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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> all right, the voting dead. >> what more do you have to know? the fbi is launching an investigation 19 dead virginians were recently registered to vote in the key battleground state. >> i mean. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandals. the clintons are the sordid past. we'll be the very bright and clean future. >> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack? [laughter] against a former miss universe? i mean his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged. even for him. it proves yet again he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. [cheers and applause]
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. liz: donald trump and hillary clinton going at each other bigtime, trump calling on hillary's camp for sordid past. this is "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. others on trump's campaign side are targeting the clinton's treatment of women. >> i find it so interesting that there continues to be this conversation about what he has said. when you look at what she has done, gennifer flowers, paula jones, monica lewinsky, my goodness. >> she didn't just stand by him, she attacked monica lewinsky. after being married to bill clinton for 20 years, if you didn't know the moment that monica lewinsky said that bill clinton violated her and she was telling the truth, you are too stupid to be president. liz: this is heating up, we're monitoring a trump rally in michigan. we will let know what you he has to say. back to the sordid past fight.
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when you think about it, it's a sordid and unseemly distraction, we have the worst discovery since the great depression. take a look again at the debates. you will find mrs. clinton never said anything, the slightest inkling that anything had gone wrong in president obama's america. she used, broad, banal and ambiguous strokes like making college debt free or broad-based inclusive growth, a big distraction to the serious issues at hand. national security, securing borders and economic growth. chief political correspondent at the conservative review deneen borelli and eric schiffer joins me now. what do you think of the fight and how it's breaking out now? >> off the charts now. if i were advising donald trump, i would tell him to stick to the message. he got dragged through the mud with the comments about miss universe.
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at the end of the debate, she brings this up, no time to go back and forth about it. now it's mudslinging going on, i don't think this is something americans want to see going on. we want to hear about the policies, how are you going to get job creation, lower taxes, get away with the less regulations to unleash our fossil fuel industry. this is what americans want to hear. liz: it's unstatesmanlike to get up before the crack of dawn to go after miss universe, the woman he called miss piggy. 25 million people crashed out of middle class into the lower brackets under president barack obama's administration. we have less than half of the adult population with a full-time job, that's less since 1983. you see hillary avoiding the important issues, like she's waiting out the clock? >> she is to a certain extent, he's throwing curveballs on her, she has to get back into
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it to a certain extent. if he's going to destroy himself, it's essentially what he's doing. by attacking this girl, he's really attacking all women, and so i think he must dial it back? he's got to dial it back. and in the process, hillary is allowing him to drown, and it's really what we're seeing. liz: you know, scott, i like you to respond to michelle obama, the first lady, attacking hillary on values as well. let's take a listen. >> one of the things the important aspects of this race is role modelling what good families should look like. in my view is that if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. can't do it! >> scott, that was from the 2008 campaign. so what do you make of that? >> well, and it applies now to 2016. with hillary clinton, she has been the chief attack dog against all of bill clinton's
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accusers of sexual assault and infidelity. why can't we apply this now? if you look at juanita broaddrick case. she went after her and intimidated her to silence her story about bill clinton. so i think this is out. i think it does apply. we want to say donald trump is a terrible person. he doesn't run his household well. we want to get into his dirt, but don't want to look into hillary clinton's past involvement with how she dealt with bill clinton's accusers. it is awful how she attacked women over her career and bill and hillary have built the career about silencing and ignoring anyone who's accused him of infidelity and sexual assault. liz: donald trump brings up a point with, the clintons, you just need to follow the money, roll tape. >> everything you need to know about hillary clinton sometimes referred to as crooked hillary -- [cheers]
