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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> senator ted cruz endorsed me the other day and i know the people of iowa like ted cruz but he endorsed us the other day and i thought it was very good. >> it is very good to be here on the stage with my friend bernie sanders who i am looking forward to working with to get the kind of agenda through our congress that will begin to make our country stronger. maria: latest on the campaign trail this morning. janet yellen takes aim at donald trump as grilled over a central bank officials contributions to clintons campaign. wells fargo ceo will face lawmakers today. will he keep his job? more trouble for samsung, this time is washing machine that is are catching fire, we will tell you about it.
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a doctor away -- an apple addai keep it is doctor away. etna giving apples. not seeing a major reaction, oil 46.84 a barrel. u.s. futures flat this morning. 8 points on the dow. european stocks sharply higher after the opec deal. invest objection, nonresponsive reacting. cac quarante up a quarter percent. and ftse better than 1%. in asia markets closed higher, nikkei average in japan best performer there. all the stories coming up this morning. joining me fox business network dagen mcdowell, king college professor of business bryan and national review reporter and kat. >> good morning.
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dagen: good morning. maria: texas congressman with us and research analyst who wrote and says this is hardly the end in the wells fargo story. professor of strategy and irregular is with us. former million dollar miami tar and real estate star is with us. we kick it off with the battle of hawkeye state. donald trump campaigned yesterday. hillary clinton is traveling there today, both candidates trying to gin up support. >> i think i'm doing well and i have been doing well specially with married women. they went way up. >> it is outrageous that you cannot refinance student debt and it is even worse that you're being charged interest rate that is are so much higher than anything that anybody else is paying to buy a house, to buy a
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car, borrow money for a business. i don't know how we got to where we are but we are going to fix it. this is wrong, it's wrong for struints, it's wrong for families and it's wrong for our countries. maria: i want to bring rachel. rachel, i want to start with you. president obama won iowa twice. can donald trump reclaim the state for the gop in. >> you know, it's looking pretty good. again, i think the debate could have been a closer for him, but i think we are seeing that it really stalled everything and we are going to have to see how he does in the next debate to see whether he can pull this through. he definitely has momentum but i think he really missed a lot of opportunities during that debate to close the deal a little bit. maria: stalling it, dagen. we haven't gotten all the polls yet to see right away. we did snap polls but we will
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get real numbers. dagen: look at barack obama and mitt romney can easily bounce back from a bad debate performance but he's getting tough on campaign trail and really, really pushing hillary clinton on what worked for him in that debate and the fact that she's been in politics or national stage for about three decades and what has she done for you, what has she gotten you, she's the architect or one of them the current malayze in the country and completely turned backseat of -- bark o backs of the american people. >> she's not so self-aware. you're not fooling me, i know that you're talking about yourself. dagen: what did trump say yesterday? how many more clinton scandals does the american people have to put up with. he's he's alluding to what has
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gone in the white house. >> yeah, absolutely. so, you know, donald trump was basically -- he was a word buffet without a sneeze guard. maria: a what? i missed that. >> a word buffet. maria: got it. >> since then hillary has taken salute advantage of that in the battleground states and hitting hard. he tried to assert during the debate that she had put her plans out publicly and that that was to her detriment but chelsea clinton came out yesterday after donald trump came out that he went easy on hillary. she said in a csomo interview yesterday that that was a distraction because he's not discussing any solid policies for our national security, for our economy.
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maria: yeah. hillary clinton wasn't either. they were each attacking each other. i'm just disappointed of the lack of policy, rachel. >> well, i was going to say do you think it's believable, i saw the clip where she talked about the housing market crisis, student loan problems and she said i don't know how we got here. how we got here is through government. you look at policies all of her solutions are revolving around more government, more big government and that is what is distorted and causes so many problems and the very topics that she brought up with millennials and i don't think they're buying it. maria: funny. dagen: i encourage people to read column in wall street journal today wonderland, he calls it the trump pit. only one of the debaters is still in sync with the country's
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reckless move. wipe the floor with mr. trump is undervalueing performance. he survived monday night. the take of everybody in bars and restaurants across the country quite frankly. i do think -- hillary bested him, did she wipe the floor with him, absolutely not. >> not one-on-one situation. even not with sanders. he's not a politician. obviously that's going to show. maria: she won but i don't think it changed anybody's vote. >> he got some points in the trade points that he made but he needs to come back stronger there and hit her strong in campaign trail and debate. maria: he has a good and straightforward message.
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her message is much harder to understand, lower taxes and roll back regulations. her message, what is it? dagen: what business in creation have you ever run in your entire life? he needs to say that. i know she worked at the rose lausm but that's not being a business owner, that's not actually creating something. maria: you look at that and it doesn't have message, she doesn't have a message robin, the point is she has to take him off message, unfortunately he keeps falling for it. he continues to hammer her about her health. listen to this. >> you see all the dais off that hillary takeses? day off, day off, day off. all those days off and she can't make it to her car. i'm campaigning and saying,
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what's going on. maria: it does appear that word stamina may have associated with voters. >> i want to address that. actually if you look deeper into that poll, seven of ten of those polls were men that said that. and 50% poll of females said that this is a distraction, they don't believe that her health is a concern. this has more to do with tbender -- gender than anything else. she certainly looked healthy. she wasn't the one sniffling. look at donald trump, how many he sniffled and took a drink. dagen: her hiding the fact that she had pneumonia from the american people and nearly
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falling flat on her face has nothing to do with the gender, the fact that she's been called out on it and she's trying to use gender to make people, one, people feel sorry for her and everybody that criticizes her looks like a sexist and resinates with women. >> who in america has not been sick and still gone to work? >> but when i'm sick i say i'm sick. dagen: i would never ever go on television thinking that i may barf or faint. that's the reality. she went out there and lying about her health and almost fainted in front of a camera. you know what, i would never do that. >> me neither. i don'tthink this is his best line of attack.
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look, she did look unhealthy when she got into the car but she looked darn good at the debate. >> yes, she did. >> it was donald trump. what's really unhealthy for our democracy are the clinton scandals and that's what he should have focused on the debate and that's what he needs to keep hitting her on. we had the fbi hearing yesterday. no wonder people are losing trust in government. that's where he ought to hit her and as for stamina. you have to expect and try and go that direction. i call the republican primary the focus on low energy and hands and now he's going after her on stamina here in the general. it's just typical donald trump but he needs to focus on what's really working for him and i don't think anyone buys it. winston churchill wasn't a great vision of health and he was a fantastic leader, i don't think that's really going --
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maria: you make a good point, rachel. >> she can't -- if you can't tell the truth about i don't feel good. maria: she managed to turn that scandal as well. rachel -- >> thank you. final word. you know, i'm a veteran army ranger. i had to go plenty of times just to get the job not in perfect health. i contracted pneumonia two times and still to complete the mission had to go in. true she didn't -- she was not honest about that, but -- maria: it's about honesty of that. of course, everybody gets sick. it's about being up front about it. we will see you soon, thank you so much. great conversation. >> thank you. maria: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in late-night session to avoid government shutdown. health insurance could pay for you to keep up with times, how et etna helps to pay for that
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the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... we can do paperwork or contact their employers or set them up with home health. that's what brings most people into nursing; you get to connect with people. that's what i love about being a care manager. meet the care managers at ctca. my name is collette... lindsey jodi stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. cancer is a long journey and i want to do everything in my power to take the stress off of your shoulders so you can enjoy your life at home. learn more at appointments available now. maria: welcome back, hundreds of people flooding the streets of a san diego suburb protesting the shooting death of an unarmed black man. cheryl casone with details and headlines, cheryl. cheryl: crowd marched on the
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side where police killed alfred, chanting no justice no peace. police in riot willing to step in but the demonstration mostly stayed peaceful. yesterday e valed that the object was a device, the e cigarettes. congress went late into the night to pass a bill that will keep government running december december 9. spending bill includes military funding and $1.1 billion to fight the zika virus. funding was set for midnight friday.
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time to get apple watch. etna hurricane is giving discounts on device through monthly payroll deductions an subsidize it for companies. the health insurance is going to give a free apple watch to own employees. etna announced partnership with apple yesterday. the companies are going to create health initiatives for customers. exclusive to ios devices. buyer be ware here, everything that's on your watch basically with the programs will go to your hurricane. maria: that's a really good point. maria: good to know. one step closer to ending the global oil glut. members in agreement to cut production. the dangerous of being a fan, hackers could be using your favorite celebrities against you. which we tell you the top celebrities when it comes to hackers. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, keeping an eye on oil prices this morning. investors reacting to cutting production. >> good to be. maria: anything from the production agreement. jon: well, you know, you're talking about a couple thousand barrels but doesn't look like it's much. it's a step? the right direction. it's good news for shell producers. if they cut productions that helps bring american shell producers back in the market. the problem with opec cuts, we have see if they follow through on them, we have to see if there isn't cheating and the saudis
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and iran can reach an agreement, a mutual agreement, these are hard -- these are hard things to follow through on. >> and libya and nigeria and iran are not part of the proposed cuts and could interact with what the saudis are doing? >> a lot of tension between saudis and iranians. you also have russia and as i said, you have shell producers. they're talking about doing it. we might not get anything out of it. it's really on the saudis to it. they have been slowing down their production anyway. dagen: 200,000-barrels a day, it'll take at least a year to soak up the excess supply. >> 200,000-barrels a day, second half of next year, if they're more agreses knife that, if they go to 700,000 a day, we could
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get e quill -- maria: i want to get your take on janet yellen and the testimony yesterday on the hill. the federal reserve chairwoman that we could be ready for rate hike in december. >> many colleagues suggested the majority that they would see it as appropriate to make a move to take the step in that direction this year if things continue on the current path and no significant new risks arise. maria: we want to get your take on rates for sure, jon, but i want to talk about the breynard. clinton wants to make breynard the next secretary. we know that she's donated.
