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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: goldly, do we have to -- golly, do we have to sell everything? although, he was right, that soul food was good. thank you at home, we appreciate when you watch the show. you don't want to miss the man himself, lou dobbs, right here on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: gad evening -- good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. fox news has just released the first major poll to be taken since monday's debate. all of the polling, the entire survey, after the debate that evening, and clinton adding only slightly to her lead over trump in the fox survey. in the poll of likely voters, clinton ahead of trump now by three points, 43-40% in the four-way matchup. that advantage is within the poll's margin of error. and two weeks ago clinton was up by one point. we'll have more findings from the important fox news poll here in moments. we'll be going through that with our, our guests who are experts
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on this sort of thing and tell us what they think it will lead toward. also it turns out that donald trump was right to complain about that defective microphone during the debate. the commission on presidential debates, rather reluctantly, rather reticently, finally acknowledging that there was, indeed, a problem with the microphone. the commission today released a rather -- an outright cryptic statement saying, quote: regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding donald trump's audio that affected the sound level and -- in the debate hall, end quote. now, that is about as graceless an acknowledgment that they were responsible for a problem that did play a role in the debate. donald trump himself addressed the issue at a rally in michigan this evening. >> working that microphone was a hell of a lot more difficult
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than working crooked hillary clinton, that i can tell you. they just announced it, just came out a little while ago that the microphone in the auditorium, the big room, was defect tiff. defective. and it was not -- it was difficult. and, you know, when you have a situation like that and you know it's bad and you think you have 100 million people watching, what do you do, stop the show? please fix it? it was bad. lou: and among our guests tonight, senior adviser to the trump campaign, former congressman jack keane. also with us presidential candidate media mogul steve forbes and former u.n. ambassador john bolton. a lot to discuss tonight including another obama secret deal to help iran. new reports that the obama administration agreed to back the lifting of u.n. sanctions of two iranian banks that had been blacklisted for bankrolling
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iran's ballistic missile program. and that deal was finalized on the same day in january that iran released four american hostages. is it just another coincidence that president obama lifted the sanctions on the same day the hostages were released? or were they plainly part of the ransom package? we take that up here tonight, a great deal more. our top story, fox news poll showing hillary clinton did receive a post-debate bounce in a head-up race. clinton now up five points, trump ahead by one point in early september. trump is leading clinton on two critical issues, likely voters also trust trump to do a much better job on the economy. trump is leading with white voters by 21 points, clinton is ahead with non-whites and voters under the age of 45.
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trump up 12 points with all-important independents. the latest fox polls also show trump is preferred among men by 17 points, clinton preferred by women by 20 points. hillary clinton's campaign is determined, however, to make this election all about women. in a three a.m. tweet this morning, trump fired back against attacks by former miss universe alicia machado. he tweeted, quote: crooked hillary was duped and used by my worst miss universe -- miss u -- hillary floated her as an angel without checking her past, which is terrible. clinton's camp quickly replied. trump's retort: for those people knocking me for tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, at least you know i will be there awake to answer the call.