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can be understood with a simple but very important phrase -- follow the money. liz: dannene, what is mr. trump getting at here? >> so true. hillary made two, three speeches with goldman sachs and paid ove it's true, follow the money. listen, years and years with the clintons of corruption and lies, americans are tired of it. she thinks she's a shoo-in to be the next president. for her to be in politics as long as she has, she should be doing much better in the polls and ratings with americans, but the woman is untrustworthy and people just don't like her. >> you know, getting back to what happened early this morning, donald trump continued the fight over miss universe alicia machado a series of tweets in the early-morning hours, including wow, crooked hillary was duped and used by my worst miss universe. hillary floated her as an
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angel. what kind of man wakes up to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories. eric, this campaign isn't getting away from the major issues americans are concerned about, right? >> again, what we're seeing is a really nonstrategic move by donald trump. it doesn't make any sense. you have to -- he needs to target suburban women, and suburban women are going to be turned off by this. they're going to look at this as a direct attack on them, and this is not the kind of positioning that he wants to have. he needs to talk about the issues. instead, i think he's reacting. perhaps he doesn't want to talk about cuba. whatever it may be, but the choice to do this makes no sense. >> you know, scott, we're 38 days to go before the election. the problem is, donald trump position in the campaign is a bright clean future but goes
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personally attacking a woman and falling for the clinton's bait, right? >> yeah, that's unfortunately the case, but we have to realize why he's taking the bait. all the mainstream media outlets want this to be the top of the thing. want to talk about how he was mean to miss universe 20 years ago and provided a weight-loss program for her. that's the issue we want to talk about. and having trouble shifting it to immigration, to trade, to the economy, the real issues americans care about. americans don't care what he said to miss universe. they might think it's rude, crude, what he said to her, they want to talk about the. unfortunately the hillary clinton campaign and mainstream media outlets want to target the issue because they think it will sink in with suburban women. he needs to find a way to switch off this and neutralize the subject possibly bringing up hillary clinton's role with juanita broaddrick. liz: or switch off twitter. is it all right to tell
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americans to look at a sex tape with less than 40 days to go until the election? >> the clock is ticking. he needs to stay on message and disciplined. he totally fell into the clinton trap. he has time to turn things around. time will tell what happened between now and then. listen, miss america, she was under contract from what i understand, she gained weight, she should not have gained weight. liz: that's fat shaming. >> come on. seriously. i mean, come on. liz: big issues to deal with in this country, right? >> right, it's disrespectful to women in general, he has no right to be doing this, he should be focusing, if he's going to run for president, on the, that really matter. he's hurting the republican party. >> she was contractually obligated. >> he helped her with weight-loss programs from what i was reading. all the news about him being so mean and rude to her is not
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panning out from what i've read. >> let me say this, let me say this. liz: sorry, he was personally attacking her in tweets this morning, right? >> i said before he should stick to his message. on the other end of the spectrum, if she was under contract as miss universe, she was contractually obligated not to do things such as gain weight. >> she wasn't contractually obligated to be called miss piggy. that is the issue. >> there is no data in terms of him saying that, those are her allegations. on megyn kelly's show the other night, she asked her about that, she said she had weight issues before being miss universe and totally denied it. liz: he did send a team of reporters into her gym to watch her. scott, i'm going to give you more time on, this go ahead. >> if you look at that case, he provided this weight-loss program, it was designed so you could keep her job and as miss universe you are based on your looks and beauty. so this is a case where some
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ways where you're designed to meet your contract, and all the accusations, the mean words such as miss piggy, the only person that can corroborate the evidence is -- liz: we've had the worst economic recovery since the great depression. we had a gdp read where we're still flatlining, and the clinton campaign is saying fix income inequality by giving you a house. that was bad policies of the 1990s and we paid for it in 2008. give you free college education, right, deneen? who's going pay for that? it's going to continue to mean that colleges gouge middle-class families, deneen, raising tuition costs. >> nothing is free, all about redistributing wealth and it doesn't work. look at what's going on in europe. liz: thank you, scott greer, and we'll see deneen and eric later in the show. appreciate your thoughts here. stick around, the first fox national poll will be released in less than an hour. news alert, still awaiting donald trump.
