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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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problems with the financials. deutsche bank hit with billions in fines, possibly from the u.s. justice department, and you than german lender is igniting fears of a possible banking collapse. we'll have more with charles payne, "making money" is next. charles: stocks getting hammered as european banking crisis brings back memories of 2007. i'll explain why this time is different? a deadly commuter train crash in new jersey earlier today. live on the scene with the latest details for you. plus the great internet giveaway, why obama is giving away control of the internet, can it be stopped? first is donald trump the reboot. republican nominee preparing for the second presidential debate. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright and clean future. while our campaign outlines big change and bold solutions to
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make your life better, the clinton campaign focuses only on small and petty distractions. charles: well, apparently donald trump advisers are plotting a reboot for the next debate. a report out just today says that team trump is planning on scaling down campaign schedule so he can have more time to prepare and arm trump with fresh attack lines. i think we heard glimmers about clinton's financial dealings and possibly her husband's indiscretions, will the strategy work and donald trump win round two of the presidential debate game. joining me cathy taylor, robin buyero and heather higgins, heather, start with you, you were one of the few people that out of the gate said hillary won the debate, trump could have done better. are you happy with what you're hearing for the next one? >> the piece they read they think you're referring to, i read a couple.
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the gist was the same, she won the debate on points which is what you would expect for somebody who's been through 15 of these and knows how to do it, but he was better positioned going into the next two or three. >> from the debate point of view? the bar is -- >> the bar is even lower. but the other advantage he has, if you think about it, his biggest challenge in this was to be less scary, to be more normal. to be presidential, so he was restrained, he was respectful, he was concerned. he did take the bait on some things. there weren't anything coming out of this that were the fodder that people can jump on and say he's crazy. he's well ahead in the metalanguage what has driven his campaign so far already. charles: cathy, people are disappointed, trump followers disappointed, might have spent too much time on the birther
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issue, though it was lobbed at him. talking about sean hannity being a character witness and things like that, what do you think? particularly when they start talking about bill clinton's indiscretions, it's an ugly sordid past, should that be brought up? >> i hope sean didn't have to change his number after trump said call sean hannity. charles: i'm surprised they didn't make an 800 number out of it. >> business opportunity for fox business. less about going on the path on the attack and taking advantage of the opportunities that were there. the biggest thing to remember i think is very simple. don't answer questions from hillary clinton. you can answer questions from the moderator. if hillary clinton puts it back to you, you say what you want to say. charles: what about the notion of not answering the questions of the moderator if the questions are designed to make you look bad in the first place?
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there were a couple times he should have pivoted from the lester holt questions sooner rather than dwell on them. >> unfair. he asked her six follow-ups? charles: today very jovial, confident and asked about donald trump bringing up bill clinton's long history of infidelities, she chuckled once, played it off a little bit. how concerned is her camp about this? >> not at all. in fact, he suggested that the reason he didn't say that was because chelsea clinton was in the audience, but she just gave an interview where she said that was an absolute distraction from the real problems, from the real issues of this campaign. i just wanted to say, we're delighted that he offered up a buffett of word salad, unfortunately for him it didn't have a sneeze guard, and judging by the sniffling he did, he could have used it. >> if you look at next day, he
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was with 15,000 people and she was with 1800. word salad might taste good. >> with a little salad dressing on. charles: not enough polls have come out in terms of how much this moved the needle. there's a sense it might have stopped the momentum. >> a little bit. on the other hand, back to the normal thing, he's not used to debating, and so he was confronted with these challenges and he and went he responded to them as any normal human being would want to do. he wanted to defend himself. the clinton campaign knew this and provoked them. on the other hand, when she was attacked, she gave the frozen smile as if she didn't owe the american people any explanation or defense at all, and that again goes to the problem she's got where he's basically running an outsider versus washington insider elitist campaign and she's failed on that one. charles: she failed on that
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one, but again, listen, i -- i feel like donald trump in a sense like i'm a new yorker, i'm a serious counterpuncher. i don't start trouble but if you start with me, it's going to end ugly. that's all i can tell you, there's pros and cons to that, right? you have to find a fine lines, though donald trump is not a professional politician he's in the final leg of the most important political race in the world. >> i would go a little less with the counterpunch and a little more from the question raising from him to her. there are five or six -- infinite, there are five or six really good issues to raise with hillary clinton, benghazi, e-mails, health, economy. she talks about what she does for women and children as her number one passion. she has to go back three decades to the children's defense fund to say what she's done for them. that's outrageous. there's a lot he can raise to her. charles: i'm trying to nail you down on this, should donald trump go there with respect to bill clinton?
