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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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love to see employment continue to move up. we're looking for a good number. liz: john treanor. peoples wealth management ciao. last of trading month and trading quarter. what is that? david and melissa probably know. david: i wish i know. melissa: no one knows. david: within the hour, stocks ending the week on a high note but slipping a little bit into the close. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. this is what else we have coming up this hour. donald trump and hillary clinton battling each other for battleground state as we're getting results of new postdebate polls. trump trying to get back on message in michigan, touting his trade policy but his early morning twitter storm dominating today's headlines. the all-star cast, steve forbes, dana perino, chris stirewalt.
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mike huckabee, howard kurtz. we have a big show. david: who do we not have? dow surging up triple digits ending the week higher but just missing that high for the month of september. trader scott shellady is watching action in oil and gold from the cme. ashley webster on floor of new york stock exchange. ashley, what was driving today's rally? >> well, deutsche bank to be honest with you, david. yesterday it was taking money out of the market as people feared germany's biggest bank could collapse if it didn't get any help from the state of germany or the department of justice and that huge fine. the report says, no, it will be 5.4 billion not 14 billion for deutsche bank. everybody let out a huge sigh of relief. but the financial sectors today among the leading sectors you can see. morgan stanley, citi group, b-of-a, jpmorgan, goldman sachs.
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deutsche bank trading here in the u.s. up 14%. as we close out the quarter, i want to mention the tech sector. my, oh, my, these were the top tech stocks for the moment of september. nvidia up 12%. hewlett-packard up 1. that would be amazon up 9%. thank you very much, hitting another lifetime high. fourth record high in a row, 22nd record high this year. it goes on and on. amazon continues to grow. qualcomm up 9% this month. so the tech sector which really underperformed when we kicked off 2016 has really come on strong on the back of those big ol' stocks like amazon, best performing for the last quarter. guys, back to you. melissa: ashley, thank you so much. scott, oil marginally higher today. what are the big factors that will impact crude next week? >> well isn't it funny? go back to what ashley had to say about the 14 billion fine reduced to five billion. an we safely say avert world
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calamity and disaster, it only cost $9 billion? that is what traders talked about today. melissa: that was pretty good. >> velocity of oil is going higher but getting slower and slower to the $50 level. still a supply issue. jobs and dollar will affect us and rumblings out opec. hanging solidly on gains. looking for sellers to come out on the way to $50. melissa: scott, thank you for that. david: a little excitement behind scott on friday afternoon. rally on wall street as fears are fading about the collapse of germany's biggest bank, partly because of what some people are calling a bailout. despite today's rally a morgan stanley economist says donald trump is right about the big, fat ugly bubble being driven by federal reserve. let's bring in today's panel. steve forbes, forbes media editor and chairman and hard to sell on a big rally today like
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today but does trump have a point? >> he has a point. earnings not going anywhere for two years now. it is hard to see how you are going to get a big boost next year. if interest rates go up, the discount rate so to speak if rates go up, that means p-e ratios come down and that could be not good for the market. but if trump puts out good economic policy in remaining weeks of the campaign, people may figure even if rates go up next year, the economy's growth will get those earnings moving again. david: jack, here is what i think resonates with what people are understanding and what donald trump is saying about these markets. companies and banks are using these freakish interest rates in order to makes to make bets instead of investing. whether banks investing it companies or companies investing in themselves. that is what the whole deutsche bank thing is b they have so much money going into derivative bets instead of investing in
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real companies, that is where the money is going and that es an environment you usually see bubbles, right? >> yeah, but it is not big, it is not fat, it is not ugly, it is not yet a bubble. a little bit expensive relative to earnings. margins are high. future returns will probably be a ttle below average. but no reason for panic. donald trump says if we raise rates a little bit the whole thing will come crashing down. i don't know if he is aware of it we already raised them back in december. we're up 7% this year. looks like a pretty normal market so far. i think you can raise rates a little bit before markets are crashing down. david: it may seem normal, steve, but these interest rates are anything but normal. when we saw rates increase one quarter of 1% we saw an niche 10% drop in the markets. >> we have worry about earnings. business investment has been a laggard. has been noted a lot of financial engineering going on to raise dividends, buying stock
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and the new things future, new business formation. not a good picture next two, three years around creating large companies of tomorrow. melissa: embattled wells fargo ceo john stumpf would be sent walking from the bank with even more money than he expected. this is if he retires. he will collection $134 million, up from 123 million in 2015. steve forbes, what do you think about this? >> it is grist for the politicians mill. they put him through grilling twice, senate and house. they will do it again if this thing becomes official. i think he ought to look forward to more time on golf course. most of the gain is from the stock. the company has done well. the thing to keep in mind, the scandal what they did to consumers did not fatten the bottomine. so the bank got the worst of all worlds. it broke the certainly the moral law and it didn't do any good for anybody. melissa: jack, that is not going to sit well.
