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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 3, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> two more debates. >> join us tomorrow first vice presidential debate live a week from sunday the second presidential debate see you "mornings with maria" great show we will be book bright and early tomorrow morning that will do it for us "varney & company" begins now. stuart: thank you very much indeed, take you to february 2016 hillary clinton said free college free health care unrealistic not saying that now, april 1995 donald trump reports a big loss may be didn't pay tax for years and years now being called a genius. >> good morning, start with hillary in a leaked tape recording acknowledges radical social programs as in sand navyia will not fly scandinavia she is calling for the same radical programs number two comments upset radical candidate bernie sanders, a joint appearance
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has been canceled. >> how does she get the millennial vote after all of this? then, trump and taxes. the "new york times" speculates that his huge loss in 90s canceled out his tax liability but may be next 18 years nothing illegal there, millions of people carry forward losses, but it brings up the issue of wealthy people paying their fair share that is a political problem, it may also be an opportunity for trump to pivot to tax plan, he may address that to speak in virginia an hour from now, we will take you there! o monday morning candidates fighting negative publication the difference media hillary can do a no wrong trump does nothing right hold on one more thing lest we forget the woman famous for being famous in headlines kim ckardashian tied
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up and robbed in par i guess we really do cover it all veterinarian veterinari "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ maria: well well well could this be the stock day of the tesla opening higher car deliveries could be stock of the day, how about amazon closing 837 on friday this is where the look at that that was close friday, this is where the money is going, we don't usually show you charts but i think we are going to show you one of amazon straight up a gain of 8% in september. yeah, we delayed chart everybody knows i hate them but an extraordinary chart, that just goes straight straight up does it not. >> let's see what happens on amazon this week, going to be a downside move for stocks opening bell this monday morning, big rally friday, going to be down about 350 in
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what 27 minutes' time back to trump tax records. it is i believe a federal offense to release someone else's tax return without their permission. judge napolitano here knows what is legal what is not with us this morning. >> stuart good morning. >> the person who leaked 3 pages of the connecticut new jersey new york returns put them in the mail delivered to "new york times" that personing acted illegally. >> call that person the thief yes the publisher receives it matter of material interest to public wealth and taxes clearly a matter of material interest this is same rule for pentagon papers for edward snowden revelations whether or
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not snowden committed a crime irrelevant, whether this person who sent him to "new york times," by the way, the return address was trump tower probably tongue-in-cheek. >> i would think. >> it is -- that person probably committed a crime we don't know how they got them that person probably committed a trimestcrime. the times did not. >> did times have journalistic obligation to say is this yours do you want to spline this before we opine on it? yes but that is an obligation that stems from the ethics of journalism. >> in the federal law. >> reterritoried confirmed that was front page for three tax returns. >> they did their duty i guess they probably did. >> probably did, probably don't have to go to donald trump himself so long as they can identify the preparer i gather they did.
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>> donald trump did nothing wrong because if you had a huge loss or any loss like that you can carry it forward to offset your income. >> in they arey yes one has to see all tax returns to learn if they did anything wrong would statutes permit carry forward losses. >> absolutely if you have a loss of a billion dollars in 1995, condition you spread that out to the three years preceding 1995 and 15 years following it the answer is absolutely yes. >>, by the way,, more generous now could spread it over 20 years. >> yes. >> does it permit the tims to draw conclusion he paid no taxes in my view no, because the times doesn't know what his personal income was he said at debate did you catch this i thought of you when i heard this number, that last year he errand 694 million dollars, i thought of you when i heard him say a that if he
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earned 694 million we are beyond period in which would extended carry forward loss for times to say paid no taxes past 10 years is probably based on ignorance. >> said may be didn't say did not pay. >> at the covered themselves with that. >> this is not a ll issue this is a political issue, 75-year-old blue-collar worker in penz how does he react headquarters a billionaire pays no taxes. >> toyota sales up 1 1/2 percent. >> they were, up 1 1/2% year over year lexus up 2% this is part of the toyota production, a record for september. so -- >> going down that is not a very strong performance. >> not great but -- the car industry as a whole come off peak a little bit. >> got it i want to get back to trump and taxes, lee carter with us runs focus groups i know that you have not done any focus groups yet on trump
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and taxes it only broke yesterday morning. >>. >> being i ask you to speculate how do you think it will affect voters. >> not sure all that much a lot going to gen on how donald trump, he has during debate said makes me smart one of the things donald trump does well when he is being attacked is that he leans into that criticism if he leans into this criticism i have seen statements suggesting -- i -- >> rudy giuliani said he is a genius. >> he knows tax codes, the thing is -- >>. stuart: a strong statement. >> a strong statement but the bottom line is that he is saying i know the tax codes, i have used them to advantage let me talk to you about my tax plan more effective for more people he could do that i think people made up minds about what they think about is contained i don't any thinking squirrely i don't think going to change minds that much if
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he handles this correctly if he starts going on attack, being real whiney about it then going to start to hurt hum if he goes into it right way will get out just fine. >>. stuart: i am pivoting back to hillary february of this year called major parks bernie sanders platform unrealistic. >> roll that tape. >> a deep desire to believe that we can have free college free health care, that what we have done hasn't -- gone far enough we just need to go as far as scanned natidinavia, if e feeling that you are confined to being a barista some other job doesn't pay a lot doesn't have much ladder of opportunity were attached to it the idea may be you could be part of a politicrevolution
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appealing. >> kind of talking down she is still having -- saying unracistic still pushing for free college. >> again speculate for me is this going to hurt with millennials. >> i am not sure that things these things matt all that much to folks i think in context we're seeing hillary clinton showing she doesn't like a lot of people don't you like trump supporters now doesn't really like bernie supporters that is not really -- she doesn't come across as someone who is like, you know, i really love people that is why i am doing this, so does this does this change things? i don't know, new information -- >>. stuart: sound like you are saying a wash, the tax thing hillary absorb programs thing kind of a wash in terms of how public and voters react to it. >> i think so right now in this point in folks that i have been talking to a lot of voters are saying this is just uh, enough already i don't
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like either of them that is part of what is happening. stuart: a when whole new week last week coming off i think very bad week for donald trump women and weight on weekend taxes has an opportunity to reset the stage and come back from what was i think, a bad week. i am going to see if your dials show that. >> absolutely i think going to see interesting to see v.p. decay i am not sure how many people are paying that much sneengs 40% do not know not familiar with vice presidential candidates 40%. >> pretty much -- >> talking about bosses, trump and hillary, i think are you staying with us you are -- >> where are we where are futures where are we opening this morning we were down 50, still down about 50. let me update you on hurricane matthew picked up speed in the caribbean now a cat four
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storm, warnings if effect jamaica cuba haiti parts of bahamas winds up to 130 miles per hour up to 40, 4-040 inches of rain expected in some parts that storm could move up the eastern see board this coming week, bike weekend for ryder cup moore clinched a win for team usa, 18 first time usa beat europe 8 years won by biggest margin 35 years how about that, like nationalism another story -- we will be talking politics for baseball star cat choer johnny bench on election going to talk about former teammate pete rose should he be in hall of fame? more on a donald trump taxes.
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stuart: do you know about great outdoors a big deal outdoor trailer basspro shop buying cabela's 5 1/2 billion dollars cabela's goes up on that to 63, netflix moving away from b-movies pick toing out stock of movies getting rid of a lot focusing on original content no impact on stock but might have big impact on you, new reports that isis figure has been poisoned, details. >> we don't know how but alleged assassin managed to somehow get to his food free top isis commander are reportedly seriously ill i should point out he was reportedly killed earlier this year by u.s.-led air strikes hard to get accurate reports more than one source saying very ill looks like perhaps
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attempt by assassin to kill leadership of isis. >> very james bonded. >> looks like an assassin i would say no. >> it is assassin. >> bad piece of meat whatever. >> who knows. >> "new york times" reports donald trump could have avoid paying taxes 18 years a huge loss in 1995 come in trump economic advisory steve moore how do you defend this he did take loss 960 million dollars. that speculation he didn't pay income tax federal income tax 18 years defend that. >> well the keyword operative word was speculation. it is "new york times" has no idea what they are talk with they have one page of a document, a tax document 20 years ago illegally obtained confidential records one page
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finds 900-million-dollar loss in what year again 19 -- >> 1995. >> yeah they don't have any other tax data they simply speculated maybe he didn't may taxes later years let me make a point, you made it earlier but so important, for people to understand. there is nothing illegal there is nothing unusual about a business having a loss and carrying it forward this is the way tax laws work every -- smart businessman knows when you have profits later you offset them against the tax losses. >> i have done it myself. >> real estate on a house 1980s carry forward a loss until i covered that loss not everybody but a lot of people do it, it is legitimate. could i make one other point about this, what this is idea
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around from hillary clinton left people neverrun businesses won't know how to run lemonade stand intut somehow worst thing in the world if you run a loss. look. people run losses, that is sometimes you have good years in business sometimes bad years, sometimes you have really -- you know, creative ideas work out create great products sometimes ideas that don't work out the only people don't know that are people never run a business before that is why it is frustrating. >> hillary clinton gives a speech on the economy, in ohio, later on today, i say, that that is going to be all about as as opposed to growth you is a i. i don think she wants to talk about economy frankly i think how can she she has no economic program, you know centerpiece what she is talking about basically raise chaksz 1.4% growth in the economy how do you get more growth raising taxes i think she is going to focus on this
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these you know bs issues focus on tax return issues going to focus on misuniverse birther left doesn't want to talk about economy it has been flat for middle class 20 years. >> you are going to get a lot of airtime next five weeks that is a promise, thanks very much for joining us, breaking news ford motor company sales out. >> -- down 8% year over year month september follows august when it was down 8% 2015 a good year for the car makers despite discounts sale week truck series f3 down 3%, so trucks doing pretty well at ford. >> unattractive chart for the chart. >> now this here is coming up on the show george bush's daughter barbara appeared at fund-raise for hillary clinton pictured with former aide abedin. >> what this is about. >> kanye west, learns his wife
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morning, paris time. police say five suspects dressed as police officers got into the building, tied up concierge getting him to open the door to kardashians apartment, got in, held gunpoint kim kardashian locked inside a bathroom while they went through the place got away with 10 million dollars worth of jewelry, including one ring that was reportedly worth 4 1/2 million. obviously she is okay, but very shaken, already left france. >> got it. >> thank you very much indeed. >> no settlement yet foster deutsche bank a settlement is expected, that is why the stock well stock is pretty much unchanged from the close on friday. no it going to be a factor in today's market tesla that is going the other way a stock to watch today, strong sales orders for the future, the stock is going to be up today, probably 6 or 7 bucks, remember please they are still
9:48 am
not yet turned a profit for stock going up today don't show charts very often exception for amazon because that stock gained 8% in september. it was definitely the stock of the month, question is is it going to keep on going up, as we enter trading in october we shall see. it is probably going to open just around 8:3, :-- 837 this morning opening bell is next.
