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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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ultimate sacrifice. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. >> i have to fight the anchor. let me tell you. we're in such a rigged system. it is terrible. what is going on in this country is so sad.
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but it will change. remember, noveer 8th. november 8th. >> et will change. that from a trump rally just this afternoon in bedford, new hampshire where trump showed off his new attack against hillary clinton. the line, follow the money. and we have the perfect guest tonight to do just that. congressman marshall blackburn demand the fbi open a public corruption investigation into the clinton foundation. she joins us here later in the broadcast. a lot of news to cover tonight, including a congressional grilling for the ceo of wells far fargo, john stumpf. >> an institution is making $22 billion a year. who is paying for it? don't come tell me you're sorry. >> we're taking care of every one of our customers who has been impacted.
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>> impacted is not a good word for a ceo of a bank that is inasmuch trouble as wells fargo right now. we'll have the latest for you and whether warren buffett wants him to stay in the career. john stumpf, his career and reputation on the line tonight. >> trump today hitting clinton on her $100 million in contributions from wall street and hedge funds. trump says his opponent's scandals can easily be summed up with one simple, straightforward phrase. >> the wall street investors who rigged the regulations against the middleclass, they're donating to hillary clinton. follow the money. the weighty donors who want to shut down american injury, they're donating to hillary clinton. follow the money. the special interests who want to the open borders are donating to hillary clinton.
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again, just follow the money. >> follow the money. and another scandal now surfacing concerning the mainstream liberal media and their obvious schilling for the clinton campaign and cartel. a senior adviser to mike pens criticizing cbs for what appears to be a significant conflict of interest ahead of tuesday's vice presidential debate. it turns out that bob barr net, who is tim kaine's/mike pence stand in is married to the moderator of the debate. game benson, republican campaign strategist, tony saez, both guy and tony fox news contributor. >> hi, lou. >> the agree of your concern at least appearance of a conflict
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of interest. >> there is a lot of in ceptuous. it seems to happen quite a lot. i don't think there needs to be inter marriage or inter relationships for a cbs to be biased against a republican. that is par for the course. but it is is sort of one of those additional dots that people sometimes want to connect. it is good to put a little pressure on debate moderators to be fair. >> yeah. look what it did to lester holt. the campaign was firing salvo after salvo. his knees had to be trembling. what do you think, tony? >> look how the clintons perfectly staged what ended up happening with lester holt, which is handing the debate to hillary clinton by only hammering on donald trump. when matt lauer was fair and balanced. hitting hillary clinton on the
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server issues, the clinton foundation and potential corruption there. he got the wind knocked out of him from the full on assault from the mainstream media. what lester holt did was not incorrect. what was incorrect is he didn't ask them of hillary clinton. you can't ask about his tax returns, views on the iraq war, the birther issue without turning around and asking her about benghazi and the service. >> there was no attempt on the part of lester holt to be handed, to be fair, to be balanced in his moderation of that debate. by the way, as a result i truly believe donald trump got a lot of votes that night. because it was so obvious what holt was doing that the american public saw it. let me turn to donald trump and this line of attack that he's on. follow the money. he's back to his populus roots
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in this campaign. he is attacking the establishment. he is putting it straightforwardly, who is getting screwed by the system, what the system is rigged, and who the system is rigged against. are you going to answer me there, guy? what do you think of that? >> i thought you were going to play a clip. i think the follow the money -- >> we to the floor that kind of budget here. >> no, i think the follow the money, that line is a good one for trump to use, particularly when he can parlay it not from just her campaign donations but foundation donations as well. that was a missed opportunity in the first debate. i bet he will hit it in the second and third debates. hillary clinton will say, well, you have a problem with your foundation and your so-called charity that the "washington post" has reported on. and he has to be ready for that counterattack and say, look, i was not allegedly renting out u.s. foreign policy, madam