6:24 am
how bad does it look for the fed? jon: it looks bad for the fed when you have donald trump accusing the fed of keeping rates low to support the obama administration and democrats for the fed chairwoman to have to defend one of her governors in front of a committee, i think it looks really bad and i'm sure that yellen wasn't happy to be in a position to do that. dagen: they also met members of the fed in august, they met with that liberal group, they took a meeting with them which again if they are worried about looking political, well, that was stupid. jon: they're getting pressure on both sides, you know, yellen tries to spend time going up and meeting republicans on capitol hill. they're getting a lot of pressure from the fed up folks -- what they were trying to do is come and protest meetings and
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they were trying to basically pacify them. they're getting it from both sides and shows again -- the fed wants to call itself apolitical but getting political pressure from everywhere. it's hard to stay out of the fights. maria: how does she do that? jon: no favors by donating to hillary clinton's campaign. maria: donated between december and february. you know that you're a federal official and what was she thinking? jon: what she was thinking that she's a democrat and she has ambitions to be in another place in a couple of years. maria: she wants to be treasury secretary. jon: she's putting her money where her mouth is. dagen: specially with the clinton where you know how to -- you write them a check. >> not that unusual. dagen: don't tell her her
6:26 am
pantsuit looks pretty, write her a check. maria: they're criticized as being political and they have brainard donating. that's political. jon: they never considered politics. maria: the secretary donated to clinton. jon: a meeting coming up in november. nobody thinks they're going to do anything around that meeting. it's a political act. they say every meeting is live, we know that they're not going to do anything at that particular meeting. maria: ridiculous. >> how much does this actually matter to voters? are they political or not political? the average independent, swing voter, the person undecided at this point really care so much?
6:27 am
jon: yeah, i think the average voter does. i was standing in a garage the other day and there was a guy, you know, blue-collar guy talking about the fed and how the fed needs to keep fingers out of the financial markets and stop manipulating it. dagen: yeah. jon: a lot of americans don't trust institutions of government and the fed saw great example of an institution that has lost a lot of public trust in how it's managing the economy. i think it all feeds into this distrust. maria: put it on the edge of that list. the fbi. jon: that's what donald trump is tapping into it. maria: real quick, john stumpf on the hill, will he keep his job? jon: we will see. the independent directors on wells fargo played important role. they are doing investigation.
6:28 am
it should be done by the end of the year. something tells me -- this isn't the end of the story. $41million maybe settle down people a little bit. maria: yellen told everyone that she will scrutinize. jon: she got a lot of heat yesterday from republicans and democrats. maria: coming up hillary clinton's next challenge, democrats are less likely to vote in november. big banks joining forces to take on and more on plan to create an app that let's users send payments through phone. back in a minute guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs.
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maria: good thursday morning. i'm maria bartiromo. hope you're having a good morning. thursday september 29th, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting new hampshire and iowa 40 days till election day. trump took aim at bill clinton yesterday. >> i don't think they tried too hard. the clintons have perfected the politics of profit, large corporations who support terrible trade deals and offshore jobs and they're doe noting to the clinton. >> isn't this one of the strangest elections you've ever seen? i really sometimes don't know what to make of it. standing on that debate stage
6:32 am
the other night i was especially thinking about that. maria: we will talk to a life-long democrat that says now he's going to cast his vote for donald trump. he's with us this morning. congress overrides obama's veto of 9/11 bill. president warning of dangerous precedent coming up. samsung feeling the heat, literally. washing machines are catching fire. we have the details. market this is morning really flat. investors are watching oil prices. as you can see oil prices a quarter of percent. opec reached a deal to cut production. that's the story in the journal this morning. we are waiting on the gdp. u.s. futures flat ahead of the opening. investors waiting on final reading of second quarter gdp. the estimate growth 1.3%. wewe will get you the numbers when they hit. in europe stocks are higher
6:33 am
after the opec deal. major averages up better than 1% right now. the nikkei average in japan up 1.4%. justin bieber most dangerous celebrity for search apparently. dangerous celebrities coming up. hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail with bernie sanders yesterday. she said she's excited to work with bernie sanders to get things done. donald trump remains skeptical, listen. >> it is great being here on the stage at unh with my friend bernie sanders, someone who i am looking forward to working with to get the kind of agenda through our congress that will begin to make our country stronger. >> wait a minute, hillary, you've been there for 26 years and you haven't done it, why all of a sudden are you going to do it? you're not going to do it.
6:34 am
just to get votes and after the votes it's going to be see you later. maria: joining us right now former new york assemblyman andrew stien. we were impressed with op-ed, you were a life-long democrat and quote given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation with the democratic party i'm now supporting republican nominee donald trump for president. i urge my fellow democrats to vote for mr. trump. why are you not supporting hillary clinton? >> well, i'm supporting donald because he's progrowth, he will reduce marginal corporate tax rates, he will get rid of thousands of regulations which are killing small and medium businesses and -- and then on the foreign area, i think the iran nuclear is the worst thing that america has ever done. i think it's extremely dangerous.
6:35 am
i think it's insane to let in tens and tens of thousands of undocumented migrants. there's no way to document them. it's just asking for trouble and that's what hillary represents. i think we need things shaken up. hillary is the establishment. you look objectively whether you're democrat or republican, the clinton foundation and you look at the e-mail scandal where she really put america at risk, i think it's a no brainer to vote for donald trump. plus, maria, i have experience with donald. when i was asking city council president, i asked him to rebuild ring. when i asked donald to do it he did it in six months and under budget. he knows how to get things up. maria: that's a good story. dagen: you talk about shaking up the status quo and political
6:36 am
establishment but you are the political establishment. why now then? why now? what has happened in the democratic party, what has happened in the corruption of politics as we know it that now you're basically changing? maria: that is what has happened. something happened. >> well, i have -- i have two boys and i'm just looking at -- we live in an extremely dangerous world and i'm saying to myself, who do i want guiding america in this dangerous world and hillary is more of the same. it's a third obama term. i think it will put america at risk. i think donald will be different. he will be new. i think he will look at things like a businessman and will shake things up in a way that professional politicians cannot do. dagen: i will let everybody else
6:37 am
get in, if it was another democrat running, joe biden or is this a corruption that has followed the clintons? >> it is very personal. if you look at objectively at the clinton's behavior, the clinton foundation -- maria: extraordinary. >> is really questionable and it was like a piggy bank for them and i also think that the cover-up in the emails is almost worst than the emails. you saw what happened in capitol hill yesterday with the five people that were granted immunity. so, you know, i tend to evolve as somebody is more of a jack kemp person now, believe in strong growth, obama has reduced our military to a seriously dangerous point through
6:38 am
sequestration and cuts. we have to defend ourselves. we are in a very dangerous position in the world and i think at this point donald trump will do that and i don't think hillary can. >> do you still call yourself a democrat, though? >> i do. [laughter] maria: what do your friends say, other democrat circles is this resinating with other people that you know are democrats? >> well, in the manhattan world, maria, i'm getting a lot of phrase and flag. both. you talk about virtue of trump as base -- businessman, do you think he did a good job on getting point across, he seemed to be defensive, he didn't get economic message as clearly as he wanted to. is there room for improvement on those fronts in next debate? >> first of all, i think lester holt was extremely unfair.
6:39 am
he asked donald like six tough questions, which is okay, but then he didn't ask hillary any tough questions. maria: the foundation never came up. >> the emails never came up. so i think that donald was not just debating hillary but he was also debating the moderator, so i think deck was stacked against him and i think he did fine. he could have done better, and he will do much better next time. maria: what about this new gallup polls, 80% of democrats will likely vote in 2008, that's down to 65% this year. why is there less enthusiasm for clinton in election cycle from her own team? >> because, you know, after a while you just -- she's been around so long. i think she's not exciting people and donald is. you go to his rallies, i've been
6:40 am
with him and it's amazing enthusiasm. i think hillary has stayed around too long and it's wearing thin and i don't think the democrats are excited. maria: can you connect the dots for us, why do you believe the roll back of regulations an lower taxes will lead to jobs? >> well, i think if you look at president kennedy, if you look at president reagan, i'm sort of a believer in my friend jack kemp's theory, progrowth. you reduce taxes, you create more jobs, our economy is only grown at a percent and a half and that leaves many millions of americans out of the workforce. they're just not enough jobs being created and i think that donald would be a progrowth president and would stimulate the economy but also the regulations. people try to start small, medium businesses, they just
6:41 am
tell me there's so many regulations, of course, the worst is obamacare that's killing -- killing -- killing businesses and so donald knows that he has to get rid of so many regulations and let businesses flourish. maria: we brought that yesterday . so if you have business spending, businesses are unwilling to spend, if they have lower taxes and roll back of regulars they're going to hire more people. he needs to connect those dots. i get it but i wonder if he's connecting dots well enough so that it resinates. >> well, he has been and he'll do it even more in the future. andrew, great to talk to you. >> thank you so much for having me on. maria: samsung under fire for another product, regulators warning users after reports of washing machines exploding and damaging homes. celebrity crush can leave you in trouble.
