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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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"fox news poll" since the presidential debate. charles payne will have it for you at 6:00 p.m. that's it for us on this show, "making money" with charles pain -- with charles payne starts right now. . charles: breaking news, the first fox news national poll since the first presidential debate released at this very minute. and hillary clinton leads donald trump 3% in a four way race. 43-40% which is exactly the margin of error. in a two way matchup, hillary clinton over donald trump by 5%, 49-44, and 61% say that hillary clinton won that first presidential debate while 21% say it was donald trump. the poll was among likely voters and it's comprised of 42% democrats, 38% republicans and 18% independents. joining us right now to help break it all down, two of the best in the industry.
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scott rasmussen and john johnson. these are likely voters, it's a big shift from the prior polling. six point shift. that's a pretty big move. >> the two-way race is a six-point race. i think that means there is a lot of people who, if you force them to pick between donald trump and hillary clinton, they're saying i'll go with hillary, but when you give them other options, they're not quite sold yet. big story here when i was here on monday, the trend was moving in donald trump's direction. since the debate, moving the other way. charles: john, no doubt about it, other parts of the poll may underscore what's going on here, i think particularly if i'm on the donald trump camp temperament, hillary clinton gets a 67% nod on that, donald trump only 37%. he is beating her when it comes to the economy and government corruption, something everyone is upset about but you have to wonder could those be enough to sort of retake this momentum
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that scott talked about? >> right, it presents a real problem for donald trump right now. the temper issue was a central issue in the debate, the fact that people say donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be the president of the united states in this polling, that is potentially a big problem area for him. i think also related to that, the underlying demographics when you look at the breakdowns, hillary clinton's gain among women, non-whites and voters under the age of 45 all after the debate, another significant shift that could be a problem for him. charles: you know, scott, obviously, there are a lot of skepticses when it comes to polling. they come out all day long. >> people love polls when we tell them what they want to hear. charles: our audience wants to know why would fox news in the september 14th poll, democrats were 40% of the poll, in this poll, 42% of the poll? >> when people start picking things apart like, this they're looking for a reason not to believe. charles: isn't there something
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there? >> sure, something in the likely voter mix that is causing a little shift in the mix of the poll. let's be clear, nobody knows who's going to show up and vote on election day. that is the big unknown. but if you're looking to say because there was a shift in the likely voter model, that's why we're seeing this, you're missing the larger point. we're missing level of enthusiasm being generated and catching the sense where the people are who are on the fence a week or two ago, and something after the debate, remember, the poll was taken after the debate monday. you get a sense something significant changed. charles: right, the fox poll mirrors that with others like pew research. john, we've seen a lot of ebbs and flows in this election cycle with respect to the polls. donald trump had the momentum coming out of the republican convention, he also reclaimed the momentum just recently after a series of gaffes on the part of hillary clinton. how much time does he have to
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get this momentum back, if possible, and what do you think he has to do? >> well, it's getting closer as we get closer within 50 days, 40 days, the polls start to be a much better predictor how the election is going to turn out. another debate coming up. but the opportunities are getting smaller and smaller to move these things around, so i think it is tough. again, if you look at these numbers and the underlying groups, trump continues to do well with men, continues to do well with white voters, white voters that are not college educated have become his consolidated base, you have to expand beyond the 40-44% to win the electoral college. charles: i have political experts coming up, we'll talk about this more from a political point of view. i saw a mason-dixon poll in florida, donald trump was getting 1% of the black vote. he made a serious effort to go after the black vote but has to get beyond the base. how is he doing if he's trying
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to hitting his head against the wall? >> two things, if you are a republican going after the african-american vote. you can't do it in the last month or two before the election, you have to start now and build for future elections. second thing i don't think donald trump is trying to win the african-american vote. trying to convince suburban whites he's making the effort and make him palatable. he needs to have a different tone to jump out in the debate. charles: two things, things i thought were 100% in donald trump's wheel house, immigration, according to the "fox news poll." hillary clinton 50, donald trump, 46. terror, he has been endorsed by the military folks love him. how could you explain that? >> because people when they saw him on monday night lost a little confidence in his