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the problem, of course, is some fear that he might be receiving a tweet. joining me now, former republican congressman from georgia jack kingston, now senior adviser to the trump campaign. jack, great to have you with us. we appreciate it. and here we go again. a late night/early morning, however you want to describe it, overnight tweet from mr. trump, and he gives, he gives his opponent a lot, a lot of ammunition and fuel to work with. >> well, you know, lou, i think that when you push donald trump, he shows he's going to push back. and i think it's important for people to realize as compared to the current president who gets pushed around, gets humiliated two weeks ago in china and then what does he do in retaliation? i guess he goes to laos and calls americans lazy. but the reality is i think what donald trump just said and you closed with it was he's out,
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he's got the stamina, he's awake. you know, being on twitter is not a big lift. he was in michigan today, he was in new hampshire yesterday. he hits the campaign trail hard every single day. he does have stamina. you know, we're still trying to figure out where hillary clinton was the night of benghazi, because we keep hearing, well, i was there, i wasn't in there. i've been in the war rooms before but, you know, when it's not convenient to admit she was in the war room, then she says she wasn't there. lou: there's no question, jack, that he's going to be there. he is strong, has stamina, he has a greater force, i mean, he's a force of nature in point of fact. talk about a strong personality, that's an understatement. but there is a sense of proportionality here. there is constraint at issue here. there is, no matter how much the trump campaign wants to deny it, there has to be the exhibited and manifest, without question,
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temperament to be president of the united states. knowing what is proportionate, knowing how to make that judgment and how to not give your enemy any kind of advantage whatsoever in, whether it's a retort or a reaction. would you not agree? >> well, you know, i think what happens is -- lou: that's a no or a yes? >> well, when you come from the private sector -- i agree with you -- you're just not used to people attacking you and then those people being given credibility because this is not a credible witness at all. this is a woman who signed a contract that said you have to have a certain way -- lou: you know what? honestly, jack, i don't even want to talk about her: >> i don't either. lou: the surrogates want to talk about her, i get it. but donald trump talking about it, i don't think his most ardent supporters, and i am certainly among them, don't want to hear it from him. i want the issues that have gotten him here, i want his --
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if he's going to exhibit his personality, that force of nature, i want it against to opponents, the ideologies and the nonsense that is constraining this potential of this great country. he's been brilliant on it. send out jack kingston to talk about the doggone miss universe, if you want to, but what the heck are we doing here? [laughter] >> well, if you look at what he aid today in michigan, 80,000 jobs left after nafta -- lou: you bet. terrific performance, no question about it. >> absolutely. and speaking to the right people in the right state to do that. anas you know, one of the things that's really revealing about the poll that you just mentioned is on independent voters he's 41%, she's 29%, and that number has held steady. and so maybe traditional political followers might say, well, hillary did better in the debate. independent voters did not move, they're still critical in those states, the swing states like michigan, pennsylvania and colorado.
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lou: he -- here's the deal, and i think that's what you're getting to is, no matter what he is the guy that the american people want. don't give them an excuse not to get you. and that is where, guys -- by the way, jack kingston, i'm telling you right now, how long were you in congress? 20 years? >> 22. lou: 22 years. you're the guy i want to talk to as a surrogate for donald trump about any number of issues that is, frankly, it's not center point for him. he has got to maintain the elevated, the lofty, the critically important and y'all take care of the other, whatever he and the campaign has talked to you about, assigned you. and i love the fact that you're out on the campaign trail for him. he picked a doggone good surrogate in you. >> well, lou, i appreciate that. and i think the one point that he -- more than one point that he scored and scored abundantly in the debate was that, hillary, you've had 30 years to do all
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these great, wonderful things, but you haven't done it. we need change. lou: yeah. >> and if the american people believe in this economy with the anemic recovery and 94 million people underemployed or unemployed and 43 million people on food stamps and household income falling from 57 to $53,000, then, you know, you want a third term of hillary clinton. but if you want a change and a robust economy, donald trump is the candidate. lou: you know what else i think is critically important point that he made there and he does in every one of his appearances? you know, we're so used to being inundated by the first person singular, i, me, my from barack obama. and when donald trump is talking, he's talking about us, ours -- >> he is. lou: -- we. and you know what? the american people are going to react to that, and they're loving it. and it may not even be manager that some people -- be something
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that some people are conscious of, but it feels so good to see that change in direction for our country. congressman, it is always good to see you. jack kingston. >> all right, lou, thanks a lot. see you at the next debate. lou: you've got a deal. thanks so much. with other coming right back. -- we're coming right back. we've got a lot more so, please, stay with us. we're coming right back. trump promises the american people his movement will be the end of the corrupt clinton cartel. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright and clean future. lou: next, fred barnes and i take up the growing trump movement going into the vice presidential debate next week. and former presidential candidate, media mogul steve forbes joins me on how he thinks trump is doing. a lot more straight ahead, stay with us. ♪ ♪ woman: i rescued toast from a shelter in 2011.