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he is set to speak at raily in michigan any minute now. we are monitoring the latest and will bring you anything notable. after a dramatic, an override of president obama's veto of the 9/11 bill by congress. the saudi government is weighing in. find out what the government saudi arabia has to say about this one. we've got a mother who lost her son on 9/11. he was one of the passengers who fought back on the flight to pennsylvania. after this.
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now sue the saudi arabian government. 15 of the 199/11 hijackers were accused in the united states. president obama says this bill will be detrimental to u.s. national interests and now we've got saudi arabia issuing a statement that basically reading -- joining me now alice, her son mark bingham was one of the bravest guys you could know. killed on flight 93 which crashed into a field in pennsylvania on 9/11, not before mark and several others bravely fought the hijackers to take control of the plane, possibly saving thousands of lives, that plane could have been headed for the capitol hill or the white house.
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alice is one of the family members suing the saudi arabian government. alice, so sorry for the loss of your son and good you joined us tonight, appreciate it. do you blame saudi arabia, the government for your son's death? >> well, clearly i blame the hijackers and 15 of them were saudi. i have reason, along with all the other 9/11 family members to suspect that saudi arabia might have had something to do with it. those vaunted 28 pages were all about saudi involvement in 9/11. there's just too much evidence, and too much smoke for there not to be fire, and i can understand why saudi arabia would want to hide behind the concept of sovereign immunity, but i am so grateful to the senate and now to the house of representatives for overriding president obama's veto and putting justice on the books as a law where it should be.
5:18 pm
liz: is it the families -- is it about getting money or just having your day in court and getting to bottom of who is culpable for the 9/11 attacks? which is it? >> you've hit it very well. yes, it's about getting to the bottom of it and finding out who is culpable, letting saudi arabia answer to the charges in court and see what they had to say to square with the evidence against them, and there is a remarkable amount of evidence as will come out as the cases progress. liz: you know, president obama called this bill a mistake. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i'm disappointed in president obama's attitude about this. he seemed flippant almost, and i guess he authorized josh earnest, his press secretary to say jasta was the worst idea that the senate has come up with. that kind of talk is just not appropriate, and it's hurtful to people who have already hurt a great deal.
5:19 pm
liz: alice, we have sound of president obama, what he had to say about the passing of the bill last night. let's take a listen and i'd like your reaction. >> okay. >> i think it was a mistake, and, you know, those families deserve support and they deserve resources, that's why we set up a victim's compensation fund. our men and women in uniform and around the world could potentially start seeing ourselves subject to reciprocal loss. liz: all right, you're saying that it's not about a victim's compensation fund, he's worried about foreign policy put in the hands of trial lawyers. are you concerned about the president saying about possible repercussions? >> yes, i am. however, i do not believe that
5:20 pm
jasta is going pose any more of a threat than any of the other laws on the book internationally. as far as the victim's compensation fund, i hate to see mr. obama claim that that was satisfactory recompense, it amounted to payoff of the 9/11 families out of funds paid by the taxpayer which doesn't make sense to me at all. we need to go after the guilty parties in this, and let saudi arabia defend itself in court as we lay our case on the table. if they are not guilty. we will continue to look for the guilty party. aren't we as a nation concerned with justice? don't we want to know what happened on 9/11? who it was that nourished and fed and clothed and boarded those 19 young men? liz: and, you know, alice, here's the thing, sovereign immunity does not cover state sponsors of terror. >> absolutely not, you are correct.
