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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 3, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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responding to fallout over his tax records. >> this is a guy who went out of business in the early 1990's, he fought and clawed back to build another fortune, tens of thousands of more jobs an this is actually a very, very good story for donald trump. >> this is exactly why so many millions of americans are frustrated, they're angry and disgusted as what they see is a corrupt political system in this country. maria: hillary clinton canceling a campaign event with bernie sanders after attacking his supporters. and it's being called one of the most powerful in history, hurricane matthew barrels towards jamaica, cuba and haiti. kim kardashian robbing at gunpoint in paris, her husband ending concert of the news. we have details of the heist coming up.
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new details are released that the bank ignored an employed petition to stop unrealestic sales goals. honda puts the pedal to the metal. we will tell you about it. markets looking flat. probably a light day in terms of trading for the week as it is the jewish new year, we wish a viewers a peaceful and happy new year. in london gaining ground after theresa may says the country plans a hard exit from the european union. markets in china closed for a holiday, mixed action in asia. others fractionally higher. stories coming up monday morning and joining me dagen mcdowell, anthony scaramucci and democratic strategist harlan hill.
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good to see you guys. good morning. dagen: let's talk about some taxes, the nerd in me is scheming -- screaming to come out. anthony: i was tweeting about it at 4:00 a.m. dagen: make sure you include photos. [laughter] dagen: photos. anthony: go ahead. what were you going to say? dagen: i love that progressives are in favor of tax reform. full on in favor of tax reform. maria: donald trump would do what anybody would do legally to take advantage of the tax -- i know dagen has ideas. [laughter] maria: former republican presidential candidate with us and talk show host after a lively snl this weekend.
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former candidate himself ron paul is with us. let's kick it off donald trump on defense once again afters new york times published records from 1995 taxes that reveal that he reported a net operating loss of nearly $960 million, this could result in gop nominee not paying federal income tax for nearly two decades. donald trump tweeted this in response. i know our complex tax laws and i'm the only one who can fix them, #failing new york times. giuliani and chris christie lotted. watch this. >> he knows how to operate the tax code for the benefit of the people he shows. >> what it shows the absolute mess the tax code is and donald trump is in best position to for a minute it.
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no one who has shown more genius to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws. maria: i want to bring bethany mccoy. and betsy. do you think that strategy saying he was a genius deflects how this may resinate with voters? >> the fact that it's important to say that because since 1918 it has been perfectly leg el -- legal for risk takers, entrepreneurs, whether builders and investors of other types or somebody opening a corner drugstore to take risks and one way is the tax code says, look, if you have a big loss you can apply for future earnings, makes it less painful to incure the
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loss and people build more jobs as a result. "the new york times" article presented in a sleazy way that donald trump had done something defective, if not, illegal, when in fact, is doing what congress is encouraging millions of america, take risks, create jobs. maria: look, there's no secret here. the mainstream media is calling it bomb shell. the laws allow you to offset losses for 15 years, 18 years, three years prior to 1995 and 15 years after ward. >> exactly. i think there are two things at play here, one is the political narrative, any time someone withholds information or is reluctant to release it on their own, it allow it is media in this case as well as your opponent to write the narrative for you and that is what's happening for donald trump.
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people are filling in the blanks trying to make this out much bigger and trying to say there's something bigger here that he's hiding and so, you know, that's the risk that you have in politics. now, the reality is exactly what you guys have just said, i mean, net operating loss carry overs exist at federal and state level and depreciation of real property which he can take advantage of. you know, there are two things at play here, the reality of tax code and political optics. they are fantastic for him and the reality is we haven't had a federal tax reform since 1986. i don't think he has done anything illegal here. maria: which pushes why no tax report? dagen: very practice that donald trump uses, used in this report from "the new york times" has been backed on both sides of the
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aisle and they make no move to get rid of it, but that goes to the point -- i want to raise the issue of do people care about this issue because the wall street journal actually polled voters on this in september and just 6% said their top concern was donald trump's refusal to release income tax return. >> top concern is what their own income tax return is going to look like, how much they are going to earn in the future. dagen: right. the reason i don't think that this resinates in part, you see it in the polls but also anybody who has self-employment income know that is you can take losses and carry them forward in other years. half of the country pays no net federal income tax so somebody knows how to use tax code to their advantage and not just donald trump. maria: what's bomb shell that she followed the law?
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i'm trying to figure out what the bomb shell is. anthony: you're not going to have loss carry forwards. we have a war on capital, tax-shaming which betsy called it in the green room and it's a system that i think is going to drive people crazy if we don't fix it, but mr. trump didn't do anything wrong. if anything, all he's trying to do, he's a risk taker in the free enterprise system. what risk has hillary clinton have made? >> good point. they are blood suckers and parasites. harlan: this is business as usual. this is how any small business, how any one would operate. i think that makes him sound like a manipulator.
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maria: the other side is trying to use on campaign trail which makes total sense. they are also, though, trying to move passed a leaked audio from a february fundraiser in which hillary clinton had comments about bernie sanders' supporters. listen to this. >> they're children of the great recession and living in their parents basement, the idea that maybe you can be part of a political revolution it's pretty appealing is a false promise but i don't think particularly young people that they bought into a false promise. maria: senator bernie sanders weighed on the comments, he wasn't too happy about that his supporters live in the mother's basement. listen to this. >> well, look, of course, it does, in the middle of a campaign and i trust -- go on some of the statements that i made, there are young people that went into debt, worked very
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hard to get a good education and they can't find decent-paying jobs and that is a major problem, they are living in their parents basement. maria: let me get this straight, the trump supporters are deplorables, the bernie sanders' supporters are living in the basement. you don't agree with clinton, you're -- >> this is where hillary clinton, you know, it's amazing that she's been in the public eye and in politics for 30-odd years and somehow she still can't necessarily read the pulse of the american public. unfortunately the combination of basket of deplorables and this comment has easily played into the hand that donald trump and the republicans are trying to paint her as an elitist, someone who doesn't relate to the american public and that's a big problem for her and you're right, maria, coming into the segment about the bernie comments is that they are trying to deflect with the criticism on
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the taxes of donald trump because they are trying to say this is have and have nots and one thing i will say as ranking member of ohio for the last decade, you don't pay for roads with income taxes. maria: what taxes are used? >> it's federal gas tax. it's federal gas tax. the state uses multiple types of funding mechanism but at the federal level we don't use federal income tax for roads. maria: are you surprised with how close ohio is with hillary clinton and trump? >> no i'm not. there's a huge problem with trade. it's going to be a horse race here to the end. maria: interesting. good to see you both, ladies.
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>> thank you. maria: fox will take you live tomorrow night for special coverage of the vp debate. that's tomorrow night live begins at 7:00. haiti and jamaica preparing for a catastrophic hit from a category 4 storm. we will tell you the details and if it will make to the u.s. coast of florida. dramatic details that forced kanye west to leave concert mid performance in new york, back in a minute. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said,
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who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. maria: a monster hurricane heading toward jamaica and haiti right now. hurricane matthew, category 4 storm as american vacation goers urge today get out. the u.s. navy evacuating personnel from guantanamo bay. good morning, janice. >> this is the strongest storm that we have seen in the atlantic and one that can bring catastrophic impacts to haiti. we are expecting a direct hit on haiti and 70% of this country is poor, so they are living intense and unfortunately still repairing after the 2010
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earthquake, this could be devastating, potentially deadly and prayers are needed this morning as the storm continues to move north ward. hurricane warnings haiti, cuba. it's maintained major hurricane strength since friday and we are expecting it to still maintain it's strength as it makes close to haiti, jamaica impacted, eastern cuba and bahamas and what happens to the east coast, a lot of uncertainty here. anywhere from florida to main, you need to be watchg the forecast of this hurricane. you can see saturday this is the cone of uncertainty still offshore of the carolinas, we will be dealing well into the weekend and next week. here is one of the reliable forecast model that is make up the cone of uncertainty. the american model, and again, expecting a tremendous impact on haiti, then into the bahamas, this is wednesday and then thursday friday watching a very
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close call for the carolinas, the coastal carolinas up towards virginia and then the northeast. this is saturday, this is a strong hurricane just off the coast of the outer banks. here is the european model, another reliable forecast model that we use to determine the cone. bahamas on thursday and then coming close again to florida, the carolinas, georgia on saturday so the bottom line here is over the next couple of days, haiti, cuba, bahamas needs to monitor. everyone at play here. maria: that could go anywhere. >> it really could. maria: janice, we will check out . he has no memory of the crash. cheryl with the details this morning. cheryl: good morning, maria, thomas gallagher told investigators that he was going 10-miles per hour but has no memory of the crash itself, just
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waking up on the floor after. the train slammed on the busy terminal on thursday killing a woman and injuring more than 100 others. over the weekend, investigators reveal monitor wasn't working. crews are trying to dig out another box. well, some breaking news in paris, police are searching for two men who robbed kim kardashian west at gunpoint in her hotel. two men posting as cops robbed her and they did tie her up and leave her in the bathroom. she was physically unharmed, though, her husband kanye west was on stage in a concert in new
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york when he found out about the robbery, listen. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i have an emergency, i have to stop the show. cheryl: and he walked away. kim kardashian was in paris with her mother and her sister. finally, a new report from buzz feed cooking up trouble for blue apron, workplace safety issues and lacked hiring practices. august last year a facility facing two threats of violence from employees and nine safety citations from osha. threats of violence, everybody a parking lot fight. according to report blue apron has more osha violations than any other food-packing operation in that area. the situation to scale back marketing to improve work conditions. they needed time, that could be
6:20 am
valued at as much as $3 billion. back to you. maria: thank you so much. the clock is ticking for deutsche bank to reach settle with the department of justice. what the settlement could be for other banks and close to $14 billion? hillary clinton endorses of lebron james. why he throws his weight behind hillary clinton coming up next.
