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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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reporter: [inaudible]. >> well, you know, look -- [laughter] we have laws in our country and the efforts that trump was making to get into the cuban markets with his business interests ahead of the laws of the united states, and the requirements that his businesses were operating under because of the sanction, shows he put his personal and business interests ahead of the laws and the values and the policies of the united states of america. now, i was a strong supporter of moving toward creating an
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opening with people, when i was secretary of state. i applauded president obama's efforts, and i will continue those when i am president. but, donald trump knew what the law was and from everything we can tell by the investigative reporting that has been done, he deliberately wanted it. and why should it be surprising that somebody who is happy to give his tax returns to state agencies deciding whether he gets to have a casino but not to the american people? and, in fact, says it's smart not to pay taxes, while at the same time he criticizes and denigrates the united states of america. so i think it's important for voters to see that this is someone who always puts himself first, and even in the
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cuban-american community, there has been a change of opinion about what's the best way to bring freedom and democracy and human rights to cuba, but there was also a very clear understanding of what our laws were and who they covered, which was clear, and unfortunately, it looks like he didn't pay attention to them, but why should we be surprised? >> secretary clinton? >> do you have your hand up? >> you simply want more women to run for and win high office, fill in the obligation when trump brings up your husband's past to speak about husband's indiscretions brought into a campaign like this? >> no. >> secretary clinton? >> one more right here.
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>> donald trump today invoked your husband's impeachment as evidence that the clintons are, quote, distorted past and his presidency would be bright and very clean future. wondering if you have a response to that comparison? >> no. [laughter] >> look, he can say whatever he wants to say, we well know, we have seen it in realtime over the last many months, and i'm going to keep running my campaign talking about what i think the american people are interested in, talking about how we're going to make a difference in their lives. i love the event i had with senator sanders yesterday in new hampshire. i loved my college calculator. i hope you all will write about it again because that's what i think people are looking for. it's how can we get our government working for you. how can we help you deal with the everyday challenges you face, and you know, this amazing college calculator that
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our team put together will really provide good information. and i want you to understand that is in line with what i want to do more of in the government. we need to use technology more. we need to get information out. we need to get people to access information easily about government programs, costs, whatever it is that's on their minds. that's what i'm doing, i'm talking about how we make college tuition free for under $125,000 per family and debt-free for everybody else. that's what people care about. [laughter] >> who's your favorite world leader? >> oh! let me think! look, i like a lot of the world leaders. one of my favorites is angela merkel, because i think she's been an extraordinary strong leader during difficult times
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in europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world. particularly our country. you know, her leadership and steadiness on the euro crisis and her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that i am impressed by, i've known her for a long time, she and i have known each other back in the 1990s, i spent a lot of time with her, and i hope i have the opportunity to work with her in the future, but we can talk about lots of different leaders if you want to. liz: this is "risk & reward" i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. this is hillary clinton taking questions on her plane in chicago midway airport. let's take it to former deputy campaign director to president
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george h.w. bush and kim kessler joining me now, good to have you both. hillary was asked, jim, about gary johnson's second aleppo moment he couldn't name his favorite world leader. hillary clinton saying angela merkel saying her bravery in the refugee crisis. angela merkel saying she is upset how she handled it because of terrorist cells popped up over europe. is this an issue for the united states? . >> first for gary johnson, i think he's for legalization of marijuana, he should lay off the weird before doingws and na international leaders. look, angela merkel is the leader of europe and helped steer europe through a financial crisis and also a refugee crisis. these are very, very difficult issues for europe. far more difficult for europe than it is for the united states because they're dealing with millions of people, we're