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>> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. >> do you really need to ask? lou: joining me now, the executive editor of the weekly standard, fox news contributor fred barnes. why isn't she 50 points ahead again, fred? i -- [laughter] i can't quite make that out. >> that's a great ad. she comes across as shrill, of course, and screeching, and it's a very, very effective ad and explains why she's not 50 points ahead. you know, she may be three or four points ahead, but that's a very well done ad, and people will remember that, you know? when she is there screaming about why am i not 50 points ahead, very effective. lou: and rodeo queens, the reporting of the weekly standard, jack paladino, investigator -- excuse me -- assigned by hillary clinton, my gosh. >> well, these are things that
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were known some years ago, and now they're sort of forgotten in the mainstream media, they don't want to report on these things. but the truth is hillary clinton was a leader in the effort to intimidate and silence the women with whom her husband had had sexual relations -- lou: now, is she the one who came up with the rodeo queens to refer to the bimbos -- >> she called some of them that, but she was not just this poor, wronged wife who was sitting at home while her husband was out -- lou: no! >> i mean, she hired jack paladino, the guy was a private eye, a thug -- lou: one of the most notorious p.i.s in the country's history. >> yeah, absolutely. and the whole effort was to intimidate these women into silence, and it was largely successful. it wasn't that hillary was not involved in it, she was, in many ways, in charge of it. lou: and the debate microphone. finally the commission
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acknowledges it was a mess. >> yeah. uh-huh. it was a mess, particularly, i guess, if you were in the hall -- lou: especially if you were donald trump and you were trying to use it. >> it had to be distracting to trump, no question about that. you're talking and it's not getting through because, i mean, the people -- you don't know what the home audience on television, how they're responding, but you do care about the audience in the auditorium. lou: and "the new york times", ohio's a no longer a big, hornet, battleground state -- important state because trump is winning it. >> he is winning it. what it means is he can take some of his resources out of ohio and put them in pennsylvania and florida, states that he also needs to to win. so it's a good thing for him. lou: and donald trump right now focusing on issues -- on the issues, he's got all of the issues -- excuse me, i have got the hiccups i cannot get rid of. i got so excited, i guess.
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[laughter] it's incredible. he's got nearly every issue in his favor. >> he does. but, you know, the fox poll showed that hillary was by a small margin preferred by americans to handle the issues of immigration, terrorism and crime. those are trump's issues. he needs to hammer away at those day after day after day and not hammer away at some beauty queen that he is unhappy with. that's a mistake. he needs to focus on these issues. they're his issues. they are winning issues, and he can win if he sticks to them and doesn't wander off on these other things. the fox poll was very revealing about this. lou: and it's great that he was hammering james comey, the director -- excuse me -- the director of the fbi who, in my opinion, needs to resign. i mean, it's embarrassing, what he has done to that storied agency. >> well, if trump wins, he's obviously going to be fired. i mean, there's so many
7:20 pm
questions that are still unanswered about how hillary did all these things. five of the people who worked for her got immunity, and yet immunity is, it's usually given to somebody because then they're going to tell you what really happened. well, that's not what they did. and hillary has escaped. lou: yeah. and congress made it clear what an outrage, the way he performed. it was sophomoric, it was obviously, clearly, he was in the tank. >> i'd still like to see hillary asked and maybe somebody will ask it in this second debate since you have citizens asking some of the questions, ask her why if everything that you did with your e-mails, there was nothing illegal, why did five of your aides need immunity from prosecution? lou: her top aides as well. fred, thanks for being with us. >> indeed. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. would you prefer that donald trump -- excuse me -- donald
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trump create a no-tweet zone between the hours of midnight, say, and eight a.m.? he seems to get into a little bit of kerfuffle when he's tweeting at that hour. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter -- [laughter] again, i apologize for these hiccups. i have never had this happen to me, and i'm sure that, like me, you are a little annoyed with me, but there it is. follow me on instagram as well -- [laughter] everything at roll the video, we'll see how many hiccups i can do this in. one adventurer or putting his life on the line for the perfect shot. that's one. watch this daredevil photograph photographer's hair-raising climb to the top of a daunting hong kong skyscraper. two -- the young thrillseeker and a friend climbing nearly 800 feet without any safety equipment simply for the breath-taking views. maybe that worked. up next, donald trump wants poll
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watchers on election day and, indeed, he should. >> go to your place and vote and go pick some other place and go sit there with your friends and make sure it's on the up and up. because you know what? that's a big, big problem in this country, and nobody wants to talk about it. lou: well, we do, and trump has every reason to be to worried. so should the rest of the country. the main stream liberal media -- excuse me, that's one more -- working overtime to throw the election. that's the subject of my commentary next. i can't even imagine how many times i will hiccup during that. forgive me, i apologize. we're coming right back. stay with us, if you can at all. please. ♪ ♪
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naand millions more seniors falive in isolation.hunger, harvey: america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello. volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at lou: a few thoughts now on the mainstream, liberal media and left-wing organizations that are out in force trying to take down donald trump.