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secretary, which is what you were doing at the clinton foundation with access and appointments and contracts and so on and so forth. >> i think it was a little more than renting. i think it was a time-sharing. tony, your thoughts on the direction -- by the way, one of the things i love is donald trump is out there going through yesterday three states. he is driving. he is full of energy. he is driving the message. what do you think? >> well, i think you're exactly right. for hillary clinton to think she had such a brilliant debate performance, she's been hiding since the day out. donald is not only on the campaign trail but refocusing on the message that the dynamic you have been talking, the elites in power. if you have an interest in front of the government, you're putting your money on hillary clinton because you know she can be bought and paid for. 22 of those corporations,
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meetings with hillary clinton had business pending in front of her state department. forget about your political association. when people think that is okay and want to promote something like that for the presidency, be wary and careful because you'll end up getting a lot less than you deserve. >> i call for the reservation of james comey. this is too much. this is beyond the pale. this is an abhorrent performance by a man who pretends to be holy than all of the rest of us. in point of fact, he has in explicable decision after in explicable decision. i think it is a horrifying situation in which we find ourselves 40 days from election day that the head of the fbi looks like he is sold out long, stock and barrel to the clinton cartel. guys, i'm out of time. >> thank you. >> wells fargo ceo john stumpf
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returned to capitol hill for a bipartisan beating over his scandal. lawmakers call for stumpf to resign and question whether he should be criminally prosecuted. >> you on the other hand, have run an enterprise with a culture of corruption. you encouraged subordinates, you charge the victims illegal fees, interest and late charges. and then you sent some of them to collection agencies because they didn't pay them. then you fired 5,300 worker, as if you care, to cover everybody's tracks. in my opinion, you and your entire leadership team are clearly and unequof conspiracy
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conspiracy to committee identity theft and probably a hundred other crimes. >> and for his part, stumpf repeatedly apologized. >> i am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, our team members and to the american public. i am fully accountable for all unethical sales practices in the retail banking business and fully committed to fixing this issue, and taking the necessary steps and actions to restore our customers's trust. >> he is only slightly more contrite than the onset of his testimony on capitol hill. and warren buffett has a 10% state in wells fargo. he denies he wants radical
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changes at the bank. the reputation of the bank hangs in the balance and stumpf has no business being the head of a company that fires 5,300 people. earlier today reports that wells fargo improperly recessing cars of members of the united states military the. they reached a $4 million settlement with wells fargo. it had been expected to be $20 million. within an hour after that, the $20 million settlement emerged. >> trump charges that the clinton cartel and hillary's ongoing scandals are unprecedented. >> nobody has ever seen anything like this in this country's history. sad. it's sad. unbelievable. it's unbelievable, but it's sad.
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remember this, people's lives have been destroyed for one little fraction of what she's done. marcia blackburn is my guest here next. and this t-rex is about to show off his high-flying skills on the water. we'll show you what he pulls off
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our guest now vice chair of the house energy and commerce committee and congresswoman. thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> this study, your new report, claiming the clinton foundation "likely facilitated the distribution of watered down hiv/aids medications in africa." what is going on here? it is staring at prosecutors just begging a case to be brought, charges to be filed. but this is new. >> this is all part of a report we did, congressional committee
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work. >> right. >> we started looking at the clinton foundation. one thing leads to another. subsaharan africa is what they claim as one of their successes. we found dirty money, dirty medicine and dirty politics really. and you have to go in and look at the three companies that participated in the selling of these drugs. >> ram backsy the indian manufacturer. >> right. and they benefited from their affiliation from the clinton foundation. it was termed the india success story. they were eventually acquired. but their product was barred from the u.s. there have been trials and guilty pleas and settlements that are all around this. but the interesting thing is you have, just as you did with uranium one, laureate, and the
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nigerian land deal, and haiti relief corporation, there seems to be a participation with bill clinton, the clinton foundation with these companies. with this one, the thing that i think is so egregious, lou, you have individuals given false hope. they thought they were receiving something that was going to help. and it is something that probably did less than be helpful. >> the corruption -- >> yeah. >> -- of this foundation seems to be absolutely staring everyone in the face. for whatever reason, prosecutors seem to be immobilized. your colleagues in the senate asked the doj to probe the foundation about, this is incredible, ties to the state department, boko haram, including why secretary clinton did not designate boko haram as a terrorist organization, which it obviously is. >> correct.