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if he ducks out and retires and he ends up with $134 million, that is on top of this latest scandal about them repossessing cars from veterans when they were out on tour of duty. this bank is getting so batched press. for him to leave with such a rich bank account, i don't know, not going to be good. >> i hear he also fills his swimming pool with champagne and tears of working class. that won't sit well. the guy is a bank chief. bank chief sources close to the matter tell me make a whole lot of money. he has been at it a long time. he has a lot of stock awards coming to him. sure they can claw back bonuses. he will not be poor. david: i wonder if the jack swum in the swimming pool made out of champagne. 2016 has not been a good year for hedge fun goring some to lower or eliminate long-and standing management fees. the funds are failing to outpace a market hitting new highs for much of the year. back to ideas of the rates, probably because regular
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companies are making same kind of wild bets that hedge funds do. >> hard to fund a lot of good investments that will beat the market. usually you find them outside of the stock market. if you want to do the stock market as you know you do index fund. these guys get paid for finding special situations and there are fewer and fewer of them around the world. thousands of brainy people looking for this stuff. that iwhat happens when you havetagnant economy. the pickings get slimmer and slimmer. david: although, jack, we started out this hour talking about some of the high-tech stocks, look at amazon. amazon is the contradiction what i was talking about earlier companies don't invest in themselves. amazon does nothing but invest in themselves. you have seen that stock skyrocket over the past few months. >> yeah. if you're someone, if you're not a hedge fund guy, if not even someone who buys actively managed mutual fund, you hold an index fund, guess what? all the dot-com companies are starting to cluster around the top of the stock market.
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that s&p 500 fund has pretty heavyweighting in dot-com shares. that is one of the reasons you've done so well this year. i don't know that it will last but certainly those dot-com gains are helping just about everyone out there, not just dot-com investors. david: jack hough, steve forbes. have a great weekend. thanks for being here. melissa: the caribbean bracing for impact. hurricane matthew bracing for impact of as a category 3 storm. where it most likely hits the u.s. david: oh, boy. trump trying to get back on message, hitting hillary clinton with a new ad with her own words. fox's dynamic duo, we love these guys, dana perino, chris stirewalt are here to weigh in. melissa: "usa today" making a non-endorsement of donald trump how this may harm the newspaper. >> this day people are not looking to editor are tomorrows
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david: "usa today" breaking tradition not taking sides in the presidential race. the editorial board slamming donald trump unanimous consensus unfit for presidency. that is what they say, but they did not endorse hillary clinton per se. donald trump responding with a tweet, quote, the people are really smart canceling subscriptions to dallas and arizona papers. "usa today" will lose readers. the people get it. here is howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and "mediabuzz" host. focus on business of newspapers. we have a country divided but all the newspapers saying half
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of the country is essentially dumb going for donald trump. won't that hurt their business? >> well, it may turn off some readers but i think that, you know, this is the opinion section of the paper. "usa today," it is important national newspaper but has not been a leader on editorial page by virtue staying out all of elections since it is foundings 34 years ago, not endorsing hillary clinton. some people will not like it. because it is not local paper it doesn't have passionate relationship with local readers. i don't think it will matter all that much. davi you did mention the editorial page. the question how much this opinion bleeds into the news side. a lot of people are saying that these papers have been minimizing the bad news against hillary and maximizing the bad news against trump in order to push that line? >> i think that may be true in some cases. as newspaper veteran i will tell you that reporters and editors who work in newsroom will often feel that there is a wall and they are not influenced by what opinions the editorial page and
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publisher may have but in this year i've been saying i have never seen such negative coverage in the news pages as well as opinion folks entitle to bloviate, as i have with the coverage of donald trump. now some of it he brings on himself. a lot of rest of it is pretty negative consistent tone. david: howie, i used to be a newspaper guy too. >> i know. david: i worked at "the wall street journal" editorial page, woman who works for editorial page, kim strassel, came out with piece focusing spectacular news came out of the fbi report, cheryl mills, hillary clinton's chief of staff, when she was secretary of state essentially lied to the fbi. in the fbi interview that she had, they say mills did not learn that clinton was using a private email server until after clinton's tenure, after 2013. mills stated she was not even sure what the server was at the time. then 2010 email that they found from cheryl mills to computer tech said, hrc, hillary clinton,