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hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. maria: no deal yet between deutsche bank and the justice department.
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mortgage securities are ongoing despite report last week that the bank could pay 4. 5 billion fine. mark is good to see you, thanks so much for joining u. >> good to be here. maria: before we get to markets, are you worried about this deutsche bank story? the journal first broke the story months ago that they were facing a 14 billion-dollar fine from the justice department, now the journal is reporting that the negotiations could make it a lot better, 5.4 billion. what's your take on the deutsche bank and impact on broader markets? >> well, the 14 billion is a huge number. a lot better obviously. what concerns us which concerns are next and how aggressive the doj is going to be on other banks. maria: you want to stay away from financials then? >> european is a sector that hasn't been strong and we don't expect them to be stng. it's a different story in the u.s. but developed is not good
6:25 am
story right now. maria: if it has to start unloading securities, is that going to put a big pressure on the broader market? >> it is, they'll probably renegotiate that deal so it doesn't happen. they'll definitely get a bailout if necessary from the germans but ultimately the european banks are in a disaster zone and many have negative equities. the issue is what happened when the italian banks start to fail and spanish banks, what do you think happens in europe then? >> that's one of the reasons we are there. the banks are not well capitalized as the u.s. banks, there's very little reason to be in developed europe right now. london has been the exception leaving the eu has led to a stock rally there. london is at an all-time high. maybe leaving the eu has been a good move for london. maria: there's going to be a timeline for britain exit from
6:26 am
the euro zone, theresa may said this weekend that article 50 will be triggered by the end of march 2017 leading to full exit by '19. do you believe in that timeline? >> there were comments today by other countries saying that's a little too aggressive but it's refreshing that the british prime minister actually wants to follow on the will of the people. that part is refreshing. dagen: in terms of -- we talk about the dire situation in europe, how is there not a spill over in the united states? >> we have paid huge fines and well capitalized our bank so we don't see as a global contagion. it will slow down european growth which is why we would rather allocate. harlan: how much was obama, doj to look tough on big banks, they
6:27 am
had to back-track on it, topple a major bank so how much is political posturing? >> that's a great question and tough to say. what aree same thoughts. you doing. so five is a more manageable number and you saw stocks on friday. maria: how are you allocating capital right now? >> it's mostly u.s., if we are going to be overseas we like merging markets. these countries don't carry the kind of debt that we have. so what we would do is for international exposure and domestically we like the -- we prefer to be domestic. we maria: the estimate is 170,000 jobs created in the unemployment rate 4.9%.
6:28 am
what do markets do in that regard? >> it's been firm and slow wage growth and we expect to be a good one. it doesn't feel like a great recovery but the reality is the labor market is firming and we expect a good job's number and the chugs along from here. maria: mark, a navy widow whose husband was killed in 9/11 attack following the first lawsuit against saudi arabia as congress gave the green light to do so. tesla rather showing no signs of slowing in the wake of auto pilot troubles. best quarter ever, next. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. maria: good monday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, monday october 3rd, top stories 6:30 a.m. east coast. donald trump will go for votes. clinton try today appeal to the black vote. >> i'm a grandmother and like every grandmother i worry about the safety and security of my grandchildren, but any worries are not the same as black grandmothers who have different and deeper fears about the world that's their grandchildren face.
6:32 am
maria: royal endorsement, lebron james officially throwing support behind hillary clinton, but will it help her with black and millennial voters? we will tell you how bank officials apparently ignored an employee petition protesting unrealistic sales goals and massive jobs cut for ing, 7,000 positions eliminated. the group's cost saving plan coming up. the super charge, super hot honda civic, the new civic called absolutely insane. futures this morning trading to fractionally higher on the session. industrial average, dow expect today open a fraction. it is going to be a quiet day in terms of volume as it is the beginning of the jewish new year and we wish our viewers who are
6:33 am
observing a peaceful holiday. british prime minister theresa may say the country plans a hard exit from the european union. mixed action but the action in korea closed for holiday. hang seng up 1 and a quarter percent. a woman whose husband has been killed in 9/11 filed lawsuit on saudi arabia two days after congress passed allow to allow americans to sue foreign governments over alleged roles in 9/11 attacks. joining me lieutenant colonel allen west. >> good morning, maria. maria: people are questioning whether or not congress should have overroad that veto, your thoughts on this law being passed? >> well, first of all, we need to understand the 21st century
6:34 am
battlefield and we need to come on the side of the american people but when we have states sponsoring islamic terrorism, we need to be able to prosecute those states to the fullest extent and i think that when we try to make this moral equivalency statement saying that we have to be concerned the state wills go out soldiers, our soldiers are protected under geneva rights, we have declared war against enemy but when we have states such as iran, saudi arabia or other who is are supporting nonstate, nonuniform on the battlefield, unlawful enemy combatant they should be full open to legal prosecution. dagen: colonel, under current law you can already sue a country that is a state-sponsor of terrorism. that's a state designated sponsor of terror. one of the major concerns i've heard from all corners of the
6:35 am
political world, this law opens up to the u.s. to essentially legal liability and basically a handout to lawyers everywhere in terms of filing suits against the united states. >> well, one of the problems you have with a country such as saudi arabia just like pakistan or whatever, even though they are not designated a as a state sponsor of terrorism, we have a problem and when we you think about the fact that, i believe, 15 or 16 of the 19 9/11 coconspirators, i live in south florida, so they were not there, you know, eating beanie winnies.
6:36 am
maria: i understand. is this going to affect the cooperation from the saudis when we fight terrorism? is this going to impact other lawsuits toward america even if, you know, the american government wasn't involved and this open a whole can of warms? i think that's what the critics are saying. >> i've never considered the saudis to be our friends. i think that they have been playing both sides of that coin and i believe that when you look at the sunni islamic terrorist issues that we have, the saudis has been funding money to. we need to send a clear message to stop this. we will allow our citizens to prosecute you. maria: all right. harlan: i'm trying to understand where the american people are coming from on this issue and you have to put it in context, there's 28 pages in the 9/11 that weren't released because
6:37 am
implicate the saudis. when they are looking at the specific issue, they see instances of the u.s. government trying to protect the saudis and so what do we do to reassure the american people that that's not the case or is it the case? >> we need to stand on the side of the american people and not believe that relations with a country that has a troubled past and has clear relations with supporting certain groups of islamic terrorist. the saudis have, you know, really funneled money to groups such as isis, we know that you have saudi fighters that are part of isis, we know that osama bin laden, you know, saudi prince, you know multimillionaire, all of the factors let us know that there's something wrong with the saudi relationship with islamic terrorism. dagen: colonel, the fact that a lot of lawmakers now wanting to back into this bill and tweak it
6:38 am
to make sure that it doesn't open up the united states to lawsuit and create problems on the world stage for us, doesn't that speak that there's problems with it? >> i guess the problem i'm trying to understand, if i'm a soldier in a uniform and i am going and deploying in an unauthorized mission in this state, i don't see how anyone else can come back and try to bring a lawsuit against us. if we have soldiers, sailers and marines in combat field of operation that do something that is wrong on the battlefield, guess what we do, we prosecute them. unfortunately we do have men and women, well, men that are sitting that were undualy prosecuted for incidents on the battlefield. maria: you make a lot of good points, colonel. what are the problems that are the most important that our viewers need to understand facing our military that you
6:39 am
would like to address, what should we expect today? >> first and foremost we need to rebuild our military. we have an army of 1939 levels, world war i level marine corps. we are not prepared on the 21st century battlefield to be out there and prosecute against these nonstate islamic terrorists and also state actors, i think that's very important. we have to do something to reform acquisition and weapon procurement process, we are taking far too long to get quality weapon systems out to the men and women on the battlefield. anthony: colonel it's anthony scaramucci, in 1945 we developed a policy of containment and we set a reset in 1989 after the berlin wall fell. we are still operating off of that post communist footprint, what would you do if you're in the trump organization to reorganize our national security strategy? >> one of the most important things, that's another thing we
6:40 am
need to do is to transform that war-ghting strategy. we need to amove away from the soviet union, cold-war era and have more of a power projection force. it's going to hurt my heart to say this, but the mean spot is through air time forces and not land forces and that's an important thing we need to be looking to do. when you consider the greatest nation that the world has ever known for 13, 15 hours could not do anything to rescue americans under assault in benghazi, libya, that tells you that we are not where we should be. maria: we will leave it there, good to see you, sir. allen west joining us. fox business network will take you live to the vice presidential debate tomorrow night, our coverage kicks off at 7:00 p.m., tomorrow night for the vice presidential debate. still to come outrage over wells fargo's practices, now being accused of ignoring petition to employees to do away with
6:41 am
controversial sales targets which were too aggressive. competition to new heights, the human tower in traditional contest stacks up to history. back in a minute so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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maria: welcome back, we are expecting a higher opening this morning from the broader averages. dow industrial expected, big week for economic data. by the way, we have the job's number on friday. a couple of names to watch this morning. take a look at ing, new round of layoffs, pretty severe. 7,000 job cuts. 13% of the company's workforce. more than a billion dollars in the next five years. tesla up nearly 3% ahead of open this morning. the company says it's selling twice as many cars as it was years ago. tesla providing sales update
6:45 am
last night saying it delivered 24,500 vehicles last quarter compare today 12,000 the same time a year ago. most model ssedans. cheryl casone with the story and the other headlines, this story keeps getting worse, cheryl? cheryl: it does. the daily news is reporting that of wells fargo employees signed this document to keep up with targets and they were frustrated and they didn't want to do this type of situation, work at wells fargo. meanwhile hillary clinton is plan to go take wells fargo to task in her speech today in ohio over the fake account scandal. she's expected to unveil a plan to make it easier for consumers to take legal action against bad corporate actors, stock to watch again today, wells fargo. japanese auto maker honda introducing a new performance
6:46 am
concept version of the civic, set to make first appearance in u.s. next month. the civic expected to have a turbo engine with 300 to 345 horse power. that's the range, a lot of buzz and how cool it looks, there are the pictures for you. in spain more pictures, hundreds go in great heights, tall, teams facing in human tower competition. each team has 500 people on it, five rounds and earn points for difficulty and for height, maria, obviously on your team the strongest heaviest people were at the bottom, thank you. maria: that looks really hard and i don't know if anybody would like to compete in that. anthony: i love watching things like that. i don't want anything to do with it, maria. maria: that's dangerous for the
6:47 am
kids, maria. dagen: you look agile. anthony: the last time i have done something that stupid is when i was 16, needed an balance to get me out of there. dagen: are you serious? anthony: 100%. maria: all the way to the top. [laughter] dagen: do i look like i was a cheerleader and i would do that, the answer is no and no. i do not. maria: i was a cheerleader. i admit it. dagen: i don't have the temperament. i don't have a temperament to be a cheerleader. [laughter] maria: i'm fine. cheerleading on my sleeve.