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the latest efforts coming from, of all places, the united nations' official news service that put out a tweet calling for, quote: eight million americans abroad to end trump. that tweet, scrubbed some 20 minutes later with the agency saying it's investigating the cause -- which means, by the way, the agency didn't have the guts to admit who in the agency sent it out -- but that's not to technology left-wing organization -- not the only left-wing organization taking aim at trump. "the new york times" actually declared the state of ohio to no longer be a bellwether, battleground state claiming it's fading on the electoral map after deeming it all-important just back in july. but trump wasn't leading then, and he is now. no candidate has ever won the white house without ohio since 1960. and trump is leading in the state according to the real
7:28 pm
clear politics average and has for some time. but the republican nominee today took note that increasingly there's a price for the left-wing media to be taking hillary's side in this campaign. trump pointed out that "usa today" for the first time took sides in the election citing -- siding, of course, with hillary, and trump tweeted this. quote: the people are really smart and canceling subscriptions to the dallas and arizona papers, and now "usa today" will lose readers. the people get it. trump's running mate, governor mike peps, also took aim -- mike pence, also took aim at the liberal media. >> and media and the democrats seem helpless to figure him out. they think they finally got him right where they want him x then they turn on the tv the next morning, and donald trump is still standing strong, fighting for the american people! [cheers and applause] lou: you know, pence is a pretty good fighter himself, and he is taking care of the man.
7:29 pm
the left-wing media doesn't seem to understand their editorializing is purely wasted energy, that their audience is not only not paying attention to them, but an increasing number of them are dropping their subscriptions and no longer paying for the left's elitist, establishment, globalist view of our country, our politics and, indeed, the globe. in other words, the left has quite inadvertently proved that free enterprise markets work and that if unfettered by authoritarian so-called political correctness, the marketplace of ideas in this country will work for all of us. and that's what donald trump is all about, right? now our quotation of the evening, this one from thomas sowell. he said, if you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago,
7:30 pm
a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today. times do change. good people don't. we're coming right back. trump driving home the essential differences between his campaign and that of hillary clinton. >> we're going to low youer your taxes, she is going to raise your taxes. we're going to eliminate every unnecessary regulation -- lou: steve forbes joins me next to take up presidential politics and what trump has to do to win. and this daredevil, no stranger to danger, is hoping to go three for three with his next death-defying stunt. the video and a lot more coming up straight ahead. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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lou: wells fargo's embattled ceo stands to walk away with a huge payday if he does leave totals $134 million despite a $100 million clawback. republican and democratic lawmakers have called on stumpf to resign over the massive bank scandal. 5,300 people at wells fargo were
7:35 pm
fired over it. steve forbes, we have a lot to talk about. stumpf, do you think he ought to resign? >> i think he will be resigned. he said that's up to the board of directors. that's code for the government regulators won't let him say on this thing too long. lou: where is the fed in all of this? i think this is some of the most disgraceful conduct i have ever seen. 5,300 people creating accounts, putting people's names on credit cards. what in the world was john stumpf and the board of directors thinking to let that culture be created. >> why didn't the internal
7:36 pm
controls flag that. lou: you and i and a lot of folks know this sort of stuff doesn't happen without senior management being wired into it. >> and if they were, why wasn't something done about it? you have got one clawback. i think there will be other clawbacks. lou: i suggest they claw like hell. there is a fellow by the name of warren buffet who owns 10% of the stock and is ably represented i'm sure throughout the organization. he once said that he would be absolutely furious if someone damages his reputation. he can put up with a business mistake, but not one of character. he's been absent in this. he refused to comment and call
7:37 pm
for stumpf's resignation or to comment upon it. >> i think within the next week or two stumpf will have opportunities to pursue new activities. if he's a golfer he will be able to polish up his game and he will get more clawback. it's one thing if you make a mistake. in business if you don't make mistakes, you are not trying like in baseball. so that null guys an agreement. lou: it's time for corporate america to understand that they are contributing to the culture of corruption in this country. this should be a matter of accountability. there should be forfeiture. he ought to be forfeiting stock and his pension. people get fired in that bank. 5,300 of them, are you kidding? he's an arrogant s.o. --
7:38 pm
