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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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tight no matter how you slice it. next batch from fox 6:00 p.m. eastern time. charles payne ask on the air for that. i've got them right here though. oh, my gosh. i don't. this is just a joke, okay? we'll be in farmville, virginia, for the big vp debate. don't forget that next week. trish regan. trish: you are such a tease, you know that? neil: that is the way i run. trish: we look forward to getting results at 6:00 p.m. tonight. breaking, everyone, donald trump on a new twitter tirade that began in the wee hours of the morning. he is blasting hillary clinton for linking up with former miss universe alicia machado. wait until you hear what he is saying. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump is campaigning in michigan right now, a state he really needs to win, but new post-debate numbers show it will be uphill battle. clinton leading him there by seven points. he may have trouble in more than just michigan based on his performance monday night.
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new "gallup poll" today shows trump took it on the chin in the debate with hillary clinton by one of the widest margins in history, with americans believing hillary clinton won the war of words on monday night. of course people thought romney won the first debate as well by an even bigger margin and it didn't help him we should point out. nonetheless attacks are piling up. here we go u is sa today this morning, breaking with tradition, telling its readers not to vote for trump. member of "wall street journal" editorial board wrote a column in which he said that donald trump as president would be the most unstable, proudly uninformed, psychologically unfit president ever to enter the white house! ouch. dorothy, tell us what you really think? how does trump diffuse the heat? maybe not go on twitter rampage. maybe practice a little bit before the next debate. we'll look at all of it. first i want to go to peter barnes who joins with us the
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very latest from both campaign trails. hey, peter. reporter: trish, trump holding four events in the key battleground state of michigan. trump is making a pitch to rust belt, blue-collar workers. one in a replica of the oval office in the gerald ford museum in grand rapids where he stopped by to pay respects for 38th president. maybe trying out the furnishings. trump is visiting a factory in michigan. he holds a fund-raiser and holds a rally in michigan tonight. trump trails clinton by five points according to average by "real clear politics" polls. you had it at seveinhe individual poll. much tighter contest in florida where clinton holds the lead by just a point in average of recent polls, within the margin of error. so a dead-heat. she and her campaign have been eager to fan charges trump mistreats women brought on comments he made about the weight of that former beauty pageant winner from venezuela,
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but in florida earlier she talked about public service and tried to whip up florida voters. >> we have to make every single day count. we have to get more people registered to vote. get more people committed, turn out to vote. we have to drive home the stakes in this election, stronger family, safer communities, an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. [cheering] reporter: trump will be campaigning tomorrow in another battleground state, pennsylvania. where the polls show trump and clinton neck-and-neck. no word yet on clinton's weekend campaign schedule. trish? trish: peter barnes, thank you very much. for more i want to bring in our political panel here. former republican congressman joe walsh illinois and kneel sroka, democracy for america. let me share with you in case our viewers didn't see them yet, some of mr. trump's tweets from very early this morning. some at 3:00 a.m. some.
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them were at 5:00 a.m., in that hour anyway. did "crooked hillary" helped disgusting, mentions check out sex tape, alicia m become a u.s. citizen so he couse her in the debate? that is one of them, a few from earlier this morning in this 3:00 a.m. hour. going on about alicia machado as well, using a leash is a m as paragone of virtue how "crooked hillary" has bad judgment. hillary was set up by a con. i know you're a big defender of his, joe walsh, to be tweeting this stuff out and living saga another day at 3:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., i wonder what he is thinking? >> trish, indulge me for a moment. i bet you donald trump is watching right now, because anybody with some smarts trish, is going to watch this show. so donald trump, i want to speak to you directly. do me a favor. trish is right.