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ability to deliver. whether it was because of his commentary, lost in some of the answers. i think a lot of this has to do. you got to remember do i like what charles payne says? yes. do i think he can deliver? no. all of a sudden if that happens, people have doubts. charles: remarkable, john, when you consider so much put on things that have nothing to do with the running the country. a beauty pageant from 20 years ago, is it important? have we descended into a place in american politics where someone's visions and policies and expertise don't matter anymore? >> well, the polls are showing that definitely these issues with temperament, the issues with how likely do you think can you see the person in the office of the president actually will matter to the country. so i think the issue is all of the peripheral things contribute to people's overall view and it does taint the way they view the issues as well. that's what the polling is starting to reflect. there are a lot of different
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things that people make up their mind based on, and the impressions coming out of that debate are not working in donald trump's favorite. charles: another interesting tidbit from this, and i'll ask you first, john, when asked if life is worse, back in may 51% of people say yes. this poll, 43% saying that. a gdp report coming out that could be 3% for the quarter. a jobs report next friday and starting to see the market and all-time highs again. how much will that influence the outcome of this election? >> look, i think people always vote with their pocketbooks and think about how the economy affect me? if more people are starting to feel better with the economy, that could rebound again towards hillary clinton's benefit since she is essentially the extension of the incumbent. i'm not sure, that's a big swing since the earlier polls and little hard to see, you know the numbers i'm a little more suspicious of. overall, pocketbook issues do matter. if it's better, hillary clinton
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will benefit. charles: life has gone the better, that only changed 36% to 41%. people are not saying it's the greatest of times but maybe not the worst. >> when you ask people about how's the economy doing? people give an answer that lines up with political choice. if you're a republican you have one answer on democrats in the white house, if you're a democrat, you have a different answer. when you ask somebody out of the political context and say how are your personal finances are doing? that's the measure. if people feel better about finances in a nonpolitical context. that's good for the incumbent party. charles: two more presidential debates and vice presidential debate can, any more of the debates have more influence than the first debate? >> first debate is the most important. i don't believe hillary clinton sealed the deal. the second debate is a chance to address the temperament issue. charles: we shouldn't forget
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mitt romney clearly put the first debate and i think he put it in neutial. thanks a lot. coming up, the political fallout from the first major post debate polls. they are coming in like crazy. we've got the best one. we'll be right back. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix
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in fact, let's get down with the breaking news of the day, of the hour, rather, that's our first "fox news poll" since the debate. donald trump trailing hillary clinton by five points in a two way matchup. what's the political fallout now? ford o'connell, gina loudon and jessica tarlov. gina, start with you, this dove tails the other polls i've seen the last 24, 48 hours. do you take it seriously, and if you do, what does it mean for the trump campaign? >> well, i think this is right where donald trump always shines and that's when he's underestimated. we've seen it repeat itself over and over again. he's new to the process and most of us watching are amazed with what he's pulled off being a complete outsider and taking on the greatest establishment hack in history, hillary clinton. i'm encouraged when i look at statistics most americans do
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not believe we are on the right path. fear is the greatest motivator when it comes to voter turnout. this works to mr. trump's favor. charles: having said, that ford, is there any fear in the trump camp right now that that amazing momentum that he had might have stalled? >> here's what happened, i don't think that clinton stole trump's momentum. trump stole his own momentum because he keeps falling for clinton's traps, understand something else, i agree with gina fear is the most powerful emotion in politics. only 43% of likely voters can see donald trump as president of the united states. as such, the only way he's going to improve that number is by having two great debate performances because that's when millions of people are watching, so it's all going to be about the next couple of debates. it comes back to can you see donald trump in the white house. >> the flip site on that, jessica is that hillary clinton has been in this position before, she's had much larger leads and she's always put it
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in neutral, and it's caught up to her along with the news cycle and feels like in the last 24 hours, she's gotten a little too confident. >> you don't like all the shimmying stuff that's floating around on the internet. charles: when i'm watching a basketball team and the team losing by 20 and the guy is talking smack and misses a free-throw. you don't want to count your chickens too early. >> i don't think the next two debates will matter a lot. i thought donald trump did well and exceeded expectations and won the first 20 minutes of it. there are important things in the poll beyond the numbers who's ahead and talking about enthusiasm is a big deal. suddenly hillary clinton supporters are more enthusiastic than donald trump supporters about their candidate and the number one quality people are looking for good temperament ahead of strong leader and that favors hillary clinton. charles: i've seen legions of people wait outside in the rain to hear donald trump.