6:48 am
coming up lebron james telling he's with hillary clinton, next.
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maria: welcome back, cleveland cavaliers lebron james endorsing hillary clinton in a business insider op-ed, ohio native saying i support hillary clinton. she will build on the legacy of my good friend president obama. there's still a lot of work to be done in ohio and all across our great country, let's register to vote, show up to the polls and vote for hillary. harlan, lebron james painting hillary as a champion fighting against childhood poverty and
6:52 am
he's very influential in ohio. could this endorsement help hillary and i think it's interesting that she's going to help build on my good friend barack obama? harlan: she's basically pulling out of ohio, they are writing it off. there's no longer a democratic fire wall. two, the obama coalition is going to stay, include millennials and african americans. dagen: more so on millennials, don't you think? some of the polling numbers on their enthusiasm for her and she's got about half of the percentage of the millennial vote that he did, that's a rough estimate. harlan: nobody really effectively mobilizing and i'm not sure that the enthusiasm was there to elect hillary clinton. i'm not convinced the polling is right, though.
6:53 am
maria: she said a minute ago that there are trump signs popping up everywhere in ohio. it was a democratic state for a long time but lebron is not the first big name to endorse clinton. amy schumer, leonardo dicaprio have gone to hillary, anthony scaramucci. anthony: everybody wants those endorsements but doesn't really decide elections, at the end of the day, it's mr. trump's message versus her message in those areas and i think harlan is going to be right, if you tell people that they're living in their parents' basement and you're going into the black communities with the fake sympathy, i don't think -- i don't think it's going to resinate. harlan: the hot sauce in all of this. anthony: there's 2.6 million
6:54 am
white uneducated voters that did not vote in 2012. so noncollege educated whites, 2.6 million. they are registered and didn't vote in pennsylvania. if they vote this time, he will win pennsylvania, he will be the next american president. maria: he has to win pennsylvania. anthony: he has a chance there because all of those people staid -- stayed home last night. dagen: celebrities help you raise money the only exception was oprah winfrey for barack obama. she had a religious connection, a spiritual and religious connection with her viewers and fans, but all of the other celebrities, you listen to amy schumer to make you laugh. maria: people get mad, they want to hear them act and sing. anthony: michael jordan had a great line. democrats and republicans, they
6:55 am
both buy sneakers and lebron, i don't know. maria: harlan, let's look at the swing state polls, we do get fox news polls over the weekend. they show trump ahead of clinton by 5%. hillary clinton campaigning in ohio today to highlight economic policy, of course, the economy is such a big issue in ohio by the economy pushed people toward trump. harlan: without question. they live in a bubble. when you go to ohio, it really is the north of england. that's what it reminds me of when you compare the election to brexit. places that have been left behind when a manufacturing left and it is, you know, a shadow of former self. this election will come down to the economy and when you look at places like pennsylvania, there's a lot in common between
6:56 am
pennsylvania and ohio. anthony: can i make a predictions? series of coordinated mainstream media attacks october 1st with "the new york times" over the next three weeks you'll see more hits on mr. trump. dagen: one line from the wall street journal editorial about trump's taxes today. didn't we learn with mitt romney, mitt romney released tax returns too late. republicans never catch a break from the media while the democrats do. don't republicans understand that their secrets will always be exposed and that -- at the most moment. maria: release your tax returns, they're going to come out. we are talking about it this morning. what it means for both sides of the race for the white house, back in a moment this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop,
6:57 am
with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. overwhelming and complicated. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america every patient gets their own care manager to coordinate every aspect of their care. the care manager is making sure everything is flowing well so the patient can continue to get their treatment. we are the link between the patient and the doctor. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... we can do paperwork or contact their employers or set them up with home health. that's what brings most people into nursing; you get to connect with people.
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6:59 am
maria: good monday morning. a maria bartiromo. monday, over third. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. responding to donald translink tax records over the weekend. >> the reality is he's a genius. he took advantage of something that can save an enterprise and did something we admire in america. he came back.
7:00 am
>> he likes away unscathed with a golden ticket that allows him under the tax code to avoid taxes for decades. the tax plan benefits william ayers and donald trump. that should be no surprise to anyone. he cares about donald. sure it to hillary clinton canceled a campaign event today after attacking sanders supporters. the latest from the campaign shall come in. trump targeted his d.c. hotel spray-painted with graffiti. the black lives matter a message on the hotel ahead. hurricane matthews towards haiti. a catastrophic low. the caribbean star method may navy in evacuating personnel from guantánamo bay as a result. tesla driving as those despite autopilot crashes. we'll tell you about it. trick-or-treat is the question when it comes to doritos halloween chips. lacking garlic flavored.
7:01 am
futures trading near the flatline. take a look. sell it in the last 30 minutes. markets are flat. the investor last two points. s&p and nasdaq in negative territory. that jewish new year rosh hashanah. we tell our viewers and those observing to have a peaceful and happy rosh hashanah. the london gaining some ground of better than 1%. british prime minister teresa made say they plan a hard exit from the european union good markets in germany closed for holiday. closures in asia. markets in china and korea. markets elsewhere is easier higher. hang seng up one and a quarter% and the nikkei average up 1%. journeyman to talk about it talks as this network dagen mcdowell, anthony scaramucci and strategist harlan hill. although tribes texas today. >> doubtless they hate.
7:02 am
october 1 they dropped the first water balloon and i expect three or four more before the end of the month. trade do we know julian sanchez for wikileaks with the post to for the something as well. they have canceled that. >> is supposed to be in the balcony monday. he is still going to do it through a tele-commerce. dagen: in the meantime, kim kardashian was held at gunpoint and trump hopes that takes some of the bite out of the coverage of his tax return because this will lead all newscasts today. >> to hillary clinton campaign has been driving this mallet narrative for a week now. first he left a comment in the miss piggy stuff. he has lost control right out the media which is a rare position for him to begin. maria: didn't bill clinton have a role in writing that tax code? allowing you to offset losses
7:03 am
with your income for future years. clinton wrote it. >> you minimize it. you were able to take your losses. in 93 reform minimize it to $3000 per year so that was another bi controversy. listen to have a 73,000 pages of code from 1986. started at 550 pages. now 73,000. it's broken and needs to be fixed. maria: that's why he wants to take it down three brackets. former "saturday night live" cast member and radio talkshow host joe joe piscopo to talk about that. presidential candidate ron paul weighs in. stay with us. a big hour ahead. in the race for the white house a push for the candidates to win over new polls showing him that kidnapping taylor clinton. the democratic nominee talking about the economy and ohio.
7:04 am
her trip comes as the "washington post" abc news poll shows her trunk and trump in the first debate. joining us now as arkansas governor and candidate himself, mike huckabee. governor, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for montréal. good to be with you today. maria: the next presidential debate next sunday. what do you think donald trump will do differently next sunday as it relates to the first debate? >> i think he will go on the tackle whole lot more with hillary clinton starting at the beginning. he will be on the defensive about this tax returns but he just needs to push back as hard as he can either as early as march, and to release those tax returns. there is nothing good that is going to come out of it. a lot of americans don't know because the press won't tell you this. nothing in the law says you have to release tax returns. he have to release a statement of financial interests which is
7:05 am
a lot more expensive than a tax return. a lot more explanatory about a person's financial situation and nobody understands a tax return. let me make this point. i doubt any of you on the panel today who do your own taxes and then if you pay more than you have to pay. that is true for most americans. i heard rudy say that trump was a genius and christie said that. trump is not a genius. his account inside. the army of accountants cannot has to put his tax returns together. he needs to go into the debate and push back hard and get this issue behind him. dagen: that's one of the issues i want to bring up. it is dagen mcdowell. to use the word genius ringer circuit responded to the report in "the new york times." the problem might be what is be what is hitting the trump campaign. some of it his own making. but also the response. the response is not the greatest a few well.