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>> i got myself into a little trouble early with my comment on the ryder cup. i said if i want chanting crowds heckle and excessive pumped out masculinity i'll watch a football or soccer game. don't confuse that with krittism of the american team please. where am i going wrong? >> been rowdy but there's a line when you cross the line that's inappropriate. let me tell you in the u.s. goes to europe, they get an earful as well which is okay. all inned god spirit, but it can cross the line. stuart: about his height and former girlfriend that is absolutely out of bounds. golf and heckling in golf? five seconds to go monday morning as we hit 9:30 if i would say? you go. trading again there you go trading is beginning up and
9:53 am
running. what's that board look like? an awful lot of red one green that's it. all of the rest are wed that implies a downside move but only 35 points lower as we speak. how about the price of oil that a problem to do request this modest selloff on the the dow. well it's at 4842 how's that for a monday morning clearly not an impact on the stock market. stock of the day maybe tesla that is deliver more cars. the stock is a winner. it's up $6 at 2.10 on a moment. no settlement yet for deutsche bank one is expected that's why it is owned virtually unchanged after rally on friday. how about amazon quoted every day because it is gone straight up. it's down about half a perce this morning but look at that level 833 dollars per share. let's bring in ashley webster elizabeth macdonald scott, keith fitzgerald.
9:54 am
a jump in car delivers i think up 70.that's significant. but they haven't made a profit. >> they haven't but getting closer these numbers impressive for third quarter double number of vehicles for delivery up 77 to 70% from the second quarter. but thens there was a whisper they were getting sales through some discounts something that elon musk says never will we give a discount and slim margin as you say not making money anyway. but trying to get 50,000 cars delivered in second half of 2016 they are perhaps getting close to that. stuart: keith fitzgerald would you buy tesla at 209? >> i would have no problem recommending tesla at 209. it's a game changing stock in it industry. i think tesla this number demonstrates in charge what he wants to accomplish and no doubt about that . but i think that bigger picture says you've got to have it. and what had is it on green
9:55 am
energy subsidies. does that worry with you an election coming up and some contain away. >> sure, but you know here's the thing a challenging subsidy is not necessarily channeling executive but challenging versus challenged. i think elon musk knows what he has to accomplish and terrifies and those are cars that are literally mo down the road. you can't argue with that at some point and now where that -- where that tipping point is i don't exactly know but i know i'm interested and he's got his eye firmly on that. stuart: four down 8% general motors down what ashley? >> 0.6% on autosales for gm. perhaps better than expected i know you hate estimates but that's they measure against not great and ford also sales were down last month. so i feel like the market peeked for autosales with all of the great deals going on some time last year and been very hard to meet those comfortables.
9:56 am
>> stocks up around 31, 32 for most of the year actually. deutsche bank investors believe there will be a justice department settlement. no formal announcement yesterday anything new? >> slents dollar fines 5.4 billion still hit deutsche bank's balance sheet very is hard. there's still talk about a bailout by angela merkel that's political poison veer political damage and hard line in italy say you have to baskly knuckle down and we won't bail you out. so you know we're see the european central bank higher and haven't seen that since 2012. they sell units or they have to raise money by give us more share offerings. not out of the woods. >> this is your turf is there a banking crisis in europe that's not gone away yet? >> i think you're probably pretty close to being on the market there stuart. what really struck me over all day friday a and this weekend was that now we've got a price
9:57 am
on how much it is going to cost to avert a calamity in europe, and that would be $9 billion because that's, obviously, the reduction for 5 billion and rest of the world said everything is okay now so price of averting a worldwide clam ity banking is $9 billion and we've got a big problem over there. keep an eye on it because it's not going away yet. >> i have breaking news from the supreme court, what have they just told the obama administration? >> they've denied obama request to reconsider a immigration case so defeat for obama administration. >> president. thed to bring in four or five million and make them immediately okay residents. steve moore what do you say about that because supreme court has rejected the obama view of his immigration policy. >> this was a big setback for barack obama real slap in his face and you know one of the big issues in this campaign has been the -- you know obama has tried to
9:58 am
pursue immigration policy with executive amnesty and supreme court saying if no, barack obama, immigration law is passed by congress not by the presidency so a big slap in the face for obama care. >> do we know the count on court? >> we get that because that is important. back to amazon we cover it consistently because it just going straight pup. not too far from the record high that it reached it last week, 8:32 right now i believe high 837, 8:38 keith would you buy amazon at 8.32 in >> little recommending stewart. it is more about retail. they have forced retail industry to come to them. they continue to redefine data and continue to resign it been if there's a concern with amazon, it is where the heck is department of justice in antitrust laws? they haven't played in because this company is so big and so powerful and it is got so much potential that i don't think you can ignore it.
9:59 am
stuart: liz? liz: holiday sales poised to grab a quarter of all internet sales wow, and some research out there saying that 55% of online shoppers go to amazon. >> so more than half -- half holiday sales. >> almost there could have come from amazon. yeah >> that's why thing just keeps on going. what a chart that is. before we move on, keith, have you ever seen a big name highly capitalized company like amazon go up so much so quickly? >> i don't think there's been a company in history that has done what amazon has done, and that is part of the reason it is so alluring. >> okay look at the big board now we're down 82 points that puts us back to 182 first thing monday morning, 6 minutes of business down 80. here's a big deal for outdoors folks. outdoor retailers bass pro shops and cabela's combine for cabela's i know this company, they have a store in pennsylvania which at one time
10:00 am
was third large pest tourist attraction in that state. that is an outdoor shop and a half. it is huge. >> it is. baron's bounce for amc the movie theater, what's going on with this one, nicole? >> this is a potential for a stock rise ands that what baron say it is that this stock has potential to rise 30% going from $31 upwards of $40, amc entertainment could be largest in the world for movie theaters they have two acquisition pend a new ceo revamping theaters trying to bring moviegoers back with reclining seats better meal and the like. and so with the plan going forward, they think this could outpaces other movie threat rs has potential to really grow. stuart: i like new movie theaters reclining seats and place for your cup. i like that. >> i fall asleep in it. [laughter] thank you for that liz. stuart: disneys -- betting big on look at this
10:01 am
drone rates. an if anti-depressant anecdote to cord race. drone racing trying to get on the map. kind of interesting people who drive drones 80 to 50 miles per hour they wear thesing goggles that puts them in first person viewing node that they're piloting these tiny drones. is it big for tv? we'll wait and see but another experimentation if you like drone racing to regular television opposed to just on digital streaming platform which is -- >> by the way, during golf coverage i was watching virtual reality olds to samsung's goggles -- >> yeah. they were advertising that during the golf yesterday. it looked great. >> that does look great. know what to get you for christmas. back to trump tax record scott, itching to get into this one. have you ever made a loss of $900 million? [laughter]
10:02 am
>> now when we do have losses we can take those capital gain losses against future capital gain profits that is something common especially in this industry. now, i think the question raises size of his lots but at the end of the day he hasn't broken rules and only following rules written by somebody else. >> it is a political problem steve moore come back, it is a political problem when people say it is the lawsuit say what on earth is going on here. that's what is going on. >> this guy is dealing in l bees of collars of transactionings one of our great businessman. every city you go to in network they say trump towers he playing on a big scale and when you ask me about this a little bit earlier one of the things i meant to say i'll say is it now hillary clinton doesn't have business losses on her cash return she's never around if business. [laughter] stuart: hold on a second there. tax returns she does not have any losses recorded. >> nearly 700,000 --
10:03 am
>> on personal tax report. did you hear that steve moore? >> 15 years -- 700,000 loss reported by hillary clinton had. >> for the consulting on speech we don't know. we don't have addendum a that attaches. >> giving $200,000 speeches i don't get that -- a good point. stuart: she's going to give a speech on the economy this afternoon. she's expected -- i'm expecting her to talk about fairness. i think she's going to bash wells fargo she's going to bash mylan -- not going to talk groapt is she? , steve? >> first of all, i'm glad we're pivoting back to the economy finally. but she's going to emphasize this issue of fairness. here's the most amazing it thing where trump has to come back. yoow, barack obama has been in lighthouse now for almost 8 years and actually income equality has gone up. every year he's been office. so i think trump has to strike back and say you're a liberalling progressive policies
10:04 am
have made actually income equality worse top 10% have done very well. other 90% not so much. >> scott you have to get into this last word to you. >> i think it's a little bit fun fair when they have donald trump on his business practices over last 40 years because as he said, with a people up on that stage 17 or 20 others nobody else has a business history. that's a problem. so he's got to continue to stick to on point and mngsz and go after her political record because he doesn't have one. >> thank you one and all scott, keith, and steve good stuff. thanks for joining us monday morning to that big board. to the low of the day, down 9 9 points as we speak spotted at a hillary clinton campaign fundraiser in paris. with top aid huma abidin. full details coming up for you . also donald trump facing criticism of that tax problem not problem but tabs loss tax loss he did nothing illegal. rudy giuliani responds say he's
10:05 am
a genius meanwhile hillary clinton in a leaked audio tape says free health care and free tuition are not realistic. but still recommending. we're on it. johnny bench arguably the best catch of all time is on this show today. i'm going to ask him who do they support in the election that will be around 10:15 this morning. johnny lynch. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them.