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>> absolutely. charles: hold on, rob, should donald trump go there, should he bring it up or keep it on the stage, in case of emergency, break glass. >> he used it as a way of demonstrating restraint and floated by the campaign of getting the media to take the bait and run all the stories so he doesn't have to say a word. charles: a brilliant move. >> a brilliant move yet again in mastering the earned media angle. remember it's not about indiscretions, it's about things that are much more serious than indiscretions. at the same time, you know, people keep saying does he have an issue with women, the issue he raised are utterly defensible, more importantly people look at how he has his relationships with his wife, with his daughter, campaign manager. interestingly when he appointed kellyanne to run the campaign, there was not a peep she was a woman. he picks people because they're talented and good at what they
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do. he is like henry higgins, donald trump treats everybody like a squashed cabbage leaf, it's not sexism or anything. charles: it is a popularity contest. we heard george bush was elected and re-elected because he was the guy you could have a beer with. policy is important, these are the things the mainstream media can take and run with and they have a great platform and know how to make it look ugly. >> that's part of donald trump's appeal, he doesn't speak in bullet points like hillary clinton, he speaks like he's at the dinner table. maybe that goes further than one would expect from a presidential candidate, he needs to continue to refine that. don't go there unless, and there's a big caveat, she raises bill clinton as her reference, like she did for the economy. if you are running for president of the united states, and i don't care if you are male or female and you have to refer to your spouse for your
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credentials, it's fair game. charles: in the first 30 minutes of the debate, she was floundering and reached out for bill clinton on the economy because this is really a sore spot for her. in fact, robin, for all the talk about bringing up bill clinton's indiscretion and the ugly things that might have happened with hillary clinton toward the victims, it might -- she might be more afraid of if they stick to the topics, gdp was revised higher today, 1.4%. if they stick to that, she's got a tougher challenge. >> i'm more concerned, if you look at numbers since the debate, he's losing favorability with females. that's got to be in part because he interrupted her 51 times to her 17. that comes across as very disingenuous, it's giving females, i've heard them describe that it gives them ptsd. charles: how concerned that real topics are brought up in the debate? >> hillary clinton is all about the real topics.
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she published a book "stronger together" 239 pages, full of topics. we have no plan from donald trump on how to defeat isis. charles: you're going to have to forgive me, i'm going to get cathy's red is the new black, that's the book i'm going to get this week. you don't want to miss "making money" tomorrow night, at 6:00 p.m., we're going to have the first"fox news poll"s since the first presidential debate, looking at how nationally donald trump and hillary clinton are doing, tomorrow 6:00 p.m. sharp. make sure you are here on fox business. coming up, investigators are looking into what caused the crash that left one person dead and as we brought it out, if it's all about simple safety here, why are we spending 60, 80 billion on trains. we're going to discuss it next.
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. charles: right now investigators are trying to figure out what led to the deadly train crash in new jersey. adam shapiro on the ground in hoboken. adam, give us the latest. >> reporter: charles the ntsb is on site, the national transportation safety board go team, the investigators, and we know they're going to be here for possibly up to 10 days. they say the investigation will take five to seven days. they have not actually begun the investigation nor do they expect to tell us what caused this crash by the end of their visit here to hoboken. what we do know, the train was moving at a high rate of speed.
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should have been going 10 miles per hour according to the ntsb as it pulled into the station, that was not the case. the latest news is that the conductor has been released from the hospital. engineer has been released from the hospital, and the engineer operates the train. the injuries were described as critical but cooperating with investigators. of course, the ntsb will investigate and interview him. the woman who was killed by the falling debris from the roof, she has been identified, a 34-year-old woman, but the focus is what caused the accident. here's what the ntsb said just literally within the last 20 minutes. >> the canopy of the building is on top of the controlling car, and water has been leaking all day, so there may be structural damage and weakness. additionally because of the age of the building, there is the possibility of asbestos, so there are concerns about that as well.