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email coming back is server okay? the computer tech responds, you're funny we're on the same server. clearly she knew about the server as opposed to what she told the fbi. that is a crime to lie to the fbi. >> this is really newsworthy because cheryl mills is one of the few people who has been very close to hillary clinton for a long time. david: right. >> imagine my shock media seem more absorbed today talking and writing about trump's 3:00 a.m. tweets about former miss universe. david: miss machado, exactly. >> may be with the whole email investigation, fbi declining to seek criminal charges and all of that, the media have collectively decided to move on and barely came up with lester holt in the first presidential debate. only when trump brought it up. i think it is important that we continue to look at whatever revelations came out here. david: very quickly "saturday night live" beginses new season. alec baldwin will play donald trump. will this have influence at all on the political race you think?
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>> we'll probably all laugh a lot. "snl" can be i flew wednesday, some late-night comics all of them have mocked donald trump or against donald trump that i think whatever skit "saturday night live" comes up with, may be another drop in the comedic bucket. david: we know what is coming. howie, thank you very much. watch howie kurtz on media buzz this sunday 11:00 a.m. eastern on our sister channel, the fox news channel. melissa: donald trump releasing a new ad attacking hillary clinton's record using some of her own words against her. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? >> maybe it is because the director of the fbi said you lied about your emails. >> there was classified material emails. >> maybe because your policies allowed isis and terrorism to spread. or maybe it's because you called americans deplorable. >> you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the "basket of deplorables." melissa: chris stirewalt and dana perino, co-hosts of the new
4:18 pm
show, "i'll tell you what." on fox news channel. i love the new guys. goes along with your podcast. a lot of fun. has casual feel, captures what is going on this political season. what did you think of the ad? dana, i start with you. isn't that where he should be doing with the conversation all along? >> that is ground where he makes up losses he had are this past week in the debate. that, sr. we should been fighting in the debate. probably tweeting about if tweeting about anything in the middle of the night. one of the things he said during the debate was that she had run all these nasty ads about him. well, the ads are taking quotes from him. that is usually most effective thing to do. now turn about is fair play. this is hillary in her own words. she might think it's a negative ad but all made up of stuff she said. melissa: chris, i mean that video at the beginning you might ask, why am i not 50 points
4:19 pm
ahead? most greating an terrifying, i think i captured it pretty well, i think i captured it very well. >> that was good. i feel frightened. that the. that was something you knew was or should make its way into an ad. sort of see the two sides of trumpism. two sides of the trump campaign. we have on-message more disciplined approach we saw beginning of debate earlier this week that we sometimes hear from trump himself. now that he has more after campaign around him, we're starting to see the message through in paid ads in swing states. that is starting to happen. then, while his campaign is trying it do that. then he is going off topic talking about other things like sex tapes and stuff. so it is balance. for the trump campaign to be successful they have to do more of this, and less of that. melissa: dana, there were other things along the way could have been used. for example, when hillary clinton was in florida, having that rally and right behind her the orlando shooter's father was
4:20 pm
there supporting her. i mean that is something effective, that the clinton campaign had used against trump trying to turn people who support him, white supremacists, trying to say that is reflects you. he is like i can't help who supports me basically. she has the exact same problem where she has the orlando shooter's father driving to a rally and that was an ad that was made and ready to go. nobody had to do anything to it but capture and put on television. there are more opportunities like that, right? >> perhaps. i don't think i would, i don't think i would have spent any money making an ad about one guy comes to the rally. what i would have spent a lot more time talking abouts specially in the swing states is obamacare. it is thing that helped in 2014 for the republicans to take back the control of the senate. it is still a problem. it's a total dog. you guys cover that here on fox business better than anyone. so i don't think, i wouldn't go after mateen's father.