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i'm a supporter of yours. do me a favor. pull your head out of your ass right now and quit talking about miss universe. don't even think about talking about monica lewinsky. i can guarranty you, donald trump, if you keep talking about misuniverse and you talk about monica lewinsky, you are going to lose and hillary's going to win. >> i know that is what you really want to say. we have to keep it clean here, folks. really, i mean what you're saying joe, what many of his supporters feel right now. because it's so, it was, i should say close, within his grasp. look at poll numbers heading into the debate. we'll get real sense of things tonight, again 6:00 p.m., right here, tune into fox business because you will see the pole numbers. kneel, -- neil i think he will suffer. it woken change the base. there were peopled in the middl,
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why wasn't he prepared for the debate. >> reality this is symptom of a bigger disease, frankly. this is what you would expect from someone who is tempermentally unfit to be president. listen, when he went off in the debate about rosie o'donnell, and then spent the next couple of days talking about miss up verse, this is a guy who is very easy to get under his skin. frankly someone that i do not want talking with world leaders. trish: let me take you back to 1997 for a minute, this is when it sort of all began. i remember watching this press conference, actually live and being a little perplexed why donald trump would be talking about this poor woman's weight there. we can play a clip from it. some viewers pointed out on twitter, look, he wasn't that bad, he was pretty genteel about the whole thing. let's watch and then discuss. >> i'm looking at a lot of you reporters, and i can't believe how many showed up but a lot of
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you folks have weight problems. i hate to tell you. but, doesn't include you. but a lot of you folks that i'm looking at right now are not in the greatest of shape. trish: that is the funny part. that was just the ending. if you watch beginning of it, producers can tell me if we have beginning of that clip, apparently we don't, he talked about alicia machado and refers to her as absolutely beautiful thought she was the most beautiful that won the crown, she like many of us in america struggles with weight issues and he is determined to help her because she wants to get back to a fighting weight, and he is going to work with her to do it. so, you know, i don't know, i watched that joe, i thought is he trying to introduce the miss universe weight watchers program or something? i mean, does he, does he see a business side to this? certainly seemed that way. he was either to drum up publicity or weight loss product. >> trish, none of this matters. if he is talking about miss
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universe, he loses. if he talks about monica lewinsky, he loses. trish: but he keeps doing it! joe, in every news cycle. 3:00 a.m. this morning. >> i know. if he continues to do it, trish he is going to lose. trish: we heard joe's advice, i know you don't like him, i know you don't like him, put on your advice hat a minute. what would you tell donald trump in his last final stretch, last few days before the next debate? >> do the exact opposite of what you think is the right thing to do. trish: like "seinfeld" episode. >> seems like his preference is to do the worst thing possible. argue with someone, miss universe, attack rosie o'donnell on a stage. do exactly what you think someone who wants to win the presidential -- trish: save him from himself one would hope that would be him. we'll see. joe, neil, thank you so much. we'll continue this question. what does he need to do ahead of the next debate?
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a little practice? maybe a little research? joining me byron york from the "washington examiner" with his prescription for how to fix things. are they fixable now, byron? >> well, everything remains fixable but the question is whether donald trump will do it. he got a lot, he got a lot of good instructions before the first debate which he didn't follow. if you look at some of the things that were not discussed in the first debate, there was nothing about obamacare. kind of hard to believe. it is administration's premier achievement. it is something hillary clinton pledges to expand. it is in deep trouble right now, causing great problems for millions of americans, yet trump said nothing about it. well, gee, the moderator didn't bring it up. the moderator should have brought it up -- trish: let me jump in. since he didn't, if you haen practicing preparing for a debate, you know you take the question around then you pivot. you turn to whatever the issue is that you think viewers at home really need to understand
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and is central to your campaign. >> that is what debaters do. trump didn't do that. so, you, he clearly should do something like that in the next debate. by the way they didn't talk about immigration. they didn't talk about the border wall in the debate. here again, trump didn't bring it up. issues as far as attacks on hillary clintonning nothing about benghazi. it left a lot of republicans just stunned. moderator didn't bring it up and trump didn't use his own option to bring it up himself. trish: okay, i want to know what was going through your head when you saw this? let's play a clip from the debate. we don't have it. well, i will tell you what he said. he was asked about whether or not he had supported war. and he said basically, no. here we go. we do have it. what do you know. magic. >> i then spoke to sean hannity, which everybody refuses to call sean hannity, i had numerous
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conversations with sean hannity at fox and sean hannity said, and he called me the other day, and i spoke to him about it. said you were totally against the war, because he was for the war. that was before the are with started. sean hannity said very strongly to me and other people, he he is willing to say it but nobody wants to call him. i was against the war. he said you used to have fights with me because sean was in favor of the war. and i understand that side als not, very much because we should have never been there. but nobody called sean hannity. and then they did an article in a major magazine shortly after the war started, i think in '04, but they did an article, which had me totally against the war in iraq. and one of your compatriots said, you know, whether it was before or right after, trump was definitely, because if you read this article there is no doubt. but if somebody and i will ask the press, if somebody would call up sean hannity, this was before the war started.