whatever. >> maybe he and mr. comey could start a firm together. lou: do you agree comey should be gone? >> i think he will be in the next administration. >> i don't know why anyone should wait. he stood up and acted like he's paragon of virtue and he's obviously in the tank. look at the attorney general and who has been the attorney general. look at clinton cartel and the web of corruption that extended over three decades and permeates this administration as well. >> that's why you cannot count trump out. >> i think he's in. >> these people just are disgusting. everywhere they go. lou: you can't get paul ryan to rise up on his hahn muchs and
7:39 pm
say to tell with these folks. he for some reason thinks there is room in washington for corruption because she is the emblem of it and every person who doesn't stand behind trump is validating a nation of culture. >> calling for comey's resignation. gowdy and others. you don't have to back trump to be against corruption. >> if you don't, you are endorsing hillary without a question, right? >> well, let's put it this way. >> this is a simple deal. if we go through the sill jim. she leads the corruption cartel in washington, has for decades. or you vote for someone other than donald trump. if you vote for trump you vote against corruption. does the sill jim hold up? >> for you and me, yes.
7:40 pm
>> i have got to tell you -- >> ryan has endorsed trump. maybe not with the enthusiasm some would like, but he did do it unlike the governor of ohio. lou: it's always great to have you here. a good sport and great american. >> like the yankees, wait until next year. >> i want to point out to all of you watching tonight. as i struggled with hiccups, i very seldom get hiccups. but i had a terrible taste of them. i will share with some of the panaceas my colleagues provide. hold your breath, deep breath, sugar on my tongue. i also had a spoonful of peanut butter placed firmly on my
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tongue. and i drank water. i drank a lot of water. it appears to work. but i have done so much i can't tell you which worked. but those are the things i tried. >> you should have tried looking at a picture of hillary. that would have done it. why didn't you think of that. >> i don't like to think of that. but i think there probably would have been helpful, too. please roll the video. a serial daredevil. the laguna leaper. that was close. that may be his most daring leap yet. this is really close. watch as he dropped off a hotel roof from 50 feet in the air. there he goes. his 50-foot drop misses the
7:42 pm
concrete pool edge by just inches. hillary clinton is getting scarier almost every day. >> one of my favorites is angela merkel because i think she has been even extraordinary strong leader during difficult times in europe which has obvious implication to the rest of the world, particularly our country. lou: where she is bringing in millions and millions of refugees that are unvetted and creating mayhem throughout europe economically, socially. we take up the left's push for open borders. we'll talk to former u.s. ambassador john bolton. for all of you who put up with me when i had a bout of hiccups,
7:43 pm
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lou: joining me now, john bolton. ambassador, great to have you with us. we learned on top of everybody else within the obama
7:47 pm
administration violated the terms of this agreement in favor of iran. and lifted sanctions against 2 iranian banks that have been black listed from their support of the ballistic miss soil program. and did so only with 7 1/2 years early. you can't even imagine the kind of nonsense that comes up under this administration. >> it's one more secret aspect of this overall nuclear agreement, they didn't make public, they didn't tell congress until they were basically forced to, and leads'question, what else is out there. it shows as graphically as anything that obama would have paid any price to get this deal. the ayatollahs were squeezing him right up to the ends. the state department made the lewd the kruls comment that they would basically determine that the banks in question have not
7:48 pm
been involved in ballistic missiles. thank godness we had that treasury department open in tehran so they could audit the bank's books, right? this is the kind of cover-up that ought to be the subject of the next presidential debate. we ought to say does she support the cash for hostages aspect and the waiver of the sanctions, does she support the continued effort that john kerry acts like he's the president of the tehran chambers of commerce. let's let the american people listen to that for a while. lou: that was terrific good stuff. he also said today that obama owes an immediate explanation for what he's done to the american people and the congress. and the madness goes on. by the way, the madness go to the point that hoibl hillary cln
7:49 pm
loves the massive refugee in-migration and angela merkel who will be the one credit ited with the destruction of the european union. >> i think as you suggest, she is putting this refugee question, this migration question right out there for trump to go after. i think americans who followed what happened in germany and what they have seen what happened across europe, this is exactly what they fear. so if this is the prelude to a veal discussion about terrorists using refugee flows to infiltrate terrorists into the united states. in the american tradition of the melting plot, they affirmatively rejected. that's the sort of thing she supports. let's talk about it.