6:42 am
pop star rhianna coming in on number five as most dangerous celebrities. we will also tell you who took the top spot incident back in minute the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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maria: welcome back, markets are flat right now pointing to a weaker open forking the broader averages, we just saw the reversal happening. we are all wait if for gdp for the second quarter. that would be the final estimate and expected to be up 1.3%. a couple of names on the move yesterday. we are watching cbs. read stone family holding company, national amusements run by his daughter will call for personaller talks between companies cbs and viacom. any potential deal will reunite companies. they both split ten years ago. also watching citigroup this morning. the bank to team with rivals to take on venmo. will join jp jpmorgan and bank
6:46 am
of america, zeli lu digital payment clear exchange. congress votes to overrides president obama's veto of a measure that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. cheryl: congress created a, quote, dangerous precedent. >> the wob -- problem with that is that we eliminate the notion of sovereign immunity than our men and women in uniform around the world could potentially start seeing ourselves subject to reciprocal laws. cheryl: senate voted 97 to 1 to overrid the president's veto. more trouble for samsung electronics.
6:47 am
the company facing a class-action lawsuit after consumers complaining that machines blew up in use. it is in active discussions with ty commission. these are the washing machines you're looking out. samsung has been recalling al gasmia note 7, batteries can overheat and explode. 2.5million devices. not good news for samsung. amy schummer is the most dangerous celebrity online. carries over 60% chance of connecting with a virus or malware. you don't want that. she's followed by justin bieber, carson daily and will smith, all of them making the list. as you mentioned earlier, rhianna on the list as well. be worried if you're trying to
6:48 am
download a file and security software. maria: if you search for the people, you're more likely to get the malware. cheryl: end up on another site that's going to affect your computer. >> that seems really high. cheryl: go comedy central's website, you know, don't go to random -- dagen: hbo or hbo now. you can watch stand-up special. there's websites, if you look at the address on the website, they don't make any sense. it looks like a fraudulent website. maria: interesting that they came up with the list of the most dangerous. coming up all-inclusive resort adding more to ve -- vacation, straight ahead back in a minute
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maria: popular all inclusive resort vacations and adding more to transform your next vacation at any of 65 worldwide locations activities such water and land sports, all included in the package. joining me right now with some of the hottest and most affordable spots for u.s. travelers is ceo. take us through some of this xavier. >> good morning.
6:53 am
maria: we all know club med. take us through some of the hottest club med destinations that you're seeing right now? >> there's a very good trend right now. people will look for sun so caribbean, méxico, very hot as usual. but we see very different trends and i see three of them. you wanting to to caribbeans but small island, you go skiing, you wanting to to europe, international vacation, very booming and the last one is what we call experimental vacation. expectations are changing. maria: i was surprised that club medicators to 70% families and 30% couples. it's largely families. >> there have been massive shift. since 2004 club med really moved from being single couple family to 70% of clients are now family and only 10% are single.
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there's been a massive shift. we are following our clients here having kids. maria: what are we looking at in terms of the cost? a family of four looking for one week at one of the locations? >> there's different prices, you saw some of them. price per night. 149 for an adult in cancún or punta cana in the lower season and $20 per day in higher season but it's very important you have kids under 4, free for them and everything is included. so when you see -- you saw price, not only include the room and the food but also the ski pass. maria: all inclusive. >> exactly. maria: that's a really good selling point. how is business right now? we have the gdp coming out in a little while. what do you see? >> it's interesting that we see
6:55 am
up and down. we use today see a constant trend in travel. for many people january was not the level it is. we call it the wave, but now the reason it's good, 2016 our best year ever. maria: wow. >> we are already in '17 right now. maria: when you see things worried about national security and terrorism, does that take an immediate hit in terms of business? >> yeah, so in terms of business model to be international player important. there's always something going out and you know how tourism is all about. when you see impact in some of the region, what we see that people go some where else. so, for example, we have a huge trend of european coming to the caribbeans, for example, or u.s. traveler looking for destination. maria: what do poem want right now? amenities that customers are saying this is what i want, something new? i know technology has been a huge thing and people want to do
6:56 am
everything from their phone before they get to the hotel? >> two things are completely opposite. at one point people want to feel connected to the world, wi-fi, we have wi-fi everywhere. you want people to prepare the via occasion, but after everything we do, that's the huge expectation is people to disconnect. so it's really that element that bringing the technology specially as you said to prepare but after people able to connect and reconnect. maria: i went to cancún, i must be 30 years at this point. what's your favorite club med? >> punta cana is the best. baby to four months to teenagers. cancún is an amazing place. maria: thank you for joining us. still to come doritos serve up.
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maria: i am maria bartiroma, it is september 29, '40 days until election day. the final stretch, battleground states, donald trump will stump in new hampshire while hillary clinton focuses on iowa. and 25 questions submitted by judicial watch. >> one after another after another clinton scandal, never in american history have so many serious challenges, and how serious the campaign, >> the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years. i will close my campaign the way i started my public service in my career. maria: we are looking at the millennial vote including how
7:01 am
young group is forcing companies to change how they do business. a major ford safety recall, why the company is recalling 74,000 focus cars. and warning over painkillers, details how ibuprofen can increase heart failure. markets flat. investors watching the price of oil after opec reached a deal, first time we saw a deal like that since 2008, futures fly to the open investors waiting for the final reading of the second quarter gdp later this morning. economists expect growth of 1.3%, stocks higher after the opec deal. all the major indices up 1% or higher. right now. in asia markets close higher across-the-board. the best performer was in japan, the nikkei average up one.4%. first it was the jungle book, now the lion king. we will tell you about disney's live-action reimagining of the hit movie the lion king. plus national coffee day. free coffee. where you can get it for free
7:02 am
today, those stories coming up. joining me to talk about it, we have free coffee and donuts here this morning. college professor of business and economics and "national review" reporter and fox news contributor, good to see you. dagen: we always have free coffee in the green room. not the donuts. maria: i'm so excited about the lion king. i thought the jungle book was really good. dagen: i was born after the lion king. >> have you not seen the lion king? >> the professor of strategy of irregular warfare, author of defeating jihad, with us, and capital markets equity research analyst joining us. former million dollar listing miami star and real estate agent with us.
7:03 am
you don't want to miss it. today is the deadline for hillary clinton to turn over written answers the last fbi director over the decision to not file charges against the democratic nominee. watch. >> you can call us wrong but don't call us weasels was we are not weasels, we are honest people and we did that in this way whether you agree or disagree with the result this is on the way we wanted it to be done. maria: lewis gohmert is joining us from washington dc, good to see you, thanks for joining us. what do you think? did they do it with integrity? they do it the way it should have been done? >> the more we find out the more it is clear this was such an unusual investigation, so many things, i dealt with the fbi before i was a judge and chief
7:04 am
justice. the way it normally works they don't give you immunity to bring something like a laptop in that they can grab with a search warrant or subpoena. instead of going and grabbing it, as i told comey, as a judge you bring the facts you have to me, i signed the search warrant, you grab the laptop. i told him i talked to some former federal prosecutors, one indicated they were in agreement that one said if the fbi came to me and said we got to give immunity to get the laptop we know contains emails we need to see i would have told the fbi don't let this agent ever work on one of my cases. this is a lightweight that doesn't know what he is doing. they gave 5 immunities, normally
7:05 am
the way that works, if you want to get immunity or a plea deal for your client, you bring in a proffer and oral is not good enough because you couldn't enforce an oral profit. they want to see in writing what e an offer for immunity oing to or a plea deal based on what you say the client will say and make clear if your client deviates from your offer at all there is no immunity, no deal. there was nothing like that. maria: i don't know why jim comey was so surprised. let's face it, the interview was done not under oath, it was not recorded at the fbi. >> they had a key witness, someone we know was involved in
7:06 am
what happened to the emails, very likely should be looking at charges herself, she was a witness, she had been interviewed, that was cheryl mills and yet comey said when hillary brought this, we have no power to keep them out. i have been to interviews where yes, they normally tell you who can come in and who cannot. they let hillary bring an entourage. can you imagine a mob boss saying i can come in but i get to have the key eyewitness sitting there with me and giving me advice on what i can say, it is insane. >> you are making a case it looks inept at best but where do you go from here. if it is just ineptitude when it comes to the investigation can anything be done? >> there can be plenty done. even with the immunities that
7:07 am
have been given. we just found out this week that there were 1000 emails oro th wenbetwn clton d a y nad geral dad petraeus, you don't think the head of the state department emailing a guy at the cia had classified information, and then we find out also this past week that hmmma aberdeen was shown an email where her response was how is this not classified, she knew it was classified. the state department's own secretary who has authority even when she doesn't at a c and say this is classified she is supposed to have some expertise but you know there was classified material going back and forth and when hmmma saw this classified unknown name who is this?