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trish: byron? >> well you know what they say when you're explaining you're losing? he was explaining a lot. and, the issue is, of trump's position before the iraq war began is basically kind of murky. he had an interview with howard stern on september 11th, 2000 -- 2002, do you support invading iraq. he said i guess so. should have been done at right time. january 2003, before the invasion he is on neil cavuto's show, maybe the president, george w. bush, should wait for the u.n. maybe we shouldn't be doing this now. he seemed to be kind of ambivalent and he was talking all over himself in the debate trying to explain it. trish: so do you think he is taking advice of folks like yourself or joe who we just heard, really, sock it to them, joe walsh, and those frankly of his inner circle? is he taking their advice? is there evidence of these
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tweets just perhaps proof he is not? >> well, i'm not offering any advice and he is certainly not taking it. as far as the people in his circle are concerned, look before the debate, they went you through a lot of possible strategies for trump to go. they knew that hillary clinton was going to, or the moderator were going to bring up taxes. they knew that hillary clinton was going to bring up positions he has taken in the past, "birtherism. they knew that kind of stuff. he had some planned responses which he did not use. now over the last few months, trump has shown a little more discipline in his stomach speeches. remember -- stumpf speeches. they used to be stream of consciousness affairs. they are more focused. he does get trouble in press interviews. he is doing less. last big one he did with the "washington post," darned if he didn't get himself in trouble over "birtherism with that one. tweeting, somebody has to take the iphone away. trish: melania, where are you? melania, confiscate it!
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>> 7:00 a.m. he is doing. trish: i would hide it right under my pillow, if i were melania. reminder, everyone, new polls coming out. a new "fox news poll" will be out 6:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you tune into fbn. we'll give you the results. we have a big rally on our hands. you know we're up more than 200 points here. you can see, stocks right across the board there. tech stocks, s&p, dow jones industrial average all moving higher. deutsche bank is actually looking like it may be in the clear. it is moving on reports that the german bank may possibly be nearing a deal with the justice department to pay 5 billion in fines which is whole lot list than the 14 billion that had been reported earlier in the week. did i not tell you this. just yesterday i was on set with you we talked about typically, ashley mentioned this as well, typically the department of justice starts here and winds up there. that may be in fact what is happening. that's good news for shares of
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deutsche bank. at midnight tonight the obama administration is officially handing over control of some. internet's oversight to an international body. why on earth are we giving away control of something that we frankly desperately need in our war on terror? we're talking about it right after this.
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trish: midnight tonight the white house is going to give up control of the internet. handing overoversight powers to autonomous international body. republicans are arguing that the move could leave us vulnerable to hacking and censorship and could empower dangerous regimes all around the world. one. most vocal critics of transfer is texas senator ted cruz.
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he is calling the obama administration's actions, dangerous and indefensible. later on toiled fox news quote, protecting free speech online should be an issue that brings republicans an democrats together. joining me with his thoughts, fox news strategic analyst, and author of the damned of st. petersburg, colonel ralph peters. you have been a big critic of this. you call it a self-inflicted wound. what do you mean by that? >> trish, internet corporation for assignment of names and numbers. the coach will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight. we don't know the ramifications. this cedes u.s. control and influence to international players including china and russia.
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the question why on earth why voluntarily do had? nobody asked us to do this. it fits obama's pattern, united states shouldn't be in in control. one among equals. american power is inherently dangerous we have to put it under restraint and the long-term worries are very real. trish: colonel i look at war on terror and all this social interaction happening online through isis and the people it is trying to recruit. i question why can't we get in front of that? why aren't tech companies getting in from the time of that more? that is another question for another day but why think we have the control over the entity, the internet, the idea we cede that away to an international body, why give up that? >> well, begin i think it's president obama's world view is that the united states has too much power and we have to be tamed.
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beyond a certain point though it is foolish and inexplicable. from a security standpoint the internet is new battlefield. if you have measure of control, why on earth cede it to players like russia and china? trish: qualify this is a little bit. not like we're saying here you go, russia. the thinking that russia could have a bigger impact on stuff? maybe we should back up a little bit to explain how this works. >> sure. trish: we have sort of this overall control. we are effectively responsible for allowing some internet domains to be given, given out? >> yeah. in essence, one of the functions of icann, this organization is to say whether or not you can be tough trish 99 on internet? is that your right or identity? it does other things as well, it gets fairly arcane but the problem for me, take russia as classic example, as well as all the issues you raised about terrorism, russia is already acting vigorously and
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insidiously on internet to attack our campaign system. the hack something utterly out of control. hacking everything from corporations to political parties. he uses internet already for overt and covert propaganda and subversion. why give them more power? what you're establishing -- trish: why give them more ammunition, i hear. >> you taking away u.s. control, what you're doing is creating basically a u.s. security council model for internet, one disgruntled player like russia and china can screw it up for everybody else. trish: i hear you. we're a hedgemonnic power with that goes certain amount of responsibility. the world is at peace because of us and that changed last eight years. this is one big monumental change that goes with it. colonel peters. good to have you here. >> thank you, trish. trish: hillary clinton having fun with gary johnson's aleppo moment. she was asked what world leader she admired. we can't believe what she said.
