that location. all the information coming into us. working to take a quick break. and back right after this.
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trish: wells fargo everyone
2:53 pm
said it is pulling back $47 million and compensation. in order to rake it more fees into meet their sales goals. we're also getting word i should point out that california the state state of california is issuing sanctions against wells fargo for the next 12 months. the stock is up about 10 cents there. there can go for the house financial service committee. don't forget who he last faced. elizabeth warren going after him mighty hard. good to see you guys. this is not good. the idea that a bank would
2:54 pm
just go up and open up the phony accounts there is 2 million accounts. many of these customers found that their credit scores deteriorated as a result i get the board wants to claw back some of the bonus but is that enough. >> it's a start. i think what he faced when he was up in front of the senate the other day. if to take steps in the direction of accountability not only are they calling that back there also the top executives. they're sitting on the pile of money. it's what didn't happen after the financial crisis.
2:55 pm
they rain this financial crisis in. and they walked away with piles of money. they want to see accountability. at the same time if what they were doing was illegal why is there not a criminal investigation into all of this. take away their numb money but it seems like more should be happening. everybody expected all of these executives to be indicted and go to jail. you realize it was all it
2:56 pm
wasn't illegal. in the sense what happened here with wells fargo is flat-out legal. you can take peoples information and people's information and open up fake accounts. it takes time to build a criminal case if to prove intent in knowledge of wrongdoing. i certainly think they are going to head investigations. it has to happen quickly. >> we will be right back.
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>> brad news -- bad news for president obama. the legislation allowing families to sue saudi arabia
3:00 pm
for allegedly backing the attackers. i get the send it voting. and now the house. the biggest jump in crude oil in six months driving the markets to session highs and just the last half hour. the down now up 100 points. all of these up big time. nearly 5% at 4685. the house making history likely to end president obama the first override of the veto. during his presidency. it gets the right for victims to sue saudi arabia. by friday. a full ror


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