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not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> more from the supreme court, this time it's about college athletes getting paid or not. >> the supreme court upholding the rule thing that lower court ruling that says ncaa can stop college athletes from getting paid extra paid based on brand name or brand image. >> they said yes you're not
10:09 am
going to get that we agree with that. okay, and immigration ruling as well. >> immigration ruling yes administration wanted to be able to give those people who are parents of u.s. citizen or lawfully here ability to stay in the country work towards citizen ship. that was voted down in july. but on the 4-4 vote that kept lower court ruling in place i don't to get too complicated here, however, they announced a big blow for immigration case they were bringing. >> all right now this one for you barbara bush a daughter of george w. had a fundraising for captured with huma abidin. joining us now is ed, a former jeb bush for governor co-chair. what's going on, ed is it a bush family for clinton these days? >> no, no let's nottic ma a bigger deal than it is. there's you know we love george w. and his family but
10:10 am
endorsement and this wasn't one. don't matter in this race. youyou don't think about it trup is getting 0% of the republican vote pretty much on par where romney is. this is much to do about nothing. >> it is very hard to dismiss it ed. i mean, that's a picturing right there at hillary clinton fundraiser george w.'s daughter they're not exactly gung ho fore they? >> do we can where she is? she hasn't said a word about who she's endorsing but honestly do we care where roger clinton is voting or ron reagan ask voting? come on. let's stay focused on the issues and trump is doing well now with republicans he's up over 90% and florida is important. and frankly -- stuart you know rubio sup by 7 points and help trump in florida. >> okay now there are some reports that say hillary's ground game in florida is lagging. what are they worried about? i thought they got 500 people
10:11 am
working for them in florida. is that accurate? >> yeah, here's where the problem she has is no one is enthusiastic about her. in 2012 you know the african-american community was very enthusiasting to reelect barack obama. that same enthusiasm is not there, in fact, interestingly enough comparisons with the hillary campaign are now being compared to the failed governor's run of alec sync when she ran a couple of years ago and lost. there's little or no enthusiasm inside the minority community. >> you're offering us reassurance offering reassurance of the trump camp the florida is not lost. all right, ed -- thanks again for being with us i'm sorry we're so short. i've got to break in for this. it's car sales day finding out who has sold what. fiat chrysler just in with -- >> flat down 1% for month of september continuing story flat to down sales for automaker. stuart: ford down 8 points.
10:12 am
fiat chrysler down, toyota up 1% check the majority occupy p out we have a low. now we're down 102 points 10, 18200. european my immigrant cry sis and last week on this program we have a filmmaker assaulted by islam tick thugs in stockholm we'll play you or many of this in a moment. >> i went there, met with police officers they said when we're pursuing a suspect, and they cross threshold about 30 or 40 of them in sweden they will not pursue and simply not pursue.
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remember, medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare today about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ >> according to the urban institute tens of thousands of veterans will remain uninsured next year. liz, why? liz: 600,000 they fall through the cracks in other words that i not disabled enough to get v.a. care and they haven't -- that much money so they can't get federal subsidies and exchange so they fall through cracks a and this is a push by liberal institute saying those 19 states that aren't expanding medicaid expand medicaid to our sol jerls to get care. stuart: that obamacare ain't it great?
10:17 am
sarcasm migranting pouring into europe and unaware of the intent of the crisis over there. listen to what filmmaker said on this program talked about no go zones in sweden. roll tape. >> did you say there were guns in no go zones? >> police officers i met with say they have gun violence let's say once a month every few months every day there's gun violence and not simply -- not simply staying in enclaves they say are states within states. >> look who is there lieutenant colonel ralph peters strong opinion on what's beginning on in europe are flat out really of we don't realize it here but europe is finished and you say what? >> europe is not finished. [laughter] that's a long way from finished but it faces very, very deep crisis. this massive muslim immigration is disastrous for europe.
10:18 am
and it is disastrous not because individuals can integrate but disastrous because they're not being -- there's no demand and the bottom line is this stuart, multiethnic societies such as our own can work just fine. multicultural societies don't. this force is too great and they fall apart so we're seeing in europe are building the ethnic enclave and disagree strongly with the guest you had on last week is this myth of no go zones in europe cities. stuart that was pex fled toed again and again. >> on him he took his cameras there he got beaten up in astock hol. there for heavens sake. >> he says he was beaten up conveniently after cameras very gone but this myth of no go zone. bad enough without the exaggeration it is a terrible situation. but -- again and again this myth of no go zones have been true. you can't just dismiss the whole
10:19 am
idea of no go zones where the police were worried about going in there. >> stuart, no that's different. worried about going in there is different than a no go zone in europe and in the united states of america, there are plenty of urban yores are police don't like to go that you take you out of precaution that's not a no go zone. there are enclaves within states and law runs everything. there are deep troubles but let's stick to the facts they are grotesque u enough without xanl ration and when you exaggerate problem and make claims you cannot substantiate it goes to the left because they can laugh you off. stuart: i don't think it is exaggeration to say that europe is finished that bankrupt -- declining population, declining birth rate, aging society, banking crisis -- and now totally divided socially. but you know what ralph we're totally at a time so we have to clay delay this for another day
10:20 am
and we'll be talking about it again. >> back to italy for a long time. >> thank you so much ralph see you later. check that big boortd we were down 102. now we're 90 on this the first october trading day. donald trump attacked by media because of his tax situation. he's got an opportunity however that's what i say he could pivot and turn debate to tax reform. my take on that two minutes away. and. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades
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are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> surely the most important issue in this election is returning america to prosperity. we have spent eight years trying to recover from a financial crash. it is time for a real recovery and that means strong economic growth. today donald trump has been presented with a opportunity attacked up and down in the media for his assumed nonpayment of taxes he could pivot and push hard for his tax reform plan.
10:23 am
if he's used a anti-tabs law to his advantage just like everybody else, he knows that tax code from the inside and is a strong position to do something about it. he could start by pivoting to his own tax plan. which cuts tax rates and reduces the number of tax brackets. economic growth that is not hillary's strong suit. beg new entitlement programs more restrictive regulation and tax the rich that's what she's for. none of them like to produce this strong economic growth we need. she's scmed to speak in ohio on the economy today. odds are, she'll simply attack trump. five weeks to the election, if et debate turns to prosperity and growth, trump could win this one. the second hour of "varney & company" about is about to begin.
10:24 am
all right get lack to policy in a moment check this big board coming back down 68 points and just got some breaking news on manufacturing. clear this up. >> it's coming in pretty okay not great to 59.5 so watching hear this stock law that strongs are trimming losses after. : so not conclusive evidence. i think -- the dow is actually falling because of diewch deutsche bank construction numbers down. not great. they were expecting slight up tick so that's not good either. >> down .7% a case of bad news relativity lid good news for stocks? >> could be bad -- >> i don't to do that. i do know, however, that deutsche bank is now down in -- stock is down. close to 3%. comploaz to 3% that is important.
10:25 am
european crisis but our dow is coming back it was down 102 now 40. tesla they are delivering more cars, that stock is a winner today and $8 gain. $212 on tesla. check amazon we always do. it is down this morning only $3. still very, very close to all time record territory. now, got nor from the the supreme court. what do they tell obama it was -- >> obama saw this as a hail mary anyway. but they said no you're not going to rehear had the case which they rejected two months ago that basically it would be taking about 4 million illegal undocumented workers who would get a path to citizenship as long as they hadn't broken the law if they have kids or family members who were u.s. citizens. the u.s. supreme court on a floor to floor ruling earlier this year said no to therefore -- no ruling stance, done.
10:26 am
>> whatever you have on that. >> a college pacing looks like fight continues over whether or not college athletes could get paid basedded on their brand image. u.s. supreme court won't -- won't look at a ruling that said yes you possibly can. you college athletes can get paid on the image so lower courts between ncaa and the if like and athletes. [laughter] >> i can't get through some of this stuff. >> it is hard. it has difficult. new polls came out over the weekend include last week's first presidential debate. first of all a fox poll hillary up by three after the debate. this is after the debate. that's a four-way race real clear politics looks to be average of all polls. they have hillary up by 2 points as of right now. tom bevin cofounder of real clear politics is with us. your job is to -- u how on earth can you predict
10:27 am
how these polls are going to pan out this week after the weekend -- tax problem for donald trump? i mean, how can you probably predict where things are going to go? >> we don't predict stuart and we can analyze data that we have and i don't have. i was expecti a wall street journal poll on sunday. we didn't get any of those. we didn't get fox poll that shows a mod pest bounce for hillary clinton more of a bounce for her out of the debate in the two-way. but by and large our average has showed her lead at about 2 roughly 2.5%. not a lot of change in the race. >> not a lot of change. and that was i thought last week was a very bad week for donald trump. i'm surprised it that hillary only got this very small bounce to 3 point lead in your average of polls. but now, the vice presidential debate is -- i believe it's tomorrow night actually.
10:28 am
tuesday i think. >> correct. >> any impact on polls dpiewng? >> i doubt it. i think that you know, we might have more people tune in than usual. but i don't and there may be more fireworks than people expect. people say it is a ho hem debate might not be that way. but whether it is or isn't whether there are or aren't fireworks it will not have much of any impact i can't panel that it has any impact on this race in any serious way. this is all if two folks at the top of the tibt. >> as of right now this monday morning, this race is a dead heat nationally --our-way splitd heat pretty much. you say that? at level and swing states it pry close, though, and what is interesting about this stuart we have data we have a poll come out yesterday in new mexico that showed clinton with a 4-point lead.
10:29 am
thatit is tighter than we mighte expected a post debate poll. we have a poll in new jersey six points. a poll this morning show up 7 in new jersey and not all necessarily pointing in the direction that clinton has broken away. i think this race is still tied and rewill remain so for the remainder of the election. >> time next week looking at the effects of the previous night, sunday, the debate. so we'll be back to square one where -- [laughter] it is great for you -- all over again, and probably likely with same result no matter what happens on sunday night. you know everyone is going to be who won, lost all of that. but in the end if that first debate didn't most of the needle very much from mrs. clinton even though most people said she won that debate by two or three to one . i doubt we're going to get any movement out of the next debate regardless of how it turns out. fng maybe everybody made up their minds. maybe, maybe, tom thank you so much for joining us. see you again real soon. >> let's move on to hillary clinton she's running on policy
10:30 am
of free college and more free health care. it seems, though, she tonight always support those ideas. plan to her bashing bernie supports in february of this year. roll tape. >> a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free health care that what was done hasn't gone far enough and we just need to, you know, go as far as you know scandinavia. whatever that means. to the great recession and they are living in their parents' basement if you feel you're consigned to you know being a barista or, you know, some other job that doesn't pay a lot and did you want have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe just maybe you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. stuart: she says the social programs are unrealistic and kind offing talking down to millennials. she also supports open borders, opposes trump's wall plan.