7:06 am
that is one thing the campaign can fix. right? >> i agree. look, trying to say that he is a genius and this is a great strategy, no. he simply did what warren buffett does. he does the church soros does come the delegates does come to bill gates or any rich person dies. they hire accountants cannot pay all the taxes they have to pay that you solve the complexity of the tax code for their advantage and nobody except a total will say i feel bad i'm not paying enough. write a great record check and send it to the government because i know how brilliantly they'll take care of the money and how wonderfully they will spend it. maria: could there i've did not pay any tax in 2014. so there you go. "the new york times," no taxes for that year. >> hillary clinton taking losses in the past as well. my concern is his spending too much time explaining.
7:07 am
if he's explaining, he's losing. related out, let the surrogates handle it from here on out. let's move on. >> governor, you're a great campaigner and great politician. there seems to be a disproportionate personal attack on mr. trump. less so when policies come a had the sexism charges, racism. as a campaigner, what would you recommend as a strategist, what would you say they had? what message would you give him? >> anthony, i would urge him when he spit on his personal things is to just rush it back by saying that they can attack, what i want to do for america. when they can't find fault with how i have these trade deals, from the tax code. but if you do with the fact that would defeat isis, the only thing they have left this come after me with ridiculous personal attacks. when hillary clinton is attacking me personally, it is
7:08 am
because she's got nothing noted in her god that would do a thing to change this country and make this great again. and then forget about it. don't defend it, don't explain it. when you explain the politics, you lose ground. maria: that's the thing. the first debate he was on defense from the get-go. but it's explaining the birth or ratio, taxes, himself as a businessman, he was explaining the whole debate inside of his economic policies. i just feel like his message is very cohesive and straightforward. cut taxes, rollback ranks. he's got a take him off message. that's all she's got. dagen: the thing i know trump supporters have to find frustrating is that he can't get out of his own way. he can't help himself. to that point, if you talk to them in the last week, if he picked up the bat phone and said listen, donald, here is the deal. have you done that?
7:09 am
>> i was all of last weeks i've got an excuse why didn't have a chance to call in. my advice to him is always this. pivot away from the attacks and get back on your message. did that, did that so much that you tear your political or acl of moving and shifting because that is what you've got to do in his last 30 plus days to focus on why hillary clinton is absolutely unprepared, unfit and i'm qualified to be president and why he can take this country in a totally different direction and fight corruption. the system is corrupt. the reason we have a complicated tax code, the reason republicans don't change it and democrats don't change it is because manipulating the tax code is how they get political contributions. they will never change it unless somebody comes in and blow something up. trump is the only one in the campaign to do that. maria: how important is the first presidential debate?
7:10 am
is it and just stand there is a new poll that says americans have the time to time remembering the vp candidates names to democratic vice president nominee tim kaine, let me let you hear this sound bite to get you to react. spain i can't see down there and tuesday. have you guys spent any down there yet? >> you know, i'm calm. maria: how important is it for this race? >> look, i think you get several cups of coffee. they are both good guys in this sense they are safe and reliable candidates for the job. rarely ever does the vp candidate win an election. the only thing of vp candidate can do is hurt if they mess up. that's about all they can do. otherwise, they are holding the line. they are going to have this arena have to talk.
7:11 am
there's no big consequence unless they have a gary johnson and what is on that though moment and then they are in trouble. >> i wonder how many people will watch. last go around 50 million people watched the ryan biden debate because obama had lost the first debate and that the like his bat was up against the wall and a needed show to step out the blood out of the water. this time around, the vps are a sideshow to the top of the ticket. dagen: governor, i grew up right there in farmville, virginia. if those folks come in town don't behave themselves, will cut yet. [laughter] >> i will be very careful to remember that when i go there. dagen: just letting you know. it's been a governor, who's going to win the campaign? >> donald trump is going to rain. -- win.
7:12 am
even at its lowest point right after the dnc this summer, i still said is going to win. here is why. what i see in america is the same thickness on the u.k. and there are a lot of people that will not publicly tell you they will vote for donald trump, but they will look around and say i'm going to go for trial. i hear it with enthusiasm on air links, hotel lobbies, in the grocery store, church. everywhere i go, people come up to me. there is no enthusiasm for hillary appeared people feel like they have to vote for her because her democrat, liberal. why would they be enthusiastic? maria: i agree with you. i hear the same thing. like the restaurant owner. very and it totaled. i see the same thing. governor, good to see you. see you soon. mike huckabee. >> even in silicon valley. a couple guys came over to me so admiring of peter teal.
7:13 am
one thing about the left, there's a lot of intellectual bigotry. if you are not for them, you are against that and they get mad at you. maria: it's like taking a private plane. >> leonardo dicaprio at the white house have enough to buy south lawn festival climate change. ask them how much is fuel bill has been last year. maria: fox business network will take you to the debate live. stay with us for live coverage beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the second debate begins sunday night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we will be right back. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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♪ maria: welcome back. and monster hurricane headed towards cuba and haiti. cheryl casone what the headlines. transfer this could be a big storm. hundreds of people evacuated from the u.s. naval station at guantánamo bay. hurricane matthew is approaching. there is the last flood satellite for you. a category four storm already sustained winds of 145 miles per hour and not to expect it to pass close to haiti later today or early tomorrow morning. this could trigger devastating floods as mentioned in the last hour a very poor country. appeared to be on track east of florida. forecasters say it is still too soon to predict whether that
7:17 am
it's actually going to hit the united states coast in particular carolinas. in business headlines, tesla's third-quarter sales more than doubled a year ago. this is the company's biggest ever sales quarter. the automaker seen to deliver 24,000 vehicles in that quarter. tesla did a larger than expected loss in the second quarter. this also of course this company and asked the government is investigating autopilot system after a fatal crash in florida. gooden is financially for the company. i always like to find weird food, maria, for you. just in time for halloween, frito-lay introducing black garlic to readers. jet back 13 chips or dust with garlic seasoning available in japan throughout over. frito-lay part of pepsico testing it out, calling it a lovely vampire/no one will ever kiss you after you eat these type of doritos.
7:18 am
tree into trying to figure out what that tastes like a mother will be good or not good. dagen: if you can get somebody to knock on you after eating regular doritos. the orange in your teeth at the notch of cheese flavor. >> you never dated any italians. come on. it's not a big deal. maria: small businesses so hot that it's getting the backing and sharon led out and ashton kutcher. a small business with a technology next. "saturday night live" with the campaign trail. cast member joe piscopo and the house weighing in on the highlight. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
7:19 am
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maria: gusto provides services to 40,000 small businesses but it has more than the attention of small businesses. the endorsement of an impressive list of investors. the ceo of gusto, joshua reeves. good to see you. thank you for joining us. formally known as then payroll. tell us about the new name gusto, where it comes from and why you changed it. >> we always act as a temporary name a few days to choose a name and passed a $7 on go daddy. that is the story of our original name. gusto, what we do, we help 40,000 small businesses with h.r., payroll and benefits across the country today. we love the name because it is all about doing work with gusto. maria: harlin, your customer. >> akamai was. a great product mainly for payroll. it was great. >> it takes time to build it
7:23 am
right. we started with payroll, added benefits last year and last week we added h.r. functionality so it's an all-in-one system. maria: what you see from small business today? what are you hearing from our customers in terms of what they are experiencing? >> we are seeing a lot of inspiration. no one made them start their company. always a labor of love. inspiring for us to serve them. we see them trying to build a business. they've been wearing funny hats for a long time. they love the fact we do there for them. it's a small business owner's products become available. maria: what i was getting at is when we talk about small businesses it's about the challenges they face. obamacare and regulatory hurdles.
7:24 am
>> you're helping them and making it easier. how do you charge for services? >> thirty-nine dollars a month and $6 a month per employee. it basically grows as you grow. we try to make it simple. as a result is way more affordable so that saves them time and money. dagen: how closely are you paying attention to the presidential election? >> it's important to pay attention to an election that has a big impact. dagen: dallas talking about we understand small businesses. but today? >> politicians in particular. it's hard to make a generalization. it's valuable for them to smalltime at the. part of it is a structural issue. we do a 15,000 tax codes across the country. we make them simpler batch of local, state, federal reserve requirements. it's hard to navigate through
7:25 am
that. >> if you're going to advise either of the candidates for their life experience, what would she say to them? >> number one when you go to do offensively but folks, i do that when i travel and his son as a premise should talk to folks and understand by this target countries. lipper classifications, implement five is fairly complex today. even though we want to help with that, government has dared easier as well. >> i hear from that it's getting harder and harder to raise. you have a great business. how was it in this environment? >> earlier this year we had amazing investors involved and i would say a little bit of a unique approach. years before we raise capital. think of fundraising is hiring.
7:26 am
some of scalia's come of philosophy, motivation. once you get connected you are married for life. maria: you've got an impressive list of investors in the company from paypal to youtube. did you go to them or did they come to you? how does you get the names on board? >> unique list. 75 ceos. progress, some of which i know and i was born and raised in the bay area. my dad had a school in san francisco. part of that was bad. many of them invested because they got excited about fixing the problem. they don't need to pay for their kids college tuition. we are proud to have been involved and they've been incredibly helpful. maria: you compete with paychecks. >> ddp would be two countries to pay with. dagen: churn butter, action
7:27 am
picture, do they leave you alone? >> we think of them as on our teams. i would probably pay these folks to be involved. it's a very real dynamic. we will be a stand-alone independent company for decades to come. being public is an honor and privilege and milestone, not a goal. >> waterfall stacy. maria: congratulations. the supreme court back in discussion today. the king of. the kennedy kiki is a slimming and the impact of a vacancy for those decisions. supreme court back in business. how does social media make the competition disappear. back in a minute.