7:08 am
they had to disclose the pseudonym, the president uses. the president used a pseudonym? clearly he knew this was not going through a secure server. maria: this gets worse and worse, no offense to the congressman but we are waiting in the morass and it is so complicated and so detailed and if you listen to people talk about it even in conversation the big question is listen to jim comey yesterday, he was adamant why hillary clinton was not prosecuted in july at the press conference, but gave the justice department cover. wasn't his decision to prosecute but gave the justice department cover, my question, what the hell happened at the end of the day to anybody involved in this? the answer is nothing. we can sit and talk about the swamp that is hillary clinton
7:09 am
and all the machinations and relationships but is anything going to happen to her? >> it doesn't look like it. looks like there is a different standard for her but if you want to know answers to one of the questions judicial watch, they have been so strident in moving forward. they have gotten more information than the benghazi committee did because they were able to go through court and john weiner was never going to let the benghazi committee go through court, one of the questions is why did you use a private server? we got the answer to that. maria: we know why she is the private server. >> a year and a half ago, she didn't want louis gohmert rifling through her emails, we know why. she did it for cover from the beginning. maria: there is more. it looks like clinton had the date pushed back, the due date pushed to october 13th, how many times can she keep pushing this,
7:10 am
until after the election, pushing it to october 13th. >> this judge has been strong enough that this isn't going to be allowed. i don't think this judge will allow that to keep being pushed back. we will see, it helps to have a federal judge in the picture pushing this board, so much of this would never have been disclosed without deadlines by the judge, so much of this would never have come out. it becomes clear every week when the justice department does their political disclosure of document late on friday when the news cycle is over. >> people don't seem to care. why don't people care. >> it isn't it amazing?
7:11 am
>> still to come, painkillers causing more pain than you know, the new study that may think you twice about using product like ibuprofen. how companies are celebrating national coffee day. we are. back in a minute. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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maria: a tragic shooting in south carolina. cheryl: a teenager shot and killed his father yesterday in townbill south carolina before going to a nearby elementary school, opening fire, two students and a teacher at the playground, county coroner telling reporters how the shooter's grandparents cover the body of their son, jeffrey osborne. >> go over to the house, they find their son had been shot and their grandson is not there. this was at 1:44 when she received a cell phone call from her grandson. >> police a a teacher called 911 about the shooter a minute after the teen called his own grandmother. a long time firefighter, no motive is known and that teen is in custody. taking painkillers like ibuprofen on a regular basis may increase the risk of heart failure. a new study from italy finds nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs raise the risk of heart
7:15 am
problems. the findings are based on 10 million painkiller users in britain in the netherlands, italy and germany. it is in a british medical journal. here is what we need to get going in the morning, it is national coffee day, they will give you some cheap coffee, dunkin' donuts selling a medium cup of coffee for $.66, dropped by a krispy kreme and you will get a free cup of coffee and free glazed donut, starbucks is doing something different, they will donate coffee to latin american growers. okay. investing in coffee pays off, coffee prices jumping 21%, easily outpaced the s&p 500 which is up 5.5%, forget about that. we have donuts think to dunkin'
7:16 am
donuts and coffee and to everybody happy national coffee day and coffee and donuts go very well. >> i don't -- >> i had a piece of a bagel and through the rest of it away. a lot of people do that. nobody wants the finger bagel. dagen: i lick the icing off the top of the donuts and put it in the box. thank you dunkin' donuts. donuts and coffee, thank you. president obama's 9/11 bill veto. why the president says the move will put americans all over the world in danger. from deutsche bank to wells fargo. it has been a rough week for the banking sector. what you need to know ahead of "the opening bell," back in a moment.
7:17 am
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comcast business. built for business. maria: deutsche bank shares stabilizing 3%, the bank announced it will sell it savvy life insurance unit. equity research analyst dick bovee, good to see you. i want to ask about wells fargo because i really enjoyed the most recent report talking about the beginning but let started deutsche bank, because there is a real worry given the trouble around deutsche bank it is going to blow up and impact the entire financial service sector. are you worried? >> i took another look at the company balance sheet this morning and it doesn't appear the company is in a position where it will blow up. its loan volume is we, it's expenses have been coming down,
7:21 am
capital markets business isn't very good but when you look at the balance sheet there seems to be enough equity, plenty of room, there doesn't seem to be any reason to fear that it is going to blow up. the other thing i look at is what is happening to the overnight rates, if there's any stress on deutsche bank communicated to the markets those interest rates would be moving up relatively sharply and they are not. they are staying in the same place. i think it is a big mess in the stock market obviously but i don't think deutsche bank is close to blowing up. >> the big issue is the $14 billion find it has been levied. how far can deutsche bank negotiate that, it is not clear how far they can get it. if you think about it from the
7:22 am
standpoint of the germans you have a foreign country coming in here forcing your biggest bank to get rid of businesses to fire people to pay a fine to this foreign country. who are the biggest winners in this situation? the banks in the foreign country which take market share from deutsche bank and the treasury of a foreign country which will get $14 billion just is not going to happen. maria: the company stock is down 20% since the september 15th journal report that the justice department is seeking that $14 billion. is there a capital problem. are they going to be able to pay the department of justice $14 billion when people are questioning whether they have enough capital to operate. >> they have a 10%, 10.2% or 12%
7:23 am
tier 1 equity ratio which means regulators think it is plenty of capital. if you knock $14 billion off that capital which is 20% of the u have a capital problem, a significant capital problem. do you think germany will let the united states do that to the biggest bank in germany? i don't believe it will happen but if it does happen there is a significant problem. maria: i want to talk about wells fargo. the house financial services committee, what does he have to say? is the clawback giving $41 million? is that enough? can he keep his job? >> he can't say anything because anything he says which is meaningful results in lawsuits. if you think of the talk with goldman sachs, in 2009 he didn't
7:24 am
say anything either, these guys have to stonewall for legal issues. that could be enough to move mister stubbs's position. what wells fargo has done is so horrendously bad for the banking system, i don't really care any longer about wells fargo. they deserve whatever they get. what bothers me is they set up a witchhunt for the banking industry, three hours of hearings on bank regulation in the house of representatives and they want to break up the banks, investigate the banks, almost like back to 2008 and wells fargo did that and if wells fargo is punished meaningfully great, they have harmed everybody else. maria: even yesterday on the hill with janet yellen, she committed to more oversight on banks because of this. if anything is going on at other banks -- in your report a week
7:25 am
ago this is just the beginning, what does that mean? >> for wells fargo it means a federal reanalysis of human resources policy, underwriting policies and it control system is because the human resource policy didn't exist that would be effective, they put 600,000 credit cards without underwriting them and they had checking accounts nobody seemed to be aware of that had no money in them. this is a significant breakdown in the internal functioning of the company. therefore bringing in sterling and other companies to look at what they are doing, having the independent board of directors take a look at the companies, it will take two or three years to straighten out the problems that wells fargo but again the
7:26 am
problems they created for the banking industry is substantial. the bill that would have eased regulation on banking is pretty much dead, you can't get it through, getting the consumer financial protection bureau into the control of congress and out of the fed won't happen now. the likelihood of more capital requirements coming out of the fed, a couple days ago, put the squeeze on the big banks with more capital and offering nothing to the banks, $250 million, saying we want better control of your company's. all this is happening because wells fargo tipped it in the wrong direction. it is wrong and bad. maria: all of that pr and work to tell the world the banks are doing a good job and now this.
7:27 am
since we are here do you think other banks are doing this? do they have those record sales tactics we could find the same thing elsewhere? >> no doubt every other bank has crossed, that is a core part, if you say this tigers with the suit, if you walk into mcdonald's they will ask if you want french fries, you walk into a bank they will say have you thought about a car loan. the net effect is cross-selling is the core of how you sell the product. there have been banks like fifth third a number of years ago that crossed a line in terms of pressure on employees to result in bad result if you will. i find it hard to believe a company like jpmorgan or bank of america or even citigroup is putting on this type of stress to their client base. i would be shocked if they find out that is going on. maria: we will leave it there.
7:28 am
any pics? what stock would you buy in this sector? >> mortgage your house and by bank of america. this is so cheap it is mind blowing. maria: always a pleasure, sir, thank you, see you sent. special programming note, foxbusiness will bring the john stumpf hearing live, stuart varney will speak with john chang. you will join stuart for the special interview and live coverage. from doritos to square companies joining the push to get millennials to the voting polls, is it working? it is the return of fried rock, to the's plan to bring the lion king to life next. who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man,
7:29 am
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maria: welcome back. it is thursday, september 29th, top stories at 730 on the east coast, donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the swing state of new hampshire and iowa with 40 days left till voters head to the polls for election 2016. clinton hopes to attract bernie sanders's millennial supporters. >> bernie's campaign energized so many young people. there is no group of americans with more at stake in this election than young americans because so much of what will happen will affect your lives.