4:21 pm
and that connection i think that was probably an anomaly. you don't have like a group of terrorists fathers saying they support hillary clinton you but you do have is obamacare and you can guarranty that hillary clinton would not change anything for obamacare. if you're the out party candidate, person of change, that is where you should be fighting. >> yeah. chris, his most effective seems like line of reasoning look, washington is corrupt. it's a broken system. i'm going to go in and basically fire everyone. it is a practical pragmatic message that resonates with a lot of people where they feel like both parties are really blown it and a system rigged against people who are not lobbyists and outside of the beltway. would that be the message you would focus on here? >> he was most effective arguably in the debate when he talked about his call for protectionism, increasing substantial tariffs on imports into the united states. that is something that is, used to be a democratic issue. the democrats used to be there.
4:22 pm
republican used to be free trade party. trump stolen issue from democrats. left populist issue he pulled in for himself. ad you would run if you were donald trump would be showing shuttered factories in ohio. shuttered factory mills in north carolina, places like that, talk about dearth of manufacturing jobs. saying you will slap the tariffs on and force these plants back into action. melissa: we are an hour 1/2 away from the first big "fox news poll" since the debates. dana, what do you expect, and are you going to talk about this a lot in the show over the weekend? >> i assume i will talk about on sunday. i do not have access to the information before. melissa: no one does. >> but somebody you have here on your show, at this moment probably has. melissa: is that true, chris stirewalt? >> i know nothing. i know nothing about these polls. melissa: okay. well, wow, you will leave us with that bit of suspense. we'll definitely see polls coming up soon and know what chris knows and watch the show over the weekend.
4:23 pm
thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> you bet. melissa: don't miss dana and chris on "fox news sunday" on fox news, "i'll tell you what" political commentary. david: chris wouldn't tell us what the poll results are? melissa: i will watch video and i will read into it what he knows about the poll. david: he was blinking his eyes in morse code there. melissa: there you go. david: veterans affairs hospital is under fire again. new details on the latest va scandal that some are calling a new low. wait until you hear this. fox news contributor pete hegseth is here with his take on it. plus, donald trump bringing up bill clinton's past infidelity, why "the donald's" latest attack against hillary clinton could be a risky move. former governor mike huckabee will weigh in on that coming next. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandals. and impeachment for lying,
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>> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? i mean, he hurled as many insults as he could. david: hillary clinton holding a rally in florida just remarking moments ago to donald trump's early morning tweet storm. the republican nominee taking to twitter to slam the media and urge his followers to ignore anonymously sourced sources that donald taking shots at former miss universe alicia machado, encouraging voters to look at her past. here is governor mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. former presidential candidate. he is also a fox news contributor. by the way his response to her saying what is he doing staying up all night tweeting about
4:28 pm
alicia was to say, essentially, at least i can be up at 3:00 in the morning as per that old ad she ran years ago. what do you make of all this? >> well, i think it is a nice little sideshow but doesn't affect how voters really feel whether they will put their trust in hillary clinton, who has lied to congress, apparently she and many of her people lied to the fbi. this is a fundamental issue but the press, they're ignoring this. they're all worried about how much sleep donald trump is getting or not getting. the fact that he's up all night is kd of refreshing. i would like to have a president that stays awake and pays attention. david: that's what he said. the fact is before the debate everybody was saying that the biggest danger for donald trump is if he takes the bait of hillary clinton. gets under his skin with something like this miss universe thing. lo and behold she does it. he took the bait a little bit during the debate itself.