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a contractor will be coming into remove parts of the canopy, and that's what the goal of making the area safe for our investigation activities to continue. >> reporter: now as part of the investigation, charles, you know how aircraft have a black box? trains have an event recorder. ntsb wants to recover that event recorder to take whatever data is on it to find out about what was going on with this train as it approached the station and then the crash. they have videos within the train station as well as videos on the train they're going to recover and take a look at as well. as you heard the ntsb say, this will be a slow investigation, up to five to seven days how long it will take to conduct the investigation and no conclusion in the immediate future to answer the "#4 questions," what happened, back to you. charles: adam, thank you very much. the train that crashed lacked an automatic braking system that potentially could have
6:17 pm
prevented this whole thing. house minority leader nancy pelosi declared a 2015 deadline for installing the system on trains should have been extended, and begs the question, why are we spending $64 billion on the highly unpopular california rail project when we should be spending money on projects that exist to keep people safe? to oliver mcghee who joins us now. oliver, first of all, your thoughts on the crash in hoboken today, a horrific scene that many people think could have been prevented in many ways? >> thank you for having me today, charles. this is a very horrific type of crash because it involved the use of the transportation system going into a historic terminal, hoboken, and destroying the structure. with the structural collapse
6:18 pm
combined with the high-speed crash because it actually bumped the bumper and was airborne into the terminal, that's what made the impact so horrific and the pictures so spectacular. but the key thing is that what's most important, few fatalities as a result of the crash but at the same time a tremendous amount of injuries mainly because of the train ran into a building. charles: right, but that's the point. we've seen this sort of scene now far too often, we saw one in new york where the conductor was going too fast recently and the train flew off the track, seen it with amtrak over and over again, we marvel at europe surpassed by the trains in china. why are we spending money on boondoggles, 60 to $70 billion on a bullet train in california that nobody wants that people think no one will use when lives are at stake right now?
6:19 pm
>> we built a high-speed rail system in this country. if everybody is afraid of the $69 billion price tag in california. try a half a trillion. yes, that's a big price tag. charles: it's a big price tag but does it cost that much to make something like this automatic brake system, honestly, would it cost half a trillion dollars to install those things? cost that much money to make the amtrak thing something we could marvel at? >> no, the positive train uch, it's about $2 billion a year to develop this and maintain it. but the key issue is that in 30 years, it would be about approximately 30 to 40 billion. both of the two options are a high price tag but more importantly, the key is not high-speed rail at 350 miles per hour, it's actually moderate speed rail at 220
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miles per hour because it's how we look at use and efficient, how we use alternative sources of energy. electricity but also renewable energy to run the moderate speed rails which would be much more efficient compared to cars and trains that we have today and planes as well. charles: i think we're all hoping as we're watching this horrific footage on the screen there that the right amount of money is diverted from what i think is a boondoggle into making the existing system safe for all people. thanks a lot, oliver, appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, charles. >> coming up, dazed and confused or crazy like a fox, talking about the libertarian candidate gary johnson, and you know what? let's call it what it is. he is the real teflon candidate this year, isn't he? we'll be right back.
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. >> who's your favorite foreign leader? >> who's my favorite? >> name any one of the continent any, country. name one foreign leader that you respect? anybody? >> shimon peres. >> i'm talking about living. go ahead. you got to do this, anywhere, any continent? canada, europe, mexico, asia, south america, africa, name a foreign leader you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> anybody in the world you like? anybody! >> fresh off his what's aleppo fiasco. libertarian nominee gary johnson joining the former new mexico governor doubling down, a short while ago tweeting this. it's been almost 24 hours and still can't come up to a foreign leader i look up to.