7:28 am
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maria: good monday morning. and maria bartiromo. monday, october the third. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the countdown on. donald trump will campaign in the swing state until a clickable stump for votes in ohio. candidates gearing up for their second debate on sunday night. "saturday night live" to gain a trumpet printed over the weekend. watch. [cheers and applause] >> i'm better than ever. let's do this.
7:31 am
>> our jobs are fleeing this country. they are going to mexico. they are going to china. if hillary knew how she would've done it already cometh. come the end of story. i won the debate. i stayed, they promised and it is over. goodnight. maria: looking at the "saturday night live" affects later this hour. cast member joe piscopo this morning. donald trump's hotel defaced at the newly opened hotel near the white house has been vandalized by black lines matter at this. the latest on the investigation coming out. kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in paris this weekend. her husband, kanye west and in his concert abruptly when he got the message. the supreme court the supreme court with its term today. it will take up the case that could be costly for the washington redskins. what the presidential election means. the story may soon be over for
7:32 am
snapshot stories. where facebook is testing its new chat app messenger day. markets this morning near the flat line with a higher opening for the broader averages. in europe the markets are gaining ground as though it's very much a mixed story. reddish prime minister teresa made since the country plans a hard exit. as a result of one and a quarter%. some holidays in asia. the shanghai and korea were closed for holiday. wishing all of our viewers and those observing the jewish new year a happy and peaceful new year. the top spot at the box office. the recap coming out this morning. the heat of a contentious election year. 36 days to go now until election day the focus shifts back to the
7:33 am
highest court in the country. floating ideas to fill justice go is placed on the bench. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. what are you looking at as far as the beginning of the supreme court season now? >> of looking out an interesting case you alluded to by that they can't deny copyright protection to language some people team offensive. normally below the radar screen. in an effort to get the washington redskins in washington d.c. to change their name though they are not a party to this case, the outcome of that would obviously affect that movement. many of the other more controversial cases that art and the supreme court's docket has been backloaded after january because of the chief justices bush to have a full complement will either cause merrick
7:34 am
garland to go on the beds or have their own nominee. >> is there an economic impact to that case? because of the money invested in trademark stubble can no longer be used. if for example it was changed several times, and the case has to do with asian young man who our preferred themselves by a phrase considered offensive. i won't bother treating the face. if the government prevails in this case, you will see an effort to compel the redskins to change their pain and the vote was meaningless in the government has to effectively destroy an asset that the owner of the redskins have spent a fortune to build a period maria: how long have they been called the event skins?
7:35 am
>> longer than many of us have been around. logo has changed but the name has not changed. >> had you feel about what is going on the supreme court nomination? do you think this is the rate they given your constitution status? >> i've discussed this many times that the participants. not judge garland who i know, but the people who run the senate judiciary committee. at the time they were convinced that mrs. clinton would be defeated and the republican would replace barack obama and that person should make the nominee. it is unprecedented to have a vacancy this long. having said that as well as i know, judge garland, president obama's nominee is the most conservative nominees to the supreme court by a democrat since fdr nominated jackson as attorney general in 1940.
7:36 am
they ordinarily would affect with open arms they nominee president. >> if she wins in november, do they move announcing duck session? >> they could confirm judge garland and decide -- it would look terrible. this terrible. mrs. clinton at one point said she supported the garland's nomination and if it came to her desk with gaza to have been eight or nine months ago. we don't know where this is going to go. a lot of supreme court opinions do not break down. the interpretation which is basically non-ideological. as well you have a chief justice with a master of compromise to avoid deadlocks. >> you really didn't answer the question.
7:37 am
do you think they are doing the right thing based on the constitution? >> they have the right not to confirm. the long run supreme court with the justice. supposedly another bush versus gore. we don't have nine members of the court is supposed to have a trump versus clinton in the supreme court nobody to break the tie. >> donald trump has been outspoken about nominating a conservative. it is interesting what you said in the commercial break. though it means that there has had impact. >> very difficult for those judges, many of whom have been recipients of motions to recuse themselves to get off the case. he will rule and will rule anyway to please donald trump to pitch when the supreme court.
7:38 am
did the people ask for 17 of 18 judges on the list for permission to use their names? i don't think so. they show up there thinking us. maria: so many people say this is one of the reasons the election is important because of the naming of the supreme court. are the names that have been floated extreme to the right? how would you characterize these names? >> a characterize them as generally well-regarded conservative appellate level judges, either federal, intermediate appeals court for state supreme court. maria: non-extreme conservative? she's considering nominating the federal bench. even after the tarmac summit. can you look at this any other way as the red avenged as her savior and then she says she closed her name has been named to the supreme court. >> the attorney general is to
7:39 am
own symbol notwithstanding and not evidence of guilt or at least a half dozen crimes. >> it is the clinton's bragging. look at what we've got away with. that is a constutional requirement. it is functioning. the clinton's get the american people ever reason to believe it's not. >> that would be a reason not to vote for her, but it would not be a reason to vote against the window ledge. she should rise or fall on her own merits, not the person who nominated her. justice anthony kennedy by a conservative republican who doesn't always go with them on the corporal turned 80. justice ruth bader ginsburg is in her 80s. dagen: during the state of the union.
7:40 am
she was drinking wine at dinner. >> the new president will have as much as an opportunity to change the ideology of the coure last two they turned to the court around ideologically. >> i was talking about extreme conservative? such an important election you would get the supreme court seats. the names we've heard are not anything. so extreme. >> you can always predict what a justice is going to do. 10 years after president eisenhower appointed chief justice, the worst in school mistake i ever made. george h.w. bush's well-known to have been very, very unhappy with justice david souter. sometimes records before they get on the court are not indicative of how they vote once they run the court. i can tell you something does happen when you put on a robe
7:41 am
and you have a lifetime appointment. you don't feel bound in a library to the people that cause you. maria: very good point. judge good to see you. coming up taking a page out of snapchat. the details on facebook. deepwater horizon taking second place at the box office this weekend. how much i've made over the weekend max.
7:42 am
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police in paris searching for suspects who robbed kim carr -- and -- kim kardashian in her courtroom. cheryl: investigators say at least two men were posing as cops they locked her in the bathroom while they took two boxes worth of jewelry that was
7:45 am
worth about $10 million. the ear-old was badly shaken t she was physically unharmed. she's in police custody this morning -- police protection. her husband, kanye westbound at about the robbery. listen. >> i'm sorry. family emergency. cheryl: you could hear fans feeling that they didn't know what is going on at the time. kim kardashian was in paris for fashion week with her mother and sister. sam is here at home through the trump international washington d.c. was vandalized three weeks after its grand opening. a suspect spray-painted black lives matter and no justice, no peace on the side of the building. opening last month after they turned of pennsylvania avenue in
7:46 am
the hotel. facebook introducing a new feature called messenger day. it allows users to temporarily upload photos and video and the uploads disappear after 24 hours. the idea of the same as testing a small number of users. adapted from a popular young adult novel, ms. peregrines taking the number one spot at the box office this weekend. the 20th century fox film cost about $110 million to make. it came in number one at $28.5 million. deepwater horizon starring mark walberg and $28.6 million in its debut of the weekend. the vendor cassette seven came in third and solely rounding out the top five.
7:47 am
those are your headlines. maria: the oscar-nominated and the results are huge. that is coming out.
7:48 am
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maria: welcome back. "saturday night live" to the biggest audience in eight years. fans flocking to check out the legendary sketch would show the last week's presidential debate. abbott aldrin stepped into the role of donald trump. >> i stayed calm just like i promised as it is over.
7:51 am
>> donald, there's still 88 minutes left. it is a 90 minute debate. [laughter] >> my microphone is broken. [laughter] she broke it. she and obama stole my microphone. they've broken it and now it's broken. maria: germany right now is former snl cast member and radio talkshow host joe piscopo. good to talk to you. thank you for joining us. >> maria, i love you. how are you this morning? maria: good to see you. that negates your thoughts. but a g thang? >> brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. renew each other well ough i could be honest. i look at the performance. politics aside, how funny was that? i thought it was spectacular.
7:52 am
>> i really like family feud status well later on in the show. dagen: i did watch it. good to hear your voice. do you think that these precursor of these candidates? it did hurt sarah palin. >> that's a great question. good morning to you as well. i don't think so. it is all for fun. alex was so great. a lot of the folks that follow and believe that donald trump are absent. you've got to believe this. kate mccann and nailed hillary. she her portrayal of hillary during the skit was nothing shy of brilliant. maria: we have a sound bite of that. what surprised her emmy winning role. she's been put in the democratic nominee injection of miss universe into the debate. watch. >> this has been an illuminating debate but now it time --
7:53 am
>> i'm sorry. what was that? >> thank you for bringing that up, lester. it is a strong, beautiful, political prop that i almost forgot to mention tonight even though we already made a web video about her. >> maria camino is great? the nuances where she shook her shoulders and her ahead that cannot last. a symbol of that from snl, i watched those things. you've got to give credit. i am not a hypocrite hater and i will vote for donald trump. we've got to loosen up a little bit. maria: per share. dickens question is right. when sarah palin was portrayed, it did hurt her. does the talk on trump heard him do you think? >> no, i don't think it does. if the impression was that good and it wasn't so funny and you
7:54 am
have that sense of humor, maria, i did ronald reagan on the show. and we took shots at making and it never helped and it never hurts a great ronald reagan. you've got to have fun with it and listen to. the movement of donald trump is so powerful i don't take anything stops in. maria: you are a longtime gun and voting for trump. >> i'm an independent now and i believe in the movement. to me it is the machine against the peoples in the end and i am with the people every step of the way. maria: that you got a tough week. you think that will impact of all? >> i think it's a great question. "the new york times," if this guy got away with not paying taxes, god bless him. he was a genius. maria: is incredible. here's another reaction for you. how great was larry david?