4:29 pm
now looks like he is taking the hook, line and sinker? >> you know i have to give some, sympathy to donald trump. this is the first time he has been on the ballot. quite frankly when you're a candidate, and the press is relentlessly coming after you over nonsense and they're ignoring your opponent and the serious allegations of everything from corruption, selling off favors to the government by donations to the clinton foundation and they want to talk to you about something you said 20 years ago, at a miss universe pageant, i can see his frustration. to many of us we cut him some slack, let the man vent a little bit. david: if he is going to vent, governor, why doesn't he vent towards her rather than back to himself? focus on questions that haveaisd her husband, some of his philandering, maybe even intimidated, helped him intimidate female witnesses
4:30 pm
against him like juanita broderick? >> well i do think at some point that will start coming out. would you encourage him, governor to actually use that tack? >> i would encourage the surrogates to do it, not him. he needs to stay focused on hillary, and talking about why she's the one who is not fit to be president. and he needs to focus even more on why he could help make america great. i mean that is his theme. that is what got him here. he needs to fight the people's fight, not his. i have often said, that he needs to look at this like he is a prizefighter. he is a boxer in the ring. the only person he really needs to punch is hillary. he doesn't need to punch the refs and certainly doesn't need to get out of the ring and go up in the stands to punch hecklers. there is no future in it. i understand where he is coming from. it is frustrating when you feel like you're not being treated with some level of equality by
4:31 pm
the so-called objective press. the press isn't objective. saw that in the usa today editorial was disgusting. that piece of paper wasn't fit -- i heard that. it is not fit for a dog to do his business on when it gets like that. david: oh, governor. we'll have to leave it at that. i wish we would leave on lighter tone. governor mike huckabee. take care of that throat. appreciate you being here. melissa: the fbi and local police are investigating how certain people were registered to vote in the state of virginia. what is so strange about these people? for one thing they're dead. david: there's that. melissa: plus we're awaiting donald trump rally in michigan where the republican nominee is expected to blast current trade policies driving american jobs overseas >> the choice could not be more clear. it's change versus the status quo. isn't it? at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers.
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factory and the gerald ford museum in grand rapids, michigan, this afternoon as he tries to convince voters that his economic policies will boost u.s. manufacturing. this is live look in michigan where donald trump is set to address supporters any moment. they're throwing out t-shirts to the audience. joining us with their take on all that, former massachusetts scott brown and ohio state senator capri cafaro. you're a democrat and you're sim threatic to donald trump on things like trade and economic
4:36 pm
policy i'm wondering if events over the past week, particularly questions about his views on women have changed your mind about donald trump at all? i know you aren't ready to support him but make you a little more hostile to him? >> one thing has nothing to do with the other in my opinion. i am vote fog are hillary clinton in november, or actually probably before that, because we have early voting here in ohio. what i will say about mr. trump at this point it would really benefit him if he would focus on issues where he is strong and that is trade. you just mentioned he is in michigan. i am from ohio. he needs to focus consistently on issues of nafta and economic growth. that will stop hillary clinton's rust belt firewall so to speak in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. these other issues that have come up over the last week simply distracted from what his core message has been. obviously that is not really where he wants to be right now. melissa: scott, we -- david: scott we saw him speak yesterday. he was very serious yesterday talking about the economic plans
4:37 pm
and serious stuff about hillary clinton but you know how the press is, scott. the press will focus onmost salacious stuff he have deals with, late-night tweets, et cetera. why does he give them any ammunition? why doesn't he do what capri said and focus on economic stuff? >> i thought capri analysis is excellent and good to be on with her and i don't disagree with you. he needs to focus on things that have gotten him here. border security, debt and deficit, isis and our relationship with our foreign neighbors and allies and obviously dealing with jobs, job creation, repatriating offshore money, lowering corporate tax rates. it is night and day between hillary clinton and donald trump on those very important issues and if he stays focused and tries to draw the comparisons throughout the remaining 30 plus days i still think it is his to lose. david: right. stick with scott for a second. >> okay. david: do you think that people, your opinion will have sway in
4:38 pm
the trump cam in order to kind get him off these distractions? >> listen, i and others have obviously said please be focused, forget about the tweeting. forget about the traps that they set. this is basic politics. as you know, david, the politics is a blood sport. when you're a little bit inexperienced in dealing kind of with the traps that not only your opponent but media as her surrogate really lay for him, you know, his advisors need to really say, listen, focus on things that matter, what got you here. i thought he started really well in the debate then kind of lost track. david: give capri the final word because we're running out of time. capri, all the news about email servers and contradictions, looks like cheryl mills actually lied to the fbi, has that swayed you against hillary in any way? >> it has been the biggest challenge that i have had in regards to supporting hillary clinton. i said this before on your show