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we have got that for you right after this.
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>> name one foreign person that you look up too and respect. any continent. canada, mexico europe over there. i guess i'm having a moment. >> the whole world right is wrong with our country when we people running for president that can't name foreign leaders. >> drawing yet again another blank. hillary clinton was asked the same question and listen to what she said.
2:27 pm
>> i think she has been an extraordinary strong leader during difficult times in europe. i'll have the opportunity to work with her in the future. the german chancellor who opened the door to millions of muslim migrants and put all of europe in danger for future attacks. donald trump was asked the same question and he too said that. he would not pleased about her migrant policy. they were so enamored.
2:28 pm
>> i think they were having a downtown moment. the mass migration of muslims. it's probably going to just strike europe as we know it. we welcome you. and as we've seen not only as a causing national security. this is what we want to say. we want to leave next. perhaps she was the same mindset of our own president we should all just join hands.
2:29 pm
the internet doesn't need to be guided by the usa can go to anyone. and why not bring a million migrants into your country even though they are dissimilar and isis has promised to feed that. >> you're absolutely right. it is a globalist world view. countries don't matter anymore. cultures don't matter anyone. we just need to sing combat together and hope for the best. somehow others are going to come up the globalism we have seen what happens when the united states steps back. russia jumps in.
2:30 pm
other countries who do not had america's best interest or even the world's best interest at heart so even if you wanted to just say were all gonna get along it's good to be hunky-dory. all you're doing is creating a power vacuum and we know when there is a power vacuum without us there to help we got problems. >> the world is a safer place when america leads from the front. even secretary of defense for obama said the world is exploding all around us. trish: outreach this morning left the bodies to do rot in the morgue for up to two months instead of giving them a proper burial. at the latest injustice for our veterans at the hands of the va system. we've all of the details after this break.
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trish: we have a big rally on our hands. along with shares that's less than half of the original 14 billion-dollar figure. the new york stock exchange. at this time yesterday you and i were talking about exactly this. the fine would get reduced. what a difference a day
2:35 pm
makes. $5.4billion is a lot better. that is called a lot of nerves. nice rally now. with the price of oil. we have that although skeptical i would say agreement on the production cap. but that is lending support. no surprise of financials. i am not surprised this got done today. to let them stew on it a little bit longer.
2:36 pm
>> you start to lose confidence it could spiral very quickly we have weave a number of hedge funds. i'm not sure you will be up to get the money back. hopefully the spheres are being put to rest. thanks so much. new outreach today after an illinois veterans affair hospital. at the morgue for weeks. in some cases months. it has already been cited for excessive weight times and unsanitary conditions.
2:37 pm
shouldn't be too surprising. they had noted the va is quite broken. and it is a corrupt enterprise. what to do about the va. bill, and now the latest scandal. do we privatize it what is the answer? >> i think they have to sit down and have a serious discussion about the future. donald trump as you mentioned has a plan. if you're donald trump let me ask you this question why aren't you already on a plane. on the location. he's too busy tweeting about miss universe.
2:38 pm
exactly. they have a character there. hot damn opportunity knocks. now they talk about how they feel the people. this is it in the nutshell. shame the following people for not taking action. i'm not sure how many offered advice. at just within the last 38 minutes. you say go to the va. it needs a complete overhaul but bill, part of the problem let's not forget is this is a government run enterprise and frankly we have seen what government has. and not wisely.
2:39 pm
as long as cannot can remain in the hands of government bureaucrats is that leaving eating in a matter. let's look at the money we put into the va. we have these conversations all the time in government. why not put it on the table also. what frustrates people about this a terrible thing like this happens and they don't offer solutions. nancy came out and started blaming republicans because they voted a certain way on an amtrak funding bill. people want solutions. if anybody running for higher office. offering the solutions yet to get back to what really matters. thank you for joining us. trish: he was a turkish citizen and yet many civilian
2:40 pm
say he have that. the fbi is investigating. they were here but you have to look at all of it.
2:41 pm
trish: we have a big rally. up to hundred points now. financials getting a little bit better.