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and i was pleased to see the senate is zeroing in on this also. because you have to look at the ties between these companies. speaking fees that were paid to the former president or to mrs. clinton, participation and contributions to the clinton foundation. and, by the way, they were set up to the establish the clinton library, presidential library and research center. they never even filed the proper papers for the clinton global initiative, the health initiative. >> excuse me. are we going to see, do you think, prosecution here, or is it something that will have to wait until we see the results of november 8th and the presidential election? >> my hope is you're going to see some prosecution here in dealing with this situation. the clintons claim they were dead broke when they left the white house. now they're worth a few million dollars. it seems the avenue is through
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the foundation. and with participation through some of these other entities. >> as donald trump has been saying the last day or so, follow the money. >> follow money. >> and it seems to lead to extraordinary places. marcia blackburn, thank you. be sure to vote in our poll don't. do you think any presidential candidate who has been certified a liar by the director of the fbi who mishandled classified information who hid the truth about benghazi and lied about it should even be considered for the presidency is? cast your vote on twitter and please roll the video. out of jurassic park, and, well, into the water? watch as this devil -- whoa! the t-rex -- whoa!
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it is incredible the stunts he's pulling offment it is equally incredible he can keep the costume on. the t-rex doing multiple twists and flips midair dashing around a lake in oregon. a fellow pro jet skier videoed the ski-rex in action safely at a distance. that's really amazing. extraordinary. >> up next, president obama once again rejected american eupl, embracing globalism. that's a subject on of my commentary here next. stay
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a few thoughts now on the states versus obama. four state attorneys general are now suing the obama administration to stop the transfer on of internet oversight, saying the move threatens online freedom of expression, of enterprise, of speech. the suit comes just days before
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this administration wants the united states to relinquish control of the internet domain system. the net deadline is midnight october 1st. congress failed to delay the transfer, so arizona, of nevada, oklahoma and the state of texas have stepped up to stop the move and to stop president obama. of course states have is often found themselves in this administration forced to take matters into their own hands because this administration has acted so often well beyond its constitutional powers and has failed to enforce federal laws as well, including of course immigration laws. the state of texas has filed more than 40 lawsuits against the obama administration, including in 2014 when 26 states sued the president over his executive fiat to unilaterally keep illegal immigrants from being deported. that deadlocked and left a
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ruling against the amnesty fiat. states targeted the epa, temporarily blocked the clean power regulations. in 2012, states won a case of on the epa over excessive mercury regulations. when it comes to obama care, states have a mixed record. losing a challenge at the supreme court when the individual mandate was unexpectedly upheld. but winning on the medicaid expansion. it now appears obama care is all but a moot point. it will be decided in the marketplace, not in the courts. the number of exchanges in obama care has collapsed from 23 down to 6. and most of the largest insurance companies have withdrawn from obama care after losing billions of dollars despite federal subsid i dids. stopping a president from giving away what is not his to begin with is unclear. whether liberal courts will side
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with the impulses on of a lame duck presidency whose legacy is one of ion. the obama administration plan transfer of oversight is set to take effect three days from now. however contemptible this administration's record is so much, the acquiesce sense on of our court is every bit as disappointing. and if ever, ever america needed new leadership, it is now. and now courts will have to muster the courage and the integrity to stop the give away of american responsibility and control of the internet until at least our congress and senate have the opportunity to the express the will of the american people as a democratic republic ought. a novel concept. in these waning days of the obama reign.
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now our quotation of the evening from lionel treuling. we are at heart so profoundly an arkistic that the only form of state we can imagine living in is utopian. and the so cynical that the only autopia can't belive in is authoritarian. judgment not to proceed with prosecution. comey today rejected accusations that he has been in the tank for clinton from day one. >> you can call us wrong, but don't call us weasels. we are not wheels. we are honest people. and we did this in this way. that was done the way you would want to be done, whether you agree or disagree. >> well, among our guests to
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house republicans on the judiciary committee today blasted fbi director james comey for the immunity deals he granted to hillary clinton's chief of staff and four others. five people given immunity.