10:31 am
but she did not feel that way when speaking about security back in 2006. again, roll tape. >> there isn't any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously. now, secure our borders with technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places, and we need to have tougher employer sanctions and we need to try to incentivize mexico to do more and we need to create the environment in which we get people out of the shadows and then give them some earned right to legalization that will enable them to continue to work if they've committed transgressions of whatever kind they should be, obviously, deported. >> ten years ago indeed talking about physical barriers that was her words on the border. it will me, bruce is with us now. so we've got two areas there where she sub substantially done
10:32 am
a 180 on views. the problem here for hillary not only with bernie sanders voters but per all of the switcheroos reflect people that you don't know what she means if it will stick for another week, calling it why she's saying it. it seems like she will say anything to get elected it today. >> well that's what barack obama said in 2008. this is woman will say anything to get elected and besides it's also condescending nature how she presents these things to call individuals who are idealist, you know, basement dwellers effectively is -- is insulting but also reflection of her attitude i think eve americans in general. and that's what they didn't like in the debate with the condescending smug at u tude and reflecting in remarks as well. >> donald trump now he's being attacked vigorously for his past tax returns that show he made a
10:33 am
huge loss no 1995 and may not have paid income tax federal income tax over next 18 years that would not be illegal. it is, in fact, a loop hotel. ash, hillary -- sorry hillary she's done this -- >> 700,000 dollar loss from 2015 that she may have utilized to carry forward offset taxes which is very thing she's accusing donald trump of doing, of course, donald trump does this on a much about much huger scale which when looked into broad daylight like that's terrible. but she's using exactly the same strategy. stuart: i've done it carried over a real estate law -- >> you can absolutely carry it. problem is that it looks so bad. >> but it is the perfect opportunity isn't it? you've discussed it with talking point. you pivot but not necessarily a pivot but this is the point of his tax plan. he knows how unfair the system is. everyone should have as muchs an opportunity to keech as much money as they can at the same time you have to make government
10:34 am
shearl because then you don't necessarily need as much money do you because this is perfect opportunity to explain that. >> it is car sales day by the way when the car makers report u how they did last month and we have honda numbers in. >> flat up about 0.1% expecting it to down more but not so great today in their sales reports for september. >> ford down 8 pngt and gm down just a fraction under his virtually nothing changed there, down .1%. >> those comfortables are hard too because they have a big time loss and peaked -- >> okay. and this -- a potentially catastrophic hurricane moving towards jamaica and haiti. this waterspout off niagara beach in jamaica i think we saw that could reach it islands as early as this evening people there brace for as muched as 340 inches of rain. more than 30 feet.
10:35 am
i want to see that. hurricane matthew is then on track to move up the eastern seaboard still two or three storm as it moves up there during this coming week. arguably the greatest catcher of all time johnnbench on set with me next. his thoughts on trump and hillary and whether pete rose should be introduced to the hall of fame is also getting his technology got a new app of all things a legend walking to the studio momentarily.
10:36 am
♪ guyhey nicole, happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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10:38 am
>> 45 minutes into trading session first thing on a monday
10:39 am
morning first trading day of october and we are down 75 point from trouble at deutsche bank which maybe royaling out of market all over again. look at the big tech names check on every day schismly that's where money is going microsoft and alphabet and google are down today. twitter is moving up again and this is what you've been waiting for not me but the greatest of all time. his name is johnny bench by the way. >> so 20 cents. she's next to me, and he has -- get into technology. i don't puns, but you've got an app opinion >> you don't understand technology. consensus here at the panel but clear for you i'm trying to learn it myself but also had 7-10 and so they're in school is and we see all this is is, of course, national cyberbullying prevention month so we have an
10:40 am
effort to make your kids go to school feeling much more safe. >> really. they'll be able to report any cyberbullying that may be happening to them. so the school, and they name of the school will address that. we needing to go there. >> why are you doing is this? because you have a 7 and 10-year-old youngster of your own? financial like you i don't keep up with everything but other part of the app is that school is u now can give you the calendar event, the schedules, it can get the testing schedules. it can record incidents. if you have a situation at your school, they will be able to go in and say we are at a lock down all kids are safe. or your school is because of a snow day or something of the facility you'll be able to tell you we're not opening until 12:00 so every parent doesn't have to read banner until bottom of the screen and find out when kids are going. all people are downloaded yes. forgive med but this is a financial prime minister and i have to ask a difficult question --
10:41 am
>> will i a monthly fee for maintenance for you. prchl okay, all right. [laughter] they are into this. i want to know. profit making torsion, but smith field basically a $5,000 app overall, and smithville is providing 5,000 schools with this app. >> okay. >> logo and if you want to sign up go to smith field school, and you will get all of the information you can register. >> we do charge for commercials -- [laughter] just so leave your wallet right there. figure it out. okay baseball player lebron james. >> heard of him. >> he's come out formally endorsing hillary clinton . >> i think we all have our -- >> in ohio. >> in ohio -- so i'll ask you what had per our last time through a democrat. from oklahoma more tendency with
10:42 am
one county voted democrat. >> for donald trump? >> i am for donald and more for a change in washington. i think that problem is that we -- we're letting it go and letting get away. everybody is talking about the health care, everybody is talking about so many things. but i really want to see changes within the strategy of this country. i think we're giving so much money away to foreign aid we want to talk about solutions for college kids and everything else and giving so much money to foreign countries that we could direct that to our colleges and kids would have an opportunity okay these colleges right now are free to you. and we can use that money wisely but i want, i want to see washington stand up again. i think a lot of this world is kind of looking down their nose at us saying that a lot of people, though, who will -- you know, that don't want to be out there supporting trump. >> i understand, i understand because you get a lot of flak for this. >> and i will. but if i work for hillary then i would feel the same way about myself because i don't think
10:43 am
she's going to change in nation because it's the same old thing, and we're if not going forward. and i think that when you -- somebody stands pup and yeah we'll point fingers at social media and do stuff and have negative side of this. there's a lot of egg negative to both sides of this, and i just when donald starts and he talks about original part of where he was about being tiebl able to get quality leaders in the cabinet to make good decisions and we've had no businesspeople in washington. even i know that you play for cincinnati reds. >> he knew it. >> i did know it that's an ohio team since -- you put the money down. [laughter] liz: that's only a five. >> more -- >> inducted into hall of fame. >> the answer is what do you think? and if you do, i say you have kids. do you have kids? >> yes. go home and tell your kids
10:44 am
there's no more rule pps -- >> i know what you're coming on. i've been on three different committees that allow teeth to get back in, and it didn't appl. stuart: i want you to tell us the app, mow to get it because i'm intrigued by it. >> smithfield so tell someone smithfield one word written out tell your principal, your son, we have et people in e school, and you know what you you can do. you can choose notification that yowpts to receive. you can get sport disheers you scores if you want, every system, every teacher will be able to do that and control -- children and everybody can do that. alumni you have a school if you want to see what's going on and next festival. are you the greatest catcher of
10:45 am
all time. last century. [laughter] >> what do you think? >> johnny -- done all right. nice app. do like that thank you very much. remember this, new trump hotel in d.c. it finished under budget and ahead of the schedule, in the headlines today. we'll tell you what happened. you're nots going to like it. we call it liberal lunacy on campus map students giving a space to recover if their, quote, toxic mask linnty. outraged bruce -- our special today is the seared ahi tuna.
10:46 am
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>> all right i've got breaking news coming to you out of massachusetts an accusation against morgan stanley unethical sales tax. with crest selling. so the security regulator for state of massachusetts say unethical sales practices cross selling products right, morgan stanley in the state of massachusetts. should be known as holeless senator elizabeth warren. jpmorgan facing inquiry from fcc about its cross selling practice that started last year so the move it was a foot to basically push back on bank cross selling. stuart: explain cross llini walk into a bank and i get a checking account. they try to sell me a credit card or a mortgage that is cross selling. i prnl sigh see nothing wrong with that whatsoever banking -- >> we ubs in cross hairs this started last year and wells fargo pushing ahead. now it is banking profit in bank
10:50 am
and it is profitable. don't like it. "new york times" releasing details of donald trump's taxes. saying he could have avoided income taxes for 18 years. trump says he knows tax law better than anyone. and he's the only candidate that can fix it. and america giving up full control of the internet handing over to an international body. now what? more varney in a moment. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it.
10:51 am
so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. ..
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10:53 am
stuart: mrs. jeff sessions, senator jeff sessions in virginia. he is introducing donald trump pimental takes to the podium and starts to speak, you will see
10:54 am
and hear exactly what is not to say. we are hoping he will address the tax story broke in "the new york times" on sunday morning if we shall see. the big board down about 70 odd points. deutsche bank still hanging over the market. the price of oil moved a bit lower twos 4797. netflix in the news. netflix is way up here liz: some may say there's not a lot to watch a netflix anymore. they cut their content by half in the last four years. licensing and third-party content costs a lot of money possibly that's why netflix is making its own original content. trivia that is my love. donald trump is just taking the podium. is that correct?
10:55 am
[cheers and applause] >> thank you, everybody. thank you. [cheers and applause] look at this. boy, what a response from our greatest people. thank you very much. thank you. well, at least i definitely know the military likes trump. that is great. you are amazing people and i very much appreciated. speaking of that, we will have this week over 200 admirals and generals endorsing trump and back to me is a fantastic honor. in addition we had made dean folks, congressional medal of honor recipient and you have that many is very unusual in a tremendous honor and i met many of them over the last two weeks
10:56 am
and that to me is just a great honor. i want to thank everybody in this room. it is a privilege to be here this morning with you. so many distinguished members of our surveys and that's really what you are. eric had a very highly distinguished members. before we get started, will have a q&a. i'd like to address one of the most important aspects of america's national security and that a cybersecurity. to truly make america safe, we must make cybersecurity a major priority, which i don't believe we are doing right now for both government and the private sector. cybertheft is the fastest growing crime in the united states by far. as president, improving cybersecurity will be an immediate and top priority for my administration. one of the first things i will do is order a thorough review of our defense and weaknesses.