7:55 am
hiportrayal of bernie sanders offering lukewarm praise. watch. >> senator clinton is the prune juice of this election. she might not seem that appetizing, but if we don't take her now, you're going to be clogged with for a very long time. maria: when did you think about that? is that something bernie might say? >> yes, it does. i came up with larry david at the comedy club. what a brilliant guy. i say to everybody, please have fun with this. don't take it personal. if i can make fun of ronald reagan and donald trump, it is all for fun and all for laughs. may the best person win. let's have some fun along the way. maria: they made fun of me. i loved it. okay maria tony romo. i loved that.
7:56 am
>> larry david's performance all season and last season was so good. maria: so joe, you are able to play a lot of real-life chairs. i want to take a look back at your jimmy carter impersonation. watch this. >> sellout, let's hear your problem. my country doesn't understand me. i lost my job. unless a beautiful wife, my airplane and worst of all they chopped down my daughter's treehouse. maria: you were so good. >> with so much fun and it was always for fun. doing ronald reagan, the independent candidate in the navy. they threw that you and you've got learn it quickly. that's why i admire alec baldwin. to make up is impeccable. he's got to give credit where it's due.
7:57 am
maria: i love it. joe, i will see you in a week. >> it's an honor being with you. maria: right back at you, joe. joe piscopo joining us. kim kardashian -- kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint. her husband live in his own concert when it got the news. details on this dramatic heist coming up. back in a moment.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
the east coast. more chaos in the presidential race to report over a month to go donald trump and supporters are responding to fall out over his tax return. >> that is guy who when wisconsin went out of business in the early 1990s he fought and clauwed back to create tens of thousands more jobs a very, very good story for donald trump. >> this is -- millions of americans are frustrated angry disgusted what they see as a corrupt political system in this country. >> hillary clinton canceled campaign with bernie sanders today attacking his supporters again details on endorsement later this hour kim radar dashian robbed at gunshot in par ethnicity weekend her husband ended his new york concert when he got nice details of the highest in paris she is unharmed one of
8:01 am
the most paf hurricanes in history navy he being from gitmo we are going to take you to chicago a closer look at who is heading to the south side, say so long to drive through starbucks markets trading in flat line expectancy a weaker opening are not broader averages, as you can see, markets reversed course gains earlier a quiet week this week the beginning of rosh hashanah. >> youish new year we wish viewers observers a peaceful new year in europe ft 100 in london gaining propound british prime minister teresa may says country plans hard exit from eu markets in germany ecologicallied as well holidays in asia china shanghai composite closed korea markets closed as well both hoidz there elsewhere nikkei hang seng both higher,
8:02 am
this morning, in asia. >> we look at stories this morning a big victory for team usa at ride ryder cup those stories this morning joining me dagen mcdowell, anthony scaramucci, harlan hill how funny was joe. >> big fun. >> he does put -- michael does as well -- >> maria. >> tony romo -- >> i think -- >> where is tony romo. >> a whole big ring to it i lover it. >> a big show this hour joining the conversation former texas a congressman presidential account ron paul with us host of "varney & company" stuart varney weigh in those we kick off 8:00 a.m. hour with donald trump on the defensive again this morning, following a report in the "new york times," suggesting that he may have legally avoided taking paying taxes is
8:03 am
claiming 916 million dollars in losses in 1995 normal new york city mayor rudy giuliani governor chris christie praised trump for tax nohow. >> the reality is this is part of our tax code the man is a genius he knows how to -- the tax code for benefit of people he serving. >> what an absolute mess the federal tax code is that is why donald trump is person best positioned to fix it. there is no one who whos shown more genius in their weigh to maneuver around tax code rightfully used the laws. >> joining us right now trump economic policy advisory peter inacti . >> thanks for joining anonymous revelation you are able to offset losses on future income with losses what is your take on this. >> you know move on i was in -- ohio yesterday for debate with clinton surrogate, and
8:04 am
nobody in that sense wanting to hear about donald trump taxes they want to hear about jobs, springfield is very interesting. , navastar a truck maker, had been devastated throughout that area, trade china just taking jobs southeast ohio, the coal mining issue, where hillary clinton basically declared war, we're doing a tremendous disservice to the american public when we get distracted by this circus. cht and what people are hungry for in this last few weeks of this election, talking about jobs talking about national security talking about immigration talking about health care, and i get it okay, headlines, but what matters to the american people in this moment is getting back to work, and getting a decent wage, and so i am going to come on shows like this, gre
8:05 am
show, this is this is the show. maria: thank you. >> and i am going to tell you, and american people, that donald trump has the best plan for growth. cut taxes cut regulation, eliminate the trade deficit, that is it. >> that is really, really -- the message. >> great -- >> rolling back sfleegz sregula in a she said the opposite everybody watching this show exactly right the other thing about that, two hourss onstage is painful okay? because, this was the debate about economy every time, he was asked a question, he would pivot to some personal attack on mr. trump it was like wait a minute, you are the guy who was in the white house, during the 8-year period where we went from a 10 trillion-dollar debt to a 20 trillion-dollar debt you are the economist. and all he could do is make jokes about jack and bean
8:06 am
stock may be that is the problem a good front man with that is a failure that is a signal failure of american economic policy. >> dagen and i at democratic national convention day one debbie wasserman schultz pushed out because her e-mail reveal they were all in tank for hillary we only spoke about that a few hours immediately dems changed the conversation to russia that is. >> a strategy just like that week this past week don't fall for it trump makes a joke about russia hacking -- hacking -- e-mails. >> i don't accept the idea he falls for it there is kind of. >> waiting in the mil of the night monday morning about miss universe. >> i think that -- at the end of the day my job is the policy advisory, economics, china whatever i am going to
8:07 am
be here talk jobs trade tax policy immigration, really interesting kind of issues here between two it is really kind of extraordinary. the lack of understanding within the obama and clinton camp just what is wrong, there has been a misdiagnosis, the diagnosis in the clinton camp is that this is a short run cycle problem you can address with keynesian stimulus the robin hood thing is a structural problem is very simply we have companies going to takeing dollars to mexico rather than putting them in michigan or ohio. so our domestic investment goes down gdp goes down because not in michigan or ohio we don't have supply chain grow around it we need to deal with that the reason that is not happening is because we have a bad vat tax system wto we have a high corporate tax rate what we try
8:08 am
to do is realign corporate incentives so more profitable to stay in this country number one the trade deficit itself, 800 billion dollars, trade request annually a subtracts about what trump wants to do is free trader but fair trader level the playing field so you are not trading with somebody with a finger on the scale they see aproblems we need to address. >> well renowned about your policies and your vice president vi-- viewpoint on china you are in oval office with mr. trump what steps to make sure our bilateral relationship is good. >> this is ronald reagan 21st century floef peace through strengthen weakness in aggression what chinese are doing, is what they can get away with, and the white house lets them get away with it
8:09 am
perceived weakness in obama administration perceived -- a bush distraction my view the putins of this world are going to respect donald trump when he gets into the oval office when donald trump says look we want to trade with you, but you are not going to cheat anymore if you do we're going to put tar i wiffs on we are gog to change behavior because he is serious about that, and all will be good okay that is that is the mindset. >> in your mind they won't risk a tariff on mr. trump. >> if you think about what is going on in china right now with there their economy coming on down can you communist disparate increasingly unstable last thing china wants is trouble you with america what we seed is a strong leader in the white house, it is absurd, that they steal 200 billion
8:10 am
dollars both are of intellectual property from american businesses, every year. we cannot compete if we spend all that money and innovation, and then they just take it and they have a cheape production process -- >> it is it is the scandal really of this economy, it is like and i don't know if the obama administration just doesn't get it or whether they are so far in the tank to the multinational corporations that profit from taking jobs, but mr. trump is going to change that, it is going to be a good thing. >> you articulate a winning message we're not seeing it resonate yet we thel are treading water passionate group of are supporters i think great as a democratically i am a democrat i thought he could speak to one african-americans there is historically high unemployment, you know, considering that we have the first african-american president he has done remarkable little to benefit that community. >> let me take them one at a time. >>.