7:50 pm
>> donald trump points out, he likes angela mar -- angela merkl but reserves with what she has done with open borders is wrong. he history on every one of the issues he has driven in this election. >> on merkel he's absolutely right the threat of terrorist activity in europe will only pick up. they are coming into this country, too. that's why the sudden border question is not just about early legal immigrants -- is not just about illegal immigrants, it's about security, too. lou: the drugs across the border, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine, the majority of which comes across that border. and those like hillary clinton
7:51 pm
don't seem to want to talk about it. if you are in the market for a political bumper sticker we have one for you. i thought it was pretty good. benghazi, the "h" is silent. i couldn't resist that. ned line and tammy bruce are next. i'm jamie foxx for verizon.
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>> in our online poll we asked, do you think any presidential candidate who is an f.b.i. certified liar who mishandled classified information and lied about benghazi and threatened bill clinton's accusers should be considered for the presidency. 97% of you said no. ned ryan, former political writer for george w. bush, and fox news contributor, tammy bruce. let's start with these ads. trump's attacks on clinton, do you think they are working? >> i think they do. his main goal has to be to
7:56 pm
remind the american people the corruption of that woman. her very nature which will never change. regardless of what happens in debates or rallies, those ads set that in motion. lou: every time mr. trump speaks he says lyin'' crooked hillary. the "new york times" decided since donald trump is up inio, with it's no longer a well weather of any kind in this election. >> here is the case. i think it's still an important state for trump, he has to win it. i think clinton can probably get away with not wing it. but portman is running 14 points ahead in the senate race and i think he will have coat tails. lou: did you work for george w. bush? >> a little george w. and the
7:57 pm
reverse coat tails? last point that it want to make is, trump needs to be hammering on this issue of trump worthinessnd honesty. the reason fox poll shows him 4 to 5 points. he has to hammer on the f.b.i. investigation and the clinton foundation. this woman is not trustworthy, she is not an honest person and not eligible to be president. lou: they are look at decades of corruption, an expansive enterprise from the clinton foundation to the state department to this administration's f.b.i. it's everywhere. >> we have a generation of people voting who understand the seriousness of what's happening on earth and here with terrorism and maybe don't know about hillary clinton's past at all. we do, but you have got a
7:58 pm
generation of voters thinking wait a minute, what's this woman been doing? it ... trump's responsibility to make sure he knows. he must win this first battle of winning the election. hough he has moved in that direction solidly and directly. he is right at the cusp i believe of sealing the deal. he has two more debates. mike pence and his debate with tim kaine. >> my hope is pence will turn the bait tuesday night into a referendum and go after clinton's record and remind people who hillary is. i hope trump memorizes 5 or words before the next debate. f.b.i., foundation, growth, wall. and continues to hit those points time and time again. voters have a hotter-term memory.
7:59 pm
i don't think the first debate will hurt him that much if the next two he does well. >> i'm just saying obama did wanted that debate. >> i think he's fine. he will win florida andio. he's winning because of who he is. it's matter of continuing to do what he's doing. being honest with the american people, handling it wet and caring about this administration. he's got it. hough ned rhun and tammy bruce, thank you. september is national childhood cancer awareness month. one of my former producers and his wife lost their son. if you want to consider donating
8:00 pm
consider, the silent night and room for the names are on your screen and on your website. we thank you for being with us. have a great weekend. good night. >> this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week." i'm anthony scaramucci. liz: i'm liz claman. the 016 presidential election has hit the home stretch with the candidate squaring off in


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