10:57 am
including all vital interests. cyberattacks from foreign governments, especially china, russia, along with nonstate terrorist actors and organized criminal groups constitute one of our most critical national security concerns. they are learning everything about us. we don't have any servers in the basement by the way. is anybody here? i know congressman hasn't done it. does anybody put a server in the basement? hillary clinton's only experience in cybersecurity involves a criminal scheme to violate federal law from engineering a massive cover-up and putting the entire nation in harm's way. the fact that a former senator and secretary of state claims not to know what the letters c. means is just one more example
10:58 am
of why she is totally unfit to hold the office of president. [applause] it is interesting that during her fbi review, which took place on a massive holiday and which wasn't recorded and lots of other things that she went 39 times she didn't remember anything. she remembered practically nothing. but when she has to remember something, she remembers the very sad situation i will tell you. i'm sure the folks in this room are not thrilled. the scope of our cybersecurity problem is enormous. our trade secrets and citizens, the most sensitive information are all facing constant cyberattacks and reviews by the enemy.
10:59 am
just consider these recent hacks. jpmorgan chase, massive bank and 73 million e-mails stolen. ebay was involved and gave up 150 million passwords. target was attacked and gave up 40 million credit card numbers. attacks like these happen on a break in their basis both united states and around the world and the cost in terms of privacy or security and financial sector are truly extraordinary. identity theft, as well as ransom and ran somewhere. all involving extortion of a hacked institution are becoming increasingly calm and they are extorting institutions. incredibly, hackers were able to obtain 20 million identities of people under fbi background and we are under fbi about an investigation. the information hack contain
11:00 am
facts discovered by the fbi doing background checks for people seeking positions that the federal government. it is a treasure trove, which can easily be used for blackmail and other reasons by the enemy. the fact that this highly classified information a very, very important people in many cases is so poorly protect that demonstrate cybersecurity is one more area where the obama administration has failed. speaking of failure, when we do our question and answer, look at what is happening with our navy in terms of the number of ships and our armed forces generally how they are so depleted, how they are almost record-setting moss and in some cases absolute representative is very, very unfortunate and very, very dangerous for our country. we should not let this be like the history of the mafia, which was allowed to grow into a
11:01 am
nationwide organization which infiltrated and corrupted so many areas of society for such a long period of time. we can learn from this history when the department of justice, fbi, dea, local police and prosecutors were combined in a task force rejected by and at the mafia, they looked at the mafia and really went after, they were able to get great, great successes out of them and seizing their business interests of other things including their business interests come to taking them away and moving their infiltration from legitimate areas of society. they have been very effect when everyone got together. as president, i will instruct the department of justice to create a joint task force throughout the united states to work together with federal state and law enforcement authorities and international law enforcement to crush this still
11:02 am
developing area of crime. and it's getting bigger very fast. it's going to be harder and harder to do. i'll make sure military is the best in the world and the cyberoffense and defense and in every other way. every other way. [applause] we've rarely needed it more than we do right now. i will also ask my secretary of defense and joint chiefs for strengthening and augmenting our cyber command as a deterrent against attacks on our critical resources the united states must possess. it has to be on question capacity to crippling cybercounterattack in 19 crippling. this is the warfare of the
11:03 am
future. america's dominance in this arena must be unquestioned and today it is totally questioned. people don't even know if we have the capability that we are supposed to have when you look at what is going on with other countries. not only a question of defensive technologies that defensive technologies but authentic technologies as well. for nonstate characters come and united states must develop the ability to track down and incapacitate those responsible into a rapidly. you should turn cyberwarfare into one of our greatest weapons against the terrorists and they have to know it's coming because right now they know nothing about us. it just seems to have an open blanket. like an. like at all :-colon-mark do whatever you want to do. nothing going to happen. take our youths out of the country. infiltrate our country in so many different ways. we can't let this happen. we have to have it stopped
11:04 am
immediately before it is too late. [applause] to enhance the defense of the other agencies of government, including our law enforcement agencies so important in doing such a great job, by the way, we'll put together a team of our best military civilian and private-sector cybersecurity experts to comprehensively reviewed all of our cybersecurity systems and technologies. the cyberreview team will proceed with the most sensitive systems first, but ultimately, all systems will be analyzed and made as secure as modern technology permit and hopefully it will be our technology. we will also require follow-up reviews take place on a regular basis determined by the sensitive nature of the security involved. their review will be very much exact and recommended by
11:05 am
experts. we want experts, our finest people. we don't want to be level, sea level come into double. we have to get our absolute best and recommendations have to be a defensive technologies tailored to specific agencies and every other discipline involved. this will include the various methods of internal monitoring. attack and penetration, investigation of suspected hackers or rogue employees and you have plenty of rogue employees. identity, protection. the review team will remain current on the constantly evolving new methods and will attempt to anticipate that and develop defenses as often as possible before breaches occur. there are ways of doing this through modern technology, but we are not using not an frankly,
11:06 am
our technology is not up-to-date. we are letting it slip by. technology as we know can go very, very rapidly. this group of experts with other protocols for each agency and government officials, requiring them to follow best and strongest practices. they will also establish a training program for all government employees to make certain that they understand what defenses are available in your life and a lot of the continuing education programs so everyone is aware of the newest method of both attack and defense. that means attack and defense. those who violate classification rules will be held responsible to the fullest extent of the law, something which we don't do too much anymore.
11:07 am
[applause] our country lately we are more interested in protecting the criminals than we are making sure that we are strong in powerful and know what we are doing. we are so, so interested in protecting criminals and people that want to do us harm and i think we have to go back to a little more old-fashioned method of thinking if that makes sense. i will appoint an attorney general who will refund the department of justice like it was necessary after watergate. an attorney general will restore the integrity of the department of justice, which has been severely questioned. [applause] frankly, nobody has ever seen anything like what is happening today. when you have somebody getting a subpoena from the united states
11:08 am
congress to have your e-mails and all other information sent. after, not before, after getting the subpoena 33,000 e-mails are deleted and acid washed and nobody even knows what that means. acid wash, a very expensive thing to do. most people don't even know what it means. when you see something like that and there's no crying. everything is just wonderful. if you're in a private case with mr. smith mccall for your records and you get rid of your records so blatantly, you have serious consequences. the most serious consequences. congressman sends out the tremendous subpoena. they want to see the e-mails and they delete the e-mails. i can't think of anything in terms of what we are talking about much more serious than
11:09 am
that. congressman, do you agree? hard to believe that they can get away with this kind of thing. today is just the beginning of a long and overdue national discussion on how to protect ourselves from modern cybercrime involving national security threat and how to develop the cyberoffense strategies necessary to gain a critical security edge in the 21st century. we need the edge. i want to thank everybody in this room. i have such respect for people in this room for being here. and now, let's begin our discussion. thank you very much, folks. [applause] stuart: now, donald trump just introduce something brand-new into this election campaign. he was talking cybersecurity. we have not heard that from either candidate.
11:10 am
as they are preparing for this q&a, let me go through this. donald trump wants to turn cyberwar into a weapon, and attack weapon so we can cripple our opponents to do a task. he wants training for all government employees on attacking and defending cyberwar this is a whole new area in this campaign. joining us now is the former white house chief information officer theresa payton. thanks for joining us today. i wonder if our abandonment for control of the internet, which we just stayed out of october the first turned it over into an international party. does that make cyberwarfare is more likely? >> you know, anything is possible at this point. millions of americans use the internet as if nothing had changed yet everything had changed. candidly one of my biggest concerns is america had an
11:11 am
international governing body for the internet. that control was transferred. the question we have to ask is who is watching the watchmen now an international governing body who doesn't have the same transparency, accountability and we don't even know if they have the same approach to protect free rights on the internet. stuart: at about her trump supporter or hillary supporter. it doesn't matter. i want you to comment on what we just heard from donald trump, that is going after cyberwar and that he wants to make cyberwar into a weapon which we can use to cripple those who engage in cyberwarfare against us. i think that is new. i've not heard of it before. do you approve of this? >> i was really encouraged to hear him go into a very detailed discussion about cyberwarfare and cybersecurity in this country because neither candidate has talked about that much including the independent party candidate.
11:12 am
one of the things that i think is a really compelling that the united states is luck, don't make us use it, we have an offensive capability if we think there is an imminent threat. don't make us use at to be allowed to use it as a bargaining chip. the one thing i didn't hear him talk about and you may be comes out over time as they really do need an international peace treaty on cybercrime and cyberterrorism. a lot of times we are able to find the bad guys perpetrated the cybercrime but we can't actually bring it to them court system and handcuffed people and put them in jail because the other countries don't play ball. if there is in fact a breach and the people behind it are found will he get the opportunity to put it through the court system. stuart: you're a former chief information officer at the white house. are you in a position to tell
11:13 am
our viewers whether or not we do have the capacity to go on the attack and cripple our opponents and cyberwarfare? do we? >> you know, that is one of those areas where those capabilities are housed in different places and a lot of discussions and decisions still have to be made about when you use the most offense of capabilities. we have been very guarded on the private sector side. a lot of turn businesses want to strike back or we want to go on offense. we've been very guarded because attribution on the internet is so difficult. you could find the computers attacking you belong to somebody's poor grandmom living in a retirement community in florida. what i would say is even though the capabilities are resident in some of our different parts of the u.s. government, a lot of very smart people have talked about what i do write rules of engagement when you reduce kid
11:14 am
trained to theresa, you've given your answer and i appreciate that. theresa payton, thank you for, thank you rejoining us an important time. enough the subject is all about. let's bring in byron york. is he available? he's right there. you're listening to this. i think this is a whole new area of discussion for the campaign. i've not heard any candidate raised cyberwarfare to this level before, have you? >> no. it's a good idea for trump for two reasons. everybody in the news media the past two days has been talking about various other trump issues, tax returns, all of that stuff. shrub does best when he talks about issues instead of just attacking or counterattag people, actually talking about issues. the cybersecurity issue is good because it is an actual legitimate real problem the united states has to address now
11:15 am
and in the future and also it doesn't look good for hillary clinton. i mean, what is one of the major scandals of her time as secretary of state is the complete disregard of security within electronic communication systems. it is a two for donald trump. stuart: and with a message which i'm sure would resonate with his supporters. he said look, we spend all of our time protecting criminals. but we should be doing is keeping a strong and then he launched the idea that we are going to turn cyberwar into a weapon so we can attack. this is very friendly material for his supporters i suspect. >> absolutely. it's part of the site against isis. the obama administration has talked about an internet campaign against isis to try to foil isis communication ability through the internet.