7:32 am
>> we can accomplish anything we want, but that means showing up. get out and vote. then you can come back better. maria: how millennial's are forcing companies to change the way they do business. congress overrides obama's veto of the 9/11 bill. look at the president's warning of this being a dangerous precedent coming up and the two men who took an unexploded bomb from manhattan are identified. authorities believe they are egyptian tourists who have already left the country. a major ford safety recall to tell you about. we will tell you why the company is recalling 74,000 focus cars coming up. the return of the king. we will tell you about disney's live-action reimagining of the lion king. markets this morning waiting on the gdp, we are watching oil after opec reached a deal to cut production for the first time
7:33 am
since 2008. futures this morning look like this in terms of stocks, we expect a mixed open. investors are waiting for the final meeting for the second quarter gdp. it will be out in one hour and is expected that it will you 1.3%, stocks sharply higher after the opec deal, major indices of 1% or better. in asia overnight markets close higher across the board, japan best performer, nikkei average up one.4%. to the war on terror president obama says terrorism has not increased but he second guesses his decision. listen. >> first of all it is important to recognize if you look worldwide the number of terrorist incidents has not substantially increased. there hasn't been probably in a week that has gone by in which i
7:34 am
haven't re-examined the underlying premises around how we are dealing with the situation in syria and explored whether there are additional options we haven't thought of. maria: i want to bring in the author of defeating jihad, good to see you, thanks for joining us. i was just struck by that comment, if you look worldwide, we are not looking worldwide, we are looking at america. do you agree with the president? >> his statement, domestic terrorism occurring in the united states or internationally is simply false, not true. the intelligence group estimated june 2nd of this year, outside of iraq and syria there has been a jihadi attack every 84 hours. we have never seen it so high. if you just look at the university of north carolina published its annual study on
7:35 am
muslim american involvement in violent extremism their study, all your viewers can check it out online, has a bar chart of jihadi attacks in america since september 11th, tax or plots. the last year, 2015 saw the highest incidents of jihadi plots in america since september 11, 2001. i don't know who is giving him his data but it is simply fallacious. maria: you would think he would make sure everything down to the number of factual talking to the men and women who put their lives on the line. >> absolutely, you can't -- you have 2 -- we understand we are in an election season, understand washington fuel it's spin but when you talk to the men and women who wear the cloth of the republic just cut it out,
7:36 am
take the politics out and yesterday it was just politics. maria: dagan mcdowell. dagen: if hillary clinton wins the presidency do you think the attitude about radical islamic terrorism, the approach -- seriousness, is it any different than we had in the last eight years? >> no. it will be worse. if you look at her campaign stump speeches, she, like the administration has refused to call the enemy what it is, refused to talk about jihadi radical islam, only 80 people killed in france the she finally used the phrase radical jihadi as if there is a nice jihadi. it would be a third term. the benghazi scandal, servergate, syria, libya, continuation of obama politics
7:37 am
or worse. maria: what needs to be done? people at this point understand where we are but the president keeps telling this narrative. let me ask about this veto because congress rejected president obama's veto of the 9/11 bill. this is the president's reaction and i want to get your reaction. >> the problem with that is if we eliminate this notion of sovereign immunity, then our men and women in uniform around the world could potentially start seeing ourselves subject to reciprocal laws. maria: this is the first override of obama in his presidency, do you agree with what he said that this position is dangerous? >> no i don't. sovereign immunity is not an excuse for bad nations to get
7:38 am
away with what saudi arabia or iran or north korea does. are we judging ourselves by the standard of state sponsors of terrorism? this vote was historic. we have only done this 110 times in the history of the republic. this is a message, the legacy of the obama administration is dead in the water and every democrat except harry reid agrees with the republicans. maria: how much do you think the legacy has to do with a? is that with these things are about to do you can't say the things he is saying based on facts. >> look at the iran deal. the iran deal is the most egregiously a strategic thing america has done in the last 40 years. this is a nation that is a registered state sponsor of terrorism according to the state department and we give them $150 billion. why would you do that unless you are desperate for a legacy? everything else has failed, the
7:39 am
russia recess, redlined in syria, stabilization of iraq. it is national security in this white house. >> is it not true that this 9/11 bill could put forward officials overseas at risk? we have seen in the past how other countries and other people talk about war crimes that the us has committed, usually specious crimes or >> claims but does it put our official that risk? >> no more than they already are. there's nothing to stop another nation prosecuting our people already unless there is a status of forces agreement between us and the nation. the idea that suddenly something happened yesterday and our diplomats or military are incredibly more vulnerable than they were before is fantasy.
7:40 am
maria: what about this? the pentagon says 600 more troops are headeded to iraq, what does that tell us? does that tell us we were wrong, we are losing the fight against terrorism and he is sending more troops to iraq? >> it is the death of 1000 cuts. isis has recruited 85,000 jihadi in a couple years. we have the best military the world has ever seen. the idea that 600 extra troops are going to make a difference in this, the deadliest jihadi insurgency of the modern age is putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. it is a symbolic gesture that will not do anything significant to fight isis as a threat to america. maria: we will watch this. incredible times, thank you. we will see you soon. ford recalls thousands of its focus hatchbacks. what you need to know about safety concerns. back to the lion king, the plans to give the classic movie new life with live-action back in a minute.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
maria: investigators identified two men who walked off with a bag used by the new jersey bombing suspect. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: the two men seen in security video were egyptian tourists who returned home. and that video, they were seen removing something from it as walking off. investigators say ahmad khan rahami used it to transport explosives that failed to detonate. they want to question these two men. if you drive a ford focus hatchbacks the automaker is recalling 70,000 of the cars with manual transmissions in the us and canada. the problem, the hatches can be released too easy when the cars
7:45 am
are still moving. through 2013-2017, no report of accidents or injuries. pressure over the year since yesterday. walt disney breathing new life into one of its most popular animated films, the company and director are working on a live-action remake of the lion king, he directed the jungle book and it raised $965 million just short of the $968 million involving police in 1994. it is moving up big time right there. no word on a release date for the lion king remake but how they do it will be fascinating. maria: i love the lion king, you think this remake will be a success? dagen: look what it did on
7:46 am
broadway. basically the staying power of the lion king in theater is astonishing. on broadway as soon as you come out, the stories there to buy the stuff. >> i can feel the money flowing out of my wallet, kids will react to this. dagen: have to switch from my that all pony to the lion king. still to come, when new hampshire court, a ban on taking cell fees at bowling stations. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company
7:47 am
would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:50 am
maria: millennial's could be a deciding force, the number of millennial eligible to vote matches that of baby boomers at 69 million people, companies encouraging employees to take the day off to vote through the hashtag kickoff election day campaign. chris britt is with us and giving his employees a day off from work, good to see you. >> appreciate having me. maria: why do we need a day off? how long does it take to vote? >> it is about spreading the word that this is such an important election and anything we do to get more voter turnout is great for the country. in the last election, 60% of
7:51 am
eligible voters came out and for the millennial segments in particular it was less than 50% so it is around the campaign is around having employers do everything they can to spread the word to get out. it is not realistic for every employer to give the entire day off but spreading the message to allow for that we believe is good for the country, giving employees the entire day off, you will see at silicon valley a rush of companies doing the same thing, 300 companies including survey monkey, spotify, my company chimes that are allowing employees to take the whole day off. dagen: a lot of executives are worried about voter turnout for the democrats particularly when you talk about technology companies, they want their younger employees to vote for hillary clinton. have you endorsed anybody and do you feel that way?
7:52 am
>> this is a nonpartisan campaign, we want people to vote, get our members out to vote, a 2016 campaign going for some time and our investors, homebrew started this grassroots campaign among silicon valley companies we jumped on board, spreading the gospel that it is great for young people to get involved and our company and a lot of our customers are the millennial segment so it is perfect to spread the word for them to come out. maria: let's bring in our resident millennial. >> take two days off for 3 days. i need a whole week to vote. >> i understand you can leave and vote, don't know if anybody needs a whole day. >> not even a law across the
7:53 am
country or every state of the country to give any time off to vote so i think the fact that we are talking about it now, you have me on the show too to spread the word is a positive thing and i totally get that it is not realistic to take the entire day off. and most likely they will go back to their computer soon after and do work for us. maria: you expect them to work from home. that is not really a day off. >> >> it is easy to see, we want to empower consumers to take control of their money, make it
7:54 am
easier for them. and what is more important than getting out to vote? >> 7 in 10 millennials identify as social activists but we have to make a special exception for them to get out and vote. there is inconsistency here. are we cuddling? do they need to be empowered to vote? other generations without having an entire day off? >> there is a misconception that this generation is lazy and entitled. we have done research, we have seen as many as 50% of millennials volunteer their time, increasingly a factor what companies they work for, almost 80% donate to causes they are passionate about so it is important for us and our culture to encourage our employees and partners to get out to vote so we think this is a good thing and taking a few hours a day to
7:55 am
express yourself on this important election is extremely important. maria: why is it so important? >> it is important for everyone. it is important for you too, not just millennial's. i said earlier less than 50% of millennial actually vote. maria: why is it so important? >> that is the foundation of our country, people should express themselves, eligible voters should be able to vote for the leader of their country. we want to encourage people to do that. maria: great answer, we totally agree with you. a federal appeals court ruled against the ban in new hampshire that would prohibit you from taking cell fees and using snapchat in the voting booth. it is called the ballot selfys.
7:56 am
why do you think the court is doing this? lifting the ban? >> i can't tell people what they can or can't do inside the voting booth, people should have a right to express themselves. maria: and do it alone. >> >> if it is important to them. and stop them from doing it. and if it result in more people coming up to vote. maria: giving you a hard time. the housing market could tell us a lot about the race to the white house, we will look at the red and blue trends in the next segment of "mornings with maria," stay with us.