6:25 pm
is gary johnson the real teflon candidate? democrats fear no matter how zany his act is, here is "reason" magazine editor at large, matt welsh. i follow you on twitter, you are like a one-armed paper hanger, this is my guy, i'm sticking with him, won't go down in the polls, are you still sticking with him? >> yes, i'm planning to vote for him, i live in the state of new york, i believe in free trade. we have too much expansionist foreign policy, it's a no-brainer to vote for someone who espouses limited government ideals. not that hard for me to do. what's interesting about aleppo and other things, his support at 8.5%, the entire summer. what happens to third-party candidate, during summer support falls in half. he has gone down half a percentage point in two, three weeks but almost entirely a function of the race tightening
6:26 pm
and people freaking out. charles: i've seen in the polls where he's gone up. hillary is losing support a lot of it is not necessarily going to donald trump, he's getting as much of it as she is and i marvel at that. in the democrats have to be very afraid that he could be the actual spoiler for her because it feels like he's take more from her. how would you explain that? >> independents or millennials, kids do not have a political party. they are more likely to be independents than any other generation out there. they also don't like stuff like the drug war. they think that edward snowden shouldn't be jailed, should be pardoned and feel that criminal justice reform something they cared about since they were kids and hillary clinton on the wrong side of that issue for almost all of her career. they're open to the message, right? charles: the millennials are book smart, the smartest generation, and outside of weed and a few things you talk about, what do they see in a gary johnson. this is a guy who is obviously
6:27 pm
not prepared to lead this country. >> like donald trump? charles: can you argue donald trump or hillary clinton, donald trump leads a multibillion-dollar business empire on numerous continents he has experience leading something. >> gary johnson started his own company from scratch in new mexico, like a handy man thing to a thousand employees from no loan from his father. he was a two-term governor in new mexico. a blue state as a republican governor is able to succeed there. it's not as if he's coming completely out of left field. charles: he feels like the character in taxi. maybe at one point everything is cool and had the cookie with weed in it and everything went haywire. >> was that taxi or barney miller? when fish started saying mushy, mushy, mushy. gary johnson, millennials look into him and bernie sanders they misconstrued that for the
6:28 pm
lefty politics. they like him because he's genuine. no matter what you say about gary johnson and airball of an answer. he doesn't try to bluster his way through it. charles: at the white house correspondent's dinner d.c., barack obama talked about his bucket list. you remember. i feel like gary johnson is the bucket candidate for people, particularly young people. isn't that a waste particularly with the stakes so high? aren't you disappointed in the year of an outsider there wasn't a stronger third-party candidate? >> this is the strongest since ross perot, jill stein is polling higher than any other third-party candidate since ralph nader in 2000. you can wish you had a better third-party candidate but acknowledge what we have, there is one person in favor of free trade, in favor of limited government that traditionally conservatives have been interested in, so i would
6:29 pm
prefer to think about that than the outsider who says crazy things or the insider who says crazier things. charles: matt, appreciate it. the internet writer who claims that trump was physically aggressive toward her. she made big news on the show last night. we've got the video that she says backs up her claim. many think it backs up the other thing, the media and the progressives war against donald trump. you be the judge. we'll be right back. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah. and you're gonna fist pump to that? get out of my sight. (announcer vo) unlimited isn't a good deal if it's on a cutrate network. switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network.
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charles: last night a guest on this show claimed donald trump actually pressed on her at she was trying to ask him a question. incidents in question we are talking about took place at hofstra at the debate in that so-called spin room. she gave use video of that exchange. i want to show it to you and wants your opinion. >> wrps your camera? are you ready? put that down. you saw that. now watch and listen to what she told us last night. >> i asked him a very basic question about how he could garner support for any len mall women.
6:34 pm
instead of answering my question. he grabbed my wrist and pushed the phone away as it was recording and said put that down. charles: donald trump touched you, he grabbed your wrist. >> i'm holding my phone recording asking the question, how can you get more millennial support for you. he needs our votes' he grabs my wrist, says put that down and pushed my phone out of the way and ignores my question. charles: macro aggression run wild. media progressive versus trump run wild. this is an amazing story particularly after the michelle field scenario. does she have any legit reason or was this all made up?