11:16 am
but donald trump is talking about is putting that on steroids and trying to make cybera major part not only of foreign terrorism at the national security strategy of the united states. stuart: on the left-hand side of your screen viewers can see donald trump engaging in a q. and a largely about ella terry affair space-bar. obviously monitoring to see if he breaks any news. what subject is a cover. so far he has not covered the whole story that broke in "the new york times" how in 1995 he made a $960 million loss. he carried that last forward to get away from income taxes at the federal level for many years thereafter. that was the gist of the story. forget the tax story. move on to something else. don't get sidetracked by what could be a political negative. >> be observed for every single
11:17 am
one of trump's scandals and many scandals going back to judge curio, going back to all sorts of other problems, and the answer for trump, the best response has always been to just talk about the issues. talk about jobs. talk about national security. talk about upon the care and immigration. when he talks about that stuff commented as well. when he lashes out as his opponent is mostly talks about his health or hounded me this beauty contest related gain too much weight, that doesn't help. issues do. what you are seeing is a sober smart trump picking out a very serious issue and talking about it. >> i would've loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to conversations with his campaign staff over the weekend after all he said about the beauty queen
11:18 am
and after all that was said in "the new york times" yesterday about taxes. i'd really like to be a fly on the wall to hear what was said to him. i'm pretty sure that they'd done the law. no more tangents. five weeks to the election. stay on message. i'm pretty sure they said that and i think you are with you on this, byron york appears >> well, that is exactly what they are saying. listen, what has troubled so many republicans as he has been unable to do that. it appears to be easy for democrats to get under his skin to goad him into saying all sorts of things and the process we have to cover it if it's going to say this stuff. and the cycle just continues and he doesn't rate to buy talking about issues. here you have actually broken up by talking about issues. both of us would have to say we'll see how long that last. stuart: which of course makes it an as of now this is the state of play. hillary clinton is not winning.
11:19 am
it is trump who is losing with the twins. that is my judgment and the state of play on monday morning. you agree? >> to hillary clinton campaign is about dond trump. because she's the least she can win that way and if you look at the result from the debate a week ago, the new fox poll that came out on friday showed a little change in the race. maybe a little bump for her, but a big change in some of the attributes people have about the two candidates. when hillary clinton's ratings than someone who has the temperament to be president when not, donald trumps went down. honesty and trustworthiness has been a terrible problem for hillary clinton. her ratings went up a little bit and then went down. stuart: i'm sorry about of time. hard rate. the market is down 50 points on the dow industrials. back in a moment.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
stuart: we will take you back to donald trump doing a q&a with veterans groups feared so far he said let's engage in cyberwar and cripple our opponents and must rebuild the military. speaking off the cuff. >> if i'm a leader nic and watch what everyone else is watching an attack on mozilla is imminent, i am saying by, folks. have a good time. i'm moving to a different city. so what are they doing? are we allowed to have any more in a military general the element of surprise? i think it would be a good thing. it is called an ancient strength and we don't use it anymore. principal war a think as one of the great principles. the element of surprise. you could take a force that's not nearly as strong and with the element of surprise by putting much more powerful force.
11:24 am
i don't pretend to be general or admiral or anything else, but every time i see president obama, we are sending 50 people to iraq. 50. saddam is bad in two ways. one is such a low number that it's nothing at all. number two, when you think 50, those people now have a target on their back. they want to find those 50 people and they look for those 50 people. when hillary clinton says no boots on the ground, you shouldn't say it because asher said there will be no boots on the ground. politics sounds a little bit better say no boots on the ground. by doing that, she has empowered the enemy. i think she possibly means it. i'm not sure if she needs it or not. but she says no boots on the ground. she has taken a tremendous -- that is really giving strength to the enemy.
11:25 am
even if she felt that, she should never admit that. you have to leave all your options open and if you don't leave your options open, you are a fool and i hated to hear her say that. [applause] >> to summarize you are not going to send a message about date and time that you are going to send a message that their days are numbered. >> their days are numbered very quickly. [applause] >> okay, our third question the suspect or admiral frank gallo. admiral gallo is a retired naval aviator 35 years service. he has hundreds of carrier landings, flew almost every fixed-wing aircraft in the navy and its time. he's commanded a squadron ring and fleet wing levels and he was chief of naval personnel command for the department of the navy,
11:26 am
admiral gallo. [applause] >> mr. trump, i'm happy you haven't forgotten the admirals of course. >> i don't have the courage to do that. >> i hope you'll pardon the remnants remnants of a brooklyn accent. the department of veterans affairs has a horrible record of taking care of veterans. as you recall, there were lengthy lines of va hospitals, substandard medical care and falsified medical records and accounting. leadership changes at the unrealistic laws have failed to correct the problems. the va is probably the most in effect a bureaucracy in all of washington and it is time for drastic action. the question is with a near daily revelations that the u.s. the department veterans affairs health veterans in some form or another, what is your plan to reform and fix the system to ensure veterans can have access
11:27 am
to quality care for health care services? stuart: first of all, what to ask you one question. you have all those aircraft carriers on the landings. can an otherwise excellent pilot, a very, very good pilot because i'm sure some just can't do this. what percentage of very, very good pilots cannot land on an aircraft carrier with training? >> and a very good pilot can land on a carrier after they get training. training is marvelous. >> i understand it's a very, very special talent. >> it is a talent you acquire if you start off with the basics. >> okay, he puts it down a little bit. that's very good. that's very good. i've heard it's very, very tough. the veterans administration is a disaster, the va. it is a disaster. i have gone all over the country met so many veterans and i have tremendous veterans support.
11:28 am
i see with those people are going through ee a doctor sometimes it takes six and seven days and you finally get there in the doctor is gone on vacation. we have to change the whole system. it starts with management. we have to have a whole different set of protocols and we have to get people off the launch. people are dying not only the 22 suicides a day which is inconceivable. you made a month. can you imagine a day. a lot of the suicide people can't get to see.yours. the weights are so long. that's an administrative problem. the va has some great doctors. i've been told they get to see them in many cases. so we have a plan and it's been put out on my website and people love it. you're going to have a weight of six days, five days, one day, we are going to give a private
11:29 am
doctor or a public hospital, whatever happens to be in a community without having to drive 400 miles to another hospital. and we are going to give them the right to see their private doctor, get taken care of, perhaps a private or public hospital gate taking care of quickly, effectively and go about their business in the government we are going to pay the bill. that will totally produce all of the waiting times, all of the problems and i think it may actually get the va to respond better to things because there is a little competition even think. but it's not like we have a choice. we can't let what is happening happening. i have heard stories that are so horrible. people are killing themselves while waiting in line because they know it's days and days before it can happen. but can be a simple procedure, what can be a simple
11:30 am
prescription they have to wait so long that they end up they can't take it. we are going to establish a procedure where people can leave the line and take care of themselves. by the way that safari less expensive solution than other solutions i've heard. the veterans love it. they love it, but it's a far better solution than anything anybody has heard and it's common sense and it's there. the doctors made the business and the private hospitals and public hospitals need the business and they are sitting there waiting. so we don't have a choice. we have to do it. okay, thank you. stuart: you are watching donald trump with questions and answers in front of a veterans group. the last fox news poll he led hillary clinton and 47-dirty three amongst veterans. so far this morning he has said he wants to change our cyberwarfare capability to make
11:31 am
it more offense so we can cripple the opponents. he is speaking to a military audience who says you've got to rebuild the military and he wants drastic action taken on veterans affairs. now one thing that he has not done is chased down that rabbit hole of the tax story at at "the new york times." he's not gone off on that tangent. he's not taken that day. any poster is a definite part of donald trump's economic advisory team. i bet you are pleased to see him stay on message and not just talk about taxes and "the new york times," correct? >> absolutely. the benefit of the world for donald trump is when he sticks to the issues. he did a great job this morning. i really haven't heard any other candidate talk about that either in the primary or certainly hillary clinton wins the general election season has started. he focuses on veterans. who can argue with that?
11:32 am
stuart: he's got two more rallies today before some very big crowds. that is two more opportunities to pay that away from "the new york times" tax story towards his own tax plan. that you helped write that. you're an adviser the tax plan. i bet you hope he panders to the tax plan and economic growth, right? >> absolutely. even in the debate when he talks about economic growth come away tops about his plan to build the economy is the economy as opposed to hillary clinton's plan to take money and he's on very solid ground. economic growth is the one thing he could generate. stuart: would you like to see him bring up obamacare? that's all another issue which is virtually forgotten in this campaign. obamacare is spiraling down. surely that too is an opportunity for donald trump, right? >> yes, it absolutely is. he's got some really great general positions on what he would do with obamacare.
11:33 am
there's some great proposals out there. with the health care savings accounts one. number two, work with congress to come up with a patient centered plan that relied on competition and to reduce health care costs and improve health care services. number three, set up high risk pools with the state so we can deal with people that have not had continuous coverage to health insurance to be brought across. can you imagine what would have been competitively at health insurance companies could advertise national television like the drug companies do. lastly, blah rant medicaid funds to the state so we have those great laboratories of economic policy to experiment and see how we can improve medicaid has medicaid is not a system that works effectively for people. it's a lot like any other government run program. that doesn't work either.