5:21 pm
liz: iran, sudan and syria are state sprs of terror. are the 9/11 families saying saudi arabia should be designated a state response offer terror? >> that might be the case after we've had our day in court. i certainly don't want to accuse saudi arabia of anything that can't be substantiated, but plenty of evidence to support the fact that they are indeed guilty of terrorism, harboring terrorists and bringing terror and murder upon onto our shores. liz: thank you, alice, mother of mark bingham who died on flight 93. appreciate your time. we're so sorry for your loss. >> thank you, dear, thank you very much. liz: donald trump speaking at raily in michigan. we are monitoring this rally and we will bring you anything that is notable here. now we've got a rule of flight here, when you fly commercial, don't get drunk, don't get rowdy, but especially don't get drunk and rowdy on the same flight as sheriff
5:22 pm
david clarke. this actually happened. sheriff david clarke took a passenger down and he's here to recount this tale after this. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america! [cheers and applause]
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . liz: you've seen milwaukee county sheriff david clarke on this show. he's one of the most outspoken law enforcement officials, and he spoke at republican national convention. however, last weekend, it was back to business when the sheriff encountered a drunk airline passenger in his own flight out of milwaukee into north carolina. sheriff clarke joins me now. so what happened?
5:26 pm
>> well, i don't know, either he picked the wrong flight or i picked the right flight to be on. we got into the sky, 30,000 feet into the air, this guy was loud, profane, obnoxious, intoxicated. the flight attendant cut him off, he wouldn't stop. he was harassing passengers, moving around the cabin like his own private jet. at one point i got up because he was arguing with the flight attendant and i said is everything okay? and the flight attendant looked and felt that that would be enough to settle this guy down, but it wasn't, and upon approach to the run way as soon as the wheels touched down, he got up out of his seat. i realized i had to do something. that's a frightening and intimidating experience for passengers. i could feel it in the cabin. one of the passengers sitting across from me said sheriff, i'm glad you were on the flight. i got up after he got up on touchdown, went over and told him to sit back down in the seat. he refused, i pushed him face
5:27 pm
down in the seats, he was two seats across with his arm behind his back. i told the flight attendant to radio for charlotte police to meet me at the gate. i said officers back here, i said give me your handcuffs, the sergeant did. i handcuffed him and turned him over to charlotte police. liz: how did the passengers and crew react? >> they were very thankful as they deplaned. as a matter of fact, they first made the pilot's partner was standing at the flight deck and thanked me for getting involved. i'm sure the flight attendant by policy has to let the captain know there is a problem in the cabin. one of the things i was concerned about is i wanted to know if this guy was a distraction. what i did was instinctive. i've done this 38 years, i know how to police, get situations under control and so that's what i did. liz: were there any air marshalls on the plane? >> none, and i know they're not on every flight, it would have
5:28 pm
been nice to have that as a backup. to back the air marshall up. i think the tsa or whoever is in charge of the marshal program have to look at this thing again. this was a black guy they took down, but as i had him pinned down, he turned his face and said you're one of those kind of niggers, i said i'm a black guy, you're a black guy but i don't roll like that. liz: you are quite a patriot and have you done such good work and service for our country. i'd like to shift gears, hillary clinton saying essentially all -- all americans are implicitly racially biased. let's take a listen, i'd like your thoughts. >> i think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. i think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. liz: what do you make of that statement? >> well, basically --
5:29 pm
>> we lost the feed there. we will have more after the break. that was sheriff david clarke. the clock, though, i want to tell you about this story. the clock's winding down. the u.s. government is set to give up power to the internet to the government. they are saying no stop the oversight handoff from happening. we have one of the attorneys general from texas, he's here to talk about that next. don't go away. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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liz: donald trump speaking right now at a rally in michigan we are monitoring the latest and we will bring you anything notable. the clock is winding down. four republicans say they are fighting back they are suing to stop the obama administration. we had one of these you're basically saying this would basically mean one of the most powerful economic drivers is being handed over to an international panel. what happens if they decide they're gonna start taxing this.
5:34 pm
could they pull our domain name away. we don't really know what the long-term ramifications are. and from what rcm point is we can't see any benefit. the pushback on this will it only oversee addresses and that's it. if they decide to pull away. it's a private entity they will have a say. they will be regulated. to keep this fear in free. and what remedy would we have if they are a private organization. there would be all sorts of censorship from china. we don't like it if it's violates that.