6:35 pm
kelly riddell, you saw the interview and the video. it seems like it was completely overblown. >> i agree. spin rooms are crazy places if you have ever been in one before. there are lots of reporters usually trying to get the candidate's attention. this is the narrative that she wants to put out there. the media is in and all-out freak out that donald trump could win this election. hillary clinton placed before him at the end of monday night's debate that donald trump was a chauvinist and it's a way for her to push that narrative forward and it's a sham. charles: when she made the claim last night, i was looking for something shock. her being manhandled. considering the circumstances, i saw nothing there.
6:36 pm
and it does add to kelly's points that maybe the progressives are going too far trying to smear donald trump. >> i would agree. that's overblown. but i think something interesting is happening here. i think there are two things that trump has to face. one is the insults and the tit for tat isn't working. as he continues to exacerbate some of these feuds, even with the beauty queen, it didn't happen like this. he says ask sean hannity. i think that worked in the primary, it doesn't work in the general election. so you will have incidents where people will refer to that. but i do think he can get it back. what is really interesting, donald trump may win this election. these battleground states are tight.
6:37 pm
he needs to focused on being disciplined as opposed the to getting into petty battles. charles: jenny, you were never trump, you came on the trump train last week. it feels like a lot of conservatives who were resistant to donald trump have been more attracted to him as these shenanigans popped up. >> we were never hillary and we endorsed someone other than trump in the primary. we weren't part of never trump. so we endorsed last week. when i see something like this. what i think about is if you are concerned about women and if you are a woman voter trying to figure out who to vote for in this election. look what's happening in this if you feel like you are not getting a fair chance. do you think a continuation of the policies we have had for the last 8 years will help in do you
6:38 pm
think what we have seen out of washington, d.c. in the last 30 years will help? it's time for something different and donald trump is offering that. we want to see constitutionally limited government when donald trump is president. charles: the wall street banks are under the gun. but can a european banking crisis travel across the atlantic. people are worried. d car, truck, suv. that's smart. truecar can help. it's great for finding a new car, but you already knew that. it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. so, no matter what you're looking for... there it is. this is how buying a used car should be.
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>> if the buck stops with you as you came out here and said i apologize, the buck stops with me. you have toed a tonight criminal activity was going on in your bank then you should be fired because it stops with you. >> the board has that power. and my -- charles: that was new york congressman gregory meese laying into wells fargo ceo john stumpf. hedge fund are moving away from deutsch bank all spooking the stock market. it was down 6% and it took the entire financial sector along with it. john stumpf comes to d.c., he
6:43 pm
gets a well-deserved battering. but what happens now for the american public, particularly the wells fargo customers. >> this was the first time he needed something like this to bring democrats and republicans together on a common theme. but the seminal basic question is where were they? where was management on this equation and where were the regulators on this as well. we had this first hearing. we had him here asking where his management was. where was the board as well on all of this. this follow-up question is where were the regulators. the o.c.c. has 70 of their own regulators embedded in the institutions. cfpb is acting like they always do, non-responsive to congress. those are the two questions that have to be resolved. charles: whenever there is a
6:44 pm
question about where were regulators, the left says, we need more, let's throw more money at it instead where you typically come from with wee respect to accountability. the american public took crazy risks, then having difficulties getting loans to start businesses and homes. >> so you are hitting a point that i agree with. the american public is tired of the bailouts. and we were promised when barney frank was chairing the committee that we would end all the bailouts through dodd-frank. if this activity hand under dodd-frank, the american public will be in a position where the taxpayer would have to bail them out again in the future. the solution at hand, our committee passed a bill out a
6:45 pm
week or so again called the choice act which would once and for all take the american taxpayer off the hook for fiascoes in mismanagement like we had here at wells fargo. >> i would like to ask about the train crash in hoboken, new jersey. my son worked for me this summer and he took that train every single morning. what are your thoughts on this? it will be a situation where one side of the solution will be more money. but also how about an effectiveness and accountability? what are your thoughts in general. >> accountability and transparency, that's one of the mantras i have in my committee i'm trying to get in the financial sector. and it is a disaster. you knew people who are on the line, your family members with i know people as well. it comes through fifth congressional district. so we all know people who take
6:46 pm
the train. i was annoyed with so many political pundits, before we even know what the facts are jumping the gun saying it was a faulty this or that that would be solved if we have more money. we don't know any of that. the investigation is just beginning. there is a lot more to learn. was it a human error? was it the positive structure control? engineers are saying that can't be the possibility. let's dig into the and find out where the problems are and where the solutions lie. charles: the market sold off today. the deutsche bank debacle is getting worse. my common terr common -- my comd
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charles: the definition of economics and finance is a situation where shock and a peculiar economy in a veg spreads out and effects others. stocked held up early. a report circulated hedge funds were beginning to cut their dies with deutsche bank. but we heard all of this before. remember in 2007 when none of those squall street giants needed help until they did. the street had to put on a brave face then.