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dealing with several thousand people. liz: dealing with tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands. take it to you, mark, the angela merkel comment. admitting yes the way it was handled was a mistake. this has national security implications for us here, right, mark? >> so revealing that hillary clinton would talk about the globalist open borders leader of europe. the woman who is probably most responsible for the attacks against women, the sexual attacks against women in the streets of germany. the woman who has taken the border down and her own popularity has completely tanked, so for hillary clinton to suggest that's "her"o in europe and she wants to bring her policies to the united states by bringing more syrian refugees, 100,000 syrian refugees to the united states where our own national security will be compromised and the result will be attacks like we've seen in orlando and other
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places in the united states. it's disgraceful but also very telling she would put angela merkel at the top of her list as her hero. liz: to mark's point, naturalized citizens created that. angela merkel regrets it because it overwhelmed local law enforcement throughout europe. they weren't ready for it. and al-baghdadi said yes, we are going to embed isis terrorists in the refugee flow. go ahead. if trump was asked who is favorite leader is, it will be vladimir putin. liz: stay on the question. this is a national security issue. >> vladimir putin is a national security issue. liz: okay, but we're talking about immigration and a strong border. >> no, actually talking about chaos in the middle east and how it's spilling over to other places and how we need a very, very steady hand. in europe they're overwhelmed, not because of angela merkel but all sorts of chaos in the middle east which to this point beyond the control of any
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particular leader. liz: okay, but it was angela merkel's policy, right, mark, that said yes, we'll take them in without beefing up and telling local law enforcement, hungary and poland are saying wait a second, we weren't given a heads-up about this. go ahead. hillary clinton wants the economy to run just like barack obama. he wants to raise taxes on the middle class. she wants national security and immigration policy to run just like angela merkels, where we let anybody in. there's no vetting, no screening. we let people in from syria just like angela merkel does and we have multiculturalism, globalism run amok where americans feel less safe because of it. liz: they say they're going to do vetting but what do you turn to? there is no good database, it's useful. thank you, guys, see you later in the hour. turn to the horrific train crash, less than five miles away from wall street.
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it happened in hoboken, new jersey earlier this morning. one person is dead, more than 100 others injured. a number of them critically, and here's what's happening at that hoboken terminal. we've got adam shapiro down there now, thousands of commuters have been left stranded. this is a major hub for new york city, estimated 50,000 people passed through the terminal. a million people use the new jersey transit. adam, what are you hearing right now? >> well, in about 30 minutes, the ntsb is going to hold a press conference here at the train station. they are on site and they are investigating the accident which did claim the life of a woman who was not aboard the train but inside the train station and when part of the ceiling collapsed, debris hit her and unfortunately she did die. you mentioned the 108 people injured. many taken to the hospital in jersey city, roughly 66 of them. 53 released from hospital. 13 still in the hospital but
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injuries are not life threatening. so that's the latest on the injuries. but want to bring you up to speed on what might have caused this accident. that's what the ntsb is trying determine. and, of course, people here are expressing their condolences for not only the deceased and the injured, but for the hassles that are now going to take pce for the thousand of people who have to go through the nightmare of going through the train station because the train is open. donald trump tweeted his condolences earlier this afternoon. he said my condolences involved in today's horrible accident in new jersey, and deepest gratitude to the amazing first responders. attention turning to the why did this happen? the conductor and the engineer taken off the train alive, they're at hospital. the engineer cooperating in the investigation. here's what governor mario cuomo from new york had to say earlier today. >> we don't know what the circumstances that were caused
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the train to continue at that rate of speed. it could be any number of things. >> reporter: and that is the key question, why was this train moving at a high rate of speed when it slammed into the station? people who ride this train every day say the train slows down before entering the station and literally crawls into the station because this is the last stop. that did not take place. the engineer, the person who operates the train is cooperating with the investigation, and the ntsb press conference should begin in about 15 minutes. back to you. liz: we appreciate your reporting, terrific, thank you, again. wells fargo ceo john stumpf back on capitol hill, grilled by congrs or the bank's recent fake account scandal. >> you've broken a longstanding law, and you've defrauded your customers. how can you rebuild trust? >> you let them go to court if they want to go court. yes or no? >> no, but with an explanation.