4:39 pm
i do bleach things like stream daughter and appropriate supreme court nominees are incredibly important and our next president has power to do that which is why i'm going to be supporting hillary clinton because democrats are little bit more aligned with me. i never made it a secret some of her issues pertaining to veracity, don't sit well with me. david: senator scott brown, capri cafaro, thank you both. appreciate it. for latest how candidates are faring against one another in the race for oval office, check out brand new postdebate polls tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern. these will be unveiled on making money with my buddy charles payne. melissa. melissa? melissa: leaders from around the world are honoring former israeli president and prime minister shimon peres as they gather for his funeral in israel. fox news's conor powell is in jerusalem with the latest on this. reporter: world leaders gathering here in jerusalem to say good-bye to shimon peres. the former israeli president and
4:40 pm
prime minister laid to rest in israel's national cemetery. former president bill clinton, secretary of state john kerry and president obama among the dignitaries in attendance. >> he knew better than the cynic that if you look out over the arc of history, human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope. reporter: peres died on wednesday at age of 93 two weeks after suffering a stroke. he is arguably best known for negotiating the 1993 interim peace deal between israelis and palestinians alongside yasser arafat and it talk rabin. the two winning nobel peace prize for the efforts. >> became its best teacher and ended up its big "elf" -- biggest dreamer. reporter: peres's funeral prompt
4:41 pm
ad rare moment of unity between israeli and palestinian leaders. mahmoud abbas traveled to the service, shaking hands with prime minister benjamin netanyahu while there. >> he was a great man of is real, he was a great man of the world. reporter: largest gathering of foreign dignitaries in israel since the funeral of former prime minister yitsahk rabin. peres's partner in the 1993 deal. two are now buried together. conor powell. fox news. melissa: live pictures out of berkeley, california. this is major fire. first congressional church is burning. no details what sparked the flames. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring it to you as we get it. david: at midnight tonight the united states will relinquish all control over the internet's address book. melissa: oh. david: the domain names used to call up most websites. it will be handed to a body within the united nations. melissa: oh.
4:42 pm
david: critics are concerned like melissa, this will give countries like russia and china more control over online speech. a group of states attorneys general are suing to block the transfer of power, alleging it amounts to giving up u.s. government property. we'll be keeping a very close eye on this one. officials on the hunt for answers today. new details on the investigation into the deadly train crash of new jersey. a live report from hoboken coming next. >> ntsb said yes, partially because of mistakes bitten gear but also because -- by the engineer but at that time not the positive control system. it will take some time before we really know the facts. ill? and when you're having fun why stop to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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melissa: new developments in the deadly train crash that killed one person and injured 100
4:46 pm
others in the train crash in hoboken. the engineer tested without any alcohol or drugs. adam shapiro what do with know at this hour? reporter: good afternoon, to you, melissa. this is surveillance camera from a private business of the train at high rate of speed as it approached train station in hoboken. this is part of tragedy that the ntsb is investigating, trying to get the key answer to the question why was the train moving so fast. it should have been going 10 miles an hour or slower as it entered station. that is clearly not what it was doing. the other issue, the evidence they're trying to gather at the crash site are the event recorders. these are black boxes that record things like speed, all kinds of data. did the brakes, were they applied? did they work? that should partially be data on the event recorders. one recovered from the rear locomotive. the other though they're
4:47 pm
focusing on today, but may take some time to extract from the front car where the engineer was operating. let me listen to a interview from the vice-chair the ntsb why this could take a long time. >> we just got the data recorders, the data recorder i should say from the locomotive only because there is another data recorder in the front controlling car but that is not is being'sable because of a safety situation. if the data are available in the event data recorder we'll be able to get information such as speed and breaking. reporter: now that front car is the car that the reef collapsed on to. the damage is of concern. asbestos from a building constructioned in early 19 hundreds when asbestos was in use and that can pose a health hazard to crews investigating to. quickly as i wrap up, engineer thomas gallagher, first toxicology tests conducted on
4:48 pm