5:35 pm
you're making an interesting argument. in order for the agency which we have here is gonna take action is a significant place it should be clearly stated by congress. for them to transfer are pretty that is controlled and owned by the u.s. it is completely within the purview of congress. they have the authority over all property. congress has not spoken. we have an agency inside of the executive branch taking on the responsibility. with the inventions in decades. it's because about the free
5:36 pm
speech. how can we ensure that this new group will follow u.s. first amendment rights? >> that's one of our greatest concerns. if we don't like what the state of texas is saying there's nothing to stop them from that. the freedom that we have to speak. and who knows who is getting control of this organization. it could be an outside country. >> the president through these agencies are doing this. his job is to implement law. not to make it and he's having
5:37 pm
to make lot to make this happen. this is supposed to happen on october 1. do they block the transfer of power though? >> were asking for a temporary restraining order so we have more time. we are we're in a hearing today in galveston texas were doing everything that we can. we've the media bias alert. they're calling out the show the view. that is after this. don't go away. >> i will type about this. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good.
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>> under presidential way.
5:41 pm
what was this. i was almost 15 minutes. i guess he was thirsty. i will tell you. don't bs a bsr. they are having a field day with the campaign manager with donald trump. he have so many strong moments last night but if you have to anticipate to what would you say. the fbi look to this. there is no evidence that she's ever been hacked. i'm glad to hear that.
5:42 pm
if he doesn't pay any taxes. we are paying for that. my power panel back with me. the question about it. no ceo can say they've never been hacked. it does not proof that you have not been hacked. we have the campaign managers coming on the view. misleading the american people about what is going wrong with this country. and they didn't get into the issues of what hillary clinton was. he t and they basically went after kelly and for ratings. where his taxes. he should release his taxes i think it is a sidebar issue.
5:43 pm
but again i just think it is a big double standard when it comes to the left wing media and how they are très donald trump. they're saying you can't release the taxes. getting back to what were seen happening right now. every friday for the last month or so we have document dumps of e-mails of what was really going on at the state department. our nation's secrets were being full flaunts her home. where was the view on that. >> i think they are trade state very relevant to the debate. they have a lot of things to discuss. i think they are looking at stuff that was probably more relevant i think that's what you saw. certainly they have talked about it i'm sure. that's not to say that you don't have a lot of liberals on that show.
5:44 pm
>> we talk about tax returns that is a big issue. i think to a lot of people whether you are republican, independent or et cetera. why is he not? >> this is a context. the context. we know about donald trump and his need to do that. the tax returns are about whether or not he has connections overseas however at the clinton foundation in the state department never came up. with those of foundation dealings in the interplay between there. not even close. her campaign manager has a pass. they were talking about the weather. and they were all over kelly and with everything they could possibly think of. americans want to know the truth from benghazi to the e-mails to the foundation all
5:45 pm
of this time has passed. and we still don't have any answers. again in his context. if a that is focused towards a woman audience. and women are the audience. what is relevant to them. it certainly relevant to note whether or not this person is running for president whether they're going to be treating women with respect. i think she took that fire. she represents this. she wants to find out does this change the women's votes. with the economic security. into say that they are only focused on name-calling i think that is different. he is killing it. he is sawing off his leg.
5:46 pm
but there are bigger issues. look at the next story. with the trumpet signs across the nation. this is what's happening. there was ordained to new extreme measures to protect their property. we have a guy who is connected to an electric fence. we will see the shocking development there. president obama confronted by adults. they refuse to call terror by its name. with his reaction after this. don't go away.
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>> why do you refuse to use the term islamic terrorist? >> this is an issue that has been manufactured. because there is no doubt that i said repeatedly that where we see terrorist organizations like al qaeda they have a perverted and distorted and tried to claim the mantle of islam for an excuse for basically barbarism and death. >> a fallen soldier's mother challenging on why he refuses to say that. they wander the same. his son a navy seal killed in afghanistan after his death he made it his mission to speak out.