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>> no, but, thank you. that's a no. >> your institution is making over $22 billion a year. who is paying for it? who is taking responsibility for it? >> don't come telling me you are sorry? >> taking care of every one of our customers that are interacted. >> i guarantee you any bank in my community, if they were stealing from someone at the lower level, fired and fix the problem, on day one. >> that's what we're trying to do. >> no, no, no! trying to do! we're five years on! >> your problem is coming. it's not today, you think today is tough? it's coming. when the prosecutors get ahold of you, you're going to have a lot of fun. liz: my colleague charlie gasparino with me now. more of the details, charlie? >> not a good day for john stumpf, couple things happened, he took another beating inside the house financial services committee, hearing today. it was bipartisan, lizzie, democrats, republicans, and
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then something else came out. john stumpf conceded after being asked the question that warren buffett did contact him, and as we first reported on fox business network, we heard that warren buffett contacted him to criticize his performance and what went down initially with this scandal. warren buffett conceded he did call mr. stumpf up and voice his concerns. why is that important? warren buffett, the legendary investor is the biggest shareholder of wells fargo. if you have congress against you. if you have multiple investigations, which he does have right now, sec investigations, d.o.j. investigations, and if you have warren buffett breathing down your neck, then you got real problems. that's why have you most of the analyst community right now basically predicting that mr. stumpf who's chairman and ceo of wells fargo will not divide this scandal, which as you know is not big in money
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terms, but when you -- make this really clear, not a huge money term scandal. $10 million at the most, maybe 5, but when a bank has a system that does not catch its employees who willy-nilly create fake accounts in real customers' names, whether they're checking accounts, credit card accounts, you got a compliance problem. if he comes out and puts the hammer to him, he could probably be gone not just by splitting up the chairman and ceo jobs, which i think is a real possibility, he could be gone permently. we'll have to see when buffett makes a more substantive remark. he told our liz claman exclusively that the substantive remarks are likely to come out after the election. liz: thank you, charlie gasparino. sure doesn't make bank customers feel safe if that happened. thank you. president obama calling congress' veto override of a 9/11 bill that would let 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia. he's calling it a mistake. however my next guest
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. liz: in a historic move, congress overwhelmingly passing an override veto, basically overriding the president's veto that would now means that now the 9/11 families can sue the saudi arabian government, again, the president tried to veto it, congress said no way. here's what's happening. 15 of the 19, 9/11 hijackers were saudi nationals and the censored cia report found yes
5:20 pm
incontrovertible evidence connected hijackers to saudi officials. families of the victims urge the president to sign the bill, writing to him in a letter quoting -- charles wolf's wife died. first to you, charles, the president is basically saying that if you allow this to go forward basically to put our own guys of being sued by our own defense military, he's saying where saudi arabia is threatening to cut anti-terror ties with u.s. law enforcement to search and root out terrorists but i want you to listen to what i first said. here's the president on the first quote. roll it. you are setting up the sound bite. sorry for that.
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what do you make of the president's remarks there? >> first of all with, respect to the president, he's working awfully hard with incorrect information, or he's putting out incorrect information this bill is about a nation sending money to a terrorist organization, who then uses that to mountain attack on one of our citizens on american soil. that's the setup for when someone can sue. okay? it's not what's being said. liz: let's take a listen to what the president said. >> i think it was a mistake, and those families deserve support and they deserve resources, that's why we set up a victim's compensation fund, and if we eliminate this notion of sovereign immunity, then our
5:22 pm
men and women in uniform around the world could potentially start seeing ourselves subject to reciprocal loss. liz: jim, you're an attorney on the suit, right? >> correct. liz: can you respond to what the president said? >> it's not true. liz: why? >> jasta confirms to the law for 40 years. in 2012, the administration said you don't need jasta because the 9/11 families can bring suit against a nation that sponsors 9/11. jasta was passed simply because you had strange and inconsistent rulings where the court is disregarding everything that the saudis did to support al qaeda for a decade. liz: let's make this clear. essentially you're saying our laws say yes, you can sue a nation that sponsors terrorism and we still will be protected from any other nation that tries sue our officials, right
5:23 pm
or our soldiers. >> here's the point. liz: is that the issue? >> the issue is this. this slaw normal international law. if you poll countries, in almost any country, if you had someone who came into that country and sponsored a terror attack, that sponsor could be sued. and all jasta does is correct this bizarre anomaly, and jasta is so narrowly drawn, it has nothing to do with suing diplomats who are immune under the vienna convention. it has nothing to do with acts of war or suing military. you know, in fact today -- liz: it has to do with what? suing who is responsible? >> only with suing a state that sponsored a terror attack here in the united states. and today, there's a thousand suits against the united states pending in the world for all sorts of reasons. liz: charles, we're so sorry you lost your wife.