7:57 am
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it begins from the the second we're
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because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. . > . maria: good thursday morning well back thursday september 29 i am maria bartiromo there are 40 days to go until election day, here are top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast battle grounded donald trump will rally voters in new hampshire hillary clinton is focused on iowa brings early voting today, the swing states in focus, libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson has another aleppo
8:00 am
moment, struggling to name a world leader. >> nam look up to anybody. >> shimon peres. >> i am talking about living, go ahead. [laughter]. >> you got to do this anywhere any continent canada mexico europe over there, asia south america africa foreign leader you and ?ie gus i am having an aleppo moment in the former president. >> i am giving you the whole world. >> i know i know. >> latest from the trail coming up federal reserve chairwoman janet yellen aim at donald trump grilled over central banks officials contributions to hillary clinton's campaign, the controversy coming up plus, from most expensive homes to the state with the lowest home ownership find out what housing differences red and blue states tell us about the presidential election, friends for ever i don't think so a poll finds americans ending friendships over presidential race i know a couple turning to markets investors watching
8:01 am
oil gdp the gdp out in 0 minutes we are expecting 1.3% in growth, we will bring numbers going to come out, of course, we have been talking about the opec deal to can you tell production for the first time since 2008. we want to look at markets right now. we are looking at a fractional move but all about that gdp report, we move now to the race to the white house donald trump defending his comments, from the debate about taxes, he spoke with bill o'reilly last night to clarify his point listen. >> i didn't say that what she said may be you paid no taxes i said well that would make me very smart and i have to tell you something, taxes a big expense, and i wouldn't mind paying taxes a lot recess if our politicians knew how to spend money but they don't they waste the money they don't know what they are doing with the money. maria: joining us right now trump campaign senior economic advisory and chairman and vector group ceo, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us so do you think the issue
8:02 am
is resonating with voters i mean this hillary clinton, asking donald trump about his taxes on the debate. he did leave some open for criticism when he side i am smart for not paying taxes we don't know he didn't pay taxes but this -- >> has become an issue. >> surely has paid taxes you have in other taxes than income taxes a businessman and big lots of people probably paid hundreds of millions payroll social security taxes unemployment about his a bessman played paid a ton of taxes personal return is personal return lots of times, in a corporation money is there, you pay corporate taxes don't take it out pay personal tags. >> he needed to go directly to tax plan what he. >>ed to do the fact is his tax plan makes a lot of sense, lowering corporate taxes 15% lowering back regulations, that seems to be positive in terms of -- moving needle on economic growth.
8:03 am
>>is also with the alternative minute tax 2 way it would issues would be almost impossible to may no taxes personally so -- >> all the things he could have said, why that? how -- >> it was a comment. >> but trying to be too clever do we agree when he he basically gets off track, because he -- he is fix aitsd on certain parts of life and business, his neither worth and siege smoert than everybody else gets him in trouble. >> i it can morgan said duty of people evaded paying taxes pay as little as possible i don't think a crime to pay as little as possible. >> the quote you are referring to in paper anybody has a right have to evaded taxes if he can get away with it no sense has moral obligation to assist maintaining the government having said that, if it becomes self-by the broad public that he hasn't paid taxes obviously that is going to be a massive negative for him. >> i agree, but i guarantee
8:04 am
you he paid lots of taxes, okay? you know you can pick out-years may be that he paid less than others but he paid taxes just by naturech being a businessman. >> just the fact we are talking about this falling for strategy. >> exactly. >> it is really much ado about nothing. >> could he reveal potentially i don't know if up for discussion could he reveal how much he paid without releasing returns. >> democrats would then say how do we know if we don't see tax returns basically said look at my financial disclosetsures, right? >> why are you a trump supporter tell us. >> i am a trump support er known downald 30 years great businessman negotiator has a lot of qualities and that are needed to be he is presidential in my opinion, i think weaving through too many years of basically slow a no growth, by the way,, this is all for a time kept interest rates unbelievably low still can't stimulate growth what is
8:05 am
going to stimulate growth other than tax cuts it is impossible nothing left if interest rates high would say lower interest rates see if you stimulate we can't lower them anymore there are no interest rates. >> the problem what you just targeted makes sense talking about tax recurrences not taking taxes, doesn't make any sense to average voter he has to turn that corner redid he fine i am a business man i create jobs i understand how that works can did that broader economy how does he shift tone in next debate. >> i think he will i think you will see different approach next debate i'm very positive about that. >> she -- >> she immediately put him on defense, and he took it. >>e i can't. >> but his rivals on the democratic side creative his tax plan campaigning with hillary clinton yesterday, senator bernie sanders was he is especially kril on trump's proposal to repeal estate tax from there 80% tax listen to this is. >> at a time when we have massive levels of income and
8:06 am
welt about inequality it is disgraceful for donald trump friends talking about hundreds of billions in tax breaks for the top 1%. >> what is your take, i mean, look, look -- and have my take when it comes to tax policy economics i wouldn't listen to bernie sanders too much. >> [laughter] >> you know. >> not o focused on economic growth he doesn't care about economic growth very simple what his plan is, his plan to tax and giveaway money, so that doesn't work, we've been look how many as we are we've been doing that, and where are we day. >> probable one of the worst growth economies in the world we should not be it makes no sense, i think -- >> they love the message, and that is why hillary clinton has him on campaign trail, because she needs she needs those votes, and donald trump certainly isn't i mean not promising them the world for sure.
8:07 am
>> well, the only thing ever happened if you promise someone the world is that it wouldn't happen. >> biggest -- >> they will be disappointed, again, are how many people famous words right are you better off today than you were four years ago 8 years ago who could say that? >> about realistically show me people bernie sanders support him can't say that in worse shape than they were 4, 8 years ago it hasn't worked the only way to sometime lait the economy create jobs more spendable income for everyone, and the only way to have more spendable income is to lower taksdz period there is no other way. >> -- roll back regulations. >> yes. >> very. >> that has been holding back business. >> hillary you know has really not accomplished anything, sound bites things donald said so true what has she really accomplished it is funny when you talk about what i am oi obamacare that was hillary's when her husband was president, and she couldn't have it passed. so she is not very good at
8:08 am
accomplishing anything she is good at speaking very good speaker. >> i don't love it. >> i don't like it either i would say the majority of the peel think the if they listen if you want to believe what she size may be more how she says it what you say, and how you say. >> it. >> have how about what you do. >> yeah but there is nothing she could say about that she hasn't done in youing. >> this is where i don't imitate her. . >> -- [laughter] > i am not going to do it. >> howard is that his winning nugget economic plan how is he going to get that huge people who are still we're inning. >> i as i pretty simply the two things that we care about one and two may be not he necessarily changes once people the economy, and our future for our families and our children, and security and safety of living in the united states those are the two things.
8:09 am
he is strong on both of those issues, okay? you saw her yesterday -- 50 -- military people came out sport him he had police unions support him everyone that we care about to protect us supported him i don't see anyone sport hillary. >> gdp in 20 minutes on economy you are chairman of how is rae what are you seeing terms brad economy. >> real estate pretty a slowdown may be 5, 6 months, i quote saying yes, the markets overpriced condo minutiums slowed down, if you price right they sell people got aspirational. >> people have no idea how instain prices are. >> go up 200% double, four, five years then down 20% everyone ways my god a bad market not true. >> prices came down. >> a little bit not a lot. >> thank you, still to come
8:10 am
the fallout over wells fargo phony account scandal continues what you need to know as ceo john stumpf heads to capitol hill second time will donald trump hope for new roll on pennsylvania avenue one actor scored roll playing him major star set to play gdp candidate on "saturday night live" saturday night back in a minute. >> it's all right, out of sight ♪ ♪ baby, everything is all right, up tight ♪ here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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. . maria: welcome back, wells fargo chief executive john stumpf to testify again today he is crumpled to get grilled during if hearing, and one scenario continuing that yesterday on social media, blake burman with the latest, live in d.c. now blake good morning. cheryl: hi maria good morning to you john stumpf will indeed return to capitol hill again to hoo likely receive another verbal pummeling with a lot less money wells fargo ceo to testify before house financial servicers committee over why employees at his bank opened up millions of unauthorized accounts, 5300 wells fargo workers were fired overtime while stumpf's and other top executives kept their jobs. this will be round two, for stumpf on the hill you remember last week he received blistering criticism from senate banking committee including senator elizabeth warren. >> you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they
8:14 am
could cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock, and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. you should resign. you should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated. >> now since then wells fargo announced it has launched independent investigation, and that stumpf would forgo 41 million dollars in stock button uses his salary during the investigation and would not receive a bonus this year. warren responded on twitter writing the following quote, this is a small step in the right direction, but nowhere near real accountability. >> 10:00 later this morning maria a couple hours from now her colleagues in the house, will have their say. maria: um-hmm all right. we will see how that does thank you blake burman more about washington state mall shooting suspect this morning cheryl casone with that headlines. cheryl: yeah maria authorities say 20-year-old is
8:15 am
not a u.s. citizen state records show registered to vote in 2014, and participated in at least 3 he elections came from turkey as a child status never chaeksed from green cardholder to u.s. citizen, charged with five counts of premeditated murder. in business headlines this morning, uber is turning attention to trucks by recently acquiring auto a start-up that is working on self-driving trucks uber to get into long haul business using a to know every trucks by next year, 6 trucks now on mr.s to increase to 15 under uber, there is this. >> -- this is from it is real life inspiration for ironman. [laughter] >> who am i? >> move over darrell hanan donald trump is getting a huge make over on "saturday night
8:16 am
live" baldwin as republican presidential nominee "snl" i head to headed for the premier debate saturday night, capitalize, of course, on the record shattering debate ratings that came in on monday night. back to you you. maria: that has to be so great. >> watch whole video one of our top make up artist in video emmy aawarded win artist on "snl" daniel. >> daniella a shout-out in the beginning of the video i think fair -- looks like her. >> i think "alex" baldwin is going to be great excited about that. >> absolutely. >> hilarious, kate has been doing a good job said hard for me because i am a spror of hillary clinton i try to make fun of her all the time that is -- funny -- >> my prediction though is if
8:17 am
they do a debate, that they would use the verbatim of some things he said essentially what they did with sarah palin used the exact transcript of some of the what she said they could do that. >> did that with the fofox busi debate same topics language. >> you are a super star, and super smart like i think they will use donald's words to mock him. >> so things we may not have heard on that debate. >> yeah or just they will they would use they will have baldwin say what he said for laughs. maria: going to be funny another alepa moment for libertarian presidential nominee gary genuineson the latest for the politician talk about most out of moments tim tee' convicted off about major league baseball career back in a minute.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
. >> one that you respect look up to. >> i guess i am having an aleppo moment. >> i am giving you a whole world! . >> i know i know. >> anybody in the world you like anybody, pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one. >> i am having a brain -- >> anybody. >> -- >> alepa 2.0 libertarian nominee gary johnson could not identify influential world leader after he askinterviewer what aleppo was may be more to this story. >> as you said on jen with every question very, very
8:22 am
difficult, you've got a specific fact name place, but plays into reception libertarians live at 10,000 feet can't get real world about anything playing into that you pivot at least i don't say you ied a mire putin can't keep saying i don't know, you just don't -- >> to give him some slack, he didn't want to name one because he he has -- he doesn't have an answer. >> he did struggling with i think talking about vincent aye fox did trouble with that couldn't name anyone again, because you know him delivery. >> goofy. >> goof all about ballgoofballr. >> you continue to do stuff like that. >> have tongue holding you asked him about. >> all i said why stick your tongue out he did it gave in the other day i think trying to be human and funny.