6:51 pm
with respect to contagion, should the giant german bank go through and even deeper crisis. beneath the calm there are memories of lehman and bear stearns and how our own bank system collapsed. with deutsche bank at an all-time low it will be difficult to see how it will be able to pay a fine equal to its market cap. i will say we shouldn't whistle paths graveyard. central to these concerns systemic risk with shej funds being involved and derivatives. these things are complicated and sophisticated. an area of investing. it seems like a gold-plated time bomb. they are not making money in the stock market. hedge funds have under performed for several years and they look
6:52 pm
like old cd returns. and demand 20% of profits for their expertise whether you are an individual investor or institutions. people have been having second thoughts. last year almost 1,000 hedge funds had to close their doors. now investors are waiting for managers to pull down their shingles and return funds. but they are moving money to passive returns. as for expose our to large u.s. banks twhribles no doubt the industry is better positions through stronger capital ratios. being able to dump all that toxic debt on the federal reserve. so even though the stock market tumbled into the close, i'm not panicking. i love the action on caterpillar.
6:53 pm
a make money favorite, huge potential necessity technology. keep all that in minds. coming up, american lawmakers is set to -- what about when the global community gets to dictate what goes on the super information highway. why are we giving away this sovereignty. stick around.
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charles: october 1 the u.s. is set to hand over the control of the internet to a united nations. the web will be open to influences of countries from china, russia and.
6:57 pm
>> russia, and iran. can this globalist nightmare be stopped any want you to sort of explain to the audience ways going on here with this thanover, if you will. >> good to see you. chris and i differ on this opinion here. there is this in essence body that control the address book for the internet. it's down the road from where we are at here in playa vista, california. a suburb of california. that group has been formed to mike sure that when you and i order a an address at go daddy that they are using it the way we expect and it police all that. it has not been in complete control of the u.s. since then. the commerce department is the oversees body for this in the u.s.
6:58 pm
charles: we are giving that away to an international body, they. >> it's like saying we are giving away christmas. christmas is celebrated around the world as well as the fun it networks inherently it's built to be a free open architecture connection of points to around the entire world. we are not giving anything up. we are not letting go anything. the worst thing that would happen is if we decide to exercise and say we are not going to undo our control at the commerce department. instead we are going -- charles: we have a minute and a half left. i want the audience to know we have four state governors fan attorneys general who fileddal lawsuit, the a.g.s of arizona, oklahoma and texas saying this is tantamount of illegal giveaway of u.s. government
6:59 pm
property. >> it's not only illegal, it's side. our coastal elite are giving away something for no on the for reason than to make the world safe for cocktail party. giving it away to something run by global stakeholders. take a look at the u.n. and when this has happened. the u. in the has a human rights counsel. if you stawd saudi arabia and iran are not doing it. over time the bad guys can capture this. it's not just an inability to find fox there is a lot of mischief that can be made. charles: when i hear the u.n. in control of something like this i worry. >> we had a discussion about people concerned about the nsa. those people ought to be
7:00 pm
concerned about russia and iran. we are giving up u.s. sovereignty. we should keep control of ways ours and not give anything away. charles: we know ted cruz is work on it and we have these a.g.s work on it. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. 4 some days until the election and donald trump is fired up about the mainstream liberal media. he said lester holt did a great job. but trump's feeling on hold are becoming more public and they are definitely soured. >> i had to put up with the anchor and you fight it anchor on everything i said. what a rigged deal. we are in such a rigged system. it's terrible.


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