5:24 pm
our hearts go out to you, and all the 9/11 families. if president obama was sitting here now, what would you say to him? >> what i would say to him is either you've been given incorrect information, or you're deliberately putting out incorrect information. when the law, the foreign sovereign immunities act was passed in 1976, there were no terrorist organizations and you couldn't do electronic funds transfers overseas, a judge has interpreted that act to say, well, since the money got transferred overseas, you can't sue. liz: that's an important point. thank you, both of you for bringing some insight and shedding light on this. it's a difficult topic, and again our sympathies are with you. 9/11 bill veto override, most lawmakers didn't read what was in remember when the same congress didn't read but passed
5:25 pm
his 900-page obamacare bill. we're worse off with obamacare, after this. >> affordable, affordable. there's a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
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>> some of the people who voted for her said thankfully we didn't know what was in it and there was no debate of it. it was basically a political vote. >> president obama after overwhelming override now claiming those who voted for it didn't even read it. the past obama care.
5:29 pm
in a number of senators what hurts our country more the fact that obama care was passed. they got health coverage through obama care. what are they saying now. nobody read the obama care bill. i am a former congressional staff. there are about 11,000 bills introduced by congress each year about 550,000 pages of legislation the poor suckers who are staff that are the ones that read the bill. the members get these intense summaries of it but it's a staff that reads it.
5:30 pm
i read a book about the first congress ever. that is just the way it works. it is the debate and that's what happens. the president is saying you didn't read it. his own team and all democratic votes didn't read it either. >> and the obama regulations were 20,000. they were wrong on the politics in this case. the original bill that passed this summer are passed unanimously. everybody voted for it. they passed 97 to one in the senate. tim kane didn't even show up for the vote.
5:31 pm
it's a ridiculous notion. he now has chosen over the 911 family. he still refuses to use the term islamic terrorism. >> why do you still refuse to do that. it's an issue that has been manufactured because there is no doubt that i've said repeatedly where we see terrorist organizations like al qaeda they have perverted and distorted and try to claim the mantle of islam for an excuse for basically barbarism and death.
5:32 pm
>> the 911 report uses the term islamic terrorism. how can you say is manufactured. i don't care if he says islamic terrorism or not. he has launched 16,000 strikes. they had they've killed 45,000 people. i think as the bomb is coming down thank goodness. he is waging an aggressive war here is the most important thing in the terminology is much less. >> we have to go.
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5:36 pm
train into this hoboken station. we are a federal agency we are independent and we are charged by congress with investigating every civil aviation accident and significant accident in other areas such as rails and marine. we also issue safety recommendations in order to prevent tragedies from happening again. and before i go on i would first like to express my sincere condolences to the people affected by this accident today and let everyone know that our thoughts are with you in our hearts go out to you. i would like to thank all of the first responders who had assisted us today. here is what we know right now we are working with the new jersey transit to investigate the safety of the scene.
5:37 pm
the canopy of the building is on top of the car and water has been leaking all day so there may be some structural damage. and weakness. there is the possibility so there are concerns about the as well. a contractor will be coming in to remove parts of the canopy and that is what the goal of the area is. what's sad is that that is done we will be able to access the car and we will continue our investigation process in that aspect. we can currently access the locomotive which is at the end of this trained and we will be pulling the recorder this evening. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and breaking. we know that there were three
5:38 pm
passenger cars in the locomotive and in a push pull configuration the engineer was operating the train from the cap car we also note the train have outward facing video recorders on both ends of the train. and we also will be recovering both of those. they will analyze the facts determine the probable cause and issue a report of those determinations. the investigator in charge i head with me today. he has 19 years of experience with the ntsb and over 35 years of experience with railway. he is leading a multi- disciplinary group of experts and they will be examining the following areas.
5:39 pm
in addition to our investigators we also had our specialists from our office of transportation to assist those who have been affected by this accident. we will be holding an organizational meeting and we will be establishing the parts to our investigation. they will provide the technical expertise we need for this investigation. tomorrow well also be our first full day on the scene as we arrived today. but i want to emphasize we will only proceed when it is safe to do so. it may be tomorrow afternoon before we can safely do that. we will be proceeding with other aspects in the meantime. our investigation will continue here on scene for seven to ten days.