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>> just because someone goes a concert and rally. charles: and milk and chocolate cake in the gymnasium and can't get people to fill up two dozen folding chairs. >> because have you people at the rally doesn't mean they're going to vote. charles: standing out in the rain for four hours to watch a man speak, i'm not going to go vote for him? >> jessica. >> ford, let me finish. >> i don't know what goes on that day for them. for you to say hillary clinton supporters aren't out screaming in the rain, they're not going to turn out for a candidate they are more enthusiastic about than donald trump supporters? it's not fair. charles: i don't say it's fair or not fair, it's common sense. >> what about bernie sanders? what about bernie sanders? charles: gina, we know there is enthusiasm gap. >> the poll doesn't have it that way. >> you can't capture it, you
6:17 pm
are absolutely right, you can't capture it and can't transfer it as i think that hillary has been trying to do with bernie voters. not going to work that way. i'm encouraged by the fact mr. trump has a strong lead with independent voters, and i think that's going to play well for him as well. i think a lot is yet to be seen. he needs to focus on his actual turnout at the polls. that's what's going to do it all, and we know the democrats have quite a machine in place. i will say i've seen great strides in the gop working on this for months and months, i know how motivated his base is and i think he'll pull it off. charles: let me ask you this, ford. there's a lot of skepticism among republican voters, particularly those that back trump. they don't like the polls, they think they're skewed, and i will tell you our poll has 42% democrats, 38% republicans. the last time our poll went out, 40% democrats. i'm not sure why we have two
6:18 pm
percentage points more democrats than republicans does, that add credence to the fact that the polls are politically motivated rather than taking a pulse of the election, maybe try to sway the election? >> people are going believe when what they want to believe. we've heard about skewed polls over and over. understand the crowning point, who wins and loses this election may depend who doesn't turn out versus who does. the question is the turnout and when it comes to millennials and minority voters, trust me the hillary clinton campaign is in panic mode. charles: are they in panic mode, jessica? >> no, taking it incredibly seriously. he has spent the week including getting up in the middle of the night to go on a rant about a sex tape no one can find shows he is not temperamentally fit to be president. >> that shows he'll be up to take the 3:00 p.m. call. >> hillary clinton slept away most of her life?
6:19 pm
you are going to considerable length to defend him. >> hillary clinton is no barack obama and she's having troubles reassembling the obama coalition and if she continues to have troubles, donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> though she's got momentum, turnout is going to be critical and it's a big question mark at this point. thank you all very much. >> thanks. >> coming up, naturalize illegal immigrants by election could be the wild card but should the white house have its thumb on the scales? we'll be right back.
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. charles: the mad dash by this administration to grant citizenship to immigrants resulted in a huge backlog but
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might be mission accomplished. massive application increases in key battleground states where these immigrants have been coming. have you 30% increase in colorado, florida 40%, nevada 53%, as the numbers piled up, coincidentally so too have hillary clinton's momentum in the same state. the question is, is the white house putting its finger on the scale and is that executive overreach? joining me the mayor, gina, and hillary has momentum, winning some of the recent polls. does it help to have a major influx of new voters who potentially are going to vote democrat? >> of course, no question about it. a lot of the immigrants are voting for hillary clinton. think about it, it's all about the american dream. that's what made america great. and making sure she's people have the right to vote and live the dream and look at hillary clinton as somebody who will
6:24 pm
offer that dream. it's very important to say that a lot of the big hispanic increase in florida is around orlando which are puerto ricans, these puerto ricans coming to florida are already americans, they're just registering to vote in the state of florida. that is different than people coming in from other countries. charles: there has been increase in non-puerto ricans, they made a difference, they were undercounted the last election, a lot of republican pollsters thought mitt romney won. the white house obviously to the mayor's point, you know, it's a good thing for democrats and the new people, and the folks who are fellow citizens, they feel beholden, is it fair that there's been such an amazing push to naturalize so many people ahead of the election. >> listen, america loss of our immigrants, our legal immigrant population, charles, this is another situation where you
6:25 pm
have to follow the money. this is another situation, charles where the clinton and obama, you know gang politics, if you will, doesn't hesitate to use their power and influence. for example, they've given $10 million to community groups to get these people to be able to vote. they sponsored ads in foreign countries and the "wall street journal" reported that hillary clinton, her foundation took $68 million from foreign entities. i am telling you this white house is for sale under hillary clinton. >> hold on, hold on. charles: one second, mayor, really quick, i want to get to enrique also. >> a lot of our grandparents came this way. he wanted to get rid of the 11 million folks who didn't have documentation. donald trump says the legal folks who want to be citizens legally, they can't stay either? is that what she's saying? i can't believe what i'm hearing.
