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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we take over with reaction and analysis. and to all of our jewish viewers happy rosh hashanah. making money with charles payne is next. charles: they start the week off in the red. i will tie about it. we then had to wait long until the first of october surprise. will this backfire with the media army. the message they're using that many question how long well that last. with the corporate profits. look at wells fargo.
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really shocking. one of the biggest banks bullied thousands of employees into committing fraud against unsuspecting customers and then in a category by himself there's donald trump. that was hillary clinton amming wells fargo in donald trump while making her pitch to strengthen the economy. brad, let me start with you. you've written a book on donald trump. but overall when you talk about distinct economic messages they can be any further apart. >> donald trump is running on a business ticket. he knows a little bit about
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corporate finance. that is the big message for him. it is the average joe is looking to understand this president and always been successful in this business operations. it has been a big issue coming out over the weekend. i think if you look at it and understand the implications of what the one page tax returns give us a exist absolutely nothing. >> i get that. you are a gop strategist. they fix the policy. at 77,000 pages or something like that.
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the initial question what she educated. we should sue more people more often. powerful versus the powerless. it was a very big proponent. they made the big banks bigger. they create it take on business all across america without accountability. the last thing we need is someone taking on american business as opposed to getting behind business to create jobs. >> here is a thing.
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i think on one hand you people who understand the economy then you people understand winning elections. the politics one the last two elections. are they really the right person. and even the foundations for will fargo. and then should the country risk this sort of policy. i think it's can be about temperament. you want a ceo with the right temperament. with the leadership steadiness that you see. this is about focus. he has gotten distracted over the last week. on that universe and other issues. a pretty good businessman. hillary clinton can make about business.
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brad, before i get back to the political guys on the economic side again, for me what i'm reading it seems crystal clear more folks are picking up on it. they began constructing the welfare utopia. you cannot get any more. you can't get any more blood out of the rock. i think hillary is making her pitch. the biggest message today and i think it's vertical -- really critical. when i pastor said transparency means trust. what i mean today over the next 35 or so days the candidate who can provide the voters with the most transparency in the most absolutely transparency that will be the winning candidate.
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i think transparency will be the fundamental differentiator for the selection. i'm just not sure. and she is overcome a lot of it so far. they're starting to go back up again. thathy had to ask you it's one thing again to talk in your circle into say this is the winning ticket and we all know hillary is this and that. but she seems to have the momentum right now and she's saying that wells fargo on all of these large businesses coupled with donald trump taking a loss that he may have been able to spread over 18 years as the average is the average person is not making it. is there a counter to that? >> there is. the reality of what most americans are experiencing today. they feel like they're working harder and further -- falling further behind.
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plane by the rules it doesn't seem to work anymore. they seem to be losing out to a system where the cards -- cards are stacked against them. i think secretary clinton certainly have a decent week since the bait. you see far too often you don't take that went to the bank because i think donald trump just got a wake-up call that he's can have to bring it in the american economy is a place where it is bright with opportunity for the trump message. the fed lowered the third-quarter estimate. started goldman sachs. these numbers have been coming down like crazy. some how this thing circulates. ultimately we think about our pocketbooks and our wallets. how can they defend the policies and the results of president obama and eight years. >> she is to keep the pressure
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on donald trump. they start going down in the polls. she has to keep a dialogue going with the voter. that is a voter. that's what trumpets can have to talk with. this is a no-brainer to wells fargo. this is to mobilize bernie sanders voter. it is in a tricky situation right now. she will have to do a really good job. it's tricky it sucks. i think people might agree with you. he was able to get reelected
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his economic plan to the average person. i think a lot of working-class folks believe that he's on their side. but to spread out on their how does he articulate that and by the way does he come up and give us a way so that no one could possibly carry a billion dollars over 18 years. it's great that he was able to take advantage of it though people are looking to make sure that he nips that in the bud also. >> if you still feeling the impact as a look across the country and i look at different investors today small and large this economy has taken a long time to recover. the great recession. they're still in a situation today.
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>> and the only method of making money the special interest they know interests they know nothing about it. hillary clinton has never created a single job in her entire life. charles: donald trump kicking off the week back on message and hitting her for the lack of business experience. but some close surrogates and other leaders are concerned that donald trump is fixated on their marriage. here is some comments that he actually made. hillary was an enabler and she
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attacked the women who they created. something i'm considering talk about. to me now to discuss. we always go to these can things. i love the way they talked about the things that we care most about and that's prosperity what you think. what i think the second debate should be. i never mince my show on this word. i don't see how this helps him. he needs to actually win this. she has discredited a lot of
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them along the way. he goes up in the polls. we seem to thinks. we saw in the primary he was attacking his opponents he builds up and he developed this movement if you will he has been his been a more disciplined candidate. he is torn there. what do you see. he is torn. but he needs to take advantage of the proper opportunities to do it. not necessarily doing it during a campaign rally. but seizing on those opportunities during a debate. she starts talking about proper treatment of women. we know about how he behaved in the oval office with people with interns far younger than he and abusing women and all that can a step.