8:23 am
and that is why he did it again but look at mop mouth university poll i want monday mouth poll 70% say presidential election was brought out has brought out the worst in team 7% claim to have ended friendships over the presidential race what do you think negative means for the next president i was with somebody recently said i ended friendships anybody behind donald trump. >> people say break up with somebody if they support donald trump this or that i think may be a lot people are paying attention now than they were of about your in situations now more than i've been in the past at bar a party peep talking politics the election, things get heated, people start yelling at each other -- we know from even a numbers, debate watching debates more people are paying attention now it is more poll prizeing because of the narrative you support trump not pr sprort a sexist racist bad person has gotten
8:24 am
so personal, really should not be. >> you know, students getting in trouble dust schools wearing trump hats racist this and that he -- >> why judge jury -- >> absolutely. >> surrounding myself with peel don't have same opinion -- >> i like being i i mean those are my friends. >> that we can have a smart conversation. >> a smart conversation about what these two candidates represent what two parties represent without getting into the name-calling. >> -- the people don't support trump if you spoke trump you are this or that exactly why trump won nomination people sick of someone looking down on them not having one this is my guy he is not looking down on me he is high and mighty. >> elitist. >> college campuses you see being lack of honest debate in campuses that really is sort of won't even tolerate differences that is sort of spilling over into election a
8:25 am
little bit you just see culture i can't disagree in a respectful say problem for next president going to be disagreements politics is about compromise as society we have to have ib civic virtues to practice democracy. >> sad moment. >> you might not like everything about donald trump but if you can't understand why he is resonating with people, then, this country is doomed to fail because there is a giant part of this nation still completely left out left behind, you are an elitist if you can't at least understand why people are so passionate. >> you are the reason he is resonating. >> a bunch of racists or excuse me a basket of ebb about deplorables. >> battle for white house impact on your house would living in red state versus blue state means for your home double standard wells fargo ceo stumpf ready to get grilled second time stuart varney weighs in lawmakers,
8:26 am
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. maria: well back good thursday morning i am maria bartiromo, it is thursday, september 29 countdown on your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton will stomp for votes in new ham stir iowa 40 days to election red versus blue states what housing differences from most expensive home to state with lowest home own citizenship
8:29 am
can tell us about presidential election markets weighing on a report coming out investors watching oil this morning after opec reached a deal to can you tell pruks first time we heard a deal like that since 2008 oil prices down a quarter of a percent right now futures down slightly ahead of the open right now take a look, down about a quarter of a percent on major averages awaiting final reading of second quarter gdp, it is out in about a minute economists are expecting growth of 1.3% that would be final for the second quarter we bring that students it huts tape in europe stocks sharply higher after the opec deal take a look the major averages have come off, of their best levels of the morning, we are still looking at gains, to the tune of 3/4 of 1% for cac quarante in paris dax index off highs in air markets higher across the board japan best nikkei average up nearly 1.4%, buffalo bills coach restaurant may have a second job as a jokester we will tell you how you pull a fast one on
8:30 am
patriots edelman. >> tebow time. want to get the numbers from the gdp coming outright now, brian we had, initial estimate of what 1.2% then the next estimate 1.1% now the is 1.3%. >> so you've got a little bit of uptick may be it really doesn't change the trajectory we are still talking about 2% growth, 1.4 at 1.4. >> 1.4%. >> comes in 1.4%. >> better than expectations 1.2% your point well taken we are still sort of bumping along the bottom. >> that doesn't change with the fed it is not a reason to hold off in trait increase until december that is still probably on the table has not changed long term trajectory i don't think investors get a lot of confidence out of this a lot of hope out of this i don't think, markets about have huge reaction to this it is in line when would we have seen time and again past several quarters. >> business sector not spending money isn't that one
8:31 am
of the biggest issues for this economy. >> one of the biggest issues with all the headwinds that have been put in that have are in place, because of president obama's policies. i hate to keep moving back to him, but -- whether it is obamacare whether it is the record number of economically distant regulations that have come out of the white house, more over 8 year on 8-year period, even more in seven years than george w. bush even bill clinton. it is those problems for businesses that are preventing hiring you've got -- the minute not minimum wage the overtime came out of white house the oval office it is those kinds of things. >> hillary clinton you have minimum wage. >> slow growth a bunch of policies in the pipeline slow growth even more the story remains next year does not look good again back to
8:32 am
election that is where i think donald trump misses opportunity last opportunity shafb hammering numbers instead of he fed hammer numbers link back to obama and clinton he didn't do that. >> he didn't the economy is real story and that is the number one issue for the american voter today because they are worried about their jobs, they are worried about economic growth. >> the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and over again, and thinking you are going to get a different result that is what see that is promising the american people. that you are going to get a different economy, if she continues to do what president obama has done, in nearly 8 years. >> we know. >> say it like that. >> obamacare is one of the biggest reasons holding back, ceos from investing in their business and hiring people she wants to double down on obamacare. >> we are waiting for that 40 paris excise tax on cadillac health care plans kicked down the road delayed supposed to quick in 2018 i think, there are a lot more problems down the road, for corporations, specifically with obamacare.
8:33 am
>> numbers out not great, up 1.4%, slightly better than expected but, again, showing a slow move in the economy we are used to democratic versus republican matchups in political season, but how about you a housing matchup the mediaman household income blue states nearly 23% higher than red states does that translate into real estate we talk about that americaned lifting miami host to sort through differences between democrats and republicans good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> why with washington, d.c., and california, highest median home prices in the country are these you know these are blue states we know that what makes homes more valuable than -- homes in red states? >> right, so more and more people are migrating to cities on the coast going for jobs amen 70s overall better quality of life, what they are not going there for though is
8:34 am
land, there is no land there, so when this is no land a my examine demanded prices going to go up. and while that is unfortunately not so bad because like you said, the income coming from the blue states is 23% more than the red states so people are actually bhaiking thmaking thatn afford more expensive home. >> in comparison to states least expensive homes ohio indian kansas. >> red states. >> when you look at ohio, for example, you know the population density lower than those pricier cities states, but also there is so much land in ohio, there is no mountains no coastline so it is a builder's haven going there, building all of the new construction homes, and making it very affordable for people living in that state. >> big zoning restrictions a lot of cities we're seeing
8:35 am
population moves higher prices that you know artificially boosting to home rises crowds people out of the market creates real problems sort of a downside to that as well here. >> again more about affordability when you are able to meet a demand when you are able to build a solid product, i mean you are getting reputable birlgdz builders at the end of the day everyone wants american dream to buy a home i still think a good thing. >> so what about where homed are biggest median red state listings 210 square feet larger than median blue state largest homes in the red state utah, but two cities with most spacious dicing in colorado twin state what allows cities to boost biggest homes do you think. >> in colorado, it really comes down to so many people in colorado prefer these larger homes it is simply as that you know if you look at
8:36 am
1950s, 1980s homes continued to grow bigger and bigger, big new thing for people in states a like colorado i know if you have been to colorado i just actually came back from aspen first fiem beautiful there not like this is a random place do build a big old home it is that it is a beautiful place there is so much to do, i was paragliding doing everything else people want to not just buy there but enjoy living >> so residents blue states are also 14% likelier to own a second home interesting. >> again when talking about incomes blue states have a higher income, 23% more put in perspective, red states just over 50,000, blue states just over 63,000. so when you are talking about that these people have more money when you have more money you are thinking well real estate he is great investment
8:37 am
so making buying second property i can personally stay a blue state like new york, is a lot of new yorkers plying in miami which is a purple state swing state. >> you see dagen -- >> running out of colors, so the blend -- >> actually, actually i open a small place in miami, for that reason. but again -- >> you didn't use me as realtor so you know. >> i feel bad about that actually. but what it is -- blue states, so the homes are smaller, but people are earn a more money so they want space somewhere so they wind up going somewhere on the east coast going somewhere south. are in north carolina, georgia florida to apply like a small apartment so that is how they use money but a good thing, if you have a new yorker, and they go down and buy something that like north carolina they get exposure to red state mentality. >> exactly.