6:26 pm
charles: reading into it too much. >> no! nobody said that. charles: 53% increase in nevada. nevada is one of the states that's going to be decided by one or two percentage points, could this make the difference. >> absolutely. what people don't realize this is not something new that started this year. there was a past that president obama started in 2014 and carrying over from before, called the new american project. i was there in the white house earlier this year when they did the kickoff this year of it, and it's a long process. there is over 8 million legal residents in the united states that qualify to be citizens, theye been here in this country for many, many, many years and it's not a shortcut. it takes over seven months to get ready. there is no guarantee that they will be here. charles: you do acknowledge there is a political motivation to make it happen perhaps quicker rather than longer. they put the wheels in motion and time. the coincidence, these are huge numbers? >> yes, definitely a push in 2016 to make it happen.
6:27 pm
however, the process takes so long there is no guarantee they're going to be able to vote in this election, and on top of that, there is no guarantee they vote for one candidate or the other. it's up for grabs. charles: you're right, gina? >> and when we rush it, are we properly vetting people, charles. the test right now doesn't ask people if they have ties, if they have ties to isis. that's another thing that this all needs to happening, more deliberately and sometimes it takes time. these things can't be rushed and can't be rushed for an election. charles: thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, the irs in hot water after reports of misconduct prompting house republicans to take action. we're going to break it all down for you, next. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers.
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charles: gop lawmakers introducing legislation this week after the irs reportedly exploited the longstanding johnson amendment to intimidate and censor churches and other nonprofits. these lawmakers argumenting the amendment which -- arguing it restricts free speech by pastors and churches. joining me now to discuss, tony perkins, president of the family research council. i've got to tell you, it's really amazing that everyone in this country gets free speech except churches and pastors.
6:32 pm
even big businesses after the citizens united decision by the supreme court. >> well, government sees god, i guess, as competition. they don't want the church actively speaking about politics, whether it be policy or whether it be candidates. but what we've seen, charles, over the last, you know, it's been a few decades, but we have issues like life, marriage, religious liberty. these are issues that are inherently spiritual, moral, but the political class, the elite, have declared these to be political issues, and now they're slapping the hands of churches if they start talking to these issues or challenging candidates who are on the wrong side of the issues. charles: considering that the next president may be able to select up to four supreme court justices, it should be really important that the church, that the religious voices are heard on these things, right? >> absolutely. without question. that's why this coming sunday is a pulpit freedom sunday, i'm the national spokesman for that, and we'll have thousands of pastors across the country participating in this and speaking freely from
6:33 pm
the pulpit. look, the pulpit needs to be free to speak to the issues our day, and that means the candidates as well. look, the irs, these bureaucrats, should not serve as bouncers to the door of free speech or religious freedom. this is a right that every american has, and simply because you stand behind a pulpit should not mean that you lose it or that someone could take a law that was passed back in 1954 and use it to intimidate you into silence. charles: right. tony, why is it that so many people take this law, you know, as gospel, no pun intended, and say that, you know, that the constitution prohibits the intervention or the involvement of church into state matters? >> right, right. yeah, the author of this this is opposite of the author of the gospels. this issue has been exploited. 1954 lyndon johnson had some opposition in his primary -- in his election as senator, and so he slipped this in when he was
6:34 pm
majority leader in the senate, did not get any debate, did not get a hearing in committee. but since that time you've had left-leaning groups that have exploitethis. in fact, just recently they sued the irs to enforce the johnson amendment, one of those things i wouldn't be surprised if the irs asked them to sue them. so since then they put together this committee to investigate churches, and they've been hiding behind this veil of secrecy. apparently, they have 99 entities that they're looking at, but alliance defending freedom actually has them in court, has asked, used the freedom of information act request to get this information, has not been able to get to the bottom of it, has not been able to identify who those 99 are. but again, charles, it's more intimidation hand anything because -- intimidation than anything because there are constitutional rights that pastors is and churches have. but so many are afraid and the left, again, exploits this.