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accepting money. and they don't give them any and at all. i think the simple fact here is that and unless he's talking about the treatment of the women he should not be talking about infidelity. >> there is a whole group of voters out there who have never heard this. perhaps the suburban white women had to believe he went to be afraid. i don't how he could come back on this attack. i would just like two-point out though that donald j trump is probably the last person to
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be speaking about the deli. talking about a man. >> i do want to set the record straight were talk talking about allegations of rape. those are two different things. >> they are currently pending. let me also say that hillary clinton be in an enabler. that they should be believed when they been raped. several women stepped forth. with regard to his has been -- her husband. it hurts a lot. she was defending her family. but bill clinton is not running for president of the united states right now. hillary clinton is. i don't know why we would be dragging this out. donald trump is losing there is a fox news poll that showed a 30% of females who viewed that debate now have an unfavorable view of him let me say.
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on 27 percent of males watch that also. the way he needs to gain with them. it's not to come after females especially ones that have been cheated on. thank you very much. it's appreciated. donald trump has found it movement but are his followers registering to vote. that's where they're pulling ahead. we will discuss it next.
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to make any had to go out had to get your friends and you to get everybody you know because we're gonna win the state of pennsylvania and if we win the
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state of pennsylvania if we would pennsylvania we take back the white house. >> he's absolutely right. voter registration cut up with most states. as early as next week. no signs of a blue-collar uprising. the white working-class voters. it was actually running at a time. did they wait too long or what is going on here. let me start with you. what they do they is they look at four key battleground states in a show where you have voter registration in general and then the noncollege educated whites.
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if donald trump has this movement we know he does how come they're not registering them to vote. >> they are registering to vote. if they were good and cast the vote they would cast it against someone rather than in favor of someone. only about 69 percent of american voters have said for sure that they are going to vote. it's an enthusiasm gap this election. i think it favors donald trump. and we saw a distinctly when they went from registered voters to likely voters. and we we see the crowds what is going on how many missing this the only thing i can use as an example is when i ran
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for congress about 30 days ago. i have to tell you there were a lot of people who came out and more than the democratic primary. that jupiter or west palm beach the southern tip of florida 78 percent of those people we took a poll in 78 percent of those people were loyal fox news vans and watchers. another thing that's going on i've noticed is there is a lot of people that like what he says but their friend to admit that they want to even vote or support that. there cannot pull that.
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the other things is you mentioned the donation. the average donation is small. if you had skin in the game you are going to vote. we talk about brexit a lot. they have a vote in the gist of it is that they were 1000% wrong. we will know in about 35 days. you don't want to miss foxbusiness coverage. they kick it off with coverage right here. and then we have you covered it with expert analysis. hillary clinton getting trumped for not paying income taxes.
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>> back in the 1990s trump lost a billion dollars in a sec else year. while millions of american families, including mine.