8:38 am
>> wake them up a little bit. >> does this say anything about the people who have more money able to buy bigger homes and -- higher priced homes elitism, donald trump you know pushing back on elites what do you guys think. >> anything about that or this is agent you have the the way it is -- >> i kind of think the way it is. >> i don't think -- when it comes to real estate i don't necessarily think it is political, everyone at the end of the at a, wants again want that american dream they want to apply that home, obviously again when talking about who owns that second home, it is naturally going to be people who have money to do so. i think red states blue state purple state any state you want to be able to buy real estate, it is just a matter of this study is more a matter of preference, and that is what it is coming down to -- >> it is actually a -- a real
8:39 am
estate is almost bipartisan you ask anybody owns property talking about taking away mortgage interest deduction everybody losses their minds everyone. >> doesn't care if red or blue -- own your home. >> the at the end of the day when you are talking about real estate you have to make sure you know what you are doing, and that is going to be the best advice i recently just split my house made 44% net. >> nice. >> that is in two years, so no capital gains good in sunny south florida for me. >> for you. >> joining us there, still to come hedge funds under pressure continue what another tough year for the group maintenance for money nfl to tune up sales teaming with big musicians on new clothing back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:40 am
you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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8:43 am
. maria: welcome back, we got gdp number out it was slightly better than expectations off 1.4% still, a bad number, 1.4% economic growth, is not what you want, in terms of creating jobs, markets are down, after the number they had bn down, before the number though markets hit record highs this year the different story to hedge funds however fox business network adam shapiro joins auz look at hedge funds horrible not only year but couple years at this point. >> going on what 6 years bad numbers billionaires losing bucs numbers don't lie underperforming broader markets in 2009, the s&p 500 return talking about 6. %, but the 2.9 trillion-dollar hedge fund industry only up roughly 3% at least in the first half of this year as a result, hedge funds are cutting their fees according to hedge funds research inc out of chicago, 2
8:44 am
funds famous for two and 20 pricing model they cut management fees to average 1.5%, and performance fees that is down to average 17.6%, the industry was this monday richard perry sent letter to a he investors announcing plans to close perry partners lp hedge fund he founded in 1988 also phones barneys, bot controlling stake in 2012 says assets under management fell 60% last two years as investors with drew other firms facing hard times brief and howard management announced will no longer charge fees on new capital, flagship master fund they returned 20% to investors in 2008, but had three straight years losses, expected to pay 3 billion dollars, in redemption, this is a pattern that is playing out across the industry a lot of it too has to do maria with the fact that the big state pension funds frinz cal% california withdrawn money from hedge
8:45 am
funds no longer using them for investments. >> harder to justify 2 and 20% in terms of fees when you are not beating a average -- >> when warren buffett says to average investors retail like me, incomes funds hedge funds get 3%, 3% you are barely breaking even at 3% if 2 and 20 pricing model why not go to index funds. >> 20% profits to have you pay 2 and 20 for hedge funds, thanks, politicians grilling cos on moral grounds host of "varney & company", stuart stuart i love this. >> i see you smiling i know your smiling i think we are in this together. maria: yes. >> you are going to be treated to political theatre this morning, when john stumpf wells fargo guy he gets grilled all over again. the politicians are going to express their outrage, of course, they are! all are up for reelection, this november, and so they are
8:46 am
going to be s indulgeing big time left-hand side of screen elizabeth warren led the bank bashing last time stock stumpf before senate banking committee elizabeth warren got a job at harvard university falsely claiming to be a member of a minority group if that is not immoral i don't know what is maxine waters now she was involved in the banking crisis of 2008, she steered money to a bailout money, to a bank in which she held stock was subsequently cleared of all, ethical charges a fierce hypocrite of banking industry finally outrage about what wells fargo actually did. two million fake accounts? the top management kept it quiet got rich on it, there is outrage for you so we are going to bring this o to viewers this morning 10:00
8:47 am
eastern time a festival of outrage. on what do you think about it. maria: we like it stu you are not condoning what wells fargo did obviously about they made major mistakes but i mean, be careful what you say congress, because we are on to you as well. >> right. >> i think that is moral of the is toir. >> see you 10 minutes stu will have live coverage of that testimony of john stumpf on hill "varney & company" begins top of the hour 9 a.m. mariner after "mornings with maria" up next fans not only ones concerned about patriots quarterback situation sneaky way one rival coach tried to get answers back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> >> welcome back for the day of mourning in miami, where many paid final respects to joz aif fernandez 24-7 jared max with the story. >> miami marlins fans gatdz outside marrins park josé fernandez teammates walked along side of the hearst, fans charted josé jose fernandez mother grandmother kissed casket would be point stnd viewing for public the service today 24-year-old pitcher died early sunday morning boat crash off miami beach. >> rare two teams playing each other can win same night it happened in new york on wednesday, retiring new york yankees mismatched 9th inning grand islam to beat red sox 5-3 yankees keep slim playoff hopes alive, and boston red
8:52 am
sox win american league east second place plau apologizes lost the to orioles four days left in regular season, now the home run that made twitterverse quake, yesterday. first at-bat, in instructional game tim tebow's first swing first swing. a home run. now within minutes, on twitter tim was trending, financed 1 for 6 nfl fans want -- [laughter] -- >> just saying. >> -- sorry. >> rock 'n' roll party about kids check out nfl music inspired t-shirts, kiss from new york for legitimacy love 49ers for garcia, patriots, sharp dressed man for the houston, texas anz top style, counseltation from blue ice sinatra slooult to big blue
8:53 am
some played major roles m&m fergie melissa, shirts for every nfl team available except cowboys packers raiders 25 bucks each not bad. >> thank you explain the jerry garcia t-shirt please kwooirlg do you know why the hand like that. >> it is a grateful dead thing. >> no, missing part of his finger. >> really. >> that is what i was a music fan. >> i got you on that continue. >> -- ryan prankster yesterday, report conference call rex decided going to be a reporter with patriots julián watch this. >> froe buffalo news -- are you playing quarterback this week? >> huh? with you playing quarterback this week? >>. on the phone: well -- i am doing whatever the coach asked me to do. >> the head coach was said from buffalo news playing quarterback, this week the end said thanks a lot good laughs
8:54 am
people mock rex ryan a up if, fun guy. >> they don't quite win enough. >> that is right you don't win it all but win a few. >> how did you not know jerry garcia wasn't missing most thumb finger on right hand. >> i don't know i like him the coolest decide in. >> i like that shirt. >> a rock 'n' roll thing. >> not bad -- it is it is this. >> that is what it is yeah there you go. >> part of the finger. >> chopped i think his dad chopped it off. >> playing guitar. >> how do you lose -- like that. >> was strung pretty title, snapped i don't know. >> the detail here. >> anyway. >> did you see the tweet pitcher threw home run ball tim tebow said tim i thought we agreed you were taking first pitch i love that we the. >> did one for -- like going to get called up next year. >> to be tim tebow, to what do
8:55 am
you mean. >> always something ridiculous -- >> there is something. >> al something never going away. >> pants make legs look especially -- >> shout-out for lebron james saying i will always stand for national anthem it is just who i am proud of it. >> said i was talking about colin kaepernick this is who i am. >> colin kaepernick said make america great again america was never great? >> nothing great about this place whatsoever. huh. >> yeah. >> we are hearing ratings nfl ratings tanking this season, so some saying may be because of the -- >> really. >> protest who knows. >> thanks jared max final shots when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:56 am
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♪ ♪ maria: final thoughts all-star panel great show. >> as millennial i want to say i am not going to take the day off, and i will have no -- you don't need a whole day off to vote you really don't nobody if you do, then you are doing it wrong! .
8:59 am
>> you know this a lot of political theatre with stumpf i don't think things are going well for him i think you are going to come out calling for ouster to intensify it just does not look good for him -- to resuscitate the brand i don't think they can do it without stumpf leaving. >> given back 40 million. >> not enough. i don't think enough for the critics. >> u.s. economy is barely growing has been worst recovery for the economy since at least the end of the 1940s i think, 1949. so how donald trump can't take that with the lack of wage growth and crack a really coherent message i don't know he's got to deliver the next debate. maria: especially since all turns the other side trying to take him off message he has good message, the economic plan good they are taking him off message he is falling for bait. >> stop talking about yourself talk more about the american people he has done that, but he falls into the trap of --
9:00 am
being concerned about what his net worth is, by the way, reduced 800 million by forbes he has to stop thinking about championing himself and championing american people. >> great panel great to see you all thanks joining us "varney & company" now stuart take it away. stuart: good morning, maria everyone jam-packed show here is what we have, wells fargo, is about to be harm erred again by politicians it will be grilling number two for john stumpf elections 04 odd days away republicans and democrats the jump on the bank bashing bandwagon is that justified in two million phony accounts hoped some customers put through hell top management kept it on the wraps profited mightily justify you may well ask. >> going to be a banking takedown part two and you will see it all including questions from maxine waters cleared of ethics charges in another banking scandal.


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