11:34 am
you look at hillary clinton, barack obama stands they want to go to a single-payer system. ask a veteran how good that is. stuart: doing well at the veterans at the moment. thanks for joining us. i see a lot of smiles from donald trump. we will have to take a break. you do have to pay bills occasionally. look what his head for you our viewers. tracking hurricane matthew, hitting jamaica, could hit the florida eastern seaboard later on this week. code. but francis talking about the election of the political pope strikes again. we'll tell you exactly what he had to say. in this come hillary clinton calling major parts of bernie sanders platform unrealistic wish he still supports those programs. first, listen to this. >> they are living in their parents basement. if you are feeling like you are kind kind to be made to restart or some other job that doesn't
11:35 am
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stuart: you are watching donald trump added that more veterans in herndon, virginia right now handling a q&a with those veterans. he's not using a teleprompter. he has not broken any news this morning except this. he wants a lot of our research has concentrated on cyberwarfare. says at the moment we are protecting criminals get what he wants to do is keep it strong. or that he means you cyberwarfare against our opponents. crippled them into use that word here is actually introduce a whole new area into the campaign and that would be cyberwarfare. now we have verdicts -- not critics, the rulings from the supreme court earlier. one of them did 90 upon
11:39 am
administration for a request to reconsider major immigration case. i am saying that means the court says no, mr. obama, you can't do what you want to do with immigration. judge alex herrera is the former host of judge alex. judge, is that about right? without obvious rigmarole here and there, dare say no, mr. president, you can't do that. is that correct? >> i'd like to agree with you on that but i don't actually. the court is saying we're not going to reconsider this just like we didn't reconsider the case. stuart: doesn't that mean the under course, the previous court rulings stand? >> no, you are right about that. stuart: president obama's immigration policy dead in the water. >> that you are right about. it's not the supreme court is saying we are disagreeing with what you did. it was a tie because there was in a tiebreaker and as a result
11:40 am
as a matter of law the ruling below for and against the administration. but it's not a statement from the supreme court unanimously disagree with obama. they did the same thing with the ruling but should favor the obama administration. the ruling below was in favor of the obama administration than they asked for rehearing on not as requested in the supreme court denied that as well which means the cases have to make their way through the court system again to get back up to the supreme court. stuart: got it. i want your verdict if i may ask for that on "the new york times" tax story which shows in 1995 donald trump had taken a $900 million loss. the times implied he'd used that loss in succeeding years to avoid any federal income tax. my question to you, judge, is it illegal for "the new york times"
11:41 am
to publish without authorization attacks return of the tax payout. is that illegal? >> yes, in some ways it is. there's a federal law and of course state laws by new york and new jersey and connecticut because of the personal state returns that are filed. the federal return is questionable because "the new york times" reporter claimed she got it in her mailbox out of the blue. difficult for anyone to prove the source of that in the federal law requires government employees releasing information on an unauthorized basis. would be difficult to prove it came from a government employee to trump's own tax preparer or ex-wife or something like that if they wanted to pursue that. not that the department of justice would want to pursue this. had it been financial information released about the clintons in a non-authorized way come to you authorized way come to you if you're already the launching an investigation. but it strong, so there you go. there are state laws that do
11:42 am
apply to private citizens. but? sat up rake that murky is of course you've got first amendment protections the media had. you can't tell the media once you have something don't publish it here that the prior restraint and one of the biggest restrictions on governmental action in media. it doesn't mean you can't go after civilly or criminally if they do publish immigration illegally, which they could hear. under new york law and new jersey law, connecticut i don't did so. stuart: i'm not holding my judge and neither are you. judge alex herrera, you've got your point across there. there is a merger. anybody who knows anything about outdoor life doesn't this. cabell is bass pro shops is a $5.5 billion deal. up goes cabell is about eight bucks. 6293. big weekend at the ryder cup golf.
11:43 am
the 18 paul is the first time the americans beat the europeans in eight years. the biggest margin of it. 35 years. here is a serious, serious story tracking hurricane matthew, picking up speed in the caribbean. hurricane warnings in effect for jamaica, cuba parts of the bombers. the eastern seaboard will tell you about tell you about it next. look at this video. beat up badly by hurricane matthew. ouch. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: the top price of wells fargo another 52 week low. news that they are now losing business with the state of illinois. liz: that's correct. dropping business of wells fargo as well. they are saying the staple pole business. stuart: if you remove business and we don't get the fee income. next case, tracking hurricane map view. i am looking at that chart of the right-hand side of the screen. i have to ask you, are we going to get picked up to get hit again on the eastern seaboard of the united states? >> it is looking likely we will see some sort of impact or matthew.
11:48 am
we both know the track until it gets into the bahamas in the next 48 hours. the one thing we can tell you is one of the strongest hurricanes they have ever experienced in the last 10 years. category for the bumped up the went a little bit. we are 140 miles per hour. you can see the hurricane warnings. haiti is going to take a direct hit from this category four storms which might be catastrophic, talking about 40 inches of rainfall in massive amounts of flooding could potentially kill a number of people because we are dealing with 70% of the country in extreme poverty and living in tents from the earthquake in 2010. that is a dire situation. we have to monitor whether it affects the east coast. certainly from florida to maine we need to pay attention. stuart: we have been warned. we will see shortly.
11:49 am
according to the urban institute, tens of thousands of veterans, 600,000 will remain uninsured next year. we have to go with donald trump and taxes. talking to the vets right now. and we will be back. ♪ i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors,
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stuart: donald trump has just ended his remarks. he was speaking at a town hall event with veterans in virginia. it's important to point out that he has not mentioned the tax issue raised in "the new york times" over the weekend. didn't mention that at all. grover or norquist is with us, americans for tax reform. grover, welcome back to the program. i'm sure you're pleased that he didn't go down that rabbit hole of "the new york times"es story. are you -- you're pleased about that, aren't you? stayed on message. >> well, i think he should stay on the message that he wants to cut taxes for every single american, and hillary wants to raise taxes $1.3 trillion over the next decade that she admits to. stuart: now, are you all in with trump's tax plan? i mean, you're the tax guy. you don't want to raise anybody's taxes ever for all
11:54 am
time. are you down with trump's plan? >> yes. it's an extremely good plan. taking the business tax, the corporate rate from 35 down to 15 will be explosive in terms of jobs and opportunity here and will make american work a lot more competitive internationally where they have -- stuart: glover, -- grover, can i just jump in for a second? listen to this. the left says that if you lower the corporate tax rate, some of that money does come back to america, the $2 trillion that's overseas, but it just goes to stockholders, it jutte goes towards dividends, it doesn't come down to people who actually work and work for a wage. what do you say to that? >> well, first of all, when you bring money back to the united states, what do you think that money's doing overseas? it's going to be used to build factories and expand production and employment overseas because hillary clinton's tax policy gehe money trapped overseas. we nd take rates down, and
11:55 am
it comes back. here it can go into building factories and new opportunities. and, by the way, you know, the idea that somehow dividends only go to rich people, these are people without life insurance, without health insurance, without -- how do they understand the economy? stuart: do you believe as we've heard on this program that trump's tax-cutting plan would produce -- i'm going to do this, because that's the way they put it -- 4% growth in each of the next five years? you with that? >> at least 4% growth. if you also add in the spending restraint that he's been talking about, i think the growth would be stronger. stuart: growth will be stronger than that. i mean, i'm going to lay this out here. 4% growth in each of the next five years. that would grow america's economy by pretty close to a quart e even a third. -- quarter, even a third. it could be even better than that, really? >> that's exactly what happened with reagan.
11:56 am
we had 4% growth for about six or eight years after reagan's tax cut took effect, and that is double the 2% growth that obama has saddled the country with coming out of his recession. stuart: can you get the other republicans in the republican party to get onboard with this, do you think? >> if we have -- if trump is elected with a republican house and senate and both the house and the senate are looking good, this tax plan could be passed within the first two to three months because it's very close to the republican house plan. stuart: so why can't we get the republicans onboard, all republicans onboard before the election? if the tax plan is that good and produces reagan-esque growth, why are they not onboard? >> i think they largely are. the tax plan that has been put forward by the ways and means and by speaker ryan is very close to where trump's plan is. trump's is a little bit better. he's at 15 percent instead of 20 percent corporation tax. stuart: okay. grover norquist, thanks very much for joining us.
11:57 am
you're going to have a busy five weeks until november, i can just see it -- [laughter] and you'll be back here too. >> i would love to. stuart: as we explained, donald trump did not talk about "the new york times"' tax story moments ago in virginia, but here's what he was talking about: cybersecurity. watch this. >> we should turn cyber warfare into one of our greatest weapons existence the terrorists -- against the terrorists, and they have to know it's coming because right now they know nothing about us. it just seems they have an open blanket, it's like an open mark, do whatever you want to do, nothing's going to happen. take our youth out of the country, infiltrate our country in so many different ways. we can't let this happen, we have to have it stopped immediately before it's too late. stuart: that was donald trump moments ago in virginia. joining us now the gentleman on the right-hand side of your screen, mike baker, former cia covert operations officer. this is brand new.
11:58 am
i've not heard any of the candidates talk about cyber warfare, and donald trump goes on the attack here. he says he wants to build capability so that we can cripple our cyber warfare opponents. tell me the truth here, mr. baker, can't we do that already? >> well, yes. i mean, we've already got a very robust effort underway, and it has been underway for some time. look, this is not -- i mean, we're talking about it now almost as if it's something new. the public has sparked on it, i think, asen an issue of importance basically recently, but this has been going on for a very long time. they touched upon be it a little bit during this first debate during the two candidates when, you know, secretary clinton talked about the importance of cybersecurity, a little bit awkward for her, i think, given her well-publicized issues. but if the public in general knew the level of aggressiveness -- not just from
11:59 am
state-sponsored entities like china or russia or iran, whomever, but also pseudo-state sponsored which are sort of cut away from government and have plausible deniability that they're not being influenced by a government -- if they knew the level of aggressiveness directed against our commercial and public irastructure, the power grid, banking structures, the electoral system, they probably wouldn't sleep at night. and this has, again, been going on more a long time. stuart: i got the impression listening to donald trump that he wouldn't mind demonstrating to our opponents just what we can do. would you be in favor of a tactic and a strategy like thatw don't do it again? >> no, i'm not sure that that's a wise policy. look, what we want to do is insure that we are at the leading edge, the pointy edge of the spear here as far as
12:00 pm
capabilities. we want to insure that we can be proactive in using techniques through cyberspace to protect our national security interests and also defend against others who are attacking us. but to say that we want to go out there and demonstrate our capabilities, i think you're getting out ahead of your skis here -- stuart: that was me, actually. that's what i was reading into mr. trump's -- >> understood. stuart: a more robust cyber warfare division, if you want to call it like that, no problem with thatsome. >> well, sure. if we look at the number one perpetrator in cyberspace of the use for potential military purposes, it would be china. and china spends an enormous resources on this effort. we want to insure, again -- and we are. you know, in my estimation, i think we're the best out there, but we want to insure that we stay that way because this is, this is growing into probably the next -- stuart: yeah. >> -- phase of warfare.