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joining us tonight congressman jim jordan, who serves on the oversight committee, he is the chairman of the conservative freedom caucus. congressman, great to see you and thanks for being here. >> good to be with you, lou. >> i have to say, i'm stunned. >> yeah. >> hearing comey say this was done the way he would want it done when you all made it clear you didn't think it was quite right. what's your reaction to what he said and what the conclusion we should all take from this hearing. >> two standards. one for you and me and for the politically connected. mr. comey said in his opening statement this is an unusual case. that's the understatement of the year. of course it's an unusual case. the husband of the subject of the investigation meets with them three days before the investigation. nine people got to sit in her interview with the fbi. one was cheryl mills, also a
11:35 pm
subject of the investigation. she got to sit in. got a partial immunity deal. five people get immunity. no one gets prosecuted. three of those people came in front of congress and took the fifth. one of those three didn't come in front of congress the second time even though he was subpoenaed. the clincher, the attorney general announces before the recommendations are there that she's going to follow director comey's recommendations and she doesn't even know what they are. this is the most unusual thing we have ever seen. of course they're upset about it. it is is supposed to be equal treatment under the law for everybody. you don't get something special because you're nominee of the party, just because you're former first lady, former senator. that's not how it is supposed to work, and everybody understands that. >> we have come a long way. most people, congressman, and i think you have to hear it 6th
11:36 pm
time you go home. most people think now washington, d.c. is a cesspool. and the people that are in it are correct. i mean all people. there is some reservation, and you and i most assuredly. i have the greatest respect for you. we are watching the congress of the united states talk to a director of the fbi who has flaunted his absolute refusal to do his duty. it doesn't require a law degree to see what has happened here. >> yeah. >> and to see the targets, the targets of an investigation being granted immunity. i mean, cheryl mills is the number two target if there is to be an investigation and prosecution. and he gives away immunity? are you kidding me? >> that list gets worse. one that took the fifth in front of congress, paul combetta was
11:37 pm
caught last week going online and trying to delete his reddit posts. director comey admitted that reddit post from back in 2014, that vip he was referring to was secretary clinton. and they wanted to make sure the e-mail address didn't go public. they i'm convinced is cheryl mills. still, he says we're not going to reopen this investigation. we did a great job and closed it. this is why so many people are rallying to donald trump. they understand he is fed up with this double standard as well. he represents them. that's one of the reasons he's getting such good support from around the country. >> my answer to that is i certainly hope so. but congress, and partilarly the leadership of the house and the leadership of the senate haven't made it easy for him. and i will tell you when you guys started talking about these
11:38 pm
investigations, i didn't think they would produce much. the fbi, i never for a moment bought the stuff about comey's integrity. he's only flaunted one president, and that was a republican president. >> yeah. >> this is a man who did not have any empirical basis for all of this nonsense about what a man of integrity was. and he has just shown himself to be as corrupt as he can be, has he not? >> remember what the director of the fbi did, this was also unprecedented. he has a big conference and goes through the classified information, all the things clinton did wrong, but in the end says but we're not going to prosecute. since that date we have learned who got immunity, the reddit post and all the different things that have happened. he holds a big press conference to announce we're not going to prosecute. i don't think i have ever seen that.