8:11 am
>> i don't believe that. donald trump has been very active outreach to minorities. >> i'm sorry. >> okay. >> well --, first black president in the white house, and over 8 years, black americans have seen -- fate go down kind of extraordinary mr. trump can get that vote offering jobs not a welfare check what is next one. >> my concern not breaking through. >> no, we are reaching out we are -- reaching out. >> the o er two -- blue collar union workers i think in midwest -- >> ohio you go to ohio, like i was yesterday talk doing those folks, they are -- the -- >> people in ohio more excited about mr. trump than law enforcement is blue collar dems. >> funny about that, you know where she is going hilarious going to to many he haddo as far away from southeast ohio where coal minus are as
8:12 am
possible, and sending bill and the only reason why she is going to toledo the toledo have been hammering her weeks on end pretty much given up ohio, ohio is going to run over -- you know why, look. ohio is -- is part of the ground zero of the trade war against american people so ohio michigan pennsylvania, indiana wisconsin every state he needs run table win this election she just does poorly look at michigan, it was a reason that bernie sanders -- they called it upset when he beat hillary clinton it wasn't an upset it was forgone conclusion because hillary clinton nafta china into wto south korean deal every one of those took auto jobs from those places, and they are -- the last one out. >> millennials, over 8 -- >> not wrecked through, uber generation more big slow
8:13 am
oppressive government antithesis what you need he is not doing it. >> this is toughest one, but there is a mismatch between the skill sets of our new college graduates, and the opportunities out there, and the message of the trump campaign is look, we are going to provide you with not just jobs, but good jobs. you graduate, with a physics degree engineering degree you might be able to get a job in something that is not commensurate with those skills we want to make sure your skills match the opportunities, so i do -- young people it is a choice. you want a job? or do you want what you've been getting? >> yeah peter you made a lot of sense you make really important points, thank you so much. >> fun to be here. >> the fox business network will take you live to the vice presidential debate tomorrow night coverage 7:00 pm eastern join us, faithfullying off seco--
8:14 am
facing off sunday october 9 second presidential debate full coverage all highlights analyze monday morning right here we will be right back. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them.
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. . . maria: welcome back a monster hurricane to report headed toward cuba haiti right now cheryl with the headlines. cheryl: could be something else, hundreds of people already have been evacuated from u.s. naval station gun
8:17 am
taken missouri bay category 4 storm sustained winds 145 miles per hour matthew expected to pass close to haiti late today may be tomorrow morning could trigger floods in parts of that country, on track it appears to pass east of florida forecasters watching saying too soon to predict whether or not it will hit u.s. coastline. >> police in paris searching for suspects, who robbed kim kardashian west at gsht locking her in bathroom took jooirl at the threatened can see edged made him open the door at least two badgered into the room robbed her escaped with over 10 million dollars jewelry including a ring worth 4.5-million-dollar, 35-year-old was shaken but unharmed, her husband was
8:18 am
onstage at a concert in new york when he found out about the robbery, listen. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> i'm sorry --. >> what? >> fans were upset at the time not knowing yes left kim kardashian in paris for fashion week event with her mother and sister. well in business headlines starbucks testing a new curb side pickup service order your starbucks cappuccino latte using app drive to store bar right ofa brings it to your car tested at one location washington state have been offering pickup for two years through app but one analyst from -- said this could be a game changing for the company positive on it back to you. maria: finding the out one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country how whole foods is liking to make a difference in chicago.
8:19 am
>> deutsche bank reportedly near a 5.4-billion-dollar settlement with department justice what it means for the future of the embattled german company coming up. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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kanye. . . maria: woech back republican presidential donald trump refers to chicago as a quote a war zone, still wholly foods seeing opportunity in the windy city as wrote a made money off chicago structural schools that is according to the "the wall street journal", this morning. jeff flock is fwheerl foods market in chicago inglewood neighborhood good morning to you. reporter: maria good morning to you i come to you from -- well, this -- year, it is the second most violent neighborhood in chicago. this is he think englewood
8:23 am
trouble here, this year murders up 44%, and this is one of the hotbeds of that, 525 murders so far this year in chicago up 44%, although in september, we got september numbers out, and september shootings in the murders are down, but don dolphining made this a boo -- donald trump mades an issue what he said as he pound this on the campaign trail. >> in chicago, they've had thousands of shootings, thousands since january 1st more than 3,000 people have been shot in chicago. since january. more than 3,000 people have been shot in chicago. have been shot in chicago, since january! this is a war torn country?
8:24 am
what are we doing? >>. reporter: what they are doing -- is some see war zone, maria others see opportunity, this is the whole foods opened in the last week, and maybe you see it is not a dumbed-down whole foods this is pretty good has jack lanterns outside squash outside you see perhaps chicago police officer outside, they do patrol around this is englewo od square a new development i don't know if you see here as well the ride over there is a starbucks that just opened in addition to the whole foods as well. so you know, as you know, you cover a war there are some places where skirmishes other places life goes on, and some sprouts of hope in the engelwood community as well as trouble as well.
8:25 am
>> i mean, you know we saw another murder this weekend, in chicago. how does it feel to you on the ground? . reporter: -- >> --. reporter: i have lived here 30 plus years there were more murders in chicago in the late '80s and 90s than there are now, sometimes i do think we overplay it a bit, clearly this year it is up. the numbers are up, but i tell you, it does not feel unsafe to me at all here. you know it depends where you go if you go in wrong place part of town the wrong time of day, show up somewhere, you may get into trouble, but you know life goes on for the most part here, under the watch full eye of the police often but life goes on. maria: jeff thank you jeff flock the latest in chicago this morning, coming up reportedly reeling in one of its closest competitions how much the company is expected to pay next. >> senator social security
8:26 am
stu -- bernie sanders stung by and comments from hillary clinton.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
the all important vice presidential debate. >> have he has got -- be myself look forward to seeing you down there on tuesday -- have you guys spent time down there yet. >> you know i am calm. maria: are the very latest on campaign trail coming up including a royal endorsement for hillary clinton from nonor than king james. >> merger monday to acquire nebraska biographied outdoor trailer combining a legendary brand, futures in flat line, as you can see, cabelas to open up big rest of the market weaker a good reversal of fortune, in europe ft 100 gaining browned up better than 1% teresa may said country plans hard excite from the eu, markets in germany closed for
8:30 am
holiday in asia mixed performances markets in shanghai composite korea also closed for a holiday we wish all a happy rosh hashanah a peaceful new year, the ryder cup to tell you about highlights of team usa would itted victory coming up we begin with hillary clinton and donald trump focused on swooning states comes ahead of the is if only vice presidential debate tomorrow tonight blake burman in washington with very latest. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning to you as well before attention turns at least for one day, scarly on vice presidential candidates yes in swing states today trump focusing on colorado will hold a couple events there will be in virginia a little bit later this morning, clinton will be focusing on ohio, where she just received the endorsement over the weekend from that state's most popular figure no doubt lebron james, over the weekend, another clinton supporter was forced to come to her defense, this time it was bernie
8:31 am
sanders. and he backed his one time rival when asked about the newly leaked audio tapes clinton said sanders sports lived in parent's basements could in the find jobs. >> what she was saying there is absolutely correct that is you got millions of young people many took out loans in order to go to college hoping to go out get decent paying good jobs you know what they are unable to do that yes, they want a political revolution. >> fresh questions from "new york times," on how hillary clinton treated women who claims to have affairs with her husband, nearly 3,000 word on front page article paint picture of hillary clinton fully embracing quoting from article the clinton campaign's aggressive strategy of counter attack. >> thanks so much blake burman the latest there less than --
8:32 am
bernie sanders warning of dangers of a third party vote. >> i think if you are voting for somebody else in is not supporting clinton because she doesn't life live upo all your specifications or all your ideas i think in a sense is a vote for trump look at gary johnson's record on the environmental on the economy, it is very conservative approach something thank most my supporters do not support. >> bring in former texas congressman presidential candidate himself ron paul good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you nice to be with you. >> your reaction to senator sanders' comments there on third-party candidates. >> yeah well i think he is right, you know, if they don't vote for clinton, and vote for trump going to help trump, but you know i think she was right he agreed with her about you know, the young people the young people certainly suffering, but i think he has it all wrong, that it has to
8:33 am
be that they need more subsidies as a convention of economy policies consequence of the breakdown of the system consequence of federal reserve policy does have a lot of influence in the campaign. and i think -- if you vote against hillary, you know certainly going to help trump. maria: vote -- we've got gary johnson dr. stein gary johnson failed to meet minute tlsh 15% support to be included in debate does this show country is not ready to embrace a third party candidate they can't make it to the debate. >> no, but they need to think about having a second party, because you know libertarian, independent thinking not a lot of difference in spite of rhetoric government keeps getting breyer send more money debt worse we keep fighting wars civil liberties abused we need a party i like it when
8:34 am
they talk about what jill stein would say a different foreign policy than talk about what -- on a on occasion johnson says, about freer markets less regulation combination should come together, and be an alternative but no democracy in this country because if you do come even close to concluding the parties are similar, we can't get on the ballots we can't get into the debates -- the third party so-called third party never going to get 15% republicans democrats run the debates, so they are not going to allow the competition, and now here we have the bush people of preferring clinton they are neo-cons, whoever thought hillary would get neo-con vote i thought that she could run as republican they are proving the whole point that -- these parties don't mean a heck of a lot. >> harlan hill. >> so what do you think of the
8:35 am
level of discourse, you know you have hillary clinton calling donald trump supporters go deplorables un-american, you have her calling bernie sanders supporters basement dwellers, nasty for some reason doesn't seem is to stick to her the way would it to donald trump. >> no. it is worse there is also a done this but worse than ever, i think that this is the tool that they used to avoid talking about the real issues, you know, about benghazi libya, syria all the interventions we have let what federal reserve should be doing what are they going to cut argue over who can raise military spending the most, because anything to avoid becomes personable i find rather disgusting i think that but done deliberately so they do they are not really thinking about what kind of policies would actually change the country to the better.