6:35 pm
we need to make this go away so pastors and churches are free to speak to the issues of our day. now, they cannot become political action committees, that's not what this does. it simply restores their freedom of speech. charles: we've got just 30 seconds, but something came up today. bulgaria joining the netherlands and france in banning burkas. you know, of course, we're starting to see some backlash against certain aspects of multiculturalism here. could a allow ever exist like that in america? >> i think we have to make our laws based upon, in this case, public safety. if we decide this is an issue driven by public safety, then we have to go after that threat to public airty and national security. -- safety and national security. we have to be careful that we don't across the board ban religious symbols or that we have to treat all religions the same in terms of those things that could pose national security problems. look, when we look at what's happening in terrorism, it's radical islamists. it's islamic terrorism that is a
6:36 pm
threat to this country. charles: right. >> we need to be able to talk about that, we need to go after it. we should not allow political correctness, nor should we allow religious freedom to be used as a guard to try to undermine this country from a national security standpoint. charles: tony perkins, thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> all right, charles. great to be with you, have a great weekend. >> you too. charles: stocks ending the week on a high note after reports of a potential settlement with deutsche bank helped lift that sector. my market commentary is next and, by the way, i've got a fresh stock idea for you too, so you don't want to miss it. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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6:39 pm
charles: well, concerns over
6:40 pm
deutsche bank turned this week's action into a game of follow the bouncing ball. the shakedown of banks, in this case this deutsche bank by the u.s. justice department, it's probably going to be for a lot less than $14 billion which not only bails out the german bank, but the german government and hillary clinton's favorite politician. while it was never much ado about nothing, the rubbernecking this week on this topic took away from other developments that, in my mind, are much more critical for your portfolio. let's talk about consumers. they remain cautious even as incomes continue to edge higher. now, this isn't a new trend, but it was more pronounced in july when incomes rose but spending was flat and savings soared. now, part of the decline in spending was the fact that auto sales have peaked, no doubt about that. we are paying less for gasoline. the harder aspect to understand is what's spooking consumers. still, there are some signs that consumers could be ready to put more money into the economy. we had two reads on consumer confidence this week, both came in better than expected.
6:41 pm
of course, most of the data recently hasn't been great. this has resulted in the atlanta fed sharply decreasing its assumptions for the current quarter. initially, the atlanta fed thought the third quarter would be 3.6%, they're all the way down to 2.4%. i personally think the wildcard could be business investment. either way, it would be a sharp improvement over the last eight quarters, and, of course, would have political and economic ramifications. now as for the stock market, well, we weathered what is typically the most difficult month of the year, and we're entering what is typically -- well, these are the best months of the year. the major averages are slightly overvalued. i keep saying that, which makes this a stock picker's market, but winners win big. like today, costco, up huge. take a look at mohawk industries. $200. huge resistance in the past, it should hold now support, initial pounce takes -- bounce takes it to 216. don't worry about the share price.
6:42 pm
if you can buy one share, buy one share. don't miss wall street week tonight. special guest, former ubs investment banker, president, robert wolf. >> i think we're at the point especially after the election that we could look to possibly rise, so i would not be surprised if there's a december rise. personally speaking, although i want a rise, i wouldn't even do december because i wouldn't do it christmas season where there could be a little extra volatility. i'd probably wait til next year, and i would do it two or three times next year. charles: that's a lot of assumptions. you've got to see the whole thing tonight, 8 p.m., right here on fox business. coming up, our just-released fox news national poll showing hillary clinton getting a pretty good postdebate bounce. can donald trump retake the momentum? next. ♪ ♪ i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it,
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ta the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. charles: brand new fox news polls out just moments ago. donald trump now three points behind hillary clinton. when it's a four-man race. so can donald trump recapture that momentum he only had two weeks ago, or will his twitter rant and these controversies -- particularly as stoked by the mainstream media -- continue to haunt him? joining me now, presidential scholar mark smith, republican strategist -- [inaudible] and gianno caldwell. there's been a momentum shift. what happens now? >> well, you know what? i wouldn't agree that there's been a momentum shift. i write about this in red alerts politics. trump lost with the political class but won with the voters. when i took a look at that fox news poll, there were some