him at the hospital have come back negative for alcohol and drugs.king to the ntsb. he is cooperating, we were told yesterday by investigators and a little about him. he has been with new jersey transit for 29 years. he is 49 years old. he has been an engineer for 18 years. so the investigation will focus on his role as engineer, on the mechanics of the train, and they say although they will be on site for 10 days t could take a year before they have any conclusive answers. melissa? melissa: wow, adam shapiro, thank you for that report. david: if you didn't have enough to worry about hricane matthew is barreling towards the caribbean. why forecasters think the u.s. could be next. look at this big thing. plus abandoning our nation's heroes. pete hegseth sounding off on the disturbing new low for the va. that is coming next. ♪
4:49 pm
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go long™. ♪ melissa: it's a new low for the va the bodies of dead veterans were allegedly left for months in a veterans hospital in illinois. this is according to whistle-blower reports. the report says, quote, some veterans remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more. until they have been stacked to capacity. here now is pete hegseth. u.s. army veteran and a fox news contributor. i heard you earlier today, very fired up about this and very upset. why does it upset you so much, pete? >> it upsets me because it shows that the callous culture we thought was being addressed at va hasn't been addressed. start with the whistle-blower who wants to remain anonymous because he feels like he will be retaliated against. go to the official at the hospital. the hospital has been cited for
4:53 pm
cockroachers and mold and secret wait lists. people responsible are reinstated. now those same people are callously waiting and not following protocol to get rid of veterans bodies. third, think of veterans being mistreated when they get health care. they pass away and we're not putting them in the ground in respectful way. one body bag in particular, was there so long the body liquified. when they tried to move it the bag exploded. that is sick. this is the people that served our country. this is the treatment they get at the va. melissa: that is incredible. like you said, what is amazing about this the chief of patient administration, chief chris -- sorry,. >> yeah. melissa: there have been some complaints against him and he remains at this hospital and doesn't get fired. >> of course, because this white house, this va, this va
4:54 pm
secretary bob macdonald have done everything they can to prevent real accountability. everything to side with unions, so failed administrators like this keep their jobs even when they're grossly negligent. this is why people are so fired up about the va and want it to be cleaned house. the officials they have at very top are never ever held accountable. and i feel like i it is groundhog day being talking about these stories. they keep getting worse and worse. the culture doesn't change unless bad apples leave. veterans know that. which is why they demand things to change. melissa: or maybe it is just the way the system is structured, pete? because i worry that as we watch what is happening with obamacare, and that you see the regular insurance companies leave the system because they have lost too much money and it moves towards what i think president obama intended in the first place is just like the va, a single-payer system, where you have people basically covered by the government, served by the government, taxpayer dollars are used.
4:55 pm
problem it is totally inefficient and create as system like this? because there is no private industry in there, there is no incentive to make profit. no one is trying to do the right thing. you can't count on people to do the right thing because they are morally feel compelled too. unfortunately this is what it turns into. do you think that regular americans would be subjected to the same thing that is happening to the vets if obamacare goes on? >> melissa, i couldn't have said it any better. veterans have had obamacare. single-payer, top down run health care. it is department of veterans affairs. if you want this kind of treatment, go to the single-payer for 330 americans. if we can't do it for 7 1/2 million enrolled in va care. second largest department of federal government. if veterans are still on secret waiting list and waiting for bodies to be buried when protocols are clear, what do regular americans get?
4:56 pm
the if you want more of this go to obama you obama and hillary clinton. otherwise choices and competition and private options are what really shine light on things like this. melissa: it is amazing. wake up america, this is what you're going to get as well. pete, upsetting story. david: to a major storm we're following in the caribbean. matthew strengthened to a category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour. it is currently 500 meals east of. >> make kay. -- miles east of jamaica. by next week could be heading to the eastern coast of the united states. melissa: wow. haunting the ballot box. it's a crucial fight for swing states and voters are wanted dead or alive. ♪
4:57 pm
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>> all right, the voting dead. >> what more do you have to know? the fbi is launching an investigation 19 dead virginians were recently registered to vote in the key battleground state. >> i mean. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandals. the clintons are the sordid past. we'll be the very bright and clean future. >> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack? [laughter] against a former miss universe? i mean his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged. even for him. it proves yet again he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief.


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