8:36 am
>> congressman kind of the what has been kind of oiblneof this campaign it has been behind scenes american people did not see it until now? >> i think sometimes it wasn't so bad it has always been there i don't think it was so bad i went to congress in 70s i don't think it was that bad at all i think a reflection of economics people are poorer today middle class getting wiped out even sanders said, people you know borrow money to go to school, why do they -- the government teaches them to do that economics system says borrowing is good spending is good, nothing wrong with debt, but then a limit to it you can get by borrowing and borrowing, country gets along an issue reserve currency it rountz of steam running out of steam, and they can't patch it over more borrowing spending debt
8:37 am
is big problem we spent beyond our means we have to realize we are going to live beneath our means no matter how much the government says they are going to spend to take care of millennials, take care of big business, take care of all the poor people, in the world and take care of the world take care of every migrant -- >> anthony. >> just not enough wealth. >> right congressman who are you telling your supporters to support in this election? >> whom ever they want it probably won't matter much, i don't tell them, and but if they want to vote liberate registrarian i said because i am disappointed with performance of the libertarian leaders, but -- stick to the prel that libertarian believes in nonaggression prel market works freedom works if you accept one law that law you can't do harm to other people the government should not be able to do harm to other people but if you stick to that voting you know, libertarian, sort of recognize
8:38 am
what you are doing, i think, if you have is a sincere progressive change in foreign policy jill stein vote for realize -- >> tomorrow night vice presidential debate what do you think we should expect? >> from my viewpoint might talk issues better media probably candidates will be talk very boring they can't contrast people to call people names and yell and scream at each other, and that is all entertainment we're in entertainment world not into a political discussion, it is not as serious political knick philosophic discussion all political activity is a consequence of serious talk about what policies we have. what we have today is a consequence of 100 years of a
8:39 am
philosophy of government says role not purpose of protecting liberty but tell us how we should run lives how we should speak tells us what we should do with foreign countries how to run their lives, and it is how -- how they can run the economy, how can the fed is failing in its running the economy? that is what we've been hearing 100 years ago seeing the end stages of this not being recognized that we are in a serious crisis because the current system will end just as soviet system came crashing down i think our economic system of crash down we will have to make series decisions not made in this election. >> shame on us if not discussing the issues that are important to the american people that is for sure congressman thanks very much, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> ron paul joining us deutsche bank could be coming closer to multibillion dollar settlement with department of justice what is the price it will pay what is next for
8:40 am
german bank the impact on the financial system american golfers staging first upset over european 8 years at ryder cup why stuart varney taking issue with reactions to the american victory, back in minute. ♪ we are family ♪ ♪ is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner
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maria: welcome back, 45 minutes from opening bell for monday take a look at marks we are expecting a lower opening from the broader averages this morning, volume on the light side, due to rosh jewish new year names to watch a merge monday happening in business, two outdoor retail giants combining pro shops acquiring cabales, 65 dollars 50 cents a share the shares soaring more than 16% ahead of the op, as you can see one to watch, no deal between deutsche bank and
8:44 am
department of justice "the wall street journal" reporting settlement talks i don't think so ceo will theyed washington this week to meet with regulators the stock lot of incredible value this year as it continues under pressure 41st ryder cup no disappointment for united states took back the cup for the first time, since 2008. players secured win. raising the -- joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney, comments about this as as well stu i can only imagine what you were sailing watching at home. >> you are -- i was delighted, to see america win the ryder cup first time since 2008 delighted going a golf collaborate at home watching it go on, i didn't what i didn't like -- >> is to have laughing dagen is to have laughing right now -- if i want to hear and watch
8:45 am
chanting crowds, if i want to hear people players being heckled, if i want to see this excessive punked up mass mass clinicity i will watch soccer football i don't want that in golf i made miles unparticular with the crew there. >> no. >> i only have. >> we get it. >> [laughter] >> i knew going to come down on you stu. >> i knew this, but i am watching this is my sunday afternoon entertainment do it every weekend i love watching golf, you know i have golf on four, five hours i can tune in when you want to tune in, tune out but sunday afternoon i've got all these -- >> you know, sorry i don't want that. >> stuart to your point if you can hear it like that, on television, you know it is
8:46 am
raucous crowd, in person because going lot louder. >> golf is individual support not team support not a sport why nationalism should come in, on sunday afternoon it did i heard somebody in my ear say yes he is right who said that? somebody did. >> we don't know. >> producer. >> that is what it is. >> see you top of the hour. >> whoa. >> okay. >> usa whoa. >> talk about -- "varney & company" top of the hour hillary clinton scores endorsement this time from basketball great lebron james why he says he's with her next. ♪ ♪ guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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. maria: welcome back nfl sunday number four in the books play of baseball to begin fox news sports reporter jared max. >> happy monday only 3 unbeaten teams left first things first "deflate-gate" over tom brady returned from suspension this week patriots like ravens suffered first loss cam newton suffered a concussion as cardinals palmer "sunday night football" business ben roethlisberger nearly perfect 300 yards 5 touchdowns 22-0 steelers led chiefs, weak on receiving end 30 yard td streerlz win 43-14 business and 1 monday night
8:51 am
vikings host two and one giants to latest of social activism redskins jackson commissioned artist message not antipolice not like i don't like police he saidat he made one catch for 5 yards redskins win over browns said this is about senseless killings of citizens and police. what a run. has been for legendary broadcaster vin scully 88-year-old signed off air one last time yesterday voice of l.a. dodgers. >> when the upcoming winter gives way to spring, rest assured once again, it will be time for er dodger baseball! so this is vin scully wishing you a very pleasant afternoo wherever you may be. >> thank you for memories. vin scully. 67 years behind microphone, dodgers will not go they will compete in the playoffs but
8:52 am
scully not broadcast the games child card tomorrow orioles visit blue jays no word on pit cherries wednesday in new york mets giants, madison baumgartner. >> look at those legs go let's go. >> they don't have pitching dagen. >> come up and tell -- >> -- tim tebow. >> tim tebow ppecs lebron's pecs -- >> heard stuart varney lamenting over team europe losing competition did he have this moment at ryder cup americans celebrated configuration victory in 8 years most planting on significant others look at rickie fowler nobody to kiss. teammate greenwood could have looked for bill murray has come a long way since
8:53 am
"caddyshack" check out leaving the gallery yesterday. >> ♪ america. >> america. >> that is him in the hat, in case it matters, who say pro the athletes want to become president united states lebron james submitted endorsement for hillary clinton, of course, lebron plaib the most popular man popular person of anybody in the state of ohio. so maybe this has an effect, on the election in battle grounded state. >> an effect on you if in a battleground state like ohio. >> to hear athletic tell me his take. >> yeah. >> not a chance in you know where. >> no way, this place obliterated by trade ordeals donald trump wants to repeal renegotiate. >> it is the king it is the king.
8:54 am
>> -- in the -- thigh. >> -- lebron is well pictures of lebron earlier. >> was family show 7:00 a.m. out 8:53 it is no longer a family show. then we are seeing golfers kissing rickey fowler in to cold. >> by the way, i think -- nfl team 4 and 0 broncos. >> the vikings 3 and 30. >> worst word, there are a few 0 and 4 teams in the legislate big disappointments cardinals, l.a. rams. >> mets celebrating somewhere today. >> pitches not tired all other imagine league pit cherries. >> cubs have most wins cubs red sox wrigley field fenway park knew forget what they
8:55 am
give to snoonz i don't want to hear about billy goat. >> thank you that was a lot of fun final thoughts after the break stay with us. ♪ ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at this man creates software, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones,
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. maria: welcome back final thoughts from all-star panel harlan hill. >> happy new year to observant friends. >> exactly if you are 57, 76, hebrew calendar. >> we wish you all peaceful happy rosh hashanah. >> i say happy new year but the new year in 2017 is going to be a donald trump presidency,with wikileaks kwlu turn putting momentum back into djt's hands. >> djt needs to ride momentum stay on message fix what seems to be broken can he do that. >> he can do it. >> i agree with that i think it will happen, and the good news is is that there is a lot of time left to go here. >> i got the you are wrong 57-77. >> yes.
8:59 am
>> i think make a good point because -- things have completely changed donald trump was in lead, beginning of august, doing real well distractions come his way get him talking about anything other than economic plan, hurting him. >> someone on twitter said i am always hip to me always so negative i am no but when you are k excessively positive don't acknowledge is one's mistakes and flaws you are living in fantasyland, and means that you are not keeping your eyes on the prize. >> tame to recalibrate. >> sure. >> you have to understand she is not -- i mean i am not trying to pick on her i always want personal a flawed ndidate he should get on message. >> the fact this race is as close as it is tells you that is indicating how many people really do not want to vote for her. >> right. >> my concern people opinions baked it is turnout that is what it is coming down to --
9:00 am
>> two more debates. >> join us tomorrow first vice presidential debate live a week from sunday the second presidential debate see you "mornings with maria" great show we will be book bright and early tomorrow morning that will do it for us "varney & company" begins now. stuart: thank you very much indeed, take you to february 2016 hillary clinton said free college free health care unrealistic not saying that now, april 1995 donald trump reports a big loss may be didn't pay tax for years and years now being called a genius. >> good morning, start with hillary in a leaked tape recording acknowledges radical social programs as in sand navyia will not fly scandinavia she is calling for the same radical programs number two comments upset radical candidate bernie sanders, a


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