12:01 pm
and the pentagon has been working on this for a while trying to determine what exactly defines cyber warfare and at what point do you respond. we can see from the issues, the concern over russia potentially interfering with our electoral infrastructure, the difficulty is sometimes finding the origin of the attack. so part of this is defining what is cyber warfare,s what is the response, where is that line? hopefully, if you set a red line, you end up acting on it. [laughter] stuart: red line. i'm going to break in for a second, mike, because i've got news coming in, breaking news. you've got the full details. >> u.s. navy dispatched three warships now to an area off the southern coast of yemen after a ship belonging to the united arab emirates was hit by rockets fired by houthi rebels in yemen. those are backed by iran, as we know. the u.s. responding with a show of force. we've got the uss mason, the uss
12:02 pm
nietzsche headed that way. stuart: mike baker, still with us. that sounds like a pretty big show of force to me. what say you? >> it is, yes. and yemen has kind of moved off of the collective consciousness recently because we're focused on everything else. again, basically a proxy war going on in yemen. iran showing, again, their influence in the region. iran has more influence in the middle east now than they've had in modern time, and it extends into yemen. obviously, another flashpoint for us. so there is so much going on overseas and, of course, rightly so, we're focused on the national election coming up in a few few weeks' time. we tend to forget exactly how many flashpoints are to occurring overseas at this point. stuart: okay. mike baker, thanks for joining us, sir. >> thank you. stuart: now this. we have a clip of hillary clinton from 2006. this is senator clinton speaking to the could council on foreign relations.
12:03 pm
she was in favor of building a wall, certainly some kind of structure on the border, in favor of deporting illegals and keeping bad people out. we'll deal with it next, but first, listen. >> there isn't any sensible approach be except to do what we need to do simultaneously, you know, secure our borders with technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. after the best quarter of the year is complete, we start off with down arrows, off the session lows down about 76 points, the temperature -- the s&p 500 down 10. the illinois treasurers has now said because of the downright shameful behavior of wells fargo, one-year moratorium, suspending business wells fargo and suspending $30 billion in investment activity. also looking to see if they violated any property laws. keeping an eye on winnebago, a new deal with brand design, $500 billion deal. facebook launching a rival of called marketplace to amazon, and we're seeing facebook to the downside. keep an eye on google, now we're expecting google homes to take on amazon echo. google right now is down about three-quarters of 1. keep it here on fox business, we start at 5 a.m. lauren simonetti and i will see you there.
12:07 pm
stuart: hillary clinton in february of this year called large parts of bernie sanders' campaign platform unrealistic. watch this. >> there's a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care, that what we've done hasn't gone far enough, and we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, scandinavia. whatever that means. they're children of the great recession, and they are live anything their parents' basement. if you're feeling that you're
12:08 pm
consigned to, you know, being a brees that or, you know -- barista that or some other job that doesn't have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. stuart: well, those programs were unrealistic in february this year, but this summer hillary clinton was still going for free college and more free health care. joining us now, jonna caldwell, republican strategist. a total contradiction of what was realistic and what's not. what's she up to? >> obama said it best, hillary clinton will say absolutely anything to get collected. he said that in 2008. and we see a continuation of that with this bernie sanders story. i mean, at the end of the day the strategy which she began to push post the democratic primary is a bernie sanders strategy, one in which she doesn't believe
12:09 pm
in in terms of the policy of free college and a number of other things. what we continue to see from 4eu7b89 especially when it comes to what she said about the coal miners of west virginia by saying she wants to put them out of business and when she needed their vote, no, i misspoke. it's someone who's a complete liar and will say whatever is necessary to get the electoral vote. stuart: you know, you've got a mice smile, and you use it when you're saying "liar." that's pretty good. [laughter] well done, son. now, i've got another one more you. then-senator hillary clinton, this was back in 2006, she spoke to the council on foreign relations. she was all in favor of building a physical structure on the border or, a wall by any other name, and she was in favor of deporting illegals and keeping bad people out. gianno, hold on a second, let our viewers listen to this. watch tape. >> there isn't any sensible approach expect to do what we need to do simultaneously, you
12:10 pm
know, secure our borders with technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places, and we need to have tougher employer sanctions, and we need to try to incentivize mexico to do more, and we need to create the environment in which we get people out of the shadows and then give them some earned right to legalization that will enable them to continue to work if they've committed transgressions of whatever kind. they should be, obviously, deported. stuart: obviously deported, physical structure. but if you say that today, you're a bigot. >> right. stuart: what's going on, i-onthat? >> well, the 2006 when it came to this illegal immigration thing might have had some sense, but the 2016 version of hillary clinton, ten years later, isn't operating on much of a strategy anymore. why? because she believes she needs votes of a number of these folks whose families came through
12:11 pm
illegally and a number of his p panics in the minority -- hispanics in the minority community and the african-american community. hillary clinton has time and time again proven that she will follow the advice of her consultants. we saw it at the debate where she was pretty much programmed to say whatever was necessary to hit the right triggers to win that debate. so we're seeing millions of dollars being put at work to program hillary clinton to say what is necessary to win. the problem is she's a dishonest person that can't be trusted. stuart: i don't want to be sarcastic, but what do you say to this? if hispanic migrants coming across the border were republicans, i think hillary clinton would say build that wall -- [laughter] and the mexicans can pay for it. i mean, am i out of bounds or what? >> no, you're not out of bounds at all. [laughter] i tell you, you know, what's interesting though is what we haven't seen from her is the folks that have been allowed to stay in this country illegally, we're talking about the ones, the 850 was the original -- 858 was the original number who had
12:12 pm
got their final deportment orders, they're still here. they became legal citizens, and now people are saying there's about 2,000 of them. she hasn't made any mention of those folks either because it works to her benefit. stuart: it does, indeed. you're very subtle and very astute there, i-are january know, you can come back soon. >> thank you so much. stuart check that big board. we've been hovering at this level for some time, down 70, 18,002. wells fargo, another 52-week low. the state of illinois will now stop doing business that bank. down it goes, 43. big election issue, obamacare. it is clearly unraveling, even "the new york times" says so. two very different foxes from the -- [laughter] what's that? >> two very different fixes. you know, that prompter -- [laughter] i don't use the prompter very much. >> there you go. stuart: it kills me. [laughter] we'll deal with that next. but first, we just can't help ourselves on obamacare.
12:13 pm
roll tape. [laughter] >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> affordable. affordable. there's a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. >> if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor too. [applause] [bleep]
12:15 pm
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stuart: oh, will you listen to this. health insurance rates in minnesota will go up at least 50% next year. they're calling it an emergency situation. "the new york times" front page headline calls the health law -- that would be obamacare -- ailing. what's new on this, ash. >> >> i'm just looking at this -- well, listen, sign up begins november the 1st, that's when people are going to find out what the increase in premiums will be next year, and they are not going to like what they see. minnesota, up 50%. i was looking at some of these, possibly in new york an 80% increase for the unlucky
12:18 pm
policyholders of certain insurance companies gotten through the exchange. stuart: and that's november the 1st, a week before the election. >> right before the, one week before the election. stuart: good lord. >> and hillary not even bringing up obamacare at all. stuart: would you? >> in the debates at all. awol. [laughter] stuart: according to the urban institute, tens of thousands of veterans will remain uninsured next year. now, liz, tell me how many and why. >> 604,000 falling through the cracks. they make too much money to qualify for the obamacare health exchanges, so they can't get the subsidies, and they don't really qualify for v.a. care because they haven't had enough continuous service to the country. so these guyings really -- guys really have fallen through the cracks as donald trump speaks to veterans within the last hour. stuart: you have to have two years continuous -- >> without a disability. stuart: then you qualify. >> yeah, it's hard. stuart: pope francis advising american catholics in the election. here's a quote: during political
12:19 pm
campaigns i never is -- say a word. i would only say study the proposals well, pray and choose with your conscience. liz, is he actually getting involved here? >> yeah, he is. and he's criticizing the u.s. system for being too politicized, the political life of a country is not good. it's not much of a political culture, that's a direct quote. he's saying the u.s. system is producing flawed election candidates, three or four, who don't satisfy anyone. he's equating it in certain respects to latin america. >> that's not being political. stuart: really? what do you mean we lack -- >> i'm not sure what a political culture is in the definition of the catholic church. stuart: that he would approve of. >> correct. stuart: the man is on the left, i've got that, he feels for the poor, but politically he is on the left. >> he criticized donald trump oaf the wall. >> he doesn't make a secret of it. stuart: i think he's subtly
12:20 pm
giving advice on how to vote. that would be my opinion as an e disca pail january. [laughter] more "varney" after this. watch out. [laughter]
12:21 pm
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stuart: duke university offering a new class for men with a safe space to contemplate their masculinity. the goal is to, quote, analyze their own masculinity and toxic masculinities to create healthier ones. elizabeth? >> does it come with a beer keg and a big screen tvsome. >> one can only hope. stuart: i'm shocked at your sarcasm. >> one person put it, a place for men to gather and contemplate why they're such horrible people. stuart: they put that in? [laughter] >> i'm being sarcastic. >> isn't this called a gym? >> they are going to create safe places for men to contemplate -- >> isn't that called a men's locker room? stuart: i'm done. there's five seconds to neil cavuto. i'm counting it down. neil, it's all yours, son.
12:23 pm
neil: were you criticizing pope francis? stuart: moi? okay. [laughter] neil: can we cue up that exorcist tape? stuart: wait a minute. i'm episcopalian, and i go to church on a regular basis, and i do not want to hear politics from the pulpit. neil: okay, great. obviously, you won't be going to the vatican christmas party. all right, thank you, son. [laughter] i always like it when he calls me son, i feel to young. if you're donald trump, do you feel so targeted, because right now we've got all this hoopla over his losses and how much he was avoiding taxes potentially for many, many years.


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