11:39 pm
everything has been crazy. >> director comey says this is an unusual case. the director of the obvious i think we could call him. it was not so obvious to say he's a flawed and failed man. it sounded like he was some a group therapy session rather than talking with the people who represent the people, rather than leading an investigation. this is just a little too much smolt for me. i don't understand and i don't think the american people can believe or understand that we have a director of the fbi who presented with these facts and basically said go to hell. i'm going to give immunity to who i want. it doesn't have to make sense to those with oversight of the director of the fbi and his agency who -- i mean, you're supposed to be a co-equal branch of branch and basically you've been run over. >> there are all kinds of great
11:40 pm
people who do and still work for the fbi. >> i'm talking about at the top. because there can't be that many people at the top. no one has resigned. no one said this is a bunch of crap and said i can't stomach it anymore. there are too many people who can stomach it well, for my personal satisfaction. >> i'm frustrated as well. one thing that frustrated me was when it was brought to comey's attention that secretary clinton made false statements in front of the benghazi committee last october, inaccurate statements as evidenced by what he found his investigation. yet they said he didn't even look at that. your subject is testifying in front of congress about the very thing you're looking into and you don't look at the transcript from that hearing. what kind of investigation is is that? all of these things together,
11:41 pm
when you make the list, you're like i've never seen anything like this. and as mr. gotti pointed out in the hearing from an agency who had so much respect, is what troubles so many americans. >> it sickens. as we look at what is happening in this country. you mentioned donald trump earlier. here is the one person talk building disrupting and breaking up the clinton cartel of corruption. and to watch what's happening here, anyone who doubts the extent of it, the power of it that it forms the boundaries which are extensive to that cesspool in washington, d.c. we are looking at an election that will determine whether the left continue to control public education through unions, whether they continue to control organized labor in this country, whether they continue to control national media.
11:42 pm
it's a left wing national media now, not a lib rap mainstream media. >> yeah. no, this is why the election is so important. this is why we are doing everything in our state. the state of ohio to help mr. trump win that state and winhe election. >> well, he's up in the last polls i saw, congressman. >> yeah, sure is. >> you're doing a did job. >> we'll try to keep it up. >> not only in your great state of ohio, but always in congress and all the important committees you serve on and chairman and a great american he as well. good luck. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> congressman jim jordan. president obama blaming sexism, darn it, sexism, for hillary clinton's troubles. >> people just do not give her credit. part of it is because you know, she's a woman and we have not elected a woman president before. >> we hadn't notice thad that we
11:43 pm
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in an online poll last night we asked you, did monday night's debate -- did the debate change your mind on which candidate you're voting for in november? 98% of you said it did not. joining me now from san diego, radio host mike slater. great to have you with us don't. attorney fox news contributor ebony williams. alwa great to have you with us. thank you so much. we're hearing ebony, that there is a panic in florida because african-americans there are saying they're basically not enthusiastic about hillary clinton and it's going to take a lot more than president obama talking about his legacy. >> completely unsurprised by that, lou. i have been saying and i will continue to say that there's so much about hillary clinton that the black community has
11:48 pm
legitimate questions about both her and her husband's legacy and their true nature and true intentions. this is about the best line for trump's debate. the proximity of power, 30 years and what do you have to show for it? what community can you look to and say they are better positioned, better off because of your leadership? and certainly within the black community, she struggles there. >> we look at what this president has done. she wants to be the third term the of president obama. and, mike, he's done nothing in effect for african-americans, minority communities, inner-city communities, and the country. >> let's pick one issue in general. education. charter schools, right? a mile away from the white house is a high school whereabout 10% of the communities perform at grade level. but he of course sends his daughter to sidwell, a private
11:49 pm
school, and won't even let a black families send kids to their school of choice. trump has the change campaign behind him. that will always get more enthusiasm. >> in defense of our president, policy wise, he asked me to point to something that benefited the black community, that's a hard time. but i'll talk about some things he has done, my brothers keeper. but those are things that hillary clinton is not positioned to do. so, again, when the president and first lady michelle obama go out to the campaign trail and try to shame the black constituency to vote for hillary clinton because they voted for him. >> james comey, do you think there will ever be a debate
11:50 pm