6:47 pm
things which i thought donald trump did well at the debate by naming that hillary clinton has been a politician for 30 years and hasn't done much, mentioning nafta and these states that were impacted which happen to be swing states. there's -- donald trump is leading in double digit when it comes to independents. there's another poll that shows there's about 20-plus percent of undecideds still out there. so whereas there's just a little movement in the direction of hillary clinton, she came into this debate with flaws, and she left the debate with flaws. so donald trump still has room to make up. if it was a complete blowout by hillary clinton, she would be up double digits by now, and she's not. charles: you know, mark, sometimes when i talk to trump supporters, it's like the ban on the titanic. i mean, listen, can't you be overly confident? isn't there ever a time to look at the data and say maybe we need to be a little concerned, maybe we need to make some adjustments, or do you just say i'm going to find the positive stuff, and i'm going to ignore the fox news poll that shows
6:48 pm
hillary beating him in foreign policy, immigration, terror, crime? >> look, it's real simple, charles, you want to hope for the best, prepare for the worst. and i'm sure the trump campaign is doing exactly that. the one thing about this concept of losing momentum is silly. donald trump this week has been filling up stadium and arena and auditorium in michigan, in new hampshire. people want to vote for this guy. they desperately want to do it. they're showing up for him, waiting hours in line. hillary clinton can't even fill a room of 300 people at temple university in philadelphia, right? so i think what's critical is people want to vote for donald trump, and i think on election day that's what's going to happen. with respect to hillary, i don't think anybody really wants to vote for hillary, including bill clinton. [laughter] i think they may vote for her because they're liberal democrats, but the fact is no one really wants to vote for hillary. charles: and to underscore that, my commute takes me from new jersey to new york. i see more old 2008 obama bumper stickers than i do hillary clinton. >> right.
6:49 pm
>> even 2012. charles: you know what i mean? [laughter] it's kind of sad that they're still driving those same cars. that says something about the obama economy. >> if you want to talk about polls, look at -- 70 percent of americans believe we're going down the wrong path. the metaphorical de facto incumbent in this election is hillary clinton who says four more years -- donald trump is the change candidate. charles: you can drill down to that and also think those same people think they're doing okay, they just feel bad or concerned about their neighbors or the rest of the country. having said that, in this poll when asked if life was worse, you know, at a worse point, in may 51% said yes, now it's 43%. that's a marked change over a few months' period. again, as a republican and as someone who's supporting donald trump, at what point do you say we need to make adjustment, and if you do say that, what adjustments would they be? >> he needs to make sure he gets better, not bitter. it's very important to make sure that he -- he should do what he
6:50 pm
does best which is manage real estate, and he can start with hymn. he can't lease -- himself. he can't lease, rent or allow hillary to buy real estate in his head. he has to stay on message, stay on point, and to the premise that that you brought up, the american people are hurting. they want jobs. they want economic opportunities. stay on offense. that's what got him here, that's what brings him to the finish line. charles: you know, gianno, i saw the deposition video. by the way, donald trump owes me lunch, okay? i missed my lunch. [laughter] he was so calm, he was so smart. the lawyer was trying to trip him up. it was amazing. it looked like, golly, if that donald trump had showed up on monday, we'd be talking about this thing being over. >> no question, charles. there's no question that donald trump needs a bit more polished. there was a number of missed opportunities. we should have heard more about the e-mail scandal. but i can tell you one thing, this second debate, i think, is going to be quite different. i think we're going to see a complete contrast from the donald trump that we saw on
6:51 pm
monday. now, there was some missed opportunities. however, this was not enough for hillary clinton to try to put him away, and i think that's one thing we've got to keep in mind. i understand what you're saying about so many donald trump supporters being so optimistic when we should be cautiously optimistic. charles: right. >> but at the same time, keep in mind this was only a three-point difference. it's not a gigantic difference, and it's something that he can make up within a week. charles: you're right. and it feels to me, guys, it's not hillary who's in control of the momentum swings either, right? it's -- she's just -- it's really donald trump versus the media in my mind, and whenever it seems like the media gets the upper hand on him, the numbers struggle a little bit. but i don't see where she's doing so great. she's holding her own in the numbers, and obviously she's lacking in enthusiasm. >> the gap is still huge. charles: thanks a lot, guys. real quick, john. >> i would say he needs to prepare, prepare, prepare big league. charles: practice? we talking about practice? [laughter] see you later, guys.