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were working hard, paying our fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation. charles: you like how hillary slipped her family in there? that was her hitting donald trump over the tax returns. here how donald trump responded. >> i was able to use the tax laws of this nation, and my business, to dig out of the real estate mess you would call it a depression when few others were able to do what i did. i am a star -- thank you, you are too. charles: everything that donald trump did was legal, that is is not the question, the big thing does the 1 billion in loss, will that hurt him with respect saying he is a great businessman? let me start with you ken, hillary clinton just said it
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was unfair, despite the fact she did the same maneuver in 2015, and warren buffet has done similar things, fighting every tax bill he had tooth and nail, almost every successful business person has done this. >> absolutely, he stumbled. dusted himself off, reinvested, created jobs and opportunities for thousands of americans who pay all lefts of taxes. i was with donald trump today with a bunch of generals, admiral, and foreign policy national security professionals. iz tell you, they were more concerned about the security of the nation, and the run away debt that has detracted funds. and growing welfare states and it deplete our military. high has used the -- he has used the laws very effective please, one thing we like
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about the american story, people can stumble, and dust themselves off, and create new opportunities and prosperities. charles: even the "new york times" have written stories about the so so-called come back kid. the question is, should now with so much exposed, could now be a right time to release the taxes? >> it probably is or close. this is creates a big distraction, elections are a always won or lost on weakness not strength. it is creating a diversion, he has to create a message coming out, saying this is how we used the tax system. this is how we need to provide the tax system expcialg tha. and this is what it will do for the average american. he has to come up with something, whether taxes or a
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pool mechanism about what this means to them in the economy is the key. charles: robin, you are the democratic strategist. interesting that hillary clinton sort of lump herself in with the crowd. having made her and her husband $150 million in the spiking circuit -- speaking circuit. but using same tactics that donald trump has used. >> i just want to say, biggest surprise to me, who knew that donald j trump of the part of mitt romney 's 47% of people who do not pay taxes, there is that. it is hypocritical of him saying that makes him smart. what disney that make -- what does that make the rest of us. does that make the people who abuse the si sim -- system. charles: let me ask you. i know that republican party
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has been tough on people who cheat welfare system. hillary clinton says, you make 30 grand, you are partialo welfare, and maybe an extra 2 or 3 grand a year, g.o.p. has raked you over the colds, can donald trump pivot to bigger issues that to have greater impact on the economy these days. >> he can pivot to bigger issues, key for donald trump with 36 days to go circumstance to do well in next set of debates and have mike pence knock it out of the park tomorrow night, that will do more to him than any clinton slime will hurt him, only 4 percent of likely voters said they would be at ease with a donald trump presidency, if he gets to 50%. >> major averages kicking off the week and quarter in red. my commentary, i will mention two stocks. you don't want to miss it.
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charles: federal agency using local law enforcement to scan licenses of gun show patrons, is this a violation of their rights? is this just the beginning of the war on gun owners? we'll be right back.
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charles: it was a tough start to fourth quarter, mixed economic data sit the tone. beating consensus. overall the report was -- by strong erin creases in -- increases in ord expe order and production. all-time high rate of 77.5, came in july of 1950, when america was at its peak in the global economy. u.s. construct spending missed huge. drop in spending down.
6:42 pm
street thought it would be high ir, news prompted goldman sachs to lower third quarter gdp estimates and atlanta fed looking at 2.2%, they started looking atlanta -- at 3. 3%. now all things said it was a slow market that echos anxiety in the area, associated with friday a job report, and also a presidential election year, i did like the action in brink brinks it is on a tear. and netflix looked fond fundamental. coming up a look at capitallive in practice, and break down a new survey to fbn on cfo's and how they feel
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charles: no doubt bad actors and business are opening up capital implement i don't think they represent american business or capitalism, hillary clinton however has taken their headline making news as a battering ram to get to her goal. i warn, hillary clinton is part of conscious capitalist movement they aim to rewrite rules of profit driven enterprises. that benefit businesses should benefit a in this order, workers, customers,
6:47 pm
communities then countries, in 2013, poster child put these principle to test, thumbing their nose at traditional business models. in their perspective they said, with all due respect, we found that if you take better care of employees that than anybody else, they will take better care of the customer. well, here is the deal. container store went public in 18. stock found itself trading up 1 50%, today you are looking at this. 5.19. and hillary clinton continues to angle for the executive branch, before taxes, he is suggesting it would be patriotic. i say look at the container store, such a move would put america out of business. what are cfo's most concerned about? we have a survey, questioning
6:48 pm
150 north american cfo's. on america the economy and the election, sandy cockrell is here joining us, thank you for being here. >> thank you, charles. charles: where are we heading. >> we generally optimistic, it was net positive 20%, these -- >> how is that historically? help us understand, where does this relate to all-time high. >> 15 straight quarters of net positive, optimism that is good. but if we go back to last quarter it is 1.7%, we see it raise here, going up, in the right direct but we see net positive optimism in last few quarters if we go back about a year 40%. charles: what is driving the cautious optimism? >> a number of things, looking at the elections 87% of cfo's
6:49 pm