5:51 pm
sir, we are so sorry for your loss and we are so grateful for your son's service to our country how does it make you feel as if i other who lost a son to war that the president won't use the word islamic terror. >> thank you liz for having me here. it's sad. it's disappointing but it's not shocking. this is who he has been. he's reached out to these people. in june of 2011 he said they hate us but they fear us brute force is all they respect. they know who the enemy is. they know they are islamic. if you ask them they will tell you and they will type this is a war about religion.
5:52 pm
in muslim companies --dash countries they call them radical islamist. it's unreal that the president won't be here again this is what we had been living with and under seven and half years of war in afghanistan under president bush we lost 630 american war fighters in the first three and half years. we lost 200170 some the wounded in action seven and a half years. almost 2200. almost 18,000. this president does not want to use of force on this enemy and it's not because he's stupid. as our war fighters by.
5:53 pm
and over 70% of them are returning with their ordinance risking their lives because of this presidents rules of engagement. because of this presidents rules of engagement. the president is saying this is manufactured. and the 911 report president obama told military veterans as it have not substantially increase under tender year you just head facts and data seen the opposite right? >> look at the attacks who committed them, christians, hindus they are islamic terrorists. on our own soil this and not have been under president bush after 911. and, not just that but military families have received bulletins warning them not to put anything about
5:54 pm
them being a military family or bumper stickers on their car sitting there in the military and things like that because it's not safe for us here in our homeland here in our homeland they came from the department of defense. they came from the department of defense that they were receiving chatter that it's unsafe for american families some families women's lives were approached out west by islamist threatening them because they were aware of what their husbands were doing overseas. this president has made it unsafe for everybody in our homeland including citizens all citizens and yet at the same time he continues to tell us we don't have an enemy in the islamist. thank you so much for your time in your information. and for the service of your son. we hope you have a good weekend. thank you so much again. my next guest tired of having
5:55 pm
his sign stolen. look what he did.
5:56 pm
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. . . >> to a video going viral, a trump supporter turned the tables on a would-be thief, showing a hillary supporter trying to steal a trump sign. it's connected to an electronic fence. and this video has been viewed almost one million times. we've got trump supporter an amateur saboteur joins me now. you've had how many signs have been stolen? >> we've had seven of them stolen altogether and several vandalized. >> is this legal to basically hook up your sign to electrical fence? >> it's a small voltage made to keep cattle in, it's not lethal
5:59 pm
and the people are breaking onto my property to get there. i have to say i can defend my property and freedom of speech. >> how did you come up with the idea to hook it up to an electronic fence. we've seen this one before? >> i got frustrated after having signs taken and having the police not be able to do anything. i got to thinking about it, if the fence keeps cows and horses in, i tried it out. i hooked the electronic fence up to the bush and it seemed to work. >> have you looked into whether it is legal to shock people like this? >> i talked to theless and they said i have the permission to protect my property. it's a non-lethal machine that emits a small electrical current to keep animal and livestock in, so it's not lethal. police have not told me it's illegal. >> fun story, appreciate it. moments away from the first
6:00 pm
"fox news poll" since the presidential debate. charles payne will have it for you at 6:00 p.m. that's it for us on this show, "making money" with charles pain -- with charles payne starts right now. . charles: breaking news, the first fox news national poll since the first presidential debate released at this very minute. and hillary clinton leads donald trump 3% in a four way race. 43-40% which is exactly the margin of error. in a two way matchup, hillary clinton over donald trump by 5%, 49-44, and 61% say that hillary clinton won that first presidential debate while 21% say it was donald trump. the poll was among likely voters and it's comprised of 42% democrats, 38% republicans and 18% independents. joining us right now to help break it all down, two of the best


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