2:42 pm
it's all because of the deutsche bank. there has been a tenet of worries out there. they would not be able to handle it. maybe just $5 billion. the shares are up 15%. the record high in a row. this one is largely due to a number of positive analyst report. for the online retail giant. we will have the truth about voter fraud
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>> a shocking and terrible a story to tell you about out of washington. the gunman who killed five people at the mall there last week it has another crime to add to his rap sheet voter fraud. the 20-year-old suspect was born in turkey. including the last presidential primary. it's just the latest example. is it any surprise only 36 states require voters to show some form of idea.
2:45 pm
only 17 require photo idaho. joining me right now for more analysis. john, good to see you. it's one that always perplexes me. i always show up at the voting polls with my passport in my driver's license somebody could've voted in my name. i should not had to worry about that. the mother of the suspect there can have to provide the documents. but you are you're right about it. sent 63 investigators. they are voting we just talked about the virginia story as well.
2:46 pm
here is what happened. they had 63 investigators and 21-year-old hispanic voting in the name. they tried to mix it up. they succeeded 61 and a 63 times. one the person was in the wrong precinct. they still succeeded there. the only time they didn't succeed was the poll worker looks up and says i can't let you vote. we clearly have a problem and yet the left refuses to recognize this. they say it's actually racist and a whole other things to say. including things that were constitutional. and guess what i can get there.
2:47 pm
if you get married you need an idaho. if you need a government job you need idaho. if there are a few people that don't have an idaho i agree let's get them an idaho because they can't be part of that mainstream without one. the fact as you point out this is a very integrity of our country. it's almost impossible to detect it because if you don't ask for idaho no idea if they have it. and so do bureaucratic consequences.
2:48 pm
it is discovered there is a lot of non- citizens on the rolls. we can get a new poll out today. he is seen it is not in neck temptation is the mother of a fraud. there are a lot of people who say i will put a thumb on the scale of a democracy. it violates civil rights. we have a voter rights act. there was another civil right. if it was canceled out someone who is a non- citizen your civil rights were violated just as much. we will be right back.
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go long™. ♪ trish: check this out with a big rally on our hands. it's all because the bank as i can have to pay as much money as we thought it would. it would be pain nearly $14 billion but now it's nearing a deal for about $5 billion. here we are. heading into the last 39 days of this election season. this race is a neck and neck. they have become such hot button issues. they're they a ting to really battle it out to win the vote. a guilt free recipe. samantha good to have you here.
2:53 pm
what does that mean. >> all of our framework for thinking about work and life are faulty. if we have a surviving career. if you handle the conference call. and having all. about this new framework after working with thousands of women in the most from milt fulfilled among us is not just one or two. with their parenting if they had kids. with their relationship and their health in their hobby. they allow themselves to do without guilt. as we think about women and working women in the selection and we've heard both candidates come forward with plans for maternity leave. what do you think we don't
2:54 pm
want to even use the term maternity leave. at the end of the day if you don't have dads taking time off if you're not equals at home you will never be equals at work. when you talk about only maternity leave then you're not realistic about what the 21t century family looks like. is it the responsibility to pay for a man's leave is meant as a women's? >> if the dad doesn't take any paternally than he is starting out 500 hours behind in the parenting department behind his wife or the mom of his child. what we need to look at is a family act which actually doesn't had employers paying for it. it is actually one of the most progressive acts we can look at. you want to take care of your spouse if they get sick or your parents so as is not just
2:55 pm
about children in the fortunately when we talk about this were not looking at that. trish: more compassion. as a try to accomplish things in their work life and again this will come back on the government and again this will come back on the government we want to make it possible for people to stay in the workforce. >> it looks like he is saying this is a disability so you will get disability leave if you are a woman. >> has a tax credit for said home moms. this is why i wrote this book. those baby years are so short in our careers are really long into the reality is if you take time off for baby you're not getting back in. it's worse than according toss. trish:re you getting a lot
2:56 pm
of heat for that? you should spend those years at home. >> our workforce is good to be amendable. that would be great but the modern workforce is not like that and it's actually one that is not walk me back to people who take time off. >> it is quite a juggling act. thank you so much. good to have you here. have a terrific weekend everyone. i will see you right back here on monday. were heading into the close liz has you covered. earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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>> were just 39 days away from election day. make sure you tune in right here to foxbusiness work and
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have the numbers for you tonight on making money. this is a mike pence and tim came will be there throughout the night. it is over to list with the big rally. >> i'm watching the stock very closely as a department of justice is about to give them a discount that puts driving the 200-point rally there. it might be working out the deal to settle the debt at a reduced price. with the dow jumping now 202 points we are watching a very hot market. we've a fund manager who is meant shorting him for two years. what's he doing with the stock now. donald trump launches yet another twitter grenade in just the last few minutes. our political panel tells us


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