said, the elections will affect their company prospect they are watching that. charles: but they are not vocal on who they would like to win. >> no, we didn't ask that, but as we noted 74% of those cfo's who identified as republican remains unchanged from 4 years ago. number of independents has gone up from 10 to 20%. charles: also, so, you get a sense of what most concerns for them, because i read where corporate tax policies, monetary policies, and fiscal and international trade. we start to think about those, donald trump has talked about them in aiwa that i think would be more attractive to the cfo's and their businesses. >> right, what they are really looking for and survey said
6:50 pm
far and above corporate tax policy in clarity, is what they are looking for. charles: donald trump wants to lower taxes and hillary clinton wants to raise them. >> yep. charles: you can't be any clearer. >> those are directional, but you think about international tax regime, bringing money back to u.s., what are rules going to be? these are things that cfo's are interested in hearing about. charles: the ceos, in top 100 companies have not donated a nick told donal nickel to donald trump, many say that is anxiety and he will spark some kind of a trade war. >> we focus on major economy, 46% of cfo's said north america economy is good, and china 10%, and 14% said it will be better in a year. charles: is this the right time to go into a trade war
6:51 pm
with china, because they seam to be weak, or because of a weak china, is that more difficult. >> europe is just 4% rated add organization today, with 10% a year from now. trading those is hard for planning and figuring out where you are going to grow your business. charles: we have to do some form of trade with the rest of the world to create prosperity. >> yes. charles: your take on the market. you had concerned that we become tumbling down. >> 71% of the cfo's, a survey high, said that u.s. equity market was overvalued. so, you know -- -- those are both surveys highs and lows, we really sitting on a cliff as to where they thought the market could go. charles: and you so much sandy we appreciate it. >> absolutely. charles: big brother is targeting gun show customers
6:52 pm
at this moment, we'll discuss fed's new investigative tactic that may have your data in jeopardy. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. charles: gun show customers, beware, feds are encouraging local police department to scan license plate at southern california to learn more about who attends these events. compares to cars that cross mexican border, they say in hopes to find gun smugglers, at what cost do the tactics blur line to citizen's right to privacy, protection and general public? alex, let me start with you, this is the stuff that makes people very concerned about all out war against second amendment. >> correct.
6:56 pm
it does, for good reason, we know that gun owners' mistrust of go the -- government is grounded in history. they targeted gun openers and gun businesses, here we are again, this has been going on since about 2008, with government once again looking at innocent citizens who are attending gun shows, under pervue somehow we'll stop crime by scanning their license plate and looking them up. and there is no proof, that this has any legitimate law enforcement purpose. lou: what is th. reporter: what would be purpose be? they treating people who are exercising their second amendment rights as possible crimes. >> we're worried about those
6:57 pm
who are criminals at the gun shows, smuggling guns, being a criminal defense lawyer, i know how guns geon the street. >> there is no gun show loophole in california. in california -- >> i did not interrupt you. let me finish. >> everyone to -- to -- charles: hold on, alec letterric finish, then we want to hear what you say. >> sure. >> often times people go to gun shows that is how they buy guns and put them on the black market, government is scanning the license plating, to see who was buying these guns. charles: is that profiling? a pretty wide net to catch a small group of people. >> a fishing expedition. >> they use plates to catch the bomber in new york bombing, the scanning plate. >> false and misleading government rhetoric, nonsense. >> legitimate use in law enforcement to protect us from terrorism. charles: alex. >> yes. >> your turn.
6:58 pm
>> absolute government rhetoric, media control phrases thrown about there is no proof that how is criminals are get their guns in california runs background checks on each and every sale at a gun show, to say that criminals are buying guns at gun shows is ludicrous. >> that is how guns get to the black market. >> >> this is targeting the american gun owner, we need congress to step in protect us, because the firearms owner protect act is not doing the job. charles: would you say that this is a form of profiling, and creating a database that could be used in against legal gun owners later. >> absolutely it is, we have a law this says dealer records cannot be used to create a national gun registry the government is finding a way around it, atf has hundreds of millions of records they collected because gun owners go out of business, they get
6:59 pm
the records. they sd at in to federal government, they are get away with it. charles: eric, there is a report out in tulsa, you know we had that shooting in thank you is a and charlotte and other places. texas senator wit meyer has a bill that mandates schools teach students how to behave what they got stopped by police officers. >> that is an excellent idea, whether children get licenses, they do not know how to inary particular with police officer -- interact with police officers, they don't know how not to escalate a situation, how to speak correct leo a policleonardo decaprio to a police officer -- correctly to a police officer. not push his button and get home safely. charles: do you like this program? >> i like this program too, i think that law enforcement under go a lot of training, my dad was in law enforcement over 30 years, i have been around cops for a long time, i
7:00 pm
defend them now, i know they have a lot of training, if kids do something that triggers them to a higher mode of my life might be in danger, that is when we're seeing people get shot. charles: we all are thankful for it, and thankful, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs could obama administration adding to its long list of foreign policy failures united states today announcing it is suspending bilateral talks with russia, those talks undertaken to end syria more than 5 year long civil war, a conflict that left roughly a half million people dead, a state department spokesman blaming russia saying that russia failed to live up toes had own commitment to suspend bombing in civilian areas and quote unquote, facilitate humanitarian aid shipment, we'll take unthe failure of secretary kerry's year long effort to negotiate a political end to the syrian civil


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