6:52 pm
hey, from printing companies to the worldwide web, america is for sale. we're going to tell you all about it. don't look around now, but chinese own everything. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? charles: well, the stock of the day is lexrk, you know, the giant printing company located in lexington, kentucky, the shaa takeover proposal from a consortium of chinese companies was approved. this continues a long-term trend that has actually ballooned to record levels in this year. you know, foreign companies buying american companies? in fact, as of may, foreign companies have spent $223 billion to take ownership of american companies, and it's not just large companies like starwood or lexmark.
6:56 pm
even the small neighborhoods, nail salons, restaurants. two years ago i gave a speech in mobile, alabama, to a lot of port operators all over the world. i get to the airport, a local, a black guy, picks me up, and we just start talking about the economy. that's what i like to do. and i said, so how's it going? overall, pretty good. i asked him about brothers, how they doing? those who want to work, they've got jobs. then i asked him about the food, because let's face it, you can't go down south and not hit up a great barbecue spot or soul food. chinese investors have bought all the soul food spots in mobile, alabama. so my driver looks at me in my face, and i've got a baffled/shocked look, and he looks at me and says, the food is good. we both laughed. the big question is america is for sale, and that is no laughing matter. randy anderson and brad thomas, author of the book, "trump factor," right? >> absolutely. charles: let me start with the
6:57 pm
newbie. it's a little alarming that these companies -- i remember a couple years ago when smithfield foods, the chinese bought them, and everybody was in an uproar. then it faded away, and there's never uproars anymore. >> well, you know, it's a global economy. the world's getting smaller. people aren't looking across the border any different than they're looking domestic. they're looking for the best risk-adjusted return. and today we're sitting there, and it's a perfect storm. everybody wants growth. well, if you're in europe, it's not there. brexit's accelerated that a problem. in asia you're starting to see growth. in japan you're seeing a stronger yen, you're already teetering on recession, so you're out there looking for opportunities, the u.s. looks attractive. while we're not growing fast, good risk-adjusted returns. charles: even tonight at midnight we're going to hand over partial control of the internet. i mean, what's -- okay. i know we're all business guys and we all understand trade, but do we draw a line somewhere along here? >> you know, i think this
6:58 pm
economy really is not as competitive as it should be, and i think that's an indication with lexmark that the u.s. really needs to be more competitive when it comes to technology today. when you see international companies acquiring u.s. companies, i did look at lexmark, and that's a very competitive sector. we're both in the property business, not the printing business -- charles: sure. it could be hotels, movie theaters, i mean, you name the industry, and china is coming in with all its new wealth, and they're converting it into quality wealth. you know, i call it suspicious wealth being converted into great wealth because when you own these great companies, these great american companies, you've done -- you know, you're golden. >> you've done something great. but i think the growth of transactions is largely driven by foreign capital looking to the u.s., and that's true whether it's pharma, tech or real estate. we're getting so many deals where the u.s. is receiving dollars, you're going to see the second half of the year when american investors are looking to asia -- charles: in other words, you're saying this could be japan all
6:59 pm
over again, don't panic, it's no big deal? i think it's a big deal. you guys are real estate. they propped up the new york market and these other markets, the chinese buyers. when we build 100-story buildings, we know we're selling them to china, saudi arabia and the like. i guess that's fine, but is there anywhere where you've become just a little worried, brad? >> really not. the u.s. is the gold standard in real estate today, and certain markets are frothy, but across the board we look at all the property sectors in the u.s., i think we're in a very strong market. rising earnings, rising dividends, i think it's a great time to invest, and these international companies see that success. >> i agree. you have strong fundamentals, so you're not seeing that much supply, so you're seeing growth in earning. you're seeing very strong capital flows, and really to the point of the segment, a lot of u.s. investors are starting to make investments in europe and ace ya, but today all those daughters are -- all those dollars are back in the u.s. because it looks the best.
7:00 pm
charles: goldly, do we have to -- golly, do we have to sell everything? although, he was right, that soul food was good. thank you at home, we appreciate when you watch the show. you don't want to miss the man himself, lou dobbs, right here on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: gad evening -- good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. fox news has just released the first major poll to be taken since monday's debate. all of the polling, the entire survey, after the debate that evening, and clinton adding only slightly to her lead over trump in the fox survey. in the poll of likely voters, clinton ahead of trump now by three points, 43-40% in the four-way matchup. that advantage is within the poll's margin of error. and two weeks ago clinton was up by one point. we'll have more findings from the important fox news poll here in moments. we'll be going through that with our, our guests wh


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