moderator that will say to hillary clinton, why do you think president obama and loretta lynch and james comey gave immunity to five folks? two of them were principal targets. one of them destroyed he evidence knowingly. and got away with it. do you think anybody is going to answer that? >> no. no moderator will because they will be matt lauered. but that's donald trump's job. in his next debate he has to take the opportunities to bring it up to the american people and put her on the stand. she can't continue to lie over and over again. that untrustworthiness leaves people to the change candidate. we can't have 30 more years of this. >> mike slater, ebony williams, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, lou. >> new video of an ef-1 tornado
11:51 pm
that struck late in utah last week. this is utah. this is horrifying. a motorist driving through the storm. now, this is not recommended. as roofs, doors, mangled metal are sent hurdling through the areas in 110-mile-per-hour winds. that's only considered an f-1. i would crank that up a little. that would be like an f-3 or something. it has to be something more than a 1. fortunately no one was hurt in the rare, incredibly powerful storm. as you see as people pass by, the motorists videoing this, it wasn't for want of trying on the part of a few people. luckily they made it through. up next, donald trump says hillary clinton will stop at nothing to get to the white house. >> she and her financial backers will say anything, lie about anything, to keep their grip on power, to keep their control over this country. the american people have had it
11:52 pm
with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandal. >> we'll take up morality next. and conservative a the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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in our online poll we asked, do you see any way the united
11:56 pm
states could stay a free and independent democratic republic if the left were to prevail in this election? 94% of you replied you do not see any way that could occur. i happen to agree with you. joining us now tony perkins, president of family research council, one of the leading conservatives in the country can, evangelical and evangelist. you're doing interim preaching right now in louisiana, right? >> i am, lou, i am. i do. i'm probably not a leading preacher, a back row preacher. >> you're doing pretty good. we need a lot more of that. let's talk if we can about this roundtable today that donald trump had with evangelicals, with others, people of faith. it's interesting to see people of all religions seem to be lining up with donald trump
11:57 pm
here. >> yeah. it is interesting. i helped invite some of the folks to that meeting. i did not attend because i was speaking at a pastors's breakfast in my home state of louisiana this morning. what's happening, lou, is the strong connection point between trump and evangelical, i would use the term social conservatives because there's social catholics and evangelicals. it is not so much shared valued as it is is shared concerns. and donald trump has done something no other gop nominee has done. in the primary, they have conservations with conservatives baugh they are a key voting bloc. but after that, they quit having the conversations. but he's continued to build relationships, which is something we have never seen before. and i think people see that as genuine. he cares. he's concerned. i don't think he is the savior who will deliver this country or anything like that.
11:58 pm
what they do see is this is a guy who will defend their freedom and give them the ability to change hearts and minds with the gospel of jesus christ. >> i think that's a pretty good ask and pretty good delivery if he can do it. it's also important in this election that evangelicals get out to vote. we saw what happened when they did not in the last election. how enthusiastic, motivated will evangelicals be? >> well, actually look at the numbers. george barna shows 86% of them are backing trump. gallup released numbers today showing 11-point advantage. 65% of democrats, which is a 16-year low for the democrats. they have an intensity problem on their side. again, i go back to what donald trump is is doing.
11:59 pm
he is not a conventional candidate. he continues to speak as he did in the primary. he continues to build relationships. that's benefit. what happened with romney and mccain, after the nomination they stopped talk to go that core constituency that could be up to 33% of the vote in the germ election. he's doing the the right moves. he's talking about the issues they care about in the supreme court. the court will be defining the next generation talking about national security. we have people dying on our own streets from terrorists and the president won't even better the word islamic terrorists. and religious freedom. they are of great concern to social conservatives. >> and all of us. as the flag over your left shoulder, i have respect for it. law and order. america first is and making america great again for all americans. so it's a good time for all of us to come together. tony person ince, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it.
12:00 am
>> thank you, lou. good to be with you. >> we thank you for being with us tonight. have a great one. good night from new york. a paid advertisement for time life's video collection. (crowd screaming) remember when watching television was special? (ed sullivan) ladies and gentlemen, the beatles! (screaming) (announcer) each night, we'd gather our family and friends around us... i like you. i really do. i just wish you hadn't said that. you just killed 48 jokes. (announcer) let the greatest talents of all time entertain us. that gown is gorgeous. (laughter) thank ya, i saw it in the window and i just couldn't resist it. (announcer) we'd laugh at the funniest comedians. (don rickles) give me a break, i'm so lonely. (laughter) (announcer) hear the most wonderful music.


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