5:40 pm
it's not to just understand what happened but understand why it happened so that we can prevent it from happening again. we will not be determining the probable cause on scene. we don't know what may have caused the accident. since we are just beginning our investigation we don't have a great deal of information to report yet but we will keep you informed with regular updates as we discover more information. we are here to find the most accurate information about this accident. and if the public has relevant information about this investigation i encourage you to contact us. i encourage you also to follow us on twitter and our website
5:41 pm
please raise your hand if you have a question. i will recognize you and then please identify yourself. [indiscernible] >> the question is about positive train control and how it would have affected this accident. we always look into this area for every rail accident. they had been recommending this for 40 years we will look at that and we will look at whether there is positive
5:42 pm
train control installed in all of the aspects related to that before we come to any conclusion. [indiscernible] we cannot know what other people had found what we hear to do is to find the most accurate information that's what we do. we will be pulling we will have more information about the speed and breaking. we will be getting that as soon as we can access that. >> the engineer. they have achieved the video
5:43 pm
recorder. we will have more after the break. they are now looking into that horrific crash trumpet signs are under attack. one supporter literally shocking signs with electricity. we also aghast. a michigan man he is here to talk about it. we also had the attorney general stepping out. he is here to talk about that. it's all coming up next. don't go away.
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>> this is all thanks to the attorney general he has been an advocate for his state as well as other sanctuary cities sane enough is enough. it creates more crime and even debt. thank you so much for joining us. what does this victory mean for you and the city of new orleans and other sanctuary cities. >> it means that it was safer than it was. it is a public safety crisis in our nation in those major cities because what they do is they create a safe haven for criminals who are in this country and a place for them to hide so they can go about their trade or conduct illegal activity. in deported. i want the viewer to understand about crime and what was happening with crime in the city of new orleans and i think you have data from other sanctuary cities like los angeles. can you show us how they jump in these jurisdictions.
5:48 pm
what we've seen nationally as the cities crime actually increases on those municipalities who don't engage in secretary -- sanctuary city policies. you create a safe haven for those in the country who are criminals. >> what do you make of this. they could not answer yesterday whether they are screened for that. what are your thoughts about that. >> they created a national security issue again if you want to come into this country and the national terrace that wants to wreak havoc on our citizens in the homeland where to go. you going to cities that you create minor violations of the law. what those policies do is prohibit law-enforcement from
5:49 pm
collaborating with federal officials so if they have a person in custody who is here in the country we won't know about it forgive me if you don't know about this topic a number of countries in south america all you need to traffic is a government idaho card. what do you make of that. again if you are traveling into the united states we certainly want to ensure that you have a passport if i want to travel into a country like brazil and south america not only to have have a passport but i have to have a visa which as you know a lot tougher to get in a passport. >> you know this too. it's a major fake passport factory. thank you so much for your time. when it new york property owner have this burned down he
5:50 pm
built a new one twice as big for donald trump. he mowed the signed on his own front lawn. don't go away. ♪
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the re is to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> have that been a religious monument or something to do is someone's sexuality or anything like that. it would've been a hate crime. >> i just put it back up to see how coward it was in the dark of the night. they live on staten island here in new york city. they were at risk and reward they have their trump sign
5:54 pm
burned down on their own personal property my next guest found a different way to show his support for donald trump. he turned into a more permanent statement. what inspired you to put that into your lawn. i guess when i started off i have no idea how big it was good to be. something just hit me and i just kept going. first i went in the house printed off the word trump on a piece of paper and plotted some points where quarter inch square was ten by ten. i just started connecting the dots. and that's what ended up.
5:55 pm
nobody was home for the weekend. my wife was away at a hockey tournament for my grandson with the daughter which is on the other side of the state. i did it by myself on a thursday and a friday. they couldn't believe it. he posted on twitter. i started getting calls from radio stations local tv stations. i think it's gone viral. we have seen examples of
5:56 pm
violence. there has been very few people considering how many are responding with positive comments there's nothing threatening that is just disgusting my answer is you're welcome to put a clinton cut out in your yard. hillary clinton recently said why aren't i 50 points ahead some could say that you call trump supporters deplorable. maybe i am. i'm having a lot of fun with it. thank you so much for your time. we to triple digit market today. we will have more after this. don't go away.
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. liz: well, the dow ending sharply in the red today. stocks selling off amid the
6:00 pm
problems with the financials. deutsche bank hit with billions in fines, possibly from the u.s. justice department, and you than german lender is igniting fears of a possible banking collapse. we'll have more with charles payne, "making money" is next. charles: stocks getting hammered as european banking crisis brings back memories of 2007. i'll explain why this time is different? a deadly commuter train crash in new jersey earlier today. live on the scene with the latest details for you. plus the great internet giveaway, why obama is giving away control of the internet, can it be stopped? first is donald trump the reboot. republican nominee preparing for the second presidential debate. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright and clean future